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  • Essay on My School Life in English for Students and Children


Best Things About the School Life for Students

School Life is the best time of our life as we make new friends, learn new things and build our career there. School time is the only time which we enjoy most, and when we enter college, we always miss our school life. School life teaches us lots of new things and prepares us to face all the challenges of life. I love my school life and really enjoy it. I have lots of friends, and all my teachers love me. I love my school and enjoy going there every day to meet my friends and learn new things. 

Everyone keeps on saying that school life is the best time of your life. When listening to these phrases from their elders, the school students think about what is good about this life. All we do in the entire day is to attend the classes and to do the homework. But once school life gets over, the students realise that school life was the best time of their life.

Apart from learning great things in school, you make new friends, play different sports and create memories for the rest of your life. The students also learn many life skills like teamwork, good manners, etc., and understand what they want to become in their life.

About My School and School Life

I study in the reputed private school in my city, and I am glad to be a student of this school. My school is one of the most renowned schools in my town. It is very beautiful and huge. My school has all the facilities for sports, study and other activities. Built-in a three-storey building, it is a Co-Ed and Senior Secondary School having Science, Arts and Commerce stream. The atmosphere at my school is delightful. We have a huge playing ground where we all students play different games like Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, etc. We have a separate Basketball and Tennis court, as well as a small and beautiful garden for kids.

The students practice these sports every day. The school also has a big swimming pool and sports area for indoor games. In this area, the students can play Table Tennis and Chess. There is also a big skating rink. Different physical training teachers train us for all these sports. These sports not only keep us fit but also increase our stamina and coordination.

School life is not just limited to studies and sports. There are also other activity rooms such as the music room, art room, and dance room. The Art room is a big hall with lots of colourful charts and various types of paints. The students can portray their imagination and can create beautiful art here. Dance and music are also very important in school life as they help the students express themselves in a new manner. The different movements in dance help the students in unwinding themselves.

My school has a big library where we all read different kinds of books, novels and comics. Apart from the library, my school has well-equipped scientific labs where we all practise various experiments of Chemistry, Physics and Biology. I have learned a lot of things in these labs. My school also has a big computer lab with trained technical staff that help us to learn everything about computers. I love playing on the computer and learning new things in the computer lab. In the computer lab, the students learn about using MS Word and PowerPoint. The computer lab is also called the ICT lab. The ICT teacher teaches the students about the internet and how to use it safely.

All the staff at my school are very polite, educated and experienced. Our teachers not only teach us but also prepare us for various competitions, and every year, my school wins many prizes in various competitions. I have even represented my school in a hockey championship and scored the second position.

The classrooms are big and decorated beautifully with different artwork done by the students. Various projects and models are kept in the classroom for the students to keep on revising their concepts. The teachers use smartboards, and every day a new word is taught to enhance the students’ vocabulary. Every day one student presents the ‘Thought for the Day’. These positive thoughts keep us motivated.

All the teachers at my school are very dedicated and punctual. They always teach us discipline and ask us to come to school on time. Our teachers love us, and they teach us in a very simple and easy way. Whenever we fail to understand anything, they try to make us understand it again without shouting at us. They give equal attention to all the students, and that is why my school has an excellent academic record. 

The teachers are well qualified. They use different techniques to teach us the concepts. The atmosphere in the school is fun-filled and fruitful at the same time. The school’s entire staff, from the security guard to the teachers, is very helpful and polite.

We learn many life skills also in school. Discipline, hard work, and punctuality are some of them. During sports classes, we learn teamwork and work together to win.

The best part of my school is its auditorium where all the school events and competitions take place. Our school auditorium is one of the best auditoriums in the town with a great sound and light facility. It is fully air-conditioned with lots of seats. Every year, my school organises an annual cultural festival which lasts for two days. Many cultural events take place within these two days like singing, dancing, debate competition, etc. I love to participate in a poem writing competition every year, and many times I have won prizes as well. Every year, the toppers of our school get awarded on this annual cultural day and we all students love to participate in various events of the annual cultural day.

We also have school assemblies in our Auditorium. Sometimes the students from other schools come and participate in the different competitions organised in our schools. These events are called inter-school competitions. These events are very good as we get to learn new things from other students and make many new friends.

Apart from the annual cultural day, my school is famous for organising one of the biggest annual sports meets. I love this annual sports meet because sports are my favourite. In this annual sports meet, various sports competitions are organised, and almost 50 schools participate in these competitions and win multiple titles. Me, my friends, and our seniors also participate in these competitions and make our school proud by winning in them. My school has great teachers, excellent faculty and all the facilities that one student needs to excel in his/her life.

The biggest reason behind the success and fame of my school is our Principal Sir. He is 50 years old, yet very active and disciplined. He has an attractive personality, and his knowledge is commendable. He loves all the students and always spare some time from his busy schedule to monitor the progress of all the students. I admire his personality and principles. He always encourages us to take part in various extracurricular activities, and it is the result of his support & dedication that the students of my school always perform better in all the competitions. We all are fortunate to have him as our Principal.

Principal sir awards the students who participate and win in different cultural and sports events. He has a good memory and remembers the name of every child. The students feel proud when Principal sir calls them by their names.

After each term, assessments are also being conducted in the school. The teachers prepare us for these assessments, and the results are also shared with the parents. The assessment is a good system as students understand the learning gaps and can work on them. The teachers are very helpful as they assist the students wherever it is required.

I love my school and my school life. Every day I learn new things here and enjoy it with my friends. All my teachers love me and always support me. I have learned discipline and punctuality from my teachers, and it will help me a lot in my future. I am proud to be a student at this school, and I will always miss my school after leaving it. My school life has taught me many things and given me some best friends who will be my friends forever. I wish all the success to my school and love everything about my school life. 

The different experiences which the students get in school life help them to become better human beings. When they leave school, they are not just taking the memories with them, but they take many friends, a career and good manners for life. It is the first place where the students come out of their family circles and create a new one with their teachers and friends. 

One should also remember that everyone is not privileged enough to get an education. If one gets this opportunity, then be grateful and work towards being a better human being. Cherish your school life and stay motivated.


FAQs on Essay on My School Life in English for Students and Children

1. Do you think Sports are important during school life?

2. What are life skills learnt during school life?

Some of the Life Skills learnt during school life are:


school life simple essay

My School Life Essay

By Emma bunton

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Essay on my school life – 300 words

School life is one of the most memorable times in an individual’s life. School life is filled with dreams for the future and mysteries to solve. I had a wonderful school life. My school life centered around my friends, gossip, and play. With no real responsibilities, I lived some of the best days of my life in my school life. Although I had several good friends, John and Sara were my best friends. They made my school days even more precious. We were not too brilliant or geniuses. But we were respectful and hardworking. All the teachers adored us.

 In my school days, all I wanted was to grow up and get out into the real world. However, now all I wish is for the good old days to come back. The best memory from my school life was the sharing of our lunches. We used to sit in a big circle in our lunch breaks and place all our lunch boxes inside the circle.  And then what followed was a half-hour full of talking and good food. 

Another precious memory from my school life was all of us playing silly games. We used to play truth and dare right in the middle of our classroom. It used to annoy our class teacher, Miss Priya, a lot. But as long as we were not harming anyone, she was fine with it. We used to find joy in the smallest of things. I remember one day a friend of mine brought mini cupcakes to class one day. That was the best day of my life. Life could not have been any better.

These are some of the dearest memories of my school life. I will cherish these memories for all times to come. I hope everyone’s school days are as joyful and beautiful as mine were.

My School Life Essay – 500 words

Happy memories stay with you forever. They provide the light in your dark days. And what better memories can be than the ones you collect in your school life. School life is one of the best times in one’s life. It largely impacts students. What we become in the future is based largely on how we are brought up in our school days. It is the golden opportunity for character building and learning.

In our school days, we learn to have self-confidence, motivation, and the will that will help us achieve greater things for the rest of our lives. School life blesses you with memories and friends that will stay with you for all times to come. As for me, my school life holds the fondest memories of my entire life. The friendship that I made in my school days have remained strong, honest, and sincere to date. My school life is an invaluable treasure that I will cherish forever.

I clearly remember the first day at my school. I was so scared and full of uncertainty. I joined school quite late in my life due to health problems. I felt like an outsider. I was afraid that my classmates would not approve of me. However, all the students and teachers went out of there to prove me wrong. I can still remember how everyone clapped when our headmaster introduced me to the rest of the class. At that particular moment, I should have understood that this was the start of some of the best years of my life.

I was groomed under the company of some of the greatest teachers in the world. They did not just teach me to excel in my academics. But they worked tirelessly to ensure that I build a strong moral character and a good attitude. I can say for a fact that my teachers have played the biggest part in my upbringing after my parents. They taught me the value of honesty, loyalty, and respect for others.

My class teacher, Mr. John, was the greatest man in the world. He treated all of us with love and equal respect. He did not believe in punishments at all. Instead, he used to make us do charity work or help around the local community center as a form of detention. I wish that every student would get the chance to come across a kind and loving teacher like Mr. John.

I was not perfect at all. I committed a lot of mistakes and blunders in my school life. Fortunately, my friends and teachers were always there to rescue me. My school life makes me realize how important it is to enjoy it like there is no tomorrow. School days are the best days of one’s life. They are filled with excitement, happiness, and dreams for the future. I believe that everything which I learned in my school life has molded me into the person I am today. If it was not for my teachers and friends at school, I would have been a completely different person.

Essay on my school life – 650 words


School life is one of the most important character-building phases in one’s life. It prepares us for the challenges ahead. Once we are out into the real world, the bubble that surrounded us in our school life bursts open. We are exposed to real-life challenges and situations. Everything that we have learned in our school days, including the fundamental principles of life will help us stand strong against whatever life throws at us.

Not only is school life a very important character builder, but it is also the happiest time of one’s life for most of us. With no real responsibilities, school life is all about fun and living the best days of your life. Most of us will agree with the fact that the mere reminder of our school days fills us with nostalgic memories of the happier days gone by.

My School Life

I studied in a local Catholic School. Our classes would begin at sharp 9:00 in the morning. The classes used to extend till 2:00 with an hour in between lunch break. We used to have about 4 to 5 classes a day depending on the time each class lasted. Our school put a huge focus on extracurricular activities. They made sure that all of us participated in one way or the other. It used to host debate competitions, spelling bees, cultural shows, and sports tournaments. Simply put, our school gave as much importance to extracurricular activities as it gave to studies.

I was a very bright and hardworking student. I used to participate in all sorts of tournaments and competitions that my school held. I was the captain of our soccer team. I also lead my team into the inter-school soccer tournament. I loved being a part of everything. And it paid a lot in the long run. Not only did it make my school life awesome, but it also paved the way for an Ivy League scholarship.

My school used to celebrate all the important days that came along. Be it Parent’s day, Teacher’s day, or Founder’s Day, we celebrated all of them joyously. This offered a great opportunity to instill the importance of these particular days in the student’s minds. To date, I celebrate all these individual days with my friends and family. Therefore, my school played a huge role in developing my character.

Coming to academics, my school gave it the utmost importance. Along with regular classes, my school held monthly tests and quarterly quizzes to ensure that we excelled in our final exams. If any of the students fared badly, extra classes were held for them. My school did not believe in punishing the students who fared badly in academics. The motto of my school was to teach with love. Anything that was taught with love is always remembered.

The hallmarks of my school were discipline, honesty, and respect. My school put a lot of emphasis on building the individual character of the students along with giving them a quality education. I can proudly say that I still abide by all the values which my school instilled in me. I learned to live my life abiding by the basic values of humankind. The basic values included respect for the elders, punctuality, discipline, good manners, and honesty.

The friends that one makes in his school days last forever. I made some of the greatest friendships in my school days. Full of loyalty, sincerity, and love, my school life friends have stood by my side for the rest of my life. I can honestly say that my school days were the best days of my life.


My Hobby Essay Best Wishes on Exam My School Essay Essay on My Best Friend Air Pollution Essay

I am proud to have been a part of such a wonderful and worthy institution. My school made me a better person today with greater self-control and the ability to withstand all of life’s challenges. Even after all these years, the memory of my school life brings a big smile to my face. It fills me with happy and precious memories that will stay with me forever.

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Student Essays

My school life days and memories

11 Essays on My School Life [ School Memories, Childhood, School Life ]

My school life memories and years essay, speech and paragraph. The essay includes primary, high school and college life memories, experiences, feelings and joys, first day and last of school life. The essay is for all 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,11 and 12 classes.

School Life Essay | Experiences, Joys, Memories, Achievements

The school life is the wonderful period of our life. Apart from getting education, the students learns  a lot of things from the school environment including; patience, sincerity, loyalty, sincerity, friendship, discipline etc. The school is really an unforgettable account of our experiences

1. Essay on My School Life Days, Experiences and Joys

Memories are the part and parcel of every one’s life. A man always remembers the good days he has passed. There are some good memories and some bad memories in life.

The good memories are the good experiences one gets in one’s life. The good memories includes; school life memories including primary, high school, college and university life memories. The memories of school life period, are definitely the treasure to cherish for the rest of your life. The school continuously plays and effective role in our later life period.

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The school life is the best life. A man, who has been the student, knows what school life is. The school life is the golden time period of learning. It truly impacts the life of students . The importance of school life can never be negated. The school life is important for children as well as for the grown up students alike.

We get good learning experience, the self confidence , motivation and the will to do the best. It is the school life that blesses with best ever friends for the rest of our life. The school life friends are like your old and sincere friends for the rest of your life. The school days are the best days of our lives. I have the best school life memories. They are like a treasure for me. The joys of school life are invaluable.

My school life days and memories

The school days are the best days of my life. I clearly remember my first day at school. My first day school life memories are still vivid. I can still feel how warmly I was welcomed at the school. That truly defines the importance of school life for a child.

As a child, I learned, cooperated, got myself motivated and groomed under the best company of my best friends. I remember the first year love and wishes from my teachers. That is why I always regard my primary school life memories as the treasure for my life.

I have the best friends today and the learning experience that I got from my high school. The high school life memories are the invaluable part. I did a lot of blunders and mistakes. But thanks to my sincere friends and true teachers I was always rescued. That is how I learned from high school life the true meaning of cooperation and love.

I had a lot of shortcoming. I still remember how ignorant I was during my school days. My school life memories make me realize how important school life is for anyone. Had it not been, I would have surely missed many things in my life. I would not be having good friends, good knowledge, good experience and the good memories.

The high school life days are very much filled with excitement. During high school life period, one becomes matured enough to understand the value of time. My high school life is a wonderful chapter in my entire memories. In that period I learned truly. I directed myself. I learned dedication, hard work, motivation and self actualization.

This is the period when I started working hard. Thanks to that hard work done, today I am happy with my career. I believe, what you learn during high school life or college life, it truly impacts the rest of your life.

One of my best high school memory was the day when I won prize in annual inter schools science fair. It was the moment of great pride for me, my parents and for my school. The Principal of our school gave me a shield. That shied is still with me.

I always had the habit, during my school life, to note down everything on a diary. During my free time I always open that diary. It helps me soothes my pain. It fulfills me with confidence and courage. I miss a lot friend of mine. I have a good amount of school life pictures.

Those school life pictures are like my best memories. I remember the days we celebrated, the extracurricular activities we took part in. I remember how happy were my parent when I obtain first position in my entire school. That’s the best part of my school life. It never let me be bored.

It is said that a person always remembers his first day at school and the last day at school. The first day a child remembers because he came there weeping. And the last day a student remember because he left the school weeping again. In my case, I remember clearly my first day at school and my last day at the school. The joys of school life are surely countless. Indeed, the school days are the best of our lives.

2. Essay on High School Life:

High school is a time in our lives that we will never forget. It is where we start to form our own identity and make lifelong memories. As I reflect on my high school experience, I realize how much it has shaped me into the person I am today.

The transition from middle school to high school can be both exciting and scary. For me, it was a bit of both. I was excited to have more freedom and opportunities, but at the same time, I was intimidated by the new environment and responsibilities. Nevertheless, I pushed myself to step out of my comfort zone and make the most out of my high school years.

One of the biggest highlights of my high school life was being part of various extracurricular activities. From joining the school newspaper to being a member of the drama club, I was able to explore my interests and develop new skills. These activities also allowed me to make new friends and create unforgettable memories.

Academically, high school challenged me in ways that I never thought possible. The workload was much heavier than middle school, but it taught me the importance of time management and discipline. I also had the opportunity to take advanced courses and push myself academically, which has helped me in my college journey.

But high school wasn’t just about academics and extracurriculars; it was also a time for personal growth. The four years of high school taught me valuable life lessons that I’ll carry with me forever. From learning how to deal with failures to building strong relationships with my peers, high school taught me the importance of resilience and self-growth.

However, like any other journey, my high school experience had its fair share of challenges. From dealing with peer pressure to balancing academics and extracurriculars, there were times when I felt overwhelmed. But these challenges only made me stronger and pushed me to become the best version of myself.

In conclusion, my high school life has been a rollercoaster ride filled with unforgettable moments, valuable lessons, and personal growth. I am grateful for the experiences that have shaped me into the person I am today.

3. Essay on My Unforgettable Experience in School:

Growing up, school was a huge part of my life. It was where I spent most of my days, learning new things and making memories with my friends. However, there was one particular experience that stood out to me and has stayed with me till this day.

It was during my high school years when my English teacher announced that we would be putting on a theatre production for the end of the year school play. I had always been interested in acting, but never had the opportunity to pursue it. This was my chance.

The excitement and nervousness that filled me as we went through rehearsals and prepared for the big day is something that I will never forget. It was a rollercoaster of emotions, from forgetting lines to perfecting our performances. But the bond that formed between my classmates and I was something truly special.

On the night of the performance, as I stood behind the curtains waiting for my cue, I couldn’t believe how far we had come. Throughout all the hard work and dedication, we had created a masterpiece. As the curtains opened and we performed in front of a packed audience, I felt a sense of pride and accomplishment that I had never experienced before.

That unforgettable experience in school taught me the power of teamwork, dedication, and the ability to overcome challenges. It also showed me the importance of stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things. Looking back, I am grateful for that opportunity and all the lessons it taught me.

It truly was one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life. So, I encourage everyone to take advantage of any opportunities that come your way, you never know what amazing memories and lessons they may bring. Happy learning!

4. Short Essay on Primary School Memories:

As I sit down to write about my primary school memories, it feels like going down the memory lane. Those were truly some of the best days of my life. I remember walking into the school premises for the first time as a tiny, nervous child and feeling overwhelmed by everything around me. However, as days went by, this place became my second home.

My primary school was a small, close-knit community where everyone knew each other. The teachers were more like friends and mentors who encouraged us to pursue our interests and passions. I fondly remember the annual sports day, where we competed in various events with enthusiasm and camaraderie.

Apart from academics, my primary school also emphasized on co-curricular activities. I had the opportunity to participate in school plays, dance performances and even started a band with my classmates. These experiences not only helped me develop new skills but also gave me the confidence to express myself.

One of the most memorable moments was when our class went on a field trip to a nearby farm. We got to see how crops were grown, milked cows and even tasted fresh fruits and vegetables. It was a fun and educational experience that we still talk about to this day.

As I look back, I am grateful for the wonderful memories and friendships that I made during my time in primary school. They have shaped me into the person I am today and will always hold a special place in my heart. So whenever I feel nostalgic, I close my eyes and think of my primary school days, filled with laughter, learning and love. Memories truly are the most precious possessions we have.

Remembering them keeps us connected to our past and reminds us of the joys that lie ahead in life. So, cherish your memories and make new ones every day! Life is a journey, and it’s these little moments that make it worth living

5. Essay on School Days are the Best Days of our Lives:

School days, the phrase that brings back a flood of memories for many. For most of us, school was the first place we interacted with strangers and made friends who became like family. It’s a time when life is simple, and all we had to worry about was homework and getting good grades.

We often hear people say that school days are the best days of our lives, and I couldn’t agree more. These are the days when we experience a plethora of emotions – joy, fear, excitement, and sometimes even heartbreak. It’s during this time that we learn valuable life lessons that stay with us forever.

Looking back on my school days, I remember the carefree laughter with friends, the thrill of trying something new for the first time, and the endless possibilities that lay ahead. As children, we are filled with boundless energy and an insatiable curiosity to explore the world. School days gave us the platform to do just that.

Moreover, school was not just about academics; it also exposed us to different cultures, beliefs, and perspectives. We learned how to work in teams, communicate effectively, and take on leadership roles. These skills are essential in our personal and professional lives.

Even though school may have its challenges – long hours of studying or dealing with bullies – it’s a time we will always look back on with fondness. As we grow older, we realize that those simple days were the best days of our lives.

So let’s cherish these memories and be grateful for the experiences that shaped us into who we are today. After all, school days may have ended, but the lessons and memories will stay with us forever. So let’s make the most of our present, just like we did during our school days. Let’s live life without any regrets!

6. My First School Memories Essay:

As I sit down to think about my first school memories, a wave of nostalgia washes over me. The feeling is overwhelming and as I close my eyes, flashes of those early days come rushing back.

I remember walking into that big building for the very first time, clutching onto my mother’s hand tightly. Everything was so new and exciting, from the colorful walls to the friendly faces of my classmates. I couldn’t wait to start learning and exploring this new world.

My first day at school was a blur, but what stood out the most was meeting my teacher for the very first time. She had a warm smile and kind eyes that immediately put me at ease. She introduced herself and showed us around the classroom, explaining all the different areas and tools we would be using. I remember feeling so small in that big classroom, but also filled with a sense of wonder and curiosity.

As the days passed, school became my second home. I had made new friends, learned new things, and started to understand what it meant to be part of a community. Those early years were full of laughter, playtime, and endless curiosity. I remember our colorful art projects, singing in the school choir, and eagerly raising my hand to answer questions.

Looking back, those first school memories hold a special place in my heart. They shaped me into who I am today and instilled in me a love for learning that continues to this day. My first years of school were truly magical, and I will always be grateful for the experiences and memories that I carry with me. So, whenever I think about my first school memories, I can’t help but smile and feel a sense of joy and gratitude for those formative years.

7. Feeling About School Essay:

School. It’s a word that brings up mixed emotions for many people, especially students. As someone who has spent most of their life in school, I have experienced all the highs and lows that come with it.

On one hand, school has been a place of learning, growth and opportunities for me. It’s where I discovered my love for science and literature, made lifelong friends, and gained valuable skills that have helped me in my personal and professional life. I am grateful for the education I have received and the teachers who have guided me along the way.

On the other hand, school can also be a source of stress, pressure, and even boredom at times. The constant assignments, exams, and expectations can take a toll on students’ mental and physical well-being. It’s no wonder that many students struggle with anxiety and burnout during their academic years.

But beyond the academic aspects, school is also a place where we learn about ourselves and the world around us. We are exposed to different cultures, ideas, and perspectives, which broadens our understanding of society. We learn how to work in teams, overcome challenges, and take on responsibilities. These experiences are just as valuable as the lessons we learn from textbooks.

However, I also believe that school is not always the best environment for everyone to thrive in. The traditional education system may work for some students, but it can also leave many feeling frustrated and unfulfilled. It’s essential to recognize that every student has their unique strengths and passions, and the education system should cater to that.

In conclusion, my feelings about school are complex. It has been a place of growth and learning for me, but I also acknowledge its flaws and limitations. As we continue to evolve and improve our education system, it’s crucial to remember that every student’s experience is different

8. My Childhood School Memories Essay:

As I sit here and reflect on my childhood school memories, I can’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia. Some of the best times of my life were spent in school, surrounded by friends and teachers who shaped me into the person I am today.

I remember the excitement of starting kindergarten, with its bright colors and new experiences. It was my first taste of independence as I learned how to read, write and make new friends. As I moved on to elementary school, the days were filled with laughter and learning. I have fond memories of playing dodgeball during recess, participating in talent shows and going on field trips.

Middle school brought about a new set of challenges, but also some of my most cherished memories. It was during this time that I made lifelong friendships and discovered my love for music and sports. High school was a rollercoaster of emotions, but it was also where I learned valuable life lessons and made unforgettable memories.

My teachers played a crucial role in shaping my childhood school memories. They not only taught me academic subjects, but they also instilled values like respect, responsibility, and perseverance. They believed in me, encouraged me to dream big and helped me achieve my goals.

In conclusion, my childhood school memories hold a special place in my heart. They represent a time of innocence, discovery, and growth. Even though those days are long gone, the lessons I learned and the memories I made will stay with me forever. I am grateful for all the experiences and friendships that I gained during my school years, and I will always look back on them with a smile.

So to all the students out there, cherish your school memories and make the most of every moment because one day you’ll look back on them and realize how much they truly meant to you. Keep learning, growing and creating wonderful memories!

9. Best High School Memory Essay:

High school can be a rollercoaster ride for many students, filled with both highs and lows. For me, one of the most cherished memories from my high school days was during my sophomore year.

It was our school’s annual sports day event, where all students participated in various sports and games. I remember being part of the relay race team representing my class. We had been practicing for weeks, and I was determined to do my best.

As the day arrived, there was a sense of excitement and nervousness in the air. The entire school gathered at the stadium, cheering on their respective classes. When our turn came, I ran my heart out, giving it my all. Our team ended up winning the race, and I remember feeling an immense sense of pride and accomplishment.

But what made this memory truly special was the support and camaraderie I felt from my classmates. We were not just a team; we were a family, cheering each other on and celebrating our victory together.

Looking back, that moment taught me the power of teamwork, determination, and friendship. It’s a memory that I will always hold close to my heart and cherish for years to come. High school may have its ups and downs, but it’s moments like these that make the journey worthwhile. So, always cherish your high school memories because they are truly some of the best memories of our lives!

10. Essay on Last Year of School Life:

As a senior in high school, the thought of leaving my last year of school life behind and entering the “real world” is both exciting and terrifying. It’s a bittersweet feeling, knowing that this chapter of my life is coming to an end.

On one hand, I can’t wait to move on to new adventures and experiences. The freedom and independence that comes with college and adulthood is incredibly alluring. No more waking up early for class, no more strict schedules or rules to follow. I’ll finally have the chance to explore my interests and passions, make new friends, and take control of my own life.

But on the other hand, I can’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia for the past four years. High school has been a place of growth and learning, both academically and personally. I’ve made lifelong friendships, learned valuable lessons, and discovered who I am as a person. It’s scary to think that all of that will soon be left behind as I embark on a new journey.

As my last year of school life progresses, I find myself cherishing every moment more and more. I attend school events, participate in extracurricular activities, and spend time with my friends whenever possible. I know that these experiences will soon become memories, and I want to make the most of them while I can.

Leaving high school also means leaving behind the comfort and familiarity of my hometown. It’s a place where I’ve grown up and created countless memories. Saying goodbye to my family, friends, and the place I’ve called home for so long is a daunting thought.

But as much as it may be scary and sad to leave behind my last year of school life, I know that it’s necessary for growth and progress. And although I may leave this chapter of my life behind, the experiences and lessons will stay with me forever. As I move on to new adventures, I’ll always look back on my last year of school life with fondness and gratitude for all that it has taught me. So here’s to the last year of high school – may it be filled with memories, laughter, and bittersweet goodbyes as we prepare for the next chapter of our lives

11. My School Life Essay  ( 150-200, 300-500 Words )

I know what you’re thinking, “Another essay?” But hear me out, this one’s not about some boring topic that you’ll never use in your life. It’s about something we can all relate to – our school life.

School is something most of us have known since we were little. It’s where we learn and grow as individuals, make friends and create memories that we’ll cherish forever. It’s a place where we spend the majority of our time during our formative years, and it plays a crucial role in shaping who we become.

For some of us, school might have been a drag – long hours, boring lectures, endless exams. But for others (myself included), it was the best time of our lives. Sure, there were challenges and tough moments, but looking back, those experiences have helped us become who we are today.

One of the best things about school is the friendships we make. Our classmates become our partners in crime as we navigate through the ups and downs of academic life. They’re the ones who understand what it’s like to pull an all-nighter to finish a project or cram for an exam. And let’s not forget the inside jokes that only we and our classmates will understand.

Apart from friendships, school life also teaches us important life lessons. We learn discipline, time management, and responsibility as we juggle between classes, extracurricular activities, and personal commitments. We learn to work in teams, communicate effectively, and think critically. These are all skills that we’ll use throughout our lives, whether in further studies or in our careers.

But it’s not just about academics and life lessons, school life also gives us opportunities to explore our interests and passions. From joining a sports team to participating in drama productions, there’s something for everyone. These extracurricular activities not only provide a break from studying, but they also allow us to discover our talents and strengths.

And let’s not forget the unforgettable moments that make up our school life – field trips, school events, prom night, and graduation. These are all milestones that we’ll look back on with nostalgia and fondness. They’re also a reminder of how far we’ve come and the amazing memories we’ve created.

So, if you’re still in school, make the most of it. Take advantage of all the opportunities and experiences that come your way. And if you’ve already graduated, look back on your school life with a smile because those were some of the best years of our lives.

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it never let s you feel board , I like that , thanks for sharing your article // have such a nice days in school actually good luck !

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My school memory is the such a wonderful part ok in my life. It’s was really how some feeling and wonderful experience. One day I leave from the World🌏 never come to back🔙 that’s line for suitable for my school days. It’s was not come to for following the life continues….. Missing my school days ans missing my lovely💕😍 friends👭👬👫

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Essay on My School Life

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Table of Contents

Essay on My School Life: School life is the best phase of a student’s life. It is a time when a student learns new things and explores his/her own potential. It is a time when a student discovers his/her own identity and develops a sense of self-confidence. School life is also a time when a student develops friendships and bonds with classmates. These friendships and bonds often last a lifetime.

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We have always heard that school life is the best life, enjoy yourself till you are in school make as many mistakes as you can till you are in school, and many such phrases which make the kids who are still in school wonder that why are the elder people hyping this thing up. But as soon as the school life is over and people enter the real world they realize that how right the elders were.

Children should live their school life to the fullest. They will be missing these days later in life and would never be able to enjoy such carefree life again. School life lived well gives memories to cherish and friend to keep for a lifetime. Here are essays on My School Life of varying lengths to help you with the topic in your exam. You can select any My School Life Essay as per your interest and need:

Long and Short Essay on My School Life in English

Essay on my school life 200 words.

School is said to be a temple of knowledge, the very first place that introduced you to the world and more so your own self. My school life is all about the memories I deeply cherish. The memories of not only the fun, friendship and all the sport and extracurricular but also the way it helped me find my interests. I owe it all to my school life. It has made me who I am today.

My school life has been full of different experiences over the years. It gave various opportunities to develop not only my scholastic abilities but also the art and sport side. It supported me in my sports as well as exposed me to numerous types of people. All of this accounted to make me understand how to behave socially and in building a personality which I have today.

There are numerous things that make school life the best phase in one’s life. All of this eventually is because we are young to do mistakes again and again till we realize, dumb enough to not think about people and do what we feel like doing, curious to know everything we can and most importantly still not exposed and contaminated with the evil feelings of this world. And all of this makes us build a personality of our own.

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Essay on My School Life Experience 300 words

In my school life, I’ve always been that ideal studious student so I typically don’t have that super amazing bunch of memories like the notorious back benchers except for ones that I remember when I was in my eighth grade.

My School Life Experience

It was a usual day at school until this incident took place. It was about the time of recess when I used to play football with my classmates. One day while I was out in the field suddenly a boy called Stephen Francis who was also the captain of our school football team kicked my brand new Liverpool FC soccer ball out of the school premises, to the narrow lane that passed just behind our school ground.

The walls of our school were a bit high and fenced and like every other school, going out of the premises was strictly prohibited. We partially climbed the wall so that we could have a look on the ball and waited for some genuine person to pass by so that we could ask him to return our ball.

We had to wait for quite long until a guy of almost same age as ours walked by. He was quite far however he saw the ball and went towards it. We saw that he tried to run away taking the ball. So, without thinking twice I and my friend jumped the school wall but till the time we could make it past the wall he was already running with our soccer ball.

We started running behind him and my friend bumped into a bike and was hurt badly. I probably had to let go off my soccer ball and see how she was hurt. She got three stitches from that injury. We were scolded by teachers and principal for this, as a punishment our parents were called to school the next day to discuss the seriousness of the trouble.

Since then me and this friend of mine have been partners in numerous mischief that have made my school life memorable.

Essay on School Life is the Best Life 400 words

Every phase in a person’s life holds special importance as it helps him grow and develop his personality. But one can never learn as much as he does from his school life because that is the time when we are doing everything for the first time. This is the time we can make mistakes and get away with them. We don’t care much about the people around and are curious to try everything out. We build our unique personality from our mistakes and experiences.

How School Life is the Best Life?

Here are some reasons that prove that school life is the best life:

  • Uniform : One hates school uniform while in school but when we grow up we realize how difficult it is to figure out what to wear each day.
  • Holidays : This is the major perk of school life which we crave the most after it ends. We got numerous holidays while in school and spent them in a carefree manner without any stress. We visited our cousins and extended family and also invited them over to our place. As we join jobs, we don’t get as many holidays to relax and enjoy.
  • Friends : The longest known friendships are made during the school days. This is mainly because during this time we can trust people easily. We are also enthusiastic and curious to meet new people, try new things and build new friendships.
  • Teachers : We realize how important it is to always have a guide who still thinks that we are immature for everything and makes us understand accordingly. We cannot get such a mentor/ guide after we have completed our schooling.
  • Homework : A thing which we hate during our school life and tried hundreds of creative excuses to avoid was actually fun. School life would have been so incomplete without it.
  • Punishments and rewards : Punishments used to come in the variety of standing whole period or getting out of the class or going to the principal’s office and the best reward was when someone was made the class monitor.
  • First Experiences : It was the time when we are allowed to make mistakes as too many things were our firsts, whether it was our first crush, first heartbreak without even being in relationship, first fight or first kiss.

All of these experiences hold a special importance in our hearts even as we grow up. They have taught me a lot and have helped me become the person I am today.

Essay on My School Life Memories 500 words

A school is a building dedicated to provide learning space and environment to provide education. It is a building wherein your majority of childhood has passed, a building that everyone misses after they’ve finally left it, same is the scenario in my case. I’ve studied in Don Bosco High School Vadodara, an all-boys Christian missionary School. Hard for other people to admit but being in an all-boys school has got some perks that only those who study here can understand.

My Memories of Primary and Secondary Classes

I’ve been a part of Don Bosco institution since kindergarten until my tenth grade. After tenth in higher secondary I went to Rosary high school, which was more or less like an unofficial dummy school for the students in science stream so I barely have any school memories from higher secondary school. So, the story of my enchanting school memories revolves around my school from junior years.

Like a stereotypical school going kid I used to go to the school in a school van. I would wake up at quarter to six in the morning, get fresh, wear school uniform, arrange my school bag according to the time table for the day and have a quick breakfast by 6:40 am as at sharp quarter to seven my school van would be right in front of my house honking. Then, further half an hour until we reached school was a time for chit-chat and discussion about the homework assigned to us the earlier day.

The Daily Activities at School

We would reach the school at around 7:30 am, approximately fifteen minutes prior to the school bell. We had to be in our respective classes before the bell rang. Then it was time for national song and school prayer that went on until eight which was a time for regular school periods to begin. This continued for four periods continuously until the recess bell rang at 10:30 am. Recess felt more of a games period then a lunch break. Everyone would be seen doing different activities during this time. The kind of activities one indulged in depended on the class he was in.

When we were in the primary classes we played different games in the school garden. Basketball, football, running and hide and seek were some of our favourite games. As we reached the secondary classes, we began to sit in the canteen to chit chat about the various things and enjoy delicious food. After the recess, we had to attend four more periods. Not every period was that boring though, art and craft, PT, value education and mathematics periods were interesting for me.

Apart from this formal schedule at school, those gossips with friends, hanging around at canteen, going to washroom to partially bunk the lecture, that fear of punishment when we’d forgotten to complete the homework, that note which the teacher wrote in the handbook when we’d done some mischief in the class, the ride in nervousness from home to school on the result day, from immature fights to the innocent laughs – everything from the school feels so dear now, maybe because the things were simple back then.

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Essay on My High School Experience 600 words

It is said that entering the high school is the first step in the real world in any student’s life. It is the place where one gets experiences for life. So, one is obviously nervous while entering this phase, but over and above that, extremely excited as now they’ll be adults and will be able to take their decisions on their own. And it is well said that with great authority, comes greater responsibility, and with these responsibilities, comes social pressure. All of which we were unaware of from our childhood time because that is when we were allowed to do mistakes thinking that we are kids, but this doesn’t happen in high school as we are considered adults now.

My High School Experience

One cannot live a carefree life in the high school. There is a lot of study pressure. We need to balance between our academics and extra-curricular activities and also prepare for competitive examinations that lie ahead. Even as we have so much to do we don’t want to miss out on the fun we can have with our friends as this is also the time for blooming friendships and a lot of mischief.

The Day I Bunked My School

I had many bittersweet high school experiences. One of these was when I bunked a lecture, with two of my friends, for the first time. Not only did we bunk the lecture, but also we jumped through our school walls to get out of the school premises and watch a newly released movie. We had a class of 70 students, out of which, around 55 students were present that day.

Now coincidentally, 10 more students from my class also bunked the lecture which made the decreased class strength visible. Moreover, the bags of all of the 13 students, including us, were still there in the class, as we were not allowed to leave the class with bags during school hours. So, our teacher did the checking and found out about the students who bunked and so eventually we were suspended from our laboratory sessions for a week.

However, we didn’t stop bunking lectures post this. We became really smart in finding ways to bunk. We tried to strike a balance between being a good student and enjoying high school. During all those bunks, I realized how important it is to have friends to make your life worth living.

The Ups and Downs in My High School

Then, there came our first high school exam and I managed to be on the list of top 10 students of my class. I had always been a good student academically. So this time, even after all the shenanigans that I indulged in, I managed to score good marks. But this was the last time that I got good marks. My grades started degrading after that and this led to a lot of stress and anxiety. I lost interest in studies and indulged in gaming, watching movies or reading novels.

Thankfully, I didn’t do anything bad, but this normal stuff made the situation worse as I could not concentrate on my studies. So, I went through counselling which I never thought I’ll ever require. It was a difficult period for me but eventually I was able to get decent score in my finals. My parents stood as my pillar of strength during this time. They encouraged me to study and motivated me to lead the right path. I cannot thank them enough for their guidance and support.

All of such experiences from my high school gave me lessons to remember for a lifetime. They made me realize how everything wrong could turn right if only you believe so and have support from your loved ones.

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Essay on My School Life FAQs

How do i write an essay about my school.

To write an essay about your school, start with an introduction, describe the campus, mention teachers and friends, highlight activities, and conclude with your thoughts.

How to write 10 lines about our school?

Write about the school's name, location, facilities, teachers, subjects, friends, favorite spots, activities, why it's special, and how you feel about it.

What makes my school special essay?

Your school is special because of its caring teachers, fun activities, great friends, and a positive learning environment that makes you happy to go there.

What is the paragraph of my school?

My school is a wonderful place where I learn, play, and make friends. Teachers are kind, and I love my school because it feels like a second home.

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My School Life Essay - 100, 200, 500 Words

Essay on my school life -.

School life refers to the period of time that a person spends studying at school, typically from primary school to high school. During this time, students learn a variety of subjects, participate in extracurricular activities, and form relationships with peers and teachers. School life plays a significant role in shaping a person's education and social development.

100 Words On My School Life Essay

My school life has been an amazing journey so far. I started my education in a small primary school and then moved on to a bigger secondary school. Throughout my school life, I have been fortunate enough to have experienced a positive and supportive learning environment. I have made many great friends, learned valuable lessons and developed my passion for learning.

My school life has not just been about studying and getting good grades, it has also been about extracurricular activities and sports. I have been a member of the school's debate club, music club and basketball team. Participating in these activities has not only helped me to build my skills and confidence, but it has also allowed me to meet new people and form new relationships.

200 Words On My School Life Essay

My school life was one of the best phases of my life.

What All I Did

I was active in academics as well as extracurricular activities, which helped me in developing a well-rounded personality. Academically, I always maintained a good record and was amongst the top 10 students of my class. I took a keen interest in subjects like mathematics and science and used to participate in various quizzes and science exhibitions to showcase my knowledge.

Apart from academics, I was also involved in various co-curricular activities. I was a part of the school debate team and used to represent my school in inter-school debates. I also played football for the school team and was the captain in my final year. I learned the importance of teamwork and leadership skills through these activities.

I was also actively involved in social work and used to volunteer at various events organised by the school. These activities taught me the importance of giving back to society and being empathetic towards others.

My school life was an amazing journey that taught me several life skills and helped me in becoming a well-rounded individual. I am grateful for the opportunities and experiences that my school provided me with and will cherish these memories for a lifetime.

500 Words On My School Life Essay

I am a student in my final year of high school, looking back at my time spent in school, I am grateful for the experiences I have had. My school life has been filled with memorable moments, academic achievements, and opportunities for growth.

Starting the Day

I start my day by waking up early, around 6:30 AM, and getting ready for school. I have a quick breakfast and then I am on my way to school by 7:30 AM. The start of my day sets the tone for the rest of it, and I make sure I have a positive mindset and am ready to face the challenges ahead.

Favourite Class

My favourite class is English. I have always had a love for language and the power it holds to communicate ideas and emotions. In my English class, I have the opportunity to delve into literature and express my thoughts through writing and holding discussions with my classmates.

Academic Achievements

Throughout my school life, I have been fortunate to receive academic recognition for my hard work and dedication. I have been on the honour roll for several semesters and have received awards for my achievements in various subjects. These accomplishments have motivated me to continue working hard and strive for excellence in my academics.

Co-Curricular Activities

In addition to my academics, I have also been actively involved in various co-curricular activities. I have participated in the school's debate team, and have taken part in several inter-school competitions, where we have had the opportunity to represent our school and compete against other schools. I have also been a member of the school's student council.

Friendship and Social Life

One of the most important aspects of my school life has been the friendships I have made. I have met some of my closest friends in school and have created memories that will last a lifetime. My school has provided a supportive and inclusive environment, where I have been able to form meaningful relationships with my classmates and teachers.

Challenges Faced

Like any journey, my school life has also been filled with challenges. One of the biggest challenges I faced was balancing my academics with my co-curricular activities. It was challenging to manage my time effectively and make sure I was giving my best to both. However, with the support of my teachers and friends, I was able to overcome this challenge and find a balance that worked for me.

Leadership Opportunities

My school has provided me with several opportunities to develop my leadership skills. Through my involvement in the student council, I have learned how to work effectively with others, communicate my ideas, and make a positive impact in my school community.

Overall, my school life has been a journey filled with memorable moments, academic achievements, and opportunities for growth. I am grateful for the experiences I have had and the relationships I have formed. I will always look back on my school life with fond memories and a sense of pride in what I have accomplished.

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Essay on My School for Students and Children

500+ words essay on my school.

Education is an essential part of our lives. We are nothing without knowledge, and education is what separates us from others. The main step to acquiring education is enrolling oneself in a school. School serves as the first learning place for most of the people. Similarly, it is the first spark in receiving an education. In this essay on my school, I will tell you why I love my school and what my school has taught me.

We have all been to school and we have loved each and every moment we have spent over there as those were the building blocks of our lives. A school is a place where students are taught the fundamentals of life, as well as how to grow and survive in life. It instils in us values and principles that serve as the foundation for a child’s development.

My school is my second home where I spend most of my time. Above all, it gives me a platform to do better in life and also builds my personality. I feel blessed to study in one of the most prestigious and esteemed schools in the city. In addition, my school has a lot of assets which makes me feel fortunate to be a part of it. Let us look at the essay on my school written below.

essay on my school

Why I Love My School?

From kindergarten through primary and secondary school, and subsequently, to faculty, school is a place where we always study, grow, and establish ourselves, socialize, be a friend, help others, and love and be loved. School is a buddy that will accompany us from the beginning of our youth till the conclusion of our lives. At school, we share all of our pleasures and sorrows, and we constantly rely on one another. This is made possible through the friendships we share. They assist us in effortlessly overcoming difficulties, sharing moments of enjoyment together, and looking forward to new paths.

My school strikes the perfect balance between modern education and vintage architecture. The vintage buildings of my school never fail to mesmerize me with their glorious beauty. However, their vintage architecture does not mean it is outdated, as it is well-equipped with all the contemporary gadgets. I see my school as a lighthouse of education bestowing knowledge as well as ethical conduct upon us.

Teachers have the power to make or break a school. The teaching staff is regarded as the foundation of any educational society. It is their efforts to help kids learn and understand things that instil good habits and values in their students. While some concepts are simple to grasp, others necessitate the use of a skilled teacher to drive the home the idea with each pupil.

In contrast to other schools, my school does not solely focus on academic performance. In other words, it emphasizes on the overall development of their students. Along with our academics, extra-curricular activities are also organized at our school. This is one of the main reasons why I love my school as it does not measure everyone on the same scale. Our hardworking staff gives time to each child to grow at their own pace which instils confidence in them. My school has all the facilities of a library , computer room, playground, basketball court and more, to ensure we have it all at our disposal.

For me, my school is more than simply an educational institution; it is also my second family, which I established during my childhood. A family of wonderful friends, outstanding teachers, and fond school memories. I adore my school because it is where I learn how to be a good citizen and how to reach my goals. School is the only place where we make friends without judging them. We feel comfortable spending time with those close friends no matter what the situation.

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What has My School Taught Me?

If someone asked me what I have learned from my school, I won’t be able to answer it in one sentence. For the lessons are irreplaceable and I can never be thankful enough for them. I learned to share because of my school. The power of sharing and sympathy was taught to me by my school. I learned how to be considerate towards animals and it is also one of the main reasons why I adopted a pet.

school life simple essay

School is an excellent place to learn how to be an adult before entering the real world. Those abilities pay dividends whether you choose to be the bigger person in an argument or simply complete your domestic tasks. When you open your mind to new ideas, you gain a lot of influence in society. Picking up unexpected hobbies on your own will teach you more about what you like to do than simply completing things for a grade.

A school is a place where I developed my artistic skills which were further enhanced by my teachers. Subsequently, it led me to participate in inter-school completions through which I earned various awards. Most importantly, my school taught me how to face failures with grace and never give up on my ambitions, no matter what happens.

Schools also offer a variety of extracurricular activities such as Scouts and Guides, sports, N.C.C., skating, school band, acting, dancing, singing, and so on. Our principal also used to give us a short lecture every day for about 10 minutes about etiquette, character development, moral education, respecting others, and gaining excellent values. As a result, I can claim that what I am today is solely due to my school, which is the best institution in my opinion.

Teamwork is an important ability that schools teach. Schools are frequently the first places where youngsters have the opportunity to collaborate with children who are different from them. Collaboration is essential for the team and individual success. Students are taught that the success of a team depends on each individual component functioning together.

To sum it up, studying in one of the respected schools has helped me a lot personally. I will always be indebted to my school for shaping my personality and teaching me invaluable lessons. It has given me friends for life and teachers that I will always look up to. I aspire to carry on the values imbibed by my school to do well in life and make it proud.

Here is the list of Top Schools in India! Does Your School Tops the List?

FAQs on School

Q.1 Why must every child go to school?

A.1 It is essential for every child to go to school as the school teaches us lessons that cannot be acquired anywhere else. The experience is one a kind and along with education, we learn many other things like socializing, extra-curricular activities and more.

Q.2 What does school teach us?

A.2 School teaches us some of the great things like first of all, it gives us basic education. It teaches us to develop our skills like art, dance, public speaking and more. Most importantly, it teaches us discipline.

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My School Life Essay

My School Life

Once upon a time in life, we all have crossed that age at which we used to go to school. Unluckily most of us did not like to go to school for the first time or some of us did not like to go to school throughout our entire life. But now when we think about our old school days, we imagine how magical and golden those days were. Absolutely no tension, no worries about the future, and no major concerns about our looks, we also don’t use to think about what people or the entire world will think before taking any step forward. 

Those golden and memorable days I still remember when I used to go to school. at first when I started my education from pre-nursery schooling. I did not like that to go to school for the first few years, but slowly and gradually when I started making friends in my school. I started liking that place too. In the first few weeks of my schooling, no child came to me to talk to and I was a really shy girl at that time. Months passed away then simultaneously I started developing my skills and sharpening my knowledge. Before I stepped into school I didn’t even know that I had a God-gifted talent for drawing beautiful artwork and paintings.

As teachers in our school encouraged us to be good at painting my hidden talent stepped out in front of everyone. I still remember one of my teachers always used to like my paintings and my artworks very much that she would not be able to believe that a 5-year small girl had made it. Impressed by my hidden talent slowly and gradually many children came to me to talk and they wanted me as a friend at last and yes, of course, I maintained my friendship very well with my classmates. so like other boys and girls in the school now I also got some friends to enjoy with and to make or create beautiful memories of school life.

Article Content

My School and its Environment

The name of my school was Saint Thomas. It was one of the best schools in the City. My father was very serious about my education. He chose this school carefully and by comparing it with other schools. I still remember it was a peach colour 7-storied building with a huge playground with lots of rides in it. there was a common corridor for every classroom on the same floor. There was also a beautiful garden with several flowers and different kinds of plants that decide the playground of the school. Usually, there were too many aquariums placed on different floors in different places or directions of the building loaded with different kinds of fishes, turtles, and other sea animals in it.

But the one fish tank I remember was placed in the corridor of the third floor of the building which was the largest one. That aquarium was the home of several beautiful and unique sea or water animals. There was jellyfishes, starfishes, a small breed of octopus, turtles, piranha fish, goldfish and many other different unique breeds of fishes was there. The teacher’s staff room was on the ground floor attached to the assembly hall for the students. The vice-principals office first just decides the principal’s office. Our principal was a very kind person he used to love kids but our vice principal was a little bit strict in nature though sometimes he used to scream at some suspected children. 

As a School Student

Just as usual I was a very lazy student but the encouragement and ongoing force which used to come from my parents help me to become an active girl and to study well. if my parents wouldn’t force me to study at first I don’t think that I would be able to complete my education. Because just like other children I also hated studying throughout my entire life of school but when I stepped into college I got interacted with the fact that studying is necessary to lead a great life I wish I would know this thing in school life. Though I was a lazy student but not an average one in my class. The credit goes to my parents. My mother made my daily routine which I had to follow at any cost.

In that routine, I had to wake up at 6 AM But I don’t know why she did it. I would like to sleep at 9 o’clock because my school used to start at 11 o’clock. Sometimes she also made me wake up at 5:30 which was horrible for me at that time. She did not let me sleep more than 6:am on the holidays or the weekends also. After that, I was bound to do a regular yoga routine before having my breakfast then after having my breakfast I left for school every morning. She also makes me sit for 2 hours in the morning to study at any cost. She is a kind of time management for me. That is the reason why my academic results are so good with a lazy girl attitude.

Good things and bad things about My School Life

There are many good things about my school I love the place from where I did my schooling that was the only place that provided me peace in my teenage. If we talk about good things then I can say everything was good there nothing was that bad. Especially the teachers I had in my school were amazing, helpful, friendly, and experienced. The environment of my school was also amazing due to the good and helpful teachers.

The classmates I had were also good well some exceptions are there. Most of all my best friends were the soul of my schooling life. I can’t even imagine my school life without them. If they were not there then my school life must have been ruined. I had two best friends in my school and I am glad that I met them there. They were amazing people and still, I am in contact with them.

Now if we come to talk about some of the disadvantages then there are not many disadvantages of my school but one annoying thing was there which are the maids of the school. They do not use to do their work properly. The canteen of our school was also a drawback in my school in life. The food was fine with an average taste but the rates were too much higher than the outside.

Memories which I Miss from My School Life

Some of the memories which I miss from my school life is

  • Playing with friends
  • Every year meeting with new students
  • Riding on the Swing
  • Enjoying in the canteen
  • Reading English was my favourite subject.
  • Gossiping with my best friends
  • Making beautiful artworks and art crafts for school exhibitions. 
  • Spending time doing nothing in the substitution classroom.
  • Cultural events and festivals are held by our school.
  • And at last that craving inside me for acquiring knowledge.

So in the conclusion of this, we can say that school life is a memorable and golden time period in every person’s life. The friends and memories we make here were unforgettable. When we grow up and give a sneak peek into our school life then realize how special it was and what we missed the most. Without a little bit of naughtiness, nobody can make it a fun spending time.

Here we knew that we learn from mistakes. Our school was like a temple. The teachers present there were like priests to us, and the knowledge was the ultimate God in that temple which is in the form of school. We should never forget our roots and what we have learned from our school life. We spend one-third of our lives in our school.

If you have any suggestions regarding this article then leave your suggestion in the comment box.

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High School Life Essay

school life simple essay

Anyone who has gone through high school knows that writing any kind of essay was a part of the experience. Whether it was a reflective essay, a narrative essay or an experience type of essay. All students went through that experience and the reactions were either positive or negative. But if you are a student looking for a way to write a good essay, or a teacher who wants to show their students on how to write a good high school life essay, these examples below will help you. Here are some 8+ High School Life Essay Examples you can choose and check out.

8+ High School Life Essay Examples

1. high school life reflective essay.

High School Life Reflective Essay

Size: 452 KB

2. Editable High School Life Essay

Editable High School Life Essay

Size: 88 KB

3.  High School Impact Life Essay

High School Impact Life Essay

4. Formal High School Life Essay

Formal High School Life Essay

5. High School Life Essay Example

High School Life Essay Example

6. High School Story of My Life Essay

High School Story of My Life Essay

Size: 33 KB

7. High School Life Essay Format

High School Life Essay Format

Size: 57 KB

8. High School Respect Life Essay Contest

High School Respect Life Essay Contest

Size: 353 KB

9. Simple High School Life Essay

Simple High School Life Essay

Size: 230 KB

Defining an Essay

An essay is a short piece of writing which shows information about the author’s opinion on a chosen topic. It is a logical or explanatory literary writing. This often deals with a topic from an exclusive point of view. 

Defining Narrative

A narrative essay is a type of literary writing that falls under the kinds of essays. This type of writing has a single point of view which the whole narrative revolves around. The characters, the incidents, the moments concentrate on a single pattern. A narrative essay mostly tells instants of your life or the life of someone you are writing about.

Defining Reflective

A reflective essay is another type of piece of literary writing. From the word reflect, to look back on the experiences, the struggles, and the triumphant times in your life. The author lets the readers know about how the changes that affected them has made them who they are today.

Defining Experience

An experience essay can often be called a personal essay. This type of essay can be a bit of a challenge for any student. As this experience essay mainly focuses on your personal experiences and personal life. This can be difficult for most as this can get either very emotional or too personal that some students do not wish to take on this kind of essay.

Tips on Writing a Life Essay

Now that we are done defining the different types of essays, you may now want to learn how to write a good life essay. Listed below are some tips to writing a Narrative Essay , a Reflective Essay , and an Experience Essay .

  • Narrative Essay: when writing the narrative essay , the first thing to do is to think of what you want to write about. Once you have done that, you write your introduction. Your introduction does not have to be quite long. This is merely your starting point. This is where you are introducing your topic to your readers. The next thing is your body of the essay. This is where you talk about your topic even more. This is where you are going to be drawing your readers in by talking about the characters in your essay, their life story all wrapped up in a single narration. The same goes with the last paragraph, your conclusion.
  • Reflective Essay:  Writing a reflective essay, think about what you want to write about. What you wish to reflect on. A reflective essay may depend on how long or how short you want it to be. The most important thing to do when you write it is to state what you are reflecting on, why you are reflecting on that and how it has affected your life in a good or bad way.
  • Experience Essay:  This may be difficult for some students to write, but here is a tip you can use to make it less difficult. Think about what you wish to share to your readers. From there, write what you want them to know about you. Expound on the things you wish for them to know and to see the author of the essay.

How much is the word count for an essay?

The word count of an essay may differ on the person who is writing the essay. However, the normal word count for high school is 300–1000 words

When writing the narrative, does it have to be one topic or can I add other topics?

Writing a narrative topic, you must only take one and talk about it.

I want to write a reflective essay but I have no idea what to talk about, what should I do?

Talk about what you wish. May it be a reflection about a moment of your life, or a reflection essay on a movie or show that moved you.

Essay writing has always been a part of any student’s high school or even earlier educational life. We cannot avoid it but we can learn to like it. Following the tips and the different types of essays for you to learn to write on, it will all be easier once you get the hang of it. Show them what you got. Write that awesome essay.


High School Life Essay Generator

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Write a High School Life Essay on your most memorable high school experience

Discuss the challenges of balancing academics and extracurriculars in a High School Life Essay

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Essay on My School Life for Students in English [Easy Words]

January 4, 2021 by Sandeep

My School Life Essay: They are the golden period in a student’s life where he learns to spread his wings and face the world with courage. School life brings out the best talents hidden in students and improves their thought process. It makes persons aware of their duties and responsibilities at all levels – personally, professionally and towards society. Good habits and good manners backed with discipline and determination are inculcated in children during their school days.

Essay on My School Life 250 Words in English

Below we have provided My School Life Essay in English, suitable for class 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10.

The school life is the most prominent and enjoyable part of a person’s life. We are left with a plethora of memories that we cherish throughout our life. Apart from getting an education, we are instilled with lessons based on patience, sincerity, friendship, honesty, discipline, and confidence. It is considered to be the formative period of every child since it is a crucial educational institution for character building.

The school life is regarded as the best period in human life because it is a one-time opportunity to enjoy the classroom setting with favourite people and never comes again. My school was an English medium secondary board school built-in 1985. It provided a pleasant learning atmosphere with clean playground and beautiful plants. Furthermore, we had a small canteen that provided hygienic food and beverages.

The classrooms were spacious and big. My school is a three-storey building consisting of classes from nursery to 10th students. A library with several books and a laboratory with necessary tools were situated on the top floor. The playground provided a great space to engage in sports like football, cricket and race. Our Physical training teacher was a cordial and friendly teacher who always taught us through creative ways.

My other teachers were hard-working and created a fruitful and fun atmosphere in the classroom while teaching. Our gatekeeper or peon is the fantastic person as he was the most amicable and understanding person we have ever known. The friendship that was built was the most cherished and treasured part of my life. School is the temple of knowledge and should be respected by everyone.

Not every individual gets the privilege to go to school and receive an education due to several reasons. The joy, fun, learning are all valuable and paramount in a person’s life. One should take pride in taking the name of the school they received necessary skills and abilities. It is the place that provided us with friends and memories for life.

10 Lines Essay on My School Life

  • School is an educational institution that provides learning in a disciplined manner.
  • It is the first place where children build a relationship between classmates and teachers.
  • The school aims at the overall development of a child by offering a platform to exhibit their talent and skills.
  • It builds our confidence, intellectual ability, and motivates to take up challenges.
  • The teachers help children in identifying their goals and interest through various activities.
  • My school was a second home to me where I had a cordial relationship with teachers and other staff members.
  • Friendships were not built on necessity but based on love and mutual understanding.
  • My school had ample space for playing and extracurricular activities.
  • Being a co-ed school, it was easy and comfortable to mingle with each other.
  • Apart from teaching subjective learning, my school also developed my strengths and skills.

school life simple essay

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school life simple essay

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Essay on Student Life: 100, 200 and 300 Words

school life simple essay

  • Updated on  
  • Apr 21, 2024

Essay on Student Life

Essay on student life: Student life, a phase that encompasses the essence of youth, is a period of transformation, self-discovery, and boundless opportunities. It’s a time when a student undergoes changes and faces challenges in academics, friendships, and personal growth. In this blog, we’ll explore the multifaceted aspects of student life and provide sample essays in various word counts, giving a glimpse into this remarkable journey.

Sample Essay on Student Life in 100 Words

A student’s life is an exciting ride of learning, self-discovery and experiences. It’s a blend of early-morning classes, late-night study sessions, and the thrill of making lifelong friends. This phase teaches a student to balance academics with extracurricular activities, fostering their growth as individuals. Each day is a new adventure, a chance to learn, explore, and evolve. The memories one creates during these years shape the future, moulding one into the person one aspires to become. It’s a time when a student embraces the joy of acquiring knowledge and savour the taste of independence. With the right balance of study and leisure, it becomes a cherished chapter in a student’s life.

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Sample Essay on Student Life in 200 Words

Student life is a period of transformation and exploration. It’s a period where one transitions from childhood to adulthood, navigating through the complexities of education and personal growth. In the midst of academic challenges, students often form close bonds with peers. These friendships provide crucial support in times of stress and celebration during moments of success. However, it’s not all smooth, the pressure to excel, manage finances, and make important life decisions can be overwhelming.

The student life is a pivotal period of self-discovery and personal development. It’s not just about textbooks and lectures; it’s a journey of exploration and experimentation. From joining clubs and societies to engaging in community service, these experiences help in uncovering a student’s passions and talents. It’s a time when they build bonds that often last a lifetime, creating a support system that stands the test of time.

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Sample Essay on Student Life in 350 Words

Student life, often referred to as the best years of one’s life, it’s a bundle of experiences that shape the future. It’s a time when one embarks on a journey of academic pursuits, self-discovery, and personal growth. These years are marked by hard work studying, social interactions, and a quest for independence.

The classroom becomes a second home. But student life is not just about academics; it’s a holistic experience. Friendship bonds provide the emotional support needed. The pressure to excel academically can be suffocating at times. Balancing coursework, extracurricular activities, and part-time jobs is a delicate juggling act. Financial constraints can add to the stress, making students contemplate their choices and priorities.

Despite these obstacles, student life offers a unique opportunity for self-discovery. It’s a time when young minds explore their passions, talents, and interests. It’s a period when taking risks is encouraged, and opportunities are abundant. Whether through involvement in clubs, sports, or artistic pursuits, it’s during this phase that one lays the foundation for future careers and aspirations.

Beyond academics and friendships, student life encourages us to explore the world. From educational trips to international exchanges, these experiences broaden horizons and expose one to different cultures and ideas. It’s a time when one learns to navigate the complexities of the real world. These experiences broaden one’s mindset, help in building a global outlook and enhance adaptability.

In conclusion, student life is a remarkable chapter in the books of everyone’s lives. It is a rollercoaster of experiences that challenge us, shape us, and ultimately prepare us for the world beyond. It is a time of intellectual growth, enduring friendships, and personal discovery. Despite the trials and tribulations, it is a journey worth embracing, for it is during these years that lays the groundwork for our future endeavours and aspirations,

Student life is a phase that bridges the gap between adolescence and adulthood. It’s a transformative journey filled with academic pursuits, personal growth, enduring friendships, and the resilience to overcome challenges. This period of life is not merely a stepping stone, it’s a phase where one lays the foundation for the future, equipping oneself with knowledge, skills, and experiences that will serve us throughout our lives

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Short Essay on Student Life

Find the sample essay on student life below:

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Student life is filled with growth, aspirations, self-discovery, and boundless opportunities. The student life helps an individual have an understanding of moral values and build a quality life.

The most important part of a student’s life is the management of Time. A student’s life demands discipline and routine and that will require the skill of management of time.

A student’s life is a golden life because it is a phase where a student embraces the victories, savours the taste of failure and understands the workings of the world as a whole.

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school life simple essay

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school life simple essay

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school life simple essay

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school life simple essay

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school life simple essay

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Essay on High School Life Experience

Students are often asked to write an essay on High School Life Experience in their schools and colleges. And if you’re also looking for the same, we have created 100-word, 250-word, and 500-word essays on the topic.

Let’s take a look…

100 Words Essay on High School Life Experience


High school life is a significant phase in everyone’s life. It is a time of growth, learning, and friendships. It brings a lot of new experiences and challenges, shaping us into the individuals we become.

Academic Journey

High school is a crucial time in our academic journey. We study various subjects, each one opening a new world of knowledge. We learn to balance our time between studies, extracurricular activities, and social life. It’s during these years that we start to understand our interests and strengths.

Friendships and Social Life

High school is also a time for friendships. We meet different people, share experiences, and learn about diverse cultures and values. Our social life in high school helps us develop our social skills and understand the importance of teamwork and cooperation.

Challenges and Growth

High school isn’t always easy. We face challenges, both academically and personally. These challenges help us grow. We learn to deal with stress, manage our time, and make decisions. These experiences make us stronger and prepare us for the future.

In conclusion, high school life is a mix of learning, friendships, and personal growth. It’s a time that shapes our future and helps us understand who we are. It’s a journey that leaves us with unforgettable memories and valuable life lessons.

250 Words Essay on High School Life Experience

Beginning of high school.

High school life is a unique period in our lives. It’s a time when we start to grow up and learn about the world. When we first enter high school, everything is new and exciting. We meet new friends, learn new subjects, and start to feel more grown-up. It’s a time of change and discovery.

Academic Challenges

High school is often a time when we face many academic challenges. We study a wide range of subjects and sometimes the workload can be tough. We learn to manage our time and work hard to achieve good grades. It’s a time when we start to understand the importance of education in our lives.

Social Experiences

High school life is not just about studying. It’s also a time when we build social skills. We make friends, join clubs, and take part in sports and other activities. These experiences help us to learn about teamwork, leadership, and communication. They also make our high school life fun and memorable.

Preparing for the Future

High school is also a time when we start to think about our future. We begin to explore our interests and talents. We start to think about what we want to do after high school. It’s a time when we start to shape our dreams and goals.

In conclusion, high school life is a mix of academic challenges, social experiences, and future planning. It’s a time of growth and discovery that prepares us for the next stage of our lives.

500 Words Essay on High School Life Experience

High school life is a significant stage in everyone’s life. It is a time filled with growth, learning, and change. This essay will explore the unique aspects of high school life experience.

One of the main parts of high school life is academics. During these years, students learn about various subjects like Maths, Science, Social Science, and English. They also learn to manage their time between different subjects and homework. This helps them become responsible and organized.

Social Life

High school life is not just about studies. It is also about making new friends and learning about teamwork. Students participate in group projects, sports, and other activities. This helps them understand how to work in a team and how to deal with different types of people. They also learn to respect others’ viewpoints.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities play a vital role in high school life. These activities may include sports, music, art, and clubs. They help students explore their interests and develop new skills. They also provide a break from academic work and help students relax and enjoy.

Personal Growth

High school life contributes to personal growth. Students learn to make decisions on their own. They also learn to handle pressure, whether it is related to studies or personal life. This helps them become independent and confident.

High school life also comes with its share of challenges. These may include dealing with peer pressure, managing time, and coping with academic stress. These challenges teach students how to face difficulties and overcome them.

In conclusion, high school life is a mix of learning, growth, and challenges. It helps students become responsible, confident, and independent. It also prepares them for the future. So, students should make the most of their high school life experience.

The high school life experience is not just about studying. It’s about learning life skills, making friends, and growing as a person. It’s a time of change and growth, and it’s a time that will shape who you become in the future. So, cherish every moment of your high school life because it is a once in a lifetime experience.

That’s it! I hope the essay helped you.

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Apart from these, you can look at all the essays by clicking here .

Happy studying!

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school life simple essay

College Life Essay

500+ words essay on college life.

College life is a beautiful stage for a student. It’s the time when students get serious about their career and study thoroughly to make their future bright. It’s also a time when we make lifelong friends and spend valuable time with them. College life is entirely different from school life, and this life is quite an enjoyable experience. It is said to be the most memorable years of one’s life. We make good friends, decide our future and work on our leadership skills during our college years. Teenagers are exposed to new experiences and things we weren’t familiar with earlier. College life is a mixed-phase of practical learning and enjoying with friends.

For a student, college life is the beginning of adulthood. In our college life, along with academics, we indulge ourselves in recreational activities. Students also participate in various group activities that will help them learn about themselves and their peers. After graduation, students are prepared to face the real world. In today’s scenario, the job market is quite challenging, but still, you can make your college life an exciting time in your life.

Every individual or student is not lucky to get the chance to experience college life. Due to various reasons, they are not able to attend college. Some might have financial problems, while others have responsibilities to fulfil. College life always remains memorable for all of us. The ones who have had a college life always wish to turn back time to live it all once again.

We all learn the most significant lessons of our life during our college times. In our college life, we develop brotherhood, friendship and a spirit of unity. We also get a sense of duty and responsibility and learn good manners. One crucial lesson students should learn in college is not to misuse liberty.

A student’s future is determined by utilising their college time productively to become successful in life. Students should not ignore their studies at their college because it can turn their dreams into reality.

The Transition from School Life to College Life

When we get into college, it is entirely different from school life. We go through a lot of changes during our college life. Life in our school is protected, where we have spent half of our lives. Even the sudden transition from school to college is quite challenging as we no longer have teachers and friends from our school.

As we step into our college life, we face many hurdles in a place with unfamiliar faces. Students become more composed and confident in college life as they socialise with others and express their opinions.

When we are at school, we are entirely dependent on our teachers and friends. Life at college makes us independent and stronger and teaches us to fight our own battles. In our college life, we become more independent and capable of deciding for the future.

Compared to school life, the bond between teachers and students becomes informal in college life. They become friends and share their problems and troubles with their teachers as we do with friends.

College Life Experience

When we enter college, we encounter a significant transition from school life. When we are at school, we make several friends and get good teachers and a good environment, but suddenly in college life, we enter a new place where we know none.

College life is the golden period of life because it makes one more potent, profound and independent. Compared to school life, college life is short-lived. College is only for 4-5 years, but we spend half of our academic career at school.

College students enjoy their freedom as they grow up and become mature. They become able to decide between good and bad. College life teaches them many things and builds confidence to face challenges and struggles.

College students cherish the annual fest organised by the college every year the most. Among the students, the college fest creates excitement and buzz. Everyone enjoys the fest and welcomes each other with open arms. The programs and competitions are carried out in good spirits, and students dress their best to represent their college well. Students participate in various skits, dances, debates, sports etc.; it gives them a competitive attitude and the ability to welcome victories and failures with grace and good-hearted energy.

Frequently Asked Questions on college life Essay

How can students cope with the transition from school to college.

Students should be encouraged to face the new environment in college with confidence. Parents and teachers play an important role in this.

What does a student usually expect out of their college life?

A student expects their college life to be educational, fun and career-boosting. Extracurricular activities, tournaments, cultural programmes, etc., must be organised in colleges.

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school life simple essay

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I ran away from a troubled teen program and escaped for good. This is my story

Erich Bartlebaugh

Lately, I’ve been having nightmares that I’m back in boarding school.

Each dream begins innocuously enough. I find myself walking down a hallway past classmates standing in line in the dining hall. Sometimes, one of them is suddenly tackled to the ground. They struggle under the weight of fellow student who tries to restrain them. Other times, I’m sitting in a corner with my eyes fixed on a blank wall as days stretch into weeks and months.

The faces are all a blur in the dreams, but the swirl of fear and distress, the pounding in my chest and the rage that I feel are sharp. 

The dreams are more like memories, as tangible as they were to me in the days after my parents dropped me off at The DeSisto School in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, and I began to realize that although I was surrounded by people, I was desperately alone.

Erich Bartlebaugh

I started watching the true crime documentary “ The Program,” directed by troubled teen program alum Katherine Kubler, at my sister-in-law’s recommendation. “You guys have to see this,” she said soon after it debuted, certain that my wife and I would have seen nothing like it.

As she laid out the documentary's details — a group of teens sent off to a behavior modification facility — I realized that she was describing a story that was not unlike the one I experienced as a teenager.

Like Kubler, I was a high school student when my parents determined that I was beyond their control. I’d been diagnosed with ADHD and was expelled from two schools, the second one being a military academy.

While Kubler experienced the shock of being taken away by strangers and dropped off at a school without any parental contact or explanation of where she was going, I actually picked out DeSisto.

After collecting me from the military school, my mother sat me down in her office, handed me a few brochures, and, to my surprise, told me to find the next school that I would go to.

Eventually, I came across one for DeSisto, which sold a story about a therapeutic environment for artistic kids who were misunderstood. The school featured images of a picturesque estate that drew me in.

I never suspected that within 48 hours of my arrival, I would be sobbing, pleading to be sent back home.

Erich Bartlebaugh

Not long after selecting DeSisto, I was driving up to an idyllic Massachusetts town nestled in the mountains. My mother, step-father and I spent my last night before I headed to DeSisto at a bed and breakfast. It was October, and I still remember the autumn leaves and their colors. I took a long bath in a clawfoot tub and savored a king-sized Snickers bar. I had a feeling it was going to be my last for a long time.

Immediately after entering the gated property, I realized I had landed in a new society, governed by new rules. The entire campus was in the middle of a two-week-long sit-in meeting, prompted by someone graffitiing the boys’ bathroom. Pressure was put on every student until someone confessed or was outed by a peer.  

“Sit in” was the start of new vocabulary I became fluent in, reflective of DeSisto’s authoritarian streak. 

Immediately after entering the gated property, I realized I had landed in a new society, governed by new rules.

Rather than friends, new kids were assigned “buddies.” Two students were paired together and responsible, by proxy, for whatever their buddy did or said. We could never be more than a hand’s reach away from a buddy or from another student, for that matter. We were required to travel in groups of three, the reason being that a pair could come up with a notion to run off, but adding an additional student into the mix undermined cohesion.

Erich Bartlebaugh

Every morning was anxiety ridden because of all the potential punishments. 

If you broke the dress code or stained your outfit, you were "suited" and had to wear a formal suit, including tie and dress socks, until you were given reprieve. If the issue continued, you would be "sheeted," which meant you weren’t allowed to wear clothes — just a sheet tied like a toga.

“Ghosted” meant everyone had to ignore your presence. “Silenced” meant you weren’t allowed to make a sound. “No PC” meant you couldn’t have physical contact with anyone. “Hand held” meant you  had  to hold hands, sometimes for hours, no matter what tasks needed to be done.

Erich Bartlebaugh

During "limit structures," students were held to the ground by other students and verbally assaulted with personal jabs. The goal was to break a person down.

“Cornering” was DeSisto’s version of a time-out. We had to sit in a metal chair facing a corner. Once, I was cornered for 60 days. I was only able to get up to use the bathroom and eat. I was allowed limited access to showers. No phone calls with parents or interactions with other students. Nothing. I was so furious and despondent that, at some point, I began to rattle off the F-word over and over again. That was the only curse word we weren’t allowed to say. Each time I said it warranted a $1 penalty.

Then, there was the Farm, the prison of DeSisto. There, students lived separated from the rest of campus, deprived of all possessions including personal clothing. We couldn’t contact home. We had to do everything as a group — including bathroom time. Entire dorms were farmed at once. For example, if the nightly dorm meeting went past midnight because we couldn’t reach a group consensus, we all would be farmed. Happened all the time.

Once, I was withheld from seeing my parents because I was accused of violence for smacking my hand on a sofa during a dorm meeting. This was devastating, and a defining moment when I realized I had no freedom.

Erich Bartlebaugh

My days at DeSisto were tedious and toiling. I was there for just under three years, it still feels like a decade. Every day dragged, and every week and month was so painfully slow that I just lived day to day. I saw how the desperate circumstances took a toll on all of us. 

Some of my fellow students went along with situations most would see as inappropriate in exchange for rewards and freedom. Students didn’t have access to television, but some of the administrators had them in their rooms. Once, a male staffer of the school invited two other boys and me to watch a movie in his quarters. He’d been sitting with his arms around them on the sofa when he asked me to come sit by him. I got a funny feeling and said no. I was never invited back. Later, as I tried to make sense of the things that happened there and connected with former students, I heard stories that confirmed my instincts weren’t wrong.

I became defiant, running away when I found my chances. I ran away from DeSisto three times. The first two times, I was dragged back in a van. My final time, I was determined.

I escaped out of the Farm’s bathroom window. It was the only window that opened in the building. I had convinced the sole staff member to let me close the bathroom door for privacy. As I crawled into the window, he opened the door and yelled. I looked back at him and jumped. I knew at that point I had to just keep running. 

After three years at DeSisto, I ran off into the swampy woods beyond the school, my feet sinking into the mud as I chased after my freedom with little foresight about my next move. Nobody came far enough into the wetlands to find me. Since I was 18 when I ran, once I was off campus, they could not legally bring me back. 

I hiked the main road into town, putting together a plan to ask for some quarters to make a call. I was able to contact an old employee named Luis, whom some of the students trusted. He agreed to pick me up at the Piggly Wiggly in town.

There’s a reason I didn’t call my parents. By the time I left, if there was one lesson I’d learned from my time at DeSisto, it was that I could not rely on them to understand. In “The Program,” Kubler explains her parents were conditioned into believing that anything negative she said about the program was a lie or manipulation. DeSisto’s parents were instructed on this, too. They were advised that if they took in their children after they ran away, their children would be expelled, and years of education — and tuition — would become null and void. 

By the time I got to the parking lot, it was dark. I walked over to a trash can and found it had just been emptied and lined with a new bag, which I took and used as a sleeping bag. I spent my first night outside of DeSisto in almost three years, lying on a bench outside, hungry, thirsty and shivering. 

So much had happened and changed since I was 15 years old and soaking in the clawfoot tub with a Snickers bar.

Founder Michael DeSisto died in 2003 and DeSisto itself shut down in 2004 after controversies, including  fights with the state of Massachusetts over licensing  and allegations of child abuse. The Massachusetts Office of Child Care Services wrote, in a complaint, the school “denies students basic human rights” through practices like strip searches and farming students. 

In 2004, DeSisto was under state investigation for incidents including a staffer waiting more than 90 minutes to take a student to the hospital after she self-harmed and swallowed two razor blades, the  Boston Globe  reported at the time. 

“We admit our response was less than adequate and we’ve dealt with it,” Frank McNear, the school’s director at the time, said at the time. “You’ve got a lot of kids with a lot of pathologies here. I won’t tell you we’re a perfect school, but we’re totally committed to addressing problems as they surface.”

I’ve lived so many different lives since leaving. I’ve spent most of my life trying to push the negative parts of my past aside and focus on moving forward. 

But every once in a while, something pulls me back — terminology, a headline, and more recently, “The Program.” I’ve been told before that I display post-traumatic stress symptoms, but it wasn’t until recently that I connected my feelings, my anger, to my school experience.

Erich Bartlebaugh

I’ve started opening up about my feelings more in the years since I escaped, especially as other lawsuits against the school validate that I wasn’t just a teenager, dramatizing my experience to make my parents feel guilty. My concerns were valid. I've felt less alone.

Survivors, if you can call us that, tend to discuss it amongst themselves, but I never really shared the full extent with anyone outside of them, not even my wife.

Our community of former DeSisto students is more than plagued by the memories of what happened there. Too often, we are confronted by the concerning reality that DeSisto’s body of alumni is vulnerable to death by suicide. The death announcements of a familiar name or face continue to haunt us. 

During COVID, I learned that my friend Sarah died by suicide. I still tear up when I think of her. She was a talented performer and an amazing illustrator. A group of us used to hang out after “meal jobs” were done, when we cleaned the dining room, washed the dishes and prepared for the next meal. She was full of life and laughter but struggled with self-esteem and low self worth. She was a really special and kind person. 

In the decades after we left DeSisto, it’s my understanding that her struggle went on for years. She deserved better. 

I can’t entirely say that my experience at DeSisto was all bad. The truth is, I really began my journey to adulthood there. I learned self-awareness, self-worth and work ethic. I learned responsibility for my actions as well as my emotions. But I also learned distrust, abandonment and the level at which my own vulnerability could be exploited. 

But I can say that much of my life in the years since has felt like climbing out of a massive hole. 

Erich Bartlebaugh

After a failed attempt at community college and many odd jobs, I found direction and put all my energy into graduating from art school. My relationship with my mom and stepdad was OK at this point, but everything was still unresolved. My biological dad and I spoke once every five years at this point. 

I continued to struggle, but eventually, in my 20s, I got my bachelor’s. I learned to understand my parents more. I married and had two beautiful twin boys. I got divorced, I got sober and eventually, I found myself escaped from the black and away from the threat of tipping over the edge. In 2014, I learned what it was to have a real relationship with trust, love and respect. Seven years later, we welcomed our beautiful boy. 

I look at my sons and see how different they are from one another — and see the similarities they have with the old me.

I worry about whether they will struggle the same ways I did, and what will I do — what  can  I do — if they do? Truth is, I could never imagine sending my kids away and frankly, I never would. But I also don’t have a clue what I could do as an alternative. If DeSisto was the wrong choice, what would the right one have been? Was I in that situation as a teen due to nurture or nature?

I appreciate my sons’ personalities and struggles. I so desperately want to make sure that they never feel alone. They are the faces I force my brain to sharpen in on of when the memories of DeSisto begin to creep in, threatening to blur my current reality. They are the ones that bring me back to my life.

Erich Bartlebaugh is the art director of creative for NBC NEWS and MSNBC. He lives in New York.

school life simple essay

The day I returned home after being kidnapped by Islamic terrorists

school life simple essay

No one wants the family spinning wheel. So why is it so hard to get rid of?

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How my (many) wedding superstitions saved my marriage

school life simple essay

Can you get better at small talk? Here's what happened when I tried to

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I did my own makeup on my wedding day. Here’s how it went

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Why I’m happy to be my husband’s second wife

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I got a psychic reading 3 months after losing my dad. How it helped me heal

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I was 1 of millions who traveled for the eclipse. Here's how it went

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My fiancé is 17 years older than me and I’m sick of the age-gap conversation

school life simple essay

Author Jo Piazza: How a 100-year-old family murder mystery inspired my new novel

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How Biden Adopted Trump’s Trade War With China

The president has proposed new barriers to electric vehicles, steel and other goods..

This transcript was created using speech recognition software. While it has been reviewed by human transcribers, it may contain errors. Please review the episode audio before quoting from this transcript and email [email protected] with any questions.

From “The New York Times,” I’m Sabrina Tavernise, and this is “The Daily.”


Donald Trump upended decades of American policy when he started a trade war with China. Many thought that President Biden would reverse those policies. Instead, he’s stepping them up. Today, my colleague, Jim Tankersley, explains.

It’s Monday, May 13.

Jim, it’s very nice to have you in the studio.

It’s so great to be here, Sabrina. Thank you so much.

So we are going to talk today about something I find very interesting and I know you’ve been following. We’re in the middle of a presidential campaign. You are an economics reporter looking at these two candidates, and you’ve been trying to understand how Trump and Biden are thinking about our number one economic rival, and that is China.

As we know, Trump has been very loud and very clear about his views on China. What about Biden?

Well, no one is going to accuse President Biden of being as loud as former President Trump. But I think he’s actually been fairly clear in a way that might surprise a lot of people about how he sees economic competition with China.

We’re going after China in the wrong way. China is stealing intellectual property. China is conditioning —

And Biden has, kind of surprisingly, sounded a lot, in his own Joe Biden way, like Trump.

They’re not competing. They’re cheating. They’re cheating. And we’ve seen the damage here in America.

He has been very clear that he thinks China is cheating in trade.

The bottom line is I want fair competition with China, not conflict. And we’re in a stronger position to win the economic competition of the 21st century against China or anyone else because we’re investing in America and American workers again. Finally.

And maybe the most surprising thing from a policy perspective is just how much Biden has built on top of the anti-China moves that Trump made and really is the verge of his own sort of trade war with China.

Interesting. So remind us, Jim, what did Trump do when he actually came into office? We, of course, remember Trump really talking about China and banging that drum hard during the campaign, but remind us what he actually did when he came into office.

Yeah, it’s really instructive to start with the campaign, because Trump is talking about China in some very specific ways.

We have a $500 billion deficit, trade deficit, with China. We’re going to turn it around. And we have the cards. Don’t forget —

They’re ripping us off. They’re stealing our jobs.

They’re using our country as a piggy bank to rebuild China, and many other countries are doing the same thing. So we’re losing our good jobs, so many.

The economic context here is the United States has lost a couple of million jobs in what was called the China shock of the early 2000s. And Trump is tapping into that.

But when the Chinese come in, and they want to make great trade deals — and they make the best trade deals, and not anymore. When I’m there, we turn it around, folks. We turn it around. We have —

And what he’s promising as president is that he’s going to bring those jobs back.

I’ll be the greatest jobs president that God ever created. I’ll take them back from China, from Japan.

And not just any jobs, good-paying manufacturing jobs, all of it — clothes, shoes, steel, all of these jobs that have been lost that American workers, particularly in the industrial Midwest, used to do. Trump’s going to bring them back with policy meant to rebalance the trade relationship with China to get a better deal with China.

So he’s saying China is eating our lunch and has been for decades. That’s the reason why factory workers in rural North Carolina don’t have work. It’s those guys. And I’m going to change that.

Right. And he likes to say it’s because our leaders didn’t cut the right deal with them, so I’m going to make a better deal. And to get a better deal, you need leverage. So a year into his presidency, he starts taking steps to amass leverage with China.

And so what does that look like?

Just an hour ago, surrounded by a hand-picked group of steelworkers, President Trump revealed he was not bluffing.

It starts with tariffs. Tariffs are taxes that the government imposes on imports.

Two key global imports into America now face a major new barrier.

Today, I’m defending America’s national security by placing tariffs on foreign imports of steel and aluminum.

And in this case, it’s imports from a lot of different countries, but particularly China.

Let’s take it straight to the White House. The president of the United States announcing new trade tariffs against China. Let’s listen in.

This has been long in the making. You’ve heard —

So Trump starts, in 2018, this series of tariffs that he’s imposing on all sorts of things — washing machines, solar panels, steel, aluminum. I went to Delaware to a lighting store at that time, I remember, where basically everything they sold came from China and was subject to the Trump tariffs, because that’s where lighting was made now.


Hundreds of billions of dollars of Chinese goods now start falling under these Trump tariffs. The Chinese, of course, don’t take this lying down.

China says it is not afraid of a trade war with the US, and it’s fighting back against President Trump with its own tariffs on US goods.

They do their own retaliatory tariffs. Now American exports to China cost more for Chinese consumers. And boom, all of a sudden, we are in the midst of a full-blown trade war between the United States and Beijing.

Right. And that trade war was kind of a shock because for decades, politicians had avoided that kind of policy. It was the consensus of the political class in the United States that there should not be tariffs like that. It should be free trade. And Trump just came in and blew up the consensus.

Yeah. And Sabrina, I may have mentioned this once or 700 times before on this program, but I talk to a lot of economists in my job.

Yeah, it’s weird. I talk to a lot of economists. And in 2018 when this started, there were very, very, very few economists of any political persuasion who thought that imposing all these tariffs were a good idea. Republican economists in particular, this is antithetical to how they think about the world, which is low taxes, free trade. And even Democratic economists who thought they had some problems with the way free trade had been conducted did not think that Trump’s “I’m going to get a better deal” approach was going to work. And so there was a lot of criticism at the time, and a lot of politicians really didn’t like it, a lot of Democrats, many Republicans. And it all added up to just a real, whoa, I don’t think this is going to work.

So that begs the question, did it?

Well, it depends on what you mean by work. Economically, it does not appear to have achieved what Trump wanted. There’s no evidence yet in the best economic research that’s been done on this that enormous amounts of manufacturing jobs came back to the United States because of Trump’s tariffs. There was research, for example, on the tariffs on washing machines. They appear to have helped a couple thousand jobs, manufacturing jobs be created in the United States, but they also raised the price of washing machines for everybody who bought them by enough that each additional job that was created by those tariffs effectively cost consumers, like, $800,000 per job.

There’s like lots of evidence that the sectors Trump was targeting to try to help here, he didn’t. There just wasn’t a lot of employment rebound to the United States. But politically, it really worked. The tariffs were very popular. They had this effect of showing voters in those hollowed-out manufacturing areas that Trump was on their team and that he was fighting for them. Even if they didn’t see the jobs coming back, they felt like he was standing up for them.

So the research suggests this was a savvy political move by Trump. And in the process, it sort of changes the political economic landscape in both parties in the United States.

Right. So Trump made these policies that seemed, for many, many years in the American political system, fringe, isolationist, economically bad, suddenly quite palatable and even desirable to mainstream policymakers.

Yeah. Suddenly getting tough on China is something everyone wants to do across both parties. And so from a political messaging standpoint, being tough on China is now where the mainstream is. But at the same time, there is still big disagreement over whether Trump is getting tough on China in the right way, whether he’s actually being effective at changing the trade relationship with China.

Remember that Trump was imposing these tariffs as a way to get leverage for a better deal with China. Well, he gets a deal of sorts, actually, with the Chinese government, which includes some things about tariffs, and also China agreeing to buy some products from the United States. Trump spins it as this huge win, but nobody else really, including Republicans, acts like Trump has solved the problem that Trump himself has identified. This deal is not enough to make everybody go, well, everything’s great with China now. We can move on to the next thing.

China remains this huge issue. And the question of what is the most effective way to deal with them is still an animating force in politics.

Got it. So politically, huge win, but policy-wise and economically, and fundamentally, the problem of China still very much unresolved.


So then Biden comes in. What does Biden do? Does he keep the tariffs on?

Biden comes to office, and there remains this real pressure from economists to roll back what they consider to be the ineffective parts of Trump’s trade policy. That includes many of the tariffs. And it’s especially true at a time when almost immediately after Biden takes office, inflation spikes. And so Americans are paying a lot of money for products, and there’s this pressure on Biden, including from inside his administration, to roll back some of the China tariffs to give Americans some relief on prices.

And Biden considers this, but he doesn’t do it. He doesn’t reverse Trump’s tariff policy. In the end, he’s actually building on it.

We’ll be right back.

So Jim, you said that Biden is actually building on Trump’s anti-China policy. What exactly does that look like?

So Biden builds on the Trump China policy in three key ways, but he does it with a really specific goal that I just want you to keep in mind as we talk about all of this, which is that Biden isn’t just trying to beat China on everything. He’s not trying to cut a better deal. Biden is trying to beat China in a specific race to own the clean-energy future.

Clean energy.

Yeah. So keep that in mind, clean energy. And the animating force behind all of the things Biden does with China is that Biden wants to beat China on what he thinks are the jobs of the future, and that’s green technology.

Got it. OK. So what does he do first?

OK. Thing number one — let’s talk about the tariffs. He does not roll them back. And actually, he builds on them. For years, for the most part, he just lets the tariffs be. His administration reviews them. And it’s only now, this week, when his administration is going to actually act on the tariffs. And what they’re going to do is raise some of them. They’re going to raise them on strategic green tech things, like electric vehicles, in order to make them more expensive.

And I think it’s important to know the backdrop here, which is since Biden has taken office, China has started flooding global markets with really low-cost green technologies. Solar panels, electric vehicles are the two really big ones. And Biden’s aides are terrified that those imports are going to wash over the United States and basically wipe out American automakers, solar panel manufacturers, that essentially, if Americans can just buy super-cheap stuff from China, they’re not going to buy it from American factories. Those factories are going to go out of business.

So Biden’s goal of manufacturing jobs in clean energy, China is really threatening that by dumping all these products on the American market.

Exactly. And so what he wants to do is protect those factories with tariffs. And that means increasing the tariffs that Trump put on electric vehicles in hopes that American consumers will find them too expensive to buy.

But doesn’t that go against Biden’s goal of clean energy and things better for the environment? Lots of mass-market electric vehicles into the United States would seem to advance that goal. And here, he’s saying, no, you can’t come in.

Right, because Biden isn’t just trying to reduce emissions at all costs. He wants to reduce emissions while boosting American manufacturing jobs. He doesn’t want China to get a monopoly in these areas. And he’s also, in particular, worried about the politics of lost American manufacturing jobs. So Biden does not want to just let you buy cheaper Chinese technologies, even if that means reducing emissions.

He wants to boost American manufacturing of those things to compete with China, which brings us to our second thing that Biden has done to build on Trump’s China policy, which is that Biden has started to act like the Chinese government in particular areas by showering American manufacturers with subsidies.

I see. So dumping government money into American businesses.

Yes, tax incentives, direct grants. This is a way that China has, in the past decades, built its manufacturing dominance, is with state support for factories. Biden is trying to do that in particular targeted industries, including electric vehicles, solar power, wind power, semiconductors. Biden has passed a bunch of legislation that showers those sectors with incentives and government support in hopes of growing up much faster American industry.

Got it. So basically, Biden is trying to beat China at its own game.

Yeah, he’s essentially using tariffs to build a fortress around American industry so that he can train the troops to fight the clean energy battle with China.

And the troops being American companies.

Yes. It’s like, we’re going to give them protection — protectionist policy — in order to get up to size, get up to strength as an army in this battle for clean energy dominance against the Chinese.

Got it. So he’s trying to build up the fortress. What’s the third thing Biden does? You mentioned three things.

Biden does not want the United States going it alone against China. He’s trying to build an international coalition, wealthy countries and some other emerging countries that are going to take on China and try to stop the Chinese from using their trade playbook to take over all these new emerging industrial markets.

But, Jim, why? What does the US get from bringing our allies into this trade war? Why does the US want that?

Some of this really is about stopping China from gaining access to new markets. It’s like, if you put the low-cost Chinese exports on a boat, and it’s going around the world, looking for a dock to stop and offload the stuff and sell it, Biden wants barriers up at every possible port. And he wants factories in those places that are competing with the Chinese.

And a crucial fact to know here is that the United States and Europe, they are behind China when it comes to clean-energy technology. The Chinese government has invested a lot more than America and Europe in building up its industrial capacity for clean energy. So America and its allies want to deny China dominance of those markets and to build up their own access to them.

And they’re behind, so they’ve got to get going. It’s like they’re in a race, and they’re trailing.

Yeah, it’s an economic race to own these industries, and it’s that global emissions race. They also want to be bringing down fossil-fuel emissions faster than they currently are, and this is their plan.

So I guess, Jim, the question in my mind is, Trump effectively broke the seal, right? He started all of these tariffs. He started this trade war with China. But he did it in this kind of jackhammer, non-targeted way, and it didn’t really work economically. Now Biden is taking it a step further. But the question is, is his effort here going to work?

The answer to whether it’s going to work really depends on what your goals are. And Biden and Trump have very different goals. If Trump wins the White House back, he has made very clear that his goal is to try to rip the United States trade relationship with China even more than he already has. He just wants less trade with China and more stuff of all types made in the United States that used to be made in China. That’s a very difficult goal, but it’s not Biden’s goal.

Biden’s goal is that he wants America to make more stuff in these targeted industries. And there is real skepticism from free-market economists that his industrial policies will work on that, but there’s a lot of enthusiasm for it from a new strain of Democratic economists, in particular, who believe that the only chance Biden has to make that work is by pulling all of these levers, by doing the big subsidies and by putting up the tariffs, that you have to have both the troops training and the wall around them. And if it’s going to work, he has to build on the Trump policies. And so I guess you’re asking, will it work? It may be dependent upon just how far he’s willing to go on the subsidies and the barriers.

There’s a chance of it.

So, Jim, at the highest level, whatever the economic outcome here, it strikes me that these moves by Biden are pretty remarkably different from the policies of the Democratic Party over the decades, really going in the opposite direction. I’m thinking of Bill Clinton and NAFTA in the 1990s. Free trade was the real central mantra of the Democratic Party, really of both parties.

Yeah, and Biden is a real break from Clinton. And Clinton was the one who actually signed the law that really opened up trade with China, and Biden’s a break from that. He’s a break from even President Obama when he was vice president. Biden is doing something different. He’s breaking from that Democratic tradition, and he’s building on what Trump did, but with some throwback elements to it from the Roosevelt administration and the Eisenhower administration. This is this grand American tradition of industrial policy that gave us the space race and the interstate highway system. It’s the idea of using the power of the federal government to build up specific industrial capacities. It was in vogue for a time. It fell out of fashion and was replaced by this idea that the government should get out of the way, and you let the free market drive innovation. And now that industrial policy idea is back in vogue, and Biden is doing it.

So it isn’t just a shift or an evolution. It’s actually a return to big government spending of the ‘30s and the ‘40s and the ‘50s of American industrialism of that era. So what goes around comes around.

Yeah, and it’s a return to that older economic theory with new elements. And it’s in part because of the almost jealousy that American policymakers have of China and the success that it’s had building up its own industrial base. But it also has this political element to it. It’s, in part, animated by the success that Trump had making China an issue with working-class American voters.

You didn’t have to lose your job to China to feel like China was a stand-in for the forces that have taken away good-paying middle-class jobs from American workers who expected those jobs to be there. And so Trump tapped into that. And Biden is trying to tap into that. And the political incentives are pushing every future American president to do more of that. So I think we are going to see even more of this going forward, and that’s why we’re in such an interesting moment right now.

So we’re going to see more fortresses.

More fortresses, more troops, more money.

Jim, thank you.

You’re welcome.

Here’s what else you should know today. Intense fighting between Hamas fighters and Israeli troops raged in parts of Northern Gaza over the weekend, an area where Israel had declared Hamas defeated earlier in the war, only to see the group reconstitute in the power vacuum that was left behind. The persistent lawlessness raised concerns about the future of Gaza among American officials. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on “Face the Nation” on Sunday that the return of Hamas to the North left him concerned that Israeli victories there would be, quote, “not sustainable,” and said that Israel had not presented the United States with any plan for when the war ends.

And the United Nations aid agency in Gaza said early on Sunday that about 300,000 people had fled from Rafah over the past week, the city in the enclave’s southernmost tip where more than a million displaced Gazans had sought shelter from Israeli bombardments elsewhere. The UN made the announcement hours after the Israeli government issued new evacuation orders in Rafah, deepening fears that the Israeli military was preparing to invade the city despite international warnings.

Today’s episode was produced by Nina Feldman, Carlos Prieto, Sidney Harper, and Luke Vander Ploeg. It was edited by M.J. Davis Lin, Brendan Klinkenberg, and Lisa Chow. Contains original music by Diane Wong, Marion Lozano, and Dan Powell, and was engineered by Alyssa Moxley. Our theme music is by Jim Brunberg and Ben Landsverk of Wonderly.

That’s it for “The Daily.” I’m Sabrina Tavernise. See you tomorrow.

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Donald Trump upended decades of American policy when he started a trade war with China. Many thought that President Biden would reverse those policies. Instead, he’s stepping them up.

Jim Tankersley, who covers economic policy at the White House, explains.

On today’s episode

school life simple essay

Jim Tankersley , who covers economic policy at the White House for The New York Times.

At a large shipping yard, thousands of vehicles are stacked in groups. Red cranes are in the background.

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Mr. Biden, competing with Mr. Trump to be tough on China , called for steel tariffs last month.

The Biden administration may raise tariffs on electric vehicles from China to 100 percent .

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