1. Scientific Reasoning and Method

    case study of scientific reasoning

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    case study of scientific reasoning

  3. 1.1B: Scientific Reasoning

    case study of scientific reasoning

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    case study of scientific reasoning

  5. How to read a scientific study, according to science experts

    case study of scientific reasoning

  6. Model of scientific reasoning (according to Mayer, 2007)

    case study of scientific reasoning


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  3. Scientific Reasoning/Critical Thinking in Labs PER Interest Group Feb 23, 2024

  4. Scientific Method Vocab: Hypothesis Example

  5. Case Based Reasoning

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  1. PDF A case study of scientific reasoning

    A CASE STUDY OF SCIENTIFIC REASONING Campbell McRobbie & Lyn English Queensland University of Technology ABSTRACT Concern is increasingly being expressed about the teaching of higher order thinking skills in schools and the levels of understanding of scientific concepts by students. Metaphors for the improvement of science education have ...

  2. Understanding the Complex Relationship between Critical Thinking and

    In a study of undergraduate science students, advanced scientific reasoning was most often accompanied by accurate prior knowledge as well as sophisticated epistemological commitments; additionally, for students who had comparable levels of prior knowledge, skillful reasoning was associated with a strong epistemological commitment to the ...

  3. 1.2: The Science of Biology

    Figure 1.2.1 1.2. 1: Scientific Reasoning: Scientists use two types of reasoning, inductive and deductive, to advance scientific knowledge. Inductive reasoning is a form of logical thinking that uses related observations to arrive at a general conclusion. This type of reasoning is common in descriptive science.

  4. A new framework for teaching scientific reasoning to students from

    Introduction The late Ronald Giere wrote a widely used textbook, entitled Understanding Scientific Reasoning, meant to introduce lower-division students to scientific reasoning.Throughout its four editions, the book was designed to impart to students the ability to understand and evaluate bits of scientific reasoning, as instantiated in popular press articles, semi-professional technical ...

  5. Scientific Thinking and Reasoning

    Abstract. Scientific thinking refers to both thinking about the content of science and the set of reasoning processes that permeate the field of science: induction, deduction, experimental design, causal reasoning, concept formation, hypothesis testing, and so on. Here we cover both the history of research on scientific thinking and the different approaches that have been used, highlighting ...

  6. Insights from coherence in students' scientific reasoning skills

    The application of the LCTSR in the present case study is unique in that it explores the concept of scientific misconceptions concerning scientific reasoning skills. The addition of the confidence variable into the LCTSR establishes scientific misconceptions by exploring the correlation between correct responses to content-based statements ...

  7. A case study of scientific reasoning

    Concern is increasingly being expressed about the teaching of higher order thinking skills in schools and the levels of understanding of scientific concepts by students. Metaphors for the improvement of science education have included science as exploration and science as process skills for experimentation. As a result of a series of studies on how children relate evidence to their theories or ...


    The study of scientific reasoning ability (SRA) is one of the frequently discussed topics in science education. In decades, researchers and educators ... (2010) adopted a case study approach to con - struct a matrix for evaluating the Complexity of Scientific Reasoning during Inquiry (CSRI) by analyzing teaching practices. In this CSRI matrix ...

  9. Learning and Scientific Reasoning

    The development of general scientific abilities is critical to enable students of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to successfully handle open-ended real-world tasks in future careers (1-6). Teaching goals in STEM education include fostering content knowledge and developing general scientific abilities. One such ability, scientific reasoning (7-9), is related to ...

  10. 4

    Automatic writing occurred when a medium (in this case, a woman named Dorothy Martin) entered a trance-like state that allowed her to write out channeled messages from a greater being called Sananda. Martin's hand would basically take on a mind of its own and messages from Sananda would come forth on paper.

  11. Education Sciences

    The present study adds to our knowledge of which cognitive demands are imposed upon by multiple-choice assessment instruments and whether these demands are relevant for the construct under investigation—in this case, scientific reasoning competencies. The findings are discussed and related to the relevant science education literature. Full ...

  12. Documenting the use of expert scientific reasoning processes by high

    We describe a methodology for identifying evidence for the use of three types of scientific reasoning. In two case studies of high school physics classes, we used this methodology to identify multiple instances of students using analogies, extreme cases, and Gedanken experiments. Previous case studies of expert scientists have

  13. PDF Expert Scientific Reasoning Processes and Imagery: Case Studies of High

    two whole class discussions in high school science classes. The reasoning strategies investigated include Gedanken experimentation, analogical reasoning, and extreme case reasoning. Previous case studies of expert scientists have indicated that these processes can be central during scientific model construction.

  14. Lesson study as a research approach: a case study

    The purpose of this paper is to explore the merits of lesson study (LS) as a research approach for research in (science) education. A lesson was developed to introduce students to model-based reasoning: a higher order thinking skill that is seen as one of the major reasoning strategies in science.

  15. Education Sciences

    While the hypothetico-deductive approach, which includes inductive and deductive reasoning, is largely recognized in scientific reasoning, there is not much focus on abductive reasoning. Abductive reasoning describes the theory-based attempt of explaining a phenomenon by a cause. By integrating abductive reasoning into a framework for modeling competence, we strengthen the idea of modeling ...

  16. Introduction to Scientific Reasoning

    This course analyzes scientists' reasoning strategies. Case studies from the history of astronomy, epidemiology, molecular biology, and neuroscience, provide a basis for understanding of the character of scientific theories and the means by which they are evaluated. Special attention will be given to the construction and evaluation of ...

  17. [Pdf] Analysis of Two-tier Question Scoring Methods: a Case Study on

    In science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education, scientific reasoning has gained increasing attention recently from science educators and researchers. In general, the scope of scientific reasoning encompasses various thinking and reasoning skills involved in inquiry, experimentation, evidence evaluation, inference, and argumentation that support the formation and ...

  18. (Pdf) Analysis of Two-tier Question Scoring Methods: a Case Study on

    This study aims to analyze the effect of the 5E learning cycle model assisted by LKPD based on a three-dimensional thinking graph on scientific reasoning and the improvement of scientific reasoning.

  19. Full article: Thinking in Stories: Narrative Reasoning of an

    Case study and ethnographic research methodologies may be useful in further clinical reasoning research to better understand narrative reasoning. ... Procedural, scientific and diagnostic reasoning, involve problem-solving by diagnosis, pattern recognition and hypothesis testing (Schell & Cervero, Citation 1993), ...

  20. Comparing ChatGPT and Humans on World Knowledge and Common-sense

    Comparing ChatGPT and Humans on World Knowledge and Common-sense Reasoning Tasks: A case study of the Japanese Winograd Schema Challenge. Pages 1-9. ... In Proceedings of the 26th Modern AI and Cognitive Science Conference 2015, Greensboro, NC, USA, April 25-26, 2015(CEUR Workshop Proceedings, Vol. 1353), Michael Glass and Jung Hee Kim (Eds.).

  21. Deductive Reasoning in AI

    Case Study: Utilizing Deductive Reasoning in AI for Medical Diagnosis . A patient presents at a medical clinic with symptoms including fever, cough, and difficulty breathing. The healthcare provider, equipped with an AI-powered diagnostic system, aims to accurately diagnose the patient's condition leveraging deductive reasoning.

  22. PDF Conceptual review on scientific reasoning and scientific thinking

    As part of high-order thinking processes, Scientific Reasoning (SR) and Scientific Thinking (ST) are concepts of great rele-vance for psychology and educational disciplines (Kuhn, 2009). The relevance of these concepts resides in two levels. First, the level of ontogenetical development (Zimmerman, 2007) reflected in the early curiosity of the ...

  23. Study Suggests Genetics as a Cause, Not Just a Risk, for Some Alzheimer

    The new study had some limitations, including a lack of diversity that might make the findings less generalizable. ... Pam Belluck is a health and science reporter, covering a range of subjects ...

  24. Franciscan professor's book brings forensic case law to the classroom

    In it, Nemeth breaks new ground by bringing real-world case law involving forensic science and evidence to the classroom. In each chapter, Nemeth reviews a unique forensic discipline and applies ...

  25. 2024 AP Exam Dates

    Computer Science A. Thursday, May 9, 2024. Chinese Language and Culture. Environmental Science. Psychology. Friday, May 10, 2024. European History. ... Exam Pilot: For the 2024 AP Exam administration, only schools that are participating in the 2023-24 AP African American Studies Exam Pilot can order and administer the exam.

  26. On-farm crop diversity, conservation, importance and value: a case

    Features of the study area. The Western Ghats Region in Karnataka, locally known as Malenadu lies between 12° 2′ 7″ N and 15° 44′ 46″ N latitude and 74° 14′ 3″ E and 75° 76′ 17 ...

  27. Australia II: A Case Study in Engineering Ethics

    Australia II became the first foreign yacht to win the America's Cup in 1983. The boat had a revolutionary wing keel and a better underwater hull form. In official documents, Ben Lexcen is credited with the design. He is also listed as the sole inventor of the wing keel in a patent application submitted on February 5, 1982. However, as reported in New York Times, Sydney Morning Herald, and ...