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  6. 45 Factors Affecting Demand and Elasticities of Demand


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    Jan 2024. Rajesh Kanna Raji. The reader will realize at the end of this chapter that economics is the study of mankind's struggle to satisfy boundless demands with restricted resources. The ...

  2. Studies in Microeconomics: Sage Journals

    Studies in Microeconomics. Studies in Microeconomics seeks high quality, analytically rigorous papers in all areas of microeconomics (broadly defined). Theoretical as well as applied (or empirical) research is welcome. All manuscripts will be subjected to a … | View full journal description.

  3. Journal of Political Economy Microeconomics

    ABOUT THE JOURNAL. Frequency: 4 issues/year. Journal of Political Economy Microeconomics (JPE Micro) strives to publish high-quality theoretical, empirical, and econometric research papers and replication studies that address issues of relevance to microeconomics.Microeconomics is interpreted in the broadest possible sense and includes issues related to how individuals, households, firms, and ...

  4. American Economic Journal: Microeconomics

    American Economic Journal: Microeconomics. American Economic Journal: Microeconomics. American Economic Journal: Microeconomics publishes papers focusing on microeconomic theory; industrial organization; and the microeconomic aspects of international trade, political economy, and finance. Read more about the AEJ: Microeconomics.

  5. PDF Essays on Microeconomic Theory and Its Applications

    The remainder of the paper is organized as follows. In x3.2, we elaborate on model ingredients, and define competitive equilibria. In x1.3.1, we analyze the existence and optimality of competi-tive equilibria and managers' wages; in x1.3.2, we extend the model by allowing for information asymmetry.

  6. PDF Microeconometric Models of Consumer Demand

    An empirical literature has used the discrete/continuous specification of demand to decompose the. total price elasticity of demand into three components: (1) purchase incidence (2) brand choice and. (3) quantity choice. This literature seeks to understand the underlying consumer choice mechanism.

  7. American Economic Journal: Microeconomics

    research as well as empirical research utilizing both field and experimental data. Table 1 pro-vides the distribution of fields covered by papers published in 2020 and displays their diversity. Table 2 suggests the mix of theoretical and empirical published papers, with over 40 percent being data reliant. Editorial Process

  8. PDF Part I Paper 1 Microeconomics 202 1-2022

    Part I Paper 1 Microeconomics 202 1-2022. Paper Coordinator: Dr M Safronov. Paper Content. This is the introductory paper in microeconomics. It concerns the interactions of firms and households and studies, by means of partial and general equilibrium analysis, how relative prices and quantities are determined in markets.

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    Abstract. This dissertation consists of three self-contained essays in microeconomics. The first chapter studies the rollover risk of financial institutions. It presents. a competitive-equilibrium model of financial institutions optimally choosing their debt maturity structure.

  10. PDF Principles for Combining Descriptive and Model-Based Analysis in

    In this section, I discuss five principles for combining descriptive and model-based analysis, as illustrated by the three papers summarized above. 1. Show Your Variation with Descriptive Analysis. Many applied microeconomics papers are built around an empirical approach (sometimes referred to as a research design).

  11. Microeconomic Theory for the Social Sciences

    Download book PDF. Download book EPUB. Microeconomic Theory for the Social Sciences ... covering seemingly all possible sections of modern microeconomics, and it is intended for a wide scope of readers learning and specializing in economics and other social sciences." (Vladimir Gorbunov, zbMATH 1483.91002, 2022) ... 2017) as well as academic ...

  12. PDF Design Based Research in Empirical Microeconomics* ABSTRACT

    ABSTRACT. I briefly review the emergence of "design‐based" research methods in labor economics in the 1980s and early 1990s. These methods were seen as a partial solution to the problems of credible inference identified by Ashenfelter (1974), Leamer (1978), Hendry (1980), and others.

  13. Microeconomic Theory Research Group

    Cooperation and Punishment Mechanisms in Uncertain and Dynamic Social Networks. Authors. Gallo, E., Riyanto, Y. E., Roy, N. and Teh, T-H. Journal. Games and Economic Behavior. Year. (2022) Title. Challenges of Integrating Economics into Epidemiological Analysis of and Policy Responses to Emerging Infectious Diseases.

  14. PDF Lecture Notes in Microeconomic Theory

    theoretic revolution from research papers to textbooks. His book covers the material in depth and includes many ideas for future research. His more recent book, Kreps (2013), is even better than his first and is now my clear favorite for a graduate microeconomics course. Three other books are on my shortlist: Mas-Colell, Whinston and


    312 Social Sciences by appointment Monday and Wednesday 4:40 - 5:55 TA & presentation sessions Teaching Assistants: Tuesday-Thursday 4:40-5:55. Social Sciences 311 Social Sciences 311 Jeffrey Hill Xiaonan Hong Sahil Khatkar. [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]. Course description.

  16. PDF Markets, Methods & Models

    Ian Irvine is a specialist in microeconomics, public economics, economic inequality and health economics. He is the author of some thirty research papers in these fields. He completed his PhD at the University of Western Ontario, has been a visitor at the London School of Economics, the

  17. PDF The Microeconomics of Cryptocurrencies National Bureau of Economic

    microeconomics of cryptocurrencies themselves. What drives their supply, demand, trading price and competition amongst them. This literature has been emerging over the past decade and the purpose of this paper is to summarize its main findings so as to establish a base upon which future research can be conducted. Hanna Halaburda NYU Stern

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    NBER Working Papers This link opens in a new window. Search or browse Topic: Microeconomics to find reports by the National Bureau of Economic Research. ... These research guides provide additional resources for finding academic and policy research. Business & Economics (general)

  19. Measuring the Openness of AI Foundation Models: Competition and ...

    Abstract. This paper presents the first comprehensive evaluation of AI foundation model licenses as drivers of innovation commons. It introduces a novel methodology for assessing the openness of AI foundation models and applies this approach across prominent models such as OpenAI's GPT-4, Meta's Llama 3, Google's Gemini, Mistral's 8x7B, and MidJourney's V6.