Merry Christmas !

After gr12's donation, our special channel for obtaining $PASS token has been closed. We issued a public list in the form of a json file to the community, and also closed the application for the missing list within the specified time.

This time, we can finally drop $PASS test token to the list of donations!

How to use $PASS

Regarding what $PASS is and what is its use, we have already posted related articles on the previous community blog. You can take a look at the tutorials and instructions for these simple steps. Trust me, it's very easy to understand and operate:)

Our simple product tutorial : A Brief Guide for Web3 Pass

How to connect with your Twitter: Brings your Twitter into Web3 with RSS3's power

Other language tutorials:

Russian: Краткое руководство для Web3 Pass

Chinese: 最详细的RSS3注册教程(图文)

Japanese: RSS3の力であなたのTwitterをWeb3へ

How to use $PASS now

❓❓❓Guess what is our new product?

Yes, if you follow RSS3 closely, you must have seen some product pages before!

Our new product is Revery(!

If you want to know more about it, read our last blog Our Revery that wrote by Joshua.

After claiming your RNS this time, you can have the next step! Let's take a look at revery