1. Social Media And Self Esteem Free Essay Example

    social media damages self esteem discursive essay

  2. Opinion: How social media damages self esteem of the youth

    social media damages self esteem discursive essay

  3. Farwa Shah

    social media damages self esteem discursive essay

  4. Social media damages our self esteem and confidence

    social media damages self esteem discursive essay

  5. Social Media and Stress Among College Students Essay Example

    social media damages self esteem discursive essay

  6. Social Media Seriously Damages Your Mental Health

    social media damages self esteem discursive essay


  1. Discursive essay

  2. Denver Public Schools board votes to pursue lawsuit against social media companies

  3. How Great does Social Media Impact Self-esteem?

  4. How Great does Social Media Impact Self-esteem?

  5. Social media damages your brain and sabotages your potential (Jonathan Blow)

  6. We need to practice some self compassion while on social media!


  1. The influence of social media on teens' self-esteem

    a relationship between social media and self-esteem, especially among teenagers. 130 participants from two high schools completed two different surveys: one to assess their social media use and the second to measure their self-esteem. Each social media variable and the participant ¶s self-esteem score were utilized to run correlational tests; two

  2. The impact of social media on self-esteem

    The impact of social media on self-esteem - PMC. Journal List. Eur Psychiatry. v.65 (Suppl 1); 2022 Jun. PMC9565770. As a library, NLM provides access to scientific literature. Inclusion in an NLM database does not imply endorsement of, or agreement with, the contents by NLM or the National Institutes of Health.

  3. PDF The social media see-saw: Positive and negative influences on

    Social media really impacts my life a lot, from morning to night. (Hanna, aged 17) Social media is intertwined with daily life—for school-aged teens in developed countries, interacting with and through social media platforms (SMPs) is "just part of [the] routine." Among US-based 13- to 17-year-olds, 94% use one or more SMPs (AP-NORC, 2017b).

  4. How social media can crush your self-esteem

    Whether we like it or not, social media exposes us to more of those motivations. Depending on the type of content that is being shared, whether it is positive or negative, we tend to refer to it ...

  5. New Analysis: Social Media Use Is Harmful to Self-Esteem

    The researchers then computed the average correlation between self-esteem and social media use across all 121 studies. They found this value to be negative ( r = -0.08), meaning that higher social ...

  6. Social media and self-esteem

    Abstract. The relationship between social media and self-esteem is complex, as studies tend to find a mixed pattern of relationships and meta-analyses tend to find small, albeit significant, magnitudes of statistical effects. One explanation is that social media use does not affect self-esteem for the majority of users, while small minorities ...

  7. Impact of social media on self-esteem and body image among young adults

    A positive correlation was observed between the frequency of use of the social network and dissatisfaction with body image and low self-esteem. In addition, it was found that content observation time significantly predicts body dissatisfaction and low self-esteem. On the other hand, the type of content both published and observed, showed no ...

  8. Adolescents' social media experiences and their self-esteem: A person

    The aim of this preregistered study was to compare and explain the effects of (a) time spent on social media (SM) and (b) the valence (positivity or negativity) of SM experiences on adolescents' self-esteem. We conducted a 3-week experience sampling (ESM) study among 300 adolescents (13-16 years; 126 assessments per adolescent; 21,970 assessments in total). Using an N = 1 method of ...

  9. Social Media Use and Its Connection to Mental Health: A Systematic

    Social media are responsible for aggravating mental health problems. This systematic study summarizes the effects of social network usage on mental health. Fifty papers were shortlisted from google scholar databases, and after the application of various inclusion and exclusion criteria, 16 papers were chosen and all papers were evaluated for ...

  10. Social Media Use and Adolescents' Self-Esteem: Heading for a Person

    The Intra-Class Correlations (ICCs) were .45 for self-esteem and .48 for SMU, which means that 45% of the variance in self-esteem and 48% of the variance in SMU was explained by differences between participants (i.e., between-person variance), whereas the larger part of these variances (55% and 52%) was explained by fluctuations within participants (i.e., within-person variance).

  11. Social media harms teens' mental health, mounting evidence shows. What now?

    Social media use was associated with a drop in well-being among teens during certain developmental periods, chiefly puberty and young adulthood, the team reported in 2022 in Nature Communications ...

  12. Social media damages teenagers' mental health, report says

    Teenagers' mental health is being damaged by heavy social media use, a report has found. Research from the Education Policy Institute and The Prince's Trust said wellbeing and self-esteem were ...

  13. Social Media and How It Impacts Self-Esteem

    In conclusion, social media does have an impact on self-esteem, with the potential for both positive and negative effects. It can enhance self-esteem through self-expression and social connection but can also harm self-esteem through social comparison and online harassment. The influence of social media on self-esteem is complex and can vary ...

  14. Impact of Social Media on Self-Esteem

    The social-comparison theory is the idea that individuals are constantly self-evaluations compared to others. This theory suggests that our self-esteem is affected by this social comparison and how we determine our self-worth. Because of this, there is reason to believe that as the use of social media becomes more frequent, self-esteem decreases.

  15. Social Media's Effect on Self-Esteem: How Does It Affect Teens?

    Social Media's Effects on Self-Esteem. Social media can affect the self-esteem of teens and young adults. It often leads to social comparison, seeking validation through likes and comments, and exposure to cyberbullying. This complex interplay impacts their self-worth and confidence, contributing to feelings of inadequacy, depression, anxiety ...

  16. Social Media Can Damage Mental Health

    Many people know that social media use is correlated to increased anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem, yet few want to make any changes. With alarming frequency, the research reports hit my ...

  17. Essay On Social Media And Self Esteem

    Essay On Social Media And Self Esteem. 1068 Words5 Pages. For years people have played the "blame game" with media and its effects on society. It has been questioned whether the media helps or hurts more in its overall impacts. The media consists of magazines, advertisements, TV shows, and social pages such as Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter ...

  18. #influenced! The impact of social media influencing on self-esteem and

    The indirect effect of image type on state self-esteem via social comparison was negative (standardized indirect effect = −0.35, SE = 0.09, 95% BCa CI: [−0.55, −0.18]) indicating that social comparison mediated the relationship between image type and state self-esteem. Results showed that participants in the SMI group engaged more in ...

  19. Social Media and How It Affects Our Self Image

    With the increased use of social media in many people's lives on a day-to-day basis, self-image portrayed through social networks has seemed to change as well, influencing more than just new trends. Often a more "romanticized" version of one's life is presented through the eyes of a phone camera; at first glance, this may seem beneficial, but this phenomenon has considerable drawbacks.

  20. 20 Discursive Essay Topics That Make the Grade

    Check out these 20 discursive essay topics from the areas of health/wellness, science/technology, the environment, social media, and four unique topics on the lighter side. ... Discursive essay topic #13: social media damages self-esteem because too many people compare themselves to others, creating unreasonable expectations and lowering self ...

  21. Social media damages teenagers' mental health, report says

    Teenagers' mental health is being damaged by heavy social media use, a report has found. Research from the Education Policy Institute and The Prince's Trust said wellbeing and self-esteem were ...

  22. Social Network Self Image And Esteem Media Essay

    The self-concept is what we think about self; self-esteem is the positive and negative evaluations of our self and our feelings towards it (E.R. Smith/D. M. Mackie, Social Psychology 2007). Self-esteem is closely related to self consciousness; it explains the self judgemental side of an individual which appends worthiness feelings ...

  23. Social Media Essay: Advantages & Disadvantages

    What we see on social media is the 'ideal' part of a person's life, and not their insecurities and problems. When we forget this, we start to compare the negative parts of our lives with the positive parts of the lives of our peers that we see online. In the long run, this damages our self-esteem. 4. Adverse Influence on Children

  24. Social media Discursive essay

    Technology has advanced over the past decades, rapidly influencing today's social culture. Social media is still developing into many different forms. Those forms can include Smartphone's, computers, laptops, television, and tablets. Whichever the object is, it has also become a form of communication in many different ways. So much of ...