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Glamping Business Plan - Business plans

Glamping Business Plan

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Yearly Business Plan

Amazing Startup Business Plan

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Trendy Business Plan

Black and White Business Plan

Minimal Business Plan

Elegant Green Botanical Business Plan

Futuristic Yellow Startup Business Plan

Fabulous Startup Business Plan

Creative Business Plan

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Business Startup Costs

Great Modern Business Plan

Business Plan for Startup

Business Colorful Plan

Pastel Modern Business Plan

Simple Business Plan

Coffee Business Plan

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Basic Business Plan

Nature Business Plan

Aroma Mocha Cafe Business Plan

Easy Business Plan with Timeline

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Green Business Plan Rubric

One-List Coffee Business Plan

Bright Business Startup Costs

Green Business Plan

Flowers Shop Business Plan

Black Start Up Business Plan

One-Page IT Company Business Plan

Coffee Shop Business Plan

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Economic Windmills Business Plan

Financial Business Plan

Blue Corporate Business Plan

Orange Market Business Plan

Beauty Salon Business Plan

Simple Colorful Business Plan

Black Effective Business Plan 2023

Modeling Agency Business Plan

Do you need to pick the right editable business plan template? Our options have an exceptional design yet comprehensible concept. Keep in mind that you can edit and customize these samples using Google Docs, Slides, or Sheets. You can find options for any startup idea on our website. Our samples are 100% unique. Designers are creating free business plan templates from scratch.

Business plans on the website draw attention immediately. They have a memorable design that is easy to remember. You can edit, adjust, download, and publish our templates for free. No hidden fees, no additional payments.

There are 50+ business plan templates now, and you can opt for other categories of free templates. Our website has hundreds of designer options to offer. Just saying, keep that in mind.

Customize and print our free and ready-to-use layouts using Google Docs. It doesn’t require much time or effort. The majority of users say that they can edit the template unaided in just a few minutes. We are analyzing your feedback and making new templates with outstanding designs. Feel free to give us any feedback or recommendations.

Each of our unique spreadsheets is editable, customizable, and completely free. Therefore, we do not expect to get anything in return. If you like our free business plans, subscribe to our social media and stay tuned for the latest updates.

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Google Docs Business Plan Template

google docs business plan template

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving business landscape, having a comprehensive and well-structured business plan is crucial for success. Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or just starting your entrepreneurial journey, a Google doc business plan template offers a valuable resource to help you organize your ideas, refine your strategies, and present a compelling roadmap for your business. In this article, we’ll explore the features and benefits of a business plan template using Google docs and how it can enhance your business planning process.

Following a step-by-step business plan creates an all-in-one solution for small business owners and entrepreneurs. And, by using a pre-designed framework, you can craft your business plan to focus on the “why” behind your business and the steps you’ve already taken to make your business a true success. In the following, we’ll show you exactly how to create your compelling plan. Let’s get started: 

Download our Google Docs Business Plan Template here >

Google Doc Business Plan

Executive summary.

The first few pages of your business plan contain the executive summary. It highlights the key points, findings and recommendations inside your business plan google docs template. Why create a summary when the business plan holds all the details? We’re glad you asked. The executive summary allows busy executives to quickly grasp the main ideas and make informed decisions about your business concepts and plans. It serves as a snapshot of the document, capturing its essence and presenting it in a clear and concise manner. By providing an executive summary, you’re allowing decision-makers to first discover a “teaser” bit about your business, and then become more intrigued as the full plan is unveiled. 

Company Overview

The next portion of your free business plan template google docs is composed of a full company overview. You’ll establish facts, explain the company history, outline the services or products to be offered, and detail the milestones you’ve already achieved to get your business started. This is the “big-picture” story and it’s integral to your plan, as it contains the “why” behind your business. You’ll want to provide details in this portion of the business plan, such as descriptions of your products or services, a brief description of your management team, the issues or problems that brought you to the place of finding the best solutions, and other factors that are singular to your business and your vision for the future. You’ll also include any partnerships, you’ll detail innovative products or ideas, and you’ll emphasize that your goal is to drive positive change.

Industry Analysis

The next section of your business plan, the industry analysis, reveals crucial insights into the current state and future prospects of your industry sector. An industry analysis requires market research to help show market trends, competitors, customer preferences and regulatory influences. The analysis within your business plan also provides a solid depth of understanding regarding the dynamics of the industry and it helps identify growth potential, possible risks, and key challenges that may be ahead. And, finally, after reviewing the results of the analysis, a business leader repositions plans as needed and makes informed choices to move ahead with clarity. 

Customer Analysis

In the customer analysis section of the business plan, the vital component of your business strategy is revealed: valuable insights into the behavior, preferences, and needs of customers are detailed. And, with that reveal, a deeper understanding of the target market is gained, enabling your business to better tailor products, services and your initial marketing efforts accordingly. Gathering and analyzing data offers a sneak peek at the purchasing choices of consumers, and with that snippet of knowledge, you’ll be able to better meet that need, solve that pain, or serve that drive for satisfaction. Whether your target market analysis is extensive or defined, you’ll want to include all of the information gleaned from it in the business plan template google docs for optimal results.

Competitive Analysis

With the industry and customer analyses section of the business plan template complete; it’s the right time to examine the competitive analysis, as well. A data-driven study of competitors is a critical component of any business strategy, as it provides valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of key competitors operating in the same market. By evaluating and understanding the competitive landscape, businesses can identify opportunities for differentiation to gain that much-desired competitive edge. Your competitive analysis should reveal everything available about your competitors, including their brand reputation, customer loyalty, distribution channels and the financial resources they hold. Because your goal is to capitalize on market opportunities, you’ll want to understand the environment of every competitor your company may have. 

Finish Your Business Plan in 1 Day!

Don’t you wish there was a faster, easier way to finish your business plan?

You can download Growthink’s Ultimate Business Plan Template (including a full, customizable financial model) and finish your plan in just 8 hours or less!

Click here to finish your business plan today.

Marketing Plan

The next step in building the business plan is found in creating a strategic marketing plan. This involves using the data compiled from the analyses to create a targeted and compelling message to consumers. Your marketing plan will outline the goals and tactics to promote your product or service in the most effective marketing strategy possible. And, tailoring marketing efforts to meet the parameters of the data and industry findings guarantees a better result in the marketing strategies utilized. In short, your marketing strategy will encompass various elements such as branding, advertising, digital marketing, public relations, and social media to create a cohesive and impactful marketing campaign. The ultimate objective of marketing plans is to achieve your desired business outcomes. As it should.

Operations Plan

The operations plan outlines the specific actions and strategies required to achieve the goals and objectives of the business. It provides a roadmap for how the business will carry out its daily operations, deliver products or services, and meet customer demands. It typically includes several key components; operational goals and objectives, desired outcomes, and performance metrics. This helps align the activities of different departments or teams with the broader organizational objectives. Processes and procedures are the highlights of the operations plan, along with the timelines and scheduling of implementing those objectives. Knowing how your business will actually conduct business is the perfect starting place for your success. 

Management Team

Comprised of experienced professionals, the management team brings together a shared commitment to excellence. They will understand the collaboration and strong leadership skills needed to effectively manage the entire team, and they will be guided by a customer-centric approach. A brief sketch of the management leaders and their relevant professional backgrounds completes this section of the business plan. 

Financial Plan

The financial plan completes the final section of the business plan template. It is a summary of the financial goals, along with the strategies and actions needed to achieve them. It also outlines key aspects, such as budgeting, savings, investment plans, and debt management that can adapt to changing circumstances and maximize financial stability and growth. Ultimately, the financial plan serves as a roadmap for informed decision-making and long-term financial success. Important financial projections such as a balance sheet and a cash flow statement can be made using google sheets

Crafting a well-thought-out, professional google docs business plan is vital for any entrepreneur or business owner. Using business plan template free google docs makes the effort less stressful, more cohesive, and simply inviting for potential stakeholders to review. We trust the creation of your business plan will lead to new beginnings, new directions and sustained long-term growth in your successful business ahead. 

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Customers Success Stories

Free business plan templates google docs.

Ajay Jagtap

  • December 29, 2023

12 Min Read

google doc template

We know you—this may be your first visit to our site, but we know exactly who you are.

You must be an aspiring entrepreneur, small business owner, or perhaps a business student looking for a customizable Google Docs business plan template to draft your very first business plan— but no luck so far .

Since you’ve already been down that road—you know preparing a detailed business plan from scratch is no walk in the park.

It requires thorough market research, validated data, and thoughtful analysis of various aspects of an enterprise to put together a well-written plan.

A well-written plan that’s no paper stack collecting dust on your desk, but a business document that helps strategize business growth and secure funds.

Although it’s no easy feat—using a Google Docs template can make things a lot easier.

A professional business plan template can help you refine your strategies, organize ideas, and outline the structure of your plan through step-by-step instructions.

In this article, we’ll discuss the top 5 free business plan templates available in Google Docs, their features, benefits, and how you can use them to simplify your business planning process.

Ready to get started? Let’s dive right in.

Understanding Business Plan Templates

As you already know—your business plan is a document that summarizes your business objectives and outlines strategies or plans to achieve them.

In contrast, a business plan template is a format that helps entrepreneurs prepare a structural outline while drafting a perfect business plan.

It’s not that you can’t create a plan without using a business plan template.

However, having a well-structured template can help you develop a detailed and visually appealing plan and make sure you won’t miss out on any critical information.

Let’s quickly overview the key components of a business plan template:

Key components of a business plan template

While there could be multiple types of business plans, the standard outline is almost similar for business plans across industries. The following are the key components of a business plan template.

Executive Summary:

Company overview:, market analysis:, products and services:, sales and marketing strategies:, operations plan:, management team:, financial plan:.

That’s pretty much it about the components of a business plan template. Let’s move ahead and discuss the top #5 Google Docs templates for business planning.

Download Top Business Plan Templates in Google Docs

Considering different business plan types, multiple templates are available in Google Docs, but do you know which one you need?

Well done if you do, and don’t worry if you don’t.

The following are the top Google Docs business plan templates you can download for free. While we will share access to them, we’ll also discuss which will suit your requirements the best.

So let’s cut to the chase.

Template #1: Startup Business Plan Template

As its name suggests, a startup business plan template is specifically designed to meet the specific needs of new startups.

This ultimate template can help new-age entrepreneurs predict challenges, achieve their business objectives and goals, understand business financials, and revise strategies—in short, it is a roadmap for them to get started.

The primary objective of a startup business plan is to put forth the steps to get a business up and running.

A startup business plan template emphasizes providing detailed information about the startup, its product or service offerings, a thorough industry, market, SWOT, and competitive analysis, marketing strategies, management team, operational plan, and financial projections.

Best for : New entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking investment or bank loans.

startup business plan template

Template #2: Lean Business Plan Template

Consider a lean business plan template as a condensed version of a traditional one—that’s the best way to put it. It’s a shorter version of a business plan highlighting and summarizing all its sections.

A lean business plan primarily focuses on critical elements, including strategies, tactics, metrics, and finances.

Since it’s comparatively shorter, drafting a lean business plan is easier, quicker, and efficient compared to a traditional plan. It’s flexible enough to update and revise, providing sufficient room for improvisation.

It consists of short texts and mainly represents relevant information using bullet points.

While a lean business plan template is for businesses uncertain about the business planning process, it’s ideal for everyone to use a lean business plan template to create the first draft of their business plan—and then move ahead with creating a detailed one.

Best for: Businesses in fast-changing industries, startups with limited resources, sole proprietors, and internal planning.

the lean canvas template

Template #3: One Page Business Plan Template

A one-page business is a condensed, simplified, and one-page version of a standard business plan. Consider this as an outline of a lean business plan.

(that we discussed earlier)

A one-page plan is often used to present a quick overview of your business to your employees, partners, and vendors and as a summary to banks and investors.

It’s just a one-page plan, so it doesn’t mean it’s only for a specific group of people or businesses—no.

In fact, a one-page plan can be a viable option in multiple scenarios. It can be used by idea-stage businesses, startups & pre-revenue businesses, and businesses planning to expand for various purposes.

If you need a plan for internal use or don’t intend to share lots of details while sharing with outside vendors—a one-page business plan will do.

However, companies seeking outside investment or bank loans must prepare a detailed business plan—there’s no other way around.

Best for : Idea stage startups, side-hustlers, solopreneurs, micro-businesses, and business idea testing.

one page business plan template

Template #4: Business Plan Template For Small Business

If you plan to start a small business or grow an existing one, this is the free business plan template you need for your small business.

This template gives you a layout for your business plan to get started that you can easily customize depending on your requirements, ensuring you won’t miss out on any critical information.

Similar to a traditional business plan, the key elements of a small business plan template include an executive summary, company overview, products and services, sales and marketing strategy, operations plan, management team, and financial projections.

Best for : Small business owners seeking funding or bank loans.

small business plan template

Template #5: Restaurant Business Plan Template

Every successful business requires a business plan, and your restaurant is no exception. Whether you plan to open a new restaurant or grow an existing one, this template can help you lay out a perfect plan for your business.

This restaurant business plan is specifically designed for restaurant businesses, so it’s a no-brainer; it covers all the essential elements of a restaurant business plan that go into making a restaurant a success.

These elements include restaurant concept, target market, sample menu, marketing strategy, and others.

That’s not it—this comprehensive restaurant business plan template comes with step-by-step instructions, so you can start writing a plan in no time.

Best for : Small to medium-sized restaurant and food-based business owners

restaurant business plan template

That was the list of top Google Docs business plan templates, but that’s not it. Let’s move forward to discussing the Google Sheets financial forecast template.

Download the Financial Forecast Template In Google Sheets

You must be like— yeah, got a Google Docs template to write a business plan , but what about financial forecasts and statements? Worry not—we’ve got you covered.

Since we can’t prepare financial statements in Google Docs, we’ve created a Google Sheet for you. This financial statement template includes a balance sheet, income, and cash flow statement.

You can download and use this template to forecast cash flow, create balance sheets, and prepare income statements that provide detailed information about your revenue and expenses. So what are you waiting for?

How to Use a Google Docs Business Plan Template

We talked about so many things in this article so far—business plan template, its key elements, top Google Docs templates, and so forth. It’s time we learn how to use a Google Docs template to create a business plan.

Ready? Here’s how to use a Google Docs business plan template:

Download a Google Docs Template

You need to download the template first to use it, right? So, download one of the top 5 templates we discussed earlier in the article.

Make sure you have a Google Account to open this document.

(That’s obvious, of course!)

We can proceed to the next step once you download and access the template.

Customize the Template

It’s time to customize the template to turn it into a business plan.

You can make modifications to the design, update the logo and company details, and follow step-by-step instructions and the outline while modifying text.

We never said that customizing it would be an easy deal—there will be some serious legwork. However, there’s another way around it.

google docs template business plan

Need a way out from manual editing and business plan writing work?

Get Upmetrics’ business plan template, import data directly into the editor, and start editing using Upmetrics AI Assistant.

ai assistant blog image

Start Planning Now

Understood how to use a Google Docs template? Great. Let’s discuss the benefits of using these templates to prepare a business plan.

Benefits of Using Google Docs Business Plan Templates

Following are the key benefits of using a Google Docs template to prepare a business plan.

Real-time Collaboration

Google Docs makes collaborating with your team members or partners in real-time while working on your plan easier.

The real-time collaboration feature helps team members make the most of available resources and develop a business plan in the present moment, ensuring the best results.

Access Control

In extending to real-time collaboration, Google Docs allows you to control your team members’ access. So, you can grant role-based access to your team members (view, edit, or comment)

Comments and Suggestions

Google Docs also allows readers or reviewers to comment or suggest any changes in the document. So, you can share your plan with your partners or mentors, asking for their suggestions or input.

Version History

Remember the days when we had to start over if we forgot to save a Word file or could not recover it if it was altered unnecessarily? Well, that’s not the case with Version history.

This incredible feature enables you to revisit the previous version of your documents and even restore them. So, don’t worry if you made any unnecessary changes—you can always go back in time.

Offline Access

Although Google Workspace is a cloud-based solution, you can access and update your document offline with “Offline Access”. Just make sure your browser is up-to-date, and you’ve installed and turned on the Google Docs offline access extension.

Ease of Use

Using a Google Docs template for business planning is one of the easiest methods for creating a business plan. There’s no extraordinary learning curve, and you won’t need any technical skills to get started—it’s pretty simple and easy to use.

Cost Efficient

Upmetrics offers free business plan templates, while Google Docs is free for individual users. This is what makes this business planning method ideal for beginners.

That’s it, now you know the benefits too. This brings us to the conclusion.

To conclude, using these Google Docs templates is an easy and cost-effective way to develop your business plan. Is it the best? Not sure. These templates are free versions of Upmetrics’ comprehensive business plan templates, so you may not make the most of them.

Google Docs may also fall short when forecasting financials or preparing complex sections and visual reports— business plan software is necessary for detailed business planning by all means.

A business planning tool like Upmetrics could be an incredible choice, it comes with 400+ business plan examples and an AI writing assistant to write sections of your plan.

Anyway, I hope you found what you were looking for. Start planning!

google docs template business plan

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key components of a business plan.

The following are the key components of a business plan:

  • Executive summary
  • Company Overview
  • Market analysis
  • Products and services
  • Sales and marketing plan
  • Operations plan
  • Management team
  • Financial plan

How do I create a business plan using Google Docs?

Using any one of Upmetrics’ business plan templates could be an easy way to create a business plan using Google Docs.

Can I customize a business plan template in Google Docs to fit my specific needs?

Indeed. Once you download a Google Docs business plan template, you can easily customize it to fit your specific business needs.

Can I share my business plan with others using Google Docs?

Of course, you can easily share your business plan with others using Google Docs. All you need to do is enter the email address of the person you want to share it with under the section “share with people and groups”.

What should be the length of my business plan?

The length of your business plan solely depends on its purpose. A one-page business plan is one page, a lean or mini business plan contains 1-10 pages, and a comprehensive business can range from 15 to 35 pages and beyond.

Are there any free business plan templates available in Google Docs?

Yes, Upmetrics offers 5 free Google Docs business plan templates to download and use. You can easily download any one of them that best fits your needs and start writing your plan.

About the Author

google docs template business plan

Ajay is a SaaS writer and personal finance blogger who has been active in the space for over three years, writing about startups, business planning, budgeting, credit cards, and other topics related to personal finance. If not writing, he’s probably having a power nap. Read more

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Best Business Plan Templates for Google Docs

google docs template business plan

In today’s highly competitive business environment, crafting a well-structured and detailed business plan is essential for success. The significance of these plans extends beyond mere documentation; they are critical tools for strategic planning, securing funding, and guiding business growth. Realizing this need, Google Docs has become a valuable tool for developing many free business plan templates. These templates are designed to cater to a wide array of business needs, enabling entrepreneurs and business owners to develop comprehensive plans with ease and efficiency.

The beauty of these Google Docs Business Plan Templates lies in their blend of simplicity and effectiveness. They are more than mere placeholders for text; they are thoughtfully designed frameworks that guide users through the essential components of a business plan. From market analysis and financial planning to marketing strategies and operational structures, these templates cover all critical aspects of business planning. This article delves into the best business plan templates available on Google Docs this year, highlighting their unique features and suitability for different business scenarios.

1. One Page Business Plan Template

This concise template is ideal when you need to highlight key points succinctly. It includes a single page where you can list up to five main points, covering areas like company activities, values, market analysis, marketing strategies, and expected rewards​​.

google docs template business plan

Edit Template

2. Marketing Strategy Business Plan Template

The Marketing Strategy Business Plan Template is a comprehensive tool for sculpting your path to success. It includes sections for executive summary, market analysis, and financial planning, providing a detailed framework for crafting an effective marketing strategy​​.

google docs template business plan

3. Restaurant Business Plan Template

Tailored for the food and beverage industry, this template is perfect for creating business plans for restaurants, cafes, and other catering establishments. It features sections for establishment name, concept, detailed strategy, and allows for photo and text integration​​.

google docs template business plan

4. Simple Business Plan Template 

Designed for efficiency and ease of use, this template is ideal for entrepreneurs who need a straightforward and concise business plan. It covers the essentials like business goals, target market, and basic financial planning, making it perfect for small startups or solo entrepreneurs looking for a no-fuss approach to business planning.

google docs template business plan

5. Lean Business Plan Template

The Lean Business Plan Template is versatile, fitting any business sector. It features a large chart, numbered list for structuring information, a gradient background in blue shades, and a low-key style, with ample space for all the important details​​.

google docs template business plan

6. Business Plan Outline Template

This template is designed to make a strong impression on banks and investors for your business. It’s a well-layered template that is fully customizable and easy to edit in MS Word or Pages. It can be downloaded instantly and features business standard fonts to ensure a fully formal plan with carefully crafted summaries and descriptions​​.

google docs template business plan

7. Attractive Business Plan Template 

This is a visually appealing template designed for creating a detailed business plan. It’s suitable for presenting your business vision and strategy in a professional manner.

google docs template business plan

8. Editable Trucking Business Plan Template 

This template is specifically tailored for outlining a trucking venture. It allows you to seamlessly integrate vital details such as company overview, financial projections, and operational strategies. It’s an editable and comprehensive document that provides a clear roadmap for success in the dynamic transportation industry​​.

google docs template business plan

9. Score Business Plan Template 

Ideal for small business owners, this template guides you through the process of creating a comprehensive business plan. It includes sections for market analysis, company structure, and financial projections, ensuring a well-rounded and professional plan.

google docs template business plan

10. Marketing Business Plan Template 

This template is designed for marketing professionals and businesses looking to outline their marketing strategies. It features segments for market research, target audience, branding, and a variety of marketing channels, making it a versatile tool for planning.

google docs template business plan

11. Photography Business Plan Template 

Ideal for photographers and photography businesses, this template helps outline your business goals, strategies, and financial forecasts in an organized way.

google docs template business plan

12. Business Plan Document Template 

Suitable for both startups and established businesses, this template helps structure your business vision, market strategies, and financial goals. It’s a key tool for attracting investments and presents data in a clear, understandable format. 

google docs template business plan

13. Trucking Business Plan Template 

Designed specifically for the trucking industry, this template guides you in detailing your business objectives, operational strategies, and financial projections. 

google docs template business plan

14. Example Business Plan Template 

A perfect starting point for new entrepreneurs, this template provides a standard structure for a business plan with example content. It covers areas like executive summary, market analysis, and operational strategies, offering a solid foundation for customization.

google docs template business plan

15. Bakery Business Plan Template 

Tailored for bakery owners, this template focuses on the unique aspects of running a bakery. It includes sections for menu offerings, supplier details, and bakery-specific marketing strategies, helping bakers craft a targeted business plan.

google docs template business plan

16. Construction Strategic Business Plan Template 

Specially designed for the construction industry, this template helps outline a strategic approach to business planning. It covers project management, resource allocation, and risk assessment, essential for construction businesses.

google docs template business plan

17. Bar Business Plan Template 

This template is perfect for bar owners and entrepreneurs. It includes specialized sections for bar operations, liquor inventory management, and customer engagement strategies, ensuring a comprehensive plan for running a successful bar.

google docs template business plan

18. Sample Business Plan Template 

A general template suitable for various business types. It provides a basic structure with key sections like company overview, market analysis, and financial planning, offering a flexible framework for different business models.

google docs template business plan

Each of these Google Docs templates offers unique features and layouts suited to different business needs. Whether you’re drafting a concise one-page summary or a detailed marketing strategy, these templates provide the framework to present your ideas clearly and effectively. They simplify the planning process, allowing you to focus more on strategy and less on formatting. With these tools, crafting a compelling and comprehensive business plan has never been easier.

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Make your own business templates in Google Docs

Give your team a head start on business documents by creating a set of custom templates they can use over and over again..

By Howard Wen

Computerworld |

happy worker at laptop by ground picture via shutterstock

How to create a template file in Google Docs

Tips for designing a template.

Google Docs offers a few dozen templates you can use to get a jump-start on document creation, but maybe you’ve looked through them without finding any that meet your specific needs. No problem: you can build one from scratch.

This could be ideal if you want to design one or more standard document templates for your organization to use. As a bonus, understanding the text, image, and other elements described below can also help you format any of your Google Docs documents better.

Note: If you need help getting started with Google Docs, see our Google Docs cheat sheet .

Templates are designed to be used over and over, with users adding or changing the text each time. You’ll want to preserve the template itself in its original form so there’s always a pristine version for users to work from.

If your organization has a paid Google Workspace subscription, you can create a template and add it to the company’s template gallery. From there, your co-workers will be able to select the template and create documents based on it — without affecting the template itself.

If you instead have a personal Google account, you can still create a document to act as a template, but you and your colleagues will have to remember to make a copy of it each time to prevent changes to the original.

Either way, get started by creating a new blank document and giving it a descriptive name that includes the word “Template.”

Use the word “Template” when you name a template doc.

Build out the document with placeholder text and other elements such as your company logo, headers or footers, dropdowns, and so on, as described later in this story.

Under an organizational Workspace account, you can add your finished template to the gallery — if your company has enabled custom Google Drive templates and you’ve been granted permission to add templates to the gallery. On the Google Docs home screen, click Template gallery > [organization name] > Submit template . (If you don’t have permission to submit templates, you won’t have access to the “Submit template” option.) On the panel that appears, select your template document, designate a category, and click Submit .

Depending on how your organization’s template gallery is set up, your template might have to be approved by an administrator before it appears in the gallery. See the Google support doc “ Turn custom Drive templates on or off for users ” for details.

If you’re using a personal Google account (or your organization hasn’t enabled custom Drive templates), you’ll need to share your finished template doc with others in your organization or place it in a shared drive that your co-workers can access. When you or others want to use the template, open the file and make a copy of it by selecting File > Make a copy from the menu bar at the top of the page.

On the “Copy document” panel that appears, type in a new document name, select a folder where it will be saved, and click Make a copy . Now users can adapt the copy as needed without altering the original template.

If you don’t have a corporate template gallery, you and your co-workers will need to make a copy of a template each time it’s used.

Tip: Keep at least one backup copy of the original template somewhere safe in case somebody forgets to make a copy and accidentally overwrites the shared template doc.

Now let’s look at the elements that go into a document template. While the specific components will vary depending on the type of template you’re designing (letter, proposal, agreement, training document, report, etc.), the following tips will guide you through the most common elements.

1. Text: use placeholder copy

A document template is meant for a user to insert their own text. But as you’re designing your template, you should add placeholder text to it. This helps the user visualize how their text will appear in the layout and directs their attention to where they should replace your placeholder copy.

There are several sites, such as and , that generate lines of placeholder text (in Latin, so it’s obvious that it needs to be replaced) that you can copy and paste into your doc.

Using the menu bar and toolbar running across the top of the document, you can implement various styles for your placeholder text. For example, you can create a placeholder for a heading, which has larger text, by selecting the text, selecting Normal text in the toolbar, and choosing Heading 1 (or Heading 2 or Heading 3 ) from the menu that drops down. Then all someone using your template needs to do is replace the headline text with their own.

Similarly, you can create a placeholder list by clicking the down arrow next to the Bulleted list or Numbered list icon in the toolbar and choosing a style for the bulleted or numbered list.

Format the styles of various text elements in your template. (Click image to enlarge it.)

You can also format blocks of text such as paragraphs in columns and/or set indentation, margins that are narrower than the page margins, and spacing between the lines of text.

Another way to make certain text elements stand out is by changing the color of the text or adding colored highlighting using the Text color and Highlight color icons in the toolbar. But it’s best to stick with black for the color for the main body of text in your template. Colored text and highlights should be used minimally.

2. More text: include boilerplate copy

While placeholder text is helpful to include in most templates, many types of business documents also need standard copy — sometimes called boilerplate — that should appear in every document created from a template. For instance, all press releases should end with an “About” paragraph that gives an overview of the company. And many business contracts use the same language from contract to contract, with only specific details changing.

Both the content and the style of boilerplate text generally need to be approved by company execs (including legal). Including approved boilerplate copy in a template saves time for anyone who uses the template. And if that copy needs to change in the future, updating it in the template ensures that others will be using the most current language when they create documents.

3. Images: add a logo or watermark

If you’re designing business letterhead, you may want to add an image to your template, such as a company logo or a watermark.

To insert an image: place your cursor where you want the image to appear in the document, click the Insert image icon in the toolbar, choose a source (such as Drive or Upload from computer ), and select the image. It will be placed in your document.

To adjust the image: Click the image in your doc, and a frame will appear around it with points at the corners and sides. Drag any of these points to resize the image, or click-and-hold in the center of the image and drag it to reposition it in the document.

To adjust how text works with the image: When you click the image, you’ll also see a small toolbar below it. The first five icons let you control how the text will appear in relation to the image. Options include In line (the bottom of the image will line up with one line of text), Wrap text (the text will automatically flow around the top, sides, and bottom of the image), Break text (the image appears on its own, with text above and below it), Behind text (the text appears over the image), and In front of image (the image appears over the text).

You can have text wrap around the image or choose other layout options. (Click image to enlarge it.)

To make further adjustments: Other options in the toolbar let you control whether the image moves with the text it’s next to or always remains in the same place on the page, rotate the image, and otherwise adjust it. Click the three-dot icon and choose All image options to open a sidebar with all the options for adjusting the image.

To insert a watermark: On the menu bar along the top of your document, click Insert > Watermark . The Watermark sidebar opens, where you can select an image to use as a watermark. See “ Google Docs power tips: How to add charts, citations, and more ” for details about adding and adjusting a watermark in a document.

Adding a watermark to a document template. (Click image to enlarge it.)

4. Headers and footers: add page numbers and other elements

Let’s say you want your business’ documents to include items such as page numbers or your company’s contact info at the top or bottom of every page. That’s where headers and footers come in.

When you create a header or footer for your template, it will automatically appear on all pages of your template, as well as any additional pages that someone using your template creates. (The exception is if you set your template’s first page to be unique, as described below.)

To add a header or footer: Double-click somewhere above or below the main body area of a page in your document template. Or, on the toolbar above your document template, click Insert > Headers & footers and choose either Header or Footer .

To add text to a header or footer: Just begin typing. You can adjust the text style using Docs’ usual text-formatting tools.

Adding a header to a document. (Click image to enlarge it.)

To add an image to a header or footer: Choose Insert > Image , then choose a source and an image to insert. The text wrap settings for an image set inside a header or footer are the same as for an image embedded in the main body of your document template, as described above.

To make the header or footer on the first page unique: Check the Different first page checkbox. The header or footer on the first page will be labeled “First page header” or “First page footer,” and the header/footer on all other pages will be labeled simply “Header” or “Footer.” You can add different elements to the two different headers/footers or leave one the other blank.

This can come in handy if, say, you’re creating a template for documents with a title page or if you want your company logo to appear in the header/footer on the first page only.

To add page numbers to a header or footer: In the header or footer area, click Options > Page numbers . The “Page numbers” panel appears, where you can choose whether to have the page numbers appear in the header or footer, whether to have a page number on the first page, and what number you want to start with.

Setting up page number location and format. (Click image to enlarge it.)

Another way to add page numbers is to select Insert > Page numbers from the top toolbar, then choose from one of four options:

  • page number at upper right with numbering starting on first page
  • page number at upper right with numbering starting on second page
  • page number at lower right with numbering starting on first page
  • page number at lower right with numbering starting on second page

Or you can select More options to bring up the “Page numbers” panel.

5. Extras: add dropdowns, tables, and more

In addition to the standard elements and settings covered above, you may find certain extra elements useful for specific types of templates. For instance, you could create a template for project management documents that will live online and are meant for team collaboration. Including some useful interactive elements in that template will help teams work together in any document created from the template.

Smart chips

Smart chips in Google Docs are small buttons that users can click to see more information, update information, or take other actions. We’ve got an in-depth guide to smart chips that covers the main smart chip types and how to use them, so here we’ll simply list some of the most useful smart chips to include in templates.

Dropdown smart chip: When a user clicks a dropdown, it opens a list of prepopulated text options that they can choose from to enter into the document. In a project management document, for example, you could have a status dropdown for a specific task that includes options for Not Started, Blocked, In Progress, and Completed. As the task moves through various stages, users can change the status dropdown accordingly.

Dropdown chips display options for document users to choose from.

Date smart chip: When a date smart chip is clicked, a small calendar opens. The user can then replace the date by clicking on another date on the calendar. So the date that you choose for this smart chip would serve as a placeholder that’s meant to be changed by the user of your template.

To change the date of a date smart chip, hover over the chip, click the date on the panel, and then select a new date on the calendar.

Variable smart chip: Available only with certain paid Google Workspace plans, variable smart chips are text placeholders that repeat throughout a document. For example, in a contract template you could create specific placeholders for Client Name, Address, Start Date, and so on. When the user replaces one Client Name placeholder with the client’s actual name, all the other Client Name placeholders are automatically updated. See our story with advanced tips for smart chips for details about using variable chips.

A very effective element to add to your template, a table invites the user to fill in its boxes with information. You can select the number of columns and rows in the table; set background colors for rows, columns, and/or individual cells; and optionally add column headers. To design your table with more interactive elements for users of your template to customize themselves, add dropdown or date smart chips inside its boxes.

As an alternative to creating a table from scratch, you could use a prebuilt Docs building block that pulls in smart chips. The “Product roadmap” building block, for example, is a simple task-tracking table that incorporates status dropdowns.

The product roadmap building block is a simple table template that you can customize as you like.

As with a table you create yourself, you can edit a building block table to suit your needs. See our smart chips guide for instructions on using building blocks.

6. Page settings: decide your template’s margins and page size

Before you finish your template, be sure to review and adjust its page settings, such as the page size and margins. On the menu bar above your document template, select File > Page setup .

Setting the template’s page margins. (Click image to enlarge it.)

Many printers are not able to print text and images close to the edge of a sheet of paper. So it’s best to set at least half an inch for all of your template’s margins: top, bottom, left, right.

Another thing about margins to keep in mind, particularly if you’ve carefully laid out text or images in the headers or footers: The margin numbers that you enter in the page setup settings affect these areas first. So if you set the top margin at 1 inch, then the top of the header will be 1 inch in from the top edge of the page. The main body of contents in your document template will be automatically set below the header.

But you can override this by setting the top and bottom page margins for your headers and footers separately from the margins for the main body of your document. To do so, select Format > Headers & footers from the menu bar above your document and adjust the header and footer margins.

Adjusting the header and footer margins. (Click image to enlarge it.)

Alternatively, you can set your template to not have margins at all by designating it as “pageless.” This also removes any page breaks, so your document appears as one page that gets longer as more content is added to it. A pageless layout makes sense if you’re designing a template for online documents, with no intention to print them to paper. This format allows more room for tables and graphics, but note that headers, footers, columns, and watermarks will not appear.

Setting a document as “pageless.” (Click image to enlarge it.)

You can also select a background color for all the pages in your template. You probably don’t want to change this from white if your template will be used to print to paper. A colored background is more appropriate for a template that’s in pageless format.

  • Google Workspace
  • Productivity Software
  • Office Suites

Howard Wen is a longtime contributor to Computerworld . He specializes in explainer guides, how-tos, and reviews of office applications and productivity tools.

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google docs template business plan

Process Street integrations

50 Google Docs Templates for Business Success (With 60+ Process Checklists)

' src=

I go straight to my Google Docs templates folder. As a content writer for Process Street , these templates include planning templates, review templates, and templates designed to record my research .

Suffice to say, my Google Docs templates are the backbone of my content creation process.

As a content writer for Process Street, I’ve built up an extremely efficient writing process that combines the convenience of Google Doc templates (via Google Drive), the clarity and reliability of Process Street workflows and Pages.

By merging Process Street and Google Drive into a simple, repeatable process for content creation, I know I can work productively and consistently meet my deadlines.

For me, Process Street + Google Drive = Success .

That’s why in this article, I’ll show you how you can recreate my process and build your own streamlined automations. I’ll be covering:

What is a Google Docs template? (+ a field guide to process documentation)

Google docs templates: how to use google docs, the benefits of google docs, integrating process street & google docs, 50 google docs templates.

  • Integrate Process Street + Google Docs to run smooth and efficient processes

Let’s get started!

Simply put, a Google Docs template is a blueprint for quickly and easily creating documents based on pre-set parameters and structure. For example, you might have a Google Docs template for planning a blog article, with all of the typical sections you’d need to fill out to facilitate that plan. It’s basically a tool you can use to automate part of your writing process.

Google Docs is one of the many tools you gain access to when you create a Google Drive account. As stated by Edward Mendelsohn from PC Magazine speaking on the Google Drive suite:

“Visually elegant with effortless collaboration.” – Edward Mendelson , PC Magazine

Google Docs is completely free, and is primarily a web-based application that stores and creates documents on the cloud. Text documents, slide presentations, spreadsheets , drawings, surveys, you name it; these can all be created using Google Docs.

It’s also a powerful collaboration tool, allowing multiple simultaneous edits in real time across a single file, making it especially suited for remote teams.

Since 2006, Google Docs has been continuously improved upon and polished into a refined document management system.

Every organization needs business processes

It’s here that we determine what Google Docs is as opposed to what Google Docs is not .

Google Docs is a sublime document writing tool. Writing reports, CVs, invoices, or project proposals has never been easier. It’s part of the G Suite ; a suite perfectly suited for document management . But Google Docs is not applicable for process management .

Think about it. Your business processes are an ever-changing and dynamic network of tasks. Tasks need to be completed in a specific order, by specific personnel, at specific times, to get a specific job done. To incorporate something like a Google Docs .doc file into a business process, you need a proper system in place to facilitate automation and integrate these static components together.

So what do we do?

Introducing Process Street .

Process Street is a top Business Process Management (BPM) tool. You can manage your business processes using our refined, adaptable, and dynamic workflows . Once more, you can combine Google Docs within your business processes by setting up a Process Street + Google Docs integration .

To do this:

  • Write down your business process.
  • Document your business process as a checklist.
  • Integrate your Google Docs account with Process Street.
  • Enjoy the benefits of faster and more efficient processes and document management .

At the end of this article, you’ll be able to just that.

But first up, let’s find out how you can write and document your processes with Process Street.

What is process documentation?

Process documentation is a detailed description of how you can execute a process. With a documented process the exact steps needed to complete a process from start to finish, are outlined.

With Process Street, these exact steps are recorded in a checklist format.

How to use Process Street to document your processes

There has been a lot of work detailing the profound benefits checklists bring to business ( read : The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande ). Using Process Street, you can incorporate this checklist approach to document your business processes.

Take a look at our New Employee Onboarding Checklist workflow, for example:

As you can see from this workflow, every step during the employee onboarding process has been documented. The user would simply click on this workflow, and run through each step, checking off tasks on completion. At a certain stage in the process, the user may need to create a Google Docs .doc file.

For instance, in the above Employee Onboarding Checklist workflow, the Prepare paperwork task requires the user to record the employee’s information.

This is where Google Docs comes in.

By combining Google Docs with your Process Street workflows, you can create the documents you need at the click of a button. In this instance, the user can prepare paperwork by setting up an integration between Process Street and Google Docs. Once that task is checked off, all employee information can be transferred from the Process Street template into a Google Docs document.

Keep reading and we will show you how you can set this integration up. We will also provide every Google Docs template you will ever need, along with the related business processes to help you make the most of them.

Before all of that though, let’s jump into the basics: How to use Google Docs .

Mouses at the ready!

For those of you who are new to the Google Docs platform, have no fear, Process Street is here. Below we have detailed our 3-step process to help you set up a Google Docs account and understand the ground rules.

Step 1: Create a document

Open Google Doc’s home screen . In the top left corner, under Start a new document , click Blank + .

You can also create a new document using this link here .

Step 2: Edit and format

Once your new document is open, you can type and edit as required. Edit text, paragraphs, spacing and more.

Here are some links that may come in handy:

  • Find out how to change paragraphs and fonts here.
  • Find out how to add a title or table of contents here.

Step 3: Share and work with others

Sharing is caring, and you can share files and folders using Google Docs. Select whether the user can edit, view, or comment on your documents.

For more information on how to share files from Google Docs, click here.

On top of these three steps, the true value of Google Docs comes with the implementation of the app’s core features:

  • Talk instead of type : Say bye-bye to butter-fingers and hello to Google Doc’s built-in speech to text tool. With this feature, words will populate your Google Docs document as you speak. To use this feature, go to Tools > Voice typing . On the right-hand side of your Google Chrome screen, a microphone will appear. Toggle the microphone to control voice activation as required.
  • Clear formatting : Text can easily be highlighted and edited to alter font and font size. Remove formatting from pasted text by highlighting the text, and selecting Clear formatting .
  • Suggestion mode : Stop, collaborate, and listen. Entering edit mode will track changes as they are made. Opportunity is also provided to accept or reject these changes. On the upper right-hand corner of the document, select Suggesting .
  • Add comments and tag others : Draw attention to comments added by tagging relevant individuals. When writing the comment, add a @ or + sign. An email will alert the tagged individuals of the comment made.
  • Add bookmarks : For long documents, bookmarks can be added meaning less scrolling. To add a bookmark, select Insert > Bookmark . A small bookmark item will be added to the edge of your document.
  • Revision history : Step back in time and return to an earlier version of the Google Docs document by going to File > See revision history . Click the version you want to revert to.

You can keep up to date with Google Doc’s new features here .

Each Google Docs feature has been specifically tailored for you , the user, to give you the most beneficial experience . The question is: What are Google Doc’s fundamental benefits that these features expand upon ?

“Why do anything unless it is going to be great?” – Peter Block

As voiced by Peter Block, an American author, when it comes to business, why do anything that cannot be defined as great ?

Putting Google Docs in the spotlight, we ask you the below questions to deduce the app’s greatness:

  • Have you struggled to gain access to documents when working with multiple workstations, mobile devices, and laptops?
  • Are your spreadsheets and documents shared within teams of people?
  • Is constant collaboration and feedback a priority within your team?
  • Do you ask for feedback on projects from people around the globe?

If you answered Yes to any of the above questions, then Google Docs is a great solution for you. The benefits lying at the core of this platform tackle the above situations and issues head-on. As indicated by TrackVia , I have detailed five of these core benefits below:

  • Version control : Controlling which document version your team works on is a huge asset for your company. You can add and remove collaborators whilst editing who can make changes to a document. Multiple users can enter, edit and evaluate one document at a time. This creates a collaborative platform that augments teamwork.
  • Easy to learn : If you have experience with other word processing platforms, then you will find Google Docs a breeze. Especially now you have an insight into some of the platform’s top features and functionalities – mentioned above .
  • Free : This one is pretty self-explanatory. Google Docs is free.
  • Import/Export flexibility : Say good-bye to error messages and incompatibility issues. Most file types can be imported and exported from Google Docs, giving you the flexibility you need to send and receive files within and outside of your team.
  • Accessibility : Working remotely, I have a newfound appreciation of the concept of accessibility . With Google Docs, you and your colleagues can collaborate over a coffee, working across two continents. Boundaries are erased. With a strong internet connection, you can access files from teams everywhere. Pretty impressive, huh?

All in all, Google Docs comes into its own when creating, editing and collaborating on documents across the globe. As a business tool, Google Docs can propel the productivity of your business operations. And furthermore, you can use Process Street to drive the creation of your documents. Doing this, you will construct an all-in-one integrated, collaborative, productive process for free. Let me show you how.

In this example, I will work from Process Street’s Hotel Sustainability Audit workflow ( click here to access our Hotel Sustainability Audit workflow! ), part of our Hotel Management workflow pack.

At the end of our Hotel Sustainability Audit workflow, a report is produced detailing your results. You’re presented with the option to export this report as a Google Docs .doc file, or other file type of your choice. By doing so, you can utilize two tools – Process Street and Google Docs – and reap the benefits they bring, in one swift, quick click.

In this case, an effective , efficient and productive audit process has been run with the help of Process Street. The audit report has then been exported from Process Street to Google Docs for sharing, team edits, and collaboration.

Check out these articles if you’d like to learn more about auditing:

  • Audit Procedures: A Quick Tour with 19 (Free) Templates
  • Audit Process: 5 Expert Steps for You to Get Your Audit Right
  • Operational Audit: Best Practices Used by the Experts
  • Financial Audits: A Quick Guide with Free Templates
  • ISO 19011:2018 Basics (8 Free Management System Audit Checklists)
  • What is an ISO Audit? Free ISO 9000 Self-Audit Checklist (ISO 9004:2018)

Below I have detailed the 8-step process to how this automation between Process Street and Google Docs has been created, using the Hotel Sustainability Audit as an example. This automation has been set up using Zapier .

Integrating Process Street with Google Docs: Step 1

Google Docs templates - step 1

Name this document and save it. When the Zap has been created using Zapier, all the relevant information from your final report will populate the form fields in this document.

Integrating Process Street with Google Docs: Step 2

Google Docs templates - step 2

Integrating Process Street with Google Docs: Step 3

Google Docs templates - step 3

Integrating Process Street with Google Docs: Step 4

Google Docs templates - step -4

Integrating Process Street with Google Docs: Step 5

Google Docs templates - step 5

Integrating Process Street with Google Docs: Step 6

Google Docs template - step 7

Integrating Process Street with Google Docs: Step 7

Google Docs template -step 7

Integrating Process Street with Google Docs: Step 8

Google Docs templates - step 8

And that’s it! Your automation is set up. Your workflow can be run time and time again, with the automation unchanging. From Zapier, all you have to do is turn the automation on or off when required.

To re-cap what we have covered so far, we have:

  • Run through a 3-step process to set up a basic understanding of how to use the Google Docs platform.
  • Identified Google Doc’s core features, enabling you to obtain true value from Google Docs.
  • Identified the benefits Google Docs can bring to your business.
  • Found out how to integrate your business processes with Google Docs using Zapier and Process Street.

With the above, you are now in a sure-fine position to implement our 50 (yes, that’s 50!) free Google Docs templates along with the related Process Street processes.

For ease, I have split these 50 templates into their relevant sections, and added a supplementary section on related Process Street workflows – so you’ll have everything you need to integrate the Google Docs templates with Process Street!

Google Docs templates for marketing

Top challenges for marketers include a lax marketing plan, an unsupported brand image, and a poor professional reputation. Conquering the branding issues, for instance, has been shown to increase revenue by 25% . This demonstrates the extent to which marketing shortfalls can blockade business progression. To help you overcome these marketing challenges, you can use our top marketing Google Docs templates, that have been included below.

⬇️📝 Click here to see Google Docs templates for marketing Google Docs template #1: Digital marketing template

Google Docs Templates - Digital Marketing

Google Docs template #2: Simple marketing template

Google Docs Templates - Simple Marketing

Google Docs template #3: Corporate business card template

Google Docs Templates - Corporate Business Card

Google Docs template #4: Minimalist business card template

Google Docs Templates - Minimalist Business Card

Google Docs template #5: Transparent business card template

Google Docs Templates - Transparent Business Card

Google Docs template #6: Basic business card template

Google Docs Templates - Basic Business Card

Google Docs template #7: Purple tri-fold brochure template

Google Docs Templates - Purple Trifold Brochure

Google Docs template #8: Business tri-fold brochure template

Google Docs Templates - Business trifold brochure

Google Docs template #9: Modern brochure template

Google Docs Templates - Modern Brochure

Google Docs templates #10: Creative magazine template

Google Docs Templates - Creative Magazine

Google Docs template #11: Newsletter template

Google Docs Templates - Newsletter Template

Google Docs template #12: Retail newsletter template

Google Docs Templates - Retail newsletter

Google Docs template #13: Marketing book cover template

Google Docs Templates - Marketing Book Cover

Google Docs template #14: Produce promotion flyer template

Google Docs Templates - Product Promotion Flyer

Process Street workflows for marketing

Integrate the above Google Docs templates with the following Process Street Marketing workflows to meet all of your marketing needs:

  • Ari Meisel’s How to Develop a Content Distribution Machine Guide
  • Blog Idea Processing Checklist
  • Blog Pre-Publish Checklist
  • Content Promotion Checklist
  • Creating a Newsletter
  • Newsletter Template Process
  • Peer-Editing Checklist for Bloggers
  • The Ultimate Blog Post Editing Checklist
  • Updating Old Blog Content for SEO (Checklist)

Google Docs templates for finance

Inaccurate, incomplete financial documentation in business is a substantial business cost, expressed in the millions . In this vein, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) imposed penalties above $1.43 million in 2018. Using a Google Docs template for your financial documents can safeguard these documents from fraudulent and negligent activity.

⬇️📝 Click here to see Google Docs templates for finance Google Docs template #15: Professional invoice template

Google Docs Templates - Professional invoice

Google Docs template #16: Basic invoice template

Google Docs Templates - Basic Invoice

Google Docs template #17: (Another) Basic invoice template

Google Docs Templates - Blue and White Invoice

Google Docs template #18: Delivery invoice template

Google Docs Templates - Delivery Invoice

Google Docs templates #19: Business budget template

Google Docs Templates - Business Budget

Process Street workflows for finance

Integrate the above Google Docs templates with Process Street’s related workflows to meet all of your financial process needs:

  • Income (Profit and Loss) Statement Process
  • Investor Pitch
  • ISA Audit Checklist
  • Purchase of a Business
  • Annual Financial Report Template
  • Financial Audit Checklist
  • Financial Plan Template
  • Financial Planning Process

Google Docs templates for HR

Developing your HR department into an effectual team that supports your employees can be a challenge. Ensuring your HR department is recognizing your employees’ hard work is the first step . Consistent employee recognition has been shown to improve employee engagement by 30%. With that said, the below Google Docs templates will help you deliver this first step.

⬇️📝 Click here to see Google Docs templates for HR Google Docs template #20: Employee appreciation

Google Docs Templates - Employee Appreciation

Google Docs template #21: Project manager certificate template

Google Docs Templates - Project Manager Certificate

Google Docs template #22: Business certificate template

Google Docs Templates - Business Certificate

Google Docs template #23: Certificate of experience template

Google Docs Templates -Certificate of Experience

Google Docs template #24: Professional experience certification template

Google Docs Templates - Professional Experience Certificate

Process Street workflows for HR

Integrate the above Google Docs templates with Process Street’s HR-related workflows to meet your HR-related process needs:

  • Accountant Job Description Template
  • Call Center Employee Onboarding Checklist
  • Code of Conduct Policy Adherence Process
  • Copywriter Job Description Template
  • Customer Service Manager Job Description Template
  • Customer Service Representative Job Description Template
  • Editor Job Description Template
  • Employee Onboarding Checklist
  • HR Manager Job Description Template
  • ISO-9000 Structure Template
  • IT Manager Job Description Template
  • Job Description Template
  • Marketing Manager Job Description Template
  • Performance Management
  • Receptionist Job Description Template
  • Sales Manager Job Description Template
  • Web Designer Job Description Template
  • Web Developer Job Description Template

Google Docs templates for management

Management of any business activity is tricky. Despite this, excess management is costing the U.S. economy $3 trillion a year. It isn’t a case of pumping more managers into the mix to solve your managerial shortfalls. It is about implementing effectual management strategies. Below are some Google Docs templates to help you do just this.

⬇️📝 Click here to see Google Docs templates for management Google Docs template #25: Consulting agreement template


Google Docs template #26: Business process manual template

google docs template business plan

Google Docs template #27: Annual board meeting template

Google Docs Templates - Annual Board Meeting

Google Docs template #28: Project proposal template

Google Docs Templates - project proposal

Google Docs templates #29: Sales quote template

Google Docs Templates - Sales Quote

Google Docs template #30: Training proposal template


Google Docs templates #31: Software development template

Google Docs Templates  - Software Development

Google Docs template #32: Weekly calendar template

Google Docs Templates - Weekly Calendar

Google Docs template #33: Monthly calendar template

Google Docs Templates - Monthly calendar

Google Docs template #34: Project timeline template

Google Docs Templates - Project timeline

Google Docs template #35: Project tracking template

Google Docs Templates - Project Tracking

Google Docs template #36: Gantt Chart template

Google Docs Templates - Gnatt chart

Google Docs template #37: Business management book cover template

Google Docs Templates - Business Management Book Cover

Process Street workflows for management

Integrate the above Google Docs templates with Process Street’s management-related workflows to meet your management-related process needs:

  • GRI Standards 101: Foundation 2016 Checklist Template
  • GRI Standards 102: General Disclosure 2016 Checklist Template
  • GRI Standards 103: Management Approach 2016 Checklist Template
  • ISO 14001 EMS Structure Template
  • Environmental Management System (EMS) Implementation Checklist Template
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management Self Audit Checklist
  • ISO 19011 Management Systems Audit Checklist
  • ISO 26000 Social Responsibility Performance Assessment Checklist
  • ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISO27K ISMS) Audit Checklist
  • ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Audit Checklist
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Integrated Management System (IMS) Checklist
  • ISO 9001 Internal Audit Checklist for Quality Management Systems
  • Risk Management Process
  • Diversity Management Monthly Audit
  • Environmental Accounting Internal Audit
  • Firewall Audit Checklist
  • Google Analytics Audit
  • Laboratory Safety Procedure Audit
  • Network Security Audit Checklist
  • PPC Audit Checklist
  • SQL Server Audit Checklist
  • Technical SEO Audit

Google Docs templates for freelancers & personal use

We, at Process Street, strive to provide business assistance at all levels. That is, from the top end of a business – looking to improve financial and management processes – right down to the personal level. When you consider statistics such as 21% of employees are unsatisfied and unengaged at work, you know something needs to be done.

Below we have provided Google Docs templates to help personnel communicate their ambitions and career needs effectively. This will pair up the right candidate with the right job.

⬇️📝 Click here to see Google Docs templates for freelancers & personal use Google Docs template #38: Basic resume template

Google Docs Templates - Moo Resume

Google Docs template #39: White-blue resume template

Google Docs Templates - White blue resume

Google Docs template #40: Light-dark resume template

Google Docs Templates - Light and Dark Resume

Google Docs template #41: The clean CV template

Google Docs templates - Clean CV

Google Docs template #42: Smart and professional resume template

Google Docs Templates - Smart and Professional Resume

Google Docs template #43: Laconique resume template

Google Docs Templates - Laconique Resume

Google Docs template #44: Infographic resume template

Google Docs Templates - Infographic Resume

Google Docs template #45: Circle-pattern resume template

Google Docs Templates - Circles template

Google Docs template #46: Professional visual template

Google Docs Templates - Professional Visual template

Google Docs template #47: Minimalist infographics resume template

Google Docs Templates - Minimalist Infographic Resume

Google Docs template #48: Crisp and clean cover letter template

Google Docs Templates - Crisp and Clean Cover Letter template

Google Docs template #49: Contemporary cover letter template

Google Docs Templates - Contempoary Cover Letter

Google Docs template #50: Minimalist cover letter template

Google Docs Template - Minimalist Cover Letter

Process Street workflows for freelancers & personal use

Integrate the above Google Docs templates with Process Street’s related workflows to meet your personal business career needs:

  • Self-Evaluation Performance Review Template
  • SMART Goal Setting Checklist
  • How to Backup your External Hard Drives using Google Drive [CHECKLIST]

Process Street + Google Docs: Smooth & efficient processes

Run efficient and productive processes by combining Process Street with the above Google Docs templates.

Remember Google Docs is not a process management tool. The true value of Google Docs is realized when integrated within your business processes. To do this, you need Process Street.

If you are new to Process Street, and still a little unsure about what it is we do, check out the video below for further insight:

As you already know, Process Street is a Business Process Management tool, used to manage your business operations. Process management is achieved by using workflows. Our workflows are not, however, ordinary workflows.

Our workflows are superpowered .

They have functional features that I have detailed below:

  • Stop tasks , to ensure task order.
  • Dynamic due dates , so no deadline is missed.
  • Conditional logic , creating a dynamic workflow that caters to your needs.
  • Role assignments , to ease task delegation within your team.
  • Approvals , to sign tasks off within your team. Tasks can be assessed by the relevant team member/s. The assigned approver can easily open the workflow and information from the tasks is then used to either approve or reject with a comment.

With these features, Process Street’s workflows are dynamite when it comes to managing your business operations.

Once more, you can integrate Process Street with many different applications, not just Google Drive. Take the time to think about that for a moment…

All of those automations to be created…

Each automation tailored to your specific business process needs. Automations that will save you both time and money.

For more information regarding Process Street integrations, visit our Integrations Help Site .

Using Google Docs for knowledge management could be costing you money Process Street Pages allow you capture, organize, and share your company’s operational knowledge. It’s the best place to host critical documents, such as SOPs or employee onboarding documentation. Basically, any information that may not need to be documented as a dynamic workflow.

You can easily collaborate with your team by sharing pages with them, regardless of which department they’re in.

And best of all, it’s  free to access for your whole team!

For more info about Pages , watch the video below:

Do you use Google Docs templates regularly? Have you tried automating Google Drive with Process Street? If not, why not? Let us know in the comments below!

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Jane Courtnell

Hi there, I am a Junior Content Writer at Process Street. I graduated in Biology, specializing in Environmental Science at Imperial College London. During my degree, I developed an enthusiasm for writing to communicate environmental issues. I continued my studies at Imperial College's Business School, and with this, my writing progressed looking at sustainability in a business sense. When I am not writing I enjoy being in the mountains, running and rock climbing. Follow me at @JaneCourtnell.

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Take control of your workflows today

Free Google Docs Project Plan Templates

By Kate Eby | May 25, 2022

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We’ve rounded up the most comprehensive selection of project plan templates for Google Docs. Plus, get helpful tips on how to use each Google Docs project plan template.  

Included on this page, you'll find a simple project plan template , a Gantt chart project planner , a one-page project plan , an IT project plan template , and a project planning timeline template , among others. You’ll also get details on what to include in a project plan template .

Simple Project Plan Template

Simple Project Plan Template

Download Simple Project Plan Template — Google Docs  

Use this simple, comprehensive project plan template to keep all team members and stakeholders on the same page as your project progresses. Enter the name of your project, as well as the key deliverable(s), a scope statement, and project start and end dates. The template also provides space for you to list each project task, assign a task owner, and set start and end dates. This project plan template will help the project team remain aware of what is due when in one centralized, easily updatable document. 

Read our Google Docs and spreadsheet templates article to find additional templates and learn more about getting the most out of your project planning efforts.

Simple Timeline Template

Simple Timeline Template

Download Simple Timeline Template — Google Docs

Successfully plan your project with this visually rich, simple project timeline template. The template provides space to list project milestones (e.g., “Kick-Off,” “Proposal,” and “Testing”) on a quarter-by-quarter basis, and then visually represent these milestones in a horizontal, color-coded bar chart to ensure you complete all of your project deliverables. 

Find additional free Google timeline templates, and learn more about getting the most out of your project timelines.

Gantt Chart Template

Gantt Chart with Timeline Template

Download Gantt Chart Template — Google Docs

Capture every phase and task in your project plan with this visually dynamic project planning Gantt chart template. Enter your project title, the project manager, and each phase of the project (e.g., “Project Conception and Initiation,” “Project Definition and Planning,” “Project Launch and Execution,” and “Project Performance/Monitoring”). Then enter each individual task under the applicable project phase, and list the task owner, start and end dates, and percentage of each task complete. This customizable template is presentation-ready and will ensure that you successfully plan and track every component of your project. 

For more helpful project planning templates and resources, see our article on free Google calendar templates .

Agile Project Plan Template

Agile Project Plan Template

Download Agile Project Plan Template — Google Docs 

Because Agile teams are self-organizing, work cross-functionally with other groups, and strive for continual improvement, it’s especially important that they have a reliable way to plan projects. Ensure timely project delivery with this easy-to-use Agile project plan template. Document your project’s primary features, break down large tasks into individual work items you complete in sprints, and assign an owner to each task. Easily track task-by-task status (e.g., “On Hold,” “Not Started,” “In Progress,” “Overdue,” “Complete”) and the project’s overall progress.

IT Project Plan Template

IT Project Plan Template

Download IT Project Plan Template — Google Docs  

Use this template to standardize your information technology (IT) project planning process to ensure that you account for all project components and gain buy-in from all team members and project sponsors. Enter your project title, the name of the project manager, deliverable(s), scope details, start and end dates, and overall project progress. This customizable template enables you to name or number your individual work sprints (and list tasks under the appropriate sprint) to reflect the way your IT department organizes work.

Project Implementation Plan Template

Project Implementation Plan Template

Download Project Implementation Plan Template — Google Docs  

Ensure that you account for every project planning detail with this comprehensive project implementation plan template. In the first section of the template, briefly describe your project’s purpose, assumptions and constraints, and other organizational details. The template provides instructions for the other sections (e.g., “Management Overview,” “Major Tasks,” “Implementation Schedule,” “Acceptance Criteria,” and “Performance Monitoring”) so that you don’t overlook any aspect of your project plan.

Project Execution Plan Template

Project Execution Plan Template

Download Project Execution Plan Template — Google Docs

Use this all-encompassing project execution plan template to specify project delivery details. Enter the project scope and goals, quality and technical specifications, resource allocation, project schedule, and communication plan details. This template is the perfect tool for you to provide team members and other stakeholders with insight into the detailed plans of your project.

One-Page Project Plan Template

One-Page Project Plan Template

Download One-Page Project Plan Template — Google Docs  

This one-page project plan template includes example text that you can edit to reflect the  details of your project planning efforts. The template prompts you to break down your project plan into individual tasks, assign each task to a team member, set start and end dates, and provide status for each task and the overall project.

Printable Project Plan Template

Printable Project Plan Template

Download Printable Project Plan Template — Google Docs 

Use this streamlined, print-friendly template to create and assign tasks and subtasks, assign them to team members, track task status, and ensure that all efforts support your project’s deliverables. This condensed template allows you to mark any component that is at risk of not being completed on time, so that project managers, sponsors, and team members are aware of downstream effects and can adjust the project delivery date if necessary.

Program Management Plan Template

Program Management Plan Template

Download Program Management Plan Template — Google Docs  

Account for all project planning components with this dynamic, comprehensive program management plan template. The template is perfect for project or program managers to plan large-scale projects and account for every component. The template includes the following sections for thorough project planning: Project Responsibilities, Milestone Chart, Risk Log, Business Case Form, Progress Report, Change Control Form, Project Management Checklist , and more.

Project Action Plan Template

Project Action Plan Template

Download Project Action Plan Template — Google Docs  

Make sure that you meet — and exceed — your project quality standards with this comprehensive project action plan template. The template prompts you to break down project planning efforts into manageable parts (e.g., goals, action steps, and tasks). Then assign each section to a team member, and set a priority level, status, and due date.

Business Marketing Project Plan Template

Business Marketing Project Plan Template

Download Business Marketing Project Plan Template — Google Docs 

Keep your team members, project sponsors, and other stakeholders on track for delivering high-quality marketing projects with this business marketing project plan template. Define the challenge that your project will address, the opportunity it affords, and the core capabilities of your offering, as well as your goals, target market, marketing strategy, performance standards, and measurement methods. Use this comprehensive business marketing project plan template to meet — and beat — your marketing project goals.

What Is a Google Docs Project Plan Template?

A Google Docs project plan template provides a framework to capture all key project plan details. Use a project plan template to list your project goals, objectives, scope, deliverables, features, tasks, due dates, milestones, statuses, and their respective priorities. 

Creating an effective project plan is the first critical step in delivering a successful project to a client, customer, internal stakeholder, or other end user. Without a project plan, the scope and deliverables of your project may be unclear, resources may not be adequately allocated, and task ownership and due dates aren’t defined. 

A clear project plan template helps ensure that you capture all of your project details, including objectives, goals, business opportunities, features, and individual tasks. Plus, most templates will prompt you to schedule tasks and assign them to team members, so that you successfully deliver your project and deliver a win for your organization. 

While Google Docs project plan templates vary, they typically include the following components: 

  • Project Name: Enter the project name.
  • Project Manager: List the name of the project manager.
  • Project Deliverables: Provide a brief description of the project’s deliverables (e.g., the product and service). 
  • Scope Statement: Describe the defined features of your project’s deliverables, along with the scope of work required to complete it and fulfill its requirements. Also, note what is not in scope of this project.
  • Project Start and End Dates: Enter the dates on which the project will begin and end.
  • Overall Progress: Note how far along the project is (this is usually expressed as a percent).
  • Task Name: Enter the name of each project task.
  • Assigned To: Identify an owner for each project task. 
  • Task Start Date and End Dates: Enter the dates on which each task will begin and end.
  • Task Duration: Review the task duration (the time between the start and end dates of each task).
  • Status: Provide a status for each task (e.g., “Not Started,” “In Progress,” “On Hold,” and “Completed”). 
  • Priority: Determine a priority level for each task (e.g., high, medium, low) so that you and your team can ensure you complete top-priority tasks first.  
  • At Risk: Select this check box if the project task is at risk of not being completed on time, so that you and your team can determine how it affects the project’s due date and deliverables and can make adjustments as necessary
  • WBS Number: Enter a work breakdown structure (WBS) number for each task, for easy identification and reference.  

Additionally, some longer-form project plan templates include the following sections: 

  • Project Purpose: Describe your project’s objective, including the problem it will solve, the opportunity it affords, and the approach you will use to accomplish the project.  
  • Project Goals: Specify what you hope to accomplish through your project. 
  • Resource Allocation: Define the personnel, equipment, and other resources your project requires in order to succeed. 
  • Project Schedule: Propose a project timeline. Depending on the project, you can define the schedule at the weekly, monthly, or quarterly range, or by each Agile sprint.
  • Milestones: Identify the key milestones that you and your team must meet in order to remain on schedule.
  • Performance Monitoring: Propose how you will track the project’s long-term success, and list the tools or metrics you will use to measure your achievements.
  • Communication Plan: Provide details on how you plan to communicate your project’s status, progress, and other updates to key stakeholders, clients, project board members, and others.
  • Project Plan Approval: Once you complete your project plan, have the project sponsor(s) approve it by signing and dating the project plan. At this point, you and your team can begin project work.

Get the Most Out of Your Project Plan with Smartsheet for Project Management

From simple task management and project planning to complex resource and portfolio management, Smartsheet helps you improve collaboration and increase work velocity -- empowering you to get more done. 

The Smartsheet platform makes it easy to plan, capture, manage, and report on work from anywhere, helping your team be more effective and get more done. Report on key metrics and get real-time visibility into work as it happens with roll-up reports, dashboards, and automated workflows built to keep your team connected and informed.

When teams have clarity into the work getting done, there’s no telling how much more they can accomplish in the same amount of time. Try Smartsheet for free, today.

Discover a better way to streamline workflows and eliminate silos for good.

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Table of Contents

Construction business plan template bundle, 15+ simple business plan templates, 1. simple business plan template, 2. business plan format template, 3. blank business plan template, 4. simple business plan budget template, 6 steps to make a business plan, 5. simple strategic business plan template, 6. easy/quick business plan template, 7. simple sales business plan template, 8. start-up sample business plan template, 9. sample business plan template, 10. business plan template, 11. business plan for startup business template, 12. annual business plan template, 13. business plan development template, 14. job tax credit business plan template, 15. strategic business plan template, 16. business plan example, plan templates, 15+ simple business plan templates in google docs | google sheets | xls | word.

Every business is set up keeping some kind of goals or objectives in mind. The business plan highlights these goals or objectives and outlines and explains the procedures to be done to make the goals a reality. It should also mention the time frame within which the goals need to be attained. Simple Business Plan Templates help in making these plans samples .

google docs template business plan

  • Google Docs

simple business plan template

  • Google Sheets

Step 1: Do the Research

Step 2: determine the purpose, step 3: make the profile, step 4: document the required parts, step 5: specify the marketing plan, step 6: target your audience.

simple strategic business plan template

More in Plan Templates

Business plan guidelines template, business plan layout template, one page business plan template, basic business financial plan template, simple startup business plan template, business plan executive summary template, market analysis template in business plan, business plan startup cost template, small business plan financial template, business plan chart template.

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Restaurant Business Plan Template

Restaurant Business Plan Template for Google Docs

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Bar Business Plan Template

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Business Training Plan for Word & Google Docs

Business Training Plan Template

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  • Use the template in Word or Google Docs.
  • Print the template in your preferred format or share it via email with managers in each department.

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