1. Phase Out The Obsolete Jeepney (An Excerpt) by Neal H. Cruz

    argumentative essay jeepney phase out

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    argumentative essay jeepney phase out

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    argumentative essay jeepney phase out

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    argumentative essay jeepney phase out


    argumentative essay jeepney phase out


    argumentative essay jeepney phase out


  1. [OPINION] The jeepney phaseout as a cultural issue

    The jeepney phaseout - or modernization, or whatever you want to call it - is not solely a transport issue. It intersects with others, such as livelihood, the environment, safety, culture, and...

  2. An Argumentative Essay on the Jeepney Phase

    Activity 1 Kinds OF Nouns can only guarantee a sustainable and successful future for all Filipinos by working together. An Argumentative Essay on the Jeepney Phase Students shared 65 documents in this course heir families, which cannot be disregarded. essful future for all Filipinos by working together. Value Chain Analysis of China Mobile

  3. IN NUMBERS: Why jeepney phaseout is anti-poor, will do little for

    5.7% The government's proposed subsidy covers only 5.7% of the total cost The LTFRB said that a subsidy of P160,000 will be provided. This is only 5.7% of the total cost of the modern jeepney....

  4. A Push To Modernize Philippine Transport Threatens The Beloved Jeepney

    The movement is focused on protecting a beloved Philippine form of public transport, the passenger truck known as the jeepney — but to reach its headquarters in a nearly hidden lane, it's a good...

  5. Colorful, Iconic Jeepneys May Soon Be Off the Road in the Philippines

    March 9, 2023 MANILA — In the Philippines, they are known as "kings of the road," colorful, open-air vehicles with loud horns and diesel engines that ferry millions of Filipinos on their daily...

  6. Modernization, yes; jeepney phaseout, no

    Philippine Daily Inquirer / 04:10 AM March 14, 2023 Dear President Marcos Jr., I, Michael Benedict Ordenes, a senior high school student from Laguna, am writing to express my deep concern regarding the proposed jeepney phaseout.

  7. Jeepney Modernization: Pros and Cons

    5 minute read Traffic has always been a huge problem in the country. Several urban planners recently stressed that the government must focus on modernizing the transport system particularly in Metro Manila "because there is no solution to the traffic."

  8. Jeepney Modernization Debate Explained: Pros & Cons ...

    1. Jeepney phase out debate: What is it all about? The Jeepney modernization program was organized by the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board ( LTFRB) in 2015. The program revolves around a government initiative to improve Jeepney vehicles to make them safer.


    March 7, 2023 | 12:00am. Yesterday was the first day of a week-long strike in several parts of the country to protest the government's plan to phase out the traditional jeepneys. We sympathize ...

  10. #OPINION

    Modernized Public Utility Jeepneys. Photo from Carmudi Philippines.. These cost around Php 2.4 to 2.6 million — a drastic comparison to the Php 200,000 to 600,000 cost of traditional jeepneys ...

  11. Everything you need to know about the jeepney phaseout

    by Leandre Grecia | Mar 10, 2023 PHOTO: Jerome Ascaño The government's public utility vehicle modernization program (PUVMP) has been the subject of endless debates over the past few weeks. It was what led to the week-long transport strike that was eventually cut short after an initial dialogue between Malacañang and the transport groups involved.

  12. SM 304

    Jeepneys have become synonymous with Philippine daily life. The first was cobbled together using parts of surplus Jeeps left behind by American troops after World War II. The Filipinos converted them into transport vehicles that could hold between 15 to 20 people, but what if I told you those colorful vehicles are harmful to our environment?

  13. PUV modernization: simplistic, anti-poor

    PUV modernization: simplistic, anti-poor. Philippine Daily Inquirer / 04:10 AM March 20, 2023. Two of the primary reasons why the government wants to phase out the jeepney — pollution and congestion — can also be blamed on other forms of transportation, especially private vehicles. We want to minimize if not eradicate pollution.

  14. Jeepney phaseout: It's more than just new vehicles

    As stressed by Mendoza in his 2021 paper on jeepney modernization, the PUVMP has two main "blind sides"—the high cost per unit of modern jeepneys and the possible fare hike to cover the cost.

  15. The Jeepney Phase-out Explained

    Mar 10, 2023 08:43 PM At a glance The Jeepney Phase-out is a major overhaul of how PUV franchises are granted and routes are organized. The Jeepney Phaseout is just a small step in a larger plan called PUV Modernization.


    A traditional jeepney costs from P600,000 to P700,000. The price tag for a modern jeepney, from P1.6 million to P2.4 million, is considered too steep by operators even when they consolidate and ...

  17. Debate on "jeepney phaseout" plan escalates in the Philippines

    Ousted President Joseph Estrada, now the mayor of Manila City, made the jeepney his personal motif to symbolize his being "pro-poor" when he campaigned for president in 1998. He even named his showcase jeepney "Jeep ni Erap." Erap is Estrada's popular nickname. The government wants to have the number of jeepneys pared down, if not phased out ...

  18. Are you for or against the jeepney phaseout?

    Apr 11, 2023 08:59 PM Filipinos have been divided on the issue of the jeepney phaseout. The internet, especially social media, has been flooded with opinions, often opposing. The jeepney drivers, directly hit by this issue, have voiced out their thoughts through a transport strike.


    This essay focuses on the governments PUV Modernization program where the public utility jeepney mandate the phasing out. Jeepney's were originally made from U.S as military transportation.


    "Arangkada ng Pagbabago tungo sa Kaunlaran" Is the theme of the modern PUV Caravan that was launched by the Department of Transportation (DOTr) and Land Transportation Office (LTO) for this year. This program has long been on the agenda of the state and it aims to promote the riding public's quality of life.

  21. As strike looms, Marcos says jeepney phaseout 'necessary' but can be

    The STAR / Walter Bollozos. MANILA, Philippines — President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on Wednesday said the government drive to phase out traditional jeepneys is necessary, but acknowledged in the ...

  22. Debate (Pro)

    Panig ng Pro: "We should support the modernization of jeepneys because it can lead to an improvement in the quality of life of people- Ayon sa pag-aaral ng World Health Organization, ang mas mababang antas ng polusyon sa hangin ay may kaugnayan sa pagbaba ng mga sakit sa mga baga at puso.

  23. What are your thoughts about jeepney phase out? pls comment for

    Abrupt jeepney phase out is truly anti-poor. The government should recognize the reality that most jeepney drivers barely earns for their livings. The govt. should take the initiative and burden on modernizing jeepneys or any transportation system in the country for economical, and environmental reasons. LackDecent.