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  1. Effective Leadership Strategies, Employee Performance, and

    the overall success of the company. Organizations rely on effective leadership to encourage, promote, and maintain a productive work environment (Van, 2014). Simply stated, wherein the influence of effective leadership is evident, employee morale and performance is high, promoting organizational sustainability, while the opposite results

  2. PDF A Behavioral Approach to Understanding Leadership Effectiveness

    Specifically, leadership style has been linked to outcomes such as subordinate ratings of leadership potential and motivation to lead. This study tested whether certain behaviors contribute to individuals being particularly adept at either transformational or transactional leadership style, as rated by subordinates. 110 leaders

  3. PDF Thesis Transformational Leadership, Engagement, and Performance: a New

    By studying the transformational leadership-engagement-performance relationship at the. , researchers and companies can offer more concrete examples of how leader. shoulddelegate and d. has been proposed that supervisor support (May, Gilson, & Harter, 2004), trust in one's leader. ), and perceptions o.

  4. Employee Perceptions of Leadership Styles That Influence Workplace

    An organization's culture is influenced by leadership style, and consequently, leadership style affects an employee's workplace performance. The social change implications, as related to the findings, enable a leader to evaluate the perceptions of an employee's view of appropriate leadership styles that increases their workplace performance.

  5. The role of emotional intelligence in leadership effectiveness: a meta

    Leaders are an essential element of the business world. While good leaders can. provide many benefits for an organization, unsuccessful leaders can be detrimental. The. notion that emotional intelligence plays a part in whether a leader is effective or not. effective has recently been introduced.

  6. Creating effective leadership development programs: A descriptive

    Creating Effective Leadership Development Programs: A Descriptive Quantitative Case Study . by Spencer Holt Dr. Robert Ackerman, Examination Committee Chair Professor of Higher Education Leadership University of Nevada, Las Vegas An organization's long term success is strongly correlated with its ability to build

  7. Understanding leadership effectiveness in organizational settings: An

    Integrative leadership is an emergent theory that aims to define effective leadership. In essence, integrative leadership combines the qualities of servant leadership, authentic leadership, and ...

  8. Writing an Effective Leadership Essay: Tips and Examples

    A leadership essay is a college application essay that requires you to share your previous experiences as a leader. We've got examples to help you write one.

  9. PDF PhD Final Thesis Attributes & Qualities Desirable in a Leader

    1. Abstract of Thesis 2. Understanding Leadership 3. Styles of Leadership 4. Attributes Qualities Desirable in a Leader - A Ten point Guide 4.1 Managing Challenges through Situational Leadership 4.2 Being a Strategic Leader 4.3 Dealing with Change 4.4 Sharing Decision Making 4.5 Developing High Performing Teams 4.6 Two Way Communication

  10. PDF Thesis the Combined Effects of Leadership Style and Organizational

    The second style of leadership, transformational leadership, is comprised of four components; idealized influence, individual consideration, intellectual stimulation, and inspiration, which represents a spectrum of empirically determined effective leadership traits and behaviors (Bass & Avolio, 1990).


    Author: Antti Vaari Title of thesis: Flexibility in the Core of Effective Leadership Supervisor: Hannu Päätalo Term and year of completion: Autumn 2015 Number of Pages: 93. The purpose of this research was to study leadership effectiveness. Authoritari-an leadership is not always the best choice in today's business environment.

  12. (PDF) The Effect of Leadership on Organizational Performance

    the face of such challenges, effective leadership can facil itate performance devel-opment (McGrath & MacMillan, 2000). In addition, to understand the effects of. ... thesis. 87 21,124 0.30* 0.24 0.36

  13. Analysis of Leader Effectiveness in Organization and Knowledge Sharing

    The main purpose of the leadership is to realize the objectives and duties of the enterprise in the best possible manner. What is most effective depends on the performance understanding of the leadership. In the simplest sense, performance is the contribution that employees make to the company's goals (Tütüncü & Kılınç, 2000).

  14. Leadership development and its effects on organizational performance

    The program uses the Four Capabilities Model as a leadership theory, focusing on the tasks and capabilities needed of leaders. I administered two surveys to the Sloan Fellows Class 2011. Surveys results suggest some of the benefits the program provides to individuals and organizations. Among these findings, my evidence shows that a higher ...

  15. PDF Leadership Style and Its Impact on Organizational Performance

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  16. Effective Leadership and its Impact on an Organisation's Success

    Schuetz (2016) argues that effective leadership goes both ways and that 7 most important factors of leadership effectiveness are, leader's perceptual accuracy, leader's background, experience and ...

  17. Andrews University Digital Commons @ Andrews University

    Title: LEADERSHIP STYLES AND EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP AMONG HIGHER EDUCATION LEADERS IN THE NORTH AMERICAN DIVISION OF SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS Name of researcher: Patrice A. Wright Name and degree of faculty chair: Duane Covrig, PhD Date completed: June 2022 Problem Leadership has been shown to be crucial in the success of organizations,

  18. Leadership Essay: Format and Samples to Check for A+

    How to Write a Leadership Essay. Like every other essay, this paper has an introduction, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion summarizing your thoughts. (1) The most important part of the introduction is the final sentence, aka a thesis statement. That's where you state your claim to prove or develop in your leadership essay.

  19. Essays About Effective Leadership: 6 Essay Examples

    Effective leadership is an essential trait that all people should strive to develop; here are 6 examples and topic ideas essays about effective leadership. Many qualities make an inspiring and effective leader, such as vision, focus, and motivation. Like other skills, effective leadership can be innate or learned and practiced.

  20. Leadership Essay Writing Guide with Examples

    A good leadership essay is the one in which the essay writer has fully covered the topic of leadership and understood its core ideas. More specifically, to end up with a flawless leadership essay, you will need to indicate what makes a person a good leader. ... Also, always stick to your thesis statement and don't forget that the body ...

  21. Essays on Leadership for Students

    4 Examples of Leadership Essays. Qualities of a Good Leader; Introduction. Confidence is the most important attribute first of all. One of the most important qualities in a leader is confidence in one's own abilities. A lack of self-assurance is fatal to a person's leadership potential. If you want others to follow you, you need to exude self ...

  22. (PDF) Leadership Styles and their effects on ...

    Hastyar, Durmaz, Demir / Leadership Styles and their Effects. someone who encourages talent and hard work, employees tend to become more invested and efficient. in their work and a form of ...

  23. How to Write a Leadership Statement (With 40 Examples)

    Effective leadership is the ability to inspire and motivate others toward a common goal. This includes setting a clear direction and vision, communicating effectively, and creating a positive and inclusive work environment. Effective leaders lead by example and empower others to contribute to the success of the team or organization.