Brings your Twitter into Web3 with RSS3's power!

RSS3 team is about to announce the support of link your own Twitter account into aka Web3 Pass. This is a huge leap and we will see how things going in the future.

Some tutorials that you need:
1, A Brief Guide for Web3 Pass
2, Brings your Twitter into Web3 with RSS3's power

Starting today, we are inviting beta version users of this feature from the entire community. Please fill in the relevant information in our form, and we will send a certain number of $PASS test tokens every week for users to test. One invited address will receive 1 $PASS test token.

Note: Not every applicant will receive $PASS test token. We will distribute them randomly.

The distribution cycle of the beta version $PASS test token: This round of the list is closed every Wednesday, and the $PASS token will be issued within one week after screening. The next round of roster registration is reopened every Thursday. We will make an announcement after the closed beta activity ends.

Important: Please make sure that the Messages function of your Twitter account is ON, indicating that we will confirm the Ethereum address with the Twitter account before issuing the $PASS test token.

Application form: