Essay on Holiday for Students and Children

500+ words essay on holiday.

Holidays are very important parts of everyone’s life, be it a student or a working person. Everyone deserves to take a break from the monotony to rejuvenate and maintain their health. Holidays help us do exactly that.

Essay on Holiday

Other than that, a holiday allows us to complete all our pending work. Nowhere will you find a person who dislikes holidays. From a school going toddler to your house help, everyone looks forward to holidays and see them as a great opportunity to relax and enjoy .

Importance of Holidays for Students

When one thinks about what a holiday means for students, we notice how important it is for the kids. It is a time when they finally get the chance to take a break from studies and pursue their hobbies.

They can join courses which give them special training to specialize in it. They can get expert in arts, craft, pottery, candle making and more. Furthermore, they also make new friends there who have the same interests.

In addition, students get to visit new places on holiday. Like during summer or winter holidays , they go with their families to different cities and countries. Through holidays, they get new experiences and memories which they remember for a lifetime.

Furthermore, it also gives them time to relax with their families. Other cousins also visit each other’s places and spend time there. They play games and go out with each other. Moreover, students also get plenty of time to complete their homework and revise the syllabus.

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Importance of Holidays for Working People

Holidays for working people are somewhat similar to what they mean for students. In fact, they carry more importance to them than students. Though they are adults, they also yearn for the holidays. Why so? They do not get as many holidays as students do.

Most importantly, the holiday no matter how little it gives them a great chance to relax. More so because they work tirelessly for so many hours a day without a break. Some even work when they get home. This makes their schedule very hectic and gives them little time to rest. A holiday fills the gap for this rest.

Read 500 Words Essay on Summer Vacation

Similarly, due to such a hectic schedule working people get less time to spend with their family. They get distanced from them. Holidays are the perfect chance to strengthen their bonds and make amends.

In other words, a working person needs holidays for the smooth functioning of life. Without holidays they will face pressure and won’t be able to be productive when they work non-stop. After all, when a person earns, they must spend it on something recreational from time to time so they also remain happy and work happily.

Thus, we see how holidays play an important role in maintaining a great balance between our work and play. We must try to make the most of the holidays and spend them wisely so we do not waste time. Never waste a holiday as they are very few in number where you can actually, rest or utilize it properly.

Q.1 What importance does a holiday hold?

A.2 A holiday is one of the most important parts of anyone’s life. It brings joy and comfort to everyone. Everyone loves holidays as they give them time to relax and enjoy themselves with their families.

Q.2 How can one spend their holidays?

A.2 There are many ways to spend a holiday. You can pursue your hobby and take professional classes to master the art. Furthermore, you may also travel the world and discover new places and experiences to get more exposure.

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How to Write a Summer Vacation Essay

Summer break is a great time to kick back, relax and enjoy yourself and, if you’re lucky, to go on an awesome trip! But how can you translate your amazing vacation into a narrative essay for English class or work it to fit a common application prompt? Here’s some tips to help you out:

Save Mementos From Your Summer

Even if you’re not the sentimental type, make sure to document your summer travels. Take pictures, write diary entries, save train stubs. This is the best way to ensure that you’ll remember your summer well enough to look back and write about it later.

Write an Outline Before Writing Your Essay

Regardless of whether you spent your summer break in Madison, Wisconsin or Madrid, Spain, you should plan out what you’re going to write before diving in. Make a list of what you’ve done over the summer so that you can later narrow down a focus for the essay itself. Keep in mind that the best essay topics aren’t always on the most exciting activities an essay about getting stuck in traffic on the way to the airport on the way to Denver could work better than an essay on hiking the Grand Canyon and looking out at the incredible view.

Be Specific

Since you’re going to keep a record of your trip and come up with an outline before writing your essay, you should be able to put some detail into your essay. Be as specific as possible when it comes to your word choice. If you’re talking about some gelato that you ate in Italy, don’t say that it was “delicious.” Instead, say that it was “creamy and chocolatey, with a note of vanilla.”

Focus on Feelings About Your Trip, Not What You Did

If you spent the summer on the beach in Cape Cod, you shouldn’t write about what you did. You should write instead about how you felt while there. An essay that reads “I went to beach, then had lobster for dinner” is not quite as exciting as one that goes, “As I went for a walk on the beach, I thought about how lucky I was to be able to enjoy nature.” Feelings translate better into text than events, and you should try to place those feelings into context.

Stick to Writing About a Small Moment

With any essay you write especially a short one it’s important to focus a narrow moment in time. Don’t write about your entire week in Paris. Instead, write about the moment you got lost in the city at midnight and fumbled your way home in the dark. You don’t have to pick a particularly glamorous moment from your trip, but you should pick one that meant something to you.

Edit Your Essay Carefully

The shorter the essay, the more important precision is. Regardless of length, make sure to carefully read over what you’ve written to make sure every sentence conveys the message you most want displayed. The editing process matters just as much as the writing process, even if it seems less so.

Writing a research or persuasive essay and need to track your sources? Create citations easily in MLA format , APA format , and more via our guides and citation tools. Click here to try it!

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My last holiday

My last holiday

Learn how to write about your last holiday.

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and tips and do the exercises.



My last holiday was a five-day trip to Prague in the Czech Republic. I know Prague well because I lived there when I was at university, more than ten years ago.

Instead of staying in a hotel, I stayed with one of my old friends. It was so much fun, and a little bit like my old life. I wanted to do all the same things I did in my university days, so I visited the university. It has changed a lot and looks more modern. I also went to the supermarket near my old house. I loved seeing all the different foods. I was really happy to find my favourite cheese and chocolate biscuits but they were a bit more expensive than I remember!

We did some touristy things too. We walked up beautiful Petrin Hill and around the castle. The views of the city are amazing up there. We walked across the historic Charles Bridge. My friend's flat is very near the TV Tower so we saw the famous baby statues climbing up it. Those things haven't changed, of course.

1. Try to make your writing interesting for the reader. To do this, you can make it personal with your own memories and experiences.

2. Use adjectives to add detail to your descriptions.

3. Write clear and simple sentences and organise your ideas in short paragraphs. Give each paragraph a different topic.

4. Use so, but, and, because and other linking words.

Where was your last holiday?

Language level

I want you to know that I am very happy and enjoying my vacation quite a bit. The destination on this vacation has been the Colombian Caribbean coast, We arrived two days ago, this is a very nice experience. Yesterday I discovered the window to the world that is located in Barranquilla, as well as the boardwalk, they are very warm places but above all very visited, as the afternoon fell I went to visit some of my husband's brothers. Tomorrow we will get up very early to travel a few kilometers and be able to visit Cabo de la Vela, in La Guajira, we will leave at 6 am, because we must be in Uribia Guajira at 3 pm, there the tour guide will be waiting for us, who will be the one in charge of directing this adventure. I also had the opportunity to visit Cartagena de Indias and its beautiful beaches, I really liked getting to know the beach, the sea and the people who live there, But what I liked most was being able to visit Cabo de la Vela and learn a little about the reality of the Wayuu culture, being able to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and sunsets that this beautiful place offers.

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My last was holiday three-week trip to Fez in Morocco. Fez it’s my hometown so I know it well because I lived there for 26 years. I went to visit my family there and I stayed at home, every day I was invited by my sisters and brothers, they made me delicious dishes and we had a good time together. I’ve been seeing my friends every day in the café, we’ve been seeing football matches and we’ve been talking about different topics. In this holiday I made many things important for me, I had driving courses to be confident when I’m going to buy a car, in the same time I had English courses.  

My last holiday was a three-day trip to Thua Thien Hue in Vietnam. I always want to go there, so in the summer of last year, I decided to take a trip to Hue with my family.

We booked a small hostel near Hue Walking Road. We stayed in a twin room, which was clean and had full amenities. The owner was very friendly; he showed us good restaurants, attractions, and how to deal with sellers in the market. We tried local foods such as Bun Bo Hue, Banh Xeo, Banh Bot Loc, etc. The food in Hue is cheap and amazing; I thought that I could eat it all day!

We did some touristy things too. We visited Hue Capital and had a chance to learn more about Vietnam's history. The architecture is very majestic and beautiful. We also went to Thien Mu Pagoda. It is one of the most sacred temples in Vietnam, so we prayed for health and happiness and wished everyone good luck. In the evening, we walked across the historic Trang Tien Bridge. It was so beautiful at night; there were a lot of people walking there. 

It was three amazing days. I felt so relaxed and hope to visit more places in Vietnam.

My last holiday was a two-day trip to Baguio in the Philippines. I had lived there before for five months. So I decided to go back for just a visit on my holiday. Unfortunately, there was heavily raining as we got off the bus. Otherwise, getting a taxi was super hard, and we were waiting for around an hour. Fortunately, I got home safely and I made so much fun with my friends. I visited the old places that I often did because it made me happy and refresh. In conclusion, I had so much fun spending my last holiday in Baguio.

I remember last year when I went with friend to the beach in summer. My Lastsummer holidays was 2days and 3 nights trip to Ngwe Saung Beach in Myanamr . Ngwe Saung, is a beach resort located 48 km west of Pathein, Ayeyarwady Region, Myanmar. In 2014, the town of Ngwesaung had 10,732 people.The beach is 5hours drive with no traffic away from the principal city of Yangon. Ngwe Saung is well know for An unspoilt 15 kilometres stretch of silvery sand and modern amenities have made Ngwe Saung a popular destination for less budget conscious tourists from Lower Myanmar. I booked for our stay at a hotel near the beach, name was "Grand Paradise Hotel ". My friend and i prepared everything we needed on our trip as light food and soft drinks to have on the way to the hotel. And also we prepared necessary clothing for the sea, sun cream and some essential medicines. After 5hours of driving we arrived the hotel at 12PM afternoon and went to our rooms to rest change clothes and take all what we need to go to the beach. This Hotel is near the beach,all services was good and room are cleaned, wide and nice. We put our bags on the table and went to swim in the sea and then went out for lunch that my friend ordered from a fish restaurant . The Crab ,Lobster and fish was fresh and tasty and we enjoyed our meal very much. After lunch we sat under the canopy enjoying the sea view, refreshing breaths ,listening to music and playing fun games. OH really nice Ngwe Saung beach Myanamr.

My last holiday was far away in time in different reasons. We were at black sea coast on September so there where not so much other people. We was drinking a wine that was cheap there and going some excursions

My last holiday. Last summer, in particular on the last weekend of June, I decided to visit Granada, an amazing city in Spain. I visited Granada for the second time with my family, my wife, and two daughters. I was so happy because I visited Granada sights, especially Alhambra Palace, and Civilization Museum. We arrived at the hotel by bus at 11 a.m. The hotel was wonderful and clean, and the food they offer was delicious. My family really liked the traditional typical dishes of Granada, in particular the dish named Baella. During the holiday, I met some of my Spanish colleagues and they invited us to visit their house which is located in a nice village in the city suburb. Really, I liked this place for the large landscape, calmness, and the kind people who live in. On the fifth day of our holiday, we walked around the city and saw the old city which has been built above the mountain. So, you can see the whole city from above it. Despite the enjoyment that we have got, the negative thing about that holiday was that we spent so much money and also many friends need to buy some things from there, so I bought some souvenirs and I hope that I can keep one for myself to remind of that divine place. By and large, this holiday was great and unforgettable thanks to my Spanish friend, Gaspar, who provided me with a Guidebook which makes my trip easy and coy.

My last holiday was four days on São Miguel dos Milagres with my family. We stay on the beach house of my grandpa. There is a pool, and four rooms in that. There we go to the beach, to some interesting restaurants, to a beach clube and to an ice cream shop. I love that travel and i'd love go back to São Miguel dos Milagres.

On the first weekend in March, we took an amazing trip to Barcelona. We went by train from Atocha station and the journey lasted two and a half hours.

When we arrived at the historic Barcelona Sants station, we took the metro to Plaza de Tetuan, which is where we had the apartment. We left our baggage and went to visit the city centre, Las Ramblas, Plaza Catalunya, La Boqueria Market, Paseo de Gracia, etc. On Sunday, we saw the beautiful Sagrada Familia which is my favourite landmark. Later, we went to the incredible Nou Camp stadium to see the Barça game against Valencia. After the game we visited the official store and did some shopping but everything was very expensive. On Monday, before returning to Madrid we went back to the Nou Camp to take a guided tour of the trophy room, changing rooms, benches, and the VIP box.

At the end, we went to the apartment to take the suitcases and so, we took the metro to the Sants station where we boarded the high speed train back to Madrid.

I go to Thailand for a camping holiday, It was fun I go caving on the first day, I see many bets are sleeping on top of the cave.(no time to finish)

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  • Summer Vacation Essay for Students in English


Summer Vacation Essay on English


Summer vacation is a time when students can relax and enjoy their free time. It is a time to catch up on rest, spend time with family and friends, and explore new hobbies or interests. For many students, summer vacation is also a time to continue learning and improving their English skills. This article will provide information about Essay on Summer Vacation, ways to spend Summer Vacation. Parents should encourage their children to read, write and practise speaking English during the summer break or take them for an outing to have fun and enjoy the sun.

Essay on Summer Vacation

Summer holidays have an important place in every person's life. especially in children's lives.

Summer is the hottest season of the year, children enjoy it very much. It is a very interesting and entertaining season for them as they get a chance to eat their favorite fruits and ice cream. They also enjoy long school closures during the summer holidays.

Summer vacation is an important time for children. This is a very happy time for them. During these holidays, children can do all that they are interested in. They have fun living with their parents, brothers and sisters through the holidays. Summer holidays are the happiest of students' lives. Because they got some rest from going to school for some time.

There are many other important things in summer vacations along with getting relief from the heat. After the exams are over, the students feel exhausted and are not interested in studying, hence, they need rest to improve their health and viability after a long year of study.

Everyone gets to learn something in the summer holidays, whether they are grown-ups or children. Everyone has their own way of celebrating the summer vacation, some like to go on a picnic with their family, some go to foreign countries and some go home and enjoy it.

Most of the girls like to play badminton, football etc. during summer vacation while boys like to play cricket in the open field. During the season there are many fruits which can be enjoyed only in summer. These fruits help to make the summer holiday more interesting, drinking fresh fruit juice and drinking fresh fruit in the body produces freshness in the body.

Everyone already plans something for the summer holidays. Especially kids start making new plans a few months in advance to make their summer holidays exciting. The summer holidays are a great relief for everyone, that's why everyone tries to make it memorable.

Ways of Spending Vacation

Some children make good use of leave by applying tutoring in their weak subject and make it better. Summer holidays become a summer fun for children who are happy when the last bell rings at school. Summer holidays become the happiest moments for children as they get a long break from the daily busy lives of school and school work. Some people go to the countryside for vacations or to visit some historical and recreational places. The time has come to get away from homework and be entertained by a good trip from home to the city, hill stations, and other quiet places to happily defeat the heat.

Benefits of Summer Vacation

The purpose of summer vacations is to give the students a little rest from the summer season. Excessive heat can cause a lot of damage, so summer vacation is the best option to study and give them a break from the heat and assist the children to recover in weaker subjects See you. Everyone usually has their own way of spending the summer vacation, but most people prefer to go to cold places. Summer vacation gives the students an opportunity to visit new places, increase their general knowledge, and get time for school project work.

Children get an opportunity to spend time with their family members as well as to understand and have fun with them.

Overall we can say that the summer vacation is very important for the complete development of all.

A Place to Visit During Summer Vacations

There are a number of destination options to visit and spend quality time with family. You can book your vacation ticket online via the reputed portals make my trip,, go ibibo etc. some good place falls in: 

Kullu Manali

Munnar (Kerala)



Above are a few options to choose your destination for summer vacation. It's good to spend special quality time with family and loved ones once a year apart from any workload.

Every child looks forward to the summer holidays as a time of rest and relaxation. Summer vacations provide an opportunity for children to catch up on schoolwork, visit new places and spend time with family members. Children can also improve their skills by taking tutoring classes during the summer break. There are many places to visit and enjoy during summer vacations. The most important thing is to enjoy and make the most of this time.


FAQs on Summer Vacation Essay for Students in English

1. How Can Parents Make Summer Vacation Enjoyable for Kids?

Parents should plan some fun activities and take their children to interesting places. They can also arrange for a tutor to help the child prepare for the next academic year. Parents should also ensure that the child gets plenty of rest. The summer vacation is usually quite long. Parents should plan activities that are suitable for all family members to ensure that they have a great time together. This will also help the parents to spend time with their children. Exploring new places and spending quality time with family is a good way of making the summer vacation memorable. This will make a positive impact on the child's academic performance when school resumes because the child will have had a good break with family and will, therefore, be ready to work harder and succeed academically.

2. Where Should One Go for Summer Vacations?

There are a number of places that one can visit for summer vacations. Some people prefer to go to the countryside, while others prefer to go to the city or visit hill stations. There are also a number of places in India that are worth visiting during the summer vacation. Some of these places include Kullu Manali, Shimla, Chandigarh, Darjeeling, Nainital, Munnar (Kerala), Ooty and Kodaikanal. These places offer a variety of activities that are perfect for summer vacations. They also offer a respite from the heat. People can enjoy sightseeing, trekking, boating, fishing and a lot more while enjoying their summer holidays. Doing physical activities in cooler climates is a good way to beat the heat and have some fun. Parents can also take their children to historical sites like museums, art galleries and zoos. All these places provide an interesting and educational experience for the whole family.

3. What Kind of Activities Can Children Do in Summer Vacation?

There are a number of fun activities that children can do during the summer vacation. These include going to the beach, swimming, playing games, visiting amusement parks, going for hikes and camping. Children can also read books, watch movies or play computer games. It is important for parents to ensure that their children get plenty of rest and exercise during the summer vacations in order to stay healthy. The activities will improve the child's physical and mental health. The child will also get to know his or her family members better and have some fun memories to cherish for a long time.

4. How Can We Make Summer Vacation Interesting for Kids?

There are a number of ways in which parents can make summer vacation interesting for their children. One way is to plan activities that are suitable for all family members. This will help the family to bond and have some fun together. Parents can also take their children to interesting places that offer a variety of activities. These places include theme parks, hill stations, beaches and historical sites. Children can also participate in summer camps that offer a variety of activities such as sports, arts and crafts, music and dance. These camps provide a lot of fun and learning opportunities for children. They also help the children to make new friends. These activities will help the children to stay active and have a great time during the summer vacation.

5. What Are the Advantages of Summer Camps?

Summer camps offer a variety of advantages for children. These include learning new things, making friends, developing skills and having fun. Children can learn new things such as how to swim, play a musical instrument or ride a bike at summer camps. They can also develop important skills such as teamwork, leadership and communication skills. Children can also have lots of fun playing a variety of games, doing arts and crafts or singing songs. In addition to learning new things and developing skills, children will also have the opportunity to meet other children from different backgrounds. This diversity will help them learn about different cultures and broaden their minds. Parents should encourage their children to participate in summer camps as it helps the child's physical, social, emotional and cognitive development.

6. Why Summer Vacation is Good for Students?

Summer Vacation is quite recreational activity for children, it gives them a break from regular routine i.e. homework, school, classwork etc. a kind of quality time spent with family rejuvenates children mind and make them fresh for further studies post vacations. In that case, both parents and children get a break from their busy life. This is why summer vacation is important and its really meant to celebrate by any means.

7. Importance of Summer Camps for Children?

summer camps enhance children inner traits so they can come forward to as a volunteer to perform. There are the modes to make them extrovert and make them socialize with others, during camping they explore new things, find adventure, also experience some basic home activities.

8. What Makes Summer Vacation Apart From Winter Vacation?

In summer vacation children have ample time to indulge in various activities of their choices, whereas in winter vacation there is no such options left.  During summer vacation you can plan for long holidays while in winter vacations because of the short span of time you can plan to move out of city as well.

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7 Steps for Writing an Essay Plan

Have you ever started writing an essay then realized you have run out of ideas to talk about?

This can make you feel deflated and you start to hate your essay!

How to write an Essay Plan

The best way to avoid this mid-essay disaster is to plan ahead: you need to write an Essay Plan!

Essay planning is one of the most important skills I teach my students. When I have one-to-one tutorials with my students, I always send them off with an essay plan and clear goals about what to write.

Essay Planning isn’t as dull as you think. In fact, it really does only take a short amount of time and can make you feel oh so relieved that you know what you’re doing!

Here’s my 7-Step method that I encourage you to use for your next essay:

The 7-Step Guide on How to write an Essay Plan

  • Figure out your Essay Topic (5 minutes)
  • Gather your Sources and take Quick Notes (20 minutes)
  • Brainstorm using a Mind-Map (10 minutes)
  • Arrange your Topics (2 minutes)
  • Write your topic Sentences (5 minutes)
  • Write a No-Pressure Draft in 3 Hours (3 hours)
  • Edit your Draft Once every Few Days until Submission (30 minutes)

I’ve been using this 7-Step essay planning strategy since I was in my undergraduate degree. Now, I’ve completed a PhD and written over 20 academic journal articles and dozens of blog posts using this method – and it still works!

Let’s go through my 7 steps for how to write an essay plan.

Prefer to Watch than Read? Here’s our video on writing an Essay Plan.

how to write an essay plan

1. figure out your essay topic. here’s how..

Where did your teacher provide you with your assessment details?

Find it. This is where you begin.

Now, far, far, far too many students end up writing essays that aren’t relevant to the essay question given to you by your teacher. So print out your essay question and any other advice or guidelines provided by your teacher.

Here’s some things that your assessment details page might include:

  • The essay question;
  • The marking criteria;
  • Suggested sources to read;
  • Some background information on the topic

The essay question is really important. Once you’ve printed it I want you to do one thing:

Highlight the key phrases in the essay question.

Here’s some essay questions and the key phrases you’d want to highlight:

This strategy helps you to hone in on exactly what you want to talk about. These are the key phrases you’re going to use frequently in your writing and use when you look for sources to cite in your essay!

The other top thing to look at is the marking criteria. Some teachers don’t provide this, but if they do then make sure you pay attention to the marking criteria !

Here’s an example of a marking criteria sheet:

Sample Essay Topic: Is Climate Change the Greatest Moral Challenge of our Generation?

Now, if you have a marking criteria you really need to pay attention to this. You have to make sure you’ve ticked off all the key criteria that you will be marked on. For the example above, your essay is going to have to make sure it:

  • Takes a position about whether climate change is a serious challenge for human kind;
  • Discusses multiple different people’s views on the topic;
  • Explores examples and case studies (‘practical situations’);
  • Uses referencing to back up your points.

The reason you need to be really careful to pay attention to this marking criteria is because it is your cheat sheet: it tells you what to talk about!

Step 1 only takes you five minutes and helps you to clearly clarify what you’re going to be talking about! Now your mind is tuned in and you can start doing some preliminary research.

2. Gather your Sources and take Quick Notes. Here’s how.

Now that you know what your focus is, you can start finding some information to discuss. You don’t want to just write things from the top of your head. If you want top marks, you want some deep, detailed and specific pieces of information.

Fortunately, your teacher has probably made this easy for you.

The top source for finding information will be the resources your teacher provided. These resources were hand picked by your teacher because they believed these were the best sources available our there on the topic. Here are the most common resources teachers provide:

  • Lecture Slides;
  • Assigned Readings.

The lecture slides are one of the best resources for you to access. Lecture slides are usually provided online for you. Download them, save them on your computer, and dig them up when it’s time to write the essay plan.

Find the lecture slides most relevant to your topic. To take the example of our climate change essay, maybe climate change is only discussed in three of the weeks in your course. Those are the three weeks’ lecture slides you want to hone-in on.

Flick through those lecture slides and take quick notes on a piece of paper – what are the most important topics and statistics that are relevant to your essay question?

Now, move on to the assigned readings . Your teacher will have selected some readings for you to do for homework through the semester. They may be eBooks, Textbooks or Journal Articles.

These assigned readings were assigned for a reason: because they have very important information to read ! Scan through them and see if there’s any more points you can add to your list of statistics and key ideas to discuss.

Next, try to find a few more sources using Google Scholar. This is a great resource for finding more academic articles that you can read to find even more details and ideas to add to your essay.

Here’s my notes that I researched for the essay question “Is Climate Change the Greatest Moral Challenge of our Generation?” As you can see, it doesn’t have to be beautiful #Studygram notes! It’s just rough notes to get all the important information down:

sample of rough notes scrawled on paper

Once you’ve read the assigned lecture slides and readings, you should have a good preliminary list of ideas, topics, statistics and even quotes that you can use in step 3.

3. Brainstorm using a Mind-Map. Here’s how.

Do your initial notes look a little disorganized?

That’s okay. The point of Step 2 was to gather information. Now it’s time to start sorting these ideas in your mind.

The best way to organize thoughts is to create a Mind-Map. Here’s how Mind-Maps often look:

sample blank mind-map

For your essay plan Mind-Map, write the essay question in the middle of the page and draw a circle around it.

mind-map with essay question written in center

Then, select the biggest and most important key ideas that you think are worth discussing in the essay. To decide on these, you might want to look back at the notes you took in Step 2.

Each key idea will take up around about 200 – 350 words (1 to 2 sentences).

Here’s a rough guide for how many key ideas you’ll want depending on your essay length:

  • 1000-word essay: 3 to 4 key ideas
  • 1500-word essay: 5 to 7 key ideas
  • 2000-word essay: 6 to 8 key ideas
  • 3000-word essay: 9 to 12 key ideas

Once you’ve selected your key ideas you can list them in a circle around the essay question, just like this:

mind map with essay question and key ideas filled-in

Last, we need to add detail and depth to each key idea. So, draw more lines out from each key ideas and list:

  • Two sources that you will cite for each key idea;
  • A statistic or example that you will provide for each key idea;
  • Any additional interesting facts for each key idea

Here’s how it might look once you’re done:

completed mind-map

4. Arrange your Topics. Here’s how.

You’re well and truly on your way to getting your essay down on paper now.

There’s one last thing to do before you start getting words down on the manuscript that you will submit. You need to arrange your topics to decide which to write first, second, third, fourth, and last!

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Start and end with your strongest points;
  • Ensure the points logically flow.

To ensure your points logically flow, think about how you’re going to transition from one idea to the next . Does one key point need to be made first so that the other ones make sense?

Do two key points seem to fit next to one another? If so, make sure you list them side-by-side.

Have a play around with the order you want to discuss the ideas until you’re comfortable. Then, list them in order. Here’s my order for my Climate Change essay:

Each of these key ideas is going to turn into a paragraph or two (probably two) in the essay.

5. Write your topic Sentences in just 5 minutes. Here’s how.

All good essays have clear paragraphs that start with a topic sentence . To turn these brainstormed key points into an essay, you need to get that list you wrote in Step 5 and turn each point into a topic sentence for a paragraph.

It’s important that the first sentence of each paragraph clearly states the paragraph’s topic. Your marker is going to want to know exactly what your paragraph is about immediately. You don’t want your marker to wait until the 3 rd , 4 th or 5 th line of a paragraph before they figure out what you’re talking about in the paragraph.

So, you need to state what your key idea is in the first sentence of the paragraph.

Let’s have a go at turning each of our key ideas into a topic sentence:

6. Write a No-Pressure Essay Draft in just 3 Hours. Here’s how.

Okay, now the rubber hits the road. Let’s get writing!

When you write your first draft, don’t put pressure on yourself. Remind yourself that this is the first of several attempts at creating a great essay, so it doesn’t need to be perfect right away. The important thing is that you get words down on paper.

To write the draft, have a go at adding to each of your topic sentences to turn them into full paragraphs. Follow the information you wrote down in your notes and Mind-Map to get some great details down on paper.

Forget about the introduction and conclusion for now. You can write them last.

Let’s have a go at one together. I’m going to choose the paragraph on my key idea “Is climate change caused by humans?”

I’ve already got my first sentence and my brainstormed ideas. Let’s build on them to write a draft paragraph:

screenshot of a section of a mind map displaying key ideas for the essay

  • “Most scientists believe climate change is caused by humans. In fact, according to the IPCC, over 98% of climate change scientists accept the scientific data that climate change is caused by humans (IPCC, 2018). This figure is very high, signalling overwhelming expert consensus. This consensus holds that the emission of carbon from burning of fossil fuels in the 20 th Century is trapping heat into the atmosphere. However, a minority of dissenting scientists continue to claim that this carbon build-up is mostly the fault of natural forces such as volcanoes which emit enormous amounts of carbon into the atmosphere (Bier, 2013).”

Your turn – have a go at your own draft paragraphs based on your Mind-Map for your essay topic! If you hit a rut or have some trouble, don’t forget to check out our article on how to write perfect paragraphs .

Once you’ve written all your paragraphs, make sure you write an introduction and conclusion .

Gone over the word count? Check out our article on how to reduce your word count.

7. Edit your Draft Once every Few Days until Submission. Check out this simple approach:

Okay, hopefully after your three hour essay drafting session you’ve got all your words down on paper. Congratulations!

However, we’re not done yet.

The best students finish their drafts early on so they have a good three or four weeks to come back and re-read their draft and edit it every few days.

When coming back to edit your draft , here’s a few things to look out for:

  • Make sure all the paragraph and sentence structure makes sense. Feel free to change words around until things sound right. You might find that the first time you edit something it sounds great, but next time you realize it’s not as good as you thought. That’s why we do multiple rounds of edits over the course of a few weeks;
  • Check for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors;
  • Print out your draft and read it on paper. You notice more mistakes when you read a printed-out version;
  • Work on adding any more details and academic sources from online sources like Google Scholar to increase your chance of getting a top grade. Here’s our ultimate guide on finding scholarly sources online – it might be helpful for this step!

Before you go – Here’s the Actionable Essay Plan Tips Summed up for you

Phew! That essay was tough. But with this essay plan, you can get through any essay and do a stellar job! Essay planning is a great way to ensure your essays make sense, have a clear and compelling argument, and don’t go off-topic.

I never write an essay without one.

To sum up, here are the 7 steps to essay planning one more time:

The 7-Step Guide for How to Write an Essay Plan


Chris Drew (PhD)

Dr. Chris Drew is the founder of the Helpful Professor. He holds a PhD in education and has published over 20 articles in scholarly journals. He is the former editor of the Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education. [Image Descriptor: Photo of Chris]

  • Chris Drew (PhD) 5 Top Tips for Succeeding at University
  • Chris Drew (PhD) 50 Durable Goods Examples
  • Chris Drew (PhD) 100 Consumer Goods Examples
  • Chris Drew (PhD) 30 Globalization Pros and Cons

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Essay on my plans for summer vacation for Children and Students

plan for holiday essay

Table of Contents

There is something really exhilarating about the idea of summer vacations. It is the long vacation and the relief from school and studies. It is the best time to relax, enjoy play games and practice some fun and creative activities.

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Summer vacation brings along with it ample of opportunities to enjoy, relax and have fun. We do not have a boring routine during this time period and can plan and enjoy the way we want. The days are full of energy for adventures and activities. Here are essays of varying lengths on My Plans for Summer Vacation to help you with the topic in your exam.

Long and Short Essay on My Plans for Summer Vacation in English

We have provided below short and long essay on my plans for summer vacation in English.

The essays have been written in simple yet effective English for your information and knowledge.

You will find it easy to remember the essays and present them at appropriate time. After going through these my plans for summer vacation essay you will know about my plans for summer holiday, tips to plan summer vacation, what trip have I planned on vacation etc.

The essays will be helpful in your school assignments when you have to write an essay or give an speech on your plans for summer vacation.

Essay on How I Plan to Spend My Summer Vacation – 1 (200 words)

Summer vacation is the most interesting period of the year since there is no school, no need to wake up early and no studies. After working hard for the whole year we eagerly await summer vacations. It is a sigh of relief when we are done with our final exams. This summer I plan to engage myself in activities that will relax my mind and body. I am really planning to wake up late every morning first of all.

I am going to engage myself in Yoga as I am a fitness freak and Yoga strengthens your mind and body and sets you up for wellness. I love the whole concept of Yoga. It’s more than just physical exercise, it has spiritual and meditative core. Another activity that I am planning to engage in is ballet dance. I would love to practice classical ballet this summer.

It requires a special training and summer vacation is the best period for engaging in something I love. This year I won’t be going for any trip. I and my siblings are only planning to get more creative and fit for a more productive and fun year ahead. We are all quite excited about the summer vacations and have chosen our activities as per our choice.

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Essay on My Plan for Summer Holidays – 2 (300 words)

Summer holidays are always special and super fun. Summer vacations mean no school, no studies and a break from the boring routine. I really love village life and miss my grandparents so I always make sure to visit my grandparents in village during my summer holidays.

I am super excited as I will visit my grandparents in the village Dharagiri, 5 km away from Navsari, with my family this summer vacation. I feel very eager and happy to visit my native place since I get a chance to meet my grandparents, other relatives and cousins. My grandparent’s house in the village is surrounded with the trees of mango, coconut, chikoo, guava, pomegranate and several other fruits and vegetables. I love plucking fresh fruits and enjoy eating them. I am especially fond of mangoes. My maternal aunt cooks delicious traditional recipes for us. The taste and aroma of the food is amazing and we enjoy it with delight.

The greenery, scenic beauty and the fresh air of village gives such a soothing effect. During my stay at village, I love exploring different places with my siblings. We play several games, swing on the roots of the banyan trees and walk by the riverside to get wet and play in the water. We also go for field trip with my maternal uncle and ride horses. The life in village is full of fun and activities. It never gets boring and I realize that I never watch TV or play games on the cell phones when in village. The days I spend in the village are always the most memorable days of my life.

Even this year, I plan to visit my grandparents in village and meet my relatives there. It is a great pleasure to enjoy the scenic beauty of the village and breathe some fresh air. It is relaxing and rejuvenating to be away from the city pollution.

Essay on My Plans for Summer Vacation – 3 (400 words)


My plans for summer vacations include a long list of fun activities. Summer vacations mean no school, no waking up early from bed, no homework and no boring routine. All I plan is fun and adventure.

Here are some plans that I have for this summer vacation. I will not miss these at any cost:

  • I love driving with my mom to the Holiday Club we are members of and have a pool party there with my friends that come along. I and my friends enjoy swimming and playing pool games. My mom orders cup cakes and milk shake for us. We have been doing this since the last few years and this is our fixed plan for Saturdays and Sundays during this summer vacation.
  • My dad has just got a new DSLR camera last month so I am planning to try my hands on it. It is going to be super fun to learn photography from my dad during the summer vacation. I love taking pictures of the local people and beautiful landscapes I explore.
  • We are also planning a short family trip to Goa to chill at the beach side this summer vacation. I am a huge fan of Goa and love exploring the local markets for shopping. I love going to the beach early in the morning to get wet and later taking sunbath since mom says sunlight is the best source of vitamin D.
  • I love reading and writing. So, I have some of my favorite books to be read during the summer vacations. I mostly enjoy reading love stories. I also love writing short stories and poems so I plan to write a few this vacation in my free time.
  • I will also enroll myself at music classes this summer vacation as I wish to learn to play piano. I love listening and playing music in my free time and am planning to practice more in this summer vacation.
  • I also plan to learn cooking some delicious recipes from my mom during vacations. This time I am planning to learn some cup cake recipes. I love experimenting in the kitchen and cooking some easy recipes.

So, I am all set and super excited for my summer vacations and have so many plans. I will stick to all these plans to make the most of my summer vacations. It is surely going to be fun, interesting and full of energy.

Essay on How to Plan for Summer Vacation – 4 (500 words)

We are already getting the summer vacation itch and dreaming of the beach days and adventure trips. It’s important that the summer vacations pass by in a fun and productive manner. With a bit of planning we can ensure a creative and memorable vacation. There are many activities we can engage in during summer vacations.

Tips to Plan Summer Vacations

Here are some simple yet useful tips to plan summer vacations:

  • Plan your summer vacations wisely by using it for various activities, camps and trips.
  • Make sure you don’t waste your time and don’t delay your plans.
  • Make a list of your plans and schedule them properly.
  • Mark in the calendar for the days you want to go for a trip or camp.
  • Plan a schedule for activities such as swimming and hiking.
  • Join hobby classes immediately to learn something new by the end of your vacations.
  • Think about the activities you want to engage in and try to indulge in them during summer vacations.

Summer Vacation Ideas

Here are some ideas to plan summer vacations:

  • Planning a Trip: Plan a short trip to your favorite location to relax and rejuvenate yourself after the yearlong labor. Choose any new or your favorite location to travel and have fun with family.
  • Summer Camp: Summer vacation is the best time to stay active and enjoy with friends. Do a bit of research in the local news papers and magazines to find out about various summer camps and choose the one that best suits your interests.
  • Go Swimming: It feels great to go swimming in the cool pool water for relaxing and rejuvenating during hot summer days. I enjoy going for swimming with friends and playing pool games.
  • Hobby Classes: Try learning something new and fun. Join hobby classes like singing, dancing, painting, photography or whatever activity interests you. This will be the most fun way to spend your vacation doing what you actually love.
  • Enjoy Nature: During school days we don’t get enough time to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature. Summer vacation is the best time to take a long walk in nature and smell some roses or plan a camp in the local park with siblings and friends.
  • Classic Film and Shows: If you are spending the vacations at home the best way is to rediscover classic films and TV shows. Organize a pajama party and enjoy your favourite movies and shows.
  • Explore the Options in the City: Get out and get going, explore your city clubs, art and science museums and parks etc. If you love shopping visit malls and your favorite shopping stores with your friends and check out for the new collections.
  • Go Biking: It is super fun to go biking in nature to enjoy the weather. It is also the best exercise for your body. You can also visit your friends riding a bike.

Pump up yourself for fun and adventure during summer vacations. Make it more active and interesting so that you don’t regret when your friends share their super cool vacation activities with you. Have a great summer!

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Essay on Planning for a Summer Vacation – 5 (600 words)

Summer vacations are great to go for trips or learn something new and exciting instead of mindlessly sitting in front of the idiot box and doing nothing at all. It’s very important to plan ahead for a more fun and creative vacation.

Mark out the days in the calendar that you plan to go for a trip. If you have some plans lined up within the town or some relatives visiting during the vacation then make a note of those days in the calendar. This will give you a clear idea of the busy days so you can plan your vacation accordingly.

Planning for Summer Vacation

Plan a Trip: The best part about summer vacations is that you can plan a long or short trip to relax. Plan a trip to your favorite location. Do a bit of online research to choose from the various beautiful locations. Plan a budget for transport, hotels, food and drink costs, shopping, rides and whatever else you are going to need for your trip. Here are some tips to plan your trip efficiently. Choose the trip and location that best suits your interest and budget.

  • Book your tickets in advance as nothing is more frustrating than a delayed trip. The best part is that you get great discounts while booking tickets online in advance. It is easy to search and book flight tickets online. You can compare the flight fares on several sites available online.
  • Not only flights but you can also book hotels online in advance. You can choose from a range of hotels and services as per your choice and comfort. Also, you can compare prices and get great discounts when you book hotels online in advance. Do your research and always check the services and the pictures of the hotel rooms and ambiance before booking.
  • You should pack your bags at least one day earlier than you travel. Pack the clothing, shoes and accessories that are appropriate for the location and climate. Don’t forget to carry your cameras, selfie sticks, hats, sunglasses, binoculars, iPods etc. for a fun vacation. Also, make sure you pack the medications that you might need on trip. And you are all set to go for a fun vacation.

Summer Camp: Summer camp is a great way to play and enjoy with friends and at the same time stay active. It feels great to spend time outdoors in the summers and make new friends.

  • You can choose the camp as per your choice from the several available camps such as sport focused camps, day camps, artistic camps, sleep away camps, etc.
  • Search in the local magazines or newspapers for the upcoming summer camps. Sign up early for the camps so that you don’t miss the spot.

Go Hiking: Summer is the best time to engage in outdoor and adventurous activities as the days are longer. You can go hiking at the local trail and stay active. It is a great way to stay fit and have fun.

  • Dress appropriately for such activities in comfortable and sporty clothes, caps and sports shoes.
  • Pack your bags with healthy food and water bottles.
  • Find local trails by visiting local nature centers, contacting local parks or doing a bit of online search.

Make a Reading List: If you have some of your favorite books pending to be read since quite a long time then summer vacation is the best time you can start reading.

  • You can order some new books online or download e-books on your PC to read them.
  • Try visiting local libraries to explore the range of books.

So, there are many ways we can enjoy the summer vacations instead of wasting it by sitting at home and doing nothing at all we can make it more interesting and productive.

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My Plan for Summer Holidays

Essays Essay on My Plan for Summer Holidays , Essay on Summer Holidays , kodaikanal , My Plan for Summer Holidays , My Summer Holidays , Summer vacation , Yoga 1

Last Updated on October 21, 2020

My Plan for Summer Holidays :

  • This summer holiday is going to be a special one for me
  • I am planning to meet my grandmother during this summer holiday
  • It’s been 2 years since I met her
  • I miss her and she is waiting for me with a special gift
  • I am very eager to spend my holiday with my grandmother

My Plan for Summer Holidays : (Short Essay)

Holidays are very exciting and it is quite normal that everyone is excited about summer holidays. This year, we have planned a long trip to Kodaikanal. Kodaikanal is a very nice place and one of the most beautiful hill stations in the world. Since it is already hot this year, I think our plan to Kodaikanal during the Summer Holidays is going to be an enjoyable one. We have planned to stay in a cottage and visit all the most famous tourist destinations in Kodaikanal. I hope the weather in Kodaikanal while we reach there is going to be favorable for us.

My Plan for Summer Holidays : (Brief Essay)

All these years, I have spent my summer holiday going out to trips. This year I have planned to make it a productive holiday time.

I am going to focus on 2 things during my summer holidays this year. One is yoga and another is my favorite hobby gardening. My father always used to tell me that Yoga is a great art; one who practices Yoga will be able to increase his/her concentration power. In order to improve my focus on studies, I have decided to go to Yoga Classes this year during holidays. The Local “Yoga for Youth” Organization conducts free sessions for school students every year, especially during summer holidays. I have enrolled my name for this program and 2 of my friends are joining me for the same.

The next thing that I am planning to do is gardening. Gardening has been an interest for me; but since I have dance classes every evening after school I couldn’t involve myself in gardening. So I have planned to design a garden myself and give all my time during Summer Holidays. Within a month or 2 I am sure that the garden will be all set so that I can spend little time to preserve all the plants and trees once the school reopens. I am looking for rare plants that are herbal in value and good for the environment. Once my garden works are done, I am planning to build a fence around.

Both these tasks have been my plan ever since last summer holidays were about to end without any big achievement. So no matter what, I have planned to prioritize these 2 things and be a better person when I move to the next class.

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superb and useful

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Essay on My Dream Holiday

Students are often asked to write an essay on My Dream Holiday in their schools and colleges. And if you’re also looking for the same, we have created 100-word, 250-word, and 500-word essays on the topic.

Let’s take a look…

100 Words Essay on My Dream Holiday

My dream vacation.

Imagine a holiday where the sun shines on a sandy beach and the sea gently touches your feet. This is my dream holiday, a place where I can relax and play without any worries.

The Perfect Location

My ideal spot is a quiet island with clear blue waters and tall palm trees. I can build sandcastles, swim, and enjoy tasty fruits. It’s a peaceful place where I can read books and listen to the waves.

Fun Activities

I would love to snorkel and see colorful fish. In the evenings, I’d sit by a campfire, roast marshmallows, and watch the stars. This holiday would be a time to make happy memories.

250 Words Essay on My Dream Holiday

My perfect vacation.

Everyone loves a good holiday, a time to take a break from school or work and enjoy life. My dream holiday is simple but very special to me. It would be a trip to a place where the sun shines bright, the water is warm, and the sand feels soft under my feet. Yes, my ideal vacation is at the beach!

Imagine waking up to the sound of waves every morning. That’s exactly what I want. A cozy little beach house would be my home for a week. I would spend my days building sandcastles, swimming in the sea, and searching for pretty shells along the shore. The beach is the best place to relax and have fun.

I would not just lie on the beach all day. I would also try new things like learning to surf or going snorkeling to see colorful fish. Maybe I would even go on a boat ride. Playing beach volleyball with new friends could be a great way to spend the afternoon.

Food and Family

No dream holiday is complete without delicious food. I imagine eating lots of fresh fruits and seafood. Sharing these meals with my family would make the holiday even better. We would have picnics on the beach and watch the sunset together.

Memories to Keep

At the end of my holiday, I would have a bag full of shells, a camera full of pictures, and a heart full of memories. This simple beach holiday might not seem like much, but for me, it would be perfect. It’s all about the joy, the peace, and the time spent with loved ones. That’s my dream holiday.

500 Words Essay on My Dream Holiday

Introduction to my dream holiday.

Everyone loves holidays because they are times when we can relax, enjoy ourselves, and forget about our daily problems. My dream holiday is a perfect mix of adventure, relaxation, and learning new things. In this essay, I will share with you what my dream holiday looks like.

The Perfect Destination

My dream holiday would be in a place where the sun is bright, the beaches are golden, and the sea is as blue as the sky. I imagine it to be on a tropical island with palm trees where I can hear the sound of waves and feel the soft sand under my feet. The weather would be just right, not too hot and not too cold, perfect for spending all day outside.

On this holiday, I would do lots of fun things. In the mornings, I would go swimming in the clear blue sea. After that, I would build sandcastles on the beach or maybe even find a friendly dolphin to swim with! I would also like to try snorkeling to see the colorful fish and beautiful coral reefs under the water. In the afternoon, I would go on a boat trip around the island and maybe even try fishing.

Learning New Things

Holidays are not just for fun; they are also for learning new things. On my dream holiday, I would learn to cook local dishes. I would visit the markets to see all the different fruits, vegetables, and fish that I have never seen before. I would ask the local people to teach me some words in their language too. That way, I can make new friends and learn about their way of life.

Relaxing Times

After a day full of activities, I would need some time to relax. I would lie in a hammock, read my favorite book, or just watch the sun go down. At night, I would have dinner under the stars and listen to the sound of the sea. I think it’s important to have quiet times like this to think and to rest.

Sharing the Experience

The best part of my dream holiday would be sharing it with my family. We would play games together on the beach, share our new experiences, and make memories that we would keep forever. I believe that sharing happy times with loved ones makes them even more special.

In conclusion, my dream holiday is a mix of sun, sea, and sand, with lots of fun activities, learning, and relaxing. It’s a time to escape from the usual routine, to explore new places, and to spend quality time with my family. I hope one day I can turn this dream into a reality and have the best holiday ever.

That’s it! I hope the essay helped you.

If you’re looking for more, here are essays on other interesting topics:

  • Essay on Favourite Dress Salwar Kameez
  • Essay on My Christmas Celebration
  • Essay on My Childhood Days

Apart from these, you can look at all the essays by clicking here .

Happy studying!

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Paragraph on My Plans for Summer Vacation

The long-awaited summer vacation is the source of joy for kids; they love to be at home, watching TV, and other favorite activities. Everyone has a special plan to spend the entire summer. We have created some of the paragraphs on the Plans one could make in summer break. Kindly go through it as per your needs.

Short and Long Paragraphs on My Plans for Summer Vacation

Paragraph 1 – 100 words.

Every student eagerly waits for summer vacation. My summer vacation will be started next week. The joy of not attending school for the next couple of days is filling a thrill inside me. I have planned a productive summer vacation for me this year. I have planned to wake up late in the morning. The happiness of finding every day like Sunday is the best part of this long vacation.

I have planned to join the Music class on summer vacation. I have also planned to make a routine of regular cycling during the entire summer break. One of my favorite cousins’ elder brother promised me to visit me. I am literally so excited about my summer break.

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words

I have amazing plans for my summer vacation. I have promised my parents to join them in the morning or evening walk on a regular basis. The special part of my summer vacation plan is the swimming Classes. My father has enrolled me in swimming classes. For a long time, I want to learn swimming. This summer I will fulfill my wish of swimming.

In the evening, I will play badminton and other games with my dear friends. I have got projects and craftwork in homework. I will utilize some time for my summer vacation homework. My mother has promised me to subscribe to two additional television channels. I love watching TV. My uncles’ family will come to visit us on this vacation, I am happy to hear this. I love spending time with my cousins.

Paragraph 3 – 150 Words

Summer Vacation is the longest break in an academic year. For me, Summer Vacation is like bliss. It is the best time for meeting friends and spending a good time with them. In my building, there is a total of fifteen kids like me. Our parents happily allow us to participate in outdoor activities.

This summer I have planned to play regularly with my friends. I love Football, there is a garden near my building, and we happily play over there. It will sound childish but I still love games like Hide and Seek. It is a very simple game, which includes no equipment.

This summer probably I will not go for a trip due to my parent’s busy schedule, but they have promised me to take me to my grandparents’ place. The best part about my grandparent’s place is the greenery and it’s like I am in nature’s lap. I will definitely go there and carry my homework and some comics with me.

Paragraph 4 – 200 Words

Summer Vacation is really very refreshing time for me. This summer vacation is going to be special for me, as my parents have planned a trip to Manali. It will be seven days trip. I am really excited to watch the scenic beauty of the hills.

We have booked our tickets to Manali. The plan is divided into three small destinations of Chandigarh and Delhi, we will spend one day in Chandigarh and in Delhi, there we will go for sightseeing and after the Chandigarh site visit; we will take a car for Manali. For the next six days, we will be in Manali and we have planned to visit Rohtang Pass, Manikaran, Hidimba Devi Temple and markets.

Last year we went to visit Mumbai and Lonavala. So for a change, my father planned a trip to the mountains. I have planned to click lots of pictures. I love photography, capturing the snowcapped mountains is my all-time wish.

For the rest of the summer, I will join the skateboarding classes. My mother has hired a mathematics teacher for me, as I have a little fear of mathematics. He will help me with my Maths homework too. I have purchased a bunch of Comics, I will spend lazy noon of summer with my comics. Before my next academic session, I want to collect all the good memories with my family and friends.

Paragraph 5 – 250 Words

The best part of vacations is not getting up early in the morning. Summer Vacation is a happy phase for every kid. I am Nisha and I am 11 years old, this year I have planned a fun vacation.

I have planned to join the summer camp organized by my school. I have enrolled one week before my classes are going to be suspended. My parents permitted to join me in camp because of the learning activities. They trust my school committee so they allowed me joins. It’s a fifteen days camp at my school premises and the best part is that they will provide us four trips to a nearby zoo, water park, museum, and amusement park. I am so excited to visit such fun places with my school friends.

After the summer camp, I have decided to complete my homework. I will spend a lot of time with my parents. For a long time, my parents want me to join yoga classes. I will attend the yoga classes in the evening with my mother.

We are going to plan a short trip to my aunt’s place. The best part about visiting my aunt’s place is fun activities with cousins. They are very humble and jovial kids, they also eagerly waist for us to join their vacation. All these fun activities will make my summer vacation fruitful. I want to explore more and more recreational moments with my friends and family.

The super exciting part of this summer is one of my favorite movies is going to be released in May. I have already told to my mom; she has promised me to allow me to watch this movie with my friends.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. In Summer vacations we can go to hill stations, parks and on trips.

Ans. Students love summer vacation because they play and enjoy their whole time.

Ans. In summer vacations, activities like playing, studying and learning new things can be done.

Ans. Schools organize summer camps for entertainment of students.

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Essay on Holiday

The word ‘Holiday’ catches the fancy of everyone, be she/he related to any walk of life. Professional love it and children pray for it. When it comes to holiday every grown up and working person becomes a child. Tell them that the holiday has been cancelled and they will be as sad as a child who just broke a toy. It the below essays on holiday you will learn a lot of things related to holiday.

Short and Long Essay on Holiday in English

Essay on Holiday for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and class 12 in English in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500 words. Also find short Holiday essay 10 lines.

Holiday Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Holidays are days for which everyone eagerly waits.

2) A holiday is a break from daily hectic routines.

3) Holidays are necessary to feel relaxed and free.

4) Most people enjoy their holidays with friends while some choose to relax at home.

5) The holiday allows you to spend time with your loved ones.

6) Children love the holiday because they are free from school and homework.

7) Professionals love holidays because they get time to relax at home.

8) Holidays are important for your mental health.

9) Most of the holidays are given at the time of occasions and festivals.

10) The national holiday, gazette holidays, public holidays, etc are some types of holidays.

Short Essay on Holiday (200 – 250 Words)


Holiday is a day or few days off from routine everyday schedule. It is equally loved by students as well as working people. Holidays could be beneficial to us in several ways when they are spent in good activities.

Why are Holidays Good for Us?

Holidays are natural stress relievers. If you are stressed out due to routine school schedule or office assignments, a holiday comes as a big relief. It relaxes your mind and body, giving much needed rest.

It also gives you time to spend with your family and friends, something which isn’t possible on normal working days. Spending quality time with your loved ones and close friends, revive your bonding and improves mutual understanding.

A holiday also helps you to regain energy for working days ahead. You are reenergized to rejoin school or office, in a more positive and happy mood.

How to Spend Holidays?

There are lots of things that could be done on a holiday, depending on its duration. If the holiday is short, that is, suppose for a day, you can plan a trip with your family nearby or watch a movie. If the holiday is longer, you can plan to visit your distant cousins or could go to your paternal or maternal grandparents.

It is undoubtedly clear that we all love holidays, irrespective of our age or profession. Everyone should agree that the best day of the week is Sunday. There is no one who could deny that. The point of concern is that whether Sunday or any other holiday, you should spend it in such a way so that it makes you and your family and friends happier and reenergized.

Essay 2 (400 Words)

The word ‘Holiday’ fills our heart with joy and pleasure. We all want a holiday to arrive as soon as possible so that we get time to relax and play. In the essay, we will discuss about why we love holidays and how can we spend it?

Why do we Love Holidays?

We love holidays because we get time free from homework and deadlines and do whatever we want to do. Everyone, whether young or old, likes to have time to relax and enjoy it. This makes holidays the most loved and rather celebrated days on the calendar.

Everyone loves holidays for his/her own reasons. Students love holidays because they get time to play with friends or go on a picnic with the family. Father, in the house loves holidays as he gets free time from a boring routine office job. Housewives love holidays because they get to see their family together and spend time with them. Grandparents also love holidays as they get time to play with and tell; stories to their beloved grandchildren. Everyone has one reason or the other to love holidays.

How to Spend Holidays at Home

Well you can plan a lot of outdoor activities on a holiday, like playing an outdoor game or a picnic or a visit to the market. But, for some reason you can’t leave home, don’t get disheartened. There are several things that you can still do inside the house to spend your holiday. There are several indoor games like ludo, chess, and carom that you can play with your family members. It will give you time to enjoy and also sharp your brain, making you wiser.

You can simply sit down and relax with other family members. Listen to the stories told by your grandparents. You are lucky if they stay with you and you must respect them and give time to them. Moreover, you can also help your mother in the kitchen or water the plants. Though, they are small acts, they will make you content and happy in the end. It is not necessary that one spends the holiday celebrating big; even small things done within the confines of your house will make you happy.

Holidays are the most loves and important events in a person’s life. It is a very important and refreshing in its own way for everyone. Whatever you do on a holiday, you should do it with happiness and joy not to mention respect for your elders.

Essay 3 (600 Words)

We all love holidays irrespective of whether it is a long vacation or a short holiday. It gives us some time at our leisure and away from the boring everyday schedule of work and deadlines. Whether students or working professionals, holidays are welcomed by everyone and are equally important for all.

Importance of Holidays for Students

We all know that students have to cope with a lot of competition these days. They barely get any time to play and have a lot of homework and assignments to complete every day. Routine tests and exams don’t leave enough time for other extracurricular activities.

It is true that studies are important; nevertheless, play and social interaction is as much important for the students. Sadly, students don’t get to spend enough time with their family and friends, forget the play. A holiday is a time when students can relax and spend time with their family. They can also go on a picnic, watch a movie or do whatever they want. If anyone doesn’t want to move out, they can at least stay home with their parents and siblings and discuss about their studies and other issues.

It is also time to round up your friends and play with them for longer hours than usual. During a holiday you get to play more than other days as you don’t have to go to school or do homework.

Importance of Holidays for Working Professionals

Working professionals also love holidays as much as the students do. Life at the office is stressful and demands a dedicated work for at least eight to nine hours or sometimes even more than that. This is common with most of the offices. After office hours, people get so much tired that they barely manage to take dinner and go to sleep. Worse, the same cycle of events continues for weeks over weeks with just one exception – Sunday.

It’s not hard to guess how much important a Sunday or any other holiday, for that matter, is for someone who has to follow strict office routine and meet deadlines, six days a week. Sunday is the most awaited day of the week by every office goer. They get the time to spend with their family, with their children, go on a picnic with them or just take them to a local market. There are hundreds of things that professionals dream of doing in one single day. Like a Sunday any other holiday is also most welcomed and awaited.

Benefits of Holidays

Following are the benefits of holidays on a person be it student or working professional or businessman alike.

  • Holidays act as natural stress busters.
  • Provide a free time to spend with your family and friends.
  • Children get a free time to play and celebrate.
  • Give you time to read the book you have wanted to read.
  • If you like you can also complete any pending work either of school or office.
  • Gives time to chat with old friends over phone.
  • You play and stay happy which is good for health.
  • A time to make future plans and start implementing them.
  • Socialize by visiting friends and relatives.
  • Watch your favorite movie with family and friends.
  • Holidays recharge you for oncoming working days.

Holiday is your own time that you can spend the way you want. Whether you want to spend it on partying and playing or by reading a book; the choice is yours. One thing is for sure, is that, everyone whether students or professionals, love holidays for more than one good reason.

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Essay on Holiday

Holiday is a day when a person is given a day off from his/her everyday work and responsibility. Holiday in school means suspension of classes while holiday in an office means that there will be no usual activities carried out like other days and the employees are exempted from work and need not come. However, once the holiday is over, everyone gets to work as before. Holiday is like a day or longer break which provides much needed rest to the people or students over burdened with workload or assignments. It rejuvenates us, making us ready for the work days ahead, till the arrival of next holiday.

Long and Short Long and Short Essay on Holiday in English

Holidays hold a special place in everyone’s life.

No matter how old we are or what profession we are involved in we always look forward to holidays.

Here are various essay on Holiday under different words limit to help you with the same whenever you need.

You can select any of the holiday essay given below as per your choice:

Holiday Essay 1 (200 words)

School days are said to be the best part of a person’s life. Though there is a lot of study pressure on the students, it offers a number of other aspects to cherish throughout lives. Among other things, the summer, winter and autumn breaks that students get during their academic session are the best part of their journey. Students are lucky to get several holidays during the year. They get ample time to relax, indulge in their hobbies and go on holiday trips.

With the five days week culture creeping in the corporate sector these days working people are also able to plan holiday trips every now and then. Saturday and Sunday coupled with one holiday makes for a good weekend outing. Working professionals these days are required to work for 9-10 hours a day. Such hectic working hours often result in stress and can lead to health issues. Holidays offer a respite from this hectic routine. It is a time to relax and rejuvenate. It is also a time to bond with family and friends.

Holidays indeed hold a special importance for every person. Besides indulging in different activities you must also take out enough time to take rest and relax during your holidays.

Holiday Essay 2 (300 words)


A student’s life revolves around homework, exam preparation and tests. So basically studies, studies and more studies. We go to school then go to the coaching centre and then study at home. There is hardly any time for other activities especially in the higher classes. Sundays come as a respite but mostly there is some or the other test scheduled for Monday so we cannot escape studies even for a single day in a week.

My Fond Memories of My Summer Holidays

Summer holidays are the best time of the year for every student. We plan a family trip during our summer vacations every year. Our family trip is the best part of these holidays and I always look forward to it. Most of the times the four of us that is my father, mother, brother and I go on these trips but many times my cousins also join us. These trips are always full of fun. Last year, we went to Ooty and Mysore for six days. Both the places were spectacular.

Ooty was particularly awesome. These places encompass many beautiful gardens and marvellous edifices. We went for sight-seeing, had scrumptious food and spent quality time with each other. It was a great experience. It was one of the best family trips we had every gone for. It was also the longest one. We often plan holidays only for 2-3 days but this one was for 6 days and was thus more fun. I cherish the days spent there. These are my fondest memories of my summer holidays.

Holidays are a good time to take a break from the routine. It is the time to indulge in our hobbies, meet our old friends and extended family members. However, we must not let our studies take a back seat during this time. We must devote some time to studies even during our holidays.

Holiday Essay 3 (400 words)

Holidays are a time to be with the family and friends. It is also the time to indulge in our favourite sport or pursue our hobbies. We make numerous plans for our holidays but most of them are not fulfilled. One of the main reasons for this is procrastination. We want to do a lot during our holidays but usually get lazy and vile away the time only to regret at the end of the holidays.

Ways to Make the Most of Your Holidays?

Here are a few ways to make the most of your holidays to get back to work with fresh mind.

  • Don’t Leave Your Work

Holiday is not a time to take a break from your studies or work in fact it is the time to improvise on these things. If you leave your work or study during your holidays (especially during long vacations) you will find it very difficult to get back with it as you resume your office/ school. This will create dissatisfaction and you will yearn for another holiday to set things right. So why not keep things managed during your break and get back to work with confidence and enthusiasm.

Now, don’t over indulge in your work. Just squeeze in an hour or two each day for the same so that you stay in touch.

  • Follow Your Hobby/ Interest

It is a good idea to join a hobby class. Indulge in anything of your choice such as dancing, swimming, yoga, painting, sketching or music. Take-up a short course for a week or 10 days depending on the number of holidays you have.

  • Meet Friends and Relatives

Socializing is very important. We don’t get enough time to visit our friends and relatives due to our hectic routine. But we can certainly do so during our holidays. So take out time to meet them.

  • Go on a Trip

Go for a trip with your family or friends to take a break from your routine life. Trips are refreshing. I always make it a point to go for one trip each during my summer and winter holidays.

  • Spend Time with Your Family

Most importantly, spend time with your family. Family always comes first! So, you must spend quality time with each of your family members. Spend time with your grandparents, parents and siblings to strengthen your bond.

Holidays are a great time to bond with family and friends. It is also a time to follow your interests and rejuvenate yourself. So, make the most of this time.

Holiday Essay 4 (500 words)

Holidays hold immense importance in a person’s life. Be it a student, a working professional or a businessman – everyone wants a break from their work. Holidays provide this much awaited break. They are also important for many other reasons.

Importance of Holidays for Students

Holidays are a time when we can finally take a break from our otherwise hectic routine and follow our hobbies and interests. I always make it a point to join a hobby course during holidays. I love art and craft and thus join different art and craft classes to hone my skills in the same. Last year, I joined glass painting classes, prior to that I joined pottery classes and this year I am planning to learn the art of candle making. My friends also join different classes as per their interest. Some of them join dance classes, others join vocal/ instrumental music while yet others join sports such as skating, swimming and basket ball.

Holidays are also a time when we can socialize with friends and relatives and spend time with our family. I love family outings. We plan at least one family trip during summer vacations. I am also allowed to go over to my friends place to spend the day every once in a while. I also love the time when my cousins come over to stay at my place. Those days are particularly the best part of the summer vacations.

Most importantly, holidays are a time when we can relax and understand how to improve our skills to perform better in our exams as well as other activities. I make sure that I set aside at least 2-3 hours a day to study during the vacations. This helps me keep pace with my studies as I join back.

Importance of Holidays for Working People

Working professionals and businessmen also yearn for holidays. But they do not get long vacations like the school and college going kids. However, whatever little break they get they must make the most of it by indulging in the activity of their choice.

Working professionals mostly have long working hours these days. Many people even require working after they get back home from their work place. This hectic professional life often takes a toll on their personal life. They are hardly able to spend any time with their family members and this result in conflicts and strained relationships. Holidays give them an opportunity to spend time with their family to strengthen the bond. It is a good idea to plan a family vacation. Socializing is also very important and this can also be done during holidays as the hectic work routine does not allow any room for it during the regular days. It is a good time to meet one’s friends and relatives. Holidays are also a time to relax and focus on one’s physical as well as mental health.

Holidays are important as they help in maintaining a balance between our personal and professional life. We must spend them wisely to make the most of them.

Holiday Essay 5 (600 words)

Holidays are the best time of the year. I always look forward to my summer holidays as these are the longest holidays we students get during the year. I mostly spend them with my family and extended family. My parents also allow me to go on a few outings with friends as a reward if I study and behave well during the holidays.

My First Holiday with School Friends

Until 5 th grade my parents did not allow me to go for school trips but as I entered my 6 th grade I got this chance. My school had organized a three day trip to Shimla during the summer vacations. Many of my friends filled the consent to go for the trip. I wanted to go to but feared that my parents would not agree. At first, I thought there was no point even asking because their answer would only be no but my friends insisted I should.

I still remember how I hesitantly handed over the consent form for the trip to my father and began telling him about the details of the trip. I also told him that many of my classmates are going for it and that I also wanted to go. Initially, he refused as he felt I was too young to go out without their supervision. It took me around 2 days to convince my mother to allow me to go for the trip and she in turn convinced my father for the same. I was finally glad and super excited about the trip. I promised them that I will not talk to strangers, always move with the group and be careful with everything during the trip.

We travelled from Delhi to Kalka in train and then took a bus to reach Shimla. We reached our hotel in the afternoon. The first day we went to the mall road. The weather was pleasant and the place was amazing. I had been to various hill stations earlier as well but this place had something very refreshing about it. The company of friends made it all the more amazing. We roam around on the mall road and had planned to have dinner in a restaurant on our way back to the hotel but could not resist the smell of freshly steamed momos. They were super delicious and we ate so many of them that there was no room for dinner.

The next day we went to the Jakhu temple. The road to the temple was quite steep and we encountered hundreds of langoors on our way. It was a bit scary but exciting at the same time. The temple is set at a very serene place and we loved sitting in peace for some time. On our way back we decided to trek down the road and the experience was amazing. In the evening we visited the church and spent time on the mall road again. On the third day of our trip our teachers allowed us to go for shopping. We went to the Tibetan market to buy some really cool stuff. I bought scarves, hair clips and a jacket for myself. I also bought souvenirs for my siblings and friends.

The time finally came when we had to bid goodbye to the beautiful mountains and valley view of Shimla. We took the night bus straight for Delhi and reached home safely.

I had been on many family trips before this and loved them but the joy and excitement of going on trips with friends is something different. Since then I have been on many trips with my friends but I can never forget the wonderful moments spent on my first trip with them.

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New York Takes Crucial Step Toward Making Congestion Pricing a Reality

The board of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority voted to approve a new $15 toll to drive into Manhattan. The plan still faces challenges from six lawsuits before it can begin in June.

Multiple cars are stopped at a traffic light at a Manhattan intersection. A person responsible for controlling traffic stands nearby wearing a yellow reflective vest.

By Winnie Hu and Ana Ley

New York City completed a crucial final step on Wednesday in a decades-long effort to become the first American city to roll out a comprehensive congestion pricing program, one that aims to push motorists out of their cars and onto mass transit by charging new tolls to drive into Midtown and Lower Manhattan.

The program could start as early as mid-June after the board of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the state agency that will install and manage the program, voted 11-to-1 to approve the final tolling rates, which will charge most passenger cars $15 a day to enter at 60th Street and below in Manhattan. The program is expected to reduce traffic and raise $1 billion annually for public transit improvements.

It was a historic moment for New York’s leaders and transportation advocates after decades of failed attempts to advance congestion pricing even as other gridlocked cities around the world, including London, Stockholm and Singapore, proved that similar programs could reduce traffic and pollution.

While other American cities have introduced related concepts by establishing toll roads or closing streets to traffic, the plan in New York is unmatched in ambition and scale.

Congestion pricing is expected to reduce the number of vehicles that enter Lower Manhattan by about 17 percent, according to a November study by an advisory committee reporting to the M.T.A. The report also said that the total number of miles driven in 28 counties across the region would be reduced.

“This was the right thing to do,” Janno Lieber, the authority’s chairman and chief executive, said after the vote. “New York has more traffic than any place in the United States, and now we’re doing something about it.”

Congestion pricing has long been a hard sell in New York, where many people commute by car from the boroughs outside of Manhattan and the suburbs, in part because some of them do not have access to public transit.

New York State legislators finally approved congestion pricing in 2019 after Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo helped push it through. A series of recent breakdowns in the city’s subway system had underscored the need for billions of dollars to update its aging infrastructure.

It has taken another five years to reach the starting line. Before the tolling program can begin, it must be reviewed by the Federal Highway Administration, which is expected to approve it.

Congestion pricing also faces legal challenges from six lawsuits that have been brought by elected officials and residents from across the New York region. Opponents have increasingly mobilized against the program in recent months, citing the cost of the tolls and the potential environmental effects from shifting traffic and pollution to other areas as drivers avoid the tolls.

A court hearing is scheduled for April 3 and 4 on a lawsuit brought by the State of New Jersey, which is seen as the most serious legal challenge. The mayor of Fort Lee, N.J., Mark J. Sokolich, has filed a related lawsuit.

Four more lawsuits have been brought in New York: by Ed Day, the Rockland County executive; by Vito Fossella, the Staten Island borough president, and the United Federation of Teachers; and by two separate groups of city residents.

Amid the litigation, M.T.A. officials have suspended some capital construction projects that were to be paid for by the program, and they said at a committee meeting on Monday that crucial work to modernize subway signals on the A and C lines had been delayed.

Nearly all the toll readers have been installed, and will automatically charge drivers for entering the designated congestion zone at 60th Street or below. There is no toll for leaving the zone or driving around in it. Through traffic on Franklin D. Roosevelt Drive and the West Side Highway will not be tolled.

Under the final tolling structure, which was based on recommendations by the advisory panel, most passenger vehicles will be charged $15 a day from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. on weekdays, and from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on weekends. The toll will be $24 for small trucks and charter buses, and will rise to $36 for large trucks and tour buses. It will be $7.50 for motorcycles.

Those tolls will be discounted by 75 percent at night, dropping the cost for a passenger vehicle to $3.75.

Fares will go up by $1.25 for taxis and black car services, and by $2.50 for Uber and Lyft. Passengers will be responsible for paying the new fees, and they will be added to every ride that begins, ends or occurs within the congestion zone. There will be no nighttime discounts. (The new fees come on top of an existing congestion surcharge that was imposed on for-hire vehicles in 2019.)

The tolls will mostly be collected using the E-ZPass system. Electronic detection points have been placed at entrances and exits to the tolling zone. Drivers who do not use an E-ZPass will pay significantly higher fees — for instance, $22.50 instead of $15 during peak hours for passenger vehicles.

Emergency vehicles like fire trucks, ambulances and police cars, as well as vehicles carrying people with disabilities, were exempted from the new tolls under the state’s congestion pricing legislation .

As for discounts, low-income drivers who make less than $50,000 annually can apply to receive half off the daytime toll after their first 10 trips in a calendar month. In addition, low-income residents of the congestion zone who make less than $60,000 a year can apply for a state tax credit.

All drivers entering the zone directly from four tolled tunnels — the Lincoln, Holland, Hugh L. Carey and Queens-Midtown — will receive a “crossing credit” that will be applied against the daytime toll. The credit will be $5 round-trip for passenger vehicles, $12 for small trucks and intercity and charter buses, $20 for large trucks and tour buses, and $2.50 for motorcycles. No credits will be offered at night.

Grace Ashford contributed reporting.

Winnie Hu is a Times reporter covering the people and neighborhoods of New York City. More about Winnie Hu

Ana Ley is a Times reporter covering New York City’s mass transit system and the millions of passengers who use it. More about Ana Ley

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The Trump camp and the White House clash over Biden’s recognition of ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’

President Joe Biden waves as he arrives Air Force One, Tuesday, March 29, 2024, in Hagerstown, Md. Biden is en route to Camp David.(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

President Joe Biden waves as he arrives Air Force One, Tuesday, March 29, 2024, in Hagerstown, Md. Biden is en route to Camp David.(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

FILE - Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally March 9, 2024, in Rome Ga. (AP Photo/Mike Stewart, File)

  • Copy Link copied

Associated Press Economics Writer Joshua Boak. (AP Photo/J. David Ake)

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden is facing criticism from Donald Trump’s campaign and religious conservatives for proclaiming March 31 — which corresponds with Easter Sunday this year — as “Transgender Day of Visibility.”

The Democratic president issued the proclamation on Friday, calling on “all Americans to join us in lifting up the lives and voices of transgender people throughout our Nation and to work toward eliminating violence and discrimination based on gender identity.”

But in 2024, the March 31 designation overlaps with Easter, one of Christianity’s holiest celebrations. Trump’s campaign accused Biden, a Roman Catholic, of being insensitive to religion, and fellow Republicans piled on.

“We call on Joe Biden’s failing campaign and White House to issue an apology to the millions of Catholics and Christians across America who believe tomorrow is for one celebration only — the resurrection of Jesus Christ,” said Karoline Leavitt, the Trump campaign’s press secretary. She assailed what she called the Biden administration’s “years-long assault on the Christian faith.”

Wisconsin Democratic U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin talks to Dan Gavinski, right, and Chase Slack before riding a Wisconsin Dells Duck during a campaign stop Friday, March 29, 2024, in Wisconsin Dells, Wis. The stop was part of her campaign launch tour in a race against Republican Eric Hovde the could determine who has majority control of the Senate. The Wisconsin Senate race between Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin and Republican Eric Hovde is setting up as one of the most competitive and expensive Senate races in the country. (AP Photo/Morry Gash)

House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., said on social media that the “Biden White House has betrayed the central tenet of Easter” and called the decision “outrageous and abhorrent.”

White House spokesperson Andrew Bates said the Republicans criticizing Biden “are seeking to divide and weaken our country with cruel, hateful and dishonest rhetoric.”

“As a Christian who celebrates Easter with family, President Biden stands for bringing people together and upholding the dignity and freedoms of every American,” Bates said. “President Biden will never abuse his faith for political purposes or for profit.”

The advocacy group GLAAD said in a statement that people can both celebrate Easter and show their support for the trans community.

“The date of Easter moves each year, while Trans Day of Visibility is always recognized on March 31, but this year right-wing politicians and talking heads are using the coincidental timing to overshadow the hope and joy that Easter represents,” said Sarah Kate Ellis, GLAAD president and CEO.

Biden first issued a proclamation on transgender visibility in 2021 . Proclamations are generally statements about public policy by the president. But this year’s overlap with Easter and the heated tensions from the presidential campaign made the latest transgender proclamation a way for many Republicans to question the Democrat’s religious faith.

Biden devoutly attends Mass and considers his Catholic upbringing to be a core part of his morality and identity. In 2021, he met with Pope Francis at the Vatican and afterward told reporters that the pontiff said he was a “good Catholic” who should keep receiving Communion.

But Biden’s political stances on gay marriage and support for women having the right to abortion have put him at odds with many conservative Christians.


No, Biden didn't replace Easter celebration with Transgender Day of Visibility | Fact check

plan for holiday essay

[ En Español : No, Biden no reemplazó la celebración de Pascua por Día de la Visibilidad Transexual ]

The claim: Biden replaced Easter Sunday with Transgender Day of Visibility

An April 1 Instagram post ( direct link , archive link ) shows an image of President Joe Biden in front of the Easter Bunny and a Transgender Pride Flag.

“Outrageous: Biden replaces Easter Sunday with 'Transgender Day of Visibility' because 'they are the image of God,'” reads the post's caption in Spanish. 

The post received more than 400 likes in two days.

More from the Fact-Check Team: How we pick and research claims | Email newsletter | Facebook page

Our rating: False

Biden did not replace Easter Sunday with the Transgender Day of Visibility. Both days fell on March 31 this year by coincidence, but Biden still released a message commemorating Easter.

Both celebrations happened to fall on the same day this year

The International Transgender Day of Visibility has been celebrated on March 31 since 2010, according to GLADD, an LGBTQ advocacy group. The commemoration aims to recognize the contributions made by transgender people and the adversity they face.

Easter, however, falls on a different date from year to year. The holiday is celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon following the spring equinox . This year it fell on March 31.

On March 29, Biden proclaimed March 31 as Transgender Day of Visibility . This is not the first time he has done so. On March 31, 2021 , Biden issued the first-ever presidential proclamation of the day.

But Biden did not replace Easter with the commemoration as the post states. The president issued a statement about Easter on the holiday , extending "warmest wishes" to Christians celebrating around the world.

“Easter reminds us of the power of hope and the promise of Christ’s resurrection,” the statement reads. “As we gather with loved ones, we remember Jesus’ sacrifice. We pray for one another and cherish the blessing of the dawn of new possibilities.”

The following day, he and first lady Jill Biden hosted about 40,000 people for the annual White House Easter Egg Roll, a tradition since 1978 .

Fact check : Altered image shows fabricated article about a baby taking a transgender test

The post also references Biden saying trans people being the "image of God." This year, Biden did not mention the word God in his proclamation . However, he did use those words in a statement on March 31, 2023 : 

“I want every member of the trans community to know that we see you," the 2023 statement said. "You’re each made in the image of God and deserve love, dignity and respect. You make America stronger and we’re with you.”

USA TODAY reached out to the user who shared the post for comment but did not immediately receive a response.

Our fact-check sources:

  • White House, March 31, Statement from President Joe Biden on Easter
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  • White House, March 31, 2023, Statement from President Joe Biden on Transgender Day of Visibility
  • GLADD, accessed April 2 , Transgender Day of Visibility
  • Census, Oct. 8, 2021, Easter Dates from 1600 to 2099

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