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15 Fun Music Topics to Research Ideas for Your Music Appreciation Class


Finding music topics to research that your music appreciation class will love can be a challenge at times. Fortunately, there are plenty of exciting and interesting music topics to research and explore when it comes to music appreciation. This blog post is jam-packed with fun music topics and ideas that make great projects and assessments for your music class.

Most music topics to research fall under the following broader categories –

  • Musician of Composer Biography

Music History

Music theory, music genres, music of a culture, stylistic features of a genre, elements of music analysis.

History of Musical Instruments

Types of Music Ensembles

  • Instruments of a Culture

Musical Techniques for Performance

Musical techniques for composing, music festivals, music and technology, music for the stage.


Read on to find out more details for each of these categories for music topics to research, but if you are looking for some more ways to spice up your own music curriculum, then why not grab yourself a FREE copy of the 5 Ways to Makeover Your Music Curriculum. Click here to find out more.

Musician or Composer Biography

One of the easiest and most used music topics to research in the music classroom is the biography of a famous composer throughout history. This type of music research topic can be done on any number of composers throughout history – from Beethoven to Mozart to Bach. Some of the most influential composers in history have left an indelible mark on music as we know it today. Your music students can explore the works of several famous composers from different eras and consider what made them unique and revolutionary for their time period.

If you are looking to use this type of music topic to research with your classes, there are several Bundles available in my TPT store. Use the link here to check them out – all the hard work has been done for you. All you need to do is choose a composer, which pages you want to complete, and you are ready to go! This type of music topics to research make great music research assignments.

Music Composer Bundle

Female Composer Bundle

Music Research Topic idea 3- Music Theory

Although Music Theory is not required knowledge for all musicians out there, exploring musical theory will give your music students a deeper insight into why certain chords sound better than others or what makes a melody memorable! This music research topic could incorporate any type of music theory and some broad music theory research topics include:

  • The History of Music Notation
  • Different Ways that Rhythm is Notated and Counted around the World
  • The Development of Music Scales
  • Music Scales from Around the World
  • Chord Progressions
  • Musical Form of a particular style – Sonata, Symphony, Jazz, Pop, Program Music, etc…

Music Research Topic idea 2- Music History

Another commonly used music topic to research is Music History, and typically the History of European Music. Exploring different time periods of music is a great way to introduce students to the vast range of sounds and styles within the world of music. For this type of music assignment try giving each student a different musical era to research its history, development, notable artists, and influence on other time periods. This is also an effective way to get students comfortable with using various sources for research.

The different musical eras that you could use as a music topic to research are:

  • Early Music to 1400
  • Middle Ages
  • Renaissance
  • 20 th Century – 1900-2000
  • Modern 2000-present

Using Music Genres as a music topic to research can be incredibly broad for students, especially if your study is on contemporary music! For this type of music research topic or assignment try taking a closer look at subgenres within those broader categories such as punk rock or rap/hip hop. You can have your music students research where these subgenres originated from as well as any artists who helped popularize them within their respective scenes.

There are a couple of great websites that can help with this research. Be sure to check them out and try them with your classes. A word of warning – be prepared to go down the rabbit hole and lose a few hours of your time exploring these sites – they’re very interesting!!!!

  • This site is a long list of different musical genres
  • This site has links to music samples and playlists
  • This is another long list of genres, it is a bit easier to navigate, but you do need to create an account
  • This is another list site, but has lots of sub-genres and world music
  • This one is my personal favorite! It has music samples all linked and mapped. You just click on a style and a music sample plays. This one would be best for comparing different styles of music
  • This site has music mapped into a family tree – you can see where a style has it’s origins and influences
  • This music map site has parts to click to get reading passages on each music genre. It would be great to use for researching.

Music Research Topic idea 5- Music of a Culture

Introducing students to different musical cultures from around the globe is one way to show them how versatile and varied music from different regions can sound. Researching individual instruments from each culture allows students to understand how instrumentation contributes to the genre-specific sounds as well as how it has evolved over time due to technological advancements or cultural influences from around the world.

A suggested list of music topics to research for different cultures is below:

  • East Asia and Korea
  • Eastern Europe
  • Native American
  • Philippines
  • South America
  • Southeast Asia
  • Southwest and Central Asia
  • Western Europe and Scandinavia

If you are wanting to incorporate these world music research topics into your music classes, try the Music in Cultures Around the World Bundle

Music Research Topic idea 6- Stylistic Features of a Genre

Writing about music can be an interesting and creative task. With numerous music genres to draw from (see the list of websites above), there are a wealth of music topics to research and music topics for research papers that can provide a substantial focus for your music students. When exploring and researching the stylistic features of music genres, it’s beneficial to go beyond surface level observations. Your students should not only research the history and evolution of their chosen style, but also look at the artists and stylistic features that define the music genre. From the influence of other genres, instruments used, and the performers who have popularized certain sounds, researching the stylistic features of a genre provides an exciting opportunity for exploration.

Music Research Topic idea 7- Elements of Music Analysis

Music analysis using the Elements of Music is an extremely important skill for music students to cultivate and perfect. This type of music research assignment that focuses on music analysis can give your music students a chance to research music topics and apply their knowledge of music theory and composition in order to write about music.

For this type of music research assignment, your music students can choose any piece of music, musician, composer or music style that they want to study. Once they have chosen their area of focus, they can use the Elements of Music to guide their analysis of the music selected for study. By focusing on how each of the Elements of Music are used, your music students will help to improve their listening skills, performance and composition skills as well as their critical thinking and writing skills.

For more information about the Elements of Music read this Blog Post.

If you would like a set of “done for you” music analysis and music appreciation assignments using the Elements of Music, use the link here to check out this best-selling resource!

Music Research Topic idea 8- History of Musical Instruments

Learning about the history of musical instruments can be a fascinating way to explore different cultures and eras. One effective way for music students to learn more about music is to complete an assignment on the history of a musical instrument. This type of music assignment requires students to research music instruments in depth and develop an extended piece of writing on their findings. Through such music topics for research papers, it is possible to gain a better understanding of the methods of sound production by each instrument as well as the many ways that music has shaped society throughout the years. Choosing a unique music instrument such as Japanese drums or stringed instruments from around the world, makes writing about music fun and interesting. When you assign each student a different music research topic, this gives each student the opportunity to explore something specific and meaningful within the larger world of culture and music.

To make it easier for you try these two different Instrument Study resources from my TPT store

Orchestra Instrument Music Worksheets

Music Research Topic idea 9- Types of Music Ensembles

Music can often be a great topic to research and write about, especially music ensembles from around the world. Everything from traditional Chinese music to Bhangra music from India can be explored. Whether it’s the different instruments utilized in an Argentinean folk music ensemble, or the incredible rhythms found within Turkish music, anyone interested in writing about music will have a wealth of music research topics to explore. Even things that you may never have thought of like Candombe music from Uruguay or Soukous music from Congo can be investigated further and provide excellent context for a music research paper. By researching music ensembles from around the world, your music students can gain exceptional insights into cultural backgrounds as well as appreciate the variety of musical ensembles that exist across the world today.

  • Other types of Music Ensembles to Research include:
  • Small Ensembles – duets, trios, quartets, quintets
  • Rock Ensembles – different genres from the power trio to a rock big band
  • Jazz Music Ensembles – Jazz quartets, quintets to big bands
  • Vocal Ensembles – duets, trios, barbershop quartet, a capella groups and choirs
  • Classical Ensembles – string quartet, chamber orchestra to symphony orchestra
  • World Music Ensembles – Taiko drumming, Gamelan, Chinese Orchestra to different Folk Groups

Music Research Topic idea 10- Instruments of a Culture

Musical Instruments of a Culture

Music and instruments from cultures around the world are an intriguing and fascinating field of study. From ancient music that has been passed down through generations to music created in today’s modern era, there is no shortage of music topics for research and writing about music. Your music students can explore the instruments used for various music styles and genres ranging from traditional Indian classical music to reggae music in Jamaica. Studying the use of these instruments, how they are made, and the methods of sound production can provide an understanding of how different cultures view music and its importance within their society. It is also an opportunity to discover a range of sounds, techniques, and instrumentation collected from other countries and regions. Delving into music topics like these opens a unique way to appreciate artists from around the world by examining their use of traditional instruments to express their ideas, stories, cultures, beliefs, emotions, and experiences.

Try the World Instrument Music Worksheets to help you study Instruments of a Culture with your music classes.

Music Research Topic idea 11- Musical Techniques for Performance

Different musical instruments require different performance techniques and practice methods to develop a music student’s proficiency on their instrument. Researching music topics about their own instrument is therefore key to developing a well-rounded music knowledge and building a variety of musical performance skills that your music students can draw on to use in their own performances. When researching the performance techniques on an instrument, it is important to consider the various musical elements that factor into music-making for that instrument such as the different ways to make a sound unique. Additionally, looking at different music cultures that have similar instruments can provide perspective on the essential elements of music-making for any instrument. By researching these music topics and exploring music from diverse cultures, music genres and styles, young musicians can broaden their knowledge and refine their performance techniques.

Music Research Topic idea 12- Musical Techniques for Composing

For those interested in exploring music composition techniques for songwriting, there are a plethora of music topics to research. Experimentation with chord progressions, sound selection and structure can all lead to finding creative ways of writing music. From analyzing music theory and learning more about the basics of music notation to creating unique rhythms and melodies, there might be boundless music topics for research papers that require study and practice.

Your students could choose to study the compositional techniques used within a certain style or genre, or even study more closely about a composer. There are plenty of songs to observe in order to further understand how music works, no matter what area of study the student has chosen. Writing about music involves learning these elements as well as charting any personal progress over time to move closer to using these compositional techniques in their own songwriting.

Music Research Topic idea 13- Music Festivals

A music topic to research that is a little bit unusual would be to research music festivals. Music festivals have a long and varied history. From ancient music festivals that celebrated a variety of religious and cultural events, such as the Dionysius Festival in Athens, music festivals are still vital to many cultures around the world. Music festivals have grown exponentially since then and even today they continue to fascinate people globally.

Today, music festivals can range from traditional, classical music performances in concert halls all the way to modern music performances with huge stages and pyrotechnics at large outdoor concerts drawing tens of thousands of fans. Those looking to research this topic of music have a wealth of options. From legendary music composers or artists, music industry trends and the economic benefits, to exploring how music is used as a tool for activism, research on music festivals can be incredibly rewarding for any music student to study.

Music Research Topic idea 14- Music and Technology

The history of music technology has been a fascinating area of music research throughout the years. By exploring music topics related to music technology, your music students can learn more about the music we love and how it came to be. Writing about music technology can take several approaches; from a technical breakdown of specific instruments to an exploration of its roots in social movements, there are music topics for research on music technology spanning almost any interest. Investigating music technology and its influence on music as an artform and the history can open new perspectives into how music is created, performed, and enjoyed today.

Some music technology research topics include:

  • History of Recording
  • History of the Microphone
  • History of Electronic Instruments
  • History of Amplification
  • Or even try a music research topic explaining “How does a …. Work”?

Music Research Topic idea 15- Music for the Stage

Writing about and researching music can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to music for the stage. Depending on the specific topic your student chooses to research, music for theatre plays or musicals could range from orchestral and classical music pieces, to jazz and rock ensembles. In some cases, music for the stage could even be used as accompaniment for spoken words, stories or even dance. Regardless of what type of music is chosen to study, researching music topics about music for the stage allows your music students to further explore genres and understand how music is used in a theatrical context. By studying different types of music from various time periods and regions, your student’s music research paper will become more well-rounded and engaging.

Some Music for the Stage topics include:

  • Musical Theatre
  • Contemporary Dance

These 15 music research topics provide plenty of ideas for creating engaging lessons, research projects, and assignments that focus on both fundamental aspects of musical theory while still allowing room for creativity within each topic itself! Letting your students explore these music topics independently gives them access to invaluable information regarding various aspects related to making and enjoying great music regardless of its musical origin. So why not try one of these 15 fun music research topics with your music classes this year. By using some of these fun music research topics with your classes, you might find teaching music this way will help to ensure your class stays engaged while expanding their understanding of music appreciation!

Until next time

Happy Teaching

Julia from Jooya

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Free Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides Sinatra Music is beautiful and everywhere…just like our templates 🙂 Enjoy this colorful and vintage record-style theme, perfect for any artistic presentation. It’s available for Google Slides and PowerPoint. #Music #Records #Vinyl #School #Kids #Children DOWNLOAD POWERPOINT OPEN IN GOOGLE SLIDES

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Speech on Music


Speech on Music for Students in English

Music is quite vital in our daily life, it gives a background to different moods, different moments of life. Music helps the soul to rejuvenate, to find the purpose, this music somehow aligns with the soul and hence we feel so connected to the music. It brings joy and happiness to the life of a person. 

Beethoven, a dominant music figure, has rightly said music has the ability to change the world. Music helps us soothe both physically and mentally. Music is the best ailment, according to physicians.

Good Morning to one and all present here on such an auspicious occasion.

Today, June 21 we are celebrating World Music Day to upright the different forms of music and tunes which uplift our earbuds and soothe our soul. 

Just imagine, how would our life be without music? In my view, it would be a life without harmony, without a purified soul. Music is a pleasant flow of melody in the air, which changes with rhythm and with a systematic playing method. This is the skill or art which a musician qualifies in himself and this gives a soothing and cheerful musical performance for an audience.

Music is considered one of the greatest boons of God for all living creatures.  Music helps the sounds to get classified into a rhythm, which helps us to learn and practice music. Also, we can enjoy the harmony and the pleasant rhythm that is made by the musical sounds. The styles of music have changed in recent years drastically. To say there are six eras of musical history - Middle Ages, Renaissance, Classical, Baroque, Romantic music, and the current one in the twentieth century. Music is a common form of entertainment for everybody.

The dictionary meaning of music is a form of art of sound, that explains the ideas and emotions via the elements of rhythm, harmony, and melody. Music soothes our brain and nerves, it helps us to feel relaxed and also refreshed, this soothes our bodies and mind. It removes the anxiety and the stress level from our everyday life. Also, great physicians prescribe music dosage for our ears to heal better from the pain, music is excellent medicine. It is proven that women who are carrying children in their womb are given music therapy from the everyday rush and pain, this soothes their minds.  Music takes us into the world of melody which helps us in forgetting disturbing memories or thoughts.

Music revives the old memories. Music therapy is often considered a great way to solve bigger problems, stress-related issues, our emotions in our daily life. Music also helps the brain to function quickly and effectively and this allows calmness in our daily life schedule. Music helps doctors and psychologists treat their patients well. It helps to calm the patient’s state of brain and their behavior, it soothes the nerves and stabilizes the heartbeat of the patient. Music also helps those patients to recover from brain injuries. Music is a great way to activate our brain cells in different ways. This helps in healing the damaged areas which allows the people to regain their speech and their physical movement. Thus, music can take out people from stressful situations.

I want to end this speech by thanking God for such a gift, music. While if you have the skill to create music you surely have a gift to cherish forever. Also, I would love to thank those talented musicians, who with their beautiful melodies, supported my low times also helped me to celebrate in my good times.

2 Min Speech on Music

Once the famous Shakespeare said, “If music is the food of love, play on, give me excess of it; that surfeiting, the appetite may sicken, and so die.”

Good Morning Everyone present.

Today on this great occasion of World Music Day, I would love to enumerate the importance of music. Music is a quite pleasurable sound that is combined with melodies, and this helps to soothe the ear. A musician is such a person who knows music.

Music is of various styles. This is said that all sounds got the music. Starting from the sound of the waterfall, the sound of the ocean waves, or the simply flowing of the river have got harmony in themselves.

Music can heal a person emotionally and also mentally. Music serves as a form of meditation to quieten the mind. Music cures emotional disorders like anxiety, depression, and also lack of sleep called insomnia.

Music conveys many such emotions to the people. The power of music is inevitable. Without music, life would be very dull and boring, but with the music, even your bad times will sound perfect, as now you can align your emotions well, this, in turn, will help us to deal with bad times. 

For me, music uplifts the soul, energizes me. While I derail from the purpose music pulls me back on track. The word ‘music’ is as lovely as it serves. In the concluding part I would like to say, let the world heal with the melodies of music and let your life flow with the rhythmic cords of music.

10 Lines on Music

For any culture, music captures an essential part. 

Our country is known for its rich musical culture and diversity. 

India has different types of music, and here people have different music tastes.  

The northern part of India is famous for Hindustani music, while the southern part of India is famous for  Carnatic music.

Music can be of 2 types- Vocal music and instrumental music.

Gives us peace of mind. 

Music is played on every occasion. 

Music helps in the treatment of the patients.

To connect with the supreme being, the best way is through the help of music.

Without music, life would be lifeless.


FAQs on Speech on Music

1. How is World Music Day Celebrated?

World Music Day takes place on the 21st of June to honor all the musicians. Around 120 countries celebrate World Music Day by organizing free public concerts in various other public places. In 1982, there was a  music festival that took place in France called Fête de la Musique which later on was called World Music Day. This day honors budding and seasoned artists and allows them to showcase their accomplishments through their music. It also celebrates equality of opportunities in the world of music.

2. When was Renaissance Music Got Alive?

During the Renaissance time, Renaissance Music was written in European Countries. It saw the growth of new instruments, classical music as well as a burst of new ideas related to harmony, rhythm and music notation. During the 15th and 16th centuries, there was a rise in instrumental dances and the introduction of a wide range of classical music and different genres which also comprised masses, motets, madrigals, chansons, etc. By the 20th century, early musical ensembles came into form as Renaissance Music.

3. What are the Various Styles of Music in India?

Classical, Folk, Baul, Bhajan, Rabindra Sangeet are the different music styles in India. In India, there are two different forms of music. One is Carnatic Music which is associated with South India and the other is Hindustani Music which is played in North India. Carnatic Music is called Karnāṭaka saṃgīta and the lyrics of such songs are mainly devotional and dedicated to Hindu deities. The main features include raga and taal which are mandatory to be understood. Hindustani Music has four forms: Dhrupad, Khyal (or Khayal), Tarana, and the semi-classical Thumri.

4. What is the difference between Medieval and Renaissance music?

Unlike medieval music which comprised only vocals, Renaissance music included both instruments and vocals. The main instruments would be harps, flute, violin, etc. Medieval music was monophonic which in the later ages transformed into polyphonic. Renaissance music largely contained buoyant melodies. The Medieval period saw the beginning of music and by the time it reached the Renaissance era, the musical era was already developed to an extent with many music composers in existence like William Byrd and Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina.

5. Is Indian classical music difficult to learn?

Indian classical music sounds too complicated for easy listening. Although it is not difficult to learn, mastering the music forms, both Carnatic and Hindustani, is an uphill task. Unlike Western music which has fixed notes, a note played by two classical music instruments may not sound the same. There are no set compositions or fixed scales. Instead, there are ragas that form the musical framework. Rather than learning the melodies, Indian classical music focuses more on improvisation and there are multiple techniques involved for emoting certain emotions.


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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

Music, an art form, soothes our minds and bodies. For some, it's integral to life; for others, it is life itself. Its definition has evolved; once merely entertainment, it is now a career path. The forms that exist play to individual preferences and folklore as well. The elder favor classical and folk, while the people between 15 and 40 years of age like rock, pop, and jazz. In line with this, career avenues are also growing. The options range from a songwriter, sound engineer, music director, and more.

Empower artists and amplify experiences with our music event funding proposal that resonates with passion and promise. Download here

Music plays a crucial role in corporate success. In the retail sector, suitable music can set up a friendly atmosphere, encouraging customers to stay and make more purchases. In the hospitality sector, it is the music that sets the guest's mood and experiences. This is something that is used in business promotional campaigns to draw out emotions and create brand identity. Studies have also shown that music helps boost employees' productivity when it is carefully curated.

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Use our music PowerPoint designs to highlight values relevant to your trade. These presentation visuals help in engaging your audience and enhancing brand credibility. Furthermore, with them, you can set the right tone for your business success. These PPT layouts are easy to download and add to any presentation with just a few clicks. You have to choose the appropriate PowerPoint Slide and then share it across your network of friends and colleagues. Additionally, these presentation templates are also accessible with vibrant visuals, which make a positive impression on your business and showcase your knowledge and expertise in the field.

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Template 1: Music PPT to Showcase the Fun of Melody

presentation on music topic

This presentation slide is helpful in highlighting five essential elements of music, which are melody, harmony, rhythm, tempo, and dynamics. The PowerPoint visual enables you to showcase them one by one. You can portray melody as the heart of a composition, where harmony adds depth and richness. Rhythm gives structure and energy, while tempo dictates the pace. Dynamics add emotion and intensity; all align together to create a masterpiece. The PPT layout benefits professionals working in marketing, event planning, entertainment, and the education sector.

Template 2: Fundamental Music Aspects PPT Template

presentation on music topic

This presentation design helps to summarize the essence of music through six fundamental concepts. These can be duration, dynamics & expressive techniques, pitch, structure, texture, and tone color. With this PowerPoint visual, you can show how duration dictates the length of musical notes, and dynamic and expressive techniques add emotion. As we already know, pitch also defines the high and lowness of sounds, and structure assembles musical thoughts. This PPT Slide is beneficial for people engaged in music production, audio engineering, event planning, and marketing. They can showcase these concepts with this presentation graphic.

Template 3: The Musical Family PPT that Pleases

presentation on music topic

This PPT template depicts the diverse range of music. It encompasses dance, rock, jazz, and pop genres. The presentation layout shows how music transforms our lives, from the energetic beats of rock to the improvisation of jazz and the soulful melodies of pop. It highlights music that knows no boundaries. This PowerPoint Slide helps you show how music is all about feelings and emotions that are pure and can work wonders. The PPT visual adds value to professionals in entertainment, event coordination, marketing, and education. This presentation layout showcases some essence and assists you in conveying your message. It helps you make a lifelong impression on your audience. Download now.

Harmonizing Souls  Through Melodic Magic

Our music presentation designs provide an excellent opportunity to add value to your business. These PowerPoint visuals help you effectively transfer your brand value, collateral and communication to your addressees and increase brand awareness and loyalty. These PPTs not only enhance your business but also create an environment that encourages customer engagement and drives revenue. Download our presentation slides to embrace the harmony of success.

Music powerpoint presentation slides with all 20 slides:

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Music powerpoint presentation slides

Ratings and Reviews

by Connie Simmons

February 2, 2021

by Li Stewart

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presentation on music topic

234 Popular Music Topics For Your Research Paper

music topics

As you must have been taught, music is also a powerful tool to evoke strong emotions. Just like other genres of literature, music is a poignant channel of emotions. Music has got recognition over the years, with Bob Dylan being awarded a Nobel Laureate even as a musician. As a music student, you must have been asked to source for musical topics or topics about music by your teacher or professor. This article will show you different research topics about music. You can either edit or use them as they’re written, but they are written mainly for you.

How to Develop Music Thesis Topics

It’s always a challenge for every student to write a research paper for a high grade. Even if you’re developing music psychology research topics or classical music topics, you need to follow a structure. This structure affords you the ability to create an impeccable essay, and it shows you’re a knowledgeable student. They are:

Introduction or Thesis Statement This is the part where your readers are acquainted with what your research is all about. It must treat the background of the subject of your research and highlight key points on which your research will elaborate. Research Methodology These are the methods applied to the research you’ll conduct. You can’t write your paper or essay out of the blue. The means through which you’ll generate relevant data or documents must be noted here. Literature Review This means the reviewing of previous discussions/books about the music topic of your choice. This lets readers know that you have a detailed knowledge of what you’re writing about. Body This includes your arguments about your topic. This must be engaging, interesting and must reveal your knowledge on the subject. It also includes your findings, and every point must show that you did your work as a music lover and a researcher. Conclusion This is where you summarise your findings and present your final words. All these must cap your research up and impress your readers. Notes and References After writing your paper or essay, the sources you used for information must be documented. Know the reference style your school prefers. Some colleges prefer MLA, APA, even Harvard style, while others prefer Chicago style. Since you’re writing in the humanities, it could be MLA or APA. Just confirm the style and document all the sources appropriately under this section. Abstract This is the last thing you write for your research paper. An abstract is about 100 to 300 words, and it is a brief overview of what the research is about. It also contains a summary of your findings.

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Music Topics to Write About

As earlier noted, there are numerous topics about music. There are also different music genres, and you can consider the following for your research:

  • Write an essay about one of the world’s favorite singers
  • How does music influence politics and politics influence music?
  • Give a comparison on two different music genres
  • Examine the evolution of music in Africa
  • Examine the transition of music from folklore to what we have today
  • Examine the power of music on the human mind
  • How has the political culture of Europe affected Traditional European music?
  • How has the Indian tradition affected its music and movie culture
  • How has the Chinese culture affected its music industry
  • How has pop culture influenced music in any country of your choice

Music Research Topics High School

As students of a high school or college, you may need fun and informative music-related research topics for your essay. You can consider the following research topic about music:

  • Give an overview of the best composer of the Baroque Era
  • Give a distinct outline of the difference between classical music and modern music
  • What is the influence of Beethoven’s music on the world?
  • Rationalize a world without music
  • Do you think modern music also reflects the past?
  • What would you say has led to the rise in contemporary country singers?
  • Why do you think Indian culture permeates its music even in Bollywood movies?
  • Would you say blues is an essential part of American culture?
  • Examine a few themes of Baroque Era songs
  • Examine a few singers and their impact on the Baroque Era
  • Examine how music achieves the attention of people
  • Write a short note on the evolution of folk music in the US
  • Write a brief note on the evolution of the piano
  • Write a short note on the history of strings in music
  • Write a brief history of the influence of music on sick people
  • Write a short history of the American Got Talent Show
  • Do you think America’s Got Talent Show has done a lot to promote good music?
  • Do you think the best music can be produced out of auditions in Got Talent shows?
  • What do you think about rap music?
  • Who are your favorite rap artists?
  • What do you think is the influence of music on black people?
  • Do you think some songs talk about cultural diversity?
  • Do you think reading and listening to music is a good habit?
  • If you play an instrument, which instrument would it be and why?
  • What can you say about music in any school of your choice?
  • If you’d love an artist to train your voice, who would it be and why?
  • What do you think is the best music genre that ever exists?
  • Do you think songwriters and singers must also be great music composers?
  • Write a short note on the origin of hip-hop in America
  • Would you say that H.E.R. is confused about choosing gospel or secular music?

Music Research Paper Topics

There are many music research papers already, but you can also contribute your genius through the following musical topics for research paper:

  • Study how music sharing sites can be said to pirate music
  • Examine the evolution of music labels in Europe
  • Examine the significance of music labels on the artists they sign
  • Examine how talent shows affect a musician’s music career
  • Give a study of how the songs of Kendrick Lamar is evolutionary in black music
  • Study the effect of music on advertising
  • Study any five African artists of your choice and examine their influence on global music
  • What does the African Popular (Afro-pop) music genre mean?
  • Examine the role of Fela Anikulapo Kuti in the African music industry
  • Examine the role of Merle Haggard in the American Country Music industry
  • Examine the evolution of music from the medieval age to date
  • Examine the significance of music on mental health
  • Examine the importance of Sasha Sloan, Billie Eilish, and Aurora’s music on contemporary youths
  • Study the significant concerns when it comes to signing a contract with a major music label in America
  • Rationalize metal music as a genre of music
  • Study how music education can be implemented in the e-learning
  • Study the history of hip-hop and its significance to American mainstream music
  • Choose three casinos of your choice and study their choice of music
  • Examine the trends of the internet and how it has enhanced access to music
  • What are the comparisons and differences between classical and rock music?
  • Give a detailed review of Korean and Chinese music
  • Give a thorough examination of the Japanese music and poetry
  • Give an overview of the popular themes in Indian music
  • What do you think has led to the rise of rock music in the UK?
  • Give a detailed review of the significant instruments in the Baroque Era
  • Study the trends and the evolution of the European music industry
  • What is the effect of drinking on musicians using ten artists of your choice as examples
  • Examine why Trap music artists embody drugs and depression in their music
  • Women in the music industry: discuss their role
  • Examine the role of Nicki Minaj in the rap Industry
  • Study five literature on how the deaf learn about music
  • Study how music has morphed into a dance
  • Examine how music can help with physical therapy
  • Study how music has affected fashion and vice versa
  • Study the effect of Roman Catholic Church on medieval European music
  • Study the trends of music from the religious to the secular
  • How has music developed into an essential part of advertising in today’s world?
  • Study the essence of music on films today
  • Study the popular music genres during the Middle Ages and their Influence on contemporary music
  • Examine five significant music influencers of all times and how their work has improved music

Music History Research Paper Topics

Music history paper topics detail the evolution of music. These can even be research topics in music psychology and how it has morphed into a significant part of entertainment today. You can consider the following music topics for your informative essay or paper:

  • Detail early music history and the development of musical instruments
  • Examine the leading techniques and cultural Significance of the Baroque Era my music
  • Give a detailed review of the significance of the Roman Catholic Church on music
  • Examine the use of string instruments in Greek classical music
  • What is the impact of classical German composers of the 18th century on global music?
  • Compare the techniques, Influence, and styles of Beethoven and Mozart music
  • Give an analysis of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony and its resonance to people across generations
  • Examine the influence of the Romantic period on music
  • Would you say poetry and music are different parts of literature: give a historical perspective
  • Examine the rise of melody during the two world wars
  • How have drugs contributed to any genre of music?
  • Examine the cultural values and Influence of the Rock and Roll genre of music
  • What is the role of instruments and digital sound in music?
  • What are the key aspects and styles employed by Rock artists?
  • Examine the music of a rising Rock star and how history has influenced their songs
  • Trace the connection between folk and pop melodies
  • Historicize the significance of folk music on contemporary music
  • Give a history of Japanese music and the influence of cultural, romantic writings
  • How has music performance led to the rise of Jazz music?
  • Historicize the significance of pop culture on American music
  • What is the legacy of Jazz music to high African Americans and American singers?
  • What is the influence of Nina Simone on African American music?
  • How have Blues and Jazz united cultural identities?
  • Would you say slavery and migration are essential themes in black artists’ music?
  • How has Jazz attended to society’s problem?
  • Write a biography of any famous American musician of your choice
  • Choose three contemporary artists and trace their music to any living or dead artist of the older generation
  • Examine the classic composition of music and how it made the genre distinct
  • Examine the evolution of music therapy
  • Study how music was used as propaganda during political crises or war

Interesting Music Topics

These are excellent music thesis topics that have been customized for your sake. You can write on popular music themes like:

  • How has music been used to push the agenda of feminism?
  • What is the significance of vocal performances?
  • How have vocal performances in America’s Got Talent been Significant to who gets a Golden Buzzer or wins?
  • What is the cultural representation of music in America?
  • Attempt the history of musical instrumentation and its rise as a norm
  • How has music been a form of political commentary?
  • How has music been used as a political statement?
  • Why are celebrities gaining political recognition?
  • Examine the influence of Philosophy in the music of Passenger
  • Examine the impact of love and loss in the music of Celine Dion
  • Study the importance of music to the society
  • How does blues reflect the African American experience?
  • How does classical music reflect the white culture?
  • Why has music become an essential part of movies?
  • What is the role of music during warfare?
  • What is the role of music during protests?
  • Why has secular music been so easy to do rather than gospel music?
  • Comment on the influence on gospel music and its significance as a genre
  • What do you think about the blend of secular music gestures in gospel music?
  • Examine the history of music videos
  • Do you think vixens are sexualized in music videos?
  • Examine music education and its importance to the American culture
  • What do you know about Islamic music?
  • What is the connection between music and human emotions?
  • How has music been used in education and student assimilation processes?

Music Appreciation Research Paper Topics

There are music paper topics that are persuasive and creative in the way they admire good music. You can consider the following music related research topics for your paper or essay:

  • Examine the Beat Generation of the 1940s and its Significance in the American cultural revolution
  • Give an overview of Joni Mitchell’s 1971 Blue
  • Give a literary appreciation of Stevie Wonder’s 1976 Songs
  • Attempt a criticism of The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds of 1966
  • Give an academic appraisal of Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On
  • Examine the themes in The Beatles’ Abbey Road
  • Appraise the origin of soprano music and its cultural value
  • Compare and contrast the features of European court music and the Baroque Era music
  • Give an appraisal on the African American music industry
  • Discuss the prevalent music genres in the African music industry
  • Examine the songs performed by The Beach Boys as well the Significant themes in their songs
  • Delve into the realm of Beethoven’s music and examine its major themes
  • Choose three country and classical music and discuss the similarities in their themes and styles
  • Give a literary appraisal of “Ask Rufus” produced in 1977
  • Give a review of Lauryn Hill’s “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
  • Give a scholarly appreciation of Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks
  • Examine the roots of music in the Middle Ages
  • What styles would you say is prevalent in Middle Eastern Music?
  • What are the influences leading to Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours?
  • Appreciate the vocal performances of Celine Dion and the significant themes in her music

Jazz Research Paper Topics

As a dominant music genre, these are fantastic musical topics for a research paper based on Jazz music:

  • How does Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man embody Jazz aestheticism and black existentialism?
  • Examine the Influence of Jazz music in the invaluable Civil Rights Movements
  • Give a definitive approach to contemporary understanding of Jazz
  • Examine the place of Jazz in the modern world with other engaged music genres
  • Study the past and prospects of Jazz music
  • What kind of listeners does Jazz have today?
  • What would you say is the influence of Jazz bands on Jazz music?
  • Appreciate the rise of Jazz music in the post-modern music world
  • How did 1959 regarded as the year that changed Jazz music?
  • Examine the life and times of Louis Armstrong
  • How do you feel about Jazz music: Interview 20 people and collect their opinions into an essay or paper
  • What is the importance of Duke Ellington’s Mood Indigo?
  • Appreciate the music of Charlie Parker
  • Appreciate the music of Ella Fitzgerald
  • Examine the major themes in the music of Charles Mingus, Chet Baker, and Ornette Coleman, and note the differences in the three Jazz musicians

Music Theory Topics

You can consider the following musical topics for a research paper for your next essay or report about music theories:

  • Examine the rhythm of sub-Saharan African music and how it has resonated with other parts of the world
  • Why is music theory a complicated part for other people?
  • Analyze Beethoven’s 9th
  • How has classical music adopted a particular genre of music before it?
  • Identify the distinctive features of Baroque Era music
  • What are the peculiarities of Indian modern music?
  • What are the dominant features of Asian music?
  • How has the Chinese cultural revolution affected contemporary Chinese music?
  • Who would you say are the best music composers of Contemporary music?
  • Who would you say are the best music modulators of contemporary music?
  • Review the voice and talent of Whitney Houston
  • Examine the intellectual arrangement of Aretha Franklin’s music
  • What are the hidden symbols in the music of the Renaissance Period?
  • Examine the style of the music of the Rock band, Queen
  • What are the major styles in music from the Middle East?

Music Argument Topics

Aside from the research topic about music gathered above, you can also write on debatable topics. Consider these topics for an in depth critical review:

  • Some genres of music are better than others, especially when it comes to commercialization
  • Parental warning labels are useless to music labeling
  • Everyone should study music for its mental health benefits
  • The psychological benefits of dancing are enough reason why everyone should make music
  • Music can help with mental health challenges
  • Music cannot truly be enjoyed in foreign languages
  • Music cannot be used to motivate violence
  • Protest songs are destructive songs
  • Digital music has ruined the circulation of physical copies
  • Music cannot be understood since it’s not in your language
  • Musicians don’t need training; talent is enough: discuss
  • Top charts influence music choices
  • Music in video games are more stimulating
  • Awards do not reward the best music produced
  • The politics in the Grammy Award has led to its lack of many celebrities
  • Metal music and bad behavior: what is the connection?
  • Music can be used to influence student’s learning abilities
  • Social media presence is essential for an artist’s career
  • Without features, artists will find it hard to rise alone
  • Radio channels promote music for the older generation doll
  • Music is addictive and dangerous: discuss
  • Rock music is far better than metal music: discuss
  • Every artist sing what they feel: discuss
  • Music celebrities also sing political songs
  • Talent shows undermine the criticality of music: discuss

Music Therapy Research Topics

If you need any research topic in music psychology, you can consider:

  • How music helps with studying and assimilation
  • The charms music embodies
  • An analysis of music for Autistic children
  • The connection between music and aging
  • How music reflects cultural and linguistic elements
  • The role of music in classrooms
  • How music and pain is related
  • What are the effect of music on the brain and the emotion
  • Why do people have triggers when they listen to some songs?
  • Examine the role of music in improving work productivity

Country Music Topics

If you’ve been asked to create personal accounts on country music, you can consider these topics:

  • Examine the evolution of country music
  • What is the role of Billie Jean Horton in country music?

You can also consider the influence of these artists on country music:

  • Ronnie Millsap
  • Dolly Parton
  • Loretta Lynn
  • Willie Nelson
  • Rolf Harris
  • George Strait
  • Merle Haggard
  • Hank Williams
  • Consider the significant themes in Billy Currington’s music
  • Compare and contrast the styles in Carrie Underwood and Blake Shelton’s music
  • Examine the influences on Dierks Bentley’s music
  • Appraise the songs of Craig Morgan and Faith Hill

Need Help With Your Music Paper?

With these topics and tips, you can efficiently develop an essay or research paper on any music genre of your choice. If you need a personal and well educated writer for your essay, we boast writing experts online. Our writers are available 24/7, trustworthy, and can produce essays hitting the best scores in your school’s record. They also offer paper writing help , and they have the creative ability to help navigate classroom commitments with ease.

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The Top 10 Most Interesting Music Research Topics

Music is a vast and ever-growing field. Because of this, it can be challenging to find excellent music research topics for your essay or thesis. Although there are many examples of music research topics online, not all are appropriate.

This article covers all you need to know about choosing suitable music research paper topics. It also provides a clear distinction between music research questions and topics to help you get started.

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What makes a strong music research topic.

A strong music research topic must be short, straightforward, and easy to grasp. The primary aim of music research is to apply various research methods to provide valuable insights into a particular subject area. Therefore, your topic must also address issues that are relevant to present-day readers.

Also, for your research topic to be compelling, it should not be overly generic. Try to avoid topics that seem to be too broad. A strong research topic is always narrow enough to draw out a comprehensive and relevant research question.

Tips for Choosing a Music Research Topic

  • Check with your supervisor. In some cases, your school or supervisor may have specific requirements for your research. For example, some music programs may favor a comparative instead of a descriptive or correlational study. Knowing what your institution demands is essential in choosing an appropriate research topic.
  • Explore scientific papers. Journal articles are a great way to find the critical areas of interest in your field of study. You can choose from a wide range of journals such as The Journal of Musicology and The Journal of the Royal Musical Association . These resources can help determine the direction of your research.
  • Determine your areas of interest. Choosing a topic you have a personal interest in will help you stay motivated. Researching music-related subjects is a painstakingly thorough process. A lack of motivation would make it difficult to follow through with your research and achieve optimal results.
  • Confirm availability of data sources. Not all music topics are researchable. Before selecting a topic, you must be sure that there are enough primary and secondary data sources for your research. You also need to be sure that you can carry out your research with tested and proven research methods.
  • Ask your colleagues: Asking questions is one of the many research skills you need to cultivate. A short discussion or brainstorming session with your colleagues or other music professionals could help you identify a suitable topic for your research paper.

What’s the Difference Between a Research Topic and a Research Question?

A research topic is a particular subject area in a much wider field that a researcher chooses to place his emphasis on. Most subjects are extensive. So, before conducting research, a researcher must first determine a suitable area of interest that will act as the foundation for their investigation.

Research questions are drawn from research topics. However, research questions are usually more streamlined. While research topics can take a more generic viewpoint, research questions further narrow the focus down to specific case studies or seek to draw a correlation between two or more datasets.

How to Create Strong Music Research Questions

Strong music research questions must be relevant and specific. Music is a broad field with many genres and possible research areas. However, your research question must focus on a single subject matter and provide valuable insights. Also, your research question should be based on parameters that can be quantified and studied using available research methods.

Top 10 Music Research Paper Topics

1. understanding changes in music consumption patterns.

Although several known factors affect how people consume music, there is still a significant knowledge gap regarding how these factors influence listening choices. Your music research paper could outline some of these factors that affect music consumer behavior and highlight their mechanism of action.

2. Hip-hop Culture and Its Effect on Teenage Behavior

In 2020, hip-hop and RnB had the highest streaming numbers , according to Statista. Without a doubt, hip-hop music has had a significant influence on the behavior of young adults. There is still the need to conduct extensive research on this subject to determine if there is a correlation between hip-hop music and specific behavioral patterns, especially among teenagers.

3. The Application of Music as a Therapeutic Tool

For a long time, music has been used to manage stress and mental health disorders like anxiety, PTSD, and others. However, the role of music in clinical treatment still remains a controversial topic. Further research is required to separate fact from fiction and provide insight into the potential of music therapy.

4. Contemporary Rock Music and Its Association With Harmful Social Practices

Rock music has had a great influence on American culture since the 1950s. Since its rise to prominence, it has famously been associated with vices such as illicit sex and abuse of recreational drugs. An excellent research idea could be to evaluate if there is a robust causal relationship between contemporary rock music and adverse social behaviors.

5. The Impact of Streaming Apps on Global Music Consumption

Technology has dramatically affected the music industry by modifying individual music consumption habits. Presently, over 487 million people subscribe to a digital streaming service, according to Statista. Your research paper could examine how much of an influence popular music streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music have had on how we listen to music.

6. Effective American Music Education Practices

Teaching practices have always had a considerable impact on students’ academic success. However, not all strategies have an equal effect in enhancing learning experiences for students. You can conduct comparative research on two or more American music education practices and evaluate their impact on learning outcomes.

7. The Evolution of Music Production in the Technology-driven Era

One of the aspects of music that is experiencing a massive change is sound production. More than ever before, skilled, tech-savvy music producers are in high demand. At the moment, music producers earn about $70,326 annually, according to ZipRecruiter. So, your research could focus on the changes in music production techniques since the turn of the 21st century.

8. Jazz Music and Its Influence on Western Music Genres

The rich history of jazz music has established it as one of the most influential genres of music since the 19th century. Over the years, several famous composers and leading voices across many other western music genres have been shaped by jazz music’s sound and culture. You could carry out research on the influence of this genre of music on modern types of music.

9. The Effect of Wars on Music

Wars have always brought about radical changes in several aspects of culture, including music styles. Throughout history, we have witnessed wars result in the death of famous musicians. If you are interested in learning about music history in relation to global events, a study on the impact of wars on music will make an excellent music research paper.

10. African Tribal Percussion

African music is well recognized for its unique application of percussion. Historically, several tribes and cultures had their own percussion instruments and original methods of expression. Unfortunately, this musical style has mainly gone undocumented. An in-depth study into ancient African tribal percussion would make a strong music research paper.

Other Examples of Music Research Topics & Questions

Music research topics.

  • Popular musical styles of the 20th century
  • The role of musical pieces in political movements
  • Biographies of influential musicians during the baroque period
  • The influence of classical music on modern-day culture
  • The relationship between music and fashion

Music Research Questions

  • What is the relationship between country music and conservationist ideologies among middle-aged American voters?
  • What is the effect of listening to Chinese folk music on the critical thinking skills of high school students?
  • How have electronic music production technologies influenced the sound quality of contemporary music?
  • What is the correlation between punk music and substance abuse among Black-American males?
  • How does background music affect learning and information retention in children?

Choosing the Right Music Research Topic

Your research topic is the foundation on which every other aspect of your study is built. So, you must select a music research topic that gives you room to adequately explore intriguing hypotheses and, if possible, proffer practically applicable solutions.

Also, if you seek to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Music , you must be prepared to conduct research during your study. Choosing the right music research topic is the first step in guaranteeing good grades and delivering relevant, high-quality contributions in this constantly expanding field.

Music Research Topics FAQ

A good music research topic should be between 10 to 12 words long. Long, wordy music essay topics are usually confusing. They can make it difficult for readers to understand the goal of your research. Avoid using lengthy phrases or vague terms that could confuse the reader.

Journal articles are the best place to find helpful resources for your music research. You can explore reputable, high-impact journal articles to see if any research has been done related to your chosen topic. Journal articles also help to provide data for comparison while carrying out your research.

Primary sources carry out their own research and cite their own data. In contrast, secondary sources report data obtained from a primary source. Although primary sources are regarded as more credible, you can include a good mixture of primary and secondary sources in your research.

The most common research methods for music research are qualitative, quantitative, descriptive, and analytical. Your research strategy is arguably the most crucial part of your study. You must learn different research methods to determine which one would be the perfect fit for your particular research question.

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How To Choose Background Music For Presentation

Music For Presentations

Using background music in presentations helps to add emotional or entertainment component to your talk. The choice of music depends largely on the topic of your presentation.

In this post we will look at some common types of presentations and discuss what background music works best for each case.

Keep reading and make sure to listen to the examples .

Mik TunePocket Composer

Hi, I’m Mik, one of TunePocket music composers. Presentations should not be boring! Adding music to educational or business talks and presentations can help to keep your audience focused, motivated, and, most importantly entertained!

I went though our growing catalog of professional royalty free music and picked some great examples.

important note about performance royalties

It may be tempting to use your favorite song as background music in your presentation.

Before you do that, please note that:

1. Using any copyrighted material requires explicit permission from the rights owner. Especially if you plan to use it commercially.

2. Playing commercial music in public may require a special public performance license. Learn more about using music for business .

If you like any music below you can easily license it and use it in your presentation.

The music below was created by composers who are not affiliated with a PRO (Performance Rights Organization) and you don’t need a separate performance license if you use that music in your presentation.

Background music for common types of presentations

Let’s see what music works best for different presentation types:

Business presentation

There are many types of business presentations, including motivational talks, training presentations, real estate, corporate, and many more.

When choosing music for business presentation, first of all, decide whether you want to create the calm professional background or you want music to take the leading role and deliver some sort of emotional impact.

Calm corporate style music will work best for formal work presentations, commercial real estate, and business training.

On the other hand, inspirational music will be great for presentations related on achievement, good results, awards, and similar topics.

Here are some examples of background music for professional business presentations:

Educational presentations

Educational presentations can include school presentations, lessons and tutorials, history, math, and lost of other topics. You can even make cooking presentations!

With educational presentations, the choice of music of music depends primarily on the subject and the content of your presentation.

Use reflective music for emotional or serious topics or positive or upbeat music to set a lighter mood.

For educational presentation or lessons related to history, cinematic or retro music should work the best.

For anything else, a subtle background soundtrack without a strong lead melody can be a good option.

Upbeat Clapping Stomp Beat Fascinating Particles Deep Space Travel Word Of Inspiration

Technology presentations

For presentations that focus on groundbreaking IT or science concepts, futuristic “hi-tech” music should work the best.

More background music for presentations

Of course there are many more types of presentations.

You may decide that your presentation is better off without any music!

In that case I can recommend using a short music clip either at the opening or the ending of your presentation.

Some of the good places to insert such audio clips include the presentation title, branding logos, sponsors list, or any other significant call to action in your presentation slides.

How to play music across multiple Powerpoint slides

Ok, so by now I hope you have a good idea as to what kind of music you should use in your presentation.

It’s relatively easy to add audio clips to individual Powerpoint presentation slides but what if you want the music to play continuously across multiple slides as you deliver your presentation?

Fortunately, you can add a song to a presentation and play it across slides in the background of your slide show.

Here’s a quick tutorial from Microsoft that explains how to play music across multiple slides in your Powerpoint presentation or a slideshow.

Do I always need music in my presentation?

In certain cases you may decide against using background music.

It is generally not recommended for content-heavy presentations, sensitive or serious topics, situations with language barriers or translation needs, or when the presenter has a soft speaking style.

Additionally, you should take into account your audience preferences and sensitivities, as some may find background music distracting or annoying.

In that case you still can add an audio dimension to your presentation by using occasional sound effects .

Questions or comments?

Hope this post will help you to find the best music for your presentation!

Any music featured in this post or on TunePocket Web site can be licensed for presentations. You can also download free MP3 previews and safely try any of our music in your slideshow before you purchase the license.

See available licenses and pricing

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post it below in the comments. I’ll be happy to answer.

Post a comment

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presentation on music topic

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presentation on music topic

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Need a good presentation topic? Here are hundreds of them.

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' src=

Anete Ezera November 04, 2022

If you’re looking for good topics for presentations, you’ve landed on the right page. In this article, you’ll find plenty of good presentation topics, tips on choosing the most suitable topic for you, and essential design elements to make your presentation a success. 

Many factors go into an excellent presentation. You need to have confident body language and engage your audience to hold their attention. You also need eye-catching visual aids like images, data visualizations, GIFs, and others (all of which you can find in Prezi ), not to mention a great opening to grab attention and a strong closing line to stay memorable. However, the most essential aspect of your presentation is the topic. It’s the core of your presentation, so it has to be strong, insightful, attention-grabbing, and appealing to yourself and your audience in order to evolve into a successful presentation everyone will love. 

good presentation topics: a woman giving a presentation in a business meeting

How to choose a good presentation topic

There are millions of topics you could create a presentation on, but what defines a good topic? If you’re struggling to either come up with a good topic for a presentation or you can’t decide between multiple ones, here are a few questions you should ask yourself before choosing a topic. 

What’s the goal of your presentation? 

When you’re choosing a topic, consider the meaning behind it. Ask yourself what the purpose of talking about this topic is, and what you want to say about it. Whatever topic you choose to present, the conclusion needs to provide a takeaway or lesson you want to communicate to your audience. A meaningful goal will make your presentation more memorable.  

Are you interested in the topic?

If you’re not interested in the topic, others won’t be curious either. Interest, enthusiasm, and passion enrich your presentation and are noticeable when presenting. Interest shines through and inspires others to find the topic as fascinating as you do. Think about the last time you saw someone sharing something they were passionate about – their excitement drew people in to pay closer attention to what they were saying. 

When choosing a topic, you need to find it or a particular angle of it interesting for yourself. For example, perhaps you’re not a pop music enthusiast, but you’re passionate about studying cultural phenomena. In this case, you can talk about pop music’s influence on early 2000s youth culture. 

Will your audience find this topic relatable? 

While you have to find the topic you’re presenting interesting, you also have to think about your audience. When choosing a subject, consider your audience’s background in terms of demographics, interests, culture, and knowledge level about the topic. Think about what others will find fascinating and relevant, so they’re not bored or confused during your presentation.

Do you have prior experience or knowledge about this topic?

Personal experiences are always great to share in a presentation, providing your unique perspective for anyone listening. While you can easily prepare your presentation based on a quick Google search, it won’t make the same lasting impact on your audience. Choose a topic you have some prior knowledge about, or have an interesting opinion you can share with others. It’ll make your presentation more engaging and memorable.

good presentation topics: a presenter on stage

Ideas for good presentation topics

It’s not easy to come up with a good presentation topic from scratch. It’s much easier to get inspired from other good presentation topics to build your topic on. Whether you’re looking for presentation ideas for work, about me presentation ideas, unique or easy presentation topics, you’ll find them all here.

Without further ado, here are some good presentation topics to choose from or get inspired by.

Presentation topics about social media

  • The role of social media in portraying gender stereotypes
  • How social media impacts our body image
  • How social media shaped Gen Z 
  • The most significant differences between the Facebook and TikTok generations
  • The negative effects of social media
  • The positive impacts of social media 
  • The effects of social media on behavior 
  • How social media impacts our physical (or mental) health
  • How social media has shaped our understanding of mass media
  • Should we teach about social media in schools?
  • The rise of social media influencers
  • How AR Instagram filters impact our self-image
  • How to go viral on social media?
  • The origins of social media echo chambers
  • Social media as a news outlet

Author: Ish Verduzco

Presentation topics about movies

  • How movies influence our understanding of good and evil
  • Beauty standards represented in movies
  • How female characters are depicted in Hollywood movies
  • How horror movies and global fears have developed through time
  • The adverse effects of romance movies
  • How movies have changed our understanding of the Western culture
  • Charlie Chaplin and the silent movie era
  • The globalization of culture: Hollywood vs. Bollywood
  • The psychology behind the music in films
  • The ethics of using animals in movies
  • Social media’s influence on the film industry
  • The history of filmmaking
  • The role of color in movies
  • The cultural impact of romance movies
  • How are gender stereotypes depicted in Hollywood movies?

Author: Cinto Marti

Presentation topics about music

  • The impact of pop music on beauty standards
  • Should digital music be free for everyone?
  • The psychology behind the music in advertisements 
  • The effectiveness of sound therapy
  • Can music inspire criminal behavior?
  • The psychological effects of metal music
  • The origins of K-pop
  • How does music influence our understanding of the world?
  • Can music help in the learning process?
  • The positive effects of classical music
  • The history of hip hop
  • Why is music education essential in schools?
  • The psychological benefits of playing piano
  • Can anyone become a famous musician?
  • The role of music in fashion

Author: Prezi Editorial

Presentation topics about health

  • The link between food and mental health
  • Inequality in the healthcare system
  • Myths about healthy practices
  • Simple practices that help you stay healthy
  • Health education in schools: Should it change?  
  • Toxic positivity and mental health
  • The impact of superfoods on our health
  • The psychology behind unhealthy eating habits
  • Sex education in schools: Why should we have it?
  • How to trick yourself into getting better: The placebo effect
  • How to strengthen your immune system
  • How to tell if someone is depressed
  • The health benefits of regular exercise
  • The impact of junk food on mental health
  • Stress-caused diseases

Author: Prezi Education Team

Presentation topics about human psychology

  • What is social depression?
  • What triggers panic attacks?
  • The impact of testosterone on aggressive behavior
  • How to overcome social anxiety
  • Differences in the functioning of the brain of a child and adult
  • The impact of violent video games on children’s brain development
  • How does the use of social media influence our attention span?
  • How to overcome childhood trauma
  • The influence of marijuana on the human brain
  • How does behavioral therapy work
  • The psychology behind fame
  • The causes of personality disorders
  • The differences in brain functioning between men and women
  • What happens in therapy sessions?
  • The psychology of substance abuse 

Presentation topics about self-development

  • The impact of exercise on productivity
  • How to deal with stress
  • How to deal with procrastination
  • The positive effects of meditation
  • Why new–year’s resolutions don’t work
  • How to overcome bad habits
  • The impact of negative thoughts
  • The negative effects of self-criticism
  • The role of creativity in self-development
  • Benefits of journaling
  • How to learn something fast
  • How to be mindful
  • The importance of curiosity 
  • How to become more self-aware
  • Why it’s essential to spend time with yourself

Author: Nir Eyal

Presentation topics about education

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of online education?
  • The positive effects of a gap year
  • Should university education be free?
  • Inequality in education access
  • How language learning benefits brain development
  • Emerging gender issues in education
  • The importance of socialization in school
  • School bullying and student development
  • The benefits of reading 
  • Is the education system broken?
  • What you don’t learn in college
  • The link between education and brain development
  • The history of schools
  • The gender gap in STEM
  • The connection between equality in education and economic growth

Presentation topics about culture

  • Is graffiti a form of art or street vandalism? 
  • Cultural diversity in the workplace
  • The impact of culture on gender roles
  • The issue with orientalism
  • Are humans the only species that has culture?
  • How do different cultures view death? 
  • The ethical issues of pop culture
  • The impact of culture on personal development
  • Sexism in different cultures
  • The impact of globalization on local cultures
  • The viral spread of the #metoo movement
  • The history of subcultures
  • The problem with romanticizing toxic relationships in movies
  • 90s pop-culture influence on fashion trends
  • The evolution of cultural psychology 

Author: Devin Banerjee

Presentation ideas for work

  • What it’s like to be a digital nomad?
  • How to deal with workplace conflicts
  • The secret to a productive day
  • How to set achievable goals
  • The importance of diversity in a workplace
  • The positive effects of creative thinking at work
  • How to give constructive feedback
  • The characteristics of a valuable team member
  • Inequality and the glass ceiling
  • Racial discrimination in the workplace
  • Work habits of different cultures
  • How is work perceived in various countries?
  • Technological development and the future of work
  • The importance of a healthy work/life balance
  • The rise of health problems in office work

Author: Charles Huang

Presentation topics about hybrid work

  • The positive effects of hybrid work on work/life balance
  • Is hybrid work the future work model? 
  • How to stay connected in a hybrid work model
  • The challenges of hybrid work nobody talks about
  • How to stay productive when working from home
  • The social effects of hybrid work
  • The economic impacts of hybrid work
  • Case study: Hybrid work model in [company]
  • What causes Zoom fatigue?
  • The problem with online meetings
  • Is hybrid work better than remote work?
  • How to develop a close relationship with colleagues in a hybrid work model
  • What kind of company culture is best for a hybrid work model?
  • Is hybrid work sustainable?
  • Cybersecurity consideration for hybrid working

Author: Barbie Brewer

Presentation topics about public speaking

  • The importance of body language in public speeches
  • How to appear confident when you’re not
  • How to become a better orator
  • The use of eye contact in public speaking
  • Breathing exercises that will calm you down before public speaking
  • The benefits of public speaking
  • Ways to improve public speaking skills
  • How to leave a great first impression on stage
  • How to engage your audience during a public speech
  • How to best structure your public speech
  • How to end your presentation speech
  • Can anyone learn to be good at public speaking?
  • How to prepare for a public speech
  • What not to do right before a public speech
  • How to address a controversial topic in a public speech  

Author: Prezi Team

Presentation topics about entrepreneurship and leadership

  • The main principles of a good leader
  • The impact of leadership skills on professional performance
  • The mistake every entrepreneur makes
  • How to successfully lead a cross-cultural team
  • How to celebrate inclusivity in a diverse team
  • What are the common personality traits of a successful entrepreneur?
  • The impact of entrepreneurship on the global economy
  • The characteristics of a leader
  • The most common challenges of entrepreneurship
  • Can anyone learn to become a successful leader? 
  • What affects new venture growth?
  • The psychology of leadership
  • What is crowdsourcing? 
  • The benefits of being an entrepreneur
  • Common mistakes leaders make

Author: Jill Sinclair

Presentation topics about technology

  • The rise of technological development
  • Is technology addictive?
  • Should we use drones for military and non-military purposes?
  • The sustainability of electric cars
  • What are deepfakes?
  • Limitations of AI machines
  • The future of programming
  • Ethical issues of AI
  • The future of AR in business
  • How VR can be used in the medical field

Author: David Vandegrift

Sales presentation topics

  • How to make a cold email intro
  • What is sales enablement?
  • How to build better relationships with customers
  • The best way to improve pipeline management
  • Coaching via verbal and written role-play
  • How to plan cold calls
  • What’s a deal-breaker for most customers? 
  • All about personalized coaching
  • How to manage objections
  • How to close more deals
  • How to keep your prospects engaged
  • Effective sales communication strategies
  • How to conduct a competitor analysis
  • The most valuable sales skills
  • What soft skills do you need to become a successful sales rep?

Author: Cindy McGovern

Easy presentation topics

  • Benefits of daily exercise and how to incorporate it into your routine
  • Simple and nutritious meal recipes
  • Tips for improving time management and productivity
  • The importance of recycling
  • The history of a local landmark or festival
  • Ways to reduce stress
  • Exploring different types of renewable energy sources and their impact on the environment
  • The basics of budgeting and saving money for future goals
  • The benefits of social media for professional use
  • Tips for overcoming stage fright
  • How to start a meditation practice
  • The impact of technology on modern society
  • The basics of personal finance
  • The health benefits of a plant-based diet
  • The history of Earth Day

Good how to presentation topics

  • How to create a successful social media marketing strategy
  • How to give a persuasive presentation
  • How to create effective and engaging content for your blog
  • How to discover your strengths and weaknesses
  • How to use project management tools to increase productivity
  • How to make the most out of boring meetings
  • How to build a personal brand
  • How to conduct effective market research
  • How to use data analytics to improve decision-making
  • How to improve your decision-making process
  • How to write a winning proposal
  • How to create a visually stunning presentation
  • How to manage stressful situations at work
  • How to make friends as an adult
  • How to network at work events

About me presentation ideas

  • My journey to becoming who I am today
  • My passion for [insert topic or activity]
  • My career aspirations and goals
  • My travels and adventures around the world
  • My hobbies and interests outside of work/school
  • My role models and influences
  • My strengths and weaknesses
  • My favorite books, movies, and TV shows
  • My proudest achievements and accomplishments
  • My favorite childhood memories
  • My family and friends
  • My education and academic background
  • My volunteer and community service experience
  • My personality traits and values
  • My vision for the future and how I plan to achieve it

Author: Adam Grant

Student presentation ideas

  • The history and evolution of video games
  • The history and cultural impact of tattoos
  • The impact of social media on body image and self-esteem
  • The effects of globalization on local cultures and economies
  • The role of education in promoting social justice and equity
  • The ethical implications of autonomous weapons in warfare
  • The impact of mass media on society and culture
  • The causes and effects of deforestation on biodiversity and climate change
  • The history and cultural significance of dance in different parts of the world
  • The psychology of addiction and recovery
  • The impact of the gig economy on labor rights and job security
  • The history and impact of feminism on gender equality
  • The benefits and drawbacks of renewable energy sources
  • The impact of colonialism on indigenous cultures and identities
  • The role of technology in promoting global connectivity and intercultural understanding

Author: Edward Quinn

How to create a good presentation 

If you know what you want to present on, it’s time to create an impactful presentation that grabs everyone’s attention. Presentation design plays a crucial role in how your presentation is received and remembered. To stand out and leave a memorable impact on your audience, create a Prezi presentation. Instead of a linear, slide-based presentation, offer an engaging and dynamic storytelling experience to your audience. Breathe life into your presentation with motion, zoom, and spatial relationships. When creating your presentation, consider the following three essential elements: 

Visuals play a significant part in presentation design. They evoke emotions, make a memorable impact, and give more context to the story. Not to mention, 65% of people are visual learners , so visual aids are helpful when explaining a complex topic. 

In your presentation, include different types of visuals, such as images, videos, GIFs, and stickers, all of which you can find in Prezi’s content library. When selecting your visuals, consider what’s relevant and brings additional value to the story. Only add what’s meaningful and necessary. A video or image at the right place and time will enrich the viewing experience and make your presentation more memorable. 

The layout of your presentation is the structure of your story. It’ll help you introduce the topic, intrigue your audience, and unfold the layers of your topic one by one until you disclose your main arguments and summarize the presentation. A good presentation layout has a hierarchical, chronological, or logical flow that leads the viewer from start to finish. 

If you’re creating a Prezi presentation, you can create a dynamic storytelling experience by experimenting with your layout. Instead of going from slide to slide, you can zoom in and out of topics and experiment with different shapes, animations, and effects that draw the viewer into your story world. Here’s an example of a Prezi presentation with a great storytelling layout:

Author: Lydia Antonatos

Data visualizations can elevate your presentation from being a good one to a great one. By providing data behind your arguments, you’ll appear more trustworthy and confident in your audience’s eyes. 

Add charts, graphs, interactive maps, and more to your presentations with Prezi Design. You can choose from a wide selection of charts and maps to illustrate your data. With interactive elements, you’ll be able to engage your audience and make a memorable impact. 

Engaging visuals, a well-structured layout, and relevant data visualizations will provide a great starting base to create a memorable presentation. Discover other tips and tricks that make your presentation effective and capture people’s attention. 

Choosing a topic for a presentation isn’t easy. When selecting a topic, think about the goal of your presentation, your interest and knowledge about the topic, and whether or not your audience will find it relevant and interesting for them. Also, get inspired by other topics that’ll help you figure out what you want to talk about. Lastly, when creating your presentation, consider the impact of visuals, layout, and data visualizations. To simplify the creation process, follow the step-by-step process of making a presentation with helpful tips and resources.

presentation on music topic

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Best 100 music research topics (just updated).

music research topics

If you are reading this, you are probably looking for the best music research topics for your next essay. Truth be told, choosing the right topic is very important. It can make the difference between a B and an A, or even between an A and an A+. Unfortunately, choosing the best topics is not as simple as you think. Even though the internet is full of music research topics, most of them are plain and, quite frankly, boring.

Your professor wants more than this. Let’s see why you need the most interesting topics and where you can find them. Of course, you are free to use any of our 100 topics for free and even reword them as you see fit. Read on!

Choosing Good Music Research Topics

By now, you are probably wondering why everyone keeps telling you to come up with the best music topics. The truth is that there are many, many benefits to choosing an awesome topic. Here are just some of them, so you can get a better idea of the importance of a great idea:

  • Excellent music research paper topics show your professor that you really did your best to get a top grade.
  • A good topic is one that you know much about. It should be relatively easy to you to research it and to write about it.
  • An awesome topic will pique the interest of your professor and will keep him or her reading. You will often get bonus points for this.
  • Great topics make you stand out from your classmates. Your professor will notice you, and the grade will reflect this.

Where Can You Find Decent Music Topics?

Finding amazing music research topics is easier said than done. Yes, the Internet is full of websites that are offering ideas. There are even websites where you can buy bundles of topics. However, the music argumentative essay topics you will get from these websites are not of the highest quality. Most of them are actually quite boring. And remember, you classmates are probably searching for music history research paper topics on the same websites as you do. You want your research topics on music or book review topics to be original, so your professor can have a reason to award your paper some bonus points. The best place to get excellent music topics to write about is this page. The list of ideas is updated frequently, so you can get an original topic for free right now.

Music History Research Topics

Are you looking for the most interesting music history research topics? If you do, just pick one from our list for free:

  • How did the Catholic church influence Renaissance music?
  • Social issues described in Baroque-period music.
  • Analyze the evolution of Romantic-era music.
  • How did the Baroque Opera come to be?
  • Who invented Medieval music and when?
  • Why has western music almost disappear in the last 10 years?
  • Analyze the evolution of music in the Classical era.
  • Analyzing violin music performance during the Romantic Era.

Music Argument Topics

Are you looking to find an argument and support it? Then you absolutely need to check out our exceptional list of music argument topics:

  • Music today is better than music in the 90s.
  • The most lucrative career for a musician.
  • Music helps you memorize faster.
  • The most popular kind of metal music.
  • The evolution of blues songs over the last 30 years.
  • Music helps children develop faster.
  • Hip-hop is a misunderstood music genre.
  • Jazz music is not obsolete.

Music Theory Topics

Interested in writing about music theory? Our amazing academic writers have put together a list of music theory topics for you:

  • Analyze the most important aspects of modern music.
  • Classical music has specific medical applications.
  • Hidden symbols in Renaissance-period music.
  • The unique features of Baroque-age music.
  • Analyze the evolution of music in the Baroque era.
  • The best music compositors in the Romantic era.
  • Remarkable characteristics of Romantic-age songs.
  • The peculiarities of Asian modern music.

Music Industry Topics

Writing about the music industry can be fun and entertaining. Your professor will love it. Pick one of our music industry topics and start writing:

  • What do you associate rock music with and why?
  • Should the music industry pay songwriters more?
  • How does illegal pirating of songs affect the music industry?
  • Do music sharing sites help new artists become famous.
  • Analyze the evolution of music labels in the US.
  • What differentiates a music label from all others?
  • Music talent shows and their effects on a musician’s career.
  • The difficulties of signing a contract with a major music label in the US.

Research Paper Topics on Music for High School

Are you a high school student? In this case, you will need our research paper topics on music for high school:

  • The best compositors of the Baroque Era.
  • What differentiates modern music from classical music?
  • Notable women in classical music.
  • Analyze the evolution of music in the Modern age.
  • How was Beethoven’s music influenced by his loss of hearing?
  • How would our world be without music?
  • Does music cause negative effects on US teens?

Music Thesis Topics

Writing a thesis about music is not easy. In fact, it can be one of the most difficult projects in your academic career. Start right now by choosing one of the best music thesis topics:

  • What made a musician stand out in the Baroque Age?
  • The most notable musical experiments in the Classical age.
  • Comparing Renaissance and Medieval music styles.
  • Analyze the evolution of music in the Renaissance age.
  • How did royalty in the UK benefit from music in the Renaissance era?
  • Discuss a folk song from the Renaissance age.
  • Differences between Asian and European classical music.

Music Controversial Topics

Music, like most other disciplines, has plenty of controversial topics you can talk about. Don’t waste any time and pick one of these music controversial topics:

  • Does digital music cut the profits of musicians?
  • Who owns the intellectual property to a song?
  • The difficulties of getting songwriting credit.
  • Illegal downloads are changing the music industry.
  • Should music education still be included in the curriculum?
  • Analyze medieval liturgical music.
  • Music should be free for everyone to download and use.

Persuasive Speech Topics About Music

Are you required the write a persuasive speech about music? If you are, you may need a bit of help. Pick one of these persuasive speech topics about music (updated for 2023):

  • Music has a significant effect on advertising.
  • The changes rap music has brought to the US culture.
  • Indie is a term that should not apply to music.
  • Metal music should be banned from the US.
  • Does listening to music have a great influence on mental health?
  • The amazing evolution of music in the Medieval age.
  • People should be free to listen to the music they like for free.
  • The fashion industry wouldn’t be where it is today without music.

Easy Topics About Music

Perhaps you don’t want to spend 5 or 6 hours writing the research paper . You need an easier topic. Choose one of these easy topics about music and write the essay fast:

  • How can one become a symbol of modern music?
  • My favorite singer today.
  • Which musician from the past would you bring back to life and why?
  • Do politics influence modern music?
  • Compare and contrast two music genres.
  • Analyze the evolution of music in the modern age in the United States.
  • The side effects of turning the volume too loud.
  • How is classical music used in Disney movies?

Music Education Research Topics

Are you interested in talking about music education? Perhaps you’ll have some suggestions to make after you’ve done the research. Just choose one of the music education research topics below:

  • Can E-Learning be applied to music education?
  • Can music teachers offer distance learning services?
  • The advantages and disadvantages of Zoom music lessons.
  • Why are music worksheets so important for high school students?
  • How did the Internet change music education?
  • Why are modern music studies so important?
  • Should we learn more about Asian music in school?
  • How can students learn music while respecting COVID19 measures?

Highly Interesting Music Topics

We know you want a top grade on your next music research paper. We advise you to select one of these highly interesting music topics and surprise your professor:

  • How did pop music came to existence and why?
  • Analyze the history of hip-hop music.
  • Compare metal music with classical music.
  • Why is rock music so popular in the United Kingdom?
  • Which song would best present our species to aliens?
  • Compare and contrast Korean and Chinese music.
  • Analyze the popular themes of Japanese music.
  • The stunning rise of K-pop bands.

Informative Speech Topics About Music

It’s difficult to find good informative speech topics about music these days. If you want to stand out from the rest of your classmates, choose one of our topics:

  • Discuss the ideas presented in romantic music.
  • What do people who appreciate classic music have in common?
  • Analyze the most popular Bach music.
  • Describe the role of market music in the Baroque era.
  • Analyze the evolution of European music.
  • Ways to make classical music popular with teens in the UK.
  • Discuss the most popular musical instrument in the Classical age.

Music Essay Topics for College

Are you a college student? If you want an A+ on your next research paper, use one of these music essay topics for college students:

  • Does modern music contain medieval themes?
  • Analyze a song from the Renaissance age.
  • Why is blues music so important for our culture?
  • Who invented the blues genre and when?
  • Analyze the evolution of American folk music.
  • Most popular names in Baroque-age songs.
  • Modern interpretations of medieval songs.
  • Listening to blues music can lead to depression.

Need some more music history paper topics? Or perhaps you need a list of music related research topics to choose from for your thesis. Our best paper writer can help you in no time. Get in touch with us and we guarantee that we will find the perfect music topic for your needs. You will be well on your way to getting the A+ you need. Give us a try and get an amazing research topic on music in 10 minutes or less!

Personal Narrative Ideas

Rent My Words

Music Topics—Because Sometimes You Need a Mind Jog

September 8, 2019 Ryan Tips

Arguably the most challenging times as a freelance writer come at decision time.

From thinking about or needing to choose from the most searched eBook topics , or even simply deciding on what to charge for a sponsored blog post .

The seemingly lowest hurdles are sometimes the hardest to clear.

The actual writing? That’s the easy part.

When it comes to topic selection, either you need to be a writer with a deep breadth of knowledge across a variety of topics, and be at least somewhat knowledgeable  research your way to the finish line. Or, you need to possess such great depth of knowledge in one single subject that you can uncover (come up with) a variety of sub-topics and then cover (write) about them.

No matter which bucket you fall into, sometimes you just need a nudge; a spark in order to get rolling.

I can’t tell you how many times as a beginning freelance writer without experience I was tasked with the “easy” job of “Write a blog post on general topic XYZ; it can be anything” and then just staring mindlessly at the computer screen, (or at the back of my eyelids once my body and mind realized this was going nowhere, so might as well get some sleep)!

So, thought it would be fun and helpful to dive into a topic, and provide some writing topics and potential prompts for you to explore.

Music Topics

Music as motivation.

If you’re like me, you’re able to tolerate working out with music. Without it, no chance.

Specific topic ideas :

  • What is it about music that motivates us?
  • Can music actually be demotivating?
  • Absolute worst songs to workout to?
  • Best types of music to play during work or study?

Music in Commercials

Something we might take for granted, right? Music is a huge component of most commercials, which needs to be perfectly matched with what’s taking place on screen as is the case with your favorite TV shows and movies.

Specific topic ideas:

  • What percentage of commercials include music? How many of those are original songs?
  • What is the most successful jingle of all time? The worst?
  • How do you write the perfect commercial jingle?
  • Which singer/songwriters got their start in commercials?

Music and Nostalgia

We all have that old cassette with our favorite songs by the decades. (Or these days, a favorite Spotify playlist full of old musical goodies.

  • What was the greatest decade for music?
  • What is it about music that can transport you to a different place and time?
  • Why don’t our parents’ favorite songs resonate with us?
  • How has the musical artist changed over the years?
  • How can music get you through a tough time?
  • How can music make a tough time worse to deal with?

The Future of Music

Technology has literally changed everything. With music, not only has it changed the way we listen, but also the way it’s compiled.

  • How has technology changed the music industry, for better or worse?
  • From AI to machine learning, how will music change in the future?
  • Can a bot write a song?
  • We’ve seen a departure from the “big label” to a more independent strategy. Pros/cons?

Music and Health

As pointed out above, music can be extremely motivational. That must be good for our health, right?

  • How can music be good for our health? How does it affect the brain?
  • How does listening to music damage our hearing?
  • Does listening to music while pregnant have any sort of impact?

Kids and Music

It’s amazing to see the impact music has on kids. Here you have boys and girls who just learned to walk, but yet are moved enough by music to do a little wiggle. Or kids just learning to speak but yet can recite certain words and lines from their favorite songs.

Specific topics include:

  • How to music impact young children?
  • Is there an advantage for people who played instruments as children?
  • Is music a good educational tool?

Musical Genres What’s your favorite ambient techno song? Folktronica?

  • What are the different genres of music?
  • What music genres should we expect to fade away in the future?
  • What were the first musical genres and how have they changed over time?

Making it in Music

Think about what it took to become a professional artist years ago compared to what it might take today?

  • What did the road to stardom look like 50 years ago compared to today?
  • Are there more talented musicians and vocalists today, or are they just more discoverable?
  • How has YouTube and social media aided the discovery of artists?
  • How have the Voice, American Idol, etc. aided the discovery of artists?
  • What’s the average career length for musical reality show winners?

Learning Music

Music is just like any other discipline or skill! What’s the best way to go about learning?

  • What’s the easiest instrument to learn?
  • How long does it take to learn a particular instrument?
  • How old is too old to learn an instrument?

Music and Society

Music offers a powerful bonding component, right?

  • How has music brought people together over the years?
  • How does music bring people together on a regular basis?

Music in Movies

Some movies are made and broken by their choice of music.

  • What are the greatest movie soundtracks of all time?
  • What are the best movies about music or the music business?
  • Which artists have become the biggest movie stars?

In the end, this will be a living list! I’ll keep adding as I write new music-related content myself! Have anything you’ve written about that should be included?

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