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  1. Will ChatGPT Kill the Student Essay?

    The College Essay Is Dead. Nobody is prepared for how AI will transform academia. By Stephen Marche. Paul Spella / The Atlantic; Getty. December 6, 2022. Suppose you are a professor of pedagogy ...

  2. Litero

    Write better papers faster! Try all-in-one AI essay writing copilot. Litero helps you research, write, paraphrase and cite. Effortlessly. AI content tools ... Let's write better essays. AI co-writer that helps students research, write, paraphrase and cite. Effortlessly. Try Now for Free No credit card required. Used by 230,000+ smart students ...


    Start writing essays with Hubble for free. Hubble is building AI-powered tools for students, starting with an essay writer and summarizer. Hubble helps student excel academically and professionally.

  4. We Used A.I. to Write Essays for Harvard, Yale and Princeton. Here's

    Or they could just write their own — chatbot-free — admissions essays from scratch. Bard I'm a high school student with a strong interest in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

  5. AI & Student Writing

    Research. Research on AI and student writing is rapidly evolving with the technology. Current research suggests that when used appropriately, AI may enhance student drafting, revision, and research practices (Dobrin, 2023). Additionally, AI may help students who have had less access to academic English to receive feedback on word choice and ...

  6. A large-scale comparison of human-written versus ChatGPT-generated essays

    The corpus features essays for 90 topics from Essay Forum 42, an active community for providing writing feedback on different kinds of text and is frequented by high-school students to get ...

  7. AI Writing: AI-Powered Essays & Papers For Academic Success is an advanced AI-driven tool designed to assist students and academics in effortlessly writing essays and reports. With our advanced plagiarism checks, we ensure your writing is original and free of unintentional plagiarism, making your writing process smoother and more efficient.

  8. Free AI Writing Resources

    Write a research question. Generate three possible research questions for an argumentative high school essay on the following topic: "The long-term impact of the Covid-19 pandemic." Brainstorm topic ideas. Generate 10 questions to help me brainstorm topics for my college admission essay. Quiz yourself. I'm learning about [insert topic ...

  9. New AI tools that can write student essays require educators to rethink

    AI tools are available today that can write compelling university level essays. Taking an example of sample essay produced by the GPT-3 transformer, Mike Sharples discusses the implications of this technology for higher education and argues that they should be used to enhance pedagogy, rather than accelerating an ongoing arms race between increasingly sophisticated fraudsters and fraud detectors.

  10. Exploring Artificial Intelligence in Academic Essay: Higher Education

    Artificial intelligence in writing academic essays. AI-driven writing tools have garnered attention for their ability to assist students in composing essays, offering grammar and style suggestions, and facilitating content generation. Gayed et al. (2022) demonstrated the positive impact of AI writing tools on students' writing proficiency and ...

  11. What Students Are Saying About Learning to Write in the Age of A.I

    So, at least until AI writing technology improves, a student must put in the work, writing and rewriting until she has produced an essay that tells readers who she is. — Cole, Central Coast, CA

  12. AI Writing in the College Classroom

    Give students a short, low-stakes writing assignment (a 250-word reflection on their day, for instance) and have them complete it in class. Then have them prompt an AI chat tool to write a reflection for them. Compare the texts, looking for the differences between them, and noting any correlations. 5.

  13. 10 Best AI for Essay Writing

    Here are a few of them —. 1. Saves time. Using best AI for essay writing has its own benefits. Students can take care of the research process while these AI tools write the essays for them. Be it an essay topic or a full-length essay generation, it saves a bunch of students' time. 2. Boosts productivity.

  14. Students using generative AI to write essays isn't a crisis

    Students using AI to write their essays is a problem, but it isn't a crisis. We have the tools to tackle the issue. AI is easy to spot. In most cases AI writing can be easily recognised. If you ask multipart questions, as I do, ChatGPT defaults to using section headings for each component. When I grade a paper that has six section headings in ...

  15. University students are using AI to write essays. Now what?

    Feature As word of students using AI to automatically complete essays continues to spread, some lecturers are beginning to rethink how they should teach their pupils to write.. Writing is a difficult task to do well. The best novelists and poets write furiously, dedicating their lives to mastering their craft. The creative process of stringing together words to communicate thoughts is often ...

  16. News, sport and opinion from the Guardian's US edition

    We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us.

  17. 3 Limits to AI's ability to write students essays

    Current affairs, referencing, and critical reasoning seem to offer three key weaknesses of current AI models like ChatGPT that instructors can take advantage of to ensure that the student essay remain a robust and reliable means of assessment. However, this approach is unlikely to be fool proof, and the emergent qualities of foundation models ...

  18. Ban or Embrace? Colleges Wrestle With A.I.-Generated Admissions Essays

    Some teachers said they were troubled by the idea of students using A.I. tools to produce college essay themes and texts for deeper reasons: Outsourcing writing to bots could hinder students from ...

  19. How to Keep Students Writing in the Age of AI Tools

    5 Ways to Maintain the integrity of student writing. 1. Be transparent and honest. Tell students you are aware that they might get help to improve their writing via ChatGPT, Grammarly, online tutoring, in-person tutors, and other programs. Explain how you expect them to be smart and responsible if they explore these options.

  20. Students Using Ai To Write Essays? Here's How To Manage The Use Of Ai

    The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into the realm of education invites rising concerns among educators about the issue of students using Ai to write essays, plagiarism and misuse of Ai in students' school work. There is an increasing trend of students utilizing AI-powered tools to assist them in crafting essays and academic papers.

  21. A new tool helps teachers detect if AI wrote an assignment

    ChatGPT is a buzzy new AI technology that can write research papers or poems that come out sounding like a real person did the work. You can even train this bot to write the way you do. Some ...

  22. Teachers are using AI to grade essays. Students are using AI to write

    Meanwhile, while fewer faculty members used AI, the percentage grew to 22% of faculty members in the fall of 2023, up from 9% in spring 2023. Teachers are turning to AI tools and platforms ...

  23. How teachers started using ChatGPT to grade assignments

    Teachers use it to run students' essays through ChatGPT, then evaluate the AI-generated feedback and return it to the students. ... Connect "uses AI to do auto-scoring on content and writing style and delivers instant feedback based on scoring rubrics set by the instructor," per a news article in Campus Technology in 2020.

  24. Student Creates App to Detect Essays Written by AI

    Now, a student at Princeton University has created a new tool to combat this form of plagiarism: an app that aims to determine whether text was written by a human or AI. Twenty-two-year-old Edward ...

  25. I Tested Three AI Essay-writing Tools, and Here's What I Found

    You can unlock unlimited credits, unlimited autocomplete, unlimited sources, and more for $14 per month. Conclusions. Overall, EssayGenius and JotBot were the best AI tools I tested. I was ...

  26. 10 Best AI Essay Writer Platforms to Help You Get Better Grades

    AI essay writing tools make writing essays easy. Discover the top 10 AI essay writers with our detailed guide and find the perfect essay helper for you. ... Caktus AI is an AI essay writer that is trusted by students and teachers alike as a reliable learning aid. Instead of simply doing work for students, this AI platform, founded by Harrison ...

  27. 8 Ways to Create AI-Proof Writing Prompts

    5. Make Assignments Personal. Having students reflect on material in their own lives can be a good way to prevent AI writing. In-person teachers can get to know their students well enough to know ...

  28. Should Students Use AI for MBA Admissions Essays?

    A majority of prospective MBA students, 56%, say they should be allowed to use AI to help them write admissions essays, but they also say there should be guidelines and restrictions, according to a new survey from Manhattan Prep and Kaplan. Only 18% of the more than 300 prospective MBA students surveyed said the use of AI should be unrestricted.

  29. How to boost productivity with Copilot AI: A student's tips

    Planning. It can be hard for college students to come up with a routine that works. If you input some details of your schedule into Copilot, like your class times, club times, etc., the AI tool can generate a schedule for you with ideas for self-care and productivity boosters. I used Copilot to help me integrate more time for self-care into my ...

  30. AI-assisted writing is quietly booming in academic journals—here's why

    Many people are worried by the use of AI in academic papers. Indeed, the practice has been described as "contaminating" scholarly literature. Some argue that using AI output amounts to plagiarism ...