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Samples of cover letters for Turkey Visa

When applying for a Turkey visa, your cover letter is an opportunity to show your recipient why you qualify. The best format for writing a cover letter is as follows:

The Visa Consular,

Turkish Embassy

Subject: Request for a Turkish Transit visa

I request you to please issue our Turkish transit visa so we can travel to Turkey.

i.e. Tour Schedule, Non-refundable Turkish Airline tickets, Confirm Hotel vouchers, Travel Health Insurance etc.

Warmest regards,

I request you to grant us 20 days Tourist visas so we can enjoy and explore the beautiful Turkey. We all will ensure to abide all rules and regulations of Turkey and depart before the expiry of the visa to the final destination. I will bear all the expenses of my family and for my mother for this trip.

Best Regards,


Turkish Consulate General 29-A, 

Khayaban-e-Hafiz Phase V, 

DHA Karachi 

Honorable Visa Officer,

I Asif Ali bearing Passport No. MH1796012 would like to apply for a Turkey visa upon my intention to travel to turkey from 12 Feb 2021 to 05 Mar 2021.

Please find attached the following documents to support my visa application

2. Recent passport-type photographs (5x 5 cm) 

3. Original and a copy of my passport (I have enclosed my original previous passport as well)

Best Regards,”

Name and address of where the application is being sent (typically the relevant >Embassy or consulate for your application in India)

To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to submit my application for a student visa for [insert country]. My application number is xxx-xxx. I have been accepted into [insert program name] at [insert educational institution].

[One paragraph on your educational background and desire to study at your particular program and what you are hoping to accomplish]

[One paragraph on how you intend to fund your tuition, stay and living expenses. >Include also anything that your program is providing you, such as accommodation or benefits]

[One short paragraph on what documents the officials can expect to find in this packet]

[One short paragraph on your ties to India and intentions to return home after your visa is complete. Please include your contact information so that officials can reach you with any questions]

Your printed name”

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Letter Templates & Example

Cover Letter Sample for Turkey Visa Application: Templates and Tips

Letter sample 063

Hi there! If you’re planning a trip to Turkey, you may need to apply for a visa. And with any visa application, it’s important to have a well-crafted cover letter that explains the purpose of your trip, your itinerary, and any additional information that could support your application. To make this process easier for you, we have gathered some samples of cover letters for Turkey visa applications that you can easily edit and personalize to reflect your own situation. By taking advantage of these samples, you can avoid any confusion and ensure that your cover letter highlights your intent to enter Turkey as a responsible traveler. So, let’s take a closer look at some cover letter examples and get you on your way to a successful visa application!

The Best Structure for a Turkey Visa Cover Letter

If you’re planning a trip to Turkey and you need to apply for a visa, you’ll need to submit a cover letter as part of your application. Your cover letter is an opportunity to explain why you want to visit Turkey, how you plan to spend your time there, and why you are a good candidate for a visa. Here’s a guide to the best structure for a cover letter sample for a Turkey visa:

Paragraph 1: Introduction Begin your cover letter by introducing yourself and explaining the purpose of your letter. Be sure to state that you are applying for a visa to visit Turkey, and provide the dates of your planned trip. You might also want to include a brief overview of your itinerary or travel plans.

Paragraph 2: Purpose of Your Trip In this section, you should explain why you want to visit Turkey. This might include details about the places you want to see, the activities you want to do, and the cultural experiences you hope to have. You should also explain why you are interested in visiting Turkey specifically, rather than another destination.

Paragraph 3: Your Travel Plans Use this paragraph to provide more specific details about your travel plans. This might include information about your flights, accommodations, and any tours or activities you have booked. You might also want to explain how you plan to get around Turkey (e.g. by car, train, etc.).

Paragraph 4: Your Eligibility for a Visa In this section, you should explain why you are a good candidate for a Turkey visa. You might want to emphasize any ties you have to your home country (e.g. a steady job, a family, etc.) to show that you have reasons to return home after your trip. You can also mention any previous travel experience you have or any language skills you possess that might make your trip to Turkey easier.

Paragraph 5: Conclusion Wrap up your cover letter by thanking the embassy for their time and consideration. You can also reiterate your excitement about your planned trip to Turkey and express your hope that your application will be approved.

Overall, your cover letter should be concise, informative, and persuasive. Use clear, simple language and try to avoid any unnecessary or irrelevant information. If you follow this structure, you should be well on your way to writing a successful cover letter for your Turkey visa application!

Turkey Visa Cover Letter Samples

Business visa application.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to recommend [Name] for a business visa to visit Turkey. [Name] is an established entrepreneur in [Industry] and has successfully operated their business for [Number] years. They have expressed interest in exploring business opportunities in Turkey and participating in [Event/Meeting].

[Name] is a trustworthy and reliable business partner and possesses excellent communication skills. They have a significant understanding of the Turkish culture and have demonstrated their willingness to learn and adapt to local customs. I am confident that their visit to Turkey will be beneficial for both their business and our country.

Thank you for considering [Name]’s application. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further information.

[Your Name]

Tourist Visa Application

Dear Consular Officer,

I am writing to provide a recommendation for [Name] who is planning to visit Turkey as a tourist. [Name] is a close friend of mine and has expressed their desire to experience the cultural and historical landmarks of Turkey.

I have known [Name] for [Number] years, and they possess a good moral character, are respectful, and responsible. They are well-traveled and have visited numerous countries across the world. I am confident that their presence in Turkey will contribute positively to the tourism industry.

Please consider [Name]’s application for a tourist visa to Turkey. Thank you for your time and attention.

Medical Treatment Visa Application

I am writing to recommend [Name] for a medical treatment visa to Turkey. [Name] has been diagnosed with [Condition] and requires specialized medical treatment, which is unavailable in their home country.

[Name] is a close friend of mine, and I have personally witnessed their condition. They are in urgent need of medical attention and have researched extensively on the options available in Turkey. They have received recommendations from medical professionals and facilities in Turkey and are confident that they will receive the best possible care in your country.

I kindly request that you consider [Name]’s application for a medical treatment visa. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

Student Visa Application

I am writing to recommend [Name] for a student visa to Turkey. [Name] has been accepted into [University] to pursue a [Degree] degree, and their classes are scheduled to begin soon.

I have known [Name] for [Number] years and can attest to their academic excellence and dedication to their studies. They have completed their previous education with flying colors and have consistently demonstrated the ability to learn and apply new concepts.

I kindly request that you consider [Name]’s application for a student visa to Turkey, and I am confident that they will make a valuable addition to your academic community. Thank you for your time and attention.

Family Visit Visa Application

I am writing to recommend [Name] for a family visit visa to Turkey. [Name] is my [Relationship], and I am currently residing in Turkey as a resident/ citizen.

[Name] has expressed their desire to visit me and my family in Turkey, and we will be hosting them during their stay. I assure you that [Name] will adhere to all rules and regulations during their visit and will not overstay their visa.

I kindly request that you consider [Name]’s application for a family visit visa, and let them reunite with their family on this festive occasion. Thank you for your time and attention.

Employment Visa Application

I am writing to recommend [Name] for an employment visa to Turkey. [Name] has been offered a job opportunity at [Company] and will be a valuable asset to their team.

I have worked with [Name] for [Number] years, and they possess the necessary skills and expertise required for this position. They have a strong work ethic, are responsible, and have the ability to work independently or as part of a team. I am confident that their employment in Turkey will be a beneficial contribution to the economy and your society.

Conference/Festival Visa Application

I am writing to recommend [Name] for a conference/festival visa to Turkey. [Name] has been invited to attend [Event/Conference] as a [Speaker/Participant].

[Name] is an accomplished [Profession] and is recognized for their contributions to the [Industry]. Their presence at the [Event/Conference] will be of great significance, and I strongly encourage that their visa application be approved.

Tips for Writing a Cover Letter Sample for Turkey Visa

When applying for a visa to visit Turkey, submitting a cover letter alongside your application can help strengthen your case. The cover letter should provide additional information about your travel plans and convince the visa officer that you will comply with the terms of your visa. Here are some tips for writing a compelling cover letter sample for Turkey visa:

1. Be Concise: Keep your cover letter short and to the point. Avoid lengthy sentences and complicated descriptions. Instead, keep your sentences clear and concise for maximum impact.

2. Explain the Purpose of Your Trip: Clearly state the purpose of your trip and how long you plan to stay in Turkey. This will help the visa officer understand your motives for traveling and determine if you are a low-risk candidate.

3. Provide Proof of Financial Means: Show the visa officer that you have sufficient funds to support yourself during your stay in Turkey. Provide bank statements or other evidence of your financial means that demonstrate your ability to cover your expenses while in Turkey.

4. Show Evidence of Ties to Your Home Country: Your cover letter should also demonstrate that you have strong ties to your home country and intend to return after your trip to Turkey is complete. This can include your employment history, property ownership or other evidence that shows you have strong reasons to return to your home country.

5. Show Evidence of Accommodation Reservations: You may also want to provide evidence of your accommodation reservations, such as a hotel booking. This can give the visa officer confidence that you have made arrangements for your stay in Turkey and are not a risk for overstaying your visa.

Remember that your cover letter sample for Turkey visa should be written in a professional, clear and concise manner. Avoid any overly emotional or informal language that may detract from your application. By following these tips, you will be able to strengthen your visa application and increase your chances of being granted a visa to Turkey.

FAQs about Cover Letter Sample for Turkey Visa

What is a cover letter for a Turkey visa application?

A cover letter for a Turkey visa application is a letter that explains why you are travelling to Turkey, how long you plan to stay there, and what you will be doing while you are there. It is a document that should be prepared with great care, as it can make a significant difference in the outcome of your visa application.

What should be included in a cover letter for a Turkey visa application?

A cover letter for a Turkey visa application should include information about your travel plans, including your intended dates of travel, length of stay, reason for travel, and details about your accommodation and itinerary. You should also mention your ties to your home country, such as family, employment or business interests, and your reasons for returning after your trip.

Is a cover letter required for a Turkey visa application?

A cover letter is not strictly required for a Turkey visa application, but submitting one may help strengthen your case and improve your chances of obtaining a visa. Moreover, a well-crafted cover letter will help the consular officer understand your intentions, clarify any questions regarding your application, and demonstrate your credibility as a traveller.

Can I use a template for my cover letter for a Turkey visa application?

Yes, you can use a template for your cover letter for a Turkey visa application, but it is important to customize it to fit your specific circumstances. Consular officers can easily recognize generic, templated letters, and these may harm your application instead of helping it. Hence, it is advisable to use a sample as a starting point, and then customize it to present your case in the best possible way.

What are some dos and don’ts when writing a cover letter for a Turkey visa application?

Do provide a clear and concise description of your travel plans, communicate your intentions transparently, and explain why you are a worthy candidate for a visa. Don’t use overly technical or complicated language, make exaggerated or false claims, or state anything that might arouse suspicion or doubt in the mind of the consular officer.

How do I submit my cover letter for a Turkey visa application?

Your cover letter for a Turkey visa application should be submitted together with the other required documents to the embassy or consulate where you are applying. If you are applying online, the cover letter may need to be uploaded to the visa application website, along with your other supporting documents.

How long should my cover letter be for a Turkey visa application?

A cover letter for a Turkey visa application should be brief, clear, and to the point. It should not exceed one page and should contain all the relevant information about your travel plans and circumstances. Be mindful that consular officers have to review a large number of visa applications every day, so a concise, well-structured, and easily understandable cover letter will be appreciated.

Happy travels to Turkey!

That’s it for our cover letter sample for a Turkey visa. We hope it gave you an idea of what your own letter should look like. Remember to tailor yours to your own experience and to make it as concise and clear as possible. Thank you for reading and we wish you all the best on your trip to Turkey. And don’t forget to come back again for more travel tips and information!

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Information about visas for Turkey

The Ultimate Covering Letter Format for Turkey Visa

The Ultimate Covering Letter Format for Turkey Visa

The basic information about cover letter

If you want to visit Turkey, you should obtain a visa – a travel document that enables you to enter the country and stay there for a temporary period.

There are many types of visa to Turkey, according to the purpose (a business, a transit, or a tourist visa, etc.), length of stay, number of entries (single-entry, multiple-entry, etc.), or way of getting it (e-Visa, regular visa, visa on arrival). Some of them require a cover letter for Turkey visa as the condition to apply.

In this article, we present a guide on how to write a visa cover letter and what are the main visa types to Turkey.

What is a Cover Letter in Visa?

A cover letter for a visa application could be a necessary document to complete the process of getting a visa. It presents the purpose of your visit, and you need to prepare it for the embassy to justify your stay. In this letter, you should introduce yourself and say something more about the trip.

How to Write a Cover Letter for Visa Application?

Consider the following information in your covering letter added to the visa application in order to be accepted and visit Turkey:

  • short self-introduction
  • the purpose of your stay
  • relationship with people you travel with (if any)
  • details about your sponsor such as name, relationship, reasons regarding sponsorship (if any)
  • the justification why you don’t meet requirements (if any)
  • the reasons why you need to visit the country a few times (in case you apply for a double-entry or multiple-entry visa)
  • short details about the destinations that you are going to visit
  • summary of the travel history (if any)
  • promise that you are going back to your home country.

Remember that it is essential to highlight that you have never violated the rules of the visited places. Your points should be solid/not lengthy, and additional information needs to be valid.

The document shouldn’t be longer than 2 pages, and the grammar/punctuation must be good. Besides, you should attach certificates that prove your statements.

Apply for Turkey eVisa

A Types of Turkish Visas

There are many Turkish visas, so you need to decide which one is perfect for your stay. Not all of them require a cover letter; however, it is good to know how to write it. Below, we present the most popular types of visas to Turkey.

Online Visa

The online visa for Turkey is a very convenient option as you don’t need to visit the embassy or consulate. The whole process is done electronically – you just need a device with an internet connection. You can pick a single-entry or multiple-entry permit and use your e-Visa for tourism or business purposes.

When it comes to the application process, you visit the website, click on the application button, complete the form, cover the fee, and wait for confirmation. After that, you will get your online visa in PDF form via email.

Turkish Tourist Visa

If you want to visit Turkey for sightseeing, leisure, visiting friends and family, etc., you need to apply for a tourist visa. The best option is to apply online.

Business Visa

A business visa is a perfect option for those who enter Turkey for reasons like meetings, conferences, dealings, etc. In this case, a cover letter could be needed to obtain a visa.

Student Visa

When your main purpose of the visit is educational (studies, courses, internships, etc.), you need to obtain a visa for a student. Besides the application and other necessary documents, you need to have a cover letter.

A work visa is designed for those who visit Turkey for employment purposes. It is necessary to prepare all documents, such as medical insurance, certificates, and tickets, as well as book an appointment at the embassy in order to get this visa.

Other types

Also, it is possible to apply for other visa types, like a diplomatic visa or a medical treatment one. Pick the option that is perfect for you, and enjoy your stay.

Ultimate Covering Letter Format for Turkey Visa

The Application Process for a Turkey Tourist Visa

The visa application process depends on the visa type. Generally, for a tourist visa, you need to:

  • Check the requirements and prepare the necessary documents.
  • Complete the visa application form and provide information such as name, surname, date of birth, etc.
  • Cover the fee.
  • Wait for the confirmation.
  • Receive your visa.

Usually, the process is straightforward and easy, so you don’t need to worry.

What are the Requirements for a Turkey visa?

The requirements depend on nationality, visa type, and other aspects. Basically, you need to take into consideration preparing:

  • a valid passport
  • a passport’s bio-data page photo/scan
  • a photo of the face
  • cover letter.

Besides, you need to pay the necessary fee and grab a device with an internet connection in an e-Visa case.

Schengen Visa Application Cover Letter – Sample Letter for Schengen Tourist Visa

The cover letter you must submit for your Schengen Visa application is an important document that states the reason you are traveling to a certain Schengen country. In your Schengen Visa Application Cover Letter, you must address the Embassy or Consulate of the destination country you plan to visit, as your main goal is to persuade the Consular staff that you are a suitable candidate for receiving the Schengen visa.

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Schengen Tourist Visa?

Your Schengen tourist visa application cover letter should include the information listed below:

  • Your full name.
  • Your date of birth.
  • Your nationality.
  • Your passport details (passport number, issue date, and expiry date).
  • Your current address.
  • Your email address.
  • Your phone number.
  • The date when you are writing the letter.
  • The name of the embassy or consulate where you are applying for the Schengen visa.
  • The embassy or consulate’s address.
  • The intention of traveling with a Schengen Tourist Visa (e.g., tourism, sightseeing, visiting friends or family, attending an event, etc.).
  • The entry and exit dates of your trip.
  • A detailed itinerary of your trip, including the Schengen countries you plan to visit during your trip, information about your planned accommodations, flights, and any tours or activities you have booked.
  • Your financial capacity to cover your trip expenses.

Tourist Visa Application Cover Letter Sample

Amina Patel
1234 Main Street, New Delhi
Email: [Your Email]
Phone: [Your Phone Number]
November 10, 2023Embassy of Italy
New Delhi
IndiaSubject: Application for Schengen Tourist Visa – Amina Patel, Passport No: YZ123456Dear Visa Officer,

I am writing to respectfully submit my application for a Schengen tourist visa for my planned visit to Italy, which is scheduled from February 1 to February 16, 2024. My intention is to experience Italy’s renowned cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and culinary delights.

The primary objective of my journey is tourism and leisure. I am eager to delve into the local culture, sample authentic cuisine, and visit illustrious sites, including the Colosseum in Rome. As an avid admirer of European history and architecture, this trip represents a long-awaited dream.

I am currently employed as a Marketing Executive at ABC Corporation in New Delhi, a position I have held since January 15, 2020. Enclosed is a letter from my employer, verifying my employment, the approval of my leave for this period, and my commitment to return to my position following my vacation.

Please find attached the necessary documents to support my visa application:

● A duly completed and signed Schengen visa application form, along with passport-sized photographs.

● My valid passport, which includes my travel history.

● Comprehensive travel insurance with a minimum coverage of €30,000.

● Round-trip flight reservations: Tokyo to Rome and return (February 1-16, 2024) via Japan Airlines.

● Confirmed hotel bookings for the duration of my stay in Italy.

● Employment and leave certificates from ABC Corporation.

● Financial documents demonstrating my economic stability, including Income Tax Returns, recent payslips, and bank statements.

Planned Itinerary:

● [February 1, 2024]: Departure from New Delhi to Rome.

● [February 2-4, 2024]: Exploring Rome.

● [February 5-8, 2024]: Travel to and stay in Venice.

● [February 9-12, 2024]: Visit Florence and Tuscany region.

● [February 13-15, 2024]: Return to Rome; final exploration and shopping.

● [February 16, 2024]: Departure from Rome to New Delhi.

I am genuinely excited about this trip and have taken through steps to ensure a well-organized and hassle-free journey. Should you require any additional information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I appreciate your consideration of my visa application and look forward to a positive response.


Amina Patel
[Address in India]
[Contact Information]

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Free Covering Letter for visa application

We often hear travellers wondering how and where to get a free covering letter for their visa application. You must be thinking, as if there aren’t enough things to think of and plan, here’s another addition to the long list of documents! We understand many of you must be confused as to what kind of a cover letter you need to submit to the embassy and why would you need one. In this article, we will help you understand all this and also tell you how you can easily obtain a free covering letter for your visa application in a hassle-free manner.

cover letter sample for turkey visa


We get this question a lot! Before we get down to discussing how to get a free covering letter, it is essential to know why you need one in the first place. Well, it is a mandatory requirement from many embassies that the applicant submits a professional letter to communicate the purpose of travel, explain what you intend to do in the host country, and in general, justify the need to apply for a visa. Moreover, this is also another way for the embassy to ensure that you are a genuine traveller who is either visiting for tourism purpose or a temporary business purpose. The covering letter acts as an assurance and validation of the claims you make on your visa application form. Think of it as a way to establish a connect with the embassy that get this one chance to form an opinion of you. And it’s important to ensure that they form a good first impression based on the documents provided by you so there are minimal chances of visa rejection.

Don’t worry if this all feels a little too overwhelming. Read on to find out how we can help you get the perfect free covering letter to go with your application! This covering letter, once submitted, is then matched by the embassy with the details of the flight reservation for visa as well as the hotel reservation for visa provided by you as part of the visa application process.

Do read our articles about  flight reservation for visa  and  hotel reservation for visa application  if you’d like to know more about them.

Schengen Travel Health Insurance


A covering letter is required for both tourist as well as business visas. The purpose of visit for both of these visas is different and that needs to come through in the covering letter you are planning to submit. When drafting the letter, there are a few components that must be covered so your covering letter does not have inadequate information.

The purpose of your travel to the destination country. Explain in detail what your travel plans are – personal, medical, educational or business. Proof of how you will fund your trip (own funds or sponsor). This can be typically done by attaching your bank statements if self-funded. If you have a sponsor, explain your personal relationship with your sponsor and the reason why they will be sponsoring your trip. For example, if your parents live in the destination country, you can mention that as part of the covering letter. An overview of your itinerary, which also explains why you chose to apply at the specific embassy. This section should contain your travel dates, duration and plans. If you have plans of travelling to multiple countries, do mention that as well. If at all there are any documents you cannot submit, specify the reasons why you cannot submit and explain alternative documents that you may have submitted Your intent to return to your home country. This is one of the most important deciding factors for your visa approval or rejection. A concise list of all supporting documents you have submitted.

Flight reservation without payment


What you see below is a typical covering letter for visa application. It’s really not as complicated as it seems! As discussed above, the sample letter contains all important details of travel plan of the applicant clearly mentioned. There is no ambiguity, which makes the applicant sound genuine and ultimately leads to higher chances of visa approval.

cover letter sample for turkey visa


If you have been wondering and stressing about how to get a free covering letter that will help you get the visa, RELAX! That’s exactly what we are here for. At  Visa Reservation Services , we have years of experience in helping our customers go through the visa application process easily and without any glitches. We are here to take all the trouble for you so you can peacefully plan your family holiday or that important business trip. We have different kinds of packages for all kinds of travellers, to help make the visa application process a breeze. The packages typically include a  flight reservation for visa , a  hotel reservation for visa  as well as a  travel insurance for visa application , along with the free covering letter. Doesn’t this make life much simpler? You just pick one package that fits your needs and we get all documents sorted for you at a nominal fee! Do get in touch with our team to find out more details of how we can help you and how you can go about choosing a package on our website.

cover letter sample for turkey visa

Last Updated: July 4th 2023

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cover letter sample for turkey visa

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cover letter sample for turkey visa

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Turkey Visa Sample - Specific Information

The Turkey Visa acts as a formal invitation for visitors to enter and remain in the nation for a predetermined amount of time. Have you ever thought about what would be on the Turkey Visa sample ? How will the guarantee letter, the image, and the cover letter be done on the sample? Please take note of the details in the following article.


A tangible or digital document that shows the relevant details and authorizes a person to enter and remain in Turkey for a predetermined amount of time constitutes the majority of the  Turkey Visa samples . 

Typical information on the sample comprises the applicant's name, nationality, passport number, type of visa, length of stay, and date of issue. The visa may come in a variety of designs and formats, but it always features the official stamp or seal of the Turkish consulate or embassy. 


The following is a Turkey e-Visa cover letter sample :

Personal Information

  • Your Address.
  • City, State, ZIP Code.
  • Email Address.
  • Phone Number.
  • Embassy/Consulate General of Turkey.
  • Subject: Tourist visa application for Turkey.
  • Greetings, Sir/Madam.

Travel itinerary and Visitation purpose

In this part, you should share a few ideas about your destination. Additionally, if possible, include a thorough schedule to strengthen the validity of your cover letter.

"I'm writing to get a tourist visa so that I can travel to Turkey. Turkey's rich history, culture, and natural beauty have always captivated me. Therefore, I'm thrilled for the chance to travel there and discover it for myself. In the period from [start date] to [end date], I'd want to travel to Turkey. 

Day 1 (.../.../... - .../.../...): ...

Day 2 (.../.../... - .../.../...): ...

Day 3 (.../.../... - .../.../...): ...


Financial means

It is vital to establish financial stability and viability abroad. You should pay attention and complete all necessary document preparations. 

"I've done a lot of study on the sights and things to do in these places, and I think my trip will be good for the local economy. I work as [your occupation] at [your firm] and am a citizen of [your nation]. 

I have included my bank documents and my full travel insurance as evidence that I am financially stable enough to sustain myself while I am in Turkey"

Also, don't forget to attach documents:

"I've submitted the following paperwork to support my request for a visa:

1. A properly filled out visa application.

2. A passport with a minimum remaining validity of six months.

3. Two recent photos that are passport-sized.

4. A schedule of my flight that includes my arrival and departure dates.

5. Accommodations booked for the duration of my visit.

6. Travel insurance that provides coverage for unforeseen medical expenses and trip cancellations.

7. Bank statements from the last three months prove I have the money to pay for the trip's expenditures.

8. Letter from my company approving my leave during the travel dates and detailing my work title, pay, and permission.

9. A thorough schedule of my intended activities, including the destinations I'll be visiting and how long I'll be staying in each one."

Turkey Visa Cover Letter Sample

Turkey Visa Cover Letter Sample

Return to home country

When it expires, you must make the commitment to go back to your native country. Your credibility and likelihood of being accepted will be significantly diminished if this section of your cover letter is absent.

"I've given my employer a letter of no objection indicating that I've been given leave for the duration of my vacation and will pick up where I left off when I get back. I promise to abide by all guidelines established by the Turkish government and to leave the country without delay when my permitted stay is over. Please give me the visa so that I can travel to Turkey as I have always wanted to."

Make sure your letters always have a conclusion. You can express your gratitude and wait for a response in this part.

"I appreciate you taking a look at my cover letter. As soon as I can, I'll be waiting to hear from you. Thank you very much for making it possible for me. 

Dedicated to you, [Your name]"


The following characteristics should be included in a Turkey e-Visa photo :

  • Dimensions: The photo should be 5x6 cm .
  • Color: The image must be in color.
  • Background: It should be basic white or light-colored.
  • Look: The subject in the shot should have a neutral look on their face, with their lips closed and their eyes wide.
  • Head position: Face the camera directly with the head centered. 
  • Lighting: There should be no shadows on the face or backdrop, and the lighting should be equal.
  • Attire: The individual in the photo should be dressed casually, with no caps or head coverings (unless religiously required).
  • Glasses: If the individual wears glasses, the eyes must be completely visible, with no reflections or glare on the lenses.
  • Headwear: Only religious head coverings are permitted. Moreover, the face must be clearly visible from the bottom of the chin to the top of the forehead.

Turkey Visa sample photo

Turkey Visa Photo Sample


Turkey Visa guarantee letter sample  should normally include the following information:

  • Your contact information, which includes your full name, postal address, phone number, and passport details.
  • Travel purpose: Clearly state why you are going to Turkey, such as for business, pleasure, research, or to attend an event.
  • State the length of your anticipated stay in Turkey, together with your arrival and departure dates.
  • Financial support: Describe your ability to cover all travel-related expenses, including hotel, transportation, and daily living costs.
  • Information on your intended housing in Turkey, such as hotel reservations or the contact details of the person you will be staying with (if applicable), should be included.
  • Documentation of links: Include proof of your close ties to your own country to ensure your return home after your trip to Turkey. This might be letters of employment, proof of property ownership, or family ties.
  • Invitation details (if applicable): If you are traveling to Turkey on business or because you were invited by a person or organization, be sure to provide their contact information, the nature of the invitation, and any supporting documentation, such as an invitation letter.
  • Travel itinerary: Provide a detailed description of the areas and activities you want to visit in Turkey, as well as any pre-planned excursions or events.
  • Include your contact information and let people know you can be reached at any moment while you're in Turkey. Please be aware that these guidelines are broad in nature and that specifics will depend on the embassy or consulate you are applying to as well as the reason for your visit.

It's crucial to remember that these requirements are subject to change, so always consult the official Turkish visa application instructions for the most up-to-date information.

The details provided above explain the Turkey Visa Sample (including the cover letter, the photo, and the guarantee letter) in addition to a few other requirements you must meet to be able to obtain your Turkey Visa more quickly.

We hope this clarifies everything for you. You can get in touch with us at +1 315 715 8498 or [email protected] if you need more information or have any more queries

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. Revised July, 2024 – Resource, Ministry of Foreigner Affairs Turkey . . 1. HOW TO APPLY FOR TOURIST VISA TO TURKISH EMBASSY TO ENTER TURKEY? . In order to provide better service to visa applicants, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey would like to inform that all visa applications for Turkey within some arrangement countries will be made only through (VAC) visa application centers authorized below: . Visa applicants still need to fill in preliminary application form online at // . Please take a printout and sign. Please do NOT book any date online for Turkish Embassy appointment, and proceed direct to the authorized Visa Application Center (VAC) below with your application supporting documents; . .


. . 2. IF THE LETTER OF INVITATION IS PRESENTED IN THE TOURIST VISA APPLICATION . When the letter of invitation is presented in the tourist visa applications, the letter of the inviting person, T.C identification number, Open ID, guest list, residence address, contact number, duration and purpose of stay, whether or not the applicant is related to the applicant must be present. In addition, the invitee is asked to declare in the invitation letter that the invitee will meet his / her request and his / her request, with the responsibility of the invitee and his / her obligation. The applicant is required to have adequate or regular facilities in Turkey. . . WHAT IS THE LETTER OF INVITATION FOR TOURIST VISA? . What is a letter of invitation for a Visa? . For a person who wants to travel to a country applying for a Visa, the letter in which someone living in the country applying for a visa tells him that he wants to write to the consulate and invite that person to see him is called a visa invitation letter issued by the Turkish Notary Public in Turkey. . For example, if (David) wants to visit his friend (Mehmet) in Turkey, it is a letter that (Mehmet) wrote to the Turkish Embassy / Consulate in the manner that I would like (David) to visit me. There are topics that need to be clarified. We explained below what happened to them, how the letter should be written. . If your passport is fresh, if you have no travel history, if you have been visa denied before , an visa invitation letter is supplied by a Turkish citizen (an acquaintance or relative) by oath to undertake you at all expense, for you to receive a short stay 1- 90 day visit Tourist Visa. It will strengthen your application and will reduce the amount of documents required by applicant to save you time and frustration before your travel to Turkey. The invitation letter must be written in Turkish or in the native language of the country of reference. . Who can write invitation letters? . The inviting person should be a Turkish citizen of Turkey. . How do you write an invitation letter? . The visa invitation letter does not have a standard template, you can organize the content of the letter as you wish, but there is some information that must be included. . An invitation letter must cover all these elements: . 1. Date & Location . At the top, in the corner, the date and the city of the person who wrote the invitation are given information. Make sure that this date is no longer than 1 month from the day you applied for a visa. For example, if your Tourist visa appointment is on July 1, the date on the letter should not be longer than June 1. . 2. Visa invitation letter should be addressed to the Turkish Embassy / Consulate . The inviting person (Mehmet) writes the invitation letter not addressed to the person (David), but to the Turkish Embassy / Consulate to which he / she applies for his / her Tourist visa.

  • ✖ False: “Dear David” .
  • ✔ Right: “To the Turkish Embassy”, to the Consulate General of Turkey .
  • ✔ Correct: “To whom it may concern”

. 3. Details that must be explained in the letter about David the invited person

  • Name and surname as it appears on the passport .
  • Date of birth .
  • Address and phone number .
  • What is the relationship between the invitee and invitee? Degree of closeness (kinship, friendship, family friend, lover etc…), such as where, how they meet (former co-worker, 10-year neighbor, etc.) .
  • Purpose of the visit. Why is the person visiting you? For example, family reunion, Tourist visit, etc. .
  • How long the invited person will stay in that country (these dates must match the dates of the plane tickets. If you have a situation where you have to go and go constantly, you have to explain the reasons. July 01 – July  30, for example,” my friend will visit me for 30 days, the first of which 30 days visa will be offered ” such as. .
  • Where the invited person will stay and how the Turkish sponsor will finance their visit.

. 4. Details that must be explained in the letter about the invited person

  • Address and phone number in that country.

. 5. File reference number of visa applicant . Adding a File tracking number of the Visa applicant, speeds up the job of Turkish visa officers.. . .


. 3. DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR TOURIST VISA APPLICATION WITH INVITATION LETTER? . Visa Application Form duly filled and submitted on online system, printed and signed by the applicant. (CNIC number, father and mother names, complete residential and host (if applicable) addresses are must). . Passport / travel document valid for at least 6 months as from the date of your arrival in Turkey. . Copies of the recent and old passports along the used pages concerning visa entry and exit stamps (If it is relevant and not empty pages!). . Two biometric photos of the applicant with the size of 5×5 cm and white background recent color. ., Travel health insurance certificate covering the minimum of Euros 30.000, the period of stay in Turkey and the repatriation costs as well. ., Polio vaccination certificate from the Government Hospitals or the authorized laboratories (The validity of the vaccination should cover the travel period and the vaccination’s date should not be more than one year old). . Copy of the flight reservation (Reservation only not the ticket). . Original Invitation letter stamped and sealed by the Turkish notary public in Turkey. . . . 4. EXTRA DOCUMENTS FOR TOURIST VISA APPLICATION WITHOUT INVITATION LETTER? . Copy of the hotel reservation (Reservation only). . Employment letter stating the name, position, salary, profession or type of skill (if there is any) from the company (if there is any). . Bank account maintenance certificate and original bank statements of the last three months [the current balance should cover all the expenses (air ticket + accommodation + food and beverages)] which are signed and stamped by the bank officer. . Supporting document on the applicant’s commitment to return (Land registry, business certificate, salary table, bank account statement). . Consent letter of the applicant for verification of documents. . . . Conditional documents: . Consent letter of the parents arranged by the Notary (if the applicant is under 18 years old). . Bonafide letter (If the applicant is a student). . Professional Qualification Certificate from the board of the professional organization / Skill Certificate from the related association (if there is any). . Original family civil registration act (if the family travels together). . E-Visa copy / copies (if the applicant accompanied by any person who has a valid Turkish E-Visa). . . . HOW TO CONVERT TOURIST VISA TO TOURISTIC RESIDENCE PERMIT IN TURKEY? . Touristic Residence Permit is available for 1 or 2 years living in Turkey

  • After entered Turkey with the Tourist visa , online application is lodged to the Directorate of General Migration Management offices in Turkey to obtain the Touristic Residence Permit ID Card next.

. Benefits of Touristic Residence Permit ID Card

  • Foreigner in our country with valid Touristic Residence Permit ID Card may live in any city and travel within the boundaries of Turkey. Residence permit is permission to live in Turkey. .
  • Foreigner may work at jobs and get Foreigner Work Permit ID Card , setup business or Turkish company. .
  • Foreigner children may attend university or public schools. .
  • Foreigner may at anytime enter and exit Turkey visa free on future travels at 66 airports, 129 harbors and 26 borders. .
  • Foreigner may travel to other countries worldwide and easily apply for EU, USA, UK, Schengen Visa at foreign country embassies or consulates in Turkey (as opposed to long line ups on your own country)

. . Start your experience in beautiful Turkey, and enjoy to live or work as planned or travel. . . . . .

Turkey iResidence © 2010 - 2024 | All information contained herein applies to the Ministry of Interior Turkish Directorate General of Migration Management regulations and laws.

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cover letter sample for turkey visa

By paydaka | 18 June, 2019 | Topics:

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Turkey Visa Requirements

Required documents for a Turkish visa application

When applying for a Turkish visa, you will need to collect several documents and submit them at the Turkish embassy/consulate. These documents prove your intention and eligibility for traveling to Turkey.

The required documents for a Turkish visa may differ depending on the visa type you are applying for. Your nationality may also have an impact in this regard, as the nationals of some countries need to submit additional or fewer documents.

Sticker Visa Requirements for Turkey

You can start collecting the required documents for a Turkish visa as soon as you complete the form at the Pre-Application System. The sooner you start gathering them, the better for you. Make sure they all meet the criteria and specifications set by the Turkish authorities.

The main documents you need to collect for a Turkey visa application are as follows:

Turkey Visa Application Form

The application form for a visa is the same for every Turkish visa type. The form contains questions on the following:

  • Name and surname.
  • Date and place of birth.
  • Citizenship and country of residence.
  • Parents’ name.
  • Type of passport.
  • The type of visa you are applying for.
  • The requested duration of stay.
  • Info on previous visa applications for Turkey.
  • Info on previous trips to Turkey.
  • Info on your spouse and children, if applicable.

Complete it manually, and sign it at the end.

Turkey Visa Photo Requirements

You should submit two identical photos, as a part of your Turkey visa application. The Turkey Visa photo size should be 5cm x 6cm and taken within the last six months.

Following, find a list of the Turkey visa photo requirements:

  • Be of high quality, in sharp focus and clean.
  • No ink marks and creases.
  • Have the appropriate brightness and contrast.
  • Not have any staple marks.
  • You must be looking directly at the camera.

Passport or Other Travel Document

You must submit a passport or another travel document that is valid for at least another six months on the date you reach Turkey. Make sure it has at least one blank page in order for the embassy/consulate to be able to affix the sticker visa on it. The passport will remain at the Turkish embassy during the time that is application is being processed.

Alongside with the passport, you should also submit copies of entry and exit seal/stamps of previously obtained visas, if any.

Proof of Accommodation

No matter how long you are planning to remain in Turkey, you must show where you will stay. Even for only a night! You can present any of the following as proof of accommodation in Turkey:

  • Hotel Booking in Turkey . If you will be staying at a hotel, you should submit a booking letter that includes the entry and exit dates, your name, and surname, as well as the address and contact details of the hotel.
  • Invitation letter by a host in Turkey . If a Turkish resident has invited you to stay over at their place while you are in Turkey, then you need to submit a letter of invitation written by the host. It should include the details of the host, their contact, and the address of the place. Also, your name and surname, and your relationship with the host.

Means of Support

The Turkish authorities want you to show you have enough money to support yourself during your trip to Turkey. You should have about €50 for every day you plan to spend for Turkey. You can prove that you have the needed money through:

  • Bank Statements for the last three months.
  • Proof of other income as salary slips, from renting, proof of your spouse’s income, etc.
  • Letter of support, from another person, who guarantees to cover your expenses. Proof that this person has the means to do so, is also required, i.e. their bank statements.

Note that if a host covers your accommodation in Turkey, you will be eligible to apply with less than €50 per day. If the food is also covered, an even smaller amount of money will be required. Proof of covered accommodation and meals is mandatory in this case.

Travel Itinerary / Flight Booking

You will need to show proof of how you plan to reach Turkey and what you are planning to do while there. The following are included.

  • Proof of Flight Booking . If you are planning to travel to Turkey by plane, you will need to book a roundtrip flight and present this document to the embassy or consulate on the day of your appointment.

Other documents are accepted as well, depending on the means of transport you are planning to use to reach Turkey, i.e. bus ticket, driver’s license and authorization to enter Turkey by car, etc.

Submit other documents as well, depending on what you are planning to do in Turkey, i.e. invitations to attend events, booked tours, museum tickets, etc.

Travel Medical Insurance

It is compulsory to have Travel Medical Insurance in order to be able to travel to Turkey . The insurance must cover the whole territory of Turkey with minimal coverage of €30,000.

Police Clearance Certificate

Submit a Police clearance certificate or another equivalent document obtained by the relevant authorities in your country of residence. This document should show that you have not been involved in any criminal activities in recent years.

Visa requirements for Turkey according to your employment status

  • If you are employed you need to submit a guarantee letter from your employer, which states that you will return to your country of residence after the trip to Turkey. Pay slips for the last 3 months are also required.
  • If you are a business owner, you need to submit your company’s certificate of establishment and registration, the company’s trade license, and the company bank account statement showing transactions for the last 3 months.
  • If your spouse provides for you, you should submit the same applicable documents as listed above, for your spouse.

Required Documents for applicants under the age of 18 years old

  • Birth certificate .
  • Consent letter issued by the parent that is not accompanying the child if, only one parent is traveling with the minor visa applicant.
  • Documents on custody rights , if the parents are divorced or a third person is the legal guardian of the applicant.
  • Death certificate , if one or both parents have passed away.

For Travelista

A Sample Cover Letter for Tourist Visa and How to Create One

By Alice Ross | PASSPORT & VISA

  • PASSPORT & VISA » A Sample Cover Letter for Tourist Visa and How to Create One

a sample cover letter

If you're planning to  travel abroad , in many cases you will need to obtain a visa beforehand. The requirements vary according to your country of origin and your destination. But for a lot of people, the process to be granted a visa can seem daunting and unclear. In this article, we share important tips about visas to equip you with the knowledge to prepare for your international trip. Read on to find out more about how tourist visas work, including a very useful sample cover letter for your tourist visa application.  

What Exactly Is a Tourist Visa?

A tourist visa or visitor visa is an official document that allows you to get in another country. In general, you are likely to need one every time you visit another country. However, this depends on which country you are from and where you are going, as some countries have agreements that allow entrance even without it.

A tourist visa may take different forms: it can be a paper document, although it most often comes as a simple stamp in your passport . Some countries require you to arrange your visa before arriving in the country, while others issue it to you once you land at the airport.

A tourist visa indicates how long you are allowed to stay in the country. It also defines which activities you are allowed to participate in or not while there, such as working and studying.

Other Types of Visas

how long is a passport good for

A tourist visa is the most common and most acquired type of visa. It is usually only valid for a short period of time, commonly ranging from a few weeks to a couple of months.

This is what you will need if you are just planning to visit the country. A tourist visa however doesn't allow you to work and study while you are in a particular country.

Others types of visas include student visas, business visas, media visas, fiancé visas , and many others depending on the place you're travelling to.

Resident visas are also available for those who want to live in a particular country. You will normally need a valid reason to obtain this type of visa, as they tend to be the most difficult to get.

What You Need to Apply for a Tourist Visa

As mentioned above, tourist visa requirements vary with your nationality and your destination, as well as where you make your application. You should always check the instructions application to your specific situation on the relevant embassy or consulate website. Having said that, there are some general requirements and common documents that are needed for most tourist visa applications.

These include:

  • Passport valid for at least six (6) months beyond the intended period of stay
  • Duly filled out visa application forms
  • Confirmed round-trip tickets
  • Cover letter for tourist visa or letter to the consulate

Top tip: travel insurance for your visa application

Most tourist visa applications require you to show proof of travel insurance coverage for the duration of your trip. We use and recommend SafetyWing as our preferred travel medical insurance provider. It's the most flexible and affordable we've found, starting at just $1.32 per day. They can also provide a visa letter to support your application. If you're looking for more comprehensive coverage, World Nomads is also a reliable and very popular alternative among global travelers. Note: In our experience and to the best of our knowledge, these two travel insurance options fulfill the requirements for most tourist visa applications. However, please make sure to check that they meet the specific criteria applicable to your individual case.

Sample Cover Letter for Tourist Visa Application

sample cover letter for tourist visa application


The cover letter or letter to the consulate is necessary for tourist visas that require interviews. This letter needs to explain why you want to visit the country and where you will be staying in the country. It must also outline the intended dates and duration of your stay.

Moreover, this letter is your way to tell the embassy if you are getting a sponsorship from a friend, parents, or a romantic partner who are currently based in that country. It's important to take your time to write your cover letter, although you should also make sure to keep it to-the-point and not too long.

If the trip is going to be  sponsored by someone else , make sure to include the following details in the cover letter for your tourist visa application:

  • The name of the person who is going to sponsor your trip
  • The job or source of income of the person who is going to sponsor you
  • Your proof or relationship (normally pictures)
  • Proof of financial capability of your sponsor
  • The expenses your sponsor will cover

The cover letter is a really important document to provide before your trip. It states every important thing you want to tell the embassy or consulate. Make sure that it mentions and explains every document you've submitted.

To give you a better insight into how to create a cover letter for your visa application, here is a sample cover letter for a tourist visa needed to enter a country:


EMBASSY OF (Country you're visiting)

<Address of the Consulate>

Dear Sir/Madam:

I, <Your full legal name> would like to apply for a tourist visa to spend a vacation in <name of the country> from <date of arrival> to <date of departure.>

My main purpose for travel is tourism, to see the beautiful sights of  <name of the country> , particularly <name of tourist attractions.> I'm also looking forward to experiencing the culture, tasting the cuisine, and meeting locals to experience everything the country has to offer.

I am employed at <name of the company> located in <location of the company> since <date you were employed> and am currently holding the position of <your job position.> Vacation from work has already been approved for the whole duration of this trip.

During my trip, my <your relationship with the sponsor> <full name of the sponsor,>  who works as <job title of the sponsor> at <place of employment> will sponsor my trip. He/she will cover my accommodations, food expenses, and plane tickets.

Please find the following documents to support the legitimacy of what is outlined in this letter:

  • Passports (including old ones if applicable)
  • Application form, duly dated and signed with passport-size picture
  • Employment and leave certificates showing the date I'm expected to return to work
  • Payslips, tax report, credit card statements, bank certificate & statement of account as proof of income
  • Plane ticket booking reservation
  • Hotel booking reservation as proof of accommodation directly faxed to the embassy
  • Travel insurance with benefits

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you require any further information. I may not be available at all times due to my working schedule or I might be engaged in a mission, but you may still try to reach me at the following:

Of course, the sample cover letter for tourist visa application provided above is only a template and can be modified according to your situation. Again, including this in your travel visa application is very important, so make sure that you take the time to think about what you want to write and to gather all the necessary documents to support the information you provide in your letter.

Do you have any helpful tips or a sample cover letter for a tourist visa application you want to share? Let us know in a comment below!

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Hi, I’m Alice Ross, a long-term traveler who left the corporate world to travel the world. I chose to live life on my own phase and live day by day while immersing myself in new experiences, new knowledge, and new people in a different walk of life I met along the way.


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cover letter sample for turkey visa

Get your Turkey tourist visa application get done right (Indian Citizen).

Photo of Greema Joy

For turkey You can either opt for an E-Visa or a VOA (visa on arrival) if you have U.S visa or schengen visa.

In case you haven't received your E-Visa before arriving in Turkey, you can visit the interactive kiosks placed in Turkish airports.

Now if you don't have either of it then you need a proper sticker visa. (Processing time is Minimum 10 - 15 working days including the day of submission at the consulate. Also you need to request atleast 2+ days than your no: days stay in turkey. eg: if your trip is for 10 days then visa request should be at-least for 12 days)

Turkish embassy are there in

3. Hyderabad

I applied from Kochi and which is coming under Consulate General of Turkey, Mumbai, Maharashtra. I applied through VFS because when I enquired I got to know in India they accept the visa application through 3rd party and it is VFS. Anyway for me VFS Kochi was the easiest option. (Even if you try to apply through some agency you have to go there for submitting the documents.). Total cost was for visa application for single entry visa 15 days - 4270/-INR + 4201 /- INR (VFS fees) = 8471/-INR. You can see the complete details here

Attaching my cover letter for sample.

Photo of Get your Turkey tourist visa application get done right (Indian Citizen). 1/1 by Greema Joy

List of documents I submitted.

1. Original Passport (Passport must be valid for at least 6 months upon arrival in Turkey and should have at least 2 full blank pages available in it). Also provide 2 photo copies of Passport first and last page.

2.Aadhar Card (Photo copy for submit and I had to show the original to them)

3.Visa Application Form (Available for download on website) it should be filled manually by blue or black ink in block letters with 2 white background photographs having size 2.5inch x 2.5inch.

Also read: visa free countries for Indians

4.Covering letter from the applicant in type format, mentioning the purpose of stay in details, accompanying person details, duration of stay, occupation and expenses clause and tour itinerary.

5.Hotel Reservation (Required confirmation number and if booked through agents/tour operator then details of applicants name, check-in & check-out dates on letterhead with seal, signature, name & designation with VD number to be mentioned )

6.Confirmed Return Ticket

7.Travel Insurance is mandatory requirement which should fulfill the below requirements.(I got from Bajaj Allianz cost me 977/INR)

Medical Evacuation and repatriation expenses

Personal accidental death

Personal liability

Daily allowance in hospitalization cases

This plan should cover the insured for a minimum of Euro 30000.

Note: The travel insurance dates should end 2 days after the date of departure mentioned in the flight ticket.

8.Salaried Person/Employed:

Original Leave letter from employer on company letter head with authorized person sign and stamp (Leave letter should mention the applicant & person signing the letter Name & designation)

Covering Letter duly signed on A4 size paper (Typed format) explaining the purpose of the trip, duration of stay in Turkey etc.

Last 3 months’ salary slips with original stamp and sign of the company.

Last 3 months’ Salary account statements attested and signed by the bank.

9. Bank balance print out which is showing I have 1,00,000/- INR in my account (if 3 people are going everyone individually has to have 1 lakh in account)

10. Get more details here

11. You have to submit online form and take a print out of that and submit with your other documents

All set to go.... Enjoy your trip

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    When applying for a Turkey visa, your cover letter is an opportunity to show your recipient why you qualify. The best format for writing a cover letter is as follows: Address the recipient with a formal salutation. For example, "Dear/Hello (name of the recipient).". If you do not know the recipient's name, you can refer to them as sir/madam.

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    Learn about the ideal cover letter format and what to include in your cover letter when applying for a Turkey visa. Check out our sample cover letter template to make your application smoother.

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    Discover the key elements of a professional letter format for Turkey visa applications. Follow our step-by-step guide to increase your chances of success!

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    9. Re: Request/Cover letter from applicant for Turkey Visa. Pleas send me Turkey Visit Visa with detail and visiting points pleas help me. 10. Re: Request/Cover letter from applicant for Turkey Visa. e mail ID [email protected]. I want to invest in Naran. Can someone advise prices near Jh Jul 01, 2024.

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    A cover letter for visa application is a formal letter that is written to the embassy or consulate of the country you plan to visit. The purpose of this letter is to provide information about your trip, the purpose of your visit, your financial status, and any other relevant information that may support your application for a visa.

  8. Cover Letter for Schengen Visa Application

    The Cover Letter for Schengen Visa applications is an important requirement, and knowing how to properly write one could affect the outcome of the visa application.

  9. Turkey Cover Letter

    turkey cover letter - Free download as Word Doc (.doc / .docx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Abdul Wahab is applying for a Turkey tourist visa to visit from March 1st to 15th, 2023. He owns an electrical parts manufacturing and repair business in Pakistan and has ample savings and income to support his visit. He plans to visit popular sites in Istanbul like the ...

  10. Sample Cover Letter FOR vISA

    Sample Cover Letter FOR vISA - Free download as Word Doc (.doc / .docx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. The applicant is requesting a single entry tourist visa to Turkey to visit Istanbul, Fethiye, Cappadocia and Antalya from START to END dates. They are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and are employed as DESIGNATION at COMPANY_NAME since SINCE_DATE. Supporting ...

  11. PDF To, The Visa Officer Subject: Application for Turkey Tourist Visa

    would like to apply for Turkey tourist visa upon my intention to travel to Turkey from <Date, Month, Year> to<Date, Month, Year>. I look forward to explore the gorgeous sights of Turkey majorly covering Istanbul and Cappadocia.

  12. turkey covering letter 1.docx

    View turkey covering letter 1.docx from ACCOUNTING MISC at Karachi Institute of Economics & Technology, Karachi (City Campus). 10th Dec, 2020 The visa Section, Turkish Consulate General

  13. Free Covering Letter for visa application

    The purpose of cover letter for visa is to summarize your trip along with document checklist to the consulate. Checkout sample cover letter template here.

  14. Turkey Visa Sample

    The Turkey Visa acts as a formal invitation for visitors to enter and remain in the nation for a predetermined amount of time. Have you ever thought about what would be on the Turkey Visa sample? How will the guarantee letter, the image, and the cover letter be done on the sample? Please take note of the details in the following article.

  15. Request/Cover letter from applicant for Turkey Visa

    There is a requirement for Turkey Visit visa that you need to submit request letter, can anyone please provide me sample letter in this regard?

  16. Tourist Visa Application With Turkey Invitation Letter

    2. Visa invitation letter should be addressed to the Turkish Embassy / Consulate. . The inviting person (Mehmet) writes the invitation letter not addressed to the person (David), but to the Turkish Embassy / Consulate to which he / she applies for his / her Tourist visa. False: "Dear David".

  17. Cover Letter

    Coming Out of My Shell Cover Letter Home Anasayfa| Cover Letter By paydaka| 18 June, 2019 | Topics: U.S. Embassy in Türkİye Visas

  18. Free Cover Letter for any Visa Application

    In simple word, a cover letter that is required by the embassy when a person applies for the visa is known as a cover letter for visa application.

  19. Turkey Visa Requirements

    Visa requirements for Turkey according to your employment status If you are employed you need to submit a guarantee letter from your employer, which states that you will return to your country of residence after the trip to Turkey.

  20. A Sample Cover Letter for Tourist Visa and How to Create One

    Of course, the sample cover letter for tourist visa application provided above is only a template and can be modified according to your situation. Again, including this in your travel visa application is very important, so make sure that you take the time to think about what you want to write and to gather all the necessary documents to support ...

  21. Get your Turkey tourist visa application get done right ...

    Get your Turkey tourist visa application get done right (Indian Citizen). For turkey You can either opt for an E-Visa or a VOA (visa on arrival) if you have U.S visa or schengen visa. In case you haven't received your E-Visa before arriving in Turkey, you can visit the interactive kiosks placed in Turkish airports.

  22. PDF Checklist for Turkish Visa Main Documents Which are Mandatory for All

    rganizing authority from Turkey.HEC Grant Letter for sponsorship if a. Employment Contract which contains employment duration and title clearly. Request letter along with the title of the Employee by the Employer Company from Turkey. Valid Police Character Certificate which is attested by the MoFA, Pakistan. Valid Umrah Visa.