Essay on Hard Work

500 words essay on  hard work.

Hard work is an essential thing we all need in life. It is impossible to achieve greatness without working hard. In other words, an idle person cannot gain anything if they wish to sit and wait for something else. On the other hand, one who keeps working hard constantly will definitely gain success in life and this is exactly what essay on hard work will elaborate upon.

essay on hard work

Importance of Hard Work

Hard work is important and history has proved it time and again. The great Edison used to work for many hours a day and he dozed off on his laboratory table only with his books as his pillow.

Similarly, the prime minister of India, late Pt. Nehru used to work for 17 hours a day and seven days a week. He did not enjoy any holidays. Our great leader, Mahatma Gandhi worked round the clock to win freedom for our country.

Thus, we see that hard work paid off for all these people. One must be constantly vigil to work hard as it can help you achieve your dreams. As we say, man is born to work. Just like steel, he shines in use and rusts in rest.

When we work hard in life, we can achieve anything and overcome any obstacle. Moreover, we can also lead a better life knowing that we have put in our all and given our best to whatever work we are doing.

Key to Success

Hard work is definitely the key to success. What we earn by sweating our brow gives us greater happiness than something we get by a stroke of luck. As humans, we wish to achieve many things in life.

These things need hard work to be able to come true. Poverty is not the curse but idealness is. When we waste our time, time will also waste us. Hard work can help anyone achieve success. Great people were born in cottages but died in palaces.

Thus, it shows how through great work one can get the key to success. When you start working hard, you will notice changes in your life. You will become more disciplined and focused on your work.

Moreover, you will start seeing results within a short time. It is nothing but proof that when you work hard, things like determination, focus, concentration, come automatically to you. As a result, nothing will stop you from achieving success .

Success is not just someone being famous and rich in life. When you work hard and lead a comfortable life filled with love that is also a success. Hard work must not limit to work but also your personal life. When you put in hard work in work and relationships, life will prosper.

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Conclusion of the Essay on Hard Work

If we get the determination and focus, we can all work hard for a better future. It is important to concentrate as it ensures our work is finishing on time and in a better manner. Therefore, by working hard, we can increase our concentration power and open doors to new opportunities.

FAQ of Essay on Hard Work

Question 1: What is the importance of hard work?

Answer 1: Hard work teaches us discipline , dedication and determination. It is certainly important because it is only through hard work that we can achieve the goals of our life. Thus, we all must work hard.

Question 2: Does hard work lead to success?

Answer 2: Yes, hard work, together with the time will definitely lead to success. It is what can help you achieve a better life. Moreover, the harder you work, the more confident you will become in life.

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Essay on Hard Work for Students in 500+ Words

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Essay on Hard Work

Essay on Hard Work: Hard work is the consistent and dedicated efforts towards achieving a goal or task. It involves perseverance, determination, and the willingness of an individual to overcome obstacles and challenges. 

an essay of hard work

Students who consistently put in the effort to attend classes, complete their assignments, and engage in studies as well as in extra-curricular activities are more likely to perform better. Furthermore, they also gain a deeper understanding of the subject and learn other skills. 

Table of Contents

  • 1 Understanding the Concept of Hard Work
  • 2 Benefits of Hard Work in Academics
  • 3 How to Develop a Growth Mindset through Hard Work?
  • 4 Role of Parents and Schools in Encouraging Hard Work
  • 5 Conclusion
  • 6 Short Essay on Hard Work

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Understanding the Concept of Hard Work

Hard work serves as the foundation upon which great achievements are built. Whether it is about academics, career or achieving personal goals, hard work is an essential part of every process. Putting consistent effort into a task or goal until it is completed is truly hard work. It evolves giving one´s complete energy, focus, and perseverance to overcome any obstacles or difficulties that may arise in the path of an individual. 

Consider an example of a girl named Priya who dreams of becoming a doctor. She decided to work extremely hard right from an early age. Taking care of her daily routine, keeping attentive in her academics, and spending several more hours revising the concepts and doing practice questions kept her spirits high. 

If in any case, she does not score well on tests, instead of getting demotivated, she analyzes where she went wrong and works even harder to improve next time. Her passion and perseverance helped her to gain admission into her dream medical college.

Benefits of Hard Work in Academics

The common sentiment about the value of hard work says that hard work is the foundation of success, whether in real life or in academics. It is the continuous dedication of one to continue the path of improvement, development, excellence, and achievement

Hard work is important not just for academics, but for all aspects of life. When you work hard in your household or your hobbies, you develop a sense of responsibility and discipline, which is going to help you in every part of your life. The sense of responsibility teaches you well how to prioritize your tasks and efficiently manage your time. 

Furthermore, hard work helps not only in overcoming obstacles but also in building up a problem-solver and enhances self-confidence. This confidence further initiates other areas of life and boosts up to take on new challenges and responsibilities with determination. 

How to Develop a Growth Mindset through Hard Work?

After learning the benefits of hard work, it is important to understand how we can develop a mindset through our hard work. In reality, a growth mindset is the belief in immense effort and practice, and of course, taking pain for your task is the only key to success.

For example, if a student finds a subject difficult at the beginning, keeping a pace of working hard continuously helps in understanding it better. The idea that your capabilities can expand through hard work helps you develop a growth mindset.

Accept the challenges and see every failure as an opportunity. We all make mistakes and they play an important role in learning. The thing is, one should not get discouraged and keep on striving for the best with hard work. 

Role of Parents and Schools in Encouraging Hard Work

School plays an important role in encouraging a strong work ethic in students. Teachers can create an environment that encourages as well as rewards students for their hard work. They can design a challenging curriculum that pushes the students to work hard and think critically. At the same time, parents can also build a home environment where the child gets inspired by them. 

When the raisers model themselves either through professions or household responsibilities, the children learn the importance of sweat and tears. 

Hard work is the key to success in academics, in a career, and in life itself. It helps you to learn better, and achieve your goals and mindset. When individuals put in the effort and see the fruits of their labor, they gain a sense of accomplishment, pride, and self-worth. This positive boost motivates them to continue striving for excellence taking on new challenges and developing important qualities like discipline, determination, and a growth mindset.  

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Short Essay on Hard Work

Hard work is the key to success in any area of life. It means giving your best efforts and dedication to your task until it is accomplished. When you work hard, you keep on trying despite facing any obstacles or setbacks. Making sacrifices, pushing yourself through challenges, and not giving up easily are the keys to hard work.

Now here comes a question, why is hard work important? Learn that hard work helps you learn things better. If you work hard at your studies, you will understand concepts more deeply. This further leads to better grades and good academic performance. 

Moreover, developing the habit of pursuing hard work prepares you for the future. The practice

The practice of toiling hard makes one able to work hard in a job as well as in a professional life. It is appreciated at the workplace and the individual is always promoted and rewarded for their utmost efforts. 

Further, hard work helps in building up valuable qualities like discipline, persistence, and determination. These important qualities help in overcoming difficulties in life and boost the confidence to fight back.

Students should be encouraged to work hard in school as well as at home. Teachers and parents should appreciate the young ones not only for their success but also for their efforts. This will help the children motivate themselves to work hard throughout life. 

It is important to remember that there is no shortcut to success. It is only hard work and perseverance that will turn one´s dreams into reality. Be always ready to work hard to achieve your goals and ambitions. 

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Ans. Hard work is a good value because it helps us achieve our goals through dedication and effort. It builds self-discipline, boosts self-confidence, and leads to a sense of satisfaction.

Ans. The benefits of hard work include gaining knowledge, skills, success, respect from others, financial stability, and a feeling of accomplishment. It shapes strong character and positive habits.

Ans.  Hard work is good as it enables progress and growth. Laziness leads to stagnation, while hard work paves the way for a fulfilling life. 

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Hard Work is The Key to Success Essay

No one can achieve greatness without effort. Hard work serves as the foundation for achieving great goals. Nothing unusual happens without it. It takes effort to become organised. Setting objectives, coming up with a strategy to achieve them, and maintaining momentum all require effort. Here are a few sample essays on "hard work is the key to success."

Hard Work is The Key to Success Essay

100 Word Essay On Hardwork Is The Key To Success

Everybody has to start somewhere, nobody is ever successful by accident. Each of us needs to work hard and make a fresh start if we want to succeed. The most important thing is to never give up and to keep going forward. Working hard cannot be substituted. When it comes to success, nothing compares to putting in the time and working hard. More than just a tool for success, working hard is crucial for achievement. If one wants to succeed in any area of life, they must have the following qualities: self-discipline, dedication, commitment, and consistency. The most gratifying feeling in the world is realising that you put a lot of effort into something and achieved it. When your goals are accomplished, you feel a priceless sense of pride and accomplishment.

200 Word Essay On Hardwork Is The Key To Success

Hard work entails treating your work seriously and putting forth your absolute best effort. It entails finishing the assignment promptly and truthfully. By working hard and consistently, one can succeed. Although laborious work is challenging, it is absolutely necessary for our lives to function properly.

Working hard results in ongoing happiness for the person. Success comes from putting in a lot of effort. Everyone has particular goals for their life. We have to put a lot of effort into achieving our goals. One cannot accomplish their goal by aimlessly sitting around.

In order to succeed, we must take advantage of every chance that comes our way. We must not be afraid of failing. Failure is something that we all encounter frequently. Even when you fail, you should keep trying your hardest. We must all put forth tremendous effort and have faith in our abilities if we are to succeed.

Working hard is possible if we are committed and focused. This lesson was imparted to me by my cousin. Beginning of class 11, my cousin began preparing for her NEET exam. After enrolling in the NEET coaching classes, she stopped engaging in anything that could waste her time. One of her greatest achievements was passing the NEET exam on her first attempt after putting in a lot of effort. She had a significant impact on my belief that the only thing that can ensure success is hard work. Working hard is very important in our lives. It guides you in the right path for achievement. By putting in a lot of effort, we can achieve our goals quickly.

500 Word Essay On Hardwork Is The Key To Success

We all require hard work as a necessary component of life. Nothing great can be achieved without putting a lot of effort into it. That is to say, someone has nothing to gain from being idle. On the other hand, someone who consistently works hard will undoubtedly succeed in life. People who are lazy cannot lead successful lives. Someone who is lazy has no idea how to handle success. Successful people can handle both success and failure because they have a strong work ethic. They comprehend that no victory is final and that no failure is ever irreparable, and that neither should cause us to lose hope after a victory.

People who are successful feel intoxicated by their labour. Some people have the tendency to give a task their all while paying close attention and exerting their full effort.

We can take inspiration from great people like India's current prime minister, Narendra Modi, who works 17 to 18 hours a day at his job. Great men enjoy their work, and leisure is a luxury they cannot afford. Working hard can also be about how well you accomplish your goals, not just how much you accomplish.

Success requires sacrifice and hard work. The importance of effort is a universal truth. If you run with it rather than against it, you won't ever feel let down or resentful. Achieving greatness and extraordinary success is not just possible for a small number of people—everyone can access it, including you.

If you're prepared to put in the time, your hard work will pay off. Furthermore, you must proceed in the right manner. Making the right decisions and working incredibly hard and resolutely will ensure that you achieve your goal. It is untrue that achieving goals and having a good reputation requires luck. With persistence, hard work, and dedication, one can succeed despite lack of natural talent. The odds are always in favour of those who work hard.

There are benefits to working hard. Working hard in our lives has a lot of benefits. We become successful, trustworthy, and determined in our pursuit of hard work. People who work hard are constantly looking for fun and useful things to do. They want to improve conditions and address problems, so they work hard to do so.

How I Understood The Value Of Hard Work

Among the residents of my neighbourhood was a young man in his mid-twenties. He was preparing for the UPSC exam after receiving his degree. Everyone in our community was aware of his childhood ambition to become an IAS officer. In his initial attempt, he passed the preliminary test but failed to advance to the mains. He gave it another go, and this time he was successful in clearing the mains as well, but he lacked confidence and struggled in his interview. His failure was widely discussed in my neighbourhood, but he paid no attention to it. The following year, he successfully completed all of the rounds and began his ascent to the rank of IAS officer.

Hard work and careful planning are essential for success. Most people who put in a lot of effort fail because their efforts are not focused in the right way. Additionally, it is ineffective to solely rely on luck to succeed. Your goal should be to succeed in your field of study after putting a lot of effort into it.

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Economic Times

Essay on Hard Work is The Key to Success

“Hard work is the key to success.” This timeless saying holds true in the journey of achieving our goals and dreams. In this essay, we will explore the significance of hard work, supported by evidence, real-life examples, and expert opinions, demonstrating that diligence, perseverance, and dedication are the true keys to success.

Defining Success

Before delving into the role of hard work, let’s define success. Success can take various forms, from excelling in academics and sports to achieving personal goals and making a positive impact on society. Hard work is a common thread in all these pursuits.

Hard Work Leads to Skill Development

One of the fundamental ways hard work contributes to success is by fostering skill development. Whether it’s practicing a musical instrument, honing athletic abilities, or mastering a subject, consistent effort and practice lead to improvement.

The Power of Consistency

Consistency in hard work is a key factor in achieving success. According to experts in various fields, including psychology and education, setting a routine and sticking to it enhances productivity and skill acquisition.

Overcoming Challenges

Success often involves overcoming challenges and obstacles. Hard work equips individuals with the determination and resilience needed to face adversity. The ability to persevere through difficulties is a hallmark of those who ultimately achieve their goals.

Real-Life Examples of Success through Hard Work

Numerous real-life examples illustrate the connection between hard work and success. Take the story of Thomas Edison, who conducted thousands of experiments before inventing the light bulb. His unwavering dedication led to one of the most transformative inventions in history.

Achieving Academic Excellence

In the realm of academics, students who consistently put in the effort, study diligently, and seek to expand their knowledge are more likely to achieve excellence. This dedication leads to better grades, scholarships, and opportunities for higher education.

Success in Sports and Athletics

In sports, athletes who commit themselves to rigorous training, practice tirelessly, and maintain a strong work ethic stand a better chance of reaching the pinnacle of their sport. The stories of Olympic champions and professional athletes attest to this.

Entrepreneurial Success

Entrepreneurs who invest time, effort, and creativity into their ventures are more likely to build successful businesses. The journey of entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk underscores the importance of hard work in innovation and business success.

Expert Opinions

Experts in various fields emphasize the significance of hard work in achieving success. Psychologist Angela Duckworth, known for her research on grit, highlights the role of perseverance in achieving long-term goals. Similarly, motivational speaker Zig Ziglar emphasizes that “you don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

The Road to Personal Fulfillment

Beyond external achievements, hard work also leads to personal fulfillment. When individuals see the results of their efforts and witness their growth and progress, it instills a sense of satisfaction and self-worth.

Conclusion of Essay on Hard Work is The Key to Success

In conclusion, “hard work is the key to success” is a maxim that has stood the test of time for a reason. The evidence is clear: diligence, perseverance, and dedication are essential ingredients in the recipe for success. Whether in academics, sports, entrepreneurship, or personal growth, those who work hard are more likely to achieve their goals, overcome challenges, and find fulfillment along the way. As we navigate our own journeys toward success, we can take inspiration from the stories of achievers who demonstrate that with hard work, the possibilities are limitless.

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Essay on Hard Work for Students in English [Easy Words]

January 13, 2021 by Sandeep

Essay on Hard Work: The basic factor that leads a person to success is undoubtedly hard work. Sitting idle and waiting for the right opportunity to come our way results in no progress. It is only with a lot of hard work that a person can achieve his dreams. We have to maintain consistency in our efforts and never let laziness and boredom replace them. We should work hard to use failure as a stepping stone to success.

Essay on Hard Work 500 Words in English

Below we have provided Hard Work Essay in English, suitable for class 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10.

“I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

You can never reach your aims or goals without working hard. Hard work is defined as putting in maximum effort and showing maximum endurance. It is rightfully said that the only way you can guarantee success in your life is by working hard. It has no other substitute. A person is put on this earth, not merely to survive, but to live. While you live, you develop certain aspirations and dreams. As a human being, one has to be committed to their desires and put hard work in the path to achieving them.

Hard Work is the Key to Success

This is a famous English proverb that holds true since centuries. Success is something that everyone wants, but alas! It is not free. One has to pay the price for it by working hard. You are expected to sacrifice and struggle for success. It is okay to get only a three hour sleep, and it is entirely alright to fail at times. Hard work along the way teaches us the true meaning and value of things. It helps us respect our work and develop many great qualities. But working hard alone does not guarantee your success. You need to have faith in yourself and strong self-belief. We all are bound to fail in something sometime or the other. Don’t fear failure and see yourself climbing the staircase to success faster and faster.

Importance of Hard Work

Hard work is essential to achieve something in life. It is important and holds value because it teaches us discipline, helps us gain a purpose and bestows us with miraculous results. Hard work helps us build discipline in life. A businessman does not become a billionaire overnight. He goes through many trials and errors. It takes years for him to network and builds an empire. He slowly climbs every step of the ladder.

On the way, he learns humility and discipline. This is how he can manage his people effectively. Similarly, you cannot expect an athlete to win an Olympic medal without any practice. They have to learn endurance and resort to training for very long hours. Working hard gives us a purpose in life. It helps us overcome our laziness and procrastinating attitude. We are filled with zeal to fulfil our dreams. We develop patience and start aiming higher with every milestone achieved.

Hard work also helps us get rid of our bad habits and doubts and helps us overcome our failures. The best thing about working hard is that it gives you results. You get to measure your progress at each stage. This helps you persevere and add momentum to your life. Many people simply sit around and wait for good things to happen. But trust me, nothing great can ever come to you if you do not take action. Find strength in yourself and accomplish what you have set out to do.

  • Paragraph Writing
  • Paragraph On Hard Work

Paragraph on Hard Work - Check Samples for 100, 150, 200, 250 Words

Being successful in your career, job, business, etc., needs a lot of hard work. It is impossible to sit and relax, and if you work hard, you will be successful at the end of the day. In simpler words, a person who sits idle gains nothing.

Read through the sample paragraphs on hard work given in the article to learn more about the importance of har work. Furthermore, attempt to write a paragraph on your own.

Table of Contents

Paragraph on hard work in 100 words, paragraph on hard work in 150 words, paragraph on hard work in 200 words, paragraph on hard work in 250 words, frequently asked questions on hard work.

If you have genuinely worked hard, then it will definitely pay off. Being a student, if you have worked hard for your exams and given your best effort. Then you will score higher marks. History has proved that one who works hard will definitely be successful. There might be hurdles and failures in between, but one must not give up and must keep on going. We should emulate great personalities like Edison, who worked day and night for his inventions. The president, prime minister, our teachers, parents, etc., have all worked hard to reach their positions.

Hard work will definitely pay off. History has shown that hard work is an essential part of our lives. Without hard work, there is no success in life. An idle person, who is seen relaxing all the time, can never achieve success. It is impossible to reach the height of success without hard work. People always think of shortcuts, but there is no shortcut in life. Everything depends on hard work and the way you take up things. We have heard the success stories of Edison, Mahatma Gandhi, Isaac Newton, Saina Nehwal, Roger Federer and so on. These people are among the many who have led exemplary lives and have become perfect models of how hard work can bring success. They have also taught the world that challenges and failures are nothing but stepping stones to attaining success and that continuous hard work will definitely pay off at the right time.

It has been proven in history that someone who has truly worked hard will definitely reach the height of success. They might cross the hurdles and face failures but will reach the height. A person who sits back and relaxes throughout the day, thinking of being rich one day, will never be successful. To achieve your dreams, you need to work hard and be determined and focused on your path. A man is like steel; if you use it, then it shines; and if you let it rest, then it rusts. If you have truly worked hard, then it will definitely pay off, and you will definitely enjoy your success. And if you live with your dreams, then you will end up dreaming only. To achieve your goal, you need to be determined and loyal to your work. If you are studying, then you need to be dedicated towards your studies and work hard for higher scores. If you are into a job, then you must be dedicated towards your work. History has proved that hard work definitely pays off.  So, understanding that hard work is the ultimate key to success would be your first step in achieving your goal.

Hard work will undoubtedly pay off. Hard work is a necessary component of our lives, as history has shown. There is no such thing as success in life without hard work. An unproductive individual who is always seen relaxing will never succeed. It is impossible to achieve success without putting in a lot of effort. People are always looking for shortcuts, but there are none in life. Everything hinges on your ability to work hard and how you approach problems. To reach your goals, you must work hard, be determined, and stay focused on your goals. A man is like steel; if it is utilised, it shines; if it is not used, it rusts. If you have truly worked hard, it will certainly pay off, and you will undoubtedly enjoy your success; however, if you live your dreams, you will end up only dreaming. You must be determined and dedicated to your work in order to achieve your goal. If you are studying, you must be committed to your academics and work hard to achieve higher grades; if you are working, you must be committed to your job. Hard labour pays off in the end, as history has shown. We have all heard about the efforts successful people have put in to make a life. A perfect example of this would be A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the Former President of India. He was known to sell newspapers as a child. Look at what he is today. He is called the Missile Man of India. Many like him have become living examples of how even the worst situations can lead you to the best of situations.

Why is hard work important in our lives?

Hard work is essential in someone’s life to reach the height of success. The path to success is definitely difficult, but if you have worked really hard, then you can reach the height of success.

How is hard work beneficial to students?

Not many understand the value of hard work as a student. Working hard can help students score higher grades, which in turn, would benefit their higher studies. Above all this, reaping the fruits of success for all the efforts you have put in would encourage you to set goals and confidently work towards achieving them.

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an essay of hard work

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Student Essays

Essay on Hardwork for Students

Hard Work | Essays & Speeches on Value & Importance of Hard work

The work is the essence of human life. Over the course of time, man kind has been working and struggling hard since the ancient times. The world as we see today, is the result of hard work, dedication and determination of many people. The following Essay & Speeches put emphasis on hard-work its value and importance in our life.

Essay on Hard work | Meaning & Importance of Hard work | Qualities of Hardworking People | Hard work is the Key to Success

Hard work is the pride of successful life. Without hard-work the life stands next to nothing. The world we witness today speaks about the value and importance of hard work for the success and progress of humanity on this planet.

1. Hard work is the Key to Success | Hard work Essay & Paragraph for Students

The hard work is the gateway to success. It has no parallel in human life. It is a common misconception that when you are lucky you don’t need work hard. Whereas, the things are otherwise. The hard work beats the talent. It always pays and never goes unrewarded or in vain.

With consistency, determination, and hard work the success is certain. However, the hard work is always a piece of smart work. They both are same in purpose and meaning. Therefore, working hard smartly is always valued and is important for everyone in life.

The work is the part and parcel of human life. It is the most important reason of human growth, success and development today. The hard work is when we become serious, committed, and dedicated for the achievement of our set goals and tasks. Thereby, it is only with the hard work, we can accomplish our goals, get success and live happily.

Essay on Hardwork for Students

The struggles of hard work never go unrewarded. The success of many famous people and nations around the world, is a living testimony to the fact that the hard work never goes in vain.

Hard work vs Luck

It is a wrong to say that to achieve success and fame one should be lucky enough and the smart work is stronger than hard work. It is always not the fact.

With consistent hard work and commitment, one can beat the talent and become successful. The luck is always on the side of hard working. It is very old saying that God helps those who help themselves. The hard working people are always favored by God. The luck is always with the people who struggle day and night for the achievement of their goals.

Hard Work is Rewarding

The history has told us with many examples that it is the hard work that brings success. The world we live in today is the result of hard work and struggles of many talented people.

The wonders of science today, the development in medicine, health, growth of technology and the current period of Internet is also the result of years of hard work behind. Had there been no struggles and hard working people, we would not be enjoying our lives today.

The hard work has so many benefits in our lives. It makes us goal oriented, successful and straightforward. The hard working people are not lazy and lethargic. They are always in the search of doing something unique and beneficial. They are eager to solve the problems and make lives easier.

Qualities of Hard working People

They are very disciplined, dedicated, caring and kind. Therefore, it is very mandatory that the habit of hard working should be inculcated into the minds of students from the very beginning. They are hard working students who earn rewards, respect and dignity in life.

If we look around the lives of many successful people from every field, we shall find that they worked hard. Our great leaders, scientists, statesmen and successful people, have always spoke in favor of working hard. It is the nature of life that, sometimes, even with hard work, one is unable to get success. In that situation, it is always recommended not to lose heart.

One should keep struggling and keep trying. The success lies in working hard till the achievement of your goals. That’s why the successful people should always be bold, courageous and strong. The mankind is born genius. He should have the confidence and courage in his heart. With the hard work and the smart use of his talent he can do wonders in this world.

The smart work, in essence, is the part of hard work. It is wrong to say that one should do smart work instead of hard work. One can’t be able to do smart work, if he had not done any hard work. There are a few exception, where you can achieve success with little efforts and smart work.

But it is possible only when you have the guidance and mentor ship of your teacher who himself has worked hard. That’s to say, one should work hard and dream big in this life. The success is certain with it.

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2. Speech on Hard Work: Work Hard Dream Big Speech

There no denying the fact that with efficiency, hard work and dedication the success is certain. One can’t claim success on basis of talent and luck alone. The success is the result of years of hard work, consistency, time management, and planning.

These all factors add to the success and development happen in our life. Therefore, by having the talent and luck alone, one can never be successful always. The work is worship. It is the virtue of mankind. A true man can never stay lazy all the time. He finds the goal, makes the planning and prioritizes the goals to make sure the success happen in his life. It is the honor of a dedicated person to work hard.

He finds the true satisfaction of heart and mind while working hard. Surely, the world with all its modern fact, is the result of efforts of hard working people among us. It is wrong to say that with talent you can beat the hard work. The hard and calculated work is the primary ingredient of success. The talent and luck are secondary things.

That’s to say with hard work, time management and smart strategy you can beat the talent. Ultimately, the one who works hard and hustles all the time, stands the winner. It is quite right to state that God helps those who help themselves. The hard working people are therefore, helped by God to make their visions happen.

They work while other sleep. The modern face of world with a lot of facilities that we enjoy, is the result of hard work and struggles made by many successful people. The history is a living chapter. It tells us how the hardworking people like Einstein, Addison, Newton, Stephan Hawking, Alexander and other worked hard and became successful.

They planned their goals, made their priorities and became successful in their visions and goals. No too far, we can find many successful and hardworking people around us even today. The hard working people are always courageous, kind and of good character. They always aspire to solve the problems to make life easier. They are helpful, cooperative and caring. They understand the problem and work hard to bring a solution.

The hardworking nations are the most successful nations of today. Therefore, the hard work should be prioritized from the very beginning. The students need to understand the importance of hard work for their lives, career choice and future goals. It should be our collective concern that we must think out the ways to stay motivated and hard working.

Therefore, it is extremely important for us to work hard, to struggle day and night to achieve our goals and commitment. Because, the hard work has honor, dignity and national pride

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3. 10 Lines & More Sentences Essay Hard Work For Children

  • The hard work is the first condition of getting success and achieve our life goals.
  • The hard work has many benefits including success, growth and earn respect in our life.
  • The student who work really hard, become successful in their life goals.
  • The hard working students are punctual, dedicated, committed and careful.
  • They follow the discipline, have time management and are sincere with their goals.
  • The modern world that we see today with a lot of development is because of hard work and dedication of people.
  • History tells us the successes of hardworking nation who overpowered the lazy and insincere nations.
  • The success has a single door that is unlocked only with the key of hard work only.
  • Therefore, the hard work should be made a habit of students in early life.
  • It is important that the students should be dedicated, sincere, punctual and hard working to their goals.

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The Measure Of Success: Luck Or Hard Work

The Measure Of Success: Luck Or Hard Work essay

  • Fate may make one feel that there is supreme energy that is remunerating us. Such kind of thoughts provokes us to even work hard.
  • By working hard we get a sense of peculiar gratification but luck feels like a reward.
  • Sometimes luck may help us to get a chance to achieve success but to keep that success we need to work hard.
  • The success achieved through luck is short term but when it is achieved through hard work it is for a lifetime. Luck may help you to achieve the first level but it's the hard work which helps get you to acquire the last level and may guarantee you a successful career.
  • Luck is unfavourable and absolute. But hard work is relative. We don't know whether we are going to born rich or poor, but working hard is always in our favour. Many people born poor has set an example by being successful like Tata, Birla, Ambani and many more.
  • Whenever we look at a victorious person we call them fortunate enough, but how can someone be lucky all the time. Luck can bring success for once, but it's their perseverance and dedication which brings them true success.
  • When people are not focused they are not determined to work hard and then they rely totally on fate and shows no dedication towards their work. Hard work requires focus and dedication which people lack. Hard work without focus heads to not so good performance with so many ups and downs. It doesn't deliver a consistently advancing performance. So commitment is key to success.
  • People who are more successful as compared to you doesn't mean they have some extra brain or talent. They are as equally talented as you, the only thing they did differently is they never underestimated their talent and worked in the right direction with full attention and have not rested until they achieve success.
  • One should not believe in hard work, because it may have only a 1% chance to win and remaining chances of failure. Luck doesn't exist. Success never comes to you unless you put your efforts to achieve it. No one gets success served on their plates. Luck only supports them who have an inherent desire to succeed.
  • Self-belief and motivation is another way to get success. You have to recognize your inner strength and work for it. Success will be on your knees.

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Essay on Importance of Hard Work

Students are often asked to write an essay on Importance of Hard Work in their schools and colleges. And if you’re also looking for the same, we have created 100-word, 250-word, and 500-word essays on the topic.

Let’s take a look…

100 Words Essay on Importance of Hard Work


Hard work is a fundamental aspect of life. It’s the key to success and personal growth.

Value of Hard Work

Hard work helps us achieve our goals. It teaches us discipline, dedication, and determination.

Hard Work and Success

Success is not possible without hard work. It’s the effort we put in that leads to achievements.

In conclusion, hard work is crucial. It shapes our character and leads us to success.

250 Words Essay on Importance of Hard Work

The concept of hard work.

Hard work, a concept often lauded as the cornerstone of success, is a principle that transcends cultural, societal, and professional boundaries. It’s an intrinsic commitment to a task or goal, irrespective of its complexity, that ultimately leads to achievement.

The connection between hard work and success is undeniable. It’s a universal truth that without diligence and perseverance, success remains elusive. The journey to success is often fraught with obstacles, but it’s the sheer grit and determination that helps us overcome these hurdles.

The Role of Hard Work in Personal Development

Hard work is not just about professional achievements; it also plays a pivotal role in personal development. It instills discipline, perseverance, and a sense of responsibility, creating a well-rounded individual.

Hard Work vs. Luck

While some attribute success to luck, it’s important to understand that luck often favors the hardworking. Consistent effort increases the likelihood of encountering opportunities, thus augmenting the chances of success.

The Balance Between Hard Work and Smart Work

In today’s fast-paced world, the concept of hard work has evolved. It’s not just about the hours put into work, but also about working smartly. Strategic planning, efficient time management, and effective use of resources are as crucial as hard work.

In conclusion, hard work is an indispensable element in the journey towards success. It’s the fuel that drives personal growth and paves the way for accomplishments. However, it’s equally important to adapt to the changing dynamics and incorporate smart work into our routines.

500 Words Essay on Importance of Hard Work

The essence of hard work.

Hard work is often viewed as the persistent, diligent effort one puts into a task or objective. It is the exertion of physical or mental effort to complete a goal, often over an extended period. However, hard work transcends mere physical or mental exertion. It is a mindset, a philosophy that embraces challenges, perseveres through adversity, and continually strives for improvement. It is a commitment to oneself and one’s goals, a testament to one’s character and resolve.

The correlation between hard work and success is undeniable. Many of the world’s most successful individuals attribute their accomplishments to hard work above all else. It is the driving force behind every achievement, the backbone of every success story. It is the grit and determination that fuels innovation, the resilience that overcomes obstacles, and the discipline that fosters growth.

Hard Work in the Context of Education

In an academic setting, hard work is equally crucial. It is the key to mastering complex concepts, developing critical thinking skills, and achieving academic success. Students who work hard develop a strong work ethic, a skill that transcends the confines of the classroom and proves invaluable in the professional world.

Hard work in education is not merely about achieving good grades. It is about the pursuit of knowledge, the desire to understand, and the commitment to learning. It is about challenging oneself, pushing one’s boundaries, and continually striving for improvement.

If you’re looking for more, here are essays on other interesting topics:

Apart from these, you can look at all the essays by clicking here .

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an essay of hard work

He never saw himself as disadvantaged. Then the government had him write an essay.

It had never occurred to Curtis Joachim to blame racism for his professional setbacks until an SBA application forced him to think differently about his life.

an essay of hard work

Curtis Joachim sat at his computer, searching for the words to prove his disadvantage.

It was summer 2023, and a federal judge had just ruled that a government program for minority contractors could no longer automatically accept participants like Joachim. For the first time in the program’s 45-year history, simply being Black was not enough to qualify as “socially disadvantaged” — a key requirement to receive set-asides for lucrative government contracts. Now Joachim, an accountant, had to document his struggles.

He had to write an essay.

So Joachim began examining his life through the prism of disadvantage. It was new terrain for the 56-year-old Marine Corps veteran and longtime entrepreneur, a man who had instinctively equated success with merit.

As he sat down to write, he thought about his many setbacks: the missed promotions, the bankruptcies, the second jobs he took to make ends meet. No matter how hard he had worked, he now realized, there had always been some resistance, almost like an “invisible force” holding him back.

And then it struck him: “It could have been different if I was not a Black man.”

Joachim was writing the essay because of a decision several weeks earlier by a federal judge in Tennessee. A White woman had challenged the Small Business Administration’s 8(a) Business Development program , one of the government’s defining affirmative action programs, which certifies businesses as “disadvantaged” so they can pursue federal contracts set aside for minority-owned businesses. Last year, more than a dozen agencies disbursed $24.4 billion through the 8(a) pipeline.

Joachim said the program changed the course of his life, allowing him to win more than $32 million in accounting and auditing contracts over the past decade from the departments of Housing and Urban Development, and Transportation, among others. The experience gave him the foundation to pursue other government work and increase his staff to 15.

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Some Massachusetts towns are trying to say goodbye to tobacco — forever

George Stephanopoulos caught on camera expressing doubts about Biden

George Stephanopoulos caught on camera expressing doubts about Biden

Remember the Alamo? Rehab of battle site is latest front in culture war.

Remember the Alamo? Rehab of battle site is latest front in culture war.

Why heat leads to headaches — and how to avoid them

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The unspoken rules of sharing passwords with your partner

The unspoken rules of sharing passwords with your partner

But now, the judge said, the program could no longer admit applicants based solely on their racial identity. Instead, every applicant would have to offer a narrative of disadvantage, one that demonstrated how their identity set them back.

Since last June, when the U.S. Supreme Court struck down race-based college admissions at Harvard University and the University of North Carolina, the nation’s most selective universities have been forced to undergo a similar transformation. Applicants can no longer expect special consideration on the basis of their race, though they can use their personal essays to discuss how race has shaped their experiences .

The Harvard-UNC decision touched off a broader shift in the way institutions approach diversity . In the corporate world and government contracting, as well as higher education, explicit preferences for people of certain races or ethnicities are giving way to processes that focus on the totality of an applicant’s character, said David Glasgow, executive director of the Meltzer Center for Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging at New York University.

Glasgow said he expects to “see more of that kind of individualized essay-based assessment, in part because the Supreme Court has foreclosed the more direct demographic approaches.”

For the 4,800 businesses that participate in the 8(a) program, the court ruling last July touched off a frenzy. The SBA trained additional staff to review the essays that were now pouring in from participants. Lawyers hired by applicants to help complete their narratives said the process sowed confusion — and dredged up past trauma.

Nicole Pottroff, a partner at the law firm Koprince McCall Pottroff, said many applicants drew upon such severe experiences as “sexual harassment, blatant racism — things that were very hurtful to the individual telling the story.”

“Most of this is painful,” Pottroff said. “They’re hoping to repress a lot of these memories.”

In his essay, Joachim needed to describe two episodes when he experienced discrimination to establish what the SBA called “chronic and substantial social disadvantage.” Pottroff worked with Joachim to identify the incidents, which could have taken place during his education, his employment or in his business history.

He chose to write about his time in the military.

Joachim wrote that he had been a “Poster Marine” who spit shined his boots every night, kept his hair “high and tight,” and earned his sergeant’s stripes in just under three years — it typically takes four to five — while attending college at night and competing as a power weightlifter. He had been named Marine of the Month, then Service Member of the Year, the essay said.

None of it was enough to qualify him for the officers training program, which would have provided him with a college education and propelled him into the commissioned officer ranks. Instead, he wrote, a White Marine had been selected.

“It was my lifelong dream to be a Marine Officer,” he wrote, “but that dream was crushed because of the color of my skin.”

For his second incident, Joachim wrote about how, about a decade later after discharge, he repeatedly had been passed over for promotions while working as a civilian with the U.S. Army Audit Agency in Germany. White peers moved to bigger roles, he wrote, even though he was sure he performed better.

“Given my success and incredibly (nearly excessive) hard work — race again was the only ‘advantage’ they all had over me at that time,” he wrote. “And apparently that was a significant enough ‘advantage’ to promote them three years before me.”

Joachim had not always seen things this way. It had not occurred to him to blame racism when he was rejected for the officers training program or missed out on promotions.

“I never saw myself as disadvantaged,” he said. “To me, it was America. You roll your sleeves up and you work hard, and you get there.”

But writing the essay forced him to examine his life through a different lens. He found the idea that his skin color may have contributed to his many setbacks upsetting. It upended his belief that success was just a matter of hard work and perseverance.

The anecdotes in his essay, he wrote, “are just the tip of the iceberg as to the racism and social disadvantage I have faced in this country from the early days of my youth, through my education and career, and through my business history.”

A hard charger

Joachim was 15 when he first landed in the United States in 1984, traveling from Dominica with five siblings to reunite with their father in Brooklyn. Any fears he had about his new country were quickly overtaken by excitement and the sense of limitless possibility it could bring. Because he wasn’t yet a U.S. citizen and college was out of reach, Joachim enlisted in the Marine Corps.

Friends who served with Joachim at Camp Lejeune, N.C., described him as a “hard charger” and a “Marine’s Marine.”

“He was always number one,” said Wayne Jackson, one of Joachim’s roommates. “He was the rabbit that everybody chased.”

Jackson, who is Black, said racism was a “reality” in the Marines when he served, though he believes the branch has since made progress. Another roommate, Jimmy Tran, agreed, noting that his peers often ribbed him about his Vietnamese heritage.

Still, both said making the leap from enlisted man to officer would have been difficult for anyone, no matter how talented. And Joachim faced an especially big hurdle, they said, because he did not have a college degree at the time.

By 1995, having received his U.S. citizenship in the military, Joachim decided to return to civilian life. He sold perfume, first in Virginia Beach and then in Mobile, Ala., for a multilevel marketing company but went bankrupt after his operation collapsed. He worked at a fast-food chain while also loading trucks at a Coca-Cola warehouse.

In all of his endeavors, Joachim was intent on becoming “financially free” and going into business for himself, said his ex-wife, April Joachim.

He got a step closer to that goal in 1998, when he earned a business administration degree from the University of Dubuque in Iowa and went straight to work for the Army Audit Agency in Germany. Though he eventually was made a supervisor and led teams that audited the efficiency of military supply routes during conflicts in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq, his career plateaued.

In 2004, his work with the audit agency took him to Fort Monroe, Va., where he began selling homes on the side. Taking his cues from Robert Kiyosaki, the real estate guru known for his get-rich-quick seminars , Joachim decided it was time to work for himself. He resigned from the Army Audit Agency and started his own accounting firm, as well as a mortgage company.

Then in 2008, the housing market crashed, ushering in the Great Recession. With his business underwater, Joachim filed for bankruptcy. He managed to find some accounting work for struggling small businesses, while also stocking shelves overnight at Walmart.

As the economy began to recover, Joachim found work for a contractor serving the U.S. Coast Guard, which eventually awarded him a subcontract. It was the break he needed, the launchpad to qualify for the 8(a) program, which “put me in a position to compete” by giving him access to the initial contracts he would need to build credibility with government agencies and fellow contractors, he said.

Suddenly contracts were easier to come by. His accounting firm, the Joachim Group, flourished. He settled on 10 acres in Southern Virginia and sent his son and daughter to college.

In his essay, Joachim reflected on that turnaround.

“The 8(a) Program is one of the only things in my life that has even remotely worked to begin to level the playing field for me as a man in a historically white man’s business world,” he wrote.

Affirmative action programs like 8(a) were designed to recognize past discrimination and “try to make up for that in some ways — without sticking it in your face,” he said. But the process of writing the essay — of having to relive those painful experiences — “forces you to focus on that and think of yourself as a second-class citizen.”

Five days after submitting his essay last August, the SBA accepted it, allowing Joachim to remain in the program for a 10th and final year.

Last month, he “graduated” from 8(a). From now on, the government will no longer classify him as “disadvantaged.”

Now, it’s “sink or swim,” he said. “And, by golly, we’re going to swim.”

an essay of hard work

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Work friends can be hard to find. How to combat loneliness in the workplace


FILE - People work at the Yelp office in San Francisco on Feb. 14, 2023. Remote work has intensified loneliness in the workplace. Experts say friendships and a sense of belonging are vital to employees’ happiness. And also to companies’ success. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu, File)

  • Copy Link copied

Twice each month, executives at the dating app company Hinge gather for a team meeting. But rather than dive into discussions about metrics or revenue, they begin by simply talking.

For the first 30 minutes of the two-hour meeting, these coworkers reveal hopes and anxieties — what they worry about, what they’re grateful for, what they’re feeling. Even at a company focused on connecting people, forging real relationships in the workplace takes effort, Hinge CEO Justin McLeod told an audience at the South by Southwest conference earlier this year. He was co-presenting at the event with Ann Shoket, whose initiative to combat workplace loneliness is called “10 Minutes to Togetherness.”

As America navigates what Surgeon General Vivek Murthy described last year as a loneliness epidemic, employers and employees across the country are trying to address what for many people is a lack of real friendships at work.

Remote meetings of `little heads in squares’

The problem of loneliness has been bubbling for decades; Robert D. Putnam documented it in his groundbreaking book “Bowling Alone” nearly a quarter-century ago. Remote work has only intensified the problem, for extroverts and introverts alike, says leadership expert Michael Bungay Stanier, author of “How to Work with (Almost) Anyone.”


“People have this desire to be seen and be heard,” Bungay Stanier says, but on video calls, the group gets right to the business at hand rather than having the natural, informal interactions of a real room. It reduces people to “little heads in squares.”

This article is part of AP’s Be Well coverage, focusing on wellness, fitness, diet and mental health. Read more Be Well.

It’s not easy to talk about this lack of friendship at work “because it feels like a shameful confession,” Bungay Stanier says. But his clients are beginning to bring up the subject.

Awkward as it may be, these are conversations worth having, according to psychology professor Laurie Santos, creator of Yale University’s well-known class “The Science of Well Being.”

At-work friendships are good for employers, too

In her own presentation at South by Southwest earlier this year, Santos cited research that showed workplace friendships and a sense of belonging are vital to employees’ happiness –- and companies’ success.

We assume that friendships at work are “a nice-to-have, not a need-to-have,” she said.

But “maybe one of the reasons we’re all so disengaged at work, maybe one of the reasons ‘quiet quitting’ seems so appealing, is that we’re actively not investing in the thing that might matter the most for our happiness at work, which is our connection with other people,” Santos said.

New spaces, new programs and `casual collisions’

Some large companies began paying more attention to employee health long before the pandemic, often focusing on the physical: adding a gym to the office building or serving healthier food in the cafeteria.

Today, more employers “are not just checking boxes, but actually looking at ways to really enhance people’s health and well-being,” says Suzanne Heidelberger, who has led teams managing real-estate properties for global companies including American Express and Fidelity Investments. She focuses on bringing a hospitality mindset to corporate spaces.

For example, employers might:

— Rethink physical spaces with relationships in mind, she says. Some companies are adding staircases, both to help people get more steps and to encourage the “casual collisions” that can lead to good relationships. Some are trying to transform green rooftops — created to be environmentally friendly — into gathering spaces.

— Create groups and events to help employees find friends who share their interests. “It could even be something goofy, like an ice cream social for dog lovers, where we’re going to teach you how to make healthy ice cream for your dog,” Heidelberger says.

— Offer online gatherings as well. During the pandemic, American Express offered online cooking classes that helped employees feel connected and introduced them to coworkers.

What employees can do

Employees are also seeking answers on their own, notes executive coach Daniel Boscaljon, founder of the Healthy Relationship Academy, which helps organizations build better workplaces.

It’s not always easy: As much as people crave relationships, he says, many lack strong interpersonal skills.

“When you meet somebody with good relationship skills, a lot of times it’s like magic,” Boscaljon says. “People open up, they’ll start to talk, they’ll feel comfortable. Then, sometimes, they’ll have kind of a ‘vulnerability hangover,’ where they’re like, ‘I was too open there. What just happened?’ … People are so unused to it.”

One key, he says, is to work on one’s own well-being. “You can’t have a work personality and a home personality,” he says. “Who you are as a whole person shows up in every place that you’re in.”

Another strategy, according to Bungay Stanier, is to communicate with coworkers about how you can best work together before you dive into a project.

“We’ve all got our small little habits and preferences,” he says. “And we assume what’s normal for us is normal for everyone.”

Raising issues beforehand helps you “avoid making small rips in the fabric of a relationship” that keep people from becoming friends, Bungay Stanier says.

Those inevitable rips are also worth discussing. “The relationships that thrive are ones that get repaired,” he says.

More than anything, remember the importance of everyday greetings at work — even if they make you a bit uncomfortable. A simple hello, Bungay Stanier says, could be the beginning of the end of loneliness.

an essay of hard work

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an essay of hard work

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Jodie Comer Spotted Running Away from Zombies in '28 Years Later' Set Photos with Edvin Ryding

Jodie Comer Spotted Running Away from Zombies in '28 Years Later' Set Photos with Edvin Ryding

Jodie Comer is hard at work on her upcoming movie 28 Years Later and we have so many new photos from set!

The 31-year-old actress was spotted running away from a pack of zombies while filming a scene for the upcoming movie on Tuesday (July 9) in Northumberland, England.

Jodie was joined on set by co-star Edvin Ryding , who appears to be playing some sort of soldier or sniper taking down the zombies. He’s best known for starring in the Netflix series Young Royals .

While the zombies appear to be naked, the extras were all wearing skin-colored underwear to stay modest on set.

The original movie 28 Days Later was released back in 2002 and starred Cillian Murphy as a bicycle courier who woke up from a coma and discovered that zombies had overrun the world following a virus outbreak. Danny Boyle is returning to direct the sequel with a script by original writer Alex Garland .

Cillian is also returning alongside franchise newcomers Aaron Taylor-Johnson , Ralph Fiennes , Jack O’Connell , and Erin Kellyman .

Browse through the gallery for more than 100 photos from the set of 28 Years Later…

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The Power of Hard Work and Dedication

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Defining hard work and dedication, overcoming challenges, impact on character.

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