If you are interested in Web3.0 related projects, come and apply to join our RSS3 volunteer team! Now the application channel is open!

Application Link:https : //forms.gle/YsMPaiTkELcdbM8V9

⌚️ Required time:

10 hours/week at least

🎁 What could you get from the volunteer team:

  1. You will get exclusive reward of RSS3, which is currently the PASS test token that can be claimed for your RNS.
  2. For some wonderful activities, we will provide corresponding rewards based on the level of feedback from the activity, such as exclusive NFT or other rewards.
  3. Become an experienced user of the latest products of RSS3 and get rewards from product feedback and suggestions.
  4. Maintain high-frequency communication with the core team to obtain first-hand information from the community.
  5. Get some physical gifts, such as badges, canvas bags, T-shirts, stickers...

We welcome anyone to apply to become a volunteer in our community. You can have different skills and interests. We will give priority to the following roles:
1. Community leaders: You can introduce community leaders about blockchain, web3.0 and decentralized projects to the community.
2. Active community members: full of enthusiasm and willing to answer community members’ questions about RSS3 related products. Users of heavy products (such as Web3 Pass) are preferred.
3. Users of social media such as Twitter, Reddit, and WeChat can help us communicate the value of RSS3 in the wider community.
4. Testers and developers: Testers and developers who can help improve the user experience of RSS3 and help find bugs in development. We have open sourced it! We welcome you to develop related technical projects and plug-ins on our ecosystem.
5. Content creators: People who like to write text/video tutorials and share them with the community.

If you do not meet our publicly required role, we will encourage you to apply for the program and tell us more details:)

How RSS3 community volunteers can help

As a volunteer in the RSS3 community, we believe that you are the person who most hopes for the success of community growth and brand communication. RSS3 is developing very fast. You are the community member closest to the core members of the team and get first-hand information.

As a community volunteer, you are the most important communication force in the community. We hope you are neutral, principled, and someone who can positively influence the RSS3 community.

Our volunteers will serve different roles. In this process, everyone is an important role. We expect you as an independent individual to bring different colors to the community. We think that as a volunteer, some of the functions you can help us include:

  1. Produce/translate tutorials/experience sharing content for RSS3 related products or protocols, including articles, videos, and meme. Welcome to invite excellent authors/translators to post content on our community blog .
  2. Maintain high-frequency communication with RSS3 team members and community members, become a bridge of communication in the community. Willing to solve problems raised by the community.
  3. Repost/retweet the latest announcements and high-quality content of RSS3 on various social media to let more people know our progress!
  4. Developers are welcome to give feedback on the product and create more useful/interesting products in the RSS3 ecology.

If you have other ideas, please describe in your application form!

Final words

We already feel the enthusiasm of the community for us! We will not reply to all applicants, but we will definitely look at the content of each applicant carefully. Once you become the one who stands out, we will contact you via email as soon as possible and arrange an interview. If they pass the 2-week observation period, we will formally invite them to become community volunteers of RSS3 and start the corresponding reward phase.

We welcome people from different backgrounds to apply for our project, and I believe everyone will like this trip. Thank you so much for reading here!

Application link:https://forms.gle/YsMPaiTkELcdbM8V9

About RSS3:

Website: https://rss3.io

Web3Pass: https://rss3.bio

Twitter: https://twitter.com/rss3_

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