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3 entry level human resources (hr) cover letters.

Approved by real hiring managers, these Entry Level Human Resources (HR) cover letters have been proven to get people hired in 2024. A hiring manager explains why.

Hiring Manager for Entry Level Human Resources (HR) Roles

Table of contents

  • Entry Level Human Resources (HR)
  • HR Coordinator
  • Alternative introductions for your cover letter
  • Entry Level Human Resources (HR) resume examples

Entry Level Human Resources (HR) Cover Letter Example

Why this cover letter works in 2024, highlighting specific accomplishments.

By providing a clear example of an accomplishment during their internship, the writer demonstrates their impact and ability to create positive change in a real-world setting. This helps to showcase their skills and experience in a more tangible way.

Connecting Background to Role

The writer's mention of their background in psychology adds an extra layer of depth to their application, showing that they have a strong foundation for understanding and working with people. This connection makes their application more compelling and unique.

Showcase quantifiable impact

When you mention specific numbers like "reduced employee turnover by 15%", this tells me you understand the importance of measurable results in HR. It suggests that you're not only action-oriented but also focused on achieving tangible outcomes, which is exactly what we need in our HR team.

Highlight relevant skills

By sharing that you managed the HR information system and carried out tasks like updating employee records and coordinating interviews, you're proving you have hands-on experience in key HR operations. You're showing us you can handle the nitty-gritty of HR work, and that's crucial for an entry-level role.

HR Coordinator Cover Letter Example

Detail your problem-solving skills.

The HR field is all about problem-solving and streamlining processes. When you mention that you coordinated the performance evaluation process and introduced a platform that reduced paperwork by 60%, it illustrates your initiative and problem-solving skills. It's a clear sign that you're somebody who can spot inefficiencies and take steps to address them.

Illustrate your people skills

Your experience in handling employee grievances shows us that you're capable of managing sensitive issues with tact and diplomacy. This is a key skill for any HR professional, and your ability to handle these situations while also improving HR policies and increasing employee satisfaction is a testament to your people skills and ability to deliver positive change.

Alternative Introductions

If you're struggling to start your cover letter, here are 6 different variations that have worked for others, along with why they worked. Use them as inspiration for your introductory paragraph.

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cover letter sample for entry level hr

Thank you for the checklist! I realized I was making so many mistakes on my resume that I've now fixed. I'm much more confident in my resume now.

cover letter sample for entry level hr

Entry Level Human Resources Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter Examples

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You should start your Entry Level Human Resources cover letter by addressing the hiring manager directly, if possible. If you don't know their name, use a professional greeting like "Dear Hiring Manager". Then, introduce yourself and state the position you're applying for. Make sure to express your enthusiasm for the role and the company. For example, "I am excited to apply for the Entry Level Human Resources position at your esteemed organization." Then, briefly mention your qualifications that make you a good fit for the role. This could be your degree, any relevant coursework, internships, or any related volunteer or work experience. Remember, the opening paragraph is your chance to make a strong first impression, so make it engaging and compelling.

The best way for Entry Level Human Resources professionals to end a cover letter is by expressing enthusiasm for the opportunity, reiterating interest in the position, and inviting further discussion. For example, "I am very excited about the possibility of contributing to your team and would welcome the opportunity to further discuss how my skills and experiences align with your needs. Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the possibility of working with you." This ending is professional, shows eagerness, and leaves the door open for further communication. Remember to end with a formal closing such as "Sincerely" or "Best regards," followed by your name.

An entry-level human resources professional should include the following elements in their cover letter: 1. Contact Information: At the top of your cover letter, include your full name, address, phone number, and email address. If applicable, also include your LinkedIn profile or professional website. 2. Professional Greeting: Address the hiring manager directly if possible. If you don't know their name, use a professional greeting such as "Dear Hiring Manager." 3. Introduction: In the first paragraph, introduce yourself and express your interest in the position. Mention where you found the job posting. 4. Relevant Skills and Experience: In the body of the letter, highlight your relevant skills and experiences that make you a good fit for the role. As an entry-level candidate, you may not have a lot of HR experience, but you can highlight transferable skills from other jobs, internships, or your education. For example, you might mention your strong communication skills, your ability to work in a team, or your experience with conflict resolution. 5. Knowledge about the Company: Show that you've done your research and understand what the company does and what they value. Explain why you're interested in working for them specifically. 6. Enthusiasm for the Role: Express your enthusiasm for the role and the field of human resources. This shows the hiring manager that you're not just looking for any job, but that you're genuinely interested in this particular role and in HR. 7. Closing: In your closing paragraph, thank the hiring manager for considering your application. Reiterate your interest in the role and your eagerness to discuss your qualifications further in an interview. 8. Professional Closing: Close the letter with a professional sign-off such as "Sincerely" or "Best regards," followed by your full name. Remember, your cover letter should complement your resume, not duplicate it. It's your chance to tell a story about who you are, why you're interested in HR, and why you'd be a

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Try our ai-powered resume builder.

entry level human resources cover letter

cover letter sample for entry level hr

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cover letter sample for entry level hr

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5 Human Resources (HR) Cover Letter Examples for 2024

Stephen Greet

  • HR Cover Letter
  • HR Assistant
  • HR Generalist
  • HR Director
  • Write a HR Cover Letter

As an HR professional, you know how to make employees and the corporation happy, especially when you bring in new talent. But even though you know the ins and outs of the hiring process, getting hired yourself is tricky. 

It’s maddening to fill out hiring paperwork and assess other candidates’  job skills  all day only to head home to perfect an  HR resume , cover letter, and application for yours truly. 

We understand that getting hired isn’t easy—even if you’re familiar with the process. Our guide, complete with five HR cover letter examples, will walk you through how to write a cover letter that will land you an interview and, hopefully, your dream job.

cover letter sample for entry level hr

Human Resources Cover Letter Example 


Microsoft Word

Google Docs

Block Format

Human resources cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • Find a way to link the company to you. Derek does this by demonstrating values both he and the employer share, like his belief that employee relationships are at the heart of HR.
  • You can tell a short story, laugh at the witty  HR job ad , explain how you found the company, or state your enthusiasm for the high-impact position. 

Level up your cover letter game

Relax! We’ll do the heavy lifiting to write your cover letter in seconds.

Human Resources Assistant Cover Letter Example

Human resources assistant cover letter template

  • As far as the body is concerned, make it digestible and easy to read especially where you express your main skills and accomplishments as it helps you to convey your skills in an impactful manner.

Human Resources Generalist Cover Letter Example

Human resources generalist cover letter template

  • Another addition to creating an unforgettable piece is signing off with an optimistic attitude and exemplifying how your skills can contribute to the company’s ethos and objectives.

Human Resources Manager Cover Letter Example

Human resources manager cover letter template

  • Don’t be afraid to use a narrative style in your cover letters when it’s applicable, especially if you’ve had a good experience with the company.
  • Aidan starts his cover letter with a story about how he visited PLANTA and later states how he’s looking forward to “enjoying some amazing vegan meals.”
  • Remember what you’ve written in your body paragraphs when writing your conclusion and support your points. Don’t overthink it.

Human Resources Director Cover Letter Example

Human resources director cover letter template

  • In your cover letter, address what the company offers, such as amazing software or a killer hotel experience, and express your wish to experience more of what makes them unique.
  • If you decide to implement this technique, pay attention to tone and word choice. You never want to make it sound as if the company was poorly managing its employees, even if that was the case. 
  • For example, Julian explains Cedar Garland’s need for updated procedures for experienced employees and how The National Hotel needed modernized programs for payroll. 

Build your human resources resume for a complete application

Before we dive into the specific ways you can write your cover letter, don’t let  writing your resume  slip through the cracks. We make it simple with  professional resume templates  just like this one.

Human Resources Resume

Need a resume to pair with your human resources cover letter?

or download as PDF

Human resources resume template

Write a Winning Human Resources Cover Letter

Rocket taking off from a laptop on a desk depicting writing a winning human resources cover letter

Writing a stunning human resources cover letter is difficult, so let’s break it down into three simple factors: research, details, and presentation.

cover letter sample for entry level hr

Step 1: Research the organization and its needs

As an HR professional, you know that reading generic cover letters is exhausting and annoying. They fail to show initiative or explain how the candidate will help you once they get hired. 

So, in your cover letter, show you care about the company and can help them reach its goals.  But you’ll only know what to write once you know what the business wants.

Start by reading the  human resources job description  to get a feel for their personality. Then scan their website to find their mission statement, vision, and goals. 

Assure the employer that you can deliver the results they desire by addressing their unique concerns and applying your relevant qualifications.

cover letter sample for entry level hr

Step 2: Share the details about one or two accomplishments

As you know, reading redundant paperwork is a complete snooze-fest. So, your human resources cover letter can’t be a repeat of your resume, or the recruiter will be snoring before they hit the second paragraph.

Think of your cover letter as a presentation. Pick one to two of your accomplishments that echo the job description’s requirements and give the full scope of those experiences. You could:

This example stays focused on one goal or talent (photography/videography). Although the candidate could have just focused on responsibilities, they focus instead on  how  their efforts helped the company.

  • Address your work and successes in revamping the onboarding process for seasonal hires
  • Share how you listened to employees and made lasting changes via surveys, check-ins, evaluations, etc. 
  • Talk about how you decreased the employee turnover rate

cover letter sample for entry level hr

Step 3: Convey the right tone and a clear message

Your cover letter should strike a balance between unique and professional, personal but not sentimental. Easier said than done, right?

Start by limiting your cover letter to one page .  Then you can start modifying your message. Present a logical argument with enough ethos (credibility) and pathos (emotion) to sell anyone on your skills. 

Then adjust your tone. Your cover letter can be funny, heartfelt, or candid—but moderation is key. Let the job description help you choose your content, your words, and how you phrase your message. Most of all, shoot for a tone that matches the company. 

Present a logical argument with enough ethos (credibility) and pathos (emotion) to sell anyone on your skills. 

Don’t despair if this is difficult; next up is revision, where you can fix any errors and tweak the content. Now is also a perfect time to let someone else read your cover letter to recommend improvements. 

Outlining Your Human Resources Cover Letter for Success

Two people helping each other on outlining a human resources cover letter

Starting any project with a blank slate is intimidating, so use this HR cover letter outline to get you started on the right foot!

cover letter sample for entry level hr

How to start a human resources cover letter

Your contact info:  Give employers a helping hand and provide your contact information right from the get-go. List your name, number, email, and physical address right at the top of your cover letter template. 

  • Formatting : If you’re using a block format, only include your physical address, and save your name for the signature.

Date:  Even in a virtual letter, you should include a date. It makes your cover letter look more professional, and it gives the hiring manager a timeline for your application.

Just make sure the date on your cover letter reflects the day you submit it, especially if you re-work your cover letters based on previous submissions.

  • Formatting : Write out the full date, e.g., January 5, 2023.

Inside address:  Your address isn’t the only one that matters; also include the inside address, aka the employer’s address. It should have the hiring manager or recruiter’s name, their title, and the company’s physical address. This shows the employer you’ve researched their company and know to whom you’re speaking. 

If the company doesn’t list its address or has multiple locations, check sites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and the company’s website (you can also check Google Maps).

Min Ju Ha, Director of Talent Acquisition 50 Eggs Hospitality Group 7350 Biscayne Blvd  Miami, FL 33138

  • Formatting : Each part of the address should be on a new line. Double space between the inside address and greeting. 

Greeting:  A polite greeting is always in vogue, so start your human resources cover letter with a formal, yet personal, salutation. Use the tried-and-true “dear,” followed by “Ms.” or “Mr.” and the hiring manager’s last name to avoid ruffling feathers (some businesses don’t appreciate casual introductions).

Finding the person in charge of hiring can be a pain, but people love to be addressed by name, so it’s worth it to spend the time to make a great first impression. Worst case scenario, address either the whole HR team (“Dear HR Hiring Team”) or the department head (“Dear HR Manager”). 

  • Formatting : After your greeting, you’ll need either a comma or a colon; a colon is the preferred business option, but if the business is more casual, you can get away with a comma. Let the job description guide you.

cover letter sample for entry level hr

How to write your human resources cover letter

Body:  This is the hardest part to get right, but we have you covered. First, focus on cutting your letter down to three to four short paragraphs.

Within those paragraphs, express your enthusiasm for the job, your qualifications, and your desire for future discussion. 

Opening paragraph:  Remember the last time you read a book that started like, “I am writing to inform you of my purpose, which is to write a really good book?” Yeah, us neither. Yet, most people begin their cover letters with similar statements that are polite but boing, like this: 

I read your job post on LinkedIn, and I am eager to apply. This human resources director position sounds like a perfect fit for my experience, and I know I can help your department reach its goals. My years of experience in human resources and management makes me an ideal candidate.

This information might not be  wrong , but it’s vague and generalized—and like 95% of other cover letters in the stack of applications. A good opening is unique and exciting while still being formal. It should address the company and express personality immediately, like this opener: 

Central New Mexico Community College’s core values of connection, compassion, and inspiration resonate with my values as a human resources professional. Your unique value-based approach has unsurprisingly made CNM one of the top 5 community colleges in the U.S. That, combined with your defined vision plans, inspired me to apply because my work would make a concrete difference for students and staff.

From the start, this candidate explains what they appreciate about the company and how they align with its beliefs and goals. 

Paragraphs 2-3:  These paragraphs should provide evidence for your qualifications and dig deep into your achievements; it’s time to define your part of the project and how you turned it into a success. 

However tempting, don’t try to tackle a job’s worth of success. Your letter will just sound cluttered and unfocused. Instead, focus on one accomplishment at a time, and provide plenty of details about that experience. 

I also have experience solving complex employee relations issues. As the HR manager with Cygna Labs, positive mediation was roughly 50% of my role. I investigated complaints, ensured compliance with legal employment requirements, and developed new policies and procedures. By the end of my position, our retention rate had increased by 45%, our human capital return on investment had improved by 23%, and the number of promoter-level NPS scores had increased by 42%.

Although 50% of their role focused on other tasks, this candidate only mentioned mediation/resolution and their successes with such.

Closing paragraph:  Don’t quit while you’re ahead—finish strong with a closing paragraph that summarizes your values, qualifications, and eagerness for an interview. This can sound like a lot, but rest assured, it can be done.

Start with a sentence summary of what you value based on the work experience you’ve described and how that adheres to the company’s values. Next, describe what you hope to accomplish in the position. Lastly, thank the employer and reassure them of your willingness to talk further. 

Just remember: you are an ideal candidate, but you shouldn’t sound like this:

As you can see, I have done everything you require (and more) at my previous jobs, which makes me the perfect candidate for this position. I know I can handle all employee relations responsibilities and ensure complete compliance as I have done at every HR job so far. Please give me a call or email at your earliest convenience; I look forward to making your day at my interview. 

Even if all this was true, it’s self-centered and doesn’t address the company at all. Instead, remind the employer of what they stand to gain when they hire you. Further establish how your goals align with theirs and what you’ll do for their HR department. 

I strive to improve the lives of employees by implementing modern practices and offering practical solutions to common problems. As your HR director, I desire to develop new training programs, ensure compliance, and increase employee engagement/satisfaction. Thank you for considering me for this position, and I hope to experience your restaurants first-hand soon.

This candidate explains their competency and their goals without sounding brash. It’s a delicate balance, but we know you can find it!

  • Formatting : Single space in your letter but double space between paragraphs. 

Signature:  All that’s left is to sign off and say “thank you” if you didn’t in the closing paragraph. Use a professional closer along with your name. 

Derek Annais

  • Formatting : If you’re presenting any hard copies of your human resources cover letter, quadruple space at the bottom to leave room to sign your name. 

Enclosure(s):  Many people don’t know about this section, but it’s important. It lists the other documents you’re submitting, reminding employers there’s more to come. It also helps them keep track of what you’ve included. 

HR positions usually require a job application and a resume, but some also require a supplemental questionnaire or references. Carefully scan the job description and application to make sure you provide everything requested.

Enclosures: Resume Application

  • Formatting : Use the singular or plural form of “enclosure” depending on how many documents you’re enclosing. Most of the time, it will be plural, but you should check it every time.

Is Your HR Resume on Par with Your Cover Letter?

Woman comparing on blackboard to see if human resources resume is on par with her cover letter.

Now that you’ve written your human resources cover letter, you’ll likely want to hit “submit” immediately. But don’t forget you still need to  outline your resume  and polish it to shine.  

You have a great persuasive argument, aka your cover letter, but you still need a document that quantifies your work experience, aka your resume. When combined, they paint a glowing picture of your career.

Want to know how to make your HR resume just as impressive as your cover letter? A look at our  resume examples  will give you the boost you need, and you can even edit this HR resume directly. 

Human Resources Director Resume

Need a resume to pair with your human resources director cover letter?

Human Resources Director Resume Template

If you’ve already started, try out our  resume checker  to get AI-powered advice to make your resume the best it can be. 

Now go snag the dream job you’ve always wanted!

Usually, you would address cover letters to the HR hiring manager, but that role may be vacant if you’re applying for it! Other times, the information may simply not be in the job description. Try searching LinkedIn or the company website for the name of an HR manager or higher-up company leader. If you can’t find any information, you can just lead off by saving “Dear [Company Name] hiring staff” or something similar.

HR is a bit more formal than other positions, with greater needs for cultural awareness and professional communication. However, with cultural awareness in mind, you ideally want to match your tone to the HR job description to show how you’ll fit in with the company’s culture. For example, if the tone comes across as innovative and creative, you could use a similar style when describing your HR abilities. Plus, you may want to emphasize innovative HR practices, like managing employee needs through workplace flexibility.

One page is the ideal length for HR cover letters. You may have been involved in hiring processes before and understand how fast-paced these decisions can be. Keeping your cover letter concise is essential to help hiring managers identify your top skills in aspects like employee relations and advising. That way, they can easily connect the dots that you’re the right pick for the role.

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Write An Entry-Level Cover Letter (Examples, Tips & Template)

Background Image

So, you’re applying to an entry-level job and wondering where a cover letter fits in the application package.

Is an entry-level cover letter a requirement? If so, what should you write in your entry-level cover letter to really improve your employment chances?

Should it be the same as a normal cover letter, or should it include some specific information that can serve an entry-level job? Yeah, there are quite a few questions on the topic—and for good reason. After all, who doesn’t want their application to be as perfect as possible?

In this article, we’re going to teach you everything you need to know about entry-level cover letters. 

  • What’s an Entry-level Cover Letter and Why It Matters
  • Entry-level Cover Letter Format
  • Tips & Examples on Writing an Entry-Level Cover Letter

Entry-level Cover Letter Template

...and more! 

Ready? Let’s dive in!

What Is An Entry-Level Cover Letter?

An entry-level cover letter is a cover letter that you write when you’re applying for an entry-level job. 

As such, you will need to write an entry-level cover letter on these occasions: 

  • As a college senior on a job hunt.
  • As a recent college graduate looking to land his first job.
  • As a professional who has changed industries/career paths.

In any of these cases, an entry-level cover letter is an essential part of the application.

One could even argue that entry-level cover letters are even more beneficial to your resume than your average cover letter.

Here’s why:

As a college senior/graduate or someone changing careers, chances are, your resume might not be that rich in terms of practical work experience.

So, in addition to your resume, your cover letter is your second-best chance to explain why you’re the perfect fit for the job!  

What Should an Entry-Level Cover Letter Include

Before we get into the specifics of writing an entry-level cover letter, let’s go over the basics.

Namely, the format . 

If you don’t know how to properly “set up” your letter, it will end up being disorganized and confusing .

Entry-Level Cover Letter Format

So, what should your entry-level cover letter contain? Here are all the details.

  • Header with contact information. In addition to your name, your contact information should contain your email (a professional email, that is), your phone number, and (optionally) LinkedIn profile. Underneath your contact info comes the date and then the receiver’s information: manager’s name and title, company name, and the company’s street address.
  • Addressing the hiring manager. How you address the cover letter is important. Preferably, you want to include the hiring manager’s name/professional title or the name of the department head doing the hiring.
  • Opening statement. Your opening paragraph should be professional, but at the same time personal and attention-grabbing. The best way to achieve that is by tailoring your introduction to the job application.
  • The body. The body of your entry-level cover letter should consist of 2-3 paragraphs highlighting your skills, accomplishments, and education.
  • Closing paragraph. To end your cover letter, you need a professional closing paragraph. You can mention that you will be following up the cover letter, wrap up anything you couldn’t in the previous paragraphs, or just simply thank the recruiter for their time.
  • Formal salutation. Formal closings include salutations such as “best regards,” “kind regards,” “sincerely,” and “thank you.”

How to Write an Entry-Level Cover Letter With No Experience (Tips & Examples)

Ready to get into the knits and grits of writing an entry-level cover letter? 

Great! Let’s get to it.

#1. Write a Strong (But Professional) Opening

The first thing you want to do is write an attention-grabbing opening paragraph. 

Recruiters receive hundreds of applications daily, so you can probably imagine how limited their time is. This leaves you with one goal—to make your cover letter worth reading, right from the get-go. 

One thing is for sure, you’ll never achieve this by writing a generic, one-fits-all kind of introduction, like the one below: 

My name is Samantha and I’d like to apply for the Sales Representative entry-level position at your company. I am a recent Marketing graduate, so I believe I would be a great fit for the role.

See, you could use this kind of introduction to apply for any entry-level position in sales. And though it’s not bad, per se, it’s not memorable either. 

Instead, you want your opening paragraph to be custom-made for the entry-level job you’re applying for. Bonus points if you can mention an achievement or two in the opening paragraph to show the recruiter how you stand out from the rest of the candidates.

Here’s what a well-written entry-level cover letter would look like:

My name is Samantha and I’d like to become part of XYZ Inc. by applying my newly acquired marketing knowledge to your Sales Representative position. I am confident that my excellent university results and the practical knowledge gained during my academic internship at Company X, where I was trained in sales, make me the right candidate for the job.

#2. Include Relevant Employee Skills

After you prepare the ground with an attention-grabbing introduction, you should use the body of your cover letter to show exactly how your skills, achievements , and education make you the right fit for the job. 

In light of your limited work experience, your skills are your second-best chance to prove your worth and showcase your strengths. 

Start by listing skills that are relevant to the job by doing the following:  

  • Scan the job description to find what the required skills are for the position. 
  • Explain how your skills can benefit the company. 
  • Optionally, you can mention that you are eager to learn required skills that you may not have to get better at the job. 

For example, an entry-level journalism position may require that you:

  • Know how to apply the AP Stylebook rules
  • Are up to date with media law and ethics
  • Are an effective communicator
  • Can meet deadlines. 

Here’s how you could highlight those skills:

As a recent Journalism and Mass Communication graduate from X University, I am up to date with the 55th Edition of the Associated Press Stylebook and all media law and ethical reporting standards. Being Editor-in-Chief of the university’s newspaper taught me how to be an effective communicator while being in charge of publishing the newspaper each week improved my attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines. 

#3. Do Some Research

Research is one of your best friends when it comes to cover letters, as it can give you valuable information on what the recruiters are looking for in a candidate. 

After thoroughly researching the company’s history, products/services, goals, and even challenges, you can mention exactly how:

  • You fit in the position
  • You stand out from your competition 
  • You can be of use to the company

Say, for example, that you’ve previously worked as a proofreader and you’re now going into magazine editing. After some research, you find out the magazine you’re applying to puts great attention to producing quality content. 

Here’s how you can work that to your advantage: 

I have read the content your magazine produces and I think it’s extremely well-researched, reader-friendly and grammatically correct.

During my 5-year experience as a proofreader, I have mastered editing and writing and I am confident that this experience can further improve your magazine quality. 

#4. Quantify Your Achievements (When Possible)

The best practice, whenever achievements are involved, is to quantify them and back them up with concrete examples. 

Imagine you’re a recruiter and you’re on the fence about two candidates for an entry-level customer service position. They have almost-identical resumes in terms of education and they claim to have customer support experience from past internships.

 So, you jump to their cover letter. This is how each candidate has described their achievements:

Candidate 1

As a Client Services intern, I was required to contact and ask clients for feedback daily, I supported the management team in improving customer services based on clients’ comments and I provided suggestions to teams from other departments to improve overall client satisfaction.

This is not horrible. However, compared with the second candidate’s much more detailed description, it lacks substance. Take a look for yourself. 

Candidate 2 As a Customer Services intern at Company X, I helped raise customer satisfaction by speaking to and collecting our clients’ feedback and working with teams from different departments to address their dissatisfaction and implement relevant suggestions. After one year, we ran a survey that showed customer experience had improved by 50%. This result was backed by a 30% increase in profit within that same year. 

Sure, the first candidate “improved customer services,” but this opens up a lot of questions:

  • How well did they improve the customer services?
  • Over what timeframe?
  • What kind of impact did this have on the company’s bottom line?

The 2nd candidate, though, mentions all this information, and as such, their cover letter is a lot more impactful. 

#5. Highlight Your Education

Your education can very well replace what you lack in work experience when it comes to entry-level jobs. It can convincingly back up your skills and achievements, as well as help you demonstrate some of your strengths. 

Now, when we tell you to highlight your education, we don’t mean mentioning the title of your diploma and calling it a day. 

Instead, what you need to do to reinforce your skills and strengths is to mention relevant group projects and classwork, extracurricular activities and school clubs, published work, or independent research. 

Highlighting your education can be just as effective if you’re changing career paths. 

Did you take classes on your newly-found passion when you were in college? Or maybe you got to practice it as part of a club. No matter the case, make sure to highlight it, as this is exactly the part of your education that will make a difference in your cover letter. 

Now, let’s say you’re a college senior thinking ahead and looking for a graphic design job for when you graduate. To improve your chances of getting that entry-level job, here’s how you can highlight your education: 

My passion for visually communicating a message began alongside my work at InFocus Magazine, our university’s photography and graphic design magazine, where I am Head of Design. I mainly work with Adobe InDesign and Illustrator, but I am now also learning to use Canva and Crello in my Design & Illustration class. 

#6. Don’t Forget a Call to Action 

Finally, it’s time to wrap up your entry-level cover letter with a conclusion. 

For your entry-level cover letter’s final paragraph, you want to do the following: 

  • Mention anything you couldn't during the previous paragraphs. If you think you left something important out (something that could help you get hired), this is your chance to say it. 
  • Thank the recruiter. You can use the closing paragraph to thank them for their time. This is a chance to be formal, but make sure you don’t sound like you’re trying to get to the recruiters’ good side. 
  • Include a call to action. As a call to action, you can mention to the recruiter that you will be following up (if they haven’t specified the interviewing procedure) to inquire about the application or ask them to take some action. 

And here’s what this would look like on a cover letter:

To conclude, let me first thank you for considering my application. I believe I can help your company improve its customer satisfaction by putting to use all the experience I’ve gained from my past jobs in customer service. I’d love to discuss in length how I can help you improve one-on-one customer service at your stores.

#7. Conclude with a Professional Closing

Once you’ve written your closing paragraph, all you have to do is sign off your cover letter.

Your “goodbye” should be formal and include only your name and signature. 

Any of the following is an acceptable way to sign off your cover letter:

  • Best Regards,
  • Kind Regards,
  • Sincerely, 
  • Thank you, 

Want to know other ways to conclude your cover letter memorably? Head over to our guide on how to end a cover letter for additional info! 

#8. Proofread Your Letter

And you’re finally done! 

Make sure to proofread your cover letter before attaching it to your job application. Any effort you might have put into it will lose value if your cover letter has mistakes. 

You can either give it to a friend to proofread it or use editing software like Grammarly and Hemingway .  

Want to Make Things Easy? Use a Cover Letter Builder

The way you design your cover letter matters!

Sure, you can go for a generic text in a Word Document, but having a well-designed cover letter that matches your resume in style will help you stand out much more in a sea of applicants. 

Well, Novoresume makes that easy for you! Just pick any of our matching cover letters and resume templates and leave a lasting impression!

entry level cover letter match resume

[First Name and Last Name]

[Email Address]

[Phone Number]


[Date of Writing]

[Manager’s Name]

[Manager’s Job Title]

[Company Name]

[Company’s Street Address]

[City, State, ZIP Code]

[Addressing the hiring manager]

[Write your attention-grabbing opening paragraph]

[Write 2-3 paragraphs where you include skills that are relevant to the position you are applying for, where you quantify your achievements (when possible), and where you highlight your education.]

[Conclude by saying thank you and by making a call to action.]

[Sign off your letter professionally]

Key Takeaways 

And that’s a wrap! We hope that you feel more confident about your entry-level cover letter knowledge and writing after reading this article. 

Now let’s go over the main points we covered:

  • An entry-level cover letter is a cover letter that you write for an entry-level job. You may need to use it as a college senior or recent college graduate or as a professional changing career path. 
  • Your entry-level cover letter should follow the following format: header, addressing the recruiter/company, opening paragraph, body, closing paragraph, formal salutation. 
  • To write a good entry-level cover letter you should write an attention-grabbing opening, include some relevant skills, highlight your education, and make a call to action.
  • Use a cover letter builder to make sure your cover letter meets recruiters’ standards and to save your time.

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How to write an entry-level HR cover letter

Cover letters are often not simple to compose. They will decide whether or not you get an interview by emphasizing your strong points. They help make your resume shine and allow you to express your personality.

As per BLS, HR jobs will rise by 6% during the next ten years.

It is one of the few occupations unaffected by advanced technologies. As an outcome, applying for HR jobs is now more challenging, which implies to stand out, the HR cover letter must provide the value you can offer. The HR hiring process is simple. If your application is approved, you will be invited to an interview and possibly a proficiency test. This screening may take the form of a personality assessment or a skill test. As a result, your cover letter must be truthful, as the hiring manager may question one of your statements. It must also be solid, as this is the initial filter used by an employer to restrict their alternatives.

Tips for writing an entry-level HR cover letter

Image for part: Tips for writing an entry-level HR cover letter

Tailor the entry-level HR cover letter to the specific company for which you are applying. However, the formation of the entry-level HR cover letter will be the same irrespective of the role or company.

Introduction Paragraph

The introduction paragraph is the most essential part of a cover letter, and your chance to make a lasting first impression. Begin by addressing the hiring manager by name and explaining what role you are seeking, how you discovered the job, and your elevator pitch. If you cannot get the employer's name, verify the company's website to view if an HR professional is mentioned or call them. When you have exhausted all possibilities and are unable to locate a name, then address the application letter to the 'Hiring Manager.'

Second Paragraph

Beginning with the second paragraph, you should demonstrate how you are a suitable candidate by giving evidence of skills described in the job requirements. Since a few job descriptions are lengthy, it does not have to include point-by-point, but if it says, 'demonstrates problem-solving and people management,' or 'has expertise in' provide the hiring manager examples of those skills and experience. Remember to keep the paragraphs brief and select three or four specific instances that you are proud of. As you finish your entry-level HR cover letter, include some background details, like your academic achievement, dissertation subject, and reason for choosing HR as a profession. Explain why you appreciate the role of human resources in a company and are enthusiastic about the role. So far, you must have illustrated your natural interest in human resources, your accomplishment, and the qualifications you possess.

Closing Paragraph

In this paragraph, you should inform the hiring manager about what you can offer to the company and how your personal goals can align with the organizational goals.

Other resources on entry-level HR, how to write an entry-level HR resume , entry-level HR skills for resume and cover letter , entry-level HR resume sample .

Entry-level HR Cover Letter Example I

Dear Employer,

I am writing to apply for the position of Entry-Level Human Resource that you have advertised. I am well-versed in HR initiatives, employment agreement writing, and policy advancement.

I'd like to draw your attention to my present job duties;

  • Manage the department's day-to-day activities.
  • Provide help and support to teammates in addressing complex issues.
  • Keep track of the employee data file.
  • Coordinated orientations for newly recruited employees.
  • Noted important briefing details for future reference.
  • Respond to worker requests.

My strong strong interpersonal and communication skills, and potential to establish employee retention techniques, have trained me to be your next entry-level Human Resource professional.

Please review my enclosed resume for details on my appropriate coursework and training. A chance to discuss how I can exceed your job expectations would be gratefully received.

Susanne C. Wansley

Entry-level HR Cover Letter Example II

I was excited to apply after reviewing your job advertisement for an Entry-level HR. I am convinced that I would profoundly impact your company with my thorough understanding of the human resource processes obtained from my latest education.

While pursuing a Master of Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations, I expanded my knowledge of various HR subjects like benefits administration and employee engagement. Besides, my expert experience includes relevant obligations like policy development and application, personnel recruitment and training, recordkeeping, and inter-cultural communication. With these qualities in mind, I am prepared to prosper in this demanding and exciting field.

My background features involve;

  • Gained a thorough understanding of a variety of HR concerns, such as worker hiring and improvement, remuneration frameworks, union and non-union worker agreements, federal HR regulations, and office diversity.
  • Successful track record of attracting and retaining attendees and workers by utilizing presentation and interpersonal skills.
  • Leading inclusive graduate initiatives to help personnel work balance and maximize employee experiences.
  • Using organizational, methodical, and inspirational abilities to accelerate team members to peak performance.

With my extensive education in human resources, passion, and commitment to success, I think I can quickly exceed your expectations in this position. I'm looking forward to talking about this job in detail.

Entry-level HR Cover Letter Example III

I am submitting my job application for the position of Entry-level HR at ABC Tech Pvt Ltd. I recently received a degree in Bachelor of Human Resource Management (Psychology and am keen to put my newfound knowledge to use. During my college, I interned with Talent HR Tech Solutions in the HR Department, where I facilitated HR staff in undertaking background inspections on prospective workers, conducting interviews, and keeping workers' documents.

I am well-organized, pay close attention to detail, and am friendly and outgoing. I've been complimented on my potential to make individuals feel at ease, which is incredibly helpful in the Human Resources discipline. I would appreciate the chance to join ABC Tech Pvt Ltd's Human Resources department.

I am self-assured that you will consider me competent for the entry-level HR position. Please reach me by phone or email to set up an interview. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.

What is a sample cover letter for an HR generalist role

City, State, ZIP Code

Email Address

Phone Number

Employer's Name

Company Name

Company Address

I am writing to express my strong interest in the HR Generalist position at [Company Name], as advertised on [Job Board or Company Website]. With my comprehensive background in human resources and a proven track record of successfully implementing strategic HR initiatives at [Previous Company 1] and [Previous Company 2], I believe that I will be able to contribute significantly to your team.

My extensive experience in talent acquisition, employee relations, and performance management has equipped me with a diverse skill set essential for effective HR management. At [Previous Company 1], I spearheaded the recruitment process, successfully identifying and onboarding top-tier talent across various departments. This resulted in a 20% increase in employee retention and significantly improved team performance. Additionally, at [Previous Company 2], I developed and implemented comprehensive training programs that enhanced employee engagement and professional development.

My strong understanding of labor laws and compliance regulations, coupled with my ability to foster a positive and inclusive work culture, has allowed me to effectively manage employee relations and mediate sensitive issues within the workplace. I am skilled in conducting HR audits, handling disciplinary actions, and providing expert guidance to both management and employees on HR policies and procedures.

Furthermore, my proficiency in HRIS platforms and data analytics has enabled me to streamline HR processes and drive data-based decision-making. I am adept at leveraging HR technology to enhance operational efficiency and provide insightful reports on key HR metrics.

I am excited about the opportunity to bring my passion for employee development and organizational growth to [Company Name]. I am confident that my dedication, interpersonal skills, and HR expertise make me a strong fit for your team.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the possibility of discussing how my skills and experience align with your HR goals and contribute to the continued success of your organization.

How do I write a cover letter for a human resource position

Here is a cover letter for a human resource position;

I am reaching out to convey my enthusiasm for the Human Resources Assistant role at ABC Hospital. Having recently completed my studies at Rockhill University, I am eager to apply the business administration expertise acquired during my undergraduate program to cultivate a supportive and efficient workplace for the facility's employees. I am particularly thrilled about the chance to collaborate with the medical professionals, caregivers, maintenance staff, and patients at ABC hospital, as I have always been dedicated to assisting and tending to the needs of others.

One of the aspects that appealed to me about ABC Hospital is its active involvement in the local community. I am drawn to its various initiatives, such as organizing Christmas caroling and contributing to food kitchens. As an HR assistant, I would feel privileged to contribute to the planning and execution of similar events. Nursing homes hold a special place in my heart, as I have consistently volunteered as a companion at Trinity Gardens Clinic. I am deeply committed to supporting all employees, tending to the needs of patients, and ensuring the organization attains its objectives.

Presently, I am working towards earning a Professional in Human Resources certification from the HR Certification Institute. I believe this pursuit will propel me toward achieving my overarching career aspiration, which is to excel as an HR assistant. I would appreciate the chance to speak with you in person to go over my credentials and the contribution I can make to the team.

How to write a cover letter for HR Assistant with no experience

My name is Emily West, Having recently attained my degree in Human Resource Management, I am eager to pursue my initial role in the HR sector. I am actively looking for a comprehensive HR position, with a particular focus on recruitment strategies and cultivating a positive employer brand.

With my dissertation centered on the impact of an employer's brand on their recruitment operations, I am enthusiastic about the possibility of joining A&C Corp. Your consistent top rankings on the "Top Places in US" list are a testament to your organization's commitment to employee satisfaction and your proactive approach to addressing feedback, contributing significantly to your strong social media reputation and impressive follower count. I aspire to contribute to the continuation of this positive trend. Aiming to gain hands-on experience in various aspects of HR and recruitment, I am keen to participate in your renowned training program, confident that it will equip me with valuable industry knowledge and skills. As an HR assistant, I look forward to engaging in the practical components of candidate sourcing and recruitment marketing, leveraging my creative mindset to develop tailored solutions.

My internship at ABC Company offered me the opportunity to lead a project focused on recruiting a 50-person team for a newly established office in New York. Operating under stringent timelines and demanding work requirements, the successful results of the project reflected in the long-term retention rate of 85% and a remarkable 42% budget surplus. I am particularly drawn to the measurable impact of recruitment and HR strategies on overall employee performance.

I am happy about the opportunity and learn more about the role during a prospective interview.

How do I write a cover letter for HR and administrator

I am thrilled to submit my application for the human resources administrator (data management) role recently posted by Mediaglobe, Spain. With more than two years of experience in human resources, I perceive this opportunity as a chance to specialize in data protection and influence internal data privacy and access policies. Mediaglobe's distinguished reputation as specializing in information technology sector makes it an ideal environment for me to further enhance my data protection competencies.

In my capacity as a human resources administrative assistant at UltraTech, I oversee the data entry processes for contractual, payroll, and timesheet data pertaining to both new and existing employees. Through my efforts, I successfully reduced the cost-per-hire rates by 30% by rationalizing the employment data into a unified database. Before my tenure at Urban IQ Tech, I completed an administrative work placement within the sales team at Tidal Wave Consulting during my third year of pursuing a (BA) degree in Human Resources Management. My contributions were recognized with the 'Trainee of the Year Award' for the 2020/21 academic year.

Thank you for considering my application for the human resources administrator (data management) position. I am eager to delve deeper into the responsibilities associated with this role. Given my track record of accomplishments thus far, I am confident in my ability to transition into a mid-level human resources role and contribute to Mediaglobe company.

What is the personal statement for HR admin role

A personal statement for an HR admin role typically highlights your relevant skills, experiences, and personal attributes that make you a strong candidate for the position. It should provide insights into your passion for human resources, your career goals, and how your previous experiences have prepared you for the role. Additionally, it should showcase your ability to manage sensitive employee information, ensure compliance with regulations, and contribute to the overall success of the HR department.

HR admin Personal Statement Example

As a dedicated and detail-oriented professional, I am enthusiastic about contributing to the HR department's success through my strong organizational and administrative skills. With a proven track record in managing employee records, facilitating the recruitment process, and ensuring compliance with HR regulations, I am eager to leverage my expertise in a dynamic HR admin role. I am committed to continuously enhancing my knowledge of HR best practices and industry regulations to deliver exceptional support to the organization.

Writing a cover letter is often stressful if you're a skilled HR generalist or an entry-level HR. You want to go on and on about how fantastic you are for a position, but you understand your reader is short on time. Since you recognize as working in human resources, your cover letter and resume are more probable to be evaluated or examined. Organize to write multiple drafts before settling on the finished version.

When we talk about entering the human resources field, a well-crafted cover letter can make all the difference. As an entry-level HR professional, your cover letter is your opportunity to showcase your skills and passion for the industry. Writing a professional cover letter that truly stands out is essential in today's competitive job market. Your cover letter should be tailored to the following;

  • Specific HR role you are applying for
  • Highlight your relevant coursework and internships
  • Any HR-related experience you have gained

Additionally, you can demonstrate your strong communication and interpersonal abilities, which are super important in HR roles. To create an ideal cover letter, check out this site about Professional Cover Letter Writing for Entry-Level HR and learn how to make a lasting impression on potential employers.

Create your resume in minutes for FREE.

Use resume templates that are tested and proven to fit the rules employers are looking for.

HipCV guide on how to write a childcare cover letter along with childcare cover letter example.

HipCV guide on steps on how to become a housekeeper along with certifications, training necessary to be a housekeeper.

HipCV guide on how to write a housekeeping cover letter along with housekeeping cover letter example.

HipCV guide on steps to become a bookkeeper, certifications, licenses necessary to become a bookkeeper.

HipCV guide on how to write a bookkeeper cover letter along with bookkeeper cover letter example.

HipCV guide on steps to become a bartender, certifications, skills and license required to be a bartender.

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Entry-Level Cover Letter Examples and Writing Tips

cover letter sample for entry level hr

Why a Cover Letter Is Important

  • What to Include
  • Writing an Entry-Level Cover Letter
  • Template to Download
  • Basic Entry-Level Cover Letters
  • Cover Letters Listed by Job
  • Resources for Templates

When you are applying for an entry-level position, composing a cover letter can be a challenge because you may not have a lot of work experience. However, it's fine to highlight your non-employment related experience in your cover letter if it's relevant to the job. After all, interviewers for entry-level positions are aware that this may be your first position.

Here's a secret:  Writing cover letters is hard for nearly all candidates—not just entry-level applicants. So, don't be disheartened if you're feeling overwhelmed by the process.

To get the hiring manager excited enough to call you in for an interview, you need to convey not only your skills and qualifications, but also your passion for the organization and your aptitude for the specific role.

This means writing a cover letter that complements your resume, and not one that merely duplicates that information.

A good cover letter also shows off your  communication  and writing skills and proves that you know how to tell a compelling story—a bonus in almost every job, even if the job description doesn’t include writing as a requirement.

Finally, taking the time to craft a cover letter proves that you know how things are done in a professional environment and that you’re willing to play by the rules. That might sound obvious, but when you’re applying for an entry-level position, it’s important to show the hiring manager that you’re aware of what’s expected and that you won’t need to be trained in the basics of office life.

New to cover letters? Use this guide to familiarize yourself with the format and best practices for writing a cover letter that helps you get the job interview. It includes the different types of cover letters, the information that needs to be included in your letter, and the proper way to format your final draft and send it to the hiring manager.

What to Include in Your Cover Letter

The good news is that it's basically a level playing field when it comes to applying for entry-level jobs. Your competitors likely won’t have a great deal of work experience, either.

Feel free to mention volunteer experiences, internships, related classes, projects, leadership experience, extracurricular activities, and your skills that pertain to the position. Providing these details about related experience helps differentiate your application from the crowd:

Look for ways to draw connections between your non-work experience and the job and industry at hand. For instance, if you are applying for an entry-level position in publishing, you might point out your strong grades in literature classes, volunteer work at the library or in literacy programs, an internship at a publishing house, your involvement with the school newspaper, etc.

Look at the specific skills mentioned in the job description, too, and think about ways to  demonstrate that you possess these abilities . For example, if a job posting calls for someone detail-oriented and organized, your experience managing a fundraiser for your academic club is good evidence that you have those abilities.

How to Write an Entry-Level Cover Letter

Match your qualifications to the job.  Research the  job requirements  thoroughly before beginning to compose your letter. Make a list of the key qualities, areas of knowledge, skills, or experience that the employer is seeking. Review descriptions for similar titles on or another job site if the employer hasn’t provided a good list of requirements with the ad. Then take the time to match your credentials to the job description .

Get inside information.  Contact the career office at your school, if time permits, and request a list of alumni volunteers in your field of interest. Ask them what they would be looking for if they were hiring for the type of entry-level job which you are targeting.

Make a list of your qualifications.  Compile a list of your assets that will enable you to meet the job requirements and excel in the job.

Write a perfect opening sentence.  Compose an  opening sentence  that conveys enthusiasm for the job and summarizes why it is a good fit. Name the precise position if one is mentioned in the job announcement. For example, you might say “I am highly interested in consideration for your sales assistant vacancy since it would tap my strong customer service, organizational, and verbal communication skills.” 

Describe your skills.  Draft a sentence for each one of the assets on your list that will qualify you for the job. Briefly include a reference point in your background such as course project, leadership role, internship, or personal experience that proves that you possess that strength. You can merge more than one asset into each statement. For example, “I utilized strong persuasive skills and leadership ability to recruit and attract new members to our sorority.”

Remember that for many entry-level jobs you will be trained on the job, so eagerness to learn and the ability to learn quickly and well are often assets to emphasize.

Quantify your accomplishments.  Whenever possible, frame your statements as accomplishments and  quantify results . For example, “Attentiveness to detail and editing skills enabled me to reduce publication errors in the yearbook by 15% over the previous year.”

When to mention following up.  If you have identified a contact person and the employer has not conveyed how interviews will be arranged, then you might suggest that you will follow up to determine if they need further information and to discuss the possibility of arranging an interview.

End with a professional closing . In  closing your cover letter , reaffirm your keen interest in the job and that you are hopeful that you can meet with them to discuss the exciting opportunity further.

Proofread your letter.  Carefully review your letter for spelling and grammatical errors. Read it out loud and place your finger on each word. Have a counselor, teacher, writing tutor, or other trusted person critique your draft.

Entry-Level Cover Letter Examples

Review these sample cover letters for entry-level candidates for employment to get ideas for your own letter. You'll find both general examples, as well as sample cover letters for specific fields and positions. Don't copy the text exactly, but rather, use the samples for inspiration when writing your own personalized cover letter.

Entry-Level Cover Letter Example

Jane Gordon 7903 Harbor Street Portland, OR 97035 (000) 123-1234

August 13, 2020

Alexander Jeffries Human Resources Manager Portland Bay Books 801 Powell Street, Suite #200 Portland, OR 97035

Dear Mr. Jeffries:

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting with Portland Bay Books’ recruiter, Sarah Smith, at the job fair held on the campus of Portland State University. As a graduating senior with a major in English and a minor in Communications, I was interested to learn about your publishing operations. Please accept the attached resume as a sign of my deep interest in becoming your next Editorial Assistant.

During my studies in the English Honors Program at Portland State University, I have honed strong analytical, writing, and grammatical skills that will serve me well in this position. For the past four years I have been a book reviewer for our department’s literary journal, Chiaroscuro, and am now serving as its Senior Editor. I thus understand how to collaborate with a team of writers, how to brainstorm engaging content, how to proofread manuscripts and perform line edits, and how to design page formats.

I am also currently completing a three-month internship as a Marketing Assistant with ABC Marketing, a role which has provided me with “real world” experience in conducting competitive market research, creating social media posts for client companies, and designing unique corporate newsletters.

My technical skills include Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, and PowerPoint) and the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of publication tools. You can view samples of my writing and design work in my online portfolio at

Eager to learn more about your expectations for your next Editorial Assistant, I would welcome the opportunity for a personal interview. Thank you for your time, consideration, and forthcoming response.

Jane Gordon 

Cover Letter Template to Download

Download an entry-level cover letter template (compatible with Google Docs and Word Online) or see below for more examples.

Basic Entry-Level Cover Letter Examples

College Senior Cover Letter It can be challenging to write a cover letter when you haven’t graduated yet. Include both your academic accomplishments and work experience, if you have it. Here’s advice on how to structure your letter, what to include to get it to stand out from the crowd of entry-level applicants, as well as a sample to review.

Recent College Graduate Cover Letter The best way to show an employer you’re well qualified for a job, tips for writing a cover letter when you’re a recent graduate, and a sample letter to review.

Career Office Referral Cover Letter When you apply for a job that has been listed through your university career center, mention that in the first paragraph of your letter. Review what to write, and examples.

Email Cover Letter What to include in an email cover letter, an example of an email message sent to a hiring manager, and how to format and send an email applying for a job.

Entry-Level Cover Letter Example This letter describes the educational, extracurricular, and volunteer experience that show that the candidate has both the skills and the potential to succeed in the job.

Inquiry Letter An inquiry letter is sent to an employer who may be hiring, but hasn’t advertised job openings. Review an example, and tips for writing inquiry letters.

Entry-Level Cover Letters Listed by Job

Business Analyst Cover Letter When you’re applying for an analyst position, focus on the technical business skills you have acquired in college, during internships, or in prior positions.

Cover Letters for Teachers If you’re looking for an entry-level teaching position, review this guide on how to write a cover letter for a teaching job, with advice on how to prepare your application, and letter examples. Also review the information required to apply for a teaching job, including documents, certifications, and transcripts the employer will request.

Education Cover Letter For education-related jobs, learn as much as you can about the school or organization you’ll be working for. Then take the time to match your qualifications to the job description.

Information Technology (IT) Cover Letters IT jobs are competitive and so you need to be detailed and specific when writing a cover letter for one. It's important to show the employer you have the skills, technologies, and certifications listed in the job posting.

The closer a match you are to the ideal candidate, the better your chances of getting selected to interview.

Marketing Cover Letter In your cover letter, share examples of your related internship or job experience and describe the marketing skills you have acquired through academics or experience. Use examples to highlight the skills and attributes you have that qualify you for the job.

Scientific Research Technician Cover Letter When applying for a research job, focus on your analytical, research, and writing skills. Also share examples of any laboratory experience you’ve gained, research you've been a part of, and technical research tools you have used.

Summer Assistant Cover Letter Showcase your related academic experiences along with work experience, if you have it, when writing a cover letter for a summer position.

Writing/Marketing Cover Letter This cover letter example focuses on the applicant’s academic achievements, as well as the candidate’s skills that are a strong match for the job requirements.

Cover Letter Templates

A cover letter template is a helpful way to format and organize your letter. In general, applying for a job is a ritualized process. Some of the cover letter requirements may seem old-fashioned, but it's important to adhere to the expected cover letter style, from the greeting all the way through to your closing sign-off.

Use these templates to help you establish a framework for your cover letter so that you know what information to include and where, but be sure to personalize your letter so it reflects your qualifications and attributes.

  • Cover Letter Format
  • Cover Letter Template
  • Email Cover Letter Template

Online Template Resources : Google Docs has a variety of templates you can use to write a cover letter or a resume. When you use a template, be sure to change the file name to your name (janedoecoverletter.doc, for example).

Double-check to be sure you’ve written over the standard information and changed the date.

If you are Microsoft Office user, you can download Word cover letter templates to use as a starting point for writing your own cover letter.


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  3. Human Resources (HR) Cover Letter Examples for 2024

    Two human resources cover letter examples for experienced and entry-level candidates. Step-by-step guide on how to write an HR cover letter that will land you interviews. A template you can copy, adjust, and have ready in 15 minutes. Save hours of work and get a cover letter like this. Pick a template, fill it in. Quick and easy.

  4. 2024 Entry Level Human Resources Cover Letter Example (+Free Tools

    Dear Gertrude Ortiz, I am writing to express my strong interest in the Entry Level Human Resources position at ZDNetted. As a recent graduate with a degree in Human Resource Management, I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to your organization and further develop my skills in this field.

  5. Human Resources (HR) Cover Letter Examples and Templates for 2024

    1. Heading At the top of the page, include: Your name and contact information The date The recipient's name, title, company, and contact information (when available) (Note: Feel free to omit this section if you send your letter by email and your contact details are part of your signature.) Example Olivia Jones

  6. Human Resources (HR) Cover Letter Example & Tips

    Human Resources (HR) Cover Letter Example Written By Corissa Peterson Reviewed By Conrad Benz Not sure how to begin your cover letter? Follow our example below to learn what an ideal human resources cover letter should include. January 8, 2024 Build My Cover Letter Now 4.3 AVERAGE RATING 28 people've already rated it View Text Format Download

  7. Human Resources Assistant Cover Letter Example and Template ...

    Sincerely, Sally Rose View more jobs on Indeed Download Cover Letter Template With Example To upload the template into Google Docs, go to File > Open > and select the correct downloaded file. What to include in your human resources assistant cover letter

  8. 5 Human Resources (HR) Cover Letter Examples for 2024

    50 Eggs Hospitality Group. 7350 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL 33138. Formatting : Each part of the address should be on a new line. Double space between the inside address and greeting. Greeting: A polite greeting is always in vogue, so start your human resources cover letter with a formal, yet personal, salutation.

  9. Entry Level Human Resources Cover Letter Example

    Use the following Entry Level Human Resources cover letter template to win the job today! Create Cover Letter John Johnson 123 Main Street, Stateland, ST, 99999 Home: (555) 123-9876 - Cell: (555) 123-9876 - [email protected] Greg Loving Rochester Metal Products Corp. 616 Indiana avenue Rochester , Indiana 46975 574-223-3164

  10. Write An Entry-Level Cover Letter (Examples, Tips & Template)

    Ready? Let's dive in! What Is An Entry-Level Cover Letter? An entry-level cover letter is a cover letter that you write when you're applying for an entry-level job. As such, you will need to write an entry-level cover letter on these occasions: As a college senior on a job hunt. As a recent college graduate looking to land his first job.

  11. Entry-Level Cover Letter Examples, Tips & Writing Guide

    02/01/2024 Entry-Level Cover Letter Examples, Tips & Writing Guide Learn how to write a cover letter with no experience, a first job cover letter, or an entry-level cover letter that makes the best impression. It's easier than you think! Christian Eilers, CPRW Career Expert Seeing a targeted cover letter is what recruiters crave.

  12. Entry Level HR Generalist Cover Letter Example

    1625 Rigel Street. San Diego, CA 92113. (619) 232-3200 ext. 147. [email protected]. RE: HR Generalist Position. Dear Ms. Houston, Your willingness to take time out of your busy day on January 18, 2013 to meet with me is greatly appreciated. I really enjoyed speaking with you about the Human Resources Generalist position.

  13. How to write an entry-level HR cover letter

    Entry-level HR Cover Letter Example I EXAMPLE Copy to clipboard Dear Employer, I am writing to apply for the position of Entry-Level Human Resource that you have advertised. I am well-versed in HR initiatives, employment agreement writing, and policy advancement. I'd like to draw your attention to my present job duties;

  14. Entry-Level Cover Letter: Examples & Guide

    Download This Free Example Entry-level cover letter sample (text version) What makes this entry-level cover letter sample stand out is how the candidate convincingly markets their strengths. From the start, they emphasize their enthusiasm about the job opportunity, and call attention to the relevant job skills they bring to the table.

  15. Human Resources Cover Letter—Sample & Templates

    Two sample human resources cover letters: one for experienced HR specialists and one for entry-level candidates. Step-by-step tips on how to write a cover letter that will land you more interviews. A template you can copy, adjust, and have ready in 15 minutes. Save hours of work and get a cover letter like this.

  16. How to Write an Entry-Level Cover Letter + Examples

    A sample entry-level cover letter is here. See the cover letter with no experience example and learn how to write a cover letter with no experience. ... HR Manager . PixelPulse Co. 567 Oak Avenue . Fargo, ND, 58102 . Dear Mr. Garcia, I am writing to apply for the entry-level engineering position at PixelPulse Co., as advertised. Having ...

  17. How To Write an Entry-Level Cover Letter (With Examples)

    Updated July 18, 2023 Show Transcript Video: How To Write a Cover Letter: Top Tips, Format & Examples In this video, Holl explains what employers want from a cover letter, the optimal cover letter format, and 3 key strategies for success.

  18. Entry-Level Cover Letter Examples and Writing Tips

    Examples Template to Download Photo: Sam Edwards / Getty Images When you are applying for an entry-level position, composing a cover letter can be a challenge because you may not have a lot of work experience. However, it's fine to highlight your non-employment related experience in your cover letter if it's relevant to the job.

  19. Human Resources Cover Letter Example (With a Template)

    Remote jobs Urgently hiring jobs View more jobs on Indeed What's a human resources cover letter example? A human resources cover letter example is a sample cover letter for candidates applying to an HR position. It can be important to understand that there are usually many HR roles within an organisation.

  20. Entry Level HR Assistant Cover Letter With No Experience

    The following entry-level HR Assistant cover letter sample will be useful for you if you are thinking to start your career as an HR assistant. Sample Cover Letter for an Entry-Level HR Assistant With No Experience Jessie James 7849 Wiley Trotter Road Monticello, AR 99333 (000) 785-2014 [email protected] January 23, 2023 Mr. Andy Gold

  21. Entry-Level Human Resources Resume: Sample and Guide

    Entry-Level Human Resources Resume: Sample and Guide Create Your Resume Now Dominika Kowalska, CPRW Career Expert Updated: December 22, 2023 Article Rating: Our customers have been hired by: Table of Contents Show You're a quick, 10-minute read away from discovering how to write an entry-level HR resume.

  22. How To Write an Entry-Level Human Resources Resume

    Amy Heine Updated March 27, 2023 When entering the human resources field, you can create a quality resume that outlines your basic yet relevant qualifications. Your resume can highlight your skills and list any experiences that relate to the position.

  23. Entry Level HR Resume

    Human Resources (HR) Resume View Example Recruiter Resume Text Format Have you taken time to arrange your resume's format so that it best reflects your experience? Entry Level HR Resume Template (Text Format) FIRST AND LAST NAME Email: [email protected] Phone: (123) 456-7891 Address: Street, City, State LinkedIn:

  24. How to write a data entry cover letter (with example)

    Example cover letter for a data entry job opportunity Here's an example to show how to write your cover letter for a data entry application: Michael Williams, Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration +44 7862 307526 | [email protected] | Cardiff 20 December 2022 Learn Hive Secondary School Dear Catherine Meadow, I'm writing to apply for the Data Entry Cerk position with Learn Hive ...

  25. Cover Letter Samples and Templates

    A cover letter should include the following parts: Header; Salutation; Introduction; Body paragraph; Closing paragraph; Letter ending and signature; The following cover letter samples and examples will show you how to write a cover letter for many employment circumstances. Browse cover letters by job title for inspiration.