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Government resumes: an overview.

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Your resume is a vital document in your government job application . But, a resume for a government job is a little different to a resume you would submit for a job in the private (non-government) sector, and it has a slightly different purpose.

The aim of a resume is is to provide a reference for your claims against the selection criteria. This is your resume's primary purpose.

For example, if you talk about your employment with Company X in your statements against the selection criteria, the selection panel will use your resume to find out when you were employed at Company X, for how long, and what your actual role was. These two documents combined will win you an interview so that you have the opportunity to impress the employer in person.

Because this document is used in conjunction with your statements addressing the selection criteria, it needs to compliment your selection criteria so that these two documents together can build up a strong case for why you should get an interview. It doesn't need to contain lengthy descriptions of positions or tasks, or outline achievements in the same detail that a non-government resume would.

Government Resume Format

There are a few government resume formats , but the most common format looks like:

  • Personal details
  • Summary / key qualifications
  • Employment history (including role responsibilities and key achievements)
  • Education / courses
  • Referee details

It needs to be succinct and tailored not only to the job you are applying for, but also to the selection criteria.

When selection panels also have to plough through cover letters and lengthy statements addressing selection criteria , any conflicts in information or areas that don't make sense across all three of these documents will lead to confusion. As a government job applicant, confusion is your enemy! The easier you make your application to understand and the more prominent your key strengths and claims for the position are, the better your application will fare.

To do this, you should repeat key points in from your selection criteria within your resume (for example, in the role responsibilities or key achievements section) and use the language and keywords from the job description within your resume (the same way you would within your selection criteria statements).

government resume example

Government Resume Templates

Templates can be a great way to ensure you are covering the information that should be included in your resume. Our government resume templates also include a cover letter template and selection criteria template to make sure your entire government job application is consistent in look and feel.

Download them here.

The Difference Between a Resume and a CV

A resume is a basic explanation of your employment history, core skills, major achievements and any educational qualifications.

A CV (or curriculum vitae) is a more in depth explanation that covers your employment history in more depth, will delve into core skills and major achievements, and also outlines published works, research projects, grants, speaking engagements, and more detailed information about your educational history.  CVs are traditionally used when applying for positions in research / scientific organisations or academic settings. 

Unless you are applying for a research, scientific or academic position, you are better off using a basic resume for your government job application.

Top 5 Government Resume Tips

Edit your resume every time you apply for a new job. Even better, you should re-write it entirely. This includes tailoring your, knowledge, skills, abilities and achievements for the kind of position you are applying for.

Resumes for government jobs should be about three pages long - shorter if you don’t have enough work experience. Don’t pad it out. Longer if you have considerable relevant work experience, however try not to go beyond four pages. A lengthy resume will work against you.

Don't use graphics and fancy borders unless your application is for a job in a creative industry, such as website design, graphic art or photography. Cluttered resumes are more difficult to read and understand. Clean and clear with lots of white space is the way to go.

Should you include a photo on your resume? If you work in a highly specialised field or small industry and you want someone on the selection panel to recognise you, including a photo can be a good idea. Otherwise, it is best to avoid putting your photo on your resume.

Don’t use jargon or assume that the person reading your resume understands your industry. Spell out acronyms and explain industry specific terms. Always assume that there might be an independent panel member on the selection board that is not from your industry (it happens frequently and if they can't understand your experience they can't assess you properly!)

  • Read more government resume tips here ...

Find Out More About Applying for Government Jobs

  • What you need to know about government interviews
  • Could you be writing your selection criteria responses all wrong?
  • Get professional help with your application
  • Military to civilian resumes

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How to write a resume and cover letter

A resume is a written record of your education, skills and experience. It provides a summary of your work history, training and knowledge.

A CV (curriculum vitae) is similar but tends to be longer and more detailed. Although both terms are often used in Australia, we will refer to resumes here.

As well as your resume, you will need a cover letter to accompany your job application. It should be short and specific, highlighting your skills and experience in relation to the position you are applying for.

Your resume and cover letter is your first chance to convince an employer that you are the right person for the job.

Before you begin writing your resume, think about your work history and note your achievements and skills.

The layout of your resume should be neat, simple and easy to read. Aim for 1–3 pages, depending on how long you have been in the workforce. Employers often have to read multiple job applications so use headings and dot points to make your resume easy to read.

Employers will be looking for your:

  • contact details
  • career strengths
  • employment history
  • education and training achievements

Read more about how to write an effective resume .

If you need help with formatting, resume templates are provided with some word processors (e.g. Microsoft Word) and are available online.

Go online to find templates, cover letters, resume examples and advice about how to apply for jobs (e.g. myfuture ).

Cover letters

Your cover letter is an important component of your application and should:

  • introduce you to the employer
  • identify the position you are applying for
  • convey your enthusiasm for the position
  • highlight the stand-out qualities that make you a great candidate
  • inspire the reader to continue reading your application (cover letters are not a summary of your resume).

You only need to write a 1 page cover letter and address it directly to the employer or contact person for the job.

All cover letters should be tailored to suit that particular job.

Learn more about writing good cover letters .

Selection criteria

Some jobs (especially government jobs) will ask you to meet particular requirements or selection criteria. Selection criteria may also be known as core or key capabilities.

Your responses should demonstrate, with relevant examples, that you have the required experience, skills and abilities to do the job. Be succinct and use dot points where appropriate.

Read more about how to write selection criteria .

Public Service Resume Template

resume templates australian government jobs

Applying for the Australian Public Service (APS) can be quite overwhelming. There’s a lot that need to be taken into account, especially when preparing your resume or CV. This in on top of perfecting your pitch .

The very finest details would either impede or progress your application, give you an advantage over other applicants, or rule you out from the competition completely. 

To get you started, we have provided a free public sector resume template. 

resume templates australian government jobs

Click below to download our editable, ATS Friendly, DIY Australian resume template in MS Word format.

Important: On the next page, make sure to enter a valid email address as this is where we’ll send you the download link.

About this resume layout:

  • Simple format that works for anyone applying for Federal, State or Local-level public sector roles 
  • Simple line diving content and a good mix of colours to create a professional aesthetic 
  • Captures most of your key information on Page 1 so the selection panel would immediately see your relevant skills, achievements and qualifications and match these with your selection criteria/pitch 
  • Just note: This template is DIY, which means we don’t offer support in terms of formatting your resume or creating your content. For a full-service public sector resume, check out Pricing and Services here.  

Once you’ve crafted your winning resume, you may send it to us to receive a free,  confidential, and objective assessment.

Are you still having difficulties preparing your public sector resume? 

Get in touch to find out how we can help. 

At Rev-Up Your Resume, we carefully match our clients’ experience and skills with the role requirements and Integrated Leadership System (ILS) framework. As one of the leading professional resume writers, we have assisted thousands of clients applying for State Governments (ACT Government, NSW Government, QLD Government, SA Government, VIC Government), Government Department and Agencies (Home Affairs, AFP, ATO, ACIC, Austrade, DFAT, Defence, PM&C, DSS) and local Government and Councils.  

Visit: for more info or connect with us through LinkedIn , Twitter , and Facebook .

resume templates australian government jobs

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resume templates australian government jobs


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Résumé Tips and Example Résumé

Tips for developing your résumé and a generic example of a care and support sector résumé with tips on what to include.

  • Download Résumé Tips and Example Résumé as a DOCX (42.7kb)
  • Download Résumé Tips and Example Résumé as a PDF (1.3mb)

Résumé Tips and Example Résumé.pdf

We aim to provide documents in an accessible format. If you're having problems accessing a document, please contact us for help .

  • Have any questions?
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"Elevating careers nationwide, Government Resumes are Australia's premier Resume Writing Company, empowering clients from Graduate to CEO's to secure sought-after roles  and advance their careers."

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GOVERNMENT RESUMES are a team of professional, results-driven Résumé Writers and Career Coaches with a proven track record of achievement assisting clients to maximise their success in attaining interviews and job offers in the Australian Public Service at local, state and federal levels.

Since our inception in 1995, Government Résumés has been a beacon of expertise, consistently delivering meticulously crafted job applications tailored to a diverse array of government positions. From foundational roles like Customer Service Officer and Finance Officer positions to prestigious positions such as Director - Executive Level 2, we have catered to individuals at every career level within governmental frameworks. Our proficiency transcends boundaries, extending across numerous departments and agencies, ensuring that our clients stand out and succeed in their quest for impactful roles within the public sector. With a wealth of experience spanning nearly three decades, our team possesses expertise in various areas, including:


At Government Résumés, we specialize in highlighting job-winning qualities, relevant experience, qualifications, and skills to captivate interest and help our clients secure coveted interviews. Our mission is to craft government CVs, cover letters, and selection criteria that not only showcase your past achievements but also vividly portray your capabilities and eagerness to excel within the Australian Government services.

Whether you're seeking editing services for an existing draft or need bespoke documents tailored to your needs, our accredited and agency-approved Résumé Writers, boasting over two decades of experience, will collaborate with you one-on-one. We pride ourselves on delivering compelling government résumés that yield tangible results. Additionally, we offer invaluable career guidance, job search advice, assistance with online applications, and comprehensive interview and career coaching services, ensuring you're fully equipped for success.

Our commitment extends nationwide, catering to individuals across all regions of Australia, including NSW, ACT, VIC, QLD, TAS, WA, NT, and SA, as well as local government and the Australian Public Service, with a proven track record of exceptional success.

Discover how we can support your career aspirations by calling us today at 1300-944-045. Alternatively, feel free to connect directly with MONIQUE THOMPSON, our esteemed Director and Senior Resume Writer, at 0438-737-863, to discuss your specific needs and requirements in detail.

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Choose from one of our government resume packages

Government Resumes

Secure your ideal government role with a custom tailored resume/CV

resume templates australian government jobs

We have a proven track record of landing our clients government roles

resume templates australian government jobs

Need an ATS optimised government resume?

Our professional government resume writing service combines the expertise and talents of our writers with the latest recruitment tools. Once we understand your career history and future ambitions, we will write up a resume/CV that is suited to your needs.

We will ensure that your resume/CV achieves an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) score of at least 92%, including strict structural and keyword requirements for your profession.

Our professional government resumes stand out

Many government professionals mistake a fancy looking template for a resume that is attractive to employers. The truth is, these resumes tend to confuse Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and lower the chance of them being read by a hiring manager.

This doesn’t mean your resume has to look like a black and white template from Word 97, but there are strict criteria that must be adhered to. Our team will ensure that your resume meets these criteria while writing content that aligns with your profession and level of experience.

We are a 100% Australian based business

Custom tailored government resumes for entry-level to senior executive roles, our clients often land high-level government roles, our clients by industry.

resume templates australian government jobs

Finance & Investment Banking

resume templates australian government jobs

Project Management

resume templates australian government jobs

Sales & Marketing

resume templates australian government jobs


resume templates australian government jobs

IT & Tech

resume templates australian government jobs

Oil & Gas

resume templates australian government jobs

Real Estate

How do we ensure your documents are ats optimised.

resume templates australian government jobs

Deep Analysis

resume templates australian government jobs

Test Your Resume Against an ATS

resume templates australian government jobs

Achieve a Score of 90 or Higher

resume templates australian government jobs

Monitor Results

resume templates australian government jobs

Keep Detailed Records

resume templates australian government jobs

75% of resumes

We have worked with a range of government professionals.

Our government client base is diverse, so it’s important that we understand the unique requirements for each professional. On a weekly basis, we work with fresh university graduates looking for their first professional role, as well as senior executives wanting to transition into a higher leadership position. We have extensive and proven experience helping a range of professionals express their best selves and stand out in a competitive market.

We view the relationships with our clients as ongoing. Whether your job ends unexpectedly, or you come across a dream opportunity, we will give you the best chance of achieving your career goals.

resume templates australian government jobs

Australian optimised government resumes

As a government Australian resume writing service, we know exactly what local employers and recruiters are looking for. Our ATS optimised resumes have a proven track record of landing our clients interviews and roles through targeted keywords and proper modern formatting.

Don’t make the mistake of using a fancy resume template that you assume will grab a Hiring Manager’s attention. We can almost guarantee that it will not, as a resume’s ATS optimisation and content is far more important. Given our team come from HR backgrounds, we are in constant contact with our professional counterparts at the big HR firms and keep up with the latest trends and expectations.

You may be surprised to know that many HR professionals still prefer standard black and white resumes/CVs. That is not to say that presentation is not important, and that you have to use black and white templates. It is just that content quality and ATS optimisation should be your main focus. Make sure you are not fooled into using tables or photos on your resume. Our service promises ATS optimised resumes written by CPRW certified resume writers, along with the backing of advanced resume analysis tools to ensure you stand out.

Package options for you

Government resume/cv, government resume/cv + education cover letter, government resume/cv + cover letter + professional linkedin profile, don’t see a package that’s right for you.

Reach out to us directly to customise a package best suited for your needs.

Don't just take it from us. Here’s our Google Reviews

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Job Access

Résumé template


Word Document

  • Listen to PDF

Résumé template page one

Publication Date:  April 2016

Last updated: 1 July 2016 - 7:30am

What are you looking for?

  • Resume Writing

A resume is a short (1-2 pages) document summarising your work experience and qualifications. It is an important marketing tool for job seekers.

One of the hardest things about preparing your resume is being translating ADF - specific capabilities into civilian skills. You can use Defence's  core skills identifier to get a better understanding of what skills you have to offer an employer.

  • The Department of Employment and Workplace Relations has useful  resume templates  on its Jumpstart page as well as advice and tools to help you tailor and quality-check your resume. 
  • YourCareer is another Australian Government website that offers tips and checklists to improve your resume. 
  • Defence Force Transition Program support, or Support for Employment program is able to provide assistance with preparing your resume. 

What to include in a resume

Personal details.

  • Email address
  • Phone number (with voicemail)
  • Level of security clearance

An introduction

Start with a short paragraph giving a high-level overview of your key skills and experience as they relate to the job you are applying for. 

Work history overview

  • List your most recent position first and work backwards. Include the different positions you held throughout your military career.
  • Include the dates you were in each role, and a brief description of the responsibilities.
  • Consolidate information wherever possible to prevent your resume becoming too long.
  • If you have relevant experience in volunteer roles, include these as well.

Education and Training

  • List any formal qualifications, starting with your highest level of achievement. This can include educational qualifications, professional accreditation, licences or certificates.
  • Include the full name of the qualification, the institution that awarded it and, the date finished.

You need at least two referees for every job application. Ideally referees should be people you reported to in your most recent positions.

Always ask permission before including anyone as your referee. It is totally acceptable to protect the privacy of your referees by writing "Referees: available on request".

Additional tips 

  • Tailor your resume for each job and take into account the needs of the prospective employer. Make sure you have addressed the job criteria and that - your resume - showcases your achievements and doesn't simply list duties.  
  • Check your online presence:  recruiters will often research your social media presence so make sure the information on your resume and social media are consistent. Consider how you represent yourself on sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Ask for help:  is there someone who can act as a mentor and provide useful tips on how to present yourself positively? It is also worth asking non-ADF contacts to read and comment on your resume. 
  • Translate ADF jargon into language that will be understood by a civilian employer. 
  • Omit any information that is not relevant to your ability to perform in the new role. 
  • Remember that you cannot include classified information. 
  • Carefully check your resume for any typing or formatting errors and ask someone you trust to proofread the document before sending it to a recruiter or employer.
  • Transitioning to civilian employment
  • Identify your skills
  • Finding a job
  • Job interviews
  • Professional social media networking
  • Employment support and resources
  • Understanding the civilian workplace
  • Starting your own business
  • Find veteran-friendly employers
  • Transition stories

resume templates australian government jobs

Australian Resume - Guide & Formatting Tips [Free Templates!]

Background Image

Every country has its own work culture and that means specific requirements when it comes to resumes and CVs. 

And Australia is no different.

If you’re doing some Aussie job-searching (or planning to do so), you probably have a few questions:

What do “resume” and “CV” refer to in Australia? Are there any formatting rules you should be aware of? How long does the resume have to be? Should you include your photo? 

Well, you’re in the right place.

We’re here to answer those questions and more!

In this article, you’re going to find everything you need to know about Australian resumes and how to prepare one.

What Makes Australian Resumes Different

  • Typical Australian Resume Sections

3 Free Australian Resume Templates

How to make a convincing resume - further readings.

Let’s get to it!

resume examples australia

We recommend creating your Australian resume in parallel with reading this guide. Just pick a template that you like, and get started.

Not sure where to look for a job in Australia? SEEK and CareerOne are some of the most popular job boards in the country.

Although it might appear similar to the U.S. resume format at first glance, the Australian resume differs in some details that if missed, might very well ruin your chances of getting a call-back. 

Don’t worry though, we’re going to cover all of those details starting with the elephant in the room:

#1. Australian Resume vs CV

Unlike the U.S., in Australia, the terms “resume” and “CV” are used to refer to the same document . You will most likely come across “resume” more often, but if not, know that the terms are synonymous with each other. 

#2. How long should an Australian resume be?

In the U.S., a resume should typically be one page . 

An Australian resume, however, should definitely be more than one page. If you are a professional, three to four pages are what’s expected. If you are a recent graduate or don’t have much experience in the field, two pages will be enough . 

Don’t forget to be to-the-point, though. Even though you have the freedom to present yourself with a lengthy resume, you shouldn’t get into unnecessary details.

If you have a lot of years of experience, you shouldn’t go more than 10 years back in your resume. If there are any earlier work experiences that you particularly want to mention, you can add a “other professional experience” section and briefly mention it there. You can also end the section with “Full resume available upon request.”

#3. Are there any language expectations for Australian resumes?

As a matter of fact, there are. If you're applying for a job in Australia you need to make sure that your resume is written in correct Australian english. 

#4. Do you include a photo in an Australian resume?

Unless you’re applying for a job that is related to your appearance (modeling or acting), it’s best to not include a photo in your resume. If the company wants you to include one, they will usually specify it beforehand. 

There are some countries, like Belgium, France, and Germany, where you should include a photo in your resume . This rule, however, doesn’t apply to Australia.

#5. What personal information should you include in an Australian resume?

Just like your photo, personal information can make you vulnerable to profiling based on gender, race, age, or appearance. To avoid that, provide only the necessary contact information like name, address, phone number, and email address. 

It’s actually illegal for employers in Australia to ask you for information like age, marital status, religion, sexual preference, or nationality.

6 Typical Australian Resume Sections

Now that we’ve gone over what makes an Australian resume different, let’s focus on its layout and format. 

An Australian resume typically has the following sections:

Resume Objective/Summary

Although it isn’t mandatory, it is recommended for you to include a resume objective or summary.

A resume objective (or career objective) states your goals for employment and what you aim for in your career. It’s 1-2 sentences and is great for recent graduates or people who are changing careers. 

  • Recent computer science graduate seeking a full-time position as a programmer. Strong knowledge of object-oriented programming and application development tools.

A resume summary (or career summary) highlights your professional experience and gives the employer a glimpse of your skills before reading about them further in your resume. It’s between 3-5 sentences and is great for job seekers with years of experience. 

  • Driven programmer with 8+ years of experience developing and maintaining enterprise software applications. Helped design and develop 3 successful applications over the past 5 years.

Work Experience

Your work experience should be displayed in a reverse-chronological order . With each entry, you should provide the start and end date along with a brief description of your experience, your responsibilities, and your achievements. 

When possible, quantify your achievements and responsibilities. This shows the recruiter how you stand out from the rest of the applicants: 

Marketing Manager


  • Launched social media campaigns for the company
  • Managed a large team

07/2018 - Present


  • Developed and launched promotional campaigns that increased sales revenue by 12%
  • Trained and managed over 15 marketing and sales specialists, making sure sales targets were always met. 

If there are any gaps in your employment history, you should account for them as well if possible. Chances are, your interviewer will ask you about it anyway. 

If you have work experience in a large company/institution in your country that an Australian recruiter might not be familiar with, you should provide some information on your employer as well. 

For example, if you have worked as a sales manager for one of the largest toy companies in your country, don’t be hesitant to provide that information. By simply stating the name of the company you risk downplaying your experience if the recruiter isn’t familiar with the company.  

job search masterclass novoresume

Your education history should also be displayed in reverse-chronological order. Each entry should consist of the name of the institution, date attended, your major/minor/specialization, and any related honors or awards. 

BA in Economics

Bentley University

07/2017 - 05/2021

  • Dean’s List 2019, 2020, 2021
  • Member of the Investment Club

A simple list of skills and strengths will provide the employer with a quick snapshot of what you have to offer and what you excel at. In general, it’s best to focus on hard skills, but if you will be listing any soft skills like “leadership” or “critical thinking”, make sure you can back them up with experiences. 

how to list skills on resume

Volunteer Experience

If you have any volunteer experience , it’s important to note it on your resume. Hiring managers appreciate it. 

Often, volunteer experience can count as work experience too. Especially if it matches with a period of time you were not employed and if it is related to your profession. In that case, you can even include it in the “work experience” section. 

The name, position, and phone number of your referee/s will be enough. Most recruiters contact references after the interview process anyway.

references on resume

If you want to create a resume that stands out, you’ll need to use a good-looking template.

#1. College/University Resume Template

college australian resume template

As a student or recent graduate, you want your resume to highlight your education and emphasize your skills. This is exactly what the College resume format does. 

It has a simple and organized format that is easy to skim and has a nice aesthetic. 

#2. Professional Resume Template

professional australian resume template

Approved by various recruiters and one of our all-time favorite templates, the Professional template can adapt to all fields. 

It highlights your work experience and makes all information easy to find for the recruiter. 

#3. Creative Resume Template

creative australian resume template

If you have a career in marketing, design, advertising, or other creative fields, this is the perfect template for you. 

The Creative resume template is compact and organized but has some details that add to it a unique touch, fit for the industry you are in. 

At this point, we’ve got you all covered on Australian resumes, what they look like, and how they differ from resumes in other countries.

However, there’s always room for improving and perfecting your resume and job-searching process. 

Check out some of our top resources on job-search, resumes, and the interviewing process and be on top of your game in all steps:

  • The No-Nonsense Guide to Finding a Great Aussie Job in 2024 - This guide is as good as it sounds. You’ll find all you need to know about the job-finding process in Australia.
  • How to Write a Resume | Professional Guide - Everything you need to know about how to make a resume, from layout to content.
  • How to Write a CV (Curriculum Vitae) in 2024 - The A to Z guide to the perfect CV that will land you that interview.
  • 35+ Common Interview Questions and Answers [Complete List] - Leave nothing to chance and ace that interview by learning how to answer these unavoidable questions.
  • How to Ace Interviews with the STAR Method - The key to giving a good answer to every single behavioral job interview question.

Looking for more? Head over to our career blog and find all the information you need.

Key Takeaways

The differences of an Australian resume may be subtle, but if you don’t pay attention to them, you probably aren’t getting any callbacks. 

To avoid that, when preparing your Australian resume remember:

  • In Australia, “resume” and “CV” refer to the same document.
  • You can and MUST go longer than one page. 3-5 pages is ideal, but 2 pages can be acceptable if you don't have a lot of experience.
  • Your resume has to be written using correct Australian English so always double-check that your spelling is right
  • It is highly recommended to include an attention grabbing-resume objective or summary that will make the recruiter intrigued to read further

And that’s a wrap! 

Good luck and wish you a successful job-search!

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Resumes To Impress

How to Get a Government Job in Australia in 2024

by Nicole Wren | Jan 1, 2024 | Career Advice

Government jobs offer stability, flexibility, and enviable perks, making them hot commodities in the job market, but also fiercely competitive.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that in 2023, there were over 2.4 million people working in government jobs across Australia. Most employees were in state government (1.8 million), with 350,000 in federal jobs and 200,000 in local government roles.

Graph depicting the number of government jobs at state, federal and local levels.

Why Are Government Jobs So Popular?

There are a number of benefits to working in a government job in Australia:

  • Job security and a stable income
  • Attractive benefits including paid parenting leave and attractive superannuation
  • Diverse career paths and opportunities for advancement and fulfilling work
  • Work-life balance and flexible working options

These benefits are evident in the 2023 Australian Public Service Employee Survey results:

APS Employee Survey Results 2023 depicting the benefits of government jobs

Where to Find Government Jobs

Knowing how to get a government job in Australia starts with knowing where to look.

While networking and keeping an eye on other job search websites can be handy to keep informed about upcoming opportunities, keeping an eye on the sites outlined below will be the most effective way to keep informed about any vacancies.

What is the Best Site for Government Jobs?

The best site for government jobs depends on what level of government you are applying for.

There are specific government job search websites for each of Australia’s three levels of government. For APS Jobs, it’s the APS Jobs website .

Federal Government Jobs

These are sometimes called Commonwealth or Australian Public Service (APS) jobs.

All APS jobs are advertised on the APS Jobs website.

Picture of the APS Careers Website front page

State Government Jobs

Each state and territory has their own government jobs portal:

Queensland Government jobs

New South Wales Government jobs

Victorian Government jobs

Western Australia Government jobs

South Australia Government jobs

Northern Territory Government jobs

Australian Capital Territory Government jobs

Tasmanian Government jobs

Local Government Jobs

These jobs are offered through local councils around Australia.  According to the Australian Local Government Association , there are 537 local councils around Australia (too many to list here!).

To find a local council job in your area, head to your own local council website’s careers section to see vacancies.

Is It Hard to Get a Job in the Local Government?

While local government jobs can be competitive, they can actually be easier to get than private sector jobs, if you strictly adhere to the application guidelines.

Since many people fail to adhere to the guidelines, those who do have a significant competitive advantage.

Local governments typically have specific guidelines and criteria for each job vacancy, and candidates are expected to meet these criteria precisely.

This includes addressing key selection criteria, providing evidence of qualifications and experience, and participating in standardised assessments and interviews.

How to Be Competitive Against Internal Candidates

Consider temporary contracts.

Temporary contracts can be a great way to ‘get your foot in the door’. This can make getting a permanent role easier.

Consider Roles at the APS2 or APS3 Level

Often, these levels are easier to get than higher level roles.

Keep an Eye Out for Bulk Recruitment Rounds

Government departments often recruit high numbers of the same position at once. There will be less internal competition for these roles.

Write a Winning Application

Once you have found a government job you want to apply for, you’ll need to create a winning application.

Most government jobs in Australia require a resume or CV and a selection criteria response. Some also require an additional cover letter.

Write a Strong Resume and Cover Letter

You will need to tailor your resume (and cover letter, if requested) for the role you are applying for.

This means you should carefully read the job posting to understand the specific qualifications, skills, and experience sought by the government agency.

Pay attention to keywords and phrases used in the description. You can then emphasise your relevant work experience, qualifications, skills, and achievements.

Tailor your government resume to showcase how your past roles align with the requirements of the government position.

Tip: use a plain, black and white style resume (save the fancy, more showy resume templates for private sector jobs). Keep it to 2-3 pages.

picture of 5 entry-level resume designs

Write a Winning Selection Criteria

Government job applications often require applicants to address selection criteria or key competencies.

Create a separate document to address each criterion, providing evidence of how you meet them. Use the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) format.

Use quantifiable metrics to demonstrate your accomplishments. For example, mention how you improved efficiency, reduced costs, or increased revenue in your previous positions.

A reputable selection criteria writer can assist where required.

Types of Government Jobs Available

Australian government agencies are often grouped into categories, with jobs within these agencies supporting these functions:

Policy: organisations involved in the development of public policy.

Smaller operational: organisations with less than 1,000 employees involved in the implementation of public policy.

Larger operational: organisations with 1,000 employees or more involved in the implementation of public policy (e.g. teachers).

Regulatory: organisations involved in regulation and inspection (e.g. police officers)

Specialist: organisations providing specialist support to government.

National Cultural institutions: organisations that maintain collections of material and offer public programs relevant to Australia’s cultural heritage.

9 Government Roles with Salaries

We’ve outlined 9 of the most common government roles, as well as expected salary ranges for APS roles and state roles.

1. Call or Contact Centre Employee

Anticipated salary range:.

APS3: $67,604 – $73,659

According to the Australian Government Public Service Commission, the Call or Contact Centre role remains the most common type of work in the APS (16,730 or 13.3% of the workforce).

About the role:

Call Centre Employees serve as the frontline representatives, handling inbound calls from citizens and clients, addressing enquiries, and guiding them through processes such as applying for welfare payments, updating personal information, or resolving issues with their accounts. They are trained to provide exceptional customer service, actively listening to clients’ needs, offering clear explanations, and troubleshooting problems. Additionally, call centre employees maintain detailed records of interactions, follow established procedures, and collaborate with other government departments to ensure that clients receive the support and services they require efficiently and effectively.

2. Compliance Case Manager

APS4: $74,670 – $82,743

Compliance Case Managers work diligently to monitor and manage compliance issues, often within specific programs or industries. Their primary duties include conducting thorough assessments to identify potential violations, investigating non-compliance incidents, and collaborating with relevant stakeholders to develop corrective action plans. Compliance Case Managers are well-versed in the intricate details of laws and regulations applicable to their field, and they provide guidance and education to individuals and organisations to ensure compliance. They also maintain comprehensive records of cases, document investigations, and track progress toward resolution. They may participate in audits and assessments to evaluate and improve compliance processes, ultimately helping to maintain the integrity and effectiveness of government programs and regulations.

3. Strategic Policy Advice and Development

APS5: $83,751 – $91,824

Professionals in the field of Strategic Policy Advice and Development within the government sector are instrumental in shaping and implementing policies that drive the long-term vision and objectives of government agencies. Their role revolves around conducting in-depth research and analysis to identify key issues, trends, and opportunities within their respective domains. They provide critical advice to government leaders and policymakers, helping them formulate effective strategies and policies that address complex challenges and promote the public interest. This often involves collaborating with various stakeholders, including government departments, industry experts, and community representatives, to gather input and build consensus. Additionally, professionals in this field may assess the impact of existing policies, propose necessary revisions, and develop innovative solutions to address emerging issues.

4. Customer Support

APS6: $93,840 – $106,905

A Customer Support professional is a pivotal role within the Australian government, responsible for delivering high-quality customer service and managing complex enquiries and issues. These individuals often work in various government agencies and departments, such as Services Australia, and their primary responsibilities include assisting clients, resolving escalated concerns, and providing expert guidance on government programs and services. They play a vital role in ensuring that clients receive accurate information, timely assistance, and solutions tailored to their needs. This often involves handling complex inquiries, interpreting policies, and making decisions in line with established guidelines. Additionally, these professionals may oversee a team of customer support representatives, providing leadership, training, and support to ensure the team delivers exceptional service.

5. Administration Officer

These professionals are typically responsible for tasks such as managing records and documents, organising meetings and appointments, coordinating logistics, and handling office communications. They may also assist with budget tracking, procurement, and other financial management tasks, ensuring that government resources are used effectively and transparently. They are known for their attention to detail, organisational skills, and the ability to maintain confidentiality when dealing with sensitive information. They work collaboratively with colleagues to implement more efficient workflows and ensure that administrative functions are aligned with departmental goals and government policies.

E.g. Queensland Band 1-3: $71,986 – $108,359

Government-employed teachers work in public schools, colleges, and educational institutions, imparting knowledge and fostering personal and academic growth among their students. Their responsibilities encompass designing curriculum, delivering engaging lessons, assessing student progress, managing classrooms, providing individualised support, engaging with parents and communities, and continually improving their teaching methods.

E.g. in New South Wales 5th year Nurse: $1644.60 weekly (plus penalties)

Government-employed nurses work in a variety of public healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and community health centres. Nurses assess and monitor patients’ health, administer medications, and provide treatments as prescribed by healthcare providers. They collaborate with doctors and other healthcare professionals to develop and implement patient care plans, ensuring that each patient receives individualised and holistic care. Nurses also educate patients and their families about medical conditions, treatment options, and self-care practices, empowering them to make informed decisions about their health.

8. Police Officer

E.g. for Victorian Constable : $75,604 p/a plus allowances

Police Officers are responsible for patrolling assigned areas, responding to emergency calls, and enforcing laws and regulations. They conduct investigations into criminal activities, gather evidence, interview witnesses, and make arrests when necessary. They play a key role in maintaining community safety by preventing and investigating crimes, including theft, assault, and drug offenses. Police Officers often engage in community policing, fostering positive relationships with residents, and working collaboratively with community members to address concerns and build trust. They provide assistance during emergencies, accidents, and natural disasters, offering support and maintaining order in challenging situations.

9. Allied Health

E.g. for WA Speech Pathologist HSO Level P1: $71,703 – $100,257

An Allied Health Professional works in specific areas such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, radiography, and more, tailoring their expertise to the unique needs of their patients.

Need further help with your application? Contact our expert selection criteria writers .

Read more about how to write an APS statement of claims .

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First-time job seeker resumes and cover letters

Example profiles and job application advice for people who are just starting their career journey.

The fictional profiles below give you a practical example of how to apply for your first job. Each one includes a cover letter, resume and the corresponding job advertisement. These are just some of the resources available from our library of resume templates and cover letter examples .

Starting a career in surveying – example profile

You man standing at an indoor construction site wearing a hardhat.

Jack Morris

Jack has just completed a Certificate IV in Surveying, while working as labourer for a local builder. He now wants an entry level surveying role to use his study in a professional surveying context and gain experience in large infrastructure projects.

When applying for the role at HVC Surveying, Jack needs to highlight his practical experience in construction, his surveying knowledge, and his commitment to ongoing development.

Jack's resume or CV     Jack's cover letter

Job advertisement

Searching for an entry-level marketing role – example profile.

A young man sitting on wall cross-legged.

Lachlan Nguyen

Lachlan has recently completed his HSC and is looking for an internship or entry-level role in sports management. Through local hockey, he has developed teamwork and leadership skills, together with skills in social media and web design.

Lachlan is excited about the Junior Marketing Assistant role because of his passion for wellness. His application emphasises his transferrable skills developed through part-time retail work, sporting and volunteering activities.

Lachlan's resume or CV     Lachlan's cover letter

Searching for a role as a childhood educator – example profile

A person sat at a desk with a laptop and a notebook.

Jay has recently completed their Certificate IV in Childcare while gaining practical experience from work placements in local childcare centres. Jay is now seeking their first job as a Certificate IV Educator.

The application for the position at Poppy’s Playroom demonstrates Jay’s ability to connect with children and create engaging learning activities. It also focuses on the appeal of working at Poppy’s Playroom because of the centre’s commitment to ongoing staff professional development.

Jay's resume or CV     Jay's cover letter

The job advertisement

Advice when applying for your first job, your resume or cv.

Your resume or CV should highlight your educational achievements, including degrees, certificates, and relevant coursework. You can briefly mention any subjects you studied.

You should also list any internships, part-time jobs or volunteer work to showcase your transferable skills and work ethic. 

Also give examples of extracurricular activities that demonstrate leadership, teamwork or other relevant skills.

Your cover letter

Use your cover letter to show your enthusiasm for entering the workforce. Explain how your extracurricular activities and academic projects have prepared you for the professional world, even if you lack any previous experience in paid employment.

Learn more on the Resumes or CVs and cover letters page .

See how the people in the examples on this page highlight their educational achievements and enthusiasm for entering the workforce when they're applying for their first role. 

Job Jumpstart

Résumé templates to download, résumé template - option 1.

You can use this template to create a résumé!

Résumé Template - Option 2

This résumé template can be completed and submitted to employers.


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  13. Resume Writing

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  14. Australian Resume

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  15. Tips for successful job applications

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  16. How to Get a Government Job in Australia in 2024

    Most government jobs in Australia require a resume or CV and a selection criteria response. Some also require an additional cover letter. ... Tip: use a plain, black and white style resume (save the fancy, more showy resume templates for private sector jobs). Keep it to 2-3 pages. Entry Level Resume Writing Service $ 249.00. Rated 5.00 out of 5 ...

  17. First-time job seeker resumes and cover letters

    Advice when applying for your first job. The fictional profiles below give you a practical example of how to apply for your first job. Each one includes a cover letter, resume and the corresponding job advertisement. These are just some of the resources available from our library of resume templates and cover letter examples.

  18. Government Cover Letter Examples Australia (With How-to)

    Below are steps you can follow to write a cover letter for a government job: 1. Research the agency or organisation and position. Before you write your cover letter, research the organisation or agency you want to work with. This can help you find useful information you can use to customise your cover letter for each role you want.

  19. Résumé templates to download

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  21. PDF Australian Government Australian Embassy Moscow CURRICULUM VITAE (CV

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  22. PDF Expected vacancy: Translator / Researcher Embassy of Australia, Moscow

    The Australian Government is a competitive employer. Monthly salary will start at RUB 101,177.00 (Gross) and is negotiable depending on the experience. Please e-mail your applications & CVs to [email protected] by close of business 13 September 2013.

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