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motivational essay for success

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motivational essay for success

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✍️Essay on Success in 100,150 and 200 Words: The Power of Positive Mindset

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  • Oct 26, 2023

Essay on Success

The concept of success is very simple; if you invest your time wisely and work hard, you will achieve success in no time. But success is not as simple as it sounds; what might sound like success to one might not be the same for another person. It embodies the realization of one’s goals, aspirations, and desires, often accompanied by a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment.

Success is manifested in different aspects, such as career achievements, personal growth, or even the pursuit of happiness. It is a journey filled with determination, perseverance, and often a willingness to learn from both triumphs and setbacks. Ultimately, success is a subjective pursuit that reflects the unique path and definition of achievement for each person.

This Blog Includes:

What makes a person successful, essay on success in 100 words, essay on success in 150 words, essay on success in 200 words.

Being successful is very subjective and can vary from person to person. Therefore, here are some common factors which contribute to the success of a person.

  • Hard Work and Persistence: Success requires effort and dedication and one has the ability to face challenges.
  • Setting Clear Goals: It is very important for one to have specific and attainable goals which will provide direction and motivation. 
  • Networking: The person should have the capability to build relations and at the same time be open to opportunities which strike. 
  • Time Management: Managing time effectively and priorities is essential for productivity and progress. 
  • Self-Discipline: One should be very focused and maintain self-control which will help them achieve long-term goals. 
  • Management of Finances: Having a basic understanding of finances and managing them wisely is also very important for attaining financial success. 

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Success is the culmination of dedication, hard work, and determination. It is not merely the achievement of material wealth, but the fulfilment of one’s goals and aspirations. Success varies from person to person; for some, it’s a thriving career, while for others, it could be having a harmonious family life. 

To attain success, individuals must set clear objectives, persevere through challenges, and learn from failures. Success often involves learning, adapting, and embracing change. It’s the result of resilience and the willingness to keep pushing forward. Ultimately, success is a personal journey, and its definition is unique to each individual.

Everybody wants to be successful in life, but are they willing to put in all their efforts? Success is not solely measured by wealth or fame but by achieving one’s goals and finding fulfilment. True success is often the result of determination, hard work, and resilience. Setting clear, achievable objectives and being persistent through challenges are crucial components.

Education is a common path to success, providing knowledge and skills that open doors to opportunities. Embracing failure as a stepping stone, learning from mistakes, and adapting to change are essential to achieving success. However, it’s important to recognize that success is subjective and can encompass a broader spectrum of achievements beyond material possessions.

Personal growth, happiness, and a sense of purpose are all part of success. Balancing personal and professional life is key to sustaining it. Ultimately, success is a journey, not a destination, and it’s about realizing your full potential and making a meaningful contribution to the world.

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Success is a multifaceted concept, often defined by achieving one’s goals and aspirations. It is a subjective and deeply personal notion, as what constitutes success varies from person to person. However, a common thread in success is the continuous pursuit of one’s ambitions, combined with determination and hard work.

Success is not solely measured by material wealth, but rather by the fulfilment and satisfaction that comes from reaching one’s objectives. It is the result of setting clear goals, developing a plan, and facing all the challenges. The road to success is rarely smooth; it is often marked by setbacks and failures. These obstacles are crucial for personal growth, teaching valuable lessons that contribute to success in the long run.

Moreover, success is not an endpoint; it is a continuous journey. It requires adaptability and the willingness to learn and evolve. Success can be found in various aspects of life, from career achievements to personal relationships and self-fulfilment. It is the balance and harmony between these different facets that lead to a truly successful and meaningful life.

In conclusion, success is a complex and individualized concept, rooted in determination, hard work, resilience, and personal growth. It is not defined solely by external markers but by the fulfilment and happiness, one derives from their accomplishments and the journey to achieve them.

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Writing an essay on success requires you to describe this multifaceted concept. Success is achieved when one’s goal and objective is attained. Those who are successful, have fulfilled their highest ambitions in life and work, or are actively striving towards doing so. 

Happiness does not follow success. Contrary to popular belief, living a life that makes you happy can help you achieve your goals and be content. 

You gain from success because it gives you the things you want or need. Setting and achieving attainable goals results in a feeling of well-being. 

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Malvika Chawla

Malvika is a content writer cum news freak who comes with a strong background in Journalism and has worked with renowned news websites such as News 9 and The Financial Express to name a few. When not writing, she can be found bringing life to the canvasses by painting on them.

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motivational essay for success

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motivational essay for success

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Essays About Motivation Leads to Success: Top 5 Examples

If you’re writing an essays about motivation leads to success; you will be inspired by our guide’s essay examples and prompts. 

Motivation is the ultimate key to success. The journey toward any goal is always fraught with hardships that tempt you to quit. But with the right motivation, you can keep sight of your goals and make it to your finish line. The search to find the source of people’s motivation and how to sustain its momentum has been a favorite subject among psychologists and management experts. This interest has engendered several motivation theories applied across society, whether at home, school, or work.

Read on for great essays and prompts on motivation leading to success, and find yourself filled with the motivation to get your essay done.

5 Top Essay Examples

1. the power of positive self-talk by teri karjala, 2. the goldilocks rule: how to stay motivated in life and business by james clear, 3. caffeine, exercise and the brain: how ‘doping’ with psychoactive drugs can boost motivation by ian mcmahan, 4. how to motivate your problem people by nigel nicholson, 5. how to overcome self-doubt and a lack of motivation by leo babauta, 9 helpful writing prompts on essays about motivation leads to success, 1. what motivates you, 2. rewards as tools for motivation, 3. how to develop self-motivation, 4. maslow’s hierarchy of needs, 5. motivating children to succeed, 6. using motivation to succeed in fitness, 7. creating a motivationing atmosphere at home, 8. rejection as a powerful driver for motivation, 9. motivating team members.

“Powerful and positive self-talk can change your entire mindset, which can affect your actions. That, in turn, can have a massive impact on how successful you are on any journey you take or any obstacle you face.”

Practicing positive self-talk can help turn self-doubt into concrete positive actions toward your goals. There are several ways to establish a habit of positive self-talk that will fuel our motivation. Such habits include steps as simple as changing how we address ourselves and physical activities, such as exercising and volunteering for social activities. 

“It is hard to imagine a situation that would strike fear into the hearts of more people than performing alone on stage and failing to get a single laugh. And yet Steve Martin faced this fear every week for eighteen years.”

The essay chronicles the success of American comedian Steve Martin, offering an excellent example of someone who has applied the so-called Goldilock’s Rule. Goldilock’s Rule states that people’s motivation is at its peak when they face manageable challenges. Psychologists also add that immediately receiving positive feedback will also motivate people to work their way to success with more determination than ever.

“When motivation is low and perceived effort high, the couch wins. So if a cup of tea or coffee can get you out and exercising, Marcora’s research suggests it’s worth a try.”

This article describes how your fitness and body toning goals would have been easier by keeping motivated. It also describes the quick fix that could eradicate psychological barriers to exercise: the mildly stimulating “drug” called caffeine.

Looking for more? Check out these essays about personal growth .

“Everyone knows that good managers motivate with the power of their vision, the passion of their delivery, and the compelling logic of their reasoning. Add in the proper incentives, and people will enthusiastically march off in the right direction.”

By coaxing problem employees to do better, managers are not only demotivating them further but are stoking the fire in an already dysfunctional relationship. This is the last thing managers would like to do if they still want to unlock employees’ intrinsic motivation and channel it toward the company’s goals. Before seeing problem employees as the main cause of the problem, managers must look inward and be more flexible in setting goals.

“It can be hard to get moving when you are stuck. This is how I felt in 2005 when I couldn’t change any of my habits. It was really hard to motivate myself when I didn’t think I would succeed, when I felt horrible about myself. But I took one small step, and it felt good.”

We all have that day when a lack of motivation strikes us. This article reassures us that experiencing sluggishness and self-doubt is okay. But instead of wallowing in self-pity, we can still make that bad day count by taking a small step and changing our perception of ourselves and the world around us.

What motivates you to wake up early to get to school, do your homework, or study intently for an exam? In this essay, write about the factors that figure in your motivation equation. Next, enumerate your techniques or attempts to build motivation for your goals. How do you deal with a low motivation level on a bad day? Do you take some rest or force your effort? Finally, share with your readers how much you have progressed in building motivation and what more you want to achieve.

Several studies have uncovered the enormous benefits of rewards in motivating people. First, delve into these studies and discover the scientific explanation behind the effects of rewards on people’s motivation and success. Then, write about the kinds of rewards that have proven effective. Finally, write about rewards you have received that fuelled you to improve yourself and your outlook to add a personal touch.

Self-motivation is a strong sense of motivation that comes from within a person rather than from external factors. This essay focuses on activities and habits that can empower your readers to be self-motivated. For example, it is proven that a deep and daily reflection of goals keeps one focused on following a routine built for that goal, regardless of the difficulties.

Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory is the most popular motivation theory. So, elaborate Maslow’s theory, which proposes that a person has to fulfill five basic needs to keep motivated — physiological, safety, social, esteem, and self-actualization. Also discuss the motivation theories derived from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, such as Alderfer’s ERG Theory, Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory, and McLelland’s Acquired Needs Theory, among others. Explore how they relate with each other or even pick out which improvised theory best captures and works with your situation at school or work.

Essays About Motivation Leads to Success: Motivating children to succeed

Adults at home and school have a big role in instilling in children the importance of motivation as the key to success. For this essay, share the motivational methods your parents and teachers employ to help you keep motivated. Then, assess how these methods effectively or ineffectively build your inner sense of motivation. 

Many of us might have added fitness goals into our New Year’s resolution. And most might have deferred it or abandoned it altogether. Provide your readers with tips on how they can conquer laziness and hit the gym. Of course, the most challenging part is staying motivated in this routine. So compile tried and tested techniques from wellness and fitness experts, and encourage your readers to chronicle their fitness journey so they can appreciate their progress over time. 

This may be a challenge for parents who are working from home. Once parents feel the weight of the responsibilities at home, their motivation for work tends to slip away. So, provide recommendations on how working parents can set healthy boundaries between housework and professional work to deliver on their priority tasks. 

Now, if you want your essay to cater to students, you could also write your experience in distance learning – if any – during the pandemic. Talk about your challenges, strategies for overcoming them, and recommendations to enhance students’ motivation in distance learning. 

Several success stories are made possible because of rejection. For your essay, learn how popular figures embraced rejection. How did they harness it to generate the energy they need to reach their dreams? Finally, offer your readers, particularly those who may be experiencing rejection, some encouraging words to help them get through such trying times. 

How do you deal with uncooperative team members? Unfortunately, some team leaders just allow such instances to pass. But for leaders determined to uplift their team members’ motivation, what can they do? For your essay, offer proven practical approaches to help members align with team goals. Use case studies from the experiences of long-time leaders and managers.

For more writing tips, learn about persuasive writing . Also, check out our round-up of the best essay checkers to ensure your piece is error-free.

motivational essay for success

Yna Lim is a communications specialist currently focused on policy advocacy. In her eight years of writing, she has been exposed to a variety of topics, including cryptocurrency, web hosting, agriculture, marketing, intellectual property, data privacy and international trade. A former journalist in one of the top business papers in the Philippines, Yna is currently pursuing her master's degree in economics and business.

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Essays on Motivation

🌟 the importance of writing a motivation essay 📝.

Motivation is like that extra sprinkle of magic dust that gives us the boost we need to achieve our goals and dreams ✨✨. It's the driving force behind our actions and the fuel that keeps us going when things get tough. Writing an essay about motivation allows us to delve deeper into this fascinating topic and explore its various aspects. So, why not grab your pen (or keyboard) and let's dive into the world of motivation! 💪📚

🔍 Choosing the Perfect Motivation Essay Topic 🤔

When it comes to choosing a topic for your motivation essay, there are a few things to consider. First, think about what aspect of motivation you find most intriguing. Is it personal motivation, motivation in the workplace, or maybe the psychology behind motivation? Once you have a general idea, narrow it down further to a specific angle that interests you the most.

💡 Motivation Argumentative Essay 💪📝

An argumentative essay on motivation requires you to take a stance and provide evidence to support your viewpoint. Here are ten exciting topics to get those creative juices flowing:

  • The role of intrinsic motivation in academic success
  • The impact of extrinsic rewards on employee motivation
  • Does social media affect motivation levels in teenagers?
  • The connection between motivation and self-esteem
  • How does motivation differ between genders?
  • The influence of music on motivation levels
  • Does money truly motivate people in the workplace?
  • The effects of positive reinforcement on motivation
  • The link between motivation and mental health
  • How does goal-setting impact motivation?

🌪️ Motivation Cause and Effect Essay 📝

In a cause and effect essay, you explore the reasons behind certain motivations and their outcomes. Here are ten thought-provoking topics to consider:

  • The causes and effects of procrastination on motivation
  • How does a lack of motivation impact academic performance?
  • The relationship between motivation and success in sports
  • The effects of parental motivation on children's achievements
  • How does motivation affect mental well-being?
  • The causes and effects of burnout on motivation levels
  • The impact of motivation on work-life balance
  • How does motivation affect creativity and innovation?
  • The causes and effects of peer pressure on motivation
  • The relationship between motivation and goal attainment

💬 Motivation Opinion Essay 💭📝

In an opinion essay, you express your personal thoughts and beliefs about motivation. Here are ten intriguing topics to spark your imagination:

  • Is self-motivation more effective than external motivation?
  • Are rewards a necessary form of motivation?
  • Should schools focus more on intrinsic motivation?
  • The role of motivation in achieving work-life balance
  • Is motivation a learned behavior or innate?
  • The impact of motivation on personal growth and development
  • Does motivation play a significant role in overcoming obstacles?
  • Is fear an effective motivator?
  • The role of motivation in maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Can motivation be sustained in the long term?

📚 Motivation Informative Essay 🧠📝

An informative essay on motivation aims to educate and provide valuable insights. Here are ten fascinating topics to explore:

  • The psychology behind motivation and its theories
  • How to stay motivated in challenging times
  • The impact of motivation on personal and professional success
  • Motivation techniques for achieving fitness goals
  • The role of motivation in leadership and management
  • Motivation in the context of mental health and well-being
  • The history of motivation research and key figures
  • Motivation strategies for students and educators
  • Motivation and its connection to creativity and innovation
  • Motivation in different cultural and societal contexts

📜 Thesis Statement Examples 📜

Here are a few thesis statement examples to inspire your motivation essay:

  • 1. "Motivation, whether intrinsic or extrinsic, plays a pivotal role in driving individuals towards achieving their goals and aspirations."
  • 2. "This essay explores the multifaceted nature of motivation, examining its psychological underpinnings, societal influences, and practical applications."
  • 3. "In a world filled with challenges and opportunities, understanding the mechanisms of motivation empowers individuals to overcome obstacles and reach new heights of success."

📝 Introduction Paragraph Examples 📝

Here are some introduction paragraph examples for your motivation essay:

  • 1. "Motivation is the driving force behind human actions, the invisible hand that propels us toward our goals. It is the spark that ignites the fire of determination within us, pushing us to overcome obstacles and realize our dreams."
  • 2. "In a world where challenges often outnumber opportunities, motivation serves as the compass guiding us through life's intricate maze. It is the unwavering belief in our abilities and the fuel that keeps our ambitions burning bright."
  • 3. "Picture a world without motivation—a world where dreams remain unfulfilled, talents remain hidden, and aspirations remain dormant. Fortunately, we do not live in such a world, and this essay delves into the profound impact of motivation on human lives."

🔚 Conclusion Paragraph Examples 📝

Here are some conclusion paragraph examples for your motivation essay:

  • 1. "As we conclude this journey through the realm of motivation, let us remember that it is the driving force behind our accomplishments, the cornerstone of our achievements. With unwavering motivation, we can surmount any obstacle and turn our aspirations into reality."
  • 2. "In the grand tapestry of human existence, motivation weaves the threads of determination, perseverance, and success. This essay's culmination serves as a testament to the enduring power of motivation and its ability to shape our destinies."
  • 3. "As we bid farewell to this exploration of motivation, let us carry forward the knowledge that motivation is not just a concept but a potent force that propels us toward greatness. With motivation as our guide, we can continue to chase our dreams and conquer new horizons."

Team Captain Speech

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The Role of Motivation in Macbeth

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Motivation and Its Various Types

Pushing beyond limits: finding motivation to succeed, my motivation to study medical/health administration, life as a student-athlete, get a personalized essay in under 3 hours.

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Learning Styles and Motivation Reflection 

My motivation to undergo a masters program in business, entrepreneurship, and technology, my letter of motivation: electrical and electronics engineering, assessment of my motivation and values, overview of the motivational theories for business, autonomy, mastery, and purpose: motivation, applying work motivation theories to business situations, drive-reduction theory and motivation, the impact of motivation and affect on judgement, my motivation to study biomedical engineering in the netherlands, research of the theories of motivation: expectancy theory and the equity theory, understanding of my personal motivation, the motivation letter for you, herzberg two-factor theory of motivation, motivation in different aspects of our lives, the importance of motivation in human resource management, my motivation to get a bachelor degree in nursing, my potential and motivation to excel in the field of medicine, my motivational letter: mechanical engineering, motivation letter for computer science scholarship.

Motivation is what explains why people or animals initiate, continue or terminate a certain behavior at a particular time. Motivational states are commonly understood as forces acting within the agent that create a disposition to engage in goal-directed behavior.

There are four main tyoes of motivation: Intrinsic, extrinsic, unconscious, and conscious.

Theories articulating the content of motivation: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Herzberg's two-factor theory, Alderfer's ERG theory, Self-Determination Theory, Drive theory.

Relevant topics

  • Growth Mindset
  • Procrastination

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motivational essay for success

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How to Be Successful in Reaching Your Goals

9 Psychological Strategies to Get Ahead in Life

Kendra Cherry, MS, is a psychosocial rehabilitation specialist, psychology educator, and author of the "Everything Psychology Book."

motivational essay for success

Rachel Goldman, PhD FTOS, is a licensed psychologist, clinical assistant professor, speaker, wellness expert specializing in eating behaviors, stress management, and health behavior change.

motivational essay for success

Build a Growth Mindset

Improve your emotional intelligence, develop mental toughness, strengthen your willpower, focus on intrinsic motivations, set achievable goals, nurture traits linked to high potential, cultivate strong social support, avoid burnout.

Success is often defined as the ability to reach your goals in life, whatever those goals may be. In some ways, a better word for success might be attainment, accomplishment, or progress. It is not necessarily a destination but a journey that helps develop the skills and resources you need to thrive.

At a Glance

There are many different tactics for how to be successful in life, but the strategy that works best for you may depend on what success means to you . If you think of success as doing well at work or earning a high salary, your professional goals and accomplishments will take priority.

While professional success can be one piece of the puzzle, it leaves out many other important areas of life. Family, romantic relationships, academics, and athletics are just a few areas where people may strive for success. Your definition of success may vary, but many might define it as being fulfilled, happy, safe, healthy, and loved.

While there is no single right way to be successful, you can improve your chances by building a growth mindset, improving your emotional intelligence, developing mental toughness, and strengthening your willpower, among other strategies.

Because goals are self-created, what people view as success can vary depending on their needs, goals, and situation. There may not be a perfect combination of ingredients that can guarantee success. Still, there are some basic steps you can follow that can improve your chances of being successful in life, love, work, or whatever happens to be important to you.

Guido Mieth / Getty Images

Research by psychologist Carol Dweck suggests that there are two basic mindsets that influence how people think about themselves and their abilities: the fixed mindset and the growth mindset .

People who possess a fixed mindset believe that things such as intelligence are static and unchangeable. Those with a fixed mindset believe that success isn't a result of hard work—it's simply a consequence of innate talents.

Because they believe that such talents are something people are either born with or without, they tend to give up more easily in the face of a challenge. They quit when things do not come easily because they believe that they lack the inborn skills needed to excel.

Those who have a growth mindset, on the other hand, feel that they can change, grow, and learn through effort. People who believe that they are capable of growth are more likely to achieve success. When things get tough, they look for ways to improve their skills and keep working toward success.

People with a growth mindset believe that they have control of their life, while those with a fixed mindset believe that things are out of their control.

What can you do to build a growth mindset?

  • Believe that your efforts matter . Rather than thinking their abilities are fixed or stuck, people who have a growth mindset believe that effort and hard work can lead to meaningful growth.
  • Learn new skills . When faced with a challenge, they look for ways to develop the knowledge and skills that they need to overcome and triumph.
  • View failures as learning experiences . People with growth mindsets don't believe that failure is a reflection of their abilities. Instead, they view it as a valuable source of experience from which they can learn and improve. "That didn't work," they might think, "so this time I'll try something a little different."

Get Advice From The Verywell Mind Podcast

Hosted by therapist Amy Morin, LCSW, this episode of The Verywell Mind Podcast shares an exercise that can help you introduce a healthy habit into your life or get rid of a bad habit that's been holding you back.

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Overall intelligence has long been believed to be one factor contributing to success in different areas of life, but some experts suggest that emotional intelligence may actually matter even more.   Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to understand, utilize, and reason with emotions. Emotionally intelligent people are able to understand not only their own emotions, but those of others as well.

To improve your emotional intelligence:

  • Pay attention to your own emotions . Focus on identifying what you are feeling and what is causing those feelings.
  • Manage your emotions . Step back and try to view things with an impartial eye. Avoid bottling up or repressing your feelings, but look for healthy and appropriate ways of dealing with what you are feeling.
  • Listen to others. This not only involves hearing what they are saying, but also paying attention to nonverbal signals and body language.

Mental toughness refers to the resilience to carry on and continue trying even in the face of obstacles. People who possess this mental strength see challenges as opportunities. They also feel that they have control over their own destiny, are confident in their abilities to succeed, and are committed to finishing what they start.

What can you do to improve your mental toughness and increase your chances of being successful in life?

  • Believe in yourself . Cut out negative self-talk and look for ways to stay positive and self-encouraging.
  • Keep trying . Even when things seem impossible or setbacks keep holding you back, focus on ways that you can develop your skills and keep soldiering forward. One of the key habits of successful people is always looking at setbacks or failures as learning opportunities.
  • Care for yourself . Staying strong also means that you treat yourself with kindness. Check in with yourself regularly to ensure you have the things you need to thrive.
  • Look for growth opportunities . Learning more about yourself and challenging yourself to try new things can provide opportunities for self-discovery.

In a long-running longitudinal study, psychologists followed a group of children who were identified by their teachers as highly intelligent. As they compared how these subjects fared throughout childhood and into adulthood, researchers found that those who ultimately were the most successful in life shared some key characteristics, including perseverance and willpower.  

These characteristics tend to be part of an individual's overall personality, but they are also something you can improve. Delayed gratification , learning to persist in the face of challenges, and waiting for the rewards of your hard work can often be the key to success in life.

Strategies you can use to improve your willpower include:

  • Distraction . For example, if you are trying to lose weight but are having a difficult time staying away from your favorite snacks, distracting yourself during your moments of weakness can be an effective way to avoid giving in to temptation.
  • Practice . Willpower is something you can build, but it takes time and effort. Start by making small goals that require will power to achieve, such as avoiding sugary snacks. As you build your ability to use your will power to achieve such small goals, you may find that your willpower is also stronger when working on much larger goals.

What is it that motivates you the most? Do you find that the promise of external rewards keeps you reaching for your goals, or is it the more personal, intrinsic motivators that keep you feeling inspired? While extrinsic rewards such as money, awards, and praise can be helpful, many people find that they are most motivated when they are doing things for personal satisfaction.

If you are doing things because you enjoy them, because you find them meaningful, or because you enjoy seeing the effects of your work, then you are driven by intrinsic motivations. Research has shown that while incentives can be a better predictor of some types of performance, intrinsic motivators tend to be better at predicting performance quality.  

While it is often the external motivators that get people started, it is the internal motivators that kick in and keep people going in order to maintain those new behaviors.

What can you do to boost your sense of intrinsic motivation?

  • Challenge yourself . Pursuing a goal that is achievable but not necessarily easy, is a great way to increase motivation to succeed. Challenges can keep you interested in a task, improve your self-esteem, and offer feedback on areas you can improve on. Choosing a slightly challenging task will help motivate you to get started—it feels exciting!
  • Stay curious . Look for things that grab your attention and that you want to learn more about.
  • Take control . It can be difficult to stay intrinsically motivated to pursue a goal if you don't feel that you have any real influence over the outcome. Look for ways that you can take an active role.
  • Don't fear competition . There might be other people trying to reach the same goals as you, but this doesn't mean you should give up. Don't compare your progress or journey to anyone else's. You can look to others for motivation and inspiration, but remember that we all have different paths.

Successful people know that they need to start by having attainable goals to achieve. These goals are not necessarily easy to reach, but by having something to aim for, you will be better able to move forward and overcome obstacles.

When setting goals :

  • Be as specific as possible : Choosing a goal like "I'm going to spend 20 minutes a day learning a new language" is more achievable than setting a general goal like "I'm going to learn French."
  • Break your goal into smaller steps : Even if you select a specific goal, it can often seem difficult to achieve. Try breaking it into smaller steps that allow you to focus on moving forward without becoming overwhelmed.
  • Reward progress : Recognize your successes along the way and allow yourself to enjoy your accomplishments.

One of the biggest reasons people don't follow through on their goals [is] because they aren't what THEY want to do. Make sure your goals align with your personal values and needs, not what you 'think' you should do.

Psychologists have long attempted to link specific traits or personality characteristics to success in life and work. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is one widely used assessment that is often utilized by businesses to screen job candidates. However, research often fails to show that the MBTI actually correlates to performance.  

According to some more recent research, there are certain traits that tend to be consistently tied to success.   Researchers Ian MacRae and Adrian Furnham have identified six key traits that can play a role in how well people do at work.   However, they note that there are optimal levels of these traits. Too little of these characteristics can hinder success, but so can having too much.

If you are trying to learn how to be successful in life, consider what you can do to nurture these key traits:


Conscientious people consider the effects of their actions. They also consider how other people will react and feel. You can nurture this trait by:

  • Thinking about the consequences of actions
  • Considering other people's perspectives

Accepting of Ambiguity

Life is full of situations that are not always clear. People with a great deal of potential for success are better able to accept this ambiguity. Rather than being rigid and inflexible, they are ready to adapt when the unexpected comes their way. You can learn to embrace ambiguity by:

  • Challenging your perspectives and considering opinions and ideas other than your own
  • Not fearing the unfamiliar
  • Being willing to change
  • Valuing diversity

Capable of Adjustment

In addition to being able to accept ambiguity, success often hinges on the ability to quickly adjust to change. You can nurture this ability to adjust by:

  • Reframing difficult situations, to see them as opportunities to learn and grow rather than simply obstacles to live through
  • Being open to change; when plans or situations change, step back and look at ways to cope

The world's most successful people often exemplify great courage. They are willing to take risks, even in the face of potential failure. Research suggests that courageous people utilize positive emotions to overcome fear.   You can improve your tolerance of risk by:

  • Quelling negative emotions and focusing on more positive feelings
  • Balancing risk with common sense; being cautious and pragmatic can also pay off, depending upon the situation

People who are successful tend to be curious about the world around them. They are always eager to learn more, including new knowledge and skills. You can cultivate your sense of curiosity by:

  • Relating tasks to your interests: If you find filing boring, for example, look for a more efficient way to categorize the information to play to your strengths as an organizer.
  • Learning new things


Successful people are able to utilize competition to motivate, but avoid falling prey to jealousy. You can nurture a healthy sense of competition by:

  • Focusing on your own improvements; rather than worry about being the best at something, pay attention to your progress
  • Being happy when others succeed

Some personality traits and types may be better suited for certain jobs than others. However, no specific personality trait can guarantee success, nor can being low in that trait doom someone to failure.

While there are differences in opinion on just how much personality can be altered , nurturing some of these high potential traits might help you develop skills that can serve you well in many different aspects of your life.

Doing things alone can be difficult, but having a strong social support system can make things easier. Different types of social support can be important for success.

  • Emotional support can provide the comfort, security, and empathy you need as you face challenges.
  • Esteem support can boost your confidence and encourage you to keep going.
  • Informational support can provide mentorship, advice, and other necessary resources to reach your goals.
  • Tangible support can help you in active and practical ways. This might involve someone helping you perform a task or taking care of the task for you.

Having even one close person in your life that you feel you can go to in any circumstance is more helpful for your relational well-being than having 10 friends who are surface level. It's about quality, not quantity.

Mentors, friends, co-workers, and family members can cheer you on when things get tough and even offer advice and assistance that can help you improve your chances for success.

Burnout can happen when you are exposed to chronic stress . It can seriously impede success and lead to exhaustion, cynicism, and reduced performance.  

Reduced motivation makes it harder to stick to your goals and can make you feel apathetic and uninterested.

Self-care strategies, such as getting enough sleep and engaging in healthy eating, can relieve some stress. But addressing burnout often requires getting to the bottom of the issue that is causing the problem.

Sometimes, this might mean reassessing your goals. If your goals are creating too much stress or if you are trying to achieve too much too fast, it can be a recipe for burnout. Look for ways to reduce stress, whether that involves shifting your goals, changing your plans, or even doing something more significant like moving somewhere else or changing jobs.

Keep in Mind

There is no single measure of success, and certainly no single answer for how to be successful in life. Yet by looking at some of the habits of successful people, you can learn new tactics and strategies to implement in your own daily life. Cultivate and nurture these abilities, and over time you may find that you are better able to reach your goals and achieve the success you want in life.

Dweck CS, Yeager DS. Mindsets: A view from two eras . Perspect Psychol Sci. 2019;14(3):481-496. doi:10.1177/1745691618804166

Urquijo I, Extremera N, Azanza G. The contribution of emotional intelligence to career success: Beyond personality traits . Int J Environ Res Public Health . 2019;16(23). doi:10.3390/ijerph16234809

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Cerasoli CP, Nicklin JM, Ford MT. Intrinsic motivation and extrinsic incentives jointly predict performance: A 40-year meta-analysis . Psychol Bull . 2014;140(4):980-1008. doi:10.1037/a0035661

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Maslach C, Leiter MP.  Understanding the burnout experience: recent research and its implications for psychiatry.   World Psychiatry . 2016;15(2):103–111. doi:10.1002/wps.20311

Crum AJ, Salovey P, Achor S. Rethinking stress: The role of mindsets in determining the stress response. J Pers Soc Psychol. 2013;104(4):716-733. doi:10.1037/a0031201

McLain DL, Kefallonitis E, Armani K. Ambiguity tolerance in organizations: Definitional clarification and perspectives on future research . Front Psychol . 2015;6:344. doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2015.00344

Mussel P. Introducing the construct curiosity for predicting job performance . J Organ Behav . 2012;34(4):453-472. doi:10.1002/job.1809  

By Kendra Cherry, MSEd Kendra Cherry, MS, is a psychosocial rehabilitation specialist, psychology educator, and author of the "Everything Psychology Book."

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  • 9 Tips for Writing a Brilliant Motivational Essay

Whether you are a high school student caught in the crossroads of your educational journey or an undergraduate debating on a graduate degree, several steps must be taken, from choosing a college or master’s program to applying for your dream job.

On the other hand, choosing is the easy part; getting into the college of your choice is a different story. Most colleges and universities require students to have excellent grades and write a motivational essay describing why they want to pursue his\her desired major at their university.

Writing college motivational essays is a required part of any educational institution’s application process. Then again, some employers require job applicants to submit inspirational articles along with their resumes.

A motivational statement allows you to show off a little more of your personality and explain why you are qualified for the university course or job position in question. This is an opportunity to stand out and demonstrate your integrity and your ability to turn your knowledge into a successful career.

This article will teach you how to write a motivational essay that will help you get into your dream university or land your dream job.

Table of Contents

9 Tips to Write a Motivational Letter

motivational essay for success

There are a few things to keep in mind when writing inspirational statements to help you write a good paper. Many students struggle to find the motivation to write an article or are simply stumped when asked “What motivates you in life?”. Motivational papers are not as complicated as you may believe. To write a perfect inspiration paper, use the following tips:

1. Research the Institution to which you are applying

It is not in your best interest to simply copy and paste motivational essay examples or templates from the internet. The first step is to learn how merit-based admissions work at your preferred college. If you already have outstanding grades, you have to figure out what other aspects of your life could boost those grades.

Many universities, for example, seek students who have good grades, participate in extracurricular activities, have some volunteer experience, and are involved in social initiatives in school and their community.

Researching your preferred university will assist you in writing a tailored inspirational essay that will showcase all of your personality and goals. It’ll also broadcast how your social and volunteer work will continue to be a factor when you get into the university. Knowing about the university and including that information in your inspirational paper will be a breath of fresh air for the reader. It will give them the impression that you are confident in your decision.

Be sure to sprinkle some positivity and determination in your motivational statement.

2.  Be Creative

I know this may seem obvious to most people but it is still critical. The first two or three sentences of your motivational letter are crucial to the reader. Remember that the person reading your inspirational statement has most likely read thousands of others before it. Keeping the reader’s attention early on will thus benefit you.

Assume your college motivation letter isn’t exciting and doesn’t hook the reader from the first sentence. The reader is likely to close the letter and decline your application at that point.

You want the first paragraph of your motivation essay to keep them guessing and interested in reading until the end. You can include a mysterious story about your motivations and leave the culmination until the end.

3. Get Personal in your Motivational Essay

Make your motivation letter specific to the employer or university to which you are applying. Your letter should reflect your distinct style and personality. Your employers or university are interested in getting to know you better and no one knows you better than yourself. So, don’t just look up some motivational essay examples and use them as your own. The inspiration article should include the things that make you tick, your passions, and more!

Many students prefer to entrust the writing of motivational letters to a professional writing service. However, I can assure you that this is a bad option because you should write the motivation essay yourself.

4. Adopt a Straightforward and Succinct Tone

The objective of a letter of motivation, as the name implies, is to demonstrate your motivation for attending college to the school board or the reasons why you deserve a job to an HR manager who will read it. Avoid using long phrases and, instead, get right to the point. Explain in simple terms what you’re looking for and what you have to offer. Concentrate on what is vital; the rest will be addressed later.

5. Clearly Explain your Motivation

Make it a point to convince the school board or recruiter that this is the right college or job for you. Hit the nail on the head as many times as possible. Demonstrate that this is, without a doubt, the best place for you. Make use of all of your persuasion skills.

If you’re a student who can’t seem to motivate yourself to write the letter, think of it more as your motivation for earning a degree paper. This way of thinking will make you come up with points that are straightforward for your motivational letter.

If you’re writing an inspirational paper to apply for a job position, make sure it includes all of the qualities listed in the job description. Explain how each of the qualities relates to you.

6. Share your Professional Goals

In your inspirational essay, don’t be afraid to put yourself in the future. Outline your career goals and how the university or job offer is a step in the right direction. Also, talk about what you’ve accomplished and what you’re proud of.

7. Find The Right Balance

Of course, you must present yourself in the best possible light and persuade the recruiter that you are the right person for the job but don’t be too smug. At the same time, don’t undervalue yourself or appear overly modest. Try to summarize your accomplishments but avoid bragging about them. Please keep it simple; don’t fill the entire page with your achievements; instead, choose the ones that are relevant to the university or job requirements.

8. Back up what you’re saying

Simply stating that you are organized or that you have a sense of responsibility is not enough. Avoid overused phrases and explain why you’re organized. In your inspirational letter, provide some examples. When writing your motivational paper, one approach is to write as if you were a narrator. Narrating allows you to see yourself through the eyes of another person, telling the story of your life and goals.

9. Ensure that your Essay is Grammatically Sound 

When it comes to writing motivational letters, grammar errors are a no-no. So, double-check and have someone else read your inspirational paper because they may spot grammatical errors that you’ve missed. Also, it would be best if you avoided abbreviations and technical jargon. Do not try to sound like you’re writing a school assignment; instead, use the most elegant yet straightforward language and tone to make your point.

Don’t make writing a motivational statement more difficult than it should be. Focus on the essential things and let the rest go. Keep in mind that the college or company is curious to learn more about you. So, stay relaxed and make use of the tips we have mentioned above and you will be on your way to a brilliant motivation letter.  For more information on college writing tips and essay writing services, check other articles on Essay Advisor .

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  • How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay In 8 Steps

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Challenges in College , Getting Into College , Going Back to College , Tips for Online Students , Tips for Students

Inspirational College Application Essay Decoded!


If you are applying to a college that requires a college application essay, you will undoubtedly want your college essay to leave a lasting impression on its readers. 

Many colleges request a college application essay; some colleges will provide prospective students with the topic they want you to write about, while others will leave the choice up to you.  

So, how do you write an inspirational essay? There’s no single right way to source college essay inspiration, but there are some recommendations that we’ve compiled here to help you along with your process. 

motivational essay for success

What is a Personal Statement?

A personal statement, or college application essay, is an opportunity to share something about yourself through writing that the college admissions team won’t necessarily glean from your resume , transcript, or letters of recommendation. 

It provides applicants with the space to share more about their personality and complement the other pieces of your application to offer a well-rounded picture of who you are. 

Things to Note 

Before you get started on your college essay, there are some important things to keep in mind . You’ll likely have been spending a lot of time compiling all the other components for your application, which may include transcripts, SAT/ACT scores, letters of recommendation, and more. 

When it comes time to write your personal statement, be sure to:

Read the Directions Closely

Many prospective students and enrolled students will note that their college essay was the most challenging aspect of completing their college application. This is because it requires the most thought, time, and can also be somewhat open-ended. As such, it’s vital that students read the college essay guidelines and directions closely. In itself, the college essay is like a test for college admissions committees to see how well you can follow directions. 

Avoid Clichés 

There are many inspirational essay examples you can choose from to find ideas, but when using inspiration, avoid using clichés. While clichés exist for a reason because they are based in truth, many students will likely use them. To prevent your essay from getting overlooked, use your own words and voice to describe what you write about so that you can stand apart. 

Once you have your essay drafted, be sure to plan enough time to proofread and edit your work. Even if you feel unsure of putting words on the page, write them down. You can spend time making it better with a second, third, and fourth look. The proofreading stage should also include an objective set of eyes (someone you trust) who can give you their honest opinion about your essay.

A Step-by-Step Guide 

Your college essay isn’t going to write itself. You have to put in the work, but it can be overwhelming to know where to start. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide that should help you start and finish your inspirational college essay. 

Organize and Brainstorm 

Before you get started on drafting your college essay, organize your thoughts. If you’ve been given essay prompts, dedicate at least 5-10 minutes to each prompt to think about what you may write about.  

Choose Your Topic 

Based on how much you come up with for each prompt, you can choose which prompt will suit your story the best. If you have an open-ended prompt, think about defining moments in your life, your passions, inspirations, achievements, and the like to come up with some ideas of what you can share. 

Create an Outline 

There will be a lot of details that you’ll want to add to your essay to convey your point(s). To keep the flow organized, begin by outlining what you will talk about. A clear starting point is a brief introduction with a hook sentence to grab the reader’s attention. Then, list where you will go next with main points and supporting evidence (anecdotes from your past, examples of your point, etc.). Finish up with a conclusion that reiterates your main point (topic/gist), and close out with something that leaves the reader thinking or feeling something strongly so that your essay lingers in their mind. 

Once you have your outline sorted, you can get to drafting up your inspirational essay. While it’s difficult not to edit as you write, try to let everything out. You’ll have time to clean it up after, but allowing your train of thought to appear on the page may lead to something brilliant. 

Many college essays will provide you with a maximum word count. Remain aware of this word count as you write. 

Pro Tip: If you use Google Docs, go to Tools> Word Count> Select “Display Word Count While Typing.”

The chances are, you’ll probably find it easier to write more than less. To cut down your word count, read each sentence and ask yourself if that sentence or word is necessary to convey your point. Keep an eye on grammar and spelling. Even though you will use the word processor’s spelling and grammar review upon completion, it doesn’t always catch everything. 

After you’ve edited down your college essay, read it over a few times, and entrust someone (or multiple people) to give you some feedback. Try not to take the feedback personally, as the people you allow to read your essay will likely have your best interest in mind, and they are just trying to help you write a better final product. 

College Essay Inspiration 

You’ll want your personal statement to be considered an inspirational college essay. To make this vision a reality, remember to: 

  • Be passionate 
  • Be specific 
  • Be yourself 

Some topics that make for inspirational college essays include stories about:

  • Overcoming a challenge 
  • Learning something new 
  • Making a significant life change 
  • Sharing an epiphany 
  • Expressing your interests and reasoning 

motivational essay for success

Your Story is Important 

Whether you believe it or not, your personal statement and story is important. No two people have the same life circumstance or outlook as another, so sharing your truth with a college admissions team can be the root of inspiration, and ultimately, admission. 

Believe in yourself and your words, and take the necessary time to prepare, edit, and write your very own inspirational essay for college. The truth is that it can be all the difference to granting your acceptance into the college of your dreams.

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motivational essay for success

The internet can be a dark and, quite often, violent place for women — many of whom are subjected to trolling, harassment, and threats on a daily basis. But it can also be a truly wonderful place, one that provides free access to news, educational resources, entertainment, communication, and wealth of incredible writing — including these empowering essays by women you can read online right now . Written by Cecile Richards, Lindy West, Lady Gaga, and more, these essays are filled with inspiration and wisdom to guide you through your day.

For female readers, the online world can sometimes feel like a minefield, one that is littered with destructive words meant to tear women down or shut them up. But for famous authors and writers, beloved celebrities, and popular athletes, it can also serve as the perfect platform to share their empowering stories, which often include plenty of inspirational anecdotes and practical advice that makes the whole mess of the internet worth it.

Whether you’re looking for a bit of guidance in your own life, or hoping to inspire your friends with some sage advice from more experienced women, here are nine empowering essays you can read for free online right now .

"The Most Daring Women Don’t Always Make Headlines" by Cecile Richards

"Today, women across this country are doing her proud. The earth is shifting under the force of millions of women standing up for themselves, for each other, for their daughters and their mothers and sisters," writes the former president of Planned Parenthood Action Fund Cecile Richards in her inspiring piece about women and activism for Harper's Bazaar . "Women are no longer asking for permission. They’re just diving in and taking risks. They know we can’t afford to sit this one out."

Read the full essay here .

"Rebranding Motherhood" by Diksha Basu

"If anything, so far being a mother feels quite delightfully self-indulgent. I have a daughter in whom I can constantly look for and find little bits of myself or, better yet, improved bits of myself," writes Windfall author Dikashu Basu in a moving essay for The New York Times about redefining motherhood. "Recently a construction worker called out to me on the street in Lower Manhattan and I got my angry anti-catcalling face ready to respond but he very respectfully said, 'You have a beautiful daughter, ma’am.' My vanity now has two bodies within which to reside — the sacrifice looks more like narcissism from certain angles."

Read the full essay here.

"This Is Survival" by Aly Raisman

In a heartbreaking but incredibly powerful essay for The Players' Tribune , American gymnast Aly Raisman opens up about her experience with sexual abuse, and offers some words of encouragement to anyone else who has gone through the same thing. "I am not a victim. I am a survivor. The abuse does not define me, or anyone else who has been abused. This does not define the millions of those who’ve suffered sexual abuse," the two-time Olympian writes. "They are not victims, either. They are survivors. They are strong, they are brave, they are changing things so the next generation never has to go through what they did."

"What I Learned at War" by Tammy Duckworth

Senator Tammy Duckworth has often spoken out about her time serving in the U.S. army, including in this persuasive essay about the price of war and what it can teach us that she wrote for Politico. "That day, I lost both of my legs, but I was given a second chance at life," she writes, recounting her experience fighting in the Iraq War. "It’s a feeling that has helped to drive me in my second chance at service—no one should be left behind, and every American deserves another chance."

"The 'Perfect Body' Is a Lie. I Believed It For a Long Time and Let It Shrink My Life" by Lindy West

If you have read Lindy West's memoir Shrill , you know that she has a lot of incredibly insightful things to say fat acceptance and body positivity. In an essay for The Guardian, she shares some of them, saying "The 'perfect body' is a lie. I believed in it for a long time, and I let it shape my life, and shrink it – my real life, populated by my real body. Don’t let fiction tell you what to do. In the omnidirectional orgy gardens of Vlaxnoid, no one cares about your arm flab."

"Bring It On" by Ibtihaj Muhammad

The first Muslim American to medal in the Olympics, fencing champion Ibtihaj Muhammad opened up about what it is like to compete in an sport where so few people look like her. "One day, during a fifteen-hour flight to a training camp in Beijing, I arrived at a moment where I said enough is enough — I’d spent years fighting for every win, every opportunity, every ounce of respect on my path to becoming an Olympian, and I was no longer going to allow other people to affect how I perceived myself or restrict what I was capable of," she writes in Lenny Letter. "When people stared me down at a tournament, I didn’t know if it was a race thing or a religious thing or that they weren’t ready for change, but I finally realized: Why was that burden on me to figure out? I didn’t have the time to acquire their baggage or analyze why anyone wanted to make me feel inferior. I had a job to do on that team, and that job was winning a medal."

"Why It's So Important That CEOs Like Me Speak Out Against Trump" by Reshma Saujani

In an essay about corporate responsibility in the age of Trump by Reshma Saujani, the Girls Who Code founder and CEO reminds readers that individuals have a lot of power to enact change. "But if every American has the power to sway a CEO," she argues in a piece for Teen Vogue, "then every American quite literally has a chance to sway public opinion, to shape the way we talk and think and act on our values system — to change the way we treat our fellow Americans and those who come here seeking a better life for their families."

"Ava DuVernay on How to 'Pivot Towards Positivity' in Trying Times" by Ava DuVernay

There are few creatives as wise, or as giving when it comes to advice, as A Wrinkle in Time director Ava DuVernay. "These days I’m a lot less competitive, a lot less concerned about what other people do. I’m much more focused on the things that make me happy," she writes in an inspirational essay for InStyle. "I believe that good comes when you put out good, and so I just try to emanate joyful vibes. Why not? I’m not going to spend my day hating on someone else. I’ve got so many better and more joy-filled things to do."

"Portrait of a Lady" by Lady Gaga

In her 2016 essay on being a woman in the modern world, Lady Gaga opens up and offers a truly refreshing and inspiring perspective. "Being a lady today means being a fighter. It means being a survivor," she writes. "It means letting yourself be vulnerable and acknowledging your shame or that you're sad or you're angry. It takes great strength to do that."

motivational essay for success

Motivation Essay for Students and Children

500+ words essay on motivation.

Everyone suggests other than the person lack motivation, or directly suggests the person remain motivated. But, no one ever tells what is the motivation of how one can stay motivated. Motivation means to face the obstacle and find an inspiration that helps you to go through tough times. In addition, it helps you to move further in life.

Motivation Essay

Meaning of Motivation

Motivation is something that cannot be understood with words but with practice. It means to be moved by something so strongly that it becomes an inspiration for you. Furthermore, it is a discipline that helps you to achieve your life goals and also helps to be successful in life .

Besides, it the most common practice that everyone does whether it is your boss in office or a school teacher or a university professor everyone motivates others in a way or other.

Role of Motivation

It is a strong tool that helps to get ahead in life. For being motivated we need a driving tool or goal that keeps us motivated and moves forward. Also, it helps in being progressive both physically and mentally.

Moreover, your goal does not be to big and long term they can be small and empowering. Furthermore, you need the right mindset to be motivated.

Besides, you need to push your self towards your goal no one other than you can push your limit. Also, you should be willing to leave your comfort zone because your true potential is going to revel when you leave your comfort zone.

Types of Motivation

Although there are various types of motivation according to me there are generally two types of motivation that are self- motivation and motivation by others.

Self-motivation- It refers to the power of someone to stay motivated without the influence of other situations and people. Furthermore, self-motivated people always find a way to reason and strength to complete a task. Also, they do not need other people to encourage them to perform a challenging task.

Motivation by others- This motivation requires help from others as the person is not able to maintain a self-motivated state. In this, a person requires encouragement from others. Also, he needs to listen to motivational speeches, a strong goal and most importantly and inspiration.

Get the huge list of more than 500 Essay Topics and Ideas

Importance of Motivation

Motivation is very important for the overall development of the personality and mind of the people. It also puts a person in action and in a competitive state. Furthermore, it improves efficiency and desire to achieve the goal. It leads to stability and improvement in work.

Above all, it satisfies a person’s needs and to achieve his/her goal. It helps the person to fight his negative attitude. The person also tries to come out of his/her comfort zone so that she/ he can achieve the goal.

To conclude, motivation is one of the key elements that help a person to be successful. A motivated person tries to push his limits and always tries to improve his performance day by day. Also, the person always gives her/his best no matter what the task is. Besides, the person always tries to remain progressive and dedicated to her/his goals.

FAQs about Motivation Essay

Q.1 Define what is motivation fit. A.1 This refers to a psychological phenomenon in which a person assumes or expects something from the job or life but gets different results other than his expectations. In a profession, it is a primary criterion for determining if the person will stay or leave the job.

Q.2 List some best motivators. A.2 some of the best motivators are:

  • Inspiration
  • Fear of failure
  • Power of Rejection
  • Don’t pity your self
  • Be assertive
  • Stay among positive and motivated people
  • Be calm and visionary

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motivational essay for success

Motivational Speech Topics: Inspiring Ideas to Empower and Energize

motivational essay for success

Did you know that the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali once said, 'Don't count the days; make the days count'? This powerful statement exemplifies the essence of motivational speeches – the ability to ignite a fire within, propel us toward success, and inspire us to embrace our full potential. Whether you're standing before a crowd or seeking personal motivation, the right choice of motivational speech topics can be the driving force that transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary ones.

Motivational Speech Topics: Short Summary

In this article, we'll explore a wide range of inspirational speech topics that will not only grab your audience's attention but also empower you to deliver a speech that resonates deeply. Whether you want to learn how to make a powerful speech, even as a dissertation topic , or find answers to common questions about giving it effectively, we're here to give you the tools and knowledge you need to create a memorable experience.

What is Motivational Speech: Understanding the Concept 

Before we dive into the topic ideas, let's first understand what a motivational speech is. It is a form of communication that aims to inspire and motivate individuals to take action, overcome challenges, and achieve personal and professional growth. Just like a reflective essay , motivational topics often draw upon personal experiences, anecdotes, and powerful storytelling to connect with the audience emotionally.

Motivational Speech Topics

A motivational speech can be a powerful tool to uplift and empower people. It serves as a catalyst for change, encouraging individuals to step out of their comfort zones and pursue their dreams. When delivered effectively, a motivational speech has the potential to ignite a fire within individuals, pushing them to overcome obstacles and achieve greatness.

One of the key elements of motivational speech topics is its ability to resonate with the audience. By sharing personal experiences and relatable stories, speakers can establish a connection with their listeners, making the message more impactful and inspiring. Whether it's overcoming adversity, achieving success against all odds, or finding inner strength, a motivational speech can touch the hearts and minds of individuals, leaving a lasting impression.

Moreover, it is not limited to any specific context or setting. Interesting motivational speech topics can be delivered in various settings, such as educational institutions, corporate events, conferences, or even informal gatherings. The purpose of a motivational speech remains constant - to inspire and motivate individuals to take action and make positive changes in their lives.

Motivational Speech Example

To truly understand the impact of a well-crafted speech, it is essential to witness a clear example of what a good speech looks like. So, let us delve into this extraordinary example, as it paints a vivid picture of the transformative power of words, igniting within us the belief that we, too, can create a lasting impact through the power of our own voices.

motivational essay for success

Motivational Speech Structure: Crafting an Inspiring Framework

Imagine standing before a crowd, ready to inspire and uplift them with your words. But where do you begin? That's where the structure of a motivational speech comes into play, acting as your trusty guide on this exhilarating journey. Let's explore the key elements of writing a motivational speech from our essay writer and provide you with some exciting examples to get your creative juices flowing.

First, we have the attention-grabbing opening. Think of it as the 'hook' that captivates your audience right from the start. You can begin with a captivating story, a thought-provoking quote, or even a surprising fact that piques your curiosity.

For instance, let's say you're giving a speech about resilience. You could start by sharing a personal story of overcoming a daunting challenge and instantly engaging your listeners by connecting with them on an emotional level.

Next, we move on to the main body of your speech, where you'll delve further into your chosen topic. This is your opportunity to share motivational speech ideas by offering valuable insights, relatable examples, and real-life experiences that reinforce your message. Don't forget to embrace the captivating nature of storytelling. You can share inspiring personal stories, draw inspiration from historical events, or showcase renowned individuals who epitomize the core essence of your theme.

Continuing with our resilience example, you might discuss the incredible journey of Thomas Edison, who famously said, 'I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.' By sharing his story and emphasizing how he persisted in the face of adversity, you'll showcase the power of resilience and inspire your audience to adopt a similar mindset.

Last but not least, we have the grand finale – the conclusion of your speech. This is your opportunity to leave a lasting impact on your listeners by reinforcing your main message and providing a call to action. Encourage your audience to reflect on what they've learned and challenge them to apply it in their own lives. A memorable quote or a powerful statement can leave them feeling motivated long after the applause fades away.

100 Motivational Speech Topics for Students

Motivation is the fuel that drives students toward success, but sometimes even the most driven individuals can hit a roadblock and find themselves in need of an extra boost. In the following sections, our custom essay writer has curated a list of 100 captivating and thought-provoking motivational speech topics specifically tailored to resonate with students of all backgrounds. These topics for motivational speeches aim to ignite their passion, boost their confidence, and empower them to embrace their unique path toward achieving greatness.

Motivational Speech Topics

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📚 Educational Topics

  • The Power of Growth Mindset: Cultivating a Positive and Motivated Learning Attitude
  • Overcoming Procrastination: Unlocking Productivity and Achieving Academic Success
  • Building Resilience: Navigating Challenges and Bouncing Back Stronger
  • Goal Setting for Student Success: Turning Dreams into Tangible Achievements
  • Finding Passion in Learning: Reigniting Curiosity and Discovering Personal Motivation
  • The Art of Effective Time Management: Maximizing Productivity and Balancing Academic Demands
  • Overcoming Exam Anxiety: Strategies for Confidence and Peak Performance
  • Embracing Failure as a Stepping Stone: Learning from Setbacks and Building Resilience
  • Unleashing Creativity in Education: Fostering Innovation and Motivation in the Classroom
  • Self-Reflection and Personal Growth: Harnessing Motivation for Continuous Improvement

🌳 Environmental Topics

  • The Urgency of Environmental Conservation: Motivating Action for a Sustainable Future
  • Inspiring Eco-Consciousness: Igniting Passion for Environmental Responsibility
  • Overcoming Apathy: Motivating Individuals to Take a Stand for the Environment
  • Empowering Youth Activism: Harnessing the Power of Young Voices in Environmental Advocacy
  • Sustainable Living: Motivating Lifestyle Changes for a Greener Planet
  • Protecting Biodiversity: Motivating Efforts to Preserve Earth's Rich Natural Heritage
  • Climate Change Action: Motivating Collective Responsibility for Mitigation and Adaptation
  • Environmental Education: Inspiring the Next Generation of Stewards for a Healthy Planet
  • Conservation Heroes: Stories of Inspiring Individuals Making a Difference in the Environment
  • Green Innovation: Encouraging Entrepreneurship and Creativity for Environmental Solutions

📈 Business Motivational Speech Topics

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset: Igniting the Drive to Start and Achieve Success in Business
  • Leadership Excellence: Develop Practical Leadership Skills in Business
  • Embracing Change: Motivating Adaptability and Innovation in the Business World
  • Goal Setting for Business Success: Turning Vision into Actionable Steps
  • Overcoming Obstacles: Building Resilience and Persistence in Business Ventures
  • The Power of Teamwork: Motivating Collaboration and Achieving Collective Success
  • Customer Centricity: Inspiring a Culture of Service and Building Lasting Relationships
  • Financial Empowerment: Motivating Financial Literacy and Wealth Creation
  • Strategic Thinking: Inspiring Vision and Planning for Business Growth
  • Building a Purpose-Driven Business: Motivating Social Impact and Sustainability

💻 Motivational Speech Topics for College Students

  • Embracing Your Potential: Unleashing the Power Within You
  • The Journey of Self-Discovery: Finding Your Passion and Purpose
  • Overcoming Fear of Failure: Embracing Risks and Learning from Setbacks
  • Navigating Career Choices: Pursuing Your Dreams and Making an Impact
  • Building Resilience: Thriving in the Face of Challenges and Adversity
  • Balancing Priorities: Time Management and Goal Setting for College Success
  • Harnessing the Power of Networking: Creating Meaningful Connections for Future Opportunities
  • Embracing Diversity and Inclusion: Celebrating Differences and Fostering Empathy
  • Mental Health Matters: Cultivating Well-being and Self-Care in College Life
  • The Power of Positive Thinking: Developing a Growth Mindset for Personal and Academic Success

📖 Motivational Speech Topics for High School Students

  • Discovering Your Potential: Unlocking the Power Within You
  • Embracing Failure: Learning and Growing from Setbacks
  • The Power of Perseverance: Overcoming Challenges and Reaching Success
  • Setting Goals for Success: Turning Dreams into Achievable Milestones
  • Building Resilience: Bouncing Back Stronger in the Face of Adversity
  • Unlocking Creativity: Embracing Innovation and Thinking Outside the Box
  • Cultivating Positive Relationships: Nurturing Supportive Connections for Personal Growth
  • The Importance of Self-Care: Prioritizing Well-being and Mental Health
  • Making a Difference: Inspiring Youth Activism and Social Impact

🧘🏼‍♀️ Self-improvement Topics

  • The Art of Mindfulness: Cultivating Present Moment Awareness for Inner Peace and Clarity
  • Building Emotional Intelligence: Enhancing Self-Awareness and Empathy for Better Relationships
  • Overcoming Procrastination: Unlocking Your Productivity Potential and Achieving Goals
  • Developing Effective Study Habits: Maximizing Learning and Academic Success
  • Cultivating a Positive Mindset: Harnessing Optimism and Self-Belief for Personal Growth
  • Financial Wellness: Building Healthy Money Habits for a Secure Future
  • Developing Effective Problem-Solving Skills: Embracing Critical Thinking and Decision Making
  • The Power of Gratitude: Fostering Appreciation and Happiness in Everyday Life
  • Unlocking Creativity: Tapping into Your Inner Artist and Innovator
  • Developing Leadership Skills: Inspiring Others and Making a Positive Impact in Your Community

🔬 Science and Technology Topics

  • Exploring the Wonders of Space: Motivating the Pursuit of Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Unleashing the Power of Artificial Intelligence: Inspiring Innovations in Machine Learning
  • The Future of Renewable Energy: Motivating Sustainable Solutions for a Greener World
  • Biotechnology Breakthroughs: Inspiring the Next Generation of Scientific Innovators
  • Cybersecurity: Motivating the Protection of Digital Systems and Privacy
  • The Marvels of Nanotechnology: Inspiring Advancements in Materials Science
  • Robotics Revolution: Motivating the Integration of Robotics in Various Industries
  • Medical Breakthroughs: Inspiring the Pursuit of Life-Saving Discoveries and Cures
  • Climate Science: Motivating Action to Address and Mitigate Climate Change
  • Exploring the Frontiers of Quantum Mechanics: Inspiring Advancements in Quantum Computing and Quantum Technologies

🩺 Medicine Topics

  • The Human Body: Unveiling the Complexities and Marvels of Human Anatomy
  • Healthcare Heroes: Inspiring the Pursuit of Medical Professions and Healing
  • Medical Research: Motivating Scientific Discoveries and Breakthroughs in Medicine
  • Mental Health Awareness: Inspiring Compassion and Support for Mental Well-being
  • Advances in Precision Medicine: Motivating Personalized Approaches to Healthcare
  • Innovations in Medical Technology: Inspiring Cutting-Edge Solutions for Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Global Health Equity: Motivating Efforts to Improve Access to Quality Healthcare Worldwide
  • Disease Prevention: Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles and Promoting Wellness
  • Exploring the Field of Medical Ethics: Motivating Ethical Decision-Making in Healthcare
  • The Power of Medical Education: Inspiring the Next Generation of Compassionate and Skilled Medical Professionals

🏛 Government and Politics Topics

  • Youth Empowerment in Politics: Motivating Active Participation and Civic Engagement
  • Advocating for Social Justice: Inspiring Equality and Equity in Government Policies
  • Environmental Policy: Motivating Sustainable Solutions for a Greener Future
  • Human Rights and Activism: Inspiring Change and Promoting Equality
  • Political Leadership: Motivating Ethical and Effective Governance
  • Electoral Engagement: Inspiring the Importance of Voting and Participating in Democratic Processes
  • Public Service: Motivating a Career of Dedication and Impact in Government
  • Fighting Corruption: Inspiring Transparency and Accountability in Politics
  • Immigration and Refugee Policies: Motivating Compassion and Inclusive Approaches
  • Diplomacy and Global Cooperation: Inspiring Peaceful Resolutions and International Collaboration

📌 Other Popular Motivational Speech Topics

  • Overcoming Adversity: Rising Above Challenges and Embracing Resilience
  • Finding Happiness Within: Inspiring Self-Love and Personal Fulfillment
  • Pursuing Dreams: Motivating Passion and Perseverance in Achieving Goals
  • Embracing Change: Motivating Growth and Transformation
  • The Power of Positivity: Inspiring Optimism and a Positive Mindset
  • Inspiring Others: Motivating Leadership and Influence
  • Embracing Diversity: Motivating Inclusion and Celebrating Differences
  • Unleashing Creativity: Inspiring Innovation and Out-of-the-Box Thinking
  • Nurturing Relationships: Motivating Love, Compassion, and Connection
  • Leaving a Legacy: Inspiring a Life of Purpose and Meaning

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Why are Motivational Speeches Important for Students?

How can i choose the right motivational speech topic for students, can i use personal stories in my motivational speech, how long should an effective motivational speech be, related articles.

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Motivation Essay: How To Motivate Yourself On The Success

motivational essay for success

Motivation is always one of the most important themes in psychology. It is known, that the only motivation helps us to reach our goals. If you wish to change your life, you need to do something, to reach some goals and the motivation needs to be created. This motivation will be the driving force which will help you to reach your goal.

Types of motivation

There are two different types of motivation. The first one is “from” and the other one is “to”. Motivation “from” is the motivation of escape. It is when you would like to avoid something. For example, to prepare for the exam in order to avoid the failure, to wash the plates and your mother will not shout at you, to marry in order not to be alone. As it can be seen from the examples, this action are in order to avoid some troubles, which can happen.

In the case of motivation “to” people are trying to reach something and to get something that they wanted in the result of their actions. It is possible to use examples which were mentioned above. To prepare for the exam to pass it and to get the great job, to wash the plates, because you wish them to be clean and to marry to create strong family and have children.

As it is shown from the examples, the motivation “to” is very good for people. It creates the wish to do something and to wait for it. But if we are speaking about “from” motivation, it created the feeling of danger and uncomfortable pressure. The both motivations are helpful, but the motivation “to” is needed to have in the life as much as possible and it is recommended to avoid the motivation “from”.

If you wish to order “motivation essays”, it is possible to do on our site and you will get very paragraph on motivation which contains detailed information about motivation theories.

The reasons to give up

There are a lot of examples when people had very strong motivation, but later they did not reach their goals. It was because they did a lot from the very beginning and in the end , they just did not have a lot of energy resources and they just gave up.

Because of it, there is a need to start from the little steps. Yes, sure. For some people it is easier to do a lot of work from the very beginning till they reach their goals, but there are not a lot of such people. It is better to create the exact plan of your actions and follow him. Also, it is advised to analyze all your day and understand the reasons which did not give you the opportunity to make these steps.

There is another group of people that can refuse from their goals only because they had some difficulties from the very beginning. It is very important to ask your friends or your family to support you, because with their help, you will have a very strong motivation to reach the success and to change your life in the best way. Sometimes, a lot of different situation can happen and if people feel that they are alone, the desire to continue to do something just will disappear. Because of it the family should help you and you will see, that the difficulties is not something, that you will not be able to overcome.

To get the motivational essay about life, you just need to make the order on our site and we will prove you that we are the best in writing it. You will be satisfied with the result.

Methods for successful motivation

  • Do not let you thing about anything bad, because all your thoughts will come true. If you imagine something bad, you can be sure that it will happen.
  • Promise to yourself, that you will wake up early in the morning. The best motivation is the motivation, which starts from the morning. Even if you have nothing to do, wake up in the morning and just spend this time on your development, for example some interesting books or something like that.
  • You should have a strong motivation to be the winner. When you wake up, just think: “ Today I will be better than yesterday, today is my best day in the world.”
  • Try to see something good in every situation. All situations which you had is your experience and you need to value them. They gave you all needed knowledge and made you stronger.
  • You should help other people if you have the possibility for it. You will get a lot of positive emotions and people will be grateful to you. If you improve someone’s life, you automatically improve your life too.
  • Do not think, that you are on the wrong way. You will just destroy your motivation. You should be confident and you will reach the success.
  • It is important to refuse from all other alternatives. You have a strict plan and you need to follow it.
  • It is needed to see the progress which you made on the way to your goal. You will see the result and you will have more energy to reach your goal.
  • Do not compare you with other people. It will decrease your motivation. You need to be better than you were yesterday.
  • You can always ask about support your family. Your relatives will be glad to help you with it.

Everyone creates his or her life alone. So, the quality of your life depends only on you. Believe in yourself and work hard and you will get the success. It is possible to change your life in the best way, you just need to believe in it. The motivation to achieve your goals essay will help you a lot, because of it, you are needed to make the order on our site and to change your life in a short time.

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6 Unique Tips for Writing a Brilliant Motivational Essay

5 unique tips to writing a brilliant motivational essay

Fortunately, in the contemporary world we live in, we can pursue have numerous education paths.

However, choosing college and career path is only half the battle.

The hard part is gaining admissions into the school of your dreams. Make no mistake: this is not an easy task. Most schools require not only outstanding grades, but also a thorough motivational essay explaining your motives for pursuing your chosen major at their institution.

This is the opportunity to stand out and show your character and ability to turn your education into a successful venture.

In the following article, we will give you some writing tips and practical advice on how to write a superb essay for college admissions and earn that acceptance letter.

1. Do your research

One of the most common mistakes people make when writing a motivational essay is creating a template piece for every college they apply to. This is a huge no-no, and here’s why: each academic establishment has its own agenda and preferences.

Some appreciate social initiatives and volunteering experience, some look for passion and determination to succeed, while others pay more attention to grades and test scores.

Try to research your chosen school as much as possible and write a unique essay accordingly. Sometimes colleges provide specific questions they want to see answered in your essay, so be sure to read the instructions carefully. Edit your work so the readers will feel the school’s spirit in your essay. It’s a good start to help your application stand out from the crowd.

2. Be personal

This part may surprise you: you don’t need to be an excellent writer. Sites like EduBirdie might save you some time, but they skip over the real reasons colleges want a motivational letter. Colleges want to get to know you — the person behind the application forms, documents, and numbers.

They want to see what your aspirations are, what you like to do, why you decided to pursue this particular path, and what you consider your strengths to be.

A generic, standard letter with no personality simply won’t. Don’t just repeat your application verbatim — embrace your life and interests and show off the real you! Try to present yourself in an informal way; don’t worry about formalities.

Let the university staff get to see your unique character and way of thinking; perhaps you can include a relevant joke or an anecdote from your life that is connected with your choice of profession, etc.

A strong personal approach goes a very long way here — trust us.

3. Drafts are important

First impressions matters. In the case of college applications, your first impression is in your motivational essay . Of course, you want to give a good first impression. Proper grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation are the key. This is why editing and revising your text is crucial.

Play around with word choice, ensure the paragraphs are clear and concise, and pay close attention to sentence structure. You can even use an Online Word Counter Tool to help you size up your draft properly.

Online programs like Grammarly are great for checking spelling and other possible issues in your writing. If the admission committee reads an essay with a clear sense of purpose, excellent grammar, and determination, they will see the applicant as a good fit because they understand the applicant’s goals and abilities. Don’t underestimate the power of proper styling and grammar.

4. Survey your essay

This may seem like an odd tip, but it can help with your essay quite a lot. If you’re unsure about the motivational essay you’ve written, or maybe you’re looking for ways to make it more memorable, try creating an online survey. You can put it out to the masses on social media, or even ask a few close friends to take a read and give you their thoughts.

Ask their opinion on your writing: what points are the strongest, what areas did you struggle, and how could you improve. This will provide you with real feedback to identify any issues you may have overlooked.

5. Get to the point

It may seem alluring to include every seemingly-relevant detail in your motivational essay. However, this can make the whole piece come across as vague and all over the place. Pick a couple of routes to follow, assess your best qualities, and decide what areas of your life and background you wish to include.

Don’t try to cram in every idea that crosses your mind; this will only clutter your essay! One good suggestion is to ask your friends and family to list your best characteristics, skills, and talents, then pick a few of most common to include in your essay.

6.Professional goals matter

While showing personality in your essay is essential, don’t forget to talk about your professional goals. Clearly state your motivation for choosing this career path and why you’re most suited for it. Explain why you are the best candidate for the program. Don’t overdo it by showing off or praising yourself too much.

Instead, talk about what personality traits will help you success, and where you plan on going with the degree you earn.

Remember, balance is the key to a good motivational essay; putting less information than needed is just as bad as putting too much. Getting too personal and informal will harm your application,but so will being too bland and official.

The secret is to maintain balance, and include only the points that matter. The most important advice is be yourself and be inspired.

For more great college tips, check out the other blogs on College Basics.

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The Impact of Goal Setting on Motivation and Success Essay

Introduction, maintaining motivation for success, learning to achieve goals, methods of achieving goals.

One of the essential stages in achieving success is determining the desired state, one’s future, in which one wants to be. It allows people to formulate a clear description of the desired state that they want to achieve by completing a specific action plan. Moreover, the result of the statement is a description of qualitative and quantitative signs and properties, by which it will be determined whether the goal is achieved or not. When setting a goal, one needs to realize that all responsibility for attaining the goal lies with the one who decided to meet it. If in the process of implementing the plan, a mistake is made and harm is done, then it must be compensated with the help of personal resources.

Correct goal setting is needed not only to determine the endpoint accurately but more importantly, it is to motivate and encourage an even faster and more efficient achievement of the goal by minimizing certainty and stress.

To achieve one’s goals, one needs to define the target correctly and sustain intrinsic motivation. According to Seo et al. (2018), “setting and pursuing goals is an important factor contributing to individuals’ success” (p. 386). To succeed at goal achievement, one needs to integrate self-control, motives, and vision (Kehr, 2019). Thus, people should set not only goals but also maintain their focus on them; otherwise, a loss of motivation may occur.

Many people cannot learn how to achieve the goal all by themselves, so the task of training is to teach them. Students can also use academic journals, books, and online platforms that are aimed at developing motivation and goal setting. As Hematian et al. (2017) claim in their article, “holding training classes on goal setting is useful in improving the students’ position” (p. 43). Indeed, lectures designed for the correct setting of goals will help students develop behavior that will lead them to succeed in their desired field.

Not all organizations have the opportunity to use the scientific base to teach students how to achieve goals and focus on success. As Landers et al. (2017) claim in their article that “goal setting can be an effective theoretical framework to explain the success of leaderboards; therefore, gamification using leaderboards may be more effective for relatively simple tasks” (p. 5). At the same time, goals need to be realistic and attainable to ensure the feasibility of the projects (Milyavskaya & Werner, 2018). It can be noted that there is an opportunity for training even with a limited amount of resources; organizations can use gamification and other ways of motivation.

Thus, goal setting increases the attractiveness of the target, awareness of its importance, creates the intention, as soon as possible to begin to implement the plan and get the expected results.

Hematian, F., Rezaei, A. M., & Mohammadyfar M. A. (2017). On the effect of goal setting on self-directed learning, achievement. Modern Applied Science, 11 (1), 37-47. Web.

Kehr, H. M. (2019). Goal setting theory – Firmly entrenched, but narrow in its focus. Motivation Science, 5 (2), 110-111. Web.

Landers, R. N., Bauer, K. N., & Callan, R. C. (2017). Gamification of task performance with leaderboards: A goal setting experiment. Computers in Human Behavior, 71 , 508-515. Web.

Milyavskaya, M., & Werner, K. M. (2018). Goal pursuit: Current state of affairs and directions for future research. Canadian Psychology, 59 (2), 163-175. Web.

Seo, E., Patall, E. A., Henderson, M. D., & Steingut, R. R. (2018). The effects of goal origin and implementation intentions on goal commitment, effort, and performance. The Journal of Experimental Education, 86( 3), 386-401. Web.

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Essay on Success

List of essays on success in english, short essay on success – essay 1 (100 words), essay on success: definition and how to achieve success – essay 2 (250 words), essay on success: parameters, qualities for achieving success and conclusion – essay 3 (300 words), essay on success: what is real success – essay 4 (500 words), essay on success: success and hard work – essay 5 (500 words), essay on success: education is the road to success – essay 6 (650 words), long essay on success – essay 7 (1000 words), essay on success: intro, success in life and success for students  – essay 8 (2500 words).

The students should be able to distinguish between true success and success of ill deeds. The short essays for students shall enlighten them with the true meaning of success. The essays written in simple language are very informative and shall prove to be beneficial for students of all classes.

Success is much more than riches, power or fame. Success is simply the feeling of satisfaction and happiness one gets from leading a particular way of life or carrying out a particular activity. Success in any field or aspect of life can only be achieved through serious hard work and a little bit of opportunity. One of the most important recipes of success is determination and it might as well be the most important secret of success. To become successful, it is necessary to never give up until the aim of happiness and satisfaction in life is fully met. The happiness and satisfaction can be found in very different things in different people.

‘Success’ is a very powerful word. Many of us run behind it; most of us want to conquer it. So, what is success all about? Does this mean acquiring money or fame? Success means different things to different people.

Definition of Success

The Oxford dictionary defines success as “ The accomplishment of an aim or purpose ”.

This is the definition of success in theory, but in reality it differs according to people’s interests and goals.

It is very important for every individual to define their own concept of success rather than following someone else’s footsteps. We must analyze what makes us happy, what gives us contentment, and what motivates us . No one can list out our needs better than us.

True success means understanding our dreams and working joyfully to make those dreams come true.

How to Achieve Success

Many great people have suggested various ways to achieve success. But the real secret ingredient to nail success is to believe that we are already successful . With this strong affirmative thought, success can be easily achieved if we follow these three success factors:-

  • We should follow our passion because that is where our heart and soul is. When we follow our passion there is no need for us to put any extra effort.
  • The path to success is always challenging. We should build confidence to face any challenging situations.
  • The third and most important success factor is discipline . When we work in a disciplined manner, things will automatically fall in place.

If we stick to these three factors, nothing can stop us from tasting success. Success is a journey which continues even after the goal is achieved.

Success is perhaps the most desired feeling that all of us want to experience in the pursuit of our goals and also in day to day life. Apparently, every individual has his or her own definition of success.

Parameters of Success

None can deny that the world blindly respects and trusts wealthy people. Money is the prime dynamic force that drives this world. The sooner we acknowledge and appreciate this fact the better. Academic success is a prime concern for all in the initial part of life, especially in the school days. For those who continue perusing studies, academic success is the epitome of everything. It is mostly observed that success in personal life becomes a tough task for those who have all the riches. Here is where the common people feel successful to have a happy personal life.

Qualities for Achieving Success

One should not regret their decisions taken in the past and must refrain dwelling in the past. We must give deep thought before taking any decisions and uttering words from the mouth. For making a successful decision one must ask questions to oneself like: What Do I Need To Do? What Will Be The Outcome? Will It Be Worth Doing? One must keep the emotions for success and failures intact and should not showcase it to others. Successful people never wait for applause or acknowledgement of their work as they eventually get it. To become successful one must keep friends close and enemies closer. A successful person never demeans the weak and never underestimates anyone.

To become successful one has to understand what is important in that instant, recognize and work on the weaknesses, take criticism and hold on to the strengths. From a broader perspective Success defines the contentment, peace of mind and sheer happiness that is achieved. One should remember that only perseverance can lead the path to success.


Real success is something we should all strive to attain. Real success can simply be said to be achieving a higher position or very high position in our chosen field or area; it can be politics or business or even education. In the world we live in today, we have equated success to riches, prosperity, fortunes, cars, houses and so many mundane things. We believe that once a person has enough money to be able to afford what he or she wants, the person is successful. This is a total and complete misconception that will be discussed here.

Money isn’t a measure of success?

While it is important to note that having money is a part of being successful and you can classify as rich person as being successful, money is not all that success is about and we have a lot of people around us that are seemingly rich but still count themselves as not successful. In fact, sometimes we see wealthy people and conclude that they aren’t successful. If this is true then we can safely conclude that success is deeper that money or other superficial and physical things can we might acquire or own. Money is very important to success in life but it is not a necessity and neither is it the only key to success in life.

What is real success?

Real success is way beyond the physical things we can see, real success is all about the feeling of satisfaction we get when we accomplish a task or do something, it is the happiness we get just by remembering what we have achieved and how we did it, real success has to do with a lot of positive feelings about ourselves and pride in what we have been able to do. As we can see, real success can only be achieved within one’s self and that is why a lot of people who we think are successful still believe they aren’t just because they aren’t happy with what they are doing or they feel they can get so much more out of life. From this, we can see that it is very important to attain true success in life.

How one can attain real success

For one to be successful, the first and most important thing one needs to do is to set goals and objectives. Only through the setting of goals can one really have something to pursue and claim success when we got those things or meet the set goals and target. A very important ingredient in achieving real success is determination. If one is going to get real success, one has to be determined to never give up no matter what the situation might be. Another very important ingredient is hard work as we can’t expect to be successful if we don’t work hard and do all it takes to meet all of our set goals. It is important that we get all the skills that are required for us to be successful in our chosen field.

The yardstick of success varies from people to people. The success story of an individual begins from the moment of his/her birth. A human child begins the winning streak by challenging every obstacle from the moment of conception to delivery. So no human is ever a failure, and hence confidently we can say that the very existence of every human in this word bear an element of success.

At the primary level, success lies within the parameters of cracking competitive exams and identifying one’s aptitude as to which profession the individual can flourish. On broader terms, a successful life is indeed a happy life reflecting upon how far one has reached. Success is not just related to material success.

How to become successful in life?

Nobody has ever become successful within a split of a moment. It is not an arduous task either. Strong determination coupled with hard work is the key to success. The first step to any attempt is to set the goal. There can be short-term goals, and long-term goals and both play a significant role on your road to success. Once the target set, then you have to do strategic planning. It is advisable to set a time frame as well. It will enable you to evaluate yourself on a regular basis. Fixing a time frame can also check into our procrastinating nature.

The next most important factor to become successful in life is hard work. It is the key to success. The adage rightly says that ‘no pain, no gain.’ You need to keep in mind that nobody else is going to do what we ought to do. If we put little effort and saw the seeds of hard work and perseverance, then we are sure to reap success and bounty. If you have strong willpower and the fire to ignite your dreams, then nothing can pull you back.

Stay focused on your objectives rather than hoping:

You can inspire yourself by being a self-motivator and critic. It opens room for self-improvement and appreciation. As it is said that ‘well begun is half done,’ do not hesitate to sparkle a start. Once we get a push, the rest will fall right in place. Even if we stumble down a couple of times, do not let go of our dreams. Failures are part and parcel of any successful entity. Mistakes are quite common and what needs to do is that we acknowledge them, and bear them in our mind. It ensures that we learn from the mistakes and in turn do not repeat them.

Nobody has ever been successful overnight. Patience is yet another golden rule. Just convince your mind that you are strong enough to be successful, though not today, at least some day. Never be disappointed if you lose. Trust in yourself and believe that you will reach there and you deserve to reach there. Your strength and weakness define the person you are, and the realization of it is rather important. Selfless dedication and hard work will definitely get you there.

Once you achieve your goals, you can be a strong inspiration to others. There is a warrior in you and never shut it down. You are capable of climbing higher and boom into a fantastic personality. Whatsoever, live a humble life, spread positivity and bear the torch to others’ road to success.

Saying education is the road to success is just another way of saying education is very important for all of us in life, without education there would not be a lot of progression in both our individual and collective lives as human. It is very important that we get education in order to get success in life. Most times, people generally limit education to the four walls of a classroom or a school.

Education has roots in every area of our existence; education can be said to begin from the home, parents and family members educate and train the children on good characters that they should imbibe and teach them to remove some habits and characters. All of these good characters imbibed by the child through education at home can help the child become very successful in future.

We all know that without good characters and morals, it is extremely hard to become successful or make it in life as people would not want to be associated with such person. We are also educated on good communication and interpersonal skills that are very necessary for us to make it and become successful in life.

Importance of education to success

We need to know the true value and worth of education. Education helps to facilitate our skill, knowledge and learning; it gives us a different view of the world and refines our personality, helping us to build very positive attitudes. Education is a totally essential tool in ensuring a bright future.

Education can serve as a tool in achieving anything and everything good about life. When we get a high level and degree of education, we earn respect and recognition from our family and the society at large.

Education can go a very long way in changing our thoughts and level of reasoning; it broadens our worldview and provides us with the opportunity to get knowledge and technical skills that are highly needed in life. We can improve our knowledge level and skill by watching educational documentaries and programmes on the TV, reading the news and keeping up to date with all of the happenings all over the world, reading a lot of books that can educate us. Education can go a long way to make us into more rational and civilised people. Education guarantees our place among people in the society and can help us achieve all of our dreams and aspirations in life.

Education and success

Success is the goal of all of us and it is our mission. Life can sometimes be full of different opportunities and challenges. Success can only be attained if we have all of the required and needed tools.

The most important tool for success is education because without education, we wouldn’t be able to have a wide view of the world and be able to innovate and develop. A lot of youths and children today cite the examples of the successful people that didn’t graduate from school and still went ahead to be successful in life. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook famously did not graduate from Harvard university but still went ahead to become very successful. The truth is even though Mark didn’t graduate, he was well educated and wouldn’t have been able to start Facebook if he had no knowledge of coding and wasn’t enrolled in Harvard at all. From him, we can learn that education isn’t limited and can basically be any way of widening our knowledge and improving ourselves. We should never confuse education with getting a diploma or a degree. Only education in or out of school can make us be successful in life and give us the true career we want.

Without education, life would be totally meaningless without education. The only path to true success in life is education, every one that has been, is and would be successful in life needs education to do that.

The modern world has a way of doing things, that is, modern man has his own particular view on how things should look. That view is completely different from the perspectives upheld by those who came before us, so to say. Like the ancient Greeks were obsessed with performing heroic deeds, or medieval European Christians with martyrdom and upholding saintly principles, we can argue that modern man has an obsession with success. Or more precisely, one aspect of that new worldview is to compare people between each other through the notion of success.

In a way, the beginning of the 21 st century is preoccupied with the concept of success more than ever before, both individual and collective. That fact can is seen in many aspects of our daily lives, people are not just oppressed with celebrities and successful people they want to live that lifestyle or achieve some sort of greatness. Looking at the current state of things one is encouraged to analyze the situation further and to find the reason behind these phenomena, or at least to offer a new perspective on worldwide trend.

What Makes a Person Successful?

There are many ways a person can be successful. Most people will think of celebrities, politicians, artists, entrepreneurs, etc. They will think of someone who is known the world over because of the thing they do, the thing they are good at. That’s all fine, but there are successful people who do not like to be celebrities and there are, most definitely, celebrities who cannot count as successful people.

What then makes a successful person? Is it how they do things? Is it what they get in return? Is it in the number of things they can amass in their life? Most of those things can count as some part of our overall image of such a person. But, how can we define it? What is it actually?

What I like is simple answers, they are usually correct and the most practical at the same time. Even though not all answers can be simple, this one is. When you look up the word success in any dictionary you will find that it is considered an accomplishment of an aim or a purpose.

Surely people were able to accomplish an aim or a pulpous in their lifetimes, even several, before the 21 st century. Why is it that this noun has such relevance for the classification of people in this age?

History of Success

If we take a look at history, as I mentioned before, we can see that every age has a different occupation. When we talk about the ancient Egyptians, we do not talk about single individuals who made this country so great we talk about the collective in general. But also, we do not know the names of the people who actually accomplished the construction of the pyramid we remember the person who ordered it and did nothing to build it.

Sometimes when I think about all the great artists whose names I do not know, that built humanity in the name of kings, it seems as if it was forbidden for individuals to be famous if they were not born into some sort of noble family.

That drastically changed with the return of democracy to Europe and the liberation from the old-world view that separated people into casts, genders, and races. The new perspective born from revolutions gave every man the right to control their destiny and therefore the right to become successful, to achieve one’s dreams and ideals. Celebrating success can be seen as a collective celebration of the boundless human potential to do incredible things. Is it always so shiny? Or is there a dark side to the story?

Can Success Harm us?

We all know that being successful has its price and the people on the top can often be alone, because of the many sacrifices they had to make to get there. There are also countless examples of people who have achieved success professionally but their health and social lives fail because they cannot handle the strain that comes with maintaining that image of perfection that is expected of them.

Then there is also the psychological pressure any person can experience when they become obsessed with succeeding in the things they do. This emotion can cause such discomfort for people that they can freeze in key moments when they should be at the top of their game. Not to mention the depression some people experience when they come in contact with the images of people that exist on social media. There is a lot in being successful that we put under the carpet, or we just consider it as part of the game, something that we should bear. It does not have to be that way.

Sharing Success

People are made to be in a group and therefore everything they do they should do for each other; however, this fact of human existence has also been a breeding ground for nationalism and other group-oriented ideologies that made the 20 th century so dark. The striving to be successful, the best, the most dominant will make people perform incredible and inspiring things but it will also make them give legitimacy to the worst monstrosities. How do we draw the line between the good and bad aspect of wanting individual and collective success?

Maybe we should stop looking at success as part of domination and make it part of what makes us authentic as human beings. What do I mean? If we start celebrating everyday people when they express themselves or make something that is fulfilling for them and makes other people grow we will support others to develop this aspect of their humanity and not concentrate on domination and subordination. We should support the celebration of collective endeavors that strive to enhance the human race as a whole and not adore individual examples as if they were the meaning of life.

The secret to success is not in money and fame, but in reaching that feeling of fulfillment when you know you have accomplished something that truly matters to you and other people around you. Dreaming big and then having it, it’s not impossible.

If you’ve been feeling a little low lately, this essay on success is sure to boost your motivation levels and set the goals right for you! We hear about so many successful people from all the areas. Some of them may be our favorite singers, actors, scientists, writers, social workers, politicians, and what not. Their achievements inspire the hearts of many and urge them to do better.

While we tend to focus on the sensation of the final outcome, the journey toward the goal is what matters the most. Sadly, human nature forces us to look at everything through the eyes of instant gratification. But the stories of success are not created overnight. In real life, any small big achievement demands tons of efforts and sacrifices.

If success is a building, consider each effort to be a brick, that has to be put in day and night tirelessly. Dreaming about achieving a goal in life is a lovely idea. Nonetheless, working on it every day is more than just a fantasy. You have to make it happen.

Do you pray or meditate? What happens at that moment? You sit quietly and focus all your attention and energy into the prayer or in watching those thoughts. Prayer commands sincerity. True worshipping is when the heart is pure and honest.

In the same way, success is a conscientious phenomenon. It asks for dedication and ethical diligence. For a real success, there are no shortcuts and there is no quitting too! Yes, we all get tired and hopeless. That doesn’t mean we have to give in to those feelings and quit. Keep working no matter what!

At times, when you feel that you can’t go on anymore, take a break. Rejuvenate yourself, talk to your loved ones, rest a lot, create a fresh perspective. And come back again with a greater force and zeal. You never know when the efforts will turn into the sweet fruits of success. One thing common in all the great personalities was that they never quit!

Personal Definition of Success

There is no fixed definition of success. You see, success is quite a relative term and its meaning changes from one person to another. However, it is sure to say that being able to feel content with your life and achieve what you dreamed of, is what makes you a successful person!

A prosperous life is not strictly about having all the materialistic comforts around. To some extent, this may be true. But, all in all, it’s only a microscopic way to measure someone’s success.

Let us introduce you to some of the most powerful quotes on success given by the different eminent personalities.

Everybody’s favorite, the great feminist and poetess, Maya Angelou says, “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”

Winston Churchill quotes it as, “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

Not to mention, America’s former first lady, Michelle Obama who expresses her own views on success. According to her, “Success isn’t about how much money you make. It’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.”

In the words of Albert Einstein, “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”

Anne Sweeney, who remained the president of the Disney Channel from 1996 to 2014. In her words, “Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live.”

It is evident enough how these miraculous and charismatic visionaries have described success in various terms and that there is no particular way to define it. The only authentic parameter should be your own satisfaction and happiness.

What is Success

We have understood that success is an abstract notion. Now, it is time to get to the bottom and explore some basic questions about it. Have you ever tried to inquire into what success means to you? What are the things that would make you convinced that you are a successful person now? Does your heart yearn for fame, money, peace, joy, love, or something else?

These questions are crucial. They make your mind clear and set your priorities more effectively. Always remember that a virtue that appeals to you may not mean the same to another person. Everybody has their own preferences and goals in life.

The bottom line is regardless of what the goal is, we can each be successful in our lives as long as the achievement makes us happy and content. It could be your education, a well-paying job, having a loving family, social security, or freedom to live the way you want to.

Anything, no matter how small or big, that fills us with a sense of purpose and gratifies the heart leads to success. If you are a happy person and love your life, then success is yours! For a long time, our minds have been trained to believe that money is the greatest source of joy. However, it’s not true!

Undoubtedly, wealth is a strong means to create comfort and security for us. But if it was the only thing needed for success, why do the richest people still deal with depression, anxiety, fears, and failures? Have you ever thought about it?

Physical wealth does not guarantee an insusceptibility to dissatisfaction and failure. Thinking otherwise would only create a bottomless void within you. People madly run after money and career. And yet when they are well-established, they still may not feel the joy and peace within. What is the missing piece in their lives?

Success in Life

Life is a rollercoaster, isn’t it! We all have our own strengths and weaknesses. Overcoming your flaws and frailty is a victory in itself. If you are thinking of coming out as a winner in life, don’t confine yourself to monetary values. With money, you may feel “technically” rich and yet have no access to the truest joy.

There are many dimensions to success. But everything depends upon our ability to recognize them. What are these dimensions, by the way! Let us explore a few of them.

You must have heard the famous quote, “Health is Wealth”. We need to understand the hidden value of this quote today more than ever. Ask yourself, if you would be able to enjoy anything in the same way if you were suffering from an acute or chronic illness? No, but such physical ailments are a bitter truth to many. To these people, achieving a partial or full recovery, having a long and respectful life is a success.

For the emotional souls, having their loved ones around, giving them a quality life, and taking care of them is what counts as the real victory. A person who cares about the whole society, for him/ her the true meaning of succeeding would be providing the basic amenities to the underprivileged, fighting for human rights, or creating awareness.

And yes, the biggest of the aims could be as simple and meaningful as leading a peaceful life. It could be about not having regrets and ill feelings toward others. They could also be as big as winning a gold medal in the Olympics, breaking the stereotypes, getting out of a toxic relationship and having a stable life.

The point is, success cannot be put into a singular category. And comparing one’s goal with the other person would be like comparing apple to an orange, or fruits to vegetables. Each person is unique. Their journey of life is different and so are their goals and parameters of success.

Success for Students

The keys to successful academic life are open secrets. As a student, your progress depends on the level of self-discipline, dedication, and hard work. If you are able to pull off these habits in long-term success would never leave you. Right? Nonetheless, the matter is not so simple.

In today’s time, students are looking for “success” more desperately than ever! Considering the cut-throat competitions, it is quite understandable also. The pressure of family’s expectations makes things even more complicated. The students have no option except to excel in their studies, but at what costs?

First of all, academic success is dependent on a limited number of subjects. The true potential of a child or a young one cannot be fairly measured based on such a narrow line. Moreover, somehow we have come to believe that excellent grades are a must for a student’s survival in this world. Fortunately, that’s not completely correct.

The practical life is much more than a few subjects. Most of the things we learn at school and colleges are plain theories. The bookish knowledge hardly proves to be of any help in the real world. What makes you rich is the experiences you gain on a daily basis.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that grades and books shouldn’t be taken seriously at all. You need to understand that these things play a partial role in forming the ladder of success. The better word to focus on would be ‘growth’.

If winning the race and grabbing a seat in some reputed college takes a toll on your mental, physical, and psychological health, then, we are seriously doing something wrong here. After all, these are the same factors leading to the rising number of suicides among the youths.

Not getting good marks doesn’t mean that you are not good enough for anything. It just means that you haven’t explored everything yet. There are many great personalities like Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, J.K. Rowling, who were a failure on the scales of conventional methods. But they proved everyone wrong.

All you need to remember is that never lose faith in yourself. If you really love what you do and consistently pour all of your energy into that task, then, definitely success is waiting for you! Make a routine of your choice and follow it religiously. Stay punctual. Fix your eyes on the goal and keep working.

Success and Hard Work

You can only work hard when you are fit overall. A good health is not just about having a strong body but also a strong mind and willpower. For all these things, you need energy. So, pay attention to things that you are feeding to your sensory organs. This includes from the proper diet to releasing stress, stay positive, working out, having those around who believe in you.

Don’t just work hard on your curriculum only. Take charge of other aspects too. As much as possible, include healthy foods in the diet. Staying positive induces good hormones in the body and the effect clearly shows in your performance. To strengthen your mental health, meditate every day.

Sitting around greenery, talking to your loved ones, reading positive books, are some of the other ways to replenish your energy levels. Make sure to work out every day, or at least go for a 30-minutes walk. Keep yourself hydrated. Drink plenty of water and other fluids.

Apart from focusing on the positive steps, be careful of the negative factors too. For instance, any negative conversation or toxic people in your life may suck away all your energy and charm. Try your best to avoid these triggers. Not only that, distractions like television, online chats, social media, parties, etc. should not be underestimated.

Keep your body and mind clean like a temple. It will help you work harder and with more effectiveness. There are no shortcuts to success. However, prefer to work smart rather than work hard. Never ever neglect the amount of sleep you get. There is no substitute for proper sleep.

Lack of sleep makes you cranky. Your concentration and memory become poorer. The learning becomes slower. So, a million dollar advice would be to get sufficient sleep, that means up to 8-10 hours. A few hours may be up and down depending on the person’s body requirements.

It is okay if the hard work makes you tired. However, the whole idea of hard work should not suffocate you. They say that if you love what you do, you don’t have to work a day in your life! If the set goals don’t well-align with your heart, explore something that does. Your goals should be set by you and not anyone else.

Success and Failure

Do you fear failure? What is the definition of failure according to you? How important is a failure for success? Let us find some answers to these amazing questions and doubts that we all face within us. To make things easier, here are a few great quotes for you!

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” – Robert F. Kennedy

“Giving up is the only sure way to fail.” – Gena Showalter

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas A. Edison

Must have changed your perspective a bit! Well, it won’t be wrong to say that failure is a part of success. It is an inevitable part of that process. Like two sides of a coin. You cannot expect to taste success until you have learned to embrace the failures.

There is an interesting story about it with a strong message. There used to live a guy who owned a grand and luxurious car. That car always stayed inside the house. The man never drove it. One day, one of his friends visited him and asked the reason for not taking the car out on the road.

Do you know what the man replied? He said that he would take the car out when all the traffic lights are green. He was waiting for an impossible thing to happen! Can you believe that? It’s ironic but yes, we all do the same metaphorically.

When we don’t take steps due to the fear of failure, subconsciously, we are waiting for everything to be perfect. So perfect that there would be no tiny scope for failing. That means there would be no red lights at all. How is that even possible!

Leave the fear of failure behind. The only thing you should be scared of is not making efforts. Because that kills even the slightest chance of success. Be humble and embrace failure. Learn from your mistakes. These lessons are valuable. No book would teach you the way your experiences will.

Success is a cumulative and relative term. Without peace and love, money and fame don’t count as success. True success would satiate your soul. It would fill your life with joy. Shrug off the idea of comparing your life with someone else’s. Every person follows a different path and journey. That is why the meaning of success also varies from one individual to another.

No matter how difficult or impossible seems the goal, never quit. Keep working and one day you would succeed. Don’t confine your ambitions to just making money. Listen to your heart and follow it. The voices within us are our guiding lights!

Try to be a good person before becoming a successful person. Only an individual who has earned the love and respect of all has achieved the truest success.

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The method is based on scientifically justified cognitive processes. Notably, the majority of people strive for a balance, and if they face a problem, it causes discomfort. So they are ready to take any action to eliminate this dissonance. Bearing this in mind will make the following five steps more clear:

  • Grab the attention. Aristotle said that to persuade the speaker needs to establish credibility, i.e., to sound like an expert. Tell them why they should trust you: are you an expert, or are you in the same situation as the listeners? Otherwise, such simpler hooks as humor, rhetorical questions, and motivational quotes would do as well.
  • Find out the need. No problem can be resolved from the point where the problem was created. Illustrate the urgency of the subject field and make the audience engaged with it. Shocking statistics about life and society will help you do so.
  • Satisfy the need. Now you are supposed to provide a solution to the problem. Give your audience a plan of action with some interesting argumentative grounding. True-to-life examples and viable data are valuable here.
  • Explain the consequences. You can do it for one or several probable scenarios, one of which should be the maintaining of the status quo. Put in detail what disadvantages the current situation is bearing and what benefits could be drawn from the required changes.
  • Call to action. Put it simple and actionable. Make a summary of what you said in paragraph 3 and restate the best outcome achievable.
  • Can art help fight stress?
  • Is charity a moral obligation?
  • How your background shapes you
  • Is every experience a good experience?
  • Self-care as a way to deal with trauma
  • Your experience of overcoming fears
  • How to be responsible for your feelings
  • Can humility make you a good leader?
  • The importance of good communication skills
  • Physical change as a way to get out of comfort zone

🎓 Inspiring Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students

College life is rebellious and eventful. Step by step, students enter adult life. At the same time, they start asking themselves hard questions. Giving them inspirational essay topics will raise their spirits and instill confidence in their strength. Very soon they will face such problems as employment and choice of lifestyle. It is better to think before the bell rings for the last time.

  • Persistence is the crucial factor in starting your own business . Do you think that at some point, it can be reasonable to give up your business? What could be done to turn the failure into a benefit?
  • Long-term success requires daily effort. Think about how to find inspiration in life. Do you agree with the theory of 10,000 hours? What does success mean to you?
  • Which skills does a college graduate need to keep pace with the rapidly changing job market? Technologies change our lives dramatically every next decade. Does the educational system evolve as fast? How could a student get ready for the requirements that are not covered by the curriculum?
  • What does constant learning and self-development comprise? Is it only about reading, or does it include more practical things? How could people make personal improvement an everyday practice, and should they?
  • Time management can fulfill your dreams. If you lack time to become what you would like, you will always be discontented with what you are. What time management methods work effectively?
  • It takes much effort to recover from a failure , but it pays off a hundredfold.
  • A startup is better than being an employee at a big company.
  • Jobs in medicine are a perfect opportunity for extraverted people to use their social skills.
  • Small businesses are better at surviving hard times.
  • If you master emerging technologies , you will have no rival.
  • Education for students of colleges and universities should be free .
  • Should an adult person change their job if it does not make them happy?
  • Higher education teaches us to find the necessary information rather than specialized skills and knowledge.
  • How important is teamwork in a startup ?
  • Criticism is crucial for building adequate self-image.
  • All businesses would benefit from a transparent economy.
  • What could the last three generations of women empowerment teach us?
  • Being a role model for your children : key factors.
  • The most important fruit of your efforts is your personality .
  • If I love, I give; I am not a bystander .
  • Joy and sorrow are the inevitable realities of life, and we should be grateful for them.
  • Unmade choices can rob your happiness .
  • Self-motivation is the most important skill for youth.
  • The person that does not want to create intends to destroy.
  • Time has more value than money.
  • Do Computers Rule Our World?
  • Efficiency and Annoyance of E-Marketing .
  • Domestic Violence : Victims Must Fight Back.
  • Sex Education as a Necessity … and a Very Delicate Issue .
  • Animal Experimentation: A Cruel Way to Cure Humankind .
  • Sentenced to Death: Capital Punishment . Right the Wrongs Radically .
  • Euthanasia: Murder out of Mercy or… Shortcut to Inheritance?
  • Advertisements Manipulate People! Restricting the Ads.

🏫 Inspirational Essay Topics for High School Students

They do not expect you to to be too academic at high school, so your creativity can have no limits! Philosophical writing will make you look profound in the reader’s eyes. Still, real-life motivational speech topics would also be a great chance for your self-expression. Try to make your essay informative, avoiding shallow phrases.

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  • How could keeping your room clean help your studies ? Does order at home influence our mental state? Why do people study at a library, in impeccable order?
  • The only purpose of life is to be truly alive. What does being alive mean to you? Is it about extreme activities and adrenaline, about love and feelings, or about achieving something significant?
  • Are rituals important when one prepares for an important event? Do you consider routines as something superstitious? Do you practice similar actions before giving a public speech or asking someone to go out with you?
  • Are we what we think of ourselves, or are we what others think about us? Is another person’s opinion important for you? Does it define you anyhow? How significant is your self-esteem in your life?
  • Money can’t make you happy . If your soul knows no peace, no material benefits will remedy it. The most satisfied people are content with what they have.
  • Life is short, and every day too valuable to procrastinate .
  • What is worse: to be fat or to be mean?
  • Funny moments make life more colorful.
  • Happiness is not God’s gift. It is a result of hard work.
  • Empathy makes us more humane.
  • Dreams are not enough. You need to act.
  • Is your life environmentally friendly ?
  • When should students make their career choice ?
  • The homeless and the poor : whose responsibility is this?
  • The environment could be saved even by small changes in everyone’s life.
  • Drones are the new era of delivery and surveillance.
  • Negative thinking is the shortest way to turn one’s life into horror.
  • What does make up a life: big days or ordinary days?
  • Never forget who you are and what is essential for you.
  • Overthinking about life distracts you from it.
  • Biographies of famous people contain lots of inspiring ideas.
  • Now or never: live your life today.
  • You know your heart more than anybody else. So better trust it.
  • If you are different , it means you have enough courage to be yourself.
  • What is the motivation of people who wish to be the best in everything?
  • Exam Nights : Why It Is Bad to Stay Up All Night Studying
  • How to Behave If You Witness Bullying
  • Why I (And More People Should) Prefer iPhone to Android
  • The Latest Transformers Movie Is the Best One in the Series
  • Education Pressures Can Be Reduced by Getting Rid of Grades

🚸 Motivational Essay Topics for Kids

Most kids adore speaking about important things: friends, parents, favorite protagonists, school, and games. The only thing you need it to pose the correct question. Thus the task will not just be educational but also engaging. Education for children is just another game, don’t forget it.

  • Kids should grow up next to nature. Do you like to spend time in the woods or parks? What games could you play there? How does it change you?
  • The best event that happened to me last summer. Where did you spend last summer? Did you make new friends ? What was the most exciting moment?
  • How do I know that I am a good son or daughter? Does helping your parents with domestic chores make you a good child? What is good and bad behavior ?
  • A pill of good mood : my recipe. How do you improve your mood? Would you prefer sweet goodies, dancing, a good joke, or something else? How often are you in a good mood?
  • How do you choose your friends? What traits of character are important for you in another person? Do you appreciate the friends that are kind, polite, well-bred, funny, helpful, or caring?
  • Music should sound in school corridors during breaks.
  • My grandparents are my best teachers.
  • The traditions of my family bring us closer.
  • Think about how to find inspiration in life if misfortune has happened to you?
  • If you could change the ending of a fairy tale , what would it be?
  • Be nice to the others if you want them to treat you nicely too.
  • What is your favorite Christmas tradition?
  • What is the best holiday for you?
  • Tell three things you would like your parents to stop doing.
  • Should we give animals more rights?
  • Kangaroos are the best mothers in the animal world.
  • What was your most significant birthday wish?
  • Which country would you like to visit, and why?
  • Is expressing yourself in English easier than in other languages?
  • Which superhero power do you consider the most useful?
  • Would you rather be rich and famous, or modest and free?
  • What does a “ comfort zone ” mean for you?
  • Sorting out trash helps the environment .
  • What is the coolest profession ?
  • How do you struggle with your fears ?
  • Me and School: I Can Get Along with New People .
  • My Favorite Sport : It Truly Makes People Happy.
  • My Pet : Reasons to Keep It.
  • My Pastime: Why I Think It Is Useful.
  • The Person I Admire : Why Following His/Her Example.
  • Praying Is Good—It Will Help You.
  • Why Keeping Zoos Is Not Cruel.
  • My Mom Works , and That Is Alright.

🧔 Personal Inspirational Topics to Write About

Your personality is unique. That is what makes us so interesting to each other. Find what distinguishes you from other people, and what makes you similar to them. Explore the effect of these features on your life. What habits and ways of doing things are expository of you? Going into these details will make your essay engaging and even touching.

C.G. Jung quote.

  • How could meditation make us more self-aware? What kinds of meditation do you know? Are they equally beneficial for the mind and body?
  • Can you master your emotions in stressful situations? What was the strongest feeling you have ever experienced? Could you overcome it, and how?
  • Are you introverted or extroverted ? How does it influence your lifestyle and relationships? What complications does it cause? Would you prefer to be different?
  • How much do your friends and relatives define your personality ? Can we choose the people we would like to surround ourselves with, or does life make it for us?
  • List the things that motivate you . Group them into categories. Why do they inspire you? Are they universal for everyone or personal to you?
  • Can crying ease the sorrow?
  • What were the biggest challenges in your life?
  • How do you overcome stress and anxiety ?
  • What means a “comfort zone” for you?
  • Which controversial issues do you like discussing the most?
  • Is keeping your house in order important for you?
  • What was your role model in childhood?
  • Are there things in your life you are grateful for?
  • Do you have specific eating habits ?
  • Is there any problem you cannot resolve for many years?
  • Do you think bullying could be eliminated at schools?
  • Could you call yourself a feminist ?
  • What could your generation teach older people?
  • What are the treasures of your family?
  • What were the milestones in your life?
  • Do you have a personal credo?
  • If we were given points for being humane, how many would you earn?
  • What would a stranger say about your character after a 5-minute conversation?
  • Are you a believer ?
  • What question would you ask a celebrity if you had a chance?
  • Why I Ride A Bike Instead of Using Public Transport
  • Is Makeup Appropriate for School?
  • Why Playing the Original Half-Life Is Still Better than the Sequels
  • Why I Do Not Wear Watches
  • Why I Decided to Have a Makeover

6. 🚀 Other Motivational Topics to Write About

  • Vegetarian Diet : Animals’ Lives vs. Your Health ;
  • Commercials on the Internet: More than Annoyances;
  • Sacrificing Animals for the Sake of People: Experimentations ;
  • Who and Why Plays Lottery: Big Chances, Small Wins.

Aldous Huxley quote.

  • A Call Worth People’s Lives : Cell Phones as a Threat;
  • How to Cope with Boredom … and Whether It Is any Use to Do So;
  • Religion, Wars and Religious Wars: Can You See the Pattern?
  • The Change of Male Roles: Men in Women’s Clothing.
  • Female Roles Shifting: From Housewife to Breadwinner.
  • Pregnant Teenagers and Society : Temper, Patience, Tactfulness.
  • Climate Change Is Hand-Made. The Impact People Have on Earth .

History Topics

Yes, there is, just like any other field of knowledge. History is not only about dates and events—it is also about interpreting and evaluating the connections and impacts of those past happenings.

History will give you lots of argumentative topics, and here are some examples:

  • Why World War I Was Inevitable : What Led to the Inevitability of War
  • The Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic Bombings Could Have Been Avoided: What the Allies Should Have Done
  • Baby Boomers Were the Main Driving Force of the Sexual Revolution
  • Among All Women’s Rights , the Right to Vote Was the Most Important

Writing about history can be challenging because you need to do a lot of research, but just look into any historical topic, and you’ll see how many creative opportunities for argumentative writing it’ll give you!

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Social Media: The Topical Topic

Social media is an important part of many people’s lives today, and lots of argument essay topics can be dedicated to the various social media platforms. Think about tips for social media users, and also consider social media as a phenomenon. An example of a good essay could have one of these titles:

  • Fewer Friends on Facebook Is Better
  • Tweeting Too Much Annoys Your Audience
  • How to Be Creative in Your Social Media Posts
  • Do Not Spend More than Two Hours Daily on Social Media

For example, is there something you dislike about social media in general or perhaps about the way the people you follow behave online? Come up with arguments about why you dislike it!

Health and Medicine

In health care and the medical field, the number of argument essay topics is immense. There is a wide range of topics available, from arguments on how to manage your own health to arguments on how the entire health care system should be improved.

  • Nursing Is More About Providing Comfort than Treatment
  • Is Abortion Acceptable for First Pregnancies?
  • Children with Mental Illness Should Go to Regular Schools

Your topic can be more personal if you want—for example, argue why running is good for your health or why giving up sweets altogether would not be a good health decision.

Pop Culture

Simply look around, and you will see an incredible variety of topics about what people see on TV, on the Internet, and in movies. If you’re into pop culture yourself, you surely have things you’d like to argue for or against.

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  • Why One Direction Should Never Come Back from Their Hiatus
  • Lady Gaga’s Performance Was the Weakest Halftime Show in Years
  • Should Children Be Exposed to Pop Culture ?
  • Hollywood Blockbusters Are Channels of American Cultural Influence

Notice that your topics can be both about pop culture events or people and about pop culture as a whole.

Social Issues

If you want to turn to important topics that affect the whole of society, social issues are truly an inexhaustible field. Consider these topics:

  • Legalizing Weed Is Inevitable
  • Why Law Enforcement Authorities Should Be More Aggressive During Mass Protests
  • Police Brutality : Are Mass Protests the Answer ?
  • Domestic Violence : Why Every Victim Should Report
  • Should Basic Income Be Guaranteed?

For any social issue, you will easily find many proponents and opponents with various arguments, so take a stance of your own and start writing!

Leadership is something people talk a lot about in business, education, health care, and many other spheres. Whether you want to discuss leadership in the context of interpersonal relationships or in the context of public administration and governance of countries, you’ll find plenty of topics!

John Maxwell quote.

  • Why You Should Try to Be a Leader in Your Class
  • Leadership in the Workplace: How to and What for
  • Instead of Preserving Their Own Power and Influence, Country Leaders Should Teach Others about Leadership
  • What Are the Ways for Leaders to Build a Followership?
  • Talk Like a Leader: The Adoption of Verbal Leadership Techniques

To start, try to pick a leadership topic that you’ve come across in your life—for example, argue for or against being a leader among friends or classmates. Also, check out common leadership essay requirements on our website!

Global Issues

Globalization poses a big question: Is it good or bad? By thinking about different aspects of the process, you can try to take a position and defend it.

  • The Global Market Is a New and Better Level of International Trade
  • Why Anti-Globalists Are Wrong
  • Globalization Is a Threat to Indigenous Cultures
  • Going Global : Why Adjusting Your Business to Cultural Differences Is a Poor Globalization Strategy
  • How McDonald’s Is Killing Local Food Traditions

Also, try to think about particular global issues, such as global terrorism—propose a strategy of how it can be fought and argue why this strategy is the most effective one.

Climate Change

Since there are people who do not believe that climate change is happening, you can find many interesting topics to argue that it is—or, on the contrary, to support their position.

  • Is Global Warming Real?
  • What Prompts People to Personally Contribute to the CO2 Emissions Reduction Efforts?
  • Why Fossil Fuel Producers Are Responsible for the Decrease in Biodiversity
  • Carbon Taxes or Mitigation Strategies: What Should Governments Do?
  • Why an Increase in the Sea Level Will Be a Disaster

Remember that there are many subtopics related to global warming: the greenhouse effect, water management, evidence of climate change, and many more.

Environment and Sustainability

This is closely related to the previous group of topics: think about pollution, environmental friendliness, and sustainable development.

  • Turn off the Water when You Brush: Why You Should Try to Contribute to Sustainable Development in Everyday Life
  • How Should Governments Prevent Pollution ?
  • Waste Management Profits: Waste Should Be Used to Produce Energy
  • Hybrid Cars Are Better than Regular Ones
  • Reasons to Choose Eco-Friendly Packaging

Go on and explore the many related topics—for example, deforestation, desertification, or renewable energy.

Gender Issues

Gender studies grew out of sociology long ago, and it is now a separate academic discipline that is controversial and can propose diverse topics for arguing. See for yourself!

  • Gay Marriage Should Be Legalized Globally
  • Men’s Feminism : By Definition, Can Only Women Be Feminists?
  • Reporting Harassment Is the Best Strategy to Eradicate Gender Discrimination in the Workplace
  • Rethinking Gender Roles in Western Civilization: Paternity Leave and Maternity Leave Should Have Equal Legal Statuses
  • Attributes of Masculinity: Can Men Wear Women’s Clothes ?

When looking for topics to write about in the business sphere, pay attention to these examples:

  • Reasons to Start a Business Instead of Being Hired
  • Businesses Should Engage in Corporate Social Responsibility to Build a Favorable Image
  • A Balanced Scorecard Is the Best Way to Know if Your Company is Doing Well
  • Rising above the Competition: How to Address Uncontested Demand
  • Business Research: What is the Best Way to Know What Your Customers Need ?

You may also want to turn to specific examples. Pick a business (either a well-known company or a store around the corner) and think about how it could be a topic for an argument essay: its strategies, its positioning, or its choice of communication practices—there are so many aspects to choose from!


Communication is a wide-ranging notion: It is both about texting a friend to tell a funny story and emailing an HR manager when looking for a job. According to a famous article from The New York Times, the goal for any type of communication is the same: effectiveness. So consider these examples of arguing how communication can be more effective:

  • Why You Should Avoid Sarcasm In Your Speech
  • Body Language: How to Look Confident and Trustworthy
  • In English, Why You Should Avoid Saying “Not”
  • Email or Personal Conversation: Which Is Better?
  • Giving Children a Choice: Why Prohibitions Are Ineffective

Also, perhaps you can speculate on different types of media and argue, say, that books are more (or less) emotionally appealing to people than movies.

Essay Writing

If you’ve made it this far, you’re obviously motivated to find a good topic for your argument essay. Well, funny as it may sound, the answer has been right in front of you! Write an essay on writing an essay itself. For example:

  • Why You Should Always Make an Outline Before Writing a Paper
  • Is a Personal Story the Best Hook in Narrative Essays?
  • Compare Contrast Essays: Why a Point-by-Point Structure Is Better than a Block Structure
  • Essay Types Classification: Should You Consider Different Types before Starting an Essay?
  • How to Write an Essay Faster: Never Start Writing from the Introduction Paragraph

Remember that you want to write an argument essay, so do not merely give your readers tips—instead, argue that a certain approach to composing an essay is the wisest.

This might be interesting for you:

  • Top Ideas for Argumentative or Persuasive Essay Topics
  • Best Argumentative Research Paper Topics
  • Great Persuasive & Argumentative Essay on Divorce
  • Gun Control Essay: How-to Guide + Argumentative Topics
  • Proposal Essay Topics and Ideas – Easy and Interesting
  • Free Exemplification Essay Examples

🤔 Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas: FAQ

This type of essay represents two and more views on a problem or reality. The author is supposed to make it clear which opinion is the correct one compared to the others. The principal methods in this piece of writing are logical argumentation, stating cold facts and reasoning.

  • Cloning and genetic engineering
  • Global warming: causes and consequences
  • Men and women, their rights and obligations.
  • Educational systems
  • Methods of raising children
  • Successful economic models
  • Industrialization VS harmony with nature
  • Money and means of earning
  • Leadership methods
  • Social media VS real life
  • Home and family VS career
  • Technologies are changing our lives.
  • Good relationships require much time.
  • Sports competitions are beneficial for the economy.
  • Pets can make us more caring.
  • What are the most important jobs for a society?
  • Failures make us stronger.
  • Computers are all around us.
  • Is vegetarianism healthy or not?
  • News is too selective and subjective to give us a real picture.
  • Legalization of guns and drugs
  • Rights of minorities
  • Homebirth VS hospital birth
  • Differences between men and women
  • Globalization VS nationalization
  • Corporal punishment
  • Fur production
  • Market economy or planning
  • Obesity and dieting
  • Military service: obligation or choice
  • Choice of disciplines at school
  • Databases for Research & Education: Gale
  • A CS Research Topic Generator
  • 200 Prompts for Argumentative Writing: The New York Times
  • 50 Argumentative Essay Topics: Thought Co.
  • Choosing a Research Problem: USC Libraries
  • Selecting a Research Topic: Overview (MIT Libraries)
  • How do I choose a research topic? UW Libraries
  • Social Media & Health Research Topics: UW Milwaukee
  • Climate Change Topics: USDA
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  • Paragraph Writing
  • Paragraph On Success

Paragraph on Success - Check Samples for 100, 150, 200, 250 Word Count

Everyone wishes to be successful in their lives. But the meaning of success varies from one person to the other. Success can be defined as achieving goals in life. One can be successful if one puts in the effort and works hard. It is impossible to achieve success and achieve your goals without continuous effort and hard work.

Table of Contents

Paragraph on success in 100 words, paragraph on success in 150 words, paragraph on success in 200 words, paragraph on success in 250 words, frequently asked questions on success.

One can be called successful if they have achieved their desired goals. For some people, being successful means being rich. But being successful is even more than being rich. When you achieve what you want, it gives you immense pleasure, and that is incomparable with being rich. To be successful in any aspect of life, one needs to have strong dedication and work hard. Opportunities will come and go, but you must decide the path to success. To achieve something, you will have to cross the hurdles. It would help if you crossed the difficulties with confidence and never gave up. If you give up, then all your efforts become useless.

Every man’s dream is to be successful but achieving success is in your hands. Success begins with someone’s efforts and hard work. If a person has a goal and does not try to fulfil his goal, then he can never achieve success. To be successful, a person needs to work hard and put in a lot of effort. To achieve your goal, you need to chase after it, and you must be dedicated. Hard work and dedication are the two mantras of being successful. The meaning of success might differ from one person to the other, but the pleasure of being successful is incomparable. For some people, being successful means having a lot of money and becoming rich but being successful is much more important than being rich. Our parents and teachers ask us to work hard and focus on our studies so that we achieve success and be capable enough of finding the path to success.

A person’s life has no value without having dreams. To achieve success or the goal of your life, you need to work accordingly. So your achievement decides the kind of person you must be and the kind of lifestyle you must maintain. If a person has dreams but sits idle without putting effort, then there is no value and no success. A person can be successful if they have the dedication to their goals and the courage to face all the challenges. For some people, success means having a lot of money. But real success is achieving your dream and achieving your goal. A person who dreams of becoming a doctor can become a doctor only if he puts in the required effort and works hard. Suppose he knows which path to choose and how to work on the path. There is no shortcut to success. To be successful, you need to follow the path of honesty, truthfulness and hard work. The path to success is never so easy and has no alternative. A person will have to cross all the hurdles and still be strong enough to walk through the path. If you give up, then you fail. It might take time and a lot of effort to find the solution to every problem, but there is always a solution; we just need to look in the right direction.

Success is a strong and powerful word with a deep meaning, which might vary from one person to another. To attain success or your life’s objective, you must work tirelessly. Your success determines the type of person you must be and the lifestyle you must keep. There is no worth and no achievement if a person has dreams but does nothing to pursue them. A person can achieve success if they are committed to their objectives and have the courage to confront any challenges that come on their way to success. For some, success entails a large sum of money. However, the accurate measure of success is realising your dream and attaining your objective. A person who aspires to be a doctor can only accomplish it if he puts in the necessary effort and works hard. If only he knew which road to take and how to get started on it. There is no such thing as a quick fix for success. You must pursue the route of honesty, truthfulness, and strenuous effort to be successful. The road to success is never easy, and there are no shortcuts. Finding a solution to any problem may take time and a lot of effort, but there is always a solution; we only need to seek in the proper direction. A person must overcome all of the obstacles while remaining strong enough to proceed along the path. If you give up on the struggles, then you can never achieve your dreams.

What is meant by success?

Success means achieving your dreams and goals. The meaning of success might differ from one person to another, but success gives you real happiness.

How can I achieve success?

To achieve success in life, you need to be determined and dedicated towards your dreams. It would help if you were focused and must find the path to success. Life is full of opportunities and full of hurdles. The opportunities might knock on your door, but you will have to open the door and find the path to it. The path to success is never easy, so one must not give up on the struggles.

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motivational essay for success

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