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9 Substitute Teacher Resume Examples for 2024

Stephen Greet

Substitute Teacher

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Substitute Teacher

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Substitute Teacher Resume

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  • Writing Your Substitute Teacher Resume

If the teacher is out sick, on vacation, or unable to come, substitute teachers step in to fill their place. Substitutes have varied expertise across grade levels, curricula, and specialties.

Despite all your knowledge and abilities, it’s difficult to  write your resume or create a cover letter . That’s why we’ve analyzed numerous resumes from all stages and specialties within the education field.  We’ve learned what works to help you get more interviews in 2024  and created nine substitute teacher resume samples to help you  build an eye-catching resume  that will showcase your accomplishments.

The hardest part of writing your resume is getting started, so use these resume samples to inspire you and write a great resume to get the dream job you’ve always wanted!

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Substitute teacher resume example with 10 years of experience

Why this resume works

  • Include courses you’ve taught, grade levels you’ve prepared, and classroom sizes you managed. The more numbers and details, the better!
  • For example, did you help students increase their test scores? Did you improve student engagement? List what you did and how you helped what you did for the best effect!
  • Just be warned: if something takes up more than one bullet point, include it on your  substitute teacher cover letter  instead of your resume.

Substitute Teacher No Experience Resume

Substitute teacher no experience resume example

  • Since you’re new, schools will know you’re not an expert, so don’t stress out! Add details of how you have helped children understand a concept better or taught them a skill needed in the modern world, like Google Workspace. Remember to list how you can handle the behavior of a classroom and make learning fun in your substitute teacher no experience resume.

Entry-Level Substitute Teacher Resume

Entry-level substitute teacher resume example with 3 years of experience

  • No matter what experience you have, draw attention to the details. Include grade levels, curricula you’ve prepared, specialties, and classroom size, plus any relevant skills mentioned in the job description. You’ve got this!
  • Don’t forget to customize your objective for each job. Include the company’s name and the job title you’re seeking to really impress future employers.
  • For an extra boost, try to quickly mention how your career goals will benefit the specific school and students.

Substitute Paraprofessional Resume

Substitute paraprofessional resume example with 5 years of experience

  • You see, when hiring managers and employers skim through resumes, they’re looking for tangible achievements aligned with their requirements. Simplify their tasks by making some accomplishments stand out from other content.

Public School Substitute Teacher Resume

Substitute teacher resume example with 6 years of experience

  • Cooper using CamScanner to organize student’s health records, Quiziz to make classroom sessions more interactive, and Canvas to create and upload assignments mirror perfect examples for a winning public school substitute teacher resume. Demonstrate similar moments like the tech-savvy you are.

Elementary Substitute Teacher Resume

Elementary substitute teacher resume example with 11 years of experience

  • List any projects you’ve developed that have helped children improve their social and academic skills. You can also showcase any programs that you created to help children from bullying. Don’t forget to add tools like Google Classroom, that you’re well-versed with!

Special Education Substitute Teacher Resume

Special education substitute teacher resume example with 11 years of experience

  • It’s also good to mention how you altered lesson plans and IEPs to help special needs students. This will make your special education substitute teacher resume more engaging.
  • Discuss your biggest professional accomplishments while also mentioning a few keywords from the  teacher job description  to create a perfect summary.

Long-Term Substitute Teacher Resume

substitute teacher job experience on resume

  • Be sure to highlight any new programs or initiatives you implemented and managed. Did your efforts improve your students’ test scores, engagement, or productivity?
  • Customization is key, so include specific keywords and phrases to build the principal’s confidence that you’re the right candidate for the job.
  • Although it might seem like a hard task, customization is easier (and faster) than you think! Once you’ve written a killer substitute teacher resume, this should only take 15 minutes or so.

STIP Substitute Teacher Resume

STIP substitute teacher resume example with 10 years of experience

  • Part of being a substitute teacher is having a fun, friendly attitude, so showing your personality can convince schools that you’re creative  and  professional. Add a pop of color and use two types of fonts to make your resume stand out (and actually increase readability)!
  • We recommend including a summary only if you have 10+ years of experience. If you include one, don’t forget to  customize it for each job with the company’s name and the job title .

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Resume Formatting for a Substitute Teacher

Job seeker chooses BeamJobs' template design for career documents

Don’t underestimate the importance of good resume formatting. When done well, it ensures that your substitute teacher resume is easy to read, flows logically, and is complete. 

When you’re formatting your resume, focus on the following:

  • Using the best resume format option
  • Ensuring contact info and headers are prominently displayed
  • Making your resume readable for ATS

substitute teacher job experience on resume

Resume format options

You can format your resume in many different ways, but reverse-chronological, functional, and combination/hybrid formats are the most popular in 2024 for a reason. Let’s go through each one:

Retail resume format choices:

  • Reverse-chronological: This format emphasizes your career progress by your most recent job at the top of your resume. 
  • This format showcases your skills, which can be helpful if you have gaps in your job history. 
  • This format lists work experiences in reverse-chronological order while simultaneously emphasizing skills. 

Though every format has unique advantages,  we recommend using reverse-chronological formatting . It’s the most common format, and it’s the easiest to read. 

Unlike in your classroom, individuality isn’t always rewarded when it comes to resume formatting. Instead, use the content of your resume to set yourself apart from the crowd!

substitute teacher job experience on resume

Contact info and header

Thought you’d learned all the rules for  formatting your resume ? Well, it turns out that the overall layout across your resume is critical for creating good flow and helping hiring managers make sense of who you are as a candidate. 

To avoid looking like a student who was struggling to meet the minimum page requirement, try using a 10-12 point font for your body text. It’s big enough to be readable without being huge (and a space-filler) or too small (to make extra room). For headers, you can go with a 20-24 font, and you can use a touch of color to really make them pop. Here’s one example from our resume samples:

Blue resume contact header for substitute teacher example

Don’t forget proper alignment, too! Having 1-inch margins will make your resume look that much more polished. 

Of course, don’t leave a recruiter wondering how to reach out to you. Include a proper header including your contact information at the top left, right, or center of your resume. 

Make sure you include:

  • The job title you’re seeking (rather than the job title you already have)
  • Your professional email (i.e. not the email address you made when you were 12, like “[email protected]”)
  • Your phone number 
  • Your city and state (optional but recommended for local jobs)
  • Professional links to your LinkedIn, portfolio, or other key links (optional)

There are countless ways you can format your resume contact information and headers. Need inspiration? Check out this picture from one of our resume examples, complete with two links:

Purple resume contact header example for substitute teacher

If you want more formatting help for your contact information, there are plenty of  resume examples  you can use to brainstorm. Our top tip: keep this information at the top of your resume and easy to read.

substitute teacher job experience on resume

ATS and readability

ATS, or Applicant Tracking Systems, is more than just software; it’s the natural nemesis of countless job seekers. Dozens of applicants aren’t considered for jobs solely based on the ATS’ recommendations.

Luckily, if you know how ATS works, you can unlock the full potential of your substitute teacher resume. Basically, hiring managers use ATS to pre-filter through resumes by matching selected keywords to words used on your resume.

You can help ATS read your resume correctly by:

  • Using the proper (1-inch) margins 
  • Sticking to basic fonts (no pacifico, please)
  • Using headers appropriately
  • Strategizing what goes into your skills section to match keywords
  • Organizing your resume in reverse-chronological order
  • Sticking to a single page

If you’re getting overwhelmed by all these formatting rules, don’t worry. As a substitute teacher who’s busy educating the next generation, you don’t need to spend your precious time nitpicking over formatting decisions. Try using a  resume builder  or a really good  resume template  to do the hard work for you and make formatting your resume a breeze.

Resume Writing for a Substitute Teacher

Job seeker attaches job application materials to email on blue laptop

We know that  writing an effective resume  is a serious challenge, but you can accomplish more (and not feel overwhelmed) by going one section at a time.

Let’s go through all the essential (and optional) sections on your substitute teacher resume, including: 

  • The resume objective/summary 
  • Work experience 
  • Substitute teacher skills
  • Certifications, hobbies, interests, and projects
  • How to customize your resume
  • And the value of diligent proofreading

substitute teacher job experience on resume

What’s the objective/summary all about?

Few job applicants understand the subtle, but important, differences between a  resume objective  and summary. While both are optional resume sections that consist of two to four short sentences, they serve different purposes. 

A resume objective focuses on your eagerness for the job and why you’d be a good fit. Consider using an objective if you’re light on work experience (less than two years) or if you’re shifting careers. 

A  resume summary , on the other hand, highlights how you’ve used your skills over the course of your career. You should only use one if you have 10+ years of experience. 

The most important aspect of a good objective or summary is  customization . They’re only valuable if they’re specific, so your statement should always include a specific job title and relevant skills for every job you apply for.

Let’s check out some examples:

  • Poor objective:  Several years of experience in education with a passion for children. Wanting to take the next step at a K-12 school. 
  • Why these don’t work: These statements are broad and unspecific. They don’t really add value to your resume, and with real estate so limited, that means they’re not worth the space.
  • Strong objective:  Creative substitute teacher with 2+ years of experience ensuring early childhood education during the Covid-19 pandemic. Seeking an opportunity to continue ensuring educational excellence for 5th and 6th grade children at Gollach Middle School by collaborating with primary educators to develop customized lesson plans.
  • Why these work: These are both specific, including job titles, school names, and metrics. They mention specific skill sets and highlight why they’d be a valuable contribution to each specific school. 

substitute teacher job experience on resume

Work experience

We understand that every job experience has value and has likely helped you develop into the educator you are today. Unfortunately, there’s just not enough room to include everything. 

Plus, hiring managers should only see the very best (aka the most relevant) jobs you’ve had when they read your resume. So that means your time working as a barista isn’t a great addition to your substitute teacher resume.

Instead, focus on your most recent two to four job experiences. If you don’t have much experience, shift to including projects, internships, and volunteer experiences (don’t worry, we’ll talk about these in more detail below). 

substitute teacher job experience on resume

Writing your job description bullet points

So, how exactly do you write about your work experience entries on your resume (aka the meat and potatoes of your resume)?

First, eliminate lengthy paragraphs. Using three to five bullet points per work experience entry makes it easier for hiring managers to read, easier for you to write, and makes your resume more visually appealing. 

The content of your bullet points matters, too. 

  • Focus on using active language throughout. For example, you should say “sorted teaching supplies” instead of saying “the teaching supplies were sorted.” 
  • Avoid personal pronouns like “me” or “I.” They just take up space.
  • Be consistent with periods—use them or don’t, but don’t do both.
  • Use past-tense for past work experience. You can choose to use past or present tense on your current work experience.

Here are some substitute teacher bullet points that take these tips to heart:

  • Engaged students by developing team-building activities that enhanced student motivation by 36%
  • Developed long-term plans for 10 special education students in an emotional impairment classroom
  • Managed classrooms of up to 35 students for 12+ weeks at a time, leaving detailed weekly notes for teacher’s review 

These bullet points are good because they’re written in past tense using active voice, with consistent punctuation without any personal pronouns.

We know it’s a tall order to include all this, so we’d recommend just writing your resume however you want first. Then you can go back and look for these things one at a time. Start by adjusting to an active voice, then look for personal pronouns, and so on and so forth.

substitute teacher job experience on resume

Quantify your impact in past substitute teacher roles

You may have noticed one other thing about the bullet point examples listed above: they all include quantifiable metrics (numbers). 

Metrics are the key to making your substitute teacher resume successful since they increase readability and credibility. Try including metrics in at least 50 percent of your bullet points. 

As a substitute teacher, there are plenty of ways to leverage metrics. For example, take a look at the questions below:

  • What’s the average size of the classrooms you teach? Grade ranges? 
  • Have you been able to improve the average testing grades in your classroom if you’ve had a long-term substitute position?
  • Have you received positive feedback or awards for your work?

These examples use metrics to create succinct and impressive bullet points: 

  • Instructed math, art, and English classes (with an average of 22 students per class) from grades K-5
  • Supported 3 struggling students to improve literacy targets by over 42%
  • Collaborated proactively with parents, receiving 100% positive parent feedback

If you’re worried about specifics, know that your numbers don’t have to be perfect—just an estimate will work. The numbers are there, so find them and use them!

Want a good example? Check out this picture from one of our resume examples with metrics in every bullet point:

Resume work experience bullet point with metrics example

Top substitute teacher skills to include

It might not be the most exciting part of your resume, but it would behoove you to pay special attention to the  skills section on your resume . 

This section is an excellent resource for hiring managers to see if you could be a good fit for their substitute teaching job. After all, it’s a list of keywords listing your abilities; there’s no better place to quickly determine if you’re right for the job!

It’s also critical that you get this right if you want to pass the ATS scan. Without enough matching words, your resume might never see the eyes of the hiring manager. 

Focus primarily on hard skills, which are much easier to demonstrate and measure. Soft skills can play supporting roles to your hard skills. Aim to include six to 10 total skills, such as: 

  • Classroom Management
  • Lesson Planning 
  • Smart Boards
  • Special Education
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Bilingual (then list the other language)
  • Recordkeeping 

These are appropriate because they focus more on hard, measurable skills rather than soft, less-relevant abilities. 

The key to getting this section right is by reading the job description. Scan it carefully to find repeated keywords that you can highlight on your substitute teacher resume. 

substitute teacher job experience on resume

Education, certs, projects, interests, and hobbies

Typically, substitute teachers are required to have a bachelor’s degree, with many preferred candidates studying early childhood education, psychology, or English. Of course, this varies by school, and some hiring managers may be fine with an associate’s degree. 

When you’re listing your education level, focus on the basics, like university name, graduation year, degree title, and awards. If you have an associates degree or higher, you don’t need to include your high school diploma. 

Certain states or organizations may require you to have (and maintain) certifications. This calls for a new section, even if you only have one certificate or license. Whatever you have, include it, whether it’s a state license in Substitute Teaching or a Special Education Certificate.

Finally, if you’ve got a bit of wiggle room, you can consider including an optional section to outline your  interests and hobbies on your resume . Though most substitute teachers don’t need this section, it can be helpful in the following circumstances: 

  • Schools like this may be much more interested in your beekeeping hobby than more rigid, regimented schools. 
  • Hiring managers may be more interested in your successful 3-episode campaign on Jeopardy, rather than your interest in home improvement projects.

substitute teacher job experience on resume

Resume customization for every substitute teacher job listing

Make sure your resume is specifically tailored to each job to which you apply. We’ve touched on customization throughout this guide, but it’s an important enough point that it bears repeating. 

Focus your attention on altering your objective/summary (if used), skills section, and job description bullet points for every job ad. 

To make your life easier, you can create a master list of your skills, potential work experiences, and drafts of possible objectives/summaries in a separate document. Then, you can pull from this document to make fully customizing your resume less of a hassle. 

substitute teacher job experience on resume

Edit for a flawless substitute teacher resume

As a substitute teacher, you’ve probably advised countless students to carefully proofread their essays and exams before they submit them. Although you probably just want to get this whole job application thing over with, it’s worth taking your own advice. 

Step away from your resume for a day, and consider having friends or family review your work. Once you’ve had other people look it over, make sure you  check your resume  yourself one final time. You can even reach out to your alma mater to inquire about resume editing services they might provide for alumni. 

Get Your Next Substitute Teacher Job and Celebrate

Cloud receives yellow envelope of job application materials

Give yourself a pat on the back, because you’ve just taken a major step toward perfecting your substitute teacher resume! Even if you’re not yet done editing your resume, you’ve started your journey by putting in txtra research time.

If you want to see how your resume formatting and content stacks up, you can use our  resume checker  to get AI-powered tips and tricks. Or, if you want to start from scratch, our  resume builder  deals with the formatting headache for you and provides AI-powered tips for improvements. 

We know you’re going to do an awesome job teaching the next generation!

Create my free resume now

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How to Include Substitute Teaching Experience on Your Resume

substitute teaching experience on your resume -magoosh

You’ve been working as a substitute teacher for a while. Now, you’re ready to start applying for jobs as a full-time teacher. While working on your application materials, you’ll find that it’s important to include substitute teaching experience on the resume that you send out. If you’re wondering how to go about doing this, use the following tips to help you.

The job title should simply be written as “Substitute Teacher”. There is no need to get more specific than this. You don’t need to include the specific grades or subjects that you covered. Schools will understand that you covered a variety of classes.

What school district did you work for as a substitute teacher? This is what you should put for the employer. Be sure to include the city and state, too. If you worked for multiple school districts, include them here. You could also include it as part of your employment duties.

Employment Dates

Your start date should be the day you were approved to begin substitute teaching, even if you didn’t get your first substitute teaching assignment for a little while after this date. Look back through your employment documents to determine what your start date should be.

For the end date, you should write the last day that you worked as a substitute teacher. If you’re still working as a substitute teacher, write “Present” instead of a date.

The most important part of including your substitute teaching experience on your resume is the duties section. Most schools know what a substitute teacher does on a daily basis. You don’t need to rehash the job description of a substitute . Instead, use this space to celebrate your accomplishments. Consider the following questions:

  • How many students did you have on a regular basis?
  • What classroom management techniques did you perfect?
  • What subjects/grade level/school districts did you work with?
  • Did you do anything that made your experience unique?
  • What tasks did you undertake that would make your stand out?

List your accomplishments in bullet points. Also, be sure to use action verbs as you describe your “duties”. If you’re unsure about what to include, research the job or school district to find out what they’re looking for in a teacher.

As with any job application, be sure to review the position description . Tailor your resume to better fit the position to which you’re applying. Look for specific ways that your time as a substitute teacher prepared you for your role as a full-time teacher.

Jamie Goodwin

Jamie graduated from Brigham Young University- Idaho with a degree in English Education. She spent several years teaching and tutoring students at the elementary, high school, and college level. She currently works as a contract writer and curriculum developer for online education courses. In her free time, she enjoys running and spending time with her boys!

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Substitute Teacher Resume Samples

The guide to resume tailoring.

Guide the recruiter to the conclusion that you are the best candidate for the substitute teacher job. It’s actually very simple. Tailor your resume by picking relevant responsibilities from the examples below and then add your accomplishments. This way, you can position yourself in the best way to get hired.

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  • Provides effective classroom/student management and clear instruction
  • Work with academic supervisor to improve delivery of Kaplan academic programs
  • Implement district learning goals and objectives using TERC Math Investigations Curriculum and Readers and Writers Workshop Model
  • Coordinates parent/teacher conferences to review student's performance, behavior and other issues
  • Establishing an exemplary classroom culture that balances high expectations with love and support
  • Relentless focus on results and a commitment to teamwork
  • Makes necessary referrals of pupils to other professional personnel according to the building plan
  • Implement existing lesson plans in a manner that ensures the integrity of academic time and motivates students to learn and participate
  • Instruct students regarding a variety of classroom topics and courses of instruction
  • Address the various learning styles of students accordingly
  • Weekly electronic pay
  • Service bonus plan
  • Optional group-rate insurance
  • Model correct use of spoken and written English language
  • Complete all grading, create report cards and conduct parent conferences in a timely and manner
  • Support the instructional program with asynchronous web conferencing sessions
  • Participate in Professional Development sessions throughout employment
  • Work collaboratively with a team of teachers to ensure that all students on the team’s caseload are successfully progressing through the program that parents have a central point of contact, and that tasks are distributed evenly amongst the team members
  • Support students and parents with alternate strategies and provide additional assistance with daily assignments and projects
  • Communicate regularly with parents, students, and curriculum specialists through the use of computer and telephone
  • Keep student records and data up-to-date, including cumulative files, online student and family information, attendance accounting, and logging all student and parent contacts
  • Ability to conform to proper standards of professional dress and appearance
  • Excellent time management skills, good judgment and problem solving abilities
  • Ability to work flexible schedule
  • Ability to communicate effectively with students and staff
  • Ability to organize and coordinate lessons as outlined by the teacher in a classroom setting
  • Ability to maintain a positive instructional atmosphere in the classroom
  • Available for same day assignments
  • Ability to establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with others contacted in the course of work
  • Follows all district policies, rules, and procedures to which regular teachers are subject and which good teaching practice dictates
  • Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and written

15 Substitute Teacher resume templates

Substitute Teacher Resume Sample

Read our complete resume writing guides

How to tailor your resume, how to make a resume, how to mention achievements, work experience in resume, 50+ skills to put on a resume, how and why put hobbies, top 22 fonts for your resume, 50 best resume tips, 200+ action words to use, internship resume, killer resume summary, write a resume objective, what to put on a resume, how long should a resume be, the best resume format, how to list education, cv vs. resume: the difference, include contact information, resume format pdf vs word, how to write a student resume, substitute teacher resume examples & samples.

  • Previous experience working with children from infant through preschool stages preferred
  • Minimum experience working with children 6 weeks of age through 5 years of age in either a voluntary or paid position
  • Prefer experience working in an Infant/Toddler or Preschool setting
  • Must possess a strong desire to work with young children
  • Must be consistently available to work two or three days per week
  • Must be able to lift and carry a child weighing up to 50 pounds away from a potentially dangerous situation during an emergency that may/may not include an evacuation
  • Minimum High School Diploma
  • Substitute move from classroom to classroom to cover any open teaching position that occurs when a regularly assigned teacher is absent
  • Substitute will be guaranteed a minimum four-hour shift with a 15 minute break
  • Substitute will be rotated between both the Burbank and the Glendale facilities
  • Substitute will be rotated between the classrooms, giving each substitute an opportunity to work with all age groups (from infants through preschool)
  • Every effort will be made to maintain consistency in scheduling. However, a substitute may occasionally be required to work in several different classrooms during the course of his/her scheduled shift
  • Good physical health shall be verified by a health screening, including a test for tuberculosis, performed by or under the supervision of a physician
  • The health screening report must indicate the person’s ability to meet any physical qualifications necessary to perform the assigned duties
  • At least 1 year of relevant experience, preferred (may include but not limited to coaching, student teaching, and teaching)
  • Ability to work at least 3 days per month
  • Experience working with English Language Learners, preferred
  • At least 60 hours towards a Bachelor’s degree (required)
  • At least 1 year of relevant experience preferred (this may include but is not limited to coaching, student teaching, and teaching)
  • Availability to work at least 3 days per month
  • Implement classroom management practices that are consistent with the culture of the school
  • Communicate students’ progress toward realizing academic and character development goals with the teachers for whom the Substitute Teacher is covering within a day of completing his/her assignment
  • At the elementary school level, substitutes may be asked to provide support with Guided Reading for small groups
  • Acting upon a commitment to do "whatever it takes" to ensure each student has a positive and safe school experience every day
  • An Associates degree is required. A Bachelor’s degree is required for any substitute working longer than 30 days
  • Experience working with children in a school, camp, or child-care setting
  • Implements lesson plans as provided
  • May be required to develop lesson plans and assess student achievement in long term assignments
  • Utilizes a variety of instructional materials and available multimedia and computer technology to enhance learning
  • Maintains accurate records and submits timely reports
  • Reports all accidents, injuries, illnesses, and discipline problems to the appropriate authority
  • Familiarity with Special Education terms and laws
  • Knowledge of Child Growth and Development
  • Knowledge of working with children with Special needs and or developmental needs
  • Knowledge of Principles and practices of teaching
  • Lives the KIPP Baltimore values of
  • Online application and resume

Substitute Teacher, Long-term Resume Examples & Samples

  • Collaborates with other professionals to implement instruction and related activities
  • Ensures the classroom and/or instructional environment is healthy, safe, and conducive to learning
  • Travels with students on field trips as needed
  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher; individuals working toward teaching certification preferred
  • Positions in Special Education require a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education or a related service field and successful completion of the City Schools Special Education Summer Institute*
  • Experience working with children in a group or classroom setting preferred with ability to establish clear limits for behavior and provide consistency in the student’s instructional day
  • Ability to form positive relationships with students, parents, aides, and other staff members
  • Ability to respond appropriately to children’s developmental levels, support the self-respect of each child
  • Incorporates specified lesson plans, using a variety of techniques, including lectures, projects, exhibits, library resources, computers and the Internet
  • Monitors, assists, corrects and grades student performance
  • Engages students in meaningful and authentic instruction, remediation and assessment activities
  • Completion of a vocational or occupational education sequence in child growth and development
  • Current Colorado Level I credential or two three credit college course with one course being Introduction to Early Childhood Education
  • 910 hours of verified experience in the care and supervision of four or more children six years of age who are not related to the individual
  • Defined by the Department
  • 12 months (1820 hours) of verified experience as noted in D

Substitute Teacher of the Deaf Resume Examples & Samples

  • BA or MA degree focused on Deaf Education
  • Washington State teaching certification
  • Fluency in both American Sign Language (ASL) and written English
  • Knowledge of Deaf Culture and community
  • Experience working with students who are deaf and hard of hearing
  • Ability to communicate effectively with students who are deaf and hard of hearing, school staff, parents, and school district personnel using ASL and English
  • Knowledge of current best practices in deaf education
  • Ability to work as a team member with school staff, educators and parents
  • Effective classroom management techniques
  • Methods for observation/data collection
  • Special education policies and procedures
  • Manage classroom behavior effectively

Early Learning Center Substitute Teacher Resume Examples & Samples

  • Professional child care experience a plus
  • An incredible work ethic
  • Able to work cooperatively with parents and staff
  • Must be agile and energetic enough to perform daily work required for the care of infants, toddlers, and/or children
  • Cursory knowledge of/willingness to become proficient with the laws, rules, procedures, and programs specifically related to the operation of a child care program in the state of Louisiana
  • Ability to play and have fun!
  • Twelve semester hours in college-level credits in child growth and development and/or early childhood education, which must include either Introduction to early childhood education (ECE 101) or guidance strategies (ECE 103) and at least 1,365 hours of verified experience in the care and supervision of four or more children six years of age who are not related to the individual
  • Completion of a vocational or occupational education sequence in child growth and development and at least 1,820 hours of verified experience in the care and supervision of four or more children six years of age who are not related to the individual
  • Completion of a course of training approved by the Department that includes training and work experience with children and at least 1,820 hours of verified experience in the care and supervision of four or more children six years of age who are not related to the individual
  • A current Colorado Level 1 credential and at least 3,640 hours of verified experience in the care and supervision of four or more children six years of age who are not related to the individual
  • Two three credit college course with one course being either Introduction to early childhood education (ECE 101) or guidance strategies (ECE 103) and at least 3,640 hours of verified experience in the care and supervision of four or more children six years of age who are not related to the individual
  • An Associate’s (2 year) degree in child development or early childhood education. Sixty semester hours in early childhood education, which must include either Introduction to early childhood education (ECE 101) or guidance strategies (ECE 103) and at least 910 hours of verified experience in the care and supervision of four or more children six years of age who are not related to the individual
  • Current certification as a Child Development Associate (CDA) or certified Child Care Professional (CCP) or other
  • Bachelor’s (4 year) degree in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Special Education, Family and Child Development, or Child Psychology
  • Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Special Education, Family and Child Development, or Child Psychology
  • Assistive Technology
  • Use of low vision devices
  • Self-help skills
  • Daily Living Skills
  • Has graduated from a recognized university program and has a current Washington State Teaching Certification or can obtain a Washington State Teaching Certificate
  • Has graduated from a recognized university program, receiving a Bachelor's degree and has a current Washington State Emergency Substitute Teacher Certification or is able to obtain such Certificate
  • Must pass state and federal criminal background check
  • Experience working with the blind, visually impaired, and/or children with special needs; and,
  • Three professional references, including at least one supervisor, with current contact information
  • Creates and manages a caring, supportive, purposeful, and stimulating environment which is conductive to students' learning
  • Identifies clear teaching objectives and learning outcomes, with appropriate challenges and high expectations
  • Maintains good order and discipline among pupils, safeguarding their health and safety
  • Provides individual instructional services using a variety of methodology for children and adolescents, appropriate to gender, age, and development level according to IDEA
  • Assists patients in maintaining required academic standards
  • Must have experience in behavioral management using a variety of intervention techniques
  • Prepare lesson plans according to established syllabus
  • Complete all paperwork within required deadlines
  • Must be authorized to work in Canada
  • Experience with industry, international students and/ or overseas teaching experience

Substitute Teacher Assistant Resume Examples & Samples

  • Good knowledge of proper English grammar and spelling, basic knowledge of mathematics, knowledge of Chicago Public Schools rules and regulations
  • Ability to work with and for school-aged children, ability to follow written and oral instructions, ability to operate basic office equipment, ability to communicate effectively with the public
  • Good oral and written communication skills, good reading skills, skill in operating audio-visual equipment and personal computers is highly desirable
  • Flexible Schedule that you select
  • Perfect role for those going back to school, retirees, recent grads
  • Great compensation
  • Locations in every neighborhood citywide

Certified Special Education Substitute Teacher Resume Examples & Samples

  • Provide Special Education services to students in accordance with the Individualized Education Plan
  • Demonstrate knowledge of specialized methodology for teaching students with disabilities
  • Manage an average caseload of students
  • Develop positive relationships with teaching adults, students
  • Alert administrators of any concerns about student progress and/or truancy
  • Maintain accurate special education records
  • Submit required reports and documentation to administration
  • Degree in Special Education
  • Maryland Certificate in Special Education
  • 1-2 years' experience in the field of Behavior Management, Special Education Services, Early Intervention, and or 1:1 TSS Experience
  • Copy of Transcript
  • Letter of Introduction
  • Other (CBEST verification)

Substitute Teacher / Avid Tutor Resume Examples & Samples

  • Applicants who possess a baccalaureate degree from an institution accredited by a regional accrediting association which includes 18 semester hours of course work in the field of professional teacher education
  • Applicants who possess a baccalaureate degree in any major
  • Applicants who possess an associate degree or has completed 60 semester hours

Substitute Teacher Assistant Positions Resume Examples & Samples

  • To assist, support, and work closely with supervising school teachers, administrators, and other team members in providing educational benefit for students
  • Dependent upon assignment, but always under direct supervision of School employees, this role may be working directly in a special education classroom, working in a general education classroom or environment, and/or working one-on-one with a student or small group of students
  • Follow oral and written directions and establish effective working relationships with School District staff and students
  • Have effective organizational, communication, and interpersonal communication skills

Substitute Teacher Assistants Resume Examples & Samples

On-call substitute teacher resume examples & samples.

  • Have knowledge of and be alert to the needs and problems of children 6 wks-2 years old
  • Provide positive, loving guidance to help children develop self-discipline and positive self-image
  • Develop a program that will stimulate the infants and toddlers in all areas of growth
  • Supervise meal times, using these occasions to demonstrate and encourage good manners, nutrition and pleasant conversation
  • Provide a quiet, restful naptime environment
  • Help to maintain the ordered arrangement, appearance and learning environment of the classroom and outdoor play areas
  • Become familiar with and follow all KOC policies
  • Fingerprint/child abuse clearance through California state licensing
  • Current (within the last year) negative T.B. test and physical examination
  • Caring for children can be physically demanding. The Substitute Teacher must be able to lift, push, pull or carry 50 pounds without assistance and/or have the ability to assess the weight in order to ask for necessary assistance or to determine a safer method of moving the load. Must be able to move with agility over and under children and objects; to get down to child’s level by either kneeling, sitting, crouching or stooping. This position requires sufficient hand eye coordination (vision correctable to 20/20), manual dexterity, sufficient visual acuity to recognize words, letters and numbers; speech and hearing ability to carry on conversations in person or over the phone
  • The Substitute Teacher will be expected to move about easily throughout the community with children which may require frequent lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling of equipment, frequent twisting, reaching, stooping and bending. The Substitute Teacher may come in contact with children who are ill and/or contagious, and must take precautions to ensure the health and safety of all children, parents, staff and themselves
  • Mental Demands (Conditions that may lead to mental or emotional fatigue)
  • Evidence of emotional maturity and stability
  • Responsible and dependable with good attendance and work habits
  • Relates to parents in a professional and diplomatic manner
  • Ability to maintain professional attitude and appropriate dress
  • Possess the personality and ability to provide leadership and stability for the program continuity, especially in the Director’s absence
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision, self-motivated, and shows initiative
  • Ability to work effectively and communicate with a diverse population of students, faculty, staff, and alumni
  • Ability to work in a collaborative environment
  • Ability to work effectively under pressure in a busy (sometimes chaotic) and demanding environment
  • Three years teaching experience in a day care facility
  • At least 60 college credits
  • Six months to a year's worth of experience working with school aged children
  • Flexibility to teach in two out of the four districts
  • Work at least 3 days a week
  • Managing a child care center classroom with particular attention to the health, safety and general care of the children
  • Communicating with families, creating written notes and/or engaging in face-to-face conversation related to the learning and development of the children
  • Upholding the policies and procedures of RIT and Margaret's House Child Care Center
  • Maintaining compliance with the regulations of the NYS Office of Children and Family Services and the Health Department

Substitute Teacher Positions Resume Examples & Samples

  • Instruct students regarding a variety of classroom topics/courses of instruction, as determined by the approved lesson plan
  • Effective organizational, communication and interpersonal communication skills
  • Maintain classroom control that fosters a safe, positive environment for all students and staff in accordance with Kelly and School District policies and all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations

Certificated Substitute Teacher Resume Examples & Samples

  • Collects and interprets a variety of data; provides reports for
  • Three current letters of reference (preferably from a supervisor, past and present, and a professional colleague)
  • Certificate
  • Transcripts (Unofficial)

BJA Elementary School Substitute Teacher Resume Examples & Samples

  • Teach assigned courses
  • Supervise students during structured activities
  • Maintain grades (long-term subbing)
  • Attend chapel/faculty meetings (long-term subbing)
  • Flexibility to work on a short notice
  • Professional in appearance and presentation
  • Effective in oral and written communication
  • Follows existing lesson plans to provide instruction to assigned students,
  • Responsible for establishing positive learning expectation standards for all pupils,
  • Applying contemporary principles of learning theory and teaching methodology, drawing from the range of instructional materials available in the school,
  • Establishes and maintains reasonable rules of conduct within the classroom and on school grounds, including, but not limited to, playgrounds, corridors, and lunchrooms, consistent with the provisions of the Chicago Public Schools' Uniform Discipline Code
  • Maintains accurate attendance records and seating charts
  • Encourages student growth in self-discipline and positive self-concept; ensures fairness in teacher-pupil relationships and exhibits an understanding and respect for students
  • May coordinate and attend class field trips; may work in extracurricular and after-school activities
  • Utilizes appropriate resources available in the school
  • Substitute teachers in Chicago Public Schools must have a strong desire and commitment to urban education
  • Knowledge of subject matter consistent with state certification requirements, knowledge of contemporary principles and practices of teaching, knowledge of classroom and behavior management techniques
  • Ability to modify instruction to meet student needs, ability to cooperate with the school faculty and administration in the development and implementation of an articulated program of instruction, ability to work effectively with pupils, parents and guardians, staff members, and community representatives in providing an appropriate educational program; ability to understand the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional patterns of pupils
  • Skill in the application of contemporary principles and practices of teaching, good oral and written communication skills, good interpersonal skills, skill in exercising sound and professional judgment
  • Must be a retired teacher from Chicago Public Schools (in good standing)
  • Must hold a valid Professional Educator License issued by the Illinois State Board of Education
  • Not required to live in Chicago
  • Implement existing lesson plans
  • Motivate Students to learn and participate
  • Classroom Management to foster a safe learning environment for all students and staff
  • Compliance with Kelly Services, districts/school, state and all applicable laws and regulations
  • Meeting State requirements for Education Instructional placement

Annual Substitute Teacher Resume Examples & Samples

  • Remains current in best practices for instructional delivery, assessment and behavior management
  • Possesses a working knowledge of the Virginia Standards of Learning and available state and local resources
  • Incorporates and models appropriate use of technology to support instruction and student learning
  • Ensures compliance with existing applicable federal and state statutes and local policies, regulations and guidelines related to public schools
  • Possession of a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accepted university
  • Eligibility for a Virginia teaching license in elementary education is preferred

Annual Substitute Teacher for Falling Cr Resume Examples & Samples

  • Improvises lessons in emergency situations where the teacher is unable to provide detailed lesson plans
  • Plans, prepares and delivers appropriate curriculum content to students
  • Establishes and communicates clear objectives for all learning activities
  • Uses the curriculum of the district to plan daily instructional activities
  • Deliver intervention services to all students based specific goals and objectives established by Chesterfield County Public Schools and the Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Assesses student learning using multiple tools on an ongoing basis and alters instruction to meet group/individual needs
  • Maintains order within the classroom setting in accordance with division guidelines regarding student behavior management
  • Collaborates with other faculty in planning and delivering instruction to students
  • Communicates regularly with parents, administration, and other staff as needed
  • Eligibility for a Virginia teaching license with an endorsement in a secondary (6-12) content area is preferred

High School Substitute Teacher Resume Examples & Samples

  • Possess the essential mindset that all students can achieve at high levels
  • Ability to instruct students and manage their behavior
  • Knowledge of subject area assigned preferred
  • Bi-lingual in Spanish and English
  • Attendance to a full-day orientation session is required to complete the employment process. Individuals do not receive pay for attending an orientation
  • You must complete the fingerprinting process as outlined in Senate Bill 9 prior to attending an orientation. The HR office will provide instructions for completing this process, so please do not start the process prior to receiving notification from the HR office. You will be required to pay the fees associated with this process which ranges from $51.00 - $53.00 depending on the method of payment. If you have already completed the fingerprint process for public education in the State of Texas, then you will not be required to complete the process again for The Excel Center. (Senate Bill 9, also known as the “Fingerprinting Bill” was signed into law by Governor Perry in the Fall of 2007. This bill requires that all certified employees and substitute teacher who are actively employed undergo a national criminal history record information review by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). As such, we are required to cooperate with TEA in their efforts to get certified educators and substitute teachers fingerprinted.)
  • You will be required to provide proof of identification during an orientation. If your name does not appear exactly the same on both identification documents, then you will need to have your documents changed before attending orientation
  • Drive to improve the outcomes and lives of students in and out of the classroom
  • Superior verbal and written communication skills
  • General knowledge of curriculum and instruction
  • Ability to follow oral and written directions
  • Ability to maintain effective classroom management strategies
  • Has working knowledge of computer programs and accessing internet applications: Microsoft Office products, Google Applications (specifically Gmail), Excel, Word and Internet Explorer
  • Current Texas Teaching Certification in subject specialty
  • You will be required to complete paperwork during the orientation that includes a W9 and Request for Skyward Access
  • You will be required to provide proof of education level during the orientation, i.e. Teaching Certificate, Official College Transcripts (original documents – no copies or printout from a website), whichever applies

Kansas Special Education Substitute Teacher Resume Examples & Samples

  • Work with Advisory Teachers and School counselors to ensure students and families are receiving appropriate communications, students are making adequate progress and established goals are being met
  • Communicate regularly with the Substitute Services Leadership team
  • Possess excellent communication skills
  • Exhibit excellent public relation and interpersonal skills
  • Effective organizational and consensus building skills
  • Understand the value of planning and demonstrate ability to develop and implement short and long range instructional plans
  • Understand the various learning styles and competence in delivering instruction appropriate to students’ developmental needs
  • Understanding cultural diversity through providing
  • Exhibit effective communication skills and techniques, including verbal, nonverbal, and media communication that are sensitive to student differences and needs
  • Follow all policies and procedures of the MISD
  • To follow teacher instructions and lesson plan to provide appropriate learning experiences within the assigned area(s) of responsibility
  • Create a classroom environment that is conducive to learning and appropriate to the maturity, interest, and abilities of students
  • Guide the learning process toward the achievement of established district curriculum goals
  • Employ a variety of instructional techniques and instructional media, consistent with the physical limitations of the location provided and the needs and capabilities of the individuals or student groups involved
  • Assess the accomplishments of students on a regular basis, provides progress reports as required, and communicate with parents as deemed necessary
  • Identify the special needs of students and seek assistance of others as needed
  • Work cooperatively with special education teachers to modify curricula as needed for special education students
  • Follow the student behavior plan that is consistent with established administrative policies
  • Maintain accurate, complete, and correct records as required by law, district policy, and administrative regulation
  • Abide by work hours of 7:30 am until 3:30 for elementary, 8:00am until 4:00pm for middle and high school, 8:00am until 5:00 for Academy and Learning center
  • Students assigned by assignment or principal directive
  • Professionalism: Model professional behavior that addresses job responsibilities, district policies and procedures, and the expectations of professionals working in a multilingual, multicultural, and economically diverse community
  • Safe, Respectful, and Culturally Sensitive and Responsive Learning Communities: Build and maintain safe, fair, and respectful learning environments that celebrate the diversity of the student population
  • Instructional Planning and Implementation
  • Employ strategies that address the wide range of learning, behavioral, and communication styles of the student population
  • Demonstrate cultural proficiency and use effective and culturally relevant instructional practices

Cluster Substitute Teacher Resume Examples & Samples

  • Education: Minimum of an undergraduate college/university degree
  • Successfully complete a screening interview with the BPS Office of Human Capital
  • Pass a CORI/SORI criminal background check
  • Massachusetts Teaching License in assigned content and grade level, including SEI Endorsement if applicable
  • Experience in a school or community setting working with children or young adults
  • BPS values linguistic diversity and believes that candidates who speak another language bring added value to the classroom, school, and district culture and diversity. BPS is particularly interested in candidates who are fluent in one of BPS' official languages:Spanish, Creole (Cape Verdean), Creole (Haitian), Chinese, Vietnamese, Portuguese, & Somali
  • Creatively provide an interdisciplinary course of study that integrates reading, writing, analytical skills development in alignment with state curricular frameworks for core content areas
  • Create developmentally appropriate, child centered environment that establishes positive student behavioral expectations conducive to all learners needs through structured routines, and positive behavioral interventions
  • Establish classroom structure that values positive relationships through intentional implementation of appropriate curriculum
  • Administer district mid-year and end-of-year assessments in accordance with district guidelines
  • Education: Hold a Bachelors degree
  • Hold a Massachusetts Teaching License in Elementary Generalist
  • Ability to meet the Standards of Effective Teaching established by the Boston Public Schools as outlined above
  • Hold an SEI endorsement or a Massachusetts Teaching License in ESL
  • In order to best serve all students, BPS prefers all core content teachers to be certified in their subject area and one or both of the following: Moderate Disabilities, English as a Second Language (at the appropriate grade level(s))
  • Administer assessments
  • Understand Individualized Education Programs (IEP)
  • Understand and follow lesson plans
  • Cover classes when teachers are absent
  • Collaborate effectively with staff during instructional time
  • Must have at least 60 college credits or an Associate Degree as required by No Child Left Behind (NCLB)
  • Knowledge of working with at-risk children or youth

Long Term Elementary Substitute Teacher Resume Examples & Samples

  • Follow plans for an instructional program designed to meet individual student needs and whole groups which may include at-risk or special needs youth; prepare lesson plans
  • Use necessary and appropriate instructional methods and materials, which are suited to the well-being of the students and to the nature of the learning activities, program and/or curriculum involved; implement established program or curriculum objectives; attend in-service training when asked to do so; continue to improve professional growth through study and experimentation; remain current in methods and techniques of instruction
  • Confer with students, parents or guardians, and other staff, in an open and positive manner to provide guidance, evaluation, and encouragement of student achievement
  • Support classroom goals and objectives, in conformance with courses of study specified by State and School District statutes, regulations, and guidelines; evaluate and record student progress when asked to do so
  • Preference will be given to candidates with an endorsement in special education
  • Knowledge of current curriculum and instructional practices such as teacher-directed instruction, literature-based reading, math problem-solving and use of math manipulatives, cooperative learning, and integrated curriculum
  • Commitment and ability to work with a full range of students including gifted, mainstreamed special education, English language learners, and students from diverse cultural and social backgrounds
  • Ongoing professional development activities, such as college course work, professional associations, workshops, and in-service
  • A strong and positive attitude that each student can be taught and has the right and capacity to achieve personal academic excellence
  • Ability to perform all duties in accordance with applicable Board policies and District and legal requirements
  • Complete all assigned paperwork (daily information sheets/daily attendance, shopping lists, daily staff-child ratios, etc.) in a timely manner
  • Two year’s experience working with young children
  • Twelve (12) units in Early Childhood Education (Child Growth & Development, Child, Family & Community, and two program development courses)
  • Successful completion of the fingerprinting process and/or successful transfer of fingerprints from another program. Able to obtain a Sheriff Card
  • Negative TB test
  • Successful completion of the hiring packet
  • Excellent customer service skills in person and on the phone
  • Comfortable with team-based works structure; demonstrates flexibility and initiative on the job
  • Is conscientious and provides complete follow-through on areas of responsibility
  • Within 90 days of hire be able to complete: Child Abuse and Neglect training, Communicable Diseases training, Nutrition training, CPR and First Aid, SIDS training, and Child Development
  • Be able to complete 24 clock hours of training per year
  • Must hold a valid Minnesota Teaching License - EL License and Elementary experience preferred
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must attend KES orientation and training
  • Must be familiar with and follow Kelly Services Policies and School Policies
  • Must possess good judgment and demonstrate ethical behavior
  • Valid Georgia Teacher Certificate, or Stedi Substitute Diploma
  • Transcript from an accredited College or University confirming completion of highest degree level
  • Designs and facilitates community based training opportunities; facilitates appropriate post-secondary placements/options
  • Administers various types of assessments to monitor student's comprehension of the material
  • Monitors students in the classroom, at lunch or throughout the school by maintaining order and discipline
  • Performs various administrative duties such as taking attendance, organizing the classroom, and recording grades
  • Conducts assessments related to the identification, placement, and instruction of students; attends faculty meetings and training sessions
  • Conducts other duties assigned by the School Principal
  • Teaches with understanding and respect for the individuality of each pupil
  • Follows the lesson plans the teacher prepared in order to provide an effective lesson for students
  • Consults with a building administrator or grade level teacher, before initiating any teaching or other procedure not specified in the lesson or building plans
  • Records attendance and all other requested documentation
  • Adheres strictly to professional ethics
  • Protects confidentiality of all USD 259 students
  • Manages the learning environment by handling non-instructional tasks efficiently, using instructional time appropriately, maintaining an effective physical setting for instruction, and maintaining appropriate student behavior in the classroom
  • Reports in writing the day’s activities to the regularly assigned classroom teacher
  • Returns all instructional materials, equipment, and keys to the proper place at the conclusion of the teaching day
  • Reports all student injuries, accidents, illnesses, and discipline problems as well as all student concerns or allegations to the appropriate authority immediately, or as soon as is reasonably possible
  • Reviews job status i.e. dates, times, cancelations, number of days of the assignment etc. on the SubFinder System regularly in order to ensure the substitute’s awareness of all job requirements as well as any changes made to the assignment
  • Attends to the needs of students and engages them in learning at all times during the assignment
  • Willingness and flexibility to change an assignment (be it grade level or subject) at a moment’s notice when asked by a building administrator
  • Work in a positive and cooperative manner with paraeducators, support staff, and all others in the school setting
  • Must be able to work at least 15 assignments per school semester and follow through with all accepted assignments
  • Provide a safe and healthful environment for students of various schools
  • Current Kansas Teaching License (regular teaching, initial, exchange, standard substitute, or emergency substitute)
  • Successful completion of a one day USD 259 orientation training course
  • Meets the employment qualifications set forth by the Wichita Public Schools Board of Education and the Kansas State Department of Education
  • Teach core subjects
  • Demonstrates concern & respect for individual students
  • Interacts with various professionals & family members regarding individual student progress
  • Serves as a role model in carrying out the Boys Town National Research Hospital Mission
  • Knowledge, skills, and abilities required

Long Term Substitute Spanish Substitute Teacher Resume Examples & Samples

  • Work collaboratively to create and implement a program of study that is intellectually challenging
  • Design and implement lessons that promote growth in students’ language proficiency above accuracy
  • Teaching experience in a similar setting preferred
  • Ability to teach any level of Spanish (Spanish 1 - AP Spanish) preferred
  • Current Teaching Certificate with the PA Dept. of Education (or)
  • Bachelor's Degree with Emergency Permit (or)
  • Verification of ACT 86 College Student status, enrolled in the Education Program with 60+ credit hours completed

Temporary Substitute Teacher Resume Examples & Samples

  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively with diverse populations
  • Ability to effectively communicate with diverse communities and develop outreach strategies to encourage parental involvement in student learning
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively with diverse parents/guardians with varied communication styles, levels of skill and experience to support their child’s education experience
  • Ability to employ a variety of teaching styles to respond to the needs of diverse learners
  • Ability to employ business technology tools (e.g. E-mail, AACPS Intranet, electronic benefits enrolment tool, Microsoft Office Suite, etc.)
  • Experience in a school setting
  • Graduate hours in education or gifted education
  • Experience teaching gifted children
  • Valid teaching certificate or license
  • Must be able to interpret and communicate the curriculum in written format
  • Must be able to establish and maintain strong teacher/child interactions
  • Must be able to make decisions regarding the health and safety of the children and colleagues in the classroom, and when to notify supervisors or families when concerns arise
  • 6-12 months of experience working with children ages 0-5 years old in an early childhood setting or home environment
  • An Associate's or Bachelor's degree in Child Development, Early Childhood Education or a related field
  • A capacity to remain calm and focused when faced with unexpected challenges
  • A strong belief in UP Education Network’s core values: Students, Community, Humility, Resilience, and Humor
  • A valid Massachusetts Teaching License and SEI endorsement
  • Current authorization to work in the United States – A candidate must have such authorization by his or her first day of employment
  • 2- OVERSEAS PRE-EMPLOYMENT DATA FORM (See link under "Required Documents" section to download)
  • The above 4 items are considered your application package. Once you have it all together please hand deliver to the school you want to apply to

Substitute Teacher s Assistants Resume Examples & Samples

  • Assist with the supervision of students while promoting activities to enhance the social, emotional, intellectual and physical development of students
  • Use correct grammar when communicating orally and/ or in writing
  • Able to follow oral and written directions
  • Must hold a valid Minnesota Teaching License (We will help you get one, if needed)
  • Minimum of 2 days per week availability
  • Reports to the school upon arrival at the school building, arriving 30 minutes early to review all materials and ensure preparedness before the students arrive in the classroom
  • Implement instructional guide outlined in teacher's lesson plan(s)
  • Create and maintain a positive learning environment in the classroom
  • Report all incidences of students, including injuries, accidents, illnesses, and behavioral problems
  • Must be willing to use Codman Academy’s expeditionary teaching methods and enforce Codman Academy’s Habits of Learning

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How to write a substitute teacher resume?

[ Click here to directly go to the complete substitute-teacher resume sample ]

"There is no substitute for hard work and experience in life."

You may be a good substitute for a regular teacher but none can be your substitute while writing your experienced teacher resume to get a step closer to your dream job.

Nothing can take place of your hard work and experience as it is something only you can take care of.

Here is a summary of our Substitute Teacher Resume 2020 Blog:

  • Avoid writing “CV or Resume”, instead write your real full name as your resume's header because it is an important feature that creates a unique identity of your first-year teacher resume.
  • State your specific work experience on your experienced teacher resume by writing only one-liners to make your points brief and specific.
  • Write a summary for your 3 years and above of professional experience. A substitute teacher resume objective should only be written for less than 3 years of work experience.

In this blog, we have also provided our substitute teacher resume examples for you to have a visual understanding of how different sections are framed in a substitute teacher resume.

The experts at Hiration are here to help you in curating a flawless substitute teacher resume with no experience or with experience through this blog along with the complete substitute example.

By the end of this blog, you will be able to write a job-winning resume while simultaneously learning:

  • What to write in your substitute teacher resumes and how to write it?
  • How to frame your experience on substitute resume?
  • How to highlight your skills in a resume?
  • Why shoud you write an objective in your resume?

. . . All so you can get the job that you want!

In the meanwhile, you can use Hiration's Online Resume Builder to write a masterpiece of a resume for a hassle-free experience.

Our Online Resume Builder is stocked with a huge library of examples and a resume template for teachers that can help you get a step closer to your dream job.

Fill in your details and the perfect experienced teacher resume is good to go. It is that simple. Who knows, with a stellar teacher resume, you can also get a chance to earn some easy money on the side teaching people online.

What is a Substitute Teacher Resume & why do you need it?

Resumes for substitute teachers can be considered as the first means of meeting between you and the recruiters.

The role of substitute teacher resume is to communicate the key skills that you possess to the recruiters and make them recognize you as a suitable applicant for the specifically targeted job profile.

There is an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) that helps the recruiters to filter through resumes for substitute teachers and pick the most eligible applicant.

Now, your goal here is to rank high on the ATS, and to do that you should try and use the keywords used by the recruiters to describe the job that you have targeted.

You need to create a substitute teaching resume that can make an impact on the recruiters and raise your chances of being shortlisted for your dream job.

Keep reading this blog to learn how to pick the right keywords and place them in the right place.

In the meanwhile, get your existing resume professionally reviewed by Hiration’s Resume Review Service.

Substitute Teacher Resume Sample

Take a look at our substitute teacher resume sample to visually understand what an ideal resume should look like:

  • Adhered to the monthly lesson plans prepared by the regular teachers for 30+ students
  • Implemented simplified curriculum plans to meet the physical, emotional & scholastic needs of students
  • Fostered creativity in students by conducting daily classroom activities for 30-45 minutes teaching art & crafts to students
  • Monitored classroom management by carefully overseeing the students engaged in group discussions & pair activities
  • Maintained pleasant discipline in the class by encouraging the students to avoid raising voice unnecessarily
  • Conducted performance reviews of 15 students to understand & improve their learning process in the class
  • Collaborated with ~20 staff members daily to implement a high-quality teaching & learning environment
  • Recorded student development , behavior & homework assessment to be submitted to the regular teacher
  • Top 20 percentile in class
  • Languages : French, Spanish & Dutch

How to write your Substitute Teacher Resume

Resume writing can be made easier if you try and follow the three stages that we have discussed below:

  • Stage 1: Master Substitute Teacher Resume
  • Stage 2: First Draft of Substitute Teacher Resume
  • Stage 3: Final Draft of Substitute Teacher Resume

Master Substitute Teacher Resume

Before you start writing your substitute teacher resumes, create a master resume wherein you can stack up all your details and information that you may require to fill in your substitute teaching resume.

Always remember that your master resume can be used for the present timeline as well as for any future updates of your experienced teacher resume.

All you have to do is gather every piece of information about your educational qualification, professional experience, personal information, and any other additional information.

This can help you save time and avoid missing out on any required information at any point in resume writing.

So make sure that you create a master resume that you can use as your folder of collected information, even information that you are unclear about as it can be used for any future updates even though it may not be required at present.

First Draft of Substitute Teacher Resume

In this stage, you have to compose the following standard sections and add any optional sections if required in your first draft of resumes for substitute teachers:

  • Personal Information
  • Profile Title
  • Professional Experience
  • Certifications (if any)
  • Awards & Recognition (if any)
  • Additional Information (if any)

Remember to frame every standard section and the optional sections can be curated whenever required.

Final Draft of Substitute Teacher Resume

In the final stage of writing your resumes for substitute teachers, you need to compose two important standard sections that we have given below:

Key Skills Section : Compose the substitute teacher skills section in the second-last step while writing your experienced teacher resume. You should scan through your professional experience section and pick the most significant keyword that can help your worth as an eligible applicant stand out for the recruiters to recognize.

Summary/Objective Section : Compose this section in the last step while writing your experienced teacher resume. Write a brief statement to give a complete statement of your substitute teaching resume by highlighting your contributions and achievements for any previous organization.

Resume writing can be complicated in one way or the other but it is not rocket science either. You simply have to follow certain steps and follow the tips and guidelines provided by experts at Hiration to frame the perfect shortlist worthy resume.

Go ahead and read our 2020 tips on dos and don'ts of resume writing to have a better understanding of resume writing professionally.

Substitute Teacher Resume Sections

There is a specific way of writing your substitute teaching resume and you need to create different sections to write down all the required pieces of information required by the recruiters to recognize you as an efficient applicant.

Given below are the traditional standard sections that need to be explicitly framed in perfect resumes for substitute teachers:

  • Summary/Objective

The following optional sections can also be added and curated to add value to the standard sections of your resume for substitute teaching:

Do read more about resume sections on Hiration's 2020 Guide to sections in a resume to learn more about curating this section with a professional approach.

Our Online Resume Builder comes with a huge library of pre-filled resume templates that you can personalize to suit your specific qualifications and work history.

Substitute Teacher Resume: Professional Experience

Your professional experience section is a major part of your substitute teaching resume and you need to list out your work experience in the most effective way to have an impact on the recruiters to raise your chances of being shortlisted by the recruiters.

The three important factors that have been discussed below can help you curate the best professional section in your experienced teacher resume.

STAR Format

Framing points, bucketing & bolding.

The STAR format is an important factor that can help you curate the professional experience section on your substitute teaching resume like a professional.

Given below is the description of what the STAR stands for and how it can help enhance your substitute teacher resumes:

  • Situation : The situation/backdrop/context of your contributions
  • Task : The actual task that was assigned to you
  • Action : The strategy you used to execute the assigned task
  • Result : The result/outcome of your action in the form of an achievement figure


Try to mention the figures or numbers on your substitute teacher resumes specifying your contribution and achievements for your previous organization.

Writing the perfect resume means you have to frame your statements and make the recruiters go through your experienced teacher resume so that they can recognize you as the most suitable applicant.

Let us look at the substitute teacher resume examples to understand why framing your points are important and how it can be implemented in your substitute teaching resume.

Substitute Resume Example 1

"Successfully simplified the curriculum plans of the students to meet every physical, emotional & scholastic needs. Conducted art and crafts activities for 30-40 minutes in daily classroom routines to foster the creativity of the students. Daily monitored the group discussions and pair activities of the 25 students in a single class. Maintained discipline in the class by encouraging the students to avoid making unnecessary noise and to keep quiet whenever required."

Substitute Resume Example 2

Simplified curriculum plans to meet the students physical, emotional & scholastic needs Fostered students creativity by conducting art & crafts for 30-40 minutes in daily classroom activities Monitored every group discussions & pair activities of the 25 students in a class Maintained discipline in the class by encouraging the students to keep quiet whenever required

Framing Points: Analysis

Comparing the two substitute teacher resume examples, we can say that framing your points makes your statement readable.

Both the substitutes example are stating the same points but differently.

Writing lengthy paragraphs (example 1) may fail to hold on to the recruiters' attention towards your potential because it makes your professional experience section look bulky.

Whereas framing your points (example 2) with bullet points can easily communicate your potential as a suitable substitute teacher for the recruiters to recognize as it makes your statements specific and clear.

Always frame your points (example 2) to make your points readable and avoid writing lengthy paragraphs (example 1) as it makes your statement bulky and may disinterest the recruiters in going through it.

Now, let us look at the below-given substitute teacher resume examples to discuss and understand the importance of using bucketing and bolding while writing one-liners in the professional section of your first-year teacher resume.

Adhered the lesson plans prepared by the regular teachers for 20+ students Simplified curriculum plans to meet the students physical, emotional & scholastic needs Fostered students creativity by conducting art & crafts for 30-40 minutes in daily classroom activities Monitored every group discussions & pair activities of the 25 students in a class Maintained discipline in the class by encouraging the students to keep quiet whenever required Reviewed the performance of 10+ students to improvise their learning process Collaborated with staff members to implement 100% high-quality teaching environment Assessed students homework and recorded behavior development & submit to the regular teacher
Lesson & Curriculum Plans Adhered the lesson plans prepared by the regular teachers for 20+ students Simplified curriculum plans to meet the students physical, emotional & scholastic needs Activity Planning & Classroom Management Fostered students creativity by conducting art & crafts for 30-40 minutes in daily classroom activities Monitored every group discussions & pair activities of the 25 students in a class Maintained discipline in the class by encouraging the students to keep quiet whenever required Child Development Tracking & Staff Coordination Reviewed the performance of 10+ students to improvise their learning process Collaborated with staff members to implement 100% high-quality teaching environment Assessed students homework and recorded behavior development & submit to the regular teacher

Bucketing & Bolding: Analysis

From the two above-given substitute teacher resume examples, we can notice that to make your professional experience section stand out, framing points (example 1) is not enough.

You should use bucketing and bolding (example 2) to make more impact on the recruiters with your well-organized one-liners in your experienced teacher resume.

Create unique headings (bucketing) and list all the relevant points under them. Then, bold the significant skills and highlights of your professional experience.

Doing so can make your one-liners organized that can make your statements more readable that specifies your statements for the recruiters to read and comprehend.

Remember that it is always important to use bucketing and bolding to write your one-liners and make the recruiters recognize your efficiency by just going through your highlighted professional experiences.

To learn more about this section and how to perfect it, read Hiration's Blog on how to compose the work experience in your resume .

In addition to all our substitute teacher resume examples, here is a substitute teacher resume sample showcasing what an ideal professional experience section looks like:

Professional-Experience Section in Substitute Teacher Resume

Substitute Teacher Resume: Key Skills

Impress the recruiters and rank high on the ATS by framing a flawless substitute teacher skills section.

It can be done if you pick out the keywords that have been used by the recruiters to describe the job profile that you are applying for and align them in this section of your substitute teaching resume.

Scan through your professional experience section and pick out all the relevant keywords and highlight them as your substitute teacher skills. Make sure that you justify every keyword in your one-liners that state your work experience.

Framing the perfect substitute teacher skills section can help you rank high on the ATS and help raise your chances of being shortlisted.

Look at the below-given substitutes example showcasing the perfect substitute teacher skills section:

Key-skills Section in Substitute Teacher Resume

Read Hiration's 2020 Guide on what skills to put on a resume to get a better understanding of how to efficiently curate your substitute teacher skills section.

Substitute Teacher Resume Summary

Make it easy for the recruiters to recognize your potential by framing the best summary of your resume for substitute teaching.

The following is a list of what you should do to write your summary for the best teacher resume:

  • Write your summary at the end which makes it easy to decide what to put in your resume summary.
  • Pick the highlights of your career from your work experience section.
  • Try to include the keywords that the recruiter has used in the job listing.
  • Do not write a substitute teacher resume summary that exceeds 4 lines.
  • Write a resume summary only if you have worked for over 3 years.
  • If you have worked for less than 3 years, write a resume objective instead.

Read Hiration's 2022 Resume Summary Guide to learn how to write an effective summary of resumes for substitute teachers.

In the meanwhile, you can also make resume-writing an effortless affair with Hiration's Online Resume Builder!

Substitute Teacher Resume Objective

A substitute teacher resume objective can help you sell your potential as a suitable applicant for the recruiters.

Make sure that you write a substitute teacher resume objective that can communicate all that you can contribute to an organization to the recruiters to raise your chances of being shortlisted for the targeted job.

You should write a substitute teacher resume objective only if you belong to any of the following categories:

  • You have no work experience.
  • You have very limited work experience of fewer than 3 years.
  • You are a fresh graduate writing an entry-level resume.

Read Hiration's 2022 Guide on Resume Objectives to learn the art of fashioning an impeccable substitute teacher resume objective.

Given below is an example of how a substitute teacher resume objective can be framed:

Objective Section Section in Substitute Teacher Resume

Substitute Teacher Resume: Header

Your name is an important factor that can have an impact on your substitute teacher resumes. And this is the best time wherein you need to make the best use of your name.

Write your real full name on your substitute teaching resume instead of writing "CV or Resume" on the header of your resumes for substitute teachers. It can help you maintain the unique identity of your first-year teacher resume and also help the recruiters keep track of your substitute teacher resumes.

Keep the following points in mind and follow them while writing the header of your experienced teacher resume:

  • Your header should always be written at the topmost part of your resume for substitute teachers.
  • The header of your substitute resume should be written in the largest font size.
  • Your name should be written in the range of 16-20 font size .
  • Give a single space between your first name and last name.
  • If you have a middle name, write only the initial of your middle name followed by a period.
  • Example: Nancy Gem Miles should be written as "Nancy G. Miles".

Keep reading this blog to refer to our substitute teacher resume examples that have been provided for you to have a better understanding of how different sections are framed in a resume for substitute teaching.

Read Hiration’s 2022 Guide To Writing The Perfect Resume Header to learn the art of curating the perfect header for your substitute teaching resume.

Here is a substitute teacher resume sample illustrating the ideal resume header for your experienced teacher resume:

Head Section in Substitute Teacher Resume

You can always go to our Online Resume Builder at any time to curate the best substitute resume with a professional outlook.

Substitute Teacher Resume: Personal Information

Ideally, the recruiters would require some of your information details to contact you in case of any likely shortlists.

The following is a list of what an ideal personal information section should contain:

Contact Number

Email Address

Current Location

Hiration Protip : Including details like gender, passport details, date of birth, etc., depends on the country you are targeting. In the Mideast for instance, these details are required, but not in the US. Scan the hiring norms for the country you are targeting before you include (or don't include) these details.

You should provide your active contact number and make sure that it is functional at all times so that the recruiters can get in touch with you in case of any possible or likely shortlist for the targeted job.

There may be cases wherein the recruiters may want to interview you over the phone or may want to verbally confirm the scheduling of interviews.

The correct format for writing your mobile number is given below:

  • Use your country’s ISD code as a prefix before your phone number
  • Put a plus sign (+) before the ISD code
  • Eg: +1 37648 21511
Hiration Pro Tip : If you have 2 or more mobile numbers, make sure that you accurately mention only that mobile number on which you are available 24x7. If the recruiter cannot get in touch with you, there is no use of penning down your contact number in your details. Hence, be extra sure that you are writing it correctly in your resume.

Emails can be considered as one of the most convenient and professional means of communication between you and the recruiters.

Make sure to provide the recruiters with only your official email ID that has your real name.

Example: [email protected] or [email protected]

Strictly avoid fancy and childish email IDs as it may make you seem like an immature applicant who is not serious about one's career.

Example: [email protected] or [email protected]

Always remember that you need to maintain a professional approach at all times while writing your experienced teacher's resume.

Hiration Pro Tip : Since your email ID is a professional communication channel between you and your recruiter, you should write it in the most professional way possible by using your real full name in your email ID. Avoid using fictitious nicknames while drafting your email address in your resume.

It may seem to be a simple thing that is of no concern in your substitute teaching resume but there are reasons why writing the right location can be important on your experienced teacher resume.

Look at the following points to be remembered and followed while writing your location in your substitute teacher resumes:

  • Avoid writing your house number, street number, and your locality name as those pieces of information are unnecessary.
  • You should also avoid giving your previous home or office address as it is deemed unnecessary information for the recruiters.
  • If you are looking for a job in your own country, simply mention the city and state of your residence. But in case, you are looking for a job in another country, providing your city and country of residence is more than enough.

Always provide only those details that the recruiters ask for or is explicitly required for a specific job profile.

Read Hiration's 2022 Guide to composing your contact information to get a better sense of the importance of this section.

To know what an ideal personal information section should look like, take a look at the substitutes example below:

Personal-Information Section in Substitute Teacher Resume

Substitute Teacher Resume: Profile Title

Exaggerating your profile title can lead to the rejection of your first-year teacher resume because the recruiters would eventually find out that your profile title is not justified by the professional experience that you possess.

Writing the correct profile title can communicate the following facts to the recruiter.

  • Your current designation.
  • Your functional industry.
  • Your level of seniority in your line of work.

You can follow the below-mentioned guidelines to write it perfectly:

  • It should be the second-largest text in your resume after your resume header.
  • It should ideally be in the range of 14-16 font size.

Look at the substitute teacher resume sample given below for a better understanding of how this section can be ideally framed:

Profile Title Section in Substitute Teacher Resume

Use our Online Resume Builder that comes with a pre-designed & pre-filled resume template that you can easily modify to suit your needs & preference.

Substitute Teacher Resume: Education

To venture into the educational territory as a substitute teacher, you need to have specific levels of educational qualification.

Make sure that you provide the educational level of qualification that you require so that the recruiters can consider you as an eligible applicant.

The education section of your experienced teacher resume should ideally consist of:

  • Name of the school/university you have attended.
  • Name of the courses you have pursued.
  • The location of your school/university.
  • Enrollment and graduation dates in the month & year format .

Refer to Hiration's 2022 Guide on how to list education on your resume to read an exhaustive guide on how to correctly curate the education section.

Here is a substitute teacher resume sample showcasing the ideal education section for your substitute teaching resume:

Education Section in Substitute Teacher Resume

Substitute Teacher Resume: Certifications

Certifications are like a bonus to what you have already achieved in your professional field and qualified in your educational ventures.

It can make the recruiters recognize you as a dedicated applicant who went ahead to get certified to apply the best of what you have learned in your field of work.

The certification section of your first-year teacher resume communicates the following details about you:

  • Certification course name.
  • Name of the institute of affiliation.
  • Location of the institute of affiliation.
  • Enrollment and completion date of the course in the month & year format .

You can align these points in the below format:

{Name of certification} | {Affiliating Institution} | {Location} | {Date} (month & year format)

Read Hiration's 2022 Guide on listing certifications on a resume to get a better understanding of this section.

Here is a resume for substitute teaching sample demonstrating the ideal certifications section for your experienced teacher resume:

Certification Section in Substitute Teacher Resume

In the meanwhile, you can give yourself the best shot at getting shortlisted by composing your experienced teacher resume with our professionally designed Online Resume Builder .

Substitute Teacher Resume: Additional Information

Additional information refers to the different language that you speak/write or any productive hobby that you practice and is relevant to the targeted job.

It can add value to your professional experience, educational qualification, or any other potential that you possess to execute any task assigned to you in your job profile.

The substitute teacher resumes sample that we have attached below shows what a perfectly composed additional information section of your best teacher resume should look like:

Additional-Information Section in Substitute Teacher Resume

In the meanwhile, write an ATS-targeted resume to boost your chances of a shortlist with Hiration's Online Resume Builder:

Resume Review & Free Resume Templates

Get your existing substitute teacher resume professionally reviewed by our experts at Hiration. Your experienced teacher resume will be reviewed in compliance with the parameters mentioned below:

  • Compliance with industry norms
  • Content Relevance
  • Recruiter Friendliness
  • Design Compatibility
  • Conversion Scope
  • ATS Compliance
  • Global Compatibility
  • Performance Assessment
  • Resume Formatting (font, margins, the order of sections, etc.)

You will get 2 resume templates for free with our Resume Review Service!

Online Resume Builder for Your Resume

Here is a list of the resources that come with our Online Resume Builder:

  • Option to save unlimited resumes
  • 25+ resume designs
  • Full rich-text editor
  • Unlimited PDF downloads
  • 100+ content templates
  • 1-click design change
  • A sharable link
  • Live resume editor

Go to our Online Resume Builder to curate the perfect resume templates for teachers with a professional approach.

Key Takeaways

  • Always start your Montessori substitute teacher resume by framing the professional experience section of your experienced teacher resume.
  • Write a resume summary when your work experience is 3 years and above. And write objectives only when you have less than 3 years or no work experience or in case of a change in career.
  • Use the month and year format wherever you mention the period of your education or professional experience in your resumes for substitute teachers.
  • Start every one-liner with a power verb and avoid writing any of your key skills in phrases.
  • Always provide only the correct personal information and avoid unnecessary pieces of information.

Now that we have come to the end of our blog, you are all set to write your job-winning resume, so go ahead and check out our Online Resume Builder for more details and assistance.

Go to Hiration resume builder and create a professional resume for yourself. Additionally, reach out to us at [email protected] and you can get 24/7 professional assistance with all your job & career-related queries.

substitute teacher job experience on resume

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substitute teacher job experience on resume

  • Substitute Teacher with No Experience Resume Example

Resume Examples

  • Common Tasks & Responsibilities
  • Top Hard & Soft Skills
  • Action Verbs & Keywords
  • Resume FAQs
  • Similar Resumes

Common Responsibilities Listed on Substitute Teacher with No Experience Resumes:

  • Follow the lesson plan provided by the absent teacher
  • Maintain a safe and orderly classroom environment
  • Enforce school rules and regulations
  • Monitor student behavior and provide appropriate guidance
  • Assist students with their assignments and projects
  • Answer student questions and provide assistance as needed
  • Provide feedback to students on their performance
  • Grade student assignments and tests
  • Keep accurate records of student attendance and performance
  • Communicate with school administrators and other staff members
  • Attend staff meetings and other school events

Speed up your resume creation process with the AI-Powered Resume Builder . Generate tailored achievements in seconds for every role you apply to.

Substitute Teacher with No Experience Resume Example:

  • Effectively followed lesson plans provided by absent teachers, ensuring continuity in student learning and minimizing disruptions in the classroom.
  • Maintained a safe and orderly classroom environment by enforcing school rules and regulations, resulting in a positive and conducive learning atmosphere.
  • Provided guidance and assistance to students with their assignments and projects, fostering their academic growth and development.
  • Monitored student behavior and provided appropriate guidance, effectively managing classroom dynamics and promoting a respectful and inclusive learning environment.
  • Answered student questions and provided assistance as needed, ensuring students' understanding of the material and promoting active engagement in the learning process.
  • Graded student assignments and tests accurately and in a timely manner, providing valuable feedback to students on their performance and progress.
  • Kept accurate records of student attendance and performance, enabling effective tracking of student progress and facilitating communication with parents and school administrators.
  • Communicated with school administrators and other staff members, collaborating effectively to address student needs and ensure a cohesive educational experience.
  • Attended staff meetings and other school events, actively participating in professional development opportunities and contributing to the overall success of the school community.
  • Classroom management
  • Lesson plan implementation
  • Student safety and welfare
  • Academic guidance
  • Student behavior monitoring
  • Active listening
  • Timely and accurate grading
  • Record keeping
  • Effective communication
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Professional development
  • Respectful and inclusive approach
  • Problem-solving
  • Adaptability
  • Patience and empathy
  • Knowledge of diverse learning styles
  • Time management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Motivational skills
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Proficiency in educational technology.

Top Skills & Keywords for Substitute Teacher with No Experience Resumes:

Hard skills.

  • Lesson planning
  • Instructional strategies
  • Differentiated instruction
  • Assessment and grading
  • Behavior management
  • Knowledge of subject matter
  • Classroom technology proficiency
  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills

Soft Skills

  • Adaptability and Flexibility
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Classroom Management
  • Patience and Tolerance
  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
  • Organization and Time Management
  • Empathy and Understanding
  • Active Listening and Observation
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Confidence and Assertiveness
  • Creativity and Resourcefulness
  • Adaptability to Different Learning Styles

Resume Action Verbs for Substitute Teacher with No Experiences:

  • Facilitated
  • Implemented
  • Collaborated
  • Communicated
  • Demonstrated

Resume FAQs for Substitute Teacher with No Experiences:

How long should i make my substitute teacher with no experience resume, what is the best way to format a substitute teacher with no experience resume, which keywords are important to highlight in a substitute teacher with no experience resume, how should i write my resume if i have no experience as a substitute teacher with no experience, compare your substitute teacher with no experience resume to a job description:.

  • Identify opportunities to further tailor your resume to the Substitute Teacher with No Experience job
  • Improve your keyword usage to align your experience and skills with the position
  • Uncover and address potential gaps in your resume that may be important to the hiring manager

Complete the steps below to generate your free resume analysis.

Related Resumes for Substitute Teacher with No Experiences:

Assistant teacher, beginner teacher assistant, entry level substitute teacher, first year teacher, student teacher, teacher aide, teacher assistant, new teacher.

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Blog Beginner Guides

35+ Resume Examples + Tips To Boost Your Job Search

By Krystle Wong , Aug 16, 2023

Resume Examples & Tips

As your professional calling card, your resume is your chance to showcase your accomplishments, skills and experiences in a way that captivates employers and opens doors to new possibilities. 

From showcasing accomplishments to aligning with industry expectations, navigating the complexities of resume writing can be daunting, In this article, I’ve curated over 35 best resume examples, accompanied by tips to supercharge your job search with a strong and effective resume. 

Whether you’re stepping into the workforce or aiming for a pivotal transition, our professional resume builder and gallery of resume templates that are tailored to individuals across diverse industries and professional experience levels can help you get started.

Click to jump ahead:

35+ Resume examples that will land you your dream interview

How do i choose the right resume example for my field, what are the top 10 skills to put on a resume, resume examples faq, how to write a resume in 5 steps .

Having a standout resume can make all the difference when it comes to securing your dream job. A well-crafted resume not only showcases your skills and experience but also highlights your unique qualities that set you apart from the crowd.

Whether you’re a fresher, a seasoned professional or looking to switch careers, I’ve compiled a diverse collection of 35+ resume examples for 2023 across the various industries below to inspire you:

  • Student resumes
  • Teacher resumes
  • Simple resumes
  • Corporate & business resumes
  • Professional resumes
  • Acting resumes
  • Tech resumes
  • Graphic design resumes
  • Modern resumes
  • Customer service resumes
  • Real estate resumes
  • Cover letters

1. Student resumes

For students seeking to make a mark in the professional world, highlight your academic achievements, relevant coursework and extracurricular activities that demonstrate skills such as leadership, teamwork and problem-solving in your student resume . 

When creating a high school resume , focus on showcasing your potential and early achievements. Include relevant coursework and any awards or honors you’ve received to tailor your resume to the specific job or college application you’re targeting.

substitute teacher job experience on resume

As you transition to college and gain a deeper understanding of your field, your college resume should reflect your more focused academic and extracurricular pursuits. Include internships, part-time jobs or campus involvement that align with your career aspirations.

substitute teacher job experience on resume

Tailor your academic resumes to internships, jobs, or graduate programs by emphasizing experiences and skills that are directly applicable to those opportunities. Don’t worry if you lack significant work experience, I’ve got you covered with these student resume examples that can help emphasize your willingness to learn and your potential for growth.

substitute teacher job experience on resume

2. Teacher resumes

Teachers play a crucial role in shaping young minds and your resume should reflect that impact. Spotlight your teaching experience, certifications and professional development. 

Highlight your ability to create engaging lesson plans, foster student growth and communicate effectively with both students and parents in your teaching resume .

Here are some sample resumes that you can start customizing:

substitute teacher job experience on resume

3. Simple resumes

Crafting an impactful but simple resume requires a thoughtful approach that ensures essential information shines through without overwhelming the reader.

Trim the excess by including only the most relevant information. Prioritize recent experiences and key achievements that align with the job you’re applying for.

substitute teacher job experience on resume

While a simple resume minimizes complexity, make sure to include essential sections: contact information, professional summary, work experience, education, and skills. These sections provide a comprehensive overview of your qualifications. Check out this blog for more simple resume examples !

substitute teacher job experience on resume

4. Corporate & business resumes

For those pursuing roles in the corporate world, emphasize your experience, accomplishments and the tangible impact you’ve had on previous employers with a business resume.

Use quantifiable achievements in your corporate resume to showcase your ability to drive results, manage projects and contribute to the bottom line. Highlight your leadership roles and showcase your analytical skills, as well as your ability to navigate complex business environments.

Creating an infographic resume is an excellent way to showcase quantifiable achievements, such as sales growth, revenue increase or project completion time. For example, you can showcase the distribution of a particular achievement or skill among various categories with a radial chart. 

Kickstart your job hunting adventure with these 20+ infographic resume templates and design tips that’ll land you your dream job.

substitute teacher job experience on resume

Venngage offers a variety of infographic resume templates across different industries. Browse through our collection of resume templates for other resume examples and select one that aligns with your style and the industry you’re targeting.

Here are a few more business resume examples you can start customizing right away:

substitute teacher job experience on resume

5. Professional resume

Professionals with a wealth of experience should focus on presenting a comprehensive yet concise overview of their career journey. 

For example, a medical assistant resume or professional resume for nurses requires careful consideration of your skills, experiences and qualifications that make you an exceptional healthcare provider. You should List your nursing licenses and any relevant certifications, such as BLS, ACLS or specialty certifications and include the expiration dates to show that your credentials are current.

Here’s a resume sample you can refer to:

substitute teacher job experience on resume

In your professional resume , highlight your progression, showcasing your achievements, promotions and leadership roles. Here are some professional resume examples to help detail how you’ve evolved in your field, acquired new skills and remained up-to-date with industry trends to position yourself as an invaluable asset.

substitute teacher job experience on resume

6. Acting resumes

In the world of lights, cameras and action, your acting resume should focus on highlighting your relevant experience and skills. Emphasize your acting roles, training and performances that are most aligned with the specific job you’re seeking. 

Additionally, include a section for special skills that can set you apart, such as accents, languages or unique talents. 

To give potential employers a deeper insight into your abilities, consider including links to videos or clips of your performances that demonstrate your acting range and capabilities.

substitute teacher job experience on resume

7. Tech resumes

For tech-related roles, your resume should prioritize showcasing your technical skills and expertise. 

Make sure you list programming languages, software applications and tools you’re proficient in your tech resume . Stand out by highlighting specific projects you’ve contributed to or led and any open-source contributions you’ve made.

substitute teacher job experience on resume

8. Graphic design resumes

In the realm of graphic design, your resume should function as an extension of your creative portfolio. Instead of merely listing experiences, provide links to an online portfolio that showcases your design work across different mediums. 

substitute teacher job experience on resume

The visual aesthetics of your resume should mirror your design sensibilities – clean and visually appealing while maintaining readability. Showcase a diverse range of design skills, from typography and illustration to proficiency in design software and project management.

Here are some design resume examples you can take a look at to steal some inspiration:

substitute teacher job experience on resume

9. Modern resumes

Modern resumes often take a unique visual approach while maintaining a professional tone. Incorporate color schemes, icons and typography that align with your personal brand, but ensure that these design elements enhance the content rather than distract from it.

substitute teacher job experience on resume

Enhance your resume with modern visual elements. Venngage provides icons, images, shapes and charts that you can incorporate to make your resume visually engaging. Use these elements to highlight skills, achievements and other important details.

To provide a more comprehensive view of your professional identity, consider including links to your social media profiles or personal website that reflect your modern and innovative approach.

substitute teacher job experience on resume

10. Customer service resumes

If you’re pursuing a career in the customer service field, your resume should revolve around your ability to provide exceptional experiences. 

Highlight instances where you’ve gone above and beyond to meet customer needs and resolve issues effectively. Strong communication skills are paramount, so emphasize your ability to communicate clearly and professionally, both verbally and in writing. 

Check out these customer service resume examples for more inspiration:

substitute teacher job experience on resume

11. Real estate resumes

To stand out in this competitive field, focus on showcasing your relevant experience, whether in sales, property management or leasing.

Consider quantifying achievements using metrics like sales growth percentages or property values sold to add credibility to your portfolio. Demonstrating your deep understanding of the local market, including property values and trends, can also set you apart.

substitute teacher job experience on resume

Lastly, weave in relevant licenses, and certifications and maintain a professional yet concise tone in your real estate resume to effectively communicate your expertise and resonate with potential employers and clients.

Here are some real estate resume examples that you can use to get started with:

substitute teacher job experience on resume

12. Cover letters

Though not a type of resume, cover letters serve a different purpose in the job application process. It accompanies your resume and allows you to introduce yourself to the employer and highlight specific qualifications or experiences that make you a strong candidate. 

Tailor each cover letter to the specific company and position you’re applying for. Address the hiring manager by name if possible, showcasing your attention to detail. 

substitute teacher job experience on resume

Use the cover letter to elaborate on key achievements or experiences mentioned in your resume, providing context and depth that demonstrate your fit for the role. 

Lastly, articulate your genuine interest in the company and align your skills with their mission and goals, making a strong case for your candidacy. Get started by customizing one of these cover letter examples now:

substitute teacher job experience on resume

For more resume ideas and design inspiration, I recommend reading this guide with expert resume design tips from hiring managers across different industries to get a better idea of what recruiters and employers are looking for. 

When crafting a resume that truly stands out, it’s crucial to select the right CV examples that aligns with your industry and showcases your unique qualifications. 

But with a sea of resume templates and samples available online, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. By following these pointers, you’ll be well on your way to selecting the perfect resume example that is tailored to your specific field and career goals:

1. Identify your industry

The first step in choosing the right resume example is to identify your industry. Different fields and job title have distinct expectations and preferences when it comes to resume format and content. 

Whether you’re in technology, healthcare, finance, creative arts or any other industry, make sure your chosen example is relevant to the specific conventions of that field.

2. Match your career level

Your resume should reflect your current career level – look for job resume examples that align with your experience and level of responsibility. For example, A senior executive’s resume will have different elements than an entry-level candidate’s, so choose accordingly.

substitute teacher job experience on resume

3. Review job titles

Examine the job titles in the resume samples you’re considering. Are they similar to the positions you’re targeting? Effective job titles can catch the eye of recruiters and hiring managers, so choose examples with titles that resonate with your desired role.

4. Focus on achievements

One of the most effective ways to make your resume shine is by highlighting your achievements. Look for resume examples that emphasize accomplishments, quantifiable results and contributions you’ve made in your previous roles. Demonstrating your impact can set you apart from other candidates.

5. Tailor to your specific goals

Customization is key. A generic, one-size-fits-all resume won’t have the same impact as a tailored one. 

Choose a resume example that allows you to showcase the skills and experiences directly relevant to the job you’re pursuing. Utilize the Venngage resume builder or browse our diverse resume template gallery and pick a design that aligns with the industry and job role you’re applying for. All our resume examples have varying visual styles and layouts that suit different professions — make sure to tweak the content to match your specific goals.

substitute teacher job experience on resume

6. Consider industry norms

Every industry has its own norms and expectations. Research what is typical for your field in terms of resume style, length and content. Ensure the resume example you choose aligns with these industry norms, giving you a competitive edge.

7. Use a variety of sources

Don’t limit yourself to a single source for resume examples. Explore various platforms, websites and career resources. Each source may offer different perspectives and templates that can enrich your resume-building process.

8. Stay up-to-date

Industries evolve, and so do resume trends. Ensure that the resume examples you consider are up-to-date and reflect current best practices. A modern and relevant resume can make a strong impression on potential employers.

Got it? Great! Now you’ll be well on your way to selecting the perfect resume example that showcases your skills, experience and potential in a way that’s tailored to your specific field and career goals.

substitute teacher job experience on resume

In a competitive job market, a well-crafted resume can make all the difference. To make your resume stand out, it’s crucial to highlight the soft skills that align with the demands of the job description and demonstrate your ability to excel. Here are the top 10 skills you should consider showcasing:

1. Communication

Strong written and verbal communication skills are essential in almost every job. Emphasize your ability to convey information clearly, collaborate with others and adapt communication styles as needed.

2. Problem-solving

Employers value candidates who can identify challenges, analyze situations and propose effective solutions. Highlight instances where you’ve tackled complex problems or demonstrated critical thinking.

3. Teamwork

The ability to work collaboratively and contribute positively to a team is highly prized. Consider showcasing instances where you’ve worked with colleagues to achieve shared goals in your resume to earn extra points.

4. Adaptability

In today’s dynamic work environment, adaptability is crucial — highlight how you’ve successfully adjusted to changes, learned new skills or thrived in diverse work settings.

5. Time management

Demonstrating effective time management skills indicates your ability to prioritize tasks, meet deadlines and handle multiple responsibilities. Provide examples of how you’ve managed your time efficiently.

6. Leadership

Even if you’re not applying for a leadership role, leadership qualities are valuable. Mention instances where you’ve taken initiative, guided projects or demonstrated leadership skills within a team.  These examples showcase your ability to inspire and motivate others.

7. Technical skills

Depending on the job, technical skills can be essential. These could include proficiency in specific software, programming languages, data analysis tools or other technical competencies relevant to your field.

8. Customer service

If the role involves interacting with customers, highlight your customer service skills. Show how you’ve provided excellent service, resolved issues or maintained positive customer relationships.

9. Attention to detail

Precision matters in many roles. Provide examples of how your attention to detail has led to accurate work, meticulous documentation or error-free outcomes. This skill can signify your commitment to delivering high-quality results.

10. Organizational skills 

Demonstrating that you can effectively organize tasks, manage resources and maintain a structured approach to work is valuable. Discuss projects where your organizational skills played a significant role.

By strategically showcasing these skills on your resume, you’ll present yourself as a well-rounded candidate capable of contributing to the success of any organization. Remember to tailor your examples to align with the requirements of the job you’re applying for, showcasing your qualifications in the best light possible.

substitute teacher job experience on resume

Can I use a resume example exactly as it is?

While good resume examples can offer guidance, it’s best to customize them to your unique experiences and the job you’re applying for. Tailoring your resume ensures it accurately reflects your qualifications and aligns with the specific role.

How often should I update my resume?

Regularly update your resume, at least every six months, even if you’re not actively job hunting. This helps you stay prepared for unexpected opportunities and ensures your accomplishments and skills are current.

What are the different types of resume formats?

Common resume formats include chronological (focused on work history), functional (emphasizing skills) and combination/hybrid resume format(blending both). Choose the best resume format that highlights your strengths and suits your career goals.

For example, you should use a functional resume if you want to emphasize your skills, qualifications, and relevant experiences while downplaying gaps in your work history or career changes.

How long should my resume be?

Keep your resume concise, ideally one page for less experienced candidates and up to two pages for those with more extensive experience. Prioritize relevant information and avoid unnecessary details.

Is it necessary for my resume and cover letter to align?

Yes, your resume and cover letter should complement each other. The resume provides a summary of your qualifications, while the cover letter expands on your achievements and explains why you’re a good fit for the role. Plus, most resume builders these days include a cover letter maker or templates that you can use to increase your chances of landing job interviews.

What steps can I take if I’m unable to locate a suitable resume example for my application?

Consider piecing together elements from multiple examples that align with your industry and level. Alternatively, seek professional advice or create your own template while following best practices.

What should not be included in a resume?

Exclude personal information like age, marital status and personal photos. Additionally, irrelevant job experiences, overly detailed hobbies and unprofessional email addresses should also be left out.

What are some crucial factors employers consider when evaluating a resume?

When evaluating a resume, employers and recruiters on LinkedIn focus on relevant skills, achievements, work experience and education. They also look for alignment between your qualifications and the job’s requirements, as well as clear communication and attention to detail.

Creating a resume with Venngage is a streamlined process that can effectively showcase your skills and experiences. Follow these 5 steps to craft a compelling resume:

Step 1: Start by signing up for a Venngage account. Once logged in, browse through the collection of resume templates . Choose one that suits your style, industry, and the image you want to portray.

Step 2: Once you’ve chosen a template, start customizing it to your preferences. Replace the placeholder content with your information, including your name, contact details, summary, work experiences, education, skills and more.

Step 3: Enhance your resume with modern visual elements. Venngage provides icons, images, shapes and charts that you can incorporate to make your resume attractive. Pick a resume font that will go well with your design and use these elements to highlight skills, achievements and other important details.

Step 4: Before finalizing your modern resume, review it for accuracy, clarity and consistency. 

Step 5: Once you’re satisfied with your modern resume design, download it in your preferred format (PDF, PNG, JPG) by upgrading to a Premium or Business plan . Alternatively, you can then share your designs publicly online for free. 

Now that you’ve successfully navigated through this guide and my top sample resume picks, you’re armed and ready to tackle the job market with confidence. Always remember — your resume isn’t just a piece of paper;  it’s your introduction, your first impression, and our ticket to the career of your dreams.

As you put the finishing touches on your resume, remember that it’s not just about what you’ve done, but how you present it. Your resume is your story, and each line is a chance to grab employers’ attention and make them eager to know more.

So go ahead and create that resume that’ll land you that dream job. Don’t worry, you’ve got this!

10 Major Challenges for Substitute Teachers

substitute teacher job experience on resume

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For substitute teachers to do their jobs well, they must be prepared to shift between age groups, classroom norms, and academic subjects with relative ease.

But—as schools rely on them to fill staffing gaps during an urgent season of academic recovery—substitutes often feel unsupported and unprepared for the challenges they face on the job.

That concern fueled the creation of an unusual statewide effort in Washington state to provide professional development and networking opportunities to these important, but sometimes overlooked, educators.

“We knew there was a problem we needed to address , and we knew it was affecting students,” said Megan Conklin, a former classroom teacher who helped develop convenings for substitute teachers after she started working as a sub and saw the need for support.

Those initial meetings, held in a private room at a restaurant, grew into regional convenings of substitute teachers that serve as a key plank in Washington’s program known as the Emergency Substitute Teacher Project. At those regional meetings, substitute teachers meet face-to-face to swap strategies for doing their jobs effectively.

Using state survey data and feedback from subs, Conklin identified 10 key concerns, listed here in no particular order.

1. Helping students with disabilities and ensuring classroom inclusion

Substitute teachers stepping in for a day or two may need help providing accommodations for students with disabilities, experienced substitutes told Education Week. And even experienced educators need support to ensure their classroom routines and social norms are inclusive for all students , including those with intellectual disabilities.

2. Recognizing bias and serving students from diverse backgrounds

As the nation’s school enrollment becomes more diverse, substitute teachers must be able to relate to new students of various racial and ethnic backgrounds without the benefit of time to build relationships. Schools in Washington state use approaches like culturally responsive teaching , which may be unfamiliar to substitutes who don’t have formal training in education.

3. Managing and accessing classroom technology

Even full-time teachers find it difficult to juggle the various tech platforms schools use for lessons, tutoring, and communicating with parents. The use of such technology swelled during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it often varies widely between schools, and even classrooms.

4. Quickly building rapport with students

Teaching and learning rely on positive relationships. Substitute teachers must quickly build trust with students they may have never met. Among their strategies: Let students ask substitute teachers questions about their pets, families, and hobbies at the beginning of class.

5. Addressing challenging student behaviors

Substitute teachers without education experience may not know common classroom-management strategies, like standing closer to a misbehaving student’s desk to send a non-verbal cue that they should settle down. And classroom rules may vary, even within a school.

6. Using effective instructional strategies to engage all students

Some students soak up academic concepts at a quick pace, while others may take more time. Some may be comfortable reading aloud or contributing to a discussion, while others may be shy or anxious.

7. Understanding and implementing positive behavior interventions and supports

Positive behavior interventions and supports is a multi-tiered approach schools use to address students’ emotional and behavioral needs. The lowest tier includes strategies used to teach and reward positive behavioral expectations for all students. As students demonstrate more intense need, they are offered more targeted levels of support.

8. Understanding social-emotional learning and strategies to help students experiencing trauma

Schools use social-emotional learning approaches to help students build stronger relationships, to teach them about managing and identifying emotions, and to weave those concepts into academic lessons. Schools have also placed a growing emphasis on recognizing how traumatic experiences, like exposure to violence, can affect a student’s ability to learn and engage.

9. Supporting English learners

English learners are one of the fastest growing student groups , making up about 10 percent of the public school population, federal data show. The term refers to multilingual students who need support to learn and grow proficient in English. Educators need support with skills like co-teaching with English-learner specialists and engaging all students in group work.

10. Making do with no sub plans

A substitute teacher may be asked to step in in case of an emergency that leaves the classroom educator little or no time to create sub plans.

Substitute teachers who spoke to Education Week quickly identified the lack of lesson plans as one of the most frequent—and irritating—challenges their peers talk about in discussion groups. What do you do when you don’t know what students are supposed to be learning?

There’s no easy answer, Conklin said. One strategy: Have students spend a few minutes writing out what they did in class the previous day. Use their responses to identify what chapter to read in a book or where to pick up a discussion.

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substitute teacher job experience on resume

Teach English in Moscow, Russia

The heart of Russia, Moscow , stands as a proud emblem of the country's rich history and its ambitious stride towards the future. Stretching its vast expanse across the banks of the Moskva River, the city boasts iconic landmarks like the Kremlin, St. Basil’s Cathedral, and the Bolshoi Theatre, all of which narrate tales of Russia’s tsarist past, Soviet era, and its contemporary significance. But beyond the historical and political importance, Moscow is a vibrant metropolis, bustling with modernity while still deeply rooted in its traditions. As a juxtaposition of the old and new, it offers a unique setting for English teachers looking to immerse themselves in a culture that's both familiar in its urban dynamics and intriguingly foreign in its customs and nuances.

Reasons to Teach English in Moscow

Demand for English : With Moscow's status as a global city and a significant business hub, there's a growing demand for English proficiency. Businesses, students, and even tourists seek English language skills, creating ample opportunities for English teachers.

Experience Rich Culture : Moscow is a treasure trove of arts, music, and literature. From the classical ballet performances at the Bolshoi Theatre to the literary legacy of writers like Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, teachers can immerse themselves in a deeply enriching cultural experience.

Competitive Salaries : The demand for native English speakers often comes with attractive salaries and benefits. While the cost of living can be high in the city center, smart budgeting and living slightly outside can offer a comfortable lifestyle.

Learning Russian : While teaching English, educators also get the chance to learn Russian, a language spoken by over 250 million people worldwide. It's not just an addition to your skill set but a window into understanding the Russian psyche and culture better.

Architectural Beauty : Moscow is an architectural paradise. From the onion domes of St. Basil’s to the modern skyscrapers of Moscow City, the urban landscape is a constant source of awe and wonder.

Gateway to Explore Russia : Moscow's extensive railway network and air connectivity make it a perfect base to explore the vast expanse of Russia, from the cultural streets of St. Petersburg to the natural wonders of Siberia.

Diverse Student Base : Teachers often find themselves instructing a mix of students, from young learners and university students to business professionals and retirees. This diversity makes the teaching experience varied and rewarding.

Experience Four Seasons : Moscow showcases all four seasons in their full glory. The snow-covered winter landscapes are iconic, but the spring blossoms, summer warmth, and autumn hues are equally mesmerizing.

Local Cuisine : Dive into the world of Russian gastronomy! From the hearty borscht and pelmeni to the sweet blini and syrniki, Moscow offers a culinary journey that's both diverse and delightful.

Unique Teaching Environment : Moscow has a mix of international schools, language centers, and private tutoring opportunities. This allows teachers to choose a teaching environment that aligns best with their preferences and expertise.

Understanding Moscow's Education Landscape

Moscow, being the capital city of Russia and its major economic, cultural, and scientific center, naturally has a dense concentration of educational institutions. The education landscape here is diverse, ranging from state-run schools and prestigious universities to private institutions and language centers. English is a sought-after language, and with Moscow's aspiration to be an influential player on the global stage, the emphasis on learning English has grown significantly.

There's a notable presence of international schools, catering primarily to expatriates and the elite class, which offers International Baccalaureate or British curricula. Additionally, language centers scattered across the city cater to various age groups and professions. Here, the focus might range from general English to more specialized courses like Business English. There's also a growing trend of private tutoring, where teachers offer personalized lessons to students, either one-on-one or in small groups.

Eligibility and Requirements to Teach English in Moscow

The requirements to teach English in Moscow will be similar to the standard requirements for teaching English in Russia , however, here are the specific requirements for Moscow:

Bachelor's Degree : A bachelor's degree in any field is typically required, though those with degrees in education or English might have an edge.

TEFL/TESOL/CELTA Certification : Most employers prefer candidates with a teaching certification, with a minimum of 120 hours of training.

Native English Speaker : Preference is often given to teachers from native English-speaking countries. However, non-native speakers with strong proficiency and credentials can also find opportunities.

Experience : Previous teaching experience, while not always mandatory, can significantly boost job prospects, especially in more esteemed institutions.

Background Check : A clean criminal record is essential, and a background check is standard procedure for most teaching positions.

Understanding of Russian Culture : While not a formal requirement, having an appreciation and understanding of Russian culture can be beneficial, both in the classroom and in day-to-day life.

Visa and Work Permit : It's crucial to secure the appropriate visa and work permit. Employers often assist with this process, but it's essential to ensure everything is in order.

Salary and Benefits for Teaching English in Moscow

Competitive Salaries : Depending on qualifications, experience, and the type of institution, monthly salaries can range from 60,000 to 120,000 Russian rubles. International schools and prestigious language centers tend to offer higher salaries.

Contract Completion Bonus : It's common for institutions to offer bonuses upon successful completion of a contract.

Health Insurance : Comprehensive health insurance is usually provided, which is a significant benefit given the varied quality of healthcare in Russia.

Paid Vacations : Teachers typically receive paid vacations, especially during significant public holidays and school breaks.

Professional Development : Some institutions offer or subsidize courses and workshops for teachers to further enhance their skills.

Contract Flexibility : Contracts can range from a few months for summer camps to a full academic year. Some contracts also offer the option for renewal.

Living in Moscow

The majestic and historical city of Moscow is Russia's pulsating heart, offering an eclectic blend of ancient traditions and modern urbanism. Living in Moscow presents a unique experience that's both challenging and rewarding. The city’s juxtaposition of centuries-old architecture with contemporary skyscrapers is a testament to its rich history and its eyes set firmly on the future.

1. Cultural and Historical Hub: Moscow is home to some of the world's most iconic landmarks, including the Kremlin, Red Square, and the Bolshoi Theatre. The city's museums, like the State Historical Museum and the Pushkin Museum, offer deep dives into Russia's intricate history and art.

2. Cost of Living: While salaries for English teachers are competitive, Moscow is one of the more expensive cities in Russia. Rent, dining out, and entertainment can be pricey, especially in the city center. However, with smart budgeting and by leveraging local markets and public transportation, it's manageable.

3. Transportation: Moscow boasts one of the world's most extensive metro systems. Not only is it efficient and affordable, but its stations are also often hailed as architectural masterpieces, adorned with mosaics, chandeliers, and sculptures. Buses and trams supplement the metro, making it easy to navigate the city.

4. Climate: Moscow experiences a continental climate, with cold winters where temperatures can drop below -20°C and warm summers that can reach up to 30°C. Snowfall during winters transforms the city into a winter wonderland, especially around the New Year when it's festively decorated.

5. Language: While Russian is the predominant language, younger generations and professionals often have a basic understanding of English. Still, learning basic Russian phrases can immensely help in daily life and is appreciated by locals.

6. Local Cuisine: Moscow offers a diverse culinary scene. Apart from international cuisines, traditional Russian dishes like borscht, pelmeni, and blinis are must-tries. The city also has a growing café culture, perfect for those who love their coffee.

7. Social Scene: The city is bustling with theaters, clubs, bars, and live music venues. Whether you're into classical performances at the Bolshoi or contemporary gigs at a local club, Moscow has something for every taste.

8. Safety: Like any major city, it's essential to be cautious, especially during the night or in less populated areas. However, Moscow generally has a low crime rate, especially concerning violent crimes against foreigners.

Teacher Stories

Sarah from usa:.

"When I first landed in Moscow, the cold was the first thing that hit me. But soon, the warmth of the people melted away all my apprehensions. Teaching English here has been an enriching experience. My students, eager to learn, showed me the true spirit of Russia. Plus, weekends exploring Red Square and trying out Russian cuisine have been nothing short of magical."

Liam from UK:

"I've always been intrigued by Russian literature. Living in Moscow, walking the streets that inspired writers like Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, has been surreal. Teaching English here has been challenging, given the language barrier, but it's equally rewarding. The joy in my student's eyes when they construct their first English sentence is unparalleled."

Anele from South Africa:

"I initially came to Moscow for a short stint, but the city's energy drew me in. Teaching here is different from back home. The methodology, the emphasis on grammar, and the sheer enthusiasm of students is commendable. And, of course, there's nothing like a warm bowl of borscht on a cold Moscow evening."

Siobhan from Ireland:

"I've taught in various countries, but Moscow stands out. The blend of history, culture, and the modern hustle is unique. The students here are disciplined and eager to grasp the nuances of the English language. On a personal note, the ballet performances at the Bolshoi are something I'll cherish forever."

Moving Towards Teaching English In Moscow

Moscow, with its sprawling landscapes, rich history, and vibrant urban life, promises an unparalleled experience for English teachers. While there are challenges, as with any foreign country, the rewards far surpass them. Not only does one get the opportunity to shape the global perspectives of young minds, but teachers also immerse themselves in a culture that is both profound and exhilarating.

For those considering taking the leap, Moscow awaits with open arms. The city offers more than just a job; it provides a journey through time, a deep dive into a rich tapestry of art, literature, and traditions, and memories that last a lifetime. As you stand on the brink of this exciting adventure, remember that teaching in Moscow is not just about imparting knowledge but also about growing, learning, and building bridges between cultures.


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    4. Quickly building rapport with students. Teaching and learning rely on positive relationships. Substitute teachers must quickly build trust with students they may have never met. Among their ...

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    Teaching Assistant Substitute Teacher duties and responsibilities In order to create an encouraging learning environment for students while their regular Teacher is absent, the Substitute Teacher will need to effectively manage and instruct the class from roll call through to tidying up the classroom after the students have left.

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    Salary and Benefits for Teaching English in Moscow. Competitive Salaries: Depending on qualifications, experience, and the type of institution, monthly salaries can range from 60,000 to 120,000 Russian rubles. International schools and prestigious language centers tend to offer higher salaries.

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    17 Moscow City jobs available in Idaho on Apply to Baker, Cook, Food Service Worker and more!

  23. jobs in Moscow, ID

    Expected hours: 12 per week. Benefits: Employee assistance program. Schedule: 4 hour shift. Ability to Relocate: Moscow, ID 83843: Relocate before starting work (Required) Work Location: In person. 1,245 jobs available in Moscow, ID on Apply to Technical Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Office Assistant and more!