Essay Extender for Students

Have you ever struggled to reach the specific word count while writing an essay? Our online essay extender can help you get the desired word count with just a few simple steps. All you have to do is:

  • Copy and paste your essay.
  • Choose how many words you need in your paper.
  • Click the "Extend" button.

💎 5 Key Advantages of the Essay Extender

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Our essay word extender offers a range of benefits that can enhance your writing experience. Here are some of them:

With its user-friendly interface, our online essay extender can assist you in various ways. Check out these ideas on how you can use the tool.

1. To Increase the Word Count

One of the most common uses of our essay extender is to increase an essay's word count. You add words to the entire text or a specific part, for example, introduction, conclusion, or body paragraphs. This gives you more control over where you want to expand an essay and helps you tailor the extension to the academic requirements .

Our tool adds words without compromising the quality of their writing. Since it uses advanced AI algorithms, it extends the text while maintaining the coherence and flow of the original content.

2. To Add a New Part

AI essay extender can also help you add a new part to your essay. For example, if you have already written the introduction and body paragraphs but are struggling with the conclusion, our tool can generate it.

Similarly, if you need to add a new body paragraph to support your argument , our essay extender can generate a paragraph based on your prompt. This feature is particularly useful when you are short on time and need to complete your essay quickly.

3. To Get New Ideas

Sometimes, you only need a fresh perspective to improve your writing. Our essay extender can generate unique ideas by developing a body paragraph on any topic. This feature is helpful for those who are stuck with their writing and need some inspiration to continue. You can use this generated paragraph as a starting point and further develop it according to your ideas and arguments.

Wanna see how essay extender generator works in practice? Let's try it together. Imagine you're writing an argumentative essay on "Should all internships be paid?" We'll use our tool to add some words to a body paragraph and then develop an effective introduction.

All internships should be paid for the simple fact that interns are providing valuable work and skills to the company. It is unfair to expect young workers, who are often already struggling with student debt, to work for free. Interns are not just shadowing or observing; they actively contribute to the company's operations and success. By not compensating them, companies are perpetuating a cycle of unpaid labor and exploiting the enthusiasm and eagerness of young workers. Furthermore, paying interns shows that their time and contributions are valued, allowing them to gain practical experience without financial strain.

All internships should be paid for the simple fact that interns are providing valuable work and skills to the company. It is unfair to expect young workers, who are often already struggling with student debt, to work for free. Interns are not just shadowing or observing; they actively contribute to the company's operations and success. For example, a student who is completing an unpaid internship at a marketing firm may be responsible for creating social media content, conducting market research, and assisting with client meetings. These tasks require time, effort, and skills, and the intern should be compensated for their contributions. By not compensating them, companies are perpetuating a cycle of unpaid labor and exploiting the enthusiasm and eagerness of young workers. Moreover, unpaid internships often come with hidden costs that can be a significant burden for students. For instance, a student interning in a different city may have to cover transportation, housing, and other expenses on top of working for free. Furthermore, paying interns shows that their time and contributions are valued, allowing them to gain practical experience without financial strain. Companies should recognize the contributions interns bring to their organization and compensate them accordingly for their hard work.

Internships have become a common way for students to gain practical experience and valuable skills in their chosen field. However, the issue of whether these internships should be paid or not has sparked a debate. While some argue that unpaid internships provide valuable learning opportunities, others believe that all internships should be paid to ensure fair treatment of young workers. In this essay, we will explore why all internships should be paid, including the value that interns bring to organizations and the hidden costs of unpaid internships.

Check out these helpful tips to work on your academic writing skills and extend an essay manually.

  • Expand your arguments . Instead of simply stating your point, provide more detailed examples to support your ideas.
  • Use transitional phrases . Transition phrases such as "in addition," "furthermore," and "moreover" can help you connect your ideas and add more depth to your essay.
  • Include relevant statistics and data . Adding statistics and data from reliable sources can boost the credibility of your essay and help you expand your arguments.
  • Incorporate quotes . Including quotes from experts or authoritative individuals adds depth and weight to your essay.
  • Provide background information . If you feel that certain concepts need more explanation, you can provide background information to help the reader better understand your points.

Remember, when expanding on your arguments, it is essential to do so smartly. This means providing detailed explanations and relevant examples that add length to your essay and strengthen your points.

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Updated: Dec 11th, 2023

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On this page, you can find a free essay extender for students. With the help of this tool, you can increase the word count of any text – paste it into the related field and add the necessary details. The essay extender can add particular paragraphs or double your words in two clicks! Don’t miss the helpful tips and examples of text expansion.

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Ready to reach that elusive word count? Paste your essay into the text box below. Once you're set, click "Expand Essay" to allow our AI Essay Expander to work its magic. Your expanded essay will appear in moments, ready for submission or further editing.

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Introducing the Essay Expander, a scholarly spell from the aiwizard spellbook that addresses the age-old issue of falling short on word count. Utilizing AI essay expander algorithms, this tool takes your input and embellishes your essay with meaningful content to meet the desired word count. Just paste your essay, hit the "Expand Essay" button, and presto—your essay is instantly expanded without diluting its quality. Perfect for students, writers, and professionals alike, the Essay Expander is the ultimate solution for how to expand an essay effortlessly.

Essay Expander FAQ

What is the essay expander, how much does the essay expander cost, how do i use the essay expander, what are the benefits of using the essay expander.

Sentence Expander - Free AI Word & Paragraph Extender

Unleash the power of words with sentence expander & extender.

Welcome to Sentence Expander, the ultimate AI-driven tool that transforms your writing into a masterpiece of clarity and depth. Whether you're a budding writer, a seasoned blogger, or just someone who loves to express through words, our Free AI Word & Paragraph Extender is your new best friend.

Make Sentences Longer with Free Sentence Expander

Our Sentence Expander is your go-to tool for adding depth and detail to your sentences. Just input your sentence, and watch as our AI technology enhances it with additional context, synonyms, and complexity. Ideal for:

  • Academic Writing: Elevate your essays and research papers.
  • Professional Communication: ACraft detailed emails and reports.
  • Creative Writing: Add flair to your stories and scripts.

Make Paragraphs Longer with Free Paragraph Extender

Our Paragraph Extender is here to help you develop more detailed and comprehensive paragraphs. Perfect for expanding on ideas, adding examples, or explaining concepts in greater depth. This tool is excellent for:

  • Bloggers and Content Creators: Increase the richness of your articles.
  • Academics and Students: Enhance the comprehensiveness of your theses.
  • Business Professionals: Add clarity and detail to your proposals and presentations.

Is Sentence Expander really free?

Just paste your text into our tool. Our AI will analyze it and shorten the sentences, keeping your original meaning intact.

How does the AI ensure the expanded content remains relevant?

Our AI technology is designed to understand the context of your original text. It intelligently adds relevant details and elaborations, ensuring that the expanded content aligns seamlessly with your initial message.

Can I use Sentence Expander for academic or professional writing?

Yes, indeed! Sentence Expander is versatile and suitable for a wide range of writing styles, including academic and professional contexts. It helps in adding depth to your arguments and clarity to your explanations.


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What's an AI Essay Exdender

AI Essay Extender is a free online generator tool that uses AI technology to extend essays. Simply paste your essay and get a longer, more comprehensive version in seconds.

The Ultimate GPT & AI Essay Extender Recommendation- Say Goodbye to Short Essays!

Are you tired of struggling to meet the word count requirement for your essays? Say hello to Essay Extender - the best essay extender bot that uses advanced AI technology to translate your writing into longer, more comprehensive essays.

You can then:

  • Convert and turn your paragraphs and essay from short to longer.
  • Generate and write new essays within no time using AI & GPT technology.

The Most Advanced Essay Extender AI

Our recommendation Essay Extender's GPT AI algorithms analyze your writing and generate additional relevant content, ensuring that your essays are not only longer but also more informative and engaging. It's like having your own personal essay translator, helping you to write better essays in less time.

Effortless Paragraph & Essay Expansion

With an Essay Extender, expanding your essays is a breeze. Simply paste your writing into the tool and let AI algorithms do the rest. In seconds, you'll have a longer, more comprehensive essay that's ready to submit. It's that simple!

Extended Definition Essay Examples and Topics

Whether you're writing an extended definition essay or need inspiration for extended essay examples, Essay Extender has you covered. AI algorithms are designed to work with all writing styles and topics, so you can focus on writing and let us take care of the expansion.

Freemium and Safe to Use Essay Inflator

Essay Extender recommendation is free and has an optional premium version to upgrade your inflate your essays and paragraphs. The too is also safe to use, and we never store or share your personal information. So, you can use our GPT & AI essay extender tool suggestions with confidence, knowing that your data is secure.

Who can use an Essay Extender

An essay extender AI tool can be used by a variety of individuals, including:

Students: Students who need to meet a minimum word count for assignments can use an essay extender to elaborate on their ideas or provide additional details.

Writers and Bloggers: Writers and bloggers might use such tools to expand their articles or posts, especially when they are aiming for a comprehensive coverage of a topic.

Researchers: Researchers who need to provide detailed explanations or extended discussions in their papers might find an essay extender useful.

Content Creators: Content creators looking to produce longer forms of content for websites, social media, or other platforms could use these tools to enhance the length and depth of their work.

Educators: Educators, such as teachers and lecturers, may use it to demonstrate how to expand on topics or ideas in a more detailed way.

Business Professionals: In the corporate world, professionals may use it to elaborate on reports, proposals, or other documents where comprehensive detail is necessary.

It's important to note that while essay extenders can increase the length of a text, the quality and coherence of the output may vary. Users should always review and edit the extended content to ensure it maintains the desired level of quality and relevance to the topic.

Best Essay Extender Generator

Essay Extender is quickly becoming the go-to best essay inflator and expander for thousands of users who want to write better essays in less time. So why wait? Try Essay Extender today and experience the power of AI technology for yourself!

Extend Your Essays Free with Ease

Want to know the best ways to extend your essay? Look no further than Essay Extender. AI algorithms make it easy to expand your writing and add relevant, engaging content. So, why not try Essay Extender suggestions today and take your writing to the next level?

Get the best of our recommendation tools to generate and write longer essays!

How to Extend an Essay Manually

To manually make an essay longer, follow these steps:

1. Elaborate on Key Points : Identify the main points in your essay and expand on them with more details, examples, or illustrations.

2. Add More Examples and Quotations : Support your points with additional examples, case studies, or relevant quotations.

3. Include Counterarguments and Rebuttals : Present opposing viewpoints and then refute them to add significant content.

4. Deepen the Introduction and Conclusion : Revise these sections to be more detailed with background information and implications.

5. Incorporate Related Subtopics : Introduce additional subtopics connected to your main thesis for a broader perspective.

6. Use Descriptive Language : Use descriptive language where appropriate for detailed explanations.

7. Review and Revise for Clarity and Flow : In revision, add content for clarity or to improve the logical flow.

How to Expand an Essay with an AI Extender Tool

To lengthen an essay with an AI extender, follow these steps:

1. Input Your Essay : Input your existing essay into the AI tool.

2. Set Parameters for Extension : Specify how much to extend your essay, by word count or percentage.

3. Use AI Suggestions : The AI tool will generate additional content based on your text.

4. Review AI-Generated Content : Review and edit the AI-generated content to ensure alignment with your essay.

5. Focus on SEO : If intended for online platforms, optimize the content for search engines using relevant keywords.

6. Integrate AI Content with Original Essay : Blend the AI-generated content with your original writing.

7. Final Review and Edit : Perform a final review and edit to ensure the extended essay is polished and coherent.

Text Extender & Expander

AI Text Extender & Expander: Enhance Your Content with AI-Powered Wordiness

When you need to reach a specific word count or simply want to make your content more robust, our AI-powered text inflator, extender, and expander can help you achieve your goal. 

By providing your original text and desired length, our AI will generate an expanded version that maintains the core message while incorporating additional relevant information, synonyms, and phrases.

This powerful tool is perfect for students, writers, and professionals who need to produce longer, more comprehensive content without sacrificing clarity or quality.

Improve Your Content Quality and Reach with AI-Generated Expansion

Save time and effort : Let our AI generator do the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your work or studies.

Achieve word count requirements : Reach your target word count without compromising the quality or coherence of your content.

Enhance content depth : Add relevant information, examples, and explanations to make your content more comprehensive and informative.

If you're not satisfied with the expanded text, simply change your input or add additional instructions to generate a version that better suits your needs.

Who is it for?

Students : Meet essay or assignment word count requirements without losing focus on your main arguments and ideas.

Writers : Expand short articles or stories to create longer, more comprehensive pieces that cater to specific publication guidelines or reader preferences.

Bloggers : Enhance your blog posts with additional information and examples to provide more value to your readers.

Researchers : Elaborate on your findings and discussions in research papers or reports to meet publication requirements or to provide more context to your audience.

Why Choose Our AI Text Expander

High-quality expansion : Our AI generates expanded content that maintains the original meaning and coherence, ensuring your message remains clear and impactful.

Context-aware : The AI understands the context and goals of your content, ensuring that the expanded text is relevant and informative.

Adaptable : Our AI generator caters to various industries, niches, and writing styles, providing tailored text expansion that fits your specific needs.

Enhance Your Content with AI-Powered Expansion

Ready to optimize your content and reach your target word count without sacrificing quality? Give our AI text inflator, extender, and expander a try and experience the benefits of enhanced, comprehensive content. Don't settle for shallow or repetitive text—create powerful, in-depth content with our AI-generated expansion. Get started today!

Say goodbye to late-night writing marathons with Typli's AI essay extender - the efficient and cost-effective way to meet word count requirements!

Essay Extender

Say goodbye to late-night writing marathons with Typli's AI essay extender - the efficient and cost-effective way to meet word count requirements!


  • Paste in your essay.
  • Press "Extend" and Typli will extend your essay.

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Quote Generator

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Sentence Rewriter

Sentence Rewriter

Transform your content with our AI sentence rewriter and create fresh, unique text.

AI Story Generator

AI Story Generator

Need a creative boost? Our AI story generator is the perfect story writer to help you bring your ideas to life.

Paragraph Rewriter

Paragraph Rewriter

Produce authentic and captivating content by rewording paragraphs with our rewriter tool.

Paragraph Generator

Paragraph Generator

Typli’s AI paragraph generator crafts sentences that flow like a river, delivering smooth, relevant, and surprisingly human paragraphs that get better with each use.

Hook Generator

Hook Generator

Uncover the art of writing hooks, headlines, and intros that demand attention from your readers.

Why Typli’s AI Essay Extender is the Best

Are you tired of struggling to meet word count requirements for your essays? Look no further; Typli’s AI essay extender is here to revolutionize the way you write! Imagine never having to worry about reaching the minimum word count again. Sounds unbelievable, right? Well, with Typli’s AI essay extender, it’s not only possible but also incredibly efficient. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why Typli’s AI essay extender is the best and why you should consider using it for all your writing needs.


Fasten your seatbelts because we’re about to speed up your essay writing like never before! Imagine having a writing buddy who’s always ready to jump in and add more substance to your paper in a flash. That’s exactly what you get with this invaluable tool. It effortlessly stretches your essay to the desired length, leaving you with more time to focus on perfecting your content or even kicking back with some free time. Say goodbye to late-night writing marathons and hello to quick, efficient progress.

Instantly Extends Your Essay

Are you up against the clock with a paper due and just can’t seem to hit that word target? That’s where the magic of our tool comes into play. Picture this : A few clicks and your short essay transforms into a more substantial piece — and it’s all within seconds. You won’t have to sacrifice those precious moments that could be spent revising or studying for exams.

The efficiency doesn’t end there. It’s not about just adding words; it’s about adding the right words. This tool intuitively understands your content, so it pumps up your essay with relevant information that fits seamlessly into your existing work. This means less time spent on the grueling task of trying to make things longer and more time polishing your masterpiece to perfection.

Quality Enhancement

Writing a great essay isn’t just about hitting that word count; it’s about making every single word shine. That’s what sets our tool apart – it not only gives your essay the extra length but ensures that every addition maintains the flow and essence of your original thoughts. Your words will not just fill space; they will enhance the quality of your work, turning a good essay into a great one.

Maintains Coherence and Clarity

Ever had that moment when your essay starts to feel like a jigsaw puzzle, with pieces everywhere? That’s a no-no when you’re aiming for an A+. But don’t sweat it! This game-changing tool is like your personal writing Jedi, keeping your extended essay making sense and sounding clear as a bell. It’s like magic , but instead of wands, it uses smart algorithms to ensure every additional line fits into your essay like the perfect puzzle piece.

Adding extra words can often make an essay confusing, but not with this clever assistant. Each sentence it generates is designed to match the original context and maintain the flow of your arguments. It’s like having a buddy who knows exactly what you’re trying to say and helps you say it better. So, let’s toast to essays that not only hit the word count but also read like a smooth, seamless stream of thought. 🥂

Diverse Vocabulary Enhancement

Ever hit a wall trying to find the perfect word that not only fits your essay but also gives it that extra flair? Our AI-powered tool is like a thesaurus on steroids, expanding your word choices without missing a beat. It digs deep into the language well, offering you a cascade of synonyms and alternatives, so your essays shine with a richness of vocabulary that impresses even the toughest critics. Not only will your text sound more sophisticated, but it’ll also be more engaging and enjoyable to read.

Expands Lexical Range

Ever feel like you’re using the same words over and over again in your essays? It’s commonplace to get stuck in a vocabulary rut, where your writing seems stale and repetitious. But, here’s some good news! A smart tool is on standby to sprinkle a little spice into your sentences, diversifying your language and giving your essay that extra flair.

This tool does more than just add words; it introduces a wave of synonyms and advanced terms that are precise and appropriate for your essay’s context. It’s like having a pocket thesaurus that knows exactly what your essay needs. The result is an enriched text that is engaging and demonstrates a higher level of language proficiency – all with less effort on your part.


When it comes to writing essays, everyone loves a method that’s both efficient and easy on the wallet. Imagine having a tool that not only elevates your writing but also saves you from spending a fortune on professional editing services—this is precisely what you get with our AI-driven helper. With its capability to stretch your essay to meet those pesky word count goals without breaking the bank, it’s like hitting a writing jackpot. Making the most out of every penny while still achieving academic excellence has never been easier!

Economical Solution for Writing Needs

Ever hit a wall with your budget when you just need a few more words to polish off that perfect essay? Here’s the good news: you don’t need to hire an expensive writer to fill in the gaps. Typli’s tool is a wallet-friendly hero, ready to swoop in and save you both time and money. With a simple click, your essay doesn’t just stretch—it grows in value, without you having to stretch your wallet.

Sure, there are other writing services out there, but they can make a serious dent in your funds, especially if you’re a student or a freelancer on a tight budget. Typli’s software is designed to respect your financial limits while never compromising on quality. Think of it as your personal writing assistant, one that won’t charge you an arm and a leg to get the job done. Now, that’s what we call an economical solution for your writing needs.

With Typli’s AI essay extender, you can bid farewell to the days of struggling to meet word count requirements. Embrace efficiency, clarity, and creativity in your writing while saving both time and money. Say goodbye to writer’s block and hello to a world of endless possibilities with Typli’s AI essay extender!

Step into effortless content creation with Typli and elevate your writing today. Experience AI content writing made simple.

10 Ways to Increase Your Essay Word Count (AI Included)

10 Ways to Increase Your Essay Word Count (AI Included)

Table of contents

add words to my essay ai

One of the biggest challenges students face is writing long-form essays of 2,000 words or more.

Someone brought this up at a recent webinar I attended, and I couldn't help but think back to my freshman year. Several years ago, I had to write a long essay on an interesting but unfamiliar subject. It took me a lot longer than it should.

After writing hundreds of articles, essays and reports, I've developed my own list of 'smart hacks' to help increase word count on any written piece. 

Instantly increase your word count with this FREE AI tool > Instantly increase your word count with this FREE AI tool >

Let's dive into the word count expansion strategies I use today when I write various texts.

How NOT to increase word count

Adding fluff words.

Adding meaningless words only confuses the core arguments and distracts the evaluator. Whatever merit your actual content may have had will be obscured by a mountain of meaningless words.

The sentence in my essay read,

"Violent acts by adults are often caused by childhood exposure to violence.".  

If I try to forcedly add fluff words to expand the text, my sentence would sound stretched:

“Violent acts are often associated with the fact that adults who commit violent acts - acts that are seen as savage, harsh, rough, physically abusive, or otherwise unacceptable in society - have been exposed to similar harsh or extreme violence during their childhoods or when they were young”.

Voice and tone

Although passive voice makes a sentence longer, I have found that my writing is much sharper when I use active voice. Also, do not confuse the need to use a formal or academic tone with passive voice.

Quoting without context

This one is like digging yourself into a hole. I quoted so many out-of-context references that I found my essay running on all sorts of tangents. After spending hours trying to connect the dots between the tangents, I ended up having to rewrite the entire piece because I was unable to justify the distracting content. 

Mindless paraphrasing

You hear it from your professor, and spew it back at her. Mindlessly repeating content in different sections of an essay - as if your teacher wouldn't notice, won't really help you ace your courses.

Even more mistakes

After asking some of my classmates, I found out that some of them had resorted to even worse hacks that eventually got them in trouble:

  • Using filler words - In order to fill more pages, some diverge from the specified format and increase fonts, margins, and spacing. You will lose credibility if you do this, and you will also lose points if you deviate from the writing style specified.
  • Plagiarism - Plagiarizing large chunks from others' essays or research papers was not only seen as lazy, but it was a fast way from a not-so-great grade to a failed grade.
  • Other sneaky tricks - These included whitening out gibberish text and increasing the size of periods. Teachers have seen it all and know every trick in the book.

The right way to increase word count

Eventually, my word count increased in a way that makes each word actually count (pardon the pun), and it turns out there are some pretty cool tricks to do that.

With the right tools and techniques, you spend less time on the heavy lifting, more time on the actual writing, and at the end of the day, you have a much more comprehensive essay that is a delight to read. 

1. Use an AI writing tool

Skip the manual paraphrasing and use a smart AI writing tool. For example, I added almost 50 words to a 125-word paragraph using Wordtune’s text expand feature .

add words to my essay ai

How to add more sentences to a paragraph

One method to expand your word count is to find short paragraphs and adding more sentences that clarify what they mean. This task used to be pretty frustrating, but with the use of AI it's made simple. Start by going over the essay, and notice if there's a paragraph that stands out in terms of being lean and overly simplified. Paste that paragraph into the Wordtune editor, and click the 'Plus' icon.

add words to my essay ai

You'll be able to expand the article in any number of ways, including adding a statistical fact, a joke, example, analogy, or a simple continuation of your idea. Then, simply scroll through the different suggestions that AI produces, and find the best one.

2. Take advantage of outlines

It may seem counter-intuitive, but completing your outline can help you meet your word count goal.

Say you need to turn a 200-word article into a 1,500-word essay. Make an outline of the article before trying to tackle this seemingly impossible task of writing the whole piece.This will give you a clearer picture of how your entire thesis works and how to logically support it.

As an example, suppose we're writing an essay on why kids shouldn't play phone games.

To begin, you need to summarize your message in a few sentences. For example:

‍ “Kids have susceptible brains, and games can change the whole chemistry of their brains in a bad way, causing them to go off on tantrums and screaming fits. Moreover, these games form addictive habits that will persist when the kids become older. By continuing to play phone games, the kids fail to develop emotionally, and may become unsocial introverted people. Moreover, there are signs that games make kids more violent and emotionally unstable. Since phones are always at reach, kids can continuously play throughout the day, not stopping even when eating lunch or when attending a school class.”

Before expanding it, write an outline to get a sense of its structure and flow. As a result, you can easily determine how much text is needed for each section, which ones require expanded text, and which ones can be kept brief.  This clarity not only helps me reduce anxiety, but also gives me a clear plan of action to finish this essay!

For example, for the paragraph on video games, my outline would look something like this:

Introduction (include statistics and research to argue that video games are harmful for kids) and state the thesis (250 words) Negative effects of video games on children: first build larger categories and then substantiate with smaller points, evidence and data within each point: - Effects on emotional development (200 words) - Effects on physical development (200 words) - Effects on social development (200 words) - Effects on intellectual development (200 words) Give counter-views Cite research that talks about potential positive effects of video games, if used the proper way and under supervision (250 words) Give solutions State why parents find it so hard to keep kids away from video games, especially mobile video games, and offer concrete solutions to set better boundaries with kids for video game usage (250 words) Conclusion Offer a strong conclusion that brings all of the essay together in a summary (250 words)

Note that I’ve planned to write a few hundred more words than the prescribed word limit, so I have scope to edit and tighten later on. 

3. Expand your text with intros and conclusions

I use this method all the time to get unstuck and write longer articles without worrying about word counts.

Let's say you finish expanding your outline, and the article is still short a few hundred words.

Two places you should consider expanding are the introduction and conclusion.

How does this work?

  • In the introduction and conclusion, you can add free-flowing stories, ideas and paragraphs, without having to validate each sentence with technical reference, sources and quotes.
  • You can use anecdotes, personal experiences, news articles, and research findings to introduce your topic, or to close it.
  • You can also go into detail about why you were motivated to explore the topic in more depth and why it has helped you to develop your argument. We wrote about essay hooks in more detail here, so be sure to check it out.
  • Remind readers why this entire argument matters at the human level in the conclusion. This is done by repeating the topic, the core of your argument, and why you have justified your thesis. 

Add these elements to your introduction and conclusion, and you will quickly reach your essay quota.

Here's an example from the Wordtune blog of an anecdote placed as part of the intro:

add words to my essay ai

4. Use examples to illustrate your point

It is always helpful to provide examples to illustrate complex academic or technical points. As well as adding color and descriptiveness to your own words, examples help your arguments come to life in a way that academic writing cannot. Having read several essays about the same topic, your evaluator will probably find it enjoyable to read something more creative and genuine. 

Examples also help readers visualize your narrative. The situations can be real or imagined, but they must be authentic, relatable, and most importantly, relevant to your topic. Providing examples from your real-life experience will demonstrate to the teacher that you understand your topic.

I started this article by describing my experience as a freshman. The challenges I faced as a student are similar to those you are currently facing, so sharing my journey will help you learn from my mistakes.

5. Invest in serious research 

Research is the most effective way to increase a paper's word count. 

The more research you conduct, the more ideas, perspectives, and information you have to base your arguments on. 

Research takes time and effort, which you may or may not have. 

Here's where my smart tools come into play.

No matter how long a paper is, Wordtune Read will give you all the key highlights.

The following is a composite screenshot of how Wordtune Read summarized the effects of video games on children from a long and complex article. The key highlights on the right help you distill the core messages of the research in minutes, condensing hours of reading into minutes.

add words to my essay ai

In just a few steps, you can add at least two supporting arguments or stats for each point you have in your outline. And just like that, you have several hundred very relevant words, added almost effortlessly to your essay.

6. Ask 'Why' questions

At this stage, the research has already provided you with some solid perspectives, but there's nothing like adding some original perspectives to the existing body of research. Asking ‘why’ questions is an effective way to do this. In addition to strengthening your arguments, it will also enhance your essay with relevant and original content.

Think back to the example of the negative effects of video games on children. Let's say one of the arguments you have is "phone games cause emotional issues". Use a series of 'why' questions to dig deeper into the text. 

Ask questions like: "why is that true?", "Why is it important?", etc. For each answer, ask another why question and develop some original angles based on the insights that may emerge. 

While it beats manual paraphrasing in terms of speed, I felt it also improved the overall quality of the writing.

7. Address the counter view

It's a foolproof way to score brownie points with tutors and also add some value - and word count - to your essay. 

Counter views or counterpoints are positions diametrically opposed to your own.

I argue, for example, that video games negatively affect children in the essay about video games. There is always some literature available (and there is always some literature available) on the counter-side of why and under what circumstances video games can actually have a positive impact on children. I am able to write a pretty solid section on that topic. 

By balancing the pros and cons of both arguments, I will also be able to bridge the two points of view.

Just like that, you've added about 200 words to your essay!

8. Use quotes and references

While the bibliography section doesn’t usually count towards the overall essay word count, there are some easy tricks you can use to maximize the references. Once you are done with the essay, run through your list of citations and find interesting quotes that you may have missed, which you can now incorporate.

add words to my essay ai

9. Get feedback from a friend

If you're like me, working on the same essay for a long time with complete immersion means you develop blind spots to obvious misses and flaws in your text. This could be especially problematic for non-native English speakers .

Ask a trusted friend or peer to look over your essay again. Share your essay on Gdoc with your friends and find out if they spot something that seems missing, out of place, or that stands out like a sore thumb.

Also, ask them to question your assumptions in the essay - this may give you new angles and perspectives to explore, thus expanding the word count even further.

Your friends will help you find the problematic paragraphs in your writing and make them more concise and effective .

10. Add text while editing

Once you have finished writing your essay, you can use the review stage to edit and add text to your essay.

This is another great opportunity to use your AI writing tool, and get suggestions for ways to make your sentences more fluent . You can also replace superfluous words with stronger vocabulary, and pick alternative ways to word sentences that contain repetitive words.

Try and spot long, convoluted sentences and break them up to smaller sentences.

add words to my essay ai

Keep it long and interesting

Essays that meet the prescribed criteria, including word count, indicate to your teachers that you not only possess subject matter knowledge, but also writing, grammar, logic, research, and communication skills.

You can find interesting angles even in the most mundane sounding topics if you challenge yourself to do the work and not worry too much about the word count. With the 11 smart hacks - including use of the smart writing tools - essay writing and meeting the specified word count becomes much easier! 

Learning how to expand a text in an interesting way - and not just by adding fluff - makes you a better writer regardless of the format - essays, reports, statements of purpose - even books! 

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AI Essay Extender for Meeting Word Counts

June 10, 2023

The Essay Extender Tool: How AI Can Help You Meet Your Word Count

Have you ever found yourself struggling to meet the word count for an essay or assignment? With deadlines approaching and limited time to spare, it can be challenging to come up with enough content to fill the required number of pages. However, with advancements in technology, there is now a solution to this problem - the Essay Extender Tool.

What is the Essay Extender Tool?

The Essay Extender Tool is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered software that helps students meet their required word count for essays and assignments. The tool is designed to generate new content based on the existing text, thereby extending the length of the document without compromising on the quality or coherence of the writing.

How AI Can Help You Meet Your Word Count

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized many industries, and the field of education is no exception. With the help of AI, students can now save time and effort by using the Essay Extender Tool to add more content to their essays. This tool uses sophisticated algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze the existing text and generate new engaging content that is relevant and meaningful.

Benefits of Using the Essay Extender Tool

Using the Essay Extender Tool can offer many benefits to students who struggle with meeting the word count for their assignments. Here are some of the advantages of using this tool:

Save Time and Effort

By using the Essay Extender Tool, students can save a significant amount of time and effort in writing their essays. Instead of spending hours coming up with new content, they can simply upload their existing text and let the tool do the work for them. This frees up more time for other important tasks, such as researching and revising their work.

Improve Your Grades

Meeting the word count requirement is often an essential aspect of scoring well on an assignment. By using the Essay Extender Tool, students can ensure that they meet this requirement and improve their grades. The tool generates new content that is relevant and meaningful, which can enhance the overall quality of the essay and impress the professor.

Meet Deadline Requirements

Deadlines are often strict and unforgiving, and failing to meet them can result in a lower grade or even a failed assignment. Using the Essay Extender Tool can help students meet their deadline requirements by generating new content quickly and efficiently. This eliminates the need to spend hours writing and editing, allowing students to submit their assignments on time and without stress.

How to Use the Essay Extender Tool

The Essay Extender Tool is easy to use and requires no special technical skills. Here's how you can use it:

Uploading Your Essay

The first step is to upload your existing essay or assignment to the tool. You can do this by copying and pasting the text into the designated area or by uploading a file in a compatible format.

Choosing the Right Options

Once your essay is uploaded, you can choose from a variety of options to customize your extension. These options include the length of the extension, the level of formality, and the type of content you want to add.

Receiving the Extended Essay

After selecting your options, the tool will generate a new version of your essay that includes the required number of words. You can then download this version and use it for your assignment.

Understanding How the Essay Extender Tool Works

While the Essay Extender Tool may seem like magic, it is based on sophisticated technology that uses AI and machine learning algorithms to generate new content. Here's how it works:

AI Technology Explanation

The Essay Extender Tool uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to analyze the existing text and generate new content. NLP helps the tool understand the meaning and context of the text, while ML allows it to learn from the data and improve its performance over time.

How the Tool Generates New Content

The Essay Extender Tool generates new content by breaking down the existing text into smaller units, such as sentences or paragraphs. It then uses its understanding of the context and meaning to create new sentences or paragraphs that are relevant and coherent with the original text. This new content is then seamlessly integrated into the essay, extending its length without compromising on quality or readability.

Ensuring Plagiarism-Free Work

One of the concerns students may have about using an essay extender tool is plagiarism. However, the Essay Extender Tool is designed to generate unique content that does not replicate the original text. By using advanced algorithms and AI technology, the tool ensures that the newly generated content is original and plagiarism-free, allowing students to submit their work with confidence.

Tips for Using the Essay Extender Tool Effectively

While the Essay Extender Tool can be incredibly helpful, there are some tips to keep in mind when using it to ensure the best results:

Setting Realistic Goals

It's essential to set realistic goals when using the Essay Extender Tool. While the tool can significantly extend the length of your essay, it cannot work miracles. For example, if you need to double the length of your essay, it's unlikely that the tool will be able to generate enough meaningful content to achieve this goal. Instead, use the tool to help you fill gaps in your essay and meet your word count requirements within reason

Proofreading and Editing Your Extended Essay

While the Essay Extender Tool generates coherent and relevant content, it is still crucial to proofread and edit your extended essay. This ensures that the new content is well-integrated into the original text and that the overall quality of your essay remains high. By proofreading and editing, you can catch any inconsistencies or errors introduced by the tool and ensure that your assignment meets your professor's expectations.

Using It as a Supplement to Your Writing Process

The Essay Extender Tool should not be seen as a replacement for your writing process but rather as a supplement toit. While the tool can help you meet your word count requirements and save time, it should not be used as a shortcut to avoid writing altogether. Instead, use the tool to enhance your existing work and fill in gaps where necessary. By doing this, you can maintain the integrity of your essay while still benefiting from the assistance provided by the tool.

Potential Drawbacks of Using the Essay Extender Tool

As with any technology, there are potential drawbacks to using the Essay Extender Tool. It's important to consider these factors before relying on the tool for your assignments:

Dependence on Technology

Overreliance on technology can lead to a decrease in your critical thinking and content writing skills . By using the Essay Extender Tool too often, you may become dependent on it and struggle to write without its assistance. To avoid this, use the tool sparingly and focus on developing your writing skills through practice and self-improvement.

Compromising Originality

While the Essay ExtenderTool generates unique content, there is still a risk that it may compromise the originality of your essay. Relying too heavily on the tool could result in an essay that lacks your personal voice and perspective. To avoid this, use the tool to supplement your existing work and ensure that your original ideas and arguments remain the focus of your essay.

Risks of Plagiarism

Although the Essay Extender Tool is designed to generate plagiarism-free content, there is always a risk that some of the newly generated content may inadvertently match existing sources. To minimize this risk, it is essential to carefully proofread and edit your extended essay and use plagiarism detection software to ensure that your work is entirely original.

The Essay Extender Tool can be an invaluable resource for students who struggle to meet their word count requirements for essays and assignments. By using AI technology to generate new content based on the existing text, the tool can save time, improve grades, and help meet deadlines. However, it is important to use the tool responsibly and as a supplement to your writing process rather than a replacement for it.

By keeping the potential drawbacks in mind and following the tips for using the Essay Extender Tool effectively, you can ensure that you get the most out of this innovative technology while maintaining the integrity and originality of your work. With the help of AI, meeting your word count has never been easier - give the LongShot's Content Extender Tool a try and see how it can transform your writing experience.

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Bypass is Premium Feature

Evade AI detection and create unique content with the Bypass AI operator.

Make my text sounds...


Enter your command below

Factual is a Premium Feature

Rewrite sentence with the Expand operator.

Shorten is a Premium Feature

Make any sentence shorter with the Shorten operator.

Formal tone is a premium feature

Paraphrases text in a more sophisticated and professional way with Formal tone operator.

Simplify Tone is a Premium Feature

This tone would focus on paraphrasing and making the text easier to understand for a general audience

Creative tone is a premium feature

Paraphrases text with the most inventiveness and expression with Creative tone operator.

Limit is 900 characters for free accounts. To get 40K characters limit subscripe to scale

Suggested: -


add words to my essay ai

  • Click inside the editor to activate it.
  • Press CTRL+A twice to select all content.
  • Press CTRL+C to copy the selected text to the clipboard.

The most sophisticated AI Article rewriter in the industry.

AISEO's Article rewriter simply helps you with rewording content while preserving the meaning of the content. It does this at a blazing speed, using advanced custom paraphrasing engines..

add words to my essay ai

AISEO Sentence Expander

Rapid transformation: instant sentence and paragraph expansion.

Ever felt the sting of staring at a cursor, desperately wishing your content had more substance? Wondered if there was a way to effortlessly expand your sentences and paragraphs? You're not alone. Studies reveal that 68% of writers struggle with articulating ideas concisely.

In a world where brevity often battles brilliance, our tool stands as a remedy. Picture this: with a swift click, your concise expressions metamorphose into expansive narratives, all in an instant. No more grappling with the dilemma of too little content.

Embrace rapid transformation because, in a world clamoring for attention, your message deserves to be heard, unhindered by word count. The AISEO Sentence Expander works in such a way that it ensures your ideas reach their full potential, making verbosity a thing of the past.

Paraphrasing modes

How to expand sentences and paragraphs using aiseo paragraph expander.

Expanding the sentences and paragraphs with AISEO's Paragraph Extender is a straightforward process designed for efficiency.

  • Paste Your Text: Begin by copying and pasting your text into the left text box.
  • Set Your Content Goals: Choose from Length, Style, Tone, Depth, and Purpose to tailor the expansion to your specific needs.
  • Click 'Paraphrase': Hit the 'Paraphrase' button, and watch AISEO's magic unfold.
  • View Expanded Content: Within seconds, your expanded social media posts appears on the right text box.
  • Edit and Refine: Review and fine-tune the expanded text as needed. The tool respects your creative control.
  • Copy or Use: Once satisfied, copy the expanded text or directly use it for your intended purpose.

With AISEO's Paragraph Extender, experience a seamless transformation of your ideas, effortlessly enhancing length, style, tone, depth, and purpose, all in a few simple clicks.

Why should I consider expanding my sentences and paragraphs?

Expanding the sentences and paragraphs holds the key to elevating your content's impact and engagement. By embracing expansion, you unlock the potential to:

  • Enhance Clarity: Elaborate on ideas to ensure your message is crystal clear.
  • Captivate Readers: Enrich your narrative, captivating your audience with more immersive storytelling.
  • SEO Optimization: Increase the depth of your content for better search engine visibility.
  • Tailor to Style: Adapt your writing style to various genres, making your content versatile.
  • Express Depth: Dive into nuanced topics, providing readers with a more profound understanding.
  • Meet Length Requirements: Perfect for meeting specific length criteria without sacrificing quality.

In a world where attention spans are fleeting, expanding the sentences and paragraphs with precision is the key to creating content that resonates, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Struggling with essay length and impact? Introducing AISEO Essay Expander ! Unleash the power to effortlessly expand sentences, captivating your audience while meeting length requirements. Your ideas, optimized for maximum impact. Elevate your essays with AISEO – try it now and witness your content transform seamlessly!

What is the primary goal of sentence expansion in AISEO?

The primary goal of sentence expansion in AISEO is to enrich and amplify your content while retaining its core meaning. By utilizing the Sentence Expansion feature, AISEO aims to:

  • Enhance Expressiveness: Add depth and nuance to your writing skills, making it more expressive and engaging.
  • Maintain Clarity: Expand sentences without compromising the original message, ensuring clarity is preserved.
  • Adapt to Goals: Tailor your sentences to specific content goals such as length, style, tone, depth, and purpose.
  • Optimize Impact: Create blog post with a heightened impact, whether for storytelling, academic writing, research papers or marketing.
  • Save Time: Expedite the content creation process by effortlessly generating expanded phrases with a click.

In essence, AISEO's Sentence Expansion feature is designed to empower you with a tool that not only increases the length but enhances the overall quality and impact of your written expression.

How does AISEO ensure the expanded text retains its original meaning?

AISEO ensures the retention of the real meaning during content expansion through advanced AI technology such as natural language processing and machine learning algorithms. The system analyzes the context, semantics, and structure of the input text meticulously. The key mechanisms include:

  • Semantic Understanding: AISEO comprehends the underlying meaning of sentences, considering synonyms, context, and word count relationships.
  • Context Preservation: The tool preserves the contextual nuances, ensuring expanded text aligns with the intended message.
  • Smart Paraphrasing: AISEO employs intelligent paraphrasing techniques, avoiding distortion while enriching the content.
  • User Control: The tool allows users to set content goals, giving them the flexibility to guide the expansion process according to their preferences.
  • Constant Learning: AISEO's algorithms continuously evolve through learning patterns, adapting to user interactions and feedback.

By combining these elements, the AISEO Paragraph Expander tool guarantees that the expanded text not only meets specified goals but also upholds the authenticity and essence of the original input and complex ideas.

AISEO Paragraph Expander

Craft lengthier narratives with a single click.

Ever wished your stories could breathe and evolve with ease, avoiding the constraints of brevity? Have you felt the frustration of a powerful idea confined within a limited space? It's time to break free. Did you know, 63% of writers express their struggle with conveying a comprehensive narrative within tight word count limits?

Enter a game-changer – "AISEO Expand Sentence, Paragraph Expander Tool." In a writing landscape where impact is often curtailed by character counts, this tool acts as your liberator. With a simple click, witness your stories unfold, embracing the expansiveness they deserve. The struggle is genuine – 72% of content creators find it challenging to convey depth and detail succinctly.

Let your narratives breathe and flourish effortlessly. AISEO's solution ensures your storytelling transcends limitations, allowing your audience to immerse themselves in the richness of your tales, all achieved with just a single click.

add words to my essay ai

Inline rewriting tools

Can i control the length of the expansion based on my needs.

Absolutely. With AISEO's Text Expander, you have complete control over the length of the expansion, tailored to your specific needs. The tool provides a user-friendly interface where you can set your desired content goals, including length, with precision. Whether you want a subtle extension or a more substantial expansion, AISEO caters to your preferences.

Simply select the 'Length' option among the content goals, and you can effortlessly dictate how much you want your sentences and paragraphs to be expanded sentence. This feature is particularly handy when you have specific word count requirements for your writing projects.

AISEO ensures that your content aligns with your length preferences while maintaining coherence and meaning, allowing you to achieve the perfect balance between brevity and expansiveness.

Is sentence expansion suitable for all types of writing styles?

Certainly. Sentence expansion with AISEO is designed to be versatile and accommodating of various writing styles. Whether you're crafting creative narratives, academic papers, marketing content, or technical documents, AISEO adapts seamlessly. The tool's capabilities extend to:

  • Creative Writing: Elevate storytelling by adding depth and richness to your prose.
  • Academic Writing: Meet length requirements without compromising the scholarly tone.
  • Marketing Content: Create compelling and detailed marketing messages to engage your audience.
  • Technical Documents: Enhance the clarity of technical information for a broader audience.
  • Informal Styles: Suiting casual or conversational writing without losing authenticity.

AISEO's Sentence Expansion feature is crafted to harmonize with diverse writing styles, ensuring that it complements your unique voice and intent across a spectrum of content genres.

Struggling to convey your message succinctly? Enter AISEO Sentence Shortener – the solution to wordy woes! Tired of verbose sentences? Trim the excess effortlessly, captivate your audience, and amplify impact. Ready to simplify and elevate? Try AISEO now – where clarity meets conciseness!

What are the key factors to consider when choosing the 'Style' option?

When selecting the 'Style' option in AISEO, consider these key factors to tailor the expansion according to your preferences:

  • Tone Harmony: Choose a style that aligns with the desired tone for your content – be it formal, casual, or somewhere in between.
  • Genre Suitability: Consider the genre of your writing and select a style that complements it, ensuring coherence and appropriateness.
  • Audience Connection: Evaluate the expectations and preferences of your target audience to enhance the connection through a fitting writing style.
  • Intent Alignment: Ensure the selected style aligns with the purpose or intent of your content, whether informative, persuasive, or narrative.
  • Brand Consistency: For marketing or branding purposes, opt for a style consistent with your brand voice to maintain a cohesive online presence.

By thoughtfully considering these factors, you can use the 'Style' option to customize the expansion, creating content that resonates effectively with your specific audience and goals.

How does AISEO maintain the tone of my original content during expansion?

AISEO Powerful Sentence Expander tool employs advanced algorithms to ensure the seamless preservation of the tone in your original content during the writing process. The tool analyzes the nuances of your writing, including word choice, original sentence structure, and contextual cues, to comprehend the unique tone you've set. Through this meticulous understanding, AISEO intelligently adapts its expansion techniques, allowing your content to evolve while maintaining its distinctive voice.

User control is paramount. By offering the 'Tone' option among the content goals, AISEO empowers you to guide the tool's expansion in alignment with your intended tone. Whether formal, conversational, or technical, the tool respects your stylistic choices, ensuring that the expanded text retains the authentic tone of your original writing.

This commitment to tone preservation enables you to present expanded text that seamlessly integrates with your established voice and resonates effectively with your audience.

add words to my essay ai

Fine-Tune Tone: Seamless Expansion, Unchanged Essence

Ever felt the struggle of maintaining the right tone in your writing, especially when expanding original sentence and paragraphs? Picture this: 58% of writers confess to grappling with tone consistency during content development. The challenge is real – how do you seamlessly expand while preserving the essence?

Introducing AISEO Expand Sentence, Text Expander. Navigating the delicate balance between expansion and maintaining your unique voice can be daunting. Our AI powered tool ensures a harmonious blend – preserving your intended tone while allowing your content to flourish.

As a writer, the frustration of losing your distinctive voice can be disheartening. AISEO addresses this pain point, offering a solution that not only expands your writing but does so with finesse, ensuring your tone remains as authentic as your initial words. Your voice matters; let it resonate, expanded yet unaltered.

Supported languages

How quickly does aiseo generate the expanded text.

AISEO is designed for efficiency, providing rapid results when generating in depth content. The tool's advanced algorithms enable swift processing, delivering your expanded phrases and paragraphs within seconds. This quick turnaround time ensures that you can seamlessly integrate the expanded engaging content into your writing projects without causing unnecessary delays.

Whether you're working on tight deadlines or simply looking to expedite your content creation process, AISEO's speed is a valuable asset. The tool's ability to provide near-instant results not only enhances productivity but also allows you to focus more on refining and fine-tuning the expanded high quality content to meet your specific needs. Experience the convenience of accelerated content expansion with AISEO, streamlining your writing workflow without compromising quality.

How does a sentence expander differ from traditional paraphrasing tools?

A sentence expander distinguishes itself from traditional paraphrasing tools through its nuanced approach to content transformation. While traditional paraphrasers often focus on replacing more words to convey the same meaning, a sentence expander goes beyond. It doesn't merely swap terms but intelligently enriches sentences, adding context, and nuance.

Sentence expanders, like AISEO, employ advanced algorithms to understand the essence of your input and expand it in a way that preserves the original message while offering a more comprehensive expression. This goes beyond the limitations of conventional paraphrasing, allowing for a creative evolution of ideas.

A valid sentence expander is not just about rewriting – it's about transforming your content into a more robust and engaging form, making it a powerful tool for writers seeking more than simple word substitution.

Can I use a paragraph expander to improve the flow of my content?

Absolutely. A paragraph expander, such as the one offered by AISEO, is an excellent tool for enhancing the flow of your content. By expanding the sentences and paragraphs cohesively, the tool introduces a natural and seamless progression between ideas. This aids in eliminating abrupt transitions and allows for a smoother, more engaging reading experience.

Whether you're working on an essay, article, or any other form of content, the paragraph expander ensures that your thoughts are conveyed in a well-structured and fluid manner. The expansion process takes into account the contextual relationships between sentences and sentence structure, contributing to improved coherence and readability.

By utilizing a paragraph expander, you can elevate the overall flow of your content, making it more compelling and accessible to your audience.

In what ways can a sentence expander enhance my writing style?

A sentence expander, like AISEO, serves as a valuable tool to elevate your style of writing in several ways. It enriches your content by:

  • Adding Depth: Introducing nuanced expressions and additional details, enhancing the complexity of your writing tasks.
  • Improving Clarity: Clarifying and expanding on ideas, ensuring your message is communicated with precision.
  • Enhancing Tone: Adapting the expansion to match your preferred tone, whether it's formal, casual, or somewhere in between.
  • Enabling Creativity: Facilitating creative expression by introducing varied sentence structures and stylistic elements.
  • Ensuring Consistency: Maintaining consistency with your established style of writing throughout the expanded plagiarism free content.

By seamlessly integrating these elements, a sentence expander tool becomes a versatile companion, allowing you to refine and enrich your style of writing effortlessly. It ensures that your voice remains distinct while offering a heightened and more expressive form of communication.

Purposeful Paraphrasing: Maintain Original Meaning, Multiply Impact

Ever faced the challenge of conveying a message differently while preserving its essence? Consider this: 61% of writers express frustration over the struggle to maintain the real meaning when paraphrasing. How often have you felt your words losing impact as you attempt to rephrase for a broader audience?

Enter AISEO Expand Sentence, Paragraph Expander. Crafting content that resonates with diverse readers is a universal pursuit, yet the fear of diluting the core message persists. AISEO understands this struggle intimately.

Our tool isn't just about expansion; it's a purposeful journey of maintaining the heart of your message while reaching a broader audience. As you seek to multiply your impact, let AISEO AI Powered Sentence Expander be your guide, ensuring every paraphrased word retains the power of the original, amplifying your reach without compromising your intent.

add words to my essay ai

Is the output of a paragraph expander suitable for SEO optimization?

Yes, the output of a paragraph expander, such as the one provided by AISEO, is suitable for SEO optimization. By expanding sentences and paragraphs with relevance and coherence, the AI writing tools enhances the depth of your content, making it more appealing to search engines.

The expanded awkward phrasing content maintains a natural flow, incorporating keywords seamlessly to improve search engine visibility.

AISEO's paragraph expansion feature ensures that the expanded text aligns with the original context, making it a valuable asset for maintaining keyword density and overall SEO strategy.

As search engines prioritize comprehensive and well-structured content, utilizing a paragraph expander becomes an effective way to enhance your content's SEO potential, contributing to improved rankings and visibility in search results.

What content goals can be achieved with a sentence expander tool?

A sentence expander tool like AISEO is a versatile online tool that allows you to achieve various content goals efficiently. With this tool, you can:

  • Enhance Length: Quickly and effortlessly increase the length of your basic sentences while maintaining coherence.
  • Refine Style: Adapt your style of writing to be more elaborate, creative, or formal, depending on your goals.
  • Adjust Tone: Fine-tune the tone of your content, ensuring it aligns with the desired emotional or stylistic impact.
  • Deepen Depth: Add depth and detail and make your sentences longer, providing a more comprehensive exploration of ideas.
  • Meet Purpose: Tailor your sentences to serve specific purposes, whether informative, persuasive, or narrative.

By offering a spectrum of content goals, sentence expanders become a valuable asset for writers looking to customize their content according to different contexts, genres, and writing intents.

Can I customize the level of expansion for my paragraphs?

Absolutely. AISEO provides you with the flexibility to customize the level of expansion for your paragraphs according to your specific needs. The tool allows you to control the extent to which your sentences and paragraphs are expanded, ensuring that the final output aligns precisely with your preferences.

Whether you prefer a subtle expansion for a nuanced touch or a more substantial transformation for comprehensive elaboration, AISEO caters to your customization needs. By offering this level of control, the tool empowers you to fine-tune your content based on the requirements of your writing projects.

Achieve the perfect balance between brevity and expansiveness, all within the parameters you set, ensuring that the expanded paragraphs seamlessly integrate into your overall style of writing and intent.

Feeling overwhelmed by lengthy paragraphs? Enter AISEO Paragraph Rewriter – the game-changer for your content! Frustrated with tangled ideas? Streamline your paragraphs, maintain coherence, and captivate your readers. Ready to transform your writing effortlessly? Try AISEO now – where clarity meets sophistication!

How does a paragraph expander handle technical or specialized content?

A paragraph expander, particularly exemplified by AISEO, adeptly handles technical or specialized content with precision. It understands the nuances and intricacies of technical language, ensuring that the expanded paragraphs maintain accuracy and clarity.

The tool intelligently expands comprehensive sentences in a way that enhances the comprehensibility of technical content without compromising the precision of the information.

By incorporating advanced natural language processing, AISEO adapts to the specific terminology and structures commonly found in technical writing. This ensures that the expanded paragraphs not only meet the length or style goals but also align seamlessly with the specialized nature of the content.

Whether you are working on scientific documents, manuals, or technical reports, the paragraph expander becomes a valuable companion, enhancing your content's readability and accessibility without sacrificing technical accuracy.

add words to my essay ai

Creative Enhancement: Your Ideas, Expanded and Optimized

Ever found your brilliant ideas stifled by the limitations of expression? Consider this: 67% of writers feel restricted when trying to creatively enhance their content. How often have you wished to give your thoughts the wings they deserve?

Introducing AISEO Expand Sentence, Paragraph Expander. The struggle to infuse creativity into your writing while maintaining clarity is a common challenge. AISEO recognizes the pain points.

Our tool serves as the key to unlocking the full potential of your ideas. It goes beyond mere expansion – it optimizes the creative essence, ensuring your unique concepts flourish. Don't let your creativity be bound by required word count constraints. With AISEO, watch your ideas take flight, expanded and optimized for impact, giving your writing the creative edge it deserves and helping you overcome writer's block.

Is it possible to use a sentence expander for creative writing projects?

Absolutely. A sentence expander, such as the one offered by AISEO, is an excellent tool for creative writing projects. It can elevate your creative expressions by adding richness to your sentences, providing a more immersive and engaging narrative.

Whether you're working on fiction, poetry, or any form of creative content, the sentence expander becomes a valuable ally in expanding ideas without losing the essence or style.

AISEO's intelligent algorithms understand the nuances of creative language, ensuring that the expanded sentences maintain the original artistic flair. By using a sentence expander for creative writing, you can effortlessly enhance the descriptive elements, enrich character interactions, and create a more vivid and captivating storytelling experience.

It becomes a versatile tool for writers looking to infuse creativity into their work while maintaining control over the expansion process.

Can a sentence expander be applied to dialogue in fiction writing?

Certainly. A sentence expander, exemplified by AISEO, is a valuable asset for enhancing dialogue in fiction writing. It allows you to enrich and elaborate on characters' conversations, adding depth and nuance without losing the authenticity of their voices.

By applying a sentence expander tool to dialogue, you can create more expressive and immersive interactions, providing readers with a deeper understanding of characters' emotions, motivations, and relationships.

AISEO's algorithms are attuned to the nuances of language, ensuring that the expanded dialogue maintains the unique tone and style of each character. Whether you're aiming for more elaborate expressions, nuanced emotions, or simply seeking to bring your characters to life, an AI sentence expander becomes an effective tool in elevating the impact of dialogue within your fiction writing.

What kind of writing purposes benefit most from an AI sentence expander?

An AI sentence expander, like the one provided by AISEO, proves beneficial across various writing purposes:

  • Creative Writing: Elevate storytelling with more expressive and immersive narratives.
  • Academic Writing: Meet length requirements without compromising scholarly precision.
  • Marketing Content: Create detailed and persuasive messages to engage your audience.
  • Technical Documents: Enhance the clarity of complex information for broader understanding.
  • SEO Optimization: Increase content depth for improved search engine visibility.
  • Formal Correspondence: Craft refined and detailed communications.
  • Casual Writing: Add flair to conversational pieces without sacrificing authenticity.

In essence, an AI sentence expander is a versatile tool that caters to diverse writing needs, providing a customizable approach to content enhancement across different genres and communication styles.

How does AISEO adapt to different writing purposes, such as marketing or academic writing?

AISEO excels in adapting to distinct writing purposes, seamlessly catering to the nuances of both marketing and academic writing. 

  • Tailored Marketing Messages: AISEO intelligently expand text and sentences for persuasive and impactful marketing content using Artificial Intelligence. It refines language to engage the audience effectively.
  • Scholarly Precision in Academic Writing: AISEO maintains academic integrity while meeting length requirements seamlessly. It enriches complex sentences to provide a comprehensive exploration of academic ideas.
  • Advanced Natural Language Processing: Incorporating sophisticated algorithms, AISEO understands the nuances of different writing purposes. It ensures a contextual understanding, adapting the expansion process accordingly.
  • Versatility Across Genres: Whether crafting persuasive marketing copy or engaging in detailed academic discourse, AISEO is the go-to tool. It offers a tailored approach, making it adaptable for diverse styles of writing and communication needs.

In summary, AISEO's adaptive capabilities make it an indispensable tool for writers, providing a customizable solution for varied writing purposes.

Struggling to articulate your thoughts effectively? Introducing AISEO Sentence Rewriter – the remedy for complex expressions! Frustrated with convoluted sentences? Streamline your ideas, maintain precision, and captivate your readers effortlessly. Ready to elevate your writing game? Try AISEO now – where simplicity meets sophistication!

add words to my essay ai

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Paragraph Expander helps you expand paragraph into well-structured, engaging content while maintaining the authenticity of the original content.

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Popular Writing Apps

This Free AI-Powered Acronym Generator creates unique abbreviations for any word or phrase, enhancing communication and clarity

This Free Active to Passive Voice Converter effortlessly transforms text, improving clarity and enhancing writing structure

This Free AI Answer Generator effortlessly generates answers to any question, providing valuable insights and solutions

LogicBall's Best AI Essay Writer creates high-quality, well-structured, and accurate essays in minutes, providing valuable content and saving time for users

Discover our Free AI Letter Generator for personalized formal or informal letters. Effortlessly craft messages and enhance communication

This Project Plan Generator creates detailed plans, providing you with structured frameworks for your projects efficiently

This Free AI Content & Copy Generator crafts high-quality & unique content and marketing copy, enhancing brand communication effortlessly

This Free AI Amazon Ad Headline Generator instantly creates compelling headlines, maximizing ad impact and driving sales

This AI Amazon Product Bullet Points Generator effortlessly creates compelling bullet points, enhancing product visibility and sales potential.

Paragraph Expander

Paragraph Expander - Instantly expand your paragraphs in seconds with the AI Content Expander. Use our free paragraph expander to transform your paragraph or sentence into a high-quality, fully developed paragraph.

What is a Paragraph Expander?

A Paragraph Expander is an online tool used to transform the existing piece of content into a fully developed paragraph by increasing the length and depth of it. It is primarily employed to meet word count requirements, improve the clarity and coherence of a piece of writing, or provide additional details and context to the text. Paragraph expansion is not just about adding more words; it's about enhancing the quality of the content while maintaining the original meaning and style.

How Paragraph Expander Works

Our Paragraph Expander is a user-friendly tool designed to quickly and efficiently expand paragraph into a more comprehensive and well-structured paragraph. Here's a step-by-step guide on how our expand paragraph generator works:

Step 1. Input Your Text:

In the provided text input area, paste the sentence or short text that you want to expand to a paragraph.

Step 2. Click the Expand Button:

Click the "Expand" or "Generate" button. Our tool will process the input and generate an expanded paragraph based on your specifications.

Benefits of Paragraph Expander

Our free paragraph expander takes your existing text and transforms it to the next level. Whether you're a student striving to meet that word count on your essays, a content creator aiming to provide more value to your readers, or a professional wanting to improve your business documents – our paragraph expansion tool can help you achieve your goals. Accordingly, the expand paragraph tool can offer several benefits, depending on your specific writing needs and objectives. Here are some key advantages:

Meeting Word Count Requirements

One of the most common benefits of a paragraph expander is helping writers meet word count requirements, especially in academic and professional settings. This tool can assist students, researchers, and professionals in reaching the necessary length for essays, reports, or other documents.

Improve Clarity and Coherence

Paragraph expansion enhances the clarity and coherence of your writing. By adding more detail, examples, and explanations, your paragraphs become more informative and easier to understand, benefiting both your readers and your communication goals.

Enhance Depth and Detail

A paragraph extender generator helps you provide a deeper exploration of your topic. This is valuable in academic writing and content creation, as it allows you to present a more comprehensive view of the subject matter.

Using an AI paragraph expander significantly reduces the time and effort required to expand a paragraph or piece of text. Instead of manually crafting additional content, you can achieve the desired length and depth quickly and efficiently.

Versatile Usage

Paragraph expander tool can be applied to a wide range of writing tasks, including academic papers, blog posts, essays, business documents, creative writing, and more, making them a versatile tool for writers in various fields.

Why Choose Our Paragraph Expander

Are you looking for a hassle-free solution to expand your paragraphs and enhance your writing? Our free Paragraph Expander is the perfect choice for writers and content creators. Here's why you should choose our tool:

Instant Paragraph Expansion in a Click

Turn a paragraph or a piece of text into a well-structured and informative paragraph with a simple click. Our content expander eliminates the need for tedious manual expansion, making your writing process faster and more efficient. Say goodbye to writer's block and hello to a seamless content generation experience.

Expand Paragraph in 50+ Languages

Whether you're writing in English, Spanish, French, or any of over 50 languages, our expand paragraph generator is your versatile companion. It can expertly expand paragraphs in a variety of languages, allowing writers from diverse linguistic backgrounds to benefit from this powerful tool. This level of language inclusivity ensures that our tool serves the global writing community.

100% Free, No Login Required

We believe in making quality writing tools accessible to everyone. Our paragraph expander is 100% free to use, with no hidden costs or login required. Enjoy the benefits without any financial barriers.

User-Friendly Interface

Our Paragraph Expansion tool is designed with a user-friendly interface that makes it accessible to writers of all levels of expertise. Just paste your text, click a button, and watch your sentence seamlessly transform into a coherent and expanded paragraph. The intuitive design ensures that you can utilize this tool with ease, even if you're not tech-savvy.

Perfect for Various Writing Styles

An AI-powered paragraph expander maintains the same style and tone as the original text, ensuring that the expanded paragraph seamlessly fits within the context of the document. Whether you're writing in a formal academic tone or a casual, conversational style, our paragraph expander adapts to your writing style. The expanded paragraphs maintain the same tone and voice as your original text, ensuring a seamless transition.

Is there a limit to expand my paragraph?

Can i customize the expanded paragraphs generated by the tool, how do i ensure the expanded paragraph maintains the same voice as the original text, is the paragraph expander free to use, is the content generated by the paragraph expander tool plagiarism-free.

What are you writing about today?

Write better essays, in less time, with your ai writing assistant.

add words to my essay ai

add words to my essay ai

Essay Enhancer

Ai-powered tool for enhancing essay quality.

  • Improve academic essays: Enhance the language and structure of your academic essays to achieve higher grades.
  • Upgrade professional reports: Improve the coherence and readability of your professional reports to make a stronger impact.
  • Enhance blog posts: Elevate the quality of your blog posts to engage and retain your readers.
  • Upgrade creative writing: Add sophistication and depth to your creative writing to captivate your audience.

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Ai journalist, text style transfer, one-page report writer.

MyWords.AI the #1 AI tool for students

The ultimate homework helper ai detector ai essay generator ai humanizer.

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Welcome to the Future of Learning!

Complete assignments with ease.

Effortlessly craft well-structured and insightful assignments with zero traces of AI

  • Content Rewriter

Rewrite your content to avoid AI score detection and plagiarism.


Ability to understand and generate content in different languages

AI Detection

Put your assignments through our AI detector to asses AI involvement accurately.

Turn AI written content to Human-written content Intelligent Writing Assistant

Humanize you assignments.

Humanizer is designed to help you turn AI written content to high-quality human-written texts instantly, without breaking a sweat. With our intuitive interface and powerful features, you can easily edit, export or publish your AI-generated result.

Generate, edit, export.

Generate, edit, export.

Powered by

Say goodbye to writer’s block AI

Intelligent writing assistant.

Experience effortless content creation with our AI Assignment Generator. Whether your competing essays or busy work, we’ll craft well-structured assignments on any topic without writer's block leaving no traces of AI. Elevate your writing game today!

Generate, edit, export.

Transforming Videos into Comprehensive Notes Effortless Summarization for YouTube, Lectures, PDFs, and more!

Video summarizer.

Experience streamlined note-taking with our Video Summarizer tool. Whether from YouTube, lectures, or PDFs, our AI condenses information into easily digestible notes. Enhance efficiency and retain insights effortlessly.

Note taking made easy!

Note taking made easy!

Your Ultimate Note-Taking Companion

Testimonials Trustpilot

Trusted by millions of students.

Livvy Dunne

Livvy Dunne


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Eric Sanchez

“With social media, school, and my sport, it is definitely hard to find time. is so helpful with all my school work so I definitely recommend!”
“It's called, and it has a dedicated essay writer that sounds more natural, is a lot less bare bones, and it includes in-text citations. That is noticeably better than GPT. AI is getting scary.”
“ is the only AI tool you need as a student. Complete all your assignments before you even leave class, and no one will ever know that you used Ai.”

Premium Access

  • 25000 Words / mo
  • Complete Access to
  • AI Content Detector
  • AI Essay Generator
  • AI Humanizer
  • AI Content Rewriter
  • 25,000 Word Tokens
  • 100 Image Tokens
  • Access All Templates
  • 300000 Words / Year
  • 25000 Word Tokens
  • 1200 Image Tokens
  • 300,000 Word Tokens
  • 1,200 Image Tokens

Safe Payment: Use Stripe or Credit Card.

FAQ Help Center

Have a question.

Our support team will get assistance from AI-powered suggestions, making it quicker than ever to handle support requests.

MyWords.Ai uses the most popular AI models such as GPT, Dall-E, Ada to create text, image, code and more within seconds. The process is simple. All you have to do is provide a topic or idea, and our AI-based generator will take care of the rest. utilizes advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to aid in crafting well-structured and relevant content for assignments. By incorporating your input and ideas, it generates suggestions that you can integrate seamlessly into your work. The AI's assistance is designed to mimic your writing style and patterns, ensuring a consistent tone throughout the assignment. This careful integration helps maintain the authenticity of your work, making it difficult to discern any AI involvement.

Yes, is proficient in working with a variety of languages, including but not limited to English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Dutch, and Korean. Its language capabilities extend to a wide range of familiar languages, ensuring that students can receive assistance in assignments regardless of the language they're working in.

add words to my essay ai

Microsoft 365 Life Hacks > Writing > How AI can help proofread and edit your essays

How AI can help proofread and edit your essays

Don’t let little mistakes hold you back from getting a better grade. Learn how you can use AI to help you proofread and edit your essays.

A notebook and a cup of tea

Before submitting your essay, having a second set of eyes to catch any typos or grammatical errors is invaluable. If human help isn’t available, AI can step in to proofread or edit your work, offering instant feedback even under tight deadlines . Take a look at the different ways you can use AI for essay editing.

Ask AI to help you identify typos or grammatical errors

It’s easy for the human mind to skim over obvious typos and grammar errors. AI can help you identify these spelling mistakes and grammar issues so you can put some professional polish on your paper. If you’re aware of a specific issue that you struggle with in your essays, you can ask AI to proofread specifically on those errors. Copy and paste your essay into your favorite AI platform and try one of these prompts:

  • Can you identify any typos in this paper and explain why they are incorrect?
  • I often put commas in the wrong place. Can you identify any incorrect commas in my essay and tell me why they’re incorrect?
  • Can you help me identify any incorrect homophones in my essay?

Get the most out of your documents with Word Banner

Get the most out of your documents with Word

Elevate your writing and collaborate with others - anywhere, anytime

Ask AI to help you refine your sentences

Writing clearly is important for all forms of writing, but it’s especially important for academic works. AI can help you edit your essays so that your sentences are easy to understand. Copy and paste your essay into an AI platform and try these prompts to refine its sentences:

  • Can you find passive sentences in my essay and explain how to rewrite them actively?
  • My teacher is a stickler for dangling modifiers . Can you point out any dangling modifiers in my essay?
  • Are there any sentence fragments in my essay?

Ask AI for style guide assistance

If your instructor has asked you to follow a specific style guide , they may deduct points if your essay doesn’t follow it. Try these prompts to get some essay editing help:

  • Can you review if book titles are correctly italicized according to the Chicago Manual of Style, and check for other style-specific issues?
  • My essay is supposed to follow MLA format. Can you identify any parts of my essay that don’t follow MLA format ?
  • How should I format quotes in APA format ?

Ask AI to fact-check your work

AI can help you identify incorrect facts that could impact your final grade. AI can also provide sources that you can use to back up your work. Try these prompts in your preferred AI platform to fact-check your work:

  • Are the biographical facts I included about Jane Austen in my essay correct?
  • Can you make sure all the dates that I listed in my essay are accurate?
  • Can you confirm that the citations in my essay are from peer-reviewed and reputable sources ?

Getting the best proofreading and editing results from AI

When you use AI to proofread an essay, you’ll get better results when you provide it with as much context about the essay as possible. For example, you should include your teacher’s essay instructions so that the AI tool knows what to look for. If the teacher gave you their grading rubric, you should also give it to the AI tool so that it can provide even stronger proofreading and editing recommendations.

While AI can significantly aid in proofreading and editing, remember to use it responsibly, especially in academic settings. If you’re interested in learning more about AI, see if you can use AI to draft an essay for you .

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What is independent publishing?

Avoid the hassle of shopping your book around to publishing houses. Publish your book independently and understand the benefits it provides for your as an author.

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What are literary tropes?

Engage your audience with literary tropes. Learn about different types of literary tropes, like metaphors and oxymorons, to elevate your writing.

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What are genre tropes?

Your favorite genres are filled with unifying tropes that can define them or are meant to be subverted.

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What is literary fiction?

Define literary fiction and learn what sets it apart from genre fiction.

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Your Personalized AI Chatbot

System Requirements

What is chatrtx.

ChatRTX is a demo app that lets you personalize a GPT large language model (LLM) connected to your own content—docs, notes, or other data. Leveraging retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) , TensorRT-LLM , and RTX acceleration, you can query a custom chatbot to quickly get contextually relevant answers. And because it all runs locally on your Windows RTX PC or workstation, you’ll get fast and secure results.

See It In Action

ChatRTX screen displaying a chat conversation.

Download NVIDIA ChatRTX

Simply download, install, and start chatting right away.

Chat With Notes, Documents, and Video

Chat With Your Files

ChatRTX supports various file formats, including text, pdf, doc/docx, and xml. Simply point the application at the folder containing your files and it'll load them into the library in a matter of seconds.  

Chat for Developers

Chat for Developers

The ChatRTX tech demo is built from the TensorRT-LLM RAG developer reference project available from GitHub . Developers can use that reference to develop and deploy their own RAG-based applications for RTX, accelerated by TensorRT-LLM.

Further With AI, Faster on RTX

Get next-level AI performance on GeForce RTX ™ and NVIDIA RTX ™ GPUs. From enhanced creativity and productivity to blisteringly fast gaming, the ultimate in AI power on Windows PCs is on RTX.

Explore NVIDIA’s generative AI developer tools and enterprise solutions.

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How AI Features Can Change Team Dynamics

  • Megan Reitz
  • John Higgins

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AI-powered feedback is popping up in Zoom, Teams, and other common tools. Relying on it can be convenient — but there are some serious drawbacks.

Recently, companies are seeing new features that add AI-powered feedback to familiar tools. On Zoom there’s an “AI companion,” helping you catch up when you arrive late to a meeting, and on Teams, “Copilot” will help you summarize key discussion points. These applications can be integrated into work so seamlessly users begin to use them almost without realizing. While they offer productivity and feedback benefits, there are also downsides to these tools joining our conversations. If people outsource their listening wholesale to the technology, skipping the work of thinking through for themselves the key messages, then meetings may be efficient, but understanding and commitment to act might well be lacking. Leaders need to consider the impact on power and status, what we count as knowledge, and be sure to take the time to learn about how these features work before using them.

Generative AI has the fastest take-up of any technology to date. Now, as AI applications are becoming immersed in workplace culture and power, we’re beginning to see how GenAI tools will impact our conversational habits , which direct what we say and who we hear.

add words to my essay ai

  • Megan Reitz is an associate fellow at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, and adjunct professor of leadership and dialogue at Hult International Business School. She speaks, researches, and consults in order to help organizations develop more open, mutual, and creative dialogue. She is the author of Dialogue in Organizations (2015) and the coauthor of Mind Time (2018), Speak Up (2019), and the second edition of Speak Out, Listen Up (2024). Follow her on LinkedIn or .
  • John Higgins is a researcher, author, and coach. He is a research fellow at GameShift and the director of research at The Right Conversation. John has worked in close collaboration with Megan Reitz for over a decade, and their latest book, Speak Out, Listen Up , is due out in spring 2024.

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  1. Essay Extender

    Our tool adds words without compromising the quality of their writing. Since it uses advanced AI algorithms, it extends the text while maintaining the coherence and flow of the original content. 2. To Add a New Part. AI essay extender can also help you add a new part to your essay.

  2. Paragraph Expander (Free AI Text Expander): Lengthen Paragraphs

    How to Use the Paragraph Expander to Lengthen Your Original Text. The paragraph expander is really user-friendly—but just in case you want a helping hand, here's a breakdown of what to do, step by step. Step 1. Copy and Paste Your Original Sentence or Paragraph. First, you'll need to choose a sentence (or short paragraph) to expand upon.

  3. Essay Expander

    Introducing the Essay Expander, a scholarly spell from the aiwizard spellbook that addresses the age-old issue of falling short on word count. Utilizing AI essay expander algorithms, this tool takes your input and embellishes your essay with meaningful content to meet the desired word count. Just paste your essay, hit the "Expand Essay" button ...

  4. Essay Extender: Make My Essay Longer

    Using our essay extender takes only three simple steps. Here's what you need to do: 1. Enter the essay you want to extend in the Content to expand on field. 2. Choose the target audience, tone of voice, and essay language. 3. Select how many essays you want to generate and click Generate to extend your essay.

  5. Sentence Expander

    Our Sentence Expander is your go-to tool for adding depth and detail to your sentences. Just input your sentence, and watch as our AI technology enhances it with additional context, synonyms, and complexity. Ideal for: Academic Writing: Elevate your essays and research papers. Professional Communication: ACraft detailed emails and reports.

  6. Essay Extender AI: lengthen, expand, make essays longer

    To lengthen an essay with an AI extender, follow these steps: 1. Input Your Essay: Input your existing essay into the AI tool. 2. Set Parameters for Extension: Specify how much to extend your essay, by word count or percentage. 3. Use AI Suggestions: The AI tool will generate additional content based on your text. 4.

  7. AI Text Extender & Expander: Enhance Your Content with AI ...

    High-quality expansion: Our AI generates expanded content that maintains the original meaning and coherence, ensuring your message remains clear and impactful. Context-aware: The AI understands the context and goals of your content, ensuring that the expanded text is relevant and informative. Adaptable: Our AI generator caters to various ...

  8. Essay Expander

    How to use Essay Expander. Visit the tool's page. Input your original writing into the provided field. Click the 'Submit' button to let the AI expand your writing while maintaining the same level of quality and using similar language to your original text. Review the expanded text, making any necessary edits or adjustments to ensure it aligns ...

  9. AI-powered paragraph expansion tool

    Expand an existing idea or piece of writing into a high-quality paragraph. HyperWrite's Paragraph Expander is an AI-driven tool that takes an existing idea or piece of writing and transforms it into a high-quality, fully developed paragraph. Harnessing the power of GPT-4 and ChatGPT, this tool helps you create more engaging and in-depth content.

  10. Free AI Essay Extender

    Say goodbye to late-night writing marathons with Typli's AI essay extender - the efficient and cost-effective way to meet word count requirements! ... Adding extra words can often make an essay confusing, but not with this clever assistant. Each sentence it generates is designed to match the original context and maintain the flow of your ...

  11. 10 Ways to Increase Your Essay Word Count (AI Included)

    10. Add text while editing. Once you have finished writing your essay, you can use the review stage to edit and add text to your essay. This is another great opportunity to use your AI writing tool, and get suggestions for ways to make your sentences more fluent. You can also replace superfluous words with stronger vocabulary, and pick ...

  12. AI Essay Extender for Meeting Word Counts

    The Essay Extender Tool is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered software that helps students meet their required word count for essays and assignments. The tool is designed to generate new content based on the existing text, thereby extending the length of the document without compromising on the quality or coherence of the writing.

  13. Expand Sentence, Paragraph Expander

    Introducing AISEO Expand Sentence, Paragraph Expander. The struggle to infuse creativity into your writing while maintaining clarity is a common challenge. AISEO recognizes the pain points. Our tool serves as the key to unlocking the full potential of your ideas. It goes beyond mere expansion - it optimizes the creative essence, ensuring your ...

  14. Free Paragraph Expander: Expand Paragraph Content

    Here's a step-by-step guide on how our expand paragraph generator works: Step 1. Input Your Text: In the provided text input area, paste the sentence or short text that you want to expand to a paragraph. Step 2. Click the Expand Button: Click the "Expand" or "Generate" button. Our tool will process the input and generate an expanded paragraph ...

  15. How To Use AI Sentence Expander For Essay Writing?

    The Simplified AI assistant has an online essay writing tool that can help you boost your word count and write great content! Furthermore, its powerful AI assistant uses the sentence expander to generate sentences based on your specific needs. Whether it is an introduction, conclusion, or an outline, it can generate it for you in a snap.

  16. EssayGenius

    EssayGenius uses cutting-edge AI to help you write your essays like never before. Generate ideas, rephrase sentences, and have your essay structure built for you. EssayGenius lets you write better essays, in less time. Our AI tools help you generate new paragraphs, complete sentences, and rephrase your work to avoid plagiarism.

  17. Essay Enhancer

    Improves the quality of an essay by enhancing the language, structure, and coherence. HyperWrite's Essay Enhancer is an AI-powered tool that enhances the quality of your essays by improving the language, structure, and coherence. By leveraging advanced AI models, this tool helps you elevate your writing, making it more sophisticated and engaging, while ensuring your original meaning and intent ...

  18. MyWords Ai: Bypass AI Detection and Humanize AI-Generated Text is so helpful with all my school work so I definitely recommend!" "It's called, and it has a dedicated essay writer that sounds more natural, is a lot less bare bones, and it includes in-text citations. That is noticeably better than GPT. AI is getting scary."

  19. I Tested Three AI Essay-writing Tools, and Here's What I Found

    I just asked ChatGPT to generate an outline for an essay on 21 U.S.C. §856 and its impact on American harm reduction efforts and got eight sections, each with three subsections, and an easy ...

  20. Free AI Paragraph Rewriter

    Ahrefs' Paragraph Rewriter can be beneficial for content creators, editors, or writers who need to enhance or refine their written content. By inputting a paragraph into the tool, users can receive a rewritten version that offers improved clarity, structure, and overall quality. This use case can save time and effort in the manual editing ...

  21. Paraphrasing Tool

    QuillBot's AI-powered paraphrasing tool will enhance your writing. Your words matter, and our paraphrasing tool is designed to ensure you use the right ones. With unlimited Custom modes and 8 predefined modes, Paraphraser lets you rephrase text countless ways. Our product will improve your fluency while also ensuring you have the appropriate ...

  22. Free AI Paragraph Generator

    Students and researchers can benefit from Ahrefs' Paragraph Generator when working on papers, essays, or research articles. By providing the necessary instructions, the tool can generate well-structured paragraphs that present key arguments, evidence, and analysis, aiding in the writing process. Personal writing and communication.

  23. Free AI Paraphrasing Tool

    Academic writing and research Ahrefs' Paraphrasing Tool can be valuable for students, researchers, and academics who need to paraphrase existing texts while maintaining the original meaning. It can help avoid plagiarism by generating alternative versions of sentences or paragraphs, ensuring academic integrity.

  24. How AI can help you proofread and edit essays

    Ask AI to help you refine your sentences. Writing clearly is important for all forms of writing, but it's especially important for academic works. AI can help you edit your essays so that your sentences are easy to understand. Copy and paste your essay into an AI platform and try these prompts to refine its sentences:

  25. Build a Custom LLM with ChatRTX

    ChatRTX is a demo app that lets you personalize a GPT large language model (LLM) connected to your own content—docs, notes, or other data. Leveraging retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), TensorRT-LLM, and RTX acceleration, you can query a custom chatbot to quickly get contextually relevant answers.And because it all runs locally on your Windows RTX PC or workstation, you'll get fast and ...

  26. How AI Features Can Change Team Dynamics

    Summary. Recently, companies are seeing new features that add AI-powered feedback to familiar tools. On Zoom there's an "AI companion," helping you catch up when you arrive late to a meeting ...

  27. 11 Best Free AI Art Generator Apps for Text to Image Creation

    Download Vivid AI: The Best Text to Image AI App For Free. Vivid AI's Text to Image generator lets you turn text to images fast to get hundreds of generated images in seconds. You can customize prompts for free and select from more than 10 styles to generate high-quality AI images, even if you're not an artist and don't have design skills.

  28. Trump shares image depicting Biden tied up in back of pickup truck

    Former President Donald Trump shared a video on social media Friday that included an image of President Joe Biden bound and restrained in the back of a pickup truck.