Dear RSS3 community,

We are at the very beginning of Web3.0. If we take a long time to look at it, i believe that we are also in one of the fastest development stages. Joshua previously said

RSS3 is destined to become the indexer for any cyber persona, and we are adding verification and indexing modules to the protocol.

in The Big Update and Web3 Pass. And at the same time, also introduced OneSign, the new signing architecture in Web3.0 and the Web 3 Pass.

After the launch of new features and products, we have received many feedback from community members, including their imaginations about the future of these products/functions. And you who are reading this article, there must be some Web3.0 moments worth remembering.

We hope that more community members can share their experiences in the Web3.0 world. What unforgettable experience did you encounter in the process of exploring, what product made you feel amazing, and what's your "Aha" moment?

We want to collect all the community sharing about Web3.0 on Welcome to join your Web3.0 moment with us.

Contributors can get:

We will sent one $PASS test token to the successful contributors as the first step to create their Web3 Pass account. This $PASS allows users to obtain their own unique domain name in Web3.0, and will become the most commonly used in the future Social page.

We are currently unable to promise other rewards than this.

Content requirements:

Including but not limited: Web3.0 or RSS3 related product experience, user experience, usage tutorials, operation suggestions or future imaginations.

How to become a contributor:

You can apply to become a contributor to, please email [email protected] to process your application.  


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