Gender Inequality Essay

500+ words essay on gender inequality.

For many years, the dominant gender has been men while women were the minority. It was mostly because men earned the money and women looked after the house and children. Similarly, they didn’t have any rights as well. However, as time passed by, things started changing slowly. Nonetheless, they are far from perfect. Gender inequality remains a serious issue in today’s time. Thus, this gender inequality essay will highlight its impact and how we can fight against it.

gender inequality essay

  About Gender Inequality Essay

Gender inequality refers to the unequal and biased treatment of individuals on the basis of their gender. This inequality happens because of socially constructed gender roles. It happens when an individual of a specific gender is given different or disadvantageous treatment in comparison to a person of the other gender in the same circumstance.

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Impact of Gender Inequality

The biggest problem we’re facing is that a lot of people still see gender inequality as a women’s issue. However, by gender, we refer to all genders including male, female, transgender and others.

When we empower all genders especially the marginalized ones, they can lead their lives freely. Moreover, gender inequality results in not letting people speak their minds. Ultimately, it hampers their future and compromises it.

History is proof that fighting gender inequality has resulted in stable and safe societies. Due to gender inequality, we have a gender pay gap. Similarly, it also exposes certain genders to violence and discrimination.

In addition, they also get objectified and receive socioeconomic inequality. All of this ultimately results in severe anxiety, depression and even low self-esteem. Therefore, we must all recognize that gender inequality harms genders of all kinds. We must work collectively to stop these long-lasting consequences and this gender inequality essay will tell you how.

How to Fight Gender Inequality

Gender inequality is an old-age issue that won’t resolve within a few days. Similarly, achieving the goal of equality is also not going to be an easy one. We must start by breaking it down and allow it time to go away.

Firstly, we must focus on eradicating this problem through education. In other words, we must teach our young ones to counter gender stereotypes from their childhood.

Similarly, it is essential to ensure that they hold on to the very same beliefs till they turn old. We must show them how sports are not gender-biased.

Further, we must promote equality in the fields of labour. For instance, some people believe that women cannot do certain jobs like men. However, that is not the case. We can also get celebrities on board to promote and implant the idea of equality in people’s brains.

All in all, humanity needs men and women to continue. Thus, inequality will get us nowhere. To conclude the gender inequality essay, we need to get rid of the old-age traditions and mentality. We must teach everyone, especially the boys all about equality and respect. It requires quite a lot of work but it is possible. We can work together and achieve equal respect and opportunities for all genders alike.

FAQ of Gender Inequality Essay

Question 1: What is gender inequality?

Answer 1: Gender inequality refers to the unequal and biased treatment of individuals on the basis of their gender. This inequality happens because of socially constructed gender roles. It happens when an individual of a specific gender is given different or disadvantageous treatment in comparison to a person of the other gender in the same circumstance.

Question 2: How does gender inequality impact us?

Answer 2:  The gender inequality essay tells us that gender inequality impacts us badly. It takes away opportunities from deserving people. Moreover, it results in discriminatory behaviour towards people of a certain gender. Finally, it also puts people of a certain gender in dangerous situations.

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Argumentative Essay: “Gender Equality/Inequality” – 20 Topics to Research

Although most developed countries put considerable efforts into battling gender inequality, and humanity managed to achieve remarkable progress in this area over the last century or so, it still remains one of the most problematic issues modern society has to deal with. Unfortunately, most of the aforementioned progress has been only conspicuous in western societies, while in many developing countries there were no noticeable advances for a long time, sometimes, for centuries.

Even today, in the 21st century, barbarous practices like forced marriages and female genital mutilation are still rampant in Africa and the Middle East. So it is safe to assume that we have a very long way to go towards worldwide gender equality. Therefore, it is no wonder that students are so often assigned to write argumentative essays that deal with the topic – Gender Equality and Inequality. So what are they, these gender equality and inequality essay topics, and what ideas can be taken into consideration? Look at the detailed information below and start writing your own research paper on any topic from the list.

gender equality

20 Gender Equality and Inequality Essay Topics

Gender equality and inequality is an incredibly broadly defined area of research. If you put a little bit of thought into it you can come up with any number of fascinating, creative and original topics for your opinion essay. Here you can see a few examples:

1.Does Gender Inequality Still Exist in the American Workplace?

Although American society recognizes gender equity as a primary value today, numerous women get lower salaries and face more challenges when attempting to occupy management positions. In 2021, American women earned $0.82 for every dollar men received, while the situation with salaries of Hispanic and Latina women was even worse. It’s an excellent topic to discuss and share your vision on solving this issue, isn’t it?

2. Gender Equality in Western Society: Achievements and Prospects

Western society gives women more rights and opportunities today compared to their possibilities a few centuries ago: they can work, wear anything they want, share household responsibilities with their partners, etc. However, gender discrimination remains a severe issue because females still face some restrictions and are expected to follow society’s requirements. An appropriate thesis statement for this essay will be: “Although women have gained numerous rights, such as the right to work, choose what they want to wear, make their careers instead of caring for children, and develop themselves in multiple spheres, they still receive lower salaries and face challenges when aiming to hold management positions, proving that society must focus on these aspects to overcome gender inequality .”

3. Does Gender Help or Hinder Women in the Workplace?

Particular society members believe that gender can help women get promoted and take less responsibility in the workplace. However, in fact, numerous females face sexual harassment and other kinds of abuse due to their gender. In this inequality essay , you may discuss whether being a woman is an advantage or disadvantage in the workplace and analyze why society should avoid focusing on gender when it comes to business.

4. Main Obstacles for Achieving Workplace Gender Equality in Modern Society

Companies face various challenges when struggling against gender inequalities : biases (men’s performance is frequently overestimated), females’ internal barriers (a lack of confidence to fight for their rights, a desire to be a good woman and meet others’ expectations), a lack of managers’ support, and work culture (sexism, employees’ and employers’ inability to recognize the importance of women’s equality ). This topic is a unique opportunity to discuss all these factors and determine effective solutions to overcome gender disparities .

5. Roots of Gender Inequality and Their Expression in Today’s Society

Men have used their physical strength to demonstrate their dominance throughout the centuries. Patriarchy, inadequate social norms and traditions, and discrimination have caused gender inequality, which remains a critical issue even today. If society members realize the reasons for a problem, they can overcome this challenge – this topic will allow you to explore the roots of female inequality in detail.

6. The United States and Gender Equality: Where Do We Stand?

Today, the United States is the 43rd country among 146 states examined in terms of gender equality : the researchers have considered work, education, political leadership, and health to conduct this study. The US is one of the leading and most developed countries worldwide. Yet, we can see that effective measures in the field of gender equality are needed to overcome inequality between men and women .

7. Gender Equality in Science

Have you ever wondered why most scientists and researchers are men? Women face gender inequality in science because their scientific achievements and innovations are often underestimated; they face more difficulties when making careers in science and fight against prejudices to demonstrate their competence and the importance of their research.

8. State Enforcement of Gender Equality Laws: Is It Really Effective?

The increase in the equality between men and women results from governments’ impact on various spheres of society and the establishment of laws that encourage companies and organizations to provide males and females with the same opportunities. Although some people believe that state enforcement of gender equality laws is ineffective, progress in this field wouldn’t be possible without the authorities’ contribution. Still, the struggle against gender oppression on the state level must be scaled up to make it more effective.  

9. Gender Equality and Gender-Blindness: Differences and Common Features

Gender blindness is an inability to realize that men’s and women’s roles and responsibilities have been imposed on them in specific historical, social, and cultural contexts. Gender equality encourages providing all society members with the same rights and opportunities, while gender blindness avoids recognizing gender as a factor influencing people’s lives. This topic requires you to analyze why gender blindness can be harmful and why it differs from gender equality. 

10. Gender Equality: Are Women Still Being Held Back by Stereotypes?

Women around the world face stereotypes and prejudices even today: they are expected to be feminine, shy, modest, care for their families, cook, clean the houses, raise children, etc. Women are worse drivers, girls are more emotional, females cannot make careers in male spheres, women should be good mothers and focus on kids rather than careers – all these stereotypes continue adversely affecting females’ lives because they cannot understand what behavior is socially appropriate and meets society’s expectations.

11. Gender Disparity in Education and Workplace: Results and Future Goals

In developed countries, women and men have the same access to education and work. However, could you imagine that in Africa , 9 million girls between the ages of 6-11 cannot attend schools compared to 6 million boys? Gender disparity is more severe in underdeveloped countries, proving that future goals should include fighting for equality in all states worldwide. 

12. The Role of Gender Equality in the Upbringing of Children

Gender inequality at home remains a critical issue today: although women have received the right to work, many females must perform household duties without their partners’ support. In other words, women have gained the right to work, but society still expects them to care for their families and children simultaneously; men don’t face such requirements today. Only 32% of married fathers in the US are primary caregivers for their children, proving that mothers still are expected to take responsibility for this process. This discrimination essay encourages you to analyze whether this division is fair and equal and whether fathers can give up their careers to dedicate their time to their children.

13. Is True Gender Equality Achievable?

According to the UN’s recent report , humanity needs 286 years to achieve gender equality. This number may strike, but it proves true gender equality is achievable. Promoting gender equality in all spheres and countries and joining our efforts to establish equality in the fields we can influence will significantly speed up this process.

14. Gender Equality and Peace: Are They Connected?

Since men hold most leading positions, women’s needs are often not considered during decision-making processes. Active participation of all genders in all spheres can improve response to the needs of society, positively influencing society members’ satisfaction with their living conditions and opportunities. The development of a culture of peace may result from the creation of a gender egalitarian society that enables every member to achieve their goals and live in the way they want to live. 

15. Gender Equality and its Role in Economic Development

Women’s impact on various spheres’ development is underestimated: if all society members, despite their gender, join their efforts, they will achieve more significant results in all fields, including the economic sector. Women remain an underused resource, and including them in the workforce can be beneficial for gender equality and economic development.  

16. Gender Equality and Family Division of Labor

Household labor is unpaid and devalued but requires the same efforts as regular work. Women perform most household tasks today and don’t receive any salary for these duties, proving that guaranteeing women equal rights can result only from a fair family division of labor to provide both males and females with the same opportunities to work.

17. Gender Equality in Politics: What Does It Mean?

According to the UN report , women hold 22.8% of ministerial positions. It sounds unfair, doesn’t it? Gender equality in politics will be established when women represent 50% of leading roles, proving that the international community should recognize females’ competence and ability to rule the countries and world. Gender inequality in society can be overcome if the gender issue is solved in politics. 

18. What Does Gender Inequality Cost Us Economically?

Gender inequality costs the world economy $7 trillion per year . This fact proves that solving gender issues is beneficial not only for women individually but also for the world community. The inclusion of females in the workforce can help various companies and organizations achieve established goals more effectively and quickly, positively influencing overall economic development.

19. Gender Disparity in the World of Science: Why It Exists

Unequal access to education, household duties, unequal pay, and smaller research grants are the primary reasons for the gender inequality issue in science. It’s difficult to imagine what achievements and innovations we lose if women in today’s society lack opportunities to participate in scientific developments.

20. Gender Inequality in the Modern Family

Many modern parents still focus on various stereotypes when raising their children: they teach their daughters to cook and clean because they’re girls and require their sons to learn to paint or repair things because they are boys. This approach doesn’t consider children’s interests and hobbies, adversely affecting their ability to understand their desires. Moreover, gender inequality in the family is characterized by social expectations that the mother is responsible for all household chores. If people provide their children with knowledge about gender equality rather than their responsibilities based on their gender, we will have more happy individuals who participate in the activities they enjoy and achieve their goals depending on their desires and dreams, not their gender roles.

Nice topics, aren’t they? And the best part of it is that you don’t have to do any prolonged and tiresome research to come up with a similar idea on your own. Gender equality or inequality is a kind of topic that, to some extent, encompasses the entirety of the human experience. You may take a look at virtually any part of your life and be sure to find some food for thought. After proper consideration, it can be turned into a top-notch topic pertaining to this broad issue. So look into the following areas where gender inequality is possible.

Gender Inequality in Countries Worldwide

Gender inequality in the United States is striking and remains a severe issue even today. However, have you ever wondered what happens in other states, such as Afghanistan, Iran, and African countries? The situation is much worse there, proving that we still have a great deal of work to do to achieve equality in all spheres and all nations.

European countries and particular states in North America most successfully struggle for gender equality. If we take gender equality as 1 , Iceland (0.91), Finland (0.86), Norway (0.85), New Zeland (0.84), and Sweden (0.82) have had the highest scores and offered the most gender-equal conditions compared to other countries in 2022. Still, the fact that no state has achieved gender equality even today really hurts. Just imagine that the same statistics show that Afghanistan (0.44), Pakistan (0.56), DR Congo (0.58), Iran (0.58), and Chad (0.58) have provided the least equal conditions in the same year.

What is gender equality in Iceland? The employment rate for women is 77.5% , and 47.6% of parliament representatives are women, while men and women equally take parental leave depending on their own decision. What is gender inequality in Afghanistan? Taliban’s rise to power has made women face numerous restrictions : all females have been excluded from public positions and the judiciary, they must follow strict rules when it comes to their clothing (wearing a mahram is mandatory), they are expected to stay at home and are not allowed to decide what they want to do; education and adequate working conditions are unachievable for women.

The roles and opportunities of women in society differ from country to country. Due to child marriage, numerous girls in underdeveloped countries lack access to education and work. For example, in Niger , 28% of girls under 15 and 76% of girls under 18 are already married, while in Chad, the share of married girls is 24% and 61%, respectively. Child marriage causes adolescent pregnancy and forces women to dedicate their lives to caring for children and parents, making them unable to get an education and focus on their own dreams.

Access to education is also a severe problem in numerous countries. In Mali , only 38% of girls attend primary school, while in South Sudan, only 25% of girls access primary education. In Niger, 17% of girls under 24 receive primary education. Patriarchal systems make women unable to make their own choices in these countries, proving that significant changes within the overall systems are needed to provide girls with their fundamental rights.

Undoubtedly, gender inequality causes injustice worldwide, making women fight for their rights throughout their lives. However, it has significantly worse consequences, such as child marriage, adolescent pregnancy, and a high child mortality rate in underdeveloped countries. People’s fundamental rights include education, equality, work, freedom of speech, and the capacity to make a choice. Society will flourish and reach the highest level of development only if all society members, regardless of their gender, exercise these rights.

Top 5 Areas Where Gender Inequality Is Possible

Every year, the rights of women in education, equal pay and fair treatment at work are well regarded worldwide – protests, movements, official declarations and so on. However, there are still some areas in which women are treated in a different way:

Workplace and Employment


For more details about the labor force participation rates for women and men in each separate country, click this source and include this information in your research paper. According to the International Labor Organization , 70% of women prefer to work in paid jobs regardless of their employment status. Among persistent challenges, there are gender roles, work-family balance, the lack of safe and accessible transportation and the lack of affordable care.

Despite the unequal pay, women face other obstacles in the path of successful working – sexual harassment, for example. According to an online survey , 81% of women experience some form of sexual harassment during their lifetime.

Race and ethnicity can also be an embarrassment for women to get equal earnings. For example, while Native American women have the lowest earnings at $31,000, Hispanic women get $28,000. There is a difference. So, investigate all the causes of gender inequality in the workplace and provide the best solutions to the problems.


Most world religions agree on the respect for women and their crucial role in family life, but they do not, however, support the total equality with men. So this is a problem needed to be explored in details like it is done in the research paper “Religion and gender inequality: The status of women in the societies of world religions”.


Today, the situation changes due to spreading democratic values. At the beginning of the 21st century, women were granted two most fundamental democratic rights: the right to vote and the right to stand for election. More and more women appear in the political arena from the last century – Margaret Thatcher, Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, Theresa May. All these names are familiar to everybody. What does a woman need to achieve most in government? It is a great essay question to research and answer.


Yes, gender inequality in the workplace, home, and family is slowly being eliminated, but there are still some issues needed to be highlighted and solved. It is important because these discriminatory practices place women at a distinct disadvantage – their ability to acquire wealth, enhance social standing, leave an oppressive work environment, or separate from an abusive relationship are reduced or limited by gender stereotypes.

Our essay writers recommend to watch the video where Frances McDormand is delivering a triumphant Oscars acceptance speech. In this speech, you’ll find some ideas on gender equality that plays a great role in creating this fair world.

And while the battle against gender inequality in the workplace is not a one-day event, this day is still a good opportunity to assess where we stand right now, what has changed from this time last year and previous years, and what we can improve. Your essay may take an economic, sociological, psychological, ethnographical, historical or, in fact, any other turn – you just have to use a little bit of imagination and creativity in defining your approach. After all, with this area of study being that popular, you are sure to find data for your research no matter what you choose.

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Essays About Gender Inequality: Top 5 Examples and 8 Helpful Prompts

Essays about gender inequality discuss a timely subject. Discover our guide with examples and prompts to assist you in writing.

Gender inequality is a global issue where one person’s perception and treatment of others depend on predetermined social expectations, leading to discrimination. Children can learn negative stereotypes, live with these biases, and carry them into adulthood. Parents who teach their kids prejudice are one of the reasons for gender inequality that spills into everyone else’s lives. 

Organizations like UNICEF actively form partnerships worldwide to stop and promote gender equality . Their efforts include career support, higher quality maternal care, skills development, and more. Your gender inequality essay can help promote gender equality that prevents violence against all genders. In addition, by discussing the topic, more people can better understand the seriousness of the issue. Check out our round-up of the best essay writing apps to get started!

5 Essay Examples 

1. gender inequality: sources and consequences by anonymous on, 2. the issue of gender inequality in the media in america by anonymous on, 3. gender inequality is a huge issue from past by joshua blake, 4. the problem of gender inequality in the workplace by anonymous on, 5. gender inequality: are there any positive changes by anonymous on, 1. gender inequality: defined, 2. impact of gender inequality, 3. fighting gender inequality, 4. types and causes of gender inequality, 5. gender inequality as a global problem, 6. politics and gender inequality, 7. who are the most affected by gender inequality, 8. gender inequality and family dynamics.

“Humanity requires both men and women to move forward together, and they both are equally important. There are no reasons why women should be seen as the “weaker” sex.”

The author firmly believes that people must control old habits and notions about genders for everyone’s sake. This essay further delves into how culture and history devalue ​​women and prove that men are more powerful as they bring money and do more physical work. The media also assists in making viewers think women are sexual objects, with how most magazines and promotions cater to men’s satisfaction.

The writer understands that gender inequality is impossible to fix immediately. So they recommend parents teach their children to avoid stereotyping. Companies should also ensure equal treatment for both genders when providing job opportunities. They also mention that more influential people will speak about the problem as the unjust treatment continues.

“There is no doubt that every form of media today will have some sort of gender stereotypes and generalizations about male and female roles.”

In this gender inequality essay, the writer explains not only what stereotypes are but also how the media harms the lives of young men and women when these labels are reinforced. This includes the stereotype of being a housewife, the most common stereotype.

The writer describes how the media is at fault for promoting a negative body image. When mainstream channels portray the “perfect” male or female body, and viewers see that they are far from what those ideal types look like, it can lead to physical and mental health problems. 

“It is certain that gender inequality is a huge issue from the past to present especially [as it] occurs among women.”

To identify the causes of gender inequality, Blake uses various studies to prove that Hofstede and Schwartz’s framework on the cultural dimension influences the differences between men and women.

A good example is Schwartz’s hierarchy and Hofstede’s power distance, which both refer to unequal power distribution and sources. Some dimensions are very similar and correspond to each other, such as masculinity and mastery, femininity and harmony, autonomy and individualism, conservatism, and collectivism.

“Both genders can have the same education and experience, yet the male gets a higher wage payment compared to female.”

In discussing the topic, the author uses various statistical data to prove that gender inequality in the workplace is still present today but is improving. For example, according to their findings, American men earn one dollar while women earn only 89 cents. 

Americans are also against the women who return to work after giving birth and say men shall continue without paternity leave. But ultimately, the writer believes that when there’s gender inequality in a company, they lose the opportunity to keep their best resources.

“Gender inequality can be defined as not giving equal opportunities to people because of their biological sex.”

The essay mentions how TV shows and personalities like Emma Watson , who speak their minds on how the media portrays genders, help shed more light on gender inequality. Therefore, they encourage others to become a part of something revolutionary. However, it also shows little change in gender differences after more people became aware of the situation. The piece also notes how today’s parents are raising their children, allowing them to eliminate gender-based oppression.

8 Prompts for Essays About Gender Inequality

Essays About Gender Inequality: Definition

Explain to your readers the main topic and how inequality occurs in modern society. Give an example of gender inequality that is very common and how both sexes react to it. Conclude your essay with recommendations on how these issues can be resolved and avoided.

In reality, gender inequality has negative impacts on everyone. Discuss how this problem takes away opportunities, develops destructive behaviors, and puts people in dangerous situations. Offer real-life examples, surveys, and data to support your claims to make the essay more informative and credible.

Gender inequality has been a prevalent issue since the beginning of time and is still a pressing matter today. Use this prompt to identify and discuss steps governments, organizations, schools, churches, parents, and individuals should take to avoid being gender biased. 

Share ways to promote gender equality through simple tasks like sharing household chores between housemates, no matter the gender, calling out sexist jokes, and learning more about the topic.

To make your essay more effective, incorporate convincing and powerful writing. Read our guide on persuasive writing to know more.

Essays About Gender Inequality: Types and causes of gender inequality

Talk about the various types of gender inequality, such as gender discrimination in education, sexual violence, unequal pay and recognition, racism, and ownership inequality. Add their causes and roots. 

It’s best if you can interview someone who experiences this imbalance. Let them relay what they felt and why they think it happened. Include other examples to allow your readers to visualize and understand the situations.

Do thorough research and find survey data showing the number of people who are still victims of gender inequality. Look for the best and most reliable source and check how it differs from one location to the other. Discuss your findings and share your opinion on what contributes to this discrimination.

Use this prompt if you want to tackle fundamental problems related to gender inequality. Discuss how women and men are treated in politics and give examples of situations that demonstrate it. The more famous the incidents are, the better. You can also compare if there’s a relevant difference between how female and male politicians lead.

Although all are affected by this bias, who are the most prone to it? Search for applicable data from reputable sources to determine and expound on the number of people involved. Include how these people are influenced and why.

Gender inequality also occurs in wealthy families or nobility, where whoever is in charge of a business or place needs power and the ability to dominate others. Search for countries and cultures that still follow a patriarchal structure. Add your opinion on whether it’s time to modify these structures or its best to keep them as is for traditions’ sake.

If you’re still stuck, maybe this topic is not for you. Check out our general resource of essay writing topics.

Gender Inequality - Free Essay Examples And Topic Ideas

Gender inequality refers to the unequal treatment or perceptions of individuals based on their gender, manifesting in various areas like the workplace, political representation, and societal norms. Essays on gender inequality could explore historical and contemporary instances, the social and economic implications, and the intersectionality of gender with other forms of discrimination. Furthermore, discussions might cover ongoing efforts to combat gender inequality and promote inclusivity. We’ve gathered an extensive assortment of free essay samples on the topic of Gender Inequality you can find at Papersowl. You can use our samples for inspiration to write your own essay, research paper, or just to explore a new topic for yourself.

Gender Inequality and Feminism

Gender inequality is a concept which has been occurring over a number of years and due to gender differences it fuels up gender inequality, which gave rise to gender socialization. Gender socialization is the process of learning gender roles which emerge from society and nowadays social media, throughout this process men and women learn their roles in society. The most common attribute we ascribe to women is that they can be vulnerable and sensitive, on the other hand, men hear […]

Crime and Social Justice on Gender Inequality

I'm using these five sources to talk about crime and social justice on gender inequality. Gender inequality is more of a social injustice because gender inequality is an unfair practice between men and women being carried out in the society. Within discussing this topic, I talk about racism and sexism. My topic is towards African Americans and women in the workplace. How come African American women or women, in general, are not seen as an equal to men? Cheeks, Maura. […]

The Gender Gap in Political Ambition

The gender gap in political ambition has been a topic extensively researched by political analysts and professors for years. The focus of this essay will be to examine why this gender gap exists and how it directly affects the underrepresentation of women who hold public office in the United States. This essay will explore the ways in which young women are politically socialized and factors in early childhood through high school which affect one’s political motivations. This research also seeks […]

We will write an essay sample crafted to your needs.

Sexual Harassment in the Work Place and Gender Inequality

Abbas, in "All Males Are the Same: Exploring Workplace Harassment of Female Employees," addresses the issue of workplace sexual harassment towards females, which is common in many countries, specifically the Middle East. The article explores how workplace sexual harassment towards women contributes to the cause of gender inequality. Abbas supports his claim with numerous case studies. First, his findings suggest that workplace harassment is a universal problem embedded within societal traditions. Second, he examines how the unequal treatment of women […]

The Issue of Gender Inequality Within Society

According to the International Labour Organization, “equality in pay has improved in the US since 1979 when women earned about 62% as much as men. In 2010, American women on average earned 81% of what their male counterparts earned. Women’s participation in the U.S. labor force climbed during the 1970s and 1980s, reaching 60 percent in 2000. However, in 2010 this figure has declined to 46.7 percent and is not expected to increase by 2018.” (“Gender Inequality and Women in […]

“Education is the Passport to the Future”

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today” Malcolm X. It can be said that education helps us increase knowledge to actively achieve and meet challenges that can produce changes in which are productive for attaining business innovations, political and economic objectives. In sociological terms education is usually seen as the process of acquiring certain skills or knowledge within an institution designed for that purpose. According (Haralambos & Holborn, 2004), it […]

Gender Inequality in Broadcast Journalism

The news media is one of thea most powerful institution whichs that exerts a tremendous amount of influence on society. Although more women females are entering the male dominated newsroom, women are still underrepresented and excluded in many differentmultiple ways. It is evident that females hold a strong interest in journalism; in fact, sixty- five percent of journalism school graduates are female However, women only represent thirty percent of jobs in journalism. , Tand this gender disparity is evident in […]

Gender Inequality in the Workplace

Gender inequality in the workplace has been an ongoing issue for decades now. Men and women have never been on the same page when it comes to work. Women have always been known to be more of caregivers and men have been given the tougher tasks. Gender stereotypes have always played a major role in assigning women to lower paying and lower status jobs in comparison to men. Discrimination against women can occur in many ways throughout the workplace, such […]

Sappho and Catullus Romantic Rejection

Although Sappho and Catullus lived and worked in different time periods, their ideas on romantic rejection suggest each were victims of unrequited love. Both wrote about their cultural environment of where they lived, their ideas of society, its expectations and inequalities for both women and men as well as their different representations of love. They used their poetry to discuss the gender inequality of their societies and how unfair a society led by men really was in. It dictated the […]

Gender Inequality in the Medical Field

Introduction The medical field is consistently one of the best job fields to enter because of the positive job outlook and high salary. This may not be true for women, however. The large amount of gender discrimination and harassment may be enough to keep women away from the medical field, specifically female doctors. In this day and age there is no reason why women cannot become doctors and they are not lesser than their male peers, especially in the 21st […]

Gender Inequality in Education

Culturally, there is a belief that every individual has the same chance to succeed in society. Even in our constitution, it states that all men are created equal. What is underlying in this belief is that a failure to succeed is the fault of the gender or race of the individual. Inequalities in educational institutions affect students in various ways; providing greater impact on children from lower socio-economic backgrounds and maintaining advantages of those with money, which are then passed […]

Feminism Within the Film Industry

The film industry has had a recurring theme with its woman in film. The theme began as a woman playing a secondary role to males and playing the victim that needs rescuing. The rise of feminism began in the 1950s until the 1970s, at first it was unpopular with the audience and did not make its return until the 1990s. Throughout the years it is shown that woman has become more dominant in their roles as the main matriarch of […]

Gender Inequality in China

"Mao Zedong once said, “women hold up half the sky.” This famous quote has been interpreted by people for nearly one-hundred years. All interpretations tying back to one basic core idea that women hold just as much priority in the world as men do. However, in present-day China, social standards are far from equal between the two genders. Men still earn more money than their female counterparts, the gender ratio of the country is still out of balance, and boys […]

Gender Inequality: Causes and Impacts

Gender Equality is “A state of having same rights, status and opportunities like others, regardless of one’s gender.” Gender inequality is “unequal treatment or perception of an individual based on their gender.” In the United States of America Gender Equality has progressed through the past decades. Due to different Cultural context, countries around the world lack Gender Equality. Gender inequality remains a issue worldwide, mainly in the Middle East and North Africa. Equality of Gender is normalized in the United […]

Gender Inequality Affects Everyone

Gender inequality has never been a new thing in the United States. This cultural phenomenon has deeply rooted in people’s minds and has been affecting their behaviors for a really long time. Gender inequality generally defines as that men and women in some way are not equal. Gender inequality recognizes gender inequality and gender influences an individual’s life experience. These differences stem from the distinctions in biology, psychology, and cultural norms. Some of these differences are based on experience, while […]

Research Paper on Gender Inequality in the Workforce in India

Abstract India demonstrates significant economy growth that contrary to universal norms results in lower female labor force participation. The issue is a deep-rooted problem, which is aggravated by a wide range of factors, the major of which are social norms and insufficient level of training and information on job opportunities. Despite the presence of these constraints, the paper suggests that there is a scope of possible measures, which can be implemented by the government to overcome the problem and mitigate […]

The Gender Wage Gap: Myth or Reality?

Gender inequality has been a persistent issue in the workforce. The gender wage gaps shows the difference between male and female workers’ earnings. In the modern day economy, women are typically paid less than men. The Equal Pay Act was passed in the U.S. on June 10, 1963, it was the beginning of achieving equal economic opportunity for women however, it alone did not solve the issue. In further effort to put an end to the century-old gender wage inequality, […]

Gender Inequality is Still a Huge Issue

Throughout history, men have always been perceived as the dominant gender compared to women. Up until recently, men were the ones going to work while the women stayed home. They did not have hardly any rights, while having to stay home to handle raising the children and keeping up with household chores. Not only that, but women also got constantly abused by their husbands while they got away with it. While in today’s society, things have changed drastically, gender inequality […]

Gender Inequality and Sexual Harassment

Attitudes regarding men’s violence against women shape gender inequality and also the sense of responses to this violence by the victim and others around. This is why we see many violence prevention campaigns media advertisements and social awareness. Attitudes and behaviors shape violence in several domains including culture, gender, institutional response to violence, women’s own responses to victimization and more. Gender role attitudes and their forced upholding play a major role regarding violence towards women [1]. From a young age, […]

Gender Inequality in the United States for Years

Gender inequality has been present in the United States for years. Women have been, and still are, mainly associated with the duties tied to their home. However, the role as the “homemaker” have limitations on women, causing them to experience dissatisfaction in their lives. Women are increasingly pushing against that stereotype, as shown by the increasing number of women, especially married women, that are joining the workforce. This allows women to steer away from being economically dependent on men, and […]

“Gender Inequality: a Greek Life and Legal Implications Study”

Abstract Attending college is supposed to be a time of newfound freedom. This freedom gives incoming students the opportunity to define who they are as a person, and often times the organizations students first join play a vital role in shaping who they are for years to come. When graduates reflect on their college years many say their best memories come from the organizations they joined. At Texas Christian University over half of the student population are in different Greek […]

How Gender Discrimination Effects Children

"It is during their first years that girls and boys learn gendered attitudes and expectations - from parents, caregivers, other family members, and teachers - about how girls and boys/women and men should behave, their social worth and what their role is in society." (e.g. Plan International) Gender inequality is an issue for all of us, but we often don't think about how it affects children. In recent decades, there have been elaborate studies on how sexism and gender stereotyping […]

Gender Inequality in Athletic Sports

Sports are both one of the most idolized and contested activities in our society today. Historically, sports have been used as a display for the public, for both entertainment and social purposes. Sports also provide professional opportunities for athletes and coaches at the highest level of performance. Regardless of the purpose or presentation, sports have created an element in our modern society. While sports have provided opportunities, it has also created underlying effects on social cues in regards to the […]

How to Deal with Gender Inequality in Sports

Looking at today’s fast world, sports has turned out to be a place where individuals can have extraordinary professions in and will likewise have the wages that one can get by owning a business as well, but the posing problem is that it is gender driven. Societal norms have a significant impact on a youth’s life, one of the fields in which it lays impact is sports. The major contributing factor is that since birth, humans observe and learn these […]

An Issue of Gender Inequality in the World

Gender inequality is still an issue in the world. In every five girls, one will not have access to an education. Girls in developing countries are not enrolled in school. Mexico has been dealing with gender inequality for years because women aren’t given the same rights as men. In Mexico, gender stereotypes and discrimination restrict women’s choices. Mexico falls in the bottom half of 144 countries when it comes to gender equality. Women were murdered just because of their gender […]

Gender Inequality and Violence in the United States

Gender inequality in the United States has been an issue since before our time with women and girls making strides since the early 1900’s to gain gender equity. Gender inequality is looked at as a key factor that underpins violence against women, why men produce certain acts of violence over woman and why men are looked at different by society than women, however the topic is complex and requires consideration from different perspectives, including ways to deter the violence. Most […]

Americanah: Gender Pay Gap in Nigeria and North America

In the book Americanah by Chimamanda Adichie, women's earning potentials are vividly shown based on experiences that Ifemelu and her Aunty Uju have in both Nigeria and North America. These earning potentials affect gender roles and expectations in Nigeria and North America because women are expected more to be the house keepers and mothers rather than ever having a job themselves. Nowadays it is much different as the feminist movement continues to grow across the world. This is presented throughout […]

The Roots of Gender Inequality in Developing Countries

In today’s world, gender equality is seen as a crucial need. According to the U.N., “1 in 5 women and girls between the ages of 15-49 have reported experiencing physical or sexual violence by an intimate partner within a 12-month period”. In developed countries, tremendous efforts have been made in order to achieve the goal of gender equality as now in 46 countries, “women now hold more than 30 percent of seats in national parliament in at least one chamber.” […]

An Analysis of the Problem of Gender Inequality

Furthermore, in nations like Yemen, sex variations are seen even in optional school where young men select at a rate 20 rate focuses higher than young ladies. On the off chance that fairness is educated in schools it will change the general public and how individuals think and act bringing about more ladies learning and graduating. As what the speakers have mentioned, gender inequality should be fought by both men and women. It is humans right. Gender inequality has greatly […]

Gender Inequality in Saudi Arabia

Gender inequality has been a major factor for many countries and as every single one of them continue to change and improve for the future, some places have stayed the same over time and are barely coming along and accepting what other areas have already passed on such as having equality not just for men, but for women as well and many of us today don’t realize how some people are not given the freedom to do what we do […]

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How To Write an Essay About Gender Inequality

Understanding gender inequality: the foundation.

To write an essay on gender inequality, it's crucial to start with a clear understanding of what gender inequality entails. It's a broad term that refers to the unequal treatment or perception of individuals based on their gender. Gender inequality manifests in various aspects of life, including but not limited to the workplace, education, politics, and social norms. Begin your essay by defining gender inequality, providing relevant examples from different areas of life, and explaining why it is a significant issue that warrants attention.

Research and Statistics: Building Your Argument

A well-researched essay is a powerful tool. Accumulate data and statistics from credible sources such as academic journals, international organizations (like the UN or WHO), and reputable news outlets. This research should include global perspectives, highlighting how gender inequality varies across different cultures and societies. Use this information to construct a strong argument, supporting your points with evidence. This approach not only adds weight to your essay but also demonstrates a thorough understanding of the topic.

The Historical Perspective: Understanding the Roots

Incorporate a historical perspective to provide depth to your essay. Understanding the historical context of gender inequality helps to explain how and why it persists today. This can include an examination of gender roles throughout history, major movements for gender equality, and significant legal and social changes. A historical lens allows for a comprehensive view of the problem and its evolution over time.

Current Challenges and Debates

Focus on the current state of gender inequality. This section should explore the most pressing issues and debates surrounding gender inequality today. Topics can include the gender pay gap, underrepresentation in leadership positions, societal expectations, and the impact of gender stereotypes. This section can also cover the intersectionality of gender inequality, showing how it intersects with other forms of discrimination like race, class, and sexuality.

Solutions and Actions: Towards a More Equal Future

Every essay should look towards the future. Discuss potential solutions and actions that could be taken to address gender inequality. These can range from policy changes and educational reforms to shifts in cultural attitudes and individual actions. Highlight initiatives already in place that are working towards equality and suggest areas where more work is needed. This section should inspire and suggest practical ways for individuals and societies to contribute to a more gender-equal world.

Conclusion: Summarizing Key Points

Conclude your essay by summarizing the key points discussed. Reiterate the importance of addressing gender inequality and the impact it has on individuals and society as a whole. Your conclusion should leave readers with a clear understanding of the issue, its significance, and a sense of hope or urgency for the future. Remember, a strong conclusion can leave a lasting impression on your readers, motivating them to think more deeply about the subject or even take action.

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5 Powerful Essays Advocating for Gender Equality

Gender equality – which becomes reality when all genders are treated fairly and allowed equal opportunities –  is a complicated human rights issue for every country in the world. Recent statistics are sobering. According to the World Economic Forum, it will take 108 years to achieve gender parity . The biggest gaps are found in political empowerment and economics. Also, there are currently just six countries that give women and men equal legal work rights. Generally, women are only given ¾ of the rights given to men. To learn more about how gender equality is measured, how it affects both women and men, and what can be done, here are five essays making a fair point.

Take a free course on Gender Equality offered by top universities!

“Countries With Less Gender Equity Have More Women In STEM — Huh?” – Adam Mastroianni and Dakota McCoy

This essay from two Harvard PhD candidates (Mastroianni in psychology and McCoy in biology) takes a closer look at a recent study that showed that in countries with lower gender equity, more women are in STEM. The study’s researchers suggested that this is because women are actually especially interested in STEM fields, and because they are given more choice in Western countries, they go with different careers. Mastroianni and McCoy disagree.

They argue the research actually shows that cultural attitudes and discrimination are impacting women’s interests, and that bias and discrimination is present even in countries with better gender equality. The problem may lie in the Gender Gap Index (GGI), which tracks factors like wage disparity and government representation. To learn why there’s more women in STEM from countries with less gender equality, a more nuanced and complex approach is needed.

“Men’s health is better, too, in countries with more gender equality” – Liz Plank

When it comes to discussions about gender equality, it isn’t uncommon for someone in the room to say, “What about the men?” Achieving gender equality has been difficult because of the underlying belief that giving women more rights and freedom somehow takes rights away from men. The reality, however, is that gender equality is good for everyone. In Liz Plank’s essay, which is an adaption from her book For the Love of Men: A Vision for Mindful Masculinity, she explores how in Iceland, the #1 ranked country for gender equality, men live longer. Plank lays out the research for why this is, revealing that men who hold “traditional” ideas about masculinity are more likely to die by suicide and suffer worse health. Anxiety about being the only financial provider plays a big role in this, so in countries where women are allowed education and equal earning power, men don’t shoulder the burden alone.

Liz Plank is an author and award-winning journalist with Vox, where she works as a senior producer and political correspondent. In 2015, Forbes named her one of their “30 Under 30” in the Media category. She’s focused on feminist issues throughout her career.

“China’s #MeToo Moment” –  Jiayang Fan

Some of the most visible examples of gender inequality and discrimination comes from “Me Too” stories. Women are coming forward in huge numbers relating how they’ve been harassed and abused by men who have power over them. Most of the time, established systems protect these men from accountability. In this article from Jiayang Fan, a New Yorker staff writer, we get a look at what’s happening in China.

The essay opens with a story from a PhD student inspired by the United States’ Me Too movement to open up about her experience with an academic adviser. Her story led to more accusations against the adviser, and he was eventually dismissed. This is a rare victory, because as Fan says, China employs a more rigid system of patriarchy and hierarchy. There aren’t clear definitions or laws surrounding sexual harassment. Activists are charting unfamiliar territory, which this essay explores.

“Men built this system. No wonder gender equality remains as far off as ever.” – Ellie Mae O’Hagan

Freelance journalist Ellie Mae O’Hagan (whose book The New Normal is scheduled for a May 2020 release) is discouraged that gender equality is so many years away. She argues that it’s because the global system of power at its core is broken.  Even when women are in power, which is proportionally rare on a global scale, they deal with a system built by the patriarchy. O’Hagan’s essay lays out ideas for how to fix what’s fundamentally flawed, so gender equality can become a reality.

Ideas include investing in welfare; reducing gender-based violence (which is mostly men committing violence against women); and strengthening trade unions and improving work conditions. With a system that’s not designed to put women down, the world can finally achieve gender equality.

“Invisibility of Race in Gender Pay Gap Discussions” – Bonnie Chu

The gender pay gap has been a pressing issue for many years in the United States, but most discussions miss the factor of race. In this concise essay, Senior Contributor Bonnie Chu examines the reality, writing that within the gender pay gap, there’s other gaps when it comes to black, Native American, and Latina women. Asian-American women, on the other hand, are paid 85 cents for every dollar. This data is extremely important and should be present in discussions about the gender pay gap. It reminds us that when it comes to gender equality, there’s other factors at play, like racism.

Bonnie Chu is a gender equality advocate and a Forbes 30 Under 30 social entrepreneur. She’s the founder and CEO of Lensational, which empowers women through photography, and the Managing Director of The Social Investment Consultancy.

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About the author, emmaline soken-huberty.

Emmaline Soken-Huberty is a freelance writer based in Portland, Oregon. She started to become interested in human rights while attending college, eventually getting a concentration in human rights and humanitarianism. LGBTQ+ rights, women’s rights, and climate change are of special concern to her. In her spare time, she can be found reading or enjoying Oregon’s natural beauty with her husband and dog.

70 Argumentative Essay Topics About Gender Equality

Essay Topics About Gender Equality

Gender equality is an extremely debatable topic. Sooner or later, every group of friends, colleagues, or classmates will touch on this subject. Discussions never stop, and this topic is always relevant.

This is not surprising, as our society hasn’t reached 100% equality yet. Pay gaps, victimization, abortion laws, and other aspects remain painful for millions of women. You should always be ready to structure your thoughts and defend your point of view on this subject. Why not practice with our list of essay topics about gender equality?

Our cheap essay writing service authors prepared 70 original ideas for you. Besides, at the end of our article, you’ll find a list of inspirational sources for your essay.

Argumentative Essay Topics About Gender Equality

  • Does society or a person define gender?
  • Can culturally sanctioned gender roles hurt adolescents’ mental health?
  • Who or what defines the concepts of “masculinity” and “femininity” in modern society?
  • Should the rules of etiquette be changed because they’ve been created in the epoch of total patriarchy?
  • Why is gender equality higher in developed countries? Is equality the cause or the result of the development?
  • Are gender stereotypes based on the difference between men’s and women’s brains justified?
  • Would humanity be more developed today if gender stereotypes never exited?
  • Can a woman be a good politician? Why or why not?
  • What are the main arguments of antifeminists? Are they justified?
  • Would our society be better if more women were in power?

Analytical Gender Equality Topics

  • How do gender stereotypes in the sports industry influence the careers of athletes?
  • Social and psychological foundations of feminism in modern Iranian society: Describe women’s rights movements in Iran and changes in women’s rights.
  • Describe the place of women in today’s sports and how this situation looked a hundred years ago.
  • What changes have American women made in the social and economic sphere? Describe the creation of a legislative framework for women’s empowerment.
  • How can young people fix gender equality issues?
  • Why do marketing specialists keep taking advantage of gender stereotypes in advertising?
  • How does gender inequality hinder our society from progress?
  • What social problems does gender inequality cause?
  • How does gender inequality influence the self-image of male adolescents?
  • Why is the concept of feminism frequently interpreted negatively?

Argumentative Essay Topics About Gender Equality in Art and Literature

  • Theory of gender in literature: do male and female authors see the world differently? Pick one book and analyze it in the context of gender.
  • Compare and contrast how gender inequality is described in L. Tolstoy’s novel “Anna Karenina” and G. Flaubert’s novel “Madame Bovary.” Read and analyze the mentioned books, distinguish how gender inequality is described, and how the main characters manage this inequality.
  • The artificial gender equality and class inequality in the novel “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley.
  • Do modern romance novels for teenagers help to break gender stereotypes, or do they enforce them?
  • Gender equality changes through Disney animation films. Analyze the scenarios of Disney animation films from the very beginning. Describe how the overall mood in relation to female characters and their roles has changed.
  • Henrik Ibsen touched on the topic of gender inequality in his play “A Doll’s House.” Why was it shocking for a 19th century audience?
  • Concepts of gender inequality through examples of fairy tales. Analyze several fairy tales that contain female characters. What image do they have? Do these fairy tales misrepresent the nature of women? How do fairy tales spoil the world view of young girls?
  • Why do female heroes rarely appear in superhero movies?
  • Heroines of the movie “Hidden Figures” face both gender and racial inequalities. In your opinion, has the American society solved these issues entirely?
  • The problem of gender inequality in the novel “The Color Purple” by Alice Walker.

Gender Equality Essay Ideas: Workplace and Employment

  • Dress code in the workplace: Does it help to solve the problem of gender inequality, or is it a detriment?
  • What kind of jobs are traditionally associated with men and women? How have these associations changed in the last 50 years?
  • The pay gap between men and women: is it real?
  • How can HR managers overcome gender stereotypes while hiring a new specialist?
  • Analyze the concepts of “glass ceiling” and “glass elevator.” Do these phenomena still exist in our society?

Essay Topics About Gender Equality: Religion

  • Gender aspects of Christian virtue and purity in the Bible.
  • What does the equality of men and women look like from the perspective of Christianity? Can a woman be a pastor?
  • Orthodox Judaism: Women and the transformation of their roles in a religious institute. Describe the change in women’s roles in modern Judaism.
  • How can secularism help solve the problem of gender inequality in religious societies?
  • Is the problem of gender inequality more serious in religious societies?

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics About Gender Equality

  • Compare and contrast the problems men and women experience in managerial positions.
  • Compare and contrast what progress has been made on gender equality in the USA and Sweden.
  • Compare and contrast the social status of women in ancient Athens and Sparta.
  • Conduct a sociological analysis of gender asymmetry in various languages. Compare and contrast the ways of assigning gender in two different languages.
  • Compare and contrast the portrayal of female characters in 1960s Hollywood films and in modern cinematography (pick two movies). What has changed?

Gender Equality Topics: Definitions

  • Define the term “misandry.” What is the difference between feminism and misandry?
  • Define the term “feminology.” How do feminologists help to break down prejudice about the gender role of women?
  • Define the term “catcalling.” How is catcalling related to the issue of gender inequality?
  • Define the term “femvertising.” How does this advertising phenomenon contribute to the resolution of the gender inequality issue?
  • Define the term “misogyny.” What is the difference between “misogyny” and “sexism”?

Gender Equality Essay Ideas: History

  • The roles of the mother and father through history.
  • Define the most influential event in the history of the feminist movement.
  • What ancient societies preached matriarchy?
  • How did World War II change the attitude toward women in society?
  • Woman and society in the philosophy of feminism of the second wave. Think on works of Simone de Beauvoir and Betty Friedan and define what ideas provoked the second wave.

Essay Topics About Gender Equality in Education

  • How do gender stereotypes influence the choice of major among high school students?
  • Discuss the problems of female education in the interpretation of Mary Wollstonecraft. Reflect on the thoughts of Mary Wollstonecraft on gender equality and why women should be treated equally to men.
  • Self-determination of women in professions: Modern contradictions. Describe the character of a woman’s self-determination as a professional in today’s society.
  • Should gender and racial equality be taught in elementary school?
  • Will sex education at schools contribute to the development of gender equality?

Gender Equality Topics: Sex and Childbirth

  • Sexual violence in conflict situations: The problem of victimization of women.
  • The portrayal of menstruation and childbirth in media: Now versus twenty years ago.
  • How will the resolution of the gender inequality issue decrease the rate of sexual abuse toward women?
  • The attitude toward menstruation in different societies and how it influences the issue of gender equality.
  • How does the advertising of sexual character aggravate the problem of gender inequality?
  • Should advertising that uses sexual allusion be regulated by the government?
  • How has the appearance of various affordable birth control methods contributed to the establishment of gender equality in modern society?
  • Do men have the right to give up their parental duties if women refuse to have an abortion?
  • Can the child be raised without the influence of gender stereotypes in modern society?
  • Did the sexual revolution in the 1960s help the feminist movement?

How do you like our gender equality topics? We’ve tried to make them special for you. When you pick one of these topics, you should start your research. We recommend you to check the books we’ve listed below.

Non-Fiction Books and Articles on Gender Equality Topics

  • Beecher, C. “The Peculiar Responsibilities of American Women.”
  • Connell, R. (2011). “Confronting Equality: Gender, Knowledge and Global Change.”
  • Doris H. Gray. (2013). “Beyond Feminism and Islamism: Gender and Equality in North Africa.”
  • Inglehart Ronald, Norris Pippa. (2003). “Rising Tide: Gender Equality and Cultural Change Around the World.”
  • Mary Ann Danowitz Sagaria. (2007). “Women, Universities, and Change: Gender Equality in the European Union and the United States (Issues in Higher Education).”
  • Merrill, R. (1997). “Good News for Women: A Biblical Picture of Gender Equality.”
  • Mir-Hosseini, Z. (2013). “Gender and Equality in Muslim Family Law: Justice and Ethics in the Islamic Legal Process.”
  • Raymond F. Gregory. (2003). “Women and Workplace Discrimination: Overcoming Barriers to Gender Equality.”
  • Rubery, J., & Koukiadaki, A. (2016). “Closing the Gender Pay Gap: A Review of the Issues, Policy Mechanisms and International Evidence.”
  • Sharma, A. (2016). “Managing Diversity and Equality in the Workplace.”
  • Sika, N. (2011). “The Millennium Development Goals: Prospects for Gender Equality in the Arab World.”
  • Stamarski, C. S., & Son Hing, L. S. (2015). “Gender Inequalities in the Workplace: The Effects of Organizational Structures, Processes, Practices, and Decision Makers’ Sexism.”
  • Verniers, C., & Vala, J. (2018). “Justifying Gender Discrimination in the Workplace: The Mediating Role of Motherhood Myths.”
  • Williams, C. L., & Dellinger, K. (2010). “Gender and Sexuality in the Workplace.”

Literary Works for Your Gender Equality Essay Ideas

  • “A Doll’s House” by Henrik Ibsen
  • “A Room of One’s Own” by Virginia Woolf
  • “Anna Karenina” by Leo Tolstoy
  • “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley
  • “ The Awakening” by Kate Chopin
  • “The Color Purple” by Alice Walker
  • “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood
  • “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett
  • “The Scarlet Letter” by Nathaniel Hawthorne
  • “The Second Sex” by Simone de Beauvoir

We’re sure that with all of these argumentative essay topics about gender equality and useful sources, you’ll get a good grade without much effort! If you have any difficulties with your homework, request “ write my essay for cheap ” help and  our expert writers are always ready to help you.

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Gender Inequality as a Global Issue Essay

  • To find inspiration for your paper and overcome writer’s block
  • As a source of information (ensure proper referencing)
  • As a template for you assignment

Culture, society, and law

Technology and infrastructure, consequences.

Gender inequality is a global issue where men and women enjoy different levels of representation in various spheres of life. Generally predisposed against females, multiple factors conspire to limit their opportunities for education and employment, as well as, in more extreme cases, lead to violence. The causes of such inequality can stem from biology, culture, and technology. This essay will examine some of the causes that affect the gap in the treatment of men and women, and its ramifications, particularly regarding developing countries. One particular metric that will be used is female labor force participation (FLFP).

Humans are sexually dimorphic species; males and females exhibit different physical characteristics. While these differences have led to often oppressive cultural norms, they are impossible to reject. Large parts of developing nations are pre-industrial, where “individuals do not receive any education and primarily work in agricultural jobs as unskilled workers” (Hiller, 2014, p. 457). The labor efficiency in such jobs affects the roles available to men and women. For instance, some regions of India have soil that is more suitable for deep tillage and, therefore, the use of plows — heavy tools that require upper body strength to operate. As a consequence of this, “in parts of India with soil suitable for deep tillage, there is lower FLFP and a more male-skewed sex ratio” (Jayachandran, 2015, p. 72). In these regions, men had a physical advantage, which led to their higher representation in the labor force and positions of power.

For comparison, China’s agricultural areas provide a different example: regions that specialize in tea production. There, women have a “comparative advantage in picking tea leaves” (Jayachandran, 2015, p. 72). After economic reforms in those areas, various improvements have been noted regarding gender equality, as female children became more desirable and women more financially independent. These findings suggest that physiological differences, but also opportunities to make the best use of the advantages posed by these differences, play an important role in creating gender equality or inequality.

While physical differences may have caused an initial degree of gender inequality, cultural norms always form in response to them, strengthening this imbalance for the future, when physical differences are no longer relevant. Usually, this takes the form of a strong patriarchal tradition under which men take on a more proactive role in society. In contrast, women are relegated to more subservient and supportive positions. As a result of such traditions, women can face opposition when they seek education or employment or attempt to act outside of their society-mandated roles.

Girls’ education opportunities are not necessarily enforced explicitly by existing laws or regulations. The choice to educate a child is primarily made by their parents, according to social and cultural norms. Hiller (2014) explains that “if a ‘strong norm’ exists, according to which husbands should be the primary breadwinners of the family, parents grant a low value to the education of their daughters” (p. 457). Therefore, young women are often denied the schooling necessary to find better work.

Tradition and religion still play a significant part in women being underrepresented. While laws may be proposed that seek to create opportunities for women, they are turned down for such reasons. Nigeria is one such country, where “customary and religious arguments were the major justifications put forward by [local] legislators for their rejection of bills to promote women’s rights and gender equality” (Para-Mallam, 2017, p. 28). This legislative issue reinforces the existing inequality, keeping women in a disadvantaged position.

The points listed above concern pre-industrial societies, but as they develop, technology and improvements to infrastructure present new circumstances that can increase gender equality. As women tend to be engaged in various domestic chores in such cultures, making said chores easier and more efficient frees up their time. For instance, work such as fetching firewood and water is generally performed by women — therefore, providing plumbing and electric heating “will disproportionately free up women to work outside the home more or enjoy more leisure” (Jayachandran, 2015, p. 74). This change, in turn, would allow them more opportunities for education or work.

Advances in medicine are another change that improves women’s opportunities, mainly when it concerns obstetrics. Jayachandran (2015) notes that “childbearing is not only more common in developing countries; it is also more dangerous” (p. 74). It has been observed that improvements in this area in several countries reduced maternal mortality and complications at childbirth that might have had long-term effects. This change led to an increase in women’s ability to return to work after giving birth (Jayachandran, 2015). Similarly, access to contraception has been observed to free up women’s time available for education and work, consequently allowing them to gain more equal positions with men and creating a quantitative increase in FLFP.

Improvements in infrastructure can serve to increase gender equality in rural areas. Parents in these regions tend to be protective of their daughters. However, Jayachandran (2015) notes that “it is difficult to say how much of the limited mobility is out of genuine concern for women’s welfare … and how much is simply a way to stifle female autonomy” (pp. 77-78). This protectiveness makes parents less likely to choose to educate their daughters, especially if a school is not available nearby. Studies have observed that “a village school essentially closes the otherwise-large gender gap in enrollment” (Jayachandran, 2015, p. 78). Therefore, a single school can serve to educate boys from a significantly larger area than girls.

A significant difference in the treatment of men and women has significant consequences, most of which are negative. Since the causes persist in families, discrimination starts there, as parents consider investing in sons seems to be the better option than daughters. In day-to-day life, Para-Mallam (2017) found that Nigerian “rural men spend approximately two hours less than women doing work … and have one hour per day more for rest and recreation” (p. 28). In the distribution of a community’s shared resources, Agarwal (2018) points out that often, “female-headed households with few family members to help them are the most disadvantaged” (p. 282). Finally, common property in countries with a high level of gender inequality is “a high level of violence against women and girls perpetuated by individuals, groups and the state” (Para-Mallam, 2018, p. 29). All of these effects not only harm women’s lives and limit their opportunities, but also perpetuate the inequality already present, making it more difficult to create more equal conditions.

Gender inequality is still an issue even in First World nations. Current research in developing countries allows examining its causes and ways to reduce the gap in treatment. While simple biological reasons can initially explain inequality, culture and religion can perpetuate it into modernity. However, it has been noted that advances in technology, medicine, and infrastructure act as a countermeasure, gradually shortening this gap. Effects of gender inequality can range more work and less leisure time for the disadvantaged gender to limited education and employment opportunities, to violence.

Agarwal, B. (2018). Gender inequality, cooperation, and environmental sustainability. In J-M. Baland, P. Bradhan, & S. Bowles (eds.), inequality, cooperation, and environmental sustainability (pp. 274-313). New York, NY: Princeton University Press.

Hiller, V. (2014). Gender inequality, endogenous cultural norms, and economic development. The Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 116 (2), 451-481.

Jayachandran, S. (2015). The roots of gender inequality in developing countries. Annual Review of Economics, 7 (1), 63-88.

Para-Mallam, F. J. (2018). Gender equality in Nigeria. In A. Örtenblad, R. Marling, & S. Vasilijević (eds.), Gender Equality in a Global Perspective (pp. 23-53). New York, NY: Routledge.

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  • Chicago (A-D)
  • Chicago (N-B)

IvyPanda. (2019, December 3). Gender Inequality as a Global Issue.

"Gender Inequality as a Global Issue." IvyPanda , 3 Dec. 2019,

IvyPanda . (2019) 'Gender Inequality as a Global Issue'. 3 December.

IvyPanda . 2019. "Gender Inequality as a Global Issue." December 3, 2019.

1. IvyPanda . "Gender Inequality as a Global Issue." December 3, 2019.


IvyPanda . "Gender Inequality as a Global Issue." December 3, 2019.

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Gender Equality Essay

Everyone should live as they want in society, and there should be no discrimination. Equality in society is achieved when all people, regardless of their caste, gender, colour, profession, and status rank, are considered equal. Another way to describe equality is that everyone gets the same rights and opportunities to develop and progress forward. Here are a few sample essays on ‘Gender Equality’.

Gender Equality Essay

100 Words Essay On Gender Equality

Gender equality is the belief that men and women should be treated and perceived as equals in society, including all areas such as education, employment, and in decision-making positions. It is a fundamental human right and a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable world.

Despite significant progress in advancing gender equality, women and girls continue to face barriers and discrimination in many areas of society. This includes the gender pay gap, difficult access to education and employment opportunities, and limited representation in leadership positions. Creating a more equal society benefits everyone, as it leads to greater prosperity and happiness for all. It is important for individuals, communities, and governments to work towards achieving gender equality and empowering women and girls to reach their full potential.

200 Words Essay On Gender Equality

Gender equality is the equal treatment and perception of individuals of all genders in society.

Importance Of Gender Equality

Gender equality is important because it is a fundamental human right and is necessary for a peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable society. When everyone, regardless of their gender, is treated fairly and has equal opportunities, it can lead to greater prosperity and happiness for all.

Additionally, gender equality can have a positive impact on economic growth and development. When women and girls are able to fully participate and get proper education and employment opportunities, it can lead to increased productivity and innovation. It can also contribute to more balanced and representative decision-making, which can lead to more effective and fair policies and practices.

Furthermore, gender equality is essential for promoting social justice and fairness. When women and girls are marginalized and discriminated against, it can lead to a range of negative outcomes, including poverty, poor health, and reduced opportunities for personal and professional development. Overall, the promotion of gender equality is important for creating a more equal, fair, and just society for all.

Encouraging Gender Equality

Efforts to promote gender equality must involve the active participation and engagement of both men and women. This includes challenging and changing harmful gender norms and stereotypes, and promoting policies and laws that protect and advance the rights of women and girls.

500 Words Essay On Gender Equality

Everyone in the country has the same fundamental freedom to pursue happiness whichever way they see fit. It's possible if people of various backgrounds (race, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic class, gender) are treated with respect and dignity. Gender disparity is the most noticeable kind of prejudice. Gender discrimination persists even in many modern nations and calls for immediate action. When men and women are given the same opportunities, we will achieve gender equality. Furthermore, this essay will outline the many issues women encounter due to gender discrimination.

Prevalence Of Gender Inequality

Gender inequality is prevalent in many sectors and areas of society. Some examples include:

Education: Women and girls may face barriers to accessing education, such as lack of resources, cultural or societal barriers, and discrimination.

Employment: Women and girls may face discrimination in the workplace, including lower pay for the same work as men, lack of promotion opportunities, and limited representation in leadership positions.

Health care: Women and girls may face discrimination and inadequate access to quality health care, particularly in areas related to reproductive and sexual health.

Political representation: Women are often underrepresented in political leadership positions and decision-making processes.

Domestic violence: Women and girls may face higher rates of domestic violence and abuse, and may lack adequate protection and support from the justice system.

Media and advertising: Women and girls are often portrayed in stereotypical and objectifying ways in the media and advertising, which can reinforce harmful gender norms and stereotypes.

Gender inequality is a widespread issue that affects many areas of society, and it is important to work towards promoting gender equality in all sectors.

How India Can Achieve Gender Equality

Achieving gender equality in India will require a multi-faceted approach that involves addressing social norms and stereotypes, strengthening laws and policies, increasing women's representation in leadership positions, promoting women's economic empowerment, and improving access to health care.

Address social norms and stereotypes: It is important to challenge and change harmful gender norms and stereotypes that contribute to gender inequality. This can be done through education campaigns and programs that promote gender equality and challenge traditional gender roles.

Strengthen laws and policies: India can work to strengthen laws and policies that protect and advance the rights of women and girls, such as laws against domestic violence and discrimination, and policies that promote equal pay for equal work and access to education and employment.

Increase women's representation in leadership positions: India can work to increase the representation of women in leadership positions, including in politics, business, and other sectors, to ensure that women have a stronger voice in decision-making processes.

Promote women's economic empowerment: Providing women with access to education, employment, and financial resources can help to empower them and enable them to fully participate in society.

Improve access to health care: Ensuring that women and girls have access to quality health care, including reproductive and sexual health care, is essential for promoting gender equality.

My Experience

I remember one time when I was working as an intern at a small consulting firm. At the end of my internship, I was offered a full-time position. However, when I received the offer letter, I noticed that my male colleagues who were also being offered full-time positions had been offered a higher salary than me, even though we had all performed the same job duties during our internships.

I was frustrated and felt that I was being treated unfairly because of my gender. I decided to bring this issue to the attention of my supervisor, and after some negotiation, I was able to secure a salary that was equal to that of my male colleagues.

This experience taught me the importance of advocating for myself and not accepting inequality, and it also made me more aware of the ways in which gender bias can manifest in the workplace. I believe that it is important for individuals to speak up and take action when they see instances of gender inequality, and for organizations to make a conscious effort to promote gender equality and fairness in all aspects of their operations.

Applications for Admissions are open.

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We Appeared in

Economic Times

gender inequality persuasive essay

Jane Austen

Ask litcharts ai: the answer to your questions.

Theme Analysis

Status and Social Class Theme Icon

Persuasion reveals the limited sphere of choice available to women in Austen’s era. In the case of the female characters, marriage represents the most viable option for a woman to live a good life. Women’s influence, in this sense, lies largely in their relation to men—to attract, reject, and accept their proposals of marriage. The comparatively sober tone of the novel results in part from the protagonist’s reality that she is past her prime; even Lady Russell , who once advised her to refrain from marrying below her station, grows concerned for Anne Elliot as she remains single years later.

There is an undeniable double standard around gender in the novel. Sir Walter Elliot and Lady Russell are both widowed, yet the narrator tells us that society would regard it as normal for Sir Walter to remarry, even as it discourages second marriages for women. Were it not for Lady Russell’s great wealth and position, she would herself be socially vulnerable as a widow. The impoverished widow Mrs. Smith reveals the plight of women who are unsupported by men or fortune.

The divergent paths of Captain Wentworth and Anne Elliot after the dissolution of their early romance also illustrate gender limitations: Captain Wentworth is able to leave the country, make his fortune, and return with even more viable marriage prospects. Indeed, when he returns to England he becomes the object of admiration of not one but three women: Louisa Musgrove , Henrietta Musgrove , and Anne Elliot. Anne, in contrast, “loses her bloom” and has no resources of mobility or occupation to heal and grow but the slow passing of time—which also reduces her marital prospects.

Gender Inequality ThemeTracker

Persuasion PDF

Gender Inequality Quotes in Persuasion

More than seven years were gone since this little history of sorrowful interest had reached its close, and time had softened down much, perhaps nearly all of peculiar attachment to him,--but she had been too dependent on time alone; no aid had been given in change of place . . . or in any novelty or enlargement of society.

Marriage Theme Icon

O; the years which had destroyed [Anne’s] youth and bloom had only given [Captain Wentworth] a more glowing, manly, open look, in no respect lessoning his personal advantages. . . . It was now his object to marry. He was rich, and being turned on shore, fully intended to settle as soon as he could be properly tempted; actually looing round, ready to fall in love with all the speed which a clear head and quick taste could allow.

Status and Social Class Theme Icon

A submissive spirit might be patient, a strong understanding would supply resolution, but here was something more; here was that elasticity of mind, that disposition to be comforted, that power of turning readily from evil to good, and of finding employment which carried her out of herself, which was from Nature alone. It was the choicest gift of Heaven; and Anne viewed her friend as one of those instances in which, by a merciful appointment, it seems designed to counterbalance almost every other want.

We [women] certainly do not forget you, so soon as you forget us. It is, perhaps, our fate rather than our merit. We cannot help ourselves. We live at home, quiet, confined, and our feelings prey upon us. You are forced on exertion. You have always a profession, pursuits, business of some sort or other, to take you back into the world immediately, and continual occupation and change soon weaken impressions. . . . All the privilege I claim for my own sex (it is not a very enviable one, you need not covet it) is that of loving longest, when existence or when hope is gone.

I will not allow it to be more man’s nature than woman’s to be inconstant and forget those they do love, or have loved. I believe the reverse. I believe in a true analogy between our bodily frames and our mental; and that as our bodies are the strongest, so are our feelings; capable of being most rough usage, and riding out the heaviest weather.

The logo.

Persuasive Essay On Gender Equality

gender inequality persuasive essay

Show More The Fight to Resolve Gender Inequality Social issues affect our everyday lives; most issues American’s are unaware about, while others are constantly in our thoughts. Everyone thinks different about different issues in America but the issue with gender inequality can’t be denied. Gender inequality in America and other countries as well is a constant fighting battle, unfair rights, unequal pay and benefits, and lack of respect towards woman in general. Just knowing that gender inequality exist isn’t enough, something has to be done, there has to be a fight for woman’s rights. Organizations like Association for Women 's Rights in Development (AWID) and Equality Now are constantly fighting the battle for gender inequality. These organizations are continuously spreading awareness of the issues; fighting to resolves the issue and assembling together to …show more content… Their first step towards achieving gender equality is ensuring 100% legal equality. Laws shouldn’t have different impacts based on gender, the law is the law. The law is supposed to up hold woman’s legal rights to live free without worrying about being violated or discriminated against. Equality Now ensure that’s laws are fair and just by getting involved. They push cases to courts, get involved with government policies and inspire others to help ensure all humans’ rights are being met. Another huge agenda is sexual violence towards woman, ensuring woman have a safe society without having to worry about being attacked or sexualized. They believe a woman shouldn’t have to worry about being attacked or violated because her skirt is a little tighter and shorter today then normal. They push for stronger laws to help woman’s rights, ensuring assailants get what they deserve, and pushing for programs to help woman that have been affects but sexual

Related Documents

Persuasive essay on inequality for all.

After reading Compassion’s Ministry Philosophy Series by Scott Todd and viewing “Inequality for All” by Robert Reich, I found that although they had many similarities, they had many different perspectives on poverty. Todd views poverty through a more religious outlook, while Reich has a statistical point of view. Reich gives a more compelling argument through his use of discussing the reasoning behind poverty by using logos and pathos. In Todd’s poverty philosophy, he talks about a common theme of knowing the definition of poverty and the different views people have on it.…

Summary Of Purpose Echo The Sentiments Of The Seneca Falls Declaration

Despite women's major contributions to society, they are still missing a key component to be considered equal in society, but it is still possible to achieve…

Gender Stratification Essay

Billy and Kristen like each other so Kristen decides to sleep with him and goes to his frat house, rape occurred when she asked Billy to stop and put on a condom. He didn’t stop and she started to scream and she finally kicks him off of her and runs. Like most cases of rape she did not report because of fear of humiliation, 67% of date rape situation are committed by people who know one another (U.S. Bureau of justice Statistics, 2005). Singleton made gender stratification a clear point he want to call attention to in the book. The name gender stratification means the unequal distribution or wealth, power and privilege between woman and men.…

Women's Suffrage Persuasive Essay

“The time for woman suffrage has come. The woman's hour has struck. If parties prefer to postpone action longer and thus do battle with this idea, they challenge the inevitable. The idea will not perish; the party which opposes it may. Every delay, every trick, every political dishonesty from now on will antagonize the women of the land more and more, and when the party or parties which have so delayed woman suffrage finally let it come, their sincerity will be doubted and their appeal to the new voters will be met with suspicion.…

Essay On Era Of Reform

Era of Reform: Most Significant Reform The Era of Reform was a time of social and political reform, including the equal rights for women movement. The era took place around the 1820s until the 1850s and was inspired by the Second Great Awakening. Optimistic ideas spread and people believed that by doing good deeds, they could erase their sins. Some important reforms included education for the poor, the fight to end slavery, and the equal rights movement.…

The National Organization For Women (NOW)

NOW fights against many issues such as reproductive rights and justice, ending violence against women, economic justice, LGBT rights, racial justice and constitutional equality amendment (National Organization for Women). The organization supports access to safe and legal abortion, to effective birth control and emergency contraception to reproductive health services and education for all…

National Organization For Women Essay

The National Organization for Women was founded in 1966. They are one of the largest organizations for feminist grassroots activists in the United States. The National Organization for Women has thousands of members and activists in the United States. NOW’s purpose is to take action through intersectional grassroots activism to promote feminist ideals, lead societal change, eliminate discrimination, and achieve and protect the equal rights of all women and girls in all aspects of social, political, and economic life. NOW has activists that push for both traditional and nontraditional means of social change.…

Persuasive Essay On Marriage Equality

On Friday, June 26 2015 the Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality in all fifty states. The five to four decision would forever change the lives of members in the lesbian, gay, transgender community and the rest of the country. The circumstances in which this ruling came about was tragic, the concerns around the case caused a lot of controversy but clearly the right decision was made. I really don’t understand why people don’t get this. I realize that it may be difficult for some to expand their traditional views on relationships and marriage, but we as a society need to accept the fact that others have qualities that make them slightly different yet we are all the same.…

Analysis: The Efficacy Of Gender Quotas

First, they have made sure that women’s issues are not marginalized (Britton “Gender Quotas” 2006; Britton “South Africa” 2006; Conner 2008). Second, they have used their position to pass legislation that improves the life of both the average woman and the woman in politics (Bauer 2008; Bauer et. al 2008; Britton “South Africa” 2006). In South Africa, the Women’s National Coalition (WNC), created in 1991 and unifying over 100 women’s groups, played a key role in advancing women’s equality (Britton “South Africa” 2006; Conner 2008). The WNC developed the Women’s Charter, which laid out a plan of action for the movement.…

Judy Brady's Short Essay 'Why I Want A Wife'

Because women were not treated fairly and ethically, eventually the women’s movement arose to help women gain respect, whether in their family life or workplace. Feminists have been working hard to improve the women’s social, political, and economic issues, one step at a time. However, it raises a question about how successful the women’s movement may be nowadays. Were they able to gain equal…

Argumentative Essay On Women's Rights Movement

Women have endured social tyranny in their homes and in their countries, but it has not stopped them, it has pushed them forward. The gained then were victories that motivated the women to keep fighting and make their voices heard. Although there may still be discrimination against women today, the gender roles and social injustice is gradually diminishing. The movement was a turning point in history, and has affected women world…

Argumentative Essay On Being A Woman

Everyone tells women they must dress a certain way and act a certain way. Girls are judged every day from their hair not being a certain style to their sexual life starting just as a young child. Commercials have shown women what they should look like, being a girl myself I’ve had an issue with my weight my whole life. With this being said, commercials show skinny girls that have small waist, nice breast, and the right size of a butt; this causes girls to want to change their bodies and it makes girls feel bad about themselves. Women have been changing their bodies and even their faces since the beginning of time.…

Synthesis Essay On Gender Equality

Anyone who is living in the 21st century has heard of the movements of gender equality and feminism. This topic of interest has been around for awhile, and is making a huge comeback. When thinking about gender discrimination, our minds naturally assume that women are the ones being discriminated against. That assumption is wrong, men and women are equally stereotyped into roles of masculinity vs. femininity. In order to fight for gender equality, we have to understand what gender equality is, and why feminism isn 't just for women.…

Argumentative Essay On Gender Inequality

Many People don’t know how awful gender inequality is. People may think that it is being handled but its just spreading. Women don't have as much rights as men do. Yes, it has been better than the old days, but its still atrocious in business and at home and in some countries, women can't even walk outside without a man. This paper will be talking about when gender inequality started To happen, why genders can’t be equal, what will happen in the long run (will genders ever be equal?) and some solutions To help make genders equal.…

Persuasive Essay On LGBT Discrimination

It seems so simple to love, that the comfort of attraction lends itself to everyone and that the subtleties of interest are selfsame, by instinct at least; even so, it’s said that we’re conditioned to love, but to me, it’s not that we’re conditioned to it as much as we’re in the condition of its capability, simply being human—to love’s as natural as life itself, as typical as sight or sound, as native as a thought of rationality. Trouble, then, comes about when love we know true doesn’t quite liken the love someone else experiences, from which differences and judgements then arise. This is true of many circumstances, but continues to be true for Americans who identify as LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgendered)—that judgments of them…

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Emma Watson Gender Equality Speech: Rhetorical Analysis

  • Categories: Gender Equality

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Words: 1218 |

Published: Aug 14, 2023

Words: 1218 | Pages: 3 | 7 min read

Table of contents

Introduction, analysis of emma watson's gender equality speech, reflection of speech, audience and purpose, persuasive techniques, speech delivery, body language.

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Gender equality refers to the view that men and women should receive equal treatment and should not be discriminated by gender. This is the goal of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which seeks to create equality in law [...]

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gender inequality persuasive essay


Persuasive Essay On Gender Equality

In our advanced 21st century, it is hard to imagine our society as anything short of perfect. After all, we have come a long way from our seafaring ancestors. However, the reality is that despite how we may sometimes avoid seeing it, our society is anything but perfect. A very prevalent issue today is that despite laws being set in place to enforce the equal treatment of men and women, women all over the world today still face poor treatment and discrimination. Because of how deep and long this problem has run, revising discriminatory laws may not abolish discrimination and legislating laws that endorse gender equality may not necessarily create equality. However, without laws that promote and safeguard the laws of women, they remain vulnerable and lack the governmental support and legal standards necessary for equality. The poor treatment of women can clearly be seen by how women are constantly pitted against each other and it seems like everything is a competition between women. For example, women are constantly being compared with each other to see which one of them is more attractive. This competitive way is how so many of us have been brought up and as such constantly feel like life is a competition where we have to compete with others of the same gender. This can clearly be seen in the movie, “The Social Network” where the images of two random females were put beside each other and people could vote as to whom they found more attractive. Trust could not be fostered

Feminist Argumentative Essay

The repercussions of World War I, such as oppression of the female gender, conflicting ideas between science and religion, and the fear of communism resulted to the discord between American citizens as well as causing diverse perspectives on different issues to rise. The transition to the 1920’s marked the public’s differing views on what a “feminist” should be like, whether scientific theories such as evolution are acceptable, and if innocent civilians deserve to be mistreated due to their belief that the American government should be managed in a different style. Women’s suffrage is a highly well-known and often mentioned topic when discussing about the 20th century. The 19th amendment which was ratified on August 18, 1920, granted American women the right to vote. This action performed

Persuasive Essay On Women's Suffrage

Women’s suffrage Have you ever thought about women 's rights and equality? It’s not as pretty or memorable as you think it is. But just like Shirley Chisholm said “at present, our country need’s womens idealism and determination, perhaps more in politics than anywhere else.” Which is true but back then it certainly wasn’t. Let me take you way back to when women and men were not equal, and when men had more power over women.

Enormous Income Gap

For a long time, women have been treated unfairly in a wide range of jobs. Men are given more opportunities, options and respect in the workplace. More importantly, they often receive higher pay than their female co-workers. This important Social Justice issue needs to be addressed because women deserve to be paid the exact same amount as men. All female workers’s rights are being violated when they are paid less than males due to their gender.

The Role Of Women In The 16th Century

Although times and conditions have changed, women in today 's society are still being discriminated against because of the same belief that women are inferior to men. Women in the united states and other first world countries are being deprived of equal pay and equal rights. Women in today 's society make 80 cents for every dollar a man makes and get discriminated against because of the belief that women aren 't as strong and intelligent as mem. They have been excluded from numerous educational opportunities and in some middle-eastern countries, are stripped from their basic human rights like education and equality. Women all over the world are now coming together to fight for the rights that they

Equality Between All Men And African American Women

After Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, many men, women, and children led the effort in achieving equality for all people everywhere--regardless of race, religious beliefs, or gender--through nonviolent protests and radical movements. Besides equality between races, equal opportunity between genders is another prominent matter. Many feminists today would argue that while women’s rights have come a long way, the way present-day society portrays women would just prove that we still have a long way to go before gender equality is achieved. Also, in many countries such as Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and Nepal, women are treated significantly worse than men

What Is The Women's Rights Movement Still Relevant Today

The issue of women’s rights and how different societies and cultures deal with it had been on the table for many centuries. In the United States of America during the 1800s, women began to move toward and demand getting equal rights as men, they decided to speak up and fight for their stolen rights. In the 1960s, continued working toward their goal, women broadened their activities through the women’s rights movement which aimed to help them in gaining their right to receive education, occupy the same jobs that were once titled only for men, and get an access to leadership positions. The women’s rights movement has a great impact on women today, although it started a long time ago, but it did not stop and women are reaping their fruit today,

Argumentative Essay: Equal Pay For Women

Women should request a twenty percent pay increase to even up the gender pay gap. In most jobs women earn eighty cents for every dollar a man earns for the exact same job. Employers should pay good, qualified women, who can competently perform their job duties, the same wages they pay men for the same work. Earning twenty percent less is a significant amount and it adds up over time. Throughout the years the pay gap has narrowed but it’s still not equal pay for equal work.

Mary Wollstonecraft Equality Of Women

Major changes have been made to attain this level of equality. Today most countries are working hard to empower women by providing equal access to resources and participation in the society. Organizations too have been created to foresee that this equality exercise is followed to the letter. Violence against women has also been a great debate topic for activists all over the world. Mistreatment and domestic violence against married women has caught the attention of the international community.

Conclusively, the power of sexuality and reproduction over people was successfully vested in deities, and the exploitation of God’s sexual gift to humanity became the evil of this world’s most exalted commodity. The spirits of lust were sexually explosive with the goddesses and particularly with the prized Aphrodite as being the queen of all ‘sexual pleasure.’ Following the goddess’ spiritual direction, tens of thousands of prostitutes within societies gave sex a ‘hallowed flair;’ resulting in cheating the female race as a whole by demoralizing the magnificence of woman’s sexuality, creating an unending dishonor. Also, through time, untold millions of innocent females were brainwashed into marrying and bearing children at a very early age

One Child Policy Analysis

For many decades, women have been fighting for equal opportunity in the United States. The equality ranges from voting rights, family planning rights with contraception, all the way to having the ability to hold certain jobs. This mind set was originally embedded in the American culture from the moment girl children are old enough to understand the separation between the two sexes. But the shift in the Western culture has dramatically changed as now systematically women do have the same rights as men. Yet in other countries, that is not the case.

Feminist Criticism

Article Review: Feminists Critiques of International Law and Their Critics Before the start of the Post-Positivist era, the majority of the scholars of International Relations and International Law has always considered that their subject of study and the theories incorporated in it to be unbiased and virtuous in nature, thus believing that those scientific methods they have done and the concepts that they have created were mostly accepted by the global society. Feminists theorist challenged this assumption with their explanation on how International Law and to a broader extent International Politics, have always been somewhat biased towards men, as their ideals and interests are mostly represented in it, while the women’s are not. This particular

The Importance Of Gender Equality In The World

Gender equality is an important concerning issue in the recent world. If one looks at the world scenario , it is easily found that this is a vital issue for each sphere of each country but through the enormous efforts of most countries, it is not entirely succeeded anywhere. But it is clear that the situation become improved day by day .According to Amartya Sen(2001) “ Gender inequality is not one homogenous phenomenon but a collective of disparate and inter -link problem. Gender inequality has many distinct and dissimilar faces , the cultivation of women empowerment and agency through women education and meaningful employment has proved very productive ” (pp. 35, 40)

Effects Of Gender Inequality On Social And Economic Development

Equality does not mean that women and men will become the same, but that their rights, responsibilities and opportunities will not depend on whether they are born male or female (Mikkola, Miles, 2007). In many countries, however, the difference between men and women is too large. The distinct roles and behavior further increase this difference and are the reasons of gender

Cultural Relativist Critique

Although there is almost all countries all over the world have signed the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), but it is very difficult to overcome the discrimination of women in practice. Human rights are rights that given to all human beings, regardless our sex, ethnic origin, color, religion, status, language, or nationality. In other words, each of us has rights to be treated equally, especially no discrimination between men and

The Importance Of Gender Equality In The United States

In our present time, with equality being a prevalent topic, it seems traditional societal values are shifting. However, our society isn’t evolving at the rate certain groups are satisfied with. Although progress has been made in past decades, women are still facing the same inequality now as they were sixty years ago. Make no mistake, those who face oppression have risen up. Females have managed to challenge the world’s conscious, by demanding equality to their male counterparts (qtd.

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Persuasive Essay On Women Equality

Around the world, nearly 98 million girls are not in school. In Saudi Arabia, women's unemployment rate is 34%, while men’s is 7%. One in three women around the world are likely to be victims of gender based violence in their lifetime. Women with full time jobs still only earn 77% of what males earn. As a young women, I know personally that women are not treated equally as men. We are treated differently, when there is absolutely no reason that men get all of these things, that men are treated right, when women are not. I don’t even know the worst part - many women don’t even go to school, or have jobs. When there is no reason that we should not.While researching my topic, I found a few things I was very curious about. Where are women treated the least equally in the world. What is the average of how much less women get paid than men. What are the most ridiculous and useless things women are not allowed to do? Why do people think that women should be treated this way? How can our society solve the problem of that women are not treated equally to men? After researching about gender equality, I found that it is so clear that women are not treated equally, but there are a few simple ways that we could start solving this huge problem. Gender equality is a problem that affects 49% of people around the world. This problem changes the way that women live, giving them less opportunities and rights than men. Women have been treated this way for so long. According to a website,

Women: Oppression Of Women In The Middle East

One of the major issues the world has been dealing with for years and years is the oppression of women. A lot of women have been mistaken for their rights, and gender stereotypes are hard to break. The oppression of women showcased in many different ways such as jobs and their right to education. Many girls have had their education stripped away from them due to the fact that they are being sold to men.

Persuasive Essay On Gender Pay Gap

In our constitution we are all equal, but why are we not paid equally? The gender wage gap movement will result in social change because it is bringing awareness to women in the workplace getting paid lower than her male counterpart. On the other hand, many other people may argue that the gap is not because of gender, it is because men work longer hours compared to women since they have children to take care of. I believe that this movement could improve by making people more aware of the through more examples such as the Women’s U.S.A. Soccer Team wanting more pay and equal pay.

A Rhetorical Analysis Of Gender Equality Essay

Gender Equality is a big issue throughout the world, but what exactly is it? Well to answer that, it is the view that everyone should receive equal treatment and not be discriminated against based on gender. Today, most women are getting treated differently compared to men. Whether it is based on pay gap, power, or strength the problem comes up. Men think they are stronger and better than women and this upsets women because it makes them feel like they don’t have a place in this world. This is where feminism comes into place. I chose this topic because I can relate to it more than the racial option, although now it could be about the same.

Persuasive Essay On Women's Suffrage

In the early days, women didn’t shared the same rights as men because women were seen as maintaining their position at homes and leaving men in politics just because they were seen as delicate compared to men (which in other words showed women unequal to men). However, it was just a matter of time when women realized that they’re not receiving their basic rights in the United States. This lead women fight against inequality but, it wasn’t easy at all because they had to face long struggle known as women’s suffrage movement that give the women right to vote. That’s why the 19th amendment was the results of decades of efforts that women put in order to get granted officially with the right to vote in the form of an amendment to the constitution. Which states that “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account for sex.” However, it’s important to know that women didn’t see the right to vote just as the opportunity to participate in the process of choosing the leader of the country but instead, they saw the right to vote as a symbol of recognition. Due to the fact that, it will give them and the others the recognition of their existence in the nation along with giving them the right to speak against the events and matter that will affect their life (Cote). I believe that the 19th amendment about the voting rights of women was passed mainly because several generations of women's lectured,

Persuasive Essay On Women's Rights

Two of the most hot-button issues faced in the 2016 election included abortion rights and gun control. Since President Trump’s election these issues have remained at the forefront of political discussion. With several months still remaining, 2017 had already claimed the reputation for the deadliest year for mass shootings in America’s history (Wilson, 2017). We began 2017 with six killed in the Ft. Lauderdale airport and progressed, to 58 killed in Las Vegas at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, to the most recent incident that left 26 dead in a Texas church. In addition to these three most notable events, there have been many other shootings that have brought the causality total to 112 with 531 wounded from mass shootings alone (Wilson, 2017). These senseless deaths left the American public emotionally drained and searching for a solution to a problem that the government is hesitant to proactively address, but rather leaves to the individual state’s discretion.

The women’s suffrage is a major reform movement in the 1800’s. It was a movement for women’s rights and freedoms. “They are both moral and accountable beings, and whatever is right for a man to do, is right for women to do” (pg 283). Everyone is created equal it stated. No one else was above anyone else. The Grimké sisters, Sarah and Angelina, are the one’s who spoke up and got active about this movement. They stated that women had social & legal limitations that limited their participation. The leaders of this movement along with the Grimké sisters were Catherine Beecher, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, & Dorothea Dix. Many accepted this factor, others did not. The women worked on many movements, but didn’t help because, they could not vote. The Seneca Falls Convention of 1848 in New York, was to discuss the women's rights. There it became the Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions, “All men and women created equal”. The battle for women to have the right to vote was won in 1920.

Every 98 seconds an American is sexual assaulted across America. 1 in 6 American women have been raped or an attempted rape. According to RAINN 4 in 10 women have had an abortion, while 1 in 8 maternal deaths are caused by unsafe abortion. Women’s rights are human rights, around the world women are being denied rights, here in America women don’t have equal pay, rights over their own bodies are in converse, in Africa and the middle east, girls and women are being stolen from their homes and from their schools. Women’s rights are an important topic because women’s rights are human rights, this should matter to all people because this issue is a social injustice all round the world, that has negatively affected women for years. Women should have the same rights as men because many women face systematic oppression, many women are despotism relation to their male counterparts, and the general population is unaware of the seriousness of the issues.

The women’s suffrage is a major reform movements in the 1800’s. It was a movement for women’s rights and freedoms. “They are both moral and accountable beings, and whatever is right for a man to do, is right for women to do” (pg 283). Everyone is created equal it stated. No one else was above anyone else. The Grimké sisters, Sarah and Angelina, are the one’s who spoke up and got active about this movement. They stated that women had social & legal limitations that limited their participation. The leaders of this movement along with the Grimké sisters were Catherine Beecher, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, & Dorothea Dix. Many accepted this factor, others did not. The women worked on many movements, but didn’t help because, they could not vote. The Seneca Falls Convention of 1848 in New York, was to discuss the women’s rights. There it became the Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions, “All men and women created equal”. The battle for women to have the right to vote was won in 1920.

In society in America women are some of the most powerful leaders today, in places such as Afghanistan women have no power. This is controversial considering that women were at some point already provoked when people said that voting is not an option for women, this is not just about human rights, but about human rights for the women born without rights.

Many women suffer around the world and have trouble gaining equal rights. Countries such as: Iran (where women have to cover their face and legs), Saudi Arabia (where women can not be in public without their face covered), and France (where you can not cover your face in public), have strict rules about what clothing women can wear (Bruce-Lockhart) (Kim). Women have been suffering and fighting for rights around the world for centuries. Some of the many major issues that they fought for or are still fighting for now are the right to vote, the political and economical power the women are limited to, and the right to and education.

The Pay Gap Analysis

Gender inequality is a battle that is still being fought today. There is need to change the way women are treated in work, at school, and across the world. When women realize - that intentionally or not - they are being treated unfairly, their confidence diminishes. Today’s society is in need of some major changes towards equal treatment.

Woman Card Benefits

Women need to be looked to differently; they have found, over the years, ways to get past the obstacles of inequality, and strengthen and support themselves through the very adversity that would have kept them weak. It is therefore not just a matter of gender equality but rather something that can be learned from the gender differences.

Today in our generation, much has changed over the years dealing with women’s rights. Women have more rights today than they did back in the early years. Conflict over social values affected the wider political environment and the readiness of institutions to facilitate the movement for equality (Chafe, W, 1978). Some people still believe today that women shouldn’t have a voice. “Empowering women isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do” (Barack Obama). In this paper it examines the equality in voting, sexual harassment, and women equality in not only the workplace, but in their everyday lives.

Persuasive Essay Men and Women are Equal

There is constantly cessation why women and men cohabitate, nurture, desire, and endure. Many shrug the similarities and differences to the side due to the complex nature that is involved in understanding the progression. Since the beginning of time, according to the bible, man was placed as the dominant sex, fending for the families well being. The woman has tended to the important jobs around the homestead as situations arose. Often in society, one will find himself in a battle depending on the views of the receiving recipients. Following is a dialogue explaining a safe and metro sexual view as a general whole.

Essay on Womens Equality

  • 13 Works Cited

In the 1800’s a women was suppose to have four things Piety, Purity, submissiveness, and domesticity. These principles shaped the “Cult of True Womanhood” an idea that women were to be seen but not heard. Women had no say when it came to politics, they couldn’t own property, they were not allowed to do many jobs, and they couldn’t even speak in front of men. They had the duty to be a mother and raise their children but even thought they had this responsibility it was the husband who had the complete control and guardianship of the children. Because of these ideas it was very difficult for change to happen. When women started to receive more education they began to ask questions about why they were being denied these rights, which began the

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    Gender Inequality Theme Analysis. LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in Persuasion, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. Persuasion reveals the limited sphere of choice available to women in Austen's era. In the case of the female characters, marriage represents the most viable option for a woman to live a ...

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    Gender Equality Essay Topics and Outline Examples Essay Title 1: Striving for Gender Equality: Challenges, Progress, and Future Perspectives. Thesis Statement: This essay explores the global journey toward achieving gender equality, examining the persistent challenges, the significant progress made, and the potential future directions for advancing the cause of gender equality in all aspects ...

  13. Essays on Gender Inequality

    Gender Inequality Essay Topics and Outline Examples Essay Title 1: Unveiling Gender Inequality: Root Causes, Impact, and Paths to Equality. Thesis Statement: This essay delves into the multifaceted issue of gender inequality, examining its underlying causes, its pervasive impact on society, and the strategies and movements aimed at achieving gender equality and justice.

  14. Persuasive Essay On Gender Inequality

    Persuasive Essay On Gender Inequality. Many People don't know how awful gender inequality is. People may think that it is being handled but its just spreading. Women don 't have as much rights as men do. Yes, it has been better than the old days, but its still atrocious in business and at home and in some countries, women can 't even walk ...

  15. Persuasive Essay On Gender Equality

    Their first step towards achieving gender equality is ensuring 100% legal equality. Laws shouldn't have different impacts based on gender, the law is the law. The law is supposed to up hold woman's legal rights to live free without worrying about being violated or discriminated against. Equality Now ensure that's laws are fair and just by ...

  16. Persuasive Essay On Gender Equality

    Persuasive Essay On Gender Equality. Satisfactory Essays. 913 Words; 4 Pages; ... Gender inequality is a visible fact in our society and in this essay, I hypothesize that gender inequality still exists as a result of factors such as post-secondary education differences of the two genders, role of females in families, female objectification ...

  17. Persuasive Essay On Gender Equality

    This shows us that starting with early ages, people develop an understanding of gender and assign particular meanings to each gender. Then, these assumptions become social norms, which create gender inequality. Today, we see that both individuals and women-dominated groups and organizations fight to provide gender equality.

  18. Emma Watson Gender Equality Speech: Rhetorical Analysis

    The argument that Emma Watson wanted to put across was taken in her gender equality speech at the United Nations (UN), in September 2014 and influenced many people around the world since then. Emma's speech spoke about the idea of gender inequality, whether that was socially, economically or politically. However she didn't just want to talk ...

  19. Persuasive Essay On Gender Equality

    In our advanced 21st century, it is hard to imagine our society as anything short of perfect. After all, we have come a long way from our seafaring...

  20. Persuasive-Essay

    A little or short essay about gender equality persuasive essay (gender equality) in the early 60s women in our country is discriminated because they thought. ... As I observed even though we live in the era of gender and racial 'equality' the issue of sex inequality is still 'on' and still not resolved, women have always struggled with ...

  21. Persuasive Speech

    Persuasive Speech - Gender Equality. Transcript of A+ speech given on gender equality and human rights. ... Idea of hope essay for Black Diggers and the Longest Memory ; Station Eleven Practice Essay; ... in 1979 This was obviously going to work in abolishing gender inequality, right? Maybe it would have, if it didn't mirror what was stated ...

  22. Persuasive Essay On Women Equality

    Persuasive Essay On Women Equality. Around the world, nearly 98 million girls are not in school. In Saudi Arabia, women's unemployment rate is 34%, while men's is 7%. One in three women around the world are likely to be victims of gender based violence in their lifetime. Women with full time jobs still only earn 77% of what males earn.

  23. Persuasive Essay

    persuasive essay - Free download as Word Doc (.doc / .docx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. The document discusses the historical struggles women have faced in achieving equal recognition and success in the field of science, as evidenced by the low numbers of women who have won the Nobel Prize. Laws and social norms historically prevented women from receiving an ...