To celebrate the launch of our Footprint section, the RSS3 team is planning to give out the POAPs to early adopters! We have a total of 200 POAPs to claim this time. From our campaign starts, users can log in to their Web3 Pass account to claim.

Important: First come, first served. All users with account qualifies for the claim. Only 200 POAPs.

Start time: GMT (UTC +0), 4 Nov 2021 2:00 PM

How to claim:

  1. Click on and select your wallet address to log in to your account, then you will see the semi-invisible RSS3 POAP in the footprint section.
semi-invisible POAP

Then click the yellow button: Claim it now

2. A pop-up window will appear on the page

Please be patient, the POAP is in mint proceed!

3. Come back in 10 mins, refresh the page, and you will see your RSS3 Fully Supports POAP on your page!

Congratulations! Be one of the users to receive it!

Please watch out for the start time: GMT (UTC +0) 4 Nov 2021 2:00 PM. Good luck 😉!

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