Translation of "assign" into Nepali

Sample translated sentence: (1 Samuel 25:41; 2 Kings 3:11) Parents, do you encourage your children and teenagers to work cheerfully at any assignment that they are given to do, whether at the Kingdom Hall, at an assembly, or at a convention site? ↔ (१ शमूएल २५:४१; २ राजा ३:११) आमाबाबुहरू हो, के तपाईंले आफ्ना छोराछोरीहरू र किशोर-किशोरीहरूलाई चाहे राज्यभवनमा होस् वा सम्मेलन तथा अधिवेशनहरू हुने ठाउँहरूमा, तिनीहरूलाई दिइएको कुनै पनि जिम्मेवारी खुसीसाथ पूरा गर्न प्रोत्साहन दिनुहुन्छ?

(transitive) To designate or set apart something for some purpose. [..]

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Phrases similar to "assign" with translations into Nepali

  • assigned task जिम्मा दिइएको कार्य

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English to Nepali Meaning of assign - एकमा

assignments meaning in nepali

एकमा, सेट, संलग्न, रोजगार, प्रारंभ, मा राख्नु, बाहिर चिनो, पहिचान, नियुक्त, आवंटित, बसोबास, बुझ्न, ठेगाना लगान, राख्नु, समाधान, निर्णय, खामोशी, मा बसोबास, आयोग, बाहिर काँटा, अलग्याउने, लोड, बोझ, गठन, रूपान्तरण, आयातित, बतान


Okay. So first, l ASSIGN point values.

assignments meaning in nepali

Eventually, your grandfather had to ASSIGN a septa to watch her at meals.

assignments meaning in nepali

If not, they’ll ASSIGN another inspector to the case,

assignments meaning in nepali

Anything has a number if you ASSIGN it a number,

assignments meaning in nepali

Perhaps we can ASSIGN a color to lonely.

Meaning and definitions of assign, translation in Nepali language for assign with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of assign in Nepali and in English language.

What assign means in Nepali, assign meaning in Nepali, assign definition, examples and pronunciation of assign in Nepali language.

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How to Say Assignment in Nepali

  • assignation
  • assimilated
  • assimilation
  • candlelight
  • deliberation
  • meet the criteria
  • serious damage
  • significant part

assignments meaning in nepali

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assignments meaning in nepali

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सबै व्यक्ति हरू जन्मजात स्वतन्त्र हुन ती सबैको समान अधिकार र महत्व छ। निजहरूमा विचार शक्ति र सद्धिचार भएकोले निजहरूले आपसमा भातृत्वको भावना बाट व्यवहार गर्नु पर्छ।

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assignments meaning in nepali

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Nepali To English Dictionary

To give an appointment or assignment meaning in nepali, meaning of "to give an appointment or assignment".

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Other word with "To"

  • (accident) to happen, to occur, to take place ,
  • tax, duty, toll, cess, tribute, (action) force, persuasion, compulsion ,
  • (agent) by, (reason) because of, due to, owing ,
  • to have a foul smell, to stink, (air) to be foul ,
  • (along) with, together, including ,
  • (ambitions) to be fulfilled ,
  • to be chaotic, (anarchy) to set in ,
  • to be compelled, to be forced, (animal's nose) to be pierced, (documents) to be filed ,
  • to shove, to push, to elbow, (application) to forward ,
  • to melt, to dissolve, (person) to be pale and emaciated, to be tired, to get exhausted, to be zapped, (argument) to be convinced ,
  • (arum) to give a burning sensation in throat ,
  • (baby) to crawl, to go on all fours, to go on hands ,
  • to urinate, to piss, to pass water, (baby) to wet the bed ,
  • to be unlucky, (bad luck, ill omen) to ,
  • (ball) to be torn, (bulb) to break, to go off, to be fused ,
  • (beads, garland) to thread ,
  • (beard) to grow ,
  • (bee ant) to sting ,
  • (bird) to peck, (snake) to bite, (bee) to sting, (person) to ,
  • (bee) to suck flowers ,
  • (bell, gong) to ring, (time) to strike, (hour) to be (some) o'clock ,
  • (bell) to ring ,
  • to sound, to play a musical instrument, (bell) to ring ,
  • (bird) to flap wings ,
  • (birds) to feed upon grains, to pick ,
  • (flour) to sift, (board game) to move a piece ,
  • to lie flat, (boat) to capsize, to be upset, to be overturned ,
  • (boat) to capsize, to get upturned ,
  • to cause to rust, (boat) to row ,
  • (hair) to comb, (body) to scratch, (letters) to scribble, (picture) to draw, imagine ,
  • to break, (marriage) to break up, to get a cleavage, (boil) ,
  • (boil) to rise, (water) to bubble ,
  • (bomb) to explode, (shell) to go off, (cannon) ,
  • (bomb) to explode, (shell) to send off ,
  • (bone) to be or get stuck ,
  • (book cover) to be torn ,
  • (Brahmin) to accept an offer, to receive a gift

Other word with "Give"

  • to give birth to a child, to bear a child, to have a baby, to beget a kid, (chicken) to hatch ,
  • sanctioned, decided, fixed, (date) appointed, given ,
  • to wind, (dialogue) to give a single hard slap ,
  • to correct, to improve, (fig) to give a damn to ,
  • (flat) to let, to rent, to give on rent ,
  • to smell, to give or leave odour, to stink, to have a stench or foul odour, (odour) to ooze, to be fragrant, smelling or scented ,
  • (royal) to give, to present ,
  • to distribute, to divide, to share, (salary) to give ,
  • to introduce, to give introduction to, (stage, film) ,
  • additional, extra, given in addition ,
  • to remind, counsel, give advice, advise ,
  • to guide, to direct, to instruct, to give direction or instruction, advise, to give (a piece of) advice ,
  • anything given in charge, gift, trust, deposit ,
  • appointed or given date ,
  • the given one, as for ,
  • studious, given to much or diligent study, avid ,
  • give and take, give n take, borrowing and ,
  • forgiveness, pardon, excuse, clemency ,
  • to give a thought to, consider ,
  • given or due date, deadline, term, tenure ,
  • do not give up ,
  • to feed, to give food, to give something to eat, drink or smoke, to treat ,
  • forgiveness, pardon, excuse ,
  • to forgive, pardon, excuse ,
  • to opine, express a view, give advice ,
  • first or pioneer poet, originator of a poetic trend, title given to Bhanubhakta Acharya ,
  • following item, particulars or details given below ,
  • sacrifice, offering, food given to a crow ,
  • forgiveness, pardon ,
  • to punch, smite, give a blow, strike with a fist ,
  • give a statement for legal procedure, to make a statement, to give or deliver a speech ,
  • to smile, give a sweet smile ,
  • to promise, give a word ,
  • to fan, give air to

Other word with "An"

  • (substance) hard, (action) stern, (situation) difficult, (surface) rough, (taste) strong, (weather) severe ,
  • shape, form, aspect, appearance, outline, silhouette, (alphabet) second letter, open vowel ,
  • (birds) flock, (cattle) herd, (young girls) bevy, (angry people) mob, crowd ,
  • (animal) young, (bear) cub, (lion) whelp, (dog, jackal) puppy, (cat) kitten ,
  • (animals) vertebrate ,
  • commander in chief, c in c, (arch) premier ,
  • comb, comb for straightening wool, (bananas) ,
  • time off work, dismissal, leave, (bank) holiday, vacation ,
  • (cards) five, (beast) paws, claws, (man) gloves ,
  • (birch tree) leaf and bark ,
  • (bird animals) food, feed ,
  • side, flank, (body) armpit ,
  • (bow) twang ,
  • (Brahmin) to accept an offer, to receive a gift ,
  • (bride) to be shouldered or carried on a sedan ,
  • (BS) mansIr, eighth month ,
  • (BS) ninth month, December January ,
  • January, (BS) push mAgh ,
  • (BS) tenth month, January February ,
  • face, mouth, (building) face, front, entrance ,
  • canvas, sackcloth, bamboo fence, (bus) capital ,
  • small swelling, (bus) Dabur, an ayurvedic company ,
  • (land) rent, (bus) investment ,
  • to move, to cause to move, to shake, to stir, to drive, (bus) to run, to manage, to tease, to use, (life) to survive, to sustain ,
  • (plants) to bloom, to flower, (hair) to grey, to go grey, to be white, to dilate, to swell up, to get swollen, to bloat, to swell with pride, (business) to thrive, to ripen, to rise, to puff up ,
  • (cannon, previously noon gun) to be fired ,
  • canal, waterway, watercourse, (cards) nine ,
  • to beat, to charge upon, to drive in, to hammer, (case) to file, to lodge a complaint, (slang) to fuck ,
  • turban, crown, (chieftain) head dress ,
  • to look in the eye, (disbelief, anger) to glare at, to keep gazing, (romance) to look into eyes, (child game) to refrain from blinking ,
  • (child) aeroplane ,
  • to boil, to simmer, to get hot and excited, (clitoris) to

Other word with "Appointment"

  • (office) assumption, appointment letter ,
  • arrangement, appointment ,
  • appointment, assignment, nomination ,
  • disappointment, frustration, belying ,
  • disappointment, despair, hopelessness ,
  • disappointment, hopelessness, despair, desperation ,
  • disappointment ,
  • pessimist, disappointment ,
  • reappointment ,
  • to appoint, to give an appointment, to reinstate ,
  • to be appointed, to get an appointment, to be reinstated ,
  • to be re appointed, to get a reappointment ,
  • to be re appointed, to get a reappointment, to be retained in the same office ,
  • to reappoint, to give a reappointment, to retained ,
  • to give or issue a letter of appointment

Other word with "Or"

  • (Br) ground floor, (Am) first floor ,
  • (asoj) dark fortnight ,
  • (bed) head, (river) source, mouth, origin ,
  • (before group of twenty two states, Baisi principalities ,
  • (before unification) ,
  • metal, mineral, ore (word) root, (body) semen, virile semen ,
  • (breasts) to form milk, to have milk ,
  • (building) to add stories ,
  • (bus) conductor ,
  • (cat) to lick or lap milk ,
  • (cattle) just born ,
  • (chicken) broiler, high or artificial breed ,
  • windy, airy, draughty, stormy, (child) born out of wedlock ,
  • bugbear, (child) word to frighten ,
  • to boil, to simmer, to get hot and excited, (clitoris) to ,
  • (cloth) flabby portions at the end ,
  • to separate, to divide, to split, to rend, to tear, to be torn, to wear out, (clouds) to clear, (milk) to sour, to get sour, to curdle, to fork, to branch off ,
  • (colloq) father, address for a boy or a male servant ,
  • (colloq) term of address referring to a bus driver, tailoring ,
  • oracle, heavenly voice, divine voice, revelation from God, (communication) telegram ,
  • to be or happen something very slowly, (conspiracy) to be plotted ,
  • day, date, (court) date for presence or hearing ,
  • (cow) sore throat ,
  • (criminal) to come or be tried under a section ,
  • clearing, deforestation, (crops) trampling ,
  • (cucumber) short pith ,
  • to be infected, to have contagious diseases, (custom) to be defiled by touching or coming in contact with a lower caste person ,
  • (date) to be solemn or auspicious

Other word with "Assignment"

  • appointment, assignment, nomination
  • Phirad patra

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