June marks a month of significant progress in the RSS3 ecosystem. Although the blockchain space has been quieter than usual, our developers kept their heads down and continued to produce at a staggering pace. We have been super busy building to solve the core technical and adoption challenges for the RSS3 network. Development has steadily continued over the last month as we approached the launch of our new infrastructure blockchain Crossbell, a major refresh of our official website RSS3.io, and our new API, the RSS3 PreGod.

RSS3 Technical Update

Crossbell and Cross Sync

We have launched the EVM-compatible blockchain Crossbell as a major infrastructure for the decentralized social interactions ecosystem. Crossbell is a fast and low-cost blockchain with a set of built-in smart contract that enables users to truly own and monetize their social activities. The activities on a Crossbell profile can be traced and distributed by the RSS3 protocol like other Web3 activities.

Crossbell recognizes the need for information interoperability between Web2 and Web3 space at this stage, and that is exactly why we launch Cross Sync to sync and own your future Twitter posts on Crossbell to expand the adoption of RSS3.

Try minting your unique Web3 identity on Crossbell and sync your Twitter account now.

  1. Go to https://crossbell.io/docs/create
  2. Get some free $CSB from the Crossbell Faucet
  3. Download the Cross Sync web browser plug-in on https://crosssync.app/
  4. Tweet and sync.

Learn more about Crossbell on Twitter, Crossbell Docs and GitHub.

RSS3  PreGod API

This month we have released PreGod, the new API of the RSS3 protocol. It marks a technical and adoption milestone towards our ultimate goal. Our protocol is of course the key, but so is the adoption of the protocol. We expect the decentralized applications powered by RSS3 to be the real stars of the show. That is why the new RSS3 PreGod API provides a set of free and simple-to-use APIs to access the feed of Web3, that aims to support developers to build dapps in their own vision and efforts.

The current stable version is v0.4.0, developers can try it out in our API playground with the source code available on GitHub. Our tech team is still improving the PreGod API to provide the feed with more granularity and flexibility in the next v1.0.0 version. We have recently concluded the R&D process, and PreGod v1.0.0 is being tested internally, and we expect it to be ready for release in a week or so. We are excited to see the positive impact of this new API.

Learn more about RSS3 PreGod API on Docs and Dev Log.

Refresh Look of RSS3.io

This month we launch the new look of our website. Users can now enter any address/ENS and get a feed of its activities at a single click. It is a demonstration of how the RSS3 protocol can automatically aggregate Web3 information from different web3 data sources and generate a human-readable content feed of that address in an instant.

RSS3.io as a more colorful and interoperable Etherscan

Users can use our new website as a more colorful and interoperable Etherscan, that supports multiple data sources other than Ethereum, while NFTs-related activities also feature the exact image and collection information of the NFT. RSS3.io also provides filters for different activities, including Tokens, NFTs, Gitcoin Donations, and Posts.

Content relocation

As the RSS3.io page now functions as a Web3 feed reader, we relocate valuable information to other subdomains of our website.

  • Docs


We moved most of the content from the past RSS3.io here. It is the new directory page to our information and guides.

  • Ecosystem


This page provides detailed information on who is building with RSS3, and also for new builders to join our ecosystem.

  • Dev Log


As you may notice, the RSS3 Tech Weekly is changed to RSS3 Dev Log now.

RSS3 now supports standard RSS output

On June 22, RSS3 founder Joshua gave a keynote speech at the NFTNYC2022 conference "RSS3: NFT Activity Feeds", announcing that RSS3 officially supports the output of the standard version of RSS.

This technical support means that the RSS3 network and service will provide developers and users with outputting subscribed files and streams that conform to the RSS standard.

Users of the original RSS protocol can use the generic content client or content subscriber to cooperate with the RSS3 service.

Standard subscription and browsing of content on the chain also provide more convenience for developers of RSS-related products and developers in the Web3 field in the product development of the concept of "information flow".

RSS3 Community and Adoption Update


We held our very first BUIDLCON event the past month to bring like-minded developers to exchange web3 ideas and build together.

BUIDLCON is a global hackathon event to gather pioneering minds and talented BUIDLer in industry. The event consists of BUIDL Summit hackathon and CON Web3 conference.

At the conference event, speakers from Natural Selection Labs, ChainIDE, CyberConnect, Meson Network, KNN3 Network, SevenX Ventures, Hash Global, Hogwarts Labs, Omniverse DAO, LayerZero Labs, Boot Finance, 101.xyz. had shared different open-source developing tools and ideas of Web3.

“Web3 developers are never alone”, as the founder of RSS3 Joshua stated in the event, Web3 is a community-oriented developing environment, as Web3 developers share resources and infrastructure. Supporting what developers do best is the essence of Web3 development and is what the RSS3 network is dedicated to. In the meantime, numerous hackathon projects of BUIDLCON are still in progress and we are equally excited to see what builders have to offer.


We also prepared  BUIDLCON merchandise for our community, follow us and fill in the form to win free swag.

Learn more about BUIDLCON on Twitter and BUIDLCON.dev

CogX Festival 2022, London

Our Lead Developer Henry spoke about the future of decentralized social media at CogX Festival 2022, one of the largest festivals of the latest tech innovations in the UK.

NFTNYC2022, New York

RSS3 founder Joshua spoke at a panel about how RSS3 feed can be part of NFT innovations at the largest NFT event this June.

Also, Joshua share the topic about RSS3: NFT Activity Feed in New York and also live in rss3’s instagram.

Here is the introduction: https://twitter.com/rss3_/status/1539587499445452800

New Partnership this month: KNN3

This month, RSS3 and KNN3 Network have reached a strategic partnership in the establishment of the Web3 user’s database. KNN3 Network is a Web3 building block and data infrastructure which can be applied in tremendous Web3 native scenarios. By building a KNN3 topological network, KNN3 provides a solution to discover in-depth relationships among multi-blockchain users.

With the support of user footprints integration and data index supplied by RSS3, KNN3 Network converts the footprints into relational connectors and constructs a massive topological graph. This will help KNN3 and other Web3 builders to discover in-depth relationships among multi-blockchain users in return.

Both parties will focus on Web3 feed compostability and relevance. With the seamless synchronization from live blockchains, Web3 builders are able to build their d/Apps with real-time on-chain relationships.

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Weekend Competitions

Do you still remember the Weekend Competitions on the first day this month? Our community become more bigger because of your effort!

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We wish the community happy BUIDLING and look forward to more progress in July!

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