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The Ultimate 2022 Resume Format for Freshers Guide [Expert samples from over 100,000 users]

Top 5 tactics to create the best fresher resume format:.

  • Don’t simply list what coursework and internships you’ve done. It helps a hiring manager if they can learn about the important things you did in those roles (e.g. started ACM student chapter in Mumbai around Artificial intelligence and control theory)
  • Make sure that you use the right resume buzzwords and avoid the bad ones
  • Modify your resume to match the interests of the organization you are applying to
  • Don’t be vague, paint a complete picture of who you are and how you are a good for the job
  • Design your resume with care and make sure your most valuable work catches recruiter’s attention
  • Don’t build a 10+ page resume just to show everything you’ve ever done. Remember, it is your resume, not your biography

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How to create the best fresher resume format?

Make it one page.

In case you don’t know, there is a generally accepted industry standard on resume page length. Ideally, it should be one page for every 10 years of experience. Given that you’re about to graduate and have just started working, you should really only have a one page resume . A one page resume is not only more organized, but quickly helps a recruiter identify your key skills and shortlist you. Imagine getting 100 ten page resumes every day. Going through that is like reading a 1,000 page book!

Make your resume relevant to the role

Don’t underestimate your skills just because you lack work experience. One technique you can try is breaking down the job into 5 different parts and see how you can reflect in your resume that you have covered some (or all) parts. This increases the relevance of your resume to a hiring manager significantly. For example, to apply for a Junior software engineer role you can easily break it down to 5 parts. First is programming language, second is algorithmic knowledge, third is quality/scalability, fourth is GIT/JIRA (i.e. deployment tools), and fifth is database. Now, if you crafted a resume that reflects you mastering 3 programming languages, being proficient with well known algorithms and having used deployment tools. By doing so, you are creating the exact fresh resume format that a hiring manager is looking for!

Show your experience

A majority of employers out there want to see the difference you can make to their organization. Sadly, most freshers don’t account for this when they craft their resume or even while sending job applications. From your volunteering experience to your internships, try to show what you did and the impact it made. Use exact numbers when possible. If you’ve taken relevant coursework, certifications - make sure you don’t miss these important details. Proactively promoting your experience is often the most important factor to a positive assessment of your resume.

Conduct a resume review

  • Spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Inconsistent punctuation
  • Broken website links
  • Incorrect contact information
  • Long or unclear sentences

Secure impactful references

References can have a huge impact on your application. They are also a critical part of application tracking systems (ATS) that a vast majority of large organizations use. References in resume formats can be of two types: References of someone within the target organization, and references of a well known industry professional. If you get referred by an existing employee of the organization, your resume has a much higher chance of landing you an interview. And, if you cite the reference of a well known industry professional, your resume will definitely land you an interview.

10 sections recruiters and hiring managers are looking for in a fresher resume format

proper resume format for freshers

1. Your Resume Header

Your resume’s header is the first thing that any recruiter will see. Typically, a header has contact information, website link(s), a linkedin profile, and other social links. Make sure that your contact information is up to date, and only add emails that look professional. Ideally, a professional email looks something like '[email protected]'. Also, keep the number of things in your resume format header to a minimum. Your goal is to give recruiters a quick sense of who you are and how to contact you, not overwhelm them with a lot of information.

2. Personal Summary

A personal summary and a fresher resume don’t exactly match all of the time. Almost 90% of freshers write a summary like this in their resume: “My goal is to grow professionally and contribute to your esteemed organization and learn more” This doesn’t work for many reasons. First, this doesn’t say anything about what you really want to do. Second, it fails to convey relevance your resume to the job. And, third, it makes you sound passive and shows a lack of enthusiasm. A better version of a personal summary (for a design related role) would go in depth, connect your skills and goals with the role that you are applying for. Here’s an example: “To become one of the best UX designers in the world by practising minimalism, design systems with optimized onboarding for large scale software products. I have a keen interest in UX research, information architecture, and motion designs which drive my desire to accomplish great things in my career.” As you can clearly see, a hiring manager that looks at this professional summary will now understand who you are and what your motivation is for applying to the role. They will be more likely to take notice and evaluate your resume carefully. Mission accomplished!

  • Relevant to the role you’re applying for
  • Recognizable within your target industry
  • A mix of both soft and hard skills
  • Software skills (proficiency with AutoCAD)
  • Planning and management skills (Expert in SAP SCS planning)
  • Predictive Analytics (Implementing customer lifecycle analytics using Tableau)
  • Market research (Identifying the right, most profitable customers)
  • Inventory management (keeping record of SKUs and managing demand supply pipeline)
  • MS Word and Google docs
  • Your typing speed (unless you are applying to be a typist)
  • Anything that’s not relevant to the role you are applying for

Resume format example

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4. Your Experience

Underestimating work experience is something that’s common across most fresher resumes. A lot of companies that hire freshers usually look for relevant projects or coursework. A relevant example of experience could be something that you did in your coursework, lab, projects or during your internship and can count as a professional grade working experience.

Best resume format

5. Education

A lot of job requirements clearly demand a level of education (undergraduate, post graduate, PhD). Clearly listing them out in a way a recruiter can quickly understand helps your job application in getting closer to being shortlisted. When you add your education to your resume, make sure to mention the important and relevant coursework in it. For example, if you are a mechanical engineering student, highlighting that you’ve gone through Production Planning helps you to be seen as a more relevant candidate for an Automotive Engineering role.

Best fresher resume

6. Languages

  • English : IELTS CEFR B2
  • Tamil : Native Language
  • Hindi : Fluent in reading, writing and speaking
  • German : Full professional proficiency (ILR scale)

Best resume format for freshers

7. Most Proud Of

Did you do something in your college life that you’re incredibly proud of? Adding this section helps you standout from other applicants. After testing it with 100,000+ resume applications, it has proven to be very effective. Freshers can usually add things like a college project, an open source contribution, an achievement in sports, a fellowship, published research papers, etc to name a few.

Resume format for job

8. Life Philosophy

So far, most of the sections we’ve gone through were more focused on your work-related skills. But, hiring is also about cultural fit. Take this chance to be more impactful with your resume format. Fortunately, showcasing your life philosophy doesn’t take much. You can simply reflect it by including a quote from a significant figure or a quote that you live by.

Latest resume format for freshers

9. Certificates and Courses

Often, freshers undergo a number of certification and other courses during college. These courses and certificates can often help you gain first hand experience and prepare you well for your professional career. They are often critical in crafting a winning fresher resume format.

Resume format for freshers engineers

10. References

We spoke about using references and how including them is a part of the best fresher resume format. When you write your references section, ensure to add their name, designation, a contact number and email information.

Resume format examples

How to get a referral for the role you want after graduating

As a fresher, you should try to leverage your existing networks to gain job referrals. A job referral is an incredibly powerful way to land a job as referrals often standout from the rest of job applications. If you are unsure on where to get started, your college alumni, your professors and your social network (Linkedin, Facebook, etc) could be the first place. Here’s a detailed guide to getting job referrals (email outreach template included!) that just might come in handy to get job referrals.

Check out our guide on getting referrals for any job you’re applying for.

Trying to land an interview? Check out more winning resume examples for inspiration

proper resume format for freshers

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Fresher Resume Examples - A Comprehensive Guide | Workruit

Fresher resume examples: how to create an impressive resume with little to no experience, the importance of a well-crafted resume for freshers.

When launching your career, a well-crafted resume is pivotal in making a lasting impression on potential employers. As a fresher entering the job market, your resume is a snapshot of your skills, qualifications, and potential. It can significantly impact your chances of an interview or job offer. The upcoming sections will explain how a well-crafted resume is essential and show a few fresher resume examples .

Challenges Faced by Freshers in Creating a Compelling Resume

When writing resumes, new graduates frequently confront particular difficulties. Creating a CV might be intimidating due to a lack of industry exposure, relevant professional experience, and the need to stand out. However, these difficulties can be addressed with the proper strategy and comprehension, and your resume will be able to highlight your ability correctly.

Understanding a Fresher Resume's Objective

A resume for a recent graduate has several uses:

It draws attention to the transferrable talents and relevant experiences you've amassed through volunteer work, internships, part-time jobs, and extracurricular activities.

Your education and academic achievements are highlighted, emphasising your dedication to learning.

It emphasises your potential and passion for advancement, demonstrating to potential employers that you are a promising candidate.

Determining the Goals and Purpose of a Freshers' Resume

Understanding the role and objectives of your resume as a fresher is critical.

Emphasise Relevant Experiences and Transferable Skills

Although you may need more professional experience as a new employee, your time spent in internships, part-time work, volunteering, and extracurricular activities has given you good transferrable abilities. You can spotlight these skills on your CV to demonstrate your potential and suitability for the desired employment. Check out fresher resume examples to get a better idea.

Describe your transferable skills: leadership, teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and flexibility. Consider how to utilise these skills in your desired position and highlight them in your CV. Use brief and convincing bullet points to highlight your experiences and how they have helped you gain these talents. In addition, emphasise experiences that are relevant to the job you are pursuing. 

Any internships, projects, or volunteer work you have done should illustrate your ability to use your skills in real-world scenarios. Describe the tasks you did, the challenges you experienced, and the outcomes you obtained. A proper resume format for freshers can help potential employers understand your qualifications and what you can offer their firm.

Prioritising Academic Achievements and Education 

For newcomers, establishing credibility and demonstrating a commitment to learning to rely on education and academic achievements. Your educational background may provide insight into your knowledge base and ability to learn new ideas and concepts.

In the education section of your CV, provide information about your degree, college, graduation date, and any relevant coursework. Any awards, prizes, or scholarships you have received should be mentioned. Identify any significant activities or research you have completed while pursuing your studies to demonstrate your ability to use theoretical knowledge in real-world circumstances.

In addition, if you have finished any relevant training programs or credentials, provide them in your education section or individually. These additional certifications complement your résumé and demonstrate your dedication to lifelong learning.

Showcasing potential and enthusiasm for learning and growth

When showcasing your potential and spirit for learning and development in your resume format for freshers, you must demonstrate your willingness to acquire new skills and take on challenges.

Highlight relevant coursework and projects: If you have taken courses or completed projects directly related to the job you're applying for, emphasise them in your resume. This shows your commitment to learning and ability to apply your knowledge to real-world scenarios.

Showcase certifications and professional development: Include any certifications or professional development courses you have completed. This demonstrates your proactive learning approach and dedication to staying updated in your field. 

Emphasise extracurricular activities: If you have participated in clubs, organisations, or activities outside your academic studies, highlight them. These experiences can showcase your leadership skills, teamwork abilities, and willingness to engage in personal growth beyond the classroom.

Structuring a Fresher Resume

When structuring your resume as a fresher, check our few fresher resume examples and organise the content clearly and concisely. Let's explore the key elements that should be included in your resume to make it impactful and well-structured.

Contact Information and Personal Details

Start your resume by providing your contact information at the top of the page. Include your full name, contact number, email address, and LinkedIn profile (if applicable). Ensure this information is accurate and current so potential employers can contact you for further consideration.

Statement of purpose or summary: Adapting it to the Job Application,

Include an objective or summary statement highlighting your professional aims and the value you can bring to the company. This section should be tailored to the specific job application you are pursuing. Summarise your abilities, experiences, and ambitions in a few sentences, showcasing your interest and alignment with the position.

A section on Education: Emphasis on Academic Qualifications, Relevant Coursework, and Projects

Provide information about your academic credentials in the education area. Include the title of your degree, the university or institution you attended, your graduation date, and, if applicable, your GPA. Describe any relevant coursework or projects demonstrating your skill in the desired role.

Finding and Effectively Presenting Relevant Skills in the Skills Section

Make a section highlighting your skills and applicable technical, people, and transferrable skills. Determine and briefly state the essential qualifications for the position you're applying for. Use bullet points and detailed examples like those given in a fresher resume example to show how you have acquired and used these skills.

Highlighting Internships, Part-Time Jobs, Volunteer Work, and Extracurricular Activities in the Experience Section

You can emphasise relevant internships, part-time jobs, volunteer work, and extracurricular activities even if you have little professional experience. Describe the tasks you undertook, the things you achieved, and the skills you learned. Focus on showcasing your capacity to contribute productively in a workplace or team setting.

Additional Sections: Including Workshops, Certifications, and Related Affiliations

Include relevant qualifications, workshops, or training courses you have taken. These additional credentials prove your dedication to lifelong study and professional growth. Mention any relevant affiliations, such as participation in industry-related events or membership in professional organisations.

Tips for formatting and design: Make the resume Resume Visually Appealing and Simple to Read

Make sure your resume has a clean, professional layout so that it is both eye-catching and straightforward to read. Utilise distinct headings, bullet points, and a unified font style. Avoid overusing images or colours that could detract from the content. Ensure your resume is well-organised, skimmable, and well-structured so employers can immediately determine your most important skills and experiences.

Showing Off Your Strengths and Transferable Skills

It would be best to highlight your strengths and transferrable talents to make an attractive, more recent CV. These abilities, which can be valuable assets in the job, are acquired through various non-professional experiences. Let's look at how you may emphasise your transferrable talents and show potential employers how they are relevant with reference from a few fresher sample examples.

Identifying Your Non-Professional Experiences' Transferable Skills

Non-professional activities like volunteering, internships, part-time employment, and participation in student organisations can give you transferable skills useful in the workforce. Decide which abilities, such as leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, communication, organisation, and flexibility, you have honed through these experiences. To find the transferable talents applicable to your intended field, return to the tasks you completed and the difficulties you faced.

Highlighting interpersonal, cooperative, and problem-solving skills

Soft talents frequently sought after by companies are essential to your professional success. Draw attention to soft skills like critical thinking, teamwork, communication, and problem-solving. Give concrete instances from your non-professional experiences where you have used these abilities, such as managing a team project, settling disagreements, or clearly expressing your thoughts.

Giving Concrete Examples of Transferable Skills

When describing your transferrable talents, it is critical to give specific examples of how you've used them in actual circumstances. Give examples of specific projects, efforts, or difficulties where you used your transferrable talents to get results. To demonstrate your abilities and the impact you had, use action verbs and quantitative outcomes in your resume for freshers.

Tailoring the Resume for Specific Job Applications,

You must modify your CV for every job application for the best chance of success. This entails tailoring your CV to the target company's and the position's needs. Here's how to change your resume successfully: 

Researching the Target Company and Job Requirements: 

Conduct an extensive study on the target organisation and the particular job criteria before drafting your CV. Recognise the company's culture, values, and area of specialisation. Examine the job description to find the critical competencies, credentials, and experiences they seek. You can match the needs of the organisation and your fit for the position with the help of this study and your CV.

Customising the Resume to Align with the Specific Job Description

Once you have gathered the necessary information, customise your resume to align with the job description. Highlight your relevant coursework, projects, or skills directly related to the job requirements. Use keywords from the job description to optimise your resume for ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) many employers use to filter resumes.

Highlighting Relevant Coursework, Projects, or Skills in Resume for Freshers

Include them prominently on your resume if you have completed any coursework or projects directly related to the position you seek. This exhibits your aptitude for the position and highlights your knowledge and expertise in particular fields.

Enhancing the Fresher Resume with Additional Components

Add extra elements to your CV to help it stand out and strengthen your application.

Introduction in a Cover Letter or Email: Customising the Application

You can personalise your application by including a well-written cover letter or email introduction with your resume. Make the most of this chance to express your interest in the job, showcase your relevant experience and talents, and show how passionate you are about the organisation and the position.

Including a Portfolio or Work Samples

Consider building a portfolio and including a link or attaching pertinent examples to your CV if you have work samples, such as completed projects, design samples, writing samples, or code snippets. It enables employers to see concrete proof of your abilities and expertise.

Utilising a LinkedIn profile and other essential online profiles

Include a link on your CV to your professional LinkedIn profile. An updated LinkedIn profile details your experiences, abilities, and successes. Make sure your internet persona matches your CV and is professional.

Finalising and Reviewing the Resume

Ensure your CV is flawless before submitting it by carefully proofreading and editing it. It gives the finest possible impression of you.

Correction of Spelling, Grammar, and Formatting Errors

Check your resume carefully for any formatting, grammatical, or spelling problems. Typos or errors can provide the wrong impression. To find any mistakes, use proofreading tools, ask for input from others, and read your resume aloud.

Getting input from teachers, mentors, or career counsellors

Consult mentors, educators, or career counsellors for their opinions since they can offer insightful commentary and constructive criticism. They can help you determine how to improve your resume and increase its impact.

Ensuring the Resume is Concise, Flawless, and Presentable

Finally, ensure your CV is brief, clear of mistakes, and displays a professional image. Utilise distinct titles, bullet points, and a regular format. Ensure it is organised and straightforward, with the best resume format for freshers.

How do you write a resume profile with no experience?

When constructing a resume template for freshers or a profile without experience, emphasise your abilities, education, and related coursework or projects. Emphasise your ambition to contribute to the organisation and your enthusiasm for learning. Showcase any internships, volunteer work, or extracurricular activities demonstrating your transferable talents and dedication to personal development. Create a fascinating profile that captures the attention of potential employers by combining keywords and action verbs.

What is the greatest resume format for someone with no experience?

Individuals who have yet to earn experience are generally advised to use a functional resume format. This structure prioritises talents, education, and accomplishments over chronological employment experience. Begin with a summary or profile statement highlighting your most important abilities and qualifications. 

Education, related coursework, projects, internships, volunteer work, and extracurricular activities should come next. Include a skills section where you identify the talents you need for the position you're looking for. This style allows you to demonstrate your abilities and potential without professional experience. A sample resume for freshers is available for reference.

How do I make an impressive resume for freshers?

To create an impressive resume for freshers , follow these tips:

• Tailor your resume to the job you are applying for, highlighting the skills and experiences most relevant to the role.

• Focus on your education, academic achievements, and relevant coursework or projects.

• Highlight any internships, part-time jobs, volunteer work, or extracurricular activities that showcase your skills and dedication.

• Use action verbs and quantitative data to describe your accomplishments and responsibilities.

• Include a skills section listing your relevant technical and soft skills.

• Use a clean and professional resume template with consistent formatting.

• Proofread your resume carefully to eliminate any errors or typos.

What do I put for experience on a resume if I have never worked?

Focus on prior experiences that have given you transferable skills if this is your first job, including internships, volunteer work, part-time employment, and membership in clubs or student organisations. Explain your duties and responsibilities in these positions, emphasising your acquired abilities. Showcase any pertinent assignments, coursework, or certificates demonstrating your skills and learning commitment.

How would you express that you lack experience but are eager to learn?

Highlight your eagerness and love for learning new things when you say you lack experience but are willing to learn. In your resume, mention something like "Motivated and eager to gain hands-on experience," "Enthusiastic about learning and adapting to new challenges," or "Quick learner with a strong desire to grow and contribute." To succeed in the position, emphasise your readiness to take on new obligations, undergo training, and put in the necessary time and effort. It shows that despite having little professional experience, you have a good mindset and are determined to succeed.

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What is the best resume format for freshers?

If you are a fresh graduate preparing to apply for your first job, curating a stellar resume is one of the first hurdles that you need to get through.

Given that on average, recruiters only spend about 6 seconds on a single resume, it is essential to make a good first impression with your resume and stand out from the crowd of applicants with a well-formatted resume.

And while you may believe that a quick google search will help you find clarity on the same, it can sometimes trigger more questions and confusion.

But, fret not! You’re in the right place and this guide is just what you need to help you gain clarity on everything about resume formats and the best option for you.

In simple terms, the format of a resume constitutes its layout, design, and other elements such as font styles, headings, bullet points, spacing, and the different resume sections.

Read on to learn more about fresher resume format and related FAQs like the following:

  • What is a resume format and why is it important?
  • What are the different types of resume formats for fresher graduates?
  • What is a chronological resume format for freshers?
  • How to structure a functional resume format for freshers?
  • What are some good fresher resume tips?

What is a Resume Format for Freshers and Why Does It Matter?

Picture this - you spend hours on end tailoring the contents of your resume to the job description of your targetted role but you miss out on the format.

One look at the disorderly resume and the recruiter instantly rejects it without even reading it. Not exactly a dream scenario for freshers. Isn’t it?

Therefore the need to have an organized resume with a simple design and format that is not only parsable by the recruiters but the Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) as well.

Resume format includes the order in which you present your skills and qualifications, and other visual elements that enhance its readability.

  • Some of the well-known resume formats for freshers include reverse chronological, combination, and functional resume formats.

Meanwhile, the visual elements of the resume format for freshers constitutes of the following:

  • Resume font style and size
  • Spacing and margins
  • Resume sections
  • Resume length and file format
Also Read: How to create a simple resume format?

Different Resume Formats For Freshers

As stated earlier, there are 3 well-known resume formats that are generally used by freshers and professionals.

Given below is a breakdown of each resume format for freshers and its pros and cons:

Reverse Chronological Resume Format for Freshers

The reverse chronological resume format is the most well-known and widely accepted format that is preferred by recruiters and is easily parsed by Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) used by employers to select candidates.

This format displays the most recent work experience at the top, followed by the older ones.

While as a fresh graduate, you might not have professional experience, you can use this format to present your internship and volunteer experience and educational qualifications as well.

This format works well because it highlights your most recent and relevant experience or qualification, making it easier for the recruiters to scan through it.

Also, it typically uses bullet points to list job duties and accomplishments, which enhances the readability of your fresher resume.

Here are some tips on structuring a reverse chronological resume format for freshers:

  • Start with your most recent education or job experience and include details like the name of the institution or company, your job title, and the dates of your tenure
  • Describe your responsibilities and achievements by using bullet points, specific examples, and figures
  • In case you have completed any relevant coursework or training, including the name of the program and the institution

Fresher resume template sample chronological

Also Read: How to use the reverse chronological resume format in 2023?

Functional Resume Format for Freshers

A functional format is a resume format that highlights your skills rather than your work history.

It is often used by individuals who are changing careers or have limited work experience and hence can be a good option for freshers.

This resume format for freshers is characterized by limited use of bullet points and job titles whilst emphasizing specific accomplishments or achievements.

There is minimal to zero mention of work history, and the following are some sections included in this resume format:

  • Summary or objective statement
  • Skills (grouped by category)
  • Education and training section
  • Certifications or awards section (if applicable)

Fresher resume sample functional format

Also Read: What is a functional resume format and how can you use it?

Combination Resume Format for Freshers

  • A combination format or a hybrid resume combines aspects of both the chronological and functional resume formats.

It typically includes a summary or objective statement, a list of skills and qualifications, and a chronological work experience section.

While this resume format includes elements of both resume formats, it can be time-consuming to create and can appear cluttered and disorganized to the reader.

Also Read: What is a combination resume format and how to use it in 2023?

Resume Tips For Design Elements of Resume Format For Freshers

As for the design elements related to resume format for freshers, given below are some tips that you can follow:

  • Ensure that your resume design is simple and doesn’t have flashy or bold colors as it can look unprofessional
  • Avoid using infographics and graphs in your resume format if you’re applying for traditional job profiles as the ATS cannot scan them
  • Use a font size of 11-12 points for the main text and 14-16 points for your resume headings
  • Avoid using fancy and decorative fonts as they are difficult to read and may not be appropriate for a professional setting. Stick to professional and easy-to-read fonts like Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman.
  • Ensure to use single spacing for the main text and double spacing for headings to enhance readability and avoid a cluttered look
  • Leave a margin of at least 1” on all sides to follow the standard business letter format
  • Use bullet points to make your resume more visually appealing and easy to read.
  • Create distinct sections in your fresher resume to make it easy for the recruiters and ATS to scan the details.
  • Include resume sections like header, contact information, summary/objective, skills, professional experience, educational background, and additional information section if needed
  • Unless you have 10+ years of experience, ensure to limit your resume to a single page
  • To keep your resume format intact, save your resume in PDF format
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Key Points from the Blog

  • The format of a resume constitutes its layout, design, and other elements such as font styles, headings, bullet points, spacing, and the different resume sections.
  • The reverse chronological resume format is the most well-known and widely accepted format that is preferred by recruiters and easily parsed by Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) used by employers to select candidates.
  • Functional resume format for freshers is characterized by limited use of bullet points and job titles whilst emphasizing specific accomplishments or achievements.

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proper resume format for freshers

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proper resume format for freshers

The Best CV Format For Freshers [examples]

The Best CV Format For Freshers [examples]

If you are reading this, it probably means you’re a fresher. 

Or, in other words, you’re straight out of school and ready for your first real job. 

All you need now is a great CV suitable for freshers to get you started. Well, you’ve come to the right place. In the following article we will show you which CV format is best suited for freshers. 

This guide will cover the following topics: 

What is a fresher CV? 

  • How many CV formats are there? 
  • What are the differences between the formats? 
  • What is the best CV format for freshers?

CV is short for curriculum vitae which is Latin for course of life. 

It is a document in which you typically list your professional skills , work experience, education, scholarships, achievements, and awards. 

It should be very concise and built around a specific job description. In other words, you should always tailor your CV to match the job description . 

A fresher CV is the CV you make for your first job applications right after finishing school. 

Think of your CV as a personal marketing tool. It’s a document you show to a potential employer with the goal of selling yourself and your skills . It is the absolutely most important document you have when it comes to your job search. The right CV can get you to lots of interviews . And the wrong CV can do just the opposite. 

There are some specific pieces of information that are necessary in your CV. If you use a CV template most of them will have these sections. 

How do I make my fresher CV? 

We suggest that you create your CV using these easy steps:

  • Start by filling out all your personal information 
  • Move on to filling out employment history and education(s) 
  • Add appropriate custom sections such as volunteer work, personal projects, or a third
  • Fill out skills and languages 
  • Additional sections you can add are volunteer experience and personal projects

Remember, you can always move sections up and down and adjust your CV to fit your needs.

When you create a fresher CV, chances are you will not have a lot of employment history and experience to add. But if you have had any relevant part time jobs while studying, or even volunteer experience, they will be very helpful in differentiating your application. 

With these points covered, you’re well on your way towards getting your first job. 

Create my fresher CV

Next up are the different CV formats you can choose between. How many are there and which one should you go for? 

How many CV formats are there? And what are their differences? 

Basically, there are three main formats out there: 

  • The reverse-chronological CV format
  • The functional CV format
  • The combination CV format (also known as hybrid)

Let's go through all three formats to give you a better idea of how they are different and what each one’s strengths are.

The reverse-chronological CV

The first format, and the most widely used one too, is the reverse-chronological CV. 

In a reverse-chronological CV you emphasize your experience and employment history (with the most recent experiences first - hence reverse). 

Here, you will start by listing all of your previous employment history and professional experiences in a reverse chronological order. This format is the most simple one and the one hiring managers see most often. 

It’s built up like this: 

  • Your full name 
  • Professional title (match it with the title in the job description)
  • Contact details such as city, zip code, country, phone number, and your (professional) email
  • Personal profile (a very short summary of who you are and what you’re all about - match it to the job description)
  • Experience and employment history (takes up majority of the space)
  • Education and qualifications
  • Skills 

The functional CV

The second format is the functional format. This is also known as the skill-based format since it mainly emphasizes an applicant’s skills instead of the employment history. For this reason it is also the least used CV format and a lot of hiring managers don’t care for it much . 

  • Your full name
  • Skills (take up majority of the space)
  • Experience and employment history 

The combination CV

Lastly, we have the combination CV, also known as the hybrid CV. 

The name almost says it all: the combination CV format is exactly that, a combination of both the chronological and the functional CV. 

With the combination CV format you get the best of two worlds. You will first list your skills and qualifications. Next comes your employment history. This way you get to highlight those skills that are relevant to the job position while still providing the recruiter with your work history. 

It’s built up like this:

  • Additional skills

Note, you can move the skills and experience sections around but always make sure the additional skills section follows after the skills section. 

What is the best CV format for freshers? 

There are a few ways you can write your fresher CV. The two we would recommend are the reverse-chronological CV and the combination CV. 

It is possible to make both of these formats work for you, even if you don’t have a lot of work experience yet. Focus on your courses, achievements, skills, internships, online portfolios , volunteering, and awards instead. 

See an example of a reverse-chronological CV format for freshers here: 

Image of a Fresher reverse chronological CV from a young Indian student

Even though the student in the CV does not have a lot of employment history, the fresher CV is still full of relevant experiences. The use of custom sections such as Personal Projects (which is one of Jofibo’s great benefits) perfectly shows off the fresher’s skills, experiences and motivations. 

See an example of a combination CV format here:

Image of a Fresher combination CV from a young Indian student

If you’re a fresher, and looking for the easiest way to get started on your fresher CV, we’ve got you covered. With our intuitive CV templates it will be no problem to find the best fresher CV format for you. 

Go to CV templates

More CV examples for freshers

Below are a few more fresher CV examples to be inspired from.

CV with no experience

Image of a CV from a student with no work experience made with a student cv template

Other popular resources

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Resume Format For Freshers with Free Templates

Keerthana R Image

Keerthana R ,

Jan 25, 2023

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Understand the basic rules to create a resume format for freshers with do's and don'ts guidelines. Also, download free sample templates for reference.

Resume Format For Freshers with Free Templates

After graduating from school or college, graduates are bound to be excited and nervous at the same time to enter the corporate world. The excitement of getting a new job and fear of the selection process goes hand-in-hand. Remember, your talents will ensure you get a job well suited for your skills; however, you may not make the right impression if your resume is not up to the mark. The resume format for freshers covers the proper structure that one should follow to write a resume, sample formats for download, and dos and don'ts in a resume.

Table of Contents

Resume Template for Freshers

  • Guideline on Points to be Added in a Fresher's Resume

How to Create a Good Freshers Resume?

  • Do’s and Don'ts in a Resume

Best Resume Format for Freshers

A fresher has very limited experience or no experience, so it might be difficult for you to write your first resume. It would help if you were careful in selecting the correct resume format. In a freshers resume, an employer is looking for what you have learned and that specific skill, course, or quality that makes you suitable for the job.

There are three formats in which a resume is written and are accepted worldwide.

  • Chronological format: It is the most commonly used format. It enlists your education and works details in a reverse chronological format, i.e., the latest work should be on top, followed by others.
  • Functional resume: Skills and abilities are given more importance, and job titles are of secondary importance.
  • Combination resume: A chronological and functional resume should consist of a sequential list of a person's employment and education history. It includes a section that focuses on skills.

The chronological resume is not widely used; for freshers, the functional resume format is preferred. A functional resume is a skill-based resume that offers more importance to skills and accomplishments.

These resumes showcase the skills and abilities instead of focusing on experiences.

Here is few other fresher resume templates file for reference.

  • Fresher Resume - Template 1
  • Fresher Resume - Template 2
  • Fresher Resume - Template 3

Guidelines on Points to be Added in a Fresher's Resume

A functional resume majorly focuses on skills and abilities.

Following are the points that make a resume effective,

Resume Header

Career objective, internships, extra-curricular activities.

It's the first thing that an employer sees in your resume. A header contains your contact information, email ID, LinkedIn ID, and other social media links. Make sure your email id looks professional. Example -" [email protected]."

Avoid listing all your social media links. The resume header serves the purpose of immediate contact.

Make your career objective powerful. It represents how you will be as a professional. It states career goals and strongest traits. State the motivation to opt for that particular job. It should show that you are enthusiastic about the job. A career objective should be able to convey the relevance of your resume to the job.

Your skills give a complete picture of you to the employer. If there have relevant skills in your resume, then employers will shortlist you. Mention those relevant skills which you feel are necessary for the job you applied to. It should include both technical and personal skills.

It would be best if you mentioned even basic internships and what role or project you worked on. It is similar to professional experience. Employers always look for an experience that should highlight the impact you made on other organizations. Make sure to enlist and highlight the work that is done and your achievements. Besides, it would also help if the candidate has mentioned the name and place of the organization where you worked and the period of your internships.

Companies especially ask for UG, PG, or PhD degrees, so the candidate should mention the year of completion of your degree, alongside marks or percentage, the medium or board through which you gave exams, and from which college or university you studied. Education from a reputed college maximizes the chance of selection.

In college, you do many extra-curricular activities, apart from covering your syllabus. You join courses and get certificates. These courses prepare you well for your professional career and give you experience.

References are a valuable part of a resume. It increases your selection chances if it's from the inside organization or some professional working in the same field. Make sure to mention the designation, name, contact number, and email id of your references.

A resume is a document that introduces the candidate to employers by providing an outline of the applicant's educational, professional, and personal details. It majorly highlights the strength of the applicant and why they should be hired by an organization.

To create a good resume, you need to take care of the following points.

  • Read the Job Description

Your resume should be relevant to the job role you are applying for. Make sure you read the job description carefully. Mention the skills of yours which are required for the job. Don't hesitate because of your work experience; your relevant skills are already a big deal. Modify your resume according to the job role. Don't write incorrect information in your resume.

  • Limit Resume to One Page

Freshers don't have much work experience; try to keep everything short and to the point. Nobody likes to read long paragraphs and 2-3 page resumes. Make it valuable and short, as recruiters will be able to glance at your skills, and they will find it easy to shortlist you.

  • Show the Willingness to Learn

Freshers are shortlisted based on their willingness to learn new things. If you have enough skills, recruiters may give you a chance to work with their organization. They know that if freshers are given proper training with their education, they can be very productive in serving the organization. Highlight the other courses that you have done apart from the syllabus.

Do’s and Don’ts in a Resume

Employers expect a creative resume from freshers. It should not be technical but in a simplified form so that it's catchy and easy to read, and you stand a chance to be one among the hundreds who get selected for a job.

The table below shows the do's and don'ts while writing a resume.


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Resume Templates

Please click below to download the template.


. Computer Science Engineer Fresher's Resume Template

View Template | Download

Create Resume

proper resume format for freshers

In the world of computer science, the skills you have in the field matters a lot more than your academics (not that they don’t matter at all). So, when drafting a resume for computer science engineering, the resume format should be like that your skills are highlighted as much as possible.

Like any other resume, the resume format of a Computer Science should be structured i...

. IT Engineer Fresher's Resume Template

The demand for IT Engineers has outpaced every other profession. IT Engineers are not just the present but also the future of the job market. However, while there are numerous job opportunities out there for an IT Engineer, to get the best of these jobs, you and your job resume need to be the best too. 

A smart fresher resume for IT Engineering can make the difference between you...

Resume Buddy

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. Electrical Engineer Fresher's Resume Template

The demand for expert professionals, willing to experiment and with hands-on knowledge of developing and designing different types of equipment is growing with each passing day. And this applies heavily for fresher jobs in Electrical Engineering. While there is a definite increase in the market (both private and government), the number of electrical engineers vying the same job has also increas...

. Electronics and Communication Engineer Fresher's Resume Template

Your job resume is often the first impression that you get to make on the recruiter and it should have the correct resume format. However, to make a great impression through your fresher resume, you not just need to know what to include in it but also what to exclude.  In a fresher resume for Electronics and Communication Engineer, the main points that should be dwelt on are your sk...

proper resume format for freshers

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. Electronics and Instrumentation Fresher's Resume Template

With the world moving to newer, more complex and better technologies, the demand for Electronics and Instrumentation Engineers is increasing. However, while the increase in demand spells good news, it also means now you will have to let your skills do the talking and prove that you are job-ready.

Candidates looking to create a resume for electronics and instrumentation engineering sho...

. Civil Engineer Fresher's Resume Template

Similar to Mechanical engineering, Civil Engineering also is one of the core branches of engineering. Therefore, a civil engineering resume requires utmost attention to the specialization and the profile you are looking to make a career in. Some of the most common civil engineering resume templates are that of:

. Mechanical Engineer Fresher's Resume Template

Mechanical engineering is one of the core branches of engineering, which makes it one of the most crucial one as well. When planning to create a job resume with the right resume format for mechanical engineering, one has to keep in mind the specialization they are targeting. One can use or refer to several different res...

. Chemical Engineer Fresher's Resume Template

If you are looking for chemical engineering resume templates and resume format, then you have arrived at the right place. Drafting a chemical engineering resume with the correct resume format can be a precarious task, and thus require expert guidance. With AMCAT’s

. Bioinformatics Engineer Fresher's Resume Template

The key points that need to be highlighted in your resume for Bioinformatics Engineering are the skills you possess and the experience you have - internships, workshops, etc. Your fresher resume should also highlight your educational background and talk about the projects that you had undertaken in college. Your fresher resume should convey what you want from a job and how you expect your caree...

. Petroleum Engineering Fresher's Resume Template

The thing which puts Petroleum Engineering apart from other fields of engineering is the career prospects. Choosing the correct resume template and resume format is an important task. As a petroleum engineer you may get the opportunities to handle offshore projects, which would need you to have leadership qualities, decision making skills, team management skills, etc. And this is along with you...

. Aeronautical Engineering Fresher's Resume Template

At times, it becomes tricky to create a fresher resume for a particular field of engineering. Aeronautical Engineering is one such field and creating a fresher resume for aeronautical engineering students need a lot of detailing. 

If you go through the samples for aeronautical engineering resume, you’ll find that the emphasis is placed a lot on the conceptual knowledge. Whi...

. Accounting & Finance Fresher's Resume Template

When writing a fresher resume, you need to be focused on what you want. Which sector do you want to work in and how do you want to proceed. Accounting and Finance is a vast category. There are a huge number of jobs in Accounting and Finance available in both private and government sectors. Commonly, in an accounting profile, one needs to ensure accuracy and compliance with legal regulati...

. MBA Fresher's Resume Template

With more number of IIMs joining the classic 7 that have been present since the origin, the job opportunities for MBA graduates from non-IIMs have minisculed more. This calls for taking additional steps to ensure a great career start for MBA freshers. Taking the AMCAT exam is certainly the first step for that.  However, it largely depends on the job resume of MBA graduates whether o...

. Big-Data Analytics Fresher's Resume Template

When composing a big-data analyst fresher resume, you need to be very cautious of what goes in it and what not. For a fresher, the obvious choice is to put their educational qualifications on top, especially if they have scored well in the semester exams or are from a good college.  However, for a fresher resume of big-data analyst one needs to focus more on their accomplishments an...

. BCom Fresher's Resume Template

The thing with creating a fresher resume for B.Com graduates is that one needs to be very critical about the kind of job profile they are applying for. Jobs in commerce are overwhelmingly varied. From financial services to legal professions, and jobs in HR. The job opportunities for B.Com graduates are a plenty. So, it is important to choose the correct resume template and resume format to shar...

. Mass Communication Fresher's Resume Template

Mass Communication is a very engaging field to be in. Since it is all about connecting with people and reaching out, it requires great communication skills as well as people’s skills. A successful Mass Communication fresher resume should have all the glamour of the field while being engaging and informative.

Your fresher resume should not be a long “about me” essay....

. BBA Law Fresher's Resume Template

Your BBA Law fresher resume should have a grand opening, that is, the resume headline should be catchy and speak to the recruiter. The next show should be of the career objective, with a focus on what you have achieved so far and are looking to achieve in the coming years. This should ideally be followed by activities and other areas of interests.

Your fresher resume should focus high...

. BA Fresher's Resume Template

If you truly want to taste success, then your B.A fresher resume needs to be very specific of what your achievements are and what you are looking to achieve in your career. So, your focus needs to be on things that will recommend you for the job you are applying for.

Your fresher resume should focus on volunteer work and internships that you have done through your college years. Recru...

. Polytechnic Fresher's Resume Template

A blend of skills and knowledge - that is what a Polytechnic job is all about and that is exactly what your Polytechnic fresher resume should reflect. Since the focus is more on your practical knowledge rather than bookish knowledge, you need to frame your fresher resume accordingly. It should draw attention to your college projects, your contribution to it and the internships you might have do...

proper resume format for freshers

For a fresher, we would recommend a resume to a maximum of 1 page displaying all the important skill set & capabilities as per the job requirements.

Follow the above tips to create resume for a fresher job.

Selecting a good format for a resume might be tricky sometimes on the basis of the job you’re applying for & the kind of position you hold.

Best resume format preferred by employers should contain Summary, Core Competencies, Internships/Trainings/Work Experience, Qualifications, Skills.

You also need to make sure that the formats are ATS (Applicant Tracking System) optimized, so that the resumes have higher chances of getting shortlisted during ATS screening.

You can create a free resume using the Resume builder tool having 50+ Resume templates with different formats to choose for graduates.

proper resume format for freshers

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Resume Examples for Freshers - Download Free Samples

What's your job, resume example: financial analyst planner.

Rohan Yadav

Contact: +91.0000000000

Email: [email protected]

Address: XXXX

An accomplished professional, seeking an entry level assignment as a Financial Analyst at one of the country’s most outstanding business corporations to utilize financial analysis & project management knowledge in a challenging yet supportive work environment.


INDUSTRIAL TRAINING Please mention if any.

Organization: XXXXX

Duration: XXXXX


EDUCATION Please mention.


Title: XXXX

Description: XXXX



Date of Birth: DD/MM/YYYY Language Known: Please mention

Resume Example: Accountant

An accomplished professional, seeking an entry level assignments in Accounts & Finance with an organization of repute.

Soft Skills: Passion & Commitment Multi-tasking Result-oriented Communication High-energy Level Time Management Collaboration Strategic Planning Strong Networking Skills

Resume Example: Data Entry

A budding professional, seeking an entry level assignments as a Data Entry Specialist that can help in maximizing accurate keyboard skills in a demanding work environment

Soft Skills: Passion & Commitment Multi-tasking Result-oriented Communication High-energy Level Time Management Collaboration Strong Typing Skills

Resume Example: Event Coordinator

Seeking an Event Planner position in a large event management company where my creative skills and abilities in planning and coordinating all types of events for corporate and individuals will help in growth of the organization.

Soft Skills: Passion & Commitment Multi-tasking Result-oriented Communication High-energy Level Time Management Collaboration Networking Skills Accountability High self – confidence

Resume Example: Generic

An accomplished professional, seeking an entry level assignments with an organization of repute.

Soft Skills: Passion & Commitment Multi-tasking Result-oriented Communication High-energy Level Time Management Collaboration Networking Skills

Resume Example: Professor and Lecturer

Intend to build a career in a professional environment with commitment and dedication which will enrich my competence and potential. Willing to work as a key player in challenging & creative environment. Ready to dedicate my time and energy for the betterment of the institute.

Soft Skills: Passion & Commitment Writing Public speaking Conflict resolution Communication Interpersonal Curriculum Development & Creative Lesson Planning

Resume Example: Teacher

An accomplished professional, seeking an entry level assignments in Teaching with well-liked and reputed institute/high school and to achieve good progress in career through all best subject knowledge and great teaching efforts.

Resume Example: Call Center BPO

An accomplished professional, seeking an entry level assignment in Call Center BPO with an organization of repute.

Resume Example: Cashier

An accomplished professional, seeking an entry level assignment as a Cashier with an organization of repute.

Soft Skills: Passion & Commitment Multi-tasking Result-oriented Communication Information Processing Ability Numeracy Skills Accuracy & Attention to Detail Problem-Solving Skills Strong Customer Service Skills Ability to Work Independently Integrity & Honest | Reliability

Resume Example: Customer Service Representative

An accomplished professional, seeking an entry level assignment as a Customer Service Representative with an organization of repute.

Soft Skills: Customer Service Product Knowledge Market Knowledge Quality Focus Problem Solving Documentation Skills Phone Skills Listening Resolving Conflict Analyzing Information Multi-Tasking Passion & Commitment Result-oriented Communication High-energy Level Time Management

Resume Example: Doctor (General)

A budding Doctor with capability in sensitivity, tact and patience to listen to patient’s problems with strong belief in medical ethics and practicing it as a divine job Keenly interested in diagnosing illnesses and prescribing & administrating appropriate treatment / medication for various ailments or diseases.

Soft Skills: Multitasking in Fast-paced Environments Highly Organized & Strong Analytical Abilities Articulate Oral & Written Communication Quick Problem Resolution & Decision Making Leadership

Resume Example: Surgeon

Empathetic professional, aiming to formulate an excellent medical & surgical experience with complete dedication to the cause of human health through Clinical Practice & Health Care Systems Management

Resume Example: Healthcare / Hospital Administrator

To achieve an entry-level position in the Health Care Administration Organization for which in-depth knowledge and skills will have a valuable implementation.

Resume Example: Pharmacist

M. Pharma & B. Pharma budding professional, in-quest of challenging assignments as a Pharmacist with an organization of repute in healthcare industry.

Resume Example: Executive Recruiter

An accomplish professional; seeking the position of an Entry Level Recruiter with a company that offers a positive atmosphere to learn and implement new skills and technologies for the betterment of the organization.

Resume Example: HR Assistant

Forward-thinking individual with refined interpersonal and multitasking skills; seeking an entry-level HR assistant position with a reputed organization, bringing outstanding knowledge of organizational procedures and ability to improve employee performance.

Resume Example: Business / Data Analyst

An accomplished professional, seeking an entry-level position to begin my career in a high-level professional environment.

Resume Example: Software Developer

Energetic Fresher holding XYZ degree from XYZ University, good knowledge in computer subjects, and ability to update and learn new concepts quickly and strong desire to work in the software field Troubleshooter, ability to work in any environment, and possess good analytical skills

Resume Example: Software Tester

To achieve high career growth through a continuous learning process, keep me dynamic, visionary, and competitive with the changing scenario of the world and to contribute for the growth of the organization.

Resume Example: Lawyer

B.A. LLB. (Hons.) with a zeal to pursue in Post-Graduation in Law (LLM); keenly interested to work in a highly competitive environment with a perfect challenge by contributing the best for the growth of the organization while ensuring growth in personal career.

Resume Example: Marketing Associate

An MBA with specialization in Marketing Management with a strong understanding of marketing concepts desires to work as a Marketing Associate with XXX Inc. to effectively handle all marketing activities.

Resume Example: Social Media Marketing

A budding professional, seeking the role of Social Media Marketing Associate at XYZ Inc. to utilize social media, content development, and project management skills in identifying trends, engaging users and increasing brand awareness through unique and innovative marketing strategies and campaigns.

Resume Example: Nurse

A budding professional, looking for a rewarding and challenging environment in offices, hospitals, and nursing homes to work for the betterment of overall human well-being.

Resume Example: Business Development

Seeking position as Business Development Associate at ABC Company to utilize communication, interpersonal and people management skills, focused attention to detail; ability to resolve organizational challenges to maximize profits.

Resume Example: Brand Management

With a Management degree from AB University, I have developed solid leadership and management skills; seeking position as Brand Management Associate to bring forth innovative ideas, analytical approach along with superior product knowledge & organizational abilities.

Resume Example: Sales

Collaborative and result-oriented individual with ability to generate high-quality leads and convert them into sales desires to work at MNC Inc. as a Sales Executive.

Resume Example: Hotel Management

Looking for a Hotel Management Trainee position at ABC company that incorporates strong interpersonal skills when fulfilling a number of customer service tasks, addressing a wide range of needs, issues and complaints with ease and efficiency.

Resume Example: Aviation

Seeking position as Aviation Management Trainee at ABC Company to utilize communication, interpersonal and people management skills, focused attention to detail.

Resume Example: Office Coordinator

An accomplished professional, seeking an entry level assignments with an organization of repute

Resume Example: Project Coordinator

Resume Example: Civil Engineer

A budding professional, seeking an entry-level assignment as a Civil Engineer to use planning, designing and overseeing skills in construction and help grow the company to achieve its goal with an organization of repute

Resume Example: Electrical Engineer

An accomplished professional, seeking an entry level assignments in Electrical engineering with an organization of repute that will provide a platform to utilize technical skills and enrich knowledge to help in the process of organizational and self-growth.

Resume Example: Mechanical Engineer


India's premier resume service

Your life story begins here

HR Cabin

Simple Resume Formats for Freshers in Word [Free Download]

As a fresher a functional (or) skill-based resume works better to get your first job, where you highlight your education, skills, project works, achievements, internships, awards, etc. You don’t need to have a fancy resume to get the job, a simple resume focused on your skills will do a better job.

Here are some simple resume formats for freshers which you can download in Word format and modify as per your requirements.

Simple Fresher Resume Formats

Simple Fresher Resume Format in Word Free Download

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How to create a resume for freshers?

As a fresher your resume should focus on your education and skills and a 1-page resume will be enough for freshers.

Before preparing your resume, study the job description carefully and note down the required skills for that job and match your resume according to that.

(It is recommended to modify your resume every time you apply for a job as per the job requirements)

2. What skills should I list on my resume?

3. Career Objective or Profile summary which should I mention on my resume?

As a fresher, it is recommended to mention the career objective, after getting the experience you can replace it with the profile summary.

4. What is the best format for a resume?

A chronologic kind of resume is always the best option. It starts with your recent work experiences and last education details.

A good resume format will follow the below order:

5. What is a resume title for a fresher?

A resume title is a short statement of your skills, experience, and education details. You need to mention it while creating profiles on job portals like Naukri, Monster, Indeed, etc.

B. Tech in computer science with the ability to work with Python, Django, Flask, MongoDB, and Javascript. Possess an immense passion for coding and additionally have strong communication and interpersonal skills.


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    You can write a fresher resume by taking the following steps: Reread the job advertisement. Make a note of keywords and keyword phrases the company included in the job description and use these to highlight your skills in the resume. These skills should be relevant to the job you're applying for. State your contact information.

  2. How To Write a Fresher Resume (With Example and Template)

    Marquette University Bachelor of Science in accounting Experience Ace Accounting, Accounting Intern May 2022-August 2022 Prepared and proofread invoice reports Communicated with company executives frequently Analyzed company and client data to anticipate trends Organized documents to ensure efficiency

  3. The best 2022 fresher resume formats and samples

    Top 5 tactics to create the best fresher resume format: Whether you just graduated college or are about to graduate, this extensive guide on how to write the best fresher resume format will help you get the job you always wanted. To better help you we've also attached sample resume formats as well.

  4. Resume Format for Freshers: Best, Simple Examples for Jobs

    Resume Format for Freshers: Best, Simple Examples for Jobs You may be a fresher now, but you won't be for long: you're ready to kick-start your career. Show them your potential by choosing the right resume format for freshers. Dominika Kowalska, CPRW Career Expert Updated 23/01/2024 As seen in: 0 likes comments You're stepping out into the world—

  5. How to Write a Fresher Resume (With Simple Format Examples)

    For freshers, the ideal resume format is a chronological resume. The chronological format gives hiring managers a clear overview of your educational background as well as your relevant experience by listing each position starting with your most recently held position at the top. Follow this simple format when you write your fresher resume:

  6. Resume for Freshers: How to Make, Objective & Sample

    Which resume sections you should include in your fresher resume and in what order. How to show your skills on a resume for freshers when you don't have experience. How to write a career objective for a resume for freshers. Ready for your next adventure? Want to save time and have your resume ready in 5 minutes? Try our resume builder.

  7. Fresher Resume Examples

    Avani Goyal (Workruit) Published on: 10:10:04 10-Oct-2023 (IST) Fresher Resume Examples: How to Create an Impressive Resume with Little to No Experience The Importance of a Well-Crafted Resume for Freshers When launching your career, a well-crafted resume is pivotal in making a lasting impression on potential employers.

  8. Resume for Freshers: Templates & Format Tips

    Below are a: fresher resume for a teaching job resume for a mechanical engineer fresher MBA fresher resume software testing resume for a fresher list of more job-specific resume samples for freshers Fresher resume for a teaching job Here's a good templated resume for a fresher teaching role: Download Fresher Resume Template

  9. Best Resume Format For A Fresher

    Which is the best resume format for a Fresher? A chronological resume organizes your past jobs and work experiences in a logical format. You more than likely don't have enough experience to write a good chronological resume.

  10. A Comprehensive CV Format Guideline for Freshers [+Examples]

    job cv format for freshers how to make a CV for freshers As a recent or soon-to-be graduate, crafting a strong CV is crucial for landing your dream job. Learn everything CV formats, and tips for successfully showcasing your strengths as a fresher.

  11. How to Format Your Resume (The Right Way)

    Additionally, the font size used for the body content of your resume should be between 10 and 12 points, depending on the font you're using and your space requirements. Meanwhile, your name and section headers should be larger to help break up your resume into sections. 4. Divide your information into clear sections.

  12. Best Resume Format: Templates & Examples (2024)

    1. Reverse-Chronological Resume Format The reverse-chronological resume is the most popular resume format. Using it, you list your relevant work experience, starting with the most recent one. You continue to list your positions and achievements going backward, placing them in reverse chronological order.

  13. Get Hired Faster: Best Resume Formats for Freshers in 2023

    Some of the well-known resume formats for freshers include reverse chronological, combination, and functional resume formats. Meanwhile, the visual elements of the resume format for freshers constitutes of the following: Resume font style and size Spacing and margins Resume sections Resume length and file format

  14. Best Resume Formats for 2024 [8+ Professional Examples]

    Corissa Peterson Conrad Benz As featured in * We'll help you figure out which resume format will instantly show hiring managers you're a great fit, and provide plenty of resume templates you can download and use for free. 4 sample resume formats to use for your job hunt Making a resume is hard enough without having to worry about organizing it.

  15. The Best CV Format For Freshers [examples]

    Fill out skills and languages Additional sections you can add are volunteer experience and personal projects Remember, you can always move sections up and down and adjust your CV to fit your needs. When you create a fresher CV, chances are you will not have a lot of employment history and experience to add.

  16. Top Resume Formats: Tips and Examples of 3 Common Resumes

    Pro tip: Left-align all the text on your resume since it's the easiest format for reviewers to read. If you prefer, you can center-align your name, contact information and headline. If you do choose to center-align any text, this is the only section that should be considered. 2. Select a professional, readable font.

  17. Top 7 Resume Format For Freshers With Examples of 2023

    follow these steps to build an elegant cover letter to send with your fresher resume in 2023: Refer your recruiter or hiring manager by name instead of 'sir', 'ma'am'. Try to cover up everything under 500 words. Mention your achievements, capabilities, and special skills in the first paragraph.

  18. Resume Format For Freshers with Free Templates

    Recruitment Resume Format For Freshers with Free Templates Resume Format For Freshers with Free Templates Keerthana R, Jan 25, 2023 Understand the basic rules to create a resume format for freshers with do's and don'ts guidelines. Also, download free sample templates for reference.

  19. Resume formats for Freshers

    For a fresher, we would recommend a resume to a maximum of 1 page displaying all the important skill set & capabilities as per the job requirements. 1. Choose the right resume format which is more relevant for freshers from our 50+ resume templates. 2. List your relevant work experience and key accomplishments.

  20. Resume Examples for Freshers

    Create the best fresher resume. Download your resume templates with examples. ... Help & Support. Resume Builder User Login. WHY SHRI Because it's Free HOW IT WORKS Super easy to use! RESUME FORMATS Pick a format RESUME SAMPLES Pick a sample PRICING Plans & Editing. ... remarkable skill in coding information into proper form for entry. Well ...

  21. Resume for Internship for Freshers: Best Format and Template

    So here are a bunch of tips for using the best fresher resume format for an internship: Go with professional fonts such as Verdana, Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman, Georgia, etc. They look great both on-screen and when printed. Keep white space with 1.15 line spacing and 1-inch margins on all sides.

  22. Simple Resume Formats for Freshers in Word [Free Download]

    Mention your name, mobile number, email ID, and address on top of the resume. Affix your latest passport size photograph on the top right-hand side. List your educational details from recent to the past. Write down your computer skills or any job-relevant skills related to the job. Also mention your strengths, project works (if any), and other ...

  23. Best CV Format for Freshers in India: Sample and Guide

    Fresher Resume Format Pick the right format for a fresher resume. Resume Help Improve your resume with help from expert guides. Create a resume now. CV. CV Maker Create a CV in 5 minutes. Get the job you want. ... These are the steps to create the best CV format for freshers: Use the proper CV layout for a good visual experience for recruiters ...