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Cute Desk Decorating Ideas for an Aesthetic Homework Space

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As the kids head back to school, it’s time to start thinking about how to create an inspiring homework and study space for the coming year. You don’t have to break the bank to create a beautiful workspace; you simply need a few easy ideas to make an aesthetic desk area. In today’s blog post, I’m sharing some of the cutest and easiest ways to decorate a desk space for back-to-school season and beyond. (P.S: You can also use these ideas for your own work-at-home desk area or your office spaces!)

aesthetic homework

I recently gave my daughter’s room a teen room makeover with a loft bed; you can check out the full makeover right here. Let’s dive in to how we setup and organized her desk area, and how you too can create an organized, personalized workspace for your child… or for yourself!

Watch my video for all my cute desk decorating ideas

(The video below was sponsored by Cricut Canada)

Personalize It

To make you child’s desk area feel personal and match their style, consider adding some themed art or decals to the wall area. Come up with a fun theme that matches their personality, and purchase or create artwork to match. Consider painting the wall behind the desk in a pop of color that goes with the theme. Installing some removable wallpaper is also a fun update. Look for cute desk accessories like a mouse pad, small rug, desk lamp and office chair that further complement the mood and match the color palette.

For Little A’s new desk under her loft bed, I created a crystal & moon themed decal with my Cricut Maker and applied that to the wall. She loves collecting crystals, and this was the perfect, personal touch!

aesthetic homework

Use Multi-Functional Storage

Staying organized is a crucial element of maintaining a beautiful workspace. Try to minimize clutter and opt for multi-functional storage solutions. You can find functional desktop organizers and decorate them to fit your child’s aesthetic. With multi-functional storage, you can have everything you need within reach.

I found this handy desk organizer with drawers here on Amazon, and then I used my Cricut to cut out some labels and a crystal-themed design. I applied the labels to the drawers to help my daughter stay organized. The cute crystal design added to the top of the organizer matches her theme. Inside the organizer, she has lots of room for her favourite pens, pencils, markers, Post-It Notes, clips and more.

If you don’t have lots of desk drawers, you may want to consider multiple desk organizers for larger items like stationery and folders.

aesthetic homework

Keep Cords in Check

Messy power cords and cables everywhere is a common problem that can ruin the aesthetic of a desk. To keep cords at bay, consider using cord organizers or clips like these ones .. For cords that aren’t in use, wrap them neatly and secure them with a cord storage strap.

aesthetic homework

For my daughter’s homework desk, I made some DIY cord wraps with faux leather and velcro with my Cricut Maker. Then, I labeled some clear pencil cases to store the neatly wrapped cords and chargers all in one place.

aesthetic homework

Hang Some Inspiration

Whether it’s photos of your family or images that inspire your child, hanging items on the wall near their desk can add a personal touch to their workspace. From motivational quotes to photos of loved ones or even their creative work, framing them by the desk can create a wall decor that is both inspiring and functional.

If you don’t want to use a frame, you can purchase an inexpensive wall grid like this one . Then, art, photos, or even calendars can be easily hung with paper clips. You could also install pegboard for a similar function and look. Click here to see how I used a pegboard wall in my own home office!

aesthetic homework

Add Some Greenery

Plants are the perfect way to add a touch of nature and life to your desk. And if you’re not a fan of real plants, opt for artificial ones that look just as lovely and require no maintenance – perfect for kids! Placing a small succulent or a mini cactus on a desk can do wonders for brightening up a workspace. You can also hang a small pot on the wall next to your desk, or place a couple of small plants on a wall shelf. Not only do plants add to the aesthetic of a workspace, but they also have been proven to boost productivity and decrease stress levels.

aesthetic homework

Layer Your Desk Decor

Lastly, to create depth and visual interest on your desk, layer your decor. If your desk is too plain, it might look too sterile and uninviting (especially if it’s a white desk like my daughter’s). You can stack a few books or use a fun lamp to create height. Use a combination of vertical and horizontal arrangements for interest. Make sure you have enough space to work, but you can still create a charming aesthetic through subtle layering and texture.

Don’t forget to use the walls around the desk as part of your layering and height. Hang hooks on the wall for practical storage, or add some wall shelves for books and art. In my daughter’s modern desk area, I hung a small shelf on the wall for accessories and a hook for her headphones.

More cute desk decor ideas

  • use a wooden laptop stand to elevate a laptop or computer montior and add some cozy texture
  • create an acrylic wall calendar like I did here for your wall, or buy one from Etsy
  • use one of your favourite fabrics to create an upcycled wall storage pocket like I did here

So there you have it – my favourite aesthetic desk decor tips! These simple and affordable ideas will transform your child’s workspace (or your own) into a vibrant and engaging desk area. Happy decorating!

aesthetic homework

Hey there, I'm Christina Dennis, the creative force behind The DIY Mommy. I'm all about budget-friendly DIY and decorating ideas to make your space shine. Let's create homes that bring us joy, one project at a time! 🌟

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The 33 Best Aesthetic Study Websites & Virtual Spaces [2024]

Staying in the groove and making the most of your time while practicing self-care isn’t easy during a lengthy study period. With study websites and virtual spaces, you can create a relaxing environment, drown out distracting noise, and focus on your mental health. Plus, you’ll find dozens of extensions, tools, and project management apps that can help you level up your learning.

We’ve curated the best study websites, virtual spaces, online communities, and extensions to help you reach your study goals. Scroll and check out our top picks!

Looking for more student productivity tips? Subscribe to The Flow — our free quick, snappy, value-packed focus and recharge newsletter:

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Table of Contents

Ambient Study Background Websites

Study timer websites, background noise websites for studying, virtual group study spaces & rooms, online notepad & note-taking websites, breathing exercise websites for students, aesthetic chrome extensions for students.

Having an online space that feels like your own and matches your aesthetic is a big plus when working through tricky topics. Check out these top ambient background websites for study!

Flocus: All-in-One Focus & Ambience Dashboard

Find your flow and a moment’s peace with Flocus, an all-in-one dashboard. Flocus is a web app with a three-way toggle switch, flipping between your Home Dashboard, Focus Mode, and Ambient Mode.

Prepare ready for the day by reading dynamic greetings and inspirational quotes, or listening to your favorite Spotify playlists on your Home Dashboard. When you’re ready to start the day, switch to Focus Mode, set up custom Pomodoro timers for deep work, and type your current focus for extra motivation. Taking a break? Escape the daily grind in one of over 10 original Flocus worlds, complete with serene themes and laid-back Spotify playlists.

Go to Flocus

Flocus: All-in-One Focus & Ambience Dashboard

LifeAt – General Virtual Space

Craft the ultimate aesthetic workspace in LifeAt. Pick from over 100 gorgeous spaces, from lofi animations to hi-def nature scenes. Each space features soundscapes and music to match your vibe. Or, choose your own soundtrack with built-in media widgets.

LifeAt offers everything you need to engage in deep work, including notepads, to-do lists, calendars, and Pomodoro timers. Feeling overwhelmed? Reflect on your day with breathing exercises, or read your fortune. Share your spaces and video chat with your friends or coworkers for quick and easy collab sessions.

Visit LifeAt

LifeAt – Virtual Study Space

Drive & Listen – Driving Footage & Radio Website

Drive & Listen lets you take relaxing car rides around the world. Over 55 destinations are available for your virtual space, from Oslo to Mumbai to Hawaii. Jam out to local radio stations while you cruise around your chosen city.

Turn on a city’s street noise for a truly immersive experience. Different car speeds are available, so you can explore cities in a hurry. Buckle up and virtually travel the world by car with Drive & Listen.

Visit Drive & Listen

Drive & Listen – Driving Footage & Radio Website

Lofi Cafe – Anime Loops & Lofi Hip-Hop Radio

Lofi Cafe’s retro-futuristic TV channel-hopping aesthetic is a unique take on virtual study spaces. Cycle through visual loops like Lofi Girl, cyberpunk cityscapes, 8-bit animations, and more.

Tune into synthwave, lofi hip hop, and ambient radio stations for easy listening while studying. Get stuck into your work with a simple built-in Pomodoro timer. Change the visual loop and music from your keyboard with the touch of a button.

Visit Lofi Cafe

Lofi Cafe – Anime Loops & Lofi Hip-Hop Radio

Magenta Lofi Player

Featuring nostalgic 8-bit visuals, Magenta Lofi Player lets you build your own custom music room by interacting with in-world elements! Click on each instrument or object in the room, and completely fine tune volume, tone, and patterns of each. The result — your very own, one of a kind virtual room to chill out to or have in the background while working!

Visit Lofi Player

Magenta Lofi Player for Studying

I Miss My Office

If your home workspace is too quiet, I Miss My Office might be the perfect solution. With an interactive floorplan, this ambient site mimics the hustle and bustle of an office environment – keyboard clatters, muffled chatter, and all. You can even increase or decrease your virtual colleague count depending on how much background noise you’re looking for.

Visit I Miss My Office

I Miss My Office Website

Virtual Cottage – Cottage Virtual Space

Cozy up in a custom cottage with this free desktop app for Mac and Windows! Virtual Cottage lets you live out your cottagecore dreams in your quaint cabin beside your browser. A built-in Pomodoro timer, ambient sound and music toggles, and real-time dynamic lighting, will help you get into a flow state while you work away at your to-do list.

Visit Virtual Cottage

Cottage Virtual Space Website for Studying

Lofi Girl YouTube Live Stream

The Lofi Girl YouTube Live Stream is one of the most popular YouTube livestream radio stations. Listen to endless lofi hip-hop tunes with the iconic Lofi Girl visual loop from Studio Ghibli’s Whisper of the Heart . Plus, subscribers to the Lofi Girl channel can chat with other listeners while they work.

Visit the Lofi Girl Channel

Lofi Girl Study Stream

Online aesthetic stopwatch and the Pomodoro timers can add structure to your study while keeping you motivated with beautiful backgrounds, lofi playlists, and valuable tools. Scroll down to view a few of our favorite study timer websites!

Flocus Minimalist Timer

Get back to basics with the Flocus Minimalist Timer. Set custom Pomodoro intervals and breaks with sseveral high-quality minimalist backgrounds to help you get in your work groove. Switch between four alarm chimes letting you know when to return to work or take a break.

Bop along to Flocus Radio with the built-in Spotify widget. Embed the Flocus Minimalist Timer in Notion, and create a free account to sync your settings across devices. Reduce distractions and maximize your productivity with this practical and aesthetic study timer .

Visit Flocus Pomodoro

Flocus Minimalist Study Timer

StudyWithMe.io – Aesthetic Study With Me Website

Prefer to match your Pomodoro counter with your workplace aesthetic? StudyWithMe.io features customizable Pomodoro timers with a dozen charming backgrounds, ranging from “Dark Academia” to “Tokyo Sakura.”

Tune into Flocus Radio through the Spotify widget, and sync your settings across the devices with a free account. Plus, StudyWithMe.io is also embeddable, adding extra flare to your Notion aesthetic . Cram for your next big exam in style with StudyWithMe.io’s aesthetic Pomodoro timer!

Visit StudyWithMe.io

StudyWithMe.io – Aesthetic Study With Me Website

Tomato Timers

Study side by side with a hard-working kawaii tomato on Tomato Timers! Customize your Pomodoro intervals and breaks, and set loops to keep your streak going. Add items to your to-do list and mark them complete to stay up to date on your backlog.

Visit Tomato Timer

Tomato Timer for Studying

Animedoro Timer by Flocus

Do you spend your Pomodoro breaks catching up on your favorite anime? Then check out the Animedoro Timer! Motivate yourself for your next break by setting your timer background to one of eight anime-inspired backgrounds. The studio Ghibli-inspired “anime chill music” playlist from Flocus Radio on Spotify provides a fitting soundtrack to your Animedoro session .

Visit the Animedoro Timer

Animedoro Timer by Flocus

Background noise websites are super handy if you find the hustle and bustle of others working motivating, or you’re trying to drown out a noisy neighbor. Curate the perfect soundtrack to your study sessions with these background noise websites!

For more sites like this, check out our full round-up of ambient sound and background noise websites for studying .

I Miss My Cafe – Cafe Ambience Website

Set up your ideal cafe ambiance in your office with I Miss My Cafe. Use sliders to adjust the sound levels of eight cafe sounds, including talking baristas, whirring machinery, and a crackling fireplace.

Save your soundscape preferences and add your own Spotify playlist to match your mood. A built-in Pomodoro timer is there to help you engage in deep work. If you can’t make it to your local cafe, you can now access one straight from your browser.

Visit I Miss My Cafe

I Miss My Cafe – Cafe Ambience Website

I Miss My Bar – Bar Ambience Website

Love a busy bar, but find it hard to concentrate in a crowded environment? I Miss My Bar lets you create a custom pub environment with weekly playlists and sound sliders for bartender noise, street noise, rain noise, and more!

Visit I Miss My Bar

I Miss My Bar – Bar Ambience Website

I Miss My Library – Library Ambience Website

Shh! Check out I Miss My Library if you find the sounds of a cafe or bar too distracting. Clacking keyboards and turning pages are soothing, familiar background noises for your virtual study environment. I Miss My Library also has a built-in to-do list so you can stay on top of your workload.

Visit I Miss My Library

I Miss My Library – Library Ambience Website

Noisli – Relaxing Background Noise

Noisli is a super-simple soundscape generator with 25+ premium background noises to mix and match. Just click a sound and adjust its volume with a slider.

Combine noises for a bespoke ambiance, and shuffle sounds at random. Or, access pre-curated playlists if you’re looking for inspiration. Noisli’s built-in timer and text editor are on hand to help you reach maximum productivity.

Visit Noisli

Noisli – Relaxing Background Noise

Rainyscope – Seasonal Virtual Space

Change the season with the click of a button on Rainyscope. Swap between the dog days of summer, snow storms, and overcast autumn days — whatever matches your mood. Set an hour-long timer to keep you motivated and focused on your current project.

Visit Rainyscope

Rainyscope – Seasonal Virtual Space

Noises Online

Curate your ideal background noise from 30 different sounds with Noises Online. Mixing a soundscape is easy — just click each sound button to raise or lower the volume. Adjust the tone and liveliness of your soundscapes, and save them for future listening.

Visit the Noises Online

Studying Noises Website

The ultimate background noise website for studying, myNoise features hundreds of high-quality original recordings. Travel the world with recordings from Ireland, Japan, and the Sahara. Or, tune in to soothing arrangements like “Gregorian Chanting” and “Tibetan Bowls.”

From tonal drones to restaurant hubbubs to acoustic performances, myNoise boasts sounds for every situation. All sounds are fully adjustable, too! Want more thunder in your “Stormy Weather” soundscape? Adjust the equalizer for the perfect audio.

Visit the myNoise

MyNoise Study Website

Immerse yourself in Noisekun’s ambient sounds that are perfect for both focusing and relaxing between study sessions. Choose from an array of ambient noises in its minimalist grid — ranging from rain, to wind, fire crackling, airplane ambiance, and even underwater sounds. As you listen, enjoy the site’s slow, relaxing hue shift that pairs perfectly with the ambient sounds.

Visit the Noisekun

Ambient Study Sounds Website

Work through tough topics together and find motivation from your peers by joining a virtual study space. Scroll to discover some of the biggest and best study communities on the web!

Check out our full round-up of online study room websites for more.

StudyStream Live

StudyStream Live lets you work alongside tens of thousands of your fellow students from across the globe! Create to-do lists, listen to your favorite study playlists, and track your Pomodoros while you chat and live stream.

Stay motivated by tracking your rank and daily streaks in the StudyStream leaderboards. Unlock perks and achievements to show off your dedication. Join events like fireside chats, journaling sessions, and focus rooms. Use the FocusBuddies feature to find study partners and build an online community!

Go to Website

StudyStream Live Website

Study Together

Study Together is one of the world’s largest virtual study communities, with over 1 million members. Find co-working sessions 24/7 with students from over 215 countries. Start by constructing your personal study space and choose from tons of stunning backgrounds and personalization options.

Join group study rooms, participate in community events, and even find tutors to help you with tricky topics. Practice mindfulness during your breaks with guided breathing and meditation exercises. Rise to the top of the community leaderboards and provide your peers with some healthy competition!

Study Together Website

Flocus Discord Study Server

Join a community of over 16,000 members on the Flocus Discord Study Server! Chat with others about work, digital decor, productivity tools, and more! Not a native English speaker? Discover different language rooms and chat with students around the world.

Inspire others by sharing your daily goals, recent wins, and study hacks. Or find a study buddy and drop in on group study sessions. Level up your profile, earn rewards, and rise to the top of the Flocus rankings. During your downtime, join the #party-room and play classic games like Truth or Dare!

For more servers to join, check out our curated list of the best Discord study servers !

Go to Flocus Server

Flocus Discord Study Server

Whether you’re taking notes, writing an important paper, or collabing with others, online notepad websites are an essential study tool. Check out some of our favorite online note-taking websites!

Notion – All-in-One Productivity Website & App

Notion is a free all-in-one productivity platform — operating both as a website and app to run on your computer, tablet, or phone. Take notes, plan your semesters, study for your exams, track your assignments, and do so much more, all in one workspace. Utilize Notion AI to quickly summarize content, create tables, rework paragraphs, and more.

The best part? You can even personalize your workspace to fit your theme and embed timer widgets. There are several aesthetic , student , and free Notion templates to help you get started — even our all-in-one Student OS Notion template .

Sign Up for Notion

Notion – All-in-One Productivity Website & App

Calmly Writer

Check out Calmly Writer if you want a minimalist all-in-one note-taking site. Avoid distracting formatting options and intricate user interfaces with this simple white text editor. Use keyboard commands or highlight text to change the formatting.

Despite being straightforward, Calmly Writer provides everything you need from a word processor. Import documents from your local files or Google Drive, export files as PDFs, insert pictures, and more.

Enable “Focus Mode” to remove even more distractions from your Calmly Writer documents. Customization options include changing font size and color, toggling dark mode, and enabling smart punctuation.

Calmly Writer for Students

Craft is a project management and aesthetic note-taking app that will revolutionize how you build documents. Craft’s Blocks allow you to move text around your documents seamlessly, while Pages make organizing your documents a breeze. Craft’s built-in AI assistant speeds up your ability to flesh out new ideas.

Invite unlimited team members to collab on documents. You can access all your files offline and sync your Craft profile across devices — perfect if you’re traveling. Craft is similar in function to Notion and is worth trying out if you’re searching for a comprehensive note-taking app.

Craft Docs for Students

Google Docs

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Google Docs is many people’s go-to all-in-one note-taking word processor, with its familiar UI and personalization options. Download extensions like ProWritingAid, DocuSign, and Mailmeteor to make your daily grind a little easier.

Insert charts, download in Rich Text Format, translate documents, and a whole lot more. Share documents with anyone, anywhere, and anytime, by sharing a link to your latest WIP.

Google Docs for Students

Literally taking a breather during a study session will help you relax and reset for your next big push. Here’s a few of the best breathing exercise websites for students!

Check out our full round-up of breathing exercise websites for more.

Calm Breathing Bubble

Get guided through a simple breathing exercise by the sound of a calming Tibetan singing bowl with Calm Breathing Bubble. Watch the bubble expand and contract as your worries wash away.

Calm Breathing Websites

MindfulDevMag Breathing Timer

The MindfulDevMag Breathing Timer offers 4-7-8, 4-2-4, box, and HRV breathing exercises for meditation and relaxation. Toggle the sound on to help with deep meditation, and choose between two breathing animations. Download GIFs for each breathing exercise for use offline.

MindfulDevMag Breathing Timer Website

eXHALeR Web App

eXHALeR is one of the best breathing exercise websites for customization. Adjust the sliders to change how long you breathe in/out and hold your breath.

There are also four presets for popular breathing techniques like pranayama and ujjayi. Toggle day or night mode, and add audio guidance if needed.

eXHALeR Breathing Website for Studying

Whether you’re tracking Pomodoros, blocking distracting websites, or monitoring your mood, Chrome extensions offer many uses for students. Here are a couple of our favorite Chrome extensions for students to download!

Looking for more Chrome extensions for your student life? Check out our full round-up featuring the best Chrome extensions for students !

Otto – Pomodoro Timer and Website Blocker

Let Otto, the adorable blue blob, encourage you to keep up with your Pomodoros! Otto’s avatar lifts weights while you work and snoozes on your breaks.

Add websites to Otto’s blocklist to remove distractions, or use the auto block feature to disable sites depending on how long you spend on a particular page. Gain insights into website usage and Pomodoro sessions for added motivation.

Download Otto

Otto – Pomodoro Timer and Website Blocker

Manage your mental health, monitor your mood, and have mindful moments with the Thyself Chrome extension. Throughout the day, Thyself will check in on how you’re feeling with a wheel of emojis to help you decipher your current mood.

The Thyself dashboard shows your past moods, as well as journal prompts and a self-care to-do list. Take a breather and engage in a Thyself breathing exercise. Invite your friends and coworkers to your Thyself team and work together on your mental well-being.

Download Thyself

Thyself Chrome Extension for Students


Combine coffee and self-care with the Coffeelings extension! Each day, pick a different shade of coffee roast to match your feelings. View your moods on a coffee-theme palette calendar across the year. Attach notes to each day to remind yourself why you had such a fantastic (or terrible) day!

Download Coffeelings

Coffeelings Mood Tracker for Students

Are we missing any aesthetic study websites? Do you have any other virtual spaces to recommend? Let us know in the comments down below!

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aesthetic homework



Inspiring and educating bright minds.

25 Examples of Aesthetic Note Layouts To Steal Right Now

Note Layouts Inspiration

Last Updated on April 29, 2024

Table of Contents

You’ve probably seen them on Instagram, Pinterest, or Tumblr: those cute notes with legible handwriting and tons of colors on the page. Perhaps you have classmates who do these on their notebooks as well. Aesthetic notes have been around for a while, but they’re currently enjoying more spotlight with most people stuck at home .

If you’ve always wanted your science or math notebooks to look Instagram-worthy, then you’re going to need a few pens and highlighters.

Why make aesthetic notes?

YouTube video

Why bother making notes appear cute or colorful?

For one, students learn differently . There are those who learn by doing, while others are more visual. For most kids and teens, notes are their lifeline. It helps them process information faster, as well as make sense out of difficult subject matters.

Second, aesthetic notes can help you study more efficiently because everything looks clean and well-organized. Many of these include helpful elements, too, such as graphs, bullet points, and diagrams. These make notes fun to read and review.

Lastly, cute notes can also benefit the whole class. For those taking digital lessons , why not scan and upload them to help your classmates with tricky topics? Set it up so they can add their own input and thoughts; thereby producing unique notes everyone will enjoy.

Basic tips for aesthetic note-taking

One of the best things about note-taking is that it doesn’t require a lot to get started. If you’ve ignored your notes up to this point, you can always get a fresh start with a new notebook .

First things first: gather essential materials like leaf papers, binders, pens, and highlighters. Don’t worry if you only have a couple of colored pens and no high-quality paper. Make do with what you have for now. Buy what you want later once you get the hang of it.

Next, practice your handwriting . This is perhaps the most important component to aesthetic note-taking. If you hate looking at your handwriting or you envy someone else’s, train your hands so they create beautiful, legible scribbles you – and those around you – can understand.

Another benefit is that your teachers don’t need to suffer while grading your essays. It’s a win-win situation, so try not to skip this process. Soon enough, you’ll find that you’re able to balance consistency and speed. Be patient and practice everyday .

Don’t forget to think about the overall style you want your notes to look like. Search the Web for inspiration. Aside from markers and highlighters, some students add stickers, notepads, and doodles . There’s NO hard and fast rule. Figure out the style that suits your studying habits as well as your personality.

Aesthetic notes to motivate you

Don’t beat yourself up if you draw wonky lines or your headers are uneven. The important things are that a) your notes are correct , and b) you’re having fun ! Despite people posting their notebooks online, keep in mind that notes are still personal – unless you want to share them.

Tiny imperfections are what make these aesthetic notes charming and delightful. So add your own twists. Let this collection of aesthetic notes inspire you to turn studying into an artform.

aesthetic homework

Posted by: Igor Ovsyannnykov

Igor is an SEO specialist, designer, photographer, writer and music producer. He believes that knowledge can change the world and be used to inspire and empower young people to build the life of their dreams. When he is not writing in his favorite coffee shop, Igor spends most of his time reading books, taking photos, producing house music, and learning about cinematography. He is a sucker for good coffee, Indian food, and video games.


How to Take Pretty, Aesthetic Notes + All You Need

biology notes

Have you ever wanted to take aesthetic notes like the girls you see on Instagram and Tiktok? So did I, when I started my college career in engineering. My notes were a huge mess, but I turned it around within a year and even started scoring extra credit with the TAs on my homework for having neat work! My GPA skyrocketed, and my classmates even started paying me for my notes! I’m about to let you in on everything you need to take pretty, aesthetic notes are insanely Insta-worthy.

P.S.: I’m also left-handed, so all of the products I use and recommend will not smudge on you!

Everything You Need to Take Aesthetic Notes

aesthetic notes

Pens & Highlighters

  • These are the brush pens I absolutely recommend for any calligraphy-style writing. In the two-pack, one of the brush pens is firmer than the other, so you can explore which style is better suited for you.
  • I use Zebra Mildliners , Stabilo Swing Cool , and Uni Propus Window
  • The Zebra Mildliner and Uni Propus Window highlighters are double-sided, with one end being a fine-tip. It is super handy for underlining and boxing!
  • I use Zebra Sarasa Clip , Muji , and Pilot Juice Up
  • I started out using Muji pens, but since they closed most of their stores during the pandemic, they’re a lot less accessible. A fantastic alternative is the Zebra Sarasa Clip. They’re sold at many major retailers and they’re super smooth and reliable!
  • Note: Amazon only sells the “Made in Mexico” Pentel Energel, whereas I had to track down the “Made in Japan” Pentel Energel at a Japanese stationery store. While this isn’t necessary, the body of the Made in Japan pen is noticeably sturdier than the Made in Mexico pen.

pens for aesthetic notes

Other Tools

  • I use this two-pack from Amazon that has a 6-inch and 12-inch!
  • The Tombow Correction Tape and Office Depot Correction Tape are so smooth and friendly for left-handed users
  • The dot-line notebook style makes it so easy to create neat lines and boxes without looking too busy
  • My absolute favorite is the Kokuyo Campus Notebook . The paper is thick enough so that highlighters won’t bleed through, and smooth enough so the paper doesn’t damage your highlighters and brush pens. The 7mm line spacing is college-ruled, and the A4 size paper is the size of your standard notebook.
  • This is a must if you are taking classes with lots of drawings and diagrams. You will hardly be able to tell it’s there, and your markers and pens will not smudge after they dry.

6 Tips to Taking Aesthetic Notes

1. pick a color scheme.

pretty notes

This part is so fun! Pick a highlighter and pen color for this set of notes and stick to it! I like to choose whatever color best corresponds to the topic. I use the highlighter for headings and subheadings, and colored pen for terms. If you have sub-subheadings, go in with a gray highlighter.

In the above picture, I’m using a red and gray Zebra Mildliner Highlighter, and a Zebra Sarasa pen in maroon.

2. Practice calligraphy for headings


This is where your brush pens come in handy! I learned calligraphy by watching Studyquill on Youtube , and I practiced by putting on a Netflix show and just writing whatever the characters were saying. Write slowly and learn how to control the amount of pressure you’re putting down on the page.

Amazon also sells calligraphy practice books for beginners , which offer stencils to help you get used to the shape of calligraphy letters. Eventually you’ll build your own style to your lettering!

3. Practice handwriting

aesthetic handwriting

The key to neat, pretty handwriting is writing slowly and on the lines. This seems super obvious but it makes a world of difference. Your favorite study vloggers and Instagrammers all write incredibly slowly, but speed up their videos so you would never know.

There are times in lecture where I’ve had a cheap, $1 notebook to scribble notes in, and I took the time to rewrite them neatly afterwards. It was super extra but it helped reinforce class material and boost my understanding! When we transitioned to online classes, I would just watch lecture recordings and pause every few seconds to take my time writing things out. It is time-consuming but so worth it!

Like anything else, practice is perfect. Similar to calligraphy, put on a TV show and write out the words you hear neatly and slowly!

4. Use a clear ruler

tips for aesthetic notes

People always ask me how I get such straight lines, and the answer is I use a clear ruler for everything! This Amazon 2-pack comes with a 6-inch and 12-inch ruler. The 6-inch ruler is perfect for packing in pencil cases and using on small spaces. I highlight headings, create graphs/charts, and draw boxes with it. Combined with the dot-line notebooks, your lines will be perfectly spaced and straight.

5. Use transparent sticky notes

tips for pretty notes

If you’re in a class with lots of drawings and diagrams, transparent sticky notes are you best friend. I was skeptical at first, but after trying them I wont go back! They save so much time, make your notes look professional, and mildliners and Pentel Energel pens won’t smudge on them. I use the Office Depot translucent sticky notes ; they’re so clear that you’ll hardly be able to tell they’re there.

6. Find inspiration

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Jasmine (@studyquill)

There are so many creators out there with amazing note-taking aesthetics. I started out looking at @studyquill ‘s work on Instagram and Youtube. I also draw inspiration from different accounts on Tiktok just by searching for “aesthetic notes”. Everybody does headers and coloring differently, so it’s all about finding a style that is true to you!

This post was all about how to take aesthetic, pretty notes.

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The Art of Aesthetic Note-Taking: Enhancing Creativity and Learning

Do you want to take notes that are both visually appealing and functional? Here’s a comprehensive guide to aesthetic note-taking to help you get started.

  • By Paul Holt
  • Oct 2, 2023

E-student.org is supported by our community of learners. When you visit links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

  • Aesthetic note-taking is the general approach of putting together words, images, color, typography, and other design elements to record and organize notes with visual appeal.
  • Taking notes aesthetically can stimulate creativity and innovation and can facilitate learning comprehension and retention.
  • Essential elements of an aesthetic note include images, diagrams, illustrations, and infographics. With these, you create visual cues that trigger memory recall and stimulate understanding.
  • The use of color and typography plays a crucial role in enhancing not only the aesthetics of your notes but also the cognitive impact of information.
  • By exploring creative layouts and design elements, you can visually organize your notes in any way that would work best for you and for the content.
  • With the advent of tablets, smartphones, computers, and stylus pens, we now have access to a variety of digital platforms that can create the same design and functional elements of paper-based notes with added advantages.

Effective note-taking is a cornerstone of successful learning, aiding in understanding and retention of information.  However, note-taking doesn’t have to be a mundane task limited to scribbles and bullet points.

Enter aesthetic note-taking—an approach that combines visual appeal with the art of learning.  In this article, we’ll tell you all about aesthetic note-taking, exploring its benefits, techniques, and its unique ability to enhance both creativity and learning.

Table of Contents

What is aesthetic note-taking.

Traditional note-taking typically involves jotting down words and phrases on a blank page to record information that you want to remember, store, and share.  Using pen and paper or digital devices, systematic note-taking has been proven essential for academic and professional work .

Aesthetic note-taking transforms this process into an art form. It is similar to visual note-taking – a technique that puts together words and images to record and organize notes. But aesthetic note-taking is more of a general approach – by incorporating colors, doodles, unconventional layouts, and creative typography, you make your notes “aesthetic” or visually appealing.  Taking notes aesthetically can stimulate creativity and innovation. As you explore and experiment with your notes, your mind is free to wander and play with concepts. The tactile and visual approach to note-taking can also spark new ideas and associations, perfect for creative thinkers.

Moreover, the integration of artistic elements allows you to tap into your emotional and intuitive faculties, which are often overlooked in conventional note-taking . Why is this important? This holistic approach can help break down mental barriers, foster a more open and imaginative mindset, unveil new perspectives, facilitate innovative solutions, or simply give you an emotional outlet.

A classic example of an aesthetic note-taker is Leonardo da Vinci , the Renaissance polymath.  His notebooks are filled with sketches, diagrams, and observations, offering a glimpse into the mind of a true creative genius.  His fusion of art and science in his notes laid the foundation for groundbreaking discoveries and innovations.

Leonardo da Vinci's 13,000 pages of notes and drawings published in print and online on openculture.com

Adding visual cues to your notes

Incorporating relevant images into your notes can provide context and make abstract concepts more tangible.  For example, if you’re studying biology, drawing images of cells or organisms alongside your notes can help you better grasp the subject matter.

Adding an image from Instagram @study.with.sanya

Diagrams are excellent for illustrating processes, hierarchies, and relationships between concepts.  Flowcharts, Venn diagrams, and concept maps are valuable tools for organizing information visually.  When you draw a diagram during a lecture or while reviewing, you’re not just copying information but actively engaging with it.

Presenting information in a diagram from Instagram @studyscreen


Creating your own illustrations or sketches can be a powerful way to internalize complex ideas. Whether it’s a visual representation of a historical event or a graph depicting statistical data, your personalized illustrations can serve as mnemonic devices to trigger memory recall.

Custom illustrations of animal groups from Instagram @sketchnote2day


Infographics are visual representations that distill data and concepts into a digestible format. It blends text, images, and graphics to convey information efficiently. In the context of note-taking, you can create and encapsulate the key points of a lecture or reading assignment in a single, visually engaging infographic (which is often the end product of visual note-taking ). The act of designing infographics enhances your summarization and synthesis skills, promoting a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

An infographic about infographics (source: Visually)

Incorporating color and typography

The use of color and typography plays a crucial role in enhancing not only the aesthetics of your notes but also the cognitive impact of information.  While the content of your notes is crucial, the way you format and present them can also help organize data.

First, you need to understand that colors have a profound impact on our emotions, perceptions, and cognitive processes.  This phenomenon is known as color psychology .  Different colors evoke different feelings and can influence how we interpret information.  Here are a few color associations:

  • Red : Often associated with urgency and excitement, red can grab attention and convey importance. It is a great choice for highlighting key points or critical information.
  • Blue : Blue is often seen as calm and trustworthy. Using blue in your notes can help create a sense of reliability, making it an excellent choice for summarizing essential concepts or key takeaways.
  • Green : Green symbolizes growth and balance. Incorporating green into your notes can help emphasize positive and balanced aspects of the content, such as solutions or benefits.
  • Yellow : Yellow is bright and attention-grabbing. Use it sparingly to draw attention to essential details such as dates, deadlines, or to-do items.

Understanding these color associations can help you choose the right colors to convey the intended message and emotions in your design. But when taking notes, remember that you are using color to organize and categorize information and to make complex data more accessible – especially important to keep in mind when highlighting notes . Here’s how you can effectively use color to visually separate and distinguish different types of information with your notes:

  • Categories: Assign specific colors to different categories or topics within your notes. For example, use red for definitions, blue for examples, and green for additional explanations.
  • Key Concepts : Highlight key concepts for important points with a specific color to make them easily identifiable when you review your notes later.
  • Visual Hierarchy : Create a hierarchy within your notes by using varying colors to denote the importance or relevance of each piece of information. This hierarchy can help you quickly locate and focus on critical details.

When using color coding in your notes, it is essential to maintain consistency.  Unless it is meaningful, avoid making your notes too colorful, as it can affect the overall aesthetic and also the functionality of your notes.

A discreet application of color from Instagram @emilystudying

Typography is the science of using letter forms for different hand-written, printed, or digital communication.  It plays a crucial role in ensuring that your notes are not only readable but also aesthetically pleasing. Here are some typography considerations for note-taking:

  • Readability: Choose fonts that are easy to read, both in print and on screens. Sans-serif fonts like Arial and Helvetica are commonly used for digital notes. When writing notes by hand, you may use whatever style you are most comfortable with — cursive or print. What is important is that you write neatly, legibly, and consistently.
  • Hierarchy : Establish a clear typographic hierarchy by using different font sizes. These variations can indicate headings, subheadings, and body text.
  • Formatting : Emphasize important information with formatting options such as bold, italics, or underline. These formatting choices help draw attention to key points within your notes.
  • Consistency : Maintain consistency in your typography choices throughout your notes to create a clean and organized look.  Consistency enhances readability and aesthetics.

Stylish outline from Instagram @giuliacoppola_visual

Creative layouts and design elements

  • Grids and Columns : Using different grid and column layouts can give your notes a structured and organized appearance and enhance your note’s visual appeal.
  • Mind Maps and Flowcharts: Visual thinkers often benefit from mind maps and flowcharts because these mirror the way the brain naturally processes These layouts help you connect ideas and concepts in a visually engaging way, making it easier to grasp complex information.
  • Storyboards : Use storyboards to create a visual narrative within your notes. This technique is ideal for summarizing events, timelines, or processes, and it can make your notes more engaging and memorable.
  • Bullet Journal Format : The bullet journaling technique involves using symbols such as dots, squares, and circles to categorize tasks and notes. It also involves creating pages for indexing, future planning, and tracking habits. Implementing this system helps you prioritize and organize your thoughts efficiently.

Incorporating decorative elements from Instagram @studyquill

Adding decorative elements such as dividers, frames, and doodles can breathe life into your notes and transform them into personalized works of art.

  • Dividers : Insert decorative dividers between sections or topics to separate content visually. Aside from adding aesthetic appeal, it also aids in navigation.
  • Frames and Borders: Use frames or borders to highlight important information and quotes. A well-placed frame can draw attention to key points in your notes.
  • Doodles and Illustrations : Incorporate doodles and illustrations to personalize your notes and make them more engaging. Simple sketches or icons can represent ideas and concepts effectively.

Integrating technology and digital tools

  • Infinite Space : One of the primary benefits of digital note-taking is the virtually unlimited space available. You can create as many pages or notebooks as needed without worrying about running out of physical paper. This is especially useful for long lectures, research projects, or extensive study materials.
  • Multimedia Integration : Digital notes allow for seamless integration of multimedia elements. You can embed images, videos, audio clips, and hyperlinks directly into your notes. The multimedia integration enhances comprehension and retention, making notes more interactive and engaging.
  • Searchable Content : Digital notes are easily searchable, saving time when revisiting information. Most note-taking apps and software provide powerful search functionalities, enabling you to quickly locate specific keywords or topics within your notes.
  • Cloud Synchronization : Many digital note-taking tools offer cloud synchronization, ensuring that your notes are accessible from various devices. This flexibility enables users to switch between devices without losing their work.
  • Notion : Notion is a versatile productivity tool that allows users to create notes, databases, and websites within the same platform. Its customizable templates and rich text editing capabilities make it a great choice for aesthetically pleasing notes.

Notion notes template from Gridfiti

  • Evernote : Evernote offers a range of formatting options and the ability to attach files and images. Its tagging system and note organization features can help you keep your notes neatly arranged.  It has a library of templates suitable for different learning styles. These notes are even shareable with fellow students.

Student templates from Evernote

  • OneNote : Microsoft OneNote offers a digital notebook experience, complete with various formatting tools, drawing options, and seamless integration with other Microsoft Office apps. It is particularly useful for students and professionals who work within the Microsoft ecosystem.

Notes created with Microsoft OneNote from Instagram @yanboch

Practical Tips for Getting Started with Aesthetic Note-taking

1. Understand your learning style, goals, and preferences. Before starting out with your aesthetic note-taking, it is important to understand your personal learning and note-taking preferences.

  • Learning Style : Determine your primary learning style. Are you a visual learner who benefits from colorful diagrams and illustrations? Or do you lean towards text-based notes? Knowing this will guide your aesthetic design choices.
  • Note-taking Goals : Consider the purpose of your notes. Are you taking notes to study, organize thoughts, or simply document information? Clarity about your objectives will help you tailor your note-taking style accordingly.
  • Medium Preference : Decide whether you prefer digital or analog note-taking. Digital tools offer endless design possibilities, while analog methods like bullet journaling and drawing provide a tactile experience.

2. Balance aesthetics and functionality. It is crucial to strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality to ensure that your notes remain effective tools for learning and communication.

  • Legibility : Ensure that your text remains legible. Choose fonts and font sizes that are easy to read. Avoid overly decorative or cursive fonts that might hinder comprehension.
  • Contrast : Use appropriate color contrast to make text and visuals stand out. High contrast between text and background is essential for readability.
  • Consistency : Maintain consistency in your note-taking style. Consistent use of symbols, icons, and color-coding will help viewers understand your notes better.
  • Relevance : Include only the decorative elements that add value to your notes. Over-decorating can clutter your notes and distract you from the content.
  • Visual Hierarchy . Establish a clear visual hierarchy within your notes. Use formatting and design elements to highlight key points and important information.
  • Minimalism . Embrace minimalism when necessary. Sometimes, less is more. Avoid overloading your notes with too many visuals or decorations.
  • Feedback and Iteration . Seek feedback from others to evaluate the practicality of your notes. Iteration is a crucial part of achieving the right balance between style and functionality.

Exploring various handwriting styles from Instagram @yanboch

3. Be versatile. The beauty of aesthetic note-taking lies in its versatility. Experiment with the various aesthetics and styles discussed earlier to find out what’s best for you.  Practice regularly and dedicate time to experimenting with new styles and techniques in your notes. You may also use online resources like Pinterest or Instagram to get note-taking inspirations and to post your own aesthetic notes for your own and shared learning .

aesthetic homework

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aesthetic homework

Free Bullet Journal Printables

Masha Plans

Aesthetic Header And Title Ideas For Your Notes

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aesthetic homework

Bullet Journal title ideas can truly transform your pages from functional to fabulous, and I’m here to spill the beans on how you can achieve that!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably found yourself staring at a blank page, pen in hand, wondering how to kick things off with a bit of pizzazz. Fear not, my fellow journal enthusiasts, because I’ve been down that road more times than I care to admit, and I’ve gathered a treasure trove of aesthetic header and title ideas just for you.

From whimsical to minimalist, these ideas are guaranteed to breathe new life into your notes and make your Bullet Journal not only a productivity powerhouse but a reflection of your unique style. So, grab your favorite pen, and let’s add a dash of creativity to those pages!

aesthetic homework

A well-placed header or title in your Bullet Journal is like the fairy godmother of aesthetics, turning your ordinary pumpkin notes into a sparkling carriage of organization and beauty.

Whether you’re jotting down your daily to-dos, planning your next big adventure, or diving deep into study notes, a catchy header can not only make your pages look more inviting but also inspire you to actually use them. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to open their journal to a page that looks like it belongs in a gallery?

Now, if you’re thinking that achieving this level of aesthetic requires the skill of a seasoned artist, let me stop you right there. I’ve been in those shoes, doubting my own scribbles, but guess what? Sprucing up your headers and titles is really not that hard.

It’s all about embracing your style, whether it’s through bold lettering, delicate doodles, or simply playing with colors. I’m sure the inspirations you’ll find in this blog post will convince you of that!

Before we dive in, be sure to scroll until the end of the post to get some FREEBIES to help you add creativity to your notes and Bullet Journal pages.

This post may contain affiliate links. They will be of no extra expense for you, but I receive a small credit. Please see my  Disclosure  for more details. Thank you for supporting Masha Plans!

Stationery Recommendations

If you just have your one trusty writing pen, you can already create a lot of fun and outstanding headers and titles for your notes.

But since you’re here, chances are you’re looking to expand your stationery collection. So here are a few of my favorites.

  • Sakura Pigma Micron – these pens are some of the best fineliners on the market. Their black archival ink will make all your headers look sharp.
  • Tombow Fude Brush Pens – these small brush pens will allow you to create the most intricate headers, especially for smaller elements. Plus, of course, you can use them for brush lettering.
  • Crayola Super Tips – when it comes to recommending markers, these are some of the best you can get. They come in so many colors! And they are pretty affordable.
  • Bullet Journal Stencils – these will not just help you with setting up your Bullet Journal pages but also will allow you to easily create decorations and banners you can use to enhance your headers.

Crayola Super Tips Washable Markers 100 Count

Now that you’ve got all the supplies at the ready, let’s dive into headers.

Headers and titles are your secret weapon to infuse a burst of creativity into your notes with minimal effort. And I'm here, armed with a plethora of inspirations, to demonstrate just how effortlessly you can elevate your pages.

Sure, some of these include brush lettering, which is a skill you might not have yet. But even so, there's a magical solution called faux calligraphy that can help you achieve the same effect.

As we explore these inspirations, you'll notice that each creator brings their unique flair to the table. That's the beauty of the Bullet Journal community—there's no one-size-fits-all approach here. From minimalist designs that whisper elegance to bold, quirky headers that shout personality, there's something for every taste and style.

Let these inspirations spark your creativity, but always make room for your personal touch. After all, every creator has their own style and approach, and that's what makes your journal uniquely yours. Let's dive in and make those pages pop!

aesthetic homework

Aesthetic Floral Header Ideas

Every month is perfect for floral elements, but I think it's especially great for Spring when all the flowers just start to bloom. These headers are stunning, and I adore the color combination here.

aesthetic homework

Pink And Grey Title Ideas

I think the right color combination can definitely add a lot to the general feel of the headers. These soft colors look perfect together, and I especially love their contrast with the dark black ink.

aesthetic homework

Aesthetic Header Ideas

These headers are the epiphany of style to me! The colors, the brush lettering, the dark black accents—stunning!

aesthetic homework

Blue Title Ideas

These ideas are pretty simple to copy, but they still look absolutely stunning and memorable. And remember, look at the concept. With colors, you can play around and use whatever you like.

aesthetic homework

Cozy Header Ideas

If you want to go for something more cozy ad minimalist, these might be perfect for you. This is a wonderful example of how you can create stunning headers with just one pen and one or two colorful markers. Choose something more muted for an extra aesthetic look.

aesthetic homework

Bright Peach Title Ideas

For anyone who is like me and adores bright colors, go ahead and try these ideas! Even the softer peach is so bright and colorful! I love how much character is added to headers just by using colors.

aesthetic homework

Minimalist Title Ideas

Here is a secret to make your titles look more aesthetic and cute - make them small. How much cuter are these letters for being smaller and more spaced out?

aesthetic homework

Three Colored Title Ideas

Just looking at the titles makes me want to buy these Copic markers ; the colors are just so beautiful! And there are so many ideas for all styles, from official to funky, but they all look amazing.

aesthetic homework

Brush Lettering Header Ideas

Last but not least is this set of aesthetic title ideas made with brush lettering. If you haven't mastered it yet, you can always try faux calligraphy or just plainly drawing the learners, like I used to do.

Creativity Freebies

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I’ve created some special freebies to help you add color, fun, and creativity to your Bullet Journal pages.

Apart from three exclusive freebies, you’ll also get tons of tips, tricks, and resources on how to make your Bullet Journal pages stand out.

Simply sign up using the form below, and once you confirm your subscription, all the goodies will be on their way to your inbox.

More Resources

Looking for more inspiration? I’ve got you covered; there are tons right here on this blog.

Check out these posts next:

  • Colorful Title Ideas For Your Bullet Journal
  • 7 Bullet Journal Header Font Ideas To Elevate Your Pages
  • Stylish Bullet Journal Title And Header Ideas

Hope this post was interesting. If you find it so, please share! If you enjoy my content and want to show your appreciation, please consider supporting me with a cup of coffee .

And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling, and Don’t Be A Blob!

aesthetic homework

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ZenFocus Logo

Aesthetic Pomodoro Timer

Choose a theme to get started:, white noise, winter forest, other durations, a brief history of the pomodoro technique.

Although you’ll often see the pomodoro technique recommended online as a solution to procrastination, it actually predates the internet itself. It was invented by Italian programmer Francesco Cirillo in the 1980’s whilst he was a University student.

Cirillo, struggling to stay focused on his studies, challenged himself to focus for just 25 minutes on a single task. In order to do so, he found a tomato shaped kitchen timer to alert him when the time was up - hence the name “pomodoro”, which is tomato in Italian.

Since then, many people around the world have used his technique to help them stay focused - it’s become something of a productivity phenomenon, and for good reason.

What is the pomodoro method?

So now know the history - how does it actually work? And crucially, how can it help you focus and get things done?

It’s actually pretty simple - you set a timer for 25 minutes and work. During those 25 minutes you try and focus only on work - no emails, no TV, no interruptions. When those 25 minutes are up, you take a 5 minute break and start another pomodoro. After a few pomodoros (usually around 4) you can then take a longer break of 15-20 minutes.

A guide to the pomodoro technique - infographic

Because it forces you to break work down into chunks of 25 minutes, it’s easier to just get started and avoid distractions, knowing that you’ll only have to focus for 25 minutes, and have a short break coming up afterwards.

Of course, the 25/5 system of pomodoros is only a suggested length - some people find that 50/10 works better for them. Really, it’s whatever works for you.

PS. At the moment the ZenFocus timer only supports 25/5 - but we’re working on adding the ability to edit your pomodoro and break lengths!

What should I do on pomodoro breaks?

Whatever you like! But we recommend getting up from your desk if possible - maybe doing some stretches and walking a few steps. It’s a good time to go make yourself a coffee (or whatever your preferred beverage is).

Will the Pomodoro method work for me?

Of course, everyone is different and the pomodoro method won’t work for everyone. But there is a reason that you’ll see it so commonly being recommended online in productivity circles - for a lot of people it just works. The best thing to do is simply give it a try and see if it helps you.

What is an “aesthetic” pomodoro timer?

You might well have used a pomodoro app at some point - there are many of them online. They all work pretty much the same way - with a simple timer, a ticking sound and an alert when your current pomodoro finishes.

An aesthetic pomodoro timer is the same, except that it adds an audiovisual element which is designed to help you block out your surroundings and avoid distractions.

How to use the pomodoro method using ZenFocus

The ZenFocus timer uses the pomodoro method out of the box! Simply select from the available themes and hit start to begin your first pomodoro.

Once you reach 25 minutes, the background will fade and you can then start your break. Then once your time’s up, start another pomodoro.

We’ve just launched and are working on many improvements - so keep an eye out!

What if I have a task that takes more than 25 minutes?

This is fine, but it’s generally recommended that if you have a task that is likely to take more than four pomodoros, it’s probably too big and you should try to break it down into subtasks.

This also lets you “complete” tasks more often, which can be psychologically beneficial - giving you a feeling of progress by breaking your work down into smaller chunks.

What if I have a task that takes less than 25 minutes?

If you have tasks that take less than 25 minutes, it’s best to combine those smaller tasks into one pomodoro so they can be tackled together.

What if I’m interrupted during a pomodoro?

It’s best to try and avoid interruptions during a pomodoro and treat it as something that cannot be broken, if it all possible.

However, this isn’t always possible - for example if you work in a busy office a coworker might interrupt you to ask a question. If this happens, you can either pause your pomodoro and pick up where you left off, or you can take your 5 minute break early, refresh and start again.

It’s recommended that when these interruptions do happen, you make a note of them so you can keep an eye on them over time, and consider how you might minimise them going forward.

Can the pomodoro method help me study?

The pomodoro method works great as a study timer because it forces you to break things up into chunks. One of the difficulties with studying is that it can feel overwhelming with so much information to take in and remember. It’s also important to take regular breaks to avoid becoming overwhelmed with information and burning out. The pomodoro method does this by reminding you to take short breaks every 25 minutes.

A cool artist's image.

aesthetic homework

An online Pomodoro Timer to boost your productivity

What is pomofocus.

Pomofocus is a customizable pomodoro timer that works on desktop & mobile browser. The aim of this app is to help you focus on any task you are working on, such as study, writing, or coding. This app is inspired by Pomodoro Technique which is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo.

What is Pomodoro Technique?

The Pomodoro Technique is created by Francesco Cirillo for a more productive way to work and study. The technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks. Each interval is known as a pomodoro, from the Italian word for 'tomato', after the tomato-shaped kitchen timer that Cirillo used as a university student. - Wikipedia

How to use the Pomodoro Timer?

  • Add tasks to work on today
  • Set estimate pomodoros (1 = 25min of work) for each tasks
  • Select a task to work on
  • Start timer and focus on the task for 25 minutes
  • Take a break for 5 minutes when the alarm ring
  • Iterate 3-5 until you finish the tasks

Basic Features

  • Estimate Finish Time: Get an estimate of the time required to complete your daily tasks.
  • Add Templates: Save your repetitive tasks as templates and add them with just one click.
  • Visual Reports: See how much time you've focused each day, week, and month.
  • Custom Settings: Personalize your focus/break time, alarm sounds, background sounds, and more.

Premium Features

  • Add Projects: Track how much time you spend on each project.
  • Yearly Reports: View your focus hours for each year.
  • Download Reports: Download your focus history in CSV format.
  • No Template Limit: Save more than 3 templates.
  • Todoist Integration: Load tasks from your Todoist account.
  • Webhook Integration: Connect to other apps (Zapier, IFTTT, etc).
  • No Ads: Enjoy a clean and distraction-free app experience.

Download App

  • For macOS (zip file) *Right click the icon to open
  • For Windows (zip file)

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31 moody + cozy aesthetic desk ideas for a dream creative workspace

aesthetic homework

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I'm pursuing the performing arts through our home studio and taking you along the ride. If you love behind-the-scenes of our songwriting and having creative dreams with an online friend, you're *exactly where you're supposed to be.*

Hi, I'm Kira.

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September 7, 2023

That drab home office?

As Hilary Duff says, ✨so yesterday.✨

There’s no better feeling than gliding into a home office that you designed and curated specific to your design passions and helps you function in your work-from-home job. And there’s no better way to make your desk more inviting than being surrounded by things that spark joy for you.

That said, it’s easier said than done to snap your fingers and make a home desk aesthetic that works for you, so today, we’re breaking it down into the smallest little tips so you can start creating an aesthetic and cute home office space that you love.✨

Without further ado, here are 31 home office ideas to get your WFH desk a little more moody, a little more cozy, and a little more vibey, so you can be your most creative self, from aesthetic desk accessories to room design ideas and everything in between.

desk aesthetic

  • Fairy lights , whether on your walls, hanging from your ceiling, wrapped inside a decor piece, or somewhere else creative. These instantly add some whimsy and texture to create a truly aesthetic room decor environment along with a little bit of lighting to boot!
  • An authentic salt lamp , for warm and soothing vibes to your desk decor. Avoid these natural desk lamps if you have cats or pets that are prone to licking things, as these aren’t safe for your fuzzy little friends.
  • Air plants add some greenery to your desk space without making it impossible to keep up with them! These need a sprinkling of water occasionally to thrive.
  • Hanging terrarium , to keep your air plants, your favorite crystals, and other small pieces together in one place.
  • Crystal display for decluttering your crystal collection for the wall. I love this planchette-shaped one I got from Etsy a few years ago!
  • Dried lavender, for use as a no-upkeep floral bundle to place as added desk décor to instantly make your desk look like there’s nature all over it.
  • Corkboard vision board, for visualizing your goals and manifestations each and every day. Tip: Have it detached from the wall so you can move it around as you please, especially if you don’t want extra noise filling up your walls.

8. Macrame wall hanging, for some immediate warmth and artisanal texture, especially in a flatter space without vintage home aspects like wainscoting or stone.

9. Antique clock, to find yourself at a local thrift store. I know, I know, we have our phones for this, but it’s nice to have something on the wall you can see all the time. Plus, it adds some texture and character to your space.

10. Lifted purple wireless aesthetic keyboard , to complement your desk with some extra pops of color and a fun typing experience to make work a bit more fun.

11. Chunky knit blanket , because who says you can’t work and be cozy at your office desk?

12. Woven rolling storage basket and filing cabinet, as an organizer and storing your papers but making it cute.

13. Pastel desk mat , for giving you a colorful desk without sacrificing aesthetic. (There are lots of patterns and edge types of your desk pad to choose from, btw!)

14. Gallery wall frame set, like this natural wood set of 3 from Etsy or this 9-piece one from Amazon .

15. Oil diffuser , for keeping at your work desk (but far enough away from electronics) to keep your favorite smells in the room. It’s also important to limit these if you have pets, especially cats. Plus, this matte black design makes your desk look aesthetic as heck!

16. Palo santo and/or sage bundle to burn by your desk workspace.

17. Decorative bowl for burning your palo santo, sage, or for storing little trinkets.

18. Coasters , so you can sip your favorite tea stress-free with a cute aesthetic and protect your desktop.

19. All-natural candles to decorate your desk with so your space can smell beautiful and be toxin-free. This candle should complement your office furniture and desk design through a simple, minimalist design that almost makes it look like a curated home decor piece on its own.

20. A dreamcatcher near your desk area, because who says these can’t just live in your bedroom? If you’re doing it right, you should be dreaming and in-flow in your office, too!

21. A tarot deck for when you need to pull for yourself, like this Brian Froud one we have.

22. An altar corner, designed with crystals, your tarot cards, candles, and anything else you need for moments of peace and prayer in your home office.

23. Stained glass in your windows, to make inbound sunbeams turn beautiful colors and shades and really make your desk a colorful spot to get creative.

24. A snack corner to add to your office space hidden in a drawer so you can have easy access without loud labels clouding up your aesthetic.

25. Crystal suncatchers to reflect even more sunlight into your work area without it being overly bright.

26. A beautiful and functional desk chair, like this Branch ergonomic chair or this kneeling wooden chair. Related:  The 6 best office chairs for long hours and working creatively (2023)

27. A new desk, like this Sand & Stable Tobage Cain Drawer . Bonus points if it can be a standing desk too, like this Fezibo adjustable desk!

28. Color-changing light bulbs , so you can change the vibe of your WFH space every season, every day, or every hour if you’d like.

29. Cute hardware to add character to your furniture , whether they’re old vintage pieces looking for another life or a new piece

30. A natural jute rug, to add to the aesthetic of your space through warmth and grounding to your space without toxins.

31. Gorgeous witchy boho curtains , because who wouldn’t want these luxurious flowing beauties near their super cute desk?

I hope some of these aesthetic desk setup options help you get a little creative with your workspace so you can make your desk area exactly as you want it to be. There are so many decor styles you could be influenced by but with these little moody and cozy desk decor ideas, hopefully, you have a jumping-off point to make your WFH experience just the way you’d like.

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