Dear RSS3 Family,

Since the last 200 limited edition POAP event, we felt your enthusiasm for the RSS3 community. That's why we have been preparing for your NFT since that day!

This time, all registered users before the snapshot (1:29AM on November 18, 2021, UTC) can receive the NFT! Whether you have an RNS/PASS or not, this is not our standard for the NFT distribution.

About the issuance of this NFT

This time, we choose to issue NFTs on the Polygon blockchain, and you don't need to spend gas to claim.

This time, we have 8 types of NFT styles, of which the least number is the golden version, which is only available with a probability of one in a thousand.

This time, we will issue an NFT to each address through a random algorithm to all registered users before the snapshot.

About the 8 different NFTs: Part of the Family

Our designers have designed a total of 8 different NFTs for this time. If you finally receive the golden version, congratulations! Obtained the most rare NFT, only one in a thousand probability can be obtained!

The cool version of blue, gray, and white in the first row has a probability of 3.3% for each account user.

Except for the gold version in the second row, the probability of getting other styles is 22.5%.

Which one is your favorite? Share your moment with us!

Regarding the release time

We will issue the NFT to the user's account before the end of this week (that is, November 29). You can check your NFT assets on the Web3 Pass page next Monday.

Hope you can get your favorite RSS3 NFT!  

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