1. The Presention Experience Script (Main Script)

    MainSection:NewButton("Back/Front Flip", "Makes you Back And Front Flip", function()

  2. The Presentation Experience codes (April 2024)

    Here are all the latest The Presentation Experience codes: dodgingcode - Free 50 Gems. 400KLIKES - Free 10 Gems, Points Boost. scaryhalloween2023 - Free 60 Points, 15 Gems. spookpoints ...

  3. The Presentation Experience Wiki

    Welcome to the Presentation Experience Wiki! [] The Presentation Experience Wiki is a community wiki that everybody is allowed to edit about the Roblox experience, "The Presentation Experience"!. Our community has made 2,067 edits, 177 articles and uploaded 382 files in total. We are currently in a major wiki expansion state, so you can help with one simple edit!


    In today's video I use admin commands in roblox presentation experience!USE STAR CODE "JAKE"game:

  5. The Presentation Experience Script May 2024

    The Presentation Experience Script (Auto Farm Points, Walkspeed, Auto Teleport & More) Copy the script below to level up your role-playing game experience. Make sure to use the most effective executor/exploit to make your daily study more fun and exciting. We have a list of available executors here.

  6. The Presentation Experience codes for May 2024

    Here's what you'll need to do: Launch The Presentation Experience in Roblox. Click the button with the three dots near the top left corner of your screen. Image credit: Minimal Games/VG247 ...

  7. Roblox The Presentation Experience Codes

    Active The Presentation Experience Codes. dodgingcode - Enter this code to get 50 Gems. (NEW) 400KLIKES - Enter this code to get 10 Gems and Boost. scaryhalloween2023 - Enter this code to get 60 ...

  8. All The Presentation Experience codes to redeem free gems ...

    The Presentation Experience has plenty of codes for players to use, that can make their lives a lot easier. The Presentation Experience is as it sounds, a Roblox game that reenacts the experience of being in the classroom, with all the stress that entails.. To ease that burden somewhat, the codes below provide useful gems and points in the game, so continue reading to find the full list of up ...

  9. The Presentation Experience codes (September 2023)

    In The Presentation Experience, codes are used to redeem free items. That's the case with most Roblox games, but for this specific title, they grant you access to a bunch of free points. This is an all-important in-game currency used to execute actions. Usually, you're stuck at your desk, unable to walk about or interact with anything.

  10. Roblox The Presentation Experience Codes

    Codes for The Presentation Experience are typically released each time that the experience hits a new like milestone. To stay up to date on these codes, be sure to check back with this article often, join the Minimal Community Discord server, and join the Minimal Games Roblox group. Players who join the Roblox group will also receive a bonus ...


    ⚠️ Warning: Do not download any extensions or anything other than .txt/.lua file, because script will download only in .txt/.lua format or It will redirect you to a pastebin link. 📋 Notice: If you find any of the scripts patched or not working, please report it to Forever4D through Discord. The script will be removed or marked as patched!

  12. Roblox The Presentation Experience codes

    150KLIKES. beatbox — Reward: 30 Points. sus — Reward: 30 Points. Roblox Dragon Soul Codes. Launch The Presentation Experience on your device. Click on the setting icon in the top left corner ...

  13. The Presentation Experience Codes

    The Presentation Experience codes are free rewards given out by the developer that can be redeemed for points and gems. These are the currencies that you let do fun stuff during the class, like shaking the whole place with an earthquake or turning into a helicopter. New codes are released alongside updates, events, and like milestones.

  14. The Presentation Experience codes in May 2024: Free Points & Gems

    In The Presentation Experience, you can get free Gems and Points through redeemable codes, and here are all the latest codes working as of May 2024. While The Presentation Experience is not an action-packed Roblox title such as Last Pirate , Da Hood , and Blox Fruits , one thing they all have in common is the ability to redeem codes.

  15. The Presentation Experience Codes [Homework]

    To redeem codes in Roblox The Presentation Experience, you will just need to follow these steps: Open up Roblox The Presentation Experience on your PC or Mobile device. Tap on the Twitter button at the top of the screen. Copy a code from our list. Paste it into the "Code" textbox.

  16. The Presentation Experience

    The Presentation Experience is a comedy experience developed by Minimal Games where players are in a classroom holding presentations. It is inspired by Impromptu Speech created by the Bohemian composer Jan Hugo Voříšek, but with distractions. Every player sits at their desk as a student. Every 3 or 5 seconds, depending on if they have Roblox Premium, they earn Points that can be used to ...

  17. Roblox The Presentation Experience codes

    Roblox The Presentation Experience is a game on the Roblox platform that lets players take on the role of students in a classroom setting. One or more players give a presentation while the rest of the class tries to disrupt it with silly antics like shouting, partying, and farting. The game offers a fun and entertaining way for players to ...

  18. Roblox

    shoutout to @Yoshiistic for showcasing the purchase of all actions on the presentation experience on Roblox!

  19. The Presentation Experience Wiki

    The Presentation Experience is a game created by Minimal Games on October 18th, 2011. Since then, the game has gotten nearly 262 million visits, as well as 1.21 million favorites and usually 2000 active players as of August 21, 2023. The game is located in a classroom inside a school. The school is located inside a city. In the classroom, there are presentations going on and also homework ...

  20. Roblox: The presentation experience: 5 updates

    I show 5 updates + suggested actions + there is chaosGame link: for the long wait on...