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Videotron's Most Popular Internet Service Plans

Videotron's plans vary by region, so be sure to verify pricing and plan terms with them before ordering service as all plans or promotions may not be available in all areas or to all customers and can expire at any time.

Speed: up to 940 Mbps

Starting at: $149.95 for 12 months, then $154.95

Technology: Fiber

All speeds, pricing and other specifications are subject to location and availability.

Speed: up to 200 Mbps

Starting at: $125.95 for 12 months, then $130.95

Data Cap: 500 GB

Speed: up to 120 Mbps

Starting at: $85.95 for 12 months, then $90.95

Data Cap: 200 GB

Videotron offers Internet service via the following technologies:  DSL and Fiber .

Videotron is a Montreal based telecommunications provider that has been in business since 1964. Serving both residential and business customers, it offers Internet, TV, telephone, wireless telephone, and other services in Quebec and francophone parts of New Brunswick and Eastern Ontario. It serves both residential and business customers. The Internet service is offers is a hybrid one made up of fibre optics, coaxial cable, and Wi-Fi technology. Internet plans from Videotron come in speeds ranging from 5 to 200 Mbps for downloads. Service is capped at 20 to 500 GB monthly, but an unlimited option is available. Bundle packages are offered to reduce the cost of individual services.

Summary of All Internet Plans & Pricing for Videotron

NameTypeDownload SpeedsUpload SpeedsData CapPrice
Fiber940 50 for 12 months, then
Fiber200 30 500 for 12 months, then
Fiber120 20 200 for 12 months, then
Fiber60 10 200 for 12 months, then
Fiber30 10 400 for 12 months, then
Fiber10 1.5 60 for 12 months, then
Fiber5 1 20 for 12 months, then
DSL940 50 for 12 months, then
DSL200 30 500 for 12 months, then
DSL120 20 200 for 12 months, then
DSL60 10 200 for 12 months, then
DSL30 10 400 for 12 months, then
DSL10 1.5 60 for 12 months, then
DSL5 1 20 for 12 months, then

Frequently Asked Questions for about Videotron

How many internet service plans does Videotron offer?

Videotron currently offers 14 internet service plans with download speeds up to 940 Mbps and pricing starting at $32.95.

What internet service plans does Videotron offer?

The following internet service plans by Videotron are Fibre Giga (Fiber), Fibre 200 (Fiber), Fibre 120 (Fiber) and Fibre 60 (Fiber)Fibre 30 (Fiber) and more.

What is the highest download speed that Videotron offers?

Videotron offers internet service plans with download speeds up to 940 Mbps .

What is the cheapest internet service plan that Videotron offers?

Videotron offers internet service plans with a starting price of $32.95.

Does Videotron offer high speed fiber internet?

Videotron offers DSL and Fiber internet service.

Does Videotron offer residential internet service?

Yes! Videotron currently offers internet service in  Montreal, QC , Laval, QC , Ottawa, QC , Longueuil, QC and Saguenay, QC and more.

Videotron is available in the following cities:  Montreal, QC , Laval, QC , Ottawa, QC , Longueuil, QC , Saguenay, QC , Sherbrooke, QC , Trois-Rivières, QC , Terrebonne, QC , Repentigny, QC and Brossard, QC and more.

Contact Videotron

(514) 281-1711


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Jeff Bezos Plans to Sell $5 Billion in Amazon Shares. Should Investors Follow Suit?

  • Bezos plans to sell around $5 billion in Amazon stock through multiple sales.
  • Amazon's business has been doing incredibly well lately.
  • Motley Fool Issues Rare “All In” Buy Alert


Amazon Stock Quote

There is more than one reason to sell a stock.

Tracking what insiders in a company are doing with their shares is a very old investment strategy. They clearly have more information than the general public, so understanding what they're doing is key to successful investing.

Jeff Bezos, founder, former CEO, and executive chair on the board of directors, plans to sell a ton of Amazon ( AMZN -2.22% ) stock. Should investors panic and follow suit? Or is there something else going on here?

Bezos' sales are all part of a plan

Because Bezos is an insider, he must file with the SEC when he either buys or sells the stock or wants to make a plan to sell shares. That last part is key, as selling shares without notice could panic the public. If insiders disclose a plan to sell a chunk of stock well in advance, it shows it isn't a panic sale; it's just part of a larger financial plan.

Peter Lynch, one of the greatest investors of all time, was famous for saying there are many reasons to sell a stock, as an insider may be diversifying their investments, buying a house, or spending money. As a result, investors should be less concerned about insiders selling and more interested in if insiders are buying.

Now, there are caveats to this argument. Should every insider sell all their shares at once, then that's probably time to panic.

Bezos plans to sell 25 million shares, which will be worth around $5 billion at the current market price. While that may seem like a massive chunk of change for you and me, Bezos owned over 1 billion shares earlier this year when Amazon disclosed its insider ownership. Currently, that's worth around $220 billion, so the amount of shares he's selling is minimal.

So investors shouldn't see this as a panic sale, as it's really not a lot of shares in the grand scheme of things. After all, Amazon is truly excelling right now.

Amazon's business is booming

Amazon has been on fire lately, which is why the stock has risen nearly 30% in 2024 so far. There hasn't been a down segment, which has helped boost the stock.

Its largest division, North American commerce, saw sales rise 12% to $86.3 billion in Q1 and posted a 5.8% operating income margin -- a huge increase from last year's 1.2% margin. Moving to international, this segment saw sales increase 10% year over year and posted its first operating income in a few years.

But the star of the show is Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is Amazon's cloud computing division and is emerging from a disappointing 2023. In 2023, its clients focused on optimizing spending, which meant less revenue for AWS.

While AWS's revenue didn't shrink because of the optimization trend, it hurt its growth rates. However, that trend is wrapped up, and new workloads are coming online, especially in the area of artificial intelligence (AI).

In Q1, AWS's sales rose 17% to $25 billion, and operating income totaled $9.4 billion. That's an impressive 38% operating margin and is a huge reason why Amazon's profits are as good as they are.

Amazon is truly excelling as a business right now and is producing record cash flows.

AMZN Free Cash Flow Chart

AMZN Free Cash Flow data by YCharts

Unlike its previous high, which was influenced by pandemic demand, Amazon's current results are sustainable and are a top reason to invest in the company.

Although Bezos is currently selling stock, I think the average investor should be buying, as Amazon still has a long growth runway.

John Mackey, former CEO of Whole Foods Market, an Amazon subsidiary, is a member of The Motley Fool’s board of directors. Keithen Drury has positions in Amazon. The Motley Fool has positions in and recommends Amazon. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy .

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Netflix is ending basic $11.99 plan with no ads: Here's which subscription plans remain

Netflix is phasing out its lowest-priced ad-free subscription plan in the U.S., which could drive more viewers to its cheaper ad-supported plan .

The Los Gatos, California-headquartered streaming giant said Thursday in a letter to shareholders that it would be phasing out the basic ad-free plan – which had cost $11.99 monthly – in the U.S. and France. The company had previously dropped the basic plan in the U.K. and Canada.

The basic plan is not displayed as an option for U.S. subscribers on its Plan and Pricing page for U.S. customers. The company quit offering the basic plan for new subscribers in July 2023, but allowed basic plan customers to remain on the subscription so long as they didn't cancel or change plans.

Other Netflix plans include a $6.99 monthly option with ads, a $15.49 monthly standard HD video quality plan (no ads) and a $22.99 premium Ultra HD plan (no ads).

Netflix, which began offering a "standard with ads" tier in November 2022 , said the plan's "attractiveness" led to a 34% increase in ad-supported subscriptions from the prior quarter. The company reported a record 277.65 million subscribers across all tiers in the second quarter, up 16.5% year-over-year.

Netflix subscribers in the U.S. and in France who are currently on the Basic plan will have to choose a new plan, the company said in a statement to USA TODAY. Those members impacted will get an email starting today, the company said. 

Even without the basic, ad-free offering, Netflix represents "a very strong offering for our members," when you consider the $6.99 monthly ad-supported option, said co-CEO Greg Peters, during a videoconference about the company's second quarter performance Thursday .

"Essentially, we're providing them a better experience: two streams versus one. We've got higher definition. We got downloads. And, of course, all at a lower price," he said. "And for members who don't want that ads experience, they, of course, can choose our ad-free Standard or Premium plans."

The company reported its third consecutive quarter of double-digit revenue growth, with $9.56 billion in revenue in the second quarter of 2024, up 16.8% over the same quarter in 2023.

Netflix added more than 8 million subscribers in the second quarter, benefiting from the return of series such as "Bridgerton," and "Baby Reindeer" and the live event "The Roast of Tom Brady," as well as a password-sharing crackdown .

What Netflix plans are there?

  • Standard with ads ($6.99 monthly): Watch in Full HD on 2 supported devices at a time and download on 2 supported devices at a time
  • Standard plan ($15.49 monthly): Watch in Full HD and download videos on 2 supported devices at a time (option to add 1 extra member who doesn't live with you for $7.99 monthly).
  • Premium plan ($22.99 monthly): Watch in Ultra HD (4K) quality on 4 supported devices at a time and download on 6 supported devices simultaneously; Option to add up to 2 extra members who don't live with you for $7.99 monthly).

Netflix adds 8 million new subscribers

Total number of subscribers grew to more than 277.6 million, an increase of 16.5%, the company said. Netflix forecast lower subscriber additions in the current quarter (July-Sept.) than in the same period last year, when the streaming company added more than 8.7 million.

Back in April , the company announced it planned to stop reporting membership numbers in 2025.

In after-hours trading, Netflix shares initially dipped 2%.

Netflix will begin the launch of monthly video game releases including one based on "Emily in Paris," later this month. Coming later this year, a multiplayer game based on "Squid Game."

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Live Updates: Global Tech Outage Grounds Flights and Hits Businesses

Airlines, banks and broadcasters were among the companies around the world reporting disruptions, citing technical issues.

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  • Manila Ezra Acayan/Getty Images
  • Los Angeles Stefanie Dazio/Associated Press
  • Hong Kong Tyrone Siu/Reuters
  • Berlin Christoph Soeder/DPA, via Associated Press
  • Rome Gregorio Borgia/Associated Press
  • Amsterdam Sem Van Der Wal/EPA, via Shutterstock
  • Bangkok Mailee Osten-Tan/Getty Images
  • Sydney Stella Qiu/Reuters
  • London Aaron Chown/Press Association, via Associated Press
  • Singapore Caroline Chia/Reuters

Adam Satariano

Adam Satariano and Derrick Bryson Taylor

Here’s what to know about the outages.

A massive global technology outage on Friday took down airlines, medical services, TV broadcasts, banks and scores of other business and services around the world, a stunning example of the fragile dependence the global economy has on certain software and the cascading effect it can have when things go wrong.

The outage was attributed to CrowdStrike, a cybersecurity firm whose software is used by scores of industries around the world to protect against hackers and outside breaches. A software update issued by CrowdStrike appeared to be at the root of the problem, resulting in crashes of machines running the Microsoft Windows operating system.

“This is not a security incident or cyberattack,” said George Kurtz, the chief executive of CrowdStrike. “The issue has been identified, isolated and a fix has been deployed.”

Here’s how the spillover effects are being felt all over the world:

U.S. airlines were reporting major disruptions across the country. At least five U.S. airlines — Allegiant Air, American, Delta, Spirit and United — grounded all flights, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

The issues were also being felt at airports around the world, including Hong Kong International Airport, Sydney Airport, Berlin Brandenburg Airport, Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam and Denver International Airport. At the Manchester Airport in Britain, there were long lines in the departures area as many machines at check-in counters were not working. Ryanair, one of the largest airlines in Europe, said it was experiencing disruption because of a third party IT outage that is “entirely out of our control.”

In the U.S., the outage appeared to be affecting emergency 911 lines in multiple states, the U.S. Emergency Alert System said on social media . It said people experiencing emergencies should call the number for their local police or fire department.

In Britain, the National Health Service was experiencing a loss of access to its computer systems across a number of hospitals and doctors offices.

Many television broadcasters also reported problems. In France, TF1 and Canal+, among the most watched, said in posts on X that it couldn’t go on air. “We’re all onstage, but there’s a gigantic breakdown in the control room” making it impossible to go live, Christophe Beaugrand-Guerrin, a TF1 presenter, wrote on X.

Jenny Gross

Jenny Gross

The global outage has led to long lines and delays at airports around the world.

Long lines formed at airports from Hong Kong to Amsterdam to Baltimore on Friday, as a global technology outage disrupted services, including check-in, boarding and baggage software, causing delays and frustration.

At Taiwan’s largest airport, Taoyuan International, and Hong Kong International Airport officials were manually checking in passengers, and in India, some handwritten boarding passes were issued.

About a quarter of the flights departing from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol were delayed, according to FlightAware , a flight tracking website.

Joe Lebrato, an executive who was on his way from Dubai to a family vacation in Michigan, said that shortly before his flight from Amsterdam to Detroit was to take off, passengers were told it would be delayed by at least an hour. He said they waited on the tarmac for three hours before the flight, operated by the Dutch carrier KLM, was canceled. He said that he was hoping to rebook a flight to Detroit departing on Saturday.

“The world is not going to end, but it’s a pain, definitely” Mr. Lebrato said. He said the passengers remained calm, understanding that the issue was out of the airline’s hands.

Louise Slyth, a consultant and freelance writer, said she had to wait on the tarmac for hours after landing in Edinburgh from Dublin. At the airport in Edinburgh, there were lines everywhere. “People were quite fractious,” Ms. Slyth said. “There seems to be very little knowledge of what’s going to happen next.”

In other European cities, including Zurich, Paris and Berlin, hundreds of flights were delayed or canceled. At Berlin’s Brandenburg Airport, Germany’s third busiest, flights were canceled for three hours, from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m., before they started to resume. About 15 percent of flights departing from Brandenburg Airport had been canceled, according to FlightAware. At Manchester Airport in England, there were long lines in the departures area and only a few of a dozen or so check-in computers were working. Announcements broadcast over the public address system said “worldwide” outages had caused the delays.

The outage was expected to effect later flights around the world. At Narita International Airport in Japan, some passengers said they were disappointed and frustrated to receive automated texts from United Airlines that their flights were boarding, when instead they were delayed.

In South Korea, Jeju Air, which flies to dozens of destinations in the Asia-Pacific, said on its website that a number of services, including flight reservations were affected. Air Premia said its reservations and online check-in systems were affected and urged passengers with flights to San Francisco and Newark to arrive at Seoul’s Incheon airport as soon as possible.


Louise Slyth, a consultant and freelance writer, said she and other passengers travelling from Dublin had to wait on the tarmac for hours after landing in Edinburgh. Passengers were hungry and agitated, and flight attendants were unable to give any information about when passengers could deplane.

At the airport in Edinburgh, there were long lines everywhere. “People were quite fractious,” Ms. Slyth said. “There seems to be very little knowledge of what’s going to happen next.”

Erin McCann

Erin McCann

Though CrowdStrike said a few hours ago that it had identified the issue and deployed a fix, the ripple effects of the outage are likely to be ongoing, especially with air travel.

Niraj Chokshi

Niraj Chokshi

Flight delays and cancellations have a cascading effect because airport landing slots are limited and crews often work multiple trips in a day. When flights are cancelled, pilots and flight attendants may not be able to get to their next trip, requiring airlines to start assigning backup crews to those flights. Carriers routinely deal with such last-minute changes, but such disruptions can quickly overwhelm even the most prepared airlines.

There were about 110,000 commercial flights scheduled worldwide on Friday, about a quarter of which were set to depart from locations in the U.S., according to data from Cirium, an aviation analytics company.

Derrick Bryson Taylor

Travelers on the East Coast headed to airports on Friday were greeted with chaos and uncertainty. Airports from Boston to Miami were experiencing severe disruptions, according to FlightAware, a database that tracks flight information. As of about 7 a.m., there were more than 500 flight delays across the country.

Isabella Kwai

Isabella Kwai

McDonald’s in Japan temporarily closed some stores and limited operations at others on Friday, according to its site , because of malfunctions with its in-store cash registers. About 30 percent of its national outlets in Japan were suspended, according to Japanese news agencies, adding that the company was investigating the cause.

Pragati K.B.

Pragati K.B.

The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) issued an advisory on the outage with a “severity rating” of “critical."

Claire Moses

Claire Moses

What is CrowdStrike?

Until Friday morning, many people had either not heard of — or were not thinking about — CrowdStrike. But as flights were canceled, broadcasters went off air, trains did not run and medical procedures were delayed around the world, its name quickly spread around the internet.

So, what is it?

CrowdStrike, which was founded in 2011, is a cloud-based cybersecurity platform whose software is used by scores of industries around the world to protect against hackers and outside breaches.

“Once CrowdStrike is installed, it actively scans for threats on your machine without having to manually run virus scans,” according to an explanation on the University of Denver’s website, which offers the platform to students and staff.

Cybersecurity software like CrowdStrike’s has broad privileges to run across a computer system, including into sensitive areas. That means when errors occur, the ripple effect can be significant.

CrowdStrike updates its security software automatically and silently. It seems that a flawed update on Friday morning, of its Falcon Sensor software, resulted in crashes of machines running Microsoft Windows operating system and caused the worldwide chaos.

In a posting on X, CrowdStrike’s chief executive, George Kurtz, confirmed that the outage was not “security incident or cyberattack.”

An updated fix of the software has been sent to computers, but Lukasz Olejnik, an independent cybersecurity researcher and consultant, said outages would probably persist because it was not clear how to fix computers that had already been affected.

It is not the first time CrowdStrike is in the news: Its analysts investigated the data breach of the Democratic National Convention in 2016 and determined that two groups of Russian operatives had breached a DNC server.

Claire Fahy

Claire Fahy

As New Yorkers prepared for their morning commutes on Friday, trains and buses remained running on time, transit agencies said. The only impact from the outage appeared to be train arrival announcements, station announcements and platform signs in certain subway stations and stops on the Long Island Railroad.

New Jersey Transit, which has struggled with a swath of heat-related delays and interruptions, said Friday that its service was unaffected by the outage.

Danielle Ivory

Danielle Ivory

At Narita International Airport, some passengers were frustrated to learn that texts they received from United Airlines that said their flight was boarding were automated and did not actually mean their flight was boarding. Earlier some United passengers were forced to deplane almost immediately after boarding due to the outage.

Liz Alderman

Liz Alderman

The Paris Olympics organizing committee said its IT operations were affected by the global outage, a week before the opening ceremony. “Paris 2024’s technical teams are fully mobilized to limit the impact and we have activated our contingency plans to ensure the continuation of our operations ,” the group said in a statement.

Andrew Das

Paris Olympics organizers said it had mostly concerned “the delivery of uniforms and accreditations” but stressed the impact had been “limited.” “Paris 2024’s ticketing systems have been unaffected,” the organizers said. Competitions at the Games begin on Wednesday, with soccer and rugby matches. The opening ceremony is Friday.

Qasim Nauman

Qasim Nauman

American Airlines said it was able to resume operations as of 5 a.m. It cancelled the ground stop order it had issued for its fleet earlier, according to the Federal Aviation Administration website.

Earlier this morning, a technical issue with a vendor impacted multiple carriers, including American. As of 5:00 a.m. ET, we have been able to safely re-establish our operation. We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience. — americanair (@AmericanAir) July 19, 2024

Two large shipping terminals — Maher Terminals and APM Terminals — in Port Newark, N.J., have delayed opening today because of the Microsoft outage, a spokersperson for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey confirmed.

videotron internet business plans

Meaghan Tobin ,  Paul Mozur and Adam Satariano

What caused such a widespread tech meltdown?

An outage has hit computers around the world, affecting airlines, hospitals, retailers and other businesses. So how did that happen?

At the heart of it, there have been two issues in quick succession involving widely used Microsoft systems, and some users may have been affected by both of them.

On Thursday, some Microsoft clients in the central United States, including some airlines , were affected by an outage on its cloud service system, Azure. Microsoft’s cloud service status page indicated the company had identified a preliminary cause.

Some users may still be unable to access certain Microsoft 365 apps and services, including Teams video conferencing. The company was aware of the issue “affecting a subset of customers,” a Microsoft representative said in a statement. “We acknowledge the impact this can have on customers, and we are working to restore services for those still experiencing disruptions as quickly as possible.”

Separately, on Friday many Windows devices experienced problems involving CrowdStrike, according to the Azure status page . “We’re aware of an issue affecting Windows devices due to an update from a third-party software platform,” according to the representative. “We anticipate a resolution is forthcoming.”

That outage was caused by a flawed security update by CrowdStrike. George Kurtz, the company’s chief executive, said in a statement that it was “actively working with customers impacted by a defect found in a single content update for Windows hosts.” He added: “This is not a security incident or cyberattack. The issue has been identified, isolated and a fix has been deployed.”

The issue appeared to be with an update to CrowdStrike software called Falcon Sensor, according to Lukasz Olejnik, an independent cybersecurity researcher and consultant. An updated fix of the software has been sent to computers, but Mr. Olejnik said outages would probably persist because it was not clear how to fix the huge numbers of computers that had already been affected.

A big part of the problem lies with the current suggested solution, which is to reboot each computer manually into safe mode, delete a specific file, and then restart the computer normally. Security experts said that while it is a relatively simple process, there is no way to automate it at scale.

“There is a workaround, but it requires manually tampering with Windows systems files in recovery mode,” Mr. Olejnik said. “Such practice is in general not advised ordinarily, as mistakes may cause other problems.”

That leaves affected organizations with a major quandary: how to raise the huge numbers of qualified professionals to go through and update the computers one by one. It could mean that even with the problem known and a patch sent, systems outages could persist for much of the day, if not longer, according to experts. Those with organized and well-staffed information technology teams could potentially fix it more quickly, said Mr. Olejnik.

Although it may seem counterintuitive that a single bad update could have such devastating consequences, a major problem was that the software being updated was doing critical cybersecurity tasks. CrowdStrike’s Falcon Sensor software, at the center of the outages, scans computers to look for viruses and other malicious attacks.

“One of the tricky parts of security software is it needs to have absolute privileges over your entire computer in order to do its job,” said Thomas Parenty, a cybersecurity consultant and former National Security Agency analyst.

“So if there’s something wrong with it, the consequences are vastly greater than if your spreadsheet doesn’t work.”

It is not clear whether the initial Microsoft Azure outage was coincidental or linked to the crashes caused by the CrowdStrike update, but security experts said it was possible. Most likely, if the two are related, it would be because CrowdStrike’s update affected computers responsible for running Azure, triggering its shutdown.

“If I were trying to think of a causal link between the two, it could be that the systems required for the connection to Azure were initially hit by the particular CrowdStrike problem, making the service not available,” said Mr. Parenty.

The outages, which shut down airlines, hospitals and emergency response services across the globe, indicate how delicate technology systems can be when they are so interdependent.

“This is a very, very uncomfortable illustration of the fragility of the world’s core internet infrastructure,” said Ciaran Martin, the former Head of Britain’s National Cyber Security Center who is now a professor at Oxford University’s Blavatnik School of Government.

It also underscores an uncomfortable reality that software companies face few liabilities for major outages and cybersecurity incidents. The economic and legal penalties for such massive outages can be so minimal that companies are not motivated to make more fundamental changes.

“Until software companies have to pay a price for faulty products, we will be no safer tomorrow than we are today,” he said.

Gregory Schmidt

Gregory Schmidt

Crowdstrike’s chief executive, George Kurtz, said the company was working with customers affected by the outage. “This is not a security incident or cyberattack,” he posted on X. “The issue has been identified, isolated and a fix has been deployed.”

“We refer customers to the support portal for the latest updates and will continue to provide complete and continuous updates on our website,” he added. “We further recommend organizations ensure they’re communicating with CrowdStrike representatives through official channels.”

Megan Specia

Megan Specia and Isabella Kwai

Health services were experiencing difficulties in several countries.

Health-care systems across the globe were hobbled by the Microsoft outage. It caused chaos for patients checking in for appointments across Britain, forced the cancellation of some elective procedures in German hospitals and complicated some emergency response systems in the United States.

In Britain, the National Health Service was crippled throughout the morning on Friday, as a number of hospitals and doctors offices lost access to their computer systems. But health-care providers stressed that there was no impact on emergency services, or the ability to provide care.

The National Health Service in Britain largely relies on a common internal information technology system, so the problems were widespread. In a statement, the health service said the outage had affected its appointment and patient record systems. It still advised patients to attend appointments unless they heard otherwise.

“The N.H.S. has longstanding measures in place to manage the disruption, including using paper patient records and handwritten prescriptions, and the usual phone systems to contact your G.P.,” the health service said in a statement, referring to general practitioners, the first point of contact for most patients.

Still, some patients reported being turned away at doctor’s offices for non-urgent appointments.

“Entire clinical system is down 20 mins before hundreds of people call for an appointment that we can’t book,” Liam Barker, a London-based doctor, wrote in a social-media post .

The British government held an emergency response on Friday to assess the situation, according to Pat McFadden, a Cabinet minister, who said the government was working with industry experts on the issue.

At least one large medical care center in Germany, the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein, said that it would cancel elective procedures on Friday.

Some emergency response teams were affected by the outage in Arizona, local media reported , with dispatchers able to take calls but in some cases writing information on paper to share with first responders. The Phoenix Police Department said on social media that a widespread outage was affecting its computerized 911 dispatch center.

In New York, the 911 system continued to function and emergency response was unaffected, a New York Police Department spokesman said.

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority said that trains were operating “as intended,” but that the Microsoft outage had downed information predicting train arrivals and real-time location. Boarding information at Boston stations were also being impacted.

⚠️ Due to a worldwide Microsoft outage, Commuter Rail real time train location & arrival prediction information is currently unavailable. ℹ️ This technical issue is also impacting boarding information at Boston stations. ✅ Trains are operating as intended. — MBTA Commuter Rail (@MBTA_CR) July 19, 2024

Michael de la Merced

Michael de la Merced

Shares in the two companies at the center of the outages, Crowdstrike and Microsoft, are down significantly in premarket trading. Crowdstrike’s stock is down about 18 percent, while Microsoft’s have declined more than 2 percent.

Hannah Yi

Long lines of passengers for Jeju Airlines, which was also hit by the outage, snaked through Seoul’s Incheon International Airport Terminal 1.

Video player loading

The self check-in kiosks for Jeju Airlines at Incheon International Airport were down and passengers waited in long lines to receive handwritten boarding passes. I wasn’t assigned a seat so now I’m in another slow queue to learn where I’ll sit on the plane.

Many passengers on this Jeju Airlines flight were given handwritten boarding passes. Flight attendants are now calling the name of each person to make sure that everyone has boarded.

Video player loading

One big question people might be asking is how a single bad update — in fact what seems to be a single bad file — could have such sweeping and disastrous consequences? In part, it is because the faulty software is doing critical cybersecurity tasks.

“One of the tricky parts of security software is it needs to have absolute privileges over your entire computer in order to do its job,” said Thomas Parenty, a cybersecurity consultant and former National Security Agency analyst. “So if there’s something wrong with it, the consequences are vastly greater than if your spreadsheet doesn’t work.”

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority said in a post on X that it was delaying the 5 a.m. start of train service in the capital region because of the outage, and that buses may also be affected. Its website and call center are also down.

The University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein, a large medical care center in Germany, said in a notice that it would cancel elective procedures on Friday at its two locations because of the Crowdstrike outage.

John Liu

In Taiwan, some airlines at Taoyuan International Airport, the largest airport in the country, that use the Microsoft cloud system Navitaire have been affected, leading to disruptions in the departure check-in system, the airport said in a statement.

The affected airlines — including the AirAsia Group, Tigerair Taiwan, the Jetstar Group, Hong Kong Express, Jeju Air and Scoot — have switched to manual procedures for check-in. Delta Air Lines and United Airlines have temporarily suspended flights from the United States to Taiwan, the airport said.

‘Just trying to hunker down’: Passengers stranded across U.S. airports.

Video player loading

Airports across the United States slowly descended into chaos Friday morning after a worldwide tech outage disrupted flights and stranded passengers.

More than 650 flights across the country were delayed and more than 100 others were canceled, according to FlightAware, a database that tracks flight information. Airports in the New York City and Chicago regions appeared to be hardest hit.

As the sun rose over the East Coast, at least five airlines — Allegiant Air, American, Delta, Spirit and United — had issued ground stops, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

“The F.A.A. is closely monitoring a technical issue impacting IT systems at U.S. airlines,” the agency said in a statement. “Several airlines have requested F.A.A. assistance with ground stops for their fleets until the issue is resolved.”

It was unclear how long the ground stops were expected to last, but it was causing some headaches for travelers.

American Airlines said in a statement on social media on Friday morning that it was aware of a tech issue with its vendor affecting multiple carriers. “American is working with the vendor to resolve the issue as quickly as possible,” the airline said.

Similarly, Delta said in a statement that it had “paused” flights and United Airlines warned customers that delays may linger throughout the day.

At Denver International Airport, large screens typically used to detail flight arrivals and departures were flashing blue error messages, leaving some passengers confused and uneasy about their travel plans.

Frank Tingley, a 42-year-old data analyst, was among thousands of travelers stranded at that airport.

“I’m not good, actually,” he said, adding that he first noticed an issue when airport staff had difficulties scanning tickets for his flight to Boston Logan International Airport.

Mr. Tingley said he was initially allowed to board the plane but after further complications and delays, passengers deplaned.

“The general mood is that people are finding a quiet corner and just trying to hunker down,” he said.

Videos of Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina showed extremely long lines with a handful of people describing the scene as a “zoo” and “madhouse.”

Passengers at other airports around the country, including some at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport and Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, quickly voiced their concerns on social media. Many posted videos of crowded terminals packed with disgruntled passengers.

On Thursday, a major outage in the Microsoft network briefly grounded Frontier Airlines . Other low-cost carriers like Allegiant Air and Sun Country Airlines were also affected.

Microsoft said the problem had affected multiple systems for customers in the central United States.

Constant Méheut

Constant Méheut

The global outage also affected businesses in Ukraine, a country already reeling from Russian attacks that have knocked out power plants and medical facilities. Sense Bank, one of Ukraine’s largest banks, and the mobile operator Vodafone reported problems, although these appeared to be quickly resolved. It is unclear whether the outage affected military communications.

Adam Satariano

Microsoft said in a statement, “We anticipate a resolution is forthcoming.” The company attributed the issue affecting Windows devices to “an update from a third-party software platform.”

New Zealand’s emergency management agency said that it was closely monitoring the affects of the outage. “It is likely that banking systems, communications and transport (particularly air travel) will experience disruption,” it said.

The National Emergency Management Agency is closely monitoring the impacts for New Zealand from the global IT outages. It is likely that banking systems, communications and transport (particularly air travel) will experience disruption. More soon. pic.twitter.com/EmKqtFj8JR — National Emergency Management Agency (@NZcivildefence) July 19, 2024

The Indian Information and Broadcasting minister, Ashwini Vaishnaw, said the ministry was in touch with Microsoft regarding the outage, adding that a technical advisory will be released by the country’s IT emergency response team.

  • See which business internet is available in your area

Business Internet

Partner with Verizon Business and get fast, affordable, reliable internet virtually anywhere you do business. Plans start at $69/mo.

Get internet built right for business.

Fios business internet.

Ultra-fast, fiber-optic internet with 99.99% network reliability and high bandwidth for speedy performance—plus, 24/7 business-class support

5G Business Internet

Secure wireless internet with fast download speeds, unlimited data, and easy implementation

LTE Business Internet

Wireless internet with
out-of-the-box setup, plus a high-quality router to  easily connect operations on the go.

Internet Dedicated

Scalable, high performance internet that lets you prioritize critical applications, customize features—and count on quality of service


Plans start at just $69/mo. Plus, save when you pair business internet with a Business Unlimited smartphone plan.

Stay connected with a solution that is available virtually anywhere you do business.


Keep work flowing with internet your business can rely on. On the network America relies on.

Take advantage of security controls to help defend against cyber threats.

Customer stories

Appalachian pipeline.

See how Appalachian Pipeline Contractors connects construction job sites quickly with LTE Business Internet.

Ronin Design Co.

See how Ronan Design Co. is making a productivity breakthrough with the help of 5G Business Internet.

The Dental Family

See how Fios helps doctors Brett and Irene Druger achieve their dream of becoming a fully digital office.


See how Corina Stammworthy relies upon the speed and reliability of Fios to help keep her business ahead of the competition.

See how EverWash is using wireless business internet to scale their business and disrupt the car wash industry.

Improve business agility with the help of wireless business internet.

When a company designs its IT infrastructure for resiliency and agility, it can turn a crisis or an unexpected market shift into an opportunity for reinvention and success.

Implement a simpler connectivity solution for retail.

Learn how retailers deliver excellent customer service and stay competitive with the help of Verizon Internet Dedicated Services with Cisco® Meraki® and 4G LTE backup.

Mar 3, 2020,  2 min read

Discover an easier networking solution for banks.

Learn how banks increase sales and keep customer data secure with the help of Verizon Internet Dedicated Services with Cisco® Meraki® and 4G LTE backup.

Solutions Brief

Stay agile and connected with Internet Dedicated Services.

Get the reliability, flexibility and control your organization needs with this secure, dedicated connection.

May 28, 2021,  3 min read

Connect easily and reliably with LTE Business Internet.

LTE Business Internet can meet even the largest and most complex enterprise needs, whether you’re connecting a single employee or your whole workforce.

Mar 18, 2024

More to explore

Techteam for internet.

Get 24/7 access to tech experts who can help with a wide range of devices and operating systems.

Verizon Service Protection Plan

Take advantage of a protective plan for Verizon voice, diagnostics and broadband connections, including phone jacks and inside wiring.

What type of internet is best for business?

The best internet options for your business depend on various factors, such as your location and the nature of your business. Verizon Business offers several types of business internet options to cater to different needs and requirements. 

These options include:

Fios Business Internet : Upgrade your business internet to Verizon's ultra-fast fiber-optic network with 99.99% network reliability. This option provides blazing-fast speeds and high bandwidth for efficient operations. Fios is available in select areas.

5G Business Internet : Experience fast and scalable wireless connectivity solutions with Verizon's 5G Business Internet. This option offers fast speeds, low latency and unlimited data to support businesses of any size. 5G Business Internet availability varies and it is not available in all locations.

LTE Business Internet : For businesses with a need for mobility, Verizon's LTE Business Internet provides wireless connectivity with easy setup and pervasive coverage. It is suitable for primary or failover connectivity and can be used in various on-the-go scenarios.

Internet Dedicated Service : Fuel your business with high-performance internet through Verizon's Internet Dedicated Service. This option offers scalable speeds and bandwidth, customizable Quality of Service and enterprise-class service-level agreements.

When selecting the best internet for your business, consider factors such as reliability, speed, scalability and specific business requirements. Verizon’s range of business internet options can provide the necessary connectivity to keep your business running smoothly and meet your specific needs.

How much does Verizon business internet cost?

Verizon business internet pricing varies depending on the chosen plan, product and speed options. Eligible plans start  at $69/month for the base service fee (plus taxes, fees and other charges).

What are the price guarantees for Fios, 5G and LTE Business Internet plans?

For Fios and LTE Business Internet plans, the price guarantee extends for up to 3 years, depending on your plan; with a 1 year price guarantee for the low speed plan, a 2 year guarantee for the mid speed plan and a 3 year guarantee for the high speed plan. Our business internet price guarantees ensure that you can rely on stable pricing for the duration of the applicable guarantee period, providing peace of mind and cost predictability for your business.

What is the router policy for Fios, 5G and LTE Business Internet plans?

Verizon’s business internet services require a compatible router. For LTE and 5G Business Internet, the router policy allows customers the option to either purchase the Verizon provided gateway router or bring their own compatible device (BYOD). Routers purchased from Verizon can be returned within a 30-day return and exchange period subject to our Return Policy. A restocking fee may apply. Customers may also bring their  own device (BYOD); check the open development showcase for compatible models.

For Fios Business Internet, customers can either purchase the Verizon provided router, choose to rent the router, or bring their own compatible device (BYOD). Routers purchased from Verizon can be returned within a 30-day return and exchange period subject to our Return Policy.

What is the data allowance for different Business Internet plans?

The data allowance for LTE Business Internet is 300 GB/line/month, after which overage charges apply. Fios, 5G Business Internet and Internet Dedicated Service have unlimited data plans.

What is the satisfaction guarantee policy for Verizon business internet plans?

Verizon provides a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for its wireless business internet plans and for Fios with a 2-yr term. This guarantee allows customers to evaluate the service and cancel within 30 days of ordering if they are not satisfied. If you decide to cancel within this period, you can contact Verizon to initiate the cancellation process.  Routers purchased from Verizon can be returned within 30 days subject to our Return Policy.

Is there a Verizon business internet solution available in my area?

Yes, Verizon business internet solutions are available nationwide. Verizon offers extensive coverage and availability for its business internet services. Check your address to find out which Verizon business internet service is available in your specific area.

What is a good internet speed for my business?

The ideal internet speed for your business depends on factors specific to your business. It's important to consider both download and upload speeds. To determine the best internet speed for your business, consider factors such as the number of employees, the nature of your business activities and the need for reliable connectivity. You can test your current internet speed here .

Does Verizon business internet include Wi-Fi?

Yes, Verizon business internet solutions include Wi-Fi capabilities and offers equipment that supports the latest Wi-Fi technology. Additionally, Verizon's business internet plans can support Wi-Fi from third-party routers, giving businesses flexibility in choosing their preferred Wi-Fi setup. This ensures that businesses can enjoy wireless connectivity for their operations and provide internet access to their employees.

What is the difference between business internet and home internet?

The main differences between business internet and home internet is that business internet plans can be purchased only by business customers (with an ECPD profile indicating that they are a corporate liable end user). Business internet hardware often have more ruggedized components designed for use in professional and high use settings. Business internet plans are also architected to be compatible with a wider selection of routers and network treatments like MPN, Dynamic IP, Static IP, etc. Home internet has a different portfolio of plans and limited router choices.

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Sustainable Impact Through Cross-Sector Partnership

Sustainable Impact Through Cross-Sector Partnership

With over 10 million social enterprises operating globally, generating US$2 trillion in revenue annually , and creating 200 million jobs, these businesses are effecting sustainable societal change by putting people and planet first.

With the world in a state of polycrisis – a term describing the simultaneous occurrence of several catastrophic events such as conflict, poverty, unemployment, and climate change – social enterprises are more critical than ever. These organizations, like Faces Up Uganda, Elli Cares, Key Farmers Cameroon, and Alexa Goodman Consulting, are a powerful force for change, and although it may seem like a recent trend, MovingWorlds reports that social enterprises have been around for over 600 years.

However, despite their growing impact, these organizations face a number of hurdles . Limited access to financing, lack of public awareness and recognition, lack of government support, inadequate legal or fiscal frameworks, and restricted access to procurement processes can all hinder their ability to thrive.

At SAP, we actively support social enterprises through our comprehensive corporate social responsibility strategy , which includes knowledge and skills transfer from employees and social procurement. Through this strategy, we facilitate pro bono consulting, mentorships, and coaching opportunities to help support social enterprises to scale their businesses, as well as connect them with new B2B markets like SAP Business Network. This approach can empower social enterprises to overcome business challenges, scale their impact, and achieve their ever-important missions.

Pro Bono Consulting: A Win-Win for Social Enterprises and SAP Employees

Building on more than a decade of experience executing pro bono consulting programs, SAP introduced a new way for more employees to share their expertise and experience with social enterprises through the Acceleration Collective initiative. The initiative is hosted on the TRANSFORM Support Hub, a global platform launched in partnership with MovingWorlds, Unilever, and the TRANSFORM program as a resource for social enterprises to access free, ongoing, bespoke support to scale their business.

Last year alone, 120 SAP employees leveraged their expertise on the platform, completing 51 projects and generating an in-kind contribution of $458,835. This initiative can not only offer growth for the social enterprises but can also foster SAP employees’ development through valuable experiential learning.

Employees Creating Change and Being Changed

SAP employees tap into skills from their day-to-day role and harness this expertise to create a solution to a real business challenge their social enterprise client is experiencing. Through this collaboration, employees contribute to the social enterprise’s mission while given the opportunity to flex and grow valuable leadership skills like cross-cultural collaboration, active listening, and a greater understanding of the challenges that small businesses face. To bring that to life, here are a few inspiring stories from employee participants of Acceleration Collective:

Collaborating with a Youth Art Education Organization on Its Strategic and Funding Plans

David Elliott, a technical communication specialist at SAP UK, collaborated with Faces Up Uganda , a youth development NGO supporting young people from vulnerable backgrounds. The organization uses arts and crafts education to help young people overcome psychosocial challenges and develop essential personal and professional skills.

Elliott reviewed the organization’s website and strategic plan, enhancing the communication of its vision, mission, and values, and wrote grant applications to help secure funding. His work included regular meetings with the organization’s founder, Ssekitto Kalule Emmanuel, who praised David for making “every word count” and inspiring the team.

“My experience with Faces Up revealed the potential of my skill set,” Elliott added. “Clarifying grammatical rules and style taught me about the impact of language in specific contexts, which has influenced my role at SAP. Seeing my work’s impact and receiving gratitude has motivated me to donate many hours to these projects.”

Partnering for Growing an App Supporting Independence for People Living with Dementia

A team of SAP employees from across the Asia, Pacific, and Japan (APJ) region – Binh Pham, senior value advisor; Sandra Chang, senior commercial business partner; and Summer Zeng, delivery manager, Product Engineering – worked alongside Elli Cares , a startup focused on supporting people with cognitive impairments. The team brainstormed with the founder, offering insights and recommendations on scaling and growing to take the business to the next level.

Pham found the experience fun, insightful, and humbling, as the team learned the challenges that startups like Elli Cares face and provided recommendations and solutions. “I was pleasantly surprised that my skill sets from my day-to-day job were transferrable and applicable to the case of this organization,” Pham said.

Enhancing the Funding Strategy for an Organization Empowering Rural Agricultural Communities

A Germany-based pro bono team – Fabio Westphal, solution advisor; Cansu Günay, enterprise customer success partner; Charlie Vu, specialist solution advisor; and Lilly Selzer, customer success partner – focused on strengthening Key Farmers Cameroon’s investor and donor outreach. This enterprise empowers rural communities through sustainable agriculture and vocational training. The SAP team refined the organization’s pitch deck and social media presence, enhancing its chances of securing funding. Westphal highlighted that he learned the importance of clear, trustful communication and concise storytelling in conveying complex ideas.

Scaling the Online Presence of a Consulting Firm Dedicated to Addressing Environmental Challenges with Creative Scientific Communication

Jaime Atilano, digital solution advisor, and Mallory Rioux, Customer Success, used their expertise in technology, brand building, and customer success to assist Alexa Goodman Consulting . Founded by scientist and environmental activist Alexa Goodman, the firm offers services in environmental education, science communication, professional development, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and team building.

The SAP team optimized the organization’s website SEO to drive traffic and grow its online presence. “This experience was eye-opening. It’s one thing to learn about moving from empathy to action, but this opportunity allowed empathy to thrive,” Atilano shared. “I learned new skills, collaborated with a great team, and supported an entrepreneur working to save our oceans and advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights. It brought SAP Corporate Social Responsibility to life and confirmed that there is good in this world, and we can be part of it.”

Are You a New Pro Bono Consultant?

Two of our experts share their advice:

“Have confidence in your ability to provide value where you least expect it.” – David Elliott, technical communication specialist at SAP

“Embrace the uncomfortable. You won’t know everything, but you are there for a reason. Lean on your strengths and bridge gaps, even in small ways. Learning a new skill can seem daunting, but it’s a win-win: upskilling for you while supporting a social good endeavor. Your effort will make a difference for the client and the world.” – Jaime Atilano, digital solution advisor at SAP

Looking Ahead

The challenges we face in today’s world may be vast, but the potential for change that is created when social enterprises and professionals come together is even greater. As we move toward solutions, social enterprises have emerged as a springboard to a more just and sustainable future. Through collaboration and the power of collective action, we can further enable these changemakers to create innovative solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges, all while bolstering the skills and expanding the perspectives of our own employees.

Are you inspired to utilize your skills for good and join the pro bono consulting movement? SAP employees and alumni can find more information through the Acceleration Collective launch page , and professionals from other organizations as well as social enterprises can learn more through the TRANSFORM Support Hub .

Hemang Desai is global program director of the Pro Bono Consulting Portfolio for Corporate Social Responsibility at SAP.

SAP CSR’s eBook Celebrates a Year of Global Impact

SAP CSR’s eBook Celebrates a Year of Global Impact

Collaborating Across Generations: Problems That Span Generations Require Leadership That Does Too

Collaborating Across Generations: Problems That Span Generations Require Leadership That Does Too

SAP’s “Source from Ukraine” Initiative Boosts Business and Social Responsibility

SAP’s “Source from Ukraine” Initiative Boosts Business and Social Responsibility

Videotron lifts data caps on all Internet plans

December 9, 2020 - Press Release

No holiday gatherings

Montréal, December 9, 2020 – To help customers stay connected with loved ones during the holidays, Videotron is suspending data limits (overage charges) on all residential and business Internet plans for its customers from December 20, 2020 to January 3, 2021. Customers will be able to get together virtually without worrying about their data usage, as if they had an unlimited plan.

“Though the holidays won't be the same this year, the need to come together, unwind, share a laugh and see our loved ones hasn’t changed,” says Jean-François Pruneau, President and CEO of Videotron. “More than ever, Québec families need to stay connected and we're happy to be able to help them do it when it really counts.”

The announcement by Québec's flagship telecommunications provider is also intended to support the many seniors and people living alone for whom this could be a difficult holiday season.

The change will apply automatically. There is no need to contact Videotron to take advantage of it.

About Videotron

Videotron ( www.videotron.com ), a wholly owned subsidiary of Quebecor Media Inc., is an integrated communications company engaged in cable television, entertainment, Internet access, wireline telephone and mobile telephone services. Videotron is a leader in new technologies with its Helix home entertainment and management platform. As of September 30, 2020, Videotron was serving 1,481,800 cable television customers and 452,900 subscribers to its Club illico video streaming service. Videotron is also the Québec leader in high-speed Internet access, with 1,773,600 subscribers to its cable service as of September 30, 2020. As of the same date, Videotron had 1,452,600 subscriber connections to its mobile telephone service and was providing wireline telephone service to 950,900 Québec households and organizations. Videotron has been recognized as one of Montréal’s top employers.

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For the latest news

Media contact: Vincent Rabault Director, Corporate Affairs, Videotron

[email protected]

Press inquiries

videotron internet business plans

Véronique Mercier

Vice-president, Communications QMI

[email protected]

Canada / US plan

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  • Student moving to BC - use Videotron until get permanent address? in Mobility 11-07-2024
  • Unlimited data plan in Mobility 16-05-2024
  • Sending and receiving international texts in Mobility 31-01-2024
  • Videotron should seriously consider change their delivery partner - Planet Courier is terrible in Internet & Telephony 30-11-2023
  • Videotron Overview
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Videotron Internet: Exceptional Deals

Videotron is a popular telecom company that offers mobility, internet, TV and home phone service to residents across Quebec. Videotron internet offers some of the fastest and most affordable service in the entire country. Further, their expansive infrastructure even reaches rural areas within the province.

View Reviews

Why choose Videotron ?

All Videotron internet plans include unlimited data. There are currently three Videotron internet packages available to Quebec residents. The plans are available at various prices and provide speeds of 30 Mbps, 60Mbps, 100Mbps, 400Mbps and 1 Giga respectively. Videotron's dedication to constant promotions and discounts results in affordable high-speed plans such as these.

What are the best Videotron Internet Plans of the Moment ?

  • Full Search

Helix Internet 30

Helix internet 60, helix internet 100, helix internet 500, helix internet giga, which canadian cities are covered by videotron .

As one of the province's largest companies, Videotron has spent the past few decades building a trusted reputation within Quebec. Videotron reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Their reviews and ratings reveal how much their customers appreciate their promotions, bundles, affordable prices, and customer service.

About Videotron

Last 365 days average, all time average, by specification, sam tannous, boisbriand, quebec.

the worse customer service the worse customer service, they give wrong information over the phone, and they send different billing to clients after 4 months of waist of time over the phone, all they do is to say we are sorry our staff gave you wrong information, and the client pay the bill avoid this company services no respect at all

3 people found this useful

Avoid Working with Videotron

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prévost, quebec

Although the internet connection is good and the customer service excellent, the Helix TV system has shortcomings and connection problems.

Helix TV Shortcomings Exposed

Saint-jerome, quebec.

They sent incorrect information to Equifax and they can't do anything to help me, which destroyed my credit rating.

credit rating

Québec, quebec.

abusive and unstable billing, increases without your knowledge by small successive amounts monthly without ever informing you.

Secretly escalating billing without notice.

How videotron compares to your actual internet connection.

You want to evaluate the speed of your internet connection and know what would be the ideal internet plan? Click on the Go button below and try our internet speed test! To learn more,  visit the page dedicated to our speed test.

All about Videotron

Since 1964, Videotron has served Quebec residents with telecom services. The company has consistently introduced new services and initiatives, and shows signs of a very promising future.

Customer service

Technical service, tips and guides to save on your internet plans.

Want to know more about Videotron? Feel free to check out our articles and blog posts about the company. We regularly post articles about the telecommunications industry in Canada on our Blog, as well as the latest promotions and offers.

videotron internet business plans

Internet , Telecom

How to choose your internet plan in canada , february 28, 2023.

Step 1: Determine your household needs Step 2: Determine your budget Step 3: Determine the provider and technology options for your home address Step 4: Understand the plans offered Step 5: Choosing your Internet plan Step 6: Find ways to save money and even take advantage of it Step 7: Once you’ve purchased a plan, […]

Connecting Families : a laptop in a desk

Internet , News

Connecting families: how to get a very cheap internet plan, may 13, 2022.

In 2018, the federal government proposed a program to make internet access more affordable for low-income families. This initiative in the name of Connecting Families has just been changed. The new offer is a package with a minimum speed of 50 Mbps at a monthly cost of $20. The plans will have a maximum usage […]

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  1. Business Internet plans

    Versatile Internet plan: This limited-time offer applies to Business customers who subscribe or renew their subscription to the Versatile plan, which includes Videotron Business Hybrid Fibre 200/50 Internet access, one (1) Wi-Fi Pro access point, and the Wireless Backup service, with a 36-month agreement. The monthly rate for the plan is $112. ...

  2. Best Services For Businesses

    Retailers. Internet and network solutions for large enterprises. Check out our solutions. They will allow you to maximize the potential of your internal resources. Click here to find out more about the needs of businesses with Videotron Business: Telephony, Television, Mobility, Network solutions, Internet of things and others.

  3. Business phone and Internet plans

    The first access point for business grade Wi-Fi is free for customers subscribing to Videotron's Business 15/15 Guaranteed Internet access plan with a 36- or 60-month agreement under certain conditions. Other rates are available according to the agreement terms. Agreement is non-transferable. Penalties apply for breach of agreement.

  4. Internet Services

    Stream 4K content across multiple screens. Play video games online. Quickly download and share large files. Work collaboratively online. CHECK AVAILABILITY. 30 Internet. Download speed up to 30 Mbps. Upload speed up to 10 Mbps. Use the Internet for recreational activities and browse the web.

  5. All our Business Mobile plans

    Customers with two Lines associated with an eligible Mobile plan get a monthly credit of $10.45 per Line, for 24 months. Customers with one Line associated with an eligible Mobile plan get a monthly credit of $4.20, for 24 months. Municipal tax of $0.52 for 911 emergency service and other applicable taxes extra.

  6. Internet Plans

    Unlimited 30 Internet plan allows you to have basic and recreational use on a few devices. Unlimited 60 Internet is the perfect plan to download music and photos and watch streaming HD videos. Unlimited 100 Internet is the plan for you if you want to watch TV and series in HD and play video games online.

  7. Mobility for your business

    Mobility Service, Business plans and mobile devices Videotron Business offers a vast catalogue of mobile plans and devices that adapt to your needs and allow you to focus on what really matters: your business success. The new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 has arrived! Pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 and get bonus Galaxy Buds3 earbuds and 1 year ...

  8. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6

    Pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 256 GB for only $2.50/month with the Take-back Credit and when you trade in your current phone. Receive bonus Galaxy Buds3 earbuds valued at $209.95, plus 1 year free Samsung Care+ [ln] and the 2 nd year at 50% off.. The device is not displayed at $2.50, as the exchange of your current phone has not yet taken place.

  9. Explore all our business sectors

    Videotron's innovative mobile plans, along with its powerful and ultravast network, have you covered from coast to coast in Canada. ... the uncontested business leader, connects more than 130,000 companies in Québec. Videotron Business and its Fibrenoire subsidiary are committed to using technology to deliver the best experience to ...

  10. Videotron Business helps drive business productivity

    Montréal, October 5, 2020 - In response to the needs of businesses and their employees, Videotron Business and Fibrenoire are launching a new set of solutions to enhance teamwork, security and productivity for teams working from home, regardless of connection type, industry or company size. The new family of teleworking plans offers dedicated Internet access, advanced cloud communication ...

  11. What Is Project 2025, and Who Is Behind It?

    The Biden campaign has attacked Donald J. Trump's ties to the conservative policy plan that would amass power in the executive branch, though it is not his official platform. By Simon J. Levien ...

  12. Videotron Internet Plans & Pricing for 2022

    Fibre 120. Speed: up to 120 Mbps. Starting at: $85.95 for 12 months, then $90.95. Data Cap: 200 GB. Technology: Fiber. (514) 281-1711. All speeds, pricing and other specifications are subject to location and availability. Videotron offers Internet service via the following technologies: DSL and Fiber.

  13. Jeff Bezos Plans to Sell $5 Billion in Amazon Shares. Should Investors

    However, that trend is wrapped up, and new workloads are coming online, especially in the area of artificial intelligence (AI). In Q1, AWS's sales rose 17% to $25 billion, and operating income ...

  14. Videotron brings high-speed Internet to more than 30,000 ...

    Videotron plans to continue making substantial investments to meet the growing need for Internet connectivity and access. Its network now reaches more than 90% of Quebecers. As a result of Videotron's massive infrastructure investments of recent years, Québec now has one of the largest hybrid fibre-coax networks in North America.

  15. Netflix pricing, plans: Basic ad-free dropped; see remaining plans

    Standard plan ($15.49 monthly): Watch in Full HD and download videos on 2 supported devices at a time (option to add 1 extra member who doesn't live with you for $7.99 monthly).

  16. Global IT Outage Grounds Flights and Hits Businesses: Live Updates

    Live Updates: Global Tech Outage Grounds Flights and Hits Businesses. Airlines, banks and broadcasters were among the companies around the world reporting disruptions, citing technical issues.

  17. Real estate developments: Five answers to your questions

    According to a Leger study in 2023, Videotron has earned a satisfaction rating of 96%, which puts us at the top of the business telecommunications providers. Our dedicated department for multiple-unit dwellings works together with client leasing teams to ensure that every new renter is asked to open an account and add services.

  18. Business Internet Plan Comparison (Canada)

    If you're seeking a suitable plan for your business, Videotron's business internet plans offer deals for small businesses with a few employees to huge offices. All Videotron's plans provide hybrid fibre internet. Users can purchase a 15Mbps plan for $71.95 a month, a 200Mbps plan for $79.95 and a 400Mbps plan for $89.95.

  19. Business Internet Services: Plans for Small Business & Enterprise

    For Fios and LTE Business Internet plans, the price guarantee extends for up to 3 years, depending on your plan; with a 1 year price guarantee for the low speed plan, a 2 year guarantee for the mid speed plan and a 3 year guarantee for the high speed plan. Our business internet price guarantees ensure that you can rely on stable pricing for the ...

  20. Deere Pulls Back Diversity Plans After Online Attacks, Following

    Deere & Co., the world's top farm machinery maker, is pulling back from diversity measures in the face of conservative criticism, the second agriculture-related company in less than a month to ...

  21. Sustainable Impact Through Cross-Sector Partnership

    This approach can empower social enterprises to overcome business challenges, scale their impact, and achieve their ever-important missions. SAP is powering equitable access to economic opportunity, education and employment, and the circular economy ... Collaborating with a Youth Art Education Organization on Its Strategic and Funding Plans.

  22. Videotron's Internet plans are faster than advertised

    The results clearly show that Videotron customers enjoy faster connections than their plan's advertised speeds. The study conducted by SamKnows for the CRTC found that Videotron's download speeds are 110% of the advertised speed during peak periods and 111% at other times of the day. "This study demonstrates once again the importance of ...

  23. Videotron lifts data caps on all Internet plans

    Videotron lifts data caps on all Internet plans. Montréal, December 9, 2020 - To help customers stay connected with loved ones during the holidays, Videotron is suspending data limits (overage charges) on all residential and business Internet plans for its customers from December 20, 2020 to January 3, 2021.

  24. Rogers Business

    Build a custom solution tailored to your business, from wireless and internet plans to fleet and asset management solutions. Rogers Business - Find custom solutions for your business ON

  25. Canada / US plan

    Student moving to BC - use Videotron until get permanent address? in Mobility 11-07-2024; Unlimited data plan in Mobility 16-05-2024; Sending and receiving international texts in Mobility 31-01-2024; Videotron should seriously consider change their delivery partner - Planet Courier is terrible in Internet & Telephony 30-11-2023

  26. Small Business Internet Service

    Cancel within 15 days of Small Business Internet service activation. Limited-time offer; subject to change. Qualifying new Small Business Internet line and timely gateway return required. Refund via one-time bill credit. Max 1/account. May not be combinable with some offers or discounts.

  27. Business Phone Plans with Unlimited Data

    Explore T-Mobile's business phone plans, including unlimited data, text, and talk. Join us and discover the best wireless business plan to fit your needs. Reliable 5G Business Internet for just $40/mo. with a premium voice line. Savings with $20 monthly bill credit. Limited-time offer; subject to change.

  28. Business Unlimited Data Plans (13+ Lines)

    During congestion, customers on Business Internet plans may notice speeds lower than other customers and further reduction if using >1.2TB/mo., due to data prioritization. Not available in all areas; addresses may be eligible for 5G or 4G LTE. $35 device connection charge due at sale. Plus taxes & fees for accounts currently paying for a T ...

  29. Videotron: Internet Plans Prices & Reviews in 2024

    All Videotron internet plans include unlimited data. There are currently three Videotron internet packages available to Quebec residents. The plans are available at various prices and provide speeds of 30 Mbps, 60Mbps, 100Mbps, 400Mbps and 1 Giga respectively. Videotron's dedication to constant promotions and discounts results in affordable ...

  30. T-Mobile Business Phone and Internet Bundles

    Limited-time offer; subject to change. Register code within 30 days of activating qualifying new Business Internet line. If you have cancelled Internet lines in past 90 days, you may need to reactivate them first. $200 via virtual prepaid Mastercard; requires 60 days service before validation; use online or in-store via accepted mobile payment apps; no cash access & expires in 6 months.