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The historic town of Samarkand is a crossroad and melting pot of the world's cultures. Founded in the 7th century B.C. as ancient Afrasiab, Samarkand had its most significant development in the Timurid period from the 14th to the 15th centuries. The major monuments include the Registan Mosque and madrasas, Bibi-Khanum Mosque, the Shakhi-Zinda compound and the Gur-Emir ensemble, as well as Ulugh-Beg's Observatory.

Description is available under license CC-BY-SA IGO 3.0

Samarkand – carrefour de cultures

La ville historique de Samarkand représente un carrefour et un lieu de synthèse des cultures du monde entier. Fondée au VII e siècle avant l'ère chrétienne sous le nom d'Afrasyab, Samarkand connut son apogée à l'époque timouride, du XIV e au XV e siècle. Les principaux monuments comprennent la mosquée et les médersas du Registan, la mosquée de Bibi-Khanum, l'ensemble de Shah i-Zinda et celui de Gur i-Emir, ainsi que l'observatoire d'Ulugh-Beg.

سمرقند – ملتقى الثقافات

تُعتبر مدينة سمرقند ملتقى ومكانًا يجمع ثقافات العالم بأسره. فهي تأسّست في القرن السابع قبل الميلاد تحت اسم افراسياب وعرفت ذروة ازدهارها في العصر التيموريين الذي امتد من القرن الرابع عشر حتى القرن الخامس عشر وتضم آثاراها الاساسية مسجد رجستان ومدارسها ومسجد بيبي خانوم ومجموعة شاه الزندا ومجموعة غوري الامير، بالاضافة الى مرصد ألُق بك.

source: UNESCO/CPE Description is available under license CC-BY-SA IGO 3.0



Samarcanda - Encrucijada de culturas

La ciudad histórica de Samarcanda fue una encrucijada y un crisol de culturas del mundo entero. Fundada en el siglo VII a.C. con el nombre de Afrasyab, alcanzó su apogeo en los siglos XIV y XV bajo los timúridas. Entre sus principales monumentos destacan la mezquita y las madrazas del Registán, la mezquita Bibi-Khanum, los conjuntos arquitectónicos de Shah i-Zinda y Gur i-Emir, y el observatorio de Ulugh-Beg.


source: NFUAJ

Samarkand – kruispunt van culturen

De historische stad Samarkand is een kruispunt en smeltkroes van culturen uit de hele wereld. De stad werd gesticht in de 7e eeuw voor Christus als het oude Afrasiab. De meest belangrijke ontwikkelingen maakte Samarkand door van de 14e tot de 15e eeuw tijdens de Timurid-periode. De belangrijkste monumenten in de stad zijn de Registan-moskee en madrassas, de Bibi-Khanu-moskee, de complexen Shakhi-Zinda en Gur-Emir en het Ulugh-Beg’s-observatorium. Hoewel de belangrijkste monumenten goed zijn onderhouden, is een deel van de middeleeuwse kenmerken toch verloren gegaan. Niettemin is er nog steeds een aanzienlijk deel van de stad bewaard gebleven, waaronder een aantal prachtige traditionele huizen.

Source: unesco.nl

my hometown samarkand essay

Outstanding Universal Value

The historic town of Samarkand, located in a large oasis in the valley of the Zerafshan River, in the north-eastern region of Uzbekistan, is considered the crossroads of world cultures with a history of over two and a half millennia. Evidence of settlements in the region goes back to 1500 BC, with Samarkand having its most significant development in the Temurid period, from the 14th to the 15th centuries, when it was capital of the powerful Temurid realm.

The historical part of Samarkand consists of three main sections. In the north-east there is the site of the ancient city of Afrosiab, founded in the 7th century BC and destroyed by Genghis Khan in the 13th century, which is preserved as an archaeological reserve. Archaeological excavations have revealed the ancient citadel and fortifications, the palace of the ruler (built in the 7th century displays important wall paintings), and residential and craft quarters. There are also remains of a large ancient mosque built from the 8th to 12th centuries.

To the south, there are architectural ensembles and the medieval city of the Temurid epoch of the 14th and 15th centuries, which played a seminal role in the development of town planning, architecture, and arts in the region. The old town still contains substantial areas of historic fabric with typical narrow lanes, articulated into districts with social centres, mosques, madrassahs, and residential housing. The traditional Uzbek houses have one or two floors and the spaces are grouped around central courtyards with gardens; built in mud brick, the houses have painted wooden ceilings and wall decorations.  The contribution of the Temurid masters to the design and construction of the Islamic ensembles were crucial for the development of Islamic architecture and arts and exercised an important influence in the entire region, leading to the achievements of the Safavids in Persia, the Moghuls in India, and even the Ottomans in Turkey.

To the west there is the area that corresponds to the 19th and 20th centuries expansions, built by the Russians, in European style. The modern city extends around this historical zone. This area represents traditional continuity and qualities that are reflected in the neighbourhood structure, the small centres, mosques, and houses. Many houses retain painted and decorated interiors, grouped around courtyards and gardens.

The major monuments include the Registan mosque and madrasahs, originally built in mud brick and covered with decorated ceramic tiles, the Bibi-Khanum Mosque and Mausoleum, the Shakhi-Zinda compound, which contains a series of mosques, madrasahs and mausoleum, and the ensembles of Gur-Emir and Rukhabad, as well as the remains of Ulugh-Bek’s Observatory.

Criterion (i): The architecture and townscape of Samarkand, situated at the crossroads of ancient cultures, are masterpieces of Islamic cultural creativity.

Criterion (ii): Ensembles in Samarkand such as the Bibi Khanum Mosque and Registan Square played a seminal role in the development of Islamic architecture over the entire region, from the Mediterranean to the Indian subcontinent.

Criterion (iv): The historic town of Samarkand illustrates in its art, architecture, and urban structure the most important stages of Central Asian cultural and political history from the 13th century to the present day.

The different historic phases of Samarkand’s development from Afrosiab to the Temurid city and then to the 19th century development have taken place alongside rather than on top of each other. These various elements which reflect the phases of city expansion have been included within the boundaries of the property. The inscribed property is surrounded by more recent developments, of which parts are in the buffer zone. Afrosiab has been partly excavated and the Temurid and European parts of the city are being conserved as living historic urban areas.

The main listed monuments are well maintained. Some of the medieval features have been lost, such as the city walls and the citadel, as well as parts of the traditional residential structures especially in areas surrounding major monuments. Nevertheless, it still contains a substantial urban fabric of traditional Islamic quarters, with some fine examples of traditional houses.

Notwithstanding, there are several factors that can render the integrity of the property vulnerable that require sustained management and conservation actions.

The architectural ensembles of Samarkand as well as archaeological remains of Afrosiab have preserved all characteristic features related to the style and techniques and have maintained the traditional spatial plans of the urban quarter. However, inadequate restoration interventions as well as the challenges faced in controlling changes, particularly the construction of modern buildings, and the modernization on private properties have affected the authenticity of the property and make the property vulnerable to further changes.

There are adequate legal provisions for the safeguarding of the heritage property. The State Samarkand Historical Architectural Reserve was established under the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan (26 May 1982). Within the Reserve all construction and development work is done according to the recommendations of the Samarkand Regional Inspection on Preservation and Restoration of Objects of Cultural Heritage.

The overall responsibility of the management of protected areas is with the Ministry of Cultural and Sport Affairs and the Samarkand provincial government. The operating bodies that influence the conservation and management of the property include the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Principal Scientific Board for Preservation and Utilization of Cultural Monuments, the Municipalities of the Samarkand Region and Samarkand city, the Samarkand Regional State Inspection on Protection and Utilization of Cultural Heritage Objects. Decisions on construction/reconstruction within the protective Reserve of Samarkand are taken in consultation with the Samarkand Regional State Inspection on Protection and Utilization of Monuments, or by the Scientific Board on Protection and Utilization of Monuments in Samarkand. Major projects receive approval at the national level.

The Regional State Inspection on Protection and Utilization of Cultural Heritage is in charge of day-to-day activities related to the monuments such as registration, monitoring, technical supervision of conservation and restoration, or technical expertise of new projects, these are implemented by the Scientific Board on Protection and Utilization of Monuments in Samarkand, which is obtaining the function of a Coordinating Committee and should have the main role to bring together all parties with interest in the conservation and development of Samarkand. Taking into account a scope and a complexity of issues facing the property, site management system could be strengthened through an operational unit.

The sustained implementation of the Management Plan is needed to ensure to further improve the cooperation between the various national and local authorities and set international standards for conservation. Several factors that can pose a threat to the conditions of integrity and authenticity of the property need to be systematically addressed through the implementation of an integrated conservation strategy, that follows internationally accepted conservation standards, as well as through the enforcement of regulatory measures.  The management system will need to be integrated into other planning tools so that the existing urban matrix and morphology of the world heritage property are protected.

Funding is provided by the State budget, extra-budgetary sources and sponsorship. Resources needed for all aspects of conservation and development of the property should be secured to ensure the continuous operation of the management system.

  • Portal to the Heritage of Astronomy

my hometown samarkand essay

State of Conservation (SOC)

Protections by other conservation instruments.

1 protection / 5 elements

  • Art of illumination: Təzhib/Tazhib/Zarhalkori/Tezhip/Naqqoshlik
  • Art of miniature
  • Ceramic arts in Uzbekistan
  • Sericulture and traditional production of silk for weaving
  • Shashmaqom music

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Essay on My Hometown

Students are often asked to write an essay on My Hometown in their schools and colleges. And if you’re also looking for the same, we have created 100-word, 250-word, and 500-word essays on the topic.

Let’s take a look…

100 Words Essay on My Hometown


My hometown is a special place filled with memories and joy. It’s a small, peaceful town with friendly people and beautiful landscapes.

Nature’s Beauty

The beauty of my hometown is breathtaking. It’s surrounded by lush green fields and a sparkling river flows through it, creating a serene atmosphere.

People and Culture

The people in my town are kind and welcoming. They celebrate various festivals with enthusiasm, showcasing our rich culture and traditions.

My hometown is my paradise. It’s a place where I feel at home, surrounded by nature’s beauty and warm-hearted people.

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250 Words Essay on My Hometown

Every individual carries a soft spot for their hometown, a place that holds an abundance of memories and experiences. My hometown, nestled in the heart of the countryside, is no exception. Its charm lies not in grandeur, but in its simplicity and tranquility.

The Landscape

The landscape of my hometown is a harmonious blend of rolling hills, lush green fields, and a serene river that meanders through the town, providing a lifeline to the local ecosystem. The view from the hilltop, especially during sunrise and sunset, is a spectacle that leaves one in awe of nature’s beauty.

The people of my hometown are its true wealth. They are warm, welcoming, and deeply rooted in their traditions. The local festivals, celebrated with much fervor, are a testament to the town’s rich cultural heritage. These celebrations are a spectacle of unity, with people from different backgrounds coming together to partake in the joyous occasions.

The economy of my hometown is primarily agrarian. The fertile lands yield bountiful crops, sustaining the local population and contributing to the nation’s food supply. The town is also known for its handicrafts, with skilled artisans creating exquisite pieces that reflect the town’s cultural ethos.

My hometown, in its quiet and unassuming manner, has shaped my perspective of the world. It has taught me the value of community, the beauty of nature, and the importance of cultural heritage. It remains a place of comfort and nostalgia, a refuge that I can always return to. It is more than just a geographical location; it is a part of my identity.

500 Words Essay on My Hometown

Every person’s heart holds a special place for their hometown. It is the place where we first opened our eyes to the world, learned our first lessons, and made our first friends. This essay provides a glimpse into the quaint town that I call home.

Geographical Setting

Nestled in the heart of the country, my hometown is an amalgamation of urban and rural landscapes. It is a place where the serenity of the countryside meets the hustle-bustle of city life. The town is surrounded by lush green fields, while the city center is adorned with historical monuments that stand as a testament to our rich cultural heritage.

Cultural Diversity

The cultural tapestry of my hometown is rich and diverse. The town is a melting pot of various cultures and traditions, which are reflected in the many festivals celebrated with great pomp and show. The harmonious coexistence of different communities is a hallmark of my hometown, making it a model of unity in diversity.

Education and Economy

My hometown is known for its robust education system, with numerous schools and colleges providing quality education. The town’s economy is primarily agrarian, with farming being the main occupation. However, in recent years, there has been a surge in small-scale industries, contributing to the town’s economic growth.

Local Cuisine

The local cuisine is a gastronomic delight, with dishes that are a perfect blend of flavors and spices. From hearty meals to delectable desserts, the town’s culinary offerings are a treat to the palate.

Challenges and Opportunities

While my hometown is a place of beauty and tranquility, it is not without its challenges. The lack of proper infrastructure and limited job opportunities are pressing issues. However, with the advent of digital technology and the government’s focus on rural development, there is a renewed sense of hope and optimism.

My hometown, with its unique blend of tradition and modernity, has shaped me into the person I am today. It has taught me the values of unity, respect for diversity, and the importance of hard work. Despite its challenges, it continues to inspire me with its resilience and spirit. My hometown is not just a place on the map; it is a feeling, a memory, a part of who I am.

That’s it! I hope the essay helped you.

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Apart from these, you can look at all the essays by clicking here .

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Rediscovering The Charms of My Hometown

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About this sample


Words: 631 |

Published: Sep 12, 2023

Words: 631 | Page: 1 | 4 min read

Table of contents

A small town with a big heart, the pulse of community life, natural beauty and outdoor adventures, a place to call home.

Image of Dr. Oliver Johnson

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Samarkand is my hometown

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my hometown samarkand essay

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My Hometown Essay & Paragraph Writing Example For Students

Read here a short 300 words essay with five-paragraphs on topic my hometown for all class students and children. This is a very excellent composition specially for kids and children.

Table of Contents

Short Five-paragraphs Essay on My Home Town For Children

My hometown is fantastic. There is a lot to do, people are always friendly, and there are so many places to visit . I really enjoy it here! Sure, the cost of living is not cheap, but I believe it is worth it for what you get in return. Furthermore, I do not plan on moving anytime soon, so the higher costs do not bother me.

my hometown samarkand essay

We also have some excellent schools here! The teachers are enthusiastic about teaching, and the students are eager to learn. I know I learned a lot while I was in school.

There are also numerous parks Bridges, nature trails, and other outdoor activities to enjoy. The park is my favorite place to visit because it has a playground, a basketball court, and a costly pond that you can walk around. It is so calm and peaceful.

Overall, I think my town is fantastic! The people are friendly and helpful; there is always something to do; and it is always clean and beautiful. I am grateful to have been raised here and would not trade it for anything!.

Essay : My Home Town In 200 Words For College Students

My hometown is a small and quiet city in the south of England. It’s often called “The Little Town That Could” because it has managed to remain relatively untouched by the hustle and bustle of modern life. From its quaint cobbled streets to its charming little cafe´s, my hometown is the perfect place for a relaxing day out or weekend away.

The town itself is situated on the edge of the stunning countryside, surrounded by rolling hills, lush green fields and rivers that run through it. There are plenty of local parks and gardens where one can take in some fresh air and marvel at the beauty of nature. My favorite spot is an old bridge overlooking a lake; I always feel so peaceful there.

Local amenities are plentiful too; we have a good selection of shops selling everything from groceries to clothes and gifts. There’s also a leisure center with indoor sports hall, swimming pool and gymnasium, along with various other facilities including tennis courts and golf courses.

Living in my hometown means being part of a close-knit community. Our residents come from all walks of life but we all share common values such as respect for others and care for our environment. We regularly get together for events such as charity fundraisers or just simply to socialize – something that brings us closer together as neighbors.

Overall, I would say that my hometown is an idyllic place to live with plenty to explore both indoors and out – from ancient buildings to modern attractions – there truly is something here for everyone.

My Home Town Paragraph

Essay: My Hometown In 100 to 150 Words

My small hometown in South England is well known as “The Little Town That Could” due to its ability to remain unspoiled by changing times. This charming little hub hosts an array of cobbled streets, picturesque cafes, lively parks, scenic gardens and much more!

Located on the outskirts of gorgeous countryside views – ranging from luscious grassy knolls across miles of rolling hills right down to glistening rivers meandering their way through it – this area provides plenty opportunity for locals (and tourists alike) to take in some incredible fresh air experiences! One particular favorite spot among many includes an old bridge standing over a tranquil lake; providing serenity like no other place can offer!

Moreover, this quaint settlement also offers various local amenities such as convenience stores stocking groceries & gifts alongside recreational centers boasting a combination of both indoor & outdoor activities including a large sports hall, swimming pool & gymnasium along with tennis courts & golf courses too!

Not only does this delightful setting provide great scenery & entertainment options but also it’s an amazing place for building strong relationships within the neighborhood community; loaded with people who have very similar mindful outlooks & attitudes towards one another in terms of respectability & environmental awareness – getting together frequently not only for important events/fundraisers but also merely just friendly catch ups between neighbors too! Overall I find my beloved hometown quite idyllic since it has something special suited for everybody’s individual interests regardless if they wish inside/outdoor fun festivities or simply just spending quality time absorbing tranquillity amongst breathtaking sceneries.

I tried my best to write above, my hometowns paragraphs short and purposeful. i will happily reply your questions in the comment box. thanks for reading.

FAQS About Home Town

How do I write my hometown essay?

For writing an essay on topic my hometown, you should after conducting information about your city such as its history, culture. Then create outlines that must include introduction, supporting detail and conclusion. In the introduction section provide some valuable information such as hometown name and some background information and also mention your relation. In body paragraphs, write a brief detail about your town such as weather climate, festivals, its natural beauty and importance in your eyes. And in conclusion provide a note that how your town supported you during the life and also you should write the points to develop it in future.

How do you introduce your hometown example?

For introducing your hometown you should provide some basic information about your town such as its culture, language, weather and population, Furthermore you can also talk about importance of your city like, festival and other interesting historical events that you have enjoyed in your life

What is the importance of home town?

Hometown is important because you have many childhood memories and relationship. It is also a place where you have formed and taught values, beliefs and identity of your life. It has very importance for shaping your life. Finally it is a place where you grow, learned, played and made friends of your life.

How I can describe my hometown?

Paragraph Writing

Hello! Welcome to my Blog StudyParagraphs.co. My name is Angelina. I am a college professor. I love reading writing for kids students. This blog is full with valuable knowledge for all class students. Thank you for reading my articles.

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Essay Paragraph

My Hometown Essay

‘My Hometown’ Essay is most likely to be asked in the English paper. Also, it is a very common topic and every student knows about his/her hometown. Thus, writing an essay on this topic is also an interesting activity by which students get a chance to learn more about their hometown. So, to help them, we have provided a sample essay. This sample essay on ‘My Hometown’ will help students in putting their thoughts together in the form of an essay. Students who want to improve their writing skills can also check the CBSE Essays on different topics. It will help them to score high marks in the writing section. Also, they will be able to take part in essay writing competitions.

500+ Words My Hometown Essay

There is always a place one likes to call home. A place that isn’t perfect but brings back a bundle of memories, surrounds you with familiar crowds, those same buildings with a few more additions on every visit, the same public problems and an acquainted way of dealing with the locals. All these make us give it more importance than the rest. So, here, I will be describing my hometown.

My hometown is Hamirpur, Uttar Pradesh. It is a small town where I was born and grew up in my childhood. I haven’t spent much time in my hometown as my father got the opportunity to join the defence service. But, I have lovely memories of my childhood. Hamirpur is situated on the bank of the river Yamuna and it meets the water requirement of the area. Its water is also used for irrigation purposes which makes the soil more fertile and rich for agricultural activities. The river sand is also used for construction. Lots of trucks full of sand transport the sand to different places. In my childhood days, we used to swim across the river and play on its shore during the summer season.

I think Hamirpur is a great place for me for many reasons. First of all, my hometown has all types of seasons. One can enjoy hot summers, chilly winters and rainy monsoons. Since the weather is so great here, one can enjoy the taste of different kinds of food, and vegetables in different seasons. Each season demands a different lifestyle. For example, during summer, people prefer to wear cotton and light colour clothes to save themselves from hot temperatures. Whereas during winter, people wear woollen clothes and jackets of different colours. Hamirpur is well known for farming. We grow different types of crops like wheat, rice, millet etc.

I have a temple in my hometown. I used to go to the temple every Thursday with my family. It has a serene atmosphere, green fields and a pollution-free environment. If I go there, I feel like it is heaven for me, and I definitely say that it is just not enough to see the beauty of my hometown in the rainy season; you have to experience it yourself.

To write a nice essay yourself, close your eyes, take a deep breath, let it out slowly, and then visualise your hometown. Try to trace your movements around it, your interactions with it on a family and friends level. Imagine the wind, the sound of the gardens, even bees and flowers etc. Then start writing.

This “My Hometown Essay” must have helped students in improving their writing skills. For more study material and the latest updates on CBSE/ICSE/State Board/Competitive Exams, visit BYJU’S website.

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my hometown samarkand essay

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DALLAS — Would the total solar eclipse, the last to cross the United States for two decades, live up to the hype?

In a city where history suggested clear skies were likely, forecasts of stubborn clouds threatened for days, hours — and even minutes ahead of the stunning syzygy.

Perhaps it was the cooling effect of the moon’s shadows, or just luck, but as totality approached, the cumulus clouds parted. Conditions became immaculate.

“On a scale of one to 10? 30,” said Mike Alexander, 59, who traveled to Dallas from Fresno, Calif.

It was perhaps the country’s most viewed celestial event ever, spreading the darkness of the moon’s shadow across the homes of some 32 million people, including in major cities from Dallas to Cleveland and smaller communities such as Russellville, Ark., and Littleton, Maine. Millions more flocked into the 115-mile-wide path of totality, while the moon blocked at least half of the sun’s face across most of the rest of the United States.

There were scientific experiments , tourist events and religious ceremonies as Americans took in the awe-inspiring view of the last coast-to-coast total solar eclipse until 2045.

Total solar eclipses happen somewhere on Earth once about every 18 months, but a chance to see one in your hometown is rare. Vita Garza Flores was among the first to see the eclipse as the moon’s shadow crossed from Mexico onto U.S. soil in Eagle Pass, Tex. The 76-year-old traveled from Northern California to see the eclipse in the city where she was born.

As the moon inched directly between Earth and the sun, the skies dimmed until only a flicker of light appeared where the sun had been — an effect known as the diamond ring, since it resembles a brilliant gem on a golden ring of light. The crowd screamed as Garza Flores grabbed her eclipse glasses, positioning them across her sunglasses. “Wow!” she said as she looked up.

The awe was not limited to lay watchers — scientists used the phenomenon to look more closely at space and at the sun’s outermost layers, with the blinding light of its rays out of the way.

In Uvalde, Tex., students from the local high school and Southwest Texas Junior College were among the citizen scientists using the eclipse to learn more about the sun, and its effects on Earth. They captured video of the celestial phenomenon via telescope for a research effort that aims to reveal the density of the sun’s middle corona and help scientists to measure the strength of the solar wind — charged particles that can disrupt electricity grids and produce auroras when they reach Earth.

In middle America, the eclipse was a phenomenon. As totality descended in Dayton, Ohio, a loud cheer went up from the crowd outside the home where the Wright Brothers once conceived of human flight.

“I am dumbfounded,” said one young boy. “This,” said another woman who had been fretting about the traffic, “was totally worth it.”

Russellville was one of many humble towns transformed into eclipse destinations, as one of a handful of locations along the path of totality where NASA gathered scientists and broadcast the eclipse’s progress live online. Local tourism officials gave out detailed town maps and sold T-shirts that read, “I got mooned at the eclipse.”

Carbondale, Ill., hit the eclipse jackpot, falling along the path of totality for a solar eclipse that crossed the United States on Aug. 17, 2017 — and then again for Monday’s eclipse. It gave the town the nickname “the eclipse crossroads of America.” A packed stadium at the southern edge of town erupted in screams as the eclipse began with the “diamond ring” apparition. Unlike six-and-a-half years earlier, clouds did not disrupt the show.

“It’s so much darker than 2017,” one commentator on NASA’s live broadcast said. “This is so much better than 2017.”

The eclipse was the zeitgeist on Monday so much so that Taylor Swift tied it to the release of her upcoming album, sharing a black-and-white video of a typewriter on her Instagram story around 2 p.m. Eastern time, with lyrics that said: “Crowd goes wild at her fingertips/ Half moonshine/ Full eclipse.”

For young Americans, it was a chance to challenge the habit of capturing every event on their phones.

“I feel like I was trying to get it on my camera, but it didn’t do justice to how beautiful it was with my bare eyes,” said Katie Kim, a first-year student at Case Western Reserve University, moments after totality had ended in Cleveland.

“Yeah, I filmed the 360 sunset instead,” said her friend, Flora Kim, another first-year student, marveling at how the eclipse created a sunset-like glow in all directions.

For Susan Bingham, Monday’s eclipse was the fulfillment of a promise 18 years in the making. In 2006, Bingham was living in Burlington, Vt., pregnant with twins and on bed rest when she learned that the city would be in the path of totality. She vowed to be there.

A lot has changed since then: The twins were born, followed by a third child, and the family moved to Massachusetts. But as darkness fell Monday, Bingham, 52, was on a rocky outcropping on the Vermont shore of Lake Champlain with her twins, now just a few days short of 18 years old. She wept.

In her heart, she said, this day marked her twins’ transition to adulthood. “Before and after,” she said. “It was beautiful.”

Any soon-to-be-born children will be adults the next time a total solar eclipse sweeps across the country.

A total solar eclipse will next dim U.S. communities in 2044, but only in parts of Montana and the Dakotas. The country will have to wait one more year for the next coast-to-coast phenomenon, a total eclipse that will stretch from California to Florida on Aug. 12, 2045. It will be a Saturday.

Hernández reported from Eagle Pass, Texas. Slater reported from Burlington, Vt. Dance reported from Washington. Brady Dennis in Dayton, Ohio; Juliet Eilperin in Cleveland; and Kyley Schultz in Washington contributed to this report.

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Guest Essay

The Rage in ‘Carrie’ Feels More Relevant Than Ever

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By Amanda Jayatissa

Ms. Jayatissa is the author of three novels, most recently “Island Witch.”

In “On Writing,” Stephen King’s nonfiction account of his career, he talks about a girl he calls Dodie Franklin. She attended his high school and, he recalls, was often bullied for wearing the same clothes every day. In their sophomore year, on the first day back after Christmas vacation, she came to school wearing newly fashionable clothes with a trendy hairstyle — but the bullying and teasing never stopped. “Her peers had no intention of letting her out of the box they’d put her in,” Mr. King writes. “She was punished for even trying to break free.”

The realization that nothing could change Ms. Franklin’s social standing, coupled with a few more unfortunate examples of young women he knew, helped inform a story about a bullied girl with telekinetic powers who is pushed to her limits and who wreaks brutal revenge on her classmates and, eventually, her abusive mother. “Carrie,” Mr. King’s first published novel, was released 50 years ago, in 1974.

There have been many iterations of “Carrie” since. Horror enthusiasts will recall the classic film directed by Brian De Palma and released in 1976; there have been several remakes, most recently one in 2013 starring Chloë Grace Moretz. There was an ill-fated stage adaptation , “Carrie: The Musical,” which the TV show “Riverdale” once paid homage to. Many things have changed in the half-century since Mr. King’s novel was published, yet Carrie White remains a strikingly relevant and highly relatable figure. She raged her way to a place in pop culture’s pantheon. But why?

I first read “Carrie” as a nerdy, horror-enthused 14-year-old growing up in Sri Lanka. At the library of the Christian school I attended, Mr. King’s books were extremely hard to come by, so when I saw a copy at a friend’s house, I was quick to borrow it. I vividly remember being drawn to Carrie’s wide-eyed gaze on the cover, blood trailing from her forehead and dripping down her chin. “Nobody was really surprised when it happened,” it reads in the opening pages. “Not really, not at the subconscious level where savage things grow.” I was hooked. What did Mr. King mean by “savage things”? I didn’t realize then that I would spend so much of my adult life thinking about this very question.

I’ve reached for “Carrie” many times since, and my relationship with the story has continued to shift and evolve. Like most teenagers, I suppose, I initially reacted to Carrie’s story with pure horror; I was mortified by the way she was teased, repulsed by the pig’s blood that gets dumped over her at prom and fascinated by the death and destruction she wrought in retaliation. In my 20s, when I revisited the novel, the horror I felt at her tale turned to something closer to sympathy. By that point, I’d moved from Colombo to California to Britain and then back to my hometown in Sri Lanka and had chalked up enough life lessons to understand Carrie’s suffering in a different way.

Now, as a woman in my 30s, I no longer see Carrie as simply a victim to be pitied. I’ve learned to relish her rage. Her anger has inspired much of my own fiction writing and, more important, has taught me that anger, when channeled, can be an asset. This truly hit home for me in July 2022, when I joined thousands of protesters in Colombo marching against corruption and the economic mismanagement of the country’s leaders. Years of feeling powerless finally erupted. We were all angry, of course, but we used our rage as fuel.

In the past year, women in the United States have had many reasons to figuratively burn down auditoriums and destroy towns. The war on women is still very much alive, as Roe v. Wade was overturned, in vitro fertilization procedures were endangered in Alabama and pregnant women are still not allowed to divorce their husbands in Missouri.

These days I see Carries everywhere. At the end of 2023, Gypsy Rose Blanchard — who had been convicted of second-degree murder in connection with the death of her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard, after years of being subjected to abuse and Munchausen syndrome by proxy — was released from prison. There are many interesting parallels between Gypsy Rose Blanchard and Carrie, the most glaring being the obvious torment of each by her mother.

What struck me as most interesting (read: most depressing) was the public response Ms. Blanchard received after her release. While some hailed her as a folk hero, many labeled her a killer, much like Carrie, for fighting back against her tormentor — not just in a court of law but also in the court of social media. TikTok was rife with hot takes, arguing there was something sinister about Ms. Blanchard or claiming that her husband was actually her brother. Rather than being viewed as a young woman trying to navigate her way through an absolutely horrendous situation, she was criticized for participating in a television series. Many people seemed content when she was the victim, but it infuriated them when she tried to take a stand for herself. What was true of Mr. King’s account of Ms. Franklin proved true for Ms. Blanchard, too: “She was punished for even trying to break free.”

Look at the way that Meghan Markle has been treated — criticized as an attention seeker for speaking out in a society that constantly blames women for staying silent. Or take Britney Spears. We all cried “Free Britney” and lamented the ignorance of our ways when we learned of how those in her life had treated her terribly, yet all it takes is a social media post of her dancing in clothes deemed by some to be too provocative to leave viewers shaking their heads at her again, saying she has gone off the deep end. God forbid women choose to fight back by simply expressing themselves in a way that defies convention.

I believe we still too often look at women who fight back against their oppressors and see them as villains rather than assigning responsibility for their situations to the people who tormented them. Carrie has always been the antidote to that predicament: She forces us to confront our feelings about what happens when women instill some of the same fear in others that they are too often forced to deal with themselves. Carrie’s plight still speaks to feelings in women of rage, helplessness and a desire for justice or, failing that, retribution. None of that has gone away in 50 years.

Beyond being a supremely well-told story, Mr. King’s novel still connects on the same “savage” subconscious level he mentioned at the start of the book. “Carrie” was packaged and marketed as horror, but what is it about the character of Carrie that’s truly horrifying? Is it the revenge that’s exacted by a bullied girl? Or is it the actions of those who stood around and allowed her to be tormented? The question at the heart of the story is: Who is the real monster? Fifty years later, we’ve come to understand that it’s not Carrie but the world that made her.

Amanda Jayatissa is the author of three novels, most recently “Island Witch.”

The Times is committed to publishing a diversity of letters to the editor. We’d like to hear what you think about this or any of our articles. Here are some tips . And here’s our email: [email protected] .

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