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Welcome to ClearPointHCO, the premier professional resume writing and career coaching service in Spokane, WA. Our dedicated team brings together extensive expertise in operations, recruiting, and human resources, united by a common goal of creating the most impactful career and coaching services in the nation.

We are deeply committed to supporting job seekers in Spokane, WA, and at ClearPointHCO, our mission is to provide you with the assistance you need on your unique career journey.

Our team of professional resume writers at ClearPointHCO are experts in their respective fields. No matter your career level or industry, we have the skills and knowledge to help you uncover a world of job opportunities that you may have never imagined. In fact, a majority of our clients secure multiple interviews within the first 60 days after sending out their expertly crafted resumes. Let us be your guide as you pursue the career of your dreams. Click here to get started today!

When it comes to your job search, there are numerous advantages to engaging the services of a professional resume writing company in Spokane, WA. Our skilled writers excel at creating a cohesive and compelling narrative that highlights your specific experience, education, and skill set. They can also assist you in tailoring your resume to the particular job you are applying for, emphasizing the qualifications that resonate most with potential employers.

Furthermore, a top-notch professional resume prepared by a reputable writing service can help you stand out from the competition. In today’s fiercely competitive job market, recruiters and employers receive countless online applications, making it challenging for your application to receive the attention it deserves. By availing our services, you gain a competitive edge that distinguishes you and captures the interest of prospective employers.

ClearPointHCO, the leading professional resume writing company in Spokane, WA, is also committed to saving you time and reducing stress throughout your job search process. We understand the complexities of perfecting application documents and offer you a timely and cost-effective solution that caters to your unique needs and preferences. Let us handle the intricacies while you focus on preparing for interviews and securing your dream job.

In addition to Spokane, WA, ClearPointHCO proudly serves the following cities within the Spokane, WA metropolitan area:

  • Spokane Valley: Located east of Spokane, Spokane Valley is the largest suburb in the area. It offers a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial areas. Spokane Valley Mall, Centennial Trail, and Mirabeau Park are popular attractions in the suburb.
  • Liberty Lake: Situated southeast of Spokane, Liberty Lake is known for its scenic beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities. The area is home to the namesake Liberty Lake, where visitors can enjoy boating, fishing, and picnicking. The community has a suburban feel and offers a range of amenities.
  • Airway Heights: Located west of Spokane, Airway Heights is known for being the home of Fairchild Air Force Base. It is a small community that has experienced growth in recent years, thanks in part to the expansion of the base. The suburb also features the Northern Quest Resort & Casino, which offers entertainment and gaming options.
  • Mead: Situated north of Spokane, Mead is a primarily rural suburb with a peaceful atmosphere. It is known for its picturesque landscapes, including farmland, forests, and lakes. Mount Spokane State Park is a popular destination in Mead, offering opportunities for hiking, skiing, and wildlife viewing.
  • Cheney: Located southwest of Spokane, Cheney is a vibrant college town, home to Eastern Washington University. The suburb has a strong sense of community and offers a range of amenities, including parks, trails, and local events. Cheney is known for its small-town charm and is a popular choice for families and students.
  • Medical Lake: Situated west of Spokane, Medical Lake is a small suburb with a rich history. It is named after the nearby lake, which was once known for its healing properties. Today, Medical Lake is a quiet community that offers recreational activities like fishing, hiking, and camping. It is also home to the Eastern State Hospital, a psychiatric facility.
  • Deer Park: Located north of Spokane, Deer Park is a small, close-knit community with a rural feel. It is known for its beautiful countryside, including rolling hills and farmland. The suburb offers a peaceful environment, outdoor recreational opportunities, and a charming downtown area.
  • Nine Mile Falls: Situated northwest of Spokane, Nine Mile Falls is named after the nearby waterfall on the Spokane River. The suburb is surrounded by natural beauty, with numerous lakes, rivers, and hiking trails. It is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, offering opportunities for boating, fishing, and wildlife observation.
  • Colbert: North of Spokane, Colbert is a predominantly residential suburb with a suburban, family-friendly atmosphere. It features a mix of newer developments and rural areas, providing a balance between convenience and natural surroundings. Colbert is known for its tranquil setting and access to outdoor activities like hiking and biking.
  • Green Bluff: Located northeast of Spokane, Green Bluff is a unique suburb known for its agricultural heritage. It is home to numerous fruit orchards, vineyards, and farms. Visitors can enjoy picking fresh fruits, tasting local wines, and exploring the countryside. Green Bluff also hosts seasonal festivals and events throughout the year.
  • Otis Orchards: Situated east of Spokane, Otis Orchards is a small, rural suburb known for its orchards and farming community. It offers a serene setting and easy access to outdoor recreation, including fishing, boating, and hiking. The suburb has a friendly, laid-back atmosphere and is ideal for those seeking a quieter lifestyle.
  • Fairfield: Located southwest of Spokane, Fairfield is a historic suburb with a rich heritage. It features well-preserved buildings, including the Fairfield Community Church, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The suburb offers a glimpse into the past and is surrounded by scenic landscapes and rolling hills.

By choosing ClearPointHCO, you empower yourself with a professional resume writing company in Spokane, WA that unlocks the potential for an outstanding resume. Impress recruiters and employers, differentiate yourself from the competition, and accelerate your job search success. Take the first step towards a brighter future by contacting ClearPointHCO today!

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Ready to accelerate your job search, join other professionals that landed more interviews. , to begin, click the "buy now" button., let's get started.

  • Resume - 3 Business Days
  • 30 Minute Phone Consultation
  • 2 Pages Max Resume
  • Resume in Word, PDF, and Text Files
  • Keyword Optimized for ATS
  • No Cookie-Cutter Template-Based Writing
  • Cover Letter Template
  • Follow Up Template
  • Learn More Here

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  • Base Package Plus:
  • Customized Cover Letter

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  • * LinkedIn Essential 

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  • Starter Package Plus:

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  • Deluxe Package Plus:
  • Interview Preparation Session
  • LinkedIn Profile Strategy Session
  • 2 Phone Consultations (30 Minutes)
  • 4 Revisions in 7-days
  • Template for requesting a LinkedIn recommendation
  • Whitepaper for top tips to succeed during interviewing

$ 650.00 Buy Now

  • Professional Package Plus:
  • 1 Hour Career Coaching
  • Job Search Strategy Session
  • Professional Branding Tools
  • Collateral Pack

$ 950.00 Buy Now

Other packages to review include Entry Level Resume Packages , IT/Technology Resume Packages ,  and  Executive Resume Packages .

Part of the process includes: 

  • Access to an order management system. 
  • Client Intake Form to complete to provide direction to the writer on what you would like for the new resume. 
  • To provide feedback to your writer on the draft(s) provided. 
  • 60-day interview guarantee . 
  • Job search tool to track your interviews, offers, and rejections. 


Anaba is the best! He helped me craft my resume and I got my dream internship all thanks to him. Could not recommend enough.

Had my resume created and updated with Clearpoint. Since my resume was updated at the end of September, there’s been a steady amount of interest. Multiple good interviews resulted in an excellent job offer today.

I have recommended your service every chance I get. Thank you very much for the service you provide.

I highly recommend this company! Ann and Anaba are the most positive, kind, knowledgeable and helpful professionals to help you land the job of your dreams! They can help with resumes, cover letters, job search advice, profiles and how to interview etc! I now work for Apple thanks to both of them helping me gain my confidence back and help me with I listed above! Don’t wait! Call and make an appointment! You won’t be disappointed!

Sequence Resumes

We don't just write RESUMES. We write new lives.

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Spokane’s Premiere Resume Writing Service and Professional Resume Writers

GET YOUR Resume Written by one of our Professional Resume Writers Today!

Sequence provides a wide array of job search, career planning and professional resume writing services for career-minded individuals. At Sequence, as part of our resume writing services, we have a team of professional resume writers, branding and candidate marketing specialists who are highly capable of developing your resume, building your brand, and transforming your career plans into action to achieve your personal goals and expectations. From resume assistance to resume writer service and professional resume writing help, find out why local Spokane residents turn to Sequence time and time again to write their resume.

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We interact daily with some of the most well-known and respected employers in the marketplace. We are especially known for providing job seekers an exceptional level of professional and personalized service and expertise in career planning, personal branding and candidate marketing for the finest positions with leading organizations throughout the United States and around the world. We have written resumes for every conceivable role.

There are things you learn after engaging with thousands and thousands of professionals to write their resumes. Our expertise in this regard is unparalleled. Additionally, we proudly partner on a regular basis with some of the most professional organizations, government agencies and companies in these sectors.

As a Spokane  local, trust our professional resume writers to help you develop a powerful resume.


Choose Your Résumé Package Today.

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Built on the Spokane River is eastern Washington, Spokane is known as the home of Gonzaga University. The North West Company established the Spokane House in 1810, making Spokane the first European settlement in Washington.

City Website:

Chamber of Commerce:

County Website:

Situated in Spokane County, with a population of 213272, the City of Spokane is unique as one of Washington’s Largest Municipalities (Ranked #101 in the Nation!).

Economy / Education

The economy for Spokane is expected to show a Projected 5-Year Growth Rate of 1.7%. It is also fairly educated with 89.5% having earned a high school diploma and 27.7% of residents having earned a Bachelor or Higher. All helping to make the city one of the state’s most competitive markets for job seekers.

Industry Sectors

Industries sectors for Spokane and Spokane County are diverse and encompass Construction, Education, Finance, Food Services, Government, Health Care, Insurance, Manufacturing, Professional Services, and Retail.

Major Employers

Major employers in the area include: Fairchild Air Force Base, Sacred Heart Medical Center, Spokane School District, State of Washington, and US Federal Government.

Area / Size

Spokane is surrounded by or in close proximity to the cities of: Airway Heights, Cheney, Deer Park, Fairfield, Latah, Liberty Lake, Medical Lake, Millwood, Rockford, Spangle, Spokane Valley, and Waverly.

It incorporates area code 509 and zip codes 99201, 99202, 99203, 99204, 99205, 99206, 99207, 99208, 99209 (PO BOX), 99210 (PO BOX), 99211 (PO BOX), 99212, 99213 (PO BOX), 99214 (PO BOX), 99215 (PO BOX), 99216, 99217, 99218, 99219 (PO BOX), 99220 (PO BOX), 99223, 99224, 99228 (PO BOX), 99251, and 99252.

With Consideration of the size, market and diversity of Spokane, it is more important than ever to have a resume writing service with professional resume writer craft a resume that helps you stand apart from others in the job market.

Don’t Just Advance Your Career

Advance your life.  And harness the power of a custom-designed resume today.

It’s time to get started

We Are Sequence

Expert Resume Writing Services

The premier resume writers and writing experts for professional and technical industries in Spokane.

Everyone has a story. At Sequence our resume writers have been pioneering the art of telling stories compellingly through custom resumes and high impact professional career branding materials for more than a decade.

Just as you are more than a worker with an assigned number, your resume is more than a simple piece of paper communicating dates, titles and tasks. You are a dedicated professional, craftsman, innovator, leader and in many cases artist of your trade. A unique brand.

But no one will know this in today’s hyper-competitive job market where impressions and decisions are made quickly and data is systematically processed unless you can articulate your message and that brand.

On average, in our experience, you have just 9 seconds to make an initial impression. Decisions happen that fast. Only a custom produced resume, exclusive to you and crafted to “catch an eye” by a Sequence expert knowledgeable of the distinct demands of your industry will enable you to make that impression.  Gaining this competitive advantage over others in today’s Spokane area job market is something individuals turn uniquely to Sequence for again and again.

Learn more about what our professional resume writers can do for you.

Sequence: Trusted Resume Writing Service

Trusted by major professional associations

We interact daily with some of the most well-known and respected employers in niche professional and technical marketplaces throughout the United States and internationally. We have also partnered with leading professional trade associations engaged in these industries.

Because of our collaboration with these trade organizations, we have become trusted experts and consultants providing an array of career planning and resume writing services. Our expertise in these key industry sectors is widely recognized and sought after because we understand the fields inside and out. Beyond resume preparation, our professional resume writing services are unique because we know specifically what employers in Spokane are looking for and how best to market your resume and get it moved to the top of the pile.

We are particularly noted for serving as keynote speakers and leading an assortment of career planning related seminars, workshops, resume clinics, and special sessions on career branding and resume writing for organizations like the American Planning Association, International Code Council, among others, and lending our industry-specific expertise to career-minded professionals in our country’s leading industry sectors.

Key difference between Sequence and others? We don’t just write resumes and branding materials, we impart valuable expertise and educate individuals about how to use these tools to get jobs, obtain better compensation and further their careers.

Learn More About Why We Are A Trusted Partner

LinkedIn Profile Writing Service

Build your resume and professional profile for the digital age

Generic and basic resumes of the past no longer work in today’s new digital age. In our world of electronic media, large HR databases, impersonal connections, and strong competition for fewer jobs, you must cleverly navigate through these unseen obstacles to rise above all others if you hope to have any chance of being seen and heard.

Producing a resume and professional profile for Spokane locals that successfully moves you through these perilous channels and elevates you to consideration or an interview requires a special effort, keen skills and adaptability. At Sequence, we understand ATS systems, absorption, keywords, and various applications and have the expert know-how to produce personal brand marketing materials that get you noticed. In addition to profession and executive resume writing services, we are experts at writing custom LinkedIN and Social Media profiles that go beyond paper into digital- one of the reasons we are noted as the best resume writing service by our satisfied customer.

We know and understand what employers are looking for in a job candidate. It’s why our products and online resume writing services are geared towards garnering the attention of employers and can significantly increase your brand awareness in the Spokane job marketplace.

More than ever, your resume and profile are the key to successful employment and career advancement. Failure to craft these properly is not an option. Trust Sequence to create a resume / digital profile and help you build and market your brand online.

Learn how you can get the competitive edge

Sequence Resumes’ parent company, Sequence Staffing, is the premier executive recruitment firm committed to providing employment solutions for the core enterprises responsible for planning, building and maintaining our communities, infrastructure, natural resources, and environment throughout the United States and around the world. We interact daily with some of the most well-known and respected employers throughout the U.S. and around the world. Unlike other local resume companies, we know and understand what employers are looking for in a job candidate when creating a resume. It’s why our products and online resume writing services are geared towards garnering the attention of employers and can significantly increase your brand awareness in the job marketplace. Our industry-specific experts and resume writers will personally work with you directly to develop the most powerful, comprehensive resume package that will highlight your knowledge, skills, experience, education and training, and key characteristics and attributes that clearly demonstrate to employers how you are the best match to the opportunity. As a Spokane local, discover why our resume writing services and professional resumes writers can create the most compelling and best resume to empower you in your career.

Every Resume Package Includes

Sequence’s Revolutionary  VITAE EXERCISE I-Book & Materials!

resume services spokane

The professional assigned to me is by far the best career coach I have worked with. He took the time to get to know each of his clients, and creates a plan of attack will help you achieve your goals. No “Cookie-Cutter” shortcuts

resume services spokane

15%!  That was the jump in raise due to the Resume, so thank you once again for the effort on this.  I can now have money to help out my family back home… Great Job guys!!

Live the life you’ve always wanted.

Let us write your resume, and get you that career you’ve been searching for.

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ARC Resumes

Resume Service in Spokane, WA

Are you searching for a resume writing service in Spokane, Washington? My name is Arlen Crawford and I’m the founder of ARC Resumes. Although we are not based in Spokane, WA we have helped thousands of job seekers in towns and cities just like yours. Thanks to today’s technology we are able to help job seekers just like yourself land their dream job with our unique approach to resume writing and career consulting.

People tend to search for terms like “resume service near me” and look for someone local because they feel more comfortable with a local provider. At ARC Resumes we want you to feel comfortable throughout the process and we want you to get AMAZING results. We’re so confident you’ll get results with ARC Resumes we offer an iron-clad guarantee.

Resume Service in Your Area

Here is why you should pick ARC resumes instead of a local resume writer in Spokane, WA:

We write resumes that get results..

We have created a unique 6 step process that is proven to get your resume seen by more recruiters and hiring managers. We optimize all our resumes for applicant tracking systems which is a key to getting your resume read by the right decision makers.  Learn more about The ARC Simple 6 Difference .

We get to know you BEFORE any writing starts.

We ask questions about your employment history, your education, your goals and objectives for the resume, and what you want to do going forward. We discuss your core competencies and soft skills and help you determine what you can do if you are unsure. You’ll speak with an expert recruiter over the phone prior to us writing your resume.

We offer an iron-clad guarantee.

We guarantee that you will be getting at least 2x the number of interviews using our resume. If after 60 days you are not receiving at least twice as many callbacks and interview requests, we will rewrite your resume free of charge. If you are still not getting the results you desire after an additional 30 days, we will refund you 100% no questions asked.

We help you with more than just a resume.

Having a great resume is only one part of the process. We are also available to help you with cover letters, thank you letters, LinkedIn profile optimization, salary negotiation, and even interview coaching. Get the help you need today to land your dream job.

  • Andrew H. Took the time to call and get to know me and my goals and helped craft and revise my resume in an incredibly impactful way. Veronica S. Very responsive and professional. In addition to writing a good looking functional resume, he also provided additional tips and suggestions.
  • Christian B. I am very happy with the package that I purchased from ARC Resumes. Arlen's knowledge and understanding of the industry and applicant tracking system is impressive. My LinkedIn profile was also improved and optimized to attract recruiters. Cynthia W. Mr. Arlen's service was expeditious and he was attentive to all of my questions. I am pleased with the final product and the professionalism of his service.
  • Gianna C. Excellent job, very helpful. Extremely informative and offered other helpful advice and I got the job, on my way into a new career. Bob M. Arlen was very knowledgeable in how to craft a resume, update LinkedIn profile as well as prepare for an interview.
  • Chris B. I had a wonderful experience working with Arlen, he was very professional and did a great job! My resume looks great. Carla W. Everything about this experience was easy and efficient. Arlen turned my old resume into a new fresh professional trendy resume with all the key points strategically mentioned and methodically placed accordingly. Answered all questions and provided great tips!
  • Erika B. Arlen was prompt and patient when my timeline needed to be adjusted. He quickly gets back and follows through. The most important piece is his commitment to being there for you moving forward as things change and questions inevitably arise. thanks Arlen! Alex T. Felt personalized and created for a much more robust resume. He listened to additional input over the phone and translated that into what recruiters want to see.
  • Ted S. I do not have enough words to express my gratitude. Arlen had taken an old and out dated resume and brought it into the future. What a great looking resume, cover letter and thank you letter. His turn around time and professionalism are exemplary! Jocelyn M. I liked the fact that Arlen seemed genuinely interested in helping me find the job that suits my needs. There were other offers of very high quality sounding work..but it seemed like their end goal was to write me an excellent resume, not help me find suitable employment.
  • Carrie A. Arlen did a great job on my resume. He also provided me with job search tips, a cover letter, and thank you letter. I recommended him to a friend who also needs help and I would definitely recommend him again. Mary L. Arlen was great to work with. My resume needed an overhaul and he did it for me in two days. I’ve already recommended him to a friend!
  • Debra J. Received additional information related to the whole process of the resume and it’s associated letters. Done to today’s standards. And has a lifetime offer. Not intimidating to work with. Did Four revisions and very satisfied. Nicole A. Updated my resume. Also included a cover letter as well and am very happy with the results. Would highly recommend.
  • Giniva M. The overall experience was great. I saw my resume and was in awe. He did a wonderful job and was very professional and punctual. I am very satisfied and definitely recommend him. Nicholas C. Arlen did a great job updating my resume. He was very helpful throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend him.
  • Kourtney R. Arlen was very personable, incorporated my personal attributes into my resume, organized it in a professional way, and even gave me some career advice with the option to call back at a later date if any questions or problems arose. Very pleased. Claudine E. Arlen did a great job! My husband even used him the day after he saw what Arlen dis for me!

The Two Most Important Functions of Your Resume

  • Successful Applicant Tracking System digital search
  • Creating a positive first impression on a recruiter or hiring authority

Give yourself the maximum advantage for career advancement by choosing our proven processes. Our recruiting and resume-writing history and experience enhances your opportunities for employment. 

We have experience with many and various industries and disciplines.  Some of these include engineering, healthcare, finance, sales/marketing, manufacturing, project management, operations management, administrative, event planning, executive (CFO, COO, CEO).

How does our resume writing process different from a professional resume writer in Spokane, WA?

The arc simple 6 difference.

Everyone wants their resume to stand out from the competition. You want to ensure that you will get noticed. ARC Resumes uses the ARC SIMPLE 6 Process to design a resume guaranteed to hit your goals.

What’s the ARC Simple 6 Process?  The ARC Simple 6 Process follows six clear guidelines to deliver quality resumes every time.

These guidelines are basic. However, most resumes often violate several of these. The way in which your resume is written creates a first impression. If that impression is negative, your chances of landing an interview significantly decrease, regardless of your qualifications.

Our Packages

Basic package.

  • Initial Phone Consultation
  • Resume (Word & PDF Format)
  • Cover Letter
  • Delivery Phone Call
  • Thank You Letter
  • LinkedIn Profile Assistance
  • Job Searching Assistance
  • Career Counseling
  • Follow Up Letter
  • Salary or Compensation Tips
  • First 30-60-90 Day Job Plans
  • Interview Coaching

Standard Package

Professional package.

Spokane, Washington is a City in Spokane County and is in the America/Los_Angeles timezone. The area Zip Codes include 99001, 99026, 99201, 99202, 99203, 99204, 99205, 99207, 99208, 99209, 99210, 99212, 99213, 99217, 99218, 99219, 99220, 99223, 99224, 99252, 99256, 99258, 99260, 99299.

Located at the coordinates 47.65878, -117.42605 – Spokane, WA has a land area of 69 Square Miles and 1 Square Miles of water.

Spokane, WA has a population of 222081 people among 89626 households. They have a median income of $47,822.00.

Cities Nearby

  • Town and Country
  • Country Homes
  • Airway Heights
  • Spokane Valley
  • Liberty Lake
  • Otis Orchards-East Farms
  • Coeur d’Alene

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Spokane Professional Resume Writing Services

Spokane, washington professional resume writer and resume writing services.

Webuild specializes in writing resumes and professional career branding materials for Spokane, Washington industry professionals.

As a professional in the Spokane, Washington region, you are well aware of the high demands placed on individuals working in the local construction, engineering, and environmental industries. These markets are rapidly expanding, and with advances in technology. Spokane employers are expecting more responsibility from their employees in designing, constructing, and ensuring environmental compliance on projects.

As a result, your skills have developed, accomplishments have grown, and your career prospects are greater than ever. When it comes to drafting a resume that will allow you to stand out in a competitive Spokane job market and convey your skills to employers at the highest level, you need a resume writing firm that can lay the foundation for your success.

At Webuild Resumes, we have over 25 years of experience writing resumes for professionals in the Spokane construction, engineering, and environmental industries. Our team works directly with senior executives, middle management, entry-level candidates, and tradespeople to write professional resumes, cover letters, follow-up letters, and LinkedIn profiles that showcase your skills and accomplishments at the highest level possible.

We take the time to learn about your career history, working with you one-on-one via in-person meetings or phone conversations to discuss your skills, education, qualifications, and career growth objectives, gaining a full understanding of your goals and aspirations. This allows us to strategically package your skills in a highly effective resume, ensuring your long-term career success.

We are expert Olympia resume writers that have written 1000’s of resumes for Olympia Professionals throughout a broad spectrum of the construction, engineering and environmental specialties, some of which have included:

  • Architecture
  • Civil Engineering
  • Climate Change Management / GHG Auditing
  • Commercial Construction
  • Demolition And Recycling
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Environmental Planning – CEQA / NEPA
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Geological Sciences
  • Facilities Management
  • Health And Safety
  • Industrial Hygiene – Air / Water / Noise / Soils
  • Land Surveying
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Municipal (Public Works) Construction
  • Natural Resources / Biological Resources
  • Oil and Gas Exploration
  • Residential / Attached (Multi-Family) Construction
  • Structural Engineering
  • Sustainability
  • Urban And Regional Planning
  • Water Resources


We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with the resume writing or social media package you receive. If not, we will rewrite it as many times as necessary to assure your 100% satisfaction with the content you receive


Senior Executive Resumes

You are in a senior leadership role and now need to showcase those skills and accomplishments; Webuild's resume professionals have the talent to show how you can enhance an organizations leadership.

Entry Level Resumes

The perfect package for any entry level professional or new graduate starting to advance within a corporation. Webuild will showcase your talents, skills, qualifications to get you noticed.


Middle Management Resumes

As a middle manager you have the skills and expertise that companies need. Now it is the time to showcase those skills to open up new pathways for career advancement. Let Webuild show you how.

Statement Of Qualifications

Need a Professional summary of your career, skills, projects and accomplishments for project submittals and/or a corporate profile without developing a full resume.


Cover & Follow-Up Letters

Need a letter of introduction or a quick thank you note. Webuild specializes in customizing and tailoring letters to suit your specific job search objectives.


LinkedIn Profiles

Ready to take the plunge into social media. A LinkedIn Professional Profile is a must for today’s job seeker. Keyword enhanced to gain the greatest visibility for your job search and career growth.


Resume Writing Guides

Looking to write your resume on your own? Webuild's Resume Writing guides are an excellent resource to get you moving in the right direction.


Quick Reference Resume Writing Note Card

The Webuild Resume Writing Quick Reference Note Card will provide you an industry specific resume writing reference card to aid in writing an effective resume, cover letter and/or project list.


Working with us is very simple, the webuild writing process is geared to work around your schedule, utilizing our, 4 step process., select the resume package of your choice & process payment., upload to our system any previous background information about yourself., one of our writers will reach out to you within 24 hours to schedule a conference call with you and begin the resume writing process., you will receive your resume within 2 to 3 days via email in msword/pdf formats., professional job search documents now.

Entry Level Professional / New Graduates

Entry Level Professional / New Graduates

The perfect package for an entry level professional or new graduate starting to advance within a corporation. Webuild will showcase your talents, skills and qualifications to get you noticed.


Middle Management Resumes

You are in a senior leadership role and now need to showcase those skills and accomplishments; Webuild’s resume professionals have the talent to show how you can enhance an organizations leadership.

Tradesman Resumes

Tradesman Resumes

As a tradesman you have worked hard to develop the technical skills and expertise to accomplish any task; now its time to show employers how those skills will benefit their projects.

LinkedIn Professional Profiles

LinkedIn Professional Profiles

The need to have a professional social media image today is imperative for any professional. When searching for a job LinkedIn visibility is crucial to your overall success. Let Webuild write a keyword enhanced profile that will keep you relevant on LinkedIn.

Webuild Resume's team of professional resume writers are standing by to help you with your writing needs. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time for a free consultation, advise or to address any questions you may have on our resume writing services.

P.O. Box 189 Lincoln, Ca 95648

Tel: 916-677-1428

Fax: 916-677-1478

[email protected]

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Spokane Resume specializes in developing personalized resumes and teaching people powerful interviewing techniques. We are professional consultants with a PROVEN track record of getting people noticed! Do you want to stand out from the crowd? We can do that. Do you want an employer to call YOU for an interview out of a stack of applicants? Are you tired of job hunting and being told no? We can help! If you are looking for someone who can help you create a custom document that encourages employers to call YOU for an interview, you have found the right place. A typical employer will spend about 15 seconds reviewing your resume. You need a resume specifically designed to catch an employer's attention and allow them to quickly see what you have to offer them. We can do that for YOU! …

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Kentucky basketball NCAA Tournament projections improve after upset win at Auburn

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LEXINGTON — After winning both its games last week,  Kentucky 's projected NCAA Tournament seeding is trending upward. Ever so slightly.

On Feb. 12,  Bracket Matrix  had the Wildcats ' predicted average seed as 6.53. Then UK went out and beat Ole Miss (at home) and Auburn (on the road). As a result, in Bracket Matrix's newest projections that published Monday, Kentucky's average seed now is 5.91 (out of 98 total brackets).

Entering Tuesday, the Wildcats'  NET ranking  is 21, a four-spot rise in the past week. The victory over the Tigers doesn't hurt in that regard — it marked Kentucky's first Quad 1 win in more than a month, with John Calipari 's club now 3-6 in such contests this season. (Quad 1 games are one of the most important metrics for potential NCAA Tournament teams  when the selection committee begins filling out the bracket on Selection Sunday.) , which relies solely upon the NET rankings to create its bracket, projected the Wildcats as a 6-seed as of Monday. , which updated its bracket after Monday's games wrapped up, slotted Kentucky as the No. 5 seed in the East Region, where it would face 12-seed Samford in the first round in Spokane, Washington. Bracketville , which released its new projections Tuesday morning, also predicted UK would head to Spokane, but as the No. 5 seed in the West Region, taking on No. 12 seed Grand Canyon in the first round.

Here's a look at Kentucky's NCAA Tournament résumé as of Tuesday morning, as well as projections from a variety of national outlets:

Kentucky tournament resume and NET ranking

NET ranking:  21

KenPom ranking:  21

Quad 1 record:  3-6

Quad 2 record:  2-0

Quad 3 record:  7-1

Quad 4 record:  6-0

ESPN NCAA Tournament projections for Kentucky basketball

ESPN bracketologist Joe Lunardi  released his new bracket Tuesday morning. He placed UK as the No. 5 seed in the Midwest Region. He also has UK making the cross-country trip to Spokane to square off with 12th-seeded South Florida in the first round.

Kentucky basketball in CBS sports bracketology

CBS Sports writer Jerry Palm  released his latest update Tuesday morning.  He placed Kentucky as the 6-seed in the West Region , booking a trip to Brooklyn, New York, in the first round. Palm has UK facing the winner of a First Four game between two 11-seeds: Nebraska and Utah.

UK basketball bracketology from USA TODAY Sports

USA TODAY's Paul Myerberg, Erick Smith and Eddie Timanus combined for  a bracket for the network , which was released Tuesday morning. Like 's projection, USA TODAY has UK as the 5-seed versus No. 12 seed Samford in Spokane. The only difference is USA TODAY slotted Kentucky in the South Region.

What's next for Kentucky basketball

UK has another split home-and-away schedule this week, with a road game followed by a contest at Rupp Arena .

It begins Wedneday night, when Kentucky travels to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to take on LSU . The Tigers are No. 88 in the NET rankings, which would make Wednesday a Quad 2 matchup for the Wildcats. LSU is fresh off an upset win at South Carolina.

Kentucky's home outing Saturday afternoon is a mammoth one: Alabama , first place in the SEC with a 10-2 record in league games entering Tuesday , comes to town. The Crimson Tide is No. 5 in the NET rankings, giving the Wildcats another shot at a Quad 1 victory.

It also is an opportunity for revenge: Alabama annihilated Kentucky in the most recent meeting in the series. The Crimson Tide rolled to a 78-52 victory last season at Coleman Coliseum in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. It was Kentucky's most lopsided loss to Alabama in 157 matchups.

Reach Kentucky men’s basketball and football reporter Ryan Black at [email protected] and follow him on X at @RyanABlack.

resume services spokane

Spokane Velocity rounds out roster, aims to make impact on and off the field in first season

The Spokane Velocity’s roster is beginning to take shape as its inaugural season draws closer.

With less than a month remaining until the Mar. 16 home opener at the ONE Spokane Stadium, the Velocity has announced the signing of 16 players as of Monday.

Ryan Harnetiaux, who owns the club with his wife Katie Harnetiaux, said the team will likely have around 20 players rostered before the season kicks off.

“If you see who we’ve brought in, you can see it’s a really strong blend of guys that have been in pro soccer for five or six years or longer, coupled with some new people,” Harnetiaux said. “It’s great – the roster is being built out in a really smart way.”

The team, competing as a Division III team in the USL League One, has been pieced together with athletes with a variety of backgrounds and playing experience.

Some notable names include Romain Metanire, a French defender and former MLS all-star, and Kimarni Smith, an English midfielder and the fourth overall pick in the 2021 MLS Superdraft.

Harnetiaux credits Gareth Smith, the team’s sporting department consultant whom he called one of the “premier soccer minds in the U.S.,” for helping construct the roster.

Many of the players have signed contracts for longer than a year, said Harnetiaux, citing the importance of continuity for the young club.

“We think it’s really special to be able to build this in Spokane and we know that the Spokane fans are going to love the product on the field, but I think they’re also going to love what we’re doing in and around the community off the pitch,” Harnetiaux said.

The club may look to supplement its roster from the players who get cut from MLS rosters this month.

Some younger players from the community will also be brought on as academy players.

In November, the team named Leigh Veidman as its head coach. Veidman, who has played and coached at a number of levels in the soccer world, was picked from a pool of 140 applicants from over 20 countries, Harnetiaux said. Veidman has spent the past five years coaching in the USL.

“Having the opportunity to be part of building a professional organization and laying strong foundations for a successful future is key in an industry where winning is imperative,” Veidman said in a release after being hired. “The ownership has shown a clear intent with the investment in a high-level environment to bring world-class soccer to the Spokane fans.”

Earlier this month, the club added Renato Bustamante, a Peru native and former professional soccer player, as an assistant coach.

The Velocity spent the past week at a training camp in Arizona, partaking in friendlies and closed-door scrimmages. The club returned to Spokane this week to continue training before debuting for fans against the Tacoma Defiance, the Seattle Sounders MLS Next Pro club, in a preseason match in Kennewick on Mar. 2.

The Velocity will kick off its regular season on Mar. 9 against the Greenville Triumph in South Carolina, then will face the Richmond Kickers in their home opener on Mar. 16. The club will play every team in its league at least twice and will also participate in a new in-season cup competition.

Season tickets and single -game tickets for the 16 home games are available for purchase on the club’s website. Additional playoff, tournament or friendly matches may be added to the home schedule.

The team is also offering a ticket package – the “Rumble Pack” – that includes the home opener and seven other games of choice.

Despite the club’s infancy, Harnetiaux has high hopes for the Velocity in year one.

“I think that most of the time when you have an expansion team, you would not anticipate being incredibly successful in your first season as you build,” he said. “However, I would say that given our level of investment in our roster with the players that we are acquiring right now, our expectations are much higher and our goal this year is to make the playoffs.

“We believe that it’s very possible with this group.”

The Harnetiaux couple, through Aequus Sports LLC, will also run the Spokane Zephyr, a women’s USL Super League team, and another pre-professional women’s team in the USL W League. Harnetiaux, a Gonzaga graduate who lives in Seattle but is originally from Spokane, emphasized the intention of community impact and local partnerships with the new clubs.

“For us, this is a bit of a giveback – building something that we think is going to benefit a whole lot of people in Spokane, not just a few,” he said. “It’s a lot bigger, I think, than anything that has ever happened Spokane-sports wise.”

Major announcement means bright future for salmon and clean energy

A salmon homecoming long in the making, and proof that tribes and not-for-profit utilities can work together collaboratively.


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  24. Kentucky basketball bracketology 2024: NCAA Tournament projections, UK

    LEXINGTON — After winning both its games last week, Kentucky 's projected NCAA Tournament seeding is trending upward. Ever so slightly. On Feb. 12, Bracket Matrix had the Wildcats ' predicted ...

  25. Spokane Velocity rounds out roster, aims to make impact on and off the

    The club returned to Spokane this week to continue training before debuting for fans against the Tacoma Defiance, the Seattle Sounders MLS Next Pro club, in a preseason match in Kennewick on Mar. 2.