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How to Create an Appealing Report Presentation (Guide + Templates)

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Sharing data, insights, and recommendations extracted from detailed analysis is a practice that consultants and heads of departments view as part of their everyday workload. Yet, effective communication techniques make a difference in whether the information disclosed is actionable, makes a lasting impact, or becomes critical for a decision’s outcome. 

In this article, we will guide you through the process of creating a good report presentation, from general aspects to specifics by niche, recommended PowerPoint templates to use, and which aspects you should avoid in the presentation design process.

What is a Report?

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A report is a formal, high-level document that compiles data, research findings, and recommendations tailored to a specific topic. Its core purpose is to grant stakeholders a detailed understanding of a situation and provide background for decision-making processes.

We can define a report presentation as the visual and verbal method of communicating the key elements of a written report. Typically, report presentations happen in meeting or conference settings, where the scale of the report presentation depends on any of these three factors:

  • Topic of the report presentation
  • People or teams involved in the outcome of the report
  • People or teams that must be aware of the information retrieved from the report

Depending on its topic, the amount of slides or specific slide design to include, which we shall mention in the upcoming section.

Types of Report Presentations

Business report presentations focus on a business’s performance, strategy, and operations, conveying important information to stakeholders for decision-making purposes. These presentation slides are used during board meetings, business plan presentations , quarterly reviews, strategic planning sessions, and investor meetings.

Business report presentation slide

A typical business report presentation should contain the following slides on its slide deck:

  • Title Slide: Title, presenter’s name, date, and company logo.
  • Agenda Slide: Outline of main sections.
  • Executive Summary Slide: Key takeaways and highlights.
  • Financial Overview Slide: Revenue, expenses, profit, and loss.
  • Performance Metrics Slide: Key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Strategic Initiatives Slide: Current and future projects.
  • Market Analysis Slide: Market trends and competitive analysis.
  • SWOT Analysis Slide: Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  • Recommendations Slide: Suggested actions and next steps.
  • Q&A Slide: Invite questions from the audience.
  • Conclusion Slide: Summary of key points.

Presenters must generally focus on clearly expressing the key points and insights, using charts and graphs to illustrate their findings easily. Opt for a SWOT analysis PowerPoint template to simply the SWOT representation process.

Academic report presentations communicate research findings, project outcomes, and scholarly work to academic peers and professionals. They are common at academic conferences, seminars, workshops, and in classrooms (post-graduate settings).

Introduction slide in academic report presentation

To build a high-quality academic report presentation, consider the following slides:

  • Title Slide: Title, author’s name, institution, and date.
  • Introduction Slide: Background and research question.
  • Literature Review Slide: Summary of relevant research.
  • Methodology Slide: Research methods and design.
  • Data Slide: Key data and statistics.
  • Analysis Slide: Interpretation of data.
  • Results Slide: Main findings.
  • Discussion Slide: Implications and significance.
  • Conclusion Slide: Summary of findings and future research directions.
  • References Slide: List of sources and citations.
  • Q&A Slide

Avoid jargon at all costs unless specifically required by your tutor. Aiming to create an interactive presentation out of it can be a plus. 

Technical report presentations detail technical data, research findings, and project updates (i.e., project status report templates ) to a specialized audience, often in fields like engineering, IT, and science. They are used in technical meetings, conferences, project updates, and during product development cycles.

Project status report template slide

The slides a technical report presentation should include are:

  • Title Slide
  • Problem Statement Slide: Definition and scope of the problem.
  • Objectives Slide: Goals of the technical work.
  • Methodology Slide: Technical approach and procedures.
  • Data Slide: Key data points and measurements.
  • Analysis Slide: Interpretation of technical data.
  • Results Slide: Main findings and outcomes.
  • Technical Challenges Slide: Issues encountered and solutions.
  • Recommendations Slide: Suggested actions based on findings.
  • Future Work Slide: Next steps or future research.
  • Conclusion Slide

Diagrams, infographics, and graphs are handy for explaining complex data. Presenters should encourage the audience to ask questions about the topic and break down the complex elements into easy-to-understand chunks of information.

Sales report presentations provide insights into sales performance, trends, and forecasts to understand market conditions and sales strategies . Presenters who are looking how to make a presentation in the sales niche can apply it for sales meetings, quarterly reviews, strategy sessions, and performance evaluations.

Sales report presentation slide

A successful sales report presentation features the following slides on its deck:

  • Agenda Slide
  • Sales Performance Slide: Sales figures and trends.
  • Target vs Actual Slide: Comparison of targets and actual sales.
  • Sales by Region/Product Slide: Breakdown of sales data.
  • Sales Pipeline Slide: Status of sales leads and opportunities.
  • Customer Insights Slide: Key customer trends and feedback.
  • Competitor Analysis Slide: Competitive landscape.
  • Strategies Slide: Current and future sales strategies.
  • Recommendations Slide: Suggested improvements and actions.

As a recommendation, in our experience, it’s a good practice to include a sales dashboard slide highlighting the key sale metrics. It would be beneficial if a new sales strategy were implemented and the team wanted to extract conclusive data from it.

Marketing report presentations analyze marketing campaigns, strategies, and performance metrics to assess the impact and plan future initiatives. We can come across this kind of report and presentation in situations like marketing meetings, marketing plan presentations , campaign reviews, strategy sessions, and performance evaluations.

Social media report presentation slide

Consider to list the following slides to create an effective marketing report presentation:

  • Campaign Overview Slide: Summary of marketing campaigns.
  • Performance Metrics Slide: Key metrics like ROI, conversion rates, and engagement.
  • Audience Insights Slide: Data on target demographics and customer behavior.
  • Channel Performance Slide: Performance by marketing channel (e.g., social media, email).
  • Competitor Analysis Slide: Competitive landscape and benchmarking.
  • Strategies Slide: Current and future marketing strategies.

This is a type of report presentation where you should encourage audience participation due to the importance of the creativity factor in new campaigns. Use infographics to represent dense groups of data related to social media reports . Strategy presentation templates are also a good fit to enhance your report presentation slide deck.

Additionally, we include on this following link a Free Social Media Report PowerPoint template for users to create professional-looking slides in seconds.

Project report presentations detail project progress, challenges, and outcomes, providing updates to stakeholders and ensuring alignment with goals. Typical use cases of these report presentations are project meetings, status updates, and post-project reviews.

Project report presentation slide

To create a slide deck for project report presentations, consider to include these slides:

  • Title Slide: Title, presenter’s name, date, and project name.
  • Project Overview Slide: Summary of project goals and scope.
  • Timeline Slide: Key milestones and project schedule.
  • Progress Slide: Status of project phases and tasks.
  • Challenges Slide: Issues encountered and mitigation strategies.
  • Budget Slide: Financial status and budget adherence.
  • Risk Management Slide: Identified risks and their management.
  • Next Steps Slide: Upcoming tasks and milestones.

Gantt charts , progress bars , and budget graphs are excellent presentation tools for showcasing key information in project presentations . Be sure to include the exact dates for project updates.

Non-profit and NGO report presentations highlight the organization’s activities, achievements, and financial status, communicating with donors, volunteers, and the public. They are a key element of transparency in relationships with the public and donors, and they are used in board meetings, fundraising events, annual reviews, and community outreach.

NGO Report presentation slide

To create this kind of report presentation, we need to include these slides:

  • Mission Slide: Organization’s mission and goals.
  • Activities Slide: Summary of recent activities and programs.
  • Impact Slide: Data on the impact and outcomes of programs.
  • Financial Overview Slide: Income, expenses, and budget status.
  • Donor Recognition Slide: Acknowledgment of key donors and supporters.
  • Challenges Slide: Issues faced and solutions implemented.
  • Future Plans Slide: Upcoming projects and initiatives.

Harness the power of storytelling . Include success stories, impact charts, infographics, and program photos. Highlight the outcomes and benefits this organization has brought to its target community. Annual Report PowerPoint templates can speed up the design creation phase of your report presentation.

Healthcare report presentations provide data on patient outcomes, research findings, and healthcare initiatives aimed at improving medical practices and policies. They are used in medical conferences, healthcare meetings, research symposiums, and policy briefings.

Healthcare report presentation slide

The slides we must count on for building an effective healthcare report presentation are:

  • Background Slide: Context and objectives of the report.
  • Methodology Slide: Research methods and data collection.
  • Data Slide: Key statistics and findings.
  • Analysis Slide: Interpretation of data and implications.
  • Recommendations Slide: Suggested actions or policy changes.
  • Future Research Slide: Areas for further investigation.

If you need to share a patient’s data concerning a newly developed technique or as findings from research, be sure you are authorized to disclose that information. 

Finally, environmental report presentations focus on environmental research, sustainability projects, and ecological impact assessments to inform stakeholders and promote environmental protection. We can attend these kinds of presentations at ecological conferences, policy briefings, project reviews, and community meetings.

Environmental report presentation slide

Include the following slides in your deck to create an outstanding environmental report presentation:

  • Impact Slide: Environmental impact and sustainability metrics.
  • Recommendations Slide: Suggested actions and policy changes.

Video presentations are ideal for adding an extra emotional factor and connecting with the audience about the importance of environmental causes, and they are also applicable to any kind of consulting report . Another key approach is to include testimonials from well-accredited sources or individuals affected by the environmental factor.

  • Do start with a clear objective.
  • Do use visuals to support your message.
  • Do practice how to start your presentation .
  • Do engage with your audience by asking questions and inviting feedback.
  • Do end your presentation with powerful graphics
  • Don’t overload slides with text.
  • Don’t ignore your audience’s needs and interests.
  • Don’t rush through the presentation.
  • Don’t rely solely on the slides; use them to complement your speech.

How long should a report presentation be?

The length depends on the context and audience, but 15-30 minutes is a standard time for most report presentations.

What tools can I use to create a report presentation?

Common tools include PowerPoint, Google Slides templates , and Keynote. Specialized data visualization tools like Tableau can also be useful.

How can I make my report presentation more engaging?

Use storytelling techniques, interactive elements, and visual aids to engage your audience .

Should I distribute copies of the report?

It’s often a good idea to provide copies or a summary handout for the audience to follow along and refer to after the presentation.

In this section, you can find a list of curated report presentation slides to make your work easier. You can work with any of these designs or opt to use the ones presented above.

1. Expense Report Presentation Slide

presentation report ppt

This Expense Report PowerPoint Template is perfect for detailed financial presentations. Easily document and display expenses, including lodging, meals, supplies, parking, and airfare, with clear sections for reporting periods, submission details, and expense descriptions. Ideal for corporate reporting, budget reviews, and financial audits, ensuring organized and professional presentations.

Use This Template

2. Business Progress Report Slides for PowerPoint

Slide of User Information Segment and Report

This Business Progress Report Template is designed to track project milestones and performance metrics. Listing a profile section for team members and a color-coded progress indicator allows for clear visualization of project status. It is ideal for team meetings, stakeholder updates, and performance reviews, ensuring a concise and effective presentation.

3. Book Report Presentation Slide Deck for PowerPoint

presentation report ppt

This Book Report PPT template is ideal for structuring narrative elements in presentations. We can outline a story’s theme, setting, and characters with visual aids to enhance understanding. This template is perfect for writers, educators, and marketers to convey story concepts effectively, ensuring a cohesive and engaging presentation.

4. Annual Report Template for PowerPoint

presentation report ppt

This Annual Report slide deck is designed for clear financial analysis. It features sections for detailed descriptions, bar charts, and pie charts to represent expense data visually. Perfect for financial reviews, investor presentations, and budget meetings, this template ensures a comprehensive and professional overview of total expenses, facilitating informed decision-making.

5. Business Annual Report PowerPoint Template

presentation report ppt

A slide deck designed to showcase key financial metrics and achievements. We include sections for displaying significant figures, percentages, and growth indicators, making it perfect for annual reports, investor meetings, and financial reviews. With clear and visually appealing graphics, this template ensures a concise and impactful presentation of financial performance highlights.

6. Financial Dashboard Report Template for PowerPoint

presentation report ppt

Accurately represent financial information that’s critical for your organization by implementing this PPT report template. It is a data-driven layout containing different boxes to showcase KPIs; managers and team leaders can use this template to align organizational efforts toward a strategic goal.

presentation report ppt

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How to Create an Outstanding Report Presentation!

A report presentation is a daily necessity for most companies. Employees are constantly working on compiling data and facts about their company and department and presenting them in PowerPoint presentations. But often, the presentation design fails to impress.

In this article, you’ll learn how to visualize hard data into an appealing and engaging report presentation for your audience.

What exactly is a report?

A business report is a formal document that communicates corporate information clearly and concisely .

In a report presentation, a company presents data, facts and information, quarterly balance sheets, turnover, HR developments , and so on.

Why report presentations are so important

Report presentations are essential to the success of your business . Why? It’s simple.

Report presentations provide a coherent overview of your company’s performance : What is the current status quo? Which strategic decisions need to be made in the future? How are resources being allocated?

This clear presentation forms the basis for future fact-based decisions . This means it must present facts transparently and answer any business-related questions .

What does a good report presentation look like?

A report presentation has to be clear and concise – after all, you want your audience to understand what you’re saying.

Reporting on data is often very dry. You need to present it in the most visually interesting way possible . An attractive report design will help your audience understand your key messages immediately, without having to delve into specific corporate figures . Keep reading for tips on how to do this.

How to create an engaging report presentation: 5 tips

Report presentations are usually time-limited, so focus on the essential information . The key is to communicate facts clearly and concisely .

Give your information visual interest. Microsoft PowerPoint offers numerous possibilities for enhancing the look of your presentation. Below we have compiled 5 tips for you on how to create an appealing report.

Tip 1: Prepare properly

Report presentation 5 tips

Preparation lays the foundation for a successful report presentation. Think carefully about how you want to present specific facts and data. Know what you want to say and what your goals are – that’s key for a great report presentation layout. Each slide must have a specific purpose . Only include data that is essential to convey your message .

Give your slides variety but don’t overload them with information or graphics. Less is often more. Try out the unique features of PowerPoint and see which option best suits your presentation.

Focus on the most important key figures and avoid unnecessary details . A good report presentation should make your key statements understandable without your audience having to delve deeper into the company’s key figures.

For 11 helpful tips on preparing your presentations, check out our post, Preparing a PowerPoint Presentation .

Tip 2: Chose the right charts and diagrams

Charts and diagrams are the best way to visualize figures and data. Not only are they visually appealing, but they also summarize your statements in a way that is easy to understand .

PowerPoint offers a wide range of charts and diagrams . You can choose from pie charts, bar charts and area charts, as well as other customizable diagram options. We’ve summarized an overview of the best diagram styles and when to use them in our article, 10 Chart Types: Which One Is Right for My Data?

Some chart types are more suited to specific data . For example, a pie chart is a terrific way to show gender distribution in your company. Bar or column charts can be used to visualize sales, balance sheets and profits.

If you want to illustrate aspects that have happened over a longer period of time, area charts, line charts and of course timelines are ideal.

Feel free to combine several chart types . Let your creativity run free. You can also add icons to your diagrams. The possibilities are endless! Just keep it simple and don’t overload your slides. You can find professionally designed icons in our shop . Take a look at these:

business icons for report presentation

Once you’ve found the right type of chart or diagram, it’s time to highlight the most vital information in it . This helps your audience understand your key messages and quickly identify the most important aspects of your report presentation. If you need to, you can further explain these aspects as you go along.

You’ll find professionally designed slide templates for various charts in our shop . For example, this template:

Waterfall skaliert jpg

Tip 3: Reuse layouts

Certain topics often reappear in report presentations. A good example of this is quarterly figures or annual financial statements. With these kinds of topics, it makes sense to the invest time in creating an optimal layout that you can reuse .

If you want to compare quarterly figures or annual financial statements, using the same layout makes any differences clear and obvious to your audience.

You can find out how to create your own layouts and other tips & tricks here .

Tip 4: Other design elements

You can also use additional design elements to enhance your report presentation . There are unlimited, creative options to choose from. Think carefully about which elements will visually support your statements.

Try to include transparent images . These are more attractive than normal images and set visual accents when combined with text or graphics. Transparent images are also effective as customized backgrounds, like on title slides. We’ve put together more information on transparent images for you here .

Another design idea is icons . These small images help to break up blocks of text and reduce presentation content to a bare minimum. The simple messages behind icons are universally understood and save space on slides. More information can be found here .

Tip 5: Practice, practice, practice

Ideally, a report presentation should need little accompanying information – your slides should speak for themselves . But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to practice. Especially with diagrams, extra information can further support the infographics. Put particular focus on getting your key messages across.

Think about any questions that your audience may have. Even when your report presentation covers only key content, it’s still important to know and convey more in-depth background information on data, facts and figures in case of follow-up questions .

Of course, there’s so much more that goes into a convincing presentation. Here are some articles with helpful tips:

  • 16 Ways to Kick-Start Your Presentation
  • Body Language in PPT Presentations: 8 Tips & Tricks
  • Rhetoric Skills: How to Speak and Present Effectively
  • Presentation Hack: Always Focus on Your Audience’s Needs
  • Because First Impressions Aren’t Everything: 20 Tips and Ideas to End Your Presentation in Style

You can find more helpful articles in our blog. ► To the blog

Create expert report presentations

Report presentations are a common part of day-to-day business. With their clear graphic elements, reports communicate unambiguous information that is essential for a company’s success.

No doubt your next report presentation is already in your business calendar. Take our tips to heart and try them in your next report.

Do you have questions about report presentations or general questions about PowerPoint? Feel free to contact us at [email protected] . We’re here to help!

Are you looking for professionally designed slide templates for your report presentation? Take a look around our shop. We have a wide variety of slide templates on numerous (business) topics. You’re sure to find the right slide set for your needs. For example, here’s one for your financial report:

Financial Report EN sklaliert

You can find more templates here ► To the shop

These articles might also interest you:

  • The Right Way to Use Pie Charts in PowerPoint
  • PowerPoint Layout: Tips & Tricks Plus 6 Modern Ideas for Your Slide Layout!
  • Make a PowerPoint Image Transparent: The Pro Guide
  • Icons: An Amazing Way to Improve Your Content
  • Preparing a PowerPoint Presentation: 11 Tips for Guaranteed Success!
  • 10 Chart Types: Which One Is Right for My Data?

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Design Thinking: Problem Solving with a Difference


Why Corporate Mission Statements Are So Important

7 Learnings from the apple keynote

7 Tips & Learnings from the Apple Keynote

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25 Powerful Report Presentations and How to Make Your Own

25 powerful report presentations and how to make your own

If we are what we repeatedly do, then consultants are report presentations. In the words of veteran consultant John Kim , “If you cannot put together a well-structured, persuasive, and visual presentation… you won’t be a management consultant for long.”

Unfortunately, over 90% of consultant report presentations fail to make an impact, either because they don’t have enough content, have too much content, are unstructured, lack persuasiveness or in all honesty, are just plain boring.

how to make your own report presentations

You can know your data inside and out, and you couldn’t have a firmer grasp on the industry, but no matter how prepared or well-researched you are – even one bad slide can ruin great content. Not to mention, a poorly designed presentation can literally cost your department and your organization over $100,000 per year (conversely, a well-design presentation earns you significant advantages).

The good news is that you don’t need a swanky suite of tools or a big design team to overhaul your reports – there are tons of free and online resources for creating interesting, compelling, and seriously persuasive reports. Just sign up for a free Piktochart account and use any of the available slides templates to start easily.

So while the pyramid principle remains one of the best ways for structuring your presentation content, in this article we provide other top tips and insights you can use to create powerful slides that speak to your audience through 25 best practice examples.

Make Your Data Digestible

1. achieving digital maturity: adapting your company to a changing world by deloitte.

Click to view SlideShare

This deck ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to giving tips for powerful presentations. This report consists of an absolutely brilliant use of data visualization , a subtle “progress bar” at the top that reminds the audience which part of the presentation they’re at, and concise summaries accompanying each infographic. Here at Piktochart, it’s certainly one of the best report presentations we’ve swooned over in a while.

2. Digital globalization: The new era of global flows by McKinsey

There is an overwhelming amount of data here, but McKinsey does a commendable job of keeping it engaging with clear summaries and good-looking infographics (slides 30 & 42). Some slides might feel a bit more cramped than others (slide 41–49), but when creating your own reports you should try to save these huge chunks of data for an article or whitepaper that a client can download and peruse at their own leisure. Your presentation should only contain the highlights.  

3. KPCB Design in Tech Report 2015: Simplified and Redesigned by Stinson

You’ll appreciate the brilliance of this presentation even more when you see the original . Instead of just inserting data in its raw form as graphs or tables, Stinson transforms their findings into something more graphic and appealing. The rest of the report also takes on a less-is-more principle, distilling only the most important points that would matter to the client – not the presenter.

4. The 60 Greatest Mobile Marketing Strategies of All Time by Leanplum

Leanplum only presents one point per slide, making their presentation supremely easy to follow along with (despite having 105 slides!). While they do use traditional line graphs and bar charts, they also find unconventional ways to illustrate their data (slides 71–77) or slip in nuggets of data that don’t detract from the main point (slides 52–53) – they use data to back their insights, rather than make the data the focus of the slide.

Clean Up Your Report Presentation Slides

5. findings on health information technology and electronic health records by deloitte.

Make use of white space and clean graphics to get your point across more effectively. This consulting deck does what most report presentations neglect, which is to highlight key takeaways (and bolding the important points) to avoid cluttering the audience with too much information.

6. Getting ready for IFRS 16 by KPMG

Getting ready for IFRS 16 by KPMG

Clean and simple, each slide in this presentation has a clear focus, enhanced by the use of one question per slide and accompanying minimalist-style icons . It’s one of the easiest styles to replicate, and can be used strategically at certain portions of your presentation where you want to remove distraction and place emphasis on certain messages.

Choose the Right Fonts For Your Report Presentation

7. global retail trends 2018 by kpmg.

Global Retail Trends 2018

Crisp and clear, the choice of sans serif fonts keeps your report looking sleek, modern, and supremely legible when presenting. While your choice of font may be constricted by brand guidelines or house style, regardless, a good rule of thumb in your report presentation is to use clear, minimally-styled fonts so your message doesn’t get lost in a web of visual distraction.

Make Use of Report Presentation Visuals

8. how to use weflive 2017 by kpmg.

How to use WEFLIVE 2017 by KPMG report presentation visuals

This presentation has been viewed over 87,500 times, making it a great example of what works in an educational deck. The use of screengrabs gives both current and potential clients better recognition of your services or products. It’s also been proven that visual elements attract clients better.

9. Top Ten Customer Airport Complaints by McKinsey

Smart use of custom illustrations and images helps audiences to instantly identify with each pain point. Good, relevant visuals amplify your message because they elicit emotional responses, helping your audience retain key points.

10. Global Construction Survey 2016 by KPMG

Global Construction Survey 2016 by KPMG consultant report presentation example from piktochart

The first half of the presentation has a strong storytelling quality bolstered by great illustrations to help set up the second half – where the important data is presented. Our brains process images faster than words, so this is a good hack to getting messages across more effectively.

Stay Organized

11. trends in people analytics by pwc.

Having a table of contents to display on the side of the slide helps prevent audience fatigue – often when a presentation is too long, the audience’s retention rate starts to slip. A “tracking” tool like this can serve as a visual cue so that your audience knows where they are, and what they can expect next.

12. The CMO Blueprint for Account-Based Marketing by Sangram Vajre

There is a clear flow to this presentation – it starts with introducing some key statistics, which eventually leads up to why these statistics matter, and ends with what the proposed solution is. It’s all very organized. Another great thing about this presentation is that it uses graphics to reinforce, not distract from, its key points (slides 22–29).

Speak to Your Audience, Not at Them

13. moving digital transformation forward: findings from the 2016 digital business global executive study and research report by mitsloan + deloitte digital.

This is an all-around stellar presentation, which makes use of an active voice (“we did this…”, “we found this…”, “my digital strategy is…”) to better connect with the audience. The use of conversational copy, straightforward messages, and a consistent aesthetic theme make this one of our favorite report presentations to share with our users.

14. TMT Outlook 2017: A new wave of advances offer opportunities and challenges by Deloitte

At strategic points in this long presentation, polls are taken to keep the audience engaged and give them a break from information overload. By asking them to reflect on their current status and thoughts, they are “primed” into receiving what the presenter next has to say.

15. Business Pulse – Dual perspectives on the top 10 risks and opportunities 2013 and beyond by Ernst & Young

This is another example of keeping your audience engaged through the use of questions (slides 2, 3 & 7). The questions’ tone and voice were also creatively and intelligently crafted because it uses FOMO (fear of missing out) to ensure customers want to listen.

Break Your Report Presentation Down

16. a step-by-step overview of a typical cybersecurity attack—and how companies can protect themselves by mckinsey.

The title speaks for itself – breaking down your solution step-by-step is one of the best ways to create an effective presentation . The smart use of “hit or myth?” in each of its slides also gets the audience to reflect on their own experiences and (potentially false) impressions of the industry.

17. 5 questions about the IoT (Internet of Things) by Deloitte

There is a lot to say in this presentation about the findings and impact of IoT on various industries, but Deloitte presents it in a way that keeps it relevant – by using a question-and-answer format that works to connect rather than alienate the audience.

18. How to be Sustainable by The Boston Consulting Group

This is a prime example of how you can capitalize on the “listicle” style of writing to present your main points with supreme clarity and persuasiveness. Notice that each of the 10 steps is supplemented by key statistics? That’s how you can add weight to what you’re saying without overloading the audience with too many graphs and data charts.

Give Actionable Insight in Your Report Presentation

19. putting digital technology and data to work for tech cmos by pwc.

What makes a great consultant is his or her ability to go beyond surface data to give customers real, actionable insight. Not only does this presentation by PwC provide step-by-step recommendations (slides 15–18), but it uses real case studies and testimonials to boost credibility and illustrate value.  

20. Shutting down fraud, waste, and abuse: Moving from rhetoric to real solutions in government benefit programs by Deloitte

Identified an issue? Great. Worked out a solution? Even better. This presentation breaks down its proposed solution through one message per slide, punctuated by a relevant graphic that reinforces its key point. It’s clean, clear, and effective.

21. A labor market that works: Connecting talent and opportunity in the digital age by McKinsey

Personalization works in every industry. The next time you prepare a presentation , think about how you can give tailored advice to the unique stakeholders involved (slides 30–33). 

Keep Your Report Presentation Short and Sweet

22. six behavioral economics lessons for the workplace by deloitte.

There’s a reason why TED talks are only 18 minutes or less – any longer and the speaker will lose the audience’s attention. Taking this advice, keep your report presentations short whenever possible. This example by Deloitte depicts a smart way to keep things bite-sized yet meaty, and also publicizes all your white papers and articles in one place.

23. Private Sector Opportunity to Improve Well-Being by The Boston Consulting Group

This compact presentation is a great example of how to summarize all your key findings in less than 10 slides. When you force yourself to reduce clutter, you start being more discerning about what you include. Remember, what you find interesting may not be the same as what the audience finds relevant. Don’t get too attached, and be prepared to edit down.  

24. Four approaches to automate work using cognitive technologies by Deloitte

Try using a report presentation as a “preview” for your full suite of business services. This way, you summarize your best points to potential clients, and if what you’ve said interests them enough, they will be more invested in a follow-up meeting.

The key to doing this successfully, however, is that whatever few points you choose to present need to be accompanied by some form of tailored business solution or insight into their specific needs. 

Don’t Forget to Take Credit

25. european family business trends: modern times by kpmg.

It seems obvious, but you would be surprised how many times consultants neglect to put their profile image and professional business contact information at the end of each report.

There are many reasons to do so, but most importantly, it helps your potential business client remember you better. The truth is, we remember faces better than names, and adding this information allows them to reach out if they’re interested in a follow-up oppurtunity.

“Simplified and impressive reporting in one landscape. Quick templates are present for impressive graphical visualizations! Ease of use, upload and export options.” – Derrick Keith, Associate Consultant at KPMG Easily create reports , infographics , posters , brochures , and more with Piktochart. Sign up for free .

Audience First

Clarity of thought translates directly into how succinct your presentation comes off. A key presentation design tip is that your slide deck should always be the last thing you tackle – structure and story come first. It may not be that surprising of a reveal if we were to tell you: The elements that make a business consultant’s report presentation great are almost the same that make any presentation great.

At the end of the day, keep your audience at the center, be creative and thoughtful of their needs; use design and visuals to your advantage and integrate them early on, not as an afterthought. And remember: Even with more options, sometimes, less is more.

Time to Make Your Own 

Now that you’re thoroughly inspired and well-versed in report presentation creation, it’s time to make your own using the tips from this article. At Piktochart, we have a handful of slick and highly customizable templates to help you create impactful report presentations. Just search in our reports and presentation templates database and take a look at a few examples below.

1. Monthly Marketing Report Template

monthly marketing report template, report presentations examples

2. Social Media Report Template

3. monthly progress report template, 4. client research report template.

client research report, client report template, report presentations

5. Monthly Sales Report Template

sales report template, monthly sales report, report presentations templates

6. Social Media Audience Report Template

7. email campaign report template.

web email campaign report, email report templates

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Depict Data Studio


' data-src=

This was a great tutorial. Thank you for providing! I am designing my next report in PPT right now! Shhhh! ~Jessica, Child Advocates of Fort Bend

' data-src=

Your secret’s safe with us. 🙂

' data-src=

Woohoo! I’m glad this list has inspired you Jessica! Your secret is safe 🙂 Happy PowerPoint-ing!

' data-src=

wow, what a beautiful report in PP! Can you share it with us please? Thanks in advance

Hi Hossat, This report’s not available for download, sorry! It’s an internal report that Nick designed specifically for his audience. One of these days, “in all my spare time,” I’ll design some sort of template for these reports. Until then, I hope you find the behind-the-scenes screenshots to be useful.

' data-src=

Great post! I plan to use tip #3 right away. I use Nancy Duarte’s slidedoc format for reports and like this 8.5″ x 11″ option too.

Learning about “Align” a few years ago has already saved hours of my precious time! It’s the little things.

This tip was probably the simplest game changer for me. This works for everything (and in most MS Office applications ) for things like conference posters, handouts, reports, ACTUAL powerpoint slide decks… It’s really nice once you realize you’ll never have to nudge objects click by click anymore!

Nick — I literally used to zoom waaaaaaay to 400% or 500% on my screen, hold up a ruler, and eyeball all my text boxes to “align” them. Oops.

' data-src=

Does anyone know of any templates that already exist with it rotated and filled in content

Hi Jeremy, Check out https://www.duarte.com/slidedocs/ . THE trailblazer in “slidedocs” is Nancy Duarte and the dozens of staff at her company. I believe they have free templates to get you started. Like any templates, you’ll want to adjust the colors and fonts, at a bare minimum, so that it doesn’t look so default. Let me know if you encounter any other helpful templates.

' data-src=

Thanks for sharing this, great idea! Formatting on Word has always been a challenge for me

' data-src=

Hello, This is great! Do the reports created in Powerpoint meet accessibility standards for folks who use screen readers, etc.?

Great question. Someone asked this question on Twitter too. Here’s what I said: “I don’t see why it wouldn’t. Reports can be written in any software program (Word, PowerPoint, InDesign, Publisher, etc etc etc) and then PDF’d. I believe you can tag tables and images in any program.” And here’s what Nick said: “Using Accessibility Checker in PPT (as in Word) is important when creating… then when publishing to PDF, there a couple more clicks I think to make sure it exports as an accessible doc – found this in my search: http://lpc1.clpccd.cc.ca.us/lpc/blackboard/accessible_ppt/convert_ppt.htm ” Let us know what you learn in your search, too.

Definitely can Marissa, you just need to create the document in a way that’s accessible (as you probably normally would in Word) can use accessibility checker in PowerPoint when creating the report to see whch elements need alt text, etc and then follow these instructions when exporting to PDF: https://t.co/OrMkFSxihM

' data-src=

Hi Ann and Nick: a) Another way to get matching colors in different objects (point 5 of your post) without too much concern over if its well done, is to play with Saturation: 1- Shape Fill 2 – More Fill Colors 3 – Custom tab 4 – Color Model HSL 5 – And play with different levels of Saturation b) If we want to print the report directely from the PPT we must take in consideratin that the printer always put a white margin that we can’t see even at the Print Preview. Thanks for the post Miguel

This is a great point Miguel. I often click between my edit view and print preview when I’m making reports to see how it will print if I were to do so directly from ppt so I can check what that white border looks like and if it impacts anything I have on the page, especially important when bleeding images or objects over the page edges. This is one reason you want to be sure to custom format your page layout too, manually enter 8.5 width and 11 length instead of relying on the default “letter” size option that ppt gives you, which actually defaults the slide to 7.5 X 10. Thanks for the color tip too, I’ll try that out!

' data-src=

This is very interesting post on report creation in PowerPoint.

[…] How to Write Your Reports in PowerPoint Instead of Word: 9 Tips for Getting Started […]

' data-src=

Finally, it becomes easier to use MS powerpoint in terms of writing reports as my MS word was showing errors.

' data-src=

Great post, thank you. As a consultant I write reports for a living. I grew up on Word and was trained to write word-heavy, long form reports. Whilst I (think I) do that very well, I’m conscious that these days many people prefer shorter, more visual reports so I’m exploring how I might transition to that. Two issue I’ve always had with ppt are (1) the way it resizes text when I don’t want it to and (2) the way it works one page at a time, i.e. text doesn’t flow from one page to the next. Is there a way to address either of these? Might Publisher (which I’ve never really used; does it even still exist?) be a good alternative tool for the job?

' data-src=

Hi Patch, Argh yes, I have the same frustrations with PowerPoint.

Rather than using the built-in text boxes, which automatically re-size the text, I delete those and add my own. Then I have full control over the text formatting.

I don’t know how to adjust the page breaks/page flow; don’t think this is possible actually (?). I plan the content carefully in advance (by spending time developing a detailed outline). Then, I make sure that each topic simply fits on its own page.

You’re certainly welcome to continue using Word! Or, Publisher. But PowerPoint does tend to be easiest to use as you add more visuals to your reports.

Good luck! Ann

' data-src=

Thanks. When do u prefer portrait or landscape orientation?

I’m trying to use landscape as much as possible these days — since so many people are reading the reports from their computers.

' data-src=

Interesting but I fail to see the benefit. Why not just use Word with PowerPoint inserts for powerful reports (or for that matter insert PowerBI).

I just find PowerPoint to be more artistic since it requires so much careful manipulation of content – an issue I simply don’t have in Word.

Word’s great for text-heavy reports. PowerPoint’s great for visual-heavy reports. They each have their own value.

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How to Write Your Reports in PowerPoint Instead of Word: Nine Tips for Getting Started

' data-src=

Hi! My name is Nick Visscher, I’m an internal evaluator with Denver Zoo. Our data work spans the gamut from collecting guest satisfaction insights to observing preschool kids in our nature play programming. With everything our team does we aim to help our staff improve their programs and our guest’s experience. It’s important for us to disseminate our findings in ways that make our stakeholders (mainly internal staff) to dig in and explore. Clear, concise, and well visualized reporting is super important and something we are passionate about.

A page from Nick Visscher's Sustainability Management System Community Survey report

There are so many options when it comes to reporting software, but one familiar face I often find myself turning to is Microsoft PowerPoint. You might not immediately think of PowerPoint when it comes to creating formal reports, but I love using it in lieu of more common applications like Word. Positioning new images and text boxes into a document is just easier in PowerPoint. You don’t need to worry about anchoring items or how inserting new text might change the position of items you’ve already included on a page. It’s a blank canvas without many limitations.

Here are some screenshots from a report that I wrote in PowerPoint. These pages come from our Lorikeet Adventure: Guest Experience Research Brief.

Nick Visscher's opening page of the Lorikeet Adventure report

Here are a few tips I keep in mind when using PowerPoint to design my evaluation reports. Note: I’m working in MS Office 2016.

  • Changing slide orientation : I like a traditional page layout for a report I know my readers will likely print, not the default slide size (16:9 aspect ratio). To change it, I go to the Design pane and create a custom slide size, change the settings to 8.5” by 11”, and select a Portrait orientation.
  • Making use of the page ruler, gridlines, and guides : In the View pane I always select Ruler and Guides (and sometime Gridlines) so I can make sure key text and objects are in the same position on each page. I also know my readers will likely print and use a staple in the upper left corner so I make sure to keep one guide line at a half inch from the left. This lets me position headers and text where I know a staple won’t get in the way.
  • Using built in arrangement options for multiple text boxes or images : Don’t spend too much time clicking that left arrow or right arrow to “nudge” objects into just the right place on a page. Select all the objects you wish to align, go to the Home pane, select Arrange, and then select Align. There are built in arrangement options there which perfectly align or evenly distribute everything at once. This is one feature that consistently saves me time and makes everything look better.
  • Inserting shapes and lines as design elements : I love using basic shapes and lines in different variations on a page to give the design of a report a sleek and professional feel. I avoid predefined slide design templates at all costs, they don’t often follow the principles of good design.
  • Using fill color and transparency : I’m not always confident in knowing which colors compliment each other so to avoid having to pick different colors, but still give some visual variation, I increase the degree of fill color transparency on key shapes or objects. I also like doing this on cover pages when most often the entire slide background is a photograph. Inserting overlapping shapes with 50% transparency creates a sophisticated visual effect and also adds some darker space on the page perfect for a title or text header to stand out.
  • Copying page design for the whole report : Most of the time I like my background design and title text to be consistent on each page. Once I’ve created a page layout I like I simply copy and paste that slide for the remainder of the report pages. This is a quick solution to having to re-create the most common design elements in your report over and over again. I’ve used a more elegant solution lately by editing the slide master in the View pane and editing the default fonts and colors in the Design pane.
  • Editing dataviz directly in PowerPoint : I used to spend a lot of time editing charts directly in Excel, then copy/pasting them into PowerPoint. This would sometimes cause size and formatting issues so I’d have to do a few edits there too. PowerPoint has the same chart editing and layout features as Excel does so now I create a basic default chart in Excel using my data, copy/paste that right away into PowerPoint, and do all of my editing there.
  • Letting your copy editor do their thing : I always need a copy editor when I finish a report. PowerPoint provides similar review and comment features as Word does. It’s not quite as extensive but it does the trick. Under the Review pane you can select text, add comments, and select “start inking” to highlight areas is the report that need further attention.
  • Saving your report : Save your report as a PDF or XPS document when you’re ready to send to your readers. They’ll be dazzled by the beauty of your work and be none the wiser that you used trusty ole PowerPoint to design it.

Here’s another report that I designed within PowerPoint. These pages come from our Zoo Lights: Guest Experience Survey Report .

The first page of Nick Visscher's Zoo Lights report

Have you tried writing your reports in PowerPoint instead of in Word? If so, please share your tips in the comments section below.

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Soar beyond the dusty shelf report, how to copy/paste graphs from excel into word or powerpoint, report redesign.

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Free Report Presentation Templates

Browse our vast library of premade free report powerpoint templates and google slides for every occasion. choose from stunning pre-made slides with creative infographics, editable charts, and easy-to-customize layouts. whether you're presenting a financial report, a project update, or a market analysis, perfect slides are here. get started for free now.


  • Stunning infographics: Captivate your audience with visuals that tell the story at a glance.
  • Editable charts and graphs: No data-wrangling needed. Simply plug in your numbers and watch your slides come alive.
  • Professional layouts: Choose from a library of pre-designed templates, each tailored to your report type.
  • Student report cards: Make grades shine with engaging visuals.
  • Survey results: Transform data into digestible insights.
  • Quarterly roadmaps: Chart your course with clear timelines and milestones.
  • Financial reports: Impress investors with professional presentations.
  • Marketing reports: Showcase your campaigns' impact with compelling storytelling.
  • Company annual reports: Tell your year's story with elegance and impact.
  • Weekly and monthly reports: Keep stakeholders informed with regular updates, beautifully presented.
  • And so much more! From internal audits to project progress trackers, and SEO reports to yearly, weekly, and monthly business reviews , we have a template for every need.

We're here to help you!

What is a report.

A report is a brief piece of writing that examines problems, circumstances, events, or discoveries using facts and evidence. Usually, subsections, numbered sections, and subheadings are used to organize statements.

What types of report presentation templates do you offer?

We have a wide variety of templates for all kinds of reports, including financial reports, project reports, marketing reports, student report cards, and more!

Are your templates free to use?

Yes, we offer a generous selection of free templates to get you started.

Can I edit the templates?

Absolutely! All of our templates are 100% editable, so you can customize them to fit your specific needs and brand.

What formats are the templates available in?

Our templates are available in both PowerPoint and Google Slides formats, so you can choose the platform that you're most comfortable with.

Can I use your templates for commercial purposes?

Yes, you can use our templates for both personal and commercial use.

What are some tips for creating a great report presentation?

Keep your slides concise and focused, use visuals to help illustrate your points, and practice your delivery beforehand.

  • Create a presentation Article
  • Save Article
  • Design Article
  • Share and collaborate Article
  • Give a presentation Article
  • Set up your mobile apps Article
  • Learn more Article

presentation report ppt

Create a presentation

Create a presentation in PowerPoint

Your browser does not support video. Install Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash Player, or Internet Explorer 9.

Create presentations from scratch or start with a professionally designed, fully customizable template from Microsoft Create .

Tip:  If you have Microsoft Copilot it can help you create a presentation, add slides or images, and more. To learn more see  Create a new presentation with Copilot in PowerPoint.

Open PowerPoint.

In the left pane, select New .

Select an option:

To create a presentation from scratch, select Blank Presentation .

To use a prepared design, select one of the templates.

To see tips for using PowerPoint, select Take a Tour , and then select Create , .

Create new PowerPoint

Add a slide

In the thumbnails on the left pane, select the slide you want your new slide to follow.

In the  Home tab, in the  Slides  section, select  New Slide .

In the Slides section, select Layout , and then select the layout you want from the menu.

PowerPoint slide layouts

Add and format text

Place the cursor inside a text box, and then type something.

Select the text, and then select one or more options from the Font section of the Home tab, such as  Font , Increase Font Size , Decrease Font Size ,  Bold , Italic , Underline , etc.

To create bulleted or numbered lists, select the text, and then select Bullets or Numbering .

PowerPoint format text

Add a picture, shape, and more

Go to the  Insert  tab.

To add a picture:

In the Images section, select Pictures .

In the Insert Picture From menu, select the source you want.

Browse for the picture you want, select it, and then select Insert .

To add illustrations:

In the Illustrations section, select Shapes , Icons , 3D Models ,  SmartArt , or Chart .

In the dialog box that opens when you click one of the illustration types, select the item you want and follow the prompts to insert it.

Insert Images in PowerPoint

Need more help?

Want more options.

Explore subscription benefits, browse training courses, learn how to secure your device, and more.

presentation report ppt

Microsoft 365 subscription benefits

presentation report ppt

Microsoft 365 training

presentation report ppt

Microsoft security

presentation report ppt

Accessibility center

Communities help you ask and answer questions, give feedback, and hear from experts with rich knowledge.

presentation report ppt

Ask the Microsoft Community

presentation report ppt

Microsoft Tech Community

presentation report ppt

Windows Insiders

Microsoft 365 Insiders

Find solutions to common problems or get help from a support agent.

presentation report ppt

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Top 5 Summary Report Templates with Samples and Examples

Top 5 Summary Report Templates  with Samples and Examples

Dikshita Sharma


Whether you want to present your report on audit, training, or internship if your data is complex or cluttered the readers might not pay attention. To save time and make the reading experience easy-going, investing in summary reports for your business is a good idea.  Though it does not matter what type of report you are dealing with, what matters the most is that the message and the data in your reports are understandable. In other words, your summary report should emphasize the key takeaways and significant aspects of a report in the briefest manner possible.

Are you looking for a way to attract investors for funding? Go through our top-notch business summary templates and engage stakeholders to trust in your brand without second thought.

But, are you still wondering on what exactly is a summary report? Want to create excellent making summary reports? Continue reading this post!

Summary Report: An Attention-Grabbing Key Element

A summary report is a sort of report where data from transactions is presented in a summarized and to-the-point version.

Additionally, summary reports work with simple "flat" data sources to prevent the need of explaining subjects that may take hours or days, otherwise. Therefore, their length should be around 1/3 of the original text’s length.

If you are bored of having futile strategies that don't give results, it's time to explore our extensive guide on annual report summary and cover all operations, financial scenarios, etc. in your organization.

Don't spend too much time writing long and bulky reports, and provide a summarized overview of your document with SlideTeam’s comprehensive blog on Summary Report Templates. Be succinct, but meaningful without templates; let's explore these now!

Template 1: Annual Work Summary Report PPT Report Template

If you want to present work activities performed by your company, then, this twenty-three slide annual work summary report deck is ideal for you. Use this complete deck to provide a comprehensive overview of your accomplishments, mission statement, strategic work plan, and core values of your company, etc., in a crisp, clear and digestible manner. Download these slides now and consolidate your financial statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement in a wonderful manner.

Annual Work Summary Report 2020

Download Now!

Template 2: Business Executive Summary Report Presentation Report

Want to prepare a business executive summary for your start-up? Deploy our top-class one-pager business executive summary report Template to highlight the mission and vision, key offerings, market share, financial highlights, etc. of your company. Don't waste time creating a summary from scratch, rather download this PPT design and depict how your organization is better than competitors.

Business Executive Summary Report

Template 3: Investment Pitch Executive Summary Report PPT Slide

Do you want to raise funds from your stakeholders? Provide a comprehensive view with minimal effort via our investment pitch executive summary report Template. From business overview to target customers, everything you will need for your financial report is presented in this one-pager design. Use this presentation to attract quality funding on your company’s current financial status.


Template 4: Start Up Company’s Executive Summary Report PowerPoint Presentation

Looking for a way to curate an eye-catching executive summary to attract clients and consumers?  Go for our startup company’s executive summary report. This professionally designed Template is primarily used to highlight executive summary, revenue model, company overview, problems and solutions, and so on. Customize this one-page template as per your needs and showcase how you are going to utilize the collected funds.

Start-up Company’s Executive Summary Report

Template 5: Executive Summary Report PPT Template

Need to prepare an executive summary report? Exhibit your data with flair using this top-notch executive summary report Template. Showcase a glimpse of critical information such as overview, target market, key customers, marketing strategy, etc., in a single slide and pique the curiosity of your audience by summarizing content from a larger piece your document. Deploy this flexible design now!

Executive Summary Report

Template 6: One Page Retirement Plans Annual Summary Report Template

As the year begins, all kinds of businesses, institutions, or organizations prepare their annual reports to provide shareholders, customers, and other backers information about their financial performance in the preceding year. Use this annual summary report Template to share information about your company, such as, revenue, growth, finances, new products, and services. Delver deeper into business offerings and highlight sales breakdowns with this actionable PPT Slide. Choose this layout to make your colleagues or audience pay attention!

One Page Retirement Plans Annual Summary Report Template

Template 7: One-Page Customer Journey Engagement Campaign Summary Report Template

When it comes to digital marketing, understanding the minds of customers can be challenging. That is why this customer journey engagement summary Template is developed to deal with this issue and create an extensive report. Emphasize crucial areas, including objectives of the marketing campaign, campaign timeline, tasks to be performed by individual teams, and much more.

One Page Customer Journey

Template 8: Business Personnel and Financial Plan One Page Summary Report Slide

Facilitate this financial plan Template to maintain all the important data of your upcoming plan. With the help of this innovative Slide, record and track data for different requirements of your company such as data for sales analysis, budget, financial statement, project cash flow, profit yearly, etc. Download this in-depth financial plan summary report to understand the gaps and curate new strategies for your business.

Business Personnel and Financial Plan Excel Spreadsheet One

Template 9: Ecommerce Website One Page Summary Report Slide

Grab this one-page summary report PPT Template and showcase the process of redesigning a website for a company. Use this ready-made PowerPoint Template and highlight your company details such as, missing, vision, clients, projects, etc. This slide can be used to highlight the scope of work, key objectives, deliverables, schedule, and projected milestones. So, without any further delay, deploy this ready to use PPT Design to formulate actionable plans and execute your projects!

Ecommerce Website Development Statement of Work One Page Summary

Summary Report is A Must- Have!

Whether we talk about book reports where a summary report presents the overall story in simpler or shorter terms, or a financial cost report which may summarize the average list of commissions and total sales, it is an indispensable aspect of every field. The overall purpose of a summary report is to convince stakeholders or readers to believe in your brand. So, what are you waiting for? Grab these Top 5 Summary Report templates knocking at your door and present an attention-grabbing report of your next project.

Want to nail your next project Download these custom-made, premium PowerPoint slides from our monthly, semi-annual, annual, annual + custom design subscriptions here .

PS: Explore this amazing guide replete with product summary PPT Templates to give your product the launch it deserves.

FAQs on Summary Report Templates

How do you write a summary of a report.

Understanding a summary report in one thing, writing it is another. Are you still unsure how to write one? No worries! Follow the below mentioned steps and create an amazing summary report to impress your keyholders:

1) Your primary goal for creating a summary report is to make it informative. You should try to grab the attention of your audience and motivate them to read the rest of the document.

2) Make sure that the language of your summary report is easy to understand. Avoid using complicated terms and sidestep any sort of confusion with your positive tone.

3) Devote a specific part of your summary report for future strategies such as showcasing competitive advantages, specific marketing insights, target market, upcoming projects, etc.

4) Make one section for financial and sales forecasts for the next 1-3 years with your breakeven points which predict how your goals will bring profit to your company.

5) Don't forget to mention the funding needs for your project because it persuades the investors to fund your projects.

6) With sample templates, you can create your summary report without starting from scratch, and hence can save more time.

7) Last but not least, don’t include any information that may be redundant, and try to make it as concise and crisp as possible.

What are summary reports used for?

A summary report is a brief overview of a long report or document because it focuses on key topics and the most important data. Basically, it brings out the gist of data rather than discussing everything in detail. Therefore, this document is useful for C- level managers who want to have insight into the latest business performance but they do not have much time to read the whole report.

What does a summary report include?

The elements of a summary report may vary depending on the type of your document, such as a business plan, project, financial plan, budget statement, etc. But, there are some universal components. These are:

1) Purpose: In the opening statement, you should introduce the purpose of the summary report, i.e. What you want to achieve with this document, what your desired objectives are, etc.

2) Problems: The second thing you need to outline is what specific problems you are dealing with, such as whether they are product plans related or marketing strategies related.

3) Solutions: Once you have introduced your problems to the stakeholder, it is time to proceed with solutions to solve the issues with as many details as you can.

4) ‘Why Now’ segment: It showcases why you need to solve the problem on time because you do not want clients to think that there is ample time to fix the issues. Displaying urgency can make your summary report more impactful.

5) Conclusion: A concise and well-defined conclusion stays with your reader.

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Top 10 Digital Marketing Budget Templates With Samples and Examples

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Brand marketing powerpoint presentation slides

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Launching a new service powerpoint presentation with slides go to market


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Four key metrics donut chart with percentage

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Engineering and technology ppt inspiration example introduction continuous process improvement

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Meet our team representing in circular format

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PowerPoint templates provide a wide range of options for designing and presenting creative and compelling presentations to get ideas right and perfect. And the increase in demand for it contributed to the increase in its popularity, use, and reliance on meetings, conferences, and others.

You need to prepare and present some presentations for your company and prepare an annual report summarizing the company’s achievements, the plan that you followed, your conclusions, and your aspirations for better performance. Some excellent annual reports may be hard to find, which is why we brought you 20+ Best Annual Report PowerPoint Templates 2023 to prepare a professional annual report. These templates are easy to use and you can modify them with a few clicks, customize, and rearrange their icons and elements until they become the desired form.

In these templates, you will find everything you need to make your annual report clear and unique, which in turn will increase customer confidence and investment and double your productivity.

1. Annual Report PowerPoint Template For Presentation

Best Annual Report PowerPoint Templates

Annual Report PowerPoint Template For Presentation contributes to presenting your ideas in an ideal way, drawing a clear picture of your work and your achievements during a whole year, motivating your team to move forward in achieving more successes. This template contains creative features that enable you to present a powerful and competitive presentation that grabs the attention of the audience and is ready to use and easily customizable.

2. 2021 Annual Report PowerPoint Template

Best Annual Report PowerPoint Templates

The beautiful design of this template prepares your project distinctively and strikingly. 2021 Annual Report PowerPoint Template is a modern template with a professional design that meets your needs for high-quality report. This template includes 30 pre-made unique slides, 3 color themes, a light and dark background, in addition to other features.

3. Annual Report PowerPoint Template

Best Annual Report PowerPoint Templates

To anyone looking for excellence, each slide in this Annual Report PowerPoint Template is specially designed to make your presentation creative. This template provides free fonts, colors, and professional icons you need for every presentation and is easily customizable and fully editable. Try it now!

4. Annual Report PowerPoint Template

Best Annual Report PowerPoint Templates

Annual Report PowerPoint Template is one of the best business PowerPoint templates designed and supported with professional features and contains all the components that make your presentation impressive like Easy image placing, Handcrafted Infographic, User Guide PDF and many other features that you will notice when using it.

5. Annual Report PowerPoint Template Free Download

Best Free Annual Report PowerPoint Templates

Finish your work and activities with Annual Report PowerPoint Template, you can simply customize the slides to adapt to the content you want to present. It is a great template with excellent specifications and all for free. This template is easy to use and will saves you effort and time to prepare a successful presentation.

6. 2020 Year Report PowerPoint

Best Annual Report PowerPoint Templates

The 2020 Year Report PowerPoint template contributes to building an unforgettable presentation. This template is filled with convenient specifications and is customizable as you wish. With a single click, you can add your data and preset items that will save you hours of work.

7. Annual Report – Company Business PowerPoint

Best Annual Report PowerPoint Templates

Present your annual report in the best form with the stunning Annual Report – Company Business PowerPoint. Everything you would expect with this template is a flexible template with a funky contemporary design, containing Data Chart, Picture Placeholder, Used and recommended free web fonts, Easy Editable Color Scheme, for free.

8. 2020 Year Report Vertical PowerPoint

Best Annual Report PowerPoint Templates

Use 2020 Year Report Vertical PowerPoint to create a great annual report for your business. In this template, you will find a letter from the CEO, Year Highlights, Business Quote profit & loss, Prices, Maps, Conclusions, and more. You can also change colors with themes and add personalization by inserting your company logo.

9. Annual Report Presentation Template

Best Annual Report PowerPoint Templates

Annual Report Presentation Template is professional and charming, designed to present your company information in an interesting style and attractive presentation. This template includes a set of features that enrich your presentation without requiring much effort or time to customize and adjust.

10. Dashi Annual Report Presentation PPT

Best Annual Report PowerPoint Templates

Dashi Annual Report Presentation PPT highlights the importance of the report you are preparing because of its trustworthy and unique features, 30 Premade colors, based on the master layout, 28 Unique slides, Easy drag and drop image. What else do you need?

11. 2021 Year Report PowerPoint

Best Annual Report PowerPoint Templates

Develop your company’s growth strategies and make your content an engaging visual presentation with 2021 Year Report PowerPoint. Whether you are a business owner or you work for a company, you can benefit from this template. It features pre-made slides for various types of content to make it easy for you to prepare your presentation.

12. REPORT – Corporate Annual Report PowerPoint

Best Annual Report PowerPoint Templates

With the simple and attractive design options that REPORT – Corporate Annual Report PowerPoint offers, you can motivate the audience to interact with your presentation and this template will make numbers and stats fun, this template is suitable for preparing a company file, preparing an annual file, and more.

13. Project Proposal Template PowerPoint

Best Annual Report PowerPoint Templates

To support your business and contribute to the participation of potential clients more in your business and projects, we present to Project Proposal Template PowerPoint. It is perfect for preparing a company profile or project proposal and explaining your achievements. With this template your data will be fun to know, easy to understand and the recipient will not get bored of what you show.

14. Company Annual Report PowerPoint Presentation

Best Annual Report PowerPoint Templates

Unlike fading templates, Company Annual Report PowerPoint Presentation conveys your information more effectively to share with your team or with your audience. This template consists of 30 unique and easily customizable slides plus Free Web Fonts, 16:9 Widescreen Ratio, and Based on Master Slides.

15. Annual Plan PowerPoint

Best Annual Report PowerPoint Templates

By relying on the Annual Plan PowerPoint template, your mission will be completed and your presentation is attractive and professional. You can detail the tasks in your annual activity report as much as you want, this template provides you with all the icons, graphics, charts, and all the other elements you need to prepare your report.

16. Company Report PowerPoint Template

Best Annual Report PowerPoint Templates

Company Report PowerPoint Template uses icons and colors to present information efficiently, while you won’t have any difficulty adding your data to this template as it is easy to modify and customize. This template has a clean and elegant design, Full/No animation, 16:9 HD Retina ready, 10 pre-made color themes.

17. Financial Report PowerPoint Presentation

Best Annual Report PowerPoint Templates

Your report can tell your company’s story through the use of related visuals, background images, and icons of the Victoria template which gives you all the features needed to create a creative report Object Placeholders, Retina and Full HD, Overlay Picture Effect, Fully Animated Slides, and more.

18. Rutina – Planner Template PowerPoint

Best Annual Report PowerPoint Templates

Your ambitious goals for your company and future business deserve to be conveyed and presented in the best way, in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. This is what Rutina – Planner Template PowerPoint will achieve for you with all its elements. It facilitates access to the information that the recipient wants to hear and displays it dynamically.

19. Marketing Pitch – Infographic PowerPoint Template

Best Annual Report PowerPoint Templates

To convey a positive image of your company and reflect the dynamism of your business, use Marketing Pitch – Infographic PowerPoint Template and enjoy the advantages that it gives you for free. With this template, there will not be much to do as all its elements are pre-made and waiting for you to modify and customize them as you wish.

20. EUSIN – Corporate Theme PowerPoint Template

Best Annual Report PowerPoint Templates

To keep your presentation interesting and to keep the audience away from boredom and distraction we recommend the clear and astonishing EUSIN – Corporate Theme PowerPoint Template which is rich in all the essential elements of any presentation. It is a flexible and responsive template, and this template also gives you space to present your conclusions and vision for the future of your company and your business.

21. Shelby – Corporate PowerPoint Template

Best Annual Report PowerPoint Templates

30 unique slides in HD resolution that ate fully editable in PowerPoint with drag & drop image placeholder, master slides, elegant slide transition, creative portfolio, quote and product slides, team management slides, product description slides, professional company profile slides, perfect for product and features showcase and very good option to consider.

We hope that we have provided some useful content in this article and we will be proud and glad if you try one of these templates, give the best presentations and achieve the best results in your work. These templates are all wonderful and won’t require you much time and effort to prepare for your perfect presentation, as they are packed with features that rival those of the paid ones. Try them now and enjoy making the most beautiful and skillful presentation.


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Art of Presentations

Presentation vs Report Writing: What’s the Difference?

By: Author Shrot Katewa

Presentation vs Report Writing: What’s the Difference?

I was sitting at my desk today while I stumbled upon a question by one of our patrons. It got me thinking if there was ever a difference between a Presentation and Report Writing? So, I did some research, and here’s what I found out!

The main difference between a Presentation and Report Writing is that a report is usually fairly extensive and gives a detailed account of the information on a particular topic. Whereas, a presentation is mostly a synopsis which highlights the key points that are important for the audience.

Since one of the key objectives of both – a presentation and a report is to give information to its intended audience, people often tend to confuse between the two. So, let’s understand the nuances in further detail.

Key Differences between Presentation and Report Writing

In order to make sure that we don’t end up creating an incorrect document the next we are tasked with an assignment, it is important for us to understand the differences between a presentation and report writing.

As I mentioned earlier, one of the purposes of both a presentation and a report is typically to provide insights or useful information about a certain topic.

However, the purpose of creating a presentation is to share information in a short period of time; usually not more than 15-20 minutes. Thus, it ends up being a synopsis of a topic rather than giving a detailed account on a particular topic.

Report Writing on the other hand goes into the intricacies involved within a particular topic.

For a research oriented report writing, the purpose of the report is often to capture the detailed account for the research conducted including (but not limited to) purpose of the research, methodology adopted for conducting research, observations and findings, discrepancies (if any), and the conclusion.

Writing a report often scientific approach and requires a technical understand of the subject.

2. Depth of Information

Another difference between a report and a presentation is the depth of information that is shared in the two types of documents.

As mentioned in the previous point, a report goes in great depth capturing the thought behind almost every single action taken by the researcher; thereby giving an in-depth understanding on the topic.

A presentation on the other hand picks up key pieces of information and aims to provide very specific details usually in the interest of the available time of the audience.

A typical example of a report would be a corporate annual report which explains the details of actions taken by the organisation and how it performed. This information is shared across multiple paragraphs usually accompanied by a table giving the performance details. Whereas, a presentation of the annual report only summarizes the key points on the performance of the company throughout the year.

3. Information Delivery

A person giving a presentation to a large audience

Another major difference between a presentation and report writing is the mode of information delivery.

Since a presentation is a piece of summarized information, it requires a person to share additional information while delivering the presentation. A presentation mostly contains visual cues along with a few points on each slide, which is accompanied with a talk given by an individual giving the presentation.

A presentation can be given in-person to a small group of people or even to a few hundred individuals in a large auditorium. Alternatively, a presentation can also be delivered online to several thousands of people across the globe using different softwares.

A report on the other hand doesn’t necessarily require to be presented. Since it contains detailed information, it can be independently read by people at their comfort.

Reading a report can take time as it is often spread across several hundreds of pages.

4. Method of Engaging the Audience

Yet another difference between a presentation and report writing is the manner in which it engages its audience.

A presentation depends upon the skill of the presenter to engage the audience. A person giving a presentation not only needs to make the presentation visually appealing, it also requires the presenter to entertain the audience by means of story-telling and humor (as deemed necessary) while delivering the presentation.

A report on the other hand depends on the capability of an individual to command a language to engage its readers. It needs the person writing a report to have a good grasp of the language in order to describe the information accurately and as briefly as possible while holding the interest of the audience.

In a research study done in order to compare the understanding capability of science students based information consumed in the two formats – Presentation versus Report format , it was observed that students understood the topic better when it was explained through a presentation rather than a report.

Perhaps, one can conclude that presentation is usually more engaging than a detailed report.

5. Skills Needed

A cropped image of a person holding a pen while writing with a coffee mug in the background

Lastly, another difference between a presentation and report writing is the skills needed for each of the two activities.

Creating an effective presentation requires not only design skills, but also mastering the art of giving presentations! While the task of designing a presentation can often be outsourced, the knack of picking the correct topics to be covered in the presentation can’t be outsourced and is dependent on the presenter.

As a presenter, you don’t necessarily need to have great writing skills, but you surely need to know the art of story-telling, and leverage this for giving a presentation.

On the other hand, report writing requires creative (sometimes technical) writing skills. One also needs to be analytical.

How to Choose between a Presentation and a Report? Which is Better?

Choosing between creating a presentation or writing a report can be a difficult task for some. But, not being able to do so correctly can often lead to drastic (sometimes even embarrassing) circumstances.

Here are a few questions that you should ask yourself before starting creating a presentation or writing a report –

  • How much time do I have with my audience? If you have only about 20 to 30 minutes with you audience to share the required information, it is perhaps better to give a presentation than to write a report. A report (unless written in less than 10 pages), will usually take more than this much time to be completely understood.
  • Does your intended audience prefer to read or to hear/watch? People have their own preferences when it comes to consuming information. Some people like to read, while others prefer hearing or visual comprehension to gain knowledge. Be sure to ask them their preference, and make your decision accordingly.
  • What are you good at – Presentation or Report Writing? If the above two questions are not important or if your audience doesn’t have a preference, a good way to start would be to focus on your strengths. Ask yourself – what are you more comfortable with? Is a creating and delivering a presentation? Or, is it writing a report? Make a decision based on your capability. A little introspection can definitely go a long way in helping you choose the right direction.

How to Create an Attractive Presentation?

If you end up deciding to go down the presentation route, then we’ve got you covered.

The main objective of this site is to help you create better presentations!

Thus, be sure to check out a few other posts on this website that provide little ninja tips on how you can make your presentations attractive in a few easy steps!

A good place to start would be by reading this post –

7 EASY tips that ALWAYS make your PPT presentation attractive (even for beginners)

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any specific questions. We would love to help you create better presentations!

Final Thoughts

As we understood in this article, even though delivering a presentation and report writing have a similar objective of sharing interesting information, they both have their differences.

Knowing what mode of information sharing to choose can often be critical. Thus, I hope this post has helped you understand some of the key differences between the two and how to choose whether to create a presentation or write a report.

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Project Report PowerPoint Templates For Presentations:

The Project Report PowerPoint templates go beyond traditional static slides to make your professional presentations stand out. Given the sleek design and customized features, they can be used as PowerPoint as well as  Google Slides templates . Inculcated with visually appealing unique and creative designs, the templates will double your presentation value in front of your audience. You can browse through a vast library of Project Report Google Slides templates,  PowerPoint themes  and  backgrounds  to stand out in your next presentation.

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What is a project report powerpoint template.

A Project Report PowerPoint template is a ready-made presentation template that provides a structured framework for creating professional Project Report presentations. The Project Report PPT presentation template includes design elements, layouts, and fonts that you can customize to fit your content and brand.

How To Choose The Best Project Report Presentation Templates?

Keep the following points in mind while choosing a Project Report Presentation template for PowerPoint (PPT) or Google Slides:

  • Understand your presentation goals and objectives.
  • Make sure the Project Report template aligns with your visual needs and appeal.
  • Ensure the template is versatile enough to adapt to various types of content.
  • Ensure the template is easily customizable.

Are Project Report PowerPoint Templates Compatible With Google Slides?

Yes, all our Project Report presentation templates are compatible and can be used as Project Report Google Slides templates.

What Are The Advantages Of Project Report Presentation Templates?

Project Report PPT presentation templates can be beneficial because they:

  • Add multiple visual and aesthetic layers to your slides.
  • Ensure that complex information, insights and data is presented in a simplistic way.
  • Enhance the overall visual appeal of the content.
  • Save you a lot of time as you don’t have to start editing from scratch.
  • Improve the professional outlook of your presentation.

Can I Edit The Elements In Project Report PowerPoint Templates?

Yes, our Project Report PowerPoint and Google Slides templates are fully editable. You can easily modify the individual elements including icons, fonts, colors, etc. while making your presentations using  professional PowerPoint templates .

How To Download Project Report PowerPoint Templates For Presentations?

To download Project Report presentation templates, you can follow these steps:

  • Select the resolution (16*9 or 4*3).
  • Select the format you want to download the Project Report template in (Google Slides or PowerPoint).
  • Make the payment (SlideUpLift has a collection of paid as well as free Project Report PowerPoint templates).
  • You can download the file or open it in Google Slides.

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You’ve spent ages compiling your research and writing up a comprehensive technical report… and now it’s time to communicate the findings of your research visually and effectively! That's where this exceptional Google Slides and PowerPoint template comes into play. With its sleek and professional design, meticulously editable slides, and an abundance of supplementary resources at your fingertips, you have everything you need to create a presentation that is not only visually stunning but also effectively communicates the depth of your research!

Features of this template

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