Hi, RSS3 community members,

We are very grateful to everyone who contributed to the RSS3 team in Gitcoin 12 Donation. This time, there is $43,112.8 raised from 10814 contributors.

❤️ Thank you, all!❤️

What will you get after this donation

We will send a $PASS test token to every wallet address that donates to RSS3 in gr12. You guys could claim a unique RNS address by the $PASS token.

Before the unified distribution, we will give you a few days to make sure that your donation address has not been missed. We will give a form at the end of the article for everyone to fill in the addresses that have already donated but are not on the Github donation address list.

If you donated to RSS3 on Gitcoin 12, but did not find your donation wallet address in our GitHub donation address list. Please fill your donated wallet address in the form below.

How to make sure your donation address is listed in our GitHub donation address list

  1. Click to enter the website: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/NaturalSelectionLabs/PASS_AirDrop/main/grant2679_round12.json
  2. Search for your donation wallet address on this page (eg. Mac device: COMMAND+F, enter your donation address, and then press RETURN)
  3. If you your address appear, then you don't need to fill in the form below. If the search result is nothing, and you are sure that your address has been donated to RSS3 on Gitcoin 12, please fill out our form.

👉 The form: https://forms.gle/QyTshuYpTaRemmXz8 👈

Note: If you find your wallet address in the GitHub donation address, please DO NOT fill it in!

⌚️ Time: From now to 8:00AM on December 22 (UTC). After this time, other requests will be NOT accepted.

What‘s next?

We will send the $PASS token uniformly after the collection time is over. Please pay attention to check the balance of your wallet.

We will also launch the new products before the arrival of the new year. You guys could imagine what it will be:)

Stay tuned 💪