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205 Essay Topics for Grade 8, 9, 10, 12 + Writing Tips [2024]

We came up with this guide to make school essay writing easy for you. Need some creative writing topics for grade 8? Or recommendations for the 11th-grade expository paper? We’ve got you!

Helpful tips and essay topics for grades 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12— our team has advice for everyone. Here, you’ll find:

  • 205 great essay ideas;
  • tips on how to write argumentative and persuasive papers.

In fact, our recommendations will be perfectly suitable for both middle and high school students. Still, there will be some grade-specific information. So, start with the 8th-grade essay topics and tips and read till the end!

  • ✏️ 8th Grade Essay
  • 📜 9th Grade Essay
  • 📚 10th Grade Essay
  • 🧑‍🎓 11th Grade Essay
  • 🎓 12th Grade Essay

🔗 References

✏️ essay or class 8: topics & tips, top 10 essay topics for grade 8  .

  • The future of print books
  • Aliens in science fiction
  • Why do people need art?
  • What’s the point of fashion?
  • Why homework is useless
  • A book that changed the world
  • Should all education be free?
  • Should people learn foreign languages?
  • The world’s biggest secret
  • The next scientific breakthrough

8th Grade Essay: How to Write

You already know how to write short, simple essays. In an 8th grade, however, you need to make a point , collect evidence , and present it in your paper. This is when learners start experiencing difficulties with their essay writing.

The picture enumerates the ways to approach research of an essay's subject.

We want to present to you some helpful tips that will help you write excellent papers. Check them out:

  • Do your research. It’s especially important with argumentative, persuasive, and analytical papers. So, before you start writing, you should go to a library or at least search for information online.
  • Make outlines. 8th grade is the right time to start making outlines for your essays if you haven’t made them before. It’s best to write an outline after researching the topic since you need to organize all the information.
  • Be positive. Thinking of your essay as a burden won’t do you any good. You can make things easier by being more positive. Try to pretend your essay is a story you want to tell your friends. It has a main storyline ( thesis statement ), plot twists (arguments), and you wrap everything up in the end.
  • Make it interesting for yourself. Find the things that excite you the most about your topic. For example, you can try to think of surprising facts you’ve learned while researching it.
  • Start with 5 sentences.  Feeling overwhelmed is another factor that makes it hard to write an excellent essay. The thing to remember is that at the core of any essay there are just 5 sentences. The rest is just additional information to back them up. So, what are these sentences? 
  • Thesis statement.  This is where you describe the whole idea of your paper.
  • Topic sentence 1.  The first sentence develops your thesis a bit more.
  • Topic sentence 2.  You add a counterargument here.
  • Topic sentence 3.  Here, you explain how that counterargument helps the case and introduce ways to solve the issue.
  • Conclusion.  Summarize and wrap everything up.
  • Write the body paragraphs first. After they’re done, it will be easier for you to write the conclusion and introduction since they both basically summarize your whole paper.
  • Always proofread and edit your essays. 8th-grade teachers are strict when it comes to mistakes and inaccuracies.

Essay Topics for Class 8 in Various Subjects

The deadline is approaching, and you’re out of ideas? This section is for you. Topics provided below can prompt you to write an excellent paper:

  • Noise pollution, or Let me hear nature. Noise pollution refers to exposure to high sound levels. In your paper, examine the level of noise pollution in modern cities. Alternatively, you may concentrate on the impact it has on people or domestic animals.
  • Can robots replace people? Robots perform many tasks faster and better than people do. You can think of professions that may disappear in the near future because of it. You may also think about the spheres that robots can never dominate.
  • Do children need handwriting skills? Many children (and adults) hate writing by hand. Some even say that people don’t need such skills anymore. Messages are mainly typed now. What do you think about the value of handwriting skills? Should students still be taught them?
  • Can people live in isolation? The COVID-19 pandemic made countries launch strict lockdowns. People had to be isolated for many weeks. Such isolation leads to health problems, such as depression and anxiety. What does it tell us about the importance of communication?
  • Age-based film ratings. Do you agree that age restrictions should exist? Can some movies be excessively violent and inappropriate for some age groups? Is it a kind of discrimination? What aspects should be considered to impose age restrictions?  
  • Should people go to Mars or the Moon? Why or why not?
  • What can make a person truly happy?
  • Who is the mightiest hero among fictional characters?
  • Write about the bad habits you have and how you can get rid of them
  • What is the most essential discipline at school?
  • Describe humanity’s best and worst qualities
  • Explain how society benefits from using the Internet
  • If you could change one part of your life , what would you change, and why?
  • Is it possible to fall in love with someone you’ve never met?
  • If you had a time machine, what time would you travel to?
  • Can you judge people without knowing them and how they live their lives?
  • How would humanity change if we knew the world would end in 10 years?
  • What would it be like if you couldn’t use your smartphone for a month?
  • What consequences may occur if artificial intelligence keeps developing?

📜 Essay for Class 9: Topics & Tips

Top 10 essay topics for grade 9.

  • What is the right age to start dating?
  • Choosing your future occupation.
  • Solving urgent environmental issues.
  • Should animal testing be banned?
  • The difference between knowledge and wisdom.
  • What is the greatest invention in history?
  • How important is trust in a friendship?
  • What misunderstandings do you have with your parents?
  • Should students discuss controversial topics in classes?
  • Why do some teenagers flee from their homes?

9th-Grade Essay: How to Write

Writing grade 9 essays amounts to improving your skills, gaining more knowledge, and developing your position on various issues. If you need more details about grade 9 essays, keep reading!

First, we want to talk about different types of written assignments that you may receive:

When writing narrative essays, you are supposed to create exciting stories. It’s a great way to learn how to express yourself in writing.
Cause and effect essays will help to investigate the origins and consequences of problems, phenomena, events, etc.
Descriptive essays are all about helping the readers visualize something. Vivid descriptions and catchy details will make your paper much more impressive.
Research papers in the 9th grade are devoted to argumentative topics and controversial issues, such as smoking in public places.

Essays are the most common academic paper assignment that you can master with our free tips:

  • Use quotes. Sometimes, when researching for your essay, you may stumble across a source that perfectly describes your thesis or some other thought you wanted to use in your paper. Why not quote it, then? Just make sure to include your own ideas as well.
  • Use Wikipedia the right way. If you’ve got a topic you know nothing about, Wikipedia will quickly help you familiarize yourself with it. Another way to use it is for finding sources. Read an article on your topic and then check its reference section to select some trustworthy ones.
  • You’re not the only one writing a paper. Your teacher will probably read several more works like yours. This fact makes it even more important to make your text unique and exciting.
  • Your teacher won’t have enough time to reread if something’s unclear. The clarity of information will definitely influence the result, so make sure that your writing is flawless.

Essay Topics for Class 9 in Various Subjects

Below you will find unique topics for argumentative or persuasive essays:

  • What is the future of music? Many people don’t like modern pop music and believe that it was better back in the day. What’s your opinion on it? Discuss what’s in store for pop music. What directions of music development can you predict?
  • What makes people come up with conspiracy theories? Some people believe in the secret world government or Americas’ fake Moon mission. You can describe a particularly interesting conspiracy theory. You may also explore the reasons for the existence of such ideas.
  • Can humans prevent or at least slow down global warming? Scientists are sure that human negative impact on the environment is significant. What do they think of our ability to address the problem? To what extent can we affect life on the planet?
  • How much should parents control their children? Rearing children is difficult, and it’s hard to set the balance between restrictions and freedom. Should children and adolescents be allowed to behave the way they want? How can it affect children’s self-esteem in the future?
  • Do best friends exist? This essay can start with the definition or description of a good friend. Can two people really be best friends ? In what situations is it impossible? Are all people able to be good friends? How can you detect fake friends?
  • What extracurricular activities should be available in all schools (a specific kind of sport or art)?
  • Is it a threat to people’s privacy to use cameras as a security measure?
  • When is the right time to allow children to make their own life decisions?
  • How does a feeling of importance influence a person’s ego?

The picture shows the 5 stages of writing an essay.

📚 10th-Grade Essay Topics & Tips

Top 10 essay topics for grade 10.

  • What makes a good parent?
  • Fantasy: origins and future
  • Friendships in the Information Age
  • Marriage vs. cohabitation
  • Your most memorable trip
  • What defines a hero?
  • Millennials vs. Gen Z
  • Is urbanization a positive trend?
  • Communism: a dream that failed
  • Things to do before graduating

Grade 10 Essay: How to Write

Like any typical sophomore, you want to get good grades and write excellent essays. But what if your written assignments never grade higher than a B? Don’t give up! We can help you with it.

What follows next are the necessary attributes of an A+ essay. Pay attention to them while writing and you will surely succeed:

This is one of the main features that teachers expect from your essays. It’s not enough just to give a broad definition of your paper’s topic. There should be something specific within the chosen subject that you will focus on.
Nothing irritates teachers more than disorganized, illogically written essays. Proper essay structure is a logical, smooth progression of your ideas.
All ideas or points that you make in the essay should be well-developed and backed up by evidence. To support statements in your essay, you can use facts, reasons, examples, expert opinions, and descriptions.
Simply put, style means language, the use of words that are appropriate to the topic, the purpose of your writing, and the audience.

Read the tips below and learn about the essentials of writing excellent essays.

  • Resort to advanced storytelling. Even if you’re not working on a narrative essay, you can try applying the following 3-act structure to your writing. According to Indiana University, the structure consists of 3 parts: setup, confrontation, and resolution . The acts set an uninterrupted narrative flow. As a result, the reader doesn’t even notice the transition from one part of the work to another. Here’s how to use this technique:
✔️ This part will contain your essay introduction. Start by describing what you’re going to talk about in your essay. Then, introduce contradictions and set the grounds for further development of your ideas.
✔️ Here is where you’ll discuss all the known problems and share your thoughts on the topic. This is also the time to develop an argument and prove your point of view. This part will then gradually transition into the conclusion.
✔️ This is the final part. Resolve your argument, summarize the opinion you’ve given, and consider all points mentioned in the discussion. You may also provide some alternative viewpoints.
  • Don’t let go of your ideas . The thing is always to be prepared for writing, just in case you suddenly find inspiration or a brilliant idea pops into your head. Don’t risk trying to remember it and write it down later—you’ll likely end up forgetting it. To avoid such regrettable situations, make sure to always have a notebook with you.
  • Check out other people’s essays. Apart from getting ideas for the content of your essay, you’ll also be able to consider the writing style and format of the paper. The more samples you can look through, the better. You’ll see all the possible options and variations of how this type of assignment can be done.

10th-Grade Essay Topics in Various Subjects

Need creative essay ideas? Check out this list:

  • Censorship and social media. Answer these questions: What is censorship related to social media content? Should any topics be considered taboo? What are the adverse outcomes of such a practice? Where is the line between censorship and fundamental rights violation?
  • Music and student productivity. The essay can examine the latest findings regarding the effects of different music genres on people’s cognitive abilities. What have neuroscientists discovered? Why does music influence people in such a way? You can describe your personal attitudes and anecdotes.
  • Why do people have holidays? All nations have their unique holidays. Why is that so? Do people just need more days to rest from work? Do Americans need more national holidays? You may explore the role different holidays play in the development of a nation.
  • Should individuals, nations, or international bodies interfere in other people’s affairs? Thousands of messages regarding people’s suffering appear every minute. Individuals, charities, governments, and international institutions try to help people across the globe. Is this involvement always justified? Can such interference be regarded as a form of cultural expansion?
  • What can national cuisine tell about a nation? Compare the national food of several countries in your essay. Think about whether the environment plays a role in developing cuisines.
  • Would societies develop without the use of fossil fuels ?
  • Does science fiction influence the development of technology or vice versa?
  • How has school life changed throughout the last 20 years?
  • What’s the best way to choose which school to go to?
  • How vital is a personal understanding of people’s lives ?
  • What are the consequences of having too much money?
  • Do teens need to follow all of their parents’ guidelines?
  • Does doing less homework make you a better student?
  • How do celebrities influence the way teenagers look and behave?

Grade 10 English Essay Topics

If you’re a 10-grader, you probably write many essays for your English classes. Can’t choose a topic? Have a look at these ideas:

  • The role fairy tales play in people’s lives. This essay can be concerned with the way fairy tales contribute to the norms as well as prejudice. Why do people create fairy tales? What is their place in world literature? Can children develop properly without reading them?
  • The history and significance of comic books. Some people think comic books are inferior to literary works. Do you agree with this viewpoint? What role do comic books play in American society? Why did this art form appear?
  • The role the setting plays in literary works. You can analyze a specific genre or a text. For example, explore how the setting reflects Emily’s character in A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner.
  • Should all plastic be banned? Writing an argumentative essay is always a good idea. Students may try to decide whether plastic should be prohibited. Can people (especially in developing countries) live without plastic? What can be a cost-effective replacement?
  • Oscar Wilde: a master of epigrams. Focus on his plays or The Picture of Dorian Gray . What characteristic features can be found in Wilde’s epigrams? What is the purpose of their use?
  • What makes Macbeth one of the greatest literary works in English (and world) literature?
  • Should students read ancient literature, such as The Epic of Gilgamesh ?
  • What can we learn from books written by politicians?
  • What distinguishes the epistolary genre?
  • How the image of the vampire evolved: from folklore to pop culture
  • Female writers in antiquity and Middle Ages
  • What is the future of world literature ?

Grade 10 Essay Topics for Creative Writing

The following list of topics will inspire an outstanding composition or even a short story:

  • A detective story of a failed assignment/meeting/ exam. Students become genuinely creative when they try to explain the reasons for not doing their homework . Why not make it an essay topic? Describe a force majeure that made doing something impossible.
  • A dystopia or a utopia. You can create your own world based on an optimistic or pessimistic view. How perfect can a society be? What atrocities can become accepted in the future? What hierarchies, political orders, or economic models can emerge?
  • A letter from a historical leader. Imagine you are a ruler of Medieval France or any other monarch. You can write a letter to your royal relative or enemy. A letter from Elizabeth I to future generations can make an excellent essay!
  • Creative description. Come up with a detailed description of an interesting thing, person, or event. For example, describe a charm on your bracelet and its meaning. Describing someone’s personality traits can be another option.
  • Writing memoirs . Create a biography of a historical person, fictional character, or modern celebrity. Or, imagine you became famous and write about your way to glory.
  • A narrative about the most remarkable or tiresome waiting experience
  • A poem about first love
  • A parody of A Song of Ice and Fire
  • Pretend to be a future historian analyzing a current popular song or movie (or any other artifact)
  • Ponder on the nature and relevance of creativity
  • Your stream of consciousness (the road to school, a minute in a class, enjoying the sunrise, and so on)
  • Elaborate on the theory regarding the nature of Agent Smith of The Matrix
  • Write down the associations connected with your favorite song
  • Description of the dream you had last night

🧑‍🎓 Grade 11 Essay Topics & Tips

Top 10 essay topics for grade 11.

  • Can positive discrimination be beneficial?
  • Is violence a human invention?
  • Should we give scientists more funding?
  • Should science interfere with natural processes?
  • Reasons for keeping a journal.
  • Which country is the most difficult to live in?
  • Can online education replace other forms of schooling?
  • Should all countries give up their nuclear arsenals?
  • Reasons why Donald Trump lost the 2020 elections.
  • The role of successful athletes in popularizing sports.

11th Grade Essay: How to Write

You can consider 11th-grade essay writing to be a combination of everything you’ve learned in the previous 3 years. One of its main goals is to demonstrate that you have a clear understanding of all essential writing elements.

You’re going to have the chance to practice various forms of writing. The following tips will help you excel at it.

  • Try practicing ACT Writing. ACT Writing is a test that requires you to create an essay in just 40 minutes. There are several limitations and requirements associated with it (if you want to learn more, you can check out this article by Southern Utah University on ACT tests and their characteristics ). Practicing this kind of writing with a timer can be highly beneficial for developing your skills. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:
  • Ideas and analysis.  Answer the question given in the prompt as clearly as possible. You also need to demonstrate your perspective and analyze how it relates to other aspects under discussion.
  • Development and support.  Explain all the points you make. The trick here is to make each explanation fit into 2 or 3 sentences—not because of word count requirements, but due to the time limit.
  • Language use.  While writing your essay, make your sentences clear and easy to understand. You should also avoid repetition. You may use some terms or fancy words, but if you do, make sure you know what they mean.
  • Organization.  Even though there are no strict rules for formatting your paper, it doesn’t mean you can turn it into a chaotic mess. The easiest thing to do is to separate each of your ideas into a paragraph. Make sure that the overall structure is logical, and take care of smooth transitions.
  • Try the Elevator Pitch. It’s a technique salespeople use when developing a short, catchy product summary. When using this technique to write an essay for high school, you boil your ideas down to the essentials. Even though it’s a challenging task, it leaves you with a perfect summary . And you can use it to write an introduction that will undoubtedly grab your reader’s attention.
  • Know the limits. It’s important to know when to stop. This statement is especially true when you’re selecting a position to take or choosing the main point you want to prove in your essay. Your argument needs to be compelling enough to capture your reader’s attention. But at the same time, you don’t want to overdo it.

Here are some other things that are better to avoid:

  • An overly broad or poorly written thesis statement.
  • Topic sentences without a proper focus.
  • Off-topic writing.
  • Inadequate conclusion.
  • Inability to foresee and refute objections.
  • Talking about things that are too obvious to discuss.

Essay Topics for Grade 11 in Various Subjects

Senior students are required to write about serious subjects. Here we’ve compiled a list of great thought-provoking topics to kickstart your writing:

  • Pros and cons of criminalizing the sales of alcohol. Alternatively, you can think about the consequences of banning cigarettes.
  • Nature vs. nurture. Researchers are still unsure whether the environment or inborn traits play a key role in people’s personal development . You may try to provide an answer to this challenging question. You can concentrate on the notorious case of Three Identical Strangers . The examination of the ethical issues related to this kind of research is also a good idea.
  • Career path plans. Naturally, eleventh-graders need to consider their future careers. It can be a good idea to write a professional development plan. What kind of higher education or skills do you need? How can you acquire them?
  • Autocratic and democratic regimes in the times of pandemics. You may try to compare the effectiveness of authoritarian or democratic countries when addressing the COVID-19 crisis. How do different regimes address the problem? What role does access to information play in the process? Compare the outcomes of the measures undertaken in the US and China.
  • Identity in the cyber world. Adolescence is the period of paying considerable attention to one’s identity. The Internet has changed our lives, including the process of identity-making. Why do young people create fake identities in the digital environment? Do these identities affect their authentic selves?
  • Can English be replaced as an international communication language any time soon?
  • Is it necessary to punish those who download content from the Internet illegally?
  • What digital devices can be used to improve education?
  • Should everyone switch to electric or environmentally friendly vehicles?
  • Do the world’s wealthiest countries help poor ones enough?
  • Is it appropriate for students and teachers to interact on social media?

Grade 11 Essay Topics for Narrative Writing

Choosing the most exciting and potentially successful topic can be challenging. Here are some ideas for the best narrative papers.

  • The hardest goodbye you’ve ever said. A common approach to this topic is to write about saying goodbye to a friend or loved one. Creative students may describe the moment when they said goodbye to their childhood.
  • A disaster that led to good outcomes. Write about an event or action that seemed like a mistake but turned out to be beneficial. It can be connected to extracurricular activities, going to a party, taking up responsibility, etc.
  • Science in our daily lives. It may seem that science is just a school subject. However, every person has conducted at least one experiment or observation in their lifetime. The narrative composition of this essay can deal with such an observation.
  • The evolution of your professional inclinations. Children often dream of being athletes or movie stars. Some want to be teachers or writers. You may describe the way your idea of a dream job changed throughout your life. What factors affected this evolution?
  • Conflict management. Describe a situation when you used conflict management skills. These cases can include working on a project, debating with other students, or distributing chores. What skills are needed to manage conflicts effectively?
  • The most challenging aspects of being an adolescent
  • Describing the first time doing something ( first day at college , first driving experience, etc.)
  • The most significant event in a specific year or century
  • The first considerable success in your life
  • Growing up in the 21st century
  • When did Murphy’s Law work in your life?
  • A day in the life of the world’s happiest person
  • The most important piece of advice someone gave you

11th Grade Writing Prompts & Topics for Argumentative Essays

Select a topic from the the list below and impress your teacher with a stunning essay:

  • Should the system of American presidential elections be changed? During the past few years, Americans have started criticizing the existing presidential election system. The Electoral College seems outdated to many. In this essay, you may share your views on the strengths and weaknesses of the voting system.
  • Should female students be encouraged to study science rather than humanities? Many researchers point out that the scientific world is highly disproportioned when it comes to gender. Women often choose to study humanities rather than sciences due to bias or lack of confidence. How can we encourage talented girls to pursue scientific careers?
  • Restrictions and totalitarianism. Can governments impose restrictions related to certain areas of people’s lives? Is it a pathway to dictatorship? Can people be responsible enough to have personal limits? You can focus on such aspects as marriage age and access to information.
  • Student loans: an opportunity or a burden? Student loans have become a serious issue leading to substantial economic constraints for individuals and the educational system. Older generations stress that they managed to work and pay their tuition fees . Should young people use student loans? Can they receive higher education without this financial burden?
  • Is conservation a proper approach to treating endangered species? Many species are on the brink of extinction due to various reasons. Governments and non-governmental organizations try to preserve natural diversity. Conservation is one of the employed methods. Is it effective? Do people have the right to interfere with the natural evolution of species?

 The picture explains the process of school essay grading.

  • Autocratic leaders and technological breakthroughs: the cases of Steve Jobs and Elon Musk
  • Should physical punishment make a comeback in the American educational system?
  • Should humans consume products containing GMOs?
  • Should the US government invest in the exploration of outer space ?

Essay Topics for Grade 11: Persuasive Writing

When writing persuasive essays, students need to find the right words to convince their opponents or the reader. Here are some ideas for such a paper:

  • Nudging is manipulation, so it should be banned. Companies and even governments often influence people’s choices. Using a coffee smell to boost the sales of food is one such technique. Is it ethical?
  • Cigarettes should be banned altogether. Everybody knows of the long-term effects of smoking. The negative impact of cigarettes is severe and compatible with substance abuse. Is it necessary to make smoking cigarettes illegal?
  • Blogging for young people. Many adolescents find blogging a sphere where they can excel. For some, blogging becomes a profession. However, to be a successful blogger , a person should have experience, knowledge, and skills. Do you agree that young people should study hard instead of blogging?
  • Zoos cannot exist in the modern world. Animal rights gained momentum decades ago, but zoos are still popular places visited by millions. In modern zoos, animals live in cages that can be pretty spacious. However, this does not make them an appropriate place for wild animals. Is it possible to stick to wildlife parks as an alternative?
  • Birth control. Birth control is a common area of concern for many countries. The Chinese government even had a policy regarding the number of children in a family. Should such policies exist? Are they effective?
  • Should the age of presidential candidates be changed?
  • Silent praying time at public schools: is it necessary?
  • Standardized tests in schools should be banned
  • Teachers should pass qualification testing regularly
  • Toy manufacturers shouldn’t advertise their products on kids’ channels
  • Children committing violent crimes require appropriate punishment
  • Sex education is necessary for public schools

🎓 Grade 12 Essay Topics & Tips

Top 10 essay topics for grade 12.

  • How do you survive isolation?
  • What makes politicians lie?
  • Causes of obesity in low-income groups
  • Taxation as a way to address the income gap
  • Outsourcing as a viable business model
  • The geography of your hometown
  • The end of Sumer civilization
  • Low-performing schools should be closed
  • Teachers should follow a dress code
  • The role of economics in our everyday lives.

Grade 12 Essay: How to Write

Grade 12 essays are very similar to those you have completed before. They’re just a bit longer and require more effort and knowledge from you. Here are our tips that will help you write such essays:

  • Organize your essays adequately and write strong thesis statements.
  • Make your arguments well-grounded and support them with evidence.
  • Use terms and various sentence structures.
  • Make sure your text is grammatically correct.

Bonus: College Essay Tips

When it comes to grade 12, the trickiest writing assignment you’re likely to receive is a college application essay. Don’t worry, though: the tips below will help you ace it! Have a look:

  • Keep the right amount of detail. To make your college essay memorable, choose the most exciting event from your life. Describe it in great detail, without wasting space on boring trivia. This way, you’ll paint a clear picture of what happened and how it influenced you.
  • Avoid clichés. Clichés are words and phrases that are often overused and don’t add any value to our writing. Thinking outside the box and using a couple of witty phrases is a good thing. But using age-old clichés defeats the purpose.
  • Make yourself memorable. Your story needs to stay in the minds of those who are going to read it. Make a strong personal statement so that even sometime later, they can pick your essay up and say, “Yes, I know this one…it’s about that student.”
  • Check your essay yourself after writing the first draft. Does the story leave a powerful impression? If not, what can you do to make it better? The committee will appreciate that you’ve put some serious work into writing a personal essay.
  • Don’t settle for an average result. You can do much better than that. To understand the task better, look through some college essay examples and make your work far superior to those.

For more helpful tips and topics, check out our article on writing successful college essays .

Essay Topics for Grade 12 in Various Subjects

Here are some of the current topics that can inspire an outstanding essay:

  • The future of space exploration . Elon Musk has revolutionized space exploration, giving it a new life. What countries will be leaders in this sphere in the nearest future? Will people colonize Mars any time soon?
  • What is the background of the Black Lives Matter movement? Discuss what connects BLM and the Civil Rights movements. What factors led to its rise in the late 2010s? What about other ethnic groups and minorities?
  • Living in a post-COVID era. Will communication become more digitalized? Can we transform healthcare systems accordingly? How did the pandemic affect people’s personal lives?
  • The future of movie theaters. Can they recover completely from pandemic-related restrictions? Is watching blockbusters at home a more comfortable option?
  • Body positivity . Can the body-positive approach lead to unhealthy behaviors? The focus on being too slim or too fat is harmful. Is it better to focus on health and wellness? Should we establish a new health-positive trend instead of the existing appearance-based movements?
  • The background of the gender pay gap in the scientific world
  • To what extent can communities interfere with people’s family lives?
  • The limits of the First Amendment in the contemporary USA
  • How can we make political debates more civil and focused on solving problems?
  • If you were a senior mentor, what wisdom would you pass on to a first-year student?
  • What are effective ways of convincing people to exercise more?
  • What skills should students have to convince a school that they deserve a scholarship?
  • What might be the cause of World War III? What would be the consequences?
  • Are books still relevant, or should we all switch to computers, iPhones, and tablets?
  • How do the obstacles we encounter in life make us better?
  • What sparks your desire for personal growth and self-development ?
  • Without which fact, quality, or story would your life be incomplete?

Essay Topics for Grade 12: Creative Writing

Creative writing can be challenging for some students. However, an essay’s success often depends on the chosen topic. The following ideas will boost your creative potential.

  • When Hulk met Mr. Hyde. It can be interesting to imagine a meeting or a battle between Mr. Hyde and his later version, Hulk. Which one is stronger? Who is more malicious?
  • Happy new holiday! Come up with a brand-new holiday for the US. What can it be based on? Why do Americans need this celebration?
  • Being a book on a shelf. It can be exciting to write from the perspective of a mundane object found in any home. What could books on the shelves think of? What are the biggest fears of a fridge?
  • The best robot ever! Imagine that you live in a future where all people can own robots. What qualities will such robots have? What kinds of chores can they do? Can they complete school assignments for students? What ethical concerns could exist in the society of the future regarding robots?
  • Home alone. The story of the eight-year-old Kevin is well-known. What would you do in his place? How challenging or relaxing can such an experience be? How soon would you feel lonely?
  • Should evil be romanticized in literature and cinema?
  • Being in a 14 th -century classroom
  • The class in the fantasy world with fictional characters
  • Imagine a global government of the future
  • Being a President of the US and proclaiming an inaugural speech
  • If God were one of us
  • Lessons from creative people of the past
  • How to find true love: a guide

Grade 12 Essay Topics for Narrative Writing

Tell your own unique story with one of our imaginative topic ideas:

  • Being an activist. Youth activism is now on the rise. You can write about your personal contribution or analyze existing movements. What activities are appropriate for students of your age? Where is the line between activism and delinquency?
  • Talk about your family’s values. Are they culture-based? How did religious beliefs affect these values ? Why should families have such values?
  • People are responsible for those they have tamed. What did Antoine de Saint-Exupéry mean by this? What kind of responsibility is it? Does it refer to pets or people? You can write your own story of being responsible for someone.
  • What to do with a billion dollars. Imagine you received an enormous sum of money. What would be the first thing to do? Think of any purchases or orders such as a house, a journey around the world, or even your own island . With this topic, it’s easy to be creative!
  • The most embarrassing moment of your life . Write from experience or imagination. You can focus on a fictional or famous person. What awkward moments can politicians and movie stars go through?
  • Things to say to your future self
  • Becoming a true leader for peers and family
  • Self-improvement plan to follow after the graduation
  • Who is the role model for modern children?
  • Is being a teenager as bad as people say?
  • The most profound moment in your life
  • The most striking news of the past year

If you need more ideas, you can try using our topic generator .

Have you found what you were looking for? We hope our guide helped you with your school essay writing. Make sure to share your experience in the comments below!

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❓ School Essay FAQ

Students write essays on every educational level. Naturally, middle school essays are different from that of a high school. But the general principle is to choose a good topic, research it, make an outline, write the essay, and proofread it.

On that level, the best choice would be to write an argumentative, informative, or narrative essay. Pick a topic that is familiar, interesting, or not too difficult for you. Then, research it, make an outline, and write your essay.

To write a 9th-grade essay, you need to:

1. Choose a suitable topic; 2. Do your research in a library or online; 3. Outline your essay; 4. Write the body paragraphs; 5. Write the introduction and the conclusion.

It’s better not to pick overly narrow college-level topics for an 8th-grade essay. It is better to write about the environment, career choice, nature, or yourself. Choose something broad enough to identify several pros and cons, causes and effects, and other essay components.

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we need conversation questions for the same paragraph writing would be super.

Okay, so I’m in extension English (highest English), and we’ve just written our first essay on To Kill A Mockingbird. Last year I was getting high C’s, mostly B’s and the odd A. But this year, I have a different teacher, and he is not so satisfied with my writing. I got a C- for my first essay this year. He said my ideas were great, logical, and enthusiastic, but the way I’m writing it is not as appealing, motivating and persuasive. How can I improve my writing, so that I can easily get my ideas on the page without making them less effective?

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8th Grade Essay: Examples, Topics, & Writing Tips

The picture introduces to the requirements of an 8th grade essay.

If you find yourself on this page, you are probably going to another level of your education – the final year of Middle school!

Isn’t it exciting?

One of the most common assignments in the 8th grade is an essay. Indeed, it gains new features. An eighth-grade essay is not the same as the sixth or seventh-grade one. It has more requirements and needs a deeper level of analysis.

How to write an 8th-grade essay? How many paragraphs should it contain? What is a standard 8th-grade essay format? On this page, you’ll find the answers to these and other questions that might arise. We’ve prepared creative 8th-grade essay topics, examples, and tips to write an A+ informative, narrative, or persuasive essay.

  • 🧩 8th Grade Essay 101
  • 📑 8th-Grade Essay Types
  • 💾 Topics for the 8 th -Graders

🍎 8th Grade Essay Examples

🧩 8th-grade essay format explained.

Once again: the 8th-grade essay format is a bit different from that of the previous years.

Below, we thoroughly explain how long an 8th-grade essay should be and how to write it. We guarantee you’ll have no questions about the format and assessment of this type of work.

What Is the 8 th Grade Essay Format?

In this section, you’ll know which parts comprise any 8th-grade essay.

The first thing to remember: you’ve got onto an entirely new level. So, your writing isn’t as simple and short as it used to be in the previous school years.

Let’s start with the structure. The fundamental parts are the same as in any type of essay:

Introduction should contain something intriguing to catch your audience’s attention. It’s usually a hook: a starting point that makes your readers keep reading your essay.

The next significant part of your introduction is the It’s the leading thought of your paper that reveals to the reader the essay’s subject matter.
Body paragraphs contain supportive arguments and evidence. They have to be solid and persuasive.
ConclusionAfter everything is written, you are to the ideas you’ve delivered.

The picture contains information about the language style required for an 8th grade essay.

8th Grade Essay: How to Write & Typical Mistakes

With the help of this section, you’ll get to know the most straightforward and helpful tips for 8th-grade essay writing.

These are the things that any 8th grader should know!

8 th Grade Essay Do’s

  • Look for reliable sources to find arguments and evidence.
  • Try to arouse eagerness for writing: it surely will ease the whole process for you.
  • Choose the topic that is interesting for you if you have such an option.
  • Use academic language, special terms, consistent phrases, and correct grammar.
  • Use good quotations from reputable sources to solidify your ideas.

8 th Grade Essay Don’ts

  • Don’t write dully: an essay is a story. It should be exciting and consistent.
  • Don’t make all your examples too similar: diversity is of the essence.
  • Don’t let your text look like an unreadable pile of words: use graphic tools to highlight the most critical points.
  • Don’t use unreliable sources and websites for citation.
  • Don’t be afraid of honest self-expression. Your identity and thoughts are what make your 8th-grade essay unique.
  • Don’t forget to revise your text after you’ve finished writing it.

8th Grade Essay Rubric

Meet the assessment strategies for 8th-grade writing. Here you’ll also find some prompts that improve your essay and lead you to a higher score.

So, the assessment pattern of a written piece comprises several main points. These are the things that assessors pay attention to:

🗣️FluencyIf it’s easy to follow the stream of your thoughts, you got it right. Pay attention to the variety of sentence patterns.
📄ContentYour writing has to give off credibility. Remember to spice it up with reliable facts & details.
🖋️GrammarWatch the syntactic structures in sentences of your essay carefully.
🧱StructureAn 8th-grade essay must be consistently and logically organized.

ConventionsYour writing must also include proper punctuation, capitalization, and smooth transitions between the parts.

📑 Eighth Grade Essay Types

We suppose that you come across different types of assignments during middle school. Among them, there indeed were descriptive and narrative essays.

However, now you are to face other exciting formats of writing. In the section below, you’ll get to know a few new types.

8th Grade Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is a piece of writing where you make a claim and prove your point of view with solid arguments. Your aim at this point is to make readers nod in contempt while reading and share your opinion.

The structure may be pretty familiar to you:

The picture contains an exemplary outline for an 8th grade argumentative essay.

In your argumentative essay, you should back up your opinion with some exact data: statistics, figures, research studies, and polls.

To solidify your claim, you can use three types of arguments:

  • Aristotelian . The classical way – you make a statement and try to persuade the audience that it is the one that is fair and right.
  • Rogerian . First, you display an issue, then present the opposing view. After that, reveal your own opinion and start convincing readers why they should take up your point.
  • Toulmin . Present your thesis statement, then provide the audience with the grounds to support it. The final touch is to connect these parts.

PRO TIP: Explain why you disagree with the opposing point of view on your issue.

8th Grade Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay is very similar to argumentative writing. There you have to pick up a mainly burning issue and establish a firm opinion towards it. The primary goal is the same as in the argumentative essay: to make your readers believe you.

The picture contains an exemplary outline for an 8th grade persuasive essay.

Remember the three essentials of persuasive writing:

  • Logos appeals to logic, which is apparent. Deliver your thoughts cohesively and reasonably.
  • Ethos is about persuading the readers, appealing to their sense of ethics and morality.
  • Pathos helps you convince through emotions.

8th Grade Essay – Informative

An expository essay brings concepts to complete understanding. In other words, you explain something to give a clue about the subject in question. Successful expository writing makes the audience get the whole picture, leaving no questions or misunderstandings.

To familiarize yourself with expository essay structure, check our recently updated guide on writing an expository essay .

And briefly look at six major types of expository essays:

The picture contains brief descriptions of exposutory essay types.

💾 8th Grade Essay Topics

8th grade argumentative essay topics.

  • What is the main challenge you’ve ever met?
  • What was the happiest moment of your childhood?
  • Tell about the accomplishment you’re most proud of.
  • What are the personal qualities you like most?
  • Write about an inspiring celebrity.
  • What does emotional intelligence mean?
  • Write about the largest challenge of getting older.
  • How is adolescence different from childhood?

Read the list of topics we’ve prepared for an 8th-grade essay. Choose your favorite or use our Free Essay Topics Generator to find the best one.

Persuasive Essay Topics for 8th Grade

  • Would limited screen time be beneficial for health?
  • Will the global use of electric vehicles save us from the ecological crisis?
  • The government should provide citizens with more qualified psychological help.
  • What are the pros and cons of buying a pet for a child?
  • Should people use paper and textile bags instead of plastic ones?
  • Is it necessary to attend PE classes in school?
  • Is it ethical to use smartphones during the lesson?
  • Should parents forbid their children from watching TikTok?
  • Pros and cons of cheating on exams: immoral or beneficial?
  • Should there be only healthy snack vending machines at schools?
  • Is it acceptable for a teacher to raise the voice at a student?
  • Should modern rappers’ songs be put through censorship?
  • Is it ethical for students to discuss their teachers?
  • Should all cosmetic products become cruelty-free?
  • Should we stop the overconsumption of sugar for the sake of our health?
  • Should zoos and circuses be banned forever?

8th Grade Informative Essay Topics

  • Compare and contrast the environmental policies of the USA and Europe.
  • What are the harmful effects of CO 2 emissions on the environment?
  • How is the concept of freedom reflected in 20th-century literature?
  • Reveal the details of the famous friendship of Hemingway and Fitzgerald.
  • Brush off or fight: how to act when you come across bullying at school?
  • What are the most significant challenges school attendees usually face?
  • How to overcome your fears without getting traumatized?
  • How to prepare for the exam period and overcome anxiety?
  • Freedom or despair: the history and concept of trailer parks in the USA.
  • Explain the concept of sustainability and what benefits it has.
  • Provide a classification of American lifestyles based on location.
  • A reasonable person: describe the concept and the features.

Look at our 8th grade essay examples. These are mostly just excerpts, but we included the most significant parts. Approach us in case you need a similar paper or have any questions.

8th Grade Argumentative Essay Example (#1)

The most notorious substance in the ecological discourse: is CO 2 really that bad?

Did you know that it’s better for the earth if you work out or jog with your mouth tightly shut? It’s not common knowledge, but professionals know: we need a considerable amount of CO 2 in our blood. In some terms, it’s even more vital than oxygen. Undoubtedly, there has to be a proper balance, and here is the point: CO 2 can be beneficial.

Though what good does it make to nature and the environment?

It’s all the same as with our body: CO 2 is not evil on earth, but there must be a proper balance. Now, this balance is critical, and we must make serious efforts to change the situation.

  • According to last year’s research, the USA is in the second place among countries producing the most significant part of CO 2 in the whole world. The website published striking figures. 4.57 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions were produced in 2020 by the energy consumption sphere in the United States.
  • Besides, a recently published report from the IEA agency reveals another piece of statistics. Compared to the previous year, the amount of CO 2 emissions will rise to 5% in 2021. This year we’re facing 33 billion tons of this greenhouse gas.
  • These figures mean nothing without context. Here you are: nature suffers greatly from CO 2 influence. Due to the greenhouse effect caused by an excess of CO 2 , the water temperature in oceans and seas is rising. This process is not positive at all because the natural habitat for sea creatures is altering. The changes are dramatic and lead to the extinction of many species.

In conclusion, we need to find an efficient way to improve the ecological situation regarding CO 2 emissions. The key is global social and individual awareness and consciousness. Each and every inhabitant of the Earth has to understand the meaning of CO 2 for global warming clearly. So, try to jog with your lips closed and choose a bike instead of a car.

Example #2: 8th Grade Persuasive Essay

Is it essential to stay away from social media for the sake of mental health?

Nielsen Company conducted research that says that the average US adult spends more than 10 hours interacting with social media each day. Indeed, social media plays a very considerable role in the life of a modern person. Most of us are more likely to spend time watching short videos than reading a good book. But is it harmful to our mental health to the extent that we have to quit using social media platforms?

To my mind, we are greatly dependent on our Instagram and TikTok accounts, and the content posted there. It certainly has a negative impact, too. However, the complete cancellation of social media is not a way out. The key to good mental condition is in the skill of managing your relations with them.

  • One of the recent surveys by the Lancet reports that Facebook users who scroll the newsfeed before sleep tend to be more depressed. Apparently, the deprivation of sleep affects mental well-being to a great extent.
  • FInancesOnline has recently posted the results of the research. According to this data, Facebook constitutes 72% of people’s FOMO and anxiety. Posts about traveling and active social life create most of these feelings.
  • At the same time, healthy rivalry can motivate development and growth. There’s a reasonable quotation saying that one should compare themselves yesterday instead of comparing to others. The best thing one can do to take care of their mental health is to take a digital detox for a while.

Thus, it is vital to trace your obsessions with social media and negative feelings caused by comparison with others on the Internet. Try to get more aware of it, take your time to rest from social media, and plunge into real life.

5 Paragraph Essay Example for 8th Grade (#3)

The Financier and American Tragedy : compare and contrast two main characters of Dreiser’s novels.

Do you know that Theodore Dreiser is sometimes called an American Fyodor Dostoevsky? Both writers touched upon the most sensitive social and existential issues. However, the subject of this paper is not the comparison of the authors but two famous Dreiser characters: Clyde Griffiths and Frank Cowperwood.

Both of these young American men were striving to reach financial and social success in a world of brutal struggle and hardships.

  • Clyde Griffiths represents the desperate strive for American Dream. Born in a poor and religious family, he grows greedy for money and status. In his blind obsession with gaining a high social position, he doesn’t notice his spiritual degradation. He is smart enough to struggle his way into high society but not so witty to solidify his standing with decent means. He cheats, lies, and finally commits a murder: Clyde seems to be already born guilty at times. On reading the story, there doesn’t appear any sympathy toward him. On the contrary, he provokes feelings of abomination and disgust.
  • Frank Cowperwood also aims to become wealthy and socially firm. He wants to improve his family’s life quality. Still, his ways and means astonish. Frank is a natural-born predator and strategist. His sophistication and sharp wit show up in him since his very childhood. He isn’t a man of high moral standards: Frank doesn’t mind cheating on his wife and manipulating city treasure money. However, he’s a passionate man, honest and open in his heart urges and impulses. That is the reason why fortune favors him.

However, having similar goals but different personalities and mindsets, Griffiths and Cowperwood reach completely different destination points.

How to Write an Essay in 8th Grade?

– You should pick up a good topic and formulate your attitude to the problem. – Write an outline. – Make a clear and brief thesis statement. – Think of at least 3 firm arguments if the essay type demands it. – Impress your readers with a firm conclusion. Voila! Do not forget to proofread!

How Long Is an Essay in 8th Grade?

The length of the 8th-grade essay slightly depends on the format and the particular type of writing. However, it varies from approximately 500 to 800 words. Within this framework, you have to make yourself clear and deliver all necessary points.

How Many Sentences Are in a Paragraph for 8th Grade?

The size of a paragraph in the 8th-grade essay has to be not less than 8 sentences in each. Besides that, mind that the sentences are primarily compound or complex, error-free, and coherent. Also, remember to connect the sentences and paragraphs with particular language means.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay in 8th Grade?

Choose an exciting and acute topic. Make up a thesis statement out of the problem. Draft an outline or a brief plan. Explore some reliable sources for the evidence and arguments for your essay. Organize the facts and information into a cohesive structure.

I’m an 8th grade student at a private school, and my teacher assigns us up to 4-6 pages most to write. First of all we get other essays on top of this, and usually have nearly to a week to finish. Me and my classmates struggle with this. Do you guys think this is too much for an average 8th grade student?

i am writin apaper right now and it is averreding and its about the changes we woud make to our cafeteria it has to be 5 paragraphs long

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65 Engaging 8th Grade Writing Prompts for Creative Essays

Creative writing is a discovery process, and 8th grade is a great time to encourage your students to find their voices. It’s the final grade before high school, and it’s a time when students are really discovering themselves and their place in the world as they leave middle school.

Journal Writing Prompts

Journaling is a great way to get your students’ creative juices flowing. It’s also a great way to get them thinking about their own thoughts and experiences. Here are some journal prompts to get your eighth graders started:

2. Do people require a compelling reason to live? How would you characterize the purpose’s evolution over time?

4. When it comes to writing, how do you feel? Consider something else in your life when comparing your feelings about writing to it.

6. Write about your favorite movie or book. Why do you love it so much?

8. Consider what you value in life and how it relates to where you want to be in five years. Make a personal vision statement for your life.

9. What are your thoughts on the notion of vulnerability? Have you ever been anxious when you’ve felt weak or exposed?

11. Choose someone older, such as a grandparent. What is the most significant lesson you’ve learned from that individual?

Creative Writing Prompts

12. If you had one opportunity to make a difference in the world, what would it be and why?

15. Who would you invite for dinner if you could choose any famous person?

18. Name one thing you’d want to accomplish in the future. Describe why it is so essential for you and how you intend to achieve it.

19. “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Have you ever heard that? What’s your take on it? To support your standpoint, utilize precise details and scenarios.

21. What would your brain be like if it were a physical location?

Expository Writing Prompts

23. What’s the most unusual location you’ve ever visited? Describe it in detail.

26. How do you get to your grandparents’ house or another family member home?

29. What unique characteristics do you possess as a member of this generation? How are people your parents’ or grandparents’ age different from yours?

30. What are three fun ways your family might spend a family vacation together?

31. Why do you think someone you know should be regarded as a leader?

33. If you had to be an animal, which one would you choose and why?

Precise Language Writing Prompts

36. What is your earliest memory of feeling fear? Write a brief story about that experience.

39. What exactly makes something “made from natural components” distinct from anything grown in your backyard?

41. What is the difference between music and sound?

43. How can you tell the difference between an opinion and a fact?

44. Is it correct to refer to an 8th grader as a “young person”? Why or why not?

Counter-Argument Writing Prompts

To become better writers, students of this age group need to be able to anticipate and refute counter-arguments to their own claims. Here are some counter-argument writing prompts to get your reluctant writers thinking:

45. An old saying goes, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” Explain why this might not be true.

46. Some individuals believe that crying is a sign of weakness. Disabuse them of this misconception.

47. Some schools enforce a dress code to discourage bullying and encourage learning. Explain why you disagree with forcing students to wear uniforms.

49. Cats are widely regarded as the greatest pets. Why might dogs be a better choice?

50. Some people think that nothing is more essential than fame or popularity. Why do you feel differently?

52. Some people believe that there should be no restrictions placed on freedom of speech. Defend your position by explaining why freedom of speech should be limited on occasion.

53. People sometimes believe that important core principles, such as religion and politics, must be shared by good friends. Explain why this isn’t necessary.

55. Many individuals think it’s better to be single than in a relationship. Why might being in a relationship be preferable?

Informational Writing Prompts

57. What do you know how to do well? Write detailed instructions for someone else to perform this task.

58. Consider a destination that you’ve been to. Describe the site to someone who has never been there before.

60. Choose a subject you’re well-versed in, like a favorite sports team, movie star, musical genre, or anything that fascinates you. Explain the topic to someone else in three pages.

61. What impact has new technology had on your life?

63. Tell us about a typical day in one of your parents’ lives.

64. What would you do if you won the lottery?

65. How do people in your community show their support for local businesses?

Fun Fact : There are aids available to assist your students to create correct sentences (free and paid). I researched a particular tool that I believe will improve your learners’ writing skills. Learn more about it here — Complex Sentence Generator: 7 Tools To Build Good Statements .

Get Your Middle School Students Hooked on Writing With These Engaging Prompts!

8th grade is an important time for students to focus on their writing skills. As they prepare to transition to high school and beyond, they must develop a strong foundation now.

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grade 8 essay ideas

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Teacher's Notepad

88 Writing Prompts for 8th Grade

By the end of junior high, most students have grasped the basics of storytelling, essay writing, and poetry.

However, these skills still need to be practiced and strengthened in order to keep their writing fresh and exciting throughout high school—where they will learn even more skills that will carry them through college.

We’ve put together a list of prompts to keep your 8th graders interested in writing, searching their emotions, and analyzing topics.

Using This List

Your students are probably pretty disciplined writers by now, but they still need a little guidance. Use this list to help challenge their writing skills and take them out of their comfort zone.

The Prompts

  • Write about your favorite experience at school so far.
  • Tell the story of how you met your best friend.
  • Do you think social media increases or decreases bullying? Explain.
  • Write a news article about something that recently happened in your school or community.
  • What new extracurricular activity do you wish your school offered? Why?
  • Do you think you are a good listener? What makes a good listener?
  • Explain the plot of your favorite movie.
  • Do you see the glass as half-full or half-empty? Why?
  • Write an acrostic poem using your name.
  • What are you most looking forward to in high school? Why?
  • Do you think eSports are a viable career path? Explain.
  • What is the hardest thing about getting older? Why?
  • Is it more important to be well-read or well-traveled? Why?
  • Explain the difference between being wise and being smart. Use examples.
  • Are you a cat person or a dog person? Why?
  • What is your favorite song? Why?
  • What does feminism mean to you? Are you a feminist?
  • How do you feel about dog-earring or annotating your books? Why?
  • Explain the plot of your favorite video game.
  • Why is it essential to examine multiple points of view when forming an opinion?
  • Write a letter to a teacher or administrator who has impacted your life.
  • Where is your favorite place? Explain it in detail to someone who has never been there.
  • Do you think social media is helpful or harmful to teens? Explain.
  • What do you wish adults understood about teenagers?
  • Do you prefer watching TV or playing video games? Why?
  • Write the recipe and steps for creating your favorite meal.
  • Do you have any family traditions? Explain.
  • Choose a prominent athlete in history and write an essay about them.
  • Do you think society relies too much on technology? Why or why not?
  • Write about a time when you gave in to peer pressure.
  • Do you think the voting age should be lowered to 16? Why?
  • Write about a time you felt embarrassed.
  • If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Why?
  • Are boys and girls treated equally?
  • Describe the movie you saw most recently.
  • If you could have dinner with any prominent figure in history, who would it be? What would you talk about?
  • Debunk or support a popular conspiracy theory.
  • Why is important that our media includes diverse characters, creators, and actors?
  • Imagine and describe, in detail, your dream home.
  • If you were granted three wishes—and you weren’t allowed to ask for more wishes—what would you wish for? Why?
  • Write a news article to accompany the headline, “Bears Seen Ransacking Ice Cream Truck”.
  • What are three things you can do to help the environment?
  • Some people say crying is a weakness. Do you agree or disagree? Why?
  • Explain your favorite board game to someone who’s never played it before.
  • What do you think is the most important moment in US history? Why?
  • Explain the plot of your favorite book.
  • What is a job you’d like to have one day? Why does it appeal to you?
  • Describe your favorite children’s story.
  • Write a story that takes place at your favorite park.
  • Which season is your favorite? Why?
  • Explain the qualities of a good friend.
  • Describe your earliest memory.
  • If you could have one question answered, what would you ask? Why?
  • Write a letter to yourself five years from now.
  • Write a letter to yourself five years ago.
  • Write a letter to someone who inspires you.
  • Write about the day in the life of an animal from their perspective.
  • Write about your favorite song and why it’s important to you.
  • Describe what you would do if you witnessed an act of racism.
  • Write a story about an astronaut who finds dragons on Mars.
  • Explain three things you like to do when you’re bored.
  • If you could have any mythical creature as a pet, which would you pick? Why?
  • Write a description of the day from the point of view of your pet (or another animal if you have no pets).
  • What is your greatest fear? What can you do to overcome this fear?
  • Describe the best vacation you’ve ever taken.
  • Why is it important for schools to offer free meals to all students?
  • Choose a random object and describe it in as much detail as possible. Don’t reveal it until the end.
  • Write an alternate ending to your favorite fairy tale.
  • Write a poem about your favorite food in the shape of this food (example: a triangle-shaped poem about a slice of pizza).
  • Choose a famous woman in science and write an essay about their accomplishments.
  • Compare and contrast the best and worst day of your life so far.
  • Describe the difference between a privilege and a right. Give examples of each.
  • Why is plagiarism a bad thing?
  • Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Explain.
  • Write an essay about something you’re proud of and why.
  • Compare and contrast eBooks, physical books, and audiobooks. Which do you prefer?
  • Do you think your generation will change the world? How?
  • Do you believe people deserve second chances? Explain.
  • Should we continue to explore space, or should we focus more on exploring the oceans? Why?
  • What do you think is the most important technological advancement of the past century? Explain.
  • Should controversial topics be discussed in the classroom? Explain your reasoning.
  • In the novel The Giver, society decides to erase history and feelings, in order to create a simpler lifestyle. Explain the pros and cons of this decision.
  • Explain the most important thing you’ve learned from a family member.
  • Write about a time when you were surprised.
  • Do you think aliens exist? Explain.
  • How much time do you spend on your phone daily? What are some days you can reduce this amount of time?
  • Do you think homework is beneficial or detrimental to student success? Explain.

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If you’re looking for something specific but we don’t have it, let us know and we’ll put something together for you. We are here to help you!

grade 8 essay ideas

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100 Cool 8th Grade Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts |

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100 Cool 8 th Grade Writing Prompts

When students reach the 8 th grade, they’re ready to write longer and in-depth pieces. Here are 100 writing prompts that will help you bring out the best out of your students, including those who are reluctant writers.

In this post, we have for you:

  • Creative writing prompts
  • Journal writing prompts
  • Opinion writing prompts
  • Narrative writing prompts
  • Counter-argument writing prompts
  • Expository writing prompts

grade 8 essay ideas

Creative Writing Prompts for 8 th Grade

  • Which is one place you would like to go to for a vacation? Explain why you have picked this place and what you plan to do there?
  • Your teacher has asked you to share a lesson with the students of the 5 th grade. Explain what you will share and why?
  • The local authorities want you to design a neighborhood for the future. Using specific details and examples share your vision.
  • Is it really true that no act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted? Share examples to support your viewpoint.
  • If you could bring one change into the world, what would it be and why?
  • A legendary jazz musician once said, “A problem is a chance for you to do your best.” Do you agree? Use examples to support your viewpoint.
  • Name one thing that you would like to accomplish in the future. Share details regarding why it is so important for you and how you plan to achieve your goal.
  • If you could change one thing about your school, what would it be and why?
  • You may have heard the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” What’s your opinion? Use specific details and examples to back up your viewpoint.
  • If you could make a significant change to the appearance or structure of your city, what would it be and why?
  • Your school is thinking about making some changes to the dress code, and they have asked you for a recommendation. What would you recommend and why?
  • You may have heard the old phrase: honesty is the best policy. But sometimes speaking honestly might hurt someone else’s feelings. Do you agree or not? Use examples and specific details to support your position.
  • Your city’s mayor wants you to recommend one improvement to make the community better? Explain your idea for improving your community and why it should be implemented.
  • If you could have dinner with any celebrity, who would you pick?
  • Write a short story about what life would be like if you lived in the cold deserts of Mongolia.

grade 8 essay ideas

Journal writing prompts for 8 th Grade

  • Write a journal beginning with words…”One thing that I am sure about is…”
  • Write about your first memories from childhood.
  • Write about your first day in the school.
  • Write a journal beginning with words…”The strangest person I ever got to know was…”
  • Write a journal beginning with words…”There are so many things in the world that I find really annoying such as…”
  • Describe a book you recently read or a movie you recently watched.
  • Your city is considering outlawing the buying of energy drinks by those under age 16. What’s your take on this? Use examples to explain your position.
  • Write a journal that begins with words…”My proudest moment was…”
  • Write a journal that begins with words…”One time I really got scared of was when…”
  • Write a journal beginning with words… “Last night I was kidnapped by aliens and taken to….”
  • If you were to be allowed to meet the President for 20 minutes, what would you say to him and why?
  • Describe a favorite movie or book. Why do you like it so much?
  • Tell about a time when you hurt someone’s feelings. What did you do to make it up to him or her?
  • Describe your favorite fictional character.
  • Write about your first crush.
  • After reading a piece on bullying on social media, your dad wants you to stay miles away from Facebook, Instagram, and the rest. Tell him he’s over-reacting.
  • Write a short story on a typical day in the life of an eighth grader.
  • Tell a story about something happened to one of your friends.
  • Describe what you believe your life would be like when you turn 30.
  • List 15 questions you would like to ask God.

Opinion Writing prompts for 8 th Grade

  • Being which is harder at your age—a girl or boy? Explain why.
  • How being emotionally strong is different than being physically strong?
  • Is it really possible to fall in love at the first sight? Explain your viewpoint.
  • Do you think bullying in school is just as prevalent as before? What steps can be taken to curb this menace?
  • Do you think internet make relationships stronger? Or does it have the opposite effect of driving people apart?
  • Many say that teens are spending more time in the front of a screen than ever before. Do you agree? How can teens cut down on their screen time?
  • Does social media increase peer pressure and bullying? What’s your opinion?
  • How can we win the war against climate change? Give five recommendations.
  • If you could give one piece of advice to a seventh grader, what would it be?
  • People often lie on the internet. How can we tell whether someone we have met on the net is lying or telling the truth?
  • Some teenagers today have a phone addiction. Do you have that problem or do you know someone who has it? What’s the solution to this problem?
  • Gaming addiction is rampant in teens. How can we tackle this problem? What are your suggestions?
  • Will shifting to electric vehicles be enough to significantly reduce carbon emissions? Use well-researched points to support your position.
  • Should it be mandatory for students to participate in at least one extracurricular activity? Do you agree? Use specific details to support your position.
  • Should group projects be assigned in the school, since one uncooperative member can affect the entire group? Do you agree? Use specific details to support your position.

Narrative writing prompts for 8 th grade

  • What does it mean to be emotionally intelligent?
  • How can be bullying in schools be prevented?
  • Write a bedtime story for a child.
  • Describe a watershed event in your life.
  • Pick one of your favorite moments in the history. Why do you think it is so special?
  • What is hardest thing about being an 8 th grader?
  • What is the best thing about being an 8 th grader?
  • Is growing up hard as many say? Use specific details to support your position.
  • If you could cure one disease, which one would it be and why?
  • If you could change one thing about your family, what would it be and why?
  • Is it better to be naturally gifted at something or to be a fast learner? Why?
  • Do you think we are overly-dependent on technology? Use examples to support your viewpoint.
  • How is artificial intelligence changing the way we live and work? Use specific examples when talking about its impact.
  • Write a poem about graduation.
  • What is the hardest thing about getting older?
  • Is the glass full or half-empty? Why?
  • What are the best ways to cope with stress in life?
  • What is the funniest thing that has happened to you?
  • If you go back in time and change one thing that you have done in the past, what would it be and why?
  • Have you ever really had a weird dream? Describe it in detail.

grade 8 essay ideas

Counter-Argument writing prompts for 8 th grade

  • Many parents think students shouldn’t be provided with cell phones as they tend to easily get distracted by them. Write an argument in favor of allowing cell phones to students.
  • Some people think that bullying is common on social media channels. Do you agree or disagree?
  • Some think there’s nothing in the world that’s more important than fame. What’s your opinion?
  • Is gaming addiction in teens a real problem or is it just a hyperbole? What do you think?
  • Some think dogs make the best pet, some think cats. What’s your opinion?
  • Do ghosts exist? Some paranormal investigators use photographs as “proof” of their existence. Is that enough proof?
  • Some schools require students to wear uniforms because they think that helps reduce bullying. Do you agree or disagree?
  • Crying is a sign of weakness, some say. Do you think that’s wrong? Explain your position.
  • You would have heard the old saying, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” Do you think that’s really the case? Explain your position.
  • Some think that close friends need to share the same core values. Explain why you disagree.

Expository writing prompts for 8 th Grade

  • What is your earliest memory?
  • What is your favorite job? Describe a typical day in that job.
  • What does it mean to be a part of the community?
  • Why is it important to celebrate accomplishments such as graduation?
  • What qualities make a person good listener?
  • What qualities one need to become a good team man?
  • What is the best thing about graduating this year?
  • Describe your first birthday that you remember.
  • Imagine your dream home. Describe all the rooms in it.
  • What is the coolest place you’ve ever been? Describe it.
  • What is the strangest place you’ve ever been? Describe it.
  • Write about one family vacation that didn’t go according to the plan. What happened? 
  • Summarize the plot of your favorite movie or book to someone who has not watched or read it.
  • What qualities one needs to become a good friend?
  • What is more important — to earn more money or to be an honest person?
  • How does your family typically spend the weekend?
  • How are race and nationality two different things?
  • How is being wise is not the same thing as being smart?
  • How important is to workout daily? Explain the benefits of being physically fit.
  • How important it is for students to learn to budget their time? How can one improve this skill?

We hope these exciting prompts will help your students get started writing everything from in-depth essays to journals and, more importantly, enjoy their writing.

And if you need more writing prompts, we’ve got your back.

Here are some other cool free writing prompts for kids by grade:

  • 3 rd grade writing prompts
  • 4 th grade writing prompts
  • 5 th grade writing prompts
  • 6 th grade writing prompts
  • 7 th grade writing prompts
  • Middle school writing prompts

Plus, you can find Fiction writing prompts here

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grade 8 essay ideas

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8th Grade Writing Prompts: Reflection, Fictional, Opinion, Educational, And Letter Writing

February 6, 2024 //  by  Sean Kivi

Eighth grade is a massive year for our students! They are stressed and under pressure, as they move towards high school. We can reduce that stress through writing as long as the prompts are meaningful and engaging for our students. We compiled a list of 60 engaging prompts to get your students to write and think critically about the message they want to express. Let’s jump in!

Personal Reflection and Self-Expression

1. What new technology has developed in your lifetime, and how has it helped you?

grade 8 essay ideas

2. Describe your favorite place to someone who has never been there. What can they do and see?

3. Do you think it is easier to be a boy or a girl? Why?

grade 8 essay ideas

4. What is the most important piece of information that you can give to an adult?

5. Describe a food that someone has never eaten to them. How will it taste, smell and feel?

grade 8 essay ideas

6. Describe the day of your proudest moment.

7. Describe your dream family vacation. Where would you go? Who would you go with? What would you do?

grade 8 essay ideas

8. Write a recount of your earliest memory.

9. If you could live in any other country in the world, where would you live and why?

grade 8 essay ideas

10. You are stuck on a desert island. What five items do you bring with you and why?

11. What are you allergic to, and how do you deal with this daily?

grade 8 essay ideas

12. What do you do when you are sick?

13. Who is an admirable person or a famous person that you find inspiring? Write about who they are and why you are inspired by them.

grade 8 essay ideas

Creative and Fictional Writing

14. Write a fictional story using the following opener: “There, on the hill, there was a figure. The figure was standing tall and straight as if waiting for someone, or something.”

15. Write contrasting character descriptions for two fictional characters. Remember to include physical appearance, personality, likes, dislikes, and anything else you think is relevant.

grade 8 essay ideas

16. Pretend you are a soldier in the American Revolution. What would you do when you hear “The British are coming?”

17. Write a story informing elementary school kids of how to prepare for middle school.

grade 8 essay ideas

18. If you were to make a YouTube channel, what would it be about and why?

19. Write a fictional story that is set in your hometown.

grade 8 essay ideas

20. If you were Principal for the day what would you do?

21. If you were creating a sports team with your fellow students, what sport would you play, who would play what position, and why?

grade 8 essay ideas

22. Write a character profile about one of your favorite television characters.

Opinion and Persuasive Writing

23. Should people be allowed to travel anywhere in the world without a passport? Why or why not?

grade 8 essay ideas

24. Do you prefer to watch TV or read books? Why is this better?

25. Write a letter to the founding fathers making suggestions of reasonable changes to the constitution.

grade 8 essay ideas

26. We are becoming too dependent on technology. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why?

27. Should children be allowed to vote in political elections, such as Presidential elections? Why or why not?

grade 8 essay ideas

28. Should the wealthiest people in the world be made to give up some of their money to help those who are less well-off?

29. Are boys and girls treated equally?

grade 8 essay ideas

30. The school board should ban junk food on school grounds/property. Why or why not?

31. Exams and tests should be banned in school. Why or why not?

grade 8 essay ideas

32. Do eighth graders have the toughest time at school compared to every other grade? Why or why not?

33. Cell phones should be locked away at the start of the school day and only given back at the end. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

grade 8 essay ideas

34. Should there be a limit on wealth or a maximum amount of money one person can have? Why or why not?

35. Does online bullying exist? Why or why not?

grade 8 essay ideas

36. Do you think that free speech should not have consequences?

37. Do you think wearing a uniform to school benefits all students? Why or why not?

grade 8 essay ideas

38. Sometimes people say boys should not cry. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

39. Write a letter to your principal convincing them to let you start a school club.

grade 8 essay ideas

40. What does “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” mean, and where did it originate?

41. What is haggis, and would you eat it? Why or why not?

grade 8 essay ideas

42. Write a response to this quote by Frida Kahlo “I don’t paint dreams or nightmares, I paint my own reality”. What does she mean by this, and how can you do this?

Educational and Informative Writing

43. Write a news article outlining the dangers of global warming.

grade 8 essay ideas

44. Think about your hobby and write an article explaining its benefits to someone who doesn’t know about it.

45. Describe a unique family tradition of yours to someone who is not in your family.

grade 8 essay ideas

46. Why are writing skills important?

47. Do all states have the same laws? Why or why not?

grade 8 essay ideas

48. Think about all of the plastic waste in the ocean. Write a solution essay for this problem.

49. Why is it important to conserve the rainforest?

grade 8 essay ideas

50. What are 5 easy things we can do in our daily lives to look after our planet?

51. You are the writer for the local paper’s advice column. Answer this question a reader has sent in: “My daughter keeps ignoring the chores she needs to do after school and wants to play her Xbox instead. How do I get my daughter to do her chores? I don’t want to take her Xbox away but if she doesn’t start doing her chores, I’ll need to!”

grade 8 essay ideas

Letters and Communication

52. Write a letter to a friend who has just lost a family member.

53. Write a letter to your grandma teaching her how to use an iPhone.

grade 8 essay ideas

54. Write a letter to your favorite teacher in your school telling them why they are your favorite and what it is about them that you appreciate.

55. Think about how you could improve your school for yourself and for your fellow students. Write a letter to your school board with your ideas.

grade 8 essay ideas

56. Write a letter to the seventh graders at your school offering them a piece of advice, telling them what they need to know and what they should do to be successful in the eighth grade next year.

57. Write a letter to yourself, to open on the first day of school next year.

grade 8 essay ideas

58. Write a letter to your U.S. Representative or Mayor about bullying in schools and what you think can be done to tackle this issue.

59. Write a daily journal entry from the perspective of yourself in 5 years’ time.

grade 8 essay ideas

60. An advanced artificial intelligence robot has landed on Earth and threatened to destroy our planet. You must write to it and convince it not to.

grade 8 essay ideas

inspiring essay topic ideas

88 Essay Topics for Grade 8

Grade 8 students are more eager to write because of how writing lets them express their thoughts. As a teacher, you should encourage them by giving them essays to write about. Yet, coming up with essay topics for grade 8 students can be a bit tough sometimes. Still, you don’t have to worry. In this article, you will be getting 88 essay topics for grade 8 so keep on reading.

Essay Topics For Grade 8

  • What Is The Importance of The Family In A Society?
  • Write On Two Religions That You Know
  • What Is The Role of The Mother In The Family?
  • What Is The Role of The Father In The Family?
  • Write On Two Popular Sports That You Know
  • What Is The Role of The Children In The Family?
  • Write About Your Favourite Family Member
  • What Can A Grade 8 Student Do With Money?
  • Should A Grade 8 Student Keep A Smartphone?
  • Write About Your Very First Pet
  • Should A Grade 8 Student Use The Internet Unsupervised?
  • How Can A Grade 8 Student Stay Healthy
  • What Are The Things That Pollute Your School Environment?
  • Explain How To Prepare Your Favourite Meal
  • What Do You Understand By Advertising?
  • Should A Grade 8 Student Watch TV Unsupervised?
  • Should A Grade 8 Student Be Given Homework To Do?
  • Discuss Your Favourite Sport
  • Write About Your Favourite Celebrity
  • Discuss Your Role Models
  • Explain What You Understand By The Media
  • Write About Your First Flying Experience
  • What Is The Most Difficult Subject You Have Ever Written?
  • What Is The Easiest Subject You Have Ever Written?
  • Write About Your Favourite Teacher
  • Write About Your Favourite Toy
  • Write About Your Experience At A Wedding
  • Write About Your Experience At A Festival
  • Write About Your Experience At A Carnival
  • Write About Your Experience At A Concert
  • Who Is Your Favourite Family Member To Visit?
  • How Did You Meet Your Best Friend?
  • Write About The End of A Friendship
  • Write About Two Cities You Have Visited
  • Discuss Your Experience At Your Hometown
  • Discuss How To Take Care of Farm Animals
  • If You Could Visit Any Country By Yourself, What Country Would It Be?
  • Write A Letter To A Global Leader
  • Should Grade 8 Students Use The Internet Unsupervised?
  • Write What You Understand On Cyber-bullying
  • How Can Students Be Protected From Cyber-bullying?
  • Why More Grade 8 Students Should Learn Technology
  • What Is Your Favourite Holiday of All Seasons?
  • Write On Three Historical Leaders That You Know
  • Write On Your Hobbies
  • What Do You Want To Do After You Graduate College?
  • Write A Step-by-Step Explanation On How To Win Your Favourite Game
  • Write On Your Favourite Author
  • Write About Two Continents You Would Like To Visit
  • What Do You Understand By Self-esteem?
  • Write On A Natural Disaster That Has Happened To You
  • Write On The Need To Be Patriotic To One’s Country
  • What Do You Understand By Women Empowerment?
  • Discuss Why A Grade 8 Student Should Not Eat Junk
  • What Are Your Favourite Books Of All Time?
  • What Are Your Favourite Songs Of All Time?
  • Discuss What You Understand By Human Rights
  • What Do You Know About Yoga?
  • Give A Detailed Guide On How To Live An Healthy Life
  • Write About The Educational System In Your Country
  • Write About Your Garden
  • Write About Your Visit To A Church
  • Write About Your Visit To A Mosque
  • Write About Your Visit To A Temple
  • Write A Letter To Your Grade 6 Self
  • Discuss What You Understand By The Spirit of Teamwork
  • Discuss Why Honesty Is The Best Policy
  • What Do You Understand By Clean Energy?
  • Write About Peer Pressure
  • Write About Your Favourite Sibling
  • Explain What You Understand By Blood Donation
  • Explain What You Understand By Global Warming
  • Explain What You Understand By Climate Change
  • Write On A Day Out With Your Family
  • What Is The Worst Thing About Grade 8?
  • What Is The Best Thing About Grade 8?
  • Discuss A Day In Your Life
  • Write About How You Care For Your Favourite Plant
  • Write About How You Care For The Sick
  • Write About Your Family Tradition
  • Write About Your Country’s History
  • Write About The Day You Got Lost
  • Write About The Day You Reunited With A Lost Friend
  • If You Were To Be An Animal, Which One Would You Be?
  • In What Ways Can One Express Their Art?
  • Write What You Think Of Tattoos and Piercings
  • Discuss The Differences and Similarities Between Physical and Emotional Strength
  • Does Crying Mean That You Are Weak?

Helping Your Students

While most grade 8 students are eager to express their thoughts and ideas through writing, not all of them will get it effortlessly. As a teacher, you should be willing and patient to help your students grow. Correct gently, show them where they can do better, and always listen to them.

With these essay topics, you no longer have to stress your brain on what to give your students. Simply pick any one from this list.

grade 8 essay ideas

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Reading Worksheets, Spelling, Grammar, Comprehension, Lesson Plans

50 Narrative Essay Topics

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a narrative essay can also tell an exciting story and create vivid pictures in the reader’s mind! We’ve got 50 narrative essay topics designed to prompt students to craft memorable written narratives. These can be modified for students in elementary, middle and high school. Feel free to print the entire narrative essay topics list for plenty of inspiration for your next narrative essay assignment!

Narrative Essay Topics

  • Your first day of school.
  • Your most exciting day of school
  • A field trip that your class took.
  • Your favorite summer vacation.
  • A trip that included something unexpected or surprising.
  • A time that you experienced something spooky.
  • A time that you experienced something truly frightening.
  • A time that you learned something new that changed you in some way.
  • The moment when you met someone who changed your life.
  • The day that you got your first pet.
  • A move from one place to another.
  • Something funny that happened to you.
  • Something funny that happened to one of your family members or friends.
  • Something embarrassing that happened to you.
  • Your favorite birthday party.
  • A birthday that was disappointing.
  • A big storm (rain, snow or even a tornado!).
  • A time that the power went out.
  • A summer day when the temperature got much higher than expected.
  • A time when you went to an amusement park.
  • A time when you got lost somewhere.
  • A memorable experience with a favorite family member.
  • A sad experience with someone about whom you care.
  • Your most exciting moment playing sports.
  • Your most exciting moment performing in a play, singing, playing music or dancing.
  • An experience that left you feeling frustrated.
  • An experience that was hard but ended up being worth it.
  • A time that you experienced rejection.
  • A weird encounter with a stranger.
  • A random act of kindness.
  • A time that you took a stand for someone or for an issue that you care about.
  • A moment when you thought you might get hurt but didn’t.
  • Breaking a bone (or otherwise suffering an injury).
  • Your first time away from home for the night (or longer).
  • A time when you experienced a historic event.
  • Where you were when a major event happened. (Note: You don’t need to have been at the site of the event; this prompt is about where you were when you found out about the event and how you reacted.)
  • A time when you rebelled against your parents or teacher.
  • A dangerous experience.
  • A misunderstanding between yourself and someone else.
  • A difficult decision that you had to make.
  • The end of a friendship or relationship.
  • The beginning of a friendship or relationship.
  • A time when you judged someone first and then realized that you were wrong about the person.
  • A time when someone judged you first and then realized that he or she was wrong about you.
  • A moment when you felt that you were starting to grow up.
  • A time when you saw one or both of your parents in a different light.
  • A time when you looked up to your older sibling.
  • A time when your younger sibling looked up to you.
  • A time when you were grateful to be an only child.
  • An experience that you think has only ever happened to you!

Looking for more essay topics? Compare and Contrast Essay Topics Descriptive Essay Topics Cause and Effect Essay Topics Persuasive Essay and Speech Topics

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Improve your Grades

Class 8 Essay Topics List for Students & Children | 8th Std English Essays

May 2, 2023 by Veerendra

Writing essays is one of the arts & teaches everyone to communicate with others professional with their own thoughts & ideas. Students of standard 8 should show some interest in writing essays and improve their writing skills. To aid in your practice sessions, we have compiled a variety of  essay writing topics for class 8  in a simple language for students to read and understand their own. Subject Specific Class 8 Essay Topics will help kids to improve their creativity and broaden their mindset and intellect.

List of Class 8 Essay Writing Topics for Kids & Children in English

Students who are looking for Class 8 Essay Topics & Ideas can stop your search right away and refer to this section. Here, we have curated the most & frequently asked  Essay Writing Topics for Class 8 Students  to understand and learn who to write down the imaginary views on the particular topic in just less time. Writing skills & vocabulary skills are the two eyes to complete an essay in an attractive way to engage the audience. So, check out the prevailing Short & Long Essays for 8th Std and add your creative writing ideas in essays.

  • Essay on School’s Surroundings and Examinations
  • Essay on Festivals
  • Essay on Persons We Come Across
  • Essay on About Myself
  • Essay on Relationships
  • Essay on Visits
  • Essay on Scenes, Sights, and Journeys
  • Essay on Health and Fitness
  • Essay on Personalities/People
  • Essay on Events
  • Essay on Monuments
  • Essay on Vacation/Holidays
  • Nature Essay
  • Essay on Sports
  • Essay on Cities
  • Essay on Life
  • Essay on Animals
  • General Essays
  • Global Warming
  • Essay on Environmental Issues & Awareness
  • Essay Topics Based on Proverbs
  • Essay on Moral Values
  • Education Essay
  • Essay on India
  • Essay on Science & Technology
  • Essay on Social Issues & Social Awareness
  • Argumentative Essay Topics

FAQs on Essay for Class 8 Students

1. How to become perfect at writing essays?

First and foremost, you should be strong at obtaining a solid understanding of grammar, punctuation. Utilize Vocabulary in a correct way and write down attractive Intro lines then go for topic-related body thesis and conclusion which aid your thoughts.

2. From where can I attain Class 8 Essay Topics in English?

You can attain different categories of grade 8 Essay Topics & ideas in English from the AplusTopper provided Class 8 Essay Topics page.

3. Is there any online web portal that offers the free 8th Grade Essays Writing Topics?

Yes, is a reliable and genuine online portal that offers the 8th Class Subject Specific Essay Writing Topics free of cost. These free resources will surely improve your writing skills.

Final Words

Hoping that the details and list of Class 8 Essay Topics shared above benefit you while writing essays at competitions. So, make use of these several ideas on  Essay Writing Topics for Class 8  & improve your analytical, writing, vocabulary skills. Want to give any suggestions or need to ask some other essay topics for Grade 8 students? Shoot your comments below and get the answers at the earliest. Meanwhile, visit & find different Classes and Topics of English Essays.

  • Picture Dictionary
  • English Speech
  • English Slogans
  • English Letter Writing
  • English Essay Writing
  • English Textbook Answers
  • Types of Certificates
  • ICSE Solutions
  • Selina ICSE Solutions
  • ML Aggarwal Solutions
  • HSSLive Plus One
  • HSSLive Plus Two
  • Kerala SSLC
  • Distance Education

451 Essay Topics for Grade 8 to Grade 12: Simple & Interesting Ideas

451 Essay Topics for Grade 8 to Grade 12: Simple & Interesting Ideas

Are you tired of the same old essay topics? Well, buckle up because we’ll take your writing assignments to a new level! Whether you’re in grade 8 or grade 12, we’ve got exciting and engaging essay topics that will make your writing stand out.

A good essay topic sets the foundation for your paper, sparks your curiosity, and allows for creativity. In this article, you’ll find excellent ideas for different types of essays and school grades. So, pick a theme that excites you and watch your paper come to life!

🔝 Top 10 School Essay Topics

📝 types of essays, 🎒 essay topics for grade 8, 🚌 9th grade essay topics, 🏫 essay topics for grade 10, 🧑‍🏫 11th grade essay topics, 📓 essay topics for grade 12, ✏️ how to write an essay: 8th grade to 12th grade, ❓ school essay faq, 🔗 references.

  • The impact of social media on teenagers.
  • The significance of raising mental health awareness in schools.
  • The benefits of exercise for human well-being.
  • The role of technology in modern education.
  • The effects of climate change on our planet.
  • The significance of cultural diversity in society.
  • The pros and cons of online learning.
  • The influence of music on human emotions.
  • The challenges faced by today’s youth.
  • The power of literature in shaping students’ worldviews.

When it comes to writing essays, there are various types that you can encounter throughout your academic journey. Each type serves a different purpose and requires a distinct approach.

Let’s discuss the most common essay types before moving on to the topics.

A aims to provide a detailed and vivid description of a person, place, object, or event. Its goal is to evoke emotions and create a sensory experience for the reader. It often uses figurative language, such as metaphors and similes, to enhance the description.
A tells a story to engage the reader and convey a message or lesson. It often consists of elements such as characters, setting, plot, and dialogue.
An formulates a clear position on an issue and convinces readers to agree with it by presenting logical or emotional arguments. In addition to paragraphs supporting the thesis statement, this essay typically includes a counterargument and its refutation to sound more persuasive.
An explains or describes a specific topic in detail. Its purpose is to educate readers about a subject by explaining it thoroughly. The essay types listed below can be considered subtypes of expository papers.
A analyzes the similarities and differences between two or more phenomena, providing a balanced evaluation of their characteristics.
A categorizes subjects into different groups based on specific criteria, explaining the characteristics of each group.
A examines the origins and consequences of a particular event or phenomenon.
A identifies a problem and presents possible solutions or ways to address it.
A explains the meaning of a specific term, concept, or idea. It goes beyond providing a standard dictionary definition of the notion and aims to shed new light on it.
A thoroughly and chronologically describes steps needed to accomplish a task or goal.

In 8th grade, students start writing their first large academic papers. We made a list of essay topics for 8th graders to help boost their writing skills and inspire them. Check it out!

Top 10 Essay Topics for Grade 8

  • Benefits of reading for pleasure.
  • Pros and cons of school uniforms.
  • Environmental Changes: Negative and Positive Impacts.
  • The effects of bullying on mental health.
  • The significance of community service for students.
  • Making School Lunches Healthier and More Affordable .
  • Listening to music while studying: pros and cons.
  • The effects of video games on cognitive development.
  • Studying Abroad: The Benefits of the Opportunity .
  • The impact of poor sleep on academic performance.
  • The benefits of extracurricular activities for students.
  • Doctors and Teachers Comparison .
  • The effects of peer pressure on adolescent decision-making.
  • The role of parents in student academic success.
  • Fast Food Harmful Effects on Children .

8th Grade Writing Prompts

Writing an essay is an excellent opportunity to share your views on a controversial topic . If you want your paper to make a difference, consider our opinion essay topics for grade 8.

  • The impact of cyberbullying on young people’s mental health . Write an essay discussing the potential consequences of cyberbullying on teenagers’ mental health. Enrich your paper with examples and research findings.
  • The influence of advertising on teenagers’ consumer behavior. What are the potential effects of advertising on teenagers’ buying habits and decision-making? Discuss the strategies advertisers use to target adolescents and how these marketing tactics contribute to excessive consumerism.
  • The benefits and challenges of online learning. Online learning has both benefits and drawbacks for students. In your essay, investigate how online learning can provide flexibility, access to resources, and personalized education. Additionally, refer to potential concerns, such as limited social interaction and technological barriers.
  • What is the role of social media influencers in shaping teenagers’ behavior? You can write an essay describing the impact of social media influencers on teenagers’ attitudes, values, and behaviors. Analyze the strategies used by influencers to gain followers and promote specific products or ideologies.
  • Emotional intelligence and teenagers’ well-being. Why is developing emotional intelligence essential for teenagers’ health? Discuss the benefits of emotional intelligence, such as improved self-awareness, empathy, and conflict-resolution skills. Provide strategies for teens to enhance their emotional intelligence and navigate challenging emotions effectively.

Persuasive Essay Topics for Grade 8

Check out our argumentative essay topics for 8th graders that will spark your and your reader’s curiosity!

  • Should school uniforms be mandatory?
  • Why Vocabulary Lessons Should Be Taught?
  • Should animal testing be banned?
  • The importance of arts education in schools.
  • Why Immigrants Should Receive Social Services?
  • The impact of fast food on public health.
  • Is homework necessary for academic success?
  • Higher Education Should Be Free for Everyone .
  • Should the sale of sugary drinks be restricted?
  • The impact of technology addiction on mental health.
  • Should plastic bags be banned?
  • Evaluation Essay: How To Achieve High Grade .
  • Should the driving age be raised or lowered?
  • Should zoos exist for conservation purposes?
  • Cell Phone Use While Driving Must Be Banned .
  • Should genetically modified organisms be banned?
  • The influence of media violence on youth behavior.
  • Some Reasons Why Reading Is Important .
  • Do emojis enhance or hinder communication skills?
  • Should recreational hunting and fishing be prohibited?
  • Why Electronic Book Is Better Than Print Book .
  • Should vaccines be mandatory for everyone?

Expository Essay Topics for Grade 8

Here are some more ideas for compare-and-contrast, cause-and-effect , and process essays.

  • Apple vs. Android: a comparison of smartphones.
  • Michael Jackson Vs Elvis Presley .
  • Effects of technology on human communication.
  • Fiction vs. non-fiction: analyzing different literary genres.
  • Communication: People-to-People vs. People-to-Devices .
  • Causes and effects of obesity in modern society.
  • Solutions to the problem of traffic congestion in cities.
  • “The Da Vinci Code”: Book vs Movie .
  • Traditional education vs. online learning.
  • The art of making homemade pizza: from dough to toppings.
  • House Activities vs. Personal Happiness .
  • Facebook vs. Twitter: comparing social media platforms.
  • Controlling air pollution: innovative solutions for cleaner cities.
  • Indian Wedding Vs. American Wedding .
  • How to plan and execute a successful event?
  • Cats vs. dogs: choosing the perfect pet companion.
  • Starbucks vs. Dunkin’ Donuts: Menu and Performance .
  • Cyberbullying : prevention and intervention strategies.
  • How to overcome procrastination and boost productivity?
  • Language and Identity: What Is the Connection?
  • City life vs. country life: contrasting lifestyles and environments.
  • Traditional books vs. e-books: exploring reading preferences.
  • Water Recycling: Why Is It Important?

This image shows the characteristics of an expository essay.

Narrative Essay Topics for Grade 8

Narrative essays are one of the most exciting types of written assignments. Check out our creative essay topics for 8th grade.

  • A memorable childhood event that shaped my personality.
  • Brief Description of the Tesla Company .
  • My first day of school: nervousness and excitement collide.
  • Overcoming a fear : how I conquered my phobia.
  • Impact of the Internet on Students’ Life .
  • The day I met my best friend: the beginning of a lifelong bond.
  • A family vacation I’ll never forget: adventures and mishaps.
  • When Learning Is Easy: My Experience in English .
  • My experience participating in a sports competition.
  • A personal achievement that filled me with pride.
  • My Experiences as a Walmart Employee .
  • The joy of becoming a sibling for the first time.
  • A hiking trip that showed me the beauty of nature.
  • Five Lessons From My First Semester .
  • The day I received unexpected news that changed my life.
  • A life-changing mentorship or guidance I received.
  • YouTube as My Favorite Media Platform .
  • A trip to a historical landmark that deepened my knowledge.
  • Discovering a hidden talent within myself.
  • A Person I Would Like to Be.
  • The time I got lost and found my way back.
  • The day I overcame stage fright and performed on stage.

Creative Writing Topics for Grade 8

Here are some ideas for creative writing in 8th grade.

  • Write a short story from the perspective of an inanimate object.
  • Imagine you wake up one morning with the ability to speak to animals . Describe your interactions throughout the day.
  • How to Groom Your Pet?
  • Create a diary entry in the form of a poem expressing the emotions of a historical figure.
  • Write a letter to your future self , exploring your hopes, dreams, and fears.
  • How the Beatles Influenced Music .
  • Imagine you discover a hidden door in your house that leads to a parallel universe. Describe your adventures in this new world.
  • Write a screenplay for a short film about a conflict between two best friends.
  • How Do Neurons Communicate?
  • Rewrite a fairy tale from the villain’s perspective, exploring their motivations and emotions.
  • Why Do Monsters Matter in Our Lives?
  • Create an alternate ending for a famous novel, explaining how it changes the story’s overall message.
  • Write a series of letters between two fictional characters who are in love but cannot be together.
  • Why Do Dogs Make the Best Pets?
  • Imagine you’re a time traveler who accidentally changes a historical event. Describe the consequences and how you attempt to fix them.
  • Write a poem capturing the essence of a favorite song or piece of music.
  • Why Do Good People Do Bad Things?
  • Create a character who can control the weather. Describe their experiences and struggles with this power.
  • Write a personal essay about a challenging experience that taught you an important life lesson.
  • ”Doctor Strange”: Description and Interpretation .
  • Imagine you wake up one day with the ability to fly. Describe how this newfound power impacts your daily life.
  • My First Day at College .
  • Write a short story inspired by a painting or photograph, describing the scene and the emotions it evokes.

9th grade is one of the most memorable life chapters because students enter high school. To help you complete the written assignments and enjoy your free time, we made a list of essay ideas for 9th graders.

Top 10 Essay Topics for Grade 9

  • The importance of recycling for a sustainable future.
  • Cultural Diversity in the Workforce .
  • Bullying : causes, effects, and strategies for prevention.
  • The role of sports in promoting health and fitness.
  • Inclusion and Individual Differences in Classroom .
  • Exploring different cultures through traditional cuisine.
  • The benefits of volunteering in the community.
  • Online Shopping App Effects on Impulsive Buying Behaviour .
  • The importance of financial literacy for teens.
  • Animal testing : ethical dilemmas and alternative methods.
  • Social Media Effects on Consumer Behaviour .
  • Cybersecurity: protecting personal information online.
  • Exploring gender stereotypes and breaking barriers.
  • The role of art education in fostering creativity.

9th Grade Writing Prompts

Here are some excellent 9th-grade writing prompts you can use as inspiration for your paper.

  • Climate change and its impact on the environment. In this essay, you can analyze the causes and consequences of climate change. Explore the role of human activities, such as deforestation, pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The power of literature: exploring themes and messages in a novel. Choose a book that you have read recently and analyze its themes and underlying ideas. Discuss how the author uses literary elements such as characterization, plot, setting, and symbolism to convey these concepts.
  • What is the role of cultural exchange in building bridges? Write an essay exploring the importance of cultural diversity and its impact on society. Discuss how multiculturalism contributes to a more prosperous and inclusive world. Highlight the benefits of cultural exchange.
  • The future of AI technology : opportunities and challenges. Reflect on the rapid advancement of AI technology and its potential implications for our future. Discuss how emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and biotechnology affect our lives.
  • Human rights and social justice. Assess the importance of human rights and social justice in today’s world. Discuss critical human rights issues, for example, inequality, discrimination, access to education, or freedom of expression. How do activism, advocacy, and grassroots movements promote and protect human rights?

9th Grade Argumentative Essay Topics

  • School start times: Should they be adjusted?
  • The pros and cons of standardized testing .
  • Should Smoking Be Illegal?
  • Should the voting age be lowered?
  • Should College Education Be Free for All US Citizens?
  • Can nuclear waste be safely stored long-term?
  • Is censorship justified in the arts and media?
  • The effects of air pollution on human health.
  • Is society becoming overly reliant on technology?
  • Smartphone Addiction Among American Youth .
  • Should the United States allocate more funding to space exploration?
  • Does the school dress code perpetuate gender inequality?
  • Should single-use plastics be eliminated from society?
  • Best Missing Homework Excuse Ever .
  • Is it morally right to keep exotic animals as pets?
  • Should the minimum wage be increased or remain the same?
  • Physical Activity Education Among Young People .
  • How should the United States address the ongoing refugee crisis?
  • Is homework essential for academic success?
  • Benefits of Healthy Lifestyle .
  • Is technological advancement harmful or beneficial to humanity?

This image shows the argumentative essay structure.

Essay Topics for Grade 9 Students: Expository Writing

  • Friendship vs. romantic relationships: the dynamics of human connections. 
  • Causes and consequences of bullying in schools . 
  • Effects of smoking on health and well-being. 
  • The Concept of Close Reading .
  • High school vs. college: differences in educational experiences. 
  • Rural living vs. urban living : examining residential lifestyles. 
  • The influence of parental divorce on children’s emotional development.  
  • Solutions to the rising costs of college education. 
  • The impact of technology on work-life balance.  
  • Role-Playing Games as a Learning Tool .
  • The consequences of sleep deprivation on cognitive functions. 
  • Negative Effects of Human Cloning .
  • Solutions for combating youth unemployment. 
  • Student-Teacher Interaction in Inclusive Education .
  • Mastering the skill of time management: effective strategies. 
  • Causes and effects of poverty in developing countries . 
  • Paris as the Fashion Centre .
  • The problem of substance abuse and addiction: prevention and recovery. 
  • Solutions for reducing gun violence in society. 
  • The process of learning a foreign language successfully. 

Narrative Essay Topics for Grade 9

  • A journey to a foreign country: cultural exploration and understanding.
  • Experience of the Worst Job .
  • The day I moved to a new city: challenges and adaptation.
  • My brush with danger: how I overcame a scary situation.
  • Life-Changing Events: Personal Experience .
  • The time I failed and learned the importance of resilience.
  • An encounter with a cultural tradition that broadened my perspective.
  • My experience volunteering for a worthy cause.
  • Most Memorable Childhood Christmas .
  • The day I overcame a personal prejudice or bias.
  • An adventure in the great outdoors: embracing nature’s beauty.
  • Personal Hobby Analysis .
  • A lesson I learned from a younger sibling or relative.
  • The impact of a remarkable teacher or mentor on my life.
  • Homer’s Odysseus as a Favorite Hero .
  • Exploring a different culture through food and cuisine.
  • My encounter with a famous personality : moments of inspiration.
  • The day I faced a moral dilemma and made a difficult choice.
  • Mindful Walking: Journey to Self-Discovery .
  • The bond between humans and animals: a touching connection.
  • Preserving family traditions: passing on values and heritage.
  • Educational Experiences And Significant Career Goals .

Creative Writing Topics for Grade 9

  • Design a dystopian society and write a story set within it, exploring the lives of its inhabitants.
  • Create a world where dreams come to life. Describe how dreaming and reality intersect in this unique universe.
  • The Purpose of Dreaming and Personal Sleep Habits .
  • Write a dialogue between two characters who are complete opposites in terms of personality and interests.
  • Write a poem using only colors, exploring their meanings and symbolism.
  • The Functions of Film Music: Essay Example .
  • Create a character who can communicate with plants. Explore the connections formed and the wisdom gained by this person.
  • Write a short story set in a post-apocalyptic world, focusing on the survival and resilience of the protagonist.
  • My Dream Car: Personal View .
  • Imagine you can time-travel but can only observe, not interfere. Write about the historical events you witness.
  • Create a character who is haunted by their past. Describe their journey toward healing and redemption.
  • Why Is Christmas the Best Holiday?
  • Compose a letter to your favorite fictional character, seeking advice or reflecting on their impact on your life.
  • Imagine you’re a detective solving a mysterious crime . Write the story from the detective’s perspective, including their deductions and discoveries.
  • Online Learning and Education Course Reflections .
  • Write a monologue for a character who is about to embark on a great adventure, expressing their hopes and fears.
  • Create a world where everyone has a unique superpower. Describe how society functions and how these powers affect individual lives.
  • Human Species Uniqueness Compared to Other Species .
  • Write a poem that embodies the spirit of a specific season, evoking the sensations and emotions associated with it.
  • Chinese New Year Celebration History .
  • Imagine you have the power to bring fictional characters to life. Write about the joys and challenges that come with this ability.
  • Write a short story exploring the theme of identity and self-discovery .

To write an outstanding essay in 10th grade, choose a topic that will motivate you throughout the writing process . We listed great topic ideas, including the thought-provoking 10th-grade argumentative essay topics.

Top 10 Essay Topics for Grade 10

  • Social media’s impact on self-esteem and body image.
  • Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: Pros & Cons .
  • The importance of soft skills development at school.
  • The pros and cons of standardized testing.
  • Religion in Schools: Is There a Place for It? Pros and Cons .
  • The benefits of learning a second language.
  • Exploring different forms of renewable energy sources.
  • The ethics of genetic engineering and cloning.
  • Abortion: An Ethical Dilemma .
  • The influence of pop culture on society.
  • The necessity of comprehensive sex education in schools.
  • Fast Food and Obesity Link – Nutrition .
  • The consequences of cyberbullying and online harassment.
  • The role of government in promoting healthy eating habits.

10th Grade Writing Prompts

  • The causes and effects of bullying in schools. What is the long-term impact on both victims and bullies? Additionally, suggest practical strategies that can be implemented to prevent and address bullying within educational institutions.
  • The impact of social media on personal relationships and communication . Analyze how platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have altered how people connect with others.
  • The significance of climate change issues for future generations . What are the main contributors to climate change? Highlight the importance of sustainable practices and suggest ways individuals, communities, and governments can work together to combat climate change.
  • The portrayal of women in the media and its influence on gender roles and stereotypes. Analyze how media representations can affect the perception of self-worth, body image, and societal expectations. Additionally, discuss the role media plays in promoting inclusivity and empowering women.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of GMOs in agriculture. Examine the potential benefits, such as increased crop yields and resistance to pests, as well as possible concerns surrounding health, the environment, and biodiversity. Consider various perspectives and propose informed opinions on the topic.

Argumentative Essay Topics for 10th Grade

  • The benefits and challenges of online friendships and relationships.
  • Should Public Servants Have the Right to Strike?
  • The ethical implications of genetic modification in agriculture.
  • Should high schools require mandatory community service hours ?
  • Why Pitbulls Should Not Be Banned?
  • The consequences of the excessive use of technology in teenagers’ lives.
  • The importance of teaching consent in high schools.
  • The Right to Abortion Must Be Protected .
  • Should schools increase the focus on teaching critical thinking skills?
  • The impact of arts and music programs on students’ academic performance.
  • Animal Welfare: Why Animals Should Be Treated With Kindness and Respect .
  • Should schools teach coding and computer programming as core subjects?
  • The benefits and drawbacks of social media influencers in shaping consumer behavior.
  • Should People Under 18 Get a Tattoo?
  • Should school lunches be healthier and more nutritious?
  • The role of censorship in protecting children from harmful content in the media.
  • Should Schools Distribute Condoms?
  • The consequences of increasing dependence on technology in the classroom .
  • The impact of climate change denial on environmental policies and actions.
  • Solar Power as a Solution to Environmental Problems .
  • The role of school dress codes in promoting a respectful and inclusive environment.
  • The benefits and drawbacks of single-sex education.

10th Grade Essay Topics: Expository Writing

  • The problem of food insecurity : sustainable approaches for hunger relief.
  • A step-by-step guide to creating a budget and saving money.
  • Plato’s “Republic” – What Is Democracy?
  • Introverts vs. extroverts: contrasting personality traits.
  • Effects of climate change on biodiversity.
  • Criminality as a Result of Social Structure .
  • The impact of social media on political movements.
  • Causes and consequences of cybersecurity breaches .
  • Online shopping vs. in-store shopping: a comparison of retail experiences.
  • E-Commerce: The Change in Consumer Shopping .
  • Different generations: comparing baby boomers and millennials.
  • Causes and effects of teenage substance abuse.
  • Critical Thinking in Education .
  • Public school vs. homeschooling: comparing different approaches to education.
  • Friends vs. family: contrasting relationships in one’s life.
  • Education Impact on Life Quality .
  • The relationship between educational attainment and job opportunities.
  • Combating gender inequality: empowering women worldwide.
  • Characteristics of Students With Disabilities .
  • Addressing the challenges of an aging population: elderly care solutions.
  • The process of creating a podcast: from concept to publishing.

Narrative Essay Topics for Grade 10

  • The moment I learned an important life lesson.
  • My First Experience in Riding a Bicycle .
  • An unexpected act of kindness that touched my heart.
  • The time I took a risk and stepped out of my comfort zone.
  • Paris: Beautiful and Breathtaking .
  • An unforgettable concert experience: music and emotion intertwined.
  • How I discovered my passion and pursued it.
  • My Personal Development Plan as a Future Teacher .
  • Exploring my cultural heritage: connecting with ancestral roots.
  • Overcoming a personal obstacle: finding inner strength.
  • High School Challenges in Personal Experience .
  • The day I learned the value of gratitude and appreciation.
  • The day I witnessed an act of injustice and stood up for what’s right.
  • The Most Embarrassing Moment In my Life .
  • A humbling experience that taught me to embrace humility.
  • The time I found strength through vulnerability and opening up.
  • How Can a Person Change the World?
  • A life-altering trip abroad: immersion in a different culture.
  • The day I overcame a longstanding personal fear.
  • Losing a Loved One and Learning to Live Without Them .
  • An inspiring encounter with a role model or hero.
  • A childhood memory that brings joy to my life.
  • Personal Financial Goals for the Next Five Years .

This image shows tips for writing a narrative essay.

In this section, you will find top 11th-grade essay topics to make your papers memorable.

Top 10 Essay Topics for 11th Grade

  • The impact of social media on political activism .
  • The benefits of volunteering and community service.
  • The dangers of texting while driving .
  • Alternative methods of transportation to reduce pollution.
  • The Problem of Air Quality: Impact on Public Health .
  • The importance of financial literacy for high school students.
  • The benefits of playing video games.
  • Democratic Views on Pro-Immigration .
  • The role of digital media in shaping public opinion .
  • The benefits of learning about different cultures and diversity.
  • Decision-Making in Choosing a Career .
  • The implications of artificial intelligence in our daily lives .
  • The significance of teaching practical life skills in school.

11th Grade Writing Prompts

  • The impact of AI and automation on employment. Examine how technological advancements may lead to job displacement, and analyze the potential for new job creation. Consider both the economic and social implications of these changes.
  • The long-term consequences of plastic pollution on ecosystems. What are the sources and impacts of plastic waste on marine life, biodiversity, and the food chain? Propose sustainable solutions to mitigate this global issue.
  • The impact of globalization on cultural diversity. Analyze how increased interconnectedness affects local traditions, languages, and cultural heritage. What measures can be taken to preserve and celebrate diverse cultures in a globalized world?
  • What are the ethical considerations of animal testing for scientific research? Analyze the arguments for and against using animals in experiments. Explore alternative methods to replace or reduce the reliance on animal testing.
  • The significance of media in forming public opinion during elections. Examine the impact of television, newspapers, and social media platforms on voters’ political choices. Which ethical considerations guide responsible journalism and unbiased reporting in democratic societies?

Persuasive Essay Topics for Grade 11

  • Should schools incorporate comprehensive sex education into their curriculum?
  • Are Marxist Criminologists Right to See Crime Control as Class Control?
  • Should performance-enhancing drugs in sports be allowed?
  • Does the death penalty effectively deter crime?
  • Gender Stereotypes: Should Real Men Wear Pink?
  • Should high schools teach financial literacy?
  • Is the use of surveillance cameras in public places justified?
  • Should COVID-19 Vaccines Be Mandatory?
  • Is climate change primarily caused by human activities?
  • Is online activism an effective means of bringing about social change?
  • Money as a Means Rather Than a Result of Achieving Happiness .
  • Is music censorship necessary?
  • Is graffiti a form of art or vandalism ?
  • Is it fair for college admissions to consider race as a factor?
  • Is there a need for comprehensive LGBTQ+ education in high schools?
  • The Solution to the Increasing Incidence of Criminals Reverting .
  • Should the government provide free college tuition for all students?
  • Is virtual reality a beneficial tool for education?
  • The Benefits of Taking Online Classes .
  • Is technology making people more or less socially connected?
  • Should there be stricter gun control laws?

Essay Topics for 11th Grade: Expository Writing

  • Natural beauty vs. makeup: comparing concepts of beauty standards .
  • The influence of advertising on consumer behavior.
  • The effects of technology on human productivity.
  • The relationship between excessive screen time and sleep disorders.
  • Solving the problem of bullying in online spaces.
  • Preventing substance abuse among adolescents: education and support.
  • Tackling environmental pollution: innovative solutions for cleaner air and water.
  • History of Batteries, What Is a Battery, Recycling of Batteries .
  • Addressing the issue of food deserts: access to nutritious food.
  • A step-by-step guide to mastering soft skills .
  • How to start a YouTube channel: a process guide.
  • Art Definition: Modern vs. Traditional .
  • Traditional art vs. digital art: contrasting artistic mediums.
  • Introverted leaders vs. extroverted leaders: comparing leadership styles.
  • Google Search Explained: Search for Beginners .
  • Deforestation in the Amazon rainforest: causes and effects.
  • The influence of technology on communication skills.
  • What Is Digital Literacy?
  • Combating digital addiction: promoting healthy technology use.

Working on your writing skills in 12th grade is essential so that you can later successfully deal with college assignments. We hope our list of 12th-grade essay topics will spark your creativity and catch readers’ attention.

Top 10 Essay Topics for Grade 12

  • The effects of teenage pregnancy on individuals and society.
  • The role of censorship in artistic expression.
  • Importance of Nurses’ Professional Self-Development .
  • The impact of globalization on local economies and cultures.
  • Deforestation Causes and Barriers to Solution .
  • Exploring the history and consequences of colonization.
  • The importance of promoting gender equality in education .
  • French Revolution as a Turning Point to Democracy .
  • The impact of technology on privacy rights.
  • The benefits and challenges of homeschooling .
  • The role of media in perpetuating stereotypes.
  • Ethnic and Racial Diversity in the Caribbean Region .
  • The consequences of fast fashion for the environment.
  • Environmental Activism: Benefits and Threats .
  • The effects of video streaming platforms on the film industry.

12th Grade Writing Prompts

  • The impact of globalization on the economy of your country. Discuss how global trade, outsourcing, and foreign investment have influenced domestic industries, job markets, and income inequality. Additionally, you can evaluate the government’s role in managing these effects and promoting economic growth.
  • The origins and effects of income inequality in society . What are the leading factors contributing to wealth disparities? Refer to education, social mobility, and public policy. Discuss the potential consequences of income inequality and propose measures to address this issue.
  • The role of education in fostering gender equality . What are the challenges and barriers girls and women face in accessing quality education? Discuss the potential benefits of gender-inclusive policies and programs to empower girls and women and promote gender equity.
  • The impact of immigration on cultural diversity and social cohesion. For this essay topic, study how migration patterns contribute to multicultural societies and the enrichment of cultural traditions. Consider the social, economic, and political implications of immigration and explore strategies for fostering inclusive communities.
  • The role of artificial intelligence in healthcare. Assess AI’s potential benefits and ethical considerations in diagnosing diseases, personalized medicine, and health data management. Discuss the opportunities and challenges presented by AI in improving healthcare outcomes.

Persuasive Essay Topics for 12th Grade

  • Is online dating a reliable way to find true love?
  • Should professional athletes be role models for children?
  • Smoking Should Be Banned in Public Places .
  • Is it essential for high schools to offer courses in personal finance?
  • Should the use of corporal punishment be allowed in schools?
  • Is multiculturalism beneficial to society?
  • Should Canada Provide Free Tuition for University Students?
  • Is it ethical to use animals in circuses and entertainment shows?
  • Should the government provide free healthcare for all citizens?
  • Government Must Control TV Show Contents .
  • Is age discrimination prevalent in the workplace?
  • Is it necessary to have strict gun control laws to reduce gun violence?
  • Should college education be free for all students?
  • Why Must We Protect Crocodiles?
  • Should the government regulate the use of artificial intelligence in industries?
  • Is it important to have stricter regulations on the food industry to combat obesity?
  • What Qualities Should a Leader Have?
  • Is technological advancement leading to job loss and unemployment?
  • Is homeschooling a viable option for students with special needs?
  • Is digital privacy becoming a thing of the past?

12th Grade Essay Topics: Expository Writing

  • The process of writing a compelling research paper.
  • The influence of advertising on children’s behavior and perception.
  • The process of building a website from scratch.
  • Smart House System Technology Explained .
  • The steps involved in starting a small business.
  • The effects of globalization on cultural identity.
  • Mars and Earth Comparison .
  • Coffee vs. tea: contrasting popular beverages and their effects.
  • Causes of water pollution and its effects on marine life.
  • What Is Meant By Social Science Paradigms?
  • The issue of air pollution: solutions for cleaner air quality.
  • Causes and consequences of income inequality in developing countries.
  • How to Achieve a Goal?
  • Solving the challenges of affordable housing.
  • Tackling the problem of plastic waste : promoting recycling and sustainability.
  • Addressing mental health stigma in society: creating supportive communities.
  • The Problem of Global Warming and Ways of Its Solution .
  • A step-by-step guide to writing a winning scholarship essay.
  • The process of developing an effective study routine: tips for academic success.
  • Evaluating the Solution to the Nurse Shortage Issue .
  • The issue of traffic congestion: strategies for improving transportation systems.

Creative Writing Topics for Grade 12

  • Write a personal essay about an influential person in your life and how they have shaped your worldview.
  • Personal Experience: How Being Bullied Shaped Me .
  • Imagine you find a portal that leads to a mythical realm. Write about your encounters with mythical creatures and the lessons you learn.
  • Create a character who can hear the thoughts of others. Explore the ethical dilemmas and challenges they face.
  • Personal Responsibility and Its Limits .
  • Write a dialogue between two historical figures from different periods, discussing their views on a specific topic.
  • Compose a poem that captures the beauty and complexity of the natural world.
  • Etihad Airways’ Passenger Self-Service Project .
  • Write a short story set in a future where books are banned. Tackle the issues of the power of literature and the fight for intellectual freedom.
  • Imagine you find a magical object that grants you three wishes. Write about your desires and how they change your life.
  • John Lennon’s “Imagine” as a Secular Hymn .
  • Write a personal essay about a difficult decision you had to make and the lessons you learned from it.
  • Claude Monet’s “Impression, Sunrise.”
  • Create a character who can communicate with ghosts. Describe this character’s experiences and the insights they gain from the afterlife.
  • Write a poem about the power of love, exploring its different dimensions and forms.
  • Cinderella Fairy Tale in Narratology and Feminism .
  • Imagine you wake up one day with the ability to speak every language. Write about how this talent affects your interactions with others.
  • Analysis of the Images Created in Painting Arts .
  • Create a character who can manipulate emotions. Explore the consequences of this power and the moral implications.
  • Write a short story set in a world where technology has taken over, and humans are losing their ability to connect.
  • Image of a Zombie: Researching of Zombie Behavior .
  • Imagine you are stranded on a deserted island. Write a diary entry describing your daily struggles and your journey toward survival.
  • Write a personal essay about a significant turning point in your life and how it has shaped you.

This image shows the three-act structure of creating writing.

Of course, an essay in 8th Grade will differ from more complex writing in high school. However, some general rules will help you write an outstanding paper in any grade. Check out our essay-writing guide!

Read the essay prompt carefully and ensure you understand the issue or question that must be addressed. Identify key instructions or guidelines provided.
Before writing, create an or a brainstorming map to organize your thoughts. Identify the main points you want to discuss and think about the logical flow of your essay.
Develop a strong introduction that sparks readers’ curiosity. Provide background information and present your , which states your essay’s main argument or purpose.
The essay’s body should contain several paragraphs, each supporting a different point or aspect related to your thesis statement. Open each paragraph with a , followed by supporting evidence, examples, and explanations.
your thesis and remind readers of the main points clearly and concisely. Leave the reader with a strong, memorable ending, or consider providing a call to action or a thought-provoking question.
After writing your first draft, take the time to review and your essay. Check if there are any mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Ensure your paper flows logically and that your arguments are well-supported.

What is Porter’s five forces example?

There are ten main types of essays : narrative, descriptive, expository, persuasive, argumentative, process, definition, critical, cause-and-effect, and compare-and-contrast. It is worth noting that these categories are not mutually exclusive, and a paper may often combine elements from multiple types.

How Long Is an Essay in 8th Grade?

The length of an essay in 8th grade can vary depending on the specific assignment or teacher’s instructions. However, it is typical for essays in 8th grade to be around 300-500 words or about 1-2 pages , considering a standard double-spaced format with 12-point font.

How Long is an Essay in High School?

The length of an essay in high school can vary based on the assignment, subject, and teacher’s guidelines. High school essays usually take 500 to 1500 words (3-5 pages) or more, depending on the complexity of the topic. The final papers can be 1250-1750 words (5-7 pages).

How to Write a Personal Narrative Essay for High School?

To write a personal narrative essay for high school, follow these steps:

  • Choose a meaningful experience from your life.
  • Craft a catchy introduction to engage readers.
  • Develop the storyline with vivid descriptions and dialogue.
  • Reflect on the significance of the experience in the conclusion.
  • Edit and revise for clarity, coherence, and grammar.
  • The Big List of Essay Topics for High School (100+ Ideas!) | We Are Teachers
  • 9th Grade Writing Prompts |
  • 61 General Expository Essay Topic Ideas to Practice Academic Writing | ThoughtCo
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Creative Ways to Use Graphic Novels in the Classroom! 🎥

100 Thought-Provoking Argumentative Writing Prompts for Kids and Teens

Practice making well-reasoned arguments using research and facts.

Parents should be punished for their minor children’s crimes.

Writing a strong argumentative essay teaches students to make a case for their own point of view without relying on emotion or passion. These argumentative essay topics provide options for kids of all ages, including controversial subjects and some that are just for fun.

School and Education Argumentative Essay Topics

Science and history argumentative essay topics, life and ethics argumentative essay topics, social justice and civics argumentative essay topics, more argumentative essay topics, what’s the difference between argumentative and persuasive essays.

These two types of essays are similar, but there are some subtle and important differences .

  • Author’s purpose: In an argumentative essay, your job is to simply convince the reader that the point of view you’re presenting is valid, even if it doesn’t change their mind. Persuasive essays seek to sway the reader to adopt your point of view over any others.
  • Method: Argumentative essays rely heavily on well-researched facts and logical assertions. In a persuasive essay, the writer may use a blend of emotion and facts to win over the reader.
  • Audience: Persuasive essays require a specific audience, since the writer must acknowledge and attempt to overcome their potential objections. The writer of an argumentative essay is simply making a statement, so knowing their audience is less important.
  • Viewpoint: A persuasive essay writer should believe their point of view is the only correct one, and try to persuade the reader to agree. Argumentative essays acknowledge other points of view, but use reason and logic to argue that the writer’s point of view is best.

Persuasive and argumentative essay topics often overlap. The difference is in how the writer approaches the topic. When you assign one of the topics below as an argumentative essay, remind students to use research, reason, and logic to make a strong but dispassionate argument.

  • Should physical education be part of the standard high school curriculum?
  • Schools should require recommended vaccines for all students, with very limited exceptions.
  • Should all students have the ability to attend college for free?
  • What one class should all high schools students be required to take and pass in order to graduate?

What one class should all high schools students be required to take and pass in order to graduate?

  • Do you think homework should be required, optional, or not given at all?
  • Students should/should not be able to use their phones during the school day.
  • Should schools have dress codes?
  • If I could change one school rule, it would be …
  • Is year-round school a good idea?
  • Which is better, private schools or public schools?
  • Should every student have to participate in athletics?
  • Do you think schools should ban junk food from their cafeterias?
  • Should students be required to volunteer in their communities?
  • What is the most important school subject?
  • Are letter grades helpful, or should we replace them with something else?

Are letter grades helpful, or should we replace them with something else?

  • Should schools be allowed to ban some books from their libraries?
  • Which is better, book smarts or street smarts?
  • Are single-gender schools better or worse for students?
  • Are computers making teachers obsolete?
  • Students who fail a test should be given a chance to take it again.
  • Is it acceptable to use animals for experiments and research?
  • Vaping is less harmful than smoking tobacco.
  • Do we really learn anything from history, or does it just repeat itself over and over?
  • Is it OK to keep animals in zoos?
  • Should we ban plastic bags and bottles?
  • Should we still consider Pluto a planet?

Should we still consider Pluto a planet?

  • It’s important to spend tax dollars exploring space, instead of on other things.
  • Is there life on other planets?
  • Who was the best/worst American president?
  • Should vaccines be mandatory?
  • Are GMOs more helpful than harmful?
  • Is animal cloning ethical?
  • Should human cloning be legal?
  • Should we use stem cells from human embryos for scientific research?
  • Is it better to provide drug addicts with treatment instead of punishment?

Is it better to provide drug addicts with treatment instead of punishment?

  • Should we ban the use of fossil fuels?
  • Can we truly do anything about human-caused global warming?
  • Are electric vehicles better than gas-powered ones?
  • Was life really better “back in the day”?
  • Choose a foreign conflict (e.g., Vietnam or Afghanistan) and argue whether or not the United States was justified in getting involved.
  • The most important challenge our country is currently facing is … (e.g., immigration, gun control, economy)
  • Does social media do more harm than good?
  • The best country in the world is …
  • Are men and women treated equally?
  • Is it better to be vegetarian/vegan than to eat meat?
  • Should little kids be allowed to play competitive sports?
  • Who faces more peer pressure, girls or boys?
  • Should kids have set bedtimes or just go to bed whenever they’re sleepy?

Should kids have set bedtimes or just go to bed whenever they’re sleepy?

  • Which is better, artificial Christmas trees or real ones?
  • Playing violent video games is bad for kids and teens.
  • Parents should track their kids using their cell phones.
  • Are paper books better than e-books?
  • All kids should play on the same sports teams, regardless of gender.
  • All paper documents should be replaced with electronic versions.
  • Is conflict necessary for change?
  • Is war ever justified?
  • A strong middle class is vital to the economy.

A strong middle class is vital to the economy.

  • Is the local minimum wage truly a living wage?
  • Should we do away with gender-specific public bathrooms?
  • Is a progressive income tax better than a flat tax?
  • Capital punishment does/does not deter crime.
  • Would it be better to legalize, tax, and regulate all drugs (including alcohol and cigarettes) instead of banning them?
  • Parents should be punished for their minor children’s crimes.

Parents should be punished for their minor children’s crimes.

  • The government should provide free internet access for every citizen.
  • Is democracy the best form of government?
  • Is capitalism the best form of economy?
  • Should all Americans be required to vote?
  • Should we change the minimum driving age in the United States?
  • Do you think the government should find a way to provide free health care for everyone?
  • School-age children should be allowed to vote.
  • We should/should not abolish the electoral college.
  • Are “Stand Your Ground” laws effective?
  • Supreme Court judges should be appointed for fixed terms.

Supreme Court judges should be appointed for fixed terms.

  • Does segregation still exist in the United States?
  • We should/should not continue building a wall between the United States and Mexico.
  • Will stricter gun control laws help control mass shootings?
  • Should we make the path to American citizenship easier?
  • Is the American justice system inherently racist?
  • Should we redirect some or all police force funding to social services?
  • Should the United States implement a universal basic income?
  • Choose a fictional character and explain why they should be the next president.
  • What animal makes the best pet?
  • Who is the world’s best athlete, present or past?
  • Which is better, reading books or watching TV?
  • Is a taco a sandwich?
  • Should kids be allowed to stay up as late as they want?

Should kids be allowed to stay up as late as they want?

  • What’s the best video game system?
  • Kids shouldn’t have to go to school on their birthdays.
  • Is video gaming a sport?
  • Are beauty pageants sexist?
  • Should kids get participation trophies for sports?
  • Are stereotypes ever right?
  • Is there any benefit to teaching proper grammar and spelling, or should we allow language to be descriptive instead of prescriptive?
  • All teenagers should have part-time jobs.
  • Should kids have limits on screen time?
  • Is it better to read fiction or nonfiction?
  • Should kids have to eat everything on their plate, even if they really don’t like something?

Should kids have to eat everything on their plate, even if they really don't like something?

  • Is it better to spend an hour a day reading or exercising?
  • Is graffiti an act of vandalism or an art form?
  • Should society hold celebrities to a high moral standard?

What are your favorite argumentative writing prompts? Come share your thoughts in the WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Facebook .

Also check out 100 intriguing cause and effect essay topics for students ..

Use these thought-provoking argumentative essay topics to teach students to write well-researched and convincing compositions.

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The Big List of Essay Topics for High School (120+ Ideas!)

Ideas to inspire every young writer! Continue Reading

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Essay Topics – List of 500+ Essay Writing Topics and Ideas

List of 500+ essay writing topics and ideas.

Essay topics in English can be difficult to come up with. While writing essays , many college and high school students face writer’s block and have a hard time to think about topics and ideas for an essay. In this article, we will list out many good essay topics from different categories like argumentative essays, essays on technology, environment essays for students from 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th grades. Following list of essay topics are for all – from kids to college students. We have the largest collection of essays. An essay is nothing but a piece of content which is written from the perception of writer or author. Essays are similar to a story, pamphlet, thesis, etc. The best thing about Essay is you can use any type of language – formal or informal. It can biography, the autobiography of anyone. Following is a great list of 100 essay topics. We will be adding 400 more soon!

But Before that you may wanna read some awesome Essay Writing Tips here .

500+ essay topics for students and children

Get the Huge list of 100+ Speech Topics here

Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Should plastic be banned?
  • Pollution due to Urbanization
  • Education should be free
  • Should Students get limited access to the Internet?
  • Selling Tobacco should be banned
  • Smoking in public places should be banned
  • Facebook should be banned
  • Students should not be allowed to play PUBG

Essay Topics on Technology

  • Wonder Of Science
  • Mobile Phone

Essay Topics on Festivals on Events

  • Independence Day (15 August)
  • Teachers Day
  • Summer Vacation
  • Children’s Day
  • Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
  • Janmashtami
  • Republic Day

Essay Topics on Education

  • Education Essay
  • Importance of Education
  • Contribution of Technology in Education

grade 8 essay ideas

Essay Topics on Famous Leaders

  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • APJ Abdul Kalam
  • Jawaharlal Nehru
  • Swami Vivekananda
  • Mother Teresa
  • Rabindranath Tagore
  • Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
  • Subhash Chandra Bose
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Martin Luther King
  • Lal Bahadur Shashtri

Essay Topics on Animals and Birds

  • My Favorite Animal

Essays Topics About Yourself

  • My Best Friend
  • My Favourite Teacher
  • My Aim In Life
  • My Favourite Game – Badminton
  • My Favourite Game – Essay
  • My Favourite Book
  • My Ambition
  • How I Spent My Summer Vacation
  • India of My Dreams
  • My School Life
  • I Love My Family
  • My Favourite Subject
  • My Favourite Game Badminton
  • My Father My Hero
  • My School Library
  • My Favourite Author
  • My plans for summer vacation

Essay Topics Based on Environment and Nature

  • Global Warming
  • Environment
  • Air Pollution
  • Environmental Pollution
  • Water Pollution
  • Rainy Season
  • Climate Change
  • Importance Of Trees
  • Winter Season
  • Deforestation
  • Natural Disasters
  • Save Environment
  • Summer Season
  • Trees Our Best Friend Essay In English

Essay Topics Based on Proverbs

  • Health Is Wealth
  • A Stitch in Time Saves Nine
  • An Apple a Day Keeps Doctor Away
  • Where there is a will, there is way
  • Time and Tide wait for none

Toppr provides free study materials like NCERT Solutions for Students, Previous 10 Years of Question Papers, 1000+ hours of video lectures for free. Download Toppr app for Android and iOS or signup for free.

Essay Topics for Students from 6th, 7th, 8th Grade

  • Noise Pollution
  • Environment Pollution
  • Women Empowerment
  • Time and Tide Wait for none
  • Science and Technology
  • Importance of Sports
  • Sports and Games
  • Time Management
  • Cleanliness is next to Godliness
  • Cleanliness
  • Rome was not Built in a Day
  • Unemployment
  • Clean India
  • Cow Essay In English
  • Describe Yourself
  • Festivals Of India
  • Ganesh Chaturthi
  • Healthy Food
  • Importance Of Water
  • Plastic Pollution
  • Value of Time
  • Honesty is the Best Policy
  • Gandhi Jayanti
  • Human Rights
  • Knowledge Is Power
  • Same Sex Marriage
  • Childhood Memories
  • Cyber Crime
  • Kalpana Chawla
  • Punctuality
  • Rani Lakshmi Bai
  • Spring Season
  • Unity In Diversity
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Online Shopping
  • Indian Culture
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Indian Education System
  • Disaster Management
  • Environmental Issues
  • Freedom Fighters
  • Grandparents
  • Save Fuel For Better Environment
  • Importance Of Newspaper
  • Lal Bahadur Shastri
  • Raksha Bandhan
  • World Environment Day
  • Narendra Modi
  • What Is Religion
  • Charity Begins at Home
  • A Journey by Train
  • Ideal student
  • Save Water Save Earth
  • Indian Farmer
  • Safety of Women in India
  • Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
  • Capital Punishment
  • College Life
  • Natural Resources
  • Peer Pressure
  • Nature Vs Nurture
  • Romeo And Juliet
  • Generation Gap
  • Makar Sankranti
  • Constitution of India
  • Girl Education
  • Importance of Family
  • Importance of Independence Day
  • Brain Drain
  • A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed
  • Action Speaks Louder Than Words
  • All That Glitters Is Not Gold
  • Bhagat Singh
  • Demonetization
  • Agriculture
  • Importance of Discipline
  • Population Explosion
  • Poverty in India
  • Uses Of Mobile Phones
  • Water Scarcity
  • Train Journey
  • Land Pollution
  • Environment Protection
  • Indian Army
  • Uses of Internet
  • All that Glitters is not Gold
  • Balanced Diet
  • Blood Donation
  • Digital India
  • Dussehra Essay
  • Energy Conservation
  • National Integration
  • Railway Station
  • Sachin Tendulkar
  • Health And Hygiene
  • Importance Of Forest
  • Indira Gandhi
  • Laughter Is The Best Medicine
  • Career Goals
  • Mental Health
  • Save Water Save Life
  • International Yoga Day
  • Winter Vacation
  • Soil Pollution
  • Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining
  • Indian Culture And Tradition
  • Unity Is Strength
  • Unity is Diversity
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Cruelty To Animals
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Of Mice And Men
  • Organ Donation
  • Life in a Big City
  • Democracy in India
  • Waste Management
  • Biodiversity
  • Afforestation
  • Female Foeticide
  • Harmful Effects Of Junk Food
  • Rain Water Harvesting
  • Save Electricity
  • Social Media
  • Social Networking Sites
  • Sound Pollution
  • Procrastination
  • Life in an Indian Village
  • Life in Big City
  • Population Growth
  • World Population Day
  • Greenhouse Effect
  • Statue of Unity
  • Traffic Jam
  • Beti Bachao Beti Padhao
  • Importance of Good Manners
  • Good Manners
  • Cyber Security
  • Green Revolution
  • Health And Fitness
  • Incredible India
  • Make In India
  • Surgical Strike
  • Triple Talaq
  • A Good Friend
  • Importance of Friends in our Life
  • Should Plastic be Banned
  • Nationalism
  • Traffic Rules
  • Effects of Global Warming
  • Fundamental Rights
  • Solar System
  • National Constitution Day
  • Good Mother
  • Importance of Trees in our Life
  • City Life Vs Village Life
  • Importance of Communication
  • Conservation of Nature
  • Man vs. Machine
  • Indian Economy
  • Mothers Love
  • Importance of National Integration
  • Black Money
  • Greenhouse effect
  • Untouchability
  • Self Discipline
  • Global Terrorism
  • Conservation of Biodiversity
  • Newspaper and Its Uses
  • World Health Day
  • Conservation of Natural Resources
  • A Picnic with Family
  • Indian Heritage
  • Status of Women in India
  • Child is Father of the Man
  • Reading is Good Habit
  • Plastic Bag
  • Terrorism in India
  • Library and Its Uses
  • Life on Mars
  • Urbanization
  • Pollution Due to Diwali
  • National Flag of India
  • Vocational Education
  • Importance of Tree Plantation
  • Summer Camp
  • Vehicle Pollution
  • Women Education in India
  • Seasons in India
  • Freedom of the Press
  • Caste System
  • Environment and Human Health
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Depletion of Natural Resources
  • Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar
  • Health Education
  • Effects of Deforestation
  • Life after School
  • Starvation in India
  • Jan Dhan Yojana
  • Impact of Privatization
  • Election Commission of India
  • Election and Democracy
  • Prevention of Global Warming
  • Impact of Cinema in Life
  • Subhas Chandra Bose
  • Dowry System
  • Ganesh Chaturthi Festival
  • Role of Science in Making India
  • Impact of Global Warming on Oceans
  • Pollution due to Festivals
  • Ambedkar Jayanti
  • Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat
  • Family Planning in India
  • Democracy vs Dictatorship
  • National Festivals of India
  • Sri Aurobindo
  • Casteism in India
  • Organ trafficking
  • Consequences of Global Warming
  • Role of Human Activities in Global Warming
  • Issues and Problems faced by Women in India
  • Role of Judiciary in the Country Today
  • Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan
  • PUBG Mobile Game Addiction
  • Role of Youths in Nation Building
  • Value of Oxygen and Water in Life/Earth
  • Farmer Suicides in India
  • Start-up India
  • Pollution Due to Firecrackers
  • Life of Soldiers
  • Child Labour
  • Save Girl Child
  • Morning Walk
  • My School Fete
  • Essay on Financial Literacy
  • Essay On Sustainable Development
  • Essay On Punjab
  • Essay On Travel
  • My Home Essay
  • Child Marriage Essay
  • Importance Of English Language Essay
  • Essay On Mass Media
  • Essay On Horse
  • Essay On Police
  • Essay On Eid
  • Essay On Solar Energy
  • Animal Essay
  • Essay On Mango
  • Gender Discrimination Essay
  • Essay On Advertisement
  • My First Day At School Essay
  • My Neighborhood Essay
  • True Friendship Essay
  • Work Is Worship Essay
  • Essay On Self Confidence
  • Essay On Superstition
  • Essay On Bangalore
  • Sex Vs Gender Essay
  • Essay On Social Issues
  • Time Is Money Essay
  • Essay About Grandmothers
  • Essay On Hard Work
  • First Day Of School Essay
  • Flowers Essay
  • My Favorite Food Essay
  • Essay on Birds
  • Essay on Humanity
  • Essay on Sun
  • Essay on Kargil War
  • Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining Essay
  • Francis Bacon Essays
  • Importance of Cleanliness Essay
  • My Sister Essay
  • Self Introduction Essay
  • Solar Energy Essay
  • Sports Day Essa
  • Value Of Education Essay
  • Essay On Isro
  • Essay On Balance Is Beneficial
  • Essay On Reservation In India
  • Essay On Water Management
  • Essay On Smoking
  • Essay On Stress Management
  • Essay On William Shakespeare
  • Essay on Apple
  • Essay On Albert Einstein
  • Essay On Feminism
  • Essay On Kindness
  • Essay On Domestic Violence
  • Essay on English as a Global Language
  • Essay On Co-Education
  • Importance Of Exercise Essay
  • Overpopulation Essay
  • Smartphone Essay
  • Essay on River
  • Essay on Cyclone
  • Essay On Facebook
  • Essay On Science In Everyday Life
  • Essay On Women Rights
  • Essay On Right To Education
  • Essay on Quotes
  • Essay On Peace
  • Essay On Drawing
  • Essay On Bicycle
  • Essay On Sexual Harassment
  • Essay On Hospital
  • Essay On Srinivasa Ramanujan
  • Essay On Golden Temple
  • Essay On Art
  • Essay On Ruskin Bond
  • Essay On Moon
  • Birthday Essay
  • Dont Judge A Book By Its Cover Essay
  • Draught Essay
  • Gratitude Essay
  • Indian Politics Essay
  • Who am I Essay
  • Essay on Positive Thinking
  • Essay on Dance
  • Essay on Navratri
  • Essay on Onam
  • Essay on New Education Policy 2020
  • Esasy on Thank you Coronavirus Helpers
  • Essay on Coronavirus and Coronavirus Symptoms
  • Essay on Baseball
  • Essay on coronavirus vaccine
  • Fitness beats pandemic essay
  • Essay on coronavirus tips
  • Essay on coronavirus prevention
  • Essay on coronavirus treatment
  • Essay on essay on trees
  • Essay on television
  • Gender inequality essay
  • Water conservation essay
  • Essay on Gurpurab
  • Essay on Types of sports
  • Essay on road safety
  • Essay on my favourite season
  • My pet essay
  • Student life essay
  • Essay on Railway station
  • Essay on earth
  • Essay on knowledge is power
  • Essay on favourite personality
  • Essay on memorable day of my life
  • My parents essay
  • Our country essay
  • Picnic essay
  • Travelling essay

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  • Class Discussion Summary
  • Crying Summary in English

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30 Essay Writing Topics for Grade 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 and 12

Here is a good list of essay topics you can write about for all grades, starting from Grade 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. Whether you are writing a descriptive, narrative, argumentative essay, these topics are good for all areas.


Essay Writing Topics for Grade 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 and 12

You can simply learn how to write an essay by using some of examples here.

Descriptive Essay Topics

A descriptive essay presents a detailed picture of a person, place, object, or event. It uses specific details to make the subject come alive for the reader. The goal is to create a vivid image in the reader's mind.

This type of essay focuses on the sensory details like sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. It often uses adjectives and adverbs to describe the subject.

1.           Your favorite place to relax.

2.          A day in the life of your pet.

3.          The best birthday party you’ve ever had.

4.          What your dream school would look like.

5.          Describe your favorite meal and why you love it.

6.          Your most cherished holiday memory.

7.          The view from your bedroom window.

8.          A profile of your best friend – what makes them special?

9.          Your favorite hobby and what it involves.

10.         A memorable trip with your family.

You may also look: 5 Good AI Essay Writers for Students

Narrative Essay Topics

A narrative essay tells a story from the writer's perspective. It has a clear beginning, middle, and end, like a story. The essay includes characters, a setting, and a plot. It often has a lesson or moral at the end . The writer uses descriptive details to make the story interesting and engaging for the reader.

  • The day you learned how to ride a bike.
  • A time when you helped someone and felt proud of it.
  • Your first day at a new school.
  • An adventure in the park.
  • The best gift you’ve ever received.
  • A scary moment that turned out to be funny.
  • The day you lost something important and found it.
  • A fun family tradition.
  • Your first experience with snow (or another weather event).
  • How you solved a problem you had with a friend.

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Argumentative Essay Topics

An argumentative essay presents a clear position on a topic and supports it with evidence and reasoning. It aims to persuade the reader to agree with the writer's point of view.

The essay includes an introduction with a thesis statement, body paragraphs with arguments and evidence, and a conclusion . The writer must consider and refute counterarguments. The language is formal and logical.

1.           Should homework be banned?

2.          Are school uniforms a good or bad idea?

3.          Should kids have cell phones?

4.          The importance of sports in school.

5.          Can video games be educational?

6.          Should there be pets in school?

7.          The best school lunch food.

8.          Is summer vacation too long?

9.          Should there be more field trips in school?

10.         Reading books vs. watching movies: Which is better for learning?

Understanding the differences between descriptive, argumentative, and narrative essays is crucial for effective writing. Each type serves a distinct purpose: descriptive essays paint a detailed picture, argumentative essays present and support a viewpoint, and narrative essays tell a story with a lesson. By mastering these essay types, writers can communicate their ideas more clearly and engage their readers more effectively.

  • essay topics
  • argumentative essay
  • narrative essay
  • descriptive essay
  • how to write an essay
  • essay topics for grade 12
  • narrative essay topics

NSFAS 2024 Guide: Online Application | Status Check | Requirements

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grade 8 essay ideas

Essay Topics For Grade 8

Writing an essay on a unique topic every time is like a challenge for grade 8 students for their homework. At the same time, they find no interest in writing the essay on similar topics again and again. To avoid such problems a few interesting and innovative school essay topics are suggested here for the middle school students.

You can find a mixture of argumentative, persuasive, critical, narrative, expository, and exploratory essay topics here in the list provided below. So just choose the topic that you want to pursue writing a school essay.

You will be able to find the essay topic on various subjects like science essay topics, history essay topics, chemistry essay topics, etc. from the given list here.

Grade 8 Writing Prompts and Persuasive Essay Topics Based on Psychology

Free cause and effect essay topics ideas on science for middle school, sports-related innovative argumentative school essay topics:, compare & compare essay topics on history:, unique essay topics ideas on economics for school.

  • 8th Grade interesting essay topics about animals:

Best topics for descriptive essay on literature

Middle school essay writing help from students assignment help.

  • It is important to visit a psychological counselor in the beginning when a child is going through ADHD.
  • Hyperactive people are mostly capable of doing extraordinary things in their life, either in a positive or negative field.
  • It is important to add minerals in water plants that are not subjected to growth with soil.
  • The less use of air conditioners and other gadgets can improve the quality of pollution in the environment.
  • The green belt roads that are being developed in many countries are not capable of checking the level of pollution with perfection.
  • There are so many negative impacts of greenhouse gases still they are in use for multiple purposes in daily life.
  • High blood pressure in the human body can give rise to brain hemorrhage in people.
  • Anemic people are more prone to diseases as compared to those having a good count of red blood cells in their circulatory system.
  • Diluted food products like milk and almonds slow down the growth of a child to a major extent and cause various ailments as well.
  • Excessive online study of books can cause serious issues to the eyesight of human beings.
  • We can trace jaundice as a cause of serious underlying medical situations like the poor function of the liver or bone marrow.
  • The cutting of trees in excessive is also giving rise to the high level of temperature apart from the greenhouse gases.
  • Sports should be played equally by men and women irrespective of any discrimination on the ground of gender and creed.
  • Racism is abolished on paper but we can still trace its roots in many people who make such statements every other day in sports.
  • Racial discrimination is often suppressed by the countries that are vested with supreme rights when it comes to set rules for playing various games.
  • Most of the developing countries still back discrimination against women when it comes to playing tough games.
  • Sport is not always teaching discipline and equality as we can see the biased approach of most of the coaches on the ground in reality.
  • Most of the countries divide the kind of sports that will be played by women and men which they consider as good by keeping the strength of two genders in mind.
  • The inventions that occur in the past are being reinvented in the present time by the scientist.
  • The evolution of music especially classical music changes with time as the context of the music change with time as well.
  • The wars and battles can be traced to history only and we can witness peace in the present time in society as compared to historical time.
  • The French revolution lit the light of freedom among various other countries from the colonial government of the British.
  • Slavery is not much appreciated by the slaves when it was abolished long back in America as compared to many other countries.
  • The evolution of America as a superpower can be seen with the development of the weapons industry in the country which is not done by any other nation.
  • The dumping and anti-dumping laws affect the trade ratio of a country to a great extent.
  • The rules of international trade are also applicable to people running an online business.
  • The online business that is spread over more than two countries is supposed to pay the taxes to the countries in which it is being operated.
  • The future of real estate is put into danger by online business marketing as no space is required in the market set up for online business.
  • The economy of the developing countries should grow at a double-digit pace to catch the developed country’s growth.

 8th Grade interesting essay topics about animals:

  • Animal rights should be seen carefully by the international organizations set up for this purpose.
  • The development of science and technology is also putting animal rights to life into danger by committing cruelty to them.
  • The developed countries are more inclined towards the rights of the animals as compared to the poor nations.
  • The different types of cruelty that happen to animals in countries where terrorism is at its peak.
  • There should be proper shelter and a home for animals that are separated from their families.
  • The rhetorical figures are important to use in a literary work as a poem and play.
  • A good literary work is never bound of its time and a universal theme can be seen in such literature.
  • The impact of the present period and situation can be seen in the literature work of any period easily.
  • The literary books should not be read by applying any literary theory by the readers.

So write your essay on any of the topics given here by the experts of Students Assignment Help. Those who need help in writing their school essay assignments can buy online essay help as well. Students Assignment Help experts are writing all types of essays for middle school students with research.

The very low price is taken from the students in return for this quality help. From following a proper structure and format of essay writing completely edited essays are submitted before the deadline by the online essay helpers to middle school students.

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Free Printable Essay Writing Worksheets for 8th Grade

Essay Writing made accessible! Discover a vast collection of free printable Reading & Writing worksheets tailored for Grade 8 students. Enhance your teaching experience and help students excel with Quizizz.


Explore Essay Writing Worksheets by Grades

  • kindergarten

Explore Other Subject Worksheets for grade 8

  • Social studies
  • Social emotional
  • Foreign language
  • Reading & Writing

Explore printable Essay Writing worksheets for 8th Grade

Essay Writing worksheets for Grade 8 are an essential tool for teachers looking to develop and enhance their students' reading and writing skills. These worksheets focus on various aspects of writing, including nonfiction writing, which is a crucial component of the curriculum for this grade level. By incorporating these worksheets into their lesson plans, teachers can provide a structured and engaging approach to teaching writing, while also ensuring that their students are exposed to a wide range of topics and writing styles. Additionally, these worksheets can help students practice their writing skills, improve their vocabulary, and develop a better understanding of grammar and sentence structure. Overall, Essay Writing worksheets for Grade 8 are an invaluable resource for teachers who want to help their students excel in reading and writing.

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56 8th Grade Science Fair Projects – 2024

June 23, 2024

If you teach science to 8th graders, you might be looking for science fair project ideas to inspire your students. Or perhaps you’re looking for fresh classroom experiments to demonstrate biology, chemistry, and physics principles. Continue reading for 60 science fair project ideas for 8th grade with a range of topics and difficulty levels/

8th Grade Science Fair Projects – Things to consider

Each project below comes with a ranking according to difficulty and materials, which you can consider as you decide which projects to share with your 8 th grade students.

Difficulty : As you choose a project for your class, it’s important to consider the difficulty of the project. Do your 8 th grade students have enough time for this project? Have they reached a high enough level in the scientific area? Each of these projects is rated “basic,” “medium,” or “advanced” based on the complexity of the concept involved and the amount of time it will take.

Materials : The projects below also range in terms of materials and setup, and they are listed as “basic,” “medium,” or “advanced.” This can help you determine what kind of preparation is required in order to complete each project.

Biology Science Fair Project Ideas

56 Ideas for the 8th Grade Science Fair:

1) Balloon lung capacity

  Using simply a balloon and a tape measurer, this experiment allows students to measure human health and athleticism. It can be made more or less complicated depending on the measurements taken (circumference only vs. volume of the balloon, for example).

  • Difficulty: basic
  • Materials: medium
  • Learn more: measuring lung capacity

8th Grade Science Fair Projects (Continued)

2) water quality testing.

  Do you have a water-testing kit on hand? If not, you can purchase one for under $30. This simple kit opens numerous possibilities for science fair projects, including testing the water quality of local streams, ponds, swimming pools, and drinking-water taps. Water testing is a great way to teach about pollution and the importance of clean water sources.

  • Learn more: water quality experiment

3) Plant maze

  Ever noticed how plants grow towards light? With a simple experiment, your students can watch as a plant grows around obstacles. Your plant maze can be as simple or as complex as you’d like.

  • Difficulty: medium
  • Learn more: plant light maze

4) Animal track casting

Are your students up to a bit of detective work? In this experiment, they can track animals and study their tracks using a homemade plaster mold, and then comparing them for size, shape, and location.

  • Learn more: find & collect animal tracks

5) Nitrogen and plants

  Explore how nitrogen aids plant growth with this 8 th grade science project, which involves comparing the growth of pea plants with and without nitrogen-fixing bacteria.

  • Learn more: nitrogen and plants

6) Your plant’s favorite music

  Do plants appreciate the music you play? This experiment determines whether classical music affects the growth and health of plants (though you can use any genre you’d like, or test multiple different genres).

  • Learn more: plant responses to music

7) Crime scene fingerprinting

This project is especially great for students interested in forensic science. It can be completed using a purchased fingerprinting kit and simple household supplies.

  • Learn more: crime scene fingerprinting

8) Myers-Briggs and memory

  Are your students interested in exploring questions of psychology, memory, and mental health? This experiment involves asking volunteers to take a Myers-Briggs personality test, followed by a simple memory exam. They only need internet access and willing volunteers, no extra materials needed!

  • Materials: basic
  • Learn more: memory and personality

9) Tooth decay with eggs

  Since eggshells share similar properties to teeth, your students can use them to test how different beverages erode tooth enamel. This project teaches biology concepts while also encouraging healthy eating and dental care.

  • Learn more: tooth decay egg experiment

10) Water your plants

  For an easy experiment on plant growth, try watering plants with different liquids. You can test different water sources (tap water, rain water, etc.), different salt-levels in water, or even the difference between water and soda.

  • Learn more: plant growth with different liquids

11) Cooking and Vitamin C

  For a nutrition-focused experiment, see whether cooked fruits and vegetables have less Vitamin C than raw ones. This involves a slightly more complex procedure, so it’s perfect for your advanced 8 th grade classes.

  • Difficulty: advanced
  • Materials: advanced
  • Learn more: Vitamin C determination

12) Algae growth

  Have you taught your students about fertilizer runoff and its harmful impacts on local waterways? In this experiment, students can test the effects of pollutants on algae growth using household fertilizers and other materials.

  • Learn more: algae and pollution

13) Hydroponic vs. soil plant growth

  Perfect for students with a green thumb, this experiment allows students to test whether plants grow faster hydroponically or in soil.

  • Learn more: hydroponic vs. soil

14) Bioluminescent bacteria

  For the glowing students out there (as well as the future marine biologists), this project allows 8 th graders to understand how glowing waves are caused by microscopic organisms in the ocean.

  • Learn more: ocean bioluminescence

15) Extracting DNA from onions

  In this experiment, students can use a variety of household supplies to see if DNA is able to survive separately from other cell components.

  • Learn more: onion DNA extraction

16) Sleep and memory

  Can sleep deprivation affect memory? Have your students ask volunteers a series of trivia questions after getting 8 or 5 hours of sleep. While this project takes some planning, organization, and willing volunteers, it’s a fun way to promote healthy sleep habits.

  • Learn more: sleep and memory (plus a few more sleep-related experiment ideas)

Chemistry Science Fair Project Ideas

17) Starch test with iodine

  For a simple chemistry experiment, help your 8 th grade students to understand properties of starch and its presence in various foods.

  • Learn more: starch test

18) Carbon sugar snake

  Through the simple chemical reaction of sugar and baking soda, you can make a fiery snake rise from the ground. Take note of safety while doing this experiment, since fire and lighter fluid are involved.

  • Learn more: carbon sugar snake

19) Juice spherification

  Try this for a fun and aesthetically-pleasing experiment, which allows your students to create edible spheres, or to “spherify” water and other liquids.

  • Learn more: spherification of water

20) Hand-warming chemistry

  Ever wish you could heat up your hands on a cold day? Instead of buying a commercial warmer, try making one of these. This experiment offers a practical solution to an everyday problem.

  • Learn more: homemade hand warmer

21) Sports drink challenge (for electrolytes)

We’ve all heard sports drinks advertised as having electrolytes. What does this mean, exactly? Is drinking Gatorade really much better than a glass of orange juice? Try this experiment to find out. You’ll need a few special supplies, including a multimeter and an ohm resistor .

  • Learn more: electrolytes in sports drinks

22) Find the best detergent

  Test which laundry detergent is really cleaning your clothes. After making coffee, ketchup, and makeup stains on white handkerchiefs, students will test several laundry detergent brands for effectiveness. For an extra challenge, they can analyze the ingredients in each detergent to see which is the most active.

  • Learn more: laundry lab

23) Color-changing beads for UV resistance

Through this experiment, you can use color-changing UV beads to test the protective power of various household objects against the sun.

  • Learn more: UV bead experiment

24) Taco sauce penny cleaner

  Can you really clean pennies with taco sauce? Have your students collect their most tarnished pennies and test the theory. Then, see which ingredient (or combination of ingredients) in taco sauce is the most effective by testing them separately.

  • Learn more: taco sauce penny cleaner

25) Effects of acid rain

  In order to understand how acid rain affects buildings and other structures, students can use chalk for a stand-in for stone. For a more complex project, they can explore ways of protecting the structures, thereby mitigating the effects of acid rain.

  • Learn more: effects of acid rain

26) Hot yeast experiment

  Discover how temperature impacts yeast fermentation. The ingredients are simple: clear glasses, 3 balloons, 3 packets of yeast, sugar, and water.

  • Learn more: hot yeast experiment

27) Root beer brewing

  Root beer, a favorite soda for many, is actually just a combination of water, sugar, and flavorings (plus carbonation, which comes from carbon dioxide gas). For a delicious 8 th grade science fair project, test ingredients for the best root beer brew (students can test for fizziness, sweetness, or best flavor by popular vote).

  • Learn more: root beer science

28) Extract bismuth from Pepto Bismol

  For a more complex chemistry procedure, grind some Pepto Bismol pills and extract bismuth, its active ingredient. This experiment takes a while, so make sure you leave time for multiple trials.

  • Learn more: extract bismuth from Pepto Bismol

29) Homemade ice cream

  The secret to making ice cream is to lower the freezing point of ice. The secret to this secret? Salt. With this experiment, you can have delicious vanilla ice cream ready in about 20 minutes. Test different ingredients and times for the best results.

  • Learn more: homemade ice cream

30) Rock candy

  Here’s another delicious one, which only requires dipping a string in some sugar water to create a beautiful candy crystal.

  • Learn more: homemade rock candy

31) Waterproof fabric

  In this experiment, you can test different clothing materials (nylon? Wool? Polyester? Silk?) to see which is the most water resistant.

  • Learn more: put your fabric to the test

32) Soap and surface tension

Surface tension, put simply, causes the molecules in the surface of a liquid to cling together. In this 8 th grade science fair project, you can test how soap affects surface tension.

  • Learn more: soapy surface tension

Physics and Engineering Science Fair Project Ideas

33) build-a-lightbulb.

  Teach your 8 th graders about electricity with this simple lightbulb project. By experimenting with simple materials, students can explore how to create the longest-lasting and brightest light source.

  • Learn more: build a lightbulb

34) Built-a-platform

  Any aspiring architects in your class? In this physics and engineering challenge, students create a paper cup structure (with three or more platforms for an extra challenge) that can support their weight.

  • Learn more: paper cup structure

35) Solar-powered oven

  Food-related projects aren’t reserved for chemistry. Your students can make s’mores by engineering their own ovens, changing up the construction process for different results.

  • Learn more: solar oven

36) Engineer a roller coaster

  Challenge your students to create a roller coaster, loops included. They can experiment with the height and size of the loops, as well as marble weight.

  • Learn more: roller coaster building

37) Crash cars

  This experiment involves building cars out of basic classroom materials (plus miniature wheels and axles, which can be found easily online). Then, students can crash-test their cars with raw eggs inside as “passengers.” What structures best protect the egg?

  • Learn more: car crash project

38) Find your center

  Help unexpected objects balance in unexpected places with this center of gravity experiment. Using pipe cleaners and clothes pins, play with raising and lowering an object’s center of gravity. Though this project is simple, but it certainly isn’t easy.

  • Learn more: center of gravity experiment

39) Spinning glasses of water

While you might think that swinging a bucket of water over your head would leave you soaked, if you swing it around fast enough, you might actually stay dry. Your students can understand the physics behind this phenomenon by building homemade “centrifugal force boards.” Change variables such as speed and cup shape for added complexity.

  • Learn more: spinning glasses of water

40) Power homemade batteries

  This experiment offers an excellent intro to electricity using materials that your students likely already have at home.

  • Learn more: DIY batteries

 41)  Graphite circuit

  For another electricity-focused experiment, challenge your students to create an electrical circuit using pencil graphite. Since it involves drawing, students can put their art skills to use for a beautiful result.

  • Learn more: graphite circuit

42) Homemade projector

  This experiment is a great way for students to understand the science behind light. All they need is a smartphone with videos, a cardboard box, a magnifying glass, and a few basic tools. Different box and magnifying glass measurements can be used as variables.

  • Learn more: homemade projector

43) Parachute egg-drop

  Help an egg reach a safe landing by creating a homemade parachute. Test multiple kinds of parachutes to learn about force and gravity, and see which one protects the egg most effectively.

  • Learn more: parachute egg-drop ideas

44) Coin tower

  In this demonstration, students build towers of coins and use physics concepts to remove the bottom coin with a butter knife. For experimental variations, use different amounts and sizes of coins.

  • Learn more: coin tower challenge

45) Wind-powered car

  By creating a sort of sailboat-car-hybrid, students can learn the engineering behind basic vehicles, adjusting its components to test for speed and distance.

  • Learn more: wind-powered car

46) Balancing water glass

  For another architecturally-relevant exercise, create a system of knives and bottles that can balance a full glass of water in the middle. Play with different design elements to conduct a challenging engineering experiment.

  • Learn more: balancing glass trick

More Ideas for Classroom Learning – 8th Grade Science Fair Projects

47) newton’s cradle.

  Your 8 th grade students might have seen a Newton’s cradle, but have they created one? Teach them about energy transfer and momentum using only simple materials such as marbles, string, and popsicle sticks.

  • Learn more: making a simple Newton’s cradle

48)   Floating compass

  With only a cork, a needle, and a glass of water, teach your students about magnetic forces and Earth’s poles.

  • Learn more: floating magnetic compass

49)  Relight a candle

Once a candle goes out, it may seem impossible to relight it without a new match. Think again! This experiment teaches students about the seemingly magical workings of hydrogren, carbon, and oxygen. Take it a step further by changing the variables of wax temperature, wick size, and candle type.

  • Learn more: magic traveling flame

50) Ring of Pringles

  This edible STEM challenge is perfect for a fun break mid-semester or for the last day of school . Though it seems easy, it will likely take students multiple tries to figure out.

  • Learn more: ring of Pringles

51) Light maze

  Create a maze of objects and work to get a beam of light through. This is a great way to engage your students using objects you already have sitting around.

  • Learn more: light maze

52) Build a cup holder

  For a challenging engineering exercise, give your students 5-minutes to create a device that can balance and carry two cups of water. Have them test their cup holders as a fun outdoor activity.

  • Learn more: cup holder STEM challenge

53) Take DNA extractions

  DNA, found in the nucleus of cells, acts as a sort of blueprint for the development and functioning of organisms. While this may seem somewhat inaccessible to 8 th grade students, it’s actually possible to extract using classroom lab materials, soap, and mouthwash solution.

  • Learn more: how to extract DNA

54) Separate water into hydrogen and oxygen

  For the 8 th grade chemistry teachers out there, you can demonstrate how water is actually formed out of two gases using electrolysis, a process that reduces H20 back to H and O.

  • Learn more: separate water into hydrogen and oxygen

 55)  Unpoppable balloon

It may surprise your 8 th grade students that you can hold a balloon up to a flame without popping it. Thanks to water, a great absorber of heat, the rubber barely even weakens when it touches a flame.

  • Difficulty: easy
  • Learn more: fire water balloon

56) Grow garbage plants

For an ongoing class experiment that you can track over a series of weeks, grow plants using different kinds of compost and garbage to see which kind of matter facilitates the quickest growth. This project is a great way to promote collaboration and sustainability in your classroom.

  • Learn more: multimeter

8th Grade Science Fair Projects – Additional Resources 

Whether you’re teaching your 8 th grade students about plant biology, discussing chemical properties, or helping them understand what it takes to engineer a car, these science fair projects and classroom learning activities are great ways to challenge your students. For further classroom resources relevant for middle school learning, we recommend the following articles:

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  • 62 Best Research Opportunities for High School Students 
  • Teacher Tools

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With a BA from Wesleyan University and an MFA from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Sarah is a writer, educator, and artist. She served as a graduate instructor at the University of Illinois, a tutor at St Peter’s School in Philadelphia, and an academic writing tutor and thesis mentor at Wesleyan’s Writing Workshop.

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100+ Motivational Speech Topics That Guarantee Good Grades

Jared Houdi

Table of Contents

As a high school or college student, there is a very high probability that your tutor will assign you the task of writing a motivational speech essay. Such assignments require you to research keenly on the most inspirational topics on which to base your speech. Most students find the process of researching motivational speech topics quite draining and time-consuming, which is why we have come up with a comprehensive list of motivational speech ideas that will get you started on your path to attaining the top grades that you envision for yourself. 

In this post, we’ll look at a variety of motivational speech topics that will not only captivate the interest of your audience but also equip you with the skills to deliver a speech that has a deep impact. Whether you want to gain insight into how to give an outstanding speech, even as a research paper subject, or get answers to frequently asked questions regarding how to do so effectively, these motivational topics will save the day.  

What Is the Purpose of a Motivational Speech?

Motivational speeches, whether they are inspiring topics for an academic presentation or a one-minute motivational speech for learners, are intended to stoke enthusiasm and inspire progress.

  • Explore the basic features of a powerful speech, such as personalized stories that appeal to emotions and a distinct, resonating message. 
  • Examine a variety of topics, from inspiring speech ideas to popular motivating topics, and how they relate to young people’s passions and issues. 
  • Emphasize the importance of understanding the audience, particularly in an educational environment where an excellent motivational speech must be meaningful and entertaining. 
  • Wrap up by reflecting keenly on the intended impact of your speech. 

A well-written motivational speech should use simple language and aim to maintain clarity throughout. Keep it short and precise to maintain your audience’s attention and engagement.

List of Motivational Speech Topics

Crafting a motivational speech can be a challenging task. If you are struggling to come up with ideas to focus your speech on, then here are some brilliant motivational speech topics to inspire you. We have 100+ captivating motivational speech topic ideas broken down into easy-to-access categories.

Motivation Speech Topics for Youth

If you’re looking to write a motivational speech that specifically targets the youth, here are some inspiring motivational speech topics that you can explore.

  • How to fully enjoy your high school experience? 
  • How to set yourself up for success? 
  • Drawing inspiration from successful entrepreneurs. 
  • Adopting a healthy lifestyle in your youth.
  • When and how to seek mentorship.
  • What you need to know about your first job.
  • How to protect your mental health? 
  • Overcoming adversity and loss.
  • Harnessing the power of social media for social impact.
  • Youth leadership in the digital age.

Motivational Speech Topics for Students

If you have been assigned to write a motivational speech that specifically targets students on educational and inspirational matters, here are some interesting motivational speech topics that you should consider.

  • Life skills: lessons beyond the classroom.
  • The role of personal development in a student’s life.
  • The role of teachers in a student’s growth.
  • Adaptability: embracing innovation in your learning curve.
  • Future trends in education.
  • Strategies to succeed in school.
  • Overcoming change: how to thrive in new environments.
  • The role of student leadership in educational institutions.
  • How to avoid procrastination and embrace growth? 
  • How to overcome exam anxiety? 

Motivation Speech Topics for Business and Management

You may have been asked to write a speech that addresses businesspeople or aspiring business owners. Here are some motivational speech topics that you can implement.

  • How to overcome business challenges during hard economic times? 
  • Entrepreneurship 101: Coming up with a vision and mission for your business.
  • How to build a customer-centered business? 
  • How to raise capital for your business? 
  • The importance of creating a vision-driven team.
  • Teamwork: The value of collaboration and communication in the workplace.
  • Financial management: the backbone of every successful business.
  • Developing practical leadership skills for business.
  • Purpose-driven enterprises: the role of social impact and sustainability in your business.
  • Setting goals for your business: how to turn your vision into practical, actionable steps.

Motivational Funny Speech Topics

To create a funny motivational speech, you will require a combination of humor, inspiration and knowledge of the main topic of discussion. Your speech should deliver a serious topic in a funny and inspiring way. Here are a few funny motivational speech topics to consider. 

  • How to find humor in stressful situations? 
  • Things to do when you don’t know what to do.
  • Fun ways to lose weight.
  • Going left when nothing seems to go right.
  • Why do men have a love-hate relationship with skinny jeans? 
  • Fun ways to make money while studying.
  • How to believe in yourself when all else fails? 
  • Expensive mistakes that you can avoid on your way to success.
  • How to kill time when stuck in traffic.
  • Ten ways to raise your mood when you feel low.

Motivational Speech Topics About Science and Technology

If you are planning to write a speech that aims to inspire or educate an audience that is interested in science and technology, then you have a lot of research to delve into. Here are a few motivational speech topics that can point you in the right direction.

  • What is the difference between astronomy and astrophysics?
  • How to embrace the power of Artificial Intelligence? 
  • Cybersecurity: What you need to know and apply to your digital space.
  • Understanding how the medicine you take works.
  • Understanding the power of your gut health.
  • Harnessing the power of renewable energy.
  • Renewable energy vs environmental conservation: How solar panels affect the environment.
  • Next-generation technology in AI.
  • Scientific advancements in biomedical technology.
  • Exploring the new frontiers of medicine through pharmaceutical technology.

5-Minute Motivational Speech Topics

The secret to delivering a 5-minute speech is to keep it short and sweet while making precise points in simple language. Here are some motivational speech ideas that you can use.

  • How to embrace resilience and overcome life challenges.
  • Staying motivated in the pursuit of your dreams.
  • Embrace the power of positive thinking.
  • Five easy ways to unleash your creativity.
  • How to become a better friend? 
  • The importance of self-care.
  • How to tell when you’re procrastinating? 
  • How to prepare for your exam? 
  • Ten simple ways to grow your confidence.
  • Finding your purpose and working towards it.

Inspirational Speech Topics

If you are looking for some passion speech ideas , we have some motivational speech topics to get you started.

  • Unleashing your potential: a personal growth journey.
  • The path to self-mastery: personal development strategies.
  • Turning ambitions into realities.
  • The art of becoming your most excellent self.
  • Personal excellence: goal setting and achievement.
  • Conquering personal development challenges.
  • Self-reflection: crucial to personal growth.
  • Developing a healthy self-perception.
  • The power of psychological fortitude.
  • Lifelong learning: the journey to professional growth.

Motivational Speech Topics About Sport

When addressing an audience of sportspeople, you need to ignite them into winning the game ahead of them. Here are some ignite speech topics that you can explore:

  • How physical exercise promotes mental wellness.
  • Benefits of fostering team spirit in sports.
  • Why do we need more inclusive policies in sports for players with disabilities?
  • The vital role of equal sports coverage of female sports.
  • Why it is important to encourage children to participate in sports activities.
  • Do the benefits of hosting an international sports event outweigh the costs?
  • Using sports as a tool for community development and social change.
  • We need to encourage more women to participate in male-dominated sports.
  • The importance of implementing safety measures in contact sports.
  • The role of sports in building resilience and coping skills.

Motivational Speech Topics on Government and Politics

Political issues are often difficult to tackle, so we have compiled a list of motivational speech topics to make your work easier. Use these motivational topics to jumpstart your assignment. 

  • Youth leadership in politics: promoting involvement and public participation.
  • Promoting social and criminal justice: fostering fairness and diversity in government policies.
  • Environmental policy aims to promote environmentally conscious choices for a more sustainable future. 
  • Human rights and activism aim to inspire progress and promote justice.
  • Political leadership: developing moral and effective administration.
  • Civic engagement: emphasizing the value of voting and participation in legislative institutions.
  • Motivating a career of dedication and impact in government.
  • Fighting corruption: promoting transparency and accountability in politics.
  • Improving humanity and inclusion in immigration and refugee policies.
  • Encouraging international partnerships and peaceful resolutions through diplomacy.

Medical Persuasive Speech Topics

If you are looking for motivational speech topics to address medical issues, you can build on these ideas of motivational topics .

  • The human body: revealing the mysteries and the wonders of human biology.
  • Medical research: advancing scientific findings and innovative medical developments.
  • The healthcare champions: inspiring the advancement of medical careers.
  • Global health equity: driving efforts to enhance access to excellent healthcare. 
  • Global disease prevention efforts aim to promote healthy lifestyles and wellness.
  • Understanding medical ethics: inspiring ethical decision-making in medical services.
  • The impact of healthcare education: motivating the next generation of qualified and ethical healthcare workers.
  • Mental health awareness: promoting understanding and providing assistance for mental health.
  • Developments in Modern Medicine: Promoting customized treatment.
  • Advances in medical technologies: Fostering cutting-edge diagnostics and therapeutics.

Motivational topics encourage people to examine their lives closely and transform them for the better. Although a motivational speaker plays a vital role in strengthening a person’s resolve to achieve a higher quality of life, they often struggle to come up with catchy and empowering motivational speech topics. Using these inspirational speech ideas and motivational speech topics guarantees that you will create a winning speech.

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100+ Personal Essay Topics For College And Writing Tips

grade 8 essay ideas

How To Write A Strong Essay On Depression?

grade 8 essay ideas

What Is Spatial Order And How To Use It In Essay?

The Significance of HeLa Cells in Scientific Research

This essay is about the transformative impact of HeLa cells on biomedical research. Originating from Henrietta Lacks’ cervical cancer cells in 1951, these cells were the first to be cultured successfully outside the human body. They have significantly contributed to advancements in the polio vaccine, cancer research, genetics, and virology. The essay also addresses the ethical issues surrounding their use, emphasizing the importance of informed consent and patients’ rights.

How it works

The advent of HeLa cells marked a transformative era in biomedical research, providing an invaluable resource for scientists globally. Originating from the cervical cancer cells of Henrietta Lacks in 1951, these cells became the first to be successfully cultured and maintained outside the human body. Their extraordinary ability to proliferate indefinitely has established them as a cornerstone in various scientific disciplines, fueling groundbreaking research and innovation.

HeLa cells’ contribution to the development of the polio vaccine stands out as one of their most significant impacts.

In the early 1950s, polio was a crippling disease, causing widespread paralysis and death. The ability to grow HeLa cells in large quantities enabled researchers to test the vaccine efficiently, leading to a successful immunization campaign that has nearly eradicated the disease. This highlights the essential role of HeLa cells in advancing public health initiatives.

In addition to the polio vaccine, HeLa cells have been instrumental in cancer research. Their rapid and uncontrolled growth patterns closely resemble those of malignant tumors, making them an ideal model for studying cancer biology. Scientists have used HeLa cells to investigate the mechanisms of cancer cell division, metastasis, and response to treatments. These studies have paved the way for the development of targeted therapies and personalized medicine, significantly improving cancer treatment outcomes.

HeLa cells have also played a crucial role in advancing our understanding of human genetics and virology. Their use in mapping the human genome has provided invaluable insights into genetic diseases and hereditary conditions. Furthermore, HeLa cells have been essential in studying the effects of viruses on human cells, leading to discoveries about viral behaviors and the development of antiviral drugs. For instance, research involving HeLa cells led to identifying the human papillomavirus (HPV) and its connection to cervical cancer, which facilitated the creation of the HPV vaccine.

Beyond these scientific breakthroughs, HeLa cells have been employed in testing and developing various medical treatments, including chemotherapy drugs, gene mapping, and in vitro fertilization techniques. Their robustness and adaptability make them an indispensable tool in biomedical research, driving continuous progress in understanding and treating a wide range of diseases.

However, the use of HeLa cells also raises significant ethical concerns. The cells were taken from Henrietta Lacks without her knowledge or consent, a common practice at the time but one that would be considered highly unethical today. This has sparked important discussions about patients’ rights, informed consent, and the commercialization of biological materials. Henrietta Lacks’ story and her immortal cells have heightened awareness and led to substantial reforms in research ethics, ensuring that individuals’ contributions to science are acknowledged and respected.

The legacy of HeLa cells extends beyond their scientific contributions. They represent the intersection of science, ethics, and human rights. Recognizing Henrietta Lacks’ contribution has increased advocacy for equitable treatment in medical research and underscored the importance of informed consent.

In summary, HeLa cells have been pivotal in advancing scientific knowledge and medical treatments. Their unique properties have enabled numerous breakthroughs in virology, genetics, and oncology. While their use has sparked significant ethical debates, these discussions have led to crucial reforms in research practices, ensuring that the contributions of individuals are ethically sourced and appropriately acknowledged. The impact of HeLa cells on science and medicine is profound, underscoring their importance in the ongoing quest to improve human health.


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"The Significance of HeLa Cells in Scientific Research." , 28 Jun 2024, (2024). The Significance of HeLa Cells in Scientific Research . [Online]. Available at: [Accessed: 4 Jul. 2024]

"The Significance of HeLa Cells in Scientific Research.", Jun 28, 2024. Accessed July 4, 2024.

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Spring 2025 Semester

Undergraduate courses.

Composition courses that offer many sections (ENGL 101, 201, 277 and 379) are not listed on this schedule unless they are tailored to specific thematic content or particularly appropriate for specific programs and majors.

  • 100-200 level

ENGL 201.ST2 Composition II: The Mind/Body Connection

Dr. sharon smith.

In this online section of English 201, students will use research and writing to learn more about problems that are important to them and articulate ways to address those problems. The course will focus specifically on issues related to the body, the mind, and the relationship between them. The topics we will discuss during the course will include the correlation between social media and body image; the psychological effects of self-objectification; and the unique mental and physical challenges faced by college students today, including food insecurity and stress.

English 201 S06 and S11: Composition II with an emphasis in Environmental Writing

S06: MWF at 10–10:50 a.m. in Yeager Hall Addition 231

S11: MWF at 12–12:50 p.m. in Crothers Engineering Hall 217

Gwen Horsley

English 201 will help students develop skills to write effectively for other university courses, careers, and themselves. This course will provide opportunities to further develop research skills, to write vividly, and to share their own stories and ideas. Specifically, in this class, students will (1) focus on the relationships between world environments, land, animals and humankind; (2) read various essays by environmental, conservational, and regional authors; and (3) produce student writings. Students will improve their writing skills by reading essays and applying techniques they witness in others’ work and those learned in class. This class is also a course in logical and creative thought. Students will write about humankind’s place in the world and our influence on the land and animals, places that hold special meaning to them or have influenced their lives, and stories of their own families and their places and passions in the world. Students will practice writing in an informed and persuasive manner, in language that engages and enlivens readers by using vivid verbs and avoiding unnecessary passives, nominalizations, and expletive constructions.

Students will prepare writing assignments based on readings and discussions of essays included in Literature and the Environment and other sources. They will use The St. Martin’s Handbook to review grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and usage as needed.

Required Text: Literature and the Environment: A Reader On Nature and Culture. 2nd ed., edited by Lorraine Anderson, Scott Slovic, and John P. O’Grady.

LING 203.S01 English Grammar

TuTh 12:30-1:45 p.m.

Dr. Nathan Serfling

The South Dakota State University 2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog describes LING 203 as consisting of “[i]nstruction in the theory and practice of traditional grammar including the study of parts of speech, parsing, and practical problems in usage.”

“Grammar” is a mercurial term, though. Typically, we think of it to mean “correct” sentence structure, and, indeed, that is one of its meanings. But Merriam-Webster reminds us “grammar” also refers to “the principles or rules of an art, science, or technique,” taking it beyond the confines of syntactic structures. Grammar also evolves in practice through application (and social, historical, economic changes, among others). Furthermore, grammar evolves as a concept as scholars and educators in the various fields of English studies debate the definition and nature of grammar, including how well its explicit instruction improves students’ writing. In this course, we will use the differing sensibilities, definitions, and fluctuations regarding grammar to guide our work. We will examine the parts of speech, address syntactic structures and functions, and parse and diagram sentences. We will also explore definitions of and debates about grammar. All of this will occur in units about the rules and structures of grammar; the application of grammar rhetorically and stylistically; and the debates surrounding various aspects of grammar, including, but not limited to, its instruction.

ENGL 210 Introduction to Literature

Jodi andrews.

Readings in fiction, drama and poetry to acquaint students with literature and aesthetic form. Prerequisites: ENGL 101. Notes: Course meets SGR #4 or IGR #3.

ENGL 222 British Literature II

TuTh 9:30-10:45 a.m.

This course serves as a chronological survey of the second half of British literature. Students will read a variety of texts from the Romantic period, the Victorian period, and the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, placing these texts within their historical and literary contexts and identifying the major characteristics of the literary periods and movements that produced them.

ENGL 240.ST1 Juvenile Literature

Randi l. anderson.

A survey of the history of literature written for children and adolescents, and a consideration of the various types of juvenile literature.

ENGL 240.ST1 Juvenile Literature: 5-12 Grade

In English 240 students will develop the skills to interpret and evaluate various genres of literature for juvenile readers. This particular section will focus on various works of literature at approximately the 5th-12th grade level.

Readings for this course include works such as Night, Brown Girl Dreaming, All American Boys, Esperanza Rising, Anne Frank’s Diary: A Graphic Adaptation, Animal Farm, Fahrenheit 451, The Giver, The Hobbit, Little Women, and Lord of the Flies . These readings will be paired with chapters from Reading Children’s Literature: A Critical Introduction to help develop understanding of various genres, themes, and concepts that are both related to juvenile literature, and also present in our readings.

In addition to exploring various genres of writing (poetry, non-fiction, fantasy, historical, non-fiction, graphic novels, etc.) this course will also allow students to engage in a discussion of larger themes present in these works such as censorship, race, rebellion and dissent, power and oppression, gender, knowledge, and the power of language and the written word. Students’ understanding of these works and concepts will be developed through readings, discussion posts, quizzes and exams.

ENGL 240.ST2 Juvenile Literature Elementary-5th Grade

April myrick.

A survey of the history of literature written for children and adolescents, and a consideration of the various genres of juvenile literature. Text selection will focus on the themes of imagination and breaking boundaries.

ENGL 242.S01 American Literature II

TuTh 11 a.m.-12:15 p.m.

Dr. Paul Baggett

This course surveys a range of U.S. literatures from about 1865 to the present, writings that treat the end of slavery and the development of a segregated America, increasingly urbanized and industrialized U.S. landscapes, waves of immigration, and the fulfilled promise of “America” as imperial nation. The class will explore the diversity of identities represented during that time, and the problems/potentials writers imagined in response to the century’s changes—especially literature’s critical power in a time of nation-building. Required texts for the course are The Norton Anthology of American Literature: 1865 to the Present and Toni Morrison’s A Mercy.

WMST 247.S01: Introduction to Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies

As an introduction to Women, Gender and Sexuality studies, this course considers the experiences of women and provides an overview of the history of feminist thought and activism, particularly within the United States. Students will also consider the concepts of gender and sexuality more broadly to encompass a diversity of gender identifications and sexualities and will explore the degree to which mainstream feminism has—and has not—accommodated this diversity. The course will focus in particular on the ways in which gender and sexuality intersect with race, class, ethnicity, and disability. Topics and concepts covered will include: movements for women’s and LGBTQ+ rights; gender, sexuality and the body; intersectionality; rape culture; domestic and gender violence; reproductive rights; Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW); and more.

ENGL 283.S01 Introduction to Creative Writing

MWF 1-1:50 p.m.

Prof. Steven Wingate

Students will explore the various forms of creative writing (fiction, nonfiction and poetry) not one at a time in a survey format—as if there were decisive walls of separation between then—but as intensely related genres that share much of their creative DNA. Through close reading and work on personal texts, students will address the decisions that writers in any genre must face on voice, rhetorical position, relationship to audience, etc. Students will produce and revise portfolios of original creative work developed from prompts and research. This course fulfills the same SGR #2 requirements ENGL 201; note that the course will involve creative research projects. Successful completion of ENGL 101 (including by test or dual credit) is a prerequisite.

English 284: Introduction to Criticism

This course introduces students to selected traditions of literary and cultural theory and to some of the key issues that animate discussion among literary scholars today. These include questions about the production of cultural value, about ideology and hegemony, about the patriarchal and colonial bases of Western culture, and about the status of the cultural object, of the cultural critic, and of cultural theory itself.

To address these and other questions, we will survey the history of literary theory and criticism (a history spanning 2500 years) by focusing upon a number of key periods and -isms: Greek and Roman Classicism, The Middle Ages and Renaissance, The Enlightenment, Romanticism, Realism, Formalism, Historicism, Political Criticism (Marxism, Post-Colonialism, Feminism, et al.), and Psychological Criticism. We also will “test” various theories we discuss by examining how well they account for and help us to understand various works of poetry and fiction.

  • 300-400 level

ENGL 330.S01 Shakespeare

TuTh 8-9:15 a.m.

Dr. Michael S. Nagy

This course will focus on William Shakespeare’s poetic and dramatic works and on the cultural and social contexts in which he wrote them. In this way, we will gain a greater appreciation of the fact that literature does not exist in a vacuum, for it both reflects and influences contemporary and subsequent cultures. Text: The Riverside Shakespeare: Complete Works. Ed. Evans, G. Blakemore and J. J. M. Tobin. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1997.

ENGL 363 Science Fiction

MWF 11-11:50 a.m.

This course explores one of the most significant literary genres of the past century in fiction and in film. We will focus in particular on the relationship between science fiction works and technological and social developments, with considerable attention paid to the role of artificial intelligence in the human imagination. Why does science fiction seem to predict the future? What do readers and writers of the genre hope to find in it? Through readings and viewings of original work, as well as selected criticism in the field, we will address these and other questions. Our reading and viewing selections will include such artists as Ursula K. LeGuin, Octavia Butler, Stanley Kubrick and Phillip K. Dick. Students will also have ample opportunity to introduce the rest of the class to their own favorite science fiction works.

ENGL 383.S01 Creative Writing I

MWF 2-2:50 p.m.

Amber Jensen

Creative Writing I encourages students to strengthen poetry, creative nonfiction, and/or fiction writing skills through sustained focus on creative projects throughout the course (for example, collections of shorter works focused on a particular form/style/theme, longer prose pieces, hybrid works, etc.). Students will engage in small- and large-group writing workshops as well as individual conferences with the instructor throughout the course to develop a portfolio of creative work. The class allows students to explore multiple genres through the processes of writing and revising their own creative texts and through writing workshop, emphasizing the application of craft concepts across genre, but also allows students to choose one genre of emphasis, which they will explore through analysis of self-select texts, which they will use to deepen their understanding of the genre and to contextualize their own creative work.

ENGL 475.S01 Creative Nonfiction

Mondays 3-5:50 p.m.

In this course, students will explore the expansive and exciting genre of creative nonfiction, including a variety of forms such as personal essay, braided essay, flash nonfiction, hermit crab essays, profiles and more. Through rhetorical reading, discussion, and workshop, students will engage published works, their own writing process, and peer work as they expand their understanding of the possibilities presented in this genre and the craft elements that can be used to shape readers’ experience of a text. Students will compile a portfolio of polished work that demonstrates their engagement with course concepts and the writing process.

ENGL 485.S01 Writing Center Tutoring

MW 8:30-9:45 a.m.

Since their beginnings in the 1920s and 30s, writing centers have come to serve numerous functions: as hubs for writing across the curriculum initiatives, sites to develop and deliver workshops, and resource centers for faculty as well as students, among other functions. But the primary function of writing centers has necessarily and rightfully remained the tutoring of student writers. This course will immerse you in that function in two parts. During the first four weeks, you will explore writing center praxis—that is, the dialogic interplay of theory and practice related to writing center work. This part of the course will orient you to writing center history, key theoretical tenets and practical aspects of writing center tutoring. Once we have developed and practiced this foundation, you will begin work in the writing center as a tutor, responsible for assisting a wide variety of student clients with numerous writing tasks. Through this work, you will learn to actively engage with student clients in the revision of a text, respond to different student needs and abilities, work with a variety of writing tasks and rhetorical situations and develop a richer sense of writing as a complex and negotiated social process.

ENGL 492.S01 The Vietnam War in Literature and Film

Tuesdays 3-5:50 p.m.

Dr. Jason McEntee

In 1975, the United States officially included its involvement in the Vietnam War, thus marking 2025 as the 50th anniversary of the conclusion (in name only) of one of the most chaotic, confusing, and complex periods in American history. In this course, we will consider how literature and film attempt to chronicle the Vietnam War and, perhaps more important, its aftermath. I have designed this course for those looking to extend their understanding of literature and film to include the ideas of art, experience, commercial products, and cultural documents. Learning how to interpret literature and movies remains the highest priority of the course, including, for movies, the study of such things as genre, mise-en-scene (camera movement, lighting, etc.), editing, sound and so forth.

We will read Dispatches , A Rumor of War , The Things They Carried , A Piece of My Heart , and Bloods , among others. Some of the movies that we will screen are: Apocalypse Now (the original version), Full Metal Jacket , Platoon , Coming Home , Born on the Fourth of July , Dead Presidents , and Hearts and Minds . Because we must do so, we will also look at some of the more fascinatingly outrageous yet culturally significant fantasies about the war, such as The Green Berets and Rambo: First Blood, Part II .

ENGL 492.S02 Classical Mythology

TuTh 3:30-4:45 p.m.

Drs. Michael S. Nagy and Graham Wrightson

Modern society’s fascination with mythology manifests itself in the continued success of novels, films and television programs about mythological or quasi-mythological characters such as Hercules, the Fisher King, and Gandalf the Grey, all of whom are celebrated for their perseverance or their daring deeds in the face of adversity. This preoccupation with mythological figures necessarily extends back to the cultures which first propagated these myths in early folk tales and poems about such figures as Oðin, King Arthur, Rhiannon, Gilgamesh, and Odysseus, to name just a few. English 492, a reading-intensive course cross-listed with History 492, primarily aims to expose students to the rich tradition of mythological literature written in languages as varied as French, Gaelic, Welsh, Old Icelandic, Greek, and Sumerian; to explore the historical, social, political, religious, and literary contexts in which these works flourished (if indeed they did); and to grapple with the deceptively simple question of what makes these myths continue to resonate with modern audiences. Likely topics and themes of this course will include: Theories of myth; Mythological Beginnings: Creation myths and the fall of man; Male and Female Gods in Myth; Foundation myths; Nature Myths; The Heroic Personality; the mythological portrayal of (evil/disruptive) women in myth; and Monsters in myth.

Likely Texts:

  • Dalley, Stephanie, trans. Myths from Mesopotamia: Creation, the Flood, Gilgamesh, and Others. Oxford World’s Classics, 2009
  • Faulkes, Anthony, trans. Edda. Everyman, 1995
  • Gregory, Lady Augusta. Cuchulain of Muirthemne: The Story of the Men of the Red Branch of Ulster. Forgotten Books, 2007
  • Jones, Gwyn, Thomas Jones, and Mair Jones. The Mabinogion. Everyman Paperback Classics, 1993
  • Larrington, Carolyne, trans. The Poetic Edda . Oxford World’s Classics, 2009
  • Matarasso, Pauline M., trans. The Quest of the Holy Grail. Penguin Classics, 1969
  • Apollodorus, Hesiod’s Theogony
  • Hesiod’s Works and Days
  • Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Homeric Hymns
  • Virgil’s Aeneid
  • Iliad, Odyssey
  • Apollonius of Rhodes Argonautica
  • Ovid’s Heroides
  • Greek tragedies: Orestaia, Oedipus trilogy, Trojan Women, Medea, Hippoolytus, Frogs, Seneca's Thyestes, Dyskolos, Amphitryon
  • Clash of the Titans, Hercules, Jason and the Argonauts, Troy (and recent miniseries), Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

ENGL 492.ST1 Science Writing

Erica summerfield.

This course aims to teach the fundamentals of effective scientific writing and presentation. The course examines opportunities for covering science, the skills required to produce clear and understandable text about technical subjects, and important ethical and practical constraints that govern the reporting of scientific information. Students will learn to present technical and scientific issues to various audiences. Particular emphasis will be placed on conveying the significance of research, outlining the aims, and discussing the results for scientific papers and grant proposals. Students will learn to write effectively, concisely, and clearly while preparing a media post, fact sheet, and scientific manuscript or grant.

Graduate Courses

Engl 575.s01 creative nonfiction.

In this course, students will explore the expansive and exciting genre of creative nonfiction, including a variety of forms such as personal essay, braided essay, flash nonfiction, hermit crab essays, profiles, and more. Through rhetorical reading, discussion, and workshop, students will engage published works, their own writing process, and peer work as they expand their understanding of the possibilities presented in this genre and the craft elements that can be used to shape readers’ experience of a text. Students will compile a portfolio of polished work that demonstrates their engagement with course concepts and the writing process.

ENGL 592.S01: The Vietnam War in Literature and Film

Engl 704.s01 introduction to graduate studies.

Thursdays 3-5:50 p.m.

Introduction to Graduate Studies is required of all first-year graduate students. The primary purpose of this course is to introduce students to modern and contemporary literary theory and its applications. Students will write short response papers and will engage at least one theoretical approach in their own fifteen- to twenty-page scholarly research project. In addition, this course will further introduce students to the M.A. program in English at South Dakota State University and provide insight into issues related to the profession of English studies.

ENGL 792.ST1 Grant Writing

This online course will familiarize students with the language, rhetorical situation, and components of writing grant proposals. Students will explore various funding sources, learn to read an RFP, and develop an understanding of different professional contexts and the rhetorical and structural elements that suit those distinct contexts. Students will write a sample proposal throughout the course and offer feedback to their peers, who may be writing in different contexts, which will enhance their understanding of the varied applications of course content. Through their work in the course, students will gain confidence in their ability to find, apply for, and receive grant funding to support their communities and organizations.


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