World Hunger Essay: Causes of World Hunger & How to Solve It

World hunger essay introduction, history of world hunger, statistics of the world hunger, causes of the world hunger, impacts of world hunger, responses to world hunger, recommended solutions, world hunger essay conclusion.

World hunger is one of the best topics to write about. You can discuss its causes, how to solve it, and how we can create a world without hunger. Whether you need to write an entire world hunger essay or just a conclusion or a hook, this sample will inspire you.

Hunger is a term that has been defined differently by different people due to its physiological as well as its socio economic aspects. In most cases, the term hunger has been defined in relation to food insecurity. However, according to Holben (n. d. pp. 1), hunger is usually defined as a condition that is painful or uneasy emanating from lack of food.

In the same studies, hunger has yet been defined as persistent and involuntary inability to access food. Therefore, world hunger refers to a condition characterized by want and scarce food in the whole world. Technically, hunger refers to malnutrition a condition that is marked by lack of some, or all the nutrients that are necessary to maintain health of an individual.

There are two types of malnutrition which include micronutrient deficiency and protein energy malnutrition. It is important to note that world hunger generally refers to protein energy malnutrition which is caused by inadequacy of proteins and energy giving food. According to World Hunger education Service (2010 Para. 4), the recent statistics by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) records that there is a total of about nine hundred and twenty five million people in the whole world who are described as hungry.

It is a serious condition since statistics indicate that the number has been on the increase since the mid twentieth center. With that background in mind, this paper shall focus on the problem of world hunger, history, statistics, impacts as well as solutions to the problem.

The problem of hunger has been persistent since early centuries given that people residing in Europe continent used to suffer from serious shortages of food. The problem intensified in the twentieth century due to increase of wars, plagues and other natural disasters like floods, famines and earth quakes. Consequently, a lot of people succumbed to malnutrition and death.

However, during the mid twentieth century and after the Second World War, food production increased by 69% and therefore, there was enough food to feed the population by (National Research Council (U.S.) Committee on Public Engineering Policy, 1975 pp. vii).

The situation of food adequacy which continued from the year 1954-1972 was as a result of various factors which were inclusive but not limited to better methods of farming, land reclamation, use of fertilizers, use of irrigation, as well as use of machines and other forms of skilled labor.

In 1970s, people thought that they could keep the problem of hunger under control by conserving environment, controlling population growth and technological development. Nevertheless, even with such optimism, studies of National Research Council (U.S.).

Committee on Public Engineering Policy (1975 pp. vii), record that by 1974, the condition had already grown out of hand because there was not only a high population growth rate, but energy was also extremely expensive. To make the matter worse, the same study records that a quarter of the total population in the world were already experiencing hunger.

Therefore, due to hunger, agencies which were dealing with the problem started to request for the intervention of the humanitarian relief as well as trying to solve the problem thorough the use of the green revolution. The problem of hunger contributed greatly to the technological development since by all costs, people had to survive. However, although agriculture continued to expand, the population continued to increase and that is why the problem of hunger has persisted throughout the twentieth century to the twenty first century.

As highlighted in the introductory part, nine million people in the world are malnourished but further studies indicate that the exact number is not known. It is important to note that though the problem of hunger is virtually everywhere in the world, most of the hunger stricken people are found in the developing countries.

Despite the fact that the number has been on the increase since 1995, a decrease was observed in last year. The figures below clearly explain the statistical trend of world hunger from 1968 to 2009 (World Hunger Education Service, 2010 Para. 4).

Figure 1. The Number of Hunger Stricken People from 1969-2010

The Number of Hunger Stricken People from 1969-2010

Source (World Hunger Education Service, 2010)

Figure 2: Distribution of Hungry People in the Whole World by Regions

Distribution of Hungry People in the Whole World by Regions

Source: (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2010 pp. 2)

The above figure clearly illustrates that the problem of hunger is most common in the developing countries and less common in the developed countries. According to Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (2010 pp. 2), 19 million are found in developed countries, thirty seven million in North East and North Africa, fifty three in Latin and Caribbean America, two hundred and thirty nine million in Sub Saharan Africa and five hundred and seventy eight in Asia and Pacific Region.

However, it is important to mention that the Food and Agriculture Organization arrives at the above figures by considering the total income of people and the income distribution. Therefore, the figures given are just estimates and that is the main reason why it has become increasingly difficult to get the actual number of hungry people in the whole world.

There are many causes of world hunger but poverty is the main and the same is caused by lack of enough resources as well as unequal distribution of recourses among the populations especially in the developing countries.

According to World Hunger Education Service (2010 Para 10. ), World Bank estimates that there are a bout one million, three hundred and forty five million people who are poor in the whole world since their daily expenditure is 1.25 dollars or even less. Similarly, Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that about one billion people in the whole world are under nourished.

As expected, the problem of poverty affects mostly the developing countries although there have been a lot of campaigns which have been launched with an aim of poverty reduction. Consequently in some parts Asia and China, the campaigns have been successful because the number has reduced by 19% (World Hunger Education Service, 2010 para. 12). Conversely, in some parts like the sub-Saharan Africa, the number of poor people has gone up.

Since the study has indicated that poverty is the main cause of hunger, it is important to look at the underlying cause of poverty. According to World Hunger Education Service (2010), the current economic as well as political systems in the world contribute greatly to the problem of hunger and poverty.

The main reason is due to the fact that more often than not, resources are controlled by the economic and political institutions which are controlled by the minority. Therefore, policies which emanate from poor economic systems are contributory factor to poverty and hunger.

Conflict and war is an important cause of not only poverty but also hunger. The main reason is due to the fact that conflicts lead to displacement of people and destruction of property and other resources that can be helpful in alleviating hunger. Towards the end of 2005, the number of refugees was lower compared to the current number influenced by violence and conflicts which have been taking place in Iraq as well as in Somali.

The same study clearly indicates that towards the end of the year 2008, UNHCR had recorded more than ten million refugees. A year after, internally displaced persons in the whole world had reached a total of twenty six million (World Hunger Education Service 2010 par 13). However, although it is difficult to provide the total number of internally displaced people due to conflicts, the truth is, refugees mostly suffer from poverty which exposes them to extreme hunger.

Over the last century, climate has been changing in most parts of the world, a condition which has been caused by global warming. It is a real phenomena and the effects of the same are observed in most parts of the world which are inclusive but not limited to draughts, floods, changing weather and climatic patterns as well as hurricanes (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Economic and Social Dept, 2005).

Such effects of globalization contribute greatly to hunger because they destroy the already cultivated food leading to food shortages.

Changing weather and climate patterns require a change to certain crops which is not only expensive but it also takes long to be implemented. In addition, some plants and animals have become extinct and the same contributes greatly to food shortages and hunger in general. Nonetheless, the most serious consequences of global warming are floods draughts and famines since they lead to poverty which ends up increasing people’s susceptibility to hunger. ( Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2010)

High food prices in both domestic and international markets are also a contributory factor to world hunger. Although the level of poverty is increasing because the level of income has reduced, the price of various food commodities has also gone up and therefore, it has become increasingly difficult for people to afford adequate food for their needs.

According to the studies of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (2008 pp. 24), between the year 2002 to 2007, prices of cereals such as wheat maize as well as rice increased by about fifty percent in the world market.

Nonetheless, although the world market food prices were increasing, the rate was different with domestic prices, a condition caused by the depreciating value of the US dollar while compared to other currencies in the world. However, in the year 2007 and 2008, domestic food prices in most countries also ended up increasing.

High prices in the domestic market are caused by high prices for agricultural inputs such as fertilizers and pesticides. As highlighted earlier, the need for use of advanced agricultural inputs results from the effects of global warming which is also a chief cause of world hunger and food insecurity.

There are many impacts of world hunger because food is a basic need for everyone in the society. Although impacts of hunger affect people across all the age brackets, young children are usually the worst victims. In science, the condition caused by hunger and starvation is known as under nutrition. It increases the disease burden such that in one year; under nourished children suffer from illnesses for at least five months as the condition lowers their immunity.

In most cases, undernourishment is the underlying cause of various diseases that affect children like malaria, measles, diarrhea and pneumonia. Studies of World Hunger Education Service (2010 par. 10) indicate that malnutrition is the underlying cause of more than half of all the cases of malaria diarrhea and pneumonia in young children. In measles, the same studies indicate that forty five percent of all the cases result from malnutrition.

As the problem of hunger, malnutrition is unequally distributed in the world because about thirty two percent of the stunted children live in the developing countries. Seventy percent of the total number of the malnourished children is found in Asia while Africa hosts 26% and the remaining four percent are from Caribbean and Latin America (World Hunger Education Service, 2010 par 11).

The study points out that the problem starts even before birth because in most cases, pregnant mothers are also usually undernourished. Due to this problem, in every six infants, one is usually undernourished. Apart from death, under nourishment resulting from hunger also causes blindness, difficulties in learning, stunted growth, retardation and poor health, to name just a few.

Apart from disease, poverty is also a resultant factor of hunger. In reference to the definition of hunger as an uncomfortable condition resulting from lack of food, hungry people are usually incapacitated. Since food is an important source of energy, people suffering from hunger are usually not in a position to take part in useful economic activities and a result, they are usually poor.

In addition, hunger is one of the reasons that cause people to migrate from one place to another there by causing economic constraints to the host countries. Conflicts also emanate from the same as people compete for scarce resources. A lot of humanitarian agencies use most of their funds in proving food to the people suffering from hunger either in refugee camps or in other places.

As a result, governments spend a lot of money in providing humanitarian support while the same amount of money could have been used in development projects. Impacts of hunger are mostly felt in the developing countries, Asia and Sub Saharan Africa because in most cases, the problem of hunger in such regions is usually an international problem because regional governments cannot be able to deal with it single handedly ( World Vision, 2010).

Hunger being a serious problem requires no emphasis and therefore, there are some responses which are meant to mitigate the problem. Various policies have therefore been established in all related areas. For example, there are various policies that that have been established to regulate high food prices. Such measures are inclusive but not limited to tax on imports, restricting export to maintain adequate food in the country, measures to control prices of food as well as to enhance food affordability, and stabilizing prices.

Improving and increasing agricultural produce is an important measure that has been taking place especially in the developing countries meant to increase supply and eventually curb the problem of hunger. At this point, is important to note that the number of response which have be taken to reduce or eliminate the problem of hunger vary from one region to another.

In addition, every region implements the policies that can be useful in that particular region. According to Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (2010 pp.32 ), a survey conducted in the year 2007 and 2008 indicated that about 50% of all the countries reduced the tax of imports on cereals and more than fifty percent adopted measures like consumer subsidies with an aim of lowering domestic food prices.

Twenty five percent of the countries imposed restrictions on exports to minimize the outflow of food and the remaining 16% had done nothing to solve the problem of high domestic food prices. It is quite unfortunate that the regions that are mostly affected by hunger like Sub Saharan Africa; Caribbean as well Latin America has established the lowest number of policies.

Although such policies are of great help locally, they have negative impacts in the international markets. For example, due to restriction on exports, the supply of food at the international markets is usually low and as a result, the prices end up increasing. Apart from that, subsidies on imports increase government expenditure thereby straining the budget.

Therefore, it is clear that some measures of price do not control neither they end up mitigating the problem since they affect other people like farmers and traders. The main cause of the problem is due to the fact that most governments are unable to protect their economy from external influences.

While looking for the solutions to the problem, it is important to note that the demand of food will continue to increase due to various factors like urban growth and development as well as the high level of income. In that case, there is a great need for increasing food production.

In addition, the intervention should aim at not only solving the current problem but also solving any shortage that may emerge in future. Therefore, all regions and especially the sub-Saharan Africa ought to focus on increasing agricultural production. Moreover, it is necessary to come up with appropriate policies to ensure that the increase in food production will solve the problem of food insecurity (National Research Council (U.S.). Committee on Public Engineering Policy, 1975).

One of the problems that have been causing hunger especially in developing countries is inaccessibility to adequate food. As a result, the concerned stakeholders should look for ways and means of increasing food accessibility. For instance; it would be more helpful if the production of small scale farmers could increase because the problem cannot only help in lowering food prices in the global market but also in alleviating poverty and hunger in the rural areas.

Although incentives and agricultural inputs are important in increasing agricultural production in the rural areas, some other measures can still be used in the same areas. For instance, in a region like Africa, more areas can be irrigated and by so doing, agricultural production can increase as well ( Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2010).

World hunger is a real and a serious problem not only due to its grave impacts but also due to the complexity of the whole issue. A lot of people in the whole world are exposed to hunger. A critical analysis of the problem illustrates that it not only results from low food production but it is also affected by other factors such as inaccessibility of food, high food prices and some policies established by the government.

For example, the research has indicated that some polices that control the prices of food in local markets end up increasing food prices in the global market. In the view of the fact that hunger is the underlying cause of poverty, disease and eventually death, it is important for the concerned stake holders to address the issue accordingly.

As the studies of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, (2008, p. 2) indicate, the over nine million hunger stricken people can be saved only if the stake holders that are inclusive of the government, United Nations, civil societies, donors and humanitarian agencies, general public and the private sector can join hands in combating the problem.

In order to come up with lasting solutions, their efforts should be aimed at improving the agricultural sector and establishing safety nets to protect the vulnerable population. Finally, in every challenge, there is an opportunity and in that case, the high prices of food can be used as an opportunity by small scale producers to increase their produce and get more returns and thereby reduce problems like poverty which contribute to hunger. Therefore, even though the problem is complicated, viable solutions still exist.

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World Hunger: Causes, Consequences, and Solutions

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Causes of world hunger, the consequences of world hunger, potential solutions to world hunger, overpopulation and limited resources, poverty and unequal distribution of resources, effects on human health, social and economic implications, improve agricultural practices, address underlying causes of poverty.

  • World Food Programme, & International Fund for Agricutural Development. (2020). “2020 Global Report on Food Crises.” United Nations Publications.
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  • Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. (2015). “Addressing Poverty and Well-being.” OECD Publishing.

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World Hunger Essay: Outline, Topics, & Samples

The picture provides introductory information about a world hunger essay.

World hunger is a global problem that affects roughly 10% of the world’s population. It is hard to imagine that so many people are deprived of basic human needs. That is why the topic is so sensitive and needs attention.

Numerous organizations try to provide financial aid, volunteer and improve the agricultural sector. However, wars, extreme weather conditions , and rising food prices still cause adults and children malnutrition.

This article will help you to create a world hunger essay outline, find a suitable topic, and decide what to write in your paper.

  • 📝 Writing Tips
  • 🌽 Problems and Solutions Essay
  • 🔓 How to Solve World Hunger Essay Sample
  • 🥗 80 World Hunger Essay Topics

📝 World Hunger Essay Writing Tips

In this passage, we will share some advice on writing an essay about world hunger. You can use them both for long and short papers and even for drafting your speech on the issue.

What to Write in an Essay about World Hunger?

Check these four acute themes that you can discuss in your work.

  • Poverty is the main reason for world hunger. That is why Asian and African countries suffer the most. Explain how poverty creates a cycle that causes low incomes for future generations and, as a result, hunger.
  • The issue is on the rise. The number of people who suffer from hunger grows each year. The COVID-19 pandemic made things even worse. The percentage of malnourished people rose from 8.4% in 2019 to 9.9% in 2020. Write about the tendencies and the depth of the issue.
  • How to end world hunger? Research the organizations that fight world hunger. Describe your vision of the possible solutions. Also, try to mention how an average human can contribute to them.
  • People who no longer suffer from hunger still cannot afford a healthy diet. Cheap food often includes industrial trans-fats and a high proportion of salt and sugar. Define the problems that developing counties face on the way from hunger to proper nutrition.

The picture presents three major themes to research about world hunger.

How to Write an Essay on World Hunger?

  • Plan your work. It would help if you left enough time to research, write, and edit.
  • Select credible sources. Better use academic publications that your library provides. Make sure that they are not outdated.
  • Check if your ideas are unique. Search for other papers that study a similar topic .
  • Follow the structure. You need an introduction with a thesis statement, at least three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Pay attention to the type of essay you have to write (argumentative, persuasive, problem and solution, etc.). The structure might be different depending on it.
  • Provide explanations. If your audience might not understand some terms, make a glossary at the beginning of your essay.
  • Introduce your vision. After you provide a deep analysis of your sources, add your thoughts on the issue. State your opinion, provide criticism, or suggest ways for further research.
  • Proofread and get a second opinion. Check if your grammar and spelling are in order. Make sure that you follow the requirements of your instructor. Let somebody review your essay .
  • Remember that the topic is sensitive. Avoid conflicts of interest and breaking ethical principles. Pay attention to the tone of writing.

Helpful Links for a World Hunger Essay

And here is our selection of resources for a world hunger essay. They will help you develop knowledge about world hunger and decide on your area of research.

Check the links below:

🔗 Global Hunger Index – Our World in Data

🔗 Hunger and Undernourishment – Our World in Data


🔗 UN report: Pandemic year marked by spike in world hunger

🔗 Global hunger is rising, warns major UN report | World Economic Forum

🔗 2020 – Hunger Map | World Food Programme

🔗 USDA ERS – Key Statistics & Graphics

🔗 Prevalence of undernourishment (% of population) | The Wordlbank

🌽 World Hunger Problems and Solutions Essay

Below, we will show how to create a world hunger essay outline. Here are descriptions of the structure and essay samples.

World Hunger Essay Outline #1

  • Introduction. Provide an overview of the further paragraphs and some background information. Describe the questions that you will answer. For example, what are the current problems in the issue of world hunger ? The last sentence of the introduction is your thesis statement. You need to introduce the issues and the solutions in it briefly.
  • Body. Define three problems and provide a solution to each one. Support your suggestions with scientific data that you gathered while researching. The first sentence of each paragraph should hint at what the whole passage is about.
  • Conclusion. Synthesize the information that you discussed in your paper. Restate your thesis. You can also define the excising gaps in the knowledge and the need for further research.

World Hunger Problems and Solutions Essay Sample

World hunger is a rising issue in most of the countries with low average incomes. Only in Asia, there are 513.9 million people who suffer from malnutrition. Several problems contribute to the issue, such as population growth , lack of education, and underdeveloped agricultural sector. The possible solutions include birth rate control, improvement of school education, and applying genetic engineering to the agricultural industry. Population growth in Africa and Asia is a factor that contributes to poverty. It is the leading cause of hunger in these regions. Almost two-thirds of poor children live in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia . That is the reason why birth control can help families reduce their financial burden. The measures include educating teenagers and young adults on contraception. This should be accompanied by providing accessible contraception methods. Lack of education means that children who do not receive enough knowledge cannot apply for high-paid jobs. Children from remote rural areas are two times less likely to attend even primary schools. Implementing free schools is the first step to raising the economies of developing countries. The children who graduate from high school have more perspectives than children with no education at all. It means that each country should provide free gender-equitable access to school education for all children regardless of their economic background. GM products that can survive high temperatures and are resistant to pesticides and diseases can improve food security in developing countries. Many Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia regions are prone to high temperatures, droughts, and floods. That is why investing in biotechnologies is vital for the countries that suffer from hunger. Raising research costs will enable scientists to look for the best solutions and cultivate crops that will survive extreme weather conditions. As a result, farmers will not risk their investments and will guarantee food supply for citizens of their country. While fighting world hunger, it is vital to focus on birth control, providing accessible education for children, and investing in genetic engineering research. Having fewer children will make it easier for families to cover the nutritional costs and ensure their literacy. GM products are more likely to survive hot weather and floods, which will create a secure food provision system for developing countries. All the research outcomes require checking and testing as we also need to make sure that all the used products will not bear harmful effects on human health.

🔓 How to Solve World Hunger Essay

In this part, we will take a look at another type of essay on world hunger. It will feature one problem and multiple solutions to it.

World Hunger Essay Outline #2

  • Introduction. State the problem that you will discuss and explain its importance. Define the terms that might be unfamiliar to your readers. In the thesis statement, mention one solution to the problem. This solution will be the foundation of your essay.
  • Body. Offer three arguments for your solution. Provide reliable evidence relevant to your vision. Analyze the sources that you use.
  • Conclusion. Synthesize the information mentioned in the previous paragraphs. Explain why your solution is the best way to deal with the problem. Paraphrase your thesis statement. Suggest possible ways of further researching your topic.

How to Solve World Hunger Essay Sample

Ending world hunger by the end of 2030 is one of the primary goals of the United Nations. 8,9% of the world population suffers from malnutrition, which is roughly 690 million people. If the trend continues, there will be 60 million more in the next five years. There are several solutions to the issue, including improving job opportunities for women, financial aid for farmers and other entrepreneurs, and educating people on proper nutrition. Empowering women means they will be able to provide for their families. As a result, each family will have additional income that will help to cover nutrition costs. For example, USAID’s food voucher program provides equal job opportunities to men and women. 18 000 households that participate in the program can afford healthy foods and training on hygiene and nutrition. Food provision and financial aid are not enough; people still need to know how to use the opportunities they receive. We need to educate people on proper nutrition, health, and hygiene. Washing hands, having clean toilet facilities, and having access to water are fundamental for all the farms and other workplaces. Growing and preparing food in the right conditions can reduce food waste and the risk of getting diseases. As sick workers can’t provide for their families, it is vital to ensure their education. Fighting world hunger means adopting a multilateral approach to the issue. Gender equality and financial support can ensure job opportunities in developing countries. Employers should guarantee safe and hygienic working conditions for their workers. At the same time, all the people need to receive proper knowledge on maintaining their health.

🥗 World Hunger Essay Topics

If the topics above were not catchy for you, check this compilation of 80 excellent world hunger essay titles:

  • The connection between unemployment rates and world hunger.
  • Is genetic engineering the answer to ending global hunger ?
  • What causes malnutrition in developing Asian countries ?
  • Women empowerment can help to fight world hunger .
  • How to create the agricultural sector in countries suffering from hunger?
  • Effects of climate change on agriculture and food .
  • Can volunteer programs help to reduce world hunger?
  • Neglecting poverty, development and hunger in international relations .
  • In what ways does corruption affect world hunger in developing countries?
  • Animal exploitation: Animal agriculture and climate change .
  • The effects of hunger on pregnancy and giving birth.
  • History of sustainable global food economy .
  • Obesity and malnutrition. The comparison of food problems in the US and developing countries.
  • Using advanced biotechnologies in agriculture as a way to reduce world hunger.
  • Genetically modified foods: Key aspects.
  • How to encourage African farmers to produce more food.
  • The issue of global poverty .
  • The best volunteering programs that fight world hunger.
  • Water-energy-food nexus in the Himalayan region .
  • The overview of hunger issues in Bangladesh.
  • Social issues: The exploitation of global poverty .
  • How did the 2008 economic crisis affect world hunger?
  • Improving education can lead to world hunger reduction .
  • Is there a connection between overpopulation and hunger in Asia?
  • Malnutrition in dementia: Critiquing an issue in aged care.
  • Can African countries end hunger without international help?
  • Social development and poverty reduction .
  • Hunger in the Philippines: The primary outcomes.
  • The effects of hunger on the human mind and intelligence.
  • Resolving the problems of poverty and income inequality .
  • Action plan to end hunger in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Dangers of using genetically modified food.
  • The countries that are successful in fighting hunger.
  • Genetically modified food is the solution to world hunger .
  • Comparison between world hunger rates fifty years ago and now.
  • What can any person do to reduce world hunger?
  • Child poverty and hunger in Canada: Problem analysis .
  • The effects of world hunger on the global economy.
  • What are the main causes of famine? History perspective.
  • Vicious circle of poverty in Brazil .
  • Hunger in the United States: Myth or truth?
  • Prevention and treatment of malnutrition in older adults.
  • Civil wars as a cause of hunger in African countries.
  • How racial segregation contributes to concentrated poverty in minority communities .
  • How does gender inequality affect world hunger?
  • Hunger in India: Nutrition goals and current accomplishments.
  • Causes of poverty as the state of possessing fewer resources .
  • Why is there such a big gap between the rich and the poor ?
  • Genetically modified food: Critics and controversies.
  • What are the effects of long-term malnutrition on the human body?
  • Causes of poverty in Africa: Research designs .
  • Does climate change affect hunger in African countries?
  • The measures Asian countries currently take to reduce hunger.
  • The issue of the child poverty and hunger .
  • The causes and effects of hunger in Afghanistan .
  • Hunger during wars: Should we support conflicting countries?
  • Poverty and sex trafficking: Qualitative systematic review .
  • The causes and effects of hunger in Nepal.
  • How to educate children on proper nutrition at school.
  • Why do women starve themselves even if they have access to food?
  • Who is responsible for world hunger?
  • Can foreign aid solve worldwide poverty ?
  • Is it real to end world hunger by 2030 ?
  • The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on world hunger.
  • Poverty and food security.
  • How the development of infrastructure helps to reduce world hunger.
  • What are the causes of hunger in economically developed countries ?
  • Nursing, poverty and healthcare.
  • Boko Haram’s terror and hunger in Nigeria .
  • Kenya: The influence of global warming .
  • The connection between diseases and hunger in developing countries.
  • Homelessness and poverty in the United States.
  • How do Asian countries fight world hunger?
  • Climate change and its impact on freshwater .
  • Urban and rural malnutrition differences in Africa.
  • Fresh food for low income families and individuals .
  • Does the economic growth of a country guarantee hunger reduction?
  • Food security programs in Georgia: Achievements and failures.
  • The water-energy-food nexus and problem mitigation .
  • How do natural disasters affect fighting hunger in Pakistan?

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World Hunger: The Problem And Solution

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  • Topic: Food Shortage , Hunger

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