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Essay on My Family

A family is God’s greatest gift to all living beings on earth including human beings. A person without family and its love is never complete and happy. A family is one with whom you can share all your joys and sorrows. Family stands by you at the toughest situations in life. Family gives you the warmth and affection that you may not get anywhere else. I too am blessed with such a family. My family has always been my strength. My mother, father, sister and I complete my family.

My Mother 

My mother is the strongest woman I have ever seen in my life. She is a super woman. She can manage everything at the same time so beautifully and confidently. She is a fine individual with poise and dignity. She is the pivot around whom our family revolves. She has raised us with important values in life. She explained to us the true essence of love and compassion. She also tells us the importance of spirituality. She has given utmost importance to our education. She coordinates with our teachers in school and helps us with our weaknesses. My mother is an amazing cook and takes care of what we like to eat. She’s  just not a housewife. She is an entrepreneur too. She owns a restaurant managing a staff of 30 boys. It is indeed not an easy job but she manages everything very efficiently. She is an inspiration to all of us. She is indispensable to our family.

My father is a man of strong principles. His presence at home itself gives us a sense of security and hope. He is very gentle, disciplined and strict. He is a software engineer by qualification and works for a multinational company. Since the headquarters of his company is in The United States of America, he frequently needs to travel. I know he feels very sorry that he is not able to spend much time with us due to work pressure and travel but whenever he is at home he makes the best of it. He has a good sense of humor. He makes us laugh with his jokes and keeps telling us about his work experience. I get a lot of insight from it and clarity of what field I can take when I grow up. I have learnt a most important and valuable lesson from him that is being content in life with whatever I have. The atmosphere in our home becomes so cheerful and joyful when he is around. It gives a feeling of a complete family. He is a dutiful son towards his mother. Even though my grandmother doesn’t live with us, my father carries all his duties and responsibilities for her very diligently. I feel proud to be his son. I want to grow like him and take care of my parents the way he does.

My sister is three years older than me. She is a very soft and gentle girl. She is my best friend and a confidant. We fight on silly things but I know she really cares for me and loves me a lot. She always protects me from getting scolded by my mother. She is an artist and helps me with all my drawings. My sister supports and stands by me when seniors in my school bully me. I feel very secure around her when I am away from my parents.

To Conclude

My family has taught me to be a better person. I am blessed and fortunate enough to have such a wonderful family who has taught me important values in life. I am very grateful and I thank God for the most precious gift.

The childrens who live with a mother and a father are known as a small discern family. A couple in which more than two children reside is referred to as a huge discern family. And a family in which mother, father and youngsters, besides grandparents, uncles and aunts, a circle of relatives stays together is referred to as a joint family . My family is a small joint family. Apart from siblings, mother and father, grandparents also stay with us. Our family plays a crucial role within the making of any development. With the increase in the circle of relatives, India climbs the ladder of improvement. The country is formed by way of its own family and global fashion with the aid of nations. This is why it's far stated, “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” means the entire world is our circle of relatives. And it had superb importance in ancient India, which is slowly becoming extinct with time. A primary purpose for this is the conversion of the joint family into the unique circle of relatives.

Significance of Family in My Lifestyle

My own family, despite being a joint own family, is a happy family. And I am glad that I was born in this joint circle of relatives. wherein it became simplest through our own family that we had been able to study the critical things of existence in our children which we could rarely analyze thru books. each of my parents ' paintings in faculty. At some point during my stay at home, my siblings and I spoke many topics with our grandparents, which is quite exciting. Other than this, we also have one of our dogs, who is a part of our circle of relatives.

Family as Safety Clause

A family provides safety from outside evils and risks, that is, the man or woman is protected from all varieties of outside failures within their own family, in addition to the physical, mental and highbrow improvement of a character is due to the circle of relatives. The circle of relatives creates a secure environment for the kid and all our expectations and wishes are met via the family. My circle of relatives is a middle-class family, still my mother and father try their best to fulfill each of mine and my siblings wishes. The love from the circle of relatives towards me takes me closer to my family and helps me recognize my obligations in the direction of my own family. A person additionally will become a responsible citizen of society by the habit of spitting out his responsibilities. Every family individual faces hassle collectively during their difficult time.

Importance of Elders Inside the Family

A joint family in which our elders (grandparents, grandparents) stay with us, is the most important thing to focus on as they are not part of the authentic circle of relatives so that kids are deprived of understanding many critical beliefs and values. In advance, children used to play on time and additionally concentrate on the tales of grandparents, which gave them information, however the kids of the prevailing time use mobile from their adolescence to play. The authentic family has additionally taken away the kid’s formative years.

What the child will become inside is the destiny that depends totally on the child’s own family. With the help of the proper steerage, even a susceptible baby kisses is a brand new dimension of achievement inside the future. On the contrary, a brilliant student forgets his intention due to wrong steering and is left at the back of inside the race of life.


FAQs on My Family Essay

1. How can you Define a Family?

A family is a group of people who are related and live together in every situation. Family normally comprises mother, father, sister, brother, grand parents, uncles and aunts.

2. Why is Family Important?

Family is important to us because it gives us the warmth, love and affection that you may not get anywhere in the world. Family teaches the high moral values in life and makes you a better human being.

3. How does your father inspire you?

My father inspires me with his hard work, honesty and diligence. He is very loving and caring and binds the entire family together.

4. Why should you thank god for giving a family?

I thank God and am very grateful for the most precious gift of family because family members give unconditional love, care and affection. I am what I am because of my family. My family completes me.

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Family Themed Teaching Resources

Use these printables, activities, and lessons about families to teach your class about social interactions and relationships. By learning about families, students will begin to understand their place in groups, communities, and the world. You'll find writing assignments, Venn diagrams, art activities, and much more for the cross-curricular study of families. These resources are appropriate for kindergarten, first, second, and third grade teachers.

Printables for Grades K-3

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Lesson Plans

A Family Tree

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  • An Immigrant's Story

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  • Family Tree PowerPoint Presentation
  • Country of Origin Comparison
  • African Storytellers
  • More Lesson Plans

Educational Technology Resources

  • Family Tree Organization Chart with PowerPoint
  • A Family Tree Checklist
  • Life on the Prairie Worksheet
  • A Family Tree Vocabulary

Table Manners Scoring Rubric

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Family Learning Resources

Helping Hand

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Dork Diaries Teaching Guide

Dork Diaries Teaching Guide

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Mr Greg's English Cloud

10 Paragraphs: My Family

Our family is an integral part of our lives, shaping our identity, values, and experiences. Writing a paragraph about our family allows us to reflect on the unique dynamics, cherished memories, and deep connections that define this essential part of our existence. It provides an opportunity to delve into the roles, relationships, and shared experiences that form the tapestry of our family unit. 

Table of Contents

Tips On Writing A Paragraph On My Family

Start with an engaging opening sentence: Begin your paragraph with a captivating sentence that grabs the reader’s attention and sets the tone for your description of your family. You can use a descriptive phrase, an interesting anecdote, or a thought-provoking question to draw the reader in and make them eager to learn more about your family.

Provide a brief overview: Give a concise overview of your family, including the number of family members, their names, and their roles within the family. This helps to establish the context and introduces the key individuals who are central to your family dynamic.

Describe the relationships and dynamics: Explore the relationships within your family and the dynamics that make it unique. Discuss the bonds between siblings, parents, grandparents, and other relatives. Highlight the love, support, and understanding that exists within your family and how these relationships contribute to your overall sense of belonging and happiness.

Share memorable experiences and traditions: Talk about special moments, traditions, or rituals that are significant to your family. These could be annual celebrations, family vacations, or shared hobbies. Explain why these experiences hold importance for your family and how they contribute to the shared memories and strong connections among family members.

Express gratitude and appreciation: Conclude your paragraph by expressing your gratitude and appreciation for your family. Reflect on the love, support, and guidance they have provided throughout your life. Highlight the values and life lessons you have learned from your family and how they have shaped you into the person you are today. Convey a sense of pride and gratitude for the unique bond you share with your family.

Paragraph 1

My family is a close-knit unit that fills my life with love and support. We are a family of five, including my parents, my older sister, and my younger brother. Each member brings their unique personality and strengths, creating a harmonious blend that makes our family dynamic truly special. From the laughter that fills our home to the unwavering support we provide for one another, I am grateful for the strong bonds that hold us together.

Paragraph 2

In my family, love knows no bounds. We are a multigenerational family, with grandparents, parents, and siblings all living together under one roof. Our home is always filled with warmth, laughter, and the comforting presence of loved ones. The wisdom and guidance of our elders, coupled with the energy and enthusiasm of the younger generations, create a vibrant tapestry of love and togetherness.

Paragraph 3

Traditions are the heart and soul of my family. From annual holiday gatherings to weekly game nights, we have a plethora of cherished traditions that bring us closer together. These rituals create a sense of continuity and provide a strong foundation for our family bond. Whether it’s baking cookies together during the festive season or sharing stories around the dinner table, these traditions create lasting memories and strengthen our familial connections.

Paragraph 4

My family is a team that supports one another through thick and thin. We rally together during challenging times, offering a shoulder to lean on and words of encouragement. Whether it’s celebrating achievements or providing comfort during difficult moments, we stand united. The unwavering support we receive from one another fosters a sense of security and belonging that I am immensely grateful for.

Paragraph 5

Diversity is the hallmark of my family. We come from different backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives, but it is this diversity that enriches our lives. Through embracing our differences, we learn from one another, broaden our horizons, and foster a sense of acceptance and understanding. Our family is a beautiful tapestry of unique experiences and traditions, and I am proud to be a part of such a diverse and inclusive unit.

Paragraph 6

In my family, laughter is abundant and joy is contagious. We have a lighthearted and humorous approach to life that keeps our spirits high. From inside jokes to spontaneous dance parties in the living room, our shared laughter creates a positive and uplifting atmosphere. It is through these moments of joy that we forge lasting bonds and create memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Paragraph 7

Education and learning are highly valued in my family. We have a deep appreciation for knowledge and strive for intellectual growth. Discussions around the dinner table often revolve around books, current events, and thought-provoking ideas. The pursuit of education is encouraged and supported, fostering a love for learning that permeates throughout our family.

Paragraph 8

My family is a source of inspiration and motivation. Each member possesses unique talents and passions, and we encourage one another to pursue our dreams. Whether it’s my sister’s artistic abilities, my father’s entrepreneurial spirit, or my mother’s nurturing nature, we draw strength from each other’s pursuits and accomplishments. The collective drive and ambition within our family create an environment where everyone feels empowered to reach their fullest potential.

Paragraph 9

Generosity and compassion are the pillars of my family. We believe in giving back to our community and helping those in need. Volunteering together and supporting charitable causes are integral parts of our family values. The spirit of empathy and kindness that flows through our family extends beyond our immediate circle, making a positive impact in the lives of others.

Paragraph 10

My family is my sanctuary, a place where I find solace and unconditional love. In their embrace, I feel safe, supported, and understood. They are my biggest cheerleaders, celebrating my successes and providing comfort during challenging times. The love we share transcends words and is a constant reminder of the profound impact family has on our lives.

About Mr. Greg

Mr. Greg is an English teacher from Edinburgh, Scotland, currently based in Hong Kong. He has over 5 years teaching experience and recently completed his PGCE at the University of Essex Online. In 2013, he graduated from Edinburgh Napier University with a BEng(Hons) in Computing, with a focus on social media.

Mr. Greg’s English Cloud was created in 2020 during the pandemic, aiming to provide students and parents with resources to help facilitate their learning at home.

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my family assignment

Essay on My Family for School Students and Children

500+ words essay on my family.

Families are an integral part of one’s life. It does not matter if you have a small or big family, as long as you have one. A family serves as the first school to the child where one learns about various things. The basic knowledge about one’s culture and identity comes from their family only. In other words, you are a reflection of your family. All the good habits and manners one has incorporated are from their family only. I feel very lucky to be born in a family which has made me a better person. In my opinion, families are an essential part of one’s being. In this essay on my family, I will tell you why family is important.

essay on my family

Why Families are Important?

Families are a blessing not everyone is fortunate enough to have. However, those who do, sometimes do not value this blessing. Some people spend time away from the family in order to become independent.

However, they do not realize its importance. Families are essential as they help in our growth. They develop us into becoming a complete person with an individual identity. Moreover, they give us a sense of security and a safe environment to flourish in.

You can read essay on my mother here .

We learn to socialize through our families only and develop our intellect. Studies show that people who live with their families tend to be happier than ones living alone. They act as your rock in times of trouble.

Families are the only ones who believe in you when the whole world doubts you. Similarly, when you are down and out, they are the first ones to cheer you up. Certainly, it is a true blessing to have a positive family by your side.

Get the huge list of more than 500 Essay Topics and Ideas

Pillars of Strength

My family has been always by my side in ups and downs. They have taught me how to be a better person. My family consists of four siblings and my parents. We also have a pet dog that is no less than our family.

Within each family member, lies my strength. My mother is my strength as I can always count on her when I need a shoulder to cry on. She believes in me more than any other person. She is the backbone of our family. My father is someone who will always hide away his troubles for the sake of his family.

my family assignment

In short, I will forever be indebted to my family for all they have done for me. I cannot imagine my life without them. They are my first teachers and my first friends.

They are responsible for creating a safe and secure environment for me at home. I can share everything with my family as they never judge one another. We believe in the power of love above everything and that drives us to help each other to become better human beings.

my family assignment

FAQs on Family

Q.1 Why are families important?

A.1 Families are important because they nurture and develop us. They make us happy and give us the chance to become better human beings. Families enhance your confidence and make you believe in yourself.

Q.2 How do families act as pillars of strength?

A.2 Families are the pillars of strength because they give us the courage to face the world. They are always there when we need them. Even in the loneliest of times, families make us feel better.

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Teaching Kids How to Write a “My Family” Paragraph

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The “My Family” paragraph is an ideal introduction to paragraph writing. Learn how to teach this assignment step-by-step.

my family assignment

What Is the “My Family” Paragraph?

The “My Family” paragraph is the ideal assignment to teach students the nuts and bolts of paragraph writing.

It is a simple paragraph to write because it does not involve research.

What do kids know about? Their family. They can easily outline from their heads.

The “My Family” paragraph includes a sentence with one detail about each member of the family.

my family assignment

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Examples of the “My Family” Paragraph

Here are some examples of the “My Family” paragraph, from simple to more complex.

My family is the Garcia family. My father’s name is Ramon. My mother’s name is Mia. My sister’s name is Elena. We have a dog named Spock. We are a happy family.

We are the Garcia family. My father Ramon is an engineer. My mother Mia is a hairstylist. My sister Elena is in 9th grade and likes art. We also have a black and white bulldog named Spock. I love my family.

My family loves to do activities together. Sunday night is our family dinner night where Dad grills out and we have our grandparents over. We also like to watch nature documentaries together. On warm nights, we often take a walk after dinner with our dog, Spock. My sister Elena plays tennis, and we sometimes travel to different places to see her matches. I like spending time with my family.

my family assignment

Special Consideration for the “My Family” Paragraph

Consider that some students may not have a traditional family.

Be especially sensitive if you have kids who are in foster care or who do not live with their birth parents.

You also may have students who would rather not write about their family of origin.

It’s important to emphasize that families come in all shapes and sizes. Our family is a collection of people who care for us.

Families can include friends, neighbors, relatives…even teachers! Families are “your people.”

When asking students to think about their family, a great question is “Who is there for you?”

Here is another example:

My family is supportive of me. My grandmother helps me with my homework. My friend Lizzie and I go on walks and watch movies together. My teacher Ms. Rice tutors me in math. I can count on my family.

my family assignment

  • How to Teach Paragraph Writing

If you tell students, “Okay, now write a paragraph on your family,” you will get some blank stares.

You need to teach your students the structure of a paragraph first.

A paragraph should have this structure:

  • Topic sentence – what the paragraph is about
  • Supporting details – 3-5 sentences that support the topic sentence
  • Concluding sentence – wraps up the paragraph

It’s helpful to think of the paragraph like a hamburger.

The topic sentence is the top bun of the burger.

The supporting details are the meat, cheese, lettuce, etc.

The concluding sentence is the bottom bun.

For more information on how to teach paragraph writing, check out this article .

my family assignment

Components of the “My Family” Paragraph

The “My Family” paragraph fits neatly with the paragraph model.

Here are some general outlines for the “My Family” paragraph that fit the paragraph examples.

A student outline would have specific information.

Paragraph 1 Outline

  • Topic Sentence: Family name
  • Detail 1: Family member’s name
  • Detail 2: Family member’s name
  • Detail 3: Family member’s name
  • Detail 4: Pet’s name
  • Concluding Sentence: Describe your family. (“We are a ____ family.”)

my family assignment

Paragraph 2 Outline

  • Detail 1: Family member and 1 fact
  • Detail 2: Family member and 1 fact
  • Detail 3: Family member and 1 fact
  • Detail 4: Pet name and type
  • Concluding Sentence: Feeling about family

Paragraph 3 Outline

  • Topic Sentence: Family activities
  • Detail 1: Activity 1
  • Detail 2: Activity 2
  • Detail 3: Activity 3
  • Detail 4: Activity 4
  • Concluding Sentence: Reflect topic sentence

my family assignment

Paragraph 4 Outline

  • Topic Sentence: Family quality
  • Detail 1: Person 1 and example
  • Detail 2: Person 2 and example
  • Detail 3: Person 3 and example

my family assignment

How to Teach the “My Family” Paragraph in 8 Steps

The best way to teach the “My Family” paragraph is with an anchor chart and graphic organizer.

You can find an excellent one (based on the hamburger example) right here .

Explain the assignment. What is the “My Family” paragraph?

Read an example of a completed paragraph.

Explain the parts of the paragraph.

Use the visual of the hamburger as your anchor chart.

my family assignment

Hand out the graphic organizer. Show a completed graphic organizer that fits your example paragraph.

Have the students fill in their graphic organizer with their specific details.

Have students write the “My Family” paragraph using the graphic organizer.

If students need additional support, provide a fill-in-the-blank paragraph for them to copy.

Check for correct capitalization, spelling, and punctuation.

Step 8 (Optional):

Have the students add an illustration.

my family assignment

Writing the “My Family” Paragraph

With the right instructional materials (that are so easy to just click and print), you can help students organize their ideas.

When you have an outline, writing a paragraph is easy-peasy!

Follow these 8 simple steps to teach your students how to write the “My Family” paragraph.

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  • Free 12 Sentence Paragraph Graphic Organizer

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my family assignment

Essay about Family: What It Is and How to Nail It

my family assignment

Humans naturally seek belonging within families, finding comfort in knowing someone always cares. Yet, families can also stir up insecurities and mental health struggles.

Family dynamics continue to intrigue researchers across different fields. Every year, new studies explore how these relationships shape our minds and emotions.

In this article, our dissertation service will guide you through writing a family essay. You can also dive into our list of topics for inspiration and explore some standout examples to spark your creativity.

What is Family Essay

A family essay takes a close look at the bonds and experiences within families. It's a common academic assignment, especially in subjects like sociology, psychology, and literature.

What is Family Essay

So, what's involved exactly? Simply put, it's an exploration of what family signifies to you. You might reflect on cherished family memories or contemplate the portrayal of families in various media.

What sets a family essay apart is its personal touch. It allows you to express your own thoughts and experiences. Moreover, it's versatile – you can analyze family dynamics, reminisce about family customs, or explore other facets of familial life.

If you're feeling uncertain about how to write an essay about family, don't worry; you can explore different perspectives and select topics that resonate with various aspects of family life.

Tips For Writing An Essay On Family Topics

A family essay typically follows a free-form style, unless specified otherwise, and adheres to the classic 5-paragraph structure. As you jot down your thoughts, aim to infuse your essay with inspiration and the essence of creative writing, unless your family essay topics lean towards complexity or science.

Tips For Writing An Essay On Family Topics

Here are some easy-to-follow tips from our essay service experts:

  • Focus on a Specific Aspect: Instead of a broad overview, delve into a specific angle that piques your interest, such as exploring how birth order influences sibling dynamics or examining the evolving role of grandparents in modern families.
  • Share Personal Anecdotes: Start your family essay introduction with a personal touch by sharing stories from your own experiences. Whether it's about a favorite tradition, a special trip, or a tough time, these stories make your writing more interesting.
  • Use Real-life Examples: Illustrate your points with concrete examples or anecdotes. Draw from sources like movies, books, historical events, or personal interviews to bring your ideas to life.
  • Explore Cultural Diversity: Consider the diverse array of family structures across different cultures. Compare traditional values, extended family systems, or the unique hurdles faced by multicultural families.
  • Take a Stance: Engage with contentious topics such as homeschooling, reproductive technologies, or governmental policies impacting families. Ensure your arguments are supported by solid evidence.
  • Delve into Psychology: Explore the psychological underpinnings of family dynamics, touching on concepts like attachment theory, childhood trauma, or patterns of dysfunction within families.
  • Emphasize Positivity: Share uplifting stories of families overcoming adversity or discuss strategies for nurturing strong, supportive family bonds.
  • Offer Practical Solutions: Wrap up your essay by proposing actionable solutions to common family challenges, such as fostering better communication, achieving work-life balance, or advocating for family-friendly policies.

Family Essay Topics

When it comes to writing, essay topics about family are often considered easier because we're intimately familiar with our own families. The more you understand about your family dynamics, traditions, and experiences, the clearer your ideas become.

If you're feeling uninspired or unsure of where to start, don't worry! Below, we have compiled a list of good family essay topics to help get your creative juices flowing. Whether you're assigned this type of essay or simply want to explore the topic, these suggestions from our history essay writer are tailored to spark your imagination and prompt meaningful reflection on different aspects of family life.

So, take a moment to peruse the list. Choose the essay topics about family that resonate most with you. Then, dive in and start exploring your family's stories, traditions, and connections through your writing.

  • Supporting Family Through Tough Times
  • Staying Connected with Relatives
  • Empathy and Compassion in Family Life
  • Strengthening Bonds Through Family Gatherings
  • Quality Time with Family: How Vital Is It?
  • Navigating Family Relationships Across Generations
  • Learning Kindness and Generosity in a Large Family
  • Communication in Healthy Family Dynamics
  • Forgiveness in Family Conflict Resolution
  • Building Trust Among Extended Family
  • Defining Family in Today's World
  • Understanding Nuclear Family: Various Views and Cultural Differences
  • Understanding Family Dynamics: Relationships Within the Family Unit
  • What Defines a Family Member?
  • Modernizing the Nuclear Family Concept
  • Exploring Shared Beliefs Among Family Members
  • Evolution of the Concept of Family Love Over Time
  • Examining Family Expectations
  • Modern Standards and the Idea of an Ideal Family
  • Life Experiences and Perceptions of Family Life
  • Genetics and Extended Family Connections
  • Utilizing Family Trees for Ancestral Links
  • The Role of Younger Siblings in Family Dynamics
  • Tracing Family History Through Oral Tradition and Genealogy
  • Tracing Family Values Through Your Family Tree
  • Exploring Your Elder Sister's Legacy in the Family Tree
  • Connecting Daily Habits to Family History
  • Documenting and Preserving Your Family's Legacy
  • Navigating Online Records and DNA Testing for Family History
  • Tradition as a Tool for Family Resilience
  • Involving Family in Daily Life to Maintain Traditions
  • Creating New Traditions for a Small Family
  • The Role of Traditions in Family Happiness
  • Family Recipes and Bonding at House Parties
  • Quality Time: The Secret Tradition for Family Happiness
  • The Joy of Cousins Visiting for Christmas
  • Including Family in Birthday Celebrations
  • Balancing Traditions and Unconditional Love
  • Building Family Bonds Through Traditions

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Family Essay Example

For a better grasp of the essay on family, our team of skilled writers has crafted a great example. It looks into the subject matter, allowing you to explore and understand the intricacies involved in creating compelling family essays. So, check out our meticulously crafted sample to discover how to craft essays that are not only well-written but also thought-provoking and impactful.

Final Outlook

In wrapping up, let's remember: a family essay gives students a chance to showcase their academic skills and creativity by sharing personal stories. However, it's important to stick to academic standards when writing about these topics. We hope our list of topics sparked your creativity and got you on your way to a reflective journey. And if you hit a rough patch, you can just ask us to ' do my essay for me ' for top-notch results!

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FAQs on Writing an Essay about Family

Family essays seem like something school children could be assigned at elementary schools, but family is no less important than climate change for our society today, and therefore it is one of the most central research themes.

Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions on family-related topics. Before you conduct research, scroll through them and find out how to write an essay about your family.

How to Write an Essay About Your Family History?

How to write an essay about a family member, how to write an essay about family and roots, how to write an essay about the importance of family.

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my family assignment

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Exploring and Sharing Family Stories

my family assignment

  • Resources & Preparation
  • Instructional Plan
  • Related Resources

In this lesson, students are encouraged to explore the idea of memory in both large- and small-group settings. Students access their own life experiences and then discuss family stories they have heard. After choosing a family member to interview, students create questions, interview their relative, and write a personal narrative that describes not only the answers to their questions but their own reactions to these responses. These narratives are peer reviewed and can be published as a class magazine or a website.

From Theory to Practice

  • The topic of memory can engage students in both reading and writing, especially if those activities act as a bridge between school and family.
  • Students can be encouraged to view their own life history and that of other family members as a composition that is created through memory and that is therefore subject to constant revision and documentation.
  • Requiring students to pay attention to and craft both their own memories and those of other people can help them become more thoughtful readers and writers in other contexts.

Common Core Standards

This resource has been aligned to the Common Core State Standards for states in which they have been adopted. If a state does not appear in the drop-down, CCSS alignments are forthcoming.

State Standards

This lesson has been aligned to standards in the following states. If a state does not appear in the drop-down, standard alignments are not currently available for that state.

NCTE/IRA National Standards for the English Language Arts

  • 3. Students apply a wide range of strategies to comprehend, interpret, evaluate, and appreciate texts. They draw on their prior experience, their interactions with other readers and writers, their knowledge of word meaning and of other texts, their word identification strategies, and their understanding of textual features (e.g., sound-letter correspondence, sentence structure, context, graphics).
  • 4. Students adjust their use of spoken, written, and visual language (e.g., conventions, style, vocabulary) to communicate effectively with a variety of audiences and for different purposes.
  • 5. Students employ a wide range of strategies as they write and use different writing process elements appropriately to communicate with different audiences for a variety of purposes.
  • 7. Students conduct research on issues and interests by generating ideas and questions, and by posing problems. They gather, evaluate, and synthesize data from a variety of sources (e.g., print and nonprint texts, artifacts, people) to communicate their discoveries in ways that suit their purpose and audience.
  • 12. Students use spoken, written, and visual language to accomplish their own purposes (e.g., for learning, enjoyment, persuasion, and the exchange of information).

Materials and Technology

  • Video or tape recorders (optional)
  • Chart paper
  • Note to Families
  • Personal Narrative Assignment Sheet
  • Oral History Questions worksheet
  • How to Interview a Relative worksheet
  • Peer Review Worksheet
  • "Mixing Memory and Desire: A Family Literacy Event" by Mark Faust
  • Family Memories Narrative Rubric


Student objectives.

Students will

  • Access personal and family memories by discussing them in large- and small-group settings
  • Demonstrate comprehension by reviewing other personal narratives and discussing how they might apply some of the same techniques to their own work
  • Apply critical-thinking skills by translating what they see in these narratives into potential interview questions
  • Practice knowledge acquisition by learning how to best conduct an interview and taking notes during their interview to use for their future personal narrative.
  • Work collaboratively by peer reviewing each other's work
  • Practice synthesizing information and writing by assembling their notes into a personal narrative

Homework (due by Session 3): Students should bring home the Note to Families and talk about interviewing an older relative. With help, they should determine whom they are going to talk to for this assignment and how the interview will be conducted (for example, over the phone or email or by visiting the relative). Students should contact the relative and should come to Session 3 with a name and the format their interview will take.

Homework (due before Session 4): Write at least five interview questions.

Note: Students need to have finalized their interview questions by this session. You may need to leave time for them to turn in several drafts.

Homework: Students should complete their interviews and write drafts of their personal narratives by Session 5. The amount of time you give students to complete this work is up to you, but it should be a minimum of a week.

Sessions 5 and 6

Homework: Students should revise their personal narratives using the feedback from the peer review sheets. They should turn in these sheets along with their interview questions and notes when they hand in their final personal narrative. You may want to give them time (and encourage them) to contact their relatives for further questioning or clarification after the peer review sessions.

Bring the class back together for a final discussion about memory and what they learned by interviewing their relative and writing the personal narrative. Questions for discussion include:

  • When reading other people's narratives, did you see any similarities with your own narrative? What were they?
  • What was unique to your own narrative?
  • Did you see any differences in experiences based on where people lived?
  • Why do you think it is important for people to share their life stories?
  • If you were writing your own life story, what are some things you would include?
  • Publish the student narratives as a magazine or website. If you do this, you might collect family photos from each student. Allow students time in class to review the publication.
  • Have students share their stories with younger classes. A class "author's night" could also be arranged to share stories with family members (including interview subjects).
  • Have students read the novel The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman by Ernest Gaines (Bantam, 1982). Have students compare this fictional personal narrative with the ones they wrote.

Student Assessment / Reflections

  • Assess student participation during both whole-class discussions and small-group work using your observations and anecdotal notes.
  • Evaluate the interview questions and the notes from the actual interview. How well were students able to use the materials you provided (the Oral History Questions worksheet and the How to Interview a Relative worksheet) to develop their interview questions and conduct their interviews? Did students choose thoughtful and appropriate questions? Did they use these questions during the interview? Did they take opportunities to ask related questions while interviewing their relative?
  • Use the Family Memories Narrative Rubric to evaluate the completed personal narratives and peer review forms.

Students imagine they have been asked to participate in a museum exhibit, take photos/videos of a significant location, and write or record reflections. Students can also create an exhibit from something they have read.

Students interview a parent or another adult about the Challenger and hypothesize about differences. Students can also write about the Columbia disaster in 2003.

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Paragraph on My Family in English [100, 150, 200, 250 Words]

Paragraph on My Family: Family is an important part of everyone’s life. In this article, you are going to learn how to write a paragraph on My Family. We’ve provided four paragraphs here (100, 150, 200, and 250 words). All the paragraphs will be helpful for the students of class 1 to class 12. So, let’s begin.

Table of Contents

Paragraph on My Family [100 Words]

I have a small and happy family. We live in a small house near Kolkata. There are four members in our family. My parents, my younger sister and me. My father Rohan Basu is a teacher. He takes care of our necessities. My mother is a housewife. She manages the household work.

My sister is very intelligent and adorable. She loves to play with teddy bears. My parents spend a lot of time with us. They teach us good manners and discipline . They really work hard to secure our future. We all have deep respect and love for each other. I am very lucky to have a family like this.

Paragraph on My Family in English

Paragraph on My Family [150 Words]

Ours is a small family consisting of my parents, my sister and myself. My father’s name is Anil Dutta. He works in a Govt. department as an engineer. My mother is a school teacher. She teaches at a private school nearby. I am the only son of my parents. My name is Rohan Dutta. I am 10 years old and I read in class six at Hindu School.

My only sister is Sumona who is 6 years old. She reads in class two at the same school where my mother teaches. My parents are kind and loving. We love and respect them very much. Mother takes care of our needs. She teaches us good manners. My father works very hard to run our family.

We all live together in a small house in Kolkata. We also have a special member in our family, our pet dog charlie. It is 2 years old and is very fond of us.

My Family Paragraph in English

My Family Paragraph [200 Words]

I have a small family. I love my family so does everyone. I live with my parents, and my elder sister. My father’s name is Nitin Sharma. He is a doctor. My mother is a housewife. My elder sister’s name is Ritu Sharma. I play with her. She is very friendly to me. I am happy with them. We live together in a beautiful house in Delhi.

My father is very hardworking. He always inspires me. Although he is very busy, he spends a lot of time with us. My mother takes care of the family. She takes care of our food, clothes, health, education etc. My parents work very hard for our future.

All my family members love, respect and care for each other. They all teach me the importance of discipline and good manners. It is because of them that I have learned the basic values of life. We share our thoughts and emotions with each other.

During the vacations every year, we all family members go on a trip. We celebrate the festivals together with great joy and happiness. We are not very rich but there is peace in our family. I am very proud of my family.

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Paragraph About My Family [250 Words]

Family plays a crucial role in everyone’s life. I have a wonderful family. There are 6 members in my family. It consists of me, my parents, my elder brother, my grandfather and my grandmother. My father Rohit Gupta is an engineer. My mother is a school teacher. They both take good care of me.

My father is the person I admire most. He is a very hardworking person. Sometimes he helps me with my homework in his free time. He teaches us lessons of life. My grandfather is a retired serviceman and my grandmother is a housewife. Both of them are caring and supportive.

My grandfather takes me to morning walk every day. She tells me interesting stories. My elder brother is in university. He is good in studies as well as sports and extracurricular activities. He is very sweet. He always helps me in my studies.

My family members are peace-loving people. They never fight with each other. We go for picnics and long drives on holidays.  We have love and respect for each other. We share our feelings and emotions with each other which strengthens our bonding. We all have our meals together.

My family teaches me good manners and moral values. They inspire me to move ahead and achieve my life goals. I feel very lucky to be born in a family which has made me a better person.

I have a pet dog in my home. His name is Tommy. He is so adorable and cute. I love my family so much. They are the best in the world.

Paragraph about My Family

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Essay on My Family

List of essays on my family, essay on my family – short essay for kids in english (essay 1 – 250 words), essay on my family – for children (essay 2 – 300 words), essay on my family – paragraph (essay 3 – 400 words), essay on my family –topics (essay 4 – 500 words), essay on my family (essay 5 – 500 words), essay on my family – why i love my family (essay 6 – 500 words), essay on my family – for school students (class 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 standard) (essay 7 – 500 words), essay on my family (essay 8 – 750 words), essay on my family – long essay (essay 9 – 1000 words).

A family is one of the greatest gift god has given to all living creatures on the earth including humans. It is a privilege to have a happy family as not everyone in the world has it.

The joy of living with your parents, fighting with your siblings over petty can just make you smile the moment you think of it. In order to inculcate the values of a family in the students, we have composed some short essays for students.

These essays are suited for students of all ages and classes. Not only these essays shall give an insight on how a family should be but shall also enrich the students with the moral values of a family.

Audience: The below given essays are exclusively written for kids, children and school students.

Family is important to every one of us and we all love our family. Wherever we go in this world and whatever we may achieve, our heart and soul will always be in our home because it is where our beautiful family is. Nothing in this world can be stronger than the bonding of the blood . The members of the same family may have differences of opinions, may quarrel often for silly things but in spite of all these it is our family that supports us during our ups and downs.

As the saying goes, “ Family is the best thing you could ever wish for. They are there for you during the ups and downs and love you no matter what”.

Contrary to this saying, we cannot choose our family as we choose our friends. But I can say that I’m blessed with a wonderful family. My family is very small with four members – my mother, my father, my elder sister and me. My family is a middle class family and my father is officially the bread winner of our family. My mother supports him financially by taking tuitions for school children.

We do not have much money or wealth but what my family has in abundance is love for each other which cannot be replaced by anything else in this world. My father and my mother are the role models to my sister and me. They struggle a lot to give us a better life. More than anything they have taught us discipline and morals of life which is helping us to lead our lives in a righteous path even today.

I cannot ask anything more to God since he has already showered me with my family which I treasure the most every second and will safeguard even in the future.

The family is a valuable god gift which plays a most crucial role in every individual’s life. I love my family very much because all of my family members stand in my good as well as bad times. From moral teachings to love and support, my family has always helped me without any demand. There is no doubt that we experience our biggest triumphs when we really connect to them.

My family is like a strong pillar for me, on which I can rely blindly anytime I require support. From my family, I have learned the social graces of loyalty & cooperation.

My family consists of my grandfather, my grandmother, my mother, my father, two young sisters and myself. My grandparents are the pillars of my family and my grandfather is the head of my family. He is the one whose decision relating to any matter is final and all of us do respect it.

Right from my childhood, my family members have prepared me for the challenges that I’ll face in the years ahead. In addition to this, all of my family members help and serve each other at times of need. These qualities that I have learnt from my family has helped me to shape my adult life in a right manner.

I am really very attached to my grandfather. He holds an excellent life experience because he has already faced so many ups and downs. My Grandfather has helped me to build my perception & vision towards society.

My family has always been there to motivate and encourage me to overcome all difficulties in life and achieve success. The role of every member in my family is unique and important in their own way. I thank God that I have grown up in a family full of love and discipline. My family values will definitely help me in becoming a better person.

A person without family and its love never becomes completely happy in his/her life. I am complete and happy with my family that includes five members. My family is a group of five including me, father, mother, brother, and sister. Family bonding is a unique type of love that gives you every lesson needed to live a harmonious life.

Growing under the supervision of a caring and loving family will increase our social values and overall well-being. Each member of my family carries out equal responsibility in sculpting the strong bonding needed for a better future and develop moral importance in each other.

My father owns a successful business of office stationery store. He uses the money to cover all our expenses and give a better lifestyle to the family. He works hard day and night to get us better education, food, home, etc. He hides all his tiredness when he comes home after a long day to spend quality time with us.

My mother is a talented homemaker who also does a part-time tailoring at home. She does all her duties with at most interest, from taking care of us to all the household chores and finds time to pursue her passion as well. She is a multi-tasker and does all the tasks from helping us in our studies to preparing delicious healthy foods to sculpt us into a better human being.

My brother is an engineering graduate and does a job in a well-known company. He is my best well-wisher and helps me in all ups and downs. My sister is also an engineering graduate and an employee in an IT company. She always finds time to help me with all my difficulties and she is my secret keeper too.

My family is a lifeline to whom I can run to, whatever may be the situation I am facing. My family guides me to be a good person and help me in nurturing good values. We, humans, are animals that live together spreading love and care for each other, and this togetherness is called family. The absence of such a divine bonding make us equal to animals.

Family value and growing in such a caring surrounding helps me to pass all the struggles and hardships that I face in my daily life. Whatever be the situation we are facing, our family will never leave us alone. My family is a blessing for me and I value everyone in my family with equal respect and love.

Most of the people in the world are blessed with having a family. A family, with whom you can share all your joys and sorrows, who is there to guide you through your growing years, who stands by you in the toughest of the situations. I too am blessed to have such a family.

My family is one the most bizarre family in the world. We are four people, my mother, my father, my younger brother and me. While my father is the one who does work for a living, it is my mother who is the boss of the house. My father is a humble person. He is an officer in a government department. My mother is a housewife. It is our mother who takes care of our studies as our father is often busy with his official assignments and even travels for days together. We just miss him when he is not at home.

He never scolds us. But, our mother is just the opposite. She wants us to remain disciplined and we often get scolded by her. However, our father comes to our rescue most of the times. My brother, still in school is the one with whom I love to spend my time the most. Not because I love to play with him, but because, being the elder sister, I enjoy instructing him and showing him who is more powerful at home. He, at a time, seems so helpless when our mother says to obey his sister. I just love that moment. But not all days are the same. I hate having to study all along while he gets to play more than me.

The Atmosphere in my Family:

We largely have a peaceful atmosphere at home. After school, our time is spent on studying, playing and watching television, which of course our mother does not like. Unlike other couples, my mother and father seldom have a fight. In fact, as soon we see an argument brewing up, one of them just withdraws and it is just rare to see a heated conversation between them. This is what I like the most about them as I feel that my parents are so cool. It is only me and brother who love to fight with each other.

However, we know that behind those fights, it is actually our love for each other which binds us together. I just enjoy being at home spending time with my parents and my brother. I just feel how bad it would be when tomorrow I and my brother shall move on for our professional lives and we shall not be able to spend much time together. However, it is the memories of today which shall be with me forever and will bring a smile on my face anytime when I feel low.

The Importance of a Family:

A family is said to be the first school of a child. It is from here you start to learn how to speak, walk and interact with the world. It is important to value the importance of a family in one’s life. At times, people feel that they are grown-ups and that their parent’s advice does not matter anymore, but that is not true. It is the elders of the family who at any given of time would know the world better than us and we should all respect our family members and love our siblings as well. It is the family who builds our character and we should feel fortunate to have a family around us.


My family values are what I take so dear to my heart because they have made me what I am today and I plan on passing these great values to my children in future. Every family has those things, acts and values that they hold in high esteem and they cherish so much. These vales have become a part of them: most times, it is what distinguishes the traits in each family and in some ways it makes or mars the future of the family members. Same applies to my family, we have some set values that has become a part of us and it has made my life a lot better because I have become a better person who is not only valuable to himself but also to the society at large. I will be sharing some of these values with you.

My Family Values:

Some of my family values include:

1. Honesty:

This is a principle that is highly protected in my family. My dad has this saying that, “honesty is the best policy.” Ever since I was little, my family has taught me how to be honest and the benefits that lie within. Sometimes, my parents even test us in ways we were not expecting and a reward is given to the person that comes out honest. This is one of my family values that I cherish so much and I am proud that it is what my family hold in high esteem.

2. Kindness to Others:

This is not a common trait to all. My mom has this belief that if the world and everybody in it shows love and kindness to one another, there will be no hatred and wars will be eradicated. This is a family value that we cherish so much. I learnt to show love to everybody. Even when we did not have much, my parents will still give to those who are needy. My dad says that the world is like a river, we would eventually flow into one another later and you do not know the future, the person you helped today might eventually be of help to you tomorrow.

3. Education:

This is a value that has been passed from generation to generation in my family. My dad would say that education is the best legacy you can give to a child. My family does everything in their capacity for you to get a sound and benefitting education. The acquisition of knowledge is also quite important. All of us try to gain more and more knowledge because we all have a family slogan that says “knowledge is power and that power makes me a hero.”

4. Dress and Appearance:

This is a religious value we cherish in my family. My dad would say that you are addressed the way you dress. I do not want to be address wrongly and give out a wrong impression. So, our appearance really matter a lot to us and the way we dress.


Every family has one thing or the other that they hold in high esteem and tend to pass on from generation to generation. This is what makes a family a united sect not because we are related by blood but because of we share the same values.


Why I love my family is a question that has been floating through my mind for a very long time because no matter how hard I try to pin out a reason why I love them, I just can’t find one. This can be due to fact that they mean the whole world to me and I will do anything for them. I love my family a lot and I would like to share some of the reasons why I love my family and will never trade them for anything.

Why I Love My Family:

I have a family that consists of 6 people: my father, my mother and four children which includes me. For you to understand why I love my family I will tell you a little about each of them and why I love them so much.

My father is the best father in the world: well, that’s what I say. He is a business manager. I look up to my father a lot because I will like to take a lot of his behaviours and make it mine. He taught me to be contented with whatever I have. We did not have much when I was growing up; my dad lost his job and still did not allow anything of the pressure change how he behaved to us at home. He is caring, gentle, accommodating and disciplined.

My mum is the best cook in the world. I do not know where I would be today without my mum. I owe her a lot. She is a teacher by profession and this fascinates me a lot because not only is she inculcating knowledge in the young minds of tomorrow, she is also building the future of our society at large. I want to be like my mum. I remember those times when she had to sacrifice when the most precious of her things just to make me happy. She is loving, caring, understanding, accommodating. In fact, she is everything you can ever wish for in a mother.

My elder sisters are the best. Although they can be frustrating sometimes but that is mostly because of my stubbornness. They pretend they do not really care but deep inside they do. The things they do even subconsciously say otherwise. I remember a day in elementary school, I was being bullied a boy in class. On this particular day, he hit me. Unknowing to me, my sister heard about it and she beat the boy and made him apologise to me, I felt so happy that day because I had someone who had my back.

My brother is one of the best gifts I have received. He is the last child and this gives him an opportunity to be annoying if you know what I mean. He is joyful and always ready to heed correction. There was this day, I heard him bragging to his friends about how awesome I am, and I was the happiest that day.

We all have one reason or the other on why we love our family. I love mine because they are the best gift I could ever ask for and the fact that they have been there for me through the good, bad and funny times.

Importance of family is something that is greatly overlooked and underrated in the world we live in today. The definition that the family had about one hundred years before now was very clear. Back then, a family was believed to be a unit that consisted of the father that was in charge of the finances of the family, a mother whose primary duty was to look after the home and take care of the children and then there were the children. Largely based on the region you are from, a family can also include members of the extended family like aunts, uncles and grandparents. This type of family system is referred to as joint family.

Family Importance:

A family that is important is one that is very strong. If a family is going to be very strong, there is a need for the bond between them to be very strong. Bonds that help in keeping the members of a family with each other are relationships. If there are very strong relationships among all the members of a family, there is going to be stronger commitment between all of them and the family as a unit will be very important.

Better communication is also a result of family relationships that are very strong. If all the family members can take time out to talk and know each other well, the bond between them is bound to be very strong. Even if the conversations are about big things or small things, it does not really matter. The most important thing is that all family members stay connected to one another. It is very important that they all list to each other and understand every member.

How to make Family Bonds Very Strong:

We have various things that can help our family bond to improve.

A few of them include:

1. Love: love is the most important thing we need for our bonds as a family to improve. When we love the members in our family, we will also be able to know all about privacy, intimacy, caring, belonging and sharing. When there is love in a family, the family will prosper.

2. Loyalty: loyalty is something that comes as a result of love. Family members should stay devoted to each other. It is important that we are able to count on our family to have our back anytime we are facing problems.

The importance of family can never be overstated even though we live in a different time now and our attitudes to relationships, marriage and what a family should be has changed. The family is something that we need to help share our problems and be there for us anytime we have issues. A lot of the things that were not acceptable in the past and we now see as normal. Even with all the changes that the society has effected on our family system, the family still remains the major foundation of our society and this will remain the same.

My family is the best gift I have got. A family can be simply said to mean a social group of different people in our society that includes one or more parents and also their children. In a family, every member of the family commits to other members of the family in a mutual relationship. A family is a very important unit and the smallest unit in the society. A family whether a big one or a small one is of very great importance and use to all of its members and is believed to be the unit of our society that is strongest because the society is formed from the coming together and culmination of various families.

In many cultures, the family serves a child’s first school where the child learns all about their traditions and cultures more importantly learn about all the rudimentary values in life. A family is very essential in the teaching of healthy habits and good manners to all the members of the family. It gives the members of the family the opportunity to become people with better character in our society. I feel very lucky to be born into a small and lovely family; I learnt a lot of things from my family.

I am from a middle class and average family with six members (my father, my mother, my grandmother, my grandfather, my younger brother and me). My grandfather is the head of the family and we all respect and listen to him. He is really wise and tries to advise each and every one of us using his many life experiences. He has been involved in many interesting and adventurous activities that he tells me about all the time. Most of the time, he has the final say on all of our family issues and he does his best to make all his decisions impartial.

Any time we are eating today as a family, he sits at the top of the table; we all have designated seats at the dining table. When my brother and I are available, my grandfather teaches us about our traditions and cultures. My grandfather is very friendly and has a cool and great personality and tries to talk nicely and calmly to everyone passing across his message without being rude. He helps my brother and sometimes me with our assignments. He majorly teaches us about all of the tools we need to be successful in life including punctuality, discipline, moral, cleanliness, continuity, honesty, hard work and trustworthiness.

My lovely grandmother is one of the nicest people I know, she tells my brother and I lovely stories every night. My father is a civil engineer and he is very hardworking, sincere and punctual. He is the breadwinner of the family and does his best to provide for every member of the family even if that means he has to work extra hours. My mother is very sweet and takes care of every member of the family even though she works as an accountant at a firm. She wakes up very early in the morning to make preparations for the day. My brother is a funny and jovial person that enjoys sporting activities and I love him so much.

Sometimes I wish my cousins, uncles and aunts lived with us, I love having them around. There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of having everyone around. I have highlighted some below.

Some advantages are:

1. It gives a better routine of living that can contribute to a proper growth.

2. Having a joint family helps in following the numerous principles of an equitable economy and helps teach discipline and respect. It also teaches us how to share the burden of other family members.

3. There is the understanding of having to adjust to the needs of other family members.

4. The children in a large family get to grow up in a happy environment because they have children of their age around that they can play with.

5. All the members of a joint family are usually very disciplined and responsible as everyone has to follow the instructions of the family head.

Some of the disadvantages include:

1. There is always the chance of a rift or fight between the family members because of the possible imbalance of feelings of oneness, brotherly love and feeling of generosity.

2. There is a chance of the members of the family that earn very high looking down on members of the family that do not.

The concept of family is important in India for every individual. Family defines an individual background in terms of social relations and growth. Families influence the lives of individuals from childhood to adulthood especially in decisions concerning life milestones like marriage and career paths. Indian families live together for up to four generations under one roof and they manage to maintain lose family relations compared to other families across the globe. Indian families tend to stick to their cultural practices as a family and they maintain religious practices that cut across the family. Elders in Indian families are respected by the members of the family and their opinions are considered during decision making.

What Family Really Means :

Basic knowledge defines a family as a group of people who share genetic and legal bonds. However, the concept of family means a lot more for other people than just the bond and it incorporates the concepts of culture and religion. In India, the concept of family differs from what the rest of the world perceives as family.

Families in India go beyond nuclear and extend to wider circles, whereby the extended family lives together and are closely related. The relationships in the family are strong such that cousins are considered siblings and aunts and uncles are considered parents. Family also means the unconditional love among the members of the family whereby there is support in terms of finances and emotions.

Why the Family is so important:

The family plays a central role in lives of individuals in teaching of moral values. Parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents have been known to teach the children on morality and disciplinary issue s in most cultures. Both spiritual and moral values are instilled through family. Family give a sense of belonging to individuals because they are over by the family and supported at all times.

A family will always support its members with needs including financial and emotional needs. In a family, there has been established levels of satisfaction and happiness from the joy of being together. Families also helping community development through contributions and participating in activities in the community. The family is important in the society in maintaining order, discipline and peace.

I come from a big family. My family has not moved to an urban area and so we still live as a wider circle together with the extended family. In my nuclear family, I am the first born of four children. I have one sister and two brothers who are still at school. I have three aunts and two uncles. My cousins are twelve in number and most of them are at school except for the youngest ones.

My grandparents are very old and they do not get out of the house much and are being taken care by my parents and aunts. Most of the children are always at school and the house gets quiet but during holiday, we all unite together as a full house. My family is of the middle class in terms of wealth. Our religion is Hindu and we all practice the Indian cultures and traditions. What I love about my family is that everyone is a good cook and the food is always amazing. Members of my family are kind and respectful and that is why we rarely have disputes. The family support is strong and we all love each other.

Why I love My Family:

Having a big family is interesting because the house always feels warm. As I had earlier mentioned, my family is made of good cooks, which makes me love them. There is always teamwork within the family and good relationships are maintained. I like the adventurous nature of my family because we always have fun whenever we go for holiday vacations or have a family event.

Moral cultural and spiritual values are highly cared for in the society. My family is oriented in good moral values and believe we make a good role model for the society. Despite the influence of education, the family has been able to maintain the culture and traditions of Indian people. The love that exists in my family is precious and that is the most important value of all times because what family without love?

Our Weekend Outings and House Parties:

We do not have many of these in our family because of the different schedules among the members. We only have weekend outings and house parties during holidays. Birthday parties are and weddings are the parties that we frequently have as a family. I love parties at home because the food is usually exceptionally good. Also, the dancing and happy faces. Weekend outings are usually in form of picnics and they are usually full of games.

Cousins Visit during Summer:

My family is young and only three of my cousins are in college. The rest are in high school or elementary schools. Whenever my cousins come home from school, it is a happy moment for the whole family and we host parties to welcome them home. Whenever my older cousins are at home, I enjoy their company and I love to hear stories about college because that is where I will be in a few years’ time.

In the spirit of holidays, we have a vacation or two in a year. During these vacations, plans begin early and when the time comes, it is enjoyable and relaxing. Vacations for us as children tend to be more enjoyable because we have an environment away from home and with minimal parental supervision and we tend to explore and talk among ourselves. Team building during vacations strengthens the bond in families.

Family is a blessing to individuals because that is where they belong and it is what defines them. A good family is built through moral values and team effort. Having family events and parties or vacations re important is strengthening the relationships within a family. A happy individual is definitely from a happy family.

Family , My Family , Relationships

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120+ Top Family Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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Table of Contents

A family is a fundamental social unit made up of parents and their kids. A family is a vital part of life since it teaches kids a lot about relationships and everyday living. Some kids don’t realise the real worth of a family because they simply think of it as something ordinary. However, through essay writing, all children can understand the genuine nature of a family because essays force them to study every facet of a family. Although students are familiar with the idea of family, they occasionally struggle to come up with a topic for a family essay.

We have provided a list of the top family essay ideas below to make it simple for pupils to think of essay topics. All the topics we’ve covered here will help you comprehend the actual worth of a family.

What is a Family Essay?

A family essay is a type of personal essay that teachers assign pupils to see how well they can communicate their feelings and share personal experiences. Every human being views his family as a sacred institution. Students should seek the appropriate terms when writing this type of essay to convey their idea of family values.

So, what is the purpose of a family essay?

The goal of writing a family essay is to communicate their viewpoint on the love that exists within families.

Tips to Structure Impeccable Family Essays

The majority of students believe it is easy to write an essay about family. Not at all! Remember that even a topic that initially seems straightforward may end up being sufficiently difficult – Such a family essay has a specific format that you must follow. It has an introduction, a main body, and a conclusion, just like any other academic assignment.

We suggest reading the following tips before you begin writing your essay. Only by having a thorough understanding of all the intricacies and distinguishing characteristics of this type of work will you be able to write effectively. So, let’s get started.

Try to Narrow Your Topic Down

You would have to choose the subject of your essay if your lecturer didn’t give you a list of options. Family is too broad a notion, and neglecting to focus on it could cost you points. Consider your experiences and areas of interest. Would you like to write about the importance of family to you? Or would you prefer to write a paper on familial issues? Whatever your hobbies, pick a topic that can be thoroughly examined within the allotted number of pages.

Go for Online Samples

Since you can see how other individuals organise their work, this is a great approach to getting ready to write your essay. Fortunately, you can use a lot of the sample essays and family essay examples that are available online. Please take note of the important details and how they flow into one another as you read those. In order to make each document more coherent, think about how the structure may be enhanced. Has the author made any mistakes? Did they offer examples to back up each claim? To help you remember your notes while you work on your essay, write them down.

Write Possible Titles on Top of the Page

Family essay titles are frequently fairly general, so you should pick one that matches the paper’s desired subject matter. Check the specificity and ability to immediately grab the reader’s attention with each title. For instance, you might use a quotation on the value of family as the title of a piece on a family relationship.

Keep Your Key Points Aside & Make an Outline

An essay normally has three sections: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The most fundamental facts regarding the subject, together with your goal or thesis statement, should be included in the first section. The body of a family essay is where you organise your key points and supporting evidence. You should write the conclusion last, so there is no need to organise it with the remaining two parts of the essay. Examine each point once more after crafting the outline to ensure that it makes sense. If not, try moving some points around so that they follow a logical order.

Add Enough Evidence to Support Your Argument

After you’ve finished the outline, give each area extra information. You might combine your ideas and own knowledge with the data obtained during the secondary research . For example, if you have a part on what a happy family is, consider whether you’ve met any families who meet the bill or look up data on how happily married couples with kids are.

Making a strong foundation for your paper by using the suggestions mentioned above will make writing family essays much simpler.

The Writing Process of Family Essay

Exactly why would someone desire to write a family essay? There are several potential causes for this. It can be for a project at school. Maybe it’s a submission for a contest for personal essays. Perhaps it is for a memoir. Essay writing can be challenging, and you might not know where to start, no matter why you want to write a piece about family. Visit for essay writing help online.

my family assignment

If you’ve ever thought, “How can I compose an essay about my family and me?” the following part is for you. For some crucial steps, continue reading –

Step 1 –Research & Brainstorm Ideas

Any writing project should start with research. Before you begin writing, take some time to speak with your family members or even just reflect on your own experiences. You might read old writings or browse through old images to refresh your memory if you are creating content about an event that you directly witnessed.

Step 2 – Create an Outline

It’s time to start creating an outline for your essay once you’ve done your research and chosen a subject. Plan how you will introduce your subject to your audience in the introduction, and think carefully about what will belong in the main paragraph. Write about experiences or relatives that are related to your theme.

Step 3 – Write the Draft

You are now ready to begin writing after creating your plan. Just attempt to get everything on the page because your first draught won’t be flawless. A great way to improve your work is to write several drafts of your paper.

Step 4 – Edit & Proofread Carefully

After finishing the last draft of your essay, thoroughly check it over for errors. Make any necessary revisions, and then spend some time looking for any final touches you can add to make your paper stand out.

Writing about your family can be a good way to analyse your relationship with them, think about what they mean to you, and reflect on what they’ve taught you.

DOs & DON’Ts While Writing Family Essays

After considering some pointers, let’s compile a list of requirements for writing a family essay –

✅Do speak with family members to learn more about your ancestry or significant historical occurrences.

❌Don’t include arbitrary details or tidbits of knowledge only to fill space in your essay.

✅Do a brainstorm to come up with ideas and memories to write about. Spend some time determining what you can discuss that will help to support your essay’s thesis.

❌Never write something about your family that will be made public without first talking to them about it.

✅Be sincere. If you want to create a significant paper when writing a family essay, it’s necessary to be as honest as you can.

❌When writing an essay about your family, don’t forget to treat them with respect.

Receive high-quality, original papers, free from AI-generated content.

Top Examples of Family Essay Topics

Best family essay topics.

  • Families’ Changing Gender Roles
  • Effects of Cell Phones on Family Life
  • Social Concerns: Saudi Arabian Families
  • The Impact of Scientifically Based Information on Relationships in Marriage and Families
  • Relationships in Families Affected by Divorce and Separation
  • Behavioural Therapy for Families
  • Impact of Infidelity and Society on Family Values
  • The Influences of the Family on Children’s Behaviour
  • Depression’s Effects on a Family
  • Families as depicted in Marion Wiesel’s “Night.”
  • Effects of Family Poverty and Divorce
  • The most prevalent institution of socialisation is the family.
  • My family’s traditions
  • An organic social unit is a family.
  • Children’s Reactions to broken families

Family Relationship Essay Topics

  • German media’s emphasis on family.
  • Relationships and Family: Their Place in Our Lives.
  • For My Family, I Am Grateful.
  • Family Evolution Since the Victorian Era.
  • Internet and computer use’s detrimental effects on family relationships.
  • Family’s Function in the Golden Age.
  • My parents’ parenting philosophies and how they affected me.
  • On the basis of the work of Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie, the adverse effects of a single parent in a household are shown.
  • Interpersonal Relationships: Influencing Factors.
  • The influence of healthy family relationships on children’s futures.

Family Essay Research Topics

  • How is Family Structure Determined?
  • What Has Changed in the American Family Over Time?
  • What Impact Does Technology Have on Family Time?
  • What Role Does Family Play in Peoples’s Lives?
  • Why Is Family Planning Important for Mexican Families?
  • Can the dynamics of your family affect your future?
  • What Function Does Love Have in Families?
  • Why Are Working Mothers Bad for Families?
  • Does Family Influence Education?
  • What Effect Have Cell Phones Had on Family Relationships?
  • Do Customary Family Games Exist Anymore?
  • Is the family the most significant socialisation agent?
  • Does Taxation Affect Decisions Regarding Marriage and Family Planning?
  • How Do Family Relationships and Education Affect Social Class?
  • How Do Sociological Aspects Influence Family Approaches?
  • How much should a person give up for their family?

Intriguing Family Essay Topics

  • Health insurance is difficult for low-income families to access.
  • The impact of addictions on family dynamics.
  • Family-friendly legislation on welfare.
  • Describe the social issues of America.
  • Discuss the causes of the issues with family violence.
  • The variety of family compositions.
  • The family is the foundation of society.
  • Divorce and family disarray in the UAE.
  • What constitutes a strong family?
  • Saudi Arabian family-owned businesses.
  • Relative to a family.
  • The resolution of family disputes.
  • The impact of a child’s family on their behaviour development.
  • Which is more important: family values or money?
  • Politics and family.

Simple Family Essay Topics

  • An Overview of Family Therapy
  • Various approaches to family therapy
  • Various Viewpoints on Family and Marriage
  • Families of Different Types And Their Ideologies
  • The principles of the structural family system
  • The financial crisis affects families
  • Family Organisation in Today’s Society
  • Divorce and How It Affects the Whole Family
  • Causes of a Dysfunctional Family
  • How poverty affects a family
  • Family therapy: Why it matters
  • Family Dissolution and Children’s Impact
  • Family Treatment Programme in Medical Facilities
  • The theme of Families and Marriage
  • Using the family as an organisation to instil values

Outstanding Essay Topics on Family

  • Is the Term “Family” Relative?
  • Blood types and family members
  • Rules for families
  • Strength in the family and the helpers
  • Black Sheep in the Family and Their Impact on the Family
  • An ideal family for the ordinary person Family Systems And Family Improvement Theory In The 1970s
  • Marriage and family therapy’s global history
  • Social values and family structures
  • The Value of Family
  • The Value of Family Members’ Communication
  • The Impact of family therapists on global family culture and Lifestyle
  • My Family And My Family’s History
  • An understanding of the makeup of the typical family
  • Family therapy using the principles of the Family Systems
  • Family Values: The Role They Play
  • Encouraging displays of affection in public
  • Nuclear Families and the Impact of Procreation
  • What, in the purest sense, is a family?
  • What Does Family Actually Mean To You?
  • What Constitutes a Complemented American Family?

Interesting Family Essay Topics

  • family’s importance in the socialisation process.
  • The adjustments made by American households.
  • Feelings on marriage and family.
  • Advantages of uterine families.
  • How can I organise a family trip?
  • The allure of family meals.
  • Antisocial behaviour develops and the nuclear family.
  • The issue with society’s imbalance between work and family.
  • TV programmes geared towards families.
  • Examine the social network of the family.
  • Trend changes in families.
  • Family and conservative politics.
  • Family and household decision-making.
  • Affects a child living in a nuclear family versus having a single parent.
  • Media representations of family.

Trending Essay Topics

  • neglectful parenting. Is having access to food, clothing, and shelter sufficient for a child to develop healthfully?
  • Divorce and its effects on the entire family. reducing the detrimental effects of divorce
  • Narcissistic and toxic parents. overcoming the stress of being raised in an abusive family
  • What should one do if family expectations are too great for a human being in order to live up to them?
  • Where does family violence go beyond a certain point?
  • In-house sexual assault. The escape plan and organisations that can assist
  • harsh and toxic connections. The psychological repercussions of leaving a toxic partner
  • Abuse of drugs in the family. Self-preservation is always an option, but can the rest be saved?
  • Veteran families and their loved ones. Are veterans the only ones who require assistance?
  • What is it like to come out as an LGBTQ+ person in a traditional family?
  • Children’s and adults’ phases of grieving after a family member’s death. How can we all survive?
  • What should be done, and how many religious disputes be resolved in families?
  • When does a teen crime become more than just a natural desire for independence?
  • What challenges could parents who are fostering a child’s face?
  • Generational divide. The cultural and moral disparity. Is it typical?
  • How can one deal with having elderly family members while preventing emotional exhaustion?
  • How can I reintegrate mentally ill family members into society?
  • Family support is crucial for those with impairments.
  • Are fatigue and depression indicators of poor parenting during pregnancy and the initial year after giving birth?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. what are some common themes in family essays.

Ans – Here are some common themes in family essays –

  • Domestic violence and child abuse
  • Why are family traditions important?
  • Families shape our personalities.
  • Parenting is responsible for our future.
  • What can depression cause a family?
  • How does communication impact the relationships in the family?

Q.2. What are some potential topics for a family essay?

Ans – Here are a few potential topics for a family essay –

  • Bonds between parents & children
  • What is your best memory of your family
  • Role of Women in modern families
  • Effects of Divorce on Children’s Minds
  • What can bring strengths in family relationships?
  • Do pre-marital relationships affect future marriage?

Q.3. What is the structure of a family essay?

Ans – Here is the structure of a family essay –

  • Introduction – Make it attractive
  • Thesis statement – Present the main argument
  • Body – Add necessary details
  • Conclusion – Convince your readers of the importance of a family

Try to follow this structure if you want to get high scores in your family essay.

Q.4. How do I start writing a family essay?

Ans – While you are writing a family essay, you must tell a story about your family to capture readers’ attention at first chance. You can tell some interesting facts about your family and craft a powerful thesis statement. The depth of your research will define the quality of your essay. So, make sure you have enough related and high-quality information.

Q.5. How can I make my family essay interesting and engaging?

Ans – Your family essay will be engaging enough if you choose unique topics, use hooks in the introduction, tell real stories instead of copying from the internet sources, use transitional phrases, avoid making grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes, etc. If you maintain all these, readers will find it interesting and engaging.

Q.6. What types of sources should I use for a family essay?

Ans – While you are writing a family essay, you must use credible sources. And you will get credible sources in books, seminar or conference papers, academic journals, etc. All these sources are reviewed and pre-reviewed by experts . So, you can use them without thinking twice. Also, you can use websites that are ended with .org or .gov.

Q.7. What are some tips for writing a successful family essay?

Ans – Here are a few tips that can help you to craft an exceptional family essay. Let’s have a look –

  • Select a topic carefully
  • Write an attractive introduction
  • Develop a strong thesis statement
  • Your body paragraphs must be clear & succinct
  • Use as many transitional phrases as you can
  • End your essay with a great conclusion

Q.8. How can a family essay contribute to a larger conversation about family issues?

Ans – Family conversation, verbal or non-verbal, includes one’s expression of feelings about something or someone else. It can be about a simple or complicated issue, but a family essay can easily present that. Your family essay can focus on the positive side of family conversation. Families that share everything is a healthy families.

Q.9. What is the purpose of writing a family essay?

Ans – While you are writing a family essay, your focus should be on the importance of having a family. Families always support our back and boost our confidence. They are the foundation of our strength. Families make us familiar with love, bonds, respect, cultures, traditions, etc. So, our purpose in writing family essays should be to show these elements properly.

Q.10. How long should my essay about family be?

Ans – While you are writing a family essay, there is no hard and fast rule for word count. But most of the time, the word count depends on the essay’s audience. While you are writing for a college or university assignment, you should wrap up between 500 to 1000 words. However, you can increase the word count if you have various facts to introduce.

Alice Anderson

Alice Anderson

Hi, I am Alice Anderson, a full-time academic writer at ABC and an essay writing expert at My struggles as a non-native English speaking student taught me the most effective ways to deal with English essays and assignments in the most fruitful ways. Now, as a full-time academic writer, specializing in English essay writing, I help non-native students tackle their English essays like a pro. I am an active blogger who likes sharing his learning and experiences with everyone. I like to spend my free time with my furry friend "Balto". Yes, you guessed that right! I am a die-hard dog-lover!

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10 ESL Family Activities to Practice Vocabulary and Get Your Students Talking

Incorporating students’ real-world knowledge and experiences   into your lessons makes the learning process more effective.

And one easy and fun way to do that is by talking about family .

Read this post for ten creative and effective ESL classroom activities using content that almost every student can relate to—their families.

1. Family Trees

2. famous families, 3. learning “do” and “be” questions with family, 4. describing family members, 5. family interviews, 6. my family photo album, 7. family event role play, 8. family traditions collage, 9. family values poster, 10. family mystery game.

Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere. Click here to get a copy. (Download)

In every ESL family lesson plan, the family tree should be your first port of call.

The perfect ESL visual aid , family trees aren’t only useful for eliciting vocabulary about family members, they can also be turned into excellent conversation exercises for helping students learn to speak naturally.

Introduce this activity by drawing your family tree on the board, clearly indicating where you are in relation to other family members.

From there, expand the diagram further, making it more complex by adding things like daughter , son , aunt  and uncle , until you cover all of the basic family vocabulary.

Then ask students to draw their own family trees, either on the board or on poster board or paper. Then they can present to the class or other students.

You can also introduce the activity by playing this charming “My Family Tree” video on FluentU :

my family assignment

While you might think that the video is too simple for older students, at just under two minutes long, it’s an excellent way to introduce the topic.

It’ll also give you the chance to hover over certain family words to define them and add them to a flashcard deck. Students can then review the flashcards with FluentU’s quizzes, either on their own or as a class.

Choose a famous family that all of your students should be familiar with. It could be a fictional family from a TV show, a celebrity family like the Kardashians or even the British Royal Family. Just make sure that the family is a big one with lots of different family members.

Personally, I always use “ The Simpsons .”

For this activity, you need to find a diagram of your chosen family’s family tree online , print it and hand it out as a worksheet. Create some comprehension questions to go with it, so your students can fill in the correct family vocabulary.

If you’re using “The Simpsons,” your questions could look something like this:

  • Bart is Homer’s _____
  • Homer is Marge’s _____
  • Bart and Lisa are Homer’s _____

Along with possessive adjectives, do  and be  questions are some of the most commonly misused grammar for ESL students. Fortunately, you can use family lessons to help your students master these types of questions.

Spend some time going over the difference between the two types of questions, giving specific examples in relation to families. Some questions you could use include:

  • Where does your sister live?
  • What do your parents do?
  • Do you have brothers and sisters? How old are they?
  • Are you married?

After that, ask your students to come up with their own questions and then interview classmates.

You can delve into some more detailed ways to talk about family members by discussing their looks and personalities. There are a lot of words to cover here, so start by  brainstorming some vocabulary words together to  get your students thinking about descriptive adjectives too.

You can do this by splitting the whiteboard down the middle, with appearance  on one side and personality on the other. Give your students some markers, step aside and have them fill in as many words as they can.

Once finished, have your students make sentences about their family using the descriptive adjectives on the board, like these examples:

  • My mother is short.
  • My brother is shy.
  • My sister has long hair.
  • My father is a veterinarian.

From there, have students make questions corresponding questions for those sentences, like: “ What does your mother look like?” and  “ What is your brother like?”

This is a great activity from my personal experience using it in my ESL classroom. Here’s what you do:

  • Divide students up into pairs, preferably pairs that have different language and cultural backgrounds.
  • Ask student to interview one another about their lives, traditions and families. Students should take notes so they remember the details.
  • Then ask students to to brief presentations to the class, introducing their partner’s family. 

When I’ve done this, the students have really gotten to know one another better and they seemed to appreciate the diversity in the room more afterwards, which is never a bad thing.

Here’s a great example video of how these presentations can look:

This is a really fun activity. It can lead to both laughing and even tears if a particular student is in a wistful or homesick mood, so be prepared with some tissues!

A couple of days before you do this activity, give a brief preview and ask students to find family photos to show the class. These days that usually means printing them out from parents’ emails or Google Photos. Another option is that they can collect photos into a folder on Google Photos and then show them on the projector.

Once the sharing activity day arrives, ask your students to go through their photos, describing them to the class.

They can include details like:

  • Names and ages
  • Background of the photo (what was happening when it was taken)
  • Their relationship with the subjects

After each presentation, open the class for questions. You might just have a heartfelt discussion on your hands, which is always good for learning.

Acting and role play is always fun, so I try to include it as much as possible. If you set the tone by acting and role playing yourself beforehand, I find the students tend to take it more seriously.

Here’s that to do:

  • Put students into groups.
  • Have them come up with a family-based scenario. This would be a family reunion, a wedding or a birthday party.
  • Have them assign roles and then act out the skit in front of the class.

After the activity, have students critique the skits. They can focus on acting quality, grammar or vocabulary to do this.

Including art and collage making into my ESL classroom has become one of my go-to activities, especially when you sense that some students are getting a little bored with traditional activity types.

Here’s how to go about doing this activity:

  • Put students in groups.
  • Instruct each group to come up with a different family tradition, such as celebrating a holiday or cooking a special meal.
  • Have students research and create collages, either by cutting out pictures and words from old magazines or from printing them out from the internet.
  • Then have them do short presentations to the class, explaining their collages.

This activity takes about an hour, which will give you a little downtime as well, while students are having fun.

Here’s a good video on family traditions around the world to get this activity started:

This is another art-based activity that my students have always loved doing. You have to do a little prep work for this one. Ideally, you’d have one sheet of poster board for each group (and maybe a couple of back-ups in case one group messes theirs up), and some kind of colored markers so they can make the posters colorful.

For this one, you start the activity off by discussing family values, such as respect, honesty, working hard, saving money or even generosity. 

Then you can ask students questions about their own family values to get people talking and to get used to using this group of vocabulary.

After the discussion:

  • Ask students to create posters illustrating their assigned value and present them to the class, explaining its importance and how their own family embraces it.

If you want to start off this activity with a short video about different types of families and family values, this is a great video for that:

This last activity takes the concept of finding out a mystery about each students’ families.

A couple of days before the activity, ask students to bring in a small object (or photo of a small object) that represents one of their family members or one of their family’s interests.

Ask each student to do a brief show-and-tell and then allow questions, such as:

  • Does this object belong to a man or a woman?
  • Does this object mean a lot to the person?
  • Is this related to horseback riding?

Once the object’s mystery is figured out, you can move to the next object. I’ve found students really enjoy this activity, because they get to share a bit of their personal history with their classmates.

With these fun and creative ESL family activities, you’ll be able to let students share about their families and their cultures and countries.

This personal connection always makes for effective language learning.

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my family assignment

My Family, Your Family by Lisa Bullard Worksheet

Show preview image 1


This worksheet goes along with Lisa Bullard's My Family, Your Family , a book about all different kinds of families, and being accepting of them. This two-sided worksheet asks students to compare Makayla's family to the family of people we meet in the story using sentence stems.

Youtube reading of book:


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German Essays on My Family: Meine Familie

German Essays on My Family Meine Familie

Learning or Practising German Language? or your tutor asked you to write about your family, or you can say you need to write an essay on My family (Meine Familie) but you have no idea how to do that and where to start?

Well, In this blog post, I have shared some Easy Essays on My Family (Meine Familie) . All the best and keep learning.

Before Start, First we need to discuss some vocabulary related to Family.

The following list includes most of the members of your family tree. Get familiar with these words so you can recognize them:

Read Also: Easy German Essays for Beginners: 8 Examples to Practice Your Language Skills

  • der Bruder (dêr brooh -der) ( brother )
  • der Cousin (dêr kooh -zen) ( male cousin )
  • die Cousine (dee kooh- zeen -e) ( female cousin )
  • die Eltern (dee êl -tern) ( parents )
  • die Frau (dee frou) ( woman/wife )
  • die Geschwister (dee ge- shvis -ter) ( siblings )
  • die Großeltern (dee grohs -êl-tern) ( grandparents )
  • die Großmutter (dee grohs -moot-er) ( grandmother )
  • der Großvater (dêr grohs -fah-ter) ( grandfather )
  • der Junge (dêr yoong -e) ( boy )
  • die Kinder (dee kin -der) ( children, kids )
  • das Mädchen (dâs maid -Hên) ( girl )
  • der Mann (dêr mân) ( man/husband )
  • die Mutter (dee moot -er) ( mother )
  • der Onkel (dêr on -kel) ( uncle )
  • die Schwester (dee shvês -ter) ( sister )
  • der Sohn (dêr zohn) ( son )
  • die Tante (dee tân -te) ( aunt )
  • die Tochter (dee toH -ter) ( daughter )
  • der Vater (dêr fah -ter) ( father )

Use the following words for the in-laws:

  • der Schwager (dêr shvah -ger) ( brother-in-law )
  • die Schwägerin (dee shvai -ger-in) ( sister-in-law )
  • die Schwiegereltern (dee shvee -ger-êl-tern) ( parents-in-law )
  • die Schwiegermutter (dee shvee -ger-moot-er) ( mother-in-law )
  • der Schwiegersohn (dêr shvee -ger-zohn) ( son-in-law )
  • die Schwiegertochter (dee shvee -ger-toH-ter) ( daughter-in-law )
  • der Schwiegervater (dêr shvee -ger-fah-ter) ( father-in-law )

To express the term step-, you use the prefix Stief- with the name of the relative, like in this example: Stiefbruder ( steef- brooh-der) ( step-brother ). The term for a half relative uses the prefix Halb- , so half-sister looks like this: Halbschwester ( hâlp- shvês-ter).

German-speaking children use the following terms to talk about their parents and grandparents:

  • die Mama (dee mâ -mâ) ( mom )
  • die Mutti (dee moot -ee) ( mommy )
  • die Oma (dee oh -mâ) ( grandma )
  • der Opa (der oh -pâ) ( grandpa )
  • der Papa (dêr pâ -pâ) ( dad )
  • der Vati (dêr fâ -tee) ( daddy )

When directly addressing their elders, children leave out the articles dee (dee) ( the ) and der (dêr) ( the ). For example, Mama! Komm her! ( mâ -mâ!! kom hêr!) ( Mom! Come here! )

Read our Complete Vocabulary: Talking about – The Family – in German

Essay One: The Average Family

Meine Familie ist eine kleine Kernfamilie, die zu einer bürgerlichen Familie gehört. Meine Familie besteht aus vier Mitgliedern, einem Vater, einer Mutter, mir und einer kleinen Schwester. Wie andere indische Familien sind wir keine große Familie. Wir leben in Berlin, aber meine Großeltern leben auf dem Land. Zusammen mit meinen Großeltern wird meine Familie eine kleine Familie. Meine Familie ist eine vollständige, positive und glückliche Familie, die mir und meiner Schwester viel Liebe, Wärme und Sicherheit schenkt. Ich fühle mich in meiner Familie so glücklich, dass es auf mich aufpasst und alle meine Bedürfnisse erfüllt. Eine glückliche Familie bietet ihren Mitgliedern die folgenden Vorteile.

Here is what the text is about (this is not a 1-to-1 translation!)

My family is a small nuclear family that belongs to a middle-class family. My family consists of four members, a father, a mother, me and a little sister. Like other Indian families, we are not a big family. We live in Berlin, Germany, but my grandparents live in the countryside. Together with my grandparents, my family becomes a little family together. My family is a complete, positive and happy family, giving me and my sister a lot of love, warmth and security. I feel so happy in my family that it takes care of me and meets all my needs. A happy family offers the following benefits to its members.

Essay Two: The Average Family

If you live with your Mum, Dad, and with your brother or sister. Then use this text to describe your family in your German essay:

Wir sind eine ganz normale Familie. Ich wohne zusammen mit meinen Eltern, meiner kleinen Schwester Lisa und unserer Katze Mick. Meine Großeltern wohnen im gleichen Dorf wie wir. Oma Francis arbeitet noch. Sie ist Krankenschwester. Die Anderen sind schon in Rente. Oma Lydia nimmt sich viel Zeit für mich und geht häufig mit mir Kleider oder Schuhe kaufen. Leider will meine kleine Schwester dann auch immer mit. Mein Vater arbeitet bei einer Bank und fährt am Wochenende gern mit seinem Motorrad. Das findet meine Mutter nicht so gut, da sie meint, dass Motorradfahren so gefährlich ist. Sie sagt, dass ich und meine Schwester auf keinen Fall mitfahren dürfen. Mein Vater versteht das nicht, aber er will sich auch nicht streiten. Nächstes Jahr wollen wir in ein größeres Haus ziehen, weil meine Eltern noch ein Baby bekommen. Ich hoffe, dass wir nicht zu weit weg ziehen, da alle meine Freunde hier in der Nähe wohnen. Meine Tante Clara, die Schwester meiner Mutter, wohnt sogar genau gegenüber. Meine Cousine Barbara kommt deshalb häufig zu Besuch.

We are a very normal family. I live with my parents, my little sister, and our cat Mick. My grandparents live in the same village where we live. Grandma Francis still works. She is a nurse. The others are already retired. Grandma Lydia spends a lot of time with me, and we often go shopping together to look for clothes or shoes. Unfortunately, my little sister wants to come with us as well. My father works in a bank and likes to ride his motorbike on the weekend. My mother does not like that because she thinks it is very dangerous. She says we are never allowed to ride with him on the bike. My father doesn’t understand why, but he doesn’t want to argue with her. Next year, we are going to move into a bigger house because my parents will have another baby. I hope we are not moving too far because all of my friends are here. My aunt Clara even lives opposite to us. Therefore, my cousin Barbara often visits us.

Example Three: A Big Family

If you have a big family, this example may help you with your German essay:

Meine Familie ist sehr groß. Ich habe zwei Schwestern, einen Bruder, drei Tanten, einen Onkel und sechs Cousins. Meine große Schwester hat lange blonde Haare und heißt Laura und eine kleine Schwester heißt Miranda und ist dunkelhaarig. Mein Bruder heißt Fred und trägt eine Brille. Ich verstehe mich gut mit meiner kleinen Schwester und meinem Bruder. Mit meiner großen Schwester streite ich mich oft um den Computer. Mein Vater arbeitet zwar viel, aber am Wochenende hilft er uns immer bei den Hausaufgaben. Meine Mutter backt gerne Torten. Ihre Schokotorten mag ich besonders gerne. In den Ferien besuchen wir häufig meine Großeltern, da sie leider so weit entfernt wohnen. Meine anderen Großeltern, die Eltern meiner Mutter wohnen eine Straße weiter. Das finde ich schön, da wir uns oft sehen können. Außerdem haben sie eine süße Perserkatze, mit der ich immer spiele. Wenn uns meine Cousins besuchen kommen, unternehmen wir meist etwas Besonderes. Letztes Wochenende waren wir alle zusammen im Zoo. Das war lustig, da mein Cousin Ben Angst vor Schlangen hatte. Ich mag meine Familie!

Now, the same story in English:

My family is very big. I have got two sisters, one brother, three aunts, one uncle, and six cousins. My older sister has long blond hair, and her name is Laura. My little sister is called Miranda and has dark hair. My brother’s name is Fred and wears glasses. I get along well with my little sister and my brother. But I argue a lot with my older sister about the computer. Although my father works a lot, he always helps us with homework on the weekend. My mother likes to bake cakes. I especially like her chocolate cake. During the holidays, we often visit my grandparents because they live so far from us. My other grandparents, the parents of my mother, live on the street next to ours. I like that because that way we can see each other a lot. In addition to that, they have a cute Persian cat I always play with. When my cousins visit us, we always do something special together. Last weekend, we went to the zoo together. That was fun because my cousin Ben was afraid of the snake. I like my family!

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Essay Four: A Small Family

If you are living with only one parent, check out this text:

Meine Familie ist sehr klein. Ich lebe zusammen mit meiner Mutter und meinem Bruder. Tanten oder Onkel habe ich nicht. Meinen Vater sehe ich nur in den Sommerferien, da er weit weg wohnt. Meine Oma wohnt gleich nebenan. Sie kūmmert sich nachmittags um mich und meinen Bruder, wenn meine Mutter arbeiten muss. Meine Oma ist schon in Rente. Sie hat frūher mal bei der Post gearbeitet. Mein Opa und meine anderen Großeltern sind leider schon gestorben. Mein Bruder heißt Patrick und ist sehr gut in der Schule. Er ist sehr groß und schlank und hat blonde Locken. Meine Freundin findet ihn sūß. Das verstehe ich gar nicht. Ich mag es aber nicht, wenn er laut Musik hört und es gerade meine Lieblingssendung im Fernsehen gibt. Dafūr geht er immer mit unserem Hund Gassi, so dass ich das nicht tun muss. Ich wūnschte, ich hätte noch eine Schwester, die mir helfen könnte, meine Haare zu frisieren, oder mit der ich die Kleider tauschen könnte. Ich hoffe nur, dass meine Mutter nicht noch mal heiratet.

In English:

My family is very small. I live with my mother and my brother. I have no aunts or uncles. I only see my father during the summer holiday because he lives far away. My grandma lives next door. She looks after me and my brother when my mother has to work. My grandma is already retired. She used to work at a post office. My grandpa and my other grandparents are already dead. My brother’s name is Patrick, and he is doing very well at school. He is very tall and slim and has curly blond hair. My friend thinks he is cute. I cannot understand that at all. But I do not like it when he listens to loud music when my favorite tv show is on. On the other hand, he always walks the dog so that I don’t need to do that. I wish I had a sister who would help me style my hair or who I could swap clothes with. I do hope that my mother is not going to marry again.

Read Also: Easy Sentences you need for Introduce yourself in German

Essay Five: Living with Grandparents

Do you live with your grandparents? Then check out this example if it suits you:

Ich wohne bei meinen Großeltern, da meine Eltern gestorben sind, als ich noch ein Baby war. Wir wohnen in einem großen Haus, und ich habe ein riesiges Zimmer mit meinem eigenen Balkon. Im Sommer mache ich dort immer meine Hausaufgaben. Meine Großeltern sind ganz lieb zu mir. Mein Opa hilft mir immer, mein Fahrrad zu reparieren und meine Oma lädt meine Freunde oft zum Essen ein. Ich habe auch noch einen Onkel, der manchmal am Wochenende vorbeikommt und Architekt ist. Momentan arbeitet er jedoch in Japan für drei Monate. Wir passen solange auf seinen Hund auf, und er hat mir versprochen, mir eine Überraschung aus Japan mitzubringen. Eine Frau hat mein Onkel nicht. Meine Oma sagt immer, er sei mit seiner Arbeit verheiratet. Dann gibt es noch Tante Miriam, die eigentlich keine richtige Tante ist, sondern die beste Freundin meiner Oma. Die beiden kennen sich aber schon so lange, dass sie inzwischen auch zur Familie gehört. Tante Miriam hat viele Enkelkinder und manchmal treffen wir uns alle zusammen im Park. Dann machen wir ein großes Picknick und haben ganz viel Spaß.

And here is what the text is about (Remember, this isn’t a 1-to-1 translation!):

I live with my grandparents because my parents died when I was a baby. We live in a big house, and I have a huge room with my own balcony. In the summertime, I do my homework there. My grandparents are very nice to me. My grandpa always helps me repair my bike, and my grandma often invites my friends for dinner. I also have an uncle who comes around for the weekend from time to time, and he is an architect. At the moment, he is working in Japan for three months, and we are looking after his dog. But he promised me to bring a surprise back from Japan. My uncle has no wife. My grandma always says he is married to his job. Then there is aunt Miriam who is not a real aunt actually but the best friend of my grandma. Since they have known each other for such a long time, she became a member of our family. Aunt Miriam has lots of grandchildren, and sometimes we all meet in the park. Then we have a great picnic and much fun!

If you have any doubt or have some suggestions for us, or even if we missed something to mention in My Family (Meine Familie), Let us know by writing in a comment box. Thanks for reading and sharing with your friends.

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my family assignment

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Professor Jacob Blanc on Receiving AUS Most Outsanding Professor Award

my family assignment

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I had to do a lot of learning this year. In June, after six years teaching at the University of Edinburgh, my family and I left Europe and moved to Montreal. To be fair, as a professor my job is to always be learning: from my research, from my colleagues, and from my students. That’s the norm, and it’s why I love my job. But moving to a new university, in a new country—it was a lot.

One of my main worries at the start of this year was that small mountain of things that I had to learn as a new faculty member at McGill would keep me from doing the best job I could for my students’ learning. For this and many other reasons, I am deeply honored to receive the AUS award for Most Outstanding Professor. Despite the whirlwind of this past year, it means so much knowing that my students enjoyed my teaching, and I’m already looking forward to even better years to come.

So what does teaching mean to me? There are a lot of ways that I can answer that. From a personal perspective, it’s something that I grew up with: my mother was a public school teacher for over thirty years and my father is a labor journalist and community organizer, all of which revolves around helping others learn skills to improve themselves, think critically, and work together for common goals. That my brother has also ended up becoming a professor adds to the family nerdiness. And from a professional perspective, teaching is what feels the most important to me and also the most creative. There are always new content modules to include, newly digitized primary sources to analyze, and new types of assignments to experiment with.

And I think that my creativity with written assignments was perhaps a key reason for my AUS teaching award. In HIST210: Introduction to Latin American History, the final assignment asked students to write a piece of historical fiction, along with a reflection essay in which they had to explain their research process and their authorial choices. I am by no means opposed to the more “classic” history paper, though because this was a survey course, and knowing that most of my students were not history majors, I wanted to create an assignment that was fun, but also required deep research and attention to detail. (That the assignment is ChatGPT-proof is an added bonus, though by no means a deciding factor).

To help scaffold the themes of the assignment into the course itself, I also constructed a large portion of my lectures around questions of narrative and storytelling: what role did discourse play in shaping Latin American history, what were the myths and stories that politicians and artists crafted as part of the nation-building process, and what did it mean for grassroots and subaltern groups to articulate alternative stories, and to challenge dominant languages? Storytelling is at the heart of the discipline of history, and when done well, it can feel thrilling.

Asking students to write a work of historical fiction can also be very challenging. Not everyone gets excited about having to make up a story and populate it with small details. Storytelling can be liberating (I can write about anything!) but it can also be overwhelming (I can write about anything?!). Plus, students understandably worried that they would be graded on how “good” their writing was. My job was to offer clear expectations and parameters for the assignment. What mattered most was that students showed a strong process of research, and explained in their reflection essay how they constructed the world of their story.

The results of this assignment blew me away. Students wrote a full range of deeply researched and engaged stories, spanning a full sweep of Latin American history. The stories were moving, and genuinely fun to read, and they showed such creativity, too: some took the form of a diary, some as a screenplay or a poem, and even those that “just” told a story did so with empathy and a keen eye toward imagining how history is experienced by those who live it.

It’s not always the case that a new assignment feels like it actually worked, and there are still several aspects that I will surely keep revising. But as a newly arrived professor here at McGill, and teaching this particular course for the first time, I’m very happy with how it went. So to my students: if I ever seemed distracted this year, it was probably because I was trying to learn how to navigate MyCourses or where to get a good cup of coffee on campus (except for Dispatch, I’m still at a loss on that puzzle). That you nonetheless still enjoyed our classes together means so much to me, and I look forward to learning more with you in the years to come.

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  2. My Family Essay

    Family stands by you at the toughest situations in life. Family gives you the warmth and affection that you may not get anywhere else. I too am blessed with such a family. My family has always been my strength. My mother, father, sister and I complete my family. My Mother . My mother is the strongest woman I have ever seen in my life. She is a ...

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    500+ Words Essay on My Family. Families are an integral part of one's life. It does not matter if you have a small or big family, as long as you have one. A family serves as the first school to the child where one learns about various things. The basic knowledge about one's culture and identity comes from their family only.

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    Here are some examples of the "My Family" paragraph, from simple to more complex. Example 1: My family is the Garcia family. My father's name is Ramon. My mother's name is Mia. My sister's name is Elena. We have a dog named Spock. We are a happy family. Example 2: We are the Garcia family. My father Ramon is an engineer.

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    Here are some easy-to-follow tips from our essay service experts:. Focus on a Specific Aspect: Instead of a broad overview, delve into a specific angle that piques your interest, such as exploring how birth order influences sibling dynamics or examining the evolving role of grandparents in modern families. Share Personal Anecdotes: Start your family essay introduction with a personal touch by ...

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    Example: My Family and I Essay in 500 words. Family plays an important role in our development. We are not always cognizant of the wide-reaching impact our parents, siblings, and extended family have on us as we grow—for good or ill. So, in this essay, my family and their impact on me is my chosen subject.

  9. My Family: Writing Practice

    Introduction. (10 minutes) The day before your lesson, instruct your students to bring pictures from home that they can paste into a book that they will make. Explain to your students that they are going to be discussing families. Discuss with your students what family means to them. Potential discussion questions include:

  10. Exploring and Sharing Family Stories

    Overview. In this lesson, students are encouraged to explore the idea of memory in both large- and small-group settings. Students access their own life experiences and then discuss family stories they have heard. After choosing a family member to interview, students create questions, interview their relative, and write a personal narrative that ...

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    Paragraph on My Family [150 Words] Ours is a small family consisting of my parents, my sister and myself. My father's name is Anil Dutta. He works in a Govt. department as an engineer. My mother is a school teacher. She teaches at a private school nearby. I am the only son of my parents. My name is Rohan Dutta.

  12. Essay on My Family: 8 Selected Essays on My Family

    1. There is always the chance of a rift or fight between the family members because of the possible imbalance of feelings of oneness, brotherly love and feeling of generosity. 2. There is a chance of the members of the family that earn very high looking down on members of the family that do not.

  13. Family Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

    Step 3 - Write the Draft. You are now ready to begin writing after creating your plan. Just attempt to get everything on the page because your first draught won't be flawless. A great way to improve your work is to write several drafts of your paper. Step 4 - Edit & Proofread Carefully.

  14. 10 ESL Family Activities to Practice Vocabulary and Get Your ...

    ESL family activities are fun and effective because they bring students' personal lives into their learning. Check out our list of 10 creative ESL family activities that are super easy for teachers to implement into their lesson plans. We include activities like role play, making collages and interviews.

  15. 150 Creative Ideas for Writing An Essay About My Family

    Do your homework. Depending on your topic, you might need to hit the books, browse articles, or even chat with family members for info. Organize your thoughts. Sketch out an outline or a plan to give your essay some structure. Start with an intro that sets the stage, drops your thesis, and gets the ball rolling.

  16. Results for all about my family writing

    This worksheet could be facilitated during a writing lesson, for a bulletin board display, or as a homework writing assignment. High-quality, printable PDF - 3 pages with various lined options (primary lines included)This product is hand-made and designed by mysel. ... * 1 All About My Family Writing Prompt Printable (BW) in a .pdf (secured) ...

  17. (AC-S03) Week 03

    At the end of the lesson, you and your team talk about the most important events of your families by using the simple past (regular verbs) and vocabulary pre...

  18. (AC-S07) Week 7

    (AC-S07) Week 7 - Task Assignment - My Family - Free download as Word Doc (.doc / .docx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Cristhian Jhair Ramos Pereyra and Ara Megh Zegarra Zumaeta introduce their families. Cristhian describes his mother and father who are merchants, grandmother, brother who is a student, sister who is also a student, and two pet dogs.

  19. (AC-S07) Week 7

    (AC-S07) Week 7 - Task Assignment - My Family - Free download as Word Doc (.doc / .docx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Ingles 1 tarea 7

  20. My Family, Your Family by Lisa Bullard Worksheet

    Description. This worksheet goes along with Lisa Bullard's My Family, Your Family, a book about all different kinds of families, and being accepting of them. This two-sided worksheet asks students to compare Makayla's family to the family of people we meet in the story using sentence stems.

  21. German Essays on My Family: Meine Familie

    Ich mag meine Familie! Now, the same story in English: My family is very big. I have got two sisters, one brother, three aunts, one uncle, and six cousins. My older sister has long blond hair, and her name is Laura. My little sister is called Miranda and has dark hair. My brother's name is Fred and wears glasses.

  22. Family Genogram Project- Chelsea Smith.docx

    FAMILY GENOGRAM PROJECT 4 me everything I needed as a child. My mother has two sisters that have children that we are all very close to. My maternal grandparents, mother, stepfather, and aunts' families all celebrate holidays and birthdays together. My grandmother watches my oldest son and cousins when my aunts and I are working. She is who keeps our family together.

  23. Writing and Reading Assignment: My family (我的家庭 wo de jiating

    Here is the article you need for these two assignments: 我的家庭 My family Download. 1. Write the entire article in Chinese characters and learn their English meaning and how to read. I will ask you to translate the meaning and read them out loud in the next assignment. (10 points) 2.

  24. Professor Jacob Blanc on Receiving AUS Most ...

    That my brother has also ended up becoming a professor adds to the family nerdiness. And from a professional perspective, teaching is what feels the most important to me and also the most creative. There are always new content modules to include, newly digitized primary sources to analyze, and new types of assignments to experiment with.