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perfect environment essay

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perfect environment essay

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perfect environment essay

Essay on Environment: Examples & Tips


  • Updated on  
  • May 30, 2022

Essay on Environment

In the 21st century, the Environmental crisis is one of the biggest issues. The world has been potentially impacted by the resulting hindrance in the environmental balance, due to the rising in industrialization and urbanization. This led to several natural calamities which creates an everlasting severe impact on the environment for years. To familiarize students with the importance environment, the subject ‘Environmental Studies’ is part of the curriculum in primary, secondary as well as higher school education. To test the knowledge of the students related to Environment, a question related to the topic in the form of essay or article writing is included in the exam. This blog aims to focus on providing details to students on the way, they can draft a well-written essay on Environment.

This Blog Includes:

Overview on environment, tips on writing an effective essay, format (150 words), sample essay on environment, environment essay (100 words), essay on environment (200-250 words), environment essay (300 words), world environment day.

To begin the essay on Environment, students must know what it is all about. Biotic (plants, animals, and microorganisms) and abiotic (non-living physical factors) components in our surroundings fall under the terminology of the environment. Everything that surrounds us is a part of the environment and facilitates our existence on the planet.

Before writing an effective essay on Environment, another thing students need to ensure is to get familiarised with the structure of essay writing. The major tips which students need to keep in mind, while drafting the essay are:

  • Research on the given topic thoroughly : The students must research the topic given in the essay, for example: while drafting an essay on the environment, students must mention the recent events, so to provide the reader with a view into their understanding of this concept.
  • Jot down the important points: When the students research the topic, students must note down the points which need to be included in the essay.
  • Quote down the important examples: Students must quote the important examples in the introductory paragraphs and the subsequent paragraphs as well.
  • Revise the Essay: The student after finishing writing students must revise the content to locate any grammatical errors as well as other mistakes.

Essay on Environment: Format & Samples

Now that you are aware of the key elements of drafting an essay on Environment, take a look at the format of essay writing first:


The student must begin the essay by, detailing an overview of the topic in a very simple way in around 30-40 words. In the introduction of the essay on Environment, the student can make it interesting by recent instances or adding questions.

Body of Content

The content after the introduction can be explained in around 80 words, on a given topic in detail. This part must contain maximum detail in this part of the Essay. For the Environment essay, students can describe ways the environment is hampered and different ways to prevent and protect it.

In the essay on Environment, students can focus on summing the essay in 30-40 words, by writing its aim, types, and purposes briefly. This section must swaddle up all the details which are explained in the body of the content.

Below is a sample of an Essay on Environment to give you an idea of the way to write one:

The natural surroundings that enable life to thrive, nurture, and destroy on our planet called earth are referred to as an environment. The natural environment is vital to the survival of life on Earth, allowing humans, animals, and other living things to thrive and evolve naturally. However, our ecosystem is being harmed as a result of certain wicked and selfish human actions. It is the most essential issue, and everyone should understand how to safeguard our environment and maintain the natural balance on this planet for life to continue to exist.

Environment means all the natural things around us such as land, air, water, plants, animals, solid materials, garbage, sun, forest, and other things. These maintain a balance of healthy nature and make the survival of all living things on earth possible. However, due to the need for resources for development, we have deformed the environment in several ways. These changes have hampered our environment and balance of nature. We are risking our existence and the life of future generations by ignoring these changes. 

The changes made by humans in the environment has to lead to severe damages like global warming, climate change, depletion of water tables, scarcity of water resources, and many more. In the coming time, the world is going to experience conditions that are going to be worse. As a result, the forthcoming generations might not get access to many resources. Forest fire in Australia and Amazon is the aftermath of human ignorance toward the environment.

Life is only possible if the balance between natural resources is maintained by all of us. It is high time that humans should come together and work for the betterment of our surroundings. By adapting, eco-friendly or sustainable methods for development, we can be cautious about saving our surroundings along with making advancements.

Nature provides an environment that nourishes life on the planet. The environment encompasses everything humans need to live, including water, air, sunshine, land, plants, animals, forests, and other natural resources. Our surroundings play a critical role in enabling the existence of healthy life on the planet. However, due to man-made technical advancements in the current period, our environment is deteriorating day by day. As a result, environmental contamination has risen to the top of our priority list.

Environmental pollution has a detrimental impact on our everyday lives in a variety of ways, including socially, physically, economically, emotionally, and cognitively. Contamination of the environment causes a variety of ailments that can last a person’s entire life. It is not a problem of a neighborhood or a city; it is a global issue that cannot be handled by a single person’s efforts. It has the potential to end life in a day if it is not appropriately handled. Every ordinary citizen should participate in the government’s environmental protection effort.

Between June 5 and June 16, World Environment Day is commemorated to raise awareness about the environment and to educate people about its importance. On this day, awareness initiatives are held in a variety of locations.

The environment is made up of plants, animals, birds, reptiles, insects, water bodies, fish, humans, trees, microbes, and many other things. Furthermore, they all contribute to the ecosystem.

The physical, social, and cultural environments are the three categories of environments. Besides, various scientists have defined different types and numbers of environments.

1. Do not leave rubbish in public areas. 2. Minimize the use of plastic 3. Items should be reduced, reused, and recycled. 4. Prevent water and soil contamination

Hope the blog has given you an idea of how to write an essay on the Environment. If you are planning to study abroad and want help in writing your essays, then let Leverage Edu be your helping hand. Our experts will assist you in writing an excellent SOP for your study abroad consultant application. 

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Global Warming and Climate Change: Harms From Corporate and State

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The Earth is composed largely of water and freshwater comprises only three percent of the total water available to humans. Out of total water available, only 0.06 percent is easily accessible--mostly in rivers, lakes, wells, and natural springs. The fresh water is exposed to a...

We Should Not Take the Problem of Global Warming for Granted

Living in the modern world, it is almost impossible to deny the existence of global warming. It is talked about in the news, TV shows, and even occasionally mentioned at your work. Maybe because of that, at first glance, such topic may seem to be...

The Problem of Deforestation: the List of Causes and Main Effects

It is clear that year by year our ecosystem is getting polluted which means so does the planet. Because everything is moving towards chaos, in this case, the environment is suffering the most. Unfortunately, humankind because of its unawareness or unwillingness to protect its true...

Exploring How Hurricane Harvey Psychologically Affected Survivors

How hurricanes affect us psychologically is not a commonly asked question in public but the effects show. Hurricane Harvey of 2017 affected survivors not only physically but mentally. Normally, we look towards problems that we can automatically see but studies show that mental effects of...

Elimination of Global Warming as a Priority Mission of Every Country

Global warming is a major concern that is destroying our planet in many aspects. It causes several extreme weather events including storms, hurricanes, drought, and flooding to happen more frequently and intensely. The warmer climate significantly changes habitat and hence pushes many species of plants...

Population Growth as the Cause of Global Warming and Climate Change

Global warming has entered the whole world. Now we are experiencing global warming and its impacts. Climate change has positive and negative impacts but has more negative impacts on the environment. The impacts resulting from climate change include warmer temperatures, severe storms, increased droughts, rising...

  • Population Growth

The Impact of Global Warming on Humans, Animals and Marine Life

Global warming can be defined as a phenomenon that is characterized by an increase of the average temperatures near the Earth’s surface. This phenomenon is raising fundamental environmental issues, it is caused by natural occurrences such as volcanic eruption, greenhouse gases, and rotation of the...

The Devastating Impact of Deforestation: An Argument for Conservation

Deforestation is a problem that affects our planet and therefore all of us who inhabit it, from the largest to the microscopic, are all affected if we talk about deforestation. is there anything we can do about it? For a long time, people have been...

Mother Nature and Climate Change: A Call to Action

Climate change is one of the global issues being faced by all global citizens now. In recent years, temperatures keep rising due to human activities. According to studies, the temperatures of the planet started rising gradually since the 19th century, which is the time when...

How Deforestation Has Become a Real Problem

Can you imagine our planet without rainforests? I'm pretty sure many of you ask this question daily. Deforestation is the cutting of the forest so the land and the wood can be used for various needs. Scientists believe that deforestation is a very dangerous factor that...

The Impending Danger: Are Humans Responsible for Global Warming

Are humans responsible for global warming? This essay is about current issue of global warming and climate change as it   is something that needs attention because of the various effects it can have such as increased heat trends around the world, increased ocean levels,...

Pharmaceutical Plants: Creating 'New Drugs' as Manufacturing System

We describe 'Pharmaceutical Plants' as those cultured species that are cast-off for the abstraction or grounding of beneficial substances such as active pharmaceutical constituents, excipients used in pharmaceutical inventions, inoculations and antibodies, as well as other satisfying proteins. Based on the type of pharmaceutical invention,...

  • Pharmacology

The Circular Economy: Redefining Sustainability and Growth

The circular economy is the an economical ideas focused at the recycling the wastes and old materials and the constant use of many resources as well as it is the way of new thinking of technological, methodological to modify rust full things such as old...

  • Waste Management

Literature Review About How Plants Respond to Touch Stimuli

Similar to all other organisms' plants will have the ability to detect and respond to different kinds of stimuli present within their environment, as plants are rooted within the soil its main response to this will be too then change the way in which it...

The Sacred Mystery of Plants in Eastern Religion Cultures

Sacred plants are specific plants those are usually devoted to gods and goddess. The human relation with sacred plant stands basically on religion which is considered with Hindu, Buddhist and Jain culture. During the ancient period, the worship of sacred plants is most of the...

  • Religious Beliefs

Plant Viruses as Serious Issue for the Agriculture Industry

Protecting plants from viral pathogens is a major challenge faced by the agricultural industry. Pathogenic infections can potentially threaten global food security by severely affecting crop yields. In order to combat prevalent plant diseases, versatile genome editing technologies such as CRISPRCas9 (clustered regularly interspaced short...

Environmental Conflicts in the South Durban Basin: Political Ecology

Political ecology approaches to vulnerability emerged in response to risk-hazard assessment to climate impacts and disasters. Political ecology of risks, hazards and, disasters based on the study of the South Durban Basin. Political ecology risk and hazard insists upon appraising inequalities, marginalization and unequal distribution...

The Power of Plants: Exploring the Potential of Plant Extracts

Plant extracts are products derived from plants through an extraction and separation process, aimed at obtaining specific components without altering the original plant's composition. They can be classified into different types based on the extraction process and quality. Some common categories include simple extracts, quantitative...

  • Alternative Medicine

Discussion of Whether There Is a Positive Co-Existence Between Technology and Ecology

Our planet earth has seen some better days when we speak of technological revolution and advancements. This has harmed our ecology not once but several times. When our environment is harmed, we are the once who receive the impacts of that damage thereby prompting us...

The Cost of the Effect of Disasters on the Economy of California

Natural Disasters has direct impact on country’s or state’s economy. U.S and Japan are top two economically developed countries which have frequent natural disasters. In early months of 2018 there were heavy losses from natural disasters like hurricanes Harvey, Maria and Irma in U.S. But...

Embracing Deep Ecology: a New Perspective on Environmentalism

It should be recognized from the onset that the major environmental problems encountered by humanity are a direct product of political and economic discussions of the political elite and bourgeoisie. It is humankind's anthropocentric approach to the natural environment that today’s contemporary ecological societies are...

The Dark Side of Science: The Inhumane Practice of Animal Testing

In this scientific age, animal testing does not sound strange. From different types of drugs to a wide range of vaccines, most vaccines are first tested on animals, regardless of their toxicity and adverse reactions, the purpose is to check safety. It is cruel and...

  • Animal Testing

The Inhumane Practice of Animal Testing: Why It Should Be Banned

In this essay, I wish to discuss the topic of whether animal experimentation should be banned. Vivisection has been around since roughly 300BC when the ancient Greeks used animals to study sensory nerves and motor nerves to understand their functions and purposes. It has been...

When Nature Strikes: Coping With the Impacts of Natural Disasters

Imagine you are sitting on the beach catching some rays with some friends when all of the sudden the tide breaks free. You and your friends go to collect the shells that have just appeared in front of you when you see a title wave...

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  • Environment Essay


Essay on Understanding and Nurturing Our Environment

The environment is everything that surrounds us – the air we breathe, the water we drink, the soil beneath our feet, and the diverse flora and fauna that inhabit our planet. It's not just a backdrop to our lives; it's the very essence of our existence. In this essay, we'll explore the importance of our environment, the challenges it faces, and what we can do to ensure a sustainable and thriving world for generations to come.

Our environment is a complex and interconnected web of life. Every living organism, from the tiniest microbe to the largest mammal, plays a crucial role in maintaining the balance of ecosystems. This delicate balance ensures the survival of species, including humans. For instance, bees pollinate plants, which produce the oxygen we breathe. Nature is a masterpiece that has evolved over millions of years, and we are just one small part of this intricate tapestry.

Importance of Environment  

The environment is crucial for keeping living things healthy.

It helps balance ecosystems.

The environment provides everything necessary for humans, like food, shelter, and air.

It's also a source of natural beauty that is essential for our physical and mental health.

The Threats to Our Environment:

Unfortunately, our actions have disrupted this delicate balance. The rapid industrialization, deforestation, pollution, and over-exploitation of natural resources have led to severe environmental degradation. Climate change, driven by the increase in greenhouse gas emissions, is altering weather patterns, causing extreme events like floods, droughts, and storms. The loss of biodiversity is another alarming concern – species are disappearing at an unprecedented rate due to habitat destruction and pollution.

Impact of Human Activities on the Environment

Human activities like pollution, deforestation, and waste disposal are causing environmental problems like acid rain, climate change, and global warming. The environment has living (biotic) and non-living (abiotic) components. Biotic components include plants, animals, and microorganisms, while abiotic components include things like temperature, light, and soil.

In the living environment, there are producers (like plants), consumers (like animals), and decomposers (like bacteria). Producers use sunlight to make energy, forming the base of the food web. Consumers get their energy by eating other organisms, creating a chain of energy transfer. Decomposers break down waste and dead organisms, recycling nutrients in the soil.

The non-living environment includes climatic factors (like rain and temperature) and edaphic factors (like soil and minerals). Climatic factors affect the water cycle, while edaphic factors provide nutrients and a place for organisms to grow.

The environment includes everything from the air we breathe to the ecosystems we live in. It's crucial to keep it clean for a healthy life. All components of the environment are affected by its condition, so a clean environment is essential for a healthy ecosystem.

Sustainable Practices:

Adopting sustainable practices is a key step towards mitigating environmental degradation. This includes reducing our carbon footprint by using renewable energy, practicing responsible consumption, and minimizing waste. Conservation of natural resources, such as water and forests, is essential. Supporting local and global initiatives that aim to protect the environment, like reforestation projects and wildlife conservation efforts, can make a significant impact.

Education and Awareness:

Creating a sustainable future requires a collective effort, and education is a powerful tool in this regard. Raising awareness about environmental issues, the consequences of our actions, and the importance of conservation is crucial. Education empowers individuals to make informed choices and encourages sustainable practices at both personal and community levels.

Why is a Clean Environment Necessary?

To have a happy and thriving community and country, we really need a clean and safe environment. It's like the basic necessity for life on Earth. Let me break down why having a clean environment is so crucial.

First off, any living thing—whether it's plants, animals, or people—can't survive in a dirty environment. We all need a good and healthy place to live. When things get polluted, it messes up the balance of nature and can even cause diseases. If we keep using up our natural resources too quickly, life on Earth becomes a real struggle.

So, what's causing all this environmental trouble? Well, one big reason is that there are just so many people around, and we're using up a lot of stuff like land, food, water, air, and even fossil fuels and minerals. Cutting down a bunch of trees (we call it deforestation) is also a big problem because it messes up the whole ecosystem.

Then there's pollution—air, water, and soil pollution. It's like throwing a wrench into the gears of nature, making everything go wonky. And you've probably heard about things like the ozone layer getting thinner, global warming, weird weather, and glaciers melting. These are all signs that our environment is in trouble.

But don't worry, we can do things to make it better:

Plant more trees—they're like nature's superheroes, helping balance everything out.

Follow the 3 R's: Reuse stuff, reduce waste, and recycle. It's like giving our planet a high-five.

Ditch the plastic bags—they're not great for our landscapes.

Think about how many people there are and try to slow down the population growth.

By doing these things, we're basically giving our planet a little TLC (tender loving care), and that's how we can keep our environment clean and healthy for everyone.

Policy and Regulation:

Governments and institutions play a vital role in shaping environmental policies and regulations. Strong and enforceable laws are essential to curb activities that harm the environment. This includes regulations on emissions, waste disposal, and protection of natural habitats. International cooperation is also crucial to address global environmental challenges, as issues like climate change know no borders.

The Role of Technology:

Technology can be a double-edged sword in environmental conservation. While some technological advancements contribute to environmental degradation, others offer solutions. Innovative technologies in renewable energy, waste management, and sustainable agriculture can significantly reduce our impact on the environment. Embracing and investing in eco-friendly technologies is a step towards a greener and more sustainable future.


Our environment is not just a collection of trees, rivers, and animals; it's the foundation of our existence. Understanding the interconnectedness of all living things and recognizing our responsibility as stewards of the Earth is essential. By adopting sustainable practices, fostering education and awareness, implementing effective policies, and embracing eco-friendly technologies, we can work towards healing our planet. The choices we make today will determine the world we leave for future generations – a world that can either flourish in its natural beauty or struggle under the weight of environmental degradation. It's our collective responsibility to ensure that it's the former.


FAQs on Environment Essay

1. What is the Environment?

The environment constitutes the entire ecosystem that includes plants, animals and microorganisms, sunlight, air, rain, temperature, humidity, and other climatic factors. It is basically the surroundings where we live. The environment regulates the life of all living beings on Earth.

2. What are the Three Kinds of Environments?

Biotic Environment: It includes all biotic factors or living forms like plants, animals, and microorganisms.

Abiotic Environment: It includes non-living factors like temperature, light, rainfall, soil, minerals, etc. It comprises the atmosphere, lithosphere, and hydrosphere.

Built Environment: It includes buildings, streets, houses, industries, etc. 

3. What are the Major Factors that Lead to the Degradation of the Environment?

The factors that lead to the degradation of the environment are:

The rapid increase in the population.

Growth of industrialization and urbanization.

Deforestation is making the soil infertile (soil that provides nutrients and home to millions of organisms).

Over-consumption of natural resources.

Ozone depletion, global warming, and the greenhouse effect.

4. How do we Save Our Environment?

We must save our environment by maintaining a balanced and healthy ecosystem. We should plant more trees. We should reduce our consumption and reuse and recycle stuff. We should check on the increase in population. We should scarcely use our natural and precious resources. Industries and factories should take precautionary measures before dumping their wastes into the water bodies.

5. How can we protect Mother Earth?

Ways to save Mother Earth include planting more and more trees, using renewable sources of energy, reducing the wastage of water, saving electricity, reducing the use of plastic, conservation of non-renewable resources, conserving the different flora and faunas, taking steps to reduce pollution, etc.

6. What are some ways that humans impact their environment?

Humans have influenced the physical environment in many ways like overpopulation, pollution, burning fossil fuels, and deforestation. Changes like these have generated climate change, soil erosion, poor air quality, and undrinkable water. These negative impacts can affect human behavior and can prompt mass migrations or battles over clean water.  

7. Why is the environment of social importance?

Human beings are social animals by nature. They spend a good amount of time in social environments. Their responsibility towards the environment is certainly important because these social environments might support human beings in both personal development goals as well as career development goals.

The Green Living Guy log

How to Write an Essay on the Environment

The environment where we live affects how we function and socialize as human beings. Over the years, there has been a growing focus on climate change and how shifts in weather events and temperatures are affecting living organisms. 

Of course, although climate change is one of the threatening and pervasive things, currently, there are many other areas one can write about including biodiversity and pollution. Choosing what to write about is just one aspect of creating a good essay on the environment. 

When tasked with writing an assignment on the environment, there are some specific factors to consider. Of course, different instructors issue different guidelines for academic writing, including the format and citation style to use. Make sure to adhere to these and stick to the question as outlined in the assignment prompt. Here are additional tips for effective essay writing.

Essay on the environment

Start by Choosing a Good Topic

The most important step in effective academic writing is selecting an appropriate topic. There are many areas of the environment where you can base your writing. However, you have to make sure that your preferred topic is in line with your assignment question, as set out in the prompt. Of course, there are times when instructors provide specific topics for their students, eliminating the need for topic selection. 

In other instances, students are accorded the freedom to create their own topics. With such freedom, comes the responsibility of making sure that your topic is relevant for your project and current. Also, you have to make sure that your area of writing is precise enough to be covered within the scope of your essay. Those who are unable to find good topics can seek  custom writing  from professionals online. 

Your essay on the environment can be in any of the following areas:• Climate change or global warming and its impacts;• Biodiversity;• Environmental pollution and how it affects living organisms. 

Since the environment is a very broad topic area, you will need to conduct some research to make sure that you pick a relevant and current topic. Also, make sure to  narrow down your topic . 

Brainstorm for Ideas and Create a Plan

perfect environment essay

Once you have a topic for your essay, the next step is brainstorming. This is the process of thinking about the topic and noting down everything you know. The notes created here can form part of your outline.

When it comes to outlining, having a good plan will save you time much later in the course of your research and writing. This stage may require some preliminary research as well as the creation of a working thesis statement. 

Create an Interesting Thesis Statement

Now that you have a topic and an outline, it is time to create a working thesis. Please note that your statement may change several in the course of your research and writing. As you proceed with your work, you may encounter different ideas and change your perspective on important issues. In essence, your thesis should be clear, arguable, interesting, and simple. It should demonstrate the position you intend to take with your argumentation. 

Conduct Research and Document Sources

It is impossible to write a good essay on the environment if you don’t gather enough data and evidence. Quality academic papers present coherent arguments where ideas and points are supported using credible evidence. Conduct research on books, electronic journals, reputable websites, and primary sources. Just make sure to document the sources of your information to help with citations and references. Most importantly,  take keen notes that will make organizing  your essay easier. 

Start Writing as Soon as Possible

Do not spend so much time with preparations that you forget to make time for the actual writing. You may have heard that freewriting is the easiest way to overcome writer’s block. However, there is an even better way — writing from an outline and researching the various sections of your paper. Just make sure to give each main idea its own paragraph, supported using evidence and examples from credible sources. 

As you write your paper, grammar and syntax should not be your main priority. At this stage, just work on the drafting of your ideas and points. You can finish by editing your work for grammatical, content, and formatting consistency. 

Please note that the tips provided in this article are meant to guide you through the process of academic essay writing. You still have to make sure that your writing adheres to your assignment instructions. Most importantly, you need to ensure that you proofread and edit your work.

perfect environment essay

Writing an Essay on the Environment

perfect environment essay

Our living conditions have an impact on how we behave and interact with other people. The effects of changing weather patterns and temperatures on living things have come under increasing scrutiny over time.

Although pollution and biodiversity are two additional topics worth writing about, climate change is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous and prevalent issues. Making a solid essay on the environment involves several steps beyond simply deciding what to write about.

There are a few things to consider when writing a paper on the environment. Of course, the format and citation style required for academic writing vary depending on the instructor. Remember to follow these and limit your answers to the question as stated in the assignment prompt. Here are some more pointers for writing an essay well.

Pick a good topic to begin with

Choosing a relevant topic is the most crucial step in producing excellent academic writing. There are numerous environmental factors on which you might base your paper. However, you must ensure that your chosen subject aligns with the assignment’s question, which is stated in the prompt. Of course, there are occasions when professors give their pupils a set of issues to choose from, negating the necessity for topic selection.

In other cases, teachers allow pupils to choose their own themes. With such flexibility comes the obligation to make sure your topic is current and pertinent to your project. Additionally, you must ensure that your topic is narrow enough to fit within the confines of your essay. People who struggle to come up with good ideas might google “ pay someone to write my paper ” to order custom writing from experts online.

Any of the following topics may be covered in your essay on the environment: biodiversity; climate change or global warming and its effects; environmental degradation and how it affects living things.

You must do some research to choose a current and relevant topic because the environment is such a vast subject. Additionally, be sure to focus on your theme.

Think of ideas and make a plan

The next step is brainstorming after you have chosen a topic for your essay. Thinking about the subject and writing down everything you know is what this procedure entails. The notes you’ve made here can be incorporated into your outline.

Having a solid approach when it comes to outlining will help you save time when you are doing your research and writing. The development of a working thesis statement and some preliminary investigation may be necessary at this stage.

Construct a compelling thesis statement

It’s time to develop a workable thesis now that you have a topic and an outline. Please be aware that while you conduct research and write your statement, it may change multiple times. You might come across new concepts as you work and alter your viewpoint on significant subjects. Any writer from the best writing services would say that your thesis should be concise, clear, debatable, and intriguing. It should make clear the stance you aim to defend in your argument.

Conduct analysis and gather sources

If you don’t collect adequate information and supporting facts, composing a solid essay on the environment is impossible. Academic papers of top quality make clear arguments and back up their claims with reliable evidence. Perform research using primary sources, credible websites, online journals, and books. To assist with citations and references, make sure to list the information’s sources. Most importantly, keep thorough notes to make arranging your article simpler.

Get to writing as soon as you can

Do not let the planning consume all of your time and leave no time for writing. Freewriting is allegedly the most straightforward method for overcoming writer’s block. Although there is a better technique, it involves creating an outline and researching each area of your article. Just make sure to give each critical point a paragraph and back it up with examples and proof from reliable sources.

Grammar and syntax shouldn’t be your main focus as you compose your article. Just focus on developing your ideas and points at this time. Finish by proofreading your work for grammar, content, and formatting consistency.

Please keep in mind that the advice given in this article is intended to help you as you write an academic essay. You must still ensure that your writing follows the guidelines for your assignment. The most crucial thing is to make sure you proofread and edit your work. You can do it yourself or hire the best college essay writing service to have it done professionally. This will save you from the mistakes and typos, and your essay on the environment will be of an outstanding quality!

Following these tips it will be easier to understand the steps of writing a perfectly done essay without messing it up the night before the deadline. Remember of your main goal – highlight the importance of a particular environmental issue and persuade the readers to do their contribution into its solving.

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perfect environment essay

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  • Panama Canal and Its Environmental Impacts The construction of the Panama Canal has profound local environmental impacts which are based on socio-political management of the project that has demonstrated the infrastructural and ecological interdependence of its service as a global transportation […]
  • Environmental Assessment – Environmental Management Systems Additionally, a good EMS is usually structured in a manner that allows the identification of the impact of the organization on the environment.
  • Food Production and The Environment So all aspects of production – the cultivation and collection of plants, the maintenance of animals, the processing of products, their packaging, and transportation, affect the environment.
  • Overconsumption and Its Impact on the Environment The purpose is to examine the statement’s applicability in light of global mineral production and consumption, emphasizing the Canadian resource industry.
  • Green Buildings and Environmental Sustainability This paper scrutinizes the characteristics that need to be possessed by a building for it to qualify as green coupled with questioning the capacity of the green movements across the globe to prescribe the construction […]
  • Impact of Emirates Airlines’ Operations on the Environment This makes it difficult for Emirates to develop policies that can have a direct influence on the environmental performance of the aircrafts.
  • Environment and Human Attitude Towards It Although the issue of attitude towards the environment can address most of the predicaments affecting humanity today, there are various actions and initiatives that can be undertaken to transform the situation and reduce people’s ecological […]
  • The Impact of Food Habits on the Environment The topic of this research is based on the issue of human-induced pollution or another environmental impact that affect the Earth and dietary approaches that can improve the situation.
  • Globalization and Environment Essay While this is the case, citizens equally have a role to play in addressing the issue of globalization and climate change.
  • Mining and Environment in Papua New Guinea In line with this commitment, the company implemented some of its strategies as indicated in the 2017 report on its operations in Chile.
  • Technology’s Role in Environmental Protection: The Ocean Cleanup Proponents of The Ocean Cleanup technology emphasize the fact that the devices have the capacity to effectively address oceanic plastic pollution.
  • Historical Relationship of the Choctaws, Pawnees, and Navajos and How It Is Changing the Environment To begin with, the hunting practices of this native group, as well as the invasion of the European into their land, led to a great decline in the herds of the white-tailed deer in the […]
  • The Role of Man in Environment Degradation and Diseases The link between environmental degradation and human beings explains the consequences of the same in relation to the emergence of modern-age diseases.
  • Climate Change: Human Impact on the Environment This paper is an in-depth exploration of the effects that human activities have had on the environment, and the way the same is captured in the movie, The Eleventh Hour.
  • Fast Fashion’s Negative Impact on the Environment And this is the constant increase in production capacity, the low quality of the product, and the use of the labor of the population of developing countries.
  • Attaining Sustainability in the Environment In fact, the treatment of waste is among the first aspects that need to change for a sustainable future to be possible. Therefore, in a sustainable future, the use of plastic will be reduced to […]
  • Food Contamination and Adulteration: Environmental Problems, Food Habits, Way of Cultivation The purpose of this essay is to explain reasons for different kinds of food contamination and adulteration, harmful contaminants and adulterants and the diseases caused by the usage of those substances, prevention of food contamination […]
  • Human Population and the Environment The fertility rate of a given species will depend on the life history characteristics of the species such as the number of reproductive periods in the lifetime of the species and the number of offspring […]
  • Fog and Its Effects on the Environment Depending on where and how the cooling effect takes place, the appearance and lasting duration of fog are affected and using this scientists have been able to categorize fog into various groups namely steaming fog, […]
  • Role of Non-Governmental Organisations in the Development of Sustainable Environmental Initiatives 1 The questions that currently ringer in people’s mind include why the NGOs are increasingly participating in environmental conservation projects, whether their initiatives are different from those they initiated in the past, and what exactly […]
  • Environmental Pollution and Its Effect on Health In climate change, due to air pollution, the main force to prevent environmental disasters need to change the approach to the production of substances from fossil fuels.
  • Tourism – Environment Relationships Relationship between tourism and the environment There is a great dependency of tourism on the environment as described by Holden and Fennel’s book The Routledge Handbook of Tourism and Environment.
  • Current Environmental Health Issues Considering the effects these bacteria may result in the following consequences should be remembered, the production of the lethal toxins in the intestine, the development of the clinical disease and succumb to the infection, the […]
  • Environmental Protection and Waste Management The analysis also focuses on the intellectual behaviour of people regarding the environmental effects of waste. There is lack of strong basis for scientific findings and current guidance is causing the environmental challenges to become […]
  • Technology Impact on Society and Environment It is possible to think of a variety of effects of technology. Availability of food also adds to the increase of people’s lifespan.
  • Water Scarcity and Its Effects on the Environment The core objective of this research paper is to examine water scarcity and its effects to the environment. This is because sufficiency of water supply depends on water conservation methods, distribution channels available in the […]
  • Poverty and the Environment The human population affects the environment negatively due to poverty resulting to environmental degradation and a cycle of poverty. Poverty and the environment are interlinked as poverty leads to degradation of the environment.
  • Environmental Pollution: Causes and Consequences The essay will provide an overview of pollution and proffer solutions to combating pollution for a sustainable environment and health. Preventing pollution lowers the cost to the environment and the economy.
  • Wood and Its Importance for Environment Support Despite the intentions to use wood in a variety of ways without thinking about consequences, wood has to be considered as a helpful natural resource with many positive impacts on the environment, human health, and […]
  • Hairy Frog’s Adaptations and Environment It releases the claw by contracting the muscles in its rear feet and causing the claw to appear by piercing the frog’s skin.
  • Environmental Health Factors: Positive & Negative Additionally, it will expound on the impacts of nutrition, globalization, and observance of human rights to an individual’s health. Some of the positive environmental factors include adequate sources of nutrition, availability of safe water, presence […]
  • The Effect of Plastic Water Bottles on the Environment In addition, the proponents of plastic use have argued that recycling is an effective method of mitigating the effects of plastic to the environment.
  • Environmental Impact of Bottled Water The process of manufacturing the water bottles, such as the dependence on fossil fuels, is causing a lot of direct as well indirect destructing to the environment.
  • The Go-Green Programs: Saving the Environment Thus, the spirit of going green entails getting different people in the world to become aware of their decisions and activities that hurt the environment and the world at large.
  • Social, Economic and Environmental Challenges of Urbanization in Lagos However, the city’s rapid economic growth has led to high population density due to urbanization, creating social, economic, and environmental challenges the challenges include poverty, unemployment, sanitation, poor and inadequate transport infrastructure, congestion in the […]
  • Changing Environment and Human Impact Also, a changing environment can fundamentally contribute to the advancement of one’s sense of agency and leadership values as they make an epistemological logic of their learning environment at a younger age.
  • Plastic Reusable Bags for Green Environment Studies have also shown that the production process of these bags does less harm to the environment as compared to plastic or paper bags.
  • Moral Obligations in Environment Synergy between the four components of the environment is crucial to the stability of the environment. In this regard, the lack of moral obligation in human beings when interacting with land amounts to a violation […]
  • Construction Solutions in Saline Environment The researcher concluded that, indeed, salinity is one of the major causes of concrete disintegration and reduces the durability of buildings in saline environments.
  • Human Impact to the Environment – Cuba Deforestation Issue One of the most significant aspects during the political eras in the nation that characterized the political development was the fluctuation in deforestation.
  • Negative Impact on the Environment The fact that human activity and industrial development negatively affect the environment is not debated because the sad reality shows that oceans, soil, and air are polluted, and many species are endangered. Overall, the main […]
  • Environmental Pollution: Causes and Solutions The consequences that have risen as a result of neglecting to take care of the environment have now become a reality to the whole of mankind.
  • Importance of Environmental Studies for Society It is upon the people to take care of the planet and understanding how human activities affect the environment is a critical step in that process.
  • Importance of Environment Schlosberg believes that all the terms has only led to confusion with little help, he says “Yet all of these developments in justice theory, very little has been applied in environmental justice movement”.
  • Ensuring Healthy and Clean Environment: Importance of Recycling Ensuring that we have air to breathe, water to drink and that we do not create a planet which becomes the very cause for the end of the human race.
  • The Nestle Company’s Environmental Sustainability Efforts What I like about Nestle’s environmental sustainability efforts: Nestle’s environmental sustainability efforts are concise and clear towards the company’s sustainability plans, that is, clear goals and objectives which are time bound. The company’s sustainability efforts […]
  • Relationship Between Population and the Environment The results revealed after the statistical analysis was performed that there is a negative relationship between the population increase and the emissions of carbon dioxide in the case of developed countries while on the other […]
  • Human-Environment Interdependence The problem of the environment change and the attitude of people to their own culture remains one of the most curious and urgent problems of modern time.
  • Environmental Initiative: Reducing Plastic Waste In this presentation, it has been proposed to reduce the use of plastic products despite their wide popularity.
  • The Genus Rosa’s Adaptation to the Environment Alternative hypothesis: The abundance and distribution of stomata, storage, transport, and floral structures have a substantial influence on the adaptation of the genus Rosa to its environment.
  • Environmental Impacts and Solutions: Solid Waste The objective of solid waste management is to reduce the amount of solid waste disposed on land and lead to the recovery of material from solid waste through various recycling efforts.
  • Wireless Power Transmission Implication for the Environment Designing the coils would form the trickiest task, since they have to be adjusted to the right frequency relying on the distance of the wire, the amount of loops in the wire and the capacitor.
  • Are Electric Vehicles Better for the Environment? This article reviews and evaluates the energy efficiency and environmental impact of electric vehicles with rechargeable batteries. Electric cars meet these requirements and provide opportunities for people to create transport that is safe for the […]
  • Tundra Biome: Environmental Impacts on Organisms The major difference between the alpine and the arctic tundra is that the alpine grounds are not covered by the permafrost.
  • Eco-Friendly Food Product Production and Marketing The innovation of the airfryier has not only been a benefit to the health of the people but it also helps in the conservation of the environment.
  • Tourism and Environment In order to address the impacts of tourism on the environment, there is need to discuss how to replace the income that may be lost by implementing these measures. Environmental conservation in tourism is responsible […]
  • Environment: Endangered Species Global warming also increases the risk of storms and drought, affecting food supply, which may cause death to both humans and animals.
  • Environmental Impacts of Tourism The sphere of tourism is reliant on the environment of the sites in which the visitors are interested. The industry of invasive tourism continues to grow people are becoming more and more interested in traveling […]
  • Environmental Factors in the Emergence of the Egyptian Civilization Importantly, the physical composition of the land and natural resources alongside artifacts of ancient Egypt had a substantial impact on the country’s growth and development.
  • The Importance of Saving the Environment Toxins and contaminants pollute the environment and consequently interfere with the health of man and other animals. In other words, the future is guaranteed if the environment can be safeguarded and preserved at the current […]
  • Importance of Environmental Conservation for Public Health The research study has also recommended the conservation of tropical forests so that the broad diversity of natural plant species can be beneficial in the management of public health.
  • Environmental Pollution in the Petroleum Industry At the same time, it threatens nature and creates many long-term issues related to pollution of air, soil, water, the weakening of the ozone layer, and the facilitation of the greenhouse gas effect.
  • Is Recycling Good for the Environment? Recycling is good for the environment and should be included in the daily routine of any person that cares about the planet and the future of our children.
  • Human Behavioral Effects on Environment Environmental cues shape human behaviors because they make people perceive a certain environment in a given way and behavior in a manner that fits that environment. In addition, environmental cues may force people to change […]
  • Environmental Impact of Medical Wastes These inconsistencies are present in the Federal guidelines laid down by the States with regards to the definition of medical waste and the management options available for handling, transporting, treating and disposing medical waste.
  • Food Web and Impact of Environmental Degradation In the course of this paper, ‘conservation’ refers to the preservation of natural resources that are, in any way, involved in the functioning of the food web.
  • A Study of the Brine Shrimps and Their Natural Environment Brine shrimps can be used as environmental indicators and this is because one of the fundamental requirements in the breeding them is a salty environment.
  • Environmental Planning: Dam Construction Environmental planning is when decision making is done to attain development of an area while giving due thought to factors that may include Mother Nature, economic policies and political aspects, governmental policies as well […]
  • Influence of Car Emissions on the Environment Emissions from cars are also damaging to the environment, destroying the surrounding through adding to the green house effect damaging the quality of the air as well as depleting the ozone.
  • The Impact of Industrial Pollution on the Environment The attainment of these higher costs is through compulsory inclusion of the social costs of production in determination of the price of the goods.
  • McDonald’s: Human Rights and Environmental Sustainability Core values of the company One of the core values of the company is the respect for the fundamental rights of human beings.
  • Application of Geography (GIS) in Biotechnology in Field of Agriculture and Environment According to Wyland, “the ability of GIS to analyze and visualize agricultural environments and work flows has proved to be very beneficial to those involved in the farming industry”.
  • Organisms in Terrestrial and Aquatic Environments Water is a dense medium, and thus plants living in water have a weak shaft for supporting the foliage and the upperparts of the plant.
  • Urbanization and Environment The resources can be identified through the acquisition of knowledge about the environmental conditions of the areas in which urban development is expected to take place.
  • Environmental Issues of Rwanda Extensive farming, as well as animal husbandry, is a common phenomenon in the country, hence leading to serious environmental degradation on the land. Deteriorating quality of water and extinction threat to wetlands in the country […]
  • Organic Food Is Not a Cure for Environmental and Health Issues For instance, the same group of scientists claims that the moderate use of pesticides in organic agriculture is particularly important to consider while purchasing food.
  • The Roles of Environmental Protection Agencies As a personal response to the argument; the individual’s involvement in environmental conservation is not enough as there is need for policy and regulation enforcement where he can only give advice to the federal government […]
  • War in Modern World: Effects on the Environment I have used the concept of massacres and killing to show the effects of hatred and bloodshed in this world and the horrific effects of death and fatalities on human kind and the atmosphere.
  • The Impact of Green Energy on Environment and Sustainable Development Traditional methods of receiving the necessary amount of power for meeting the needs of the developed cites and industries cannot be discussed as efficient according to the threat of the environmental pollution which is the […]
  • Global Climate Change and Environmental Conservation There may be a significantly lesser possibility that skeptics will acknowledge the facts and implications of climate change, which may result in a lower desire on their part to adopt adaptation. The climate of Minnesota […]
  • Nutrition and Its Impact on the Environment One of the crucial challenges is the need to find solutions that are effective for millions of different producers on the one hand and unique to each farm on the other.
  • Health and Environment: The Impact of Technology This is a foundation of the healthcare sector that has been offering support to the integration and operation of variety of health services applications and thus contributing to the betterment of the healthcare sector.
  • Environmental Issue: Hunting on Whales The case study at hand presents an environmental issue involving the Makah tribe that had hunted whales over two thousand years until the 1920s when this practice had to be discontinued due to the decline […]
  • Natural Resources and the Environment For example, the use of natural gas, oil, and coal leads to the production of carbon dioxide, which pollutes the environment.
  • Environmental Hazards and Human Health In particular, it is necessary to examine the evolution of the techniques that are used by people in order to utilize unwanted materials or goods.
  • Water and Environment Engineering The village is situated in the Northwestern part of the state, near the seacoast. However, one of the village residents made an offer to the turtle and the latter allowed humans to use water from […]
  • Environmental Issues and Management An organisation is able to evaluate the impact of its practices on the environment in a consistent manner. The standard encourages organisations to implement appropriate practices which improve the awareness of the employees of the […]
  • The Concept of Corporate Environmental Responsibility Arguments that have been advanced by Norman Bowie are thus misleading as it should be the responsibility of corporate entities to ensure that whatever they do is not in the contrary to their ability to […]
  • Environmental Policy in UK, Canada, and India The manufacturers and service providers are being encouraged to label their products and services as a way of creating awareness to the consumers on the safety of the product or service to the environment.
  • Environmental Policy Recommendation Furthermore, the policymakers need to be fully supported by the relevant agencies such as the ministry of environment to eliminate the existing and the projected obstacles that will prevent the full implementation of renewable energy […]
  • Human Impacts on the Environment In certain areas, this was a benefit for the land and the soil, as it gave the soil a chance to rejuvenate itself.
  • Environmental Crisis: People’s Relationship With Nature It is apparent that people have strived to steer off the blame for the environmental crisis that the world is facing, but they are the primary instigators of the problem.
  • Environmental Protection: Liquid Waste To understand the role of the EPA in protecting the human health and environment in the United States from liquid waste pollution, it is necessary to discuss the EPA’s activities and importance and to focus […]
  • Their Benefits Aside, Human Diets Are Polluting the Environment and Sending Animals to Extinction The fact that the environment and the entire ecosystem have been left unstable in the recent times is in no doubt.
  • Disney’s Representations of Nature At the end of the films, man’s relation to nature shows a strong sense of commitment to conservation. It is the swamp which ultimately leads Snow White to a teeming life of the forest.
  • Environmental Sustainability on a Global Scale Compared to the world at the beginning of the 21st century, it required perceptional changes toward nature, biodiversity, and ecosystems, as well as reforms in agriculture and management of water, energy, and waste.
  • Water Pollution as a Crime Against the Environment In particular, water pollution is a widespread crime against the environment, even though it is a severe felony that can result in harm to many people and vast territories.
  • Environmental Injustice Impeding Health and Happiness The authors note that there is a constant flow of the white population to the areas most protected from flooding and the displacement of the black population from there.
  • Social and Environmental Problems in Oakland and Detroit In West and East Oakland, the main population to bear the burden of a polluted environment is the poor people and people of color.
  • Analysis of Culture and Environmental Problems Even in the desire to care for the environment, there is clear mechanization, obedience to instructions, and a complete denial of any other way of helping.
  • The National Environmental Policy Act The applicant then pays fee that covers the cost of processing or reviewing the permit and the cost of ensuring the company’s compliance with the conditions set out in the permit.
  • Australian Fires and Their Environmental Impact Mass fires continued for almost six months on the territory of the country, which destroyed the region, commensurate with the area of some European countries. The purpose of this essay is to analyze the consequences […]
  • Fish Farming Impacts on the Environment To begin with, according to Abel and Robert, fish farming has been generalized to have adverse effects on the environment, which ranges from the obliteration of the coastal habitats which are sensitive in the environment, […]
  • The Aral Sea’s Environmental Issues Prior to its destruction, the Sea was one of the biggest water bodies, rich in different species of flora and fauna; a case that is opposite today, as the sea is almost becoming extinct.
  • The International Relations Theories in Addressing of Environmental Issues The political dimension of the green theory has led to the emergence of “environmental justice, environmental democracy, environmental activism and the green states”.
  • Population Growth and Its Impacts on the Environment High population growth is destructive to the society and the environment. In the US and Germany, the rate of population growth is estimated to be 0.
  • Obligation of Corporations in Environmental Conservation Given that corporations undertake process that cause harm to the environment, they have a moral obligation to preserve the environment for the sake of humanity.
  • Environmental Ethics: Land Ethic and the Platform of Deep Ecology Attfield defines environmental ethics as the study of ethics of the day to day interactions of human beings with their environment and their impacts on the systems of nature.
  • Endangered Species: Modern Environmental Problem Some of the activities which cause danger to these species include the following; This refers to loss of a place to live for the animals and can also be expressed as the ecosystem or the […]
  • Lancelets’ Adaptation and Environment The first describable organism in the evolutionary phylogeny of lancelets is the ‘Branchiostoma Lanceolatum’, a molluscan slug of the Limax species.
  • Rayon and Its Impact on Health and Environment Since the beginning of the rayon industry, the workers who were involved in manufacturing the artificial silk, suffered severely from the chemicals’ impact on their health.
  • Architecture and the Environment With today’s research people have been made aware of the advantages and disadvantages that have been brought about by the architecture of surrounding infrastructure.”The amount and size of windows in a room, openness, shape/form and […]
  • Genes, Lifestyle, and Environment in Health of Population Genetics and the environment are two of the most influential factors affecting human health as well as the onset and development of many diseases. To conclude, genetics, environment, and lifestyles are the intertwined factors that […]
  • Preserving the Environment and Its Treasures Leonard’s “The Story of Stuff” is closely related to Stegner’s idea of protecting the wilderness since in her movie, Leonard discusses the dramatic outcomes of people’s activity on extracting resources performing which they neglect the […]
  • Environmental Laws in the UAE The laws and regulations of Federal Law No of 1999 for the Protection and Development of the Environment form the backbone of the Environmental Law within the UAE.
  • Sustainability Principles of the Natural Environment This is one of the points that can be made. This is one of the issues that can be distinguished.
  • Brazil Environmental Issues Brazil is one of the countries located in Southern America and is one of the emerging economies in the world given its economic performance.
  • Saving the Environment With Eco-Friendly Amenities The opening of new recreational activity centers such as the gym and steps club can be a problem in terms of the energy consumption with the lights, air conditioning and other exercise machines needed to […]
  • Working for the Environment This means that all creatures in the world belong to the ecosystem because they are related in one way or the other.
  • Environmental Science & Technology In terms of architecture, the attempts of architects to decrease the impact on the environment right from the beginning is based on the desire to produce the item of the building components, continuing so in […]
  • Causes of Water Pollution and the Present Environmental Solution Prolonged pollution of water has even caused some plants to grow in the water, which pose danger to the living entities that have their inhabitants in the water.
  • The Effect of Polymers on Environment vs Glass One of the first pioneers in the application of polymers was Joseph Priestley who in 1770 made a remarkable discovery that led to the use of natural rubber as an eraser.
  • Environmental Science: Smart Water Management Among the essential elements in human life is water, which is required for maintaining the water balance in the body and for cleanliness, as well as for many economic sectors, from agriculture to metallurgy.
  • Does Recycling Harm the Environment? Recycling is the activity that causes the most damage to the environment. Summarizing the above, it is necessary to state that waste recycling has a negative connotation in relation to nature and the environment.
  • Is Humanity Already Paying for Environmental Damage? Companies that do not include the environmental factor in their price calculations and which do not use the revenue to make amends to the environment allow for their products to be much cheaper and available […]
  • Environmental Psychology: The Impact of Interior Spaces on Childhood Development Nevertheless, with regards to children and their physical and cognitive development, environmental psychology addresses how experiences and exposures to various socio-environmental components affect children’s brain structure and their ability to control their emotions and behaviors.
  • Sea Foods in the Environment Protection Context Further, the purpose of the website is to give information that seeks to reward the efforts of people who protect and safeguard the ocean and seafood supplies such as lobsters.
  • Environmental Issues, Psychology, and Economics This is the basis of the dynamic interaction between man and the environment. The learning process is primarily determined by the conformity or inconsistency of the environment of such activities.
  • Impacts of Alternative Energy on the Environment The term “alternative energy” refers to energy sources other than fossil fuels, including renewable sources, such as solar and wind energy, as well as nuclear energy.
  • Paper Recycling: Environmental and Business Issues In order for paper to be properly recycled, the several types of paper must be separated because the different types of paper must be used for different types of products. This is the most common […]
  • The Introduction of Environmental Legislation Governments in Australia and all over the world try to protect the environmental damage through the introduction of environment-related laws and regulations. In Australia, the State, Commonwealth, and the local governments introduce and administers legislation […]
  • Islamic Architecture: Environment and Climate The work of Erzen explains that the development of architectural styles and methods of innovation in the various regions of the world is often the result of responses to the natural environment.
  • Environmental Management ISO 14000- ENEN90005 EMS Manual for Sita Landfill Environmental Management System is a way of addressing the impact on the environment by issuing guidance to organizations, businesses, and governments which maintain and operate landfills and establishments made for the purpose of controlling environmental […]
  • Kenya and Brazil: Comparing Environmental Conflict This loss of habitat has contributed to the species loss already aggravated by illegal hunting and open armed conflict in the region.
  • Shipping and the Environment The considerable increase in the number and scale of shipping operations means that it is now paramount to take into account the effects of these operations on the marine environment to prevent major environmental changes […]
  • Environmental Pollution and Increased Birds Death The increase in the population of different animals may also cause the death of birds. This leads to the extinction of some animals and birds hence massive death.
  • Papua New Guinea Environmental Analysis The following report aims at determining the suitability of Papua New Guinea as a target market for introducing our product environmental measuring equipment for monitoring and logging the quality of water in waterways around the […]
  • Global Warming: People Impact on the Environment One of the reasons for the general certainty of scientists about the effects of human activities on the change of climate all over the globe is the tendency of climate change throughout the history, which […]
  • Anthropocene and Human Impact on Environment While the exaggeration of the issue, as well as misinterpretation of some facts and conclusions, indeed take place, the conclusion drawn by the deniers is wrong and simply aligns the bias in the opposite direction, […]
  • Open-Pit Mining Environmental Impact
  • Sustainability and Human Impact on Environment
  • Whaling as Unethical Environmental Problem
  • Kuwait’s Desert Pollution
  • Global Warming and Its Effects on the Environment
  • Environment and Renewable Energy
  • On the Rescue Mission: Preserving the Environment
  • Impact of Plastics on the Environment
  • United National Environment Programme (UNEP)
  • Environmental Pollution: Waste Landfilling and Open Dumping
  • Environmental Factors and Health Promotion: Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution
  • Packaging and Protection of Finished Goods and the Environment
  • Microbial-Environmental Interactions in HIV & AIDS
  • Approaches to the Environmental Ethics
  • Industrial Meat Business and Environmental Issues
  • The Environmental Impacts of Exploratory Drilling
  • Globalization in the Environmental Sphere
  • Climate Change, Economy, and Environment
  • Participatory Action Research on Canada’s Environment
  • Environment in the Novel “Ishmael” by Daniel Quinn
  • Mining in Canada and Its Environmental Impact
  • Eco Businesses’ Effect on the Environment
  • Environmental Pollution and Human Health
  • Consumer Relationship With Pro-Environmental Apparel Brands
  • An Environmental Communicator Profile
  • Human Activity: Impact on the Environment
  • Genetic and Environmental Impact of the Chornobyl Disaster
  • Risk Factor Analysis and Environmental Sustainability
  • Negative Environmental Impacts and Solutions
  • Environmental Ethics of Pesticide Usage in Agriculture
  • Network Organizations and Environmental Processes
  • Carbon Offsets: Combatting Environmental Pollution
  • The Formation of the Environmental Protection Agency
  • Protecting the Environment Against Climate Change
  • Thermodynamics: Application to Environmental Issues
  • How Bottles Pollute the Environment
  • Environmental Problems in China and Japan
  • Exploring Environmental Issues: Marine Ecotourism
  • Influence of Technology on Environmental Concerns
  • Environmental Legislation in Texas
  • Middle East and North Africa Region: Environmental Management
  • Environmental Impact of Wind Farms and Fracking
  • The Dangers of Global Warming: Environmental and Economic Collapse
  • The Effects of Gold Mining in the Amazons on the Environment and the Population
  • Environmental Racism: The Water Crisis in Flint, Michigan
  • Environmental Illnesses and Prevention Measures
  • Deforestation Impact on Environment and Human
  • Market-Based Approaches to Environmental Law
  • Coates Chemicals: Environmental, Sustainability, and Safety
  • Environmental Feedback Loop and Ecological Systems
  • A Corporation’s Duties to the Environment
  • Demography, Urbanization and Environment
  • How to Fight Environmental Imbalances
  • Environmental Impacts During Pregnancy
  • Achieving Environmental Sustainability
  • Eating Habits and Environmental Worldviews
  • Environmental Protection: Pollution and Fossil Fuels
  • Environmental Anthropology and Human Survival at The Arctic Biome
  • Environmental Problems: Care of the Planet
  • E- Commerce and the Environment
  • Intermodal Transportation Impacts on Environment
  • Cats’ and Dogs’ Influences on the Environment and the Ecosystem
  • Is Tap Water Better and Safer for People and the Environment Than Bottled Water?
  • Environmental Impact Assessment as a Tool of Environmental Justice
  • Australia’s State of the Environment
  • Environmental Policy’s Impact on Economic Growth
  • Business Ethics in Decisions About the Environment
  • Marine Environment Protection and Management in the Shipping Industry
  • Environment: Miami Area Analysis
  • Agriculture: Environmental, Economic, and Social Aspects
  • Toxicity of Mercury: Environmental Health
  • The Impact of the Food Industry on the Environment
  • The Impact of Atmospheric Pollution on Human Health and the Environment
  • Science and the Environment: Plastics and Microplastics
  • Impact of the Exxon Valdez Spill on the Environment
  • Aeon Company and Environmental Safety
  • Impending Environmental Disaster in Van Camp’s “Lying in Bed Together”
  • Resolution of International Disputes Related to Environmental Practices
  • Environment and the Challenges of Global Governance
  • Reducing Personal Impact on the Environment
  • Coal Usage – The Effects on Environment and Human Health
  • Ancient Egypt: Geography and Environment
  • Environmental and Genetic Factors That Influence Health
  • Limits on Urban Sprawl. Environmental Science
  • Geography and Environmental Features of Machu Picchu
  • The Green New Deal: An Environmental Project
  • Climate Change: Causes, Impact on People and the Environment
  • Restorative Environmental Justice and Its Interpretation
  • The United Nations Environmental Program and Sustainable Development Goals
  • Property Laws Facilitate Environmental Destruction
  • Measuring Exposure in Environmental Epidemiology
  • Air Cargo Impact on the Environment
  • Environmental Marine Ecosystems: Biological Invasions
  • Gamma Ray Spectroscopy Analysis of Environmental Samples: a Literature Review
  • Environmental and Global Health Issues: Measles
  • Fabric Recycling: Environmental Collapse
  • Environmental Research – Radon Gas
  • Environmental Justice Movement
  • Racial Politics of Urban Health and Environmental Justice
  • Environmental Discrimination in Canada
  • Environmental Worldviews & Environmental Justice
  • Flint Water Crisis: Environmental Racism and Racial Capitalism
  • Environmental Injustice Among African Americans
  • Cancer Alley and Environmental Racism
  • Building a School in the Polluted Environment
  • India’s Environmental Health and Emergencies
  • Climate Change: Sustainability Development and Environmental Law
  • Cancer Alley and Environmental Racism in the US
  • Avocado Production and Socio-Environmental Issues
  • Environmental Philosophies and Actions
  • Bipartisan Strategies for Overcoming Environmental Disaster
  • Pope Francis’s Recommendations on Environmental Issues
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Fracking: An Environmental Study
  • Non-Govermental Organizations in Environmental Changes
  • Green Management and Environmental Auditing
  • The Environmental Movement in the US
  • Mega-Events and Environmental Sustainability
  • Dubai Aluminium Company Ltd: Environmental Policies
  • Environmental Science: The Ozone Layer
  • The Current Environmental Policy in the USA
  • Aspects of Environmental Studies
  • The Environment and Its Effects
  • Cruise Liners’ Environmental Management and Sustainability
  • Environmental Effect & Waste Management Survey
  • Greenwashing: Full Environmental Sustainability?
  • Great Cities’ Impact on Ecology and Environmental Health
  • Geology and Environmental Science
  • Environmental Degradation Impacts of Concrete Use in Construction
  • Environmental Management for Construction Industry
  • Airlines and Globalisation: Environmental Impact
  • The Business Ethics, Code of Conduct, Environment Initiatives in Companies
  • Environmental Features of the Sacramento City
  • How “Making It Eco Friendly” Is Related to Information Technology and the Environment
  • Coal Seam Gas Industry Impact: Environmental Epidemiology
  • A Relationship Between Environmental Disclosure and Environmental Responsiveness
  • Environmental Biotechnology: “Analysis of Endocrine Disruption in Southern California Coastal Fish”
  • Eco-Labels: Environmental Issues in Business
  • Sustainable Environmental Policy: Fight the Emerging Issues
  • Environmental Regulations Effects on Accounting
  • Environmental Sustainability of Veja
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Environmental Law in New South Wales
  • Environmental Law: The Aluminium Smelting Plan
  • Environmental Biology: Hydraulic Fracturing Technology
  • Environmental Policies Statements Response
  • Environmental Accounting in Dubai
  • Community Environmental Exposure in Bayou Vista and Omega Bay
  • Environmental Audit for the MTBE Plant
  • Taking Back Eden: Environmental Law Goes Global
  • Environmental Risk Report on Nanoparticles
  • UAE Laws and Regulations for Environmental Protection
  • Reaction Paper: Valuing the Environment Through Contingent Valuation
  • Environmental Geotechnics: Review
  • Environmental Challenges Caused by Fossil Fuels
  • Water for Environmental Health and Promotion
  • National Environmental Policy Act of 1969
  • Environmental Impact of Healthcare Facilities
  • Environmental Law: Strategies and Issue of Standing
  • Environmental Protection: Law and Policy
  • Environmental Law: History, Sources, Treaties and Setbacks
  • Business Obligations With Respect to Environment
  • Environmental Microbiology Overview
  • Environmental Noise Effects on Students of Oregon State University
  • Australian Environmental Law
  • Environment and Land Conflict in Brazil
  • The Information Context and the Formation of Public Response on Environmental Issues
  • The Environment Conditions in the Desert
  • Purchasing Trees Online for Environmental Protection
  • Water Scarcity: Industrial Projects of Countries That Affect the External Environment
  • Opportunity Cost and Environment Protection
  • Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies Analysis
  • Environmental Studies: Climate Changes
  • Environmental Degradation in “Turning Tides” by Mathieu D’Astous
  • Global Warming: Negative Effects to the Environment
  • Agriculture and Environment: Organic Foods
  • Environmental Protection With Energy Saving Tools
  • Environmental Politics Review and Theories
  • Social Development: Globalization and Environmental Problems
  • Macondo Well Blowout’s Environmental Assessment
  • Environmental Species and Ecosystems
  • Sheffield Flooding and Environmental Issues Involved
  • Do India and China Have a Right to Pollute the Environment?
  • Global Warming and Environmental Refugees
  • Environmental Ethics Concerning Animal Rights
  • The Politics of Climate Change, Saving the Environment
  • Environmental Deterioration and Poverty in Kenya
  • Fear and Environmental Change in Philadelphia
  • Global Warming Issues Review and Environmental Sustainability
  • Environmental Issue: Whaling
  • Biodiversity Hotspots and Environmental Ethics
  • Impact of Mobile Telephony on the Environment
  • How to Feed Everybody and Protect the Environment?
  • Geographical Information System (GIS) in Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Population Grows And Environment
  • Human Population Ecology: Human Interaction With the Environment
  • Environmental Policies Made by the Finland Government
  • The Influence of Global Warming and Pollution on the Environment
  • Genes and Environment: Genetic Factors and Issues Analysis
  • US Government and Environmental Concerns
  • Florida Wetlands: Importance to the Health of the Environment
  • Environmental Issue in Canada: Kyoto Protocol
  • The Positive Impact of Environment on Tourist Industry
  • Environmental Preferences and Oil Development in Alaska
  • Environmental Issues in Hamilton Harbor
  • Environmental Problems From Human Overpopulation
  • Aboriginal Environmental Issues in Canada
  • Environmental Sociology. Capitalism and the Environment
  • Environmental Impact of Livestock Production
  • Los Angeles International Airport’s Environmental Impacts
  • Environmental Policy: Water Sanitation
  • U.S. Environmental Policies: The Clean Air Act
  • Pollution and Federal Environmental Policy
  • Fossil Fuel Combustion and Federal Environmental Policy
  • The Impact of Mining Companies on Environment
  • Capitalism and Its Influence on the Environment
  • Emiratis Perceptions of Environmental and Cultural Conservation
  • Environmental Security in Gulf Council Countries
  • Environmental Pollution Analysis
  • Humans and Humanists: Ethics and the Environment
  • Restaurant’s Environment-Friendly Rules
  • Mosquito Control Strategies in the Urban Environment
  • Energy, Its Usage and the Environment
  • Carbon Dioxide Environmental Effects in 1990- 2010
  • Hydropower Dams and Their Environmental Impacts
  • Fiji Water’ Environmental Effects
  • Biology and Environment Issues
  • Coal Pollution in China as an Environmental Problem
  • Natural Storms and Environmental Studies
  • Indonesia: Environmental and Indigenous Issues
  • The Perception of Healthy Human Environment
  • Environmental Perils: Climate Change Issue
  • Mining and Environment in Australia and South Africa
  • Social and Eco-Entrepreneurship for Environment
  • Health and Environment in Abu Dhabi: Graphs’ Description
  • Environment Quality and Tourism in Chinese Cities
  • Health and Environment in Abu Dhabi: Statistical Significance
  • The Upper Big Branch Mine Disaster and Environment
  • “Population & Environment” in Mazur’s Feminist Approach
  • Fuel Cell Vehicles Preventing Environmental Hazards
  • Grundfos: Environment and Society Results
  • Precautionary Principle in Environmental Situations
  • The Impact of Overpopulation on the Global Environment
  • Impact of Sea Transport on the Aquatic Environment
  • Animal Testing and Environmental Protection
  • Green Building: The Impact of Humanity on the Environment
  • Healthy Life and Environmental Impact
  • Genetically Modified Seeds in Environmental Context
  • Information Technology and Environment Sustainability
  • Offshore Drilling’s Negative Environmental Influence
  • Environmental Pollution and Green Policies
  • Human & Environment in Kimmerer’s & Austin’s Works
  • Dioxins and Furans in Japan’s Environment
  • American Indian Environmental Movement in Arizona
  • Environment and Business in “Bidder 70” Documentary
  • Environment and Human Needs of Goods and Energy
  • US Environmental Inequality After Disasters
  • Hunting, Its Moral and Environmental Issues
  • Environmental Strategy for Groundwater in Abu Dhabi
  • Pure Home Water Company’s Environment
  • Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill’s Environmental Effect
  • Water Cycle and Environmental Factors
  • Green Marketing and Environment
  • North American Environmental Transnational Activism
  • Environmental Risks in the United Arab Emirates
  • Reverse Logistics and the Environment
  • US Position on International Environmental Concerns
  • Environmental Ethics and International Policy
  • Environmental Issues: The US Aiding for Other Countries
  • Environment: Oil and Gas’ Field Development Onshore
  • Environmental Revolution: Air Pollution in China
  • Chinese Environmental Programs and Regulations
  • Rail Transportation Industry Environmental Impacts
  • Environmental Risk Perception: Climate Change Viewpoints
  • International Trade Impact on the Amazon Region Environment
  • Globalization as to Health, Society, Environment
  • Pollution & Climate Change as Environmental Risks
  • Whaling and Its Environmental Impact
  • The Knoxville City’s Environmental Pollution
  • Environmental Technology and Its Disruptive Impact
  • Data Analysis in Economics, Sociology, Environment
  • America’s Major Environmental Challenges
  • International Environment Management and Sustainability
  • Environmental Studies: Energy Wastefulness in the UAE
  • Environmental Risk Management in the UAE
  • Business and Its Environment: Greenhouse Emissions
  • The US Foreign Policy and Environmental Protection
  • The Environmental Impacts of Transnational Migration in the US
  • Contrasting Environmental Policies in Brazil
  • Air Pollution Effects on the Health and Environment
  • How Does Environmental Security Affect Sustainable Development?
  • Environmental Sustainability in Clean City Organization
  • Gene-Environment Interaction Theory
  • Environment: Tropical Deforestation Causes in Indonesia
  • Hydraulic Fracturing and Its Environmental Impacts
  • Garbage Sorting in San Francisco – Environmental Study
  • Nuclear Power & Environment
  • How Solar Energy Can Save the Environment?
  • Overpopulation Effects on the Environment
  • Environmental Studies: Artificial Leaf
  • Environmental Justice and Air Pollution in Canada
  • Environmental Studies: Green Technology
  • “Global Environment History” a Book by Ian G. Simmons
  • Environmental Studies: Photosynthesis Concept
  • Environment Destruction: Pollution
  • Big Coal and the Natural Environment Pollution
  • Externalities Effects on People and Environment
  • Environment Protection Agency Technical Communication
  • Maori Health Development and Environmental Issue
  • Mars: Water and the Martian Landscape
  • Greenbelts as a Toronto’ Environmental Planning Tool
  • Environmental Studies: The Florida Everglades
  • Solving Complex Environmental Problems
  • Environmental Impacts of Cruise Tourism
  • Environmental Studies: Saving Endangered Species
  • Environmental Stewardship of Deforestation
  • Environmental Problem of the Ok Tedi Copper Mine
  • Environmental Studies: Transforming Cultures From Consumerism to Sustainability
  • Assaults on the Environment as a Form of War or Violence
  • Environmental Studies: Water Contamination in China
  • Environmental Impact – Life Cycle Assessment
  • BHP Waste Managements: Environmental Justice
  • Population Growth Impacts on the Environment
  • The Adoption of Agenda 21 of the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development
  • Air Pollution: Human Influence on Environment
  • The Sustainable Hotel Environment
  • Research Effect of Environmental Disasters on Human Reproductive Health
  • Analysis of Love Canal Environmental Disaster
  • Citizen Participation in Global Environmental Governance
  • Environmental Issue – Climate Change
  • World Government and Environmental Conservation
  • Materials and the Environment
  • Health and Environment in Abu Dhabi
  • Effectiveness of Carbon Tax in Environmental Sustainability
  • The Effects of Human Activities on the Environment
  • Natural Catastrophes and Environmental Justice
  • Environmental and Health Concerns of Hurricanes
  • Asthma Environmental Causes
  • Environmental Security as an Approach to Threats Posed by Global Environmental Change
  • Noise Control Act of 1972
  • World Bank’s Transformation of Human-Environmental Relations in the Global South
  • Culture and Leadership in a Safe Industrial Environment
  • Environmental Conditions in Tunnels Towards Environmentally Sustainable Future
  • Changes and Challenges: China’s Environmental Management in Transition
  • Corporate Environmental Policy Statements in Mainland China: To What Extent Do They Conform to ISO 14000 Documentation?
  • Jiangsu Province Environmental Analysis
  • Environmental Impacts of Air Pollution
  • Science in Environmental Management
  • Quality and Environmental Management
  • Modern State as an Impediment to Environmental Issues
  • Emirates Airlines Environmental Consciousness
  • China’s Energy and Environmental Implications
  • Knowledge Management Assessment in Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi
  • Green Computing: A Contribution to Save the Environment
  • Environmental Issue in China
  • Environmental Studies: Life Cycle Analysis of Milk
  • Environmental Protection Agency and Transportation Standards
  • Transportation Standards and Environmental Regulations
  • Environmental Damage From the BP Oil Spill
  • Environmental Sustainability Audit: The Oman Environmental Services Holding Company
  • A Robust Strategy for Sustainable Energy
  • Chesapeake Bay Environment Protection
  • Environmental Disasters and Ways Companies Cope With Them
  • Remediation of Metals – Contaminated Soils and Groundwater
  • Eco and Cultural Tourism: Extraordinary Experience and Untouched Natural Environment
  • Effects of Conflict or Nuclear Materials on Environment and Society
  • MLC and the Environmental Management Accounting
  • Environmental Degradation in Lithgow’s Waters
  • Environmental Risk, Risk Management, and Risk Assessment
  • Evaluate Human Resource Issues in Hong Kong Food and Environmental Hygiene Department
  • A Cost Benefit Analysis of the Environmental and Economic Effects of Nuclear Energy in the United States
  • Reducing the Energy Costs in Hotels: An Attempt to Take Care of the Environment
  • Learning of Environment Sustainability in Education
  • Natural and the Environmental Protection
  • Silent Spring and Environmental Issues
  • Economic Growth and Environment Relation
  • The Environment, Resources, and Their Economic Effects
  • Carbon Taxes in Environmental Protection
  • Coyotes as an Environmental Concern in Southern California
  • Environmental Health Practice
  • Fossil Energy and Economy
  • Eliminating the Conflict: Tourism and Environment
  • The Process of Constructing the Hotel and Environment
  • Tourism and Environment in Conflict
  • The Effect of Genetically Modified Food on Society and Environment
  • The Effect of Nuclear Energy on the Environment
  • Wind Energy for Environmental Sustainability
  • Acidic Rain Effects on the Environment
  • Concept of Environmental Ethic in Society
  • The Needs of People and the Needs of the Environment
  • Effects of Oil Spills on Aquatic Environments
  • The Fossil Oil Energy Effects on the Environment
  • Environmental Impacts of Nuclear Material
  • The Trends, Opportunities and Challenges of Environmental Sustainability
  • 21st Century Environmental Perils
  • Human Impact on the Environment
  • Human Interaction With the Surrounding Environment
  • The Relationship Between Psychology and the Preservation of the Environment
  • Environmental Injustice in Modern World
  • Environment and Species in International Relations
  • Effects of Classical Body to Environmental Thought
  • Thailand Issues: Environment, Child Prostitution, and HIV/AIDS
  • Environmentalism and Economic Freedom
  • Environmental Defense Fund
  • Experiencing and Transforming the Environment
  • Identity: Discourse of Environment
  • Bottled Water Effect on Environment and Culture
  • Environmental Issues of Yucca Mountain Nuclear Storage Facility in Nevada
  • Corporate Responsibility to the Environment
  • Nuclear Power and Its Effects on Economy, Environment and Safety
  • Gas Drilling Project: Economics and Environment
  • Population Growth and the Distribution of Human Populations to Effects on the Environment
  • The Environmental Impact of Nuclear Energy
  • Human Population and Global Resources
  • Environmental Issues in Asia
  • Environmental Pollution in Canada
  • Fossil Fuel Bubble Benefits and Environmental Impact
  • Expanding Oil Refinery: Environmental and Health Effects
  • Environmental Justice Issues Affecting African Americans: Water Pollution
  • Urban Sprawl and Environmental and Social Problems
  • The Issue of Conserving the Environment in the US
  • Problem of Nature – Environment Degradation
  • Southeast Asia Human-Environment Issue
  • Would Evolution Proceed More Quickly in a Rapidly Changing Environment?
  • Who Must Take Care of the Environment?
  • Why Can Air Pollution Harm the Environment Dramatically?
  • Why and How Should We Account for the Environment?
  • Why Animals Change Their Colors in Response to Environment?
  • Why Don’t Languages Adapt to Their Environment?
  • Why Are Environmental Ethics Important in the Preservation of the Natural Environment?
  • Why Are Industrial Farms Good for the Environment?
  • Why Is Mountain Meadows Basin Very Important for the Environment?
  • Why Do People Harm the Environment Although They Try to Treat It Well?
  • Why Do People Use Their Cars While the Built Environment Imposes Cycling?
  • Why Protecting, Our Environment, Is So Important?
  • Why Need to Study the Environment?
  • Why the Oil Industry Continues to Harm the Environment?
  • Why Is Population Growth’s Effect on the Earth’s Environment?
  • Can Cleaner Environment Promote International Trade?
  • Can Ecolabeling Schemes Preserve the Environment?
  • Can Employment Structure Promote Environment-Biased Technical Progress?
  • Can Green Taxes Save the Environment?
  • Can Social Media Help Save the Environment?
  • Can the Market Take Care of the Environment?
  • Can the United States Help Improve Their Perishing Environment?
  • Which Human Activities Affected the Natural Environment of the Amazon Basin?
  • What Are Our Responsibilities Toward the Environment?
  • What Are Plastics, and How Do They Affect the Environment?
  • What Are Some Ways That the Environment Affects Human Health?
  • What Are the Effects of Acid Rain on the Environment?
  • What Are the Effects of Motor Vehicles on the Environment?
  • How Has Consumerism Shaped the Environment by Influencing?
  • How Does Crude Oil Pollute Environment?
  • Water Pollution Research Topics
  • Environmentalism Essay Topics
  • Landfill Essay Titles
  • Ecosystem Essay Topics
  • Hazardous Waste Essay Topics
  • Pollution Essay Ideas
  • Climate Change Titles
  • Global Issues Essay Topics
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Improve your Grades

Essay on Environment | Environment Essay for Students and Children in English

February 13, 2024 by Prasanna

Essay on Environment in English: An environmental essay is a commonly asked topic in most exams. It is meant to gauge the awareness of the candidates about the various environmental issues and their repercussions. The following are a few samples of essay environment, which can be used for academic purposes. However, students are required to keep some points in their minds before starting their essays. If these points are integrated into their work, then they can easily secure more marks in their exams or assessments. Every year the world environment day is celebrated on June 5th.

You can also find more  Essay Writing  articles on events, persons, sports, technology and many more.

“We Won’t have a society if we destroy the environment” – Save Environment Essay

Essay on Environment

Our Environment Essay – Things To Keep In Mind

An academic essay needs to have a few essential points integrated into the body. Furthermore, an essay about the environment may sound very generic, but students should link it with other related concepts from their syllabus. Adopting this method will ensure that the essay will stay relevant and on point. The following are a few other points to keep in mind if students wish to write an essay on environment.

  • Limit the use of jargon; unless the topic is exclusively technical.
  • If time permits, prepare an outline of the essay.
  • Include an introductory paragraph.
  • Break up the body of the essay into digestible paragraphs.
  • Incorporate a concluding paragraph summarizing the points.
  • Try to incorporate dates, place names, and other specifics.
  • Always write in the third person, that is, refrain from using words such as “Me,” “I.”
  • Avoid colloquial terms, broken syntax, and slang.
  • Always use formal writing. For example, replacing words such as “but” with “however,” or “moreover,” will make the essay sound more professional.
  • If possible, use points to state views, opinions, or other highlights.

Sample 1 – Essay on Our Environment Pollution (Primary School Level)

Environment Essay Writing: The natural environment consists of two major components: living and non-living things. The living components, as the name implies, include all lifeforms on earth, from microscopic microbes to gargantuan blue whales. Non-living components of the environment include all the spheres of the earth, (such as hydrosphere and lithosphere), physical, chemical, and other natural forces.

The interaction between these components is crucial for life. However, anthropological activities have affected the dynamics, resulting in an imbalance. For instance, the greenhouse effect is a natural phenomenon that has been around for millions of years. It is also a crucial process necessary for sustaining life on earth. However, since the Industrial Revolution, the levels of air pollution skyrocketed, pumping tremendous amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

This magnified the greenhouse effect, eventually leading to global warming. And the consequences have been dire, for instance, the rising sea level is expected to submerge most cities near the coast by 2050. Torrential floods and storms will increase in their intensity. Draughts will be more severe and induce constant famine. Hence, anthropological activities must be kept under check because environmental pollution can take atoll on the planet and ourselves.  E-District Scholarship .

Sample 2 – Environmental Pollution – Radiation and its Effects on the Environment Essay (Higher Secondary/College Level)

There are various kinds of pollution in the environment, all arising from anthropological activities. These include air, water, soil, noise, and light pollution. Radioactive pollution is another type of pollution which is incredibly rare, but more dangerous than almost all other types of pollution.

Radioactive pollution occurs when the environment and the organisms living within are exposed to high energy ionizing radiation. These ionizing radiations carry tremendous amounts of energy, which can damage the DNA of living tissues. Once the DNA gets damaged, the living tissue is unable to repair itself and is more prone to mutations – which can cause uncontrolled cell growth – cancer.

As stated before, radiation pollution is quite rare. The last major incident was at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in 2011. A tsunami and an earthquake of magnitude 9.0 Mw damaged the powerplant, leading to a core meltdown.  This disaster was a Level 7 on the International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale (INES). This means the severity was on par with the Chernobyl Nuclear Accident which occurred decades before.

Apart from the extensive damage to the infrastructure, health issues were starting to arise. In 2012, screening tests were done on the children of Fukushima Prefecture. Around 36% of the children exhibited abnormal growths in their thyroid gland. By 2013, the number of people diagnosed with thyroid cancer and other forms of cancer had risen drastically.

In conclusion, such incidents can be prevented if proper care and safety measures were implemented. A seawall of adequate high could have prevented the tsunami. The Onagawa Nuclear Power Plant, which was closer to the epicenter of the earthquake, successfully withstood the tsunami and averted the disaster, which affected the Fukushima power plant.

Sample 3 – Save Environment Essay (General/All audience)

The environment is where all living organisms, including humans, reside. Hence, it is important to take care of the environment. Moreover, the environment provides many resources essential to life. For instance, life on earth would not be possible without oxygen, and plants are the main producers of oxygen. Hence, we need to save trees by preventing deforestation.

Water is another essential resource for life. About 71% of the earth’s surface is covered with water; however, just 1% of that is usable freshwater. Hence, conservation of water is important. It helps to reduce the energy required to process and deliver water.

Another important aspect of the environment is the food web. A food web is a group of interconnected food chains found in the environment. If any organism on the food chain becomes extinct, the whole food web can become imbalanced and collapse. For instance, the population of an apex predator in an ecosystem may become extinct as a result of human activities. Then the prey population will exponentially rise as there is no natural predator to keep it in check.

Sometimes, these scenarios can affect humans too: If snakes are eliminated from a particular ecosystem, then, the rat population in that ecosystem will rise. This can have undesired consequences on the ecosystem as well as humans. It could lead to a rise in diseases, destruction of crops or stored grains, or wiping out other native organisms in the environment.

FAQ’s on Environment Essays

Question 1. What is the environment?

Answer: The environment can be defined as the interaction between living and non-living components of the ecosystem.

Question 2. What is pollution?

Answer: When any substance that has detrimental effects on life or factors affecting life is introduced into the environment, it can be termed as a pollutant.

Question 3. What is air pollution?

Answer: Air pollution occurs when toxic substances are introduced into the atmosphere. These can include industrial effluents and vehicular emissions.

Question 4. Why do you need to prevent deforestation?

Answer: Deforestation is bad for the environment as it can create an imbalance and bring about adverse, detrimental changes to the climate as well as the local environment.

Question 5. What is a food web?

Answer: A food web is the interconnection of various food chains in the environment.

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Our Environment Essay

World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5 every year. All living and nonliving things represent the environment on Earth. Our environment is home to various living things, including plants, animals, water, and air. Climate interaction, geomorphic changes, and hydrologic changes all affect our environment. Climate has a direct impact on both human and animal existence. Here are a few sample essays on "our environment".

Our Environment Essay

100 Words Essay On Our Environment

Earth, our planet, supports our natural environment and nourishes life as we know it. The existence of life on Earth depends significantly on the natural environment, which also supports the growth and development of humans, animals, and other living things. But our environment is being impacted by certain negative and selfish human behaviours and activities. Everyone must understand how to preserve the environment and maintain the ecological balance necessary for life to exist on this planet. To lead a peaceful and healthy life, a clean environment is essential. But due to some human negligence, our ecosystem is becoming more polluted.

200 Words Essay On Our Environment

The term "environment" refers to the setting in which we interact, exist, and breathe. It is one of the fundamental necessities for all living organisms. The term "environment" refers to both biotic and abiotic that are present around us. It supplies essentials, including air, water, food, and land, which are crucial for human health.

A clean and safe environment is crucial for a flourishing community and the country as a whole. It is one of the fundamental prerequisites for life on earth. The importance of a clean environment is needed because humans, animals, plants, and any other living thing cannot exist in a poisoned environment.

For survival, every living thing requires a safe and favourable habitat. A dirty environment promotes different diseases and an unbalanced ecosystem. Life is particularly challenging because of the depletion of natural resources.

As a result of increased air, noise, and environmental pollution, as well as deforestation, acid rain, water pollution, soil pollution, and other harmful natural disasters, the environment is becoming polluted and unlivable. A large amount of pollution and climate change is negatively impacting our environment. To ensure that our natural environment remains as safe as usual forever, we must collectively pledge to defend it.

500 Words Essay On Our Environment

The natural components that support life on earth include water, air, sunlight, land, fire, forests, animals, and plants. The only planet in the universe that has the conditions necessary for life to exist is Earth. We cannot predict the existence of life in our world without a healthy environment. Thus we should preserve it for future generations. Every person who lives anywhere on the planet is accountable for it. Everyone should step forward and join the effort to protect the environment.

Environmental Components

The following are components of the environment:

Biotic Components | All living things, such as plants, animals, and bacteria, are considered to be biotic components.

Abiotic Components | These are non-living elements like soil, minerals, temperature, light, and rainfall. It is made up of the lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere.

Advantages Of Environment

For thousands of years, the environment has supported the growth and well-being of people, animals, and plants.

It contributes to preserving the natural equilibrium.

It satisfies every requirement a person might have, including food, shelter, and air.

Environmental factors control daily natural cycles. These organic cycles maintain equilibrium between the environment and all living beings.

Additionally, it gives us access to water, animals, air, and other necessities for living and fertile land.

Reasons for Environmental Problems

One of the main reasons for environmental deterioration is the quick rise of the human population.

Over-consumption of natural resources such as minerals, fossil fuels, food, water, and land.

Another significant issue that is damaging the ecology as a whole is deforestation.

The entire ecosystem is negatively impacted by environmental pollution, such as that in the air, water, and soil.

The other causes are:

Most people damage the environment, making human activity the leading cause of environmental degradation.

Pollution, poor environmental regulations, chemicals, greenhouse gases, global warming, ozone depletion, and other human activities are responsible for ecological degradation.

The demand for environmental resources has increased because of the industrial revolution and the population boom, while their quantity has decreased because of overuse and abuse.

The extensive and intensive use of renewable and non-renewable resources has depleted several essential resources. The depletion of resources and the exponential growth in people harm our ecosystem.

Measures To Protect The Environment

With every individual on the planet taking just one small step, we can easily rescue the earth.

We should reduce the amount of waste by properly disposing of garbage only in their designated locations.

Ceasing the use of poly bags, reusing some old items in novel ways, repairing and using broken items instead of tossing them away, estimating the cost of repairs, using rechargeable batteries or renewable alkaline batteries, using fluorescent lighting, utilising rainwater collection to reduce water waste, minimising the use of electricity, etc.

My Contribution To Saving The Environment

Every Vanmahotsav, our college's club invites us to plant something in the college garden and to make a promise to protect trees by refusing to allow them to be cut down in the neighbourhood. The college has about 2500 students, and on that day, everyone plants a tree or shrub in the garden. I planted the rose and lily plant in my home after becoming aware of the importance of protecting the environment. I participated in environmental awareness campaigns at my college.

People must act responsibly and with consideration for the environment to preserve a healthy and balanced ecosystem. We rely on the food web or food chain produced by environmental elements. The survival of life on this planet depends on us taking care of our environment.

Applications for Admissions are open.

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Essay on Importance Of Caring For Environment

Students are often asked to write an essay on Importance Of Caring For Environment in their schools and colleges. And if you’re also looking for the same, we have created 100-word, 250-word, and 500-word essays on the topic.

Let’s take a look…

100 Words Essay on Importance Of Caring For Environment

Why the environment matters.

The environment is our home. It gives us air, water, food, and everything we need to live. Keeping it clean and safe is important for our health and for animals and plants too. If we don’t take care of it, the air can become dirty, the water poisoned, and the land filled with trash.

Our Role in Protecting Nature

Every person can help the environment. Simple acts like recycling, saving water, and planting trees make a big difference. When we protect nature, we make sure that we have a beautiful world to live in, now and in the future.

What Happens if We Don’t Care

If we ignore the environment, many bad things can happen. Animals could die out, forests might disappear, and the weather can get very extreme. This would make life hard for everyone. So, it’s really important to act now to keep our planet healthy.

250 Words Essay on Importance Of Caring For Environment

Our environment is like our home. Just like we keep our houses clean, we need to keep our environment clean too. When we take care of the environment, we make sure the air is fresh, the water is clean, and the land is free from too much trash. This is important because we need clean air to breathe, water to drink, and safe places to live and play.

Animals and Plants Need a Healthy Environment

What happens if we don’t care.

If we don’t look after the environment, bad things can happen. The air can become dirty, making it hard for us to breathe. Our rivers and oceans can get filled with trash, hurting the fish and other creatures that live there. Also, if we use too many resources, like cutting down too many trees, there might not be enough left for future kids.

How We Can Help

We can do simple things to help the environment. Turning off lights when we leave a room saves energy. Walking or biking instead of asking for a car ride reduces pollution. Recycling things like paper and plastic means less trash hurting the Earth. When we do these things, we show that we care about our planet.

Caring for the environment is very important. It keeps our world safe and clean for us, animals, and plants. It’s up to us to make sure our Earth stays a happy and healthy place for everyone.

500 Words Essay on Importance Of Caring For Environment

The world we live in is full of wonderful things: tall mountains, deep oceans, and forests full of animals and plants. But did you know that taking care of our planet is important for us and all living things? Just like we keep our rooms clean, we need to keep our environment clean too.

Our Health Depends on a Clean Environment

Breathing fresh air, drinking clean water, and eating healthy food all come from our environment. If we pollute the air with smoke or the water with chemicals, it can make us sick. Plants and animals also need a clean place to live. If we take care of the Earth, it takes care of us by giving us what we need to stay healthy.

Protecting Our Friends in Nature

Keeping the earth beautiful for everyone.

Parks, beaches, and forests are places where we can play and relax. If we leave trash everywhere or harm plants and trees, these places won’t be nice to visit. By keeping them clean, we make sure that everyone can enjoy them, even people who will be born many years from now.

Using Resources Wisely

The Earth gives us many things like water, wood, and oil. But if we use too much, there might not be enough left for other people or for us when we get older. By saving these resources and using them carefully, we make sure there’s enough for the future. For example, turning off the lights when we leave a room saves electricity, and recycling paper means we don’t have to cut down as many trees.

Taking care of the environment is important for our health, for the animals and plants, for beautiful places, and for using Earth’s gifts wisely. Even small actions can make a big difference. So let’s all do our part to keep the Earth a happy and healthy home for everyone.

That’s it! I hope the essay helped you.

Happy studying!

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perfect environment essay

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Environment Essays

526 essay samples on this topic, essay examples, essay topics, work environment.


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Is Climate Change Affecting The Weather?

Free Environmental Health Websites For Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Course Work Sample

General Motors Corporation

Environmental Science: Portfolio Presentations Example

Franchising Corporation


The environment has become one of the core issues nowadays as we are witnessing environmental degradation. All the world countries are spending billions on finding some solution for the environment. You have landed at the right place if you search for some data to write an environment essay.

This topic is very wide and has no dimensions, and writing on such a topic could be a time-consuming task. But you have come to the right place, and you will get all the information and data for writing an environment issue essay.

We have many examples available for this topic, and you can visit all such examples. You can take whatever information you want and make a perfect outline. Once you are done with the outline, you can easily write an essay on environment. All the data is just a few clicks away from you, so you must pay a visit.

perfect environment essay

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Essay on Environment for Students and Children

iit-jee, neet, foundation

Table of Contents

Essay on Environment: The environment means the things that surround us. It is everything that makes up our surroundings and affects our ability to live on the earth. The air, water, land, plants, animals, solid wastes and other things that are surrounding us constitute our environment. Man and environment are closely intertwined and interact with each other. Man cannot exist without environment and environment cannot exist without man.

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Ancient humans lived closer to the natural environment and therefore they lived healthier and longer. But today we are surrounded by the artificial environment that we have created for ourselves – buildings, air conditioned rooms, streets, shopping complexes, vehicles emitting poisonous gases, dust etc.

It would hardly require a second thought to conclude that this self made artificial environment of ours is a harmful creation. Not only we are breathing pollution but also doing considerable damage to nature, in our expedition to grow materialistically, further aggravating the situation. The more we move away from our natural environment, the more we move away from health and longevity. In the following essays we will discuss in details, the meaning and significance of environment and how it could be protected.

Long and Short Essay on Environment in English

A clean environment is very necessary to live a peaceful and healthy life.

But our environment is getting dirty day by day because of some negligence of human beings.

It is an issue which everyone must know about especially our kids.

Use following Environment Essay for your kids and children to help them in completing their school project or essay writing competition.

Following Essay on Environment are written using very simple word and easy to understand English Language so that your children can easy understand it.

Environment Essay in 100 words

An environment is the natural surroundings which help life to grow, nourish and destroy on this planet called earth. Natural environment plays a great role in the existence of life on earth and it helps human beings, animals and other living things to grow and develop naturally. But due to some bad and selfish activities of the human beings, our environment is getting affected. It is the most important topic that everyone must know how to protect our environment to keep it safe forever as well as ensure the nature’s balance on this planet to continue the existence of life.

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Environment Essay 150 words

As we all are well familiar with the environment, it is everything which surrounds us naturally and affects our daily lives on the earth. Everything comes under an environment, the air which we breathe every moment, the water which we use for our daily routine, plants, animals and other living things, etc around us. An environment is called healthy environment when natural cycle goes side by side without any disturbance. Any type of disturbance in the nature’s balance affects the environment totally which ruins the human lives.

Now, in the era of advance living standard of the human being, our environment is getting affected to a great extent by the means of air pollution, noise pollution, deforestation, water pollution, soil pollution, acid rain and other dangerous disasters created by the human beings through technological advancement. We all must take an oath together to protect our natural environment to keep it safe as usual forever.

Environment Essay 200 words

Environment means all the natural surroundings such as land, air, water, plants, animals, solid material, wastes, sunlight, forests and other things. Healthy environment maintains the nature’s balance as well as helps in growing, nourishing and developing all the living things on the earth. However, now a day, some manmade technological advancement spoiling the environment in many ways which ultimately disturbs the balance or equilibrium of nature. We are keeping our lives in danger as well as existence of life in future on this planet.

If we do anything in wrong way out of the discipline of nature, it disturbs the whole environment means atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere. Besides natural environment, a man made environment is also exists which deals with the technology, work environment, aesthetics, transportation, housing, utilities, urbanization, etc. Man made environment affects the natural environment to a great extent which we all must be together to save it.

The components of the natural environment are used as a resource however it is also exploited by the human being in order to fulfill some basic physical needs and purpose of life. We should not challenge our natural resources and stop putting so much pollution or waste to the environment. We should value our natural resources and use them by staying under the natural discipline.

Environment Essay 250 words

An environment includes all the natural resources which surround us to help in number of ways. It provides us better medium to grow and develop. It gives us all things which we need to live our life on this planet. However, our environment also need some help from all of us to get maintained as usual, to nourish our lives forever and to never ruin our lives. The elements of our environment are declining day by day because of the man made technological disaster.

We need to maintain the originality of our environment to continue the life on the earth, the only place where life is possible till now in the whole universe. World Environment Day is a campaign being celebrated for years every year on 5 th of June in order to spread the public awareness all over the world towards the environment safety and cleanliness. We must participate in the campaign celebration to know the theme of celebration, to know ways of saving our environment and to get aware about all the bad habits which declining the environment day by day.

We can save our environment in very easy manner with the little step taken by every person on the earth. We should reduce the amount of waste, throwing wastes properly to its place only, stop using poly bags, reuse some old things in new ways, repair and use broken things instead of throwing it away, see how much it would take to repair them, use rechargeable batteries or renewable alkaline batteries, make use of fluorescent light, rain water conservation, reduce water wastage, energy conservation, minimum use of electricity, etc.

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Environment Essay 5 (300 words)

An environment is gifted by the nature to nourish the life on the earth. Everything which we use to continue our lives comes under the environment such as water, air, sunlight, land, plants, animals, forests and other natural things. Our environment plays a very significant role in making possible the existence of healthy life on the earth. However, our environment is getting worse day by day because of the manmade technological advancement in the modern era. Thus, environmental pollution has become the biggest problem we are facing today.

Environmental pollution is affecting our daily lives negatively in various aspects of life such as socially, physically, economically, emotionally and intellectually. Contamination of the environment brings lots of diseases which human being may suffer whole life. It is not a problem of community or city, it is a worldwide problem which cannot be solved by the effort of one. If it is not addressed properly, it may end the existence of life a day. Each and every common citizen should involve in the environmental safety programme launched by the government.

We should correct our mistakes and selfishness towards our environment to make healthy and safe from the pollution. It is hard to believe but true that only a little positive movements by everyone may bring a huge change in the declining environment. Air and water pollution is leading our health on danger by causing various diseases and disorders. Nothing can be said healthy now a day, as what we eat is already affected by the bad effects of artificial fertilizers which reduces and weakens our body immunity to fight disease causing microorganisms. That’s why, anyone of us can be diseased anytime even after being healthy and happy.

So, it is a major worldwide issue which should be solved by the continuous efforts of everyone. We should participate in the World Environment Day campaign to actively participate in the environment safety event.

Environment Essay 400 words

All the natural things which makes life possible on the earth includes under an environment like water, air, sunlight, land, fire, forests, animals, plants, etc. It is considered that earth is the only planet in the universe having required environment for the life existence. Without environment we cannot guess life here so we should keep our environment safe and clean to ensure the life possibility in future. It is the responsibility of each and every individual living on the earth worldwide. Everyone should come forth and join the campaign for environment safety.

There are various cycles which happen regularly between environment and living things to maintain the nature’s balance. However, by any means if such cycles gets disturbed, nature’s balance also gets disturbed which ultimately affects the human lives. Our environment helps us and other forms of existence to grow, develop and flourish on the earth for thousands of years. As human beings are considered as the most intelligent creature made by the nature on the earth, they have lots of eagerness to know things in the universe which lead them towards the technological advancement.

Such technological advancement in everyone’s life put the life possibilities on the earth in danger day by day as our environment is destroying gradually. It seems that one day it becomes so harmful for life as the natural air, soil and water are getting polluted. Even it has started showing its bad effects on the health of human being, animal, plants and other living things. Artificially prepared fertilizers by using harmful chemicals are spoiling the soil which indirectly getting collected into our body through the food we eat daily. Harmful smokes created from the industrial companies on daily basis are polluting the natural air which affects our health to a great extent as we breathe it every moment.

In such busy, crowded and advanced life we must take care of such types of small bad habits on daily basis. It is true that only a small effort by the end of everyone can bring a major positive change towards our declining environment. We should not use the natural resources in wrong ways for just our selfishness and fulfil our destructive wishes. We should grow and develop science and technologies for the betterment of our lives but always be sure that it would not ruin our environment in future in anyways. We should be sure that new technologies would never disturb the ecological balance.

All the environment essay given above are written by the professional content writer under various words limit to help students. All the essay on environment are written very simply so that students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, etc can easily learn and successfully use in exam or essay writing competition. We have provided environment essays under the category of environmental issues. You can get essay on other environmental issues under same category such as.

Essay on Environment FAQs

What is the environment short essay.

A short essay about the environment explains its importance and how it affects our lives.

What is environment in 10 lines?

The environment is everything around us, including air, water, animals, plants, and the Earth itself. It supports life and needs protection.

What is environment 5 points?

The environment includes our surroundings, air, water, ecosystems, and the planet. It's essential for our well-being and must be conserved.

What is called environment?

The environment refers to the natural world around us, comprising everything in our surroundings, from the air we breathe to the land and creatures we share our planet with.

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Free Environment Essay Examples

1336 samples of this type

Wondering how to write an essay on environmental issues?

We have prepared a guide for you. In this article, you will find a sample environment essay outline and useful writing prompts. You can also use a huge variety of essay samples on the topic below.

Let’s start!

Environmental Essay: What Is It about?

An environmental essay is a writing piece that describes nature and human interaction with it. You might get this assignment in your Ecology, Biology, Geology, or related classes. These are primarily argumentative, persuasive, or analytical essays.

The first thing you should do when you start writing an essay about nature and environment is to choose a topic.

Environmental Essay Topics

You can choose to write about anything that concerns you. For example, the connection of environment and health, pollution, or why we have to protect nature. Below, we’ve made a list of the most popular environment essay topics:

Environment Pollution Essay

Pollution is one of the most significant consequences of the exploitation of the Earth and overproduction. For example, air pollution, plastic waste, or the greenhouse effect are all the outcomes of industrialization. You can pick one of the trendiest topics and write an essay about the harmful effect of plastic on the environment in your essay.

Or use one of these titles:

  • Air pollution in big cities and how to fight it.
  • Can electronic cars prevent air pollution?
  • Plastic waste in the ocean.
  • How can big factories reduce pollution?
  • Overproduction or consumerism: what is the real reason for pollution?
  • Why should we be concerned about environmental pollution?
  • Why is garbage removal an issue for big cities?
  • How air pollution affects health?
  • What can we do with the waste that already exists?
  • What laws help to reduce pollution?

Environmental Protection Essay

Nature protection is the task of our century, a social problem. We hear about the dangers threatening the environment. Many of us consider them unpleasant, but inevitable product of civilization and believe that we still have time to cope with all the difficulties appear. However, the human impact on the environment is threatening. In this type of essay, you have to describe the ways to protect the Earth.

Here are some titles that can be useful for you:

  • Endangered species: how can we protect them?
  • Action plan to
  • What role does education play in environmental protection?
  • Volunteering for environmental protection.
  • Benefits of saving the environment.
  • What can we use instead of plastic?
  • Why urbanization has a negative impact on the environment?
  • How can alternative sources of energy protect the environment?
  • What is a zero-waste lifestyle?
  • Recycling is our way to protect the Earth.
  • Shopping and environmental protection.
  • Why do we need to plant more trees?

Essay about Nature

Here are our nature essay titles. These essays are typically school home tasks, so they are a bit less sophisticated than the previous ones.

  • The connection between nature and human psychological wellbeing.
  • Why is clean water an essential resource for humankind?
  • Do vegans contribute to nature more than meat-eaters?
  • Why should children study biology at school?
  • The effects of nuclear energy on nature.
  • The consequences of global warming.
  • Do modern technologies harm nature?
  • Alternative forms of energy that can save nature.
  • How can a shortage of water affect humankind?
  • Why should every person care about nature?
  • The best descriptions of nature in English literature.
  • How nature and surroundings define the lifestyle of people?

Ecology Essay Outline

The primary goal of your essay is to explain your position logically and smoothly. In the outline below, we will explain to you how to do it:

  • Ecology essay introduction. Provide the background of the issue that you will discuss in your essay. Then, introduce the questions that you will answer in the body paragraphs. A thesis statement should be at the end of your intro. You need to write the main arguments and state your position in them.
  • Ecology essay body. You have to provide arguments that support your opinion and examples that are related to them. Make sure that the information is relevant and up to date.
  • Ecology essay conclusion. Summarize the critical moments of your essay. Reflect on the issue or provide your opinion on possible solutions to the problem.

You can find a selection of samples below. You can use them for inspiration for your essay on ecology and the environment.

Causes and Effects of Pollution

The environment people live in is affecting them, including health and lifestyle, and the nature around them, like plants, animals, water bodies, and the atmosphere. Environmental issues caused by humans using natural resources and treating nature with no respect have resulted in some negative changes. One of the most significant...

Going Green Essay Example

What can you do to save the environment? Keep reading to find out! Learn about the importance of going green with this essay on go green to save environment and take your essay writing on the next level. Go Green Essay Introduction Currently, there is evidence of extreme weather changes...

The Amazon Rainforest: Essay Example

The Amazon Rainforest: Essay Introduction The Amazon rainforest, the largest rainforest on Earth, encompasses an area roughly the size of the United States (the 48 contiguous states), contains most of the plant and animal species found on the planet and contributes to weather patterns on a global scale. This natural...

The Problem of Global Warming and Ways of Its Solution

Introduction and explanation of the problem Global warming is the rise in the usual temperature on earth in the near-surface of air. This global warming is believed to have been caused by anthropogenic greenhouse gases. Cline (p.87) argues that greenhouse gases have been believed to have been responsible for the...

Volunteering in an Environmental Group

Due to the growing number of ecological problems, volunteering in environmental groups is becoming increasingly popular among those concerned about the state of the environment. The reasons for enthusiasts may vary, but in general, they all aim to protect nature from the negative human impact. Along with supporters of volunteering...

The Environmental Impact of Electric Vehicles

Introduction There are a growing number of electric cars on the market, and they are already firmly occupying a significant transport segment on the roads. Manufacturers and distributors, cars with electric motors are generally considered zero-emission vehicles. On the other hand, many people perceive electric cars as nonenvironmental, pointing to...

Rising Sea Levels: History, Causes and Effects

Introduction, Definition of Terms, and Purpose Statement The issue of rising sea levels is one of the long-lasting effects of climate change, which poses threats to coastal cities and marine ecosystems. Sea level rise is defined as the consistent increase in the average height of the oceans over the years...

Why Are Beaches Important to Humans and to Earth?

The Importance of Beaches: Essay Introduction Beaches are the landforms that exist along large water bodies and they are made up of various materials that might include sand, gravel, or rock. Haller states that the term ‘beach’ is widely defined as “the zone of loose or unconsolidated material extending from...

Environmental Studies: Nature and Its Importance

Introduction Nature refers to the surroundings and external conditions that influence the way living organisms grow and develop. For humankind, nature influences the way they live, work and interact with the living and the non-living. Human beings do not exist in isolation; they require support from the rest of the...

The Relationship Between the Environment and Development

Environmental issues are some of the most popular topics for global discussion among the policymakers. Different countries face different environmental problems; nevertheless, many believe that a global approach is needed for a balanced solution. In developed countries, the majority of the problems we face today are the result of the...

  • Environment
  • Climate Change

2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami

In 2004, South Asia experienced one of the deadliest tsunamis and earthquakes in history. It was notable for two reasons – its almost unprecedented scale and unexpected nature. Both the scientific community and the governments were taken aback by the natural disaster since the region had not been known as...

Food Waste Management

Abstract Food waste poses threats at economic, ecological, and social levels, which makes it an urgent topic of investigation. The paper aims at explaining the issue of food waste and describing approaches to the reduction of this problem. The introduction contains a general overview of the paper and presents the...

Earthquakes’ Impacts on Society

Introduction Earthquakes are natural disasters that frequently result in other accidents such as landslides, fires, floods, and panic reactions among the population. Every year about 250-300 cases of damaging earthquakes are reported globally (Wyss & Shroder, 2014). Despite the strategies suggested by emergency management services and the advancements of contemporary...

Lebanon’s Environmental Problems and Solutions

Introduction The Republic of Lebanon is an Arabic country located in the Middle East where it is bordered by Syria to the north and east while Israel is located on its south. It is also bordered by the vast Mediterranean Sea to the west where the coastline stretches 225 kilometers....

Hydrogen: The Fuel of the Future

Introduction The threat of global warming and carbon emissions is omnipresent in today’s society. One of the most important challenges today is finding a clean-energy, sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. A solution that is becoming increasingly popular in politics and business is hydrogen, widely touted as the fuel of the...

Forest Fires as a Global Environmental Hazard

Introduction Natural disasters are various natural phenomena that cause sudden interruptions in the normal functioning of the population, as well as the destruction and damage to property. They often have a negative impact on the natural environment. Natural disasters typically include landslides, earthquakes, mudflows, floods, snowdrifts, volcanoes, hurricanes, landslides, droughts,...

Water Accessibility and Quality

Introduction Environmental conditions have profound effects on the well-being of the humankind. However, despite the recognition of their importance, they remain unaddressed by many business entities. Such an approach is considered undesirable both for the corporate and individual stakeholders in the long run. The following case study explores the effect...

Summary of “The Obligation To Endure” by Rachel Carson

The second chapter in Rachel Carson’s book, Silent Spring, is named “The Obligation to Endure.” It discusses the indiscriminate usage of pesticides in the United States, which Carson (1962) declares to be inefficient and dangerous as well as the result of poor planning. The writer highlights the dangers of using...

The Water Cycle and the Impact of Human Activity on It

Abstract The water cycle is an important biogeochemical cycle that involves the movement of water on, below, and above the Earth’s surface. It comprises several processes that include evaporation, evapotranspiration, condensation, precipitation, and infiltration. The cycle is affected adversely by human activities such as agriculture, deforestation, and abstraction of water...

Environmental Health Theory and Climate Change

In the environmental health theory, there is a view on how environmental health, human ecology and health affect the public. The three concepts help in addressing problems in relation to the environment, health and development. Environmental health, therefore, contributes to explaining and controlling the environmental factors, which can affect the...

  • Global Warming
  • Alternative Energy
  • Marine Life

Deforestation and Its Effects on the Environment

Introduction Deforestation can be described as the removal and felling of trees on a given piece of land. Thereafter, the land is converted into another use. In most occasions, these ends up being non forest use like urban developments and agricultural activities (Williams 2006, p. 9). The term deforestation has...

Avalanches, Their Nature and Safety Precautions

Snow avalanches are a frequent occurrence in the mountainous regions of our planet, where the mountain caps are covered with many layers of snow. Everyone is familiar with a cinematic cliché, were loud screaming or noises manage to trigger an avalanche, sending powerful and destructive waves of stone and snow...

Climate Change: The Impact of Technology

The development of technologies has inevitably affected all spheres of humans’ lives, bringing benefits and enhancing commodities to the extent that could not have been imagined several decades ago. What is more important, technological innovations help people to deal with one of the greatest threats of the new millennium: climate...

Problems That City Causes for People and Environment

Introduction Though most of the people prefer to live in the cities, there are many problems associated with life in the cities. Although these problems vary from one city to another, nonetheless, most of them are common and are detrimental to the lives of the people living in such cities....

The Importance of the Earth Hour Initiative

Environmental Problem While changes in knowledge do not produce automatic changes in human behavior, raising awareness regarding climate shifts and sustainability remains an effective instrument to promote action within local communities. Lack of information and its deliberate manipulation by companies leads to collective ignorance. Millions of people do not realize...

Food Security: The Impact of Climate Change

Introduction These days, various ecological problems present a hot debates in the global society. In the modern world, it is evident that it is crucial to preserve nature and avoid pollution and damaging the planet. The consequence may significantly affect the current population and the nest generation. One of the...

Tree Planting and Climate Change

Introduction Climate change has serious effects on the environment and the existence of living organisms. Environmentalists and policymakers have been designing strategies to ameliorate climate change in a sustainable manner. As one school of thought believes that planting trees is an effective strategy of ameliorating climate change, the opposing school...

“Tsunami: Killer Wave” — A Summary

Introduction Tsunami: Killer Wave tells about several devastating tsunamis — the giant waves generated by earthquakes. They can reach up to a hundred feet in height and pose a deadly threat to the population of the coastal areas, racing across the oceans and swallowing people and structures. Tsunamis remain one...

Garbage Management and Its Impact on Public Schools

Abstract With several research articles being produced annually, waste control has appeared as one of the key environmental difficulties of recent decades. Nevertheless, there is not much research on how bad garbage management procedures affect schools. This paper will explore how ineffective waste collection procedures affect public schools. Introduction Poor...

Earth in Danger

Introduction: The Concept of Global Warming The notion of global warming implies a complex environmental procedure, which evolves as a natural consequence of the harmful greenhouse gas emissions. The activity is inflicted by human activities. Specifically, the gasses are produced by the machinery and electricity processes. According to the assessment...

  • Air Pollution
  • Renewable Energy
  • Environmental Issues

“The Death of Nature” by Carolyn Merchant

Introduction Carolyn Merchant describes the death of nature as a result of scientific inquiry. Nature was initially an unknowable, cosmic entity, that behaved similarly to a living person, and then, as it was dissected to atoms, it lost its soul. When something is viewed as dead, lacking any sort of...

Climate Change Impacts

Explore the impacts of climate change with our effects of climate change essay. Learn more about climate change causes, effects, and solutions with the help of our sample. Keep reading to gain inspiration for your essay on climate change and its impact. Effects of Climate Change: Essay Introduction It is...

Energy Flow in the Food Chain of Organisms in a Desert Ecosystem

The figure above shows an example of a food chain found in the desert ecosystem. The food chain is divided into nutritional levels whereby the lowest level is occupied by produces, the second level by primary consumers, the third level by secondary consumers, and the fourth level by tertiary consumers...

Concept of Healthy Environment

Introduction and definition of terms According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the term healthy can be taken to refer to something that causes or helps to produce good health while the term environment refers to the totality of several surrounding conditions, especially those influencing development and growth. A healthy environment,...

Benefits of Sustainable Technology and Living

Modern society suffers greatly from technological revolutions and innovations which ruin natural environment and kill out Planet. The adoption of the integrated approach to sustainable development represents an almost archetypal ‘ecological modernization’ approach to sustainable development. ‘Ecological modernisation’ is a term which covers a range of policy approaches that embody...

Global Warming and Ozone Depletion

Though the phenomena of ozone depletion and global warming are entirely different processes, they are often confused for each other due to the obvious connection between them. Indeed, ozone depletion can be viewed as the direct consequence of global warming; therefore, there is no wonder that the cause and the...

Global Warming is Not a Myth

Is climate change natural? Is global warming a myth? Essay samples like this one will help you find the answer. Check it out if you need to write a “global warming is not a myth” essay. Forewords Whether global warming is a theory or a reality has been a matter...

Deforestation and Its Effects on Our Environment

Introduction Deforestation involves the permanent removal of trees for several reasons and significantly affects the environment. It entails destroying, clearing, or removing trees through natural, deliberate, or accidental means. Nearly 80% of deforestation is caused by farming and logging for development and raw materials (Wolff et al., 2018). The permanent...

Social Change and Its Impact on Environment

Introduction Many people have experienced social changes that the environment has impacted. Alteration implies all variations in human societies that can lead to positive or negative outcomes. When transformation occurs in the modes of living of persons and social relations get affected, such alteration is called social changes. For instance,...

Food Shortage Situation Overview

Food shortage refers to a situation in which the supplies within a region cannot provide sufficient energy and nutritional demands of the population within that particular region. Some factors have been pointed to as core to the problem of food shortage. These include the problem of production – the inability...

  • Waste Disposal

Ecosystem: Mangroves in the Ecosystem

Introduction Ecosystems are active interactions that occur among the fauna and flora together with the environment as they function as a unit. Ecosystems have no limit in their sizes for they can be as big and as small as possible as long as the stakeholders in it continue to work...

Effects of Water Pollution on Human Health

Introduction Water pollution is a major global issue in both developing and developed countries. In 2020, over half of the U.S. lakes and rivers breached the environmental standards, and American drinking water comes from 4-28% of sources that infringe the health standards (Sharma et al. 5). Annually, over 16 million...

Effects of Air Pollution on Health

Discussion Air pollution refers to the presence of substances in the air at concentrations that affect human health or the environment. Clean air is important for clean health, and air pollution threatens health in many ways. Every individual has a fundamental right to access free and unlimited clean air. The...

Tornadoes and Significant Danger They Present

Introduction Amidst the natural disasters that occur globally, some of the more dangerous are a product of warm air from the ocean rising and rotating rapidly due to the Earth’s Coriolis effect. When this happens, tropical cyclones are formed. A typhoon is a tropical cyclone formed over the western Pacific...

Economic Importance of Rainforests

Introduction Economics of environment as a unit is the study of the impacts of a healthy as well as unhealthy environment to the macro and micro economics. When we talk of a healthy environment, we mean an environment that is well managed such that it satisfies the current generation needs...

Reasons Why Plastic Bags Should Be Banned

Introduction Identifying tiny plastic material in human excretion came as a big surprise to many people. The identification opened individuals’ understanding that plastic bags hurt not only the environment but also human health. Currently, plastic bags are everywhere worldwide, with some businesses treating them as a reliable and affordable packaging...

Why I Am Interested in Animals

The topic of the relationship between people and animals is one of the most relevant, acute and burning. The world of animals is one component of the entire natural environment. In nature, everything is interconnected and balanced. Animals contribute to the constant natural selection that takes place in both the...

Reduce Plastic Pollution: What Can We Do Today?

Introduction The current global problem of climate change is affecting human life in different ways. For instance, the extreme weather patterns recorded in different parts of the world within the past six decades have resulted in underproduction, heavy downpours, and global warming. The sustainability question is more relevant today than...

Climate Change in Africa and How to Address It

Introduction Africa is the world’s second-biggest continent since it covers about 30.3 million kilometers. It accounts for six percent of the globe’s total surface area as well as 20 percent of the land. Its population is 1.3 billion inhabitants, which is 16% of the World’s human population.1 According to environmental...

“Soil Not Oil” Book by Vandana Shiva

Introduction In her book, Soil Not Oil: Environmental justice in an age of climate crisis, the author, Vandana Shiva, offers a comprehensive nexus between commercial agriculture and climate change. Shiva envisions a world that can thrive without fossil fuel dependency. She highlights industrial agriculture as primarily responsible for economic and...

  • Electric Vehicle
  • Agriculture

Environmental Health and Health Effects of Environment

Abstract Environmental change has both beneficial and severe effects on human well-being. Some effects of environmental change are easy to detect, while others are hard to identify. Studies show that environmental changes result in the establishment of conditions that support deadly diseases. For example, floods encourage the breeding of mosquitoes...

The Environment and Social Justice

Reflecting on the pollution issue in the heart of corporate districts where there is total neglect of the people living in the surrounding neighborhoods, one understands and appreciates the built environment’s impact on the quality of life. Exposure to pollution affects people’s lives health-wise, impacting the average lifespan. The built...

Food and Water Security Management

Introduction The emerging threat to the world’s food and water security is a crucial issue for the academic community. Access to clean and nourishing food and water is a requirement for any individual throughout the world; however, in the current age, some countries are struggling to provide their citizens with...

How Climate Changes Affect Coastal Areas

Introduction Natural disasters and hazards caused by climate change are especially the cases during modern times, as the number of toxic substances and various polluting elements is increasing with each passing year. Coastal areas are affected by them in a much greater way since they are susceptible to hazards from...

Natural Resource Degradation and Factors Affecting the Environment

Introduction Natural resources are the assets or materials that exist naturally for humans to consume and are present all around us. The trees, rivers, oceans, and land surrounding us, are all essential parts of our lives, without which survival would be hindered. But we do not realize the importance of...

Energy Crisis and Climate Change

Why are countries of the world facing an energy crisis? Energy consumption is an important condition for the existence of the society. The availability of energy resources was always a necessity for the fulfillment of human needs and escalating life standards (Ghauri, Awan, & Bashir, 2012). Thus, as countries continued...

The Journey to Sustainability in the Future

Ever since humanity gradually transitioned toward a sustainable way of living, nature is no longer perceived as a set of resources for civilization to use. Nowadays, people believe that environmental concerns should be taken into consideration above the majority of other factors. While natural disasters still occur, they are the...

Solving the Climate Change Crisis by Using Renewable Energy Sources

Introduction Climate change has caused extreme changes in temperature and weather patterns on planet earth, thus threatening the lives of living organisms. Some causes of this drastic climate change are natural, while most of them originate from human activities that include the combustion of fossil fuels that produce heat-trapping gases....

How Access to Clean Water Influences the Problem of Poverty

The problem of water scarcity is one of the central factors that define global poverty. This research aims to examine the significance, development, and reasons for the issue to understand how people can improve it. It is determined that access to clean water becomes more problematic, and it influences the...

Green Supply Chain Management Research Proposal

Introduction At a certain point in time, an organization might start considering the environmental impact it makes along with it suppliers. The starting point for such consideration can be seen when such factors are important to the strategy of the company. In the last decade, the strategy of the company...

  • Global Issues
  • Performance

Environmental Impact of the Chemical Industry

Introduction Much of the technological and economic advancements can be attributed to the development of the chemical industry. For instance, the food industry today relies on the products offered by chemical companies. Space exploration would not have been possible without discoveries made by chemists. Despite many contributions made by the...

Extreme Weather and Global Warming

One of the major issues confronting the current world is global warming. Scientists have argued that our production of greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide is having an impact of heating on the atmosphere, and as a result, this could be harmful to for human life. The Global warming is a...

Disadvantages of Recycling Process

Introduction Recycling is a method of waste management that entails converting waste and other materials used in the past into products that can be used again in other applications. It helps to reduce the amount of energy used, the consumption of fresh raw materials, air pollution, water pollution caused by...

Environmental and Social Sustainability

Sustainability is a critical issue across the globe, owing to increased population growth. In the historical period, it reflected the available resources’ ability to meet people’s needs and maintain them at a specific level. However, the increased social and environmental problems in the contemporary world have led to a universal...

Discussion of Endangered Species

In recent decades the list of endangered species has increased at a terrifying rate. The main reasons for it are such global issues as climate change, air, water and noise pollution. People have affected this process of animal extinction immensely, and are continuing to cause harm to wildlife by overhunting,...

Climate Change Impacts on Oceans

Introduction Climate change changes climatic patterns linked to the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, causing the greenhouse effect. Man undertakes the activities after using fossil fuels, resulting in the emission of gases; therefore, the ocean has been impacted. This has resulted in the fluctuation of temperatures, acidity, and...

Pantene Shampoo: Negative Impact on Health

On any given day, most people around the world use one or more personal hygiene or beauty products for a range of purposes. These products are selected from a variety of company brands, and each promises better results than the others. In this study, the objective was to select one...

The Environmental Impact of Air Travel

Proposal Summary The modern aviation can be considered one of the most fast-growing industries as its strategic significance and importance for economies serve as the potent stimuli for further development. Imports, exports, shipments, tourism, and business also depend on the ability of airlines to function appropriately and meet diverse demands...

Flooding and Ways to Survive in It

Introduction Flooding is a natural catastrophe forced by a rapid water level rise in a river or any other water source. It can generate material harm to the nationwide economy, the natural environment, and society. When a forecast of a possible flood is received, the population is notified with the...

The United Arab Emirates: Environmental Issues

Introduction The developing countries all over the world are facing various challenges in the social, economical as well as environmental sectors. The invasions on the diversities of a nation are of much importance in the contemporary world. The different types of biological life on the earth are often referred to...

  • Social Change

Global Environmental Issue in the 21st Century

The 21st century has clocked in when the world is facing many challenges. Currently the world is faced by challenges taking all dimensions from abject poverty, environmental issues, human right issues, livelihood inequalities, to other matters concerning the advancement of technology and the problem it poses to human existence. It...

Water Quality and Contamination Experiment Report

Abstract In the contemporary world, industrialization has led to continuous water contamination. Ideally, companies related to water safety should offer a solution to water contamination where distillation is inevitable. The research used various water testing methods. For instance, the pH levels of bottled and tap water ware tested using effective...

Earth Day: Join Together for the 50th Anniversary

The first Earth Day of 1970 gave birth to a monumental process to environmental progress. Fifty years ago, “20 million Americans gathered together on April 22, 1970” (Greenwalt 330) to take part in environmental event called ‘Earth Day’. That Earth Day made the world a much healthier place for humans...

Environmental Issues in the United Arab Emirates

Ecological Problems Trends in UAE and How the Trend Will Be in Future Ecological problems result from the interaction of living organisms and the environment. One of the major problems in UAE is the high population growth rate; the fertility rate in 2005 was estimated at 2.49; however, it is...

Green Engineering: Principles, Benefits, Constraints

The 20th century was characterized by rapid economic growth, which widely used natural and energy resources. This was the main reason for the increasing environmental pollution and depletion of valuable natural resources. Green engineering aims at the design and manufacture of products to preserve natural resources in terms of sustainable...

Recycling Project Proposal: Paper Waste in Offices

Introduction The proper use of available resources and efficient initiatives on their recycling is the key to preserving the environment. In this case, the applicable methods differ depending on the type of materials and other factors, but the most significant aspect is not the procedure but people’s awareness regarding the...

Green Teams at New Seasons Market

Building and maintaining cohesive teams requires bringing together employees to jointly pursue common goals. According to Alghamdi and Bach (2018), teamwork is defined as the process where two or more workers interdependently interact towards a common goal. Therefore, the initial step in creating a team is having a well-defined purpose...

Air Pollution Solutions: How to Improve Air Quality

Introduction In general, public health issues are specific problems and threats related to the global population’s overall health. Public health may be regarded as an interdisciplinary field directly opposite to healthcare that focuses on the welfare of individual patients. Although fundamental public health issues have a particular tendency to change...

How Human Activities Pollute Oceans

Introduction Since the dawn of time, there have been people living on the planet, and water has always been essential in sustaining all living things. For many decades, people have been concerned about the state of the ocean and its pollution. Ocean pollution has resulted in the extinction of aquatic...

Water and Soil Management

Introduction A growing population and climate change have put enormous pressure on the earth’s scarce natural resources. Agriculture relies heavily on water and soil, which are essential natural resources. Natural resources are deteriorating due to anthropogenic and detrimental biological activities. Soil degradation is among the most severe threats to water...

  • Social Issues
  • Relationship

Environmental Crises Facing the Globe

Introduction The global society’s environmental issues today result from the reckless approach towards manufacturing and resource use that has been ongoing since the industrial revolution’s onset. Although the modern generation may not feel the consequences of these environmental crises, future generations will face problems that may threaten their existence and...

Climate Change and Future Generations

Earthlings need to prepare for severe trials that will affect the life of every person on the planet. The constant craving for consumption and inattention to the words of scientists who have warned for over 20 years that seemingly apocalyptic future scenarios may become a reality became the main reasons....

Urban Problems in the Modern World

Introduction There are a lot of problems facing humanity nowadays. Environmental protection should be one of the greatest considerations of modern people. The growth of cities also creates problems to the environment. Urban growth has been allowed to get completely out of control. This problem is destroying a number of...

Effects of Global Warming: Essay Example

What causes the greenhouse effect? What are its consequences? When you need information about global warming effects, essay examples like this one are a perfect option. This paper explores many facets of climate change, including its impact on health and development. Read this “effects of global warming” essay to learn...

The Acid Rain Pollution: Causes and Solutions

Introduction Humans and animals both rely on the natural resources from the earth to survive daily. However, this natural resources and the environment are majorly negatively impacted by acid rain. Acid rain denotes a mixture of dry and wet substrate material from the air that contains higher than average levels...

Deforestation Environmental Effects and Solution

Deforestation is one of the most urgent environmental problems in the 21st-century world. It refers to “the indiscriminate cutting of forest trees to satisfy man’s immediate needs” (Aba et al., 2017, p. 12696). These economic needs include but are not limited to agricultural work, urban expansion, livestock overgrazing, and exploitation...

Environmental Impact of the Football Stadium Construction

Introduction The construction of the 36,000-seater Football Stadium in the district of Tipner, Portsmouth, UK, is a great event for the Tipner community. However, the construction of such a large architectural complex is also a great challenge for the site’s environments and ecological situation. To predict the environmental impact of...

Environmental Degradation and Its Impact on Women

The negative effects of environmental degradation on economies and communities have been studied repeatedly. It is generally agreed upon among researchers today that the deterioration of the environment promotes poverty (Haslam et al. 318). Therefore, the global goal of poverty eradication has been widely associated with improving the environmental conditions....

Chilean Sea Bass on the Menu and Its Impact on the Environment

Introduction Restaurants have different types of menus that customers choose from depending on their tastes and preference. Before reaching the plate, the ingredients undergo several steps, such as harvesting, transportation, and cooking. During this process, there are several environmental impacts associated with them. Chilean sea bass, also known as Patagonian...

Seven Things You Should Know About the Eco-Friendly Bags

The Scenario An average American housewife opens more than three thousand packages and plastic or another kind of bags. When this housewife goes to an average American supermarket she faces an exhibit of more than fifty thousand packed items. Numerous items are wrapped in plastic. Later this day the lady...

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Effects of Reducing Energy Waste

Pennsylvania is a state that uses a large amount of energy each day. Most of the population utilizes natural gases energy every day in their homes and places of work. Therefore, this implies that much of this energy escapes to the environment and causes many negative effects. State citizens tend...

Environmental Migration in the Rural Areas of Bangladesh

Introduction Environmental changes significantly impact the lives of people, forcing them to change the places of residence to adapt. Such weather-caused events as droughts, floods, tsunami, and other natural disasters lead to climate migration that can be defined as the necessity to leave habitual homes because of inappropriate living conditions...

Recycling: Benefits And Disadvantages

Introduction Recycling is the process by which unwanted materials are processed into new and useful products. The practice of recycling products has been with humanity since time immemorial and is recorded in the ancient works of Plato that date back to 400BC (Harrison, 2008). The pre-industrial times have evidence of...

Recycling in Dubai and Its Impact on the Population and Environment

Introduction Recycling is an effective strategy of cleaning the environment from hazardous materials and pollution (Zailani, Eltayeb, Hsu & Tan, 2012). The following research proposal focuses on how recycling can be conducted in the city of Dubai. The proposal provides insightful information as to why recycling has become a necessity...

Climate Change and Corporate Responsibility

The problem of climate change is not new, but it becomes more and more crucial nowadays. The first changes in climate were observed during the industrial period, from the 1750s (Hegerl et al., 2019, p. 1). However, a major rise in greenhouse gas concentrations was noticed in the second half...

Social Issue: Climate Change

Synopsis Climate change is the change in patterns of weather and associated changes in oceans, land surfaces, and ice sheets occurring over time periods of decades or longer. Climate change is directly associated with global warming, a phenomenon of rising temperatures on the planet due to an exponential increase of...

Municipal Solid Waste Management

Municipal solid waste (MSW) is what people leave after their everyday life activities, and includes items such as paper, plastic garbage, metals, electronics, and textiles. These leftovers are damaging for the environment, and its their volumes grow with the human population. The waste issue is especially urgent for places with...

Eco-Friendly Packaging and Its Issues

Sustainability has recently become a new trend in doing business. As the overall green consciousness grows and consumers worldwide prefer buying eco-friendly products, companies tend to become more environmentally friendly reducing their impact on the environment. In most cases, the areas for influence reductions are minimizing the level of greenhouse...

Environmental Issues in the Hospitality Industry: An Actual Trend

Abstract Sustainability is an important element of modern industries: it means the maintenance of balance between the industry’s operating facilities and its environment, and hotels should invest in sustainability development. For the hospitality field, which focuses on the organization of people living in hotels, it means zero-emission, waste recycling, supply...

Improving Gas Turbine Performance By Adding Cooling System (Fogging System) In Air Intake

Introduction Turbine performance utilities require performance enhancements due to the rapid and unforgiving increase in energy demands calling upon engineers to design and develop energy efficient techniques to optimize power output for energy producing utilities. Among the most reliable technologies for enhancing gas turbine performance in hot and humid climates...

  • Legal Issues
  • Discrimination
  • Corporation

Recycle of Household Waste

Introduction Concerns about the environment grow larger every year, and every person can help the cause to lower the negative impact people have on the planet. Every US citizen produces, on average, 7 pounds of waste every day, and most of it is indeed recyclable (Bradford et al.). Nowadays, the...

Rising Sea Levels: Solutions to Global Concern

Introduction Global changes in climate have had tangible effects on numerous habitats and their biota. An increase in sea levels is one of the most infamous outcomes of global warming (Folger and Carter 116). Over the past decade, a vast increase in awareness about the problem of rising sea levels...

Climate Change: Concept and Theories

Climate change has become a concern of scientists rather recently. There are numerous theories as to the reasons for this process, but there are still no particular answers. Some researchers believe that this is a natural process, and there can be done anything while others stress that people’s activities harm...

Electricity vs. Solar Energy Compared and Contrasted

Introduction Currently, all people have become dependent on electricity, with the majority of electrical appliances operating on electric power for both commercial and residential environments. Solar energy has become a favorable alternative to energy with increasing popularity because of its ability to reduce costs and be environmentally friendly. Advancement in...

British Airways: Corporate Social Responsibility

British Airways is an international aviation company that offers both passenger and cargo transport services. The company has its headquarters located in London, England, at Heathrow Airport. It is the second largest airline in the UK based on the size of its fleet. Since the beginning of its operation, the...

Global Warming Effects on the Environment and Animals

Introduction Global warming effects is currently one of the global threats with each nation suffering economically due to the observed climatic changes. This discussion aims to provide effects of the current global warming threats which is affecting the whole world. Due to changes in the distribution of the weather pattern...

How Global Warming Affects Wildlife

Global warming is a matter of great concern since it affects humans and wildlife directly. However, global warming is typically caused by human activities. There is evidence of how global warming has negatively affected wildlife. It is an essential concern since many wildlife animals have died, and others are ultimately...

Bamboo Toothbrush: The Environmental Benefits

Introduction Bamboo toothbrushes are manual toothbrushes that are similar to what you could find in any shelf has a long handle and bristles used to remove debris from the teeth. The notable difference between the bamboo toothbrush and the plastic toothbrush is the long handle made from sustainable bamboo....

Environmental Issues and Protecting the Environment

As I sat before my study table, trying to decide which topic I would choose for my first essay in this class, I decided that the best way to make the choice was by actually looking up the available print and online resources about the topics listed. The topic with...

Sustainable Development Goals in the UAE

Introduction Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) refer to the global initiatives aimed at ending poverty, protecting the earth, and ensuring that all global citizens have peace and prosperity. They are also known as the Global Goals that focus on building on the achievements of Millennium Development Goals. These goals cover areas...

  • Construction
  • Social Responsibility

Environmental Degradation and Renewable Energy

The global community relies on the surrounding environment for food production, transport, and economic development. Most of these actions put pressure on the available natural resources. Environmentalists and sociologists have identified new ways of collaborating to find solutions to the challenges associated with global warming and climate change. When left...

Reducing the Use of Fossil Fuels

Climate change is one of the crucial problems caused by humanity and inherently destructive to the planet. There are certain measures and policies discussed in relation to this global issue, such as promoting vegan diets or switching to electric vehicles. It can be argued, though, that changing some particular parts...

The Impact of ICT on the Environment

Introduction The challenge of creating and maintaining a sustainable environment is becoming more embedded into the consciousness of humanity. Such a direction has emerged from the reality of the dangers that are currently posed to man’s existence by greenhouse emissions and the accumulation of poisonous substances in our environment. In...

Food Waste Management Importance

The world is gradually losing its beauty and is constantly coming under pressure from different problems every other day. Diseases, food shortages, among others are some of the numerous issues that are hitting up news headlines. Even among the most developed nations, some of these problems limit the effort and...

Petroleum Significance for the Modern World

Petroleum is a major economical industry that constantly grows larger and contributes significantly to the growth of the world’s economy. The role of oil and gas has severely increased recently in the world energy markets due to an internal development potential of these products. Petroleum is a matter of current...

About Wildfires: Brief Overview

Thesis Statement: Underestimating the severity and danger of wildfires and not taking timely action can lead to disaster, as happened, for example, in Australia in 2019-2020. Wildfires, which are considered to be a type of disaster, are destructive, uncontrolled, and quite large fires that spread quickly over brush or woodland...

Food Waste Reduction Strategy

Introduction York Region expands and should reduce the volume of food waste by involving each resident in the process. The Region established the SM4RT LIVING Plan – the framework for local waste management. The Food Waste Reduction Strategy is a part of the Plan, as the quantity of food waste...

Environmental Issues in the Third World Countries

Environmentalism Environmentalism is a type of social movement or a broad philosophy that is geared towards the conservation of the environment and also seeks to improve the quality of the environment. This movement is mainly associated with the green color. From the perspective of social movement, environmentalism is concentrated on...

Energy Conservation in the Environment

 A detailed description of the problem There are so many undefined factors negatively affecting the environment. These are some of the things that make people to put their efforts in protecting the environment. Energy conservation is one of the steps taken towards this and it concerns the global community, the...

Causes, Impact, and Solutions to Shark Finning

Shark finning has first become a problem in the ’80s, and it still continues causing severe harm to the oceans. Shark finning effects on ecosystem can’t be underestimated. Multiple solutions to this problem have been proposed throughout the years. This essay provides a detailed analysis of shark finning solutions, causes,...

  • McDonald's
  • Action Plan

Impact of Human Activities on Marine Ecosystems

The marine ecosystems include various sub-ecosystems full of differentiated types of life. Considering coastal ecosystems, the three hugest ones can be highlighted: sunlit rocky coasts, sandy beaches, and salt marsh ecosystems. Sunlit rocky shores are extreme habitats for marine life. Such systems are characterized by powerful waves, strong winds, and...

Impact of Food Waste and Water Use on Earth

Introduction Food waste causes a devastating impact on the environment and contributes to the wastage of water. Tons of foods are not harvested and rot in the farms, while others go bad during transportation and after cooking. This is unfortunate considering that millions of people are starving around the globe...

Extreme Scenarios: The Issue of Energy Resources Shortage

Introduction Imagine that you cannot use electricity or get fuel for your car because these energy resources are no longer available. Your home has no power, and the lights, television, and the fridge are not working. You drive to the gas station, but there you find out that there is...

Deforestation: Causes, Environmental Effects, Solutions

Abstract This paper aims to study the environmental effects of deforestation and suggest potential solutions for this issue. Backed by research, it asks what the primary causes of forest destructions are and whether they can be eliminated. To get a better idea of the problem, thorough research of the existing...

A Natural Disaster Preparation Plan

Natural disasters are frequently occurring events that can meaningfully impact the life, health, and well-being of many people. Any severe weather that poses a substantial threat to human life, property, and critical infrastructure essential for the functioning of society and government can be viewed as a natural disaster (U.S. Department...

Cyclone Asani in the North Indian Ocean Area

A tropical cyclone is a ferocious circular storm that ascends over warmer tropical marine seas and is described by heavy rains, low air pressure, and high winds. A distinctive characteristic of tropical cyclonic cyclones is the eye, a central area of brilliant sky, scorching temperatures, and low air pressure. Asani...

Environmental Hazards That Humans Face

Introduction The environment, due to various anthropogenic influences, can be a threat or damage to a modern human being. The hazard represents the substance, state, or event that can impact people’s health. Some activities of individuals lead to natural disasters and contamination of surrounding water, air, soil, food, and places....

Environmental Pollution: Causes and Consequences

Environmental pollution is currently one of the most important and prevalent issues in modern life. Every day, a human appears to contribute to the pollution of our green world, which will soon exceed all possible bounds. Humanity will be able to address all environmental problems if it begins to care...

Air Pollution: Effects

Air refers to fluid found in the atmosphere. Air is an invisible, odorless and tasteless gas mixture found in the earth’s atmosphere. These characteristics of air enable it to mix with other compounds released to the atmosphere which have almost similar characteristics, but dangerous to human health. These compounds are...

Microplastics and Environmental Health

Introduction Currently, the world faces a period of rapid changes with technological developments revolutionizing the way people live and, simultaneously, leading humankind to the global catastrophe of resource scarcity and climate change. The environment suffers from microplastics (further referred to as MPs) released by the degraded synthetic clothing, cosmetics, plastic...

  • Communication
  • United Nations

Environmental Management Problems and Challenges

Environmental issues have been a subject of public concern for many years. Many managers and organizations are aware of the environmental problems and challenges, hence an increase in the pressure to alter the way people live and perceive things. A lot of this pressure targets large companies which are normally...

Environmental Sustainability and Its Importance for the Future

At this stage of the development of modern society, special attention is paid to such an important issue as the preservation of environmental sustainability. Such a path of development should meet all vital human needs and promote the emergence and proper development of future generations. However, there is a tendency...

The Use of Biodegradable Straws in Food and Beverages Business

Plastic straws’ usage is part of the problem of plastic pollution and its adverse impact on the planet’s ecology. Nature is dying, and all new consequences of plastic are manifested. Banning straws could reduce plastic waste, but some companies and customers question this possibility due to fear of excessive effort...

Drought and Its Effects on Humans

An environmental threat is a possibility and a product of an undesirable accent on the surrounding. Agribusiness, industry, energy, transport, and land planning are elements that nurture the risk. Drought is a natural risk portrayed as a shortage of rain for a prolonged period that causes diverse effects on human...

Battery Recycling and Its Impact on Our Future

Promoting and advancing the industry of battery recycling has become highly significant in the modern world. The famous international automobile manufacturing companies have started to produce electric vehicles, and the number has continued to grow ever since. However, the benefit of reducing carbon emissions does not outweigh the harm lithium-ion...

Sustainability: Consumption of Natural Resources

Sustainability is the preservation of wellbeing and is involved with economical, environmental, and social scope. It entails the component of stewardship, which involves proper use, and maintenance of resources. The main aim of sustainability is to enable humans in the whole world to get their basic needs and have a...

Natural Sciences and Their Significance

Nowadays, the natural disciplines occupy one of the leading places in the system of scientific knowledge. It is challenging to overestimate their role in the development of modern society because they are the basis for productive forces. It is noteworthy that natural science studies are essential not only for researchers...

Environmental Problems in Today’s Belarus

Environmental problems in today’s Belarus go back to the times of the Soviet regime. An agrarian republic, Belarus suffered from one of the biggest tragedies of the 20th century: the Chernobyl disaster. Even though the accident occurred at the Ukrainian nuclear power plant, a neighboring Belarus endured the devastating effect...

Activities to Promote and Preserve the Environment

This is a project to promote environmental preservation in schools and communities. There is substantial information on the preservation of the environment, but there’s no match that people are doing. On the internet, various websites promote the environment, offering lots of sources on reducing coal gas emissions, fighting climate change,...

The McDonald’s Green Initiatives

Introduction Background of the study McDonald’s Corporation started its business in 1948 as a single restaurant in California. Currently, it comprises the largest chain of restaurants specializing in hamburger fast foods that serve a total of forty-seven million customers daily (Svoboda, 1995, p.1). The fast-food industry giant owns 31,000 restaurants...

  • Public Relations
  • Reproductive Health
  • Space Exploration

Environmental Benefits and Challenges of Urbanization

Introduction Physical growth of cities is known as urbanization. This is a time that our environment undergoes serious changes. Involvement of human being is very high in worst changes in the environment. Many serious discussions are going on in different parts of the world for the protection of environment. Urban...

Climate Changes Impact on Agriculture and Livestock

Introduction Saudi Arabia commonly referred to as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is the second-largest country after Algeria in the Arab World. Its neighboring countries include Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, and Iraq. The approximate size of Saudi Arabia is 2,000,000km2. The climate of Saudi...

Environmental Festivals and Fairs: Function and Importance

Introduction Environmental festivals are becoming increasingly popular, and many countries that desire to create environmental awareness are turning to environmental festivals as a means of spreading environmental conservation messages and creating awareness with regards to the importance of resolving environmental problems. The Tbilisi conference on environmental education, held at Tbilisi,...

Climate Change and Global Warming

Introduction Global warming is one of the interesting topics under discussion globally. According to the Oracle Think Quest, global warming is an occurrence in which the earth is gradually heating up. The Oracle Think Quest goes on to state that global warming is caused by the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse...

Nevado del Ruiz Eruption of 1985 and Its Impact on the Community

Introduction Natural disasters tend to have a profoundly destructive impact on the communities that happen to be situated close enough to the epicenter. Should the unfavorable natural conditions coincide with the cumulative human error, the toll on resources and human lives alike may become very high. Economy, culture, and education...

Deforestation Problem Overview and Analysis

Introduction Deforestation to create land for agriculture is an issue of great importance, it destroys native forests and affects the ecological balance. A greater percentage of global biodiversity is located in forests (Celentano et al. 2017). Cutting down trees hinders the survival of various animal and plant species. The forest...

Coral Reef Depletion and Possible Solutions

Abstract Coral reef depletion is not a new phenomenon as coral reefs in most parts of the world have gone through substantial alterations in their history. As early southeast the 1870s, coral reef mortality existed in many places although the trend of depletion has Southeast increased in recent years. Natural...

Impact of Climate Change on Property Development and Management

Introduction This essay will focus on the BBC article, COP26 promises could limit global warming to 1.8C, with a specific focus on the impact of climate change on property development and management in the global market. The article discusses the various climate change initiatives, status quo, and necessary targets. It...

Air Pollution in the UAE and Its Management

Context The 21st century is characterized by multiple concerns linked to the environmental sphere. The 2021 trends include attempts to minimize the negative impact of human beings on nature and find new ways to save our planet from radical climate changes. Today, we can see the results of our activity...

Land Pollution and Ways to Minimize Pollution in the US

The biggest environmental challenge that has been witnessed in the US since time immemorial has been land pollution. It can be defined as the disposal of material wastes into the soil or substances that can contaminate it. This type of pollution can be caused by different reasons, such as garbage...

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Student's 19-word Fight Club essay given perfect grade by teacher

Student's 19-word Fight Club essay given perfect grade by teacher

While the rest of us struggle to meet the word count, this woman completely got away with it.

Jess Battison

A student’s 19-word essay on Fight Club ended up getting a perfect grade.

Yep, just 19 words - not even the maximum allowed to send a post on X.

For most of us, (you know those that don’t enjoy sitting and writing endless pages of work on a weeknight) essays are the source of absolute dread.

Anyone who has had to spend a night in a library churning one out for a school exam or university assignment will know the stress of trying to condense every key bit into a few hundred words. Or worse, having to somehow waffle on for thousands about just one thing.

But, despite the odds, students tend to muster up a way of saying the same thing in 10 different ways to rack up the required word count. Although, this ballsy one went for a different approach to write about the legendary film .

She decided to base her essay on the 1999 cult hit with Edward Norton and Brad Pitt , in which their characters decide to form a masochistic underground fight club.

And somehow, the student managed to do it in just 19 words - despite how much you might be able to chat about the movie - earning an impressive score from her teacher.



Sharing this big win on X, Allison Garrett wrote: "The assignment description for essay 5 was to write a review of a movie that we had seen. The opportunity arose, and I took my chances."

So, what ground-breaking analysis did she demonstrate to earn such rave reviews?

Quoting the film's most iconic line, she opened her essay with: "The first rule of fight club is: you do not talk about fight club."

She didn't have much to write about the film. (20th Century Fox)

Adding at the bottom of the page: "That's it, that's my essay."

I mean, round of applause for the bravery there.

In the comment section, she wrote: "I cannot say that I am sorry because that would be a lie. Am I Proud? Yes."

Proving this was no joke, Allison also posted a screenshot of the comments made by her teacher after reading her 'essay'.

Now, most of us would be terrified after writing an essay like this, waiting to receive the mother of all bollockings from our teacher, but Allison's professor was just impressed - though they warned about trying the same thing with another member of staff.

Pretty genius, to be honest. (X/@allisonbdelk)

They wrote on the comments section of the submission page: "I struggled over this grade for a long time. I finally decided you get a grade for a laugh and how relevant your review is for this particular movie.

"Let me warn you: do NOT try this kind of thing with other professors; they may not have my sense of humor."

Since it was shared, Allison's post gained a lot of attention online.

One person wrote: "I was always told life is about taking risks... I was scared to say the least."

Allison later added: "I got a 100 on the paper and passed the class with an A."

Topics:  Education , Film , Students , TV and Film

Jess is an Entertainment Journalist with a love of all things pop culture. Her main interests include keeping up with the Twitter girlies, waiting for a new series of The Traitors and losing her voice at a Beyoncé concert. She graduated with a first in Journalism from City, University of London in 2021 and has previously worked at MyLondon.

@ jessbattison_

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  • Baby Reindeer could be knocked off Netflix top spot by gritty drama with perfect Rotten Tomatoes score
  • Netflix viewers are loving ‘gory’ movie which is the ‘perfect film’ directed by horror icon
  • Jason Manford sparks debate after calling for homework to be banned

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perfect environment essay

Jurassic Park actor Sam Neill issues update on 'grim' cancer treatment after admitting he's 'not afraid of dying'

Sam neill said he felt 'great to be alive'.

perfect environment essay

Christina Applegate shares the two things she wants to do in the 'days she has left in life'

Christina applegate knows who she wants to work with and who she wants to party with.

perfect environment essay

Netflix viewers 'deleting app forever' if 'must-watch' series with perfect Rotten Tomatoes series isn't continued

It's safe to say the show is pretty damn popular.

perfect environment essay

The Boys creator was ‘left with no choice’ as X-rated sauna scene banned in India

We asked the boys creator about the tough decision to allow an x-rated sauna scene to be cut in india.

Essay on Environment and Human Health for Students and Children

500+ words essay on environment and human health.

The environment is all that surrounds us. It can be a living or a non-living thing. It includes many forces that are physical, chemical and other natural forces. These living things live in their environment. They consistently react with it and adapt themselves according to the conditions in their environment. In the environment, there are various interactions between the animals, plants , water, soil and other living and many non-living things present in nature. Since everything is a part of this environment of something else, we use the term environment talking about various things. People in different fields use this term differently.

essay on environment and human health

Importance of Environment

The environment is very important for every living being. No one can survive without the environment. It matters a lot because planet earth is the only home for human beings. It provides food, air, water and millions of other things. Humanity’s entire life-supporting system totally depends on the well-being of all the species living the earth.

We call it the biosphere. Biosphere means one global ecological system under which all living things are depending upon each other relatively. In the ecosystem or overall biosphere, there are some smaller ecosystems like the rainforests , deserts , oceans and the tundra.

An ecosystem has both living and non-living parts. It can be terrestrial or aquatic. It explains the valuing ecosystem services: towards better environmental decision making that is available through the National Academy Press. The non-living things are like soil , water, air, nutrients, and living elements are the plants, micro-organisms , animals and human beings.

A healthy ecosystem consists of all the chemical elements and nutrients that circulate in a cycle while supporting billions of species. The species helps in the process of cycling the elements when they produce any food. It also happens during their eating, going about their lives and even though their deaths. In this process creation of a variety of goods and services takes place that is very useful for human beings.

Get the huge list of more than 500 Essay Topics and Ideas

Human Health Issues

It is very rare for children to get seriously ill without any warning. According to the symptoms of your child, you should contact your children’s pediatrician for advice on a regular basis. Time to time treatment of symptoms or usual illness can prevent your child from getting seriously affected with any disease or making that worse or turning it into an emergency.

A true emergency occurs when you believe a severe injury or any sort of illness is threatening your child or his/her life is in danger, or it might cause any permanent harm. In this scenario, one needs emergency medical treatment immediately as soon as possible. Discuss it with the doctor about what should you do in case of a true emergency.

The use of vaccines is improving the health of the children at a huge level over a very short period. Much infectious illness one is having as a child. For example, chickenpox or polio no longer affects many children in today’s time.

FAQs on Environment and Human Health

Q.1. Name some needs that are fulfilled by the environment:

Ans. There are many needs that are fulfilled by the environment. We get food, shelter, oxygen, water, sunlight, air, and many more things. The most important thing we get from the environment is food. Because we cannot survive without food.

Q.2.What should be done in the case off health illness?

Ans. Firstly, we should diagnose the problem and then go to a doctor and do proper treatment of that particular disease or illness. And then we should cure that disease according to the guidelines of the doctor.

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What it means for the Supreme Court to throw out Chevron decision, undercutting federal regulators


FILE- Gulls follow a commercial fishing boat as crewmen haul in their catch in the Gulf of Maine, in this Jan. 17, 2012 file photo. TExecutive branch agencies will likely have more difficulty regulating the environment, public health, workplace safety and other issues under a far-reaching decision by the Supreme Court. The court’s 6-3 ruling on Friday overturned a 1984 decision colloquially known as Chevron that has instructed lower courts to defer to federal agencies when laws passed by Congress are not crystal clear. (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty, File)

The Supreme Court building is seen on Friday, June 28, 2024, in Washington. (AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein)

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Executive branch agencies will likely have more difficulty regulating the environment, public health, workplace safety and other issues under a far-reaching decision by the Supreme Court .

The court’s 6-3 ruling on Friday overturned a 1984 decision colloquially known as Chevron that has instructed lower courts to defer to federal agencies when laws passed by Congress are not crystal clear.

The 40-year-old decision has been the basis for upholding thousands of regulations by dozens of federal agencies, but has long been a target of conservatives and business groups who argue that it grants too much power to the executive branch, or what some critics call the administrative state.

The Biden administration has defended the law, warning that overturning so-called Chevron deference would be destabilizing and could bring a “convulsive shock” to the nation’s legal system.


Chief Justice John Roberts, writing for the court, said federal judges “must exercise their independent judgment in deciding whether an agency has acted within its statutory authority.”

The ruling does not call into question prior cases that relied on the Chevron doctrine, Roberts wrote.

Here is a look at the court’s decision and the implications for government regulations going forward.

What is the Chevron decision?

Atlantic herring fishermen sued over federal rules requiring them to pay for independent observers to monitor their catch. The fishermen argued that the 1976 Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act did not authorize officials to create industry-funded monitoring requirements and that the National Marine Fisheries Service failed to follow proper rulemaking procedure.

In two related cases, the fishermen asked the court to overturn the 40-year-old Chevron doctrine, which stems from a unanimous Supreme Court case involving the energy giant in a dispute over the Clean Air Act. That ruling said judges should defer to the executive branch when laws passed by Congress are ambiguous.

In that case, the court upheld an action by the Environmental Protection Agency under then-President Ronald Reagan.

In the decades following the ruling, Chevron has been a bedrock of modern administrative law, requiring judges to defer to agencies’ reasonable interpretations of congressional statutes.

But the current high court, with a 6-3 conservative majority has been increasingly skeptical of the powers of federal agencies. Justices Brett Kavanaugh, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch have questioned the Chevron decision. Ironically, it was Gorsuch’s mother, former EPA Administrator Anne Gorsuch, who made the decision that the Supreme Court upheld in 1984.


What’s at stake?

With a closely divided Congress, presidential administrations have increasingly turned to federal regulation to implement policy changes. Federal rules impact virtually every aspect of everyday life, from the food we eat and the cars we drive to the air we breathe and homes we live in.

President Joe Biden’s administration, for example, has issued a host of new regulations on the environment and other priorities, including restrictions on emissions from power plants and vehicle tailpipes , and rules on student loan forgiveness , overtime pay and affordable housing.

Those actions and others could be opened up to legal challenges if judges are allowed to discount or disregard the expertise of the executive-branch agencies that put them into place.

With billions of dollars potentially at stake, groups representing the gun industry and other businesses such as tobacco, agriculture, timber and homebuilding, were among those pressing the justices to overturn the Chevron doctrine and weaken government regulation.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce filed an amicus brief last year on behalf of business groups arguing that modern application of Chevron has “fostered aggrandizement’’ of the executive branch at the expense of Congress and the courts.

David Doniger, a lawyer and longtime Natural Resources Defense Council official who argued the original Chevron case in 1984, said he feared that a ruling to overturn the doctrine could “free judges to be radical activists” who could “effectively rewrite our laws and block the protections they are supposed to provide.”

“The net effect will be to weaken our government’s ability to meet the real problems the world is throwing at us — big things like COVID and climate change,″ Doniger said.

More than just fish

“This case was never just about fish,’' said Meredith Moore of the environmental group Ocean Conservancy. Instead, businesses and other interest groups used the herring fishery “to attack the foundations of the public agencies that serve the American public and conserve our natural resources,’' she said.

The court ruling will likely open the floodgates to litigation that could erode critical protections for people and the environment, Moore and other advocates said.

“For more than 30 years, fishery observers have successfully helped ensure that our oceans are responsibly managed so that fishing can continue in the future,’' said Dustin Cranor of Oceana, another conservation group.

He called the case “just the latest example of the far right trying to undermine the federal government’s ability to protect our oceans, waters, public lands, clean air and health.’'

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey called the decision a fitting follow-up to a 2022 decision — in a case he brought — that limits the EPA’s ability to control greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. The court held that Congress must speak with specificity when it wants to give an agency authority to regulate on an issue of major national significance.

Morrisey, now the GOP nominee for governor, called Chevron “a misguided doctrine under which courts defer to legally dubious interpretations of statutes put out by federal administrative agencies.”

A shift toward judicial power

The Supreme Court ruling will almost certainly shift power away from the executive branch and Congress and toward courts, said Craig Green, a professor at Temple University’s Beasley School of Law.

“Federal judges will now have the first and final word about what statutes mean,″ he said. “That’s a big shift in power.″

In what some observers see as a historic irony, many conservatives who now attack Chevron once celebrated it. The late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was among those who hailed the original ruling as a way to rein in liberal laws.

“Conservatives believed in this rule until they didn’t,’' Green said in an interview.

In recent years, conservatives have focused on “deconstruction of the administrative state,’' even if the result lessens the ability of a conservative president to impose his beliefs on government agencies.

“If you weaken the federal government, you get less government,’' Green said — an outcome that many conservatives, including those who back former President Donald Trump, welcome.

The ruling will likely “gum up the works for federal agencies and make it even harder for them to address big problems. Which is precisely what the critics of Chevron want,” said Jody Freeman, director of the environmental and energy law program at Harvard Law School.


A woman pulls a religious statue out from among debris. A splintered home and scattered clothing are around her.

2024’s violent tornado season has been one of the most active on record − a meteorologist explains the weather behind the outbreaks

perfect environment essay

Professor of Atmospheric Science, Iowa State University

Disclosure statement

William Gallus receives funding from the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Iowa State University provides funding as a member of The Conversation US.

View all partners

Spring 2024 was unnerving for people across large parts of the U.S. as tornado warnings and sirens sent them scrambling for safety.

More than 1,100 tornadoes were reported through May − a preliminary number but nearly twice the 30-year average at that point and behind only 2011 , when deadly tornado outbreaks tore across the southeastern U.S.

The U.S. experienced several multistate outbreaks in 2024. Tornadoes damaged homes from Texas to Minnesota and east to West Virginia and Georgia . They caused widespread destruction in several towns, including Greenfield, Iowa ; Westmoreland, Kansas ; and Bartlesville, Oklahoma . Barnsdall, Oklahoma, was hit twice in two months .

In May, at least one tornado occurred somewhere in the country almost every day .

What causes some years to have so many tornadoes? I’m a meteorologist who studies tornadoes and thunderstorms . Here’s what created the perfect conditions for these violent storms.

2 key tornado ingredients, on steroids

The hyperactive season has been due to an abundance of two key ingredients for tornadoes: wind shear and instability.

The jet stream − a band of strong upper-level winds that mostly blows west to east, flowing between warm air to its south and cool air to its north − plays an important role in how and where weather systems evolve, and in wind shear.

During April and May 2024 , the jet stream often dipped southward in the western U.S. before turning back to the northeast across the Plains. That’s a pattern favorable for producing tornadoes in the central U.S.

A US map shows warm moist air rising from the Gulf of Mexico, the jet stream bending northward into the Great Plains, Tornado Alley from Texas to South Dakota and into Iowa, and cold air to the north and warm air to the south.

In the area east of the jet stream’s southern dip, air rises. That creates a strong low-pressure system, which causes winds near the ground to blow from a different direction than winds higher up, contributing to wind shear.

Making this year even more active, persistent record heat waves were common over Mexico and Texas, while the Rockies and far northern United States stayed cool. The sharp temperature difference created a stronger jet stream than normal, leading to strong changes in wind speed with elevation. As a result, wind shear has been on steroids.

The change in wind speed with elevation can cause air to have a rolling motion . The rapidly rising air in a thunderstorm can then tilt the rolling motion to create a spinning thunderstorm that can concentrate the spin into a tornado.

The Gulf of Mexico was also much warmer than normal , producing abundant heat and moisture that could be transported northward to fuel thunderstorms. That creates atmospheric instability , the other key ingredient for tornadoes.

Chart shows 2024 tornado reports well above the 15-year mean and only below 2011. It's just above 2019 numbers.

El Niño’s weakening was a warning

This perfect combination of ingredients for tornadoes wasn’t a complete surprise.

El Niño and La Niña – opposing climate patterns centered in the Pacific Ocean – can affect winds and weather around the world. A 2016 study found that when El Niño is shifting to La Niña , the number of tornadoes in the central Plains and Upper Midwest is often larger than normal.

That’s exactly what was happening in spring 2024 . The tornadoes mostly occurred in the traditional Tornado Alley, from northern Texas to South Dakota, with an extension across the Corn Belt through Iowa and as far east as Ohio, matching the findings of that study.

How is tornado activity changing?

The active spring in the Great Plains was a bit unusual, however. Studies show a long-term trend of decreasing tornado numbers in this region and an increase in tornadoes farther east , near or just east of the Mississippi River.

That shift is consistent with what climate models suggest is likely to happen throughout the remainder of the century as global temperatures rise.

A U.S. map shows the greatest activity over the Southeast, particularly Louisiana and Alabama.

The expected decline in the number of tornadoes in the Plains is likely related to increasing heat over the high ground of the desert Southwest and Mexico. That heat flows over the Great Plains a few thousand feet above ground, creating a cap, or lid. The cap lets heat and moisture build up until it punches through to form a thunderstorm. This hot, moist air is why the central U.S. is home to the most violent tornadoes on Earth.

One theory is that, with climate change, the cap will likely be harder to break through, reducing the number of tornadoes in the Plains. At the same time, increasing heat and moisture elsewhere will fuel more tornadoes in the East.

Long-term trends and climate model predictions also suggest that more tornadoes are occurring during the cooler months , particularly in the Southeast . Tornadoes are also occurring on fewer days each year, but on the days when they do form, there is more likely to be an outbreak with several tornadoes

  • Climate change
  • Extreme weather
  • Atmospheric science
  • Thunderstorms
  • El Niño Southern Oscillation
  • Extreme storms

perfect environment essay

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perfect environment essay

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perfect environment essay

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perfect environment essay

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perfect environment essay

Senior Lecturer, HRM or People Analytics

The Men of 'Perfect Match 2' Say the Competition Was 'Intimidating' [Interview]


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The Big Picture

  • A star-studded cast from various reality shows creates a unique dynamic on Perfect Match.
  • Cast members share behind-the-scenes experiences of filming and finding love on a tropical island.
  • Some cast members are open to other reality shows, but most are retiring from dating ones.

After a very successful first season, Netflix quickly decided to cast a second season of Perfect Match, bringing together alumni from various reality series such as Love is Blind , Bachelor in Paradise , Too Hot to Handle , The Trust , Love Island , and others. Netflix announced the renewal of the reality dating series less than two months after the Season 1 finale, which is no surprise given its huge viewership numbers: over 24 million hours watched during its first week.

The new season premiered on June 7, and Collider had the pleasure of sitting down with some of the cast members to hear behind-the-scenes stories. Harry Jowsey (Too Hot to Handle, season 1), Stevan Ditter (Too Hot to Handle, season 3), Kaz Bishop (Dated & Related, season 1), and Izzy Zapata (Love is Blind, season 5) share all the juicy deets of their time filming and trying to find love on a tropical island.


Collider : How was this experience different from the shows you’ve been on?

Harry: They are all very unique. It was a little bit of a different ball game because everyone's been on [other] shows before and they know how it works, and you know everyone has a brand and a name to themselves coming to this one, so there it was a little bit tougher because you already know everyone, instead of it just being fresh and blind like a lot of these other shows.

Harry Jowsey sits shirtless on a couch pouting on 'Perfect Match'

Harry Jowsey’s Doesn't Have Good Memories of ‘Perfect Match’ Season 2

Harry Jowsey's comments might change the way you watch 'Perfect Match.'

Collider: How do you prepare yourself going into this process?

Stevan: My last show I wasn’t allowed to touch anyone without spending money, so, like this show is definitely a little bit more like just be yourself, have a good time, not as much rules to it, but you also have to prepare yourself for the fact that might kind of nip you in the ass you have to watch yourself and maintain yourself properly.

Collider: Do you go with the mindset of finding love or winning the show?

Izzy: For me, I went in finding love and doing Love is Blind , the whole, you know, end game is marriage, so I didn't really go into the show strategically thinking it's a challenge or a game , so I think it kind of hit myself in the ass with that one.

The One Challenge Game that Everyone Wants to Forget


Collider: Any one of you had a strategy going in?

Kaz : You know what, I just I think it was always just the case of just going in open-minded and just having like taking the full thing for experience and just going along for the ride, whatever happens - happens, and it is what it is. That's the main sort of mindset I think if you're going go for into reality, into something like dating as well just because you never know what you're going to expect.

Collider: Can each one tell me what your favorite challenge game?

Harry: I think the first one. We were on a cage, swinging. I think I love that one because I absolutely smashed it in nine seconds. Obviously, on the show they made it look much longer, but I did nine seconds and I had to go back and do it again, because I was so fired up. I was like I'm not going to lose this. So yeah, that was my favorite one was the only won.

Stevan: What was the one that we had to jump in the water and go get the ball? that one I think that was like the most like taxing. I think that one what made it the most fun for me, nothing like connection basis, it was really just physical .

Kaz : I would have won that one but I did legs in the morning.

Harry : Yeah, I’m sure.

Kaz Bishop and Micah Lussier stand beside each other smiling on 'Perfect Match'

'Perfect Match Season 2' Star Kaz Hints If Things Work Out With Micah

The new episode drops this Friday where Kaz's pick gets revealed, but a recent interview may already give a clue.

Collider: How about the kissing challenge?

Stevan: We forget that that one happened. Let’s not talk about that one. It was rough.

Harry: Yeah, I didn't think anyone felt good after that one.

Collider: It felt a little awkward

Harry : Yeah. It just didn't feel good inside . I didn't walk out of that feeling excited about that challenge.

Collider: Did you stay with friends after the show?

Stevan: Yeah. I think when you're there you forget that everyone lives literally all over the world and has like, a real job, runs businesses, like stuff to do, so when you come back here you have expectations of like, just hanging, like when you were on the show, and obviously, that's just not possible. But I think, at least for the guys, I think we're all cool. We see each other, and it's like we never left.”

Collider: Is it possible to find love in reality game show?

Stevan : I'm sure it is, I can tell you.

Izzy: Maybe not this one .

What is your perfect match? What are you looking for?

Kaz : What is a perfect match? you get someone that you can vibe with someone that you could be yourself around and once you get so comfortable with them that you're genuine your true self, and they accept you for who you are, then that's it I feel like that is your perfect match.

Harry: Yeah, I like that.

Stevan : I think the real truth is you can't be looking for it. Like if you go somewhere looking for something, you're usually not going to find exactly what you want. You just have to let it come to you, and take what you get.

Collider: After a while do you get relaxed and get used to the cameras capturing every moment?

Harry: Yeah, I think after like 24 hours you kind of forget that there's a whole camera crew there and you kind of just go with the flow.

Stevan: Especially when no one else around you seems affected by it, and they act naturally, you kind of fall into that.

Collider: You have to have a lot of confidence when you see somebody else coming in and takes your girl, it's intimidating

Harry: It's always scary, a lot of anxiety.

Stevan: I think that's why we drink so much.

Stevan: Also the house is so small and like everything's an eyeshot, so you see that other dude talking to your girl the whole time, like there's no there's no avoiding that. It is rough.

Kaz: I think a lot of the guys were quite open to say you know to the girls: go and you know talk to who you want talk to and if you do find them more you know compatible then go for it. That’s your choice.

Stevan : I don't think we meant it, but we said it.

The 'Perfect Match' Environment Is Not Easy


Collider: You said you knew each other before but not everybody. Did you research who was going to be on the show and for some kind of strategy?

Harry: No, you can't really predict it. There's just so many people in the Netflix reality universe so you can't predict who's going to be on the next season. There were also a lot of shows that hadn't even aired yet, like the latest season of ‘love is blind’ wasn't out.

Izzy : My show wasn’t out yet.

Harry: Squid Game wasn't out, or Trust the Paradise - there are a lot of shows that weren’t out yet. So when these people came in, we just had no idea what they were on and we were kind of curious to try and figure out what they were doing.”

Collider: So the first time you went in and you saw the girls and the guys in the competition, how did you feel?

Izzy: It can be a little bit intimidating at times, like you got three bold personalities back here, so it's also fun to see everyone's big personalities come together but for me, my show not having been released or anything yet, I was a bit starstruck sometimes, you know. Seeing some of the girls, I made an absolute idiot of myself sometimes, like that you do feel like you kind of know the person only from what you've seen on screen so it can be a little bit intimidating sometimes, but still fun.

Collider: I guess you all watched the first season?

Izzy: I only saw an episode before I left, that's about it.

Harry: I think especially in our space, like watching a show before you go on it, you kind of see the characters and you may accidentally try and play one yourself , so I think that's my biggest fear. I watch a show and then I'm like okay, I'm going to try and be like that person on this season. So you get just too strategic and then you kind of lose track of yourself a little bit.

Collider: What's next for each one of you guys? Do you plan on going on other reality dating shows?

Harry: I think we just figured out that we're retired from reality dating , we're hanging up the condoms. I know him and he doesn't wear them…...but I'm, you know, I have a super successful podcast right now……

Collider: So you are not going to be on any reality dating shows?

Izzy: Not dating.

Collider: What reality shows would you like to be on?

Izzy: Maybe Worse Cooks of America or something like that. Dancing With the Stars would be fun.

Kaz: I think it'll be a similar sort of style as well, sort of something challenging physically as well and then something that you can obviously learn new things as well new skills. That'll be good.

Perfect Match Season 2 can be streamed on Netflix. Watch the full video interview with the Perfect Match 2 guys above.

Watch On Netflix

How Ivy League Hopefuls Can Build Their Network This Summer

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Brown University

For high school students dreaming of attending Ivy League institutions, summer is not just a break from academics—it is an invaluable opportunity to build a network that can help them on the path toward their collegiate goals. Networking can open doors to mentorship, internships, and firsthand advice from those who have successfully navigated the Ivy League admissions process. While the age of the internet has opened new avenues for connection by allowing students to meet peers, professionals, and subject matter experts that they would not otherwise encounter, making the most of such networking opportunities—whether online or in person—requires strategy and skill.

For high school students seeking to level up their networking skills this summer, here are some key tips to keep in mind:

1. Start Locally

While the internet offers innumerable outlets for students to meet others in their field of interest and enrich their skillset, networking should always start in one’s own community. Before setting their sights on exchanging emails with Elon Musk, students should identify respected professionals, academics, or community leaders in their own community who may provide valuable insights or connections. Students can start by reaching out to friends and family members who know others working in their field of interest, attend the colleges they are applying to, or offer internships or volunteer opportunities for high school students in their area.

2. Master Email Etiquette

When reaching out to community members they do not know, students should send a brief and professional email explaining their goals and specifically stating how the recipient’s expertise might benefit their goals. They should begin with a professional greeting, using the person’s official title before introducing themself (this should include their school, grade and relevant accomplishments or interests). Students can then ask specific questions, set up a time to get coffee, or request to chat via Zoom or over the phone.

3. Maintain a Professional Online Presence

Alternatively, students can reach out to community leaders via networking sites such as LinkedIn ; social media platforms like Twitter can also be powerful tools for networking if used wisely. Creating a professional online presence can help students connect with key individuals and stay informed about new opportunities. While students may have personal Instagram or Twitter accounts on which they share photos or personal thoughts, they should be sure to engage with professionals and academics in their field from an account used solely for professional purposes. Students can follow Ivy League admissions officers and faculty members, and engage with their posts by commenting thoughtfully and sharing content that resonates with them.

Best High-Yield Savings Accounts Of 2024

Best 5% interest savings accounts of 2024, 4. make long-term impact.

When building a network, students should keep in mind that quality is often more important than quantity. Making connections with a breadth of peers and professionals in your field of interest can be helpful, but you will likely find that the most meaningful and beneficial relationships are those cultivated over time. For instance, if you are involved in a volunteer organization or internship program, committing to the activity over a couple of years during your high school career will allow you to grow in your role, demonstrate your commitment to the cause, and develop new skills over time. Likewise, your peers, supervisors, and mentors will be able to craft meaningful letters of recommendation, offer advice as you engage in the college search, or connect you with others who can help you along the way.

5. Make a Strategic Plan for Requesting Letters of Recommendations

Finally, students should note that a strong network is made up of people with diverse expertise—not every person in their network will be able to offer insightful college advice or write a strong letter of recommendation. Because of this, students should be intentional and strategic about how they leverage their network, using some connections to secure internships or jobs, others to make connections in their field of interest, and others to craft compelling letters of recommendation. The best recommenders will be those who have interacted with the student in a meaningful way (whether as a supervisor, professional or academic mentor) and who can attest to their unique strengths in the admissions process.

Building a network is a proactive and ongoing process. By taking advantage of summer opportunities, you can create a support system that provides guidance, inspiration, and practical assistance on your path to the Ivy League. The relationships you build now can significantly impact your future academic and professional success.

Christopher Rim

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