📝 Intro

As we move from Web1 to Web3, innovation is bringing different changes to our lives beyond technology. We are witnesses and builders of its endless fascination and possibilities. Once such results are seen and recognized by the public, the prosperity and dynamism of the new Internet revolution will reach many more people.

Today, RSS3 invites our community to give full play to their imagination and express their visions and expectations of the web3 world in the form of artistic creations - now we launch the RSS3 Meme Competition.

We look forward to interacting with the RSS3 Meme Competition on an infinite number of topics.

 🎢 Let The RSS3 Meme Competition Begin  🎢

Starting: April 30th, 2022

Due: Memes must be created, posted on social media, and submitted via this form by May 18th, 2022. We will stop receiving form submissions at 00:00 on 19 May 2022(UTC). Once you have completed your meme, welcome to submit it via the form at any time between 2022.4.30 - 2022.5.18.

Winners announced: May 23th, 2022

✅ About Rules

📝 How to submit my meme?

1. Find an image to use as a meme (tip1tip2), or make a special one by yourself

2. Incorporate something fun surrounding RSS3 or Web3

3. Tweet your meme on your Twitter account, tag @RSS3_, and use the hashtag #RSS3Meme

4. Fill out this form and No more than 5 submissions per person

5. Sharing  the twitter links of your meme on Discord or Telegram is super encouraged

6. Precautions:

  • No NSFW (not safe for work) memes - containing pornographic, offensive, or other content unsuitable for viewing at work or in public places
  • Meme creators are responsible for ensuring they don’t violate anyone’s intellectual property (i.e.: trademarks, copyright, licensed creative works)
  • No references to the price of RSS3 or any other kinds of price talk or speculation
  • The meme work format must meet: JPG\PNG or APNG; less than 1024KB

📌Memes  judged

Memes will be judged by:

  • Community Voting

We will have a dedicated voting channel on Discord, which can only be used for voting on meme entries. We will number the entries in order of submission and post them in order to the voting channel. When the voting period starts, voters could respond to the corresponding entries with emojis according to the rules (e.g. ✅, stay tuned for details of the rules to follow). The final result will be determined by the number of emojis the entry receives as specified in the rules.

🧑 Winners announced

Winners will be chosen based on:

  • Sense of humor
  • Quality of the meme
  • The social impact of the meme
  • Message conveyed
  • Originality

🎁About Prizes

Each winner will receive one Genesis RSS3 Avatar NFT(Fruit Gang), and $2000 equivalent of $RSS3 as a total token reward for distribution. The details are as follows:

🥇 First Prize (1 winner) - The Genesis RSS3 Avatar NFT*1 & 350 $RSS3*1

🥈 Second Prize (5 winners) - The Genesis RSS3 Avatar NFT*1 & 150 $RSS3*1 for each winner

🥉 Third Prize (10 winners) - The Genesis RSS3 Avatar NFT*1 & 50 $RSS3*1 for each winner

🏅Special Awards- The Genesis RSS3 Avatar NFT*1 & 100  $RSS3*1 for each winner

  • Best Creative (1 winner)
  • Most Popular  (1 winner)
  • Most Boring  (1 winner)
  • Most Confusing (1 winner)

💭 About  Inspiration

                  🏆 Submit Your Memes!

Good luck to you all!

Looking forward to great creations from all participants!